Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start by Strange Human

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Chapter 43 - The Living God Of Death!
Chapter 44 - The Goddess Is About To Descend?
Chapter 45 - Immediately Become Rich
Chapter 46 - Church Of Poison’S Holy Son
Chapter 47 - The Arrival Of The Goddess Of Poison
Chapter 48 - Divine Power Skill, Poison Domain
Chapter 49 - Ultimate Control, First God Kill!
Chapter 50 - Massive Reward, Moon Dance Believer
Chapter 51 - Immortal Weapon, Gaze Of The Ancient Evil God
Chapter 52 - Equipment Dropped By The Goddess Of Poison
Chapter 53 - Soaring Resources
Chapter 54 - Reward Distribution, Purple Rose’S Interrogation
Chapter 55 - Is This World Sick?
Chapter 56 - Dragon’S Blood Crystal, Nightmare-Level Secret Realm!
Chapter 57 - Entering Frost Dragon City
Chapter 58 - Kill The Legendary Frost Dragon Boss
Chapter 59 - Frost Princess Sylvia
Chapter 60 - : Submit Or Die
Chapter 61 - Crown Soldier, Frost Dragon!
Chapter 62 - First Clear Of A Secret Realm
Chapter 63 - Dragon Soul
Chapter 64 - : Frost Dragon Princess, Dragon Knight
Chapter 65 - Territory Is Instantly Level 30, Massive Change!
Chapter 66 - : Build The Building And Take Off!
Chapter 67 - : Territory Consolidation Complete
Chapter 68 - Astonishment From The Phantom Goddess!
Chapter 69 - The Deal Is Completed, Soul Contract
Chapter 70 - I Believe In You, Li Cheng
Chapter 71 - Spend This One Billion
Chapter 72 - Super Large-Scale Event, Shadow Crisis
Chapter 73 - World Event Or Solo Event?
Chapter 74 - Divine Earl!
Chapter 75 - Empty The Shop Of The Church Of Light Again!
Chapter 76 - March Into The Shadow World
Chapter 77 - Holy War Of Light
Chapter 78 - How About We Quit Prideful?
Chapter 79 - The Saintess Npc Has Been Abducted By Netherworld!
Chapter 80 - Entering The Shadow World
Chapter 81 - A Gift From The Shadow Dragon
Chapter 82 - Lillian
Chapter 83 - Insta-Kill Before They Even Appear!
Chapter 84 - Am I A Descendant Of The Royal Family?
Chapter 85 - The Profound Puppet’S Sss-Class Mission
Chapter 86 - The First Group Of Shadow Assassins!
Chapter 87 - The Passage To The Shadow World Opens!
Chapter 88 - The Leaderboard That Made Everyone Despair
Chapter 89 - Li Cheng: I Will Take Over This Event!
Chapter 90 - Purple Rose: I Want It, Too
Chapter 91 - Attack The Winged Night Shade’S Lair
Chapter 92 - The Pitch-Black Heart Of The Abyss
Chapter 93 - First Kill Of A Mythical-Grade Boss!
Chapter 94 - Boss Reward
Chapter 95 - Immortal Weapon, Dueling Sword!
Chapter 96 - Plane Bandits
Chapter 97 - Commander Parker Of The Otherworld
Chapter 98 - Meat Shield Boss? Instant Kill!
Chapter 99 - Forbidden Mage’S Powerful Skills
Chapter 100 - Reward Based On Merit!
Chapter 101 - Exchange For Lillian’S Exclusive Set
Chapter 102 - Ella Who Changed Her Face So Quickly
Chapter 103 - Lillian: They Are Peeking…
Chapter 104 - As Many As There Are!
Chapter 105 - The Players’ Strength Increases Greatly
Chapter 106 - Even A Bomb Can Trigger A 10,000-Times Amplification?!
Chapter 107 - Increase The Power Of The Bomb By A Million Times!
Chapter 108 - Still Not Awake?
Chapter 109 - Subdue Tiavanas
Chapter 110 - Soaring Over Six Thousand Trillion Points
Chapter 111 - The Start Of The War!
