The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities by Listening to Poems in Twilight Snowfall

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Chapter 51 - Do You Need Me To Accompany You?
Chapter 52 - Which Two Students’ Families Are You?
Chapter 53 - He Is Very Upset!
Chapter 54 - Claire Playing With A Gun
Chapter 55 - First Place This Year
Chapter 56 - Where Is The Trophy?
Chapter 57 - Claire, You’Re Famous Now!
Chapter 58 - Someone Is Investigating You
Chapter 59 - A Piece Of Rag (A Slap On The Face)
Chapter 60 - Don’T Move Him!
Chapter 61 - This Is A Matter Of Life And Death.
Chapter 62 - Internal Hemorrhage
Chapter 63 - Can A Human Hand Move That Fast?
Chapter 64 - Why Aren’T You Wearing The Dress I Gave You?
Chapter 65 - : The Little Thing Is Fragile
Chapter 66 - : The Hand Of God
Chapter 67 - Isn’T It Just A Slap?
Chapter 68 - Just For Fun
Chapter 69 - She Is A Saint But Also A Demon
Chapter 70 - Take My Card And Swipe It Whenever You Want
Chapter 71 - We’Ve Got A Job
Chapter 72 - Never Ever Let Him Know
Chapter 73 - Are You Injured?
Chapter 74 - This Girl Is Pretty Hard To Deal With
Chapter 75 - Hell Girl
Chapter 76 - She Was Scared Out Of Her Wits
Chapter 77 - Mr. S
Chapter 78 - I Love My Sister
Chapter 79 - : Specific Medicine
Chapter 80 - Only I Can Bully Others But No One Can Bully Me
Chapter 81 - Photo Of The Creator Of The Gods Organization
Chapter 82 - I’M Going To Smash Your Computer!
Chapter 83 - Ill-Bred
Chapter 84 - Eat Humble Pie
Chapter 85 - You’Re Too Naive
Chapter 86 - Bully A Little Girl Like Me
Chapter 87 - Who Dares To Take Her Away!
Chapter 88 - The Little Thing Is Also My Baby
Chapter 89 - Mr. Johnson Can’T Eat Meat
Chapter 90 - We All Like You
Chapter 91 - Don’T Mess Around, Sister-In-Law
Chapter 92 - We’Re So Dead!
Chapter 93 - Blow His Brains Out
Chapter 94 - Take Your Life First
Chapter 95 - Let’S Meet Tomorrow Night
Chapter 96 - Offended A Big Shot
Chapter 97 - Go And Kowtow To Her
Chapter 98 - Why Should I Forgive You?
Chapter 99 - Join Gods Organization
Chapter 100 - Her’ Death Day
Chapter 101 - Why Don’T You Try Hitting On Him?
Chapter 102 - Close Your Eyes
Chapter 103 - Meet Again
Chapter 104 - : The First Task
Chapter 105 - Love Came Just Right
Chapter 106 - Have No Sense Of Romance
Chapter 107 - Mr. Walker, I Have A Crush On You
Chapter 108 - Love At First Sight
Chapter 109 - Did She Steal Your Man?
Chapter 110 - Killing Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 111 - Mr. Johnson, Do You Still Remember Me?
Chapter 112 - Unexpected
Chapter 113 - She Is Going To Accompany Me To The Dinner Party
Chapter 114 - Just Continue To Play Cool
Chapter 115 - This Charity Dinner Was Not Simple
Chapter 116 - Don’T Get Involved With Him
Chapter 117 - : Gouge Out Their Own Eyes
Chapter 118 - Aren’T You Afraid That She Knows Your Past?
