The Sinful Life of The Emperor by True Seeker

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1 Living For The Dream
Chapter 2 Interference
Chapter 3 Making Out In Shower
Chapter 4 Leaving For The Meeting
Chapter 5 No One Told Me I Was Going To Become A Father!
Chapter 6 Let Me Prove My Humanity
Chapter 7 Thank You For Firing Me!
Chapter 8 Vanity Desire Admiration
Chapter 9 All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy
Chapter 10 Are You Sure?
Chapter 11 Beauty Not Appreciated Is A Sin!
Chapter 12 Refreshments!
Chapter 13 Two Is Better Than One!
Chapter 14 Out On The Road Lies The Frozen Bones Of The Poor
Chapter 15 Feeling Sad For What You Never Had
Chapter 16 Is This Too Much To Ask?
Chapter 17 Live The Life Of Your Dreams
Chapter 18 Invitation
Chapter 19 Felicity Weisz Part 1
Chapter 20 Felicity Weisz Part 2
Chapter 21 Felicity Weisz Part 3
Chapter 22 I Refuse!
Chapter 23 Battle Droids Hate Hank!
Chapter 24 Ultimate Sacrifice!
Chapter 25 Holy Mission In Action!
Chapter 26 Memorable Relationship
Chapter 27 Battle In Wasteland
Chapter 28 Cosmic Manipulation
Chapter 29 Cosmic Spark
Chapter 30 True Happiness
Chapter 31 What A Waste
Chapter 32 Embrace Of A Mother
Chapter 33 A Devil Who Does What His Heart Pleases
Chapter 34 True Paradise
Chapter 35 Spending The Final Moments Of Life
Chapter 36 The Perfect Youth
Chapter 37 Welcome Home
Chapter 38 Cover Up!
Chapter 39 Morning At Home
Chapter 40 The Breaking News!
Chapter 41 Tears Of Joy!
Chapter 42 Get Ready
Chapter 43 Good Husband
Chapter 44 Responsibility!
Chapter 45 Burden Of Responsibility
Chapter 46 Standing Up For Yourself
Chapter 47 Winner Is The King And Loser Is The Villain
Chapter 48 Trash Teacher!
Chapter 49 Domain!
Chapter 50 Awakening
Chapter 51 Duty!
Chapter 52 Making Out With Vienna
Chapter 53 Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.
Chapter 54 World Council
Chapter 55 Bleak Future
Chapter 56 Trouble Magne
Chapter 57 Don'T Kill Me Here
Chapter 58 Unexpected Conclusion
Chapter 59 Luck?
Chapter 60 To Dream Is To Hope
Chapter 61 Two News
Chapter 62 Welcome To Special Coverage!
Chapter 63 Glory!
Chapter 64 Hope
Chapter 65 Unexpected Twis
Chapter 66 Love & Peace
Chapter 67 Natalie
Chapter 68 First Impression
Chapter 69 Kind Relative
Chapter 70 Bold!
Chapter 71 Another Chance
Chapter 72 Rose Windsor
Chapter 73 Making Out With Sarah
Chapter 74 Congratulations!
Chapter 75 Pleading
Chapter 76 Kind & Naive
Chapter 77 Tying Up The Loose Ends
Chapter 78 Four Sections
Chapter 79 Agatha'S Secre
Chapter 80 Devotee!
Chapter 81 Morgan
Chapter 82 Transfer Studen
Chapter 83 Kind Offer
Chapter 84 Suppressing Gray Matter
Chapter 85 Icy Shade Of Blue
Chapter 86 Going Easy
Chapter 87 Nightmare
Chapter 88 Help Her!
Chapter 89 Rear Door
Chapter 90 Liberation
Chapter 91 Special Trainer
Chapter 92 Special Trainer Part Ii
Chapter 93 Special Trainer Part Iii
Chapter 94 Gratitude
Chapter 95 House Of Hestia
Chapter 96 Striking Balance
Chapter 97 Offer!
Chapter 98 Going Back On Words
Chapter 99 Going Back On Words Part Ii
Chapter 100 Going Back On Words Part Iii
Chapter 101 Want And Need
Chapter 102 Epilogue End Of Vol. 1
Chapter 103 Fragile Ego
Chapter 104 Psychic Hunter
Chapter 105 Psychic Hunter Part 2
Chapter 106 Psychic Hunter Part 3
Chapter 107 It Has Started Part I Of Ii
Chapter 108 It Has Started Part Ii Of Ii
Chapter 109 Facing Bugs
Chapter 110 Finishing Strike
Chapter 111 Tired
Chapter 112 Never Stop The Adventure!
Chapter 113 Share Details!
Chapter 114 Awkward
Chapter 115 Dinner!
Chapter 116 Dinner! Part Ii
Chapter 117 Dinner Final Par
Chapter 118 Favourite Girl
Chapter 119 The Revolutionary!
Chapter 120 The Revolutionary Part Ii
Chapter 121 The Revolutionary Final Par
Chapter 122 Rake!
Chapter 123 Never Lie!
Chapter 124 Police Station
Chapter 125 Liar!
Chapter 126 Frame Me!
Chapter 127 Sweet Love
Chapter 128 Overcrowded
Chapter 129 Hospitality
Chapter 130 Hated Enemy
Chapter 131 Trust!
Chapter 132 Dreadful Death
Chapter 133 Losing Sanity
Chapter 134 If You Were Not There
Chapter 135 Life & Waterfall
Chapter 136 Secret Society
Chapter 137 Wife Hunter Society!
Chapter 138 Those Blessed By Lord!
Chapter 139 The List Expands!
Chapter 140 Prophecy!
Chapter 141 Mistress' Massage Centre
Chapter 142 Massage!
Chapter 143 No Res
Chapter 144 No To Politics!
Chapter 145 Breach
Chapter 146 Backlash
Chapter 147 Terrorists
Chapter 148 City Under Attack
Chapter 149 Nanites
Chapter 150 Damage
Chapter 151 The Warehouse
Chapter 152 Weak
Chapter 153 Smile
Chapter 154 Lied!
Chapter 155 Opening Suitcase
Chapter 156 Experimenting
Chapter 157 Filling In
Chapter 158 Need Help?
Chapter 159 Remember
Chapter 160 Desire
Chapter 161 Integrity
Chapter 162 Back In Character
Chapter 163 Lizenea
Chapter 164 True Revolutionary
Chapter 165 Do The Right Deeds And Forge
Chapter 166 Generalization
Chapter 167 Pathetic
Chapter 168 Sympathy Wave
Chapter 169 Pity
Chapter 170 Move On
Chapter 171 Learn From Zed
Chapter 172 Reques
Chapter 173 Warning?
Chapter 174 Are You Olly?
Chapter 175 Education!
Chapter 176 Lucky Husband!
Chapter 177 Evil Triumphs!
Chapter 178 The Determination Of Insects
Chapter 179 Leaving The City Part I
Chapter 180 Leaving The City Part Ii
Chapter 181 Leaving The City Final Par
Chapter 182 Desolate Blood Fores
Chapter 183 Wolves
Chapter 184 Help!
Chapter 185 Iron-Scaled Fish
Chapter 186 Share Everything!
Chapter 187 True Love?!
Chapter 188 Ruby'S First Experience
Chapter 189 Xander'S Nightmare
Chapter 190 Duped?!
Chapter 191 Let'S End This
Chapter 192 Two Choices
Chapter 193 Master And Slave!
Chapter 194 The Most Profitable Commodity
Chapter 195 Red Tiger
Chapter 196 Law Of The Jungle
Chapter 197 Pain
Chapter 198 Prey
Chapter 199 This Is Really Fun!
Chapter 200 Soft Spot?
Chapter 201 Branding
Chapter 202 Flattery
Chapter 203 Pervert!
Chapter 204 Life & Death Gate
Chapter 205 Scoundrel
Chapter 206 Ashlyn Garcia
Chapter 207 Life-Saving Question
Chapter 208 Price
Chapter 209 This Is Awkward
Chapter 210 Lovely Place
Chapter 211 Difficulty
Chapter 212 Preparations
Chapter 213 Preparations Part Ii
Chapter 214 Preparations Final Par
Chapter 215 Rock-Scaled Lizards
Chapter 216 Nice Fellow
Chapter 217 Closeness
Chapter 218 Compassionate
Chapter 219 Unseal
Chapter 220 Suppressing The Urge
Chapter 221 Levels & Ranks
Chapter 222 Misunderstanding?
Chapter 223 Treasure Mine?!
Chapter 224 Partners
Chapter 225 Blood Demon Flower
Chapter 226 Team Leader, Thank You!
Chapter 227 Work Smart, Not Hard!
Chapter 228 You Were Right!
Chapter 229 Mastery In Nutcracking Ar
Chapter 230 World-Mending Stone
Chapter 231 You Are Not One Of Us
Chapter 232 The Serpen
Chapter 233 Eat?!
Chapter 234 Cursed Ones
Chapter 235 Fools
Chapter 236 Snow
Chapter 237 Ice & Blood
Chapter 238 Who Is Zed?
Chapter 239 Success & Sweetness
Chapter 240 Gentle
Chapter 241 Chivalry Is Not Dead!
Chapter 242 Share Body Hea
Chapter 243 This Is Not The Way!
Chapter 244 Recovered
Chapter 245 I'M Proud Of You!
Chapter 246 Gentle
Chapter 247 The Fame Of Mistress' Massage Center
Chapter 248 A Simple Man
Chapter 249 Learning!
Chapter 250 Black-Bellied Couple
Chapter 251 Real Heroes Don'T Wear Capes, They Teach!
Chapter 252 Count Viper
Chapter 253 Payback
Chapter 254 More Difficult Than I Though
Chapter 255 Sacrifice For Revolution
Chapter 256 Let Me Help You!
Chapter 257 Desperate Measures
Chapter 258 Old Snake
Chapter 259 Old Snake'S Dilemma
Chapter 260 Unpleasant Memories
Chapter 261 Unpleasant Memories Part Ii
Chapter 262 Warning
Chapter 263 Blackmail
Chapter 264 No Need To Thank Me
Chapter 265 A Silent Nigh
Chapter 266 Where Is He?
Chapter 267 No Cooperation
Chapter 268 Puzzle
Chapter 269 Confrontation
Chapter 270 Desolate Fair
Chapter 271 Impartial
Chapter 272 Treasured Jewels Guard
Chapter 273 Give Me A Review!
Chapter 274 Mirage Theif
Chapter 275 Three Dark Stars
Chapter 276 Garrick Angel Inn
Chapter 277 Myiesha Noach
Chapter 278 Brazen And Bold
Chapter 279 Denisa
Chapter 280 Denisa Part Ii
Chapter 281 Pythia
Chapter 282 River Of Time
Chapter 283 Events Of Future Pas
Chapter 284 Events Of Future Past Part Ii
Chapter 285 Events Of Future Past Part Iii
Chapter 286 Events Of Future Past Part Iv
Chapter 287 Events Of Future Past Part V
Chapter 288 Time - Poison & Nectar
Chapter 289 Illusion Of Immortality
Chapter 290 Types Of Immortality
Chapter 291 Secret Of Legacy Orb Part I
Chapter 292 Secret Of Legacy Orb Part Ii
Chapter 293 Secret Of Legacy Orb Final Par
Chapter 294 Ego
Chapter 295 Hard Task
Chapter 296 Myiesha
Chapter 297 You Always Want What You Can'T Have
Chapter 298 Leela
Chapter 299 Antique Stone Garden
Chapter 300 Maiden'S Love Circle Part I
Chapter 301 Maiden'S Love Circle Part Ii
Chapter 302 Maiden'S Love Circle Part Iii
Chapter 303 Wish Gemstone
Chapter 304 Technical Difficulties
Chapter 305 Sister Organzations
Chapter 306 To Do Or No
Chapter 307 The Best Remedy
Chapter 308 Daddy!
Chapter 309 Crazy Twins
Chapter 310 Auction
Chapter 311 Never Apologise For The Truth!
Chapter 312 Mendel
Chapter 313 Temporary Peace
Chapter 314 Denisa & Ashlyn
Chapter 315 Vips
Chapter 316 The Fear Of Demoness & Traitor
Chapter 317 Fantasy Land
Chapter 318 Rich Miss
Chapter 319 Bidding War
Chapter 320 Feel Free To Share Your Guess!
Chapter 321 Just Wait!
Chapter 322 A Piece Of Rock
Chapter 323 Auction End Approaches
Chapter 324 As Expected!
Chapter 325 Bold Inspiration!
Chapter 326 Chaos!
Chapter 327 Change Opinion!
Chapter 328 Familarity?!
Chapter 329 Mountain-Head Wong
Chapter 330 Creating A New Technique!
Chapter 331 I Hate Happy Moments!
Chapter 332 And They Say Chivalry Is Dead!
Chapter 333 Wrongly Blamed!
Chapter 334 Audacious!
Chapter 335 Protect Daddy!
Chapter 336 Anamarie Vs Kiba
Chapter 337 Kill
Chapter 338 Purgatory - Eclipse
Chapter 339 Destroy!
Chapter 340 Murderous Intent!
Chapter 341 Accompany Me
Chapter 342 Meeting Again
Chapter 343 Treasury
Chapter 344 A Gracious Hos
Chapter 345 Criminal Mercenaries
Chapter 346 Innocent Man!
Chapter 347 Invitation
Chapter 348 A Table
Chapter 349 Greatest Motivation
Chapter 350 Same Destination
Chapter 351 Because You Are A Woman
Chapter 352 Launcelot Vs Zed
Chapter 353 Launcelot'S Underhanded Scheme
Chapter 354 Understanding!
Chapter 355 Best Friend!
Chapter 356 No Act Of Kindness Is Ever Wasted!
Chapter 357 Jenina And Zed
Chapter 358 Devil Or Sage
Chapter 359 Perfect Men Do Exist!
Chapter 360 Trouble For Ammusemen
Chapter 361 Snakes!
Chapter 362 Verna In Danger!
Chapter 363 Operation In Open!
Chapter 364 Strict Brother!
Chapter 365 I Now Know!
Chapter 366 Anyone Else Interested?
Chapter 367 Warning Others By Making Examples Of A Few
Chapter 368 This Is Misunderstanding!
Chapter 369 Great Hospitality
Chapter 370 Guardian Spirit?
Chapter 371 Extraordinary Opportunity!
Chapter 372 Core Region Opening! Part I
Chapter 373 Core Region Opening! Final Par
Chapter 374 Soaring High Together To Admire A View Below
Chapter 375 Strange Fist & Black Liquid
Chapter 376 Titanic Statues
Chapter 377 You Shall Not Pass!
Chapter 378 Royal Will
Chapter 379 Take Inspiration From Good!
Chapter 380 Get In!
Chapter 381 He Is...!!
Chapter 382 Treading Bridge
Chapter 383 We Are Cheating!
Chapter 384 That Guy Is Cheating!
Chapter 385 Strike Him With Lightning!
Chapter 386 The Trial Begins!
Chapter 387 Impossible!!
Chapter 388 What'S So Bad About Past?
Chapter 389 Don'T Want To Change The Past!
Chapter 390 You Call Them Precautions!?
Chapter 391 Stop Screaming!
Chapter 392 Everyone Is Crazy!
Chapter 393 Being Zed Is Difficult!
Chapter 394 Second Trial!
Chapter 395 Zed Or Kiba - The Devilish Nature Remains The Same!
Chapter 396 Exploiting A Rule!
Chapter 397 Because I Want To!
Chapter 398 He Has Suffered A Loss?!
Chapter 399 An Ancient Door!
Chapter 400 A Spectral Face!
Chapter 401 Enchantia'S Gif
Chapter 402 Consider Yourself As Passed
Chapter 403 Intense Greed!
Chapter 404 Zed Vs Onur & Company
Chapter 405 Use Those Pills, Please!
Chapter 406 Not Easy!
Chapter 407 Going All Out!
Chapter 408 Zed'S Migh
Chapter 409 You Had No Right!
Chapter 410 He Is Back!
Chapter 411 Traces Of Reality-Warping Part I
Chapter 412 Traces Of Reality-Warping Part Ii
Chapter 413 Extremely Evil! Part I Of Ii
Chapter 414 Extremely Evil! Part Ii
Chapter 415 Make Your Ancestors Proud
Chapter 416 We Will Meet Again
Chapter 417 Small Deb
Chapter 418 No Longer Matters
Chapter 419 The Strange Case Of Items Dissapearing
Chapter 420 Mirage Thief Ii
Chapter 421 Could You Feel It?!
Chapter 422 Would Daddy Try To...?!
Chapter 423 Pond Of Lus
Chapter 424 Master & Slave
Chapter 425 Sacrificing For Greater Good!
Chapter 426 A Helpful Man And Three Needy Women Part I
Chapter 427 A Helpful Man And Three Needy Women Part Ii / Iii
Chapter 428 A Helpful Man And Three Needy Women Part Iii / Iii
Chapter 429 I Will Take Responsibility!
Chapter 430 Final Struggle
Chapter 431 Master!
Chapter 432 Get Lost!
Chapter 433 Extra Person!
Chapter 434 Extra Tickets!
Chapter 435 Fate Of Cursed Ones Part I
Chapter 436 Fate Of Cursed Ones Part Ii/Iii
Chapter 437 Fate Of Cursed Ones Final Par
Chapter 438 Side Story: Delta City
Chapter 439 Entering Spaceship Relic
Chapter 440 Attack By Robots
Chapter 441 Empty Section?
Chapter 442 Chryslia
Chapter 443 Meeting Again I
Chapter 444 Meeting Again Part Ii
Chapter 445 Conflict!
Chapter 446 I Want To Live!
Chapter 447 Destruction Of The Core Region Part I
Chapter 448 Destruction Of The Core Region Part Ii
Chapter 449 Destruction Of The Core Region Part Iii
Chapter 450 Destruction Of The Core Region Part Iv
Chapter 451 Destruction Of The Core Region Final Par
Chapter 452 Return To Delta City Part I/Ii
Chapter 453 Return To Delta City Final Par
Chapter 454 Something Delicious
Chapter 455 Fun In The Kitchen!
Chapter 456 Mouth-Watering Balls!
Chapter 457 The Lone Hero Spreading Happiness!
Chapter 458 Awakening Felicity I/Ii
Chapter 459 Awakening Felicity Final Par
Chapter 460 Remember Rubie?
Chapter 461 Stop The Divorce!
Chapter 462 Cheater'S Handbook!
Chapter 463 Gerrell Windsor
Chapter 464 Couple Therapy! Part I
Chapter 465 Couple Therapy Part Ii/Iii
Chapter 466 Couple Therapy Final Par
Chapter 467 Another Happy Couple!
Chapter 468 Eva!
Chapter 469 A Strange Feeling R-18
Chapter 470 Titan Awakens
Chapter 471 Checking The Preparations
Chapter 472 Proud Patriarch
Chapter 473 Sudden Changes!
Chapter 474 Attack Of Dark Beasts
Chapter 475 Dark Beasts At Dream Rise House I
Chapter 476 Dark Beasts At Dream Rise House Ii
Chapter 477 Dark Beasts At Dream Rise House Iii
Chapter 478 I Would Do That!
Chapter 479 First Conflict With Sky Fiend Group
Chapter 480 End Of Conflic
Chapter 481 After The Crisis
Chapter 482 Am I Capable Of Love?
Chapter 483 Small Payback
Chapter 484 Value Of Time
Chapter 485 Blackmail?!
Chapter 486 Shocking Uproar!
Chapter 487 Preliminary Round
Chapter 488 Could We Change Here?
Chapter 489 Extra Points! R-18
Chapter 490 Extra Points - Ii R-18
Chapter 491 Thank You For Loving Me
Chapter 492 Hyperion
Chapter 493 What Would You Tell Your Daughter?
Chapter 494 Slipping Into The Bed!
Chapter 495 Being Passionate! R-18
Chapter 496 Serves Him Right! R-18
Chapter 497 Motivating The Contestants!
Chapter 498 Crisis In Miss Delta Pageant!
Chapter 499 You Don'T Deserve Lord'S Grace!
Chapter 500 I'M There To Console!
Chapter 501 Birth Of Hope! I/Ii
Chapter 502 Birth Of Hope Ii/Ii
Chapter 503 Welcome To Parenthood!
Chapter 504 Hope Is Happy!
Chapter 505 End Of Goten Whiteskins! Part I
Chapter 506 End Of Goten Whiteskins Part Ii
Chapter 507 End Of Goten Whiteskins! Part Iii/Iv
Chapter 508 End Of Goten Whiteskins Final
Chapter 509 Bring Me City
Chapter 510 Hank Makes A Move!
Chapter 511 Chaos In The City
Chapter 512 Destruction In White Angel Corporation I
Chapter 513 Destruction In White Angel Corporation Ii
Chapter 514 Destruction In White Angel Corporation Iii
Chapter 515 Oops! Sorry!
Chapter 516 White Angel!
Chapter 517 The End Of White Angel I/Ii
Chapter 518 The End Of White Angel Ii/Ii
Chapter 519 Titan And Hope I/Ii
Chapter 520 Titan And Hope Ii/Ii
Chapter 521 Defying The Fate!
Chapter 522 Attack On Sky Fiend Group
Chapter 523 Fighting Hyperion!
Chapter 524 Evolution Field
Chapter 525 We Have Prevented A Tragedy! I/Ii
Chapter 526 We Have Prevented A Tragedy Ii/Ii
Chapter 527 Freedom From Self
Chapter 528 Sea Of Sorrow!
Chapter 529 Side Story: Welcome To The Family!