Chapter 112 - Prepare For Battle
Chapter 113 - I’M A Tier Three Soldier, Invincible!
Chapter 114 - Do You Know That The Dragon Hunting Spear Has Its Own Grade?
Chapter 115 - Divine Fragment! God Of Massacre!
Chapter 116 - : Priests Go Crazy, Too
Chapter 117 - High Priest
Chapter 118 - Territory Invasion
Chapter 119 - Activate The Immortal Item
Chapter 120 - The Consequences Of High Negative Luck!
Chapter 121 - Spineless
Chapter 122 - Netherworld Is A Dog With Authority?
Chapter 123 - Anti-Netherworld Alliance
Chapter 124 - On The Road To Power, One Will Inevitably Offend The Gods
Chapter 125 - The First Armory Of The Profound Empire
Chapter 126 - Li Cheng: I Am Just A Worker?
Chapter 127 - Li Cheng: When Have I Ever Worked For Someone Else?
Chapter 128 - Sss-Class Mission
Chapter 129 - The Foundation Of The Profound Empire
Chapter 130 - Li Cheng’S Covenant
Chapter 131 - Lillian’S Shadow Trial
Chapter 132 - The Last Boss!
Chapter 133 - Instant Kill! Specialises In All Kinds Of Fancy Things
Chapter 134 - The Second Shadow Knights!
Chapter 135 - Lillian’S Terrifying Dowry
Chapter 136 - The Church Of Light Recalls The Holy Maiden
Chapter 137 - Why Does It Feel A Little Crowded
Chapter 138 - Immortal Sandy From The Demon Chamber Of Commerce
Chapter 139 - Li Cheng’S Plan
Chapter 140 - Goddess Ella’S Sorrow
Chapter 141 - Everyone Has One Piece Of Immortal Equipment!
Chapter 142 - The Second Crown Soldiers!
Chapter 143 - Profound Puppet, Setting Up The Astral Portal
Chapter 144 - Immortal Weapon, The Nine Hammers Of Doom
Chapter 145 - Little Loli: I Want To Move!
Chapter 146 - The Brown Bear Alliance And The Alliance Army
Chapter 147 - Settlement Of Event Rewards
Chapter 148 - The First Vassal Race
Chapter 149 - Infiltrating The Church Of Darkness
Chapter 150 - Hourglass Of Time?
Chapter 151 - Maddened Priests
Chapter 152 - The True Body Of The Goddess Of Darkness!
Chapter 153 - Time Freeze, Goddess Of Darkness!
Chapter 154 - Selling Artistic Photographs Of The Goddess Of Darkness
Chapter 155 - The Gods Of The Evil Camp Declare War
Chapter 156 - : Ten Times The Speed Of Construction
Chapter 157 - The First Tier Three Lord!
Chapter 158 - Currency Exchange System Activated!
Chapter 159 - : A Reward For Netherworld’S True Identity
Chapter 160 - The Furious Peerless Prideful
Chapter 161 - Crisis! A Seamless Large-Scale Event!
Chapter 162 - Setting Up Facilities, Combat Meeting
Chapter 163 - You Cannot Have A Saintess Who Is In Love!
Chapter 164 - : People In Disaster (Sss)
Chapter 165 - Elven Princess Reyya
Chapter 166 - Be My Prince Consort
Chapter 167 - Goddess Of Darkness, You Have To Hold On!
Chapter 168 - Broken Players!
Chapter 169 - This Is Too Difficult.
Chapter 170 - Who Is The Real Devil?
Chapter 171 - Dark Judgement
Chapter 172 - Dark Judgement? That’S It?
Chapter 173 - : Please, Enter The Trap
Chapter 174 - The Fallen Evil Commanders!
Chapter 175 - The Collective Descent Of The Evil Gods
Chapter 176 - God’S Descent? All Accepted!
Chapter 177 - Like A God? Kill Them All With One Strike!
Chapter 178 - The Siege Is Over, Strong Buff
Chapter 179 - Goddess Of Luck’S Kiss
Chapter 180 - Promoted To The 7Th Duke Of The Church Of Light
Chapter 181 - Two Immortal Equipment, Mother Earth!
Chapter 182 - Creation Of A Guild, Extreme God!