Chapter 119 - I Didn’T Beat Him
Chapter 120 - Mr. Johnson Went Mad Again
Chapter 121 - Claire, Don’T You Remember Me?
Chapter 122 - Are You Blind?
Chapter 123 - Campus Singing Contest
Chapter 124 - Mr. Johnson’S Condition Is Not So Good
Chapter 125 - I Don’T Raise Junk!
Chapter 126 - Sow Discord
Chapter 127 - I’Ll Just Sing It A Cappella
Chapter 128 - Claire Takes First Place
Chapter 129 - Manipulated
Chapter 130 - Are You Abusing Him?
Chapter 131 - My Name Is Dora Johnson
Chapter 132 - I Want To Sit With Claire
Chapter 133 - Claire Stole Phoebe’S Fiancé
Chapter 134 - I’M Here To Make Peace With You
Chapter 135 - Please Teach Me Well, Mr. Walker
Chapter 136 - I Didn’T Steal Anything!
Chapter 137 - Check The Surveillance Video
Chapter 138 - Apologize
Chapter 139 - You Did It Just To Provoke Me
Chapter 140 - Is Getting Off Work More Important Than Me?
Chapter 141 - Children Should Not Cut In While Adults Are Speaking
Chapter 142 - Plagiarizing Nancy’S Works
Chapter 143 - I Am Nancy
Chapter 144 - Just Wait For A Face Slap
Chapter 145 - She Is My Youngest Disciple, Nancy
Chapter 146 - Why Is It Crying?
Chapter 147 - Hypnotized
Chapter 148 - Are You Gay?
Chapter 149 - Will Wearing Glasses Affect Kissing?
Chapter 150 - Hunter’S Death Report
Chapter 151 - Investigate A Person For Me
Chapter 152 - You Ruined Our Family’S Reputation!
Chapter 153 - Sacrifice Her To Protect Sheldon
Chapter 154 - Are You Threatening Us?
Chapter 155 - That Person Is In Our Class
Chapter 156 - Cracking The Account
Chapter 157 - Bite The Hand That Feeds You
Chapter 158 - Are You Trying To Force Me To Death?
Chapter 159 - Is This Fair To Claire?
Chapter 160 - Mr. Walker, I’M Chasing You
Chapter 161 - How Could He Be Emperor You?
Chapter 162 - I Am Claire’S Only Dog!
Chapter 163 - I Can Be Your Mother
Chapter 164 - I Don’T Care About Your Apology
Chapter 165 - You Know You Like Me
Chapter 166 - Secret Base
Chapter 167 - Who Is Sister Ikkyu?
Chapter 168 - Join The Go Club
Chapter 169 - Mr. Walker Lost His Temper For The First Time
Chapter 170 - You’Ve Gotta Say Something To Comfort Me
Chapter 171 - Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Again
Chapter 172 - Trap
Chapter 173 - A Wheel Fight
Chapter 174 - One Versus Ten
Chapter 175 - She Is Your Junior Sister
Chapter 176 - Get Out Of Here
Chapter 177 - I’Ve Kissed You
Chapter 178 - Do You Like Claire?
Chapter 179 - Grabbing The Antibody Serum
Chapter 180 - A Melee
Chapter 181 - I Can Help You Get The Antidote
Chapter 182 - Old Poison King
Chapter 183 - Erase His Memory
Chapter 184 - Master, I Was Wrong
Chapter 185 - An Elder Of The Menglai Clan
Chapter 186 - He’S So Gullible
Chapter 187 - She Remembered
Chapter 188 - Man In A Mask
Chapter 189 - Did You Get The Wrong Person?
Chapter 190 - Escape
Chapter 191 - Claire Is Too Simple
Chapter 192 - Do You Really Remember Nothing?
