The Rise of Xueyue by Xincerely

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Chapter 2 Leave Her To Ro
Chapter 3 An Unconscious Girl
Chapter 4 Li Minghua
Chapter 5 Not Her
Chapter 6 A Ghos
Chapter 7 Gentle Touch
Chapter 8 Mourn For You
Chapter 9 Anything But Them
Chapter 10 A Horrible Mother
Chapter 11 Someone Of Importance
Chapter 12 Not An Angel
Chapter 13 Young Master
Chapter 14 Completely Erased
Chapter 15 First Kiss
Chapter 16 Never Forge
Chapter 17 Mooch Some Breakfast And Tea
Chapter 18 The Weight Of Gratitude
Chapter 19 That'S Enough
Chapter 20 All You Have To Offer
Chapter 21 He'S Royalty
Chapter 22 Insignificant Bugs
Chapter 23 Pay For His Sins
Chapter 24 Address The Emperor Yourself
Chapter 25 Let Him Choke
Chapter 26 Heightened Hearing
Chapter 27 Crazy Girl
Chapter 28 Waving The White Flag
Chapter 29 A Woman In Gold
Chapter 30 Worry Worm Chenyang
Chapter 31 Injured
Chapter 32 Ancient Fox
Chapter 33 Underneath The Night Sky
Chapter 34 Black Jade
Chapter 35 Second And Third Prince Of Wuyi
Chapter 36 Oblivion
Chapter 37 Guarded By Two
Chapter 38 Eligible Bachelor
Chapter 39 Second Princess
Chapter 40 Clingy
Chapter 41 The Last Arrow
Chapter 42 A Wall
Chapter 43 Completely Differen
Chapter 44 She'D Rather Jump Off A Cliff
Chapter 45 A Wish
Chapter 46 Hairpin
Chapter 47 Spinster
Chapter 48 Theoretically
Chapter 49 A Lie
Chapter 50 Control
Chapter 51 Every Want And Need
Chapter 52 Strange
Chapter 53 Evidence
Chapter 54 No One
Chapter 55 Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 56 Damage The Emperor'S Reputation
Chapter 57 Tea
Chapter 58 All Nigh
Chapter 59 Interesting Turn Of Events
Chapter 60 Jewels
Chapter 61 The Studen
Chapter 62 Couldn'T Care Less
Chapter 63 Naive
Chapter 64 Loving You
Chapter 65 To Lose Another
Chapter 66 Drop.
Chapter 67 Little Lady
Chapter 68 Please
Chapter 69 Friend And Foe
Chapter 70 To Hold A Grudge
Chapter 71 For The Sake Of Our Country
Chapter 72 Indecently Dressed
Chapter 73 Is There A Problem?
Chapter 74 Better Things To Do
Chapter 75 Leading Strategis
Chapter 76 Foul Things
Chapter 77 What More Do You Wan
Chapter 78 Help In Succeeding
Chapter 79 Precious Niece
Chapter 80 Promised
Chapter 81 A Little Trouble
Chapter 82 Mark My Words
Chapter 83 Liar
Chapter 84 Eye Candy
Chapter 85 Faul
Chapter 86 To Be Stronger
Chapter 87 Second Daughter
Chapter 88 Play Your Role
Chapter 89 Miles Away
Chapter 90 What Do You Want From Me
Chapter 91 Protecting
Chapter 92 Stalk Me
Chapter 93 Bruises
Chapter 94 Crossing A Line
Chapter 95 Last Nigh
Chapter 96 How Weird
Chapter 97 Tender Touch
Chapter 98 You Should Be Careful
Chapter 99 At A Time Like This
Chapter 100 So Much To Discuss
Chapter 101 Suitors
Chapter 102 Didn'T Want To See Him
Chapter 103 A Prince And A Commander
Chapter 104 The Worst Traits In Me
Chapter 105 Distracting Messenger
Chapter 106 Fleeing The Capital
Chapter 107 Admitting I
Chapter 108 You Traitor
Chapter 109 Who'S The Father
Chapter 110 He'Ll Get Jealous
Chapter 111 Forgetting Something
