The Villain’s Wife by TheBlips

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1 Shrewd Woman
Chapter 2 Seven Long Years
Chapter 3 Tycoon
Chapter 4 Empress—A Queen With A Deadly Smile
Chapter 5 Her Stupidity
Chapter 6 Sea Of Clouds
Chapter 7 King Of Capitalism
Chapter 8 Deadly Predator
Chapter 9 Hooligan!
Chapter 10 Crazy Woman
Chapter 11 Her Biggest Mistake
Chapter 12 Meet On A Narrow Road
Chapter 13 Grandiose On The Outside
Chapter 14 Harmony Isle
Chapter 15 King Of Shamelessness
Chapter 16 Stubborn Mother And Daughter
Chapter 17 The Downpour Begins
Chapter 18 Acting Like A Prima Donna
Chapter 19 Collection Of Books
Chapter 20 Conditions
Chapter 21 Asking A Question
Chapter 22 Cash? Or Check?
Chapter 23 Build Some Connections
Chapter 24 Dazzling And Handsome Alpha Male
Chapter 25 Change His Career
Chapter 26 Hua’Er
Chapter 27 Stumbled Into A Clown!
Chapter 28 'Scandinavian'
Chapter 29 Beautiful Yet Haunting
Chapter 30 Renren, The Escor
Chapter 31 Time Is Of The Essence!
Chapter 32 A Private Meeting
Chapter 33 You Owe Me An Explanation.
Chapter 34 A Persistent Man And A Stubborn Woman
Chapter 35 10,000 Lilies
Chapter 36 Lilies Are For Funerals!
Chapter 37 Her Scars Are Beautiful
Chapter 38 The Perfect Plan
Chapter 39 Persistence And Consistency
Chapter 40 Valiant President Qin
Chapter 41 Someone Insignifican
Chapter 42 Ruthless And Selfish
Chapter 43 Crazy Spotted
Chapter 44 Secrets
Chapter 45 Firefly Festival
Chapter 46 I Like You Too
Chapter 47 A Place To Belong
Chapter 48 Special Treatmen
Chapter 49 Small Flicker Of Fire
Chapter 50 Warm And Comforting
Chapter 51 Indeed Very Stupid
Chapter 52 Excessive Blood Loss?
Chapter 53 Cold But Kind
Chapter 54 Weak Heartbea
Chapter 55 Come If You Dare
Chapter 56 Devoted To Me Alone
Chapter 57 A Very Possessive Person
Chapter 58 Yes-Man And A Henpecked Husband
Chapter 59 Make The Culprit Confess
Chapter 60 Something Mediocre
Chapter 61 Damn White Lotus
Chapter 62 Perks Of Being Your Wife
Chapter 63 Escort Zhuo
Chapter 64 Kick Her Out Of This Place
Chapter 65 Group Of Drunkards
Chapter 66 A Little Pressure
Chapter 67 Extremely Greedy Person
Chapter 68 Hasn’T Completely Moved On
Chapter 69 Only Make Her Look Dumber
Chapter 70 Few More Months
Chapter 71 Bolder
Chapter 72 Divorce Qin Jinghua
Chapter 73 Good At Warming Their Beds
Chapter 74 Collaboration
Chapter 75 Protecting My Wife
Chapter 76 No Weight Limi
Chapter 77 ‘Click’
Chapter 78 Not Eager Nor Regretful
Chapter 79 Roller Coaster Ride
Chapter 80 Not A Charity Case
Chapter 81 Throw Them Away
Chapter 82 Conquer Qin Industries
Chapter 83 Candle Lights
Chapter 84 Private Meeting
Chapter 85 A Weird Obsession
Chapter 86 Especially For My Wife
Chapter 87 Indeed Mr. Zhuo’S Wife
Chapter 88 Kiss Me
Chapter 89 Ripped
Chapter 90 A Little Reward
Chapter 91 Up To Something
Chapter 92 Too Amusing
Chapter 93 My Responsibility, Joy And Privilege
Chapter 94 Soon To Be Boyfriend
Chapter 95 Rich, Younger And More Beautiful
Chapter 96 Souvenir
Chapter 97 Not Henpecked, Just In Love
Chapter 98 A Proud Husband
Chapter 99 Ruined
Chapter 100 Are You Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 101 Beast At Nigh
Chapter 102 That Wasn’T Me!
Chapter 103 ‘Time For A New Strategy’
Chapter 104 Brimming With Happiness
Chapter 105 Villains In Someone’S Eyes
Chapter 106 Deal
Chapter 107 A Deal With The Devil
Chapter 108 Skeletons In Her Close
Chapter 109 Righteous Woman
Chapter 110 Not That Smar
Chapter 111 Heartless Sounds Good Too
Chapter 112 It’S Time To Pay Up
Chapter 113 Web Of Lies And Schemes
Chapter 114 Perfect Scheming Human
Chapter 115 Dreaming Of Zhuo Jingren
Chapter 116 Tongue Tied
Chapter 117 An Anomaly
Chapter 118 Extremely Adorable
Chapter 119 More Bombs Than A Bombshell
Chapter 120 Confidence In Their Future
Chapter 121 Paranoia
Chapter 122 Badass And Cute
Chapter 123 Rely On Me To Meet You Halfway
Chapter 124 Motive
Chapter 125 Taken Away
Chapter 126 Watch And Learn
Chapter 127 Ghos
Chapter 128 Corpse Reviver
Chapter 129 The Pieces Were All In Place
Chapter 130 Valuable Chess Piece
Chapter 131 Amusing Trio
Chapter 132 Second-Hand Items
Chapter 133 Estranged Family Member
Chapter 134 Confusion, Betrayal And Disbelief
Chapter 135 Wrong Text Message
