Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws by Carefree Smile

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
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Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
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Chapter 35
Chapter 36 - The Scepter Of Light, Some Hidden Secrets, And A Sparkling Debut
Chapter 37 - The Golden Lotus Poses A Test, At Full Power, All The Petals Will Bloom The Best
Chapter 38 - A Banquet Bluff, The Seventh Forefather Comes Out
Chapter 39 - The White Cloud’S Honorable Swordsman Appears, The Seventh Forefather Revitalizes
Chapter 40 - The Ashura’S Way, Slicing Fruits And Vegetables, Already Too Weak
Chapter 41 - Battle Monarch’S Domain, Three Great Battle Monarch Suppressed, Another Honorable Appears
Chapter 42 - Another Use For The Primordial Purple Haze, Mad Levelling
Chapter 43 - Domineering Aura Surrounds White Cloud City, Killing The Honorable, The Sky Rains In Red
Chapter 44 - Ye Lei Begs For Mercy, Do You Want It? Chu Kuangren’S Reputation Soars Once More
Chapter 45 - The Orthodoxies Quarrel, Princess Linglong Is Looking For A Companion
Chapter 46 - The Honorable Bows, Off To Royal Azure Dynasty
Chapter 47 - Orthodoxies Feud, Fangtian Initiates A Challenge, Are You Qualified?
Chapter 48 - Princess Linglong, His Looks Are Too Handsome
Chapter 49 - Want To Give It A Try, Princess Linglong Took Action
Chapter 50 - Shang Clan’S Young Emperor, The Princess Wants To Form A Marriage
Chapter 51 - Luminous Moon Artificial World, Sage Orthodoxies Sealed Off The Area
Chapter 52 - Supreme Spirit Blood Daoist Physique, Thunder Falcon Tribe’S Young Emperor, Just An Animal
Chapter 53 - Strange Mystery Within The Secret Realm, Qi Of Death, Full Moon Blade
Chapter 54 - Battle Against Young Emperor Lei Ao, Black Wings Of Lightning, No Feeling
Chapter 55 - Mysterious Gray Mist, Might Of The Threefold Dark Ruler Obliterating Dust
Chapter 56 - Having Sky-Prides As Food, A Sage Is Not Easily Killed
Chapter 57 - The Godly Essence, Supreme Ninth Grade Purple Palace Hall
Chapter 58 - Daoist Enlightenment, I’M Going To Slay A Sage, Luminous Moon Reappears
Chapter 59 - The Sage Has Fallen, The Luminous Moon Bows, Paying For Service?
Chapter 60 - The Luminous Moon Sage’S Body, Chaotic Battle Of Sky-Prides
Chapter 61 - I Desire The Body Of A Saint, Even If I Must Break An Arm
Chapter 62 - : Shatter The Four Mystical Arts And Take Down The Sky-Prides, It’S You Against The World Now!
Chapter 63 - Why Did You Kick The Hornet’S Nest For No Reason? Look, Lei Ao Is Dead!
Chapter 64 - The Honorable Lei Huo Gets Angry, A Legendary Skill Is Obtained, And Kuangren’S Joke
Chapter 65 - Who Objects And Who Agrees? Loot The Secret Realm Like Crazy!
Chapter 66 - Clash Of The Supreme Daoist Physiques, It’S The Person That You Lost To
Chapter 67 - The Humble And Gentle Chu Kuangren, A Crowd Of Shocked Honorables
Chapter 68 - The Seventh Forefather’S Drastic Action, A Single Warning
Chapter 69 - : The Honorables All Bowed, Let’S Return To Capital City First
Chapter 70 - The Enraged Royal Azure Dynasty King, Which Marriage Alliance Isn’T One
Chapter 71 - Gluttonous Devouring Technique, Marriage Cancellation, A Lush Green Young Emperor Of The Shang Clan
Chapter 72 - I’Ve Been Sold Off, Clear Boundaries, A Talkative Queen
Chapter 73 - The Royal Palace Banquet, Chosen Fiancé, Are You Drunk?
Chapter 74 - Shang Han’S Challenge, No Difference At All, Shattered Hopes
Chapter 75 - Chatting With The Princess, The Female Cultivators’ Sorrow, What Plans Do You Have Next
Chapter 76 - A Visit To The School Of White Lotus, A Spar With The Maiden Sage
Chapter 77 - Defeating Countless Techniques With A Single Sword, The Legendary Trait Meditational Clarity
Chapter 78 - White Lotus Light Of Purification, A Shocking Event For The School Of White Lotus
Chapter 79 - Becoming A Bachelor Sage, Protection From Three Major Sage Orthodoxies
Chapter 80 - Grand Conferral Ceremony, Worshipping Him Like A God
Chapter 81 - Everyone’S Reaction, This Item Is Fated To Be Mine
Chapter 82 - Solo Battling An Honorable, Might Of The White Lotus Light Of Purification
Chapter 83 - Refining An Honorable With The Gluttonous Devouring Technique, Taixu Temple’S Wuchen Zi
Chapter 84 - Wuchen Zi’S Despair, The Taixu Temple Lord’S Invite
Chapter 85 - My Daoist Heart Is As Solid As Rock, It’S Just But A Slight Breeze
Chapter 86 - A Mental Spar With The Taixu Temple Lord, Please Take My Attack
Chapter 87 - A Role Model’S Influence, An Incredibly Amazing Disciple
Chapter 88 - A Natural Cultivator, The Dharma Sect’S Stone Test Pillar
Chapter 89 - Don’T You Come Over Here! The Majestic Stele Forest
Chapter 90 - Gaining Insights Into Eight Thousand Techniques Within The Stele Forest, Are You Kidding Me
Chapter 91 - Uncover And Fuse The Eight Thousand Arts Into One Daoist Physique
Chapter 92 - Conversations With The Dharma Sect Master And Winning Against The Honorable Supreme
Chapter 93 - Seventy-Four Supreme Techniques, Four Sage Techniques, And A Single Sword Strike
Chapter 94 - The Sun, The Stars, And The Support Of Three Sages
Chapter 95 - The Demon Vow Sect Is Used As A Tool, Northern Lingdao Becomes Hell For Fools
Chapter 96 - Where Did These People Go, Thinking It’S Still Under Control
Chapter 97 - The Demonic Cultivators’ Intention, They Do Resemble Humans After All
Chapter 98 - Chu Kuangren Is Reliable, I Alone Can Slay The Demons
Chapter 99 - Lin Batian’S Sacred Flames, A Sky-Pride From Thirty Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 100 - The Ancient Sky-Pride Could Not Defend Against A Single Blow, Searching Throughout The Mountain River Sect
Chapter 101 - The Sage Ruler Weapon, Demonic Spear Of Apocalypse, Suppressing The Demonic Weapon
Chapter 102 - Wanting To Fight The Demonic Cultivators Alone, Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 103 - The Ones Behind His Back, Don’T Let Me Wait Any Longer
Chapter 104 - A Hundred Thousand Demonic Cultivators, Remember That Moment, Sing Songs Of His Achievements
Chapter 105 - The Underworld Palace’S Chakra King, The Hundred Thousand Demonic Cultivators Fall Like Blades Of Grass
Chapter 106 - Wait Until His Spiritual Power Depletes, Chu Kuangren Must Die
Chapter 107 - Depleting Spiritual Power? The Nonexistent Gluttonous Devouring Technique’S Might
Chapter 108 - Mountain Of Corpses And Sea Of Blood, The Banished Immortal Slaughters, End Of A Great Battle
Chapter 109 - Nine-Pearled Crown, King Among The Mountain Of Corpses And Sea Of Blood
Chapter 110 - The Eternal Emperor’S Scripture, Immortal Body’S Second Stage, A Sudden Visit From The Divine Predictor
Chapter 111 - If The Ancient Sky-Prides Are To Be Awoken, What Use Is There In Continuing My Cultivation?
Chapter 112 - Returning To The Black Heaven Sect, Closed-Door Meditation To Acquire The Eternal Emperor Scripture
Chapter 113 - Time Waits For No Man, Not Even You, Chu Kuangren
Chapter 114 - The Fate Of An Era Changes When Chu Kuangren Returns!
Chapter 115 - News About Chu Kuangren’S Return Spreads, The Sky-Prides Make Their Moves In Turn
Chapter 116 - Transcendent Grade Trait, Lan Yu’S Breakthrough, He Is Still Majestic As Always
Chapter 117 - The Sky-Prides Have Arrived In Succession, Looks Like You Will Have To Queue Up
Chapter 118 - Phantom Light Strike And Human Mountain Stamp Combined, A Palm Technique For Each Person
Chapter 119 - Chu Kuangren’S Domain, Crawl For Me
Chapter 120 - Becoming An Alchemy Grandmaster, Testing It Out In The Brewing Chamber
Chapter 121 - Massive Sorrow At The Scene, A Master Shocked By The Nine Clustered Pill Cloud
Chapter 122 - Gujiang Desperately Seeks A Teacher, Keep Kneeling If You Want, I’M Joining The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 123 - The Winged Human’S Relationship With The Sage Ruler Holy King, To The Winged Human Tribe We Go
Chapter 124 - The Winged Human’S Welcome, The Demonic Well, The Scepter’S Symbolic Meaning
Chapter 125 - The Demonic Well Opens, Fallen Winged Human Tribe, The Battle Against An Honorable
Chapter 126 - The Emperor’S Clone, Effortlessly Facing The Domineering Emperor’S Aura
Chapter 127 - Destroying The Clone With A Sage’S Attack, The Elders’ Persuasion
Chapter 128 - Jue Tianlan’S Intention To Steal The Scepter Of Light, I Don’T Even Know What’S Happening
Chapter 129 - Just Roar If There’S Trouble On The Road, Finally Met The Real Person
Chapter 130 - Like Fish In Water In The Sword Prayer City, Ore Gambling In The World Of Cultivation
Chapter 131 - Stone Of Phoenix Blood And Earth Spirit Crystal, This Really Is My First Time Playing!
Chapter 132 - Oh Eternal Phoenix, It’S Like I’M Raising A Child Here
Chapter 133 - The Seven Heroes Of Swordsmanship, A Strange Sword Case, Sword Hoarder Steals The Sword
Chapter 134 - Swords And Humans Can’T Communicate, So I’Ll Take The Swords And Your Case
Chapter 135 - A Blacksmithing Family, Meeting Li Xingchen Once More, And The Legend Of The Hundred Swords Spectrum
Chapter 136 - The Disastrous Godly Phoenix Egg, The Emperor Weapon Sacred Emerald Sword Case
Chapter 137 - Commencement Of The Great Sword Tournament, A Disturbance In The Sky Fire Valley
Chapter 138 - A Peculiar Sensation, Bai Qianjun’S Boast, A Slap Into The Stage
Chapter 139 - Still A One-Palm Problem, Chu Kuangren Is Worth More Than Ten Young Emperors
Chapter 140 - Battle Over The Sword Soul, Blame Myself For Being Too Kind-Hearted
Chapter 141 - The Sword Soul’S New Owner, There Came Three Of The Seven Heroes Of The Swordsmanship World
Chapter 142 - Battling Two Honorable Supremes, Sword Hoarder’S Generosity
Chapter 143 - Killing Chu Kuangren With Brute Force? Don’T Embarrass Yourself! He Just Cut Down An Honorable!
Chapter 144 - Leave The Yin And Yang Ring And Scram, I See No God Other Than Me
Chapter 145 - To Make The Scabbard, Drastic Measures Must Be Taken. Go, Melt The Demonic Spear!
Chapter 146 - The Hundred Swords Spectrum Is Unveiled, A Sage Will Preach For Us!
Chapter 147 - A Rocksteady Daoist Core, Whitelock Mountain, And The Tyrant Lei Mingtian
Chapter 148 - Who Gave You Such Courage To Speak Like That, Suppressing Lei Mingtian
Chapter 149 - Little Daoist Boy, Thousand Mountain Formation, Even Kids Can’T Resist Him
Chapter 150 - The Mental Staircase, Rigid And Unmoving Daoist Heart Of Stone
Chapter 151 - The Mental Staircase Crumbles, The Sage’S Daoist Teachings, My
Chapter 152 - You Guys Are Here To Listen To The Teachings Of Daoism, I’M Here To Mentally Spar Instead
Chapter 153 - Sparring With A Sage, The Astonishment Of The Sages
Chapter 154 - Self-Creating An Emperor Technique, No Winner Or Loser, Shocking The Entire World
Chapter 155 - Demonic Cultivators Again, Heading To The Qian Nation, Let Us Wear A Mask
Chapter 156 - Chu Kuangren Has Arrived At The Qian Nation, The Red Lady Of Heavenly Fragrance Inn
Chapter 157 - True Intentions Of The Demonic Cultivators, The Demonic Heart In The Demonic Vanquishment Lake
Chapter 158 - The Soul Retriever, The Two Sects Gathered, There’S No Chance For You Anymore
Chapter 159 - I’M Here To Swat You To Death, The One Who Slipped Away From The Weeping Demon Mountain
Chapter 160 - Great Ashura Avatar, The Emperor Technique Activates Once Again
Chapter 161 - The Demonic Heart Is Gone, Killing The One Who Got Away
Chapter 162 - Demon Disintegration, Killing Chakra King, This Is What You Deserved
Chapter 163 - Li Xingchen Gets Walked-In, Refining A Ninth Grade Honorable Supreme Pill
Chapter 164 - You Are Threatening Me, First Usage Of The Soul Retriever
Chapter 165 - Untold Secrets Of The Sage War, Did You Think I Would Save You For Next Year? No, You Die Here!
Chapter 166 - At Least Ninety Percent Confidence, Vibrant Rejuvenation Pill, Spring Slumber Pill
Chapter 167 - Thundersoother Rod, An Attempt To Thwart Honorable Xuan Qi
Chapter 168 - Honorable Teacher, You Have Quite A Few Enemies, Heavenly Tribulation Begins
Chapter 169 - The Elites Have Arrived One After Another, I Am Number One, You Dare To Have An Issue With That?
Chapter 170 - The Greatness Of The Soul Retriever, You All Shall Remain Here
Chapter 171 - The Punishing Heart Sword, The Death Of Ling Huhong, Our Good Luck
Chapter 172 - Honorable Xuan Qi’S Successful Ascension, The Sword Gauntlet’S Quota
Chapter 173 - Jade Watersword Sect, Linghu’S Young Emperor, I Look Forward To Meeting Him
Chapter 174 - Two Choices, Linghu Teng, The Solitary Young Emperor
Chapter 175 - Shattered In A Single Strike, The Four Seasons Sword Formation, Lu Yan’S Thoughts
Chapter 176 - A Slap On Lu Yan, The Return To Black Heaven Sect, You’Ve Already Said It All
Chapter 177 - Sighing All Day, The Hidden Sword Canyon, Crossing Swords Through Time
Chapter 178 - Murong Xuan’S Strange Behavior, The Sword In Lan Yu’S Arms
Chapter 179 - Two-Thirds Sword Qi Killing An Honorable, The Sword Gauntlet Opens
Chapter 180 - Buzzing And Humming Like A Fly How Annoying, Chu Kuangren Is Kinder
Chapter 181 - : Invisible Barrier, Faceless Swordsman, Corridor Murals
Chapter 182 - Break Through The Limit, Insane Forty-Eighth Floor
Chapter 183 - Disappointing, Climbing To The Top Of The Sword Gauntlet, Creating History
Chapter 184 - Mindful Emperor, An Earth-Shattering Secret, Heavenly Emperor You Have Got To Be Kidding Me
Chapter 185 - Slaying The Dragon, Seeking Revenge On Chu Kuangren, You Are Too Weak
Chapter 186 - Sword Runes, Will You Strike Or Will You Fall?
Chapter 187 - In The Unknown Lands, It’S Every Man For Himself, Honorable Teacher
Chapter 188 - The Godly Phoenix Egg Hatches, The Beasts Come To Attack
Chapter 189 - The Sword Qi Clones, The Godly Phoenix’S Birth, A Scene That’S A Grand Sight To Behold
Chapter 190 - Withered Cloud Sage, The Sacred Palace Of Death Again, The Four Seasons Sword Formation
Chapter 191 - Killing A Boundary Sage With The Four Seasons Sword Formation, Can I Ride On Your Back?
Chapter 192 - Honorable Xuan Qi’S Speech, Grand Entrance With The Godly Phoenix
Chapter 193 - My Vow To The Heavens And Earth, Sun And Moon Witnessed By All Beings, Be It Immortals, Demons, Gods And So Forth
Chapter 194 - Ruler Matrimonial, Supreme Elder, Second Rank In The Hundred Sword Spectrum, Murong Feng
Chapter 195 - I’D Prefer To Not Swing My Sword, So That’S How It Feels Like To Be Knocked Aside By A Divine Beast
Chapter 196 - Naming The Divine Beast, Continuously Self-Creating Sage Techniques
Chapter 197 - Twelve Sage Techniques, Too Battering For Us, Our Daoist Core Nearly Crumpled
Chapter 198 - Placing The Sword Gauntlet, Murong Xuan’S Fury, Chu Kuangren’S Ambition
Chapter 199 - The School Of White Lotus Calls For Help, Chu Kuangren’S Warning, The Chaos In Full Moon Kingdom
Chapter 200 - Purging The Demonic Qi, The Mysterious Black-Robed Man, Soul-Devouring Dagger
Chapter 201 - People From The Underworld Palace Again, The Three-Headed Hound Becomes A Tool Dog
Chapter 202 - Assisting The Enemy? You Want Us All To Die Together? No Chance
Chapter 203 - Slaying The Demonic Beast, Spring Breeze Healing Technique, Supreme Honorable Foundation Level
Chapter 204 - Murong Xuan’S Call For Help, Onwards To The Murong Clan, The Illusive Mirage
Chapter 205 - Murong Xuan’S Helplessness, The Coffin That Fell During The Prayer Ceremony
Chapter 206 - Your Ancestors Shall Die A Graveless Death, Bring It On Then, Let’S Go To War!
Chapter 207 - The Murong Clan’S Sage Appears, Fighting The Sage Solo, Can You Even Kill Me?
Chapter 208 - The Two Sages Appear, The Highest Form Of The Four Seasons Sword Formation
Chapter 209 - Sword Qi Clones Against The Whole Murong Family, Want To Negotiate? Too Bad
Chapter 210 - Sage Killer Chu Kuangren, The Murong Clan’S Second Forefather Gives In, Anyone Else?
Chapter 211 - Black Heaven’S Second Forefather Arrives, Slaying Two Sages, It Is Enough
Chapter 212 - A Person Truly Becomes A Cripple When He Loses All Hope, All Of You Will Have To Pay The Price
Chapter 213 - Vitality Pill Tome, Ghost Street, Blackstain Plume Ringleader’S Fear
Chapter 214 - Wreaking Havoc At Ghost Street, Annihilating The Blackstain Plumes, Shaking The Entire World
Chapter 215 - Everyone’S Reaction, Outrageous Lucky Halo, Done Inventing It
Chapter 216 - Iron Alchemy Pill Scroll, Fairfrost Sage, Where To Find Such An Alchemist
Chapter 217 - Master Lee’S Discontentment, Danger Looms Above Gujiang’S Head
Chapter 218 - The Grandmaster’S Inheritance, The Pill Refinement Journal, The Rude Master Lee
Chapter 219 - He’S Just Too Handsome, The Seven Colored Nebula Flower, Master Lee’S Plan
Chapter 220 - The Graygrill Sage’S Attack, One Of That Lunatic’S People
Chapter 221 - The Ninth-Level Sage Grade Supreme Pill, Who Did This To You
Chapter 222 - Three Reasons, Cut Off A Limb Then, What’S The Point Of Having That Fight
Chapter 223 - Fairfrost Sage Joins The Black Heaven Sect, Unconditional Support
Chapter 224 - It’S Nothing, No Way, I Have A Cold?
Chapter 225 - The Gravity Training Grounds, Coming Out With Hands On The Wall, One Year
Chapter 226 - Prepared To Go Catch Some Waves, Let Him Go Out There And Stir Up Some Trouble
Chapter 227 - Chu Kuangren Descends Into The World Once Again, Shocking The World
Chapter 228 - Ancient Battlefield, Meeting Qian Gufui Again, A Little Brother Of His Little Brother
Chapter 229 - Assisting From The Dark, Tathagata Rebirth Mantra, The Buddhist Emperor Technique
Chapter 230 - Exploring The Ancient Battlefield, The White-Robed General, One Of The Seven Great Mysterious Manifestations
Chapter 231 - The Inner Zone, High-Level Tormented Soul, Acting So Dramatically
Chapter 232 - The Yun Xiao Troop, The Rumored Lou Kingdom’S Treasure
Chapter 233 - Into The Ancient City, Looting The Treasures, A Boundary Emperor Weapon
Chapter 234 - The Lou Kingdom’S Past, A Million Tormented Souls, Shang Han And Others Enter The Ancient City
Chapter 235 - Not A Single Soulstone To Be Found, The Reckless Shang Han
Chapter 236 - The Tormented Army Is Unleashed, It’S Apocalyptic, The White-Robed General
Chapter 237 - Shattered With One Palm, What Happened Here, I’Ve Completely Forgotten
Chapter 238 - The Horizon Wing Sect Cultivators Do Not Fear Death, Monk Disciple Wu Ye
Chapter 239 - Disrupting The Battle Formation With A Single Sword Qi, I Can Be Sure Who It Is
Chapter 240 - Died For Nothing, Chu Kuangren Is Here, Destroying Tens Of Thousands Of Tormented Souls In A Single Slash
Chapter 241 - The Tathagata Rebirth Mantra
Chapter 242 - Provide Guidance, Six Words, He’S Undoubtedly Our Sect Leader
Chapter 243 - Continue Making Things Up, The Monk Disciple Formally Takes A Teacher, Entering The Ancient Battlefield Once More
Chapter 244 - Stealing The Sage’S Bones, Entering The Core Area, The Infallible Tormented Physique
Chapter 245 - Finding The Innate Ferocious Qi, Never Before Seen Threat
Chapter 246 - The Giant Tormented Sage Ruler, The White-Robed General Took Action, The Innate Ferocious Crystal
Chapter 247 - Hordes Of Tormented Souls, He Sat Down Instead, Fighting The Tormented Souls With Sword Qi Clones
Chapter 248 - The General And The Princess, You Help Me Find Someone, I’Ll Help You Kill Someone
Chapter 249 - Sixty Percent Progress, Onwards To Thunder Temple, The Sect Leader’S Grand Perk
Chapter 250 - I Am The Buddha, What A Master Indeed, Enlightened In A Single Sentence
Chapter 251 - Into The Scripture Library, Chief Of The Dhamma Institute Sha Xin, Go Drag Him Out
Chapter 252 - Forming The Transcendent Coalescence Daoist Physique, Sha Xin’S Confusion
Chapter 253 - Sha Xin Descends Into Madness, Kill A Sinner To Protect Him, For The Riddance Of Evil Is Not Slaughter
Chapter 254 - Shang Han Challenges Princess Linglong, You’Re Less Than A Glow-Worm
Chapter 255 - Princess Linglong Is Relentless, Touch Her And I’Ll Bury Your Entire Clan With You
Chapter 256 - How Is Killing A Mere Trash Like You Enough, Let Them Wait Respectfully For My Arrival
Chapter 257 - The Shang Clan Discusses Countermeasures, Chu Kuangren Has Arrived
Chapter 258 - Just Kill Yourself As Atonement, I Was Too Naive
Chapter 259 - Might Of The Infallible Tormented Physique, Great Battle Against The Six-Step Sage
Chapter 260 - Defeating The Shang Clan’S Sage, Are You Doing It Yourself Or Shall I Do It For You Instead
Chapter 261 - A Clue On The White-Robed General’S Descendant, All Hail The Sect Leader
Chapter 262 - Nimbus City’S Shang Branch Clan, No Way, I’Ve Only Just Arrived And You’Re Already Doing This
Chapter 263 - The Descendants Of The White-Robed General, It Really Is Him
Chapter 264 - The Bai Family Young Emperor Bai Xueyun, Do Not Have Any Wishful Thinking
Chapter 265 - Deep Freeze Physique, The Fifth Bai Forefather Comes To Find Fault, My Name Is Chu
Chapter 266 - Are You Willing To Lead The Shang Clan, The Bai Family Young Emperor’S Fear
Chapter 267 - Marrow Cleansing Pool, Shang Qingxue Wants To Join The Black Heaven Sect, The Royal Azure Dynasty Ruler’S Ascension
Chapter 268 - Linglong Shall Be Crowned As Queen, Sky-Pride Championship Of Four Domains
Chapter 269 - Back To The Sect, Sect Leaders Are Not Allowed To Participate, Lil Red’S Ascension
Chapter 270 - The Special Training Begins, How Disappointing, Marrow Cleansing Pool
Chapter 271 - Aren’T You Underestimating Us Too Much, Battle Of The Daoists Against The Sword Qi Clone
Chapter 272 - Our Sect Leader Must Be A Devil In Disguise, High-Level Spirit Grain
Chapter 273 - Breakfast, Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, Fellow Daoists’ Improvement
Chapter 274 - I Won’T Give Up, As Long As They Are Alive, They Will Train Until Their Deaths
Chapter 275 - Master Knows How To Play Music, The First Song Of The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, Boundless Overworld
Chapter 276 - Heading To White Tiger Domain, Never Seen A Place Like This, Why Don’T We Mental Spar
Chapter 277 - : The First City, Only One Can Lead The Sky-Prides, Kuangren Of The Black Heaven It Shall Be!
Chapter 278 - The Participant Name List, Two Ladies In A Musical Duel, Fire Spirit Crystal
Chapter 279 - Are You Selling This Bird Or Not, How Could There Be Such A Guqin Music Daoist Rhyme In This World
Chapter 280 - Two Ladies Competing For A Guy, Was That Really The Godly Phoenix?
Chapter 281 - The Orthodoxies Made Their Entrances, The Thirteen Prefects Of The First City
Chapter 282 - Four Groups, First Round, There’S Also Me, Nangong Huang
Chapter 283 - Outer Disciple Lil Bing Puts On A Performance, The Power Of A Sage’S Rune
Chapter 284 - Only You Deserve To Be My Equal, Do You Not Have An Ounce Of Self-Decency?
Chapter 285 - What Did You Call Me, Looked Down Upon, Lan Yu Volunteers
Chapter 286 - This Is A Round Where Luck Matters, All One Hundred Of Them Belongs To Me
Chapter 287 - Lan Yu’S Strength, One Versus A Hundred, Total Victory
Chapter 288 - We’Ll Definitely Win, Huge Points Gap, Nine Deaths Blazing Blood Art
Chapter 289 - I’Ve Been Waiting For This Fight For A Long Time, Murong Xuan Faces Off Against Linghu Teng
Chapter 290 - Unstoppable Black Heaven Sect, The Ongoing Third Round
Chapter 291 - Nangong Huang Defeats Lei Mingtian, Murong Xuan Battles Li Yin
Chapter 292 - Why Don’T We Have A Bet, Madness, Outrageous Betting Sum
Chapter 293 - Murong Xuan Wins, Please Hand Over Your Stakes, We’Re Rich
Chapter 294 - Four And A Half Billion, Honoring A Bet Is Natural Principle
Chapter 295 - Overwhelming Points Advantage, Booking The Entire Four Seas Inn, How Heartless Are You
Chapter 296 - Final Round Of The Group Match, Blood Moon Ancient Alleys, Five Representatives
Chapter 297 - The Other Sage Orthodoxies Collusion Against The Black Heaven Sect, Wait, Not Again?
Chapter 298 - The Gruesome Battles Of Each Member, Jin Feiyan And Jun Yi Meets A Dead End?
Chapter 299 - Two Against Eight, Turning The Situation Around, Everchanging Fiery Water Sword Formation
Chapter 300 - So What If You Joined Forces? Nothing Can Stop The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 301 - How Much Did You Win This Time, The Semifinals, Getting Rid Of The Point System
Chapter 302 - Medicinal Pills And Elixirs Banned, Nangong Huang Defeats Chang Yuan, Lan Yu Versus Chang Tian
Chapter 303 - Nailed To The Wall, The Strongest Young Emperor Is Nothing But A Joke
Chapter 304 - The Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang And The Third Prefect, The Finals Begin, The Thousand Terrain Secret Realm
Chapter 305 - Jun Yi Versus Jing Nian, Echo Ore Vein, Don’T Make Me Rip Apart The First City
Chapter 306 - Dark Swamp, How Convenient, Lan Yu Battles Chang Ao
Chapter 307 - Lan Yu Breaks Through, The Final Battle, Chu Kuangren Is Not His Usual Self
Chapter 308 - The Black Heaven Sect Has Won, All Of You Can Head Back First, The Real Show Has Just Begun
Chapter 309 - Issue A Public Apology, Or I Will Tear Down The First City
Chapter 310 - Striking Down Two Islands In Succession, Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang Intervenes
Chapter 311 - Battling Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang, The Third Prefect, The Other Sages Joined In
Chapter 312 - Six Sages Join The Battle, Chu Kuangren Is Excited
Chapter 313 - Full Combat Power, The Sages Fear, The Worst Atrocity
Chapter 314 - The Sages Reveal Their Trump Cards, Allow Me To Play You A Song
Chapter 315 - The Terror Of Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, The First Prefect Appears
Chapter 316 - Fighting A Great Sage With The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, Unending Voracious Vigor, Devastating Cyclone Barrage
Chapter 317 - Nine Deaths Blazing Blood Art, Synchronous Overworld Anarchy, I Won’T Mess With This Crazy Bastard Even If It Kills Me
Chapter 318 - The Sky Emperor Palace And First City Publicly Apologized, That Madman Has Finally Left
Chapter 319 - I’Ll Be Out In A Minute, The Sky Emperor Palace’S Forbidden Scroll
Chapter 320 - The Unnamed Island In The Middle Of The Sea, One Of The Nine Great Emperor Techniques, Heart Piercing Finger
Chapter 321 - Killing Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang, Extremely Unreasonable, Returning Home
Chapter 322 - Onwards To The Unnamed Island, Hold Up, There’S Still People Who Don’T Know About Me
Chapter 323 - Bountiful Treasures On The Unnamed Island, Looks Like I Can’T Stand Aside And Do Nothing Any Longer
Chapter 324 - The Ravenblade Sage And Immemorial Sage’S Bad Blood, Tortured To Death
Chapter 325 - The Emperor-Grade Treasure Appears, Who Has The Guts To Force Us To Leave
Chapter 326 - One Hundred Meters Of Emperor’S Aura, Leaving Everyone In The Dust
Chapter 327 - Entering The Cottage, A White-Haired Man And A Woman’S Head
Chapter 328 - The Boundary Emperor’S Journal And The Headless Woman’S Existence
Chapter 329 - Battling Eversodden Sage, The Great Formless Dao, Grand Melodic Void
Chapter 330 - 0: The Scaled Tribe’S Young Master Bei Mingsan, Are We Going To Fight Or Not
Chapter 331 - Defeating The Scaled Tribe’S Young Master, Grabbing The Trident Halberd, She’S Here
Chapter 332 - The Terrifying Headless Lady, The Scaled King’S Anger
Chapter 333 - Too Early For Retirement, Ascending Into A Supreme Honorable
Chapter 334 - Raging Gods Fist, Water Evasion Pearl, Internal Sparring
Chapter 335 - A Spy From The Underworld Palace, Let The Spy Switch Side
Chapter 336 - The Scaled Tribe Invasion, The Phoenix Rider Amongst The Sea Of Clouds, You Are Not In The Position To Bargain
Chapter 337 - Venturing Deep Sea, You Are The Ones Who Have Gone Too Far, Pinning The Scaled King Onto The Pillar
Chapter 338 - Battle Against The Scaled Tribe, The Scaled King Befogs His People’S Minds
Chapter 339 - The Scaled Tribe Sages Arrive, Killing Ten Thousand People For Every Live Lost
Chapter 340 - The Portal To The Bottomless Chasm, The Scaled Tribe’S Fourth Ruling King Bei Mingxiu
Chapter 341 - Battling A Seventh-Step Great Sage, The Powerful Immortal Body
Chapter 342 - Bei Mingxiu Imprisons Chu Kuangren, The Reappearance Of The Headless Lady
Chapter 343 - A Depiction Of The Scaled Emperor, Fusing Three Weapons To Form An Emperor Weapon
Chapter 344 - The Changing Landscape, The Empyrean Walkers Have Appeared
Chapter 345 - The Glory-Seeking Empyrean Walkers, One Challenger After Another
Chapter 346 - A Duel Between Two Great Empyrean Walkers, The Descendant Self Sword Emerges From The Sky Emperor Palace
Chapter 347 - Dominating Empyrean Walkers With Just A Sword, Refining An Emperor Weapon
Chapter 348 - An Earnest Suggestion, Told You Guys To Fight Me Together
Chapter 349 - Battling The Four Great Empyrean Walkers, Bested At Their Respective Fortes
Chapter 350 - The Unfathomable Chu Kuangren, Princess Linglong Will Soon Be Enthroned
Chapter 351 - Yes, Your Majesty, Chu Kuangren Does Not Hold Back
Chapter 352 - Linglong Is Crowned, Gu Changge Steals The Nine-Headed Snakelet Pearl Away, Craggy Ocean Tower
Chapter 353 - To The Nine Head Clan, Resurrecting The Nine-Headed Snakelet
Chapter 354 - The Nine-Headed Snakelet Resurrected, Craggy Ocean Curse, Li Ze Tamed The Nine-Headed Snakelet
Chapter 355 - The Nine-Headed Snakelet Devours The Nine Head Clan, Take Both Your Lives Instead
Chapter 356 - Destroy Him, Thousands Of Sword Qi Clones Against The Nine-Headed Snakelet
Chapter 357 - Craggy Ocean Bestial Soul, Kun Whale, My Sage Spirit Is About To Leave Me Again
Chapter 358 - Slaying Li Ze, Bestial Soul Essence, The Craggy Ocean Tower’S Reaction
Chapter 359 - Visiting The School Of White Lotus, Chu Kuangren’S Sculpture, A New Religion
Chapter 360 - Universal Cauldron Physique, Everyone’S Here For Dead Bodies, Acheron Manor’S Empyrean Walker
Chapter 361 - Yuan Wudao Concedes. I Did It, Do You Have Any Objections?
Chapter 362 - Astonishing Sea Of Clouds Formation, The Underworld Palace’S Movement, Attacking The Winged Human Tribe
Chapter 363 - Humanity Is Scary, Demonic Blood Taints The Copper Door, Demonic Hoarder Forefather
Chapter 364 - The Treasures Of Demonic Hoarder Forefather, Hellfire, Demonic Pus
Chapter 365 - Peculiar Demonic Pus, Power Of The Universal Cauldron Physique,
Chapter 366 - Yuan Wudao Escapes, Heavenly Jade Amulet, A Brighter Future At The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 367 - Business Talk, Meeting The Divine Predictor Again, Burning Books And Hiding Emperors
Chapter 368 - Empyrean Walkers Showed Up In Succession, Who Else But Me
Chapter 369 - Jin Bujue From The Golden Family Sect, Trying To Beat Everyone Alone
Chapter 370 - Do It Together, Not Embarrassing, A Victory By Whatever Means Is Still A Victory
Chapter 371 - : Surrounded By The Empyrean Walkers, I Was Just Getting Started
Chapter 372 - Defeating Nine Empyrean Walkers, The Appearance Of The Heavenly Golden Imperial Physique
Chapter 373 - Act Of Theft From The Heavens, Crushing The Imperial Physique, Xiao Lintian Fails Miserably
Chapter 374 - Killing Great Sage Zhang Guang’S Clone, Never Been Threatened
Chapter 375 - The Bottomless Chasm Is Ruined, Onto The Ethereal Rapture, Do They Dare
Chapter 376 - Teeth Of A Storm, On Thin Ice, Chu Kuangren Visits Ethereal Rapture
Chapter 377 - Ethereal Rapture Makes Things Difficult, That Doesn’T Sound Bad At All
Chapter 378 - Picking Minerals, Master Daoist Yun Tao’S Extreme Heartache
Chapter 379 - Come Again Next Time, I’Ll Devour His Life No Matter What
Chapter 380 - Cloudflow Ores Ransacked, Heading To The Outer Seas, The Sacrificial Ceremony
Chapter 381 - Striking A Palm On Ravengale Island, How Should This Matter Be Settled
Chapter 382 - Extremely Unreasonable, The Thirty-Six Oceanic Islands’ Sacrificial Offerings, Three Thousand Young Boys And Girls
Chapter 383 - The Sacrificial Ceremony Starts, The Serpent Deity’S Brutality, Chu Kuangren’S Arrival
Chapter 384 - Battling The Serpent Deity, Reviving After Being Blown Up, Winged Serpent Ancient Wild Beast
Chapter 385 - The Serpent Deity’S Great Hidden Treasure Stash, Sealed Within The Depths Of The Sea
Chapter 386 - : Power Of The Sea King’S Halberd, Control The Ocean, Skin You Alive
Chapter 387 - I Can Hardly Tolerate This World, I For Sure Can’T Tolerate You, Slaying The Serpent Deity
Chapter 388 - All Of You, End Yourselves, Even Their Sages Wanted Them Dead
Chapter 389 - The Thirty-Six Island Chieftains End Themselves, So This Is How A Sage Behaves
Chapter 390 - Setting Up A Mega Formation, Elystial Emperor Scripture, The Qian Emperor Palace Appears
Chapter 391 - Sages Off Limits, The Emperor’S Opportunity Of Fortune Is Reserved For The New Generation Sky-Prides
Chapter 392 - The Sages Combine Forces, Stopping Chu Kuangren From Entering The Imperial Palace
Chapter 393 - The Power Of Rune Dao, Entering The Imperial Palace, Teaming Up Against The Strong
Chapter 394 - Cut To The Chase, Not Battling, What Nonsense Are You Talking
Chapter 395 - A Drop Of Emperor’S Blood, The Real Qian Imperial Palace, The True Opportunities Of Fortune
Chapter 396 - I Have One Of Those As Well, Yuan Wudao’S Blood Dragon Claw
Chapter 397 - Killing Yuan Wudao, I Have An Idea, Not Letting You Guys Enter
Chapter 398 - : Dare To Punish Me? That’S Right, It’S Just Me
Chapter 399 - The Outer World’S Nine Heavens, The Qian Emperor’S Trial, That’S It?
Chapter 400 - The Emperor’S Inheritance, Something Big In The Future, The Sages’ Decision
Chapter 401 - Palm Of Sorrow, Refining An Emperor Weapon, The Mysterious Being Of The Vitality Quarter
Chapter 402 - Refining Pills, Discover Your Own Path Of Dao, Don’T Let Master Down
Chapter 403 - A Conference, Sage Ruler Zhang Guang’S Analysis, Surround The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 404 - Complete Appearances Of The Unknown Lands, Against The World
Chapter 405 - Conjurer’S Talent, Die Together Or Leave
Chapter 406 - The Disciples Who Did Not Wish To Leave, The One Who Did Not Disappoint As Both A Ruler And Wife
Chapter 407 - The Arrival Of Reinforcements, The Untroubled Chu Kuangren
Chapter 408 - The Million Cultivators Army, A Sage Ruler’S Reverence
Chapter 409 - The Million-Strong Great Army Arrives, Nonsense, The Poise Of One Person
Chapter 410 - The Beginning Of The Great War, The Sages Combine To Break The Sword Formation
Chapter 411 - Aren’T You Guys Coming In, The Astonishing Cloud Of Seas Formation’S Strangeness
Chapter 412 - Purplevoid Enters The Formation, A Dragon Amidst The Sea Of Clouds, Weird Rolling Clouds,
Chapter 413 - An Earth-Shattering Roar, Chu Kuangren’S Offer, Peak Audacity
Chapter 414 - The Great Million-Strong Cultivator Army Enters The Formation, It Is Not Set In Stone
Chapter 415 - The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord Steps In, The Mountain River Scroll, The Phoenix’S Cry
Chapter 416 - Power Of The Dragon And Phoenix, You Want To Fight With Water? Here You Go
Chapter 417 - Finally Reached The Black Heaven Sect’S Entrance, I Think It’S Possible
Chapter 418 - Guqin Music And Sword Qi, The Heavenly Golden Unifying Qi Formation, The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord Joins The Battle
Chapter 419 - The Power Of A Sage Ruler’S Body, The Four Great Wild Beasts, The Emperor Weapon
Chapter 420 - The Six Great Sage Rulers Joined Forces, The Power Of The Two Emperor Weapons, Everyone’S Weakness
Chapter 421 - Battling Six Sage Rulers, Death Qi Pool, Heavenly Golden Tablets, Destroy Formation
Chapter 422 - The Boundary Emperors Appear, Chu Kuangren Cannot Be Killed, One-Half For Each Of Us
Chapter 423 - My Trump Card Lies In The Sky, Nine Colored Heavenly Tribulation, A Hundred Thousand Cultivators Grand Heavenly Tribulation Party
Chapter 424 - Terrifying Power Of The Heavenly Tribulation, Converting The Tribulation Lightning Energy
Chapter 425 - The Boundary Emperors Blocked The Tribulation Lightning, Giant Colorful Lightning Serpents
Chapter 426 - All Sage Rulers Have Fallen, The Boundary Emperors Were Heavily Wounded
Chapter 427 - The Final Tribulation Lightning, Forcibly Breaking Through Cultivation Realms, Shocking The Three Realms
Chapter 428 - Heavenly Punishment Seal, The End Of An Era
Chapter 429 - Gaining Insight From The Heavenly Punishment Seal, Rewards From The Battle
Chapter 430 - Missing A Madman, The Arrival Of Nine Heavens Sky-Prides
Chapter 431 - Dao Enlightening Tea Bush, Spiritual Thoughts Restored, Honorable Xuan Qi Becomes A Sage
Chapter 432 - Gu Linglong’S Cooking, Chu Kuangren Goes Into Closed-Door Meditation, Waiting For Someone
Chapter 433 - The Two Sky-Prides’ Dissatisfaction, Sneaking Into The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 434 - The Descendant Self Guards Its Master, Taking People’S Stuff Without Permission, Very Rude
Chapter 435 - Although I Still Have The Heavenly Punishment Seal, I Can Still Reign Undefeated In This World
Chapter 436 - Ransom, Developing The Mind Power, Leaving The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 437 - A Familiar Name, Rise To The Top Of Soaring Dragon Leaderboard
Chapter 438 - Revolution, The Royal Azure Dynasty’S Current Situation
Chapter 439 - Ten Thousand Cautious Guards, Can You Run From My Five Fingers Mountain?
Chapter 440 - End The War, Visited By The Acheron Manor And Craggy Ocean Tower
Chapter 441 - The Powerful Runic Energy, You Can Stop Guessing Now, Preparing To Exact Revenge
Chapter 442 - Another Meeting, Spatial Conveyor Skill, Searching For The Emperor’S Opportunity Of Fortune
Chapter 443 - A Great Show, Greenmist Fairy’S Hatred Toward Chu Kuangren
Chapter 444 - Killing Gui Wuchou And Blood Spirit Child, Greenmist Fairy Begs For Mercy
Chapter 445 - Bounty Reward, Visiting Divine Predictor Pavillion, An Important Guest Has Arrived
Chapter 446 - Meeting The Divine Predictor Once Again, Stop Overestimating Yourselves
Chapter 447 - A Small Gift, Chu Kuangren’S Declaration Of War
Chapter 448 - Xiao Lintian’S Challenge, Lan Yu Fights The Heavenly Golden Imperial Physique
Chapter 449 - Oh, You’Re Looking For Me? Chu Kuangren Approaches Amidst The Snow
Chapter 450 - Learn To Fear The Might Of Nature, Ice Shards All Over The Ground
Chapter 451 - A Sky Full Of Runic Sword, My Name’S Chu Kuangren, I’M Here To Kill All Of You!
Chapter 452 - What Is The World Capable Of, A Single Person, Dominating The World
Chapter 453 - Wouldn’T Mind Worshipping You As My Forefather, Wild Bestial Soul Scarlet Panther
Chapter 454 - Destroying Craggy Ocean Tower, Five More To Go, A Chest Of Soul Orbs
Chapter 455 - Seven Colored Heavenly Tribulation, Xiao Jingchen Becomes A Sage, The Sky-Prides Reaction
Chapter 456 - White-Robed General’S Disappearance, Returning To The Ancient Battlefield’S Core Area
Chapter 457 - Killing Blood Fury Sage Ruler, Might As Well Take It
Chapter 458 - Saving White-Robed General, Daoist Sha’S Extreme Rage
Chapter 459 - Rescindment Rune, Besieged By Tormented Souls, A Daoist Of An Ancient Orthodoxy
Chapter 460 - The Cold-Blooded Daoist Sha, He Is Not The Only One
Chapter 461 - The Sky-Prides Become Sages In Succession, Xiao Jingchen’S Challenge
Chapter 462 - Slandering Chu Kuangren, Daoist Sha Breaks Into The Formation, Nothing To Do With Them Anymore
Chapter 463 - Daoist Sha Fights Murong Xuan And Nangong Huang, The Purple Haze That Shrouds The Horizon
Chapter 464 - Crazy Strengthening, Maximum Limit Of A Sage, Heavenly Sage
Chapter 465 - Take My Palm Attack, Destroying The Ancient Battlefield, Who Can Possibly Survive That?
Chapter 466 - Heavenly Punishment Daoist Rhymes, The White-Robed General Awakens, The Power Of The Spatial Conveyor Skill
Chapter 467 - The Five Orthodoxies Panics, The Seniors
Chapter 468 - Nether Abyss Valley, Boundary Emperor Wuyue, Wuyue Meets Chu Kuangren
Chapter 469 - It’S Sunrise, No One Can Escape, Flipping Plaques
Chapter 470 - One Palm, One Fist, One Finger, One Sword, Destroying Four Great Orthodoxies
Chapter 471 - Unique Stone Tablet, I’Ll Be Back In A Moment, Killing You In Three Moves
Chapter 472 - Sentencing Punishments On Behalf Of The Heavens, Head Over To Slay You, Best In The World
Chapter 473 - Secrets Of The Acheron Stele, Shang Qingxue Has Gone Missing
Chapter 474 - Shang Qingxue’S Whereabouts, Look How Terrified You Made Them
Chapter 475 - Where Is She? Demanding For Compensation After Killing People
Chapter 476 - : Volcano Nourished By Leylines, The Sky-Prides’ Grab For Treasures
Chapter 477 - Don’T Drag Us With You If You’Re Seeking Death, The Godly Phoenix’S Opportunity Of Fortune
Chapter 478 - The Godly Phoenix Lil Red’S Ascension, I Still Can Do It
Chapter 479 - The Godly Phoenix Undergoes Nirvana, Suppressing The Boundary Emperor Bai Liyin
Chapter 480 - : Nirvana Process Complete, The Hiding Place Of Boundary Emperors
Chapter 481 - Do You Think I Can Be Pushed Around? Battling The Nether Abyss Valley Lord
Chapter 482 - The Nether Abyss Valley Lord Flees Frantically, How Quickly He Changed
Chapter 483 - Chu Kuangren’S Dao, Victorious Over The World, Undefeated By Every Cultivator
Chapter 484 - Hu Meiren’S Seduction, Why Did He Deserve To Be Excellent
Chapter 485 - The Elders Go Into Closed-Door Meditation, Elder Ruyan Is Worried
Chapter 486 - Chu Kuangren’S Little Scheme, The Changes In Purgatory Forest
Chapter 487 - The Great Acheron Formation Breaks, Catastrophe On Firmament Star
Chapter 488 - Exchange Between Emperors, Demonic Beings Breaking Seals In Succession, Chaos On Firmament Star
Chapter 489 - Chu Kuangren Joins In, Ashura Tribe Fights Till Their Last Breath
Chapter 490 - Battle Of The Boundary Emperors, The Demon Emperor Himself Arrives, Nonsense!
Chapter 491 - Chu Kuangren’S Arrival, Still The Greatest Obstacle
Chapter 492 - Three Emperor Weapons, Suppressing Demon Emperor Pride
Chapter 493 - Clones Of The Seven Great Demonic Emperors, Chu Kuangren Has Fallen?
Chapter 494 - Borrowing All The World’S Swords To Fight The Demon Emperors, Suppressing The Demonic Realm With The Sealing Sword Formation
Chapter 495 - Crisis Averted, There’S A Few People Who Wanted To Thank You Too
Chapter 496 - The Emperors Pay Their Respects, The Road To Emperor’S Realm Is Opening, Soaring Reputation In The Nine Heavens
Chapter 497 - One Year, The Emperor Road Opens, Misty Ocean
Chapter 498 - Entering Emperor Road, Wu Clan’S Power, Divine Emerald Lamp
Chapter 499 - Who Just Tosses An Emperor Weapon Around? Saving The Wu Clan
Chapter 500 - Sword Daoist, Damaged Emperor Weapon, The Nine Heavens Orthodoxies’ Strategy
Chapter 501 - The Sword Tribe’S People Arrives, Seven-Colored Swordsmen, It’S With Me
Chapter 502 - Another Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, Just A Game
Chapter 503 - Soul-Vanquishing Slave Seal, A Call From Shang Qingxue
Chapter 504 - Heavenly Pool Mountain, Heavenly Pool Energy, What A Scary Guy
Chapter 505 - Shang Qingxue’S Condition, Tearing Open The Enchanted Boundary With Both Hands
Chapter 506 - A Little Kitty, The Sky-Prides Appear
Chapter 507 - I’M Curious To See Who Dares To Harm One Of My Black Heaven Sect Disciples, That Person Is Here
Chapter 508 - You’Re Too Noisy For A Little Kitty, One-Shotting A Boundary Emperor, Retreat
Chapter 509 - Killing The Sky-Prides In Succession, The Past Ancient Orthodoxies Compromise, Whoever Passes This Line Shall Die
Chapter 510 - The Masters Of The Four Orthodoxies, Can Still Reign Supreme
Chapter 511 - Overpowering A Boundary Emperor With Ease, Crawl For Me
Chapter 512 - Taming An Emperor Weapon, Consecutively Defeating Boundary Emperors
Chapter 513 - The Sima Clan’S Strategy, The Sword Tribe’S Shadow Swordsmen
Chapter 514 - Seven Chord City, Swordsman San, Here To Kill You
Chapter 515 - Mountainous Overgrowth, Reappearance Of The Emperor-Grade Lightning Rune
Chapter 516 - Killing Swordsman San, The War Has Begun Long Ago
Chapter 517 - Seven Chord City’S Forces, Guqin Festival, Meeting Feng Yaorao Again
Chapter 518 - Way To Go Murong Xuan, Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 519 - Pretty Good I Guess, Aren’T You Too Puny
Chapter 520 - Murong Xuan’S Encounters, The Infinity Guqin Banquet Begins
Chapter 521 - The Emperor Weapon Springtime Lightning, The Guqin Demon And Art Ghoul, No One Formidable In Guqin Throughout This Generation
Chapter 522 - Guqin Demon Snatches The Emperor Weapon By Force, Thousand Guqin Welcoming Him, Sorry For Being Late
Chapter 523 - The Overworld String, Guqin Demon And Art Ghoul’S Combination Technique, Guqin, Come
Chapter 524 - The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Reappears, Killing Guqin Demon And Art Ghoul
Chapter 525 - Swordsman Yan’S Scheme, Sect Leader, I’M Definitely Going To Become An Emperor
Chapter 526 - Jian Changfeng’S Challenge, The Mega Formation That Engulfed A City
Chapter 527 - Blood Rage Mega Formation, Hundred Kilometers Rage Qi Cloud, Buddhist Light Purifies The Vengeful Souls
Chapter 528 - Rage Qi Absorption, The Daemonic Swordsman Yan
Chapter 529 - Swordsman Mei’S Operation, Two Strains Of Sword Qi
Chapter 530 - Killing Swordsman Yan, Implanting A Slave Seal, Purifying Blaze City
Chapter 531 - I Don’T Lack Soul Emblems, Swordsman Mei Who Would Rather Die Than Surrender
Chapter 532 - The Domineering Slave Seal, Swordsman Mei Submits Herself To Rule
Chapter 533 - Swordsman Mei Returns To The Sword Tribe, Sword Daoist’S Means
Chapter 534 - Murong Xuan’S Opportunity Of Fortune, Murong Xuan Battles Xiao Jingchen
Chapter 535 - Breaking The Heavenly Imperial Physique With A Single Sword Technique, The Outlawed Sky-Pride Bai Hongyu
Chapter 536 - Why Don’T You Have A Taste Of My Attack As Well, The Enchanted Forest Realm Opens
Chapter 537 - The Primitive Elite Swordgrass, Three Sky-Prides, The Sword Daoist
Chapter 538 - The Sword Daoist Overpowers A Top-Notch Sky-Pride, Suppressing The Sword Daoist
Chapter 539 - Taking Down The Sword Daoist In A Single Sword Technique, To Set The Line For A Big Catch
Chapter 540 - The Empyrean Frost Python, The Strange Female Cultivator, Chu Kuangren To The Rescue
Chapter 541 - Slaying The Empyrean Frost Python, Unruffled Emotions, Leng Ningyu’S Reaction
Chapter 542 - White Spiritual Divine Fruit, The Sword Daoist’S Despair
Chapter 543 - What A Pitiful Daoist, A Spiritual Qi Leyline
Chapter 544 - The Outlawed Sky-Prides Appear, Splitting The Spiritual Qi Leyline
Chapter 545 - Occupying The Entire Leyline Alone, Come At Me Together
Chapter 546 - Overpowering A Wild Beast With Raw Strength, Which Dao Does He Specialize In
Chapter 547 - Flanked By Outlawed Sky-Prides, Why Don’T You Step Aside
Chapter 548 - Is That All You Are Capable Of? Chu Kuangren’S Disappointment
Chapter 549 - Another Three Arrives, Leng Ningyu’S Odd Expression
Chapter 550 - Wood Elemental Leyline Essence, Combining Forces Again
Chapter 551 - Zi Wuji’S Spatial Cessation Rune, Time To Get A Little Serious
Chapter 552 - Wonderful Indeed, Battle Of Runes, A Master In All
Chapter 553 - Purple Runic Demon Eyes, Runic Enigma, Are You Fast Enough To All Of Them?
Chapter 554 - Leng Ningyu’S Invitation, We’Re Going To Be Rich
Chapter 555 - Everyone Has Started To Act, Leaving The Enchanted Forest Realm
Chapter 556 - The Sevens Of Draconic Mountain, Ignorant Fool, The Sword Tribe’S Ambush
Chapter 557 - Arrival Of All Parties, I’M The Greatest Powerhouse
Chapter 558 - Surrounding Chu Kuangren, The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Versus The Cultivators
Chapter 559 - Battle Of Emperor Weapons, The Transcendental Sword Ray
Chapter 560 - Forbidden Barren Wasteland, Physician’S Inheritance, Wielding The Power Of Life And Death
Chapter 561 - Coquettish Girl, Seven Emotions Sect, Maiden Sage Seal
Chapter 562 - Visiting Seven Emotions Sect, The Nuisance Of Chi Yue
Chapter 563 - Lady Leng Yue, To Forgo Something That Was Never Experienced
Chapter 564 - Warning? Careful With Your Words, Master Daoist Li’S Blackmail
Chapter 565 - I Can Cure This Flame Poison, Arrogance, The Truth Behind The Unruffled Emotions Dao
Chapter 566 - Curing The Poison, Exchanging Emperor Techniques, Buy One Free One
Chapter 567 - I Can’T Do It, Refining The Wood Elemental Leyline Essence, Entering The Boundary Emperor Realm
Chapter 568 - The White Divine Spirit Fruit, The Forbidden Barren Wasteland, To Each Of Their Own
Chapter 569 - Creating The Invincible Techniques, Esoteric Techniques, Qin Tianchen
Chapter 570 - Closed-Door Meditation Complete, Jian Changfeng’S Cover Blown, I’M Sent By Master Too
Chapter 571 - Sword Emblem Of Four Mystical Elements, The Sword Emperor’S Resting Place, Jian Changfeng — The Garage Kit Figure
Chapter 572 - The Sword Emperor’S Inheritance, Chu Kuangren’S Arrival
Chapter 573 - Fighting Swordsman Gu, Master Is Everything To Me
Chapter 574 - The Sword Emperor’S Dao, You’Re No Sword Emperor, I’Ll Take It
Chapter 575 - The Sword Daoist Escapes, The Divine Sword Of Four Mystical Elements
Chapter 576 - Leng Ningyu And Chi Yue In Danger, Li Celong’S Scheme
Chapter 577 - Li Celong Gets Emotional, Almost Losing His Mind
Chapter 578 - Princess Chi Lian Forced To Retreat, Glory Stolen From A Meticulous Plan
Chapter 579 - Li Celong Almost Blew Up, Another Game To Play
Chapter 580 - : Starting To Feel A Little Love, Your Mission Is Here
Chapter 581 - : Swordsman Mei’S Mission, The Crimson Miasma Lotus Flame, All You Need To Do Is To Kill Him
Chapter 582 - He’S Still My Honorable Teacher After All, I Don’T Want It Anymore
Chapter 583 - Li Celong’S Obsession, Refining The Crimson Miasma Lotus Flame
Chapter 584 - A Streak Of Emperor Qi, The Ancient Lavish Cave, The Sky-Prides’ Movement
Chapter 585 - The Sword Daoist’S Fury, The Holy Light Religion’S Maiden Sage
Chapter 586 - Nangong Huang Appears, We Don’T Welcome The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 587 - Three Person Versus Bai Hongyu, The Sword Daoist Attacks
Chapter 588 - Lan Yu Battles The Sword Daoist, Don’T Get Too Cocky Now
Chapter 589 - The Outlawed Sky-Prides’ Intimidation, You’Ve Grown Some Guts
Chapter 590 - One Move To Defeat Bai Hongyu And Wang Quan, It’S All Just A Game
Chapter 591 - You Have Three Moves To Entertain Me, Bored Of This
Chapter 592 - The Ancient Lavish Cave Eruptions, I Am Claiming Everything
Chapter 593 - Heavenly Imperial Physique Xiao Jingchen Returns From Closed-Door Meditation, How Many Outlawed Sky-Prides Will Fall
Chapter 594 - Slaying Touheng, Dark Bachelor Sage Falls, Battle Of The Avatars
Chapter 595 - Slaying Xiao Jingchen, Divine Pardon Order, The Opportunities Of Fortