The Strongest Hokage by Ye Nan Ting Feng

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Devil Fruit Bloodline Limi
Chapter 3: Kushina Uzumaki
Chapter 4: Shinobi Academy
Chapter 5: Uchiha Izumi
Chapter 6: The Appearance Of The Devil Fruit Power
Chapter 7: Sorry, I Still Suffered An Injury
Chapter 8: Maito Dai
Chapter 9: Uchiha Samui
Chapter 10: Tremor Human!
Chapter 11: The Anbu
Chapter 12: Life/Death Duel
Chapter 13: Hachimon Tonkou
Chapter 14: Study
Chapter 15: The Reverse Hachimon Tonkou
Chapter 16: Break The Limits
Chapter 17: Strength
Chapter 18: Back To School Again
Chapter 19: Superiority
Chapter 20: The Firs
Chapter 21: Hyuuga Satsune
Chapter 22: One Punch
Chapter 23: The Top 3
Chapter 24: The Last One
Chapter 25: Naito Vs Minato
Chapter 26: Fierce Battle
Chapter 27: Seaquake
Chapter 28: The New Famous Name In Konoha
Chapter 29: The Hokage’S Summon
Chapter 30: Danzo’S Interference
Chapter 31: The Condition
Chapter 32: Satisfaction
Chapter 33: Open The Gate
Chapter 34: Immune To Genjutsu
Chapter 35: Tsunade’S Wrath
Chapter 36: Genjutsu-Dissipation
Chapter 37: The Shocking Fis
Chapter 38: Tsunade’S Shock
Chapter 39: The First Contact With Tsunade
Chapter 40: Superhuman Powers
Chapter 41: The Anbu Recruitmen
Chapter 42: The Anbu’S Repor
Chapter 43: Chakra’S Nature
Chapter 44: Training
Chapter 45: Brutal Force Technique And The Gura Gura No Mi
Chapter 46: Assassination
Chapter 47: Funeral Dance
Chapter 48: Cruel
Chapter 49: The Anbu Training
Chapter 50: The Real Purpose
Chapter 51: Guarding The Tower
Chapter 52: Slam
Chapter 53: All Out!
Chapter 54: Konoha’S White Fang
Chapter 55: White Fang’S Kunai
Chapter 56: Advntages And Disadvantages
Chapter 57: Developmen
Chapter 58: Terrifying Power
Chapter 59: S-Class Hakai
Chapter 60: Missions
Chapter 61: Team
Chapter 62: Exposed
Chapter 63: The Chunin Hun
Chapter 64: Hiding In Mist Technique
Chapter 65: Morning Peacock
Chapter 66: Uchiha Tsuki
Chapter 67: Technique Vs Sword
Chapter 68: Fierce Battle
Chapter 69: Hakai
Chapter 70: Sarutobi’S Wrath
Chapter 71: Re-Costuming The Scabbard
Chapter 72: The Kyuubi
Chapter 73: Opening The Third Gate
Chapter 74: Official Member
Chapter 75: The Village Hidden In The Rain
Chapter 76: Shocked
Chapter 77: Naito’S Attack
Chapter 78: Naito’S Wrath
Chapter 79: The Power Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 80: Invincible!
Chapter 81: Information
Chapter 82: Facing Danzo
Chapter 83: Sakumo’S Shock
Chapter 84: The Armor Technique And The Kusanagi Swords
Chapter 85: Leaving!
Chapter 86: Kill!
Chapter 87: The Encounter
Chapter 88: Secret Base
Chapter 89: Sand Village Uni
Chapter 90: One Punch!
Chapter 91: Exposed!
Chapter 92: Kusanagi Sword
Chapter 93: Kuzure The Lightening Armor
Chapter 94: The True Identity Of Yuu Naito
Chapter 95: Naito’S Kusanagi Sword
Chapter 96: The Emergency Call
Chapter 97: The Rescue
Chapter 98: Finally Arrived!
Chapter 99: One Cut!
Chapter 100: Naito’S Strength
Chapter 101: Lava Release
Chapter 102: Lava Vs Shock
Chapter 103: Consolidate
Chapter 104: New Path!
Chapter 105: The Monster
Chapter 106: Ibuse
Chapter 107: Soru!
Chapter 108: Departure!
Chapter 109: Chiyo!
Chapter 110: Chiyo’S Nightmare
Chapter 111: Naito Vs Chiyo
Chapter 112: Puppets Out!
Chapter 113: Defeated
Chapter 114: Back To The Camp
Chapter 115: Minato’S Goodbye
Chapter 116: The Rock Village Surprise Troop!
Chapter 117: Familiar Feeling
Chapter 118: Crush!
Chapter 119: Earthquake
Chapter 120: Admiration And Wonder
Chapter 121: Orochimaru!
Chapter 122: 1 Vs 1
Chapter 123: The Secret Scroll!
Chapter 124: Squad-Leader!
Chapter 125: The War Is Coming! Vol.1: End!