Chapter 136 Cannot Bring Me Any Benefits
Chapter 137 Unless Proven Otherwise
Chapter 138 Respect And Reverence
Chapter 139 Everything Else Can Wai
Chapter 140 A Sadis
Chapter 141 Prestigious Military Background
Chapter 142 Facing A Dilemma
Chapter 143 Better Be Safe Than Sorry
Chapter 144 Bat Cave
Chapter 145 Extinct Animals And Dead People
Chapter 146 Stand In A Sinking Ship
Chapter 147 Already Chaotic Life
Chapter 148 Not Simple And Potentially Dangerous
Chapter 149 Riddles
Chapter 150 I Want Money
Chapter 151 Woman Of The 21St Century
Chapter 152 One Good-Looking Specimen
Chapter 153 Acting Like A Teenager
Chapter 154 Just A Coincidence
Chapter 155 Billions In Alimony
Chapter 156 I Am A Mother
Chapter 157 Watch Everyone From My Throne
Chapter 158 A Hypocrite
Chapter 159 A Demonic Atmosphere
Chapter 160 About You
Chapter 161 Not Easily Bough
Chapter 162 Asking The Wrong Question
Chapter 163 A Stupid, Spoiled Wife
Chapter 164 Broken Leaf Black Tea
Chapter 165 Are You Courting Death?
Chapter 166 Extremely Sexy
Chapter 167 Childish
Chapter 168 An Open Conversation
Chapter 169 Walk Down The Aisle
Chapter 170 Knows Her Too Well
Chapter 171 Unprofessional
Chapter 172 An Emergency Situation
Chapter 173 Confession
Chapter 174 An Illegitimate Daughter
Chapter 175 A Cold Hearted Possessive Ceo
Chapter 176 Elegance And Money
Chapter 177 Smitten By Her Beauty
Chapter 178 Different Expressions
Chapter 179 Sycophants
Chapter 180 Full Of Malice
Chapter 181 Our Promise To The World
Chapter 182 Anticipating A Good Show
Chapter 183 Save Your Tears
Chapter 184 A Mocking Laugh
Chapter 185 Spark Of A Chance
Chapter 186 Ominous Silence
Chapter 187 Begging To A Stone
Chapter 188 Longing In Her Voice
Chapter 189 A Challenging Position
Chapter 190 Cupid Of Death
Chapter 191 Love Is Not A Guarantee
Chapter 192 Evil Through And Through
Chapter 193 Beauty Hurts
Chapter 194 Her Duty
Chapter 195 Brain And Brawns
Chapter 196 Assurance
Chapter 197 Legislator Xuan
Chapter 198 A Little Trouble
Chapter 199 Don’T Get Too Excited
Chapter 200 We Are In This Together
Chapter 201 A Little Giddy
Chapter 202 Darken
Chapter 203 The Worst Daughter
Chapter 204 To Kill Someone
Chapter 205 Divide And Conquer
Chapter 206 You Will Be Nothing
Chapter 207 Psychological Problems
Chapter 208 Murderers And Liars
Chapter 209 Do My Bidding… Or Die
Chapter 210 Prison Sentence
Chapter 211 For Her Son
Chapter 212 Cold And Calculating
Chapter 213 Suspicions
Chapter 214 Most Painful Torture
Chapter 215 Borderline Crazy
Chapter 216 'One Of A Kind Love'
Chapter 217 Do You Trust Him?
Chapter 218 I Will Take Good Care Of Him
Chapter 219 Would Rather Die
Chapter 220 Right Hand Man
Chapter 221 A Devious Side
Chapter 222 An Incompetent Wife
Chapter 223 Fall Into My Hands One Day
Chapter 224 A Triumphant Snor
Chapter 225 A Feminis
Chapter 226 Silly Competition
Chapter 227 Cunning People
Chapter 228 Indeed A Challenge
Chapter 229 Handcuffs
Chapter 230 My Son’S Judgemen
Chapter 231 Not A Simple Man
Chapter 232 Cover Up
Chapter 233 Vital To Her Plans
Chapter 234 Not A Fragile Flower Vase
Chapter 235 Who Should I Dispose Of First?
Chapter 236 Slow In The Brains Departmen
Chapter 237 Self-Satisfied Tomca
Chapter 238 Every Part Of The World
Chapter 239 Shallow
Chapter 240 Complicated Creatures
Chapter 241 A Sinister Tone
Chapter 242 Celebration
Chapter 243 A Ruthless World
Chapter 244 As Easy As Breathing
Chapter 245 Compromise
Chapter 246 Enjoy Your Gift, President Zhuo
Chapter 247 An Unstoppable Force
Chapter 248 Everything Had A Price
Chapter 249 Teamwork With Mutual Respec
Chapter 250 I Am The Boss Of Your Boss
Chapter 251 A True Friend
Chapter 252 Name And Reputation!
Chapter 253 Punish Her In Public
Chapter 254 Plot Against Everyone
Chapter 255 A Sociopath
Chapter 256 Cultural Differences
Chapter 257 Collateral Damage
Chapter 258 Pain Of Losing
Chapter 259 Selfish Nature
Chapter 260 Offer
Chapter 261 Jealousy
Chapter 262 Once Upon A Time
Chapter 263 Targeted
Chapter 264 On Your Deathbed
Chapter 265 Suffer
Chapter 266 Cruel And Brutal
Chapter 267 A Mistress
Chapter 268 Mistaken Identity
Chapter 269 Habit Of Killing People
Chapter 270 Stronger
Chapter 271 Live And Fix Yourself
Chapter 272 Our Choices And The Grays
Chapter 273 A Familiar Face
Chapter 274 Lover Boy
Chapter 275 Things That She Had No Control Over
Chapter 276 You Are Fortunate
Chapter 277 A Win-Win Situation
Chapter 278 Top Priority
Chapter 279 More Money And… You
Chapter 280 Absolute Cruelty
Chapter 281 Qin Family Tree
Chapter 282 Swindle Our Enemies
Chapter 283 Race Of Who Dies Firs
Chapter 284 A Planned Betrayal
Chapter 285 Lost In A Daze
Chapter 286 A Very Complicated Family
Chapter 287 Uninvited
Chapter 288 A Test Of Who Is More Cunning
Chapter 289 Believe In Your Ruthlessness
Chapter 290 Paralyzed From The Waist Down
Chapter 291 Trusting The Right People
Chapter 292 Gratitude Requires Sincerity
Chapter 293 Showing Sincerity Is Exhausting
Chapter 294 Hidden Boss
Chapter 295 Teaming Up To Destroy Lily
Chapter 296 Trust And Loyalty
Chapter 297 A Proper Welcome
Chapter 298 Revenge Is Good, But Money Is Always Better
Chapter 299 Undisguised Disgus
Chapter 300 We Only Strike Once
Chapter 301 Pretty Violent And Unstable
Chapter 302 Not Worth My Time
Chapter 303 Worth Billions
Chapter 304 Causing Chaos
Chapter 305 Frankenstein
Chapter 306 Strategy Vs Experience
Chapter 307 Burn Your Castle
Chapter 308 Two Brains
Chapter 309 Easy To Manipulate
Chapter 310 Will I Ever See You Again?
Chapter 311 That Is Enough
Chapter 312 No Second Chances
Chapter 313 Investing In The Future
Chapter 314 Incredibly Fun
Chapter 315 Honeymoon
Chapter 316 Counter Attack
Chapter 317 Father
Chapter 318 Hate Is A Very Strong Word
Chapter 319 A Sinister Human Being
Chapter 320 Glock
Chapter 321 Who Are You?
Chapter 322 Aphrodite
Chapter 323 Qin Hao’S Ruthless Nature
Chapter 324 Just Injured; Not Dead
Chapter 325 Dead?!
Chapter 326 This Was All Wrong!
Chapter 327 Pillow Talk
Chapter 328 All About Wealth
Chapter 329 Gossip
Chapter 330 I Am That Terrible
Chapter 331 Stingy Couple
Chapter 332 Lover
Chapter 333 What Went Wrong?
Chapter 334 Break Her
Chapter 335 Gentle And Yet So Dangerous
Chapter 336 I Am Innocent!
Chapter 337 Death Penalty
Chapter 338 The Clown
Chapter 339 A Smart Yet Angry Man
Chapter 340 Scared Of Being Alive
Chapter 341 Obsession In Defeating Lily
Chapter 342 Jealousy Is For The Weak
Chapter 343 Fools When It Comes To Love
Chapter 344 Shopping
Chapter 345 A Way Of Telling Her To Hurry
Chapter 346 The Ceo'S Son
Chapter 347 Play Along
Chapter 348 Being Petty
Chapter 349 Nothing Too Extravagan
Chapter 350 An Evil Twin
Chapter 351 Always Replaceable
Chapter 352 Profits And Advantages
Chapter 353 Hormones
Chapter 354 My Wife, My Partner
Chapter 355 A Queen Protecting Her King
Chapter 356 Reverse Psychology
Chapter 357 A Monster’S Footstep
Chapter 358 Sweet And Sour Pork Over Some Wine
Chapter 359 Coincidental Meeting
Chapter 360 Prequalification Stage
Chapter 361 Everything
Chapter 362 Cupcake
Chapter 363 The Place
Chapter 364 Drunk And Unaware
Chapter 365 Vip Card
Chapter 366 Steal What Is Mine
Chapter 367 Cousin!
Chapter 368 A Proud Peacock
Chapter 369 I Am Mrs. Zhuo
Chapter 370 Zhuo Jingren Deserves The Bes
Chapter 371 Initial Suspicions
Chapter 372 A Powerful Thing
Chapter 373 Assurance
Chapter 374 I Am Not That Low
Chapter 375 She Was Only Human
Chapter 376 Us Against The World
Chapter 377 Criminals
Chapter 378 Witness
Chapter 379 Dogs
Chapter 380 Double Date
Chapter 381 Best Talen
Chapter 382 Old Friend
Chapter 383 Stupid
Chapter 384 Not Enough Evidence
Chapter 385 Silly Love Triangle And Greed
Chapter 386 You Are Not Welcome Here
Chapter 387 Flowers
Chapter 388 A Bullied Sheep
Chapter 389 Start Of Your Ending
Chapter 390 Lie And Another Lie
Chapter 391 Cycle Of Revenge
Chapter 392 Foxes And Wolves
Chapter 393 Refreshing
Chapter 394 An Innocent Sheep
Chapter 395 Power
Chapter 396 I Am Your Woman. And You… Are My Man
Chapter 397 Imminent Death
Chapter 398 Eureka
Chapter 399 Fairytales
Chapter 400 Skopelos
Chapter 401 Vip
Chapter 402 Passive-Aggressive
Chapter 403 Deb
Chapter 404 Threatened
Chapter 405 Princess In Shining Armor
Chapter 406 A Ghos
Chapter 407 Accomplice
Chapter 408 Porridge
Chapter 409 Domestic Abuse
Chapter 410 Adorable Human Being
Chapter 411 Bachelorette Party
Chapter 412 Protection
Chapter 413 Famished
Chapter 414 Therapy
Chapter 415 Cabin
Chapter 416 Scrabble
Chapter 417 One Hell Of A Woman