Chapter 530 A Strange Scene
Chapter 531 Extermination!
Chapter 532 Shocking The World!
Chapter 533 Chaos Throughout The World!
Chapter 534 Hyperion'S Final Struggle!
Chapter 535 Wheel Of Chaos
Chapter 536 Becoming A Part Of The Chaos!
Chapter 537 Beauty Is Delusion
Chapter 538 Surrounded!
Chapter 539 This Is The Only World We Have!
Chapter 540 One Vs Three
Chapter 541 Price Would Have To Be Paid!
Chapter 542 This World Deserves To Exist!
Chapter 543 She'S Really Hope!
Chapter 544 The Deaths I Have Caused
Chapter 545 Mom! I Have Found Him!
Chapter 546 Great Families Learn!
Chapter 547 I Came Here To Verify!
Chapter 548 Legacy Of Cosmic Emperor! I/Ii
Chapter 549 Legacy Of Cosmic Emperor Ii/Ii - End Of Vol. 2
Chapter 550 Reunion!
Chapter 551 A Proper Meeting I
Chapter 552 A Proper Meeting Ii
Chapter 553 A Proper Meeting Iii/Iii
Chapter 554 The Calm Before The Storm!
Chapter 555 Please Don'T Open It!
Chapter 556 The Man Of The House Is Sick So...!
Chapter 557 I Learned From My Love!
Chapter 558 First Dream!
Chapter 559 You Are Right Again!
Chapter 560 You Hurt Our Feelings!
Chapter 561 Sweet Revenge I
Chapter 562 Sweet Revenge Ii
Chapter 563 Prelude To Orgy
Chapter 564 Prelude To Orgy Ii/Ii
Chapter 565 Orgy I/Ii
Chapter 566 Orgy Ii/Ii
Chapter 567 Lord! Thank You!
Chapter 568 Gift!
Chapter 569 Breach!
Chapter 570 Surprise!
Chapter 571 Love Without Jealousy
Chapter 572 Be Helpful!
Chapter 573 Bidding Goodbye To Suzane R-18
Chapter 574 Olly! Here'S A Recommendation For You!
Chapter 575 Farewell Delta City I/Ii
Chapter 576 Farewell Delta City Ii/Ii
Chapter 577 City Of Arcadia
Chapter 578 Shocking The Ivies! I
Chapter 579 Shocking The Ivies! Ii
Chapter 580 Shocking The Ivies! Iii
Chapter 581 Shocking The Ivies! Last Par
Chapter 582 Arrival Of A Deity!
Chapter 583 Seven Emotions And Six Desires
Chapter 584 I Live For My Desires!
Chapter 585 A Never Before Seen Writ!
Chapter 586 This Must Be An Illusion!
Chapter 587 Who Is He?!
Chapter 588 Thank You!!
Chapter 589 Family-Run Clinic!
Chapter 590 Way Of Ancients!
Chapter 591 Spare Me, God!
Chapter 592 Meeting The Unexpected!
Chapter 593 Live With Me
Chapter 594 Don'T Live To Impress Others! I/Ii
Chapter 595 Don'T Live To Impress Others! Ii/Ii
Chapter 596 Art Of Giving
Chapter 597 Villainy Is Contaminable!
Chapter 598 Award-Winning Drama
Chapter 599 Operation Screwing I
Chapter 600 Operation Screwing Ii
Chapter 601 Operation Screwing Iii
Chapter 602 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Part I
Chapter 603 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Part Ii
Chapter 604 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Part Iii R-18
Chapter 605 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Final R-18
Chapter 606 Kindness Is Often Nothing But A Facade
Chapter 607 The Only Way
Chapter 608 Anti-Evolution Radiance
Chapter 609 Breaking Them Mentally
Chapter 610 Answer Me!
Chapter 611 Live For Eternity
Chapter 612 She'S Back!
Chapter 613 You Tricked Me!
Chapter 614 Greatest Treasure On Earth!
Chapter 615 Angel?! Or God!?
Chapter 616 Dharma Chakra'S History!
Chapter 617 The Writ Takes Effect!
Chapter 618 Wouldn'T It Be Fun?
Chapter 619 Zerenski Valeriy
Chapter 620 Making Love With Ashlyn R-18
Chapter 621 Making Love With Ashlyn Ii/Ii R-18
Chapter 622 Milk Of Vitality R-18
Chapter 623 Pleasure The Man They Love R-18
Chapter 624 Pleasure The Man They Love Final Part R-18
Chapter 625 Dramatic Year
Chapter 626 Gathering Of Alphas!
Chapter 627 Singularity
Chapter 628 Entering Infinity Maze
Chapter 629 Shameless Villain And Katherine
Chapter 630 Milf To Wilf?
Chapter 631 She'S...!
Chapter 632 Who Are You!?
Chapter 633: Could You Wait?
Chapter 634: A God?
Chapter 635: Mindful Of Feelings!
Chapter 636 A Bit Of Reward
Chapter 637 Fate And Eternal Darkness
Chapter 638 - Seductive Charm Causing A Mishap
Chapter 639 - Ba*Tard Child?
Chapter 640 - Get Your Jollies From Elsewhere!
Chapter 641 - An Icy Figure
Chapter 642 - The One
Chapter 643 - Doesn'T Make Sense
Chapter 644 - Unforgivable Sin!
Chapter 645 - He Is Going To Ntr Me!