Chapter 126: The War Broke Ou
Chapter 127: Dangerous
Chapter 128: Killed With A Punch
Chapter 129: Oath!
Chapter 130: Infinite Dan!
Chapter 131: One Vs Thousand
Chapter 132: The Rock’S Defea
Chapter 133: The End Of War
Chapter 134: Shocking Stats!
Chapter 135: Spread Through The World!
Chapter 136: The Elder’S Counsil
Chapter 137: Second Stage!
Chapter 138: The Rock Village’S Regrouping!
Chapter 139: The Suffering!
Chapter 140: Naito Arrives!
Chapter 141: Dust Release!
Chapter 142: Shock Vs Dust!
Chapter 143: Side By Side!
Chapter 144: Fighting Against The Tsuchikage!
Chapter 145: Hakai Vs Dust!
Chapter 146: Defeat!
Chapter 147: Danzo And Sarutobi!
Chapter 148: Sneak Attack!
Chapter 149: Resolve
Chapter 150: Final Battle!
Chapter 151: Zetsu And Madara
Chapter 152: Hanzo, The Salamander!
Chapter 153: Spectators!
Chapter 154: Poison Shattering!
Chapter 155: Pressure!
Chapter 156: Victory!
Chapter 157: Reunion!
Chapter 158: Rinnegan!
Chapter 159: Spirit And Momentum!
Chapter 160: Shock Vs Rinnegan!
Chapter 161: Stay!
Chapter 162: Half A Year!
Chapter 163: Breakthrough!
Chapter 164: Stronger!
Chapter 165: Information About The Kusanagi Sword
Chapter 166: Kakuzu!
Chapter 167: Boom!
Chapter 168: Ultra Perceive!
Chapter 169: Madara’S Shock!
Chapter 170: War And Peace!
Chapter 171: The Land Of Wind!
Chapter 172: Reaching The Sand Hidden Village!
Chapter 173: Break In!
Chapter 174: New Sword!
Chapter 175: The Anbu Captain!
Chapter 176: S-Class
Chapter 177: Limit!
Chapter 178: The Third Kazekage
Chapter 179: Magnet Release!
Chapter 180: Shock Vs Magne
Chapter 181: Absolute Defense!
Chapter 182: Destruction!
Chapter 183: The Ichibi!
Chapter 184: Pain!
Chapter 185: Smashing The Ichibi!
Chapter 186: The Ichibi Escapes!
Chapter 187: Konoha’S Camp!
Chapter 188: Surrender!
Chapter 189: Back To Konoha!
Chapter 190: Out Of Control!
Chapter 191: Unexpected Encounter!
Chapter 192: Sarutobi!
Chapter 193: Scroll Of Seals
Chapter 194: Spirit Transformation Technique!
Chapter 195: Dai And Gai!
Chapter 196: Spiritual Shock!
Chapter 197: Konoha’S Meeting!
Chapter 198: Enhancing The Soul!
Chapter 199: Emergency
Chapter 200: Tracking!
Chapter 201: Sorry For The Late!
Chapter 202: Finally Rescued!
Chapter 203: Regression!
Chapter 204: Solo!
Chapter 205: Land Of Thunder!
Chapter 206: The Third Raikage
Chapter 207: Got It!
Chapter 208: Naito Vs. Ay!
Chapter 209: Facing The Cloud’S Shinobis
Chapter 210: Spiritual Shock!
Chapter 211: Hell Stab!
Chapter 212: Accident!
Chapter 213: Stronger!
Chapter 214: Strongest Punch!
Chapter 215: Collapse And Wracks
Chapter 216: Several Months!
Chapter 217: Final Stage!
Chapter 218: Thunder And Lightning!
Chapter 219: Back To Konoha!
Chapter 220: Own Monument!
Chapter 221: A Girl In The House!
Chapter 222: End Of The War!
Chapter 223: Two Ninjutsu!
Chapter 224: Orochimaru!
Chapter 225: Two Things!
Chapter 226: Added Weight Technique!
Chapter 227: Shadow!
Chapter 228: Mangekyou Sharingan!
Chapter 229: The Origin Of The Mangekyu Sharingan!
Chapter 230: The Fifth Gate!
Chapter 231: Next Head Clan!
Chapter 232: I Objec
Chapter 233: Hell
Chapter 234: Izanagi!
Chapter 235: Amaterasu!
Chapter 236: Sarutobi’S Decision
Chapter 237: Orochimaru’S Joy!
Chapter 238: Helping Kushina!
Chapter 239: Sage Mode
Chapter 240: Shikkotsu Forest!
Chapter 241: Studying The Sage Mode!
Chapter 242: Chasing
Chapter 243: Blood Hand
Chapter 244: The Totsuka Sword
Chapter 245: Natural Energy
Chapter 246: The New Sage Mode
Chapter 247: Body Of Immortal
Chapter 248: The New Kusanagi Sword
Chapter 249: Mount Myoboku
Chapter 250: Rich Natural Energy
Chapter 251: Gamabunta
Chapter 252: Fukasaku And Shima
Chapter 253: The Elder’S Shock
Chapter 254: Gamamaru’S Prophecy
Chapter 255: Three Months
Chapter 256: The Kyuubi
Chapter 257: Demonic Power
Chapter 258: Defeated
Chapter 259: Eight Trigrams Sealing Style
Chapter 260: Disposal
Chapter 261: Disappointed
Chapter 262: The Kyuubi’S Cage
Chapter 263: Kushina And Kurama
Chapter 264: Naito And The Kyuubi
Chapter 265: Horror
Chapter 266: Kushina’S Power
Chapter 267: New Technique
Chapter 268: Hanzo And The Akatsuki
Chapter 269: Desperate
Chapter 270: Arrived!
Chapter Chap 271: The Two Demi-Gods
Chapter 272: One Punch
Chapter 273: Six-Paths Of Pain
Chapter 274: Let The World Feel The Pain
Chapter 275: Full Power
Chapter 276: Split The Sky
Chapter 277: Yahiko’S Reques
Chapter 278: Rain Village
Chapter 279: Naito’S Solution
Chapter 280: Control The Rain Village
Chapter 281: The Situation In The World
Chapter 282: Temporary Break
Chapter 283: Again In Mount Myoboku
Chapter 284: Jiraiya’S Request!
Chapter 285: Returns To The Rain!
Chapter 286: The Nanabi
Chapter 287: The Nanabi’S Repression
Chapter 288: Skywalk
Chapter 289: Frightening
Chapter 290: 1 Year
Chapter 291: Konoha’S Dilemma
Chapter 292: Tsunade’S Arrival
Chapter 293: What He Really Wants
Chapter 294: Ready To Go
Chapter 295: Battlefield
Chapter 296: The Power Of The Bijuu
Chapter 297: Hatake Kakashi
Chapter 298: Naito’S Snap
Chapter 299: Bullying The Filthy Tanuki
Chapter 300: Back To Konoha
Chapter 301: The Mist Village
Chapter 302: Gai’S Challenge!
Chapter 303: The Legendary Seven Shinobi Swordsmen Of The Mis
Chapter 304: Kubikiribōchō
Chapter 305: Two Swords
Chapter 306: Divine
Chapter 307: The Shortest Rampage
Chapter 308: Hunted
Chapter 309: Conclusion
Chapter 310: The Heart Of The Strong
Chapter 311: Perfect Sage Mode
Chapter 312: Space Punch
Chapter 313: Two Answers
Chapter 314: The Situation In The Shinobi World
Chapter 315: Research Results
Chapter 316: Rock Camp
Chapter 317: I’M Gonna Catch Them
Chapter 318: Easy Repression
Chapter 319: Onoki’S Sorrow
Chapter 320: Orochimaru And Anko
Chapter 321: Enhancing Vitality
Chapter 322: Chakra And Soul
Chapter 323: The Raikage And The Kiiroi Senko
Chapter 324: Speed
Chapter 325: The Fall!
Chapter 326: The White Cloud
Chapter 327: Smack
Chapter 328: Someone Is Missing
Chapter 329: The Collision Of Eras
Chapter 330: Battle In The Rain
Chapter 331: Gedo Mazo
Chapter 332: One Sword Two Halves
Chapter 333: Final Strength
Chapter 334: Clash Of Swords
Chapter 335: The Complete Susanoo
Chapter 336: I’Ll Kill You Firs
Chapter 337: The Undercurrent Surges
Chapter 338: The Research Of The Soul Art Technique
Chapter 339: Completed
Chapter 340: The End Of The Third Shinobi World War
Chapter 341: Guidance
Chapter 342: Seeking Death
Chapter 343: Danzo’S Winning Card
Chapter 344: Defeating The Kotoamatsukami
Chapter 345: The Reverse Four Symbols Sealing
Chapter 346: The Death Of Danzo
Chapter 347: Meatballs
Chapter 348: The Situation In The Rain Village
Chapter 349: Five Kages Peace Talk
Chapter 350: Land Of Iron
Chapter 351: The Start Of The Peace Talk
Chapter 352: Higher Or Lower
Chapter 353: Pressing
Chapter 354: Respec
Chapter 355: The Queen Of Roran
Chapter 356: Princess Sara
Chapter 357: I’M Gonna Stop The Sand Storm
Chapter 358: Landforming
Chapter 359: Enhanced Perfect Sage Mode
Chapter 360: The Absorption Of Ryumyaku’S Energy
Chapter 361: Stunned!
Chapter 362: Distortion
Chapter 363: Resurgence
Chapter 364: The Fourth Hokage
Chapter 365: Konoha’S Crisis
Chapter 366: Unknown Purpose
Chapter 367: Black Zetsu
Chapter 368: Kamui
Chapter 369: The End Of A Hero
Chapter 370: Gai’S Training
Chapter 371: Uchiha Itachi
Chapter 372: Tsunade And Konan
Chapter 373: Land Of Water
Chapter 374: Haku
Chapter 375: Encountering The Mist Shinobis
Chapter 376: Naito’S Ice Release
Chapter 377: The Rebellion Of The Kaguya Clan
Chapter 378: Orochimaru
Chapter 379: Kimimaro Vs. Mei
Chapter 380: The Abyss
Chapter 381: Departure
Chapter 382: The Base Of The Akatsuki
Chapter 383: The Strength Of The God
Chapter 384: Qualitative Gap
Chapter 385: Cutting Gedo Mazo
Chapter 386: Ultra Shinra Tensei
Chapter 387: The Death Of Nagato
Chapter 388: Transformation
Chapter 389: Robbery
Chapter 390: Wave
Chapter 391: Hyuga Hinata
Chapter 392: Hyuga Hiashi
Chapter 393: Persecution
Chapter 394: I Heard You Wanna Kill The Murderer
Chapter 395: Itachi Vs. Kimimaro
Chapter 396: Hamura’S Descendants
Chapter 397: The Sixth Path
Chapter 398: The Sage Of The Six Path
Chapter 399: Haguromo, Naito, And Hamura
Chapter 400: Six Path’S Mode
Chapter 401: Shattering Space
Chapter 402: The Last Gate
Chapter 403: The Rinnegan And The Tenseigan
Chapter 404: The Hyuga Main And Branchapter Houses
Chapter 405: Don’T Be Afraid
Chapter 406: Who Wants To Be The Patriarch
Chapter 407: No Reason
Chapter 408: The Energy Vesse
Chapter 409: Ginrin Tensei Baku
Chapter 410: Cutting The Moon
Chapter 411: Tenseigan
Chapter 412: Little Hinata
Chapter 413: Little Neji
Chapter 414: The Eve Before The Destruction
Chapter 415: Destruction
Chapter 416: Red-Haired
Chapter 417: Uzumaki Karin
Chapter 418: Back To Rain
Chapter 419: Orochimaru And Kabuto
Chapter 420: Years
Chapter 421: The Team
Chapter 422: Invitation To The Joint Chunin Exam
Chapter 423: Orochimaru’S Plan
Chapter 424: The Story Begins
Chapter 425: Cell Prison
Chapter 426: Mistake
Chapter 427: The Strongest Shinobi
Chapter 428: Arriving At Konoha
Chapter 429: Kimimaro And Sasuke
Chapter 430: One Strike Sasuke
Chapter 431: Frozen
Chapter 432: Late
Chapter 433: Presence
Chapter 434: Kakashi And Gai
Chapter 435: The First Tes
Chapter 436: Who Is Naito
Chapter 437: Naito’S Information Card
Chapter 438: Forest Of Death
Chapter 439: Orochimaru
Chapter 440: The Frustration Of Sasuke
Chapter 441: Ice Bone Snake
Chapter 442: Tragedy
Chapter 443: Encounter
Chapter 444: Hinata Vs Gara
Chapter 445: Breaking The Strongest Defense
Chapter 446: The Cute Little Tanuki
Chapter 447: Disappearance
Chapter 448: Primary Selection
Chapter 449: Karin Vs Sasuki
Chapter 450: One Punch
Chapter 451: The Last Transformation
Chapter 452: Hinata Vs. Neji
Chapter 453: Final Battle
Chapter 454: Cure
Chapter 455: Seeking Power
Chapter 456: The Last Selection
Chapter 457: Konoha’S Collapse Begins
Chapter 458: Sasuke And Kabuto’S Disappearance
Chapter 459: The Mutation Of The Shiki Fujin
Chapter 460: Defea
Chapter 461: The Dark Side
Chapter 462: Land Of Demon
Chapter 463: Dealing With A Poisoned Tongue
Chapter 464: Scattered
Chapter 465: The Last Gate
Chapter 466: The Complete Reverse Hachimon Tonkou
Chapter 467: The Senju Brothers
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Chapter 473
Chapter 474
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Chapter 487
Chapter 488: Limbo Destroys The Prisons Borders
Chapter 489: Madaras Death
Chapter 490: Infinite Tsukuyomi
Chapter 491: Two God Trees
Chapter 492: The Final Battle
Chapter 493: Destroy
Chapter 494: Expansive Truth Seeking Ball
Chapter 495: Yuu Keiko
Chapter 496: Momoshiki And Kinshiki
Chapter 497: One Or Two Punches
Chapter 498: The Strongest Yegai
Chapter 499: Dracule Mihawk
Chapter 500: Nauito Vs. Mihawk
Chapter 501: Split Island
Chapter 502: Shaking The World
Chapter 503: Swordsmanship And Haki