Chapter 193 - I Can Give You Freedom
Chapter 194 - He Is A Beast
Chapter 195 - Retribution
Chapter 196 - Don’T Touch My Claire
Chapter 197 - The Abused Little Girl
Chapter 198 - Have You Ever Eaten Human Flesh?
Chapter 199 - Welcome To The Death Alliance
Chapter 200 - I’Ll Redeem Him
Chapter 201 - Live Together To An Old Age
Chapter 202 - I’M Really Getting Angry
Chapter 203 - Her God
Chapter 204 - : Come Give Me A Hug
Chapter 205 - Bert Had Rebelled
Chapter 206 - You Must Come Back Alive
Chapter 207 - Torture
Chapter 208 - Someone Is Calling Me
Chapter 209 - I Would Rather Die
Chapter 210 - Your Brain Became Normal?
Chapter 211 - Gods Organization Was Created By You
Chapter 212 - I Don’T Want To Lose Him A Second Time
Chapter 213 - Game Live
Chapter 214 - Turn Defeat Into Victory
Chapter 215 - Mr. Walker, I’Ll Protect You
Chapter 216 - Mr. Walker, Kiss Me
Chapter 217 - Play A Round Of Game
Chapter 218 - Double Kill
Chapter 219 - What’S The Big Deal About Playing A Game?
Chapter 220 - I Can Give You A Chance To Chase Me
Chapter 221 - Let’S Meet
Chapter 222 - Find A Way To Stop Him
Chapter 223 - Don’T Give Her A Chance To Blackmail Us
Chapter 224 - Surprise
Chapter 225 - Go To The Hospital To Visit Her
Chapter 226 - Accompanied By Five Men
Chapter 227 - Rose And Wine
Chapter 228 - Computer Equipment Is Damaged
Chapter 229 - First One Died Only In Five Minutes
Chapter 230 - End In Common Ruin
Chapter 231 - Big Sister Claire, What Do You Want To Do?!
Chapter 232 - Game Over!
Chapter 233 - Passed Out
Chapter 234 - Don’T Call Her Sister-In-Law Anymore
Chapter 235 - : What Shit Dreams
Chapter 236 - Result Of The Second Match
Chapter 237 - : There’S Trouble
Chapter 238 - Cheating
Chapter 239 - Phoebe Told You To Do This, Right?
Chapter 240 - Phoebe Fights With Her Classmate
Chapter 241 - Used Me As Her Tool
Chapter 242 - You Are Way Too Partial
Chapter 243 - Promise To Be With Me?
Chapter 244 - Apologize To Becky
Chapter 245 - Shame
Chapter 246 - She Fell Down The Stairs
Chapter 247 - I Can’T Help It
Chapter 248 - : Are You Claire’S Guardian?
Chapter 249 - King Tonight
Chapter 250 - The Diamond Is Fake
Chapter 251 - The Diamond Was Stolen
Chapter 252 - Surveillance Camera Damaged
Chapter 253 - Gang Of Thieves
Chapter 254 - A Priceless Treasure
Chapter 255 - Claire, Come To The Stage To Receive The Award
Chapter 256 - You Like Hunter?!
Chapter 257 - Mr. Walker, Mr. Walker, Mr. Walker
Chapter 258 - Thieves
Chapter 259 - You Must Have Targeted Me A Long Time Ago
Chapter 260 - Recite The Numbers
Chapter 261 - It’S Better Not To Have Such A Meeting
Chapter 262 - Time Machine
Chapter 263 - I Will Cure Your Disease
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Omnipotent A-Grade Cool Female Lead VS Secret Passionate and Domineering Male Lead That Loves Assuming and is Easily Jealous