Chapter 112 Lonely
Chapter 113 True Colors
Chapter 114 I Hate Women
Chapter 115 Sensitive
Chapter 116 A Genius
Chapter 117 Selfish
Chapter 118 I Can'T.
Chapter 119 Large Inheirtance
Chapter 120 Future Husband
Chapter 121 My Woman
Chapter 122 Start Of The Wang Dynasty
Chapter 123 No One Would Marry Her
Chapter 124 I'D Like To Demand Some Respect!
Chapter 125 Haven'T Moved On
Chapter 126 Burn To The Ground
Chapter 127 Tied Down To One Man
Chapter 128 His Woman
Chapter 129 I Can If I Want To
Chapter 130 This Is Urgen
Chapter 131 She Has To Flee
Chapter 132 Cruel
Chapter 133 Speechless
Chapter 134 Paranoid
Chapter 135 This Can'T Be...
Chapter 136 The Truth
Chapter 137 Death By Beating
Chapter 138 Scheme
Chapter 139 Well-Fed Idio
Chapter 140 The Day You Get Married
Chapter 141 Bachelors
Chapter 142 Adorable Little Bun
Chapter 143 Undying Love
Chapter 144 I Weep For You
Chapter 145 One Hear
Chapter 146 Pitiful
Chapter 147 Out Of Wedlock
Chapter 148 Disgraceful Title
Chapter 149 Part Ways
Chapter 150 For The Bes
Chapter 151 Push And Pull
Chapter 152 Accused Of Murder
Chapter 153 Scars
Chapter 154 Moving On
Chapter 155 Cunning And Cruel
Chapter 156 Lack Discipline
Chapter 157 Strange Atmosphere
Chapter 158 Last Stage Of Grief
Chapter 159 You Won'T Starve Me, Right?
Chapter 160 What If
Chapter 161 Shameless Snitch
Chapter 162 Keeping A Secre
Chapter 163 How Exciting
Chapter 164 Stop Bullying His Soldiers
Chapter 165 King Of The Underworld
Chapter 166 One Last Time
Chapter 167 Win With One Hand
Chapter 168 Treason Against The Crown
Chapter 169 A Public Duel
Chapter 170 Eliminate All Of His Worries
Chapter 171 A Dimwi
Chapter 172 Royal Decrees
Chapter 173 Disheartening Topic
Chapter 174 So Generous
Chapter 175 A Simple Gif
Chapter 176 Highest Realm Of Heaven
Chapter 177 I Won'T Be Gentle
Chapter 178 All Yours
Chapter 179 Little Hamster
Chapter 180 No One Told You To Arrive This Early
Chapter 181 Alone
Chapter 182 Show Me What You Know
Chapter 183 Red
Chapter 184 A Puppy
Chapter 185 The Sun And The Flower
Chapter 186 Sealed Fate
Chapter 187 Only One
Chapter 188 She'S Happy
Chapter 189 The Manipulator And The Thief
Chapter 190 Why Do You Care?
Chapter 191 Last Goodbyes
Chapter 192 His Last Wish
Chapter 193 Remember It Well
Chapter 194 On Your Way To Hanjian
Chapter 195 The Key
Chapter 196 No More Hanjian
Chapter 197 Grieve In Peace
Chapter 198 Collecting Dus
Chapter 199 Where Does Your Allegiance Lie?
Chapter 200 Demon Lord Of War
Chapter 201 She Loves You More
Chapter 202 The Only Beautiful Thing In Life
Chapter 203 Stop This Nonsense
Chapter 204 The Rumor Is True
Chapter 205 Comfort Them With A Lie
Chapter 206 What A Miracle
Chapter 207 Biggest Fool
Chapter 208 Violence
Chapter 209 Ran Off
Chapter 210 A Lifetime
Chapter 211 To Hurt Her
Chapter 212 How Dare You
Chapter 213 Do You Want Me To Die Early?
Chapter 214 Feeding Time
Chapter 215 Third Leg
Chapter 216 Stop
Chapter 217 Run Off
Chapter 218 Don'T Blame Me
Chapter 219 Stupid Suggestion
Chapter 220 Please