Chapter 504: Sharpening Swordsmanship
Chapter 505: Speed Is Power
Chapter 506: Ashes
Chapter 507: Marine Headquarters
Chapter 508: Sengoku And Garp
Chapter 509: Little Teacup
Chapter 510: Time Ability
Chapter 511: Adjutant Ain
Chapter 512: Return Return Devil Fruit
Chapter 513: Hard To Touch
Chapter 514: Vice Admirals
Chapter 515: Learning Swordsmanship
Chapter 516: Sword Intent
Chapter 517: The First Step
Chapter 518: Heavy Like A Mountain
Chapter 519: One After Another
Chapter 520: Back To Back Defeats
Chapter 521: Defeat Them All
Chapter 522: Akainu
Chapter 523: One Punch
Chapter 524: The Fury Of Akainu
Chapter 525: A Visit To The Yonko
Chapter 526: Ains Choice
Chapter 527: Commander Cracker
Chapter 528: Ain Vs. Cracker
Chapter 529: Two Fingers
Chapter 530: Arrival
Chapter 531: Landing On The Island
Chapter 532: Haki
Chapter 533: Bigmoms Ability
Chapter 534: Chibaku Tensei
Chapter 535: All Destroyed
Chapter 536: Evening Elephant
Chapter 537: The Marineford Council
Chapter 538: Uproar
Chapter 539: The Reactions
Chapter 540: Next Is Kaido
Chapter 541: Attention
Chapter 542: Devil Fruit
Chapter 543: Naito Vs. Kaido
Chapter 544: Undead Kaido
Chapter 545: Shock
Chapter 546: Island Broken
Chapter 547: Obstacles
Chapter 548: The End
Chapter 549: There Is A Chance
Chapter 550: Akainu And Kizaru
Chapter 551: Eating The Devil Fruit
Chapter 552: Time Force
Chapter 553: Hoashoku Haki
Chapter 554: Loneliness
Chapter 555: Wine
Chapter 556: Fighting Again
Chapter 557: Shanks Swordsmanship
Chapter 558: Break Through
Chapter 559: One Cut
Chapter 560: Undercurrent
Chapter 561: Leaving
Chapter 562: The Last Yonko
Chapter 563: Ace And Jimbe
Chapter 564: Passing Time
Chapter 565: Amaterasu
Chapter 566: Dazzled
Chapter 567: The Whitebeard
Chapter 568: The Whitebeard And Naito
Chapter 569: Naito Vs. The Whitebeard
Chapter 570: Shock Force Vs. Shock Force
Chapter 571: Retreat
Chapter 572: The New World Is The Strongest
Chapter 573: Golden Lion Shiki
Chapter 574: The Higher You Fly The Harder You Fall
Chapter 575: What It Means To Be A Pirate
Chapter 576: One Finger Flicker And One Strike
Chapter 577: Conclusion
Chapter 578: Appointment Of World Government
Chapter 579: Camie And Pappag
Chapter 580: On The Way To The Fishman Island
Chapter 581: Sea King
Chapter 582: Arrival
Chapter 583: The Axe And Ryugu Palace
Chapter 584: Smaller
Chapter 585: Goodbye Jimbe
Chapter 586: Ryugu Palace
Chapter 587: The Hard Shell Tower
Chapter 588: Naitos Aura
Chapter 589: Shot
Chapter 590: The Sun And The Bottom Of The Sea
Chapter 591: Leave
Chapter 592: Dark King Rayleigh
Chapter 593: The Encounter
Chapter 594: Identity
Chapter 595: The Goroseis Decision
Chapter 596: War
Chapter 597: All Forces, The Marines Are Dispatched
Chapter 598: Doomed Ending
Chapter 599: No Shock Force And No Swordsmanship
Chapter 600: Speed Of Light! Too Slow!
Chapter 601: I Can Do It Too! Amaterasu
Chapter 602: All Out
Chapter 603: Black Ball
Chapter 604: Unshakable Truth Seeking Ball
Chapter 605: Defeat
Chapter 606: Marijoa
Chapter 607: Kong
Chapter 608: Smite
Chapter 609: Disappear
Chapter 610: One-Tenth
Chapter 611: New Era
Chapter 612: The East Blue
Chapter 613: Changing The Past
Chapter 614: Resurrection And Rejection
Chapter 615: 1 Year, Skypiea
Chapter 616: Raigo
Chapter 617: Kuinas One Strike
Chapter 618: Nothing A Sword Cant Cut
Chapter 619: Cut In Half
Chapter 620: Reaction
Chapter 621: Unchangeable Plot
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Ongoing, Supernatural, Tragedy Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: Naruto: The Strongest Quake Release, 火影之最强震遁,