Chapter 418 Soon
Chapter 419 Endless Possibilities
Chapter 420 Miscalculations
Chapter 421 Black
Chapter 422 Trauma
Chapter 423 Denial
Chapter 424 Borderline Crazy
Chapter 425 Proof
Chapter 426 Complicated Plan
Chapter 427 Brutal
Chapter 428 In Your Blood
Chapter 429 Principled
Chapter 430 Defense Mechanism
Chapter 431 Insignificant Ones
Chapter 432 Coincidence
Chapter 433 A Losing Battle
Chapter 434 Monstrosity
Chapter 435 Shall We Begin?
Chapter 436 *Pak*
Chapter 437 Be
Chapter 438 This Is Madness
Chapter 439 A Very Important Cargo
Chapter 440 Uneasy
Chapter 441 A Pretense
Chapter 442 Persistence
Chapter 443 Triple Lotus
Chapter 444 Sick And Disturbing Eyes
Chapter 445 An Undeniable Truth
Chapter 446 Scheming Face
Chapter 447 Letter
Chapter 448 Castle
Chapter 449 Rusty Smell Of Blood
Chapter 450 Unfazed
Chapter 451 Tricked
Chapter 452 The Bes
Chapter 453 Red Snake
Chapter 454 Shameless Thing To Ask
Chapter 455 Promise Of Safety
Chapter 456 My Woman
Chapter 457 Countdown
Chapter 458 Stabbed
Chapter 459 Healing
Chapter 460 Intimidating
Chapter 461 Tea Ceremony
Chapter 462 Puzzle
Chapter 463 A Manipulative Old Man
Chapter 464 Frightening At Some Poin
Chapter 465 A Slow- Acting Poison
Chapter 466 An Enjoyable Dinner
Chapter 467 Kind Gesture
Chapter 468 Newyork’S Baked Cheesecake
Chapter 469 Moronic Women
Chapter 470 Virtuous
Chapter 471 A Worthy Rival
Chapter 472 Cooperation
Chapter 473 Someday
Chapter 474 Bruises And Kisses
Chapter 475 Anger And Jealousy
Chapter 476 Singapore Sling
Chapter 477 A Pretentious Woman
Chapter 478 Ben Liang
Chapter 479 Diabolical Smile
Chapter 480 The Means Justify The Ends
Chapter 481 Watch Me
Chapter 482 Preposterous!
Chapter 483 A Different Kind Of Monster.
Chapter 484 Blank Gaze
Chapter 485 Albino Snake
Chapter 486 Mad World
Chapter 487 Traditional Marriages
Chapter 488 A Scheming Monster!
Chapter 489 Just Once
Chapter 490 Answer
Chapter 491 A Minor Threa
Chapter 492 An Eagle Waiting For Her Prey
Chapter 493 Too Generous.
Chapter 494 Golden Voice Of China
Chapter 495 Burning Cookbooks
Chapter 496 Aikido
Chapter 497 National Treasure Cindy Hao
Chapter 498 Who Is That?
Chapter 499 Bully
Chapter 500 Treated Unfairly
Chapter 501 Photoshoo
Chapter 502 On A Different Level
Chapter 503 Naive
Chapter 504 Ceo Of Yu Entertainmen
Chapter 505 Obsessive And Manipulative
Chapter 506 Senile
Chapter 507 Blurred
Chapter 508 Room Service
Chapter 509 Lunatic
Chapter 510 Medical World
Chapter 511 Concrete
Chapter 512 Open Mind
Chapter 513 Selective Honesty
Chapter 514 Test Ki
Chapter 515 Irritatingly Beautiful Smile
Chapter 516 Profit Is Profi
Chapter 517 She Is Framing Me!
Chapter 518 A Clean Method
Chapter 519 Still A Mother
Chapter 520 Endorsements
Chapter 521 Just Be Reasonable
Chapter 522 Peculiarities
Chapter 523 Happiness
Chapter 524 To Trust One Person
Chapter 525 Request And Wants
Chapter 526 An Innocent Soul
Chapter 527 The Peak
Chapter 528 My Next Ink
Chapter 529 Madam Yu
Chapter 530 Lady Lucilla
Chapter 531 Neighborhood
Chapter 532 Respect And Honor
Chapter 533 Nothing But A Fly
Chapter 534 A Frog
Chapter 535 A Quick Hug
Chapter 536 Unlucky
Chapter 537 Consequentialism
Chapter 538 Domestic Abuse
Chapter 539 Lily'S Backing
Chapter 540 A Competitive Even
Chapter 541 Timeless
Chapter 542 Nothing But Simple Man
Chapter 543 Comparable
Chapter 544 Unlucky
Chapter 545 Like An Emperor
Chapter 546 Irritated
Chapter 547 Life Of Luxury
Chapter 548 Anywhere With You
Chapter 549 Blame
Chapter 550 All Their Faul
Chapter 551 Classic Strategy
Chapter 552 Red Lips And Perfectly Curled Hair
Chapter 553 Tea Party
Chapter 554 Deep Words
Chapter 555 Magic
Chapter 556 A Pointless Figh
Chapter 557 Normal
Chapter 558 Artwork
Chapter 559 Intimidating And Terrorizing
Chapter 560 Women
Chapter 561 Trapeze Dress
Chapter 562 Unspoken Rules
Chapter 563 Nasty
Chapter 564 Master Your Image
Chapter 565 Men!
Chapter 566 She Is The Trophy.
Chapter 567 Targe
Chapter 568 Her Faul
Chapter 569 The Organization
Chapter 570 An Accomplished Woman
Chapter 571 Laying Traps
Chapter 572 Questions
Chapter 573 Purely A Feeling
Chapter 574 Rude
Chapter 575 Too Bad
Chapter 576 Deception
Chapter 577 What If...
Chapter 578 Tremble
Chapter 579 Counter-Productive