Because she is wrongly placed at birth, Claire and another girl swap lives.

Eighteen years later, she acknowledges her roots and returns to her family. From a country bumpkin, she becomes the daughter of a rich family in the capital.


Her parents favor their fake daughter.

""Claire, Phoebe is smart and obedient. She's a thousand times better than you.""

Her brother protects the fake sister.

""Claire! Don't bully Phoebe. Phoebe is innocent, unlike you—you're full of evil tricks!""

It's said that she is uneducated and incompetent. Her grades are the worst, and she loves to fight. She is notorious for her misdeeds, and everyone looks down on her.

Only one man says domineeringly, ""I will dote on you.""

One day… her disguises are stripped off…

The Vice-Chairwoman of the Mathematical Olympiad, the guru of eSports, the hidden miracle doctor, the Chinese Art Master, the diva of the music industry, and the leader of the League of Death.

Those identities are all hers?!

Everyone starts to worship her: You are a real big shot!

Instantly, there are countless suitors.

A director extends an invitation for her to film a movie. The next day, the director is banned from the Internet.

The Masked King invites her to have dinner with him. The next day, the scandal of the Masked King becomes the hottest topic on the Internet.

A rich tycoon gives her a diamond ring as big as a pigeon egg. The next day, the corporation goes bankrupt and he becomes a beggar.

A certain envious lover online declares his sovereignty over her.

@Claire: ""She's my wife.""

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: She Is The Real Daughter


Henyee Translations


Henyee Translations

“It seems to be her… the real daughter of the Smiths.”

“I heard that the Smiths mistook another baby for her in the hospital.”

“The Smiths have been raising a fake daughter for 18 years. What a tragedy…”

In a high-end luxury restaurant, Claire, who was wearing a solid-colored T-shirt, white-washed jeans, and flip-flops, was sitting on a chair and dangling her feet lazily.

Her charm could barely be concealed by her simple clothes.

She was gorgeous!

She tilted her head lazily, listened to the comments from the onlookers, and curled her lips in indifference.

It wasn’t until the chewing gum in her mouth turned almost tasteless, that her biological mother, Ada Taylor hurried over with the paternity test results.

She put her arms around Claire, crying. “My daughter! It’s Mom’s fault. You have suffered so much. Let me take you home now!”

Claire had lived in the countryside for eighteen years, but now she was suddenly told that she and another girl were mixed up when they were born.

She was not a poor village girl, and her mother was not her real mother. She was the daughter of the distinguished Smiths in Washington.

For eighteen years, Ada Taylor had been raising another woman’s daughter instead of her own. This fact broke her heart, but Claire looked indifferent. She just felt that this woman was a bit noisy.


In the car, Ada looked slightly restless. After hesitating for quite a while, she asked. “I heard… three years ago, you disappeared for a period of time. Can you tell me what happened to you back then? I don’t mean to upset you. I’m just worried about you.”

In fact, she had inquired earlier about Claire and was told that the girl grew up in a poverty-stricken village and was the kind of bad girl whom everyone shunned. Not only did she get the worst scores in the exams, she also played truant, got into fights with people, and hung out with gangsters.

Moreover, three years ago, she disappeared for a period of time for no apparent reason. Some people said that she had committed a crime and was taken to jail, while others claimed that she was kept as a mistress by a sugar daddy.

Ada wanted to find out whether these rumors were true or not.

If any of it was true, that would be a disgrace for the Smiths!

Claire narrowed her eyes like a lazy cat. Playing with the hair around her ears with her slender fingers, she replied casually. “I don’t remember.”

She had lost the memory of that time.

Ada was speechless for a while.

What a difficult kid…


When the car stopped outside the Smiths’ villa, everyone was standing at the gate, waiting. Ada introduced Claire to her husband, Allen Smith.

“Claire, this is your father.”

Allen Smith, with a dignified face, was tearful at this moment, but he was so excited that he hugged Claire. “Good girl… after so many years of suffering outside, you finally come back… It’s great you came back…”

Ada pointed to a handsome boy. “This is your brother, Sheldon Smith.”

Sheldon was expressionless and his tone was cold. “Welcome.”

The servants bowed their heads respectfully, with weird expressions.

Why was the Smiths’ true daughter dressed like this?

At this moment, sensing a strange stare, Claire looked up and found the source to be a girl standing behind the door.

The girl was wearing an exquisite, beautiful dress and spotlessly clean, shining leather shoes. Her soft hair was neatly pulled behind her ears. She was about the same age as Claire, and was examining her with hostile eyes.

Ada waved to the girl. “Phoebe, come here.”

The girl came over reluctantly.

Claire needed no further introduction to know that this was the girl who was mistaken for her.

The girl’s name, the love she received, and the happiness she enjoyed originally belonged to her.

Ada said in a deliberative tone, “Claire, although Phoebe is not my biological daughter, she has been raised by me for 18 years. If we ask Phoebe to leave, she has nowhere to go, so we decided… to let Phoebe stay at home… You don’t mind it, do you? Don’t worry, we will never play favorites.”


Total Chapters in book: 263
Estimated words: 207197 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1036(@200wpm)___ 829(@250wpm)___ 691(@300wpm)