Chapter 183 - Harsh Conditions For Joining The Guild
Chapter 184 - Purple Rose’S Dowry
Chapter 185 - : “I Am Just Asking If You’Re Angry?”
Chapter 186 - Legendary Soldier, Lucky Gambler
Chapter 187 - Emptying The Shop Again
Chapter 188 - Explore The Strange Spatial Rift. Sss-Class Quest!
Chapter 189 - Making The Immortal-Grade Evil God’S Staff!
Chapter 190 - The God Of Forging Becomes Li Cheng’S Disciple
Chapter 191 - A Consensual Transaction
Chapter 192 - Li Cheng: I’M Invincible!
Chapter 193 - Soldier Awakening
Chapter 194 - Head To The City Of Light
Chapter 195 - The Super Large Guild’S Secret Realm, Death Desert
Chapter 196 - March Into The Death Desert
Chapter 197 - Unlocking A Hidden Storyline Under The Desert
Chapter 198 - Conflicting Quests
Chapter 199 - Is This How The Astral World Plays?
Chapter 200 - The Collective Self-Destruction Of The Three Great Mages Of The Astral World!
Chapter 201 - The Goddess Of Death’S Highest Blessing, Becoming A God?
Chapter 202 - Retake The Clergy (Sss)
Chapter 203 - Accelerating The Fusion Of The Two Worlds
Chapter 204 - Ancient Military Trial
Chapter 205 - Exterminate The Zerg Race
Chapter 206 - Immortal Trial Reward
Chapter 207 - The Fallen Kingdom
Chapter 208 - Declaration Of War! Kingdom Of Kent!
Chapter 209 - Fall Or Wipe Out Hindley City!
Chapter 210 - No Matter Who Is On The Other Side, Flatten Them All!
Chapter 211 - Do You Understand The Meaning Of War?!
Chapter 212 - Charge Into The Kent Palace!
Chapter 213 - A Girl Tens Of Thousands Of Years Old
Chapter 214 - Are The Two Of You Acting?
Chapter 215 - The First Duke Of Kent!
Chapter 216 - The Moonlight Goddess’S Warning
Chapter 217 - : Luna’S Second Break, The Black Moon Eclipse
Chapter 218 - Lena: “Will You Allow Me To Marry Someone Else?”
Chapter 219 - We Are From The Same Family
Chapter 220 - Do Not Let My Goddess Down
Chapter 221 - The Ring Of The Ancient Goddess Of Magic
Chapter 222 - Set Off! Mage City!
Chapter 223 - Declare War! Mage City!
Chapter 224 - Declare War! Goddess Of Magic!
Chapter 225 - Using Magic To Bathe
Chapter 226 - Cease Fire? Who Are You Looking Down On?
Chapter 227 - Goddess Of Magic: Surrender
Chapter 228 - Compromise From The Goddess Of Magic
Chapter 229 - No Bloodshed
Chapter 230 - The Unlucky Peerless Prideful
Chapter 231 - The Benevolent Phantom Goddess
Chapter 232 - Short-Term Targets
Chapter 233 - The Most Treacherous Secret Realm
Chapter 234 - The Imprisoned Goddess Of Space
Chapter 235 - The Supreme Blessing Of The Goddess Of Space (Highest Level)
Chapter 236 - Another Tier-Nine Immortal Weapon!
Chapter 237 - Disabling Spatial Magic In Mage City
Chapter 238 - The Powerful Goddess Of Space
Chapter 239 - Soul Form? Insta-Kill!
Chapter 240 - Sylvia: Who Are You Looking Down On?
Chapter 241 - Sending Warmth In A Group
Chapter 242 - The Dragon God’S Inheritance
Chapter 243 - : Military Skill Book
Chapter 244 - The Mysterious Faceless
Chapter 245 - Golden Dragon, Farewell, Goddess Of Space
Chapter 246 - Declare War! Prideful And War Soul Guild!
Chapter 247 - Restore The Heart Of Massacre
Chapter 248 - The Unlucky Peerless Prideful
Chapter 249 - The Battle Of The Kingdom Of Modill!
Chapter 250 - : If You Want To Steal, I Can Do It, Too!
