The Villains Need to Save the World? by A Gentleman Does Not Speak Whilst He Reads

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Chapter 2 Li Family’S Heiress
Chapter 3 ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’
Chapter 4 Girlfriend
Chapter 5 Obnoxious
Chapter 6 Tragic Story
Chapter 7 The Second Female Lead
Chapter 8 Queen Bee
Chapter 9 Gossip
Chapter 10 Heartless Li Yue
Chapter 11 State Of Panic
Chapter 12 Absurd Situation
Chapter 13 Huge?
Chapter 14 Jovial Moments
Chapter 15 Persistence
Chapter 16 Comprehensive Ability
Chapter 17 The Weird One
Chapter 18 Nosy And Evil
Chapter 19 Grumpy And Hungry
Chapter 20 Past Life
Chapter 21 Last Chance
Chapter 22 Ruin
Chapter 23 Trigonometry
Chapter 24 Vending Machine
Chapter 25 Sine And Cosine
Chapter 26 Importan
Chapter 27 Tricked
Chapter 28 Goddess Xinyi
Chapter 29 Seventy Percen
Chapter 30 Plo
Chapter 31 Brazen Li Yue
Chapter 32 Like A Scrip
Chapter 33 Feminine Touch
Chapter 34 Unexpected
Chapter 35 Bold, Stupid And Drunkard
Chapter 36 Greedy And Small
Chapter 37 Break Up
Chapter 38 Elder Sister Li Yue
Chapter 39 Cannon Fodder
Chapter 40 Woying Mountains
Chapter 41 Insufferable Bastard Mo Li
Chapter 42 Crazy Hamster
Chapter 43 Conflicted
Chapter 44 Upcoming Scheme
Chapter 45 Cold Goddess Lizzy Lu
Chapter 46 A Woman Of Character
Chapter 47 Ruthless
Chapter 48 Changing
Chapter 49 Framed?
Chapter 50 Maternal Family
Chapter 51 Charges
Chapter 52 Unreasonable Words
Chapter 53 Poison
Chapter 54 When It'S Dark
Chapter 55 Never Again
Chapter 56 Sister
Chapter 57 Ex- Wife
Chapter 58 More Complicated
Chapter 59 Search
Chapter 60 A Strange Woman
Chapter 61 Protect Her
Chapter 62 Confused
Chapter 63 Lonely And Skinny Back.
Chapter 64 The Flipping Queen
Chapter 65 Reunion
Chapter 66 Scrip
Chapter 67 Engaged
Chapter 68 Sacrifice
Chapter 69 No Other Options
Chapter 70 Paymen
Chapter 71 Trick
Chapter 72 Plot Armor
Chapter 73 Mental Facility
Chapter 74 Deja Vu
Chapter 75 Innocence
Chapter 76 Li Yue’S Scheme
Chapter 77 Silent And Calculating
Chapter 78 Tactics
Chapter 79 Heroic Li Weiwei
Chapter 80 Entertaining
Chapter 81 Wallflowers
Chapter 82 Matching
Chapter 83 Her Side
Chapter 84 Painting
Chapter 85 Ruthless People!
Chapter 86 A Miscalculation
Chapter 87 A Dangerous Thing
Chapter 88 Under The Rain
Chapter 89 Relief And Warmth
Chapter 90 Terrible People
Chapter 91 Memories
Chapter 92 Option To Exi
Chapter 93 Burn
Chapter 94 Arc 2: The Archaic Cultivator - Fantasy - R18
Chapter 95 A Familiar Face
Chapter 96 Remember My Name
Chapter 97 Elder
Chapter 98 The Coward And The Childish
Chapter 99 Who Are You?
Chapter 100 Recovery
Chapter 101 Fang Ling'Er
Chapter 102 Representative
Chapter 103 Purging
Chapter 104 Ruled By The Strong
Chapter 105 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 106 Think Again
Chapter 107 Dripping
Chapter 108 Waves
Chapter 109 Dragon
Chapter 110 Compensation
Chapter 111 Blessings
Chapter 112 Universe
Chapter 113 A Fox Eyeing His Prey
Chapter 114 Cruel
Chapter 115 Devil Race
Chapter 116 Scheme And Efforts
Chapter 117 Pain
Chapter 118 Scheming
Chapter 119 Dimensions
Chapter 120 Honeymoon
Chapter 121 Desire
Chapter 122 Ji Tian
Chapter 123 Trouble
Chapter 124 Tes
Chapter 125 Concubine
Chapter 126 Insul
Chapter 127 Comprehension
Chapter 128 Her Own Mo Li
Chapter 129 Ques
Chapter 130 Adventure
Chapter 131 Deal
Chapter 132 Dogs And Rats
Chapter 133 Sparkle
Chapter 134 Steppe
Chapter 135 Treasures
Chapter 136 Targe
Chapter 137 Lucky Ji Tian
Chapter 138 Demon Race
Chapter 139 Demon Prince
Chapter 140 Demon General
Chapter 141 Playing With Fire
Chapter 142 Divine Race
Chapter 143 Bloodthirs
Chapter 144 Punishmen
Chapter 145 Ghos
Chapter 146 Scared Of Ghosts
Chapter 147 Good Immortal
Chapter 148 Jealous
Chapter 149 Intimate
Chapter 150 Wife
Chapter 151 King Oscar
Chapter 152 Candles And Flowers
Chapter 153 Soul
Chapter 154 Younger Brother
Chapter 155 Funny Word
Chapter 156 Fang Yu'S Space
Chapter 157 Reincarnator
Chapter 158 Nature
Chapter 159 Disappear
Chapter 160 Grandpa
Chapter 161 Immortal Realm
Chapter 162 General Mo
Chapter 163 Curse Or A Blessing
Chapter 164 Arc 3: The Vampire Princess - Fantasy - R18
Chapter 165 Blood