Chapter 221 Why Are You Following Me?
Chapter 222 Violated Trus
Chapter 223 I'Ll Do Anything
Chapter 224 For The Bes
Chapter 225 She Didn'T Exis
Chapter 226 Falling
Chapter 227 Ruined The Mood
Chapter 228 Spill The Secrets
Chapter 229 Where Are Your Manners?
Chapter 230 Pay Me Back
Chapter 231 Nearly Strangled
Chapter 232 What Are You Waiting For?
Chapter 233 Nothing To Lose
Chapter 234 Mountain Of Whispering Trees
Chapter 235 A Betrayal
Chapter 236 Time Is Escaping
Chapter 237 Yours Truly
Chapter 238 Guilt Trip
Chapter 239 Redeem Yourself
Chapter 240 We Can Never Go Forward
Chapter 241 You Disgust Me
Chapter 242 Spare Them Mercy
Chapter 243 Ruler Behind The Curtain
Chapter 244 The Commander Of Wuyi
Chapter 245 What'S My Crime?
Chapter 246 Lead The Way
Chapter 247 Figment Of My Imagination
Chapter 248 Senile Ministers
Chapter 249 Jump Out Of The Window
Chapter 250 The Emperor'S Safety
Chapter 251 I'M Sorry
Chapter 252 Unidentified Soldiers
Chapter 253 Discuss Everythhing
Chapter 254 I Won'T Get Angry
Chapter 255 Dead
Chapter 256 Rude Little Thing
Chapter 257 Tired And Dirty
Chapter 258 Mere Servan
Chapter 259 Never Show Weakness
Chapter 260 You Will Be Gone Soon
Chapter 261 Common Enemy
Chapter 262 An Actual Princess
Chapter 263 Quiet Down
Chapter 264 How To Charm A Lady
Chapter 265 To Knock Out A Bear
Chapter 266 I Never Wanted Him
Chapter 267 Why Don'T You Run Faster?
Chapter 268 No Request Is Too Big
Chapter 269 His Accomplice
Chapter 270 Murdering An Elderly Caretaker
Chapter 271 The Second Choice
Chapter 272 Left A Mark
Chapter 273 To Hanjian?
Chapter 274 Who Cares?
Chapter 275 A Lowly Woman As Your Wife
Chapter 276 One Last Time
Chapter 277 I Must Be Blind
Chapter 278 He'S Been Tortured
Chapter 279 Invite Him For Breakfas
Chapter 280 I Never Want To See You Again
Chapter 281 Departing For Hanjian
Chapter 282 The Worst In Me
Chapter 283 Why Are You Running?
Chapter 284 Bully
Chapter 285 The Town'S Laughing Stock
Chapter 286 Lack Of Protection
Chapter 287 Another Bra
Chapter 288 More Than One Monster
Chapter 289 No One Will Take You From Me
Chapter 290 Words Of Gratitude
Chapter 291 Set An Example
Chapter 292 Terrified Of Him
Chapter 293 I Stopped Caring
Chapter 294 Coward
Chapter 295 The Victim
Chapter 296 Phoenix That Soared
Chapter 297 The One Who Collapses
Chapter 298 Embrace The Change
Chapter 299 Sweet Dreams
Chapter 300 Difficult To Forgive
Chapter 301 A Little Rain
Chapter 302 In Hanjian
Chapter 303 Help The Tiger
Chapter 304 Silent River
Chapter 305 Complete Darkness
Chapter 306 Search Elsewhere
Chapter 307 Crown Princess Of Hanjian
Chapter 308 You Better Watch Yourself
Chapter 309 Don'T Abandon I
Chapter 310 She Must Be A Crazy Woman
Chapter 311 Execute The Chancellor'S Son
Chapter 312 All Nigh
Chapter 313 Naughty
Chapter 314 Stay With Me
Chapter 315 Swear Secrecy
Chapter 316 What Will Bring You Joy?
Chapter 317 Only You
Chapter 318 I Want To See Him
Chapter 319 Eldest Daughter
Chapter 320 Don'T Touch Me
Chapter 321 Half Truths And White Lies
Chapter 322 Are You Crazy?
Chapter 323 The Duty Of A Husband
Chapter 324 Maybe Later
Chapter 325 You'Re Scary
Chapter 326 It'S Dangerous
Chapter 327 Everything Will Be Okay
Chapter 328 An Obsession
Chapter 329 Something To Protec
Chapter 330 Eating With Other People
Chapter 331 Seen Everything
Chapter 332 Stay
Chapter 333 This Argument Will Stretch For Days
Chapter 334 Worth The Wai
Chapter 335 Make An Enemy
Chapter 336 Interesting Gossip
Chapter 337 I Have A Niece?
Chapter 338 Saving That Stamina
Chapter 339 Innocent Bystander
Chapter 340 The Things On My Mind
Chapter 341 Everyone Will Know
Chapter 342 Good News
Chapter 343 Unsettling Rumors
Chapter 344 Report To The Crown Prince
Chapter 345 Too Much To Ask
Chapter 346 Slacking Off
Chapter 347 Another Trap
Chapter 348 Yuyu
Chapter 349 My Child
Chapter 350 Shut Up
Chapter 351 I Can'T See
Chapter 352 Pure As Snow
Chapter 353 Swee
Chapter 354 Control
Chapter 355 Will You Kiss Me
Chapter 356 Make Love
Chapter 357 A Miracle
Chapter 358 On Second Though
Chapter 359 Something Else To Ea
Chapter 360 Feed Me
Chapter 361 Trying My Bes
Chapter 362 A Humble Life
Chapter 363 She Could Bark
Chapter 364 Already Occupied
Chapter 365 Plans To Harm
Chapter 366 Eyes For You
Chapter 367 Like A Bra
Chapter 368 Cold And Gentle
Chapter 369 Running Away
Chapter 370 Failed Duties
Chapter 371 Prepare Yourself
Chapter 372 I Do
Chapter 373 Loyalty
Chapter 374 Wise Decision
Chapter 375 Run Away
Chapter 376 Disrespect The Imperial Family
Chapter 377 First Achievemen
Chapter 378 Escaped
Chapter 379 Bite
Chapter 380 Bloodthirsty
Chapter 381 I Want You
Chapter 382 Preferred Concubine
Chapter 383 Behave.
Chapter 384 Disappointmen
Chapter 385 Burned
Chapter 386 Give Up
Chapter 387 It Doesn'T Matter
Chapter 388 Gentle
Chapter 389 What Could Go Wrong?
Chapter 390 Self-Worth
Chapter 391 The View
Chapter 392 Blame You
Chapter 393 Jaded Overthinker
Chapter 394 I Don'T Believe You
Chapter 395 How Horrendous
Chapter 396 You Win
Chapter 397 To Serve You
Chapter 398 Indulge
Chapter 399 Where Are You Going?
Chapter 400 Everyone Had Hoped
Chapter 401 Care To Explain?
Chapter 402 Covered In Blood
Chapter 403 Little Girl
Chapter 404 Horrendous
Chapter 405 Never Dream Of I
Chapter 406 Too Careless
Chapter 407 Strongest Woman In The World
Chapter 408 Too Quie
Chapter 409 Faith
Chapter 410 Tied Hands
Chapter 411 Scarecrow
Chapter 412 Everyday Occurence
Chapter 413 All I Need
Chapter 414 Under Her Control
Chapter 415 Eager To See You
Chapter 416 Invitation
Chapter 417 Practice Day And Nigh
Chapter 418 Dutiful Wife
Chapter 419 Outrageous Reques
Chapter 420 Will You Teach Me?
Chapter 421 To See You Again
Chapter 422 Duties I Must Tend To
Chapter 423 Make Them Wai
Chapter 424 Suggesting Something Promiscuous
Chapter 425 Growing Senile
Chapter 426 Writing History
Chapter 427 I'Ll Do It Alone
Chapter 428 Guard Dog
Chapter 429 Just A Joke
Chapter 430 Helping Hand
Chapter 431 Dressed Decently
Chapter 432 Eighteen Levels
Chapter 433 Freedom To A Beas
Chapter 434 Another Tantrum
Chapter 435 Are You Crazy?
Chapter 436 Ambush
Chapter 437 Worth The Climb
Chapter 438 Bad News
Chapter 439 Equally Crazy
Chapter 440 Ah-Zhen
Chapter 441 Fleeting Momen
Chapter 442 Worried Sick
Chapter 443 A Favor
Chapter 444 Overstepping Boundaries
Chapter 445 Will You Sleep With Me?
Chapter 446 If The Moon Was Split In Half
Chapter 447 My Sincerity
Chapter 448 All Alone
Chapter 449 A Book About War
Chapter 450 Heart And Soul
Chapter 451 Ugly Ra
Chapter 452 Little Kids
Chapter 453 Win The War
Chapter 454 Save You From Trouble
Chapter 455 Little Mouse
Chapter 456 What Is The Purpose Of My Existence?
Chapter 457 As You Wish
Chapter 458 Guilt Tripping
Chapter 459 If You Kill Me
Chapter 460 One Step Ahead
Chapter 461 A Child
Chapter 462 Welcoming The Darkness
Chapter 463 What'S Wrong?
Chapter 464 Become A Princess
Chapter 465 Bad News
Chapter 466 Marry Me
Chapter 467 Cry Her Heart Ou
Chapter 468 Leave Me.
Chapter 469 Arrogan
Chapter 470 The Battle
Chapter 471 If Anything Happens
Chapter 472 What Do We Have?
Chapter 473 Her Clothes Were Gone
Chapter 474 I Beg Of You
Chapter 475 Skinned Alive
Chapter 476 Save Me
Chapter 477 Do You Swear?
Chapter 478 Bruises
Chapter 479 You'Re Right.
Chapter 480 I Must Confess
Chapter 481 Bickering Ministers
Chapter 482 It Has Begun.
Chapter 483 Incense Sticks
Chapter 484 Where Is Your Master?
Chapter 485 Land Of Savages
Chapter 486 Big Sister
Chapter 487 Living Well
Chapter 488 Beloved Wangfei
Chapter 489 Promised To Stay
Chapter 490 Suffer
Chapter 491 Sweet As Honey
Chapter 492 Pitiful Wangfei
Chapter 493 Into The Darkness
Chapter 494 Poisoned
Chapter 495 Her Demons
Chapter 496 Her Corpse
Chapter 497 Your Loyal Friend
Chapter 498 A Female Commander
Chapter 499 Tell Me
Chapter 500 The Truth
Chapter 501 Unhand Me
Chapter 502 Strip
Chapter 503 Failed Marriage
Chapter 504 Mercy
Chapter 505 Wild Spiri
Chapter 506 A Life Without Regre
Chapter 507 If Only I Kneq
Chapter 508 Grow Up Quickly
Chapter 509 Alone.
Chapter 510 Don'T Lie To Me
Chapter 511 Under The Stars
Chapter 512 Sweaty And Dirty
Chapter 513 Simple Reques
Chapter 514 Damn Letters
Chapter 515 She Was Dead
Chapter 516 To Not Be A Burden
Chapter 517 I Swear
Chapter 518 A Busy Woman
Chapter 519 How Can I Forget?
Chapter 520 Disrespecting The Imperial Family
Chapter 521 We'Re Alone
Chapter 522 Silly Hamster
Chapter 523 Please
Chapter 524 On Your Knees
Chapter 525 Unfair
Chapter 526 Let Them Watch
Chapter 527 Messenger Bird
Chapter 528 To The Grave
Chapter 529 Punishmen
Chapter 530 Can We Negotiate?
Chapter 531 I Don'T Feel Anything
Chapter 532 What Could The Empress Do?
Chapter 533 Lily Of The Valley
Chapter 534 Bare Minimum
Chapter 535 Take The Crown
Chapter 536 Interruption
Chapter 537 Be Kind To Father
Chapter 538 The Victim
Chapter 539 The Phoenix
Chapter 540 Part One
Chapter 541 Part Two
Chapter 542 Part Three
Chapter 543 Part Four
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""What do you want from me?""

""Everything. Your soul, your body, your heart, but above all, I want you. Come to me, and you will be sheltered from every storm and hurricane that might come our way.""

- - - - -

Like every pitiful protagonist, Xueyue's life was riddled with unfortunate events.

An aloof birth mother? Check.

A crazy father? Check.

An older sister with a superior complex?Double-check!

Through a twist of unfortunate events, Xueyue was sentenced to death by beating. And no, she did not reincarnate to a better life.

Offered the opportunity to have a new identity, Xueyue eventually found herself colliding paths with a mischievous and fearsome, but devilishly handsome Commander who'd stop at nothing to acquire her heart.

Will he succeed in doing so?

Sly. Vicious. Ruthless. The very whisper of his name was enough for soldiers to abandon their weapon and armor in the battlefield. Yet, this merciless Commander found himself on wits-end with a sharp-tongued woman that turned his entire world into beautiful chaos.

Many say love is a fleeting emotion, but to them, love is a constant devotion.

- - - - -

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 Prayer Hall

Chapter 1 Prayer Hall

Warning: The following content contains abuse and might not be suitable for a younger audience.

- - - - -

Someone was going to die tonight.

Thunder crackled in the distance as heavy rain poured from the gloomy grey clouds. Rivers nearly flooded the forests, as trees crashed to the ground, and crops were overturned.

Chaos erupted everywhere that the eyes could see.

Inside the enormous Bai Manor, a pale-faced young lady hovered over a bleeding body. Not less than a minute ago, she had awakened from a fitful sleep. She couldn't remember the events that occured before waking up in the tiny room of the servants' corridor.

"N-nanny…?" Xueyue breathed out in shock, her eyes trembling in disbelief.

Lying in front of her was the unconscious body of the elder woman who took care of her father, Viscount Bai Sheng, since he was a mere child. A sharp hairpin was embedded through her chest, a pool of blood soaking the ground.

"What happened here?" she said through shaking teeth. She frantically turned the woman over until the nanny was lying flat on her back.

"Oh my goodness," she muttered upon seeing the pale lips and ghastly white skin. The nanny had been dead for hours now. She reached for the hairpin, hoping to distinguish whose it belonged to. Who could've done this? What was she doing here? Questions swarmed her thoughts.

Just then, the door slammed open without warning. Her head shot in that direction and to her horror, her entire family was there.

"M-murderer!" Bai Tianai, the older sister wailed, pointing a shaking finger in Bai Xueyue's direction.

Bai Xueyue instantly understood this was another scheme set up by Bai Tianai. But this time, there would be no escape from it. She was doomed. Everything here was too obvious to ignore. She was afterall, hovering over the dead body, her hands too close to the murder weapon.

"No, wait, Father, it wasn't me—"

"Guards!" Viscount Bai Sheng snarled, his face marred with disgust and pure hatred. Instantly, servants swarmed the room, armed with spears and weapons.

"Take this filthy scum and drag her to the Prayer Halls!"

"Mother, please, it wasn't me!" Bai Xueyue shrieked, right when guards grabbed both of her arms, forcing her into submission.

Bai Xueyue knew the Viscount would never take her side, but there was a small possibility that his wife, Viscountess Mu Yihua would show compassion towards her daughter.

Viscountess Mu Yihua was frozen by the door, her eyes larger than the full moon outside. Her attention darted from her pleading daughter to the dead body on the floor. One thing was for certain. Bai Xueyue was doomed. Regardless if she killed the Viscount's nanny or not, there would be no way out of this punishment.

- - - - -

Deep within the Prayer Halls, a maiden was screaming for her life. Unfortunately, her cries were silenced by the disruptive storm outside.

Even so, almost every guard outside of the Prayer Halls' gates could hear the sickening sound of wooden paddles repeatedly striking a thin child. They did not flinch as her painful howls bounced off the walls.

They were too used to this sound.

Bai Xueyue's face was covered with blood and bruises. Her bright-hazel eyes had lost its shimmer, her rosy lips were split open, and her cheeks were filled with cuts. Ugly purple bruises could be seen on her neck and each plea came out hoarse until she could barely speak.

She was barely over sixteen and her life was already flashing before her eyes.

"P-please…" she sobbed, struggling against the weight holding her down. Through the corner of her hazy eyes, she saw the blurry figure of Zheng Leiyu, her childhood best friend. A man she had desperately fallen in love with only to be scorned by him.

Like any man greedy for power and wealth, Zheng Leiyu decided to pursue the oldest daughter of the household, Xueyue's older sister.

Bai Tianai was the most beloved child in the Bai Household. So long as she desires something, she shall get it without qualms.

Xueyue was skilled in archery, horseback riding, and sword fighting whilst possessing a face that easily swayed men into her bidding. She was supposed to be a sparrow that soared the skies, but she had trusted the wrong man and allowed her wings to be snipped off.

"It wasn't me!" Xueyue hoarsely cried out, but it sounded like the wheeze of an elderly woman.

Zheng Leiyu glowered down at her as if she was a sinner who massacred his entire family. In reality, her only sin was loving him.

When Xueyue saw how unresponsive he was, she decided to plead someone else. Viscount Bai Sheng sat in the corner of the cold, dark room of the Prayer Halls accompanied by his wife.

They were drinking tea without a care in the world, as if they were watching the Koi fishes swim in the pond on a warm, summer day.

Viscount Bai Sheng glowered at Xueyue. His dark, chilly eyes were filled with disdain and hatred. His eyes showed no remorse at the horrific sight before him.

If she wasn't such a failure of a filial child, maybe he would've loved her a bit more. 'Stupid girl,' he thought to himself. 'Useless brat,' he added on.

Bai Xueyue was not his blood-related kin. She did, however, share the blood of Viscountess Mu Yihua. The unfortunate Viscountess Mu Yihua claimed she was raped after running home one night.

The perpetrator was never caught. A child was growing inside of her—Bai Xueyue. It was a miracle that the offspring even inherited the Bai surname, considering the fact that she was not Viscount Bai Sheng's daughter.

In Viscount Bai Sheng's eyes, the least that Bai Xueyue could do was bring honor to the family. Instead, she was deemed a murderer.

Viscount Bai Sheng swirled the teacup he had in his hand. "Do something about that obnoxious mouth," he commanded his men who exchanged nervous glances with each other.

Viscountess Mu Yihua struggled to remain calm. Her nimble fingers painfully clenched the green ceramic in her hand. If one looked closely, they could see the tea was trembling.

How could a mother sit through such a thing?

Her eyes teared at the pitiful sight of her daughter, but she could do nothing but watch. She couldn't speak up for Xueyue.

She never could.

Not without Viscount Bai Sheng holding the facts above her head: Xueyue was the unwanted product. Something to be shamed, but was saved by his generosity.

Viscount Bai Sheng had convinced his wife that Xueyue was unworthy of everything.

"I swear I woke up in the room and she was already lying there dead! I didn't kill her!" Xueyue's wretched cries pierced the hearts of the servants.

Many of them found this scene unbearable. They prayed this would be over soon.

"Tianai framed me!" Xueyue naively shouted, in hopes of convincing her father. But the mention of Bai Tianai significantly worsened Viscount Bai Sheng's mood.

He slammed his teacup onto the table beside him. The force was so strong, it caused a crack within the table.

Viscountess Mu Yihua nearly jumped at the sudden force. Her head dropped to stare at her tea. "How dare you drag your sister into this!"

The poor child.

Xueyue was the spitting image of her unknown father. No one knew the man who touched the Viscountess, no one except for the woman herself.

Viscountess Mu Yihua's heart quivered. Her youngest daughter, indeed, was nothing like Bai Tianai. Their appearances were so vastly different, but that didn't mean Xueyue was not beautiful.

Dear heavens, Xueyue was gorgeous. Her flaw was that she was too naive to use it to her advantage. Had she played her cards correctly, maybe she could've become the renowned Beauty of Hechen.

Her inquisitive autumn hazels would've made her popular among scholars. Her naturally pink lips the color of peonies should've swayed even the worst of players into bending their knees. Yet, none of these happened. They didn't happen because she was too invested in a man who never loved her back.

Viscountess Mu Yihua snapped back to reality when she heard her husband's thundering voice.

Despite the long years of marriage, she still shivered at his fearsome voice.

She hadn't realized that in her daydream, Viscount Bai Sheng had stormed towards Xueyue whose white clothes were torn and tainted with blood and false sins.

"You are an unwanted brat!" Viscount Bai Sheng roared at Xueyue. He had a fresh cup of tea in his hand, and it was piping hot.

Before anyone could react, he grabbed Xueyue's dainty jawline.

"Father—" Before Xueyue could finish her sentence, Viscount Bai Sheng had forced the piping tea down her throat.

A loud scream ripped through the silent air. Her cries were so bone-chilling, people flinched back.

Xueyue tried to thrash in her father's hold, but his grip was as strong as iron. More tears rolled down her eyes.

At the disgusting sight of Xueyue, Viscount Bai Sheng threw her back onto the ground.

Even the servants felt remorse for the poor girl. She was only sixteen years old! This punishment was too severe and harsh on such a frail and young girl!

"Continue the beating," Viscount Bai Sheng said to his men who immediately nodded.

The servants cringed when the men raised their paddles and continued the beating. They never expected the refined Viscount Bai to be so rough and heartless towards her. No one knew of the Bai Family's secret about Xueyue.

Placing a gentle hand on her protruding stomach, Viscountess Mu Yihua wiped the sweat off her brows.

Sensing his wife's distress, Viscount Bai Sheng turned towards her with a soft smile.

The superstitious signs indicated she was pregnant with a baby boy, and Viscount Bai Sheng would finally get an heir.

"It'll harm the baby if you listen and watch this scene any longer. I'll end this now," Viscount Bai Sheng gently told his wife.

Viscountess Mu Yihua panicked at his words. "Wait, my lord husband—"

"I've had enough of this. Finish her." Viscount Bai Sheng demanded.

When the guards raised their wooden paddles, lightning flashed in the distance. The sound of the sky immediately blended with the sound of a head bashed to the ground, and the flash of the lightning revealed a pool of blood on the ground.

The pain was so excruciatingly painful, Xueyue didn't even register what had happened to her. Her tear-filled eyes fluttered, and black dots tainted her vision.

In her blurry sight, she saw Viscount Bai Sheng guiding his pregnant wife out of the Prayer Halls.

The last thing Xueyue saw before blacking out was the sight of Leiyu bending down to press a kiss onto Tianai's lips.

Hatred and a thirst for revenge grabbed Xueyue's heart. Using her last breath of air, Xueyue vowed to seek revenge on the injustice that had fallen upon her.


Total Chapters in book: 543
Estimated words: 845286 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 4226(@200wpm)___ 3381(@250wpm)___ 2818(@300wpm)