The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute. by Snowy Years

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Chapter 64 - The Gown Is Torn
Chapter 65 - Chu Ting, How Does It Feel To Not Be Believed?
Chapter 66 - I’Ll Make You Unable To Laugh
Chapter 67 - Master Li Is Being Disdained
Chapter 68 - Chu Luo: Why Are You Following Me?
Chapter 69 - You’D Better Not Regret It
Chapter 70 - What’S Li Yan’S Number?
Chapter 71 - Watched A Show And Got A House For Free
Chapter 72 - Miss Chu, Master Is Waiting For You
Chapter 73 - Bloodthirsty, Fierce Li Yan
Chapter 74 - Removing The Baleful Qi In The House
Chapter 75 - Call Me Bai Ling Or I’Ll Kill You Back To The Novice Village
Chapter 76 - Famous, Checked Id
Chapter 77 - Luoluo, Is He Your Boyfriend?
Chapter 78 - Chu Luo: You’Re The Idiot!
Chapter 79 - If You Are Unconvinced, Let’S Pk; Otherwise, Get Lost
Chapter 80 - Chu Luo’S First Time Cycling
Chapter 81 - : Are You Praising Me For Being Pretty?
Chapter 82 - Defeated Opponent
Chapter 83 - Chu Luo: Watch Your Throne
Chapter 84 - Miss Chu, What Did You Do To Master?
Chapter 85 - The Legendary God Y
Chapter 86 - Li Yan, Don’T You Think I’Ve Grown Much Taller
Chapter 87 - Only Because You’Re A Sick Person
Chapter 88 - Break Your Legs If You Refuse To Speak
Chapter 89 - Sister Chu’S Drawing… Has An Abstract Style
Chapter 90 - Hey, Didn’T We Agree For You To Come At Night?
Chapter 91 - F*Ck! Is This Still Normal? Too Impressive
Chapter 92 - Someone Wants To Curse Master Li With Love Gu
Chapter 93 - See If I Don’T Throw You Downstairs
Chapter 94 - The Exciting Empire Finals
Chapter 95 - : Chu Yan, Her Older Brother
Chapter 96 - Throw Money At Them First, Then Use Force; If Something Happens, I Will Settle It
Chapter 97 - Full Marks For The College Entrance Examination
Chapter 98 - The Final Strike For The Mother And Daughter
Chapter 99 - You May Get Lost
Chapter 100 - What If I Insist On Poking My Nose Into This Matter?
Chapter 101 - Ci Jing
Chapter 102 - Indeed A Pretty But Useless Vase
Chapter 103 - Master Li: I Will Use You To Repay The Debt
Chapter 104 - Chu Luo, A Student From Another Class
Chapter 105 - Negotiation With Imperial University
Chapter 106 - What Are You Doing Here In The Middle Of The Night?
Chapter 107 - It’S Absolutely Impossible For You To Surpass Me
Chapter 108 - Kill Without Mercy If You Dare To Defame Me!
Chapter 109 - Taking A Walk In The Rain, Sheltering Her With An Umbrella
Chapter 110 - Heart Twisted From Being Rejected?
Chapter 111 - More And More Abuse
Chapter 112 - Drinking
Chapter 113 - Throwing A Tantrum At Li Yan
Chapter 114 - Accident
Chapter 115 - I’Ll Save Him
Chapter 116 - I Heard That The Empire’S Team Is Very Weak
Chapter 117 - Bet
Chapter 118 - Anonymous Bet Of Four Billion Yuan
Chapter 119 - Are You Going To Come Out, Or Do You Want Me To Catch You?
Chapter 120 - Li Yan, Can We Talk About A Cooperation?
Chapter 121 - Who Knows When You Will Be In A Good Mood
Chapter 122 - Female Companion At The Banquet
Chapter 123 - The Expert Retorter Chu Luo
Chapter 124 - Master Li Has Just Said Something Romantic!
Chapter 125 - Don’T Be Impulsive
Chapter 126 - : Someone Dares To Threaten Master Li
Chapter 127 - Li Yan Warned Chu Luo: “Don’T Cause Trouble!”
Chapter 128 - You’Re Quite Good At Taking Advantage Of The Situation To Profiteer
Chapter 129 - Attacked By A Hacker
Chapter 130 - Counterattack
Chapter 131 - Encountering A Movie Casting At Li Yan’S Company
Chapter 132 - Li Yan Said, “You Look Ugly In This”
Chapter 133 - This Is Just Normal Contact, Yet You Can’T Accept It?
Chapter 134 - Take Master Li A Notch Down
Chapter 135 - It’S Possible That I’M His Type
Chapter 136 - Attacking Master Li
Chapter 137 - The Special Birthday Present For Chu Luo
Chapter 138 - Dirty-Faced Kitten Chu Luo
Chapter 139 - The Shaman In The Castle
Chapter 140 - Tell Me, Who Exactly Are You?
Chapter 141 - This Person Is Shameless!
Chapter 142 - The Semi-Finals, Shocking The World
Chapter 143 - Chu Luo Got Injured
Chapter 144 - Meeting A Retard
Chapter 145 - Team Up With The World’S Number One, Pk With The World’S Number Two
Chapter 146 - Master Li’S Thoughts
Chapter 147 - Help You Take Revenge
Chapter 148 - Chu Luo Learns About Being Married
Chapter 149 - Little Thing, Why Did You Secretly Come To Me?
Chapter 150 - Chu Luo Is Angry And Misunderstood
Chapter 151 - If I Have The Ability, Why Should I Be Modest?
Chapter 152 - The Sensational Grand Finals
Chapter 153 - Mission Failure, Elimination
Chapter 154 - Do You Want To Kill Your Husband?
Chapter 155 - First Place
Chapter 156 - No One Is Allowed To Talk About Me Without My Permission
Chapter 157 - Celebration Party, Sudden Appearance Of Li Yan
Chapter 158 - I Can Help Her Drink As Much As You Want
Chapter 159 - The First Time Driving
Chapter 160 - The Drunk Master Li
Chapter 161 - How Dare You Hit On Master’S Woman? You Are Courting Death
Chapter 162 - Looks Like You Secretly Drank In The Wine Cellar
Chapter 163 - Teach The Rude Man A Lesson
Chapter 164 - The Passionate Dave
Chapter 165 - Misunderstanding
Chapter 166 - Saving Li Yan
Chapter 167 - Li Yan Is Mine To Manage. Who Do You Think I Am?
Chapter 168 - Flirting
Chapter 169 - You Can’T Go Back On Your Words After Saying I’M Yours
Chapter 170 - How Impudent! Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?
Chapter 171 - Challenging The Top Ten Experts In The World
Chapter 172 - Is Luoluo Praising Me?
Chapter 173 - Master Li Is Getting More And More Bottomless Chasing His Wife
Chapter 174 - Jealous
Chapter 175 - Challenging The World’S Number One
Chapter 176 - Little Fool, Don’T You Know How To Breathe Through Your Nose?
Chapter 177 - You Don’T Have To Worry About Me Anymore
Chapter 178 - What Slapped My Face!
Chapter 179 - Luoluo, My Chest Hurts
Chapter 180 - License Checked While Driving On The Road
Chapter 181 - I’Ll Make You Pay In Blood Since You Injured My Friend
Chapter 182 - I Will Spend The Rest Of My Life Repaying You
Chapter 183 - Cover Yourself Up First!
Chapter 184 - Who Is Less Skillful?
Chapter 185 - Aren’T All Monks Completely Indifferent To Worldly Affairs?
Chapter 186 - Chu Luo Posts On Her Moments, The Storm Is Not Small
Chapter 187 - How Dare A Young Lass Act Like A Tiger In Front Of Me!
Chapter 188 - Li Yan Said, “I Miss You.”
Chapter 189 - Can’T Be Too High-Profile During The Day
Chapter 190 - Junior, Someone Is Defaming You And Brother Chu Online
Chapter 191 - Getting All The Peach Juice On Her
Chapter 192 - Miss Chu, I’M Allergic To Peach
Chapter 193 - Your Mouth Is Too Smelly, It’S Better If You Don’T Talk
Chapter 194 - He Is My Employee, What Are You Talking To Him About?
Chapter 195 - Since You Don’T Want To Wear Shoes, I Can Only Carry You
Chapter 196 - Miss Chu, My Young Master Invites You To Have Coffee
Chapter 197 - Li Yan Is About To Lose Everything. Miss Chu, Why Don’T You Consider Becoming My Woman?
Chapter 198 - You Can Ask Me If You Want To Know Anything
Chapter 199 - Come, I Can Go Back After Fighting
Chapter 200 - How Weak Are You To Get A Girl To Help
Chapter 201 - Chu Luo Flares Up
Chapter 202 - Little Liar, How Should I Punish You
Chapter 203 - Wang Mingtao Said That You Are His Idol, Very Cool
Chapter 204 - Have You Obtained My Consent To Befriend Luoluo?
Chapter 205 - Li Yan’S Scheme
Chapter 206 - No One Can Say Anything If Luoluo Stays With Me
Chapter 207 - You Are A Bully!
Chapter 208 - How Dare You Drive In The Li Family Villa!
Chapter 209 - Since You’Re Done Biting, Isn’T It My Turn Now?
Chapter 210 - Chu, So You Are A Vixen In That Old Woman’S Heart (1)
Chapter 211 - Miss Chu, Can You Wake Master Up?
Chapter 212 - Chu Luo Is Threatened
Chapter 213 - I Heard That You And My Subordinate Are In Love?
Chapter 214 - He Wished The Entire World Knew That She Was His Woman
Chapter 215 - Stand There And Don’T Move If You Don’T Want The Patient To Die
Chapter 216 - Are You Threatening Me, Or Are You Abusing Private Power?
Chapter 217 - Who Do You Think Would Dare To Assault Me?
Chapter 218 - You’Re So Fierce, Careful That No One Will Marry You
Chapter 219 - Chu Luo Was Taken Away By The Opponent
Chapter 220 - If You Move Any More, I Will Carry You Upstairs
Chapter 221 - If I Don’T Stay With My Wife, Do You Want Me To Sleep On The Street?
Chapter 222 - Baby, Call Me Brother
Chapter 223 - I Don’T Want To Two-Time
Chapter 224 - Sun Tianhao Likes Bai Ling
Chapter 225 - Did Luoluo Miss Me?
Chapter 226 - The Rumor That Chu Luo Didn’T Go To Military Training
Chapter 227 - Classmate, You’Ve Got The Wrong Person
Chapter 228 - Buying Ice Cream
Chapter 229 - Why Are You So Tired Tonight?
Chapter 230 - Looks Like The Conditions I Offered Weren’T Enticing Enough
Chapter 231 - Two Professors Protect Chu Luo Domineeringly
Chapter 232 - Being Stopped And Picked On
Chapter 233 - : Sparring With The President Of The Student Union
Chapter 234 - Chu Luo Knocked Into Someone
Chapter 235 - President, Why Don’T You Apologize To Chu Luo
Chapter 236 - Where Do You Want To Go With Me Here?
Chapter 237 - Wang Mingtao Ran Over Someone; Chu Luo Was Implicated
Chapter 238 - Sorry, I Was Too Impulsive
Chapter 239 - Close Your Eyes
Chapter 240 - : I’M Not Panicking At All, Why Are You Panicking?
Chapter 241 - An Astounding Performance
Chapter 242 - Since You Don’T Learn, I Won’T Be Polite
Chapter 243 - Why Is This Person So Annoying!
Chapter 244 - Your Words Displeased Me; Slap Yourself
Chapter 245 - You Didn’T Vomit, Did You?
Chapter 246 - What Is This? Moral Kidnapping
Chapter 247 - The Best Explanation Is Talking With Ability
Chapter 248 - Green Tea?
Chapter 249 - Yan, Don’T Be Angry With Me
Chapter 250 - I Can’T Sleep Without Hugging You
Chapter 251 - If You Dare To Attack Imperial University Again, We’Ll Kill Without Mercy!
Chapter 252 - Junior, Can’T You Be More Modest?
Chapter 253 - What Ancient Tomb Could Have Such A Magical Medicine?
Chapter 254 - Remember, I’M Your Husband
Chapter 255 - I’M Already An Adult
Chapter 256 - Where Are You Planning To Take Me?
Chapter 257 - Puppet Skill
Chapter 258 - Luoluo, Be Careful
Chapter 259 - Group Fight
Chapter 260 - Chu Luo Was Abused?
Chapter 261 - If You Dare To Call Him Scary Again, I’Ll Beat You Up
Chapter 262 - : Have You Had Plastic Surgery?
Chapter 263 - That Depends On The Speed At Which You Change Your Clothes
Chapter 264 - Exclusive Seal
Chapter 265 - Did Li Yan Fall For You At First Sight?
Chapter 266 - There’S Something In The Flower Tea
Chapter 267 - Did You Really Only Drink A Little?
Chapter 268 - Dreamscape (1)
Chapter 269 - Dreamscape (2)
Chapter 270 - Rumors
Chapter 271 - On And On
Chapter 272 - What Is A Troublemaker By Green Tea’S Side Called?
Chapter 273 - Robot Roundy
Chapter 274 - When Will You Be Back? I’Ll Pick You Up
Chapter 275 - Bookworm Chu Luo
Chapter 276 - Miss Chu, My Old Master Wants To See You
Chapter 277 - Confrontation With Old Master Qin
Chapter 278 - Li Yan Who Doesn’T Like Sweet Food
Chapter 279 - You Youngsters Like To Pretend
Chapter 280 - There Has To Be A Reason For Liking And Not Liking Someone
Chapter 281 - Wearing Sunglasses At Night Really Makes You Look Like A Big Baddie
Chapter 282 - Death Curse
Chapter 283 - When Did Li Yan Get Married?
Chapter 284 - You Actually Have Such Abilities!
Chapter 285 - I Heard You And Li Yan Are Husband And Wife?
Chapter 286 - Being Played Around With By Roundy
Chapter 287 - Sister Chu, Save Me
Chapter 288 - Bai Ling’S Pk, God Y’S Gang Fight
Chapter 289 - F*Ck! What Did Chu Luo Do?
Chapter 290 - Contemporary Little Mozart; You’Re Exaggerating, Right?
Chapter 291 - I Won’T Make You Angry
Chapter 292 - Student Union’S Test
Chapter 293 - Luck Has Been Borrowed
Chapter 294 - Neeson Appears
Chapter 295 - Are We On A Date Tonight?
Chapter 296 - Do You Think I’M Easy To Fool, Or Do You Think I’M Stupid?
Chapter 297 - Waah… You Actually Took Advantage Of Me!
Chapter 298 - Jade Tablet
Chapter 299 - Chu Luo Will Definitely Not Agree To Doing Something So Hard
Chapter 300 - Visiting The President Of The Painting Association
Chapter 301 - Chu Luo Protects Her Husband
Chapter 302 - Unexpected Successful Invitation
Chapter 303 - Come Be My Assistant From Saturday
Chapter 304 - Enjoy Your Holiday. After All, There’S Not Much Time Left
Chapter 305 - You Didn’T Come Back Last Night?
Chapter 306 - : A Bad Premonition
Chapter 307 - You Can Ask About Studies, But Hold Back On Everything Else
Chapter 308 - Ahhh! Chu Luo Is Awesome!
Chapter 309 - Who Gave You The Courage To Think That Yan Is Yours?
Chapter 310 - Mistress, I’Ve Been Kidnapped By This Baddie
Chapter 311 - I Didn’T See Anything, Continue
Chapter 312 - : Perfect Match In Imperial University
Chapter 313 - Falling Into The Water
Chapter 314 - I’Ve Had Enough Of These Girls, Is The President As Handsome As Our Brother Chu?
Chapter 315 - Ceo Li, How Dare You Say That!
Chapter 316 - The Mantis Pounces On The Cicada, The Oriole Is Behind
Chapter 317 - Who Gave You The Courage To Talk Bad About Me In Front Of Me?
Chapter 318 - Doesn’T It Look Like Ice Cream?
Chapter 319 - Li Yan: “Right. I Belong To Luoluo.”
Chapter 320 - This Is A Celestial Combination
Chapter 321 - Painting Competition
Chapter 322 - Making Things Difficult For Chu Luo
Chapter 323 - Flamers
Chapter 324 - Chu Luo Is Amazing
Chapter 325 - How Dare You Threaten Me!
Chapter 326 - Little Chu, Why Do I Feel That This Boss Is So Strange
Chapter 327 - Eating Dog Food
Chapter 328 - Someone Is Trying To Cast A Spell On Chu Luo
Chapter 329 - An Old Friend’S Dagger
Chapter 330 - Making Their Relationship Public
Chapter 331 - Making Their Relationship Public (2)
Chapter 332 - Making Their Relationship Public (3)
Chapter 333 - Because You’Re Not Normal At All
Chapter 334 - Don’T You Have Friends?
Chapter 335 - Not Adorable!
Chapter 336 - Falling Into The Water
Chapter 337 - Chu Luo, Shouldn’T You Befriend Us First?
Chapter 338 - : That Boy Is Really Interesting
Chapter 339 - The Duanmu Family Is Really Enthusiastic Tonight
Chapter 340 - A Married Couple Should Discuss Everything Together
Chapter 341 - Troubled
Chapter 342 - You Can’T Even Ballroom Dance?
Chapter 343 - Dream On!
Chapter 344 - Illusion And Magic
Chapter 345 - My Image Has Been Destroyed By That Wretched Man!
Chapter 346 - What Kind Of A Wedding Do You Want?
Chapter 347 - I Want To Test For Level Four, Six, And Eight At The Same Time
Chapter 348 - Love It, Love It!
Chapter 349 - Anya, Calm Down
Chapter 350 - Something Happened
Chapter 351 - Poisoned By Gu
Chapter 352 - Chu Luo Teaches The Grade 10 Students
Chapter 353 - I Can’T Take It Anymore, I’M About To Faint
Chapter 354 - You’Re Chu Luo’S Boyfriend From Before
Chapter 355 - Exorcism
Chapter 356 - Like A Fairy
Chapter 357 - Chu Luo, Interpret For Them
Chapter 358 - What Is There To Be Proud About?
Chapter 359 - Without My Wife By My Side, I Don’T Have An Appetite
Chapter 360 - We Can Try; Let’S See Who’S Faster?
Chapter 361 - Impressive Translation
Chapter 362 - These People Are Too Arrogant!
Chapter 363 - Let These People Know The Consequences Of Offending Me
Chapter 364 - I Got Someone To Beat Them Up
Chapter 365 - Is It Illegal For Me To Stay In My Own Hotel?
Chapter 366 - I Heard You Were Beaten Up?
Chapter 367 - It’S Only Right To Do What You’Re Paid To Do
Chapter 368 - These People Must Be Jealous Of Your Beauty
Chapter 369 - The Most Good-Looking One Is Here, Didn’T You See?
Chapter 370 - As A Princess, Do You Need To Ask About Marriage?
Chapter 371 - I Hope You Stay Single All Your Life
Chapter 372 - You’Re Too Much Like Your Grandma
Chapter 373 - That’S Nonsense, You Little Lass
Chapter 374 - How Bold
Chapter 375 - Stupid Woman
Chapter 376 - So Many Worms!
Chapter 377 - You Scared Me To Death
Chapter 378 - : Li Yan And Old Master Duanmu’S Game
Chapter 379 - I’Ll Be Wherever My Wife Is
Chapter 380 - Help Your Friends Keep Up Appearances
Chapter 381 - Are You Here To Cause Trouble On Our Company’S Opening Day?
Chapter 382 - Reversal
Chapter 383 - Drunk
Chapter 384 - Looking Down On Others!
Chapter 385 - Is He Planning To Hold A Blind Date Ball?
Chapter 386 - Here Comes The Wei Family
Chapter 387 - Attacking Anya
Chapter 388 - I’M Not Asking You To Take A Bath
Chapter 389 - Since You Like Crows So Much, Why Don’T You Become A Crow Too?
Chapter 390 - The Image Inside Is Not Suitable For You Guys To See
Chapter 391 - Chu Luo Visits The Duanmu Family At Night
Chapter 392 - Why Are You Blushing?
Chapter 393 - Missing
Chapter 394 - Junior, Roundy Has Been Making A Fuss For A While Now
Chapter 395 - I Want To Challenge You Again
Chapter 396 - Relying On A Man
Chapter 397 - I Thought You Didn’T Dare To Come
Chapter 398 - How Can A Woman Like You Know How To Produce Robots!
Chapter 399 - The Consequence Of Being A Sore Loser
Chapter 400 - Two Identical Jade Buckles
Chapter 401 - Who’S Your First Love? It’S Clearly A Crush!
Chapter 402 - Soul Locking Array
Chapter 403 - Don’T Like Me
Chapter 404 - We Don’T Lack These
Chapter 405 - Jujube
Chapter 406 - Master Li Who Bluffs People With A Serious Face
Chapter 407 - Daddy, Mommy, An Uncle Is Running Away With Sister
Chapter 408 - This Person Is Too Noisy, Let Her Keep Quiet First
Chapter 409 - Arrogance
Chapter 410 - Divine Doctor Chu
Chapter 411 - Horse Riding
Chapter 412 - Being Followed
Chapter 413 - : Luoluo Can’T Possibly Be Your Girlfriend; Don’T Be Delusional
Chapter 414 - Can’T Beat Them Up Openly
Chapter 415 - Li Yan: You’Re Only Allowed To Leave For Half An Hour
Chapter 416 - Who Can Sleep With Such A Loud Sound?
Chapter 417 - Meeting The Desert Wolf Pack
Chapter 418 - Son, Did Sand Enter Your Brain!?
Chapter 419 - What Is Arrogance
Chapter 420 - Finding Qin Ming
Chapter 421 - No Matter Where You Go, I Must Accompany You
Chapter 422 - Everyone, Better Not Look Into The Water
Chapter 423 - What Talisman Can A Young Girl Make?
Chapter 424 - Entering The Tomb
Chapter 425 - Twin Fish Jade Pendant
Chapter 426 - If You Want To Kill Yan, You Have To Ask For My Permission First
Chapter 427 - Meeting On A Narrow Road
Chapter 428 - Phoenix Skies Dynasty
Chapter 429 - King
Chapter 430 - Asking About The Past And Present Life
Chapter 431 - Distortion, Blackening
Chapter 432 - Do You Not Want To Marry Me?
Chapter 433 - Tell Me, Who Is Yan?
Chapter 434 - As Long As You Don’T Like That Man, These Are Yours
Chapter 435 - Assassins
Chapter 436 - You Don’T Know What’S Good For You!
Chapter 437 - Since You’Re Unwilling To Wake Up, Don’T Wake Up
Chapter 438 - : Consort
Chapter 439 - Two Feng Lings
Chapter 440 - Jingzhou, Do You Think I’M A Three-Year-Old Child?
Chapter 441 - How Could I Possibly Be In Cahoots With Someone From The Demonic Path!
Chapter 442 - How Can You Read Such A Book In Front Of Me!
Chapter 443 - You Said You Would Marry Me When You Were Young
Chapter 444 - Call Me Brother Jingzhou
Chapter 445 - Visiting The Night Market
Chapter 446 - Sleeping In The Living Room
Chapter 447 - How Did You Know I Kicked The Blanket When I Was Young?
Chapter 448 - No Talking While Eating
Chapter 449 - So You Have Lost Your Humanity To This Extent
Chapter 450 - Feng Ling, Don’T You Regret This
Chapter 451 - It’S Time For Me To Find Little Ling’Er
Chapter 452 - Baby, I Finally Found You
Chapter 453 - It’S Just An Old Man; There’S Nothing To See
Chapter 454 - Meeting Qin Ming And Anya In The Tomb
Chapter 455 - Does Any Of Us Look Like We’Re Short Of Money
Chapter 456 - Coffin
Chapter 457 - Who Is He?
Chapter 458 - Sealed Again
Chapter 459 - Do You Know What Being Reserved Is?
Chapter 460 - You Asked For It
Chapter 461 - Butler, Do You Have Candy?
Chapter 462 - Skiing
Chapter 463 - Tell Him That I Might Have Broken My Leg
Chapter 464 - God [Y] Is Confessing To [Bai Ling]
Chapter 465 - Missed The Level Four And Six Exam, Can Only Take The Exam For Level Eight
Chapter 466 - Why Are You Here? To Watch The Show?
Chapter 467 - Something Ridiculous Has Happened
Chapter 468 - Accidentally Becoming A Vixen
Chapter 469 - Are We Going To Watch The Show?
Chapter 470 - Vanity
Chapter 471 - Hit On
Chapter 472 - I’M Waiting For You To Make Me Regret
Chapter 473 - Since This Person Offended You, There’S No Need To Keep Him
Chapter 474 - Examination
Chapter 475 - Too Inhumane
Chapter 476 - How Did She Fall For Him?
Chapter 477 - Complaint
Chapter 478 - What Condition Are You Naming Chu Luo?
Chapter 479 - I Admit Defeat
Chapter 480 - Could He Have Been Pursuing You Since Young?
Chapter 481 - Roundy, The Expert At Insulting People
Chapter 482 - Tired And Happy
Chapter 483 - Why Don’T You Go Rob A Bank?
Chapter 484 - This Person Is Too Shameless
Chapter 485 - A Loss Is A Loss; If You’Re Unconvinced, Hold Back
Chapter 486 - Ten More Bottles Of Red Wine
Chapter 487 - Who’S Making Who Drunk?
Chapter 488 - Both Human And Robot Have Vicious Mouths!
Chapter 489 - An Important Matter In Life
Chapter 490 - Who Said That There Are No Good Men In A Wealthy Family?
Chapter 491 - Everyone Has Their Own Thoughts
Chapter 492 - Wedding Banquet
Chapter 493 - A Fight
Chapter 494 - Do You Think You Can Escape?
Chapter 495 - Kidnap
Chapter 496 - Beat Them Up, Just Leave Them Alive
Chapter 497 - Lifting The Blanket
Chapter 498 - Little Chu, Is Someone Bullying You?
Chapter 499 - A Sleepless Night For Many
Chapter 500 - Old Master Duanmu Comes Looking
Chapter 501 - : Who Is More Ruthless
Chapter 502 - I Don’T Like To Talk When It Can Be Resolved With Force
Chapter 503 - Enlightened
Chapter 504 - Father Is A Little Shy?
Chapter 505 - Showing Cowardice So Quickly; How Boring
Chapter 506 - If They’Re Up To Something, Throw Them Out
Chapter 507 - Watching The Show
Chapter 508 - Chase Them Out
Chapter 509 - I Won’T Marry Anyone Other Than Him
Chapter 510 - An Old Couple
Chapter 511 - Yan, When Should We Have A Baby?
Chapter 512 - Are You Waiting For Me Here?
Chapter 513 - With Me Around, The Experimental Subjects Won’T Be In Danger
Chapter 514 - Chu, Is Your Ceo Boyfriend Jealous?
Chapter 515 - Are You Sure She’S The School Belle Of Imperial University?
Chapter 516 - Gossip
Chapter 517 - : Simply Too Handsome
Chapter 518 - Capture All Invaders
Chapter 519 - Are You Planning To Lock Him Up For The Rest Of His Life?
Chapter 520 - A Different Feeling
Chapter 521 - Are Master Li And Miss Chu Going Too Far?
Chapter 522 - Who’S The One Moving?
Chapter 523 - Why Are You Jumping Off A Building?
Chapter 524 - I’M Not A Gossipy Person
Chapter 525 - Claiming Ties
Chapter 526 - Qin Ming Is Captured
Chapter 527 - Where Is Suitable For Dating?
Chapter 528 - : If You’Re Bored, You Can Accompany Me More
Chapter 529 - Let’S Spar This Weekend
Chapter 530 - Blazing Glory Corporation’S Official Announcement
Chapter 531 - Imperial University’S Official Announcement
Chapter 532 - Not Only Will You Call Me Brother, But Li Yan Will Also Call Me Brother
Chapter 533 - Your Family Is Really Good At Calculating
Chapter 534 - Heavy Yin Aura
Chapter 535 - The Gaming Capsule’S Data Is Stolen
Chapter 536 - Representing Chu Luo’S Parents
Chapter 537 - Good Cooperation
Chapter 538 - Really Pregnant
Chapter 539 - A Gentleman Doesn’T Fight
Chapter 540 - I’Ll Be Your Bodyguard
Chapter 541 - He’S My Husband
Chapter 542 - Dumb Woman
Chapter 543 - Little Baddie, Where Did You Go?
Chapter 544 - Hold It In If You Are Unconvinced
Chapter 545 - He Is A Fox Spirit Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Chapter 546 - Chu Luo, Someone Is Looking For You Outside The School
Chapter 547 - Ceo Li Is Really Ruthless
Chapter 548 - I’M Going To Kidnap You
Chapter 549 - Why Is Senior Here?
