The Portal of Wonderland by Wang Yu

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Chapter 377 - Hundred Thousand Volcanoes
Chapter 378 - Meets An Old Friend On The Way
Chapter 379 - Fire Miasma And Tiger Beast
Chapter 380 - Displays Only A Small Part Of One'S Talent
Chapter 381 - Preparation For Cultivation
Chapter 382 - Condition Of Exchange
Chapter 383 - In Hot Water
Chapter 384 - Victory Secured Through One’S Wits
Chapter 385 - Fund Raising
Chapter 386 - A Substitute
Chapter 387 - Puncturing The Void
Chapter 388 - A Seal
Chapter 389 - Be Imperative!
Chapter 390 - Tracking
Chapter 391 - A Foolproof Plan
Chapter 392 - Assuming A Demon’S Form
Chapter 393 - It’S A Pass!
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Chapter 395 - Infiltration
Chapter 396 - The Cross
Chapter 397 - True King, False King
Chapter 398 - The Demonbound Nails And The Dragon-Subduing Pillars
Chapter 399 - A Test
Chapter 400 - The Heaven Ascension Treasure Vault
Chapter 401 - A Terrible Turn Of The Tide
Chapter 402 - The Second Drop
Chapter 403 - By My Own Means
Chapter 404 - Shocking One Hit
Chapter 405 - Another Dire Duel Has Begun
Chapter 406 - To The Rescue
Chapter 407 - Resurrection
Chapter 408 - Guardian
Chapter 409 - The Death Of Liu An
Chapter 410 - The Fallen Angel Canon
Chapter 411 - To Subdue
Chapter 412 - A Head
Chapter 413 - Breakthrough And Corruption
Chapter 414 - Balancing The Dynamic With Static
Chapter 415 - Bone Worm
Chapter 416 - Hounding
Chapter 417 - Consuming Its Flames
Chapter 418 - True Visage
Chapter 419 - Revival
Chapter 420 - The Integration
Chapter 421 - Conquest
Chapter 422 - The Fray
Chapter 423 - A Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 424 - The World Of The Cerulean Sea Star
Chapter 425 - The Biggest Crisis
Chapter 426 - The Second Awakening
Chapter 427 - The Mystery Of The Spirit Stone Quarry
Chapter 428 - A Farewell
Chapter 429 - Goodbye, Old Friend…
Chapter 430 - Doubt
Chapter 431 - A Visitor Not Of This World
Chapter 432 - Parental Affairs
Chapter 433 - Welcoming Dispute
Chapter 434 - A Domineering Mien
Chapter 435 - Immortal-Maiming Seven Star Array
Chapter 436 - The Fallen Formation
Chapter 437 - Slaughter
Chapter 438 - : Enemies, To The Death!
Chapter 439 - Clash Of The Behemoths
Chapter 440 - Jeopardy
Chapter 441 - The Regalia Descends
Chapter 442 - A Sky-Rending Blow
Chapter 443 - Blood Washed
Chapter 444 - Relentless Pursuit Above The Sea
Chapter 445 - Incessant Stalker
Chapter 446 - Legion Of Undead!
Chapter 447 - Bidding For More Time
Chapter 448 - A Hard Blow On The Enemy
Chapter 449 - The Beast Within
Chapter 450 - Reunion With The Azure Ape King
Chapter 451 - The Sea Race’S Forbidden Land
Chapter 452 - Burst
Chapter 453 - Dead Star
Chapter 454 - A Battle Among The Stars
Chapter 455 - Skyshielding Monstrous Ape
Chapter 456 - The Truth About The Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art
Chapter 457 - In The Heart Of Star Field
Chapter 458 - A Trip To The Star Field Dimension
Chapter 459 - Arriving At Qing Lan
Chapter 460 - Guarantor
Chapter 461 - Holy Tree Summon
Chapter 462 - Ma Lie
Chapter 463 - Verdant Hills And Green Waters
Chapter 464 - First Entry To The Secret Territory
Chapter 465 - Little Hints
Chapter 466 - It’S An Ambush
Chapter 467 - The Silt Dragon
Chapter 468 - Caught In Danger
Chapter 469 - Chi Ni Zi
Chapter 470 - An Earth-Shuddering Punch
Chapter 471 - Two In One
Chapter 472 - Deep Into The Secret Territory
Chapter 473 - Spider-Mantis
Chapter 474 - Hair Like Vipers
Chapter 475 - A Mutual Distrust
Chapter 476 - The Sudden And Unexpected