Chapter 166 Relinquish A Vow
Chapter 167 Protection
Chapter 168 Attention
Chapter 169 Beg For Your Life
Chapter 170 Naked
Chapter 171 Authority
Chapter 172 Presumptuous
Chapter 173 Painting
Chapter 174 Knots
Chapter 175 White Roses
Chapter 176 Hundreds Of Lovers
Chapter 177 Fiance
Chapter 178 Mess
Chapter 179 Unknown
Chapter 180 Hungry
Chapter 181 Flower Of Death
Chapter 182 Sparkly And Brigh
Chapter 183 A Tantrum
Chapter 184 Promises
Chapter 185 Peculiar Manner
Chapter 186 Traumatized
Chapter 187 Interest To Other People
Chapter 188 Lilies
Chapter 189 Kneel
Chapter 190 Depths
Chapter 191 Paintings
Chapter 192 Political Division
Chapter 193 Wrong Assumptions
Chapter 194 The Shield And The Troublemaker
Chapter 195 Letting You Feel My Love
Chapter 196 A Few Assassins
Chapter 197 Just Kissing
Chapter 198 Anger And Sadness
Chapter 199 Communication
Chapter 200 Changes
Chapter 201 Crazy
Chapter 202 A Little Blood
Chapter 203 Victoria'S Targe
Chapter 204 Hearing Herself
Chapter 205 Promise
Chapter 206 Rule
Chapter 207 Villain Or Cannon Fodder?
Chapter 208 More Suffocating
Chapter 209 Three Scenarios
Chapter 210 A Person From The Future
Chapter 211 Poisoned
Chapter 212 The Culpri
Chapter 213 The Truth
Chapter 214 The Puppet And The Puppet Master
Chapter 215 Complicated Web Of Plans
Chapter 216 Placid
Chapter 217 The Transmigrator
Chapter 218 Together
Chapter 219 What If’S
Chapter 220 Completed
Chapter 221 The Divorced Bride - Arc 4 - R18
Chapter 222 Ex Is An Ex
Chapter 223 New Professor
Chapter 224 Charismatic Mr. Mo
Chapter 225 Eye Candy
Chapter 226 Bully And The Bullied
Chapter 227 Calm And Cunning
Chapter 228 Pikachu
Chapter 229 Record
Chapter 230 Elegant Angel
Chapter 231 Blue Diamond
Chapter 232 Stalker Mr. Mo
Chapter 233 Exes
Chapter 234 Buffe
Chapter 235 Acting
Chapter 236 Speaker
Chapter 237 Stilettos And Jealousy
Chapter 238 The Woman In The Club
Chapter 239 Eggs And Sausages
Chapter 240 Renren
Chapter 241 Peace Of Mind Is Thicker Than Blood
Chapter 242 Maze Of Schemes
Chapter 243 Public’S Judgmen
Chapter 244 Vulnerability
Chapter 245 Bdsm
Chapter 246 - Outbursts
Chapter 247 - Mrs. Mo Or Dr. Mo
Chapter 248 - Concubines
Chapter 249 - Bitter
Chapter 250 - To Eachapter His Own
Chapter 251 - Society
Chapter 252 - Coincidence? Or Staged?
Chapter 253 - Culprits
Chapter 254 - Sarah Qin
Chapter 255 - Are You Dead?
Chapter 256 - The Reincarnated Villain
Chapter 257 - Reputation
Chapter 258 - Instincts
Chapter 259 - Letter
Chapter 260 - Misunderstandings
Chapter 261 - I Will See You Later
Chapter 262 - Manipulating
Chapter 263 - Financials
Chapter 264 - Governor'S Health
Chapter 265 - Treacherous World Of Politics
Chapter 266 - Executive Secretary
Chapter 267 - High-Tech Cybersecurity
Chapter 268 - Part Of The Family
Chapter 269 - Envy
Chapter 270 - Evil And Scheming
Chapter 271 - Sincerity
Chapter 272 - Best Cupid
Chapter 273 - I’M Famished
Chapter 274 - A Chance
Chapter 275 - Wedding
Chapter 276 - Embarrassment.
Chapter 277 - Ammunition
Chapter 278 - Fussa, Japan
Chapter 279 - The Mastermind
Chapter 280 - Was It Really Love?
Chapter 281 - Alibi
Chapter 282 - A Lovely Surprise
Chapter 283 - End Of The Divorced Bride
Chapter 284 - Arc 5 A Matter Of Wife And Death
Chapter 285 - Sybill
Chapter 286 - Sins
Chapter 287 - Grand Knight Holmes
Chapter 288 - Dirty Existence
Chapter 289 - Talismans
Chapter 290 - The White Haired Man
Chapter 291 - Hell
Chapter 292 - Guards!
Chapter 293 - The Damsel And The Knight
Chapter 294 - Forbidden Library
Chapter 295 - No Past Nor Future
Chapter 296 - Permission
Chapter 297 - Pregnant
Chapter 298 - Your Highness
Chapter 299 - Complicated
Chapter 300 - Swindle
Chapter 301 - Marriage
Chapter 302 - Amanda Larsen
Chapter 303 - Witch
Chapter 304 - Lands
Chapter 305 - Generosity
Chapter 306 - Reliable Prince Mo
Chapter 307 - Shiny Things
Chapter 308 - Annoying The Crown Prince Part 1
Chapter 309 - Annoying The Crown Prince Part 2
Chapter 310 - Annoying The Crown Prince Part 3
Chapter 311 - Auction
Chapter 312 - The Female Lead
Chapter 313 - Eleonor Hale
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“I’ll see you on the other side of the stars,” she whispered before breathing her last.