Chapter 550 - : I Need Some Quiet Now
Chapter 551 - Detection Of Poison
Chapter 552 - Little Chu, Don’T You Feel That The Room Is Suddenly A Little Cold?
Chapter 553 - Dream On!
Chapter 554 - Junior, Are You Having Too Much Fun With This?
Chapter 555 - Injured And Hospitalized
Chapter 556 - Senior, Is Your Family Still Not Here?
Chapter 557 - Who Do You Want To Find To Be Your Girlfriend?
Chapter 558 - The Vibes Of An Ancient Courtesan
Chapter 559 - The Two Demons Get Into A Fight
Chapter 560 - Keep It Alive, It’S Easier To Study It
Chapter 561 - Suddenly Becoming The President Of The Student Union
Chapter 562 - The Nangong Family Is Actually A Tomb Raider Family
Chapter 563 - A Little Nervous
Chapter 564 - The Wedding Invitation
Chapter 565 - Peach, Don’T Run!
Chapter 566 - Something Cropped Up Before The Wedding
Chapter 567 - : Too Many Idiot Teammates
Chapter 568 - This Woman Is Really Hard To Please
Chapter 569 - What An Annoying Woman
Chapter 570 - The Protective Sun Family Can’T Stand Seeing Others Bully Chu Luo
Chapter 571 - The Wedding (1)
Chapter 572 - The Wedding (2)
Chapter 573 - A Woman Actually Has Designs On Her Man At Her Wedding
Chapter 574 - Leaving Halfway During The Wedding; The Honeymoon Begins
Chapter 575 - The Small Island Prepared For Her
Chapter 576 - An Unexpected Find: Little Ball Of Fur, Snowball
Chapter 577 - Finding Out Ink Feather’S Address, Death Island
Chapter 578 - If You’Re Really Pregnant, Just Give Birth
Chapter 579 - Honeymoon Ends; Back To The Capital
Chapter 580 - Laboratory Poisoning
Chapter 581 - A Large Group Of Reporters Suddenly Swarmed In
Chapter 582 - Chu Luo Disses The Reporter
Chapter 583 - Sparring With Li Yan Again, Having Doubts About Life
Chapter 584 - Roundy, Snowball, Loving Family
Chapter 585 - Imperial University Will Not Lose In Arguing With Others
Chapter 586 - Stay Away From Me, I’Ll Be Angry When I See You
Chapter 587 - Princess Anya Is Threatened
Chapter 588 - A Bunch Of Vixens Want To Be Celebrities
Chapter 589 - Madam, We Are Being Followed
Chapter 590 - Why Are You Apologizing To Me?
Chapter 591 - Why Are You So Enthusiastic?
Chapter 592 - Unexpected Gains
Chapter 593 - Master Li Is A Little Clingy
Chapter 594 - Teaching Old Master Sun To Game
Chapter 595 - Die With Remaining Grievances
Chapter 596 - A Good Man Doesn’T Fight A Woman
Chapter 597 - Green Tea Vs Green Tea
Chapter 598 - : Evil Will Be Tortured By Evil
Chapter 599 - Resolving The Green Tea
Chapter 600 - Nangong Yi Suddenly Contacted Chu Luo
Chapter 601 - The Feeling Of Being In Love
Chapter 602 - Strange Cries
Chapter 603 - Messy
Chapter 604 - Imperial University Is Completely Defamed
Chapter 605 - The Wang Family Is Missing
Chapter 606 - A Mysterious Package
Chapter 607 - A Painting
Chapter 608 - Curse
Chapter 609 - The Secret On The Bottle
Chapter 610 - There Must Be A Shocking Conspiracy
Chapter 611 - Threat
Chapter 612 - Yes, I Don’T Like You
Chapter 613 - Stopped
Chapter 614 - Too Biased
Chapter 615 - You Must Have Done This On Purpose
Chapter 616 - Fool
Chapter 617 - Inviting Yan To Dance For The First Dance
Chapter 618 - Since Someone Is Openly Provoking Us, How Can We Not Teach Her A Lesson?
Chapter 619 - Two Vicious Women
Chapter 620 - You Better Shut Up
Chapter 621 - Since You’Re Here, Do You Think You Can Still Leave?
Chapter 622 - Two Identical Persons
Chapter 623 - Snowball Is A Male
Chapter 624 - Since You Dare To Scheme Against Yan, I’Ll Make Sure You Lose More Than You Gain
Chapter 625 - Testing
Chapter 626 - Chu Luo Is Pregnant
Chapter 627 - The Leader Of Ink Feather
Chapter 628 - I Don’T Have Feelings For Her
Chapter 629 - Can’T You Knock Her Out?
Chapter 630 - I’Ve Underestimated You
Chapter 631 - Luoluo, Don’T Be Afraid
Chapter 632 - Dealing With Ink Feather’S Leader (1)
Chapter 633 - Dealing With Ink Feather’S Leader (2)
Chapter 634 - Dealing With Ink Feather’S Leader (3)
Chapter 635 - Dealing With Ink Feather’S Leader (4)
Chapter 636 - Side Story One (1)
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Chapter 639 - Side Story Two (1)
Chapter 640 - Side Story Two (2)
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Chapter 655 - Side Story Ten
Chapter 656 - Side Story Eleven (1)
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Chapter 659 - Side Story Twelve (1)
Chapter 660 - Side Story Twelve (2)
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Chapter 665 - Side Story Fourteen (1)
Chapter 666 - Side Story Fourteen (2)
Chapter 667 - Side Story Fourteen (3)
Chapter 668 - Side Story Fifteen (1)
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Chapter 670 (End) - Side Story Fifteen (3)
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