Chapter 477 - Each Magical Charm
Chapter 478 - A Desperate Chase
Chapter 479 - The Blue Root Man
Chapter 480 - The Holy Tree Fluid
Chapter 481 - A Powerful Challenger Has Joined
Chapter 482 - The Clash Of The Eyes
Chapter 483 - Shape Shifting
Chapter 484 - The Holy Spirit
Chapter 485 - Elites
Chapter 486 - Crossing The Borders
Chapter 487 - To Capture The Tree
Chapter 488 - A Bizarre Wooden Stick
Chapter 489 - Leaving The Realm
Chapter 490 - Sheng, Tian, Di, Xuan, Huang
Chapter 491 - By The End Of Ten Years
Chapter 492 - Sites In Qinglan
Chapter 493 - Xuanling Point
Chapter 494 - The Caving Residence
Chapter 495 - The Servant Named Cui Huan
Chapter 496 - Accomplished In Just One Turn
Chapter 497 - A Big Heart
Chapter 498 - Spirit Weapons And The Guardian
Chapter 499 - An Ordeal
Chapter 500 - An Endless Maze
Chapter 501 - Wandering Endlessly
Chapter 502 - Five Lines Of Tes
Chapter 503 - The Extreme Yin Aura
Chapter 504 - The Search For The Imfamous Master Of Refining
Chapter 505 - An Execution
Chapter 506 - Eighteen Staves Through Heaven
Chapter 507 - Trouble At The Door
Chapter 508 - Lights Off
Chapter 509 - Victory With The Staff Technique
Chapter 510 - Deep Underground
Chapter 511 - Frost Spider
Chapter 512 - An Unexpected Joy
Chapter 513 - Enemies Everywhere I Go
Chapter 514 - The Barter System
Chapter 515 - Two Submersible Turns
Chapter 516 - : The Coming Ten Years
Chapter 517 - Mission Of A Man
Chapter 518 - Xiulin Wood
Chapter 519 - The Holy Land
Chapter 520 - The Eve
Chapter 521 - First Fine Exposure
Chapter 522 - A Gamble
Chapter 523 - Two Rounds Of The First Battle
Chapter 524 - Successive Challenges
Chapter 525 - Missing Out On A Good Show
Chapter 526 - A Showdown With Liao Yong
Chapter 527 - A Rise In Fame
Chapter 528 - Pretending
Chapter 529 - A Clue
Chapter 530 - Vile Of The Inferno
Chapter 531 - The First Challenge
Chapter 532 - Evenly Matched
Chapter 533 - Settled By Dust
Chapter 534 - The Vast Temple Of Spirit Medicine
Chapter 535 - Three Years Of Retreat
Chapter 536 - Descendants Of The Azure Ape
Chapter 537 - Immanent
Chapter 538 - Float Like A Bee
Chapter 539 - In For The Kill!
Chapter 540 - Wrath
Chapter 541 - The Art Of The Vanishing Gods
Chapter 542 - Power Of The Negative Yin
Chapter 543 - The Enchanted Road
Chapter 544 - Beast Shock
Chapter 545 - Sharpen
Chapter 546 - The Heaven And Earth
Chapter 547 - A Mighty Uproar
Chapter 548 - The Third Challenge
Chapter 549 - An Endless Fantasy
Chapter 550 - Like A Wasteland
Chapter 551 - The Peak Of The Battle
Chapter 552 - Self-Talk
Chapter 553 - Endless Slaughter
Chapter 554 - Lost Mystery
Chapter 555 - Dakou Village
Chapter 556 - A Rebelion
Chapter 557 - The Final Step
Chapter 558 - A Mental Breakthrough
Chapter 559 - A Mysterious Summoning
Chapter 560 - The Holy Spirit Animal
Chapter 561 - Farewell
Chapter 562 - The Move To The Second Floor
Chapter 563 - Ignition Of The Spirit Waterfall
Chapter 564 - Idleness
Chapter 565 - Streak Of Victory
Chapter 566 - Knocking On Mountains
Chapter 567 - The Male And The Female
Chapter 568 - Late Night Detective Work At The Spirit Waterfall
Chapter 569 - The Guardian Demon Spirit
Chapter 570 - Life-Saving Bristle
Chapter 571 - Chaotic Powers Of Ying And Yang
Chapter 572 - A Spiritual Change
Chapter 573 - Fortress Of The Fang Clan
Chapter 574 - Retriving The Sword
Chapter 575 - Deep Into The Mine
Chapter 576 - The Ragged Man
Chapter 577 - Secrets Of The Fang Clan
Chapter 578 - Exposed!
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Ongoing, Xianxia Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: Xuan Jie Zhi Men, 玄界之门,