Total Chapters in book: 621
Estimated words: 778878 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3894(@200wpm)___ 3116(@250wpm)___ 2596(@300wpm)

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Alternative Titles:

Naruto: The Strongest Quake Release, 火影之最强震遁

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The Gura Gura no Mi is known as the strongest fruit in the world of one piece.

In Naruto world, the blood limit would grant the strongest power for those ninjas. But what if the Gura Gura no Mi is found in the world of Naruto And after it is eaten it will be like a blood limit power.

Well, the MC just took that Fruit.

This story begins before the second Ninja war by two years.

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Chapter 1: The Fruit That Shouldn’T Have Appeared

In Naruto World, In the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

The sub had already set, but there still one student in the Ninja school.

“kage Bunshin no Jutsu.”


A group of white smoke appeared, but the clone didn’t.

“And failed again …”

Haneyoru had a little smile on his face.

He had come to this world for years now.

This is the world of ninja, he dreamed to be a genius.

But his body found it extremely difficult to extract mana, let alone practicing Ninjutsu.

Although the chakra in his body was the same as the ordinary boys his age, he couldn’t succeed in using any kind of Ninjutsu, no matter how much effort he put in it.

“Although I can’t practice Ninjutsu, there is still the Taijutsu. The Hachimon, But I don’t want my power to last for a moment, I want to be powerful constantly.”Honeyoru

is the heaven joking with me?

“Sigh, There still about two years for the second Ninja war to begin, not mentioning fighting in it, Even trying to survive will be hard with my current strength.”