A woman from ancient times falls in love with her soulmate.

Chu Luo is the most powerful High Priestess. She is like a celestial being, able to peer into the secrets of heaven and sever life and death. Her skills in medicine and poison are the best in the world.

One day sudden death greets her and she is reborn in the body of a problematic girl who was about to graduate from high school and had planned to commit suicide by jumping off a building because of a failed confession.

Her parents did not love her; her biological sister bullied her, and her classmates were violent…

The corners of Chu Luo's lips curls up into a cold arc. 'Very good, anyone who dares to bully me will be killed without mercy!'


The priest is only passionate about three things:

1. Being first place wins all kinds of certificate awards.

2. Specialize in all kinds of things and never admit defeat.

3. Act cute to Li Yan.

Li Yan is the king of the business empire. He is cold-blooded, heartless, and has a violent temperament. He disregards his family and is called the Devil in private.

Legend has it that a few years ago, he burned away half of his family with a fire. Because of this, he was cursed and his legs became disabled.

Later on…

Everyone is horrified to discover that the Devil and the Demoness are together! The Devil has even become a crazy wife-doting demon!


Master Li: ""My Luoluo's body is delicate and expensive. If anyone dares to bully her, I'll send them to hell.""

The group of experts who have been beaten up by Chu Luo into a sorry pulp: ""Master Li, are you blind?""

Master Li: ""My Luoluo doesn't like studying. Please be more forgiving.""

Teachers from various professions: ""Could it be that the person who thrashed our class's top student is someone else?""

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Jump Off a Building? No Way


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“Hey, are you going to jump or not? If not, we’ll leave.”

“Pfft. If a coward like Chu Luo dares to jump down from the fifth floor, I’ll write my name backward.”

“It’s better if this kind of person dies. She hides her face all day long and is so eccentric. To think she actually dared to confess to our school hunk in front of everyone. Serves her right that she got rejected.”

Feng Ling suddenly opened her eyes, a sharp glint flickering across them.

Who dared to be so impudent in front of her!

Just as she was about to shut out the noise forever, she remembered that she was already dead. She had died at the hands of her own sister.

At the same time, she realized that the environment and the three people beside her were all dressed strangely.

Feng Ling swiftly sized up the surroundings before she noticed that this wasn’t a place she was familiar with at all.

At that moment, she was sitting on the edge of the top of a strange building (the buildings here were all strange to her).

On one side of her was a drop of more than ten meters, and on the other were three girls who were enjoying the show.

A large amount of unfamiliar information rushed into her mind.

Only then did Feng Ling discover that she had actually arrived in an alternate world and had been reborn into this person called Chu Luo.

The original owner of this body was a high school girl who felt inferior, and she was so stupid as to want to commit suicide just because her confession failed.

Chu Luo shifted her body, which was still a little stiff. Her body shook abruptly and she almost fell off the railing.


The three girls screamed in fright.

“Shut up, it’s so noisy!”

Chu Luo steadied herself and had shouted this. The three girls immediately shut up.

They looked at her blankly, feeling that she was a little different.

Chu Luo suppressed her rapid heartbeat and got down from the fence. Ignoring the three girls who were stunned by her aura, she walked away.

She had just taken two steps when she suddenly remembered that the original Chu Luo’s school bag was still on the ground. She walked over. When the three girls subconsciously retreated, she picked up her school bag and walked towards the staircase with a cold face.

“Hey! Coward, didn’t you want to jump? Why aren’t you jumping anymore?”

This regretful-sounding voice came from behind. Chu Luo stopped in her tracks and walked back to face the three girls.

The three girls surrounded Chu Luo and said fearlessly:

“You and Chu Ting are born from the same mother. Yet Chu Ting is the school belle whereas you are a joke. If I were you, I would have killed myself long ago.”


“Heh!” Chu Luo laughed coldly and quickly attacked.

The next second, the three girls’ expressions changed drastically.