Total Chapters in book: 578
Estimated words: 1420577 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 7103(@200wpm)___ 5682(@250wpm)___ 4735(@300wpm)

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Alternative Titles:

Xuan Jie Zhi Men, 玄界之门

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

A wonder falling down from heaven! A boy possessed by strange blood! Gods tremble! Demons flee! A boy from the land of Dong Zhou. A pink skull as his sworn friend until death. A story of a determined warrior struggling for power. A legend that shakes the galaxy and disturbs the worlds of god, demon and man.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Boy From The Fishing Village




Maggie_, Novel_Saga

~ A remote fishing village, Quan Zhou, Kai Yuan Prefecture, Da Qi Kingdom. ~

A richly ornamented carriage stood parked outside a shabby wooden cabin. Several armed men in black robes stood on guard around it. The villagers were swarming around the scene in excitement; they were talking to each other in whispers.

“Are they really from the Jin Family… the Feng City’s Jin Family?”

“Yes, I’m not mistaken. See that golden embroidery on their robes… No other family in the Kai Yuan Prefecture wears it apart from the Jin Family.”

“This is unbelievable! Everyone had assumed that Shi Ting had died an untimely death. No one heard anything from him in the ten years after he abandoned his wife and son. Everyone thought that he had probably fallen prey to some illness in some unknown land. But now… it seems that he has established himself with the Jin Family… and has sent his men to get his son – Shi Mu. It’s a pity that the boy’s mother has died. Otherwise, she would’ve enjoyed a life of wealth and prosperity.”

“Wealth and prosperity?! That’s quite unlikely. Didn’t you overhear the Jin family’s soldiers’ conversation that Shi Ting is now the son-in-law of the Jin family… and he wouldn’t have dared to send his men for Shi Mu if the boy’s mother was still alive?”

“Nonetheless, Shi Mu’s hardships will finally come to an end now. He was just an orphan until yesterday. But, he’ll become a Young Master now.”

*** ***

“My father is seriously ill… and lies in bed. Moreover, I’ve a younger sister that I didn’t know about?” Shi Mu asked the blue-robed old man who stood in front of him in a tone of disbelief.

The harsh sun and the winds from the ocean had turned his skin into a shade of auburn; this made him look a lot older than his thirteen years of age. His features were strong, and made him stand out from his peers. His shabby shirt did little to hide his muscular stature, and added a fierce aura to his presence.

“That’s right. The ailing Master may not be too far from his day of doom. That’s the reason why I’ve come here. Madam has asked me to bring Young Master Shi back with me to bid the Master goodbye at his deathbed,” the man replied with a mild smile.

“Who’s this Madam that you speak of? My father abandoned me and my mother when I was a little child. There’s no use of him coming back for me after all these years. You may leave. I’ll not go with you to the Jins’,” the boy answered in a sour tone without any hesitation.

“Alas! I’m afraid that you – Young Master Shi – have misunderstood my Master. Master has faced several difficulties over these years. So, he couldn’t come back for Young Master Shi. It’s his greatest desire to meet the Young Master in order to resolve the differences… and leave the past behind,” the old servant explained.

“Humph! That man abandoned his own family. Nothing that you say can change this fact. You may leave now,” the boy said in a cold tone.

The blue-robed old man seemed to be in state a flux. He knitted his brows, and observed the boy’s feature. He then spoke with a sense of decisiveness, “Didn’t the medicine that Young Master Shi has been buying from the town’s pharmacist seem unreasonably cheap? Hasn’t the martial arts instructor of the town been charging the Young Master less than all his other students? Aren’t the fish that are caught from the sea sold quickly and almost magically when Young Master Shi goes to the town’s market? Haven’t there been quite a few customers haggling over the prices of the Young Master’s fish?”

“Do you mean to say that all these things have been arranged by that man?” the boy asked in a blunt manner as his color rose.

“I don’t know if it was Master’s idea. But, Madam had requested these arrangements in person,” the servant answered with a smile.

The boy started to look agitated and troubled as he heard these words.

“May I ask if you – Young Master Shi – has been studying the Art of Body Tempering? There’s no doubt that Young Master aspires to be a true warrior. Madam was kind enough to secure an opportunity for Young Master Shi to take the enrollment test of the Kai Yuan Martial Arts School… as long as there’s an agreement to meet the Master from his side. But, the final admission would depend on the extent of Young Master’s talents and abilities,” the man played his trump card.

“The Kai Yuan Martial Arts School?!” the boy repeated in a dumbfounded manner. He was moved by this temptation – like any other boy of his age.

“Young Master is a martial arts student. So, I’m sure that he must be aware that the Kai Yuan Martial Arts School is one of the four most prestigious schools; it enrolls students once in every five years. The candidates are required to meet two important conditions to be eligible for the entrance test. First – they must’ve finished studying the Art of Body Tempering before they turned fifteen. Second – they are required to have grasped the essence of Qi… which is essential for them to cultivate their real Qi; it allows them to be able to circulate Real Qi easily through their meridians. It’s impossible to be a true martial arts scholar without fulfilling these conditions. But, it’s not easy to sense one’s Qi. A Qi Ling pill is required to induce one’s Qi into a flexible state. This pill costs a lot of money. Even the Jin family can afford only ten pills at a time. I’m worried for Young Master’s dreams and aspirations since I can see that he wishes to fend for yourself,” the old man spoke slowly, but with confidence; he ensured that his words were fully registered.

The boy was silent for a long time. His voice was as cold as ice when he finally spoke, “You may come back in three days for your answer.”

“Good! It’s settled then. I’ll be back in three days for the good news,” the blue-robed man said.

He could sense that the boy had made-up his mind. So, he bowed and left.

*** ***

“Butler Cheng, why have you returned without the boy? We won’t have to waste any more time if we take him by force,” a rider spoke-up once they had left the village.

“Nonsense! He may not be Madam’s own son… but Young Master Shi is Master’s son by blood. We’ve been asked to bring him back safely… and of his own will. Otherwise, Master will not be happy. We’ll lose our jobs if we end-up upsetting Master… as Madame has great affection for him,” the blue-robed man retorted in a sour tone.

“Ah, I’m sorry… I was being foolish,” the rider mumbled.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed in the distance. Then, a black-robed rider rushed to the old servant and bowed.

“Butler Cheng, we’ve found some Biao warriors sent by the Fifth Master. What should we do?” he asked.

“Humph! It seems that the Fifth Master is sticking to his earlier plan. You’ll not be able to handle the Biao warriors. I’ll deal with them. Show me the way. Ask the rest of the men to wait here. I’ll bring this foolish scheme to an end myself,” the old man frowned and said.

“Yes,” the rider said. He then advanced into the woods – from the path that he had come from.

The blue-robed man jumped-off the horse, and started to follow him; his stature resembled a light feather. He disappeared in a flash. The other rider stayed back with the carriage; he didn’t even dare to move a muscle.

*** ***

It was nearly evening. Shi Mu knelt before a tomb on an unnamed hill outside the village. The moonlight shone softly on the yellow tombstone, and illuminated what it read – ‘The Tomb of the Shi Family’s Wife; Originally Surnamed Wang.’

“Dear mother, you’ll not believe what I’m about to say. Father isn’t dead. He has married into some other family in an unknown land. But, you need not fear as I’ll fulfill my promise to you. Father had lied to you when he told you that he was leaving to pursue martial arts. But, I’ll become a true warrior. Your son will be the strongest warrior the world has ever seen… so that you can rest in peace.”

The boy murmured a few more words to his mother’s tomb. He then stood-up. After that, he stretched his muscles, and started to exercise on the same spot.

His body resembled that of a tiger’s from afar. His movements grew faster with every passing second; the sound of the creaking and cracking of his bones could be heard from a distance. It became hard to see his frame in the cloud of dust that had been stirred-up owing to his intense movements.


Suddenly, his figure charged and emerged from the cloud of dust. He then punched the trunk of a nearby tree. ‘Bang!’ A thunderous sound echoed as the tree trembled with the impact of the blow. Several leaves fell from the tree. An impressive fist imprint could be seen in the center of the tree-trunk.

Shi Mu raised his eyebrows as he noticed the deep mark that his fist had left on the tree-trunk.

This series of movements was the first technique that he had been taught at the town’s martial arts school. It was the most popular skill in the Art of Body Tempering in the Da Qi Kingdom. His instructor had told him that one had to be at the seventh level of Body Tempering Art to be able to leave an imprint as deep as the one that he had left. This meant that he only had to cross two more levels before he could start practicing Qi-sensing.

It had taken him four years to reach the seventh level of the Body Tempering Art. The saying that ‘martial arts was only for the rich’ was indeed true.

It had taken him five or six months to save up the tuition fee of thirty-two silvers once he had decided to study martial arts. This was a lowered fee; others had to pay an even higher fee for their training. He had managed to reduce the fee because of his relentless and sincere pleads.

The exorbitant price of the medicine bath that was needed to temper his body had left him penniless. Shi Mu had been able to reach a remarkable level despite his poor situation. This had left the entire school astonished. Moreover, he had ended-up gaining his instructor’s respect and admiration. It was believed that Shi Mu was a natural warrior owing to his talent and physical stature.

He had wanted to ask the school’s pharmacist to prepare medicinal baths for him from time-to-time. But, he didn’t have the required money. So, no one could afford to give him rare and expensive herbs. Therefore, he could bathe with only ordinary herbs; it did little to enhance his physical growth.

Shi Mu sighed heavily as he knew that he hadn’t been born with sturdy bones. There had been a stroke of luck two years ago; it had played a huge part in his achievements in the following time. He knew that this was partly the reason why he needed time to make his decision regarding whether he wanted to move with the Jins or not.

He looked-up at the moon as he was troubled by these thoughts. He then rushed down the hill. He arrived at the seashore near the groups of rocks. Suddenly, he jumped into the sea. He moved his arms swiftly – like a giant fish in the deep sea. He swam three to four-hundred feet deep into the sea in a short span of time.

Suddenly, he saw something spectacular.

The pitch-dark sea began to glitter with a white light. The light gradually became brighter, and illuminated the entire area.

Shi Mu wasn’t taken aback. Instead, he held his breath, and started to swim downwards. He swam to a patch of sandy floor. He had reached the bottom of the sea; it was covered with white fine sand.

Shi Mu saw that the glittering light was emanating from ten shells; each of these shells was as big as a man’s palm. A seventy or eighty feet high rock stood in the center of the circle of the shells; it was flickering in a continuous manner.


Total Chapters in book: 578
Estimated words: 1420577 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 7103(@200wpm)___ 5682(@250wpm)___ 4735(@300wpm)