Chapter 251 - The 99,999Th Level Of The Bottomless Abyss!
Chapter 252 - Which God Dares To Lend A Hand?
Chapter 253 - The Kingdom Of Kent’S Encirclement
Chapter 254 - Scorched Earth, City Of The Sun
Chapter 255 - The Start Of The Alliance War, Targeting The Universe Alliance!
Chapter 256 - Faceless City
Chapter 257 - Kill The King Of The Kingdom Of Gold!
Chapter 258 - : Vassal! Kingdom Of Gold!
Chapter 259 - Strangle A Large Kingdom By The Throat
Chapter 260 - The Guardian Deity Of The Universe Alliance
Chapter 261 - Kill The Guardian Deity!
Chapter 262 - Destroy The Country! Immortal-Grade Title Destroyer
Chapter 263 - Complete Victory, Challenge The Ancient Ruins
Chapter 264 - Profound Empire'S Forbidden Mage Tower!
Chapter 265 - The Empire'S First Mage, Featherfall
Chapter 266 - The Descent Of The Shadow Dragon
Chapter 267 - Three Months. If You Don’T Become A God, You’Ll Die
Chapter 268 - The Reason Behind The Fall Of The Profound Empire
Chapter 269 - Forbidden Mage Mythical Set
Chapter 270 - Large-Scale World Event, Angel Or Demon?
Chapter 271 - Kill The Blazing Angel!
Chapter 272 - The Most Annoying Thing In Life
Chapter 273 - Two For Four, You Guys Got The Upper Hand
Chapter 274 - The Four Goddesses, Initiate The Holy War!
Chapter 275 - 1% Hp, Snatching The Boss
Chapter 276 - The Despairing Eve
Chapter 277 - The Second Evil Spirit Boss
Chapter 278 - Empty The Shop Once Again
Chapter 279 - Descending Into The Evil Domain
Chapter 280 - : Snatching An Immortal Boss
Chapter 281 - I Advise You To Be Kind
Chapter 282 - The Eighth Level Of The Evil Domain
Chapter 283 - Just Sit Back And Reap The Benefits
Chapter 284 - Has Netherworld Compromised?
Chapter 285 - The Duke Of The Church Of Light Won’T Lie
Chapter 286 - Curse Of Evil
Chapter 287 - The Terrifying Triple Gate Of The God Of Creation
Chapter 288 - Planning To Move Into The Floating Island
Chapter 289 - I Will Bring You Eternal Life
Chapter 290 - Who Is Facing A Behemoth?
Chapter 291 - Breaking Into The Zhang Group’S Headquarters
Chapter 292 - Heartless War Soul? Devil?
Chapter 293 - Immortal-Grade Self-Destruct
Chapter 294 - Identity Exposed
Chapter 295 - The End Of Science Is Metaphysics
Chapter 296 - If You Can’T Do It, Don’T
Chapter 297 - Deliver Yourself To The Door?
Chapter 298 - Are You The Child’S Father?
Chapter 299 - Goddess Of Life
Chapter 300 - Accepting The Mission, Demon’S End
Chapter 301 - I Just Want To Prove Myself
Chapter 302 - Ella’S Dowry
Chapter 303 - Empire’S First Laboratory
Chapter 304 - : The Empire’S First Scientist, Shelt
Chapter 305 - Life Deconstruction, Instant Kill!
Chapter 306 - The Broken Magic Network
Chapter 307 - Delivered Himself To The Door?
Chapter 308 - The True Crystallization Of The Profound Empire’S Wisdom
Chapter 309 - Attack The Goddess Of Magic’S Divine Kingdom
Chapter 310 - I Advise You To Be Kind, Your Highness
Chapter 311 - The Goddess Of Magic Has Given In
Chapter 312 - The Supreme Blessing Of The Goddess Of Magic
Chapter 313 - Visit Mage City Again
Chapter 314 - Mage City Transformed Into A Mage Empire
Chapter 315 - Lena’S Transformation
Chapter 316 - Knock
Chapter 317 - Launch A Holy War Against The Underground World!
Chapter 318 - Raid The Purple Agate City
Chapter 319 - Pitch-Black Shield Guards