Chapter 580 Love Is A Blessing
Chapter 581 Strategic Retrea
Chapter 582 Nonsense
Chapter 583 She Is Free
Chapter 584 Mentality
Chapter 585 Elite
Chapter 586 Blank Look
Chapter 587 Clauses
Chapter 588 Kidnapping
Chapter 589 Leeches
Chapter 590 Impressing Lily
Chapter 591 Used And Abused
Chapter 592 Karma
Chapter 593 Grateful
Chapter 594 Security
Chapter 595 Twins
Chapter 596 Kowtowed
Chapter 597 Thrill
Chapter 598 Small Needles
Chapter 599 Acciden
Chapter 600 Complicated Things
Chapter 601 His Destiny
Chapter 602 Sweet And Sof
Chapter 603 All For You
Chapter 604 Like In The Movies
Chapter 605 Luxury
Chapter 606 Meant To Be Shared
Chapter 607 Replaceable
Chapter 608 Upbringing
Chapter 609 Offended
Chapter 610 Privacy
Chapter 611 Direct And Indirec
Chapter 612 Challenge
Chapter 613 Hungry
Chapter 614 One Hell Of A Scary Wife
Chapter 615 Are You Here To Beg?
Chapter 616 Like A Plague
Chapter 617 A Genuine Friend
Chapter 618 Time Is Money
Chapter 619 Contamination
Chapter 620 Beauty And Jealousy
Chapter 621 Divine Intervention
Chapter 622 Unbelievable Sensation
Chapter 623 This Is All About Me
Chapter 624 A Game Worth Playing.
Chapter 625 Gay?
Chapter 626 Walking Into A Trap
Chapter 627 Options And More Options
Chapter 628 Manipulation
Chapter 629 Suppor
Chapter 630 Sad Reality
Chapter 631 A Depressing Topic
Chapter 632 Perfect Puppe
Chapter 633 Men Are Treacherous Creatures
Chapter 634 Sheltered And Prepared
Chapter 635 Diabetes
Chapter 636 Against The Law
Chapter 637 Nada
Chapter 638 A Coincidence?
Chapter 639 Never About Money
Chapter 640 Tricks
Chapter 641 Scary Fickle Creatures
Chapter 642 Peace
Chapter 643 Control
Chapter 644 Logic
Chapter 645 Lunch
Chapter 646 Hermes
Chapter 647 Uncultured
Chapter 648 Magazines
Chapter 649 A Suspec
Chapter 650 Ominous Place
Chapter 651 Swee
Chapter 652 Concern
Chapter 653 Opportunity
Chapter 654 Already A Winner
Chapter 655 Spotligh
Chapter 656 Latin
Chapter 657 Losing Her Mind
Chapter 658 Different Frequencies
Chapter 659 A Game Of Weaknesses
Chapter 660 Premium Potatoes
Chapter 661 Cerulean
Chapter 662 Her Faul
Chapter 663 Too Heartbreaking
Chapter 664 Last Tears
Chapter 665 A Goddess
Chapter 666 Last Resor
Chapter 667 A Favor
Chapter 668 Vengeance
Chapter 669 Illogical
Chapter 670 His Life Was Done
Chapter 671 Conscience
Chapter 672 A Mother… In Name
Chapter 673 A Minor Sacrifice
Chapter 674 Heroic
Chapter 675 Impossible.
Chapter 676 Just Be You— Be Human
Chapter 677 Smart Young Master
Chapter 678 Eastern Garden
Chapter 679 Earn More Money
Chapter 680 Emotional
Chapter 681 This Young Master
Chapter 682 We Live Together
Chapter 683 Best Angle
Chapter 684 ‘Beauties’
Chapter 685 Data
Chapter 686 A Leader
Chapter 687 The Puppeteer
Chapter 688 Limeligh
Chapter 689 Foundations
Chapter 690 Shoulders
Chapter 691 International Lawyers
Chapter 692 A Victim
Chapter 693 Falsified
Chapter 694 Scars
Chapter 695 Oblivious
Chapter 696 Are You Dumb?
Chapter 697 A Miracle
Chapter 698 Trouble
Chapter 699 Mask
Chapter 700 The Miserable Mr. Qin
Chapter 701 Reflection
Chapter 702 Qin Yuanfeng’S Talen
Chapter 703 Cinderella
Chapter 704 Disneyland
Chapter 705 Hobby
Chapter 706 Mindreader
Chapter 707 Her Family
Chapter 708 Never A Sister
Chapter 709 Beliefs
Chapter 710 A Dark Side
Chapter 711 Difference
Chapter 712 Spoiled
Chapter 713 Value
Chapter 714 Inferior
Chapter 715 Not Anymore
Chapter 716 Serial Killer
Chapter 717 Warning
Chapter 718 Testing The Waters
Chapter 719 Turning The Tables
Chapter 720 A Good Husband
Chapter 721 To Protec
Chapter 722 Previous Submission
Chapter 723 Actress
Chapter 724 Chocolate Cosmos
Chapter 725 Trus
Chapter 726 Fanbase
Chapter 727 Not Her Business
Chapter 728 Six
Chapter 729 Angry For Your Sake
Chapter 730 Apparent Suicide
Chapter 731 Gun Powder
Chapter 732 A Wry Smile
Chapter 733 Possibility
Chapter 734 F*Cking Gay
Chapter 735 Queen Of Paranoia
Chapter 736 Ominous Squeaking
Chapter 737 Space
Chapter 738 Genius Genes
Chapter 739 Consequences Of Their Actions
Chapter 740 Terrible Memories
Chapter 741 Danger And Death
Chapter 742 Just Irreparable
Chapter 743 From The Shadows
Chapter 744 Happiness
Chapter 745 Hacked
Chapter 746 Miss Universe
Chapter 747 Pirates
Chapter 748 Bears