“Ah!!!! Chu Luo, what did you do to us? Why can’t I move?”

“Waah… Chu Luo, you must be a monster…”


While the three girls were crying in fear, Chu Luo said coldly as she walked towards the staircase, “I… I’ll let you guys reflect on your actions for the night since I’m in a good mood today. If I hear you badmouthing me again, I’ll cut off your tongues.”

After saying that, she walked towards the corridor and headed downstairs.

It was already after school and the original Chu Luo had secretly come to the rooftop to jump off the building. If those three girls hadn’t seen her and followed her, no one would have noticed her.

Following the original Chu Luo’s memory, she walked towards the school gate.

Everything was unfamiliar to her.

However, since the heavens had allowed her to be reborn, why wouldn’t she want to stay alive and well?

As she walked out of the school gate, Chu Luo stopped in her tracks.

It was already evening and there weren’t many pedestrians or cars on the road outside the school.

Even so, Chu Luo’s eyes were filled with surprise and curiosity when she saw the iron boxes running past her.

There was actually an iron box in this world that was comparable to the Thousand-Mile Horse… A car?

She remembered that the owner of this body would ride this metal box called a car home with her older sister every day.

She looked around, and sure enough, the original Chu Luo’s twin sister didn’t wait for her and had simply asked the driver to drive the car away.

Chu Luo frowned slightly. This had happened more than once in her memory. Whenever the original Chu Luo came out late, she’d had to squeeze into a big iron box called public transport.

At this moment, an eye-catching motorcycle roared as it sped past her.

And quickly backtracked.

The facial features of the boy on the motorcycle had a hint of handsomeness that was just about to mature. His skin had a healthy wheat color. At this moment, he was standing with one leg on the ground with his lips pursed tightly. He didn’t look at Chu Luo but gazed elsewhere arrogantly.

Chu Luo stared coldly at the strange thing and at the person who ignored her.

Just then, a girl with exquisite makeup sitting behind the boy suddenly stuck her head out and looked at her, mocking her smugly.

“Hey! Isn’t this the ugly freak who confessed to Yi in front of so many people this afternoon? Why? You were rejected this afternoon and you’re still not going back. Do you want to confess to Yi again?”

Chu Luo swept an icy glance at the girl in front of her and recognized her as the class belle, Jiang Siyi.

The other person was the cause of Chu Luo’s suicide—the school hunk, Zhang Tianyi.

Jiang Siyi deliberately said to Zhang Tianyi in a coquettish voice, “Yi, this person has the courage to confess to you in front of so many people. Don’t you feel anything?”

Only then did Zhang Tianyi turn his head to look at Chu Luo as if he was doing charity, and then he quickly retracted his gaze, as if looking at her one more time would dirty his eyes.

Then, he said mockingly, “I’m not interested in ugly skinny bamboos.”

Jiang Siyi blushed as she lightly punched Zhang Tianyi’s back with her petite fist. She giggled to herself, and her voice became even more coquettish. “You’re so annoying. Are you trying to praise my figure?”

With an arrogant look, Zhang Tianyi declared, “I like girls who are just like you.”


Chu Luo’s gaze subconsciously fell on Jiang Siyi. What appeared in her mind right now was the question of what sorts of medicinal formula could make the two of them lose the courage to meet anyone again.

Then she frowned. She had never used such a low-level method of dealing with someone since she was seven years old.

After Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Siyi finished mocking her, they drove off on his motorcycle.

Chu Luo retracted her gaze and tried her best to get used to the foreign world. She raised her head and saw a large pharmacy diagonally opposite her. She walked over.

The pharmacy was close to the school, and there was a big mirror inside to cater to the girls who liked to look pretty.

Chu Luo walked to the mirror and stood still.

The girl in the mirror had exquisite facial features. She had a small oval face, a pair of large almond eyes, and a delicate, diamond-shaped mouth.

However, her face was a little pale and her body was a little malnourished. Also, her thick fringe covered most of her face.

Chu Luo lifted her fringe and saw an ugly scar about seven to eight centimeters long that resembled a centipede on her forehead.

In her memory, this scar was caused by her sister, Chu Ting, when she was young. At that time, Chu Ting even played the blame game on her. Not only was the original Chu Luo not treated in time, but she was even given a beating.

Chu Luo lowered her fringe and met the gaze of the salesperson who looked like she was staring at a monster.

When the salesperson met her gaze, she asked indifferently, “Student, what medicine do you want to buy? The scar-removal medicine goes for 998 yuan a box, and you can get a 20% discount for a course of treatment.”

Chu Luo ignored the salesperson’s question and pointed at the Chinese medicine cabinet behind the counter. She was going to say that she wanted all the medicine inside.

However, she suddenly remembered that the owner of this body didn’t have much money, so she only mentioned a few herbs.

In her heart, she wondered:

‘Should I go earn some money?’

Just as the thought of earning money came to her, someone approached her.

As Chu Luo walked out of the pharmacy, she received a call from her twin sister, Chu Ting.

Chu Luo stared at this thing called a cell phone for a long time. The word “Sister” was displayed on it. When she saw this, the corners of her lips curled up.

Although she was still not used to this body, her familiarity was more than enough to deal with a few weak players.

Following the memory of the original Chu Luo, she picked up the call and immediately heard Chu Ting’s order, “Chu Luo, we are playing in Room 1022 in the Golden Ground Entertainment City’s disco hall. Come over immediately.”

Right after saying that, she hung up.


Total Chapters in book: 670
Estimated words: 1361228 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 6806(@200wpm)___ 5445(@250wpm)___ 4537(@300wpm)