Haneyoru Sighed, he just had to come when the second war was about to begin, this was his bad luck.

He is only eight years old now.

But his time was running out.

If within two years he didn’t develop a way to protect himself, then in the war his fate would be that of a cannon fodder.

Honeyoru didn’t want to be a cannon fodder.

“Well, let’s not think about it and just go to the mountain and practice over there. Even if it’s difficult to practice Ninjutsu, I can’t just give up.”

He shook his head trying to throw away the thought about the war, he stood up and went toward the mountain.

While he was walking on the road, from time to time some student would look at him with strange eyes.

“I heard that he can’t use Ninjutsu at all.”

“I think he wouldn’t be able to even pass the graduation exam.”

“That’s for sure, that guy is an outsider, he wasn’t born in the village so how can he be compared to the geniuses in our village.”

Students kept on talking about him while a look of contempt surfaced on their faces.

Honeyoru pretended that he didn’t hear anything.

A group of big farts, after the war that will break in two years, they will know what crying is.

But it is not good for him to say that his luck was bad.

Coming into this world, he wanted to become a Ninja in Konoha.

And even if he wasn’t one of the Senju or the Uchiha … Even a normal home is good.

But the truth is he doesn’t have a home.

Honeyoru wasn’t born in Konoha, he was from a small village.

That village was exterminated by the Suna village and he was the only survivor. So he was found by a Ninja from Konoha who brought him here.

Although he was only a child, everywhere he goes there are only cold eyes looking at him.

Honeyoru was already accustomed to this.

He went to the mountain behind the school. (Tl: I don’t know if there is really one there.)

He went toward a little wooden pillar. (Tl: Words betrayed me, What do they call it again?)

There was an obvious dent over that little pillar. This was caused by Honeyoru’s countless kicks and punches.

He looked at the bandages on his legs and fists, then he suddenly kicked at the little pillar.

Even if he can’t practice Ninjutsu, He didn’t plan on giving up.

“One, Two, Three … Thirty-five, Thirty-six …”

His body was drenched with sweat as if it was raining over his head.

Soon, his body began to get more and more tired, Especially the ankles part, They were turning numb.

Even so, Honeyoru still didn’t stop, he ground his teeth and continued.

He can’t practice Ninjutsu so he could only practice Taijutsu. But this needs someone who could withstand a huge amount of pain and so much effort that children his age won’t be able to do it.

Huff! Huff!

Gradually, Honeyoru started breathing violently, sweat soaked his clothes and was dripping on the ground.

Finally, when his legs were too numb for him to stand, he stopped.

“I’ll take a break, then I will do five hundred straight punches, then two hundred sidekicks …”

Honeyoru was setting while watching the horizon that still got a trace of sunlight, this made him relax for a bit.

If I could just continue to enjoy this scene every day that would be good.

but unfortunately the second great war about to begin, Then the third and then the fourth … there are still many hidden crises ahead, It won’t be easy to survive with my current power.

After his break ended, Honeyoru was standing up to resume his practice, but suddenly he issued a sound of surprise.

Because he suddenly noticed a strange light was coming from the sky.

What was that?

His face showed his curiosity.

That light was a fruit. And it wasn’t a fruit from the tree on the mountain.

Honeyoru started walking toward where that fruit fell.

The sky gradually darkened, but Honeyoru could still find his way.

After a while, Roja found the place of that Fruit which still had some light on it and picked it up. But due to his tiredness, he dropped it.

The Light was suddenly gone, and darkness fell.

“This … Is this …”

Honeyoru suddenly squatted, He touched it a few times, then he picked it up again.

He still felt sluggish, but he held on it firmly this time.

This fruit is strange.

If anyone else in this world found it, then no one will know what actually it is. Maybe they will think that it was some toxic fruit and throw it directly.

But Honeyoru is different.

He was a fan of many Animes and it almost impossible for him not to recognize this fruit.

It’s a Devil fruit.

“How could this appear in Naruto world?!”

Looking at the very delicate fruit in his hand, he suddenly thought that it was a fake one.

Was it really a Toxic fruit and just happened to be like the real devil fruit?

This idea flashed in his head.

But He shook his head.

No, This so much like one that it’s impossible for it to be fake.


Total Chapters in book: 621
Estimated words: 778878 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3894(@200wpm)___ 3116(@250wpm)___ 2596(@300wpm)