The moment she woke up, she was in a boundless space of white with neither memory, past, nor identity.

Punished by the heavens, she was tasked to travel different worlds to do some quests. She must now live the lives of countless secondary female leads to influence the world's destiny.

Accompany her in her adventures in each world as she regains her memories, and the mysteries of her past life.

[Side Quest Activated: Slap the Female Lead.]

[Side Quest Activated: Steal from the Male Lead.]

[Side Quest Activated: Anger the Villain.]

[Side Quest Activated: Create chaos during the Villain's Birthday party.]

[Side Quest Activated: Kiss the Villain's Brother]

[Side Quest Activated: Shoot the Villains pinky finger.]

Who would have thought saving the villain is so difficult?


""Would you trust me?"" his voice was almost a whisper. It made her frown.

Trust? How could she trust someone she doesn't know? She didn't know if she had it in her heart to trust another person aside from herself. ""Who are you?"" she asked.

""I can't tell you.""

She bit her lower lip. She could feel his breathing against her cheek, and it made her want to feel more of him, more of this madness. But was it even worth the risk? ""Do you know me?"" She couldn't help but wonder.

""You are mine, and I am yours. That's the only thing that you needed to know.""


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Chapter 1 Li Yue

Chapter 1 Li Yue

The last time Li Yue was in this world, she killed the female lead without having seconds thoughts.

[Host, I would like to remind you that you are not allowed to kill the villain, the female lead and the male lead of this world.] The robotic voice echoed inside her head. Like an alarm clock, it kept on repeating its words until she acknowledged them.

"I know!" she hissed, clearly irritated.

[You said the same thing in the previous- ]

"The female lead tried to kill me!" Frowning, she continued walking down the stairs, the sound of her footsteps made by her high heeled boots echoed against the marble tile beneath her. "Are you saying that I should have let her kill me?"

[Negative. You are not allowed to kill anyone with your own hands.]

She sealed her lips, dissatisfied at the script the voice always followed every time they argued.

"Stop disturbing me." She eyed the huge family portrait which sat in between two huge statues her parents got from Rome.

In this world, she was in possession of the body of a woman named Li Yue, the beautiful secondary female lead who will die a miserable death because of her stupid obsession. Such thoughts were swirling in her mind as she walked down the perfectly twisted spiral stair, its smooth banister guiding her towards the huge living room of the mansion.

"Young miss," A voice called out from behind her

"Butler Zhi," she nodded at the man in his sixties who had served her family before she was even born.

"Where are they?" she asked.

"I would not advise meeting— "Seeing the meaningful smile on her face, the butler halted and sighed. "They are at the back, in the garden."

"Wonderful." She beamed a beautiful smile at him.