Chapter 749 Morale And Confidence
Chapter 750 Stories
Chapter 751 A Tes
Chapter 752 A Funny Woman
Chapter 753 A Male
Chapter 754 Silver And Gold
Chapter 755 Full Of Gratitude
Chapter 756 Being Generous
Chapter 757 Confusing
Chapter 758 Intention
Chapter 759 Hohensalzburg Castle
Chapter 760 Picnic
Chapter 761 Perish Forever
Chapter 762 Chess
Chapter 763 Greatest Influence
Chapter 764 Title Of A Book
Chapter 765 Elegant And Deadly
Chapter 766 Compromised Facade
Chapter 767 Poker
Chapter 768 Chips
Chapter 769 A Gambler
Chapter 770 Just Or Unjust?
Chapter 771 Lucky!
Chapter 772 Reasonable Requests
Chapter 773 Fool
Chapter 774 Six Months
Chapter 775 One Thing
Chapter 776 Provoke Zhou Jingren
Chapter 777 Karma That She Deserves
Chapter 778 Gods And Murderers
Chapter 779 “Kind Ways”
Chapter 780 Comfort Of Their Home
Chapter 781 Coward
Chapter 782 Non-Existent Dots
Chapter 783 Talents
Chapter 784 Practice
Chapter 785 Some Nights
Chapter 786 Connection
Chapter 787 Storm
Chapter 788 Empty Head
Chapter 789 Grand Ducal Palace
Chapter 790 Grand Duchy
Chapter 791 Haunted
Chapter 792 Pierre Weber
Chapter 793 Intentions
Chapter 794 Engagemen
Chapter 795 The Duke And His Son
Chapter 796 Crooked
Chapter 797 Fatal
Chapter 798 Decide
Chapter 799 Coaxing Her
Chapter 800 Top-Notch
Chapter 801 Invited
Chapter 802 Intervene
Chapter 803 Little One
Chapter 804 Exhausted
Chapter 805 Dangerous People
Chapter 806 Peaceful Person
Chapter 807 Betrayal
Chapter 808 Half-Drunk
Chapter 809 Asian
Chapter 810 Black Diamond
Chapter 811 Not Qualified
Chapter 812 Real
Chapter 813 Too Wasteful!
Chapter 814 Trying Too Hard
Chapter 815 Lurking Behind His Laughter
Chapter 816 Why Lily?
Chapter 817 Grandfather
Chapter 818 Stay Broken
Chapter 819 Allergies
Chapter 820 The Council
Chapter 821 Erase The Sin
Chapter 822 Younger?
Chapter 823 I Was A Fool
Chapter 824 Mischievous Madam Luo
Chapter 825 A Ghos
Chapter 826 Group Of Ghosts
Chapter 827 Blaming And Abuse
Chapter 827 Blame And Abuse
Chapter 828 Condition
Chapter 829 Antics
Chapter 830 Member
Chapter 831 Blood
Chapter 832 Kill Her
Chapter 833 Calm
Chapter 834 The End?
Chapter 835 Prepare Yourselves
Chapter 836 Benefi
Chapter 837 Dots In Her Mind
Chapter 838 Feed Your Remains To The Dogs
Chapter 839 Confiden
Chapter 840 Hungry
Chapter 841 Cutting Off A Finger
Chapter 842 Fault And Fate
Chapter 843 Lis
Chapter 844 Something Profound
Chapter 845 Despicable
Chapter 846 Sinister
Chapter 847 Change This Country
Chapter 848 Key
Chapter 849 Divine Manipulation Of Threads
Chapter 850 Safety Measures
Chapter 851 Plan
Chapter 852 Dog
Chapter 853 Heart Attack
Chapter 854 Arrest Her!
Chapter 855 Rebel
Chapter 856 A Hurricane
Chapter 857 Dagger
Chapter 858 Loose Ends
Chapter 859 Mysterious Ways
Chapter 860 Twisted
Chapter 861 Lilian Herself
Chapter 862 Current Life
Chapter 863 Premonition
Chapter 864 Sinister Smile
Chapter 865 Plan B
Chapter 866 I Won.
Chapter 867 Foolish Duke
Chapter 868 Fools And Bastards
Chapter 869 Kaen Facci- Zhou
Chapter 870 Cruel Fate
Chapter 871 Ra
Chapter 872 Scary
Chapter 873 Variable
Chapter 874 Madness
Chapter 875 Goodbye
Chapter 876 Suppor
Chapter 877 A Dog Or A Rat?
Chapter 878 Karma
Chapter 879 Promises
Chapter 880 Emergency
Chapter 881 Records
Chapter 882 Blood
Chapter 883 Entrance
Chapter 884 A Very Long Time
Chapter 885 Upcoming Storm.
Chapter 886 Lord Mu
Chapter 887 Rubbish
Chapter 888 The Pas
Chapter 889 Truth
Chapter 890 Us
Chapter 891 Hazy
Chapter 892 Pathways
Chapter 893 Orders
Chapter 894 Crazy Widow
Chapter 895 Trap
Chapter 896 Dispose
Chapter 897 Cooperation
Chapter 898 Thirty Seconds
Chapter 899 A Schemer’S Mind
Chapter 900 Sci-Fi Film
Chapter 901 Explosion
Chapter 902 Too Late
Chapter 903 Realization
Chapter 904 A Lie
Chapter 905 Aisle
Chapter 906 Stars
Chapter 907 Bei Tian Part 1 Of 5
Chapter 908 Kai Zhou- Part 2 Of 5
Chapter 909: Jane Doe Part 3 Of 5
Chapter 910: Experimentations
Chapter 911: Hunted
Chapter 912: Go Jichen And Yang Mi
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Total Chapters in book: 914
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Book Details / Information: There is no RAPE or MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDINGS. WARNING: FL is scheming and evil.