Chapter 320 - Is This How These People Play?
Chapter 321 - We Must Ensure That The Church Of Light Never Returns
Chapter 322 - Run As Soon As You’Re Done
Chapter 323 - The God Of The Grey Dwarves (God’S Descent)
Chapter 324 - Beating Up The God Of The Grey Dwarves
Chapter 325 - The First Monarch’S Egg?
Chapter 326 - Strange Immortal Weapon
Chapter 327 - Quickly Kill Two Mythical-Grade Powerhouses
Chapter 328 - Goal Achieved
Chapter 329 - Encountering The Church Of Darkness
Chapter 330 - Freeing The Ancient Evil God
Chapter 331 - The Fearful Gods
Chapter 332 - The Birth Of An Evil God
Chapter 333 - Search For The Black Dragon’S Lair
Chapter 334 - Summon The Dragon God To Deal With Li Cheng?
Chapter 335 - Black Dragon Recruitment Authority
Chapter 336 - Goodbye, Immortal
Chapter 337 - Instigating Sandy’S Rebellion
Chapter 338 - Defeat
Chapter 339 - The Terrifying Black Dragon
Chapter 340 - Set Off, Floating Island!
Chapter 341 - Messenger Of The God Of Creation?!
Chapter 342 - Fighting The God Of Creation!
Chapter 343 - Kill The God Of Creation’S Messenger!
Chapter 344 - As A Man, You’Re A Failure
Chapter 345 - The Terrifying Furnace Of Death
Chapter 346 - God Of Creation’S Messenger Set
Chapter 347 - Exploring The Floating Island
Chapter 348 - The Core Of The Floating Island
Chapter 349 - Entering The Floating Island
Chapter 350 - Encircle And Annihilate Li Cheng’S Territory
Chapter 351 - The Winged Elves Surrender
Chapter 352 - The Goddesses Move Into The Floating Island
Chapter 353 - The Goddess Of Moonlight Is Here, Too?
Chapter 354 - Control The Floating Island
Chapter 355 - The Early Birth Of The Immortal Demon King
Chapter 356 - Floating Island Upgrade, Hell’S 10 Ensemble!
Chapter 357 - Set Up The Triple Gate, Invincible!
Chapter 358 - Volley, Heaven And Earth Loses Their Colour!
Chapter 359 - Give Mama Gaia Some Face
Chapter 360 - Netherworld, God’S Taboo!
Chapter 361 - Tiavanas Vs. Arak
Chapter 362 - World Events That End Before They Even Begin
Chapter 363 - Confused Players
Chapter 364 - Deprivation Of Title, Tower Of Time
Chapter 365 - The Last Red Dragon
Chapter 366 - Ancient Red Dragon Osin
Chapter 367 - The Conspiracy Of The Red Dragons
Chapter 368 - Turbulent Winds And Clouds
Chapter 369 - How Dare They Call Themselves A War Fortress?
Chapter 370 - Start The War, Blade Hunters!
Chapter 371 - The Triple Gate Works, Invincible!
Chapter 372 - The Stubborn Ancient Red Dragon
Chapter 373 - Advanced Knowledge Of The Mechanical Race
Chapter 374 - The Hidden Mechanical Race
Chapter 375 - Shocking The Universe
Chapter 376 - Red Dragon Submission, Dragon Empire
Chapter 377 - New Dragon Soul
Chapter 378 - Talking To The Goddess Of Luck
Chapter 379 - The Second Alliance War
Chapter 380 - Goddess Of Life, Negotiation
Chapter 381 - Nation-Building Token!
Chapter 382 - Dragon Empire!
Chapter 383 - Attack The Bionic Ruins
Chapter 384 - Black Technology Of The Bionic Race
Chapter 385 - The Simulated Human Eliminationlan
Chapter 386 - Pans, Heavenly Knight In Super-Class Status
Chapter 387 - Pan’S Attributes
Chapter 388 - Mechanical Calamity
Chapter 389 - Battle Maniac And Technological Idiot
Chapter 390 - Rescuing The Goddess Of Wealth
Chapter 391 - Players In Despair
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

“Ding! You’ve received the [Human Archer (Stage 2)] and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Flame God Archer (Stage 10)].”

“Ding! You’ve received the [Speed Totem (Silver)] and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Wind Goddess’ Speed Totem (Legendary)].”

“Ding! You’ve received the [Basic Resource]x1,000,000 and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Basic Resource]x10,000,000,000.”

“Ding! You’ve received the [Mecha Maid Army] and has activated the 10,000x bonus…”

When Li Cheng was reincarnated to the launch day of the game, Tribe, he had received the 10,000x Bonus System.

From armies to equipment to talents and skills, he could receive a 10,000x bonus.

A few years later, when the world and game merged, people struggled to survive while Li Cheng had already become a godly being…

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rebirth,10,000-times amplification


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

“Don’t… Don’t come over!

“Someone… Someone save me!

“I don’t want to die, I haven’t lived long enough!” Li Cheng roared and suddenly sat up, causing the wooden bed beneath him to creak.

At this moment, his head was covered in sweat, his chest was heaving up and down violently, and the terror in his eyes had yet to fade away.

However, he quickly came back to his senses and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was not dead!

“What’s going on? I actually survived?”

Li Cheng shook his head fiercely, trying hard to recall what had happened earlier.

A moment ago, he was being pursued by the demon army.

The demons that filled the mountains and plains were like demons from hell, covering the entire sky in a black mass.

He had no way to escape and was devoured by the crazy demons.

Then, he fell into endless darkness.

When he opened his eyes again, he was here.

“Could it be a dream?”

After looking around, Li Cheng was a little lost.

This was a narrow bedroom. There was only a bed, a chair, and a computer.

Everything seemed so simple, but there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

“F*ck, isn’t this my bedroom?”

After a long while, Li Cheng finally understood why he thought it was familiar.

This narrow bedroom was where he used to live many years ago.

The problem was… Why did he come back here? This house was demolished a long time ago, no?

Could it be…

After being stunned for a moment, Li Cheng suddenly stood up and went straight to the only computer in the room. The computer screen lit up.

When Li Cheng saw the date on the lower right corner of the screen, he froze on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning.

The lower right corner of the computer displayed [June 15th, 2020]!

“I’ve been reborn?!”

Li Cheng stared at the computer screen in shock.

Wait a minute!

[June 15th, 2020]?

Wasn’t this the day of Tribe’s open beta?

Li Cheng suddenly reacted.

As a senior player of Tribe, Li Cheng knew the game very well.

It could be said that Tribe gathered the wisdom of the entire human race to create this game.

It was a game that combined war, exploration, farming, and survival.

The realism aspect was as high as 99%, almost equivalent to the real world.

In Tribe, players needed to develop their territory, recruit troops, explore the fog…

They could even enjoy the thrill of fighting everywhere!

At the start of the open beta, there were already six billion players around the world.

With Tribe’s outstanding gaming performance, they quickly occupied the global online market.

It could be said that Tribe was a game that could transcend eras.

However, such a great game hid a shocking secret.

Li Cheng, who had reincarnated, was naturally very aware of this secret.

A few years after Tribe’s open beta.

It would fuse with Blue Star’s real world.

At that time, the entire game world would migrate to Blue Star, and the equipment, troops, and resources that players obtained from Tribe could all be brought back to the real world.

However, at the same time, the evil demon army from the game also migrated to Blue Star.

The entire human race on Blue Star was facing an unprecedented crisis.

From the high officials to the commoners, there was no exception.

After all, with the technological level and military strength of the humans at that time, they could not withstand the evil demon army.