Li Yue and the female protagonist of this world, Li Weiwei, were switched at birth. And today would be the day the rich Li Family would confirm this with the help of a DNA test. The test which proved that they were raising the wrong daughter after all.

In the original timeline, Li Yue never witnessed this meeting as she was dead drunk the previous night; she spent the day cooped up in her bed, recovering from intense hangover.

"Young miss, I don't think this is a good idea." She heard the butler's aged voice behind her.

"Why not?" she asked as a cold gush of wind greeted her. Surprised, she instinctively took a step back before shivering and closed the door almost immediately.

"It's too cold. Why are they even outside?" Despite wearing a turtleneck sweater dress paired with tights and comfortable boots, the bitter onslaught of the cold January still licked her skin, numbing her face and extremities.

The butler did not respond, instead, he handed her a knee-length velvet coat to help her with the cold.

"Thank you, Zhi." Beaming, she immediately covered herself and walked out of the mansion.

"I heard that they are meeting the real heiress today?"

It was not a secret that she had lost her position as the Li Family's heiress. In fact, her grandmother, the matriarch of the family, always reminded everyone of this fact. Her grandmother always told her of how it all made sense then. Li Yue does not look anything like members of the Li Family. She was too pale, the shade of her brown eyes was too light and even her hair colour was lighter than the Li Family's usual charcoal black hair.

"Young miss— "

"Zhi," she interrupted him. Li Yue did not miss the worry in the eyes of the butler. "Don't worry. My bags are already packed." She smiled. "Meeting her would not affect me in any way."

"Young miss, your father told you not to leave the mansion. Why would you— "

She shook her head as she continued treading towards the garden, interrupting the butler. "It's for my own peace of mind."

In the original timeline, Li Yue never left the mansion and witnessed the changes in the way her parents treated her take place. From the way they directed cold gazes at her to their clearly deteriorating relationships, Li Yue could only watch as reality hit her like the solid hit of a brick to the face.

She was no longer favored. That was the harsh and cold truth the original Li Yue refused to accept.

A heavy sigh escaped the old butler's lips. "Then… I will help you bring them downstairs."

"Hmmm. Thank you."

Everyone knew of how she never changed her mind once she is set on something. Trying to convince her otherwise would be useless. She heard the butler leave her side as the beautiful garden ornate with various flowers, all of which blossomed in winter welcomed her. Smiling, she eyed the outdoor seating in the middle of the flower garden. Its bamboo canopy shone against the sun, making it look even more relaxing, alluring even. To add to its organic feel, the seating inside was made of wood which complemented the craggy volcanic rock that was used as a coffee table in the middle.

"Yue!" surprised flashed in her adoptive mother's eyes. She awkwardly looked at the three people sitting to her opposite.

"Mother." She smiled at Tang Ruyi. "It's cold out here. Would you like me to ask the servants to bring some hot drinks for everyone?" She turned her light brown eyes at the two older people sitting opposite to her parents. The longing in their eyes were apparent. Slowly her gaze turned towards the young woman sitting in between them. As expected, Li Weiwei looked just like Li Gue, the man who raised Li Yue as his daughter.

"Please… please… don't worry. We already asked someone to bring it for us." Her adoptive mother said. "I — um— we are having an important conversation, would you mind waiting for us inside?"

"Li Yue, go inside. It's cold out here." Her adoptive father, Li Gue added, his usually stern voice was undeniably softer this time. She wondered if this was because of Li Weiwei's presence.

"I'm here to tell you that I'm going to stay in an apartment outside of the university. I've already packed my luggage and my ride is currently waiting outside. I thought I should just come here to let you know that I am leaving."

She did not miss the changes apparent in her parent's facial expressions.

"You— why would you leave?"Tang Ruyi asked, confusion written all over her face.

"I've decided to give everyone time to adjust." She said in a firm tone.

She then met the eyes of the woman sitting opposite to her mother. A small smile broke into Li Yue's face. While these people are technically her biological family, she was not very open to the idea of getting to know them. Of course, this was because she already knew that they only wanted to squeeze the money out of her.

In the original timeline, Li Yue ran to her real family when she finally accepted the fact that she had lost the favor of the Li Family. That was her biggest mistake.

"Li Yue…" Li Gue's stern gaze met hers. However instead of quivering under the man's stare, she smiled a beautiful smile.

"I will see you soon father." She uttered and did not wait for anyone to react. She then walked out of the garden under everyone's surprised gaze. In this world, her mission is to find and save the villain from the fate of falling madly in love with the female lead. Why would she waste her time associating herself with these people?


Total Chapters in book: 313
Estimated words: 389396 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1947(@200wpm)___ 1558(@250wpm)___ 1298(@300wpm)