Like almost every dramatic romance novel, Lily Qin’s story began with an evil stepmother, a scheming stepsister, and a dumb ex-fiance. At twenty, she fell prey to their grand scheme and became the laughingstock of the country. In despair, she left.

Seven years later, Lily Qin rose from the ashes.

She was labeled as an empress, an iron lady, a genius, and a prodigy. She was Miss Tycoon.

Now, at twenty-seven, Lily Qin was an established businesswoman who was single-handedly controlling her multinational company abroad. She was beautiful, smart, and successful. Women envied her while men couldn’t help but worship her ethereal beauty.

With her devastating past, everyone had assumed that Lily would exact revenge on the people who had wronged her. Who would have guessed that behind that beaming smile of hers was a numb heart that aimed only to make more profit?

"You got it wrong." Lily elegantly propped her chin on the back of her hand. "I am seeing you today because we have something in common. We're both villains in somebody else's eyes. And I think it's time for us villains to get our own happy ending. Don't you think so?"


Zhuo Jingren’s love for Lily Qin was something that only he knew. Ever since they were children, he had his eyes on her. Yet, every time he had tried to confess, he would end up fainting from nervousness.

So when Lily Qin promised to marry him if he became richer than her, Zhou Jingren did not hesitate to leave the orphanage and work his way up just to become her man.

Who would have thought that years later, when he was successful and feared by many, he would come back to an engaged Lily Qin?

Then she mistook him for an escort after eating his tofu? Preposterous!