Just a week after the world merged.

The human population was reduced by 90%, almost to the brink of extinction.

Ordinary people did not even have the right to choose to live.

Only some high-end players barely survived under the protection of the Gods…

Thinking of this, Li Cheng’s eyes were like torches as he made up his mind.

“Since I’ve been reborn, I have to rely on my own strength to survive!

“The situation of being chased to death by the demon army will never happen again!

“In fact, I want to have the strength to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Gods!”

Tribe’s open beta time was at 12:00pm.


Li Cheng had already laid down on his bed and put on his gaming equipment—a sci-fi style gaming helmet!

The crisp and ethereal female voice of the system rang in the air.

“Lords of other worlds, please, take note. There are still five minutes before Tribe opens. Would you like to start creating your characters in advance?”

“Create!” Li Cheng said solemnly.

Just as he finished speaking, a ray of light flashed.

In Li Cheng’s line of sight, a few human male bodies appeared.

Some were tall and some were short, some were fat and some were thin.

After Li Cheng chose a normal body size, the system’s female voice resounded again.

“Body size has been chosen! Please, name your character!”

Hearing this, Li Cheng said without hesitation, “Netherworld.”

Netherworld was the ID that Li Cheng used before he reincarnated. In this life, he had no intention of changing his ID.

“Name has been chosen. Please, choose your class!”

The classes in Tribe were roughly divided into five middle classes—Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Assassin, Priest.

Apart from the Priest, the other four classes were all damage-oriented classes with powerful attacks.

The Priest was the only healer class that could provide healing and various buffs to the player’s troops.

In Tribe, if one wanted to become stronger, the level of the player’s class could not be ignored.

There were even some players who obtained hidden professions by chance, where they could solo tens of thousands of soldiers.

They were extremely powerful.

At the same time, there was a limit to the level of a soldier’s profession, but there was no limit to the level of the player’s profession.

From this point, one could see that the player’s profession level had huge potential. It was an existence that the soldier profession could not compare to.

Li Cheng thought about it and decided to choose the same class from his previous life. He said, “Mage.”

“Class selection completed! Character ‘Netherworld’ has been created successfully!

“Welcome to the world of Tribe!”


There were still three minutes before the game was going to start.

Suddenly, the system’s abnormal warning rang in Li Cheng’s ears.

“Warning, warning! The system has been invaded by an unknown enemy!

“Warning, warning! The system has been invaded by an unknown enemy!


The sudden change made Li Cheng somewhat confused.

What was going on?

An unknown enemy had invaded?

Where did the enemy come from?

Before Li Cheng could think about it carefully, another extremely mechanical voice rang in his ear.

“Ding, dong, the host has successfully created a game character. The 10,000-times amplification system is starting…

“One percent, two percent, three percent… one hundred percent…

“Ding, dong, the 10,000-times amplification system has successfully started!

“Ding, dong, you’ve obtained the only SSS level talent—the 10,000 times amplification!

“Ding, dong, you’ve entered the game ahead of time. The coordinates have been sent to you!”

[2,314; 8,762]

Li Cheng was speechless.


“10,000-times amplification system?

“Could this be the reward for the reincarnated?”

Li Cheng did not react. Before he could think about it, he was dazed.

He had entered the world of Tribe.

The next moment.

Li Cheng landed on a plain.

“Phew, not bad. At least the birthplace isn’t a dessert or a swamp.”

At this moment, the system notification rang again.

“Welcome to the world of Tribe. This lost continent is filled with all kinds of mysterious opportunities and challenges. I wish you a happy game!

“Detected that you’re the first player to enter Tribe. You’ve received a special reward—one S-Class Hero Recruitment, additional one Luck Value!”

At the same time, Li Cheng’s system notification followed closely behind.

[Host has triggered the 10,000-times amplification system. Reward: S-Class Hero Recruitment x 1, Luck Value +10,000!]


Total Chapters in book: 416
Estimated words: 558283 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2791(@200wpm)___ 2233(@250wpm)___ 1861(@300wpm)