Chapter 646 - Appreciate! (R-18)
Chapter 647 - Record Precious Moments! (R-18)
Chapter 648 - Unite! (R-18 Final)
Chapter 649 - Legacy Orbs Secret
Chapter 650 - Meeting Ice Queen
Chapter 651 - Ice Queen Vs Dr. Ntr
Chapter 652 - Nothing Fair Or Unfair
Chapter 653 - Calm Before The Storm!
Chapter 654: Ice Queen Takes Action
Chapter 655: Fusion Of Life & Death
Chapter 656 - Genocidal Maniac?
Chapter 657 - Ignorance Is Bliss
Chapter 658 - Bleak Past But Bright Future?
Chapter 659 - Fate And Time
Chapter 660 - Was It Worth The Troubles?
Chapter 661 - My Luck Is Changing!
Chapter 662 - I Was Right, Wasn'T I?
Chapter 663 - Ultimate Humiliation!
Chapter 664 - Agreement To F#Ck!
Chapter 665 - Returning To Home (I/Ii)
Chapter 666 - Returning To Home (Ii/Ii)
Chapter 667 - I Love You!
Chapter 668 - How Muchapter You Mean To Me
Chapter 669 - Promise Me
Chapter 670 - Arrival!
Chapter 671 - Strangely Familiar
Chapter 672 - Reputation!
Chapter 673 - Apologizing To Kurtis?!
Chapter 674 - Cure?
Chapter 675 - Poor, Little Cuckold
Chapter 676 - Who Will Surprise Whom?
Chapter 677 - Incredible Velma (R-18)
Chapter 678 - Happy Valentine’S Day (R-18)
Chapter 679 - A Confident Wife (R-18)
Chapter 680 - Meeting Kirstie
Chapter 681 - My Brother Is Talented!
Chapter 682 - Name Of The Scent
Chapter 683 - C.O.C.Kblocker! (I)
Chapter 684 - C.O.C.Kblocker! (Ii)
Chapter 685 - C.O.C.Kblocker! (Iii)
Chapter 686 - For Her Child
Chapter 687 - I Hate C.O.C.Kblockers!
Chapter 688 - Spreading Happiness (I/Ii)
Chapter 689 - Spreading Happiness (Ii/Ii)
Chapter 690 - Awww... Aren'T You Cute?
Chapter 691 - He'S Lying!
Chapter 692 - We'Re Even Now!
Chapter 693 - Cathedral!
Chapter 694 - Side Story: Appearance Of Holy Church
Chapter 695 - Side Story: Appearance Of Holy Churchapter (Final)
Chapter 696 - Becoming Infamous!
Chapter 697 - I'M The Winner!
Chapter 698 - A Shocking Figure!
Chapter 699 - Dream Weaver
Chapter 700 - Get Me Out Of Here!
Chapter 701 - Main Move!
Chapter 702 - Shall Meet Again
Chapter 703 - Stop The Charade!
Chapter 704 - The Lab
Chapter 705 - You Remind Me Of Kiba!
Chapter 706 - Heart Broken
Chapter 707 - Mentor?!
Chapter 708 - Something I Like More!
Chapter 709 - He'S A V.I.R.G.I.N!?
Chapter 710 - Sophia'S Special First Time! (R.-.1.8) (I)
Chapter 711 - Sophia'S Special First Time! (R-18) (Ii)
Chapter 712 - Sophia'S Special First Time! (R-18) (Final)
Chapter 713 - Serve Him With Oyakodon! (R-18)
Chapter 714 - Serve Him With Oyakodon! (R-18) (Ii/Ii)
Chapter 715 - Zed, You'Re In The Wrong Hole! (R-18)
Chapter 716 - Source Crystals
Chapter 717 - A Little Experiment
Chapter 718 - I Missed You!
Chapter 719 - Confimation Bias!
Chapter 720 - Premonition?!
Chapter 721 - Alarming Situation!
Chapter 722 - Look Down!
Chapter 723 - No Doubt!
Chapter 724 - Kiba Vs Kirstie
Chapter 725 - Your Mother'S Best F#Ck!
Chapter 726 - Wait! Answer An Important Question!
Chapter 727 - Shocking Lord Harley!
Chapter 728 - Bad Son!
Chapter 729 - Happiness Inc
Chapter 730 - Villain'S Tower
Chapter 731 - Her Place In Life!
Chapter 732 - Punishment Or Reward?! (R-18)
Chapter 733 - Luckiest Woman In The World! (R-18)
Chapter 734: Evil Man!
Chapter 735: Not For Long!
Chapter 736: A Party In His Honor
Chapter 737: Ass Breaker!
Chapter 738: Ignorant Woman!
Chapter 739: Stupid Cow!
Chapter 740: Eerily Familiar!
Chapter 741: Dissapoint!
Chapter 742: Compromise
Chapter 743: Wedding Is Near!
Chapter 744 Olly'S Special Bond
Chapter 745 Moved!
Chapter 746 Cuckold Union'S Terrifying Achievement!
Chapter 747 Invitation To The Council
Chapter 748 Kiba'S Apology!
Chapter 744: Ollys Special Bond
Chapter 745: Moved!
Chapter 746: Cuckold Unions Terrifying Achievement!
Chapter 747: Invitation To The Council
Chapter 748: Kibas Apology!
Chapter 749: Suzanes Teasing! (R-18)
Chapter 750: Meeting Kriti
Chapter 751 Easy Seduction
Chapter 752 Desperate!
Chapter 753 C*Ockblock!
Chapter 754 The Defender!
Chapter 755 Confidence
Chapter 756 For Ti**S!
Chapter 757 Makes Sense!
Chapter 758 Biggest Supporter
Chapter 759 Are You Happy?
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

In the age of mutants and technology, everyone is after power and eternal life, but Kiba lives for his dreams of lust and vanity.

A man on a mission to live the life to the fullest.

The tale of the legendary Wife Hunter whose very name terrifies husbands around the globe.

This is the story of the devil who does as his heart pleases, unafraid of the labels of good and evil.


Fan synopsis:

Entangled in the schemes of two-faced government, a futuristic divided world, and a holy mission of his own, follow Kiba's journey of sins!

(Note: The starting 20 chapters are very short and slow paced. The main story starts from the 30s so please give it a try till then ^_^ You can rest assured the novel has a good plot besides the R-18 elements ^.^)

I do not own the cover.

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Chapter -1 Glossary - Characters

Chapter -1 Glossary - Characters



Kiba/Zed : The protagonist of the series. He is one of the most powerful characters in the storyline so far. He firmly believes in enjoying life to fullest instead of wasting it on seeking immortality and strength.

His greatest dream is to turn every man (with a beautiful wife) into a cuckold...

For ensuring every gorgeous woman is appreciated and happy, and also to reduce the burden of men, Kiba spent a fortune to found philanthropical organizations like Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd, Maiden Love Circle, Mistress' Massage Center, and more.

Sadly, his noble intentions to please women and help men are often misunderstood by orthodox society. As such, the world calls him shameless, sadist, evil villain and so on. Thankfully, this doesn't stop him from pursuing Holy Mission.

Claudia : An Artifical Intelligence who manages Dream Rise House 2 and the underground facilities including a high-tech genetic lab.

Hank Webley : Owner of White Angel Corporation. He is fascinated with eternal life. On his request, Kiba steals minerals containing Divine Particles from a team working for Sky Fiend Group. After studying the particles, Hank concludes Sky Fiend Group has the technology to retrieve the particles in a free state. He tries to recruit Kiba for a planned heist on Sky Fiend Group, and when Kiba refuses, the two have a fallout.

Evangelina "Eva" Webley : Daughter of Hank Webley and sister of Jack. Eva works in the family run White Angel Corporation. She comes as soft, well-spoken. naive and innocent woman. Unknown to the world, this is just a facade to hide her sly personality. She has a secret relationship with Kiba.

Jack Webley : Son of Hank. The heir to the corporation.

Richard : A high-ranking member of White Angel Corporation. The ex-fiance of Eva. He believes she is a very conservative woman.

Carole : Secteray to Hanks and a very influential member of the corporation. She had promised Kiba a date but was forced to postpone due to preparations for an upcoming mission.

Agatha : As a child, she came in contact with a cosmic particle due to which she carries a trace of cosmic power. She had a brief relationship with Kiba (before the start of the novel) by which she became pregnant with his daughter.

Felicity : The top student of Royal Heart Academy. She is the only daughter of Senator Patrick Weisz and Kyla and the younger sister of Cleo.

Felicity is the best friend of Zed. She treats him as an annoying younger brother. As a responsible sister, she ensures he has plenty of thrills in his life. She has asked "Kiba" to teach "Zed" about the right way to live i.e. by seeking danger. She wishes to visit the Paradox Dimension as soon as her brother grows up. Her bloodline has a connection with Everlasting Crown.

Jessica : A scholarship student from a humble background. She believed her healing ability was useless until she met Zed and Felicity. She has a crush on Zed.

Loren : A transfer student. Daughter of Suzane and Morgan. Sister of Olly.

Olly : The Good Son of Suzane and Morgan. Brother of Loren.

Suzane : The good wife of Morgan. She loves her husband but has to rely on Kiba to satisfy her body needs.

Morgan: A high-ranking investigator sent by World Government to Delta City to investigate a phenomenon. He is married to Suzane and unaware of her affair thanks to his good son.

Ryan : Instructor at Royal Heart Academy. A frequent customer of famous Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.

Emily : An investigator sent by World Government to Delta City. While investigating the missing Lisa Ray, she meets Kiba and has a brief fling with him. She leaves the city soon after nanite explosions.

Daniel: The owner of SBC News. He is fully devoted to his wife and their two children. To increase TRP, he runs a piece of news on the affair between Kiba and Agatha. As a reward, Kiba makes him a Good Husband .

Sarah : Daniel's wife. It was her who acquired the story on Kiba's affair with Agatha. Ultimately, she is Manipulated by Kiba into stepping out of the marriage and have a relationship with him. Shortly, she reconciled with Daniel but she continued to be a good wife in secret, unknown to her lucky husband.

Natalie : CEO of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. She is also the host in the holographic projection stored in business cards.

Chole: A cousin of Natalie who works under her.

Rose Windsor : The fictional mother of Kiba whose grave he sometimes uses as a part of seduction.

Erone : A devotee of Lord Kiba. He founds Wife Hunter Society.

Elissa : A slum dweller who was acquainted with Zed when he lived in the slums. She prayed for a world with no inequality. Before being sold by her mistress, she has a meeting with Zed and promises to help him in leaving slums if she becomes successful.

Irina : Leader of Soaring Sky Gang. She ran into a conflict with Zed due to Jessica.

Monto : Younger brother of Irina who offended Zed.

Owain : Temporary principle of Royal Heart Academy. He is fired from the academy due to Zed.

Floyd Preston : Chairman of governing council presiding over Royal Heart Academy. He dreads Zed.

Castor Damon : A rank XI scientist from World Government who researched meteorites responsible for the era of evolution. Years ago, he forced Zed and hundreds of others from the slums to participate in an expedition to BSE79.

Sylvan: The chief supervising officer of Delta City. He reports directly to World Government.


Rhea : The Holy Seer. She arrived on Earth as an egg from Celestial Elysian Plane. Her bloodline originates from Lords of Time. She often uses her abilities to gaze in the future, but her latest use resulted in disastrous consequences as she became infected with mysterious gray matter.

Poseidon : King of Atlantis and a member of the World Council. Husband of Anthea and father of Melina.

Anthea : Queen of Atlantis and mother of Melina.

Melina : The teenage daughter of Poseidon and Anthea. Believed to be the future of Atlantis.

House of Hestia 4

Lord Harley : The current head of the family. He represents the family in the world council.

Rebecca : A high-ranking member of the family. She holds a grudge against the family due to their role in Solitary Snow Island conflict but she is still devoted. From the last two decades, she is searching for her missing son.

Kurtis : Husband of Rebecca. He spends a fortune to hire Akshobhya to kill the bastard of Rebecca.

Steve : The son of Rebecca and Kurtis.

Kirstie : The daughter of Rebecca and Kurtis. Born with serious innate defects, she is under continuous medical care.

House of Parcae

Alice : A teenage girl who discovers a breach in time at Delta City. She finds her fate interlinked with Zed.

Marina : Years ago, when Zed was eleven years old, she met him outside a charity gala. Zed begged her and her brothers for food but her brother (Osiris) kicked him. For amusement purpose, she checked his Strings of Fate and the resulting observation horrified her.

House of Neville

Sophia : An eighteen-year-old girl. During her trip to Desolate Blood Forest, she encounters Kiba in a lake when she was taking a bath. He gives her the nickname of young pervert when she tries to chide him. Offended, she swore to punish the shameless villain. She has shown power to summon false Life & Death Gate.

House of Eleanor

Hana: A middle-aged woman who is a high-ranking member of the family. She promised Patrick (Felicity's father) many rewards for handing one of the jewels of Everlasting Crown.

Lizenea 5

Count Viper: A high-level officer in Lizenea. The nanite blasts in Delta City were carried out under his command.

Alina: A young girl in her early twenties. She is disillusioned from the state of affairs in her country.

Elder Cagres: Member of High Council governing the country.

Elder Japhire: Member of High Council governing the country.

Dharma Chakra (Affiliated Characters)

Akshobhya : A reputed Psychic Hunter who possesses treasures from Celestial Elysian Plane. He runs Mahayana Dhyana Monastery in the State of Avalon; affiliated to Dharma Chakra. As part of his deal with Kurtis, he tries to put Zed into a permanent coma but fails. His body and consciousness have decayed and he now lives a life far worse than death...

Asahi : The second-in-command of Mahayana Dhyana Monastery. He takes command of things after Akshobhya enters into a vegetative state.

Desolate Blood Forest (Characters Introduced)

Ruby : A resident of Deles City. She arrived in the forest along with her group for the purpose of human trafficking. Her group split into teams, and the group lead by her encountered Kiba. Much to her horror, the encounter leaves her with no choice but to become his slave. Later on, she regroups with her other team members on Kiba's orders.

Ashlyn Garcia : The breath-taking twenty-one years old who is also known as Nutcracking Queen. Despite her silent and cold personality, she always returns the favors. She teams up with Kiba in the forest. She is one of the Cursed Ones - the ones whom the era of evolution didn't deem worthy.

Hollie / Mirage Thief : Thanks to her super speed, she is uncatchable. A few years ago, she stole an ancient scroll from World Heritage Museum. She teased Kiba with her soft, tempting pillows before stealing his bracelet.

Pythia: A mutant with powers of time. She has a Legacy Orb related to the secrets of immortality.

Denisa : A member of Cult of Asteria. She has a one night stand with Kiba during their stay in Garrick Angel Inn.

Fiona : A member of an aristocrat family. Her team is eradicated by Kiba when they try to capture a Red Tiger. She doesn't mind the loss and forms a deal with him. As part of the deal, from shadows, she will entice people in the forest to enter the core region. She has abilities related to light.

Byron : A human trafficker from Deles City. He sees Kiba as a treasure mine thanks to his high genetic potential. He is proud of Ruby for 'seducing' Kiba and has hopes of overpowering him in the core region of the forest using Pond of Lust.

Cindy : A subordinate of Byron.

Issac Piers : A mercenary.

Shane : A member of an aristocrat family.

Roy : A member of an aristocrat family.

Anya : An adventurist from Landmoire City. Wife of Baird. She is saved by Kiba when he shares his body heat with her.

Baird : Husband of Anya. He first-hand experience what it feels like to have nuts cracked.

Jane : Wife of Morales who was rescued from Iceblood Flower by Kiba. She witnesses the heat transfer process between Kiba and Anya.

Morales : Husband of Jane. He promised to allow her to experience the massage service of famous Mistress' Massage Center in Delta City.

Five Dark Stars 6

Konnor Gardner

Anamari e: Prehensile Hair

Mendel Stoke

Myiesha Notch : Molecular Manipulation

Harith Notch : The scariest of Five Dark Stars.

World Council 7

Mason Maxwell : President of World Government. Unknown to masses, he is just a figure-head of the supposedly democratic government. The true power is with 15 members of the council.

Lord Elliot

Lord Kakusandha

Lord Lewis

Ice Queen : Ruler of Eden - An island of women.  Located somewhere in Eastern Hemisphere. The city serves as the main setting for Volume 1 and a better part of Volume 2. A luxurious villa owned by Zed - the alter ego of Kiba. The power center of the sea race. It has existed long before the era of evolution began The strongest of the Nine Aristocratic Families. Founded by Soverigness Hestia. The main branch of family lives in State of Avalon. The only independent human country - free from the rule of world government. It serves as a home to the revolutionaries who wish to liberate the world. The main organizers of The Fair The highest decision-making body of the World Government consisting of 15 members. Nine members are from nine aristocrat families while the other six members are superpowerful mutants.


Total Chapters in book: 765
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