The worst thing was, she seemed to have forgotten everything about him. Hadn’t she promised to marry him the moment he became more prominent than her family? Now, after taking advantage of him, she dared to run away?

This woman was a liar!

He gritted his teeth as he watched her approach him. He was about to say something mean when she suddenly spoke. “Are you my new bodyguard?” She did not even wait for him to answer before tossing her car keys at him. “Drive. Let’s go wreak some havoc.”

Thus, the mafia’s big boss became Lily Qin’s bodyguard.


"So? What do you want as a compensation?" Zhuo Jingren asked her once again before laying down next to her. His elbow was resting on the ground and his palm was supporting his head as he looked at her intently.

The first thing that Lily noticed about Zhuo Jingren when he laid next to her was his exposed tanned chest. This made him look more casual… and hot. She didn't even realize she was staring at the latter.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" He smirked at her. "Do you want me to compensate you with my body?"

Lily immediately rolled her eyes at the latter. "Who wants your body? Hmp! I want money!"

"Your mind is always thinking of money but your body actually betrays you. Am I right to say that I have a shameless wife?"

"Hah! I am a strong and independent woman of the 21st century. I know what I want. But if you insist on giving your body, I will take it too!" Lily shamelessly said, taking off her stilettos. However, just when Lily was about to lie down beside Zhuo Jingren, he suddenly pulled her on top of him. With her body on top of his, their faces were really close and they could even feel each other's breath.

"What a shameless woman," he noted, the smile on his face only deepened.

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Other Novels

Other Novels

1. The Villain's Redemption -ongoing



"I'll see you on the other side of the stars," she whispered before breathing her last.


The moment she woke up, she was in a boundless space of white with neither memory, past, nor identity.

Tasked to save the villain in every world she was sent to, she must now live the lives of countless secondary female leads to influence the villain's ending.

"Why do we need to save the villain?" she asked.

"To save the world." A robotic voice answered.

"Why do we need to save the world?"

She never received an answer.

Accompany her in her adventures in each world as she regains her memories, and the mysteries that come along with them.

"Host, you are not allowed to kill the male protagonist of this world," a robotic voice of a small child reminded her.

"You've got to be kidding me!" she hissed as she tightened her clutch around the man's neck.

"We've already talked about this."

She grunted. Letting go of the poor man's neck, she watched as he fell onto the floor with a loud thud.

"I can't kill this protagonist to get the villain together with the female protagonist." She gritted her teeth, glaring daggers at the man who struggled to stand up in front of him. "Nor can I kill the villain so he would stop pestering the protagonist."

"You are right." The voice inside her head answered.

She balled her hands into fists, rage apparent in her eyes. "No killing the female lead, either?"

"You are right."

"Then what am I supposed to do!?"

Silence ensued.

As usual, the robotic voice stopped responding.

Chapters will start after The Villain's Wife is completed

Each arc will have maximum of 80 - 100 chapters.

Faceslapping? Yes

Contemporary? Yes

Romance? Yes

Fantasy? Yes

Horror? Yes

System? Yes

Comedy? Yes

500 chapters+? Yes

2 chapters per day? Yes

Rape? NO

Misunderstandings? NO

Love triangle? NO


Arc 1: The Switched Missy - Contemporary

Arc 2: The Archaic Cultivator - Fantasy

Arc 3:

The Switched Missy Synopsis

Labeled as the Fake Phoenix, Li Yue, the ultimate secondary female lead, must stop the villain from killing the male protagonist in a modern world.



2. The CEO's Woman- completed

If she could use any three words to describe herself, Jiang Yue would say that she is rich, beautiful, and extremely smart. Unfortunately, she took these for granted in her past life, causing her downfall.

After reincarnating to her fifteen year old self, Jiang Yue wants only three things: to build an empire, spend more time with the people who love her and live a happy life.


In his past life, he was unable to express his love for Jiang Yue.

Now that he has reincarnated, all he wants to do is show Jiang Yue how much he loves her.

If she wants only three things, then he wants only three things: to build an empire for her, to spend more time with her, and live a happy life with her.


Mixed with a little hint of mind-boggling mysteries and secrets, what happens when two reincarnated individuals meet and fall in love?


"Do you believe in reincarnation?" Fu Jin's question instantly made Jiang Yue froze. She remembered how she was the one who asked this question when they first met.

"Of course I do." She answered. She was the living proof that reincarnation existed. "Why are you asking that?"

"Well... if I tell you that I reincarnated just to make you mine, would you believe me?" His question immediately gave Jiang Yue goosebumps.

She did not answer him, instead, she turned around so she could face him.

Their gazes met.

"Then if you were given a chance to reincarnate, would you find me again and make me yours?" She asked.

"Of course." He answered, as he tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. "I would find you and wait for you Mrs. Fu. Even if it would have taken million years and million lifetimes."

Fu Jin's answer instantly made Jiang Yue smile. However, this time, a mysterious light flashed in her eyes.

Maybe, Fu Jin's words were true.

Maybe, he also reincarnated just like her.

And maybe... just maybe, their souls were already connected, long before they reincarnated.




Total Chapters in book: 914
Estimated words: 1089226 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 5446(@200wpm)___ 4357(@250wpm)___ 3631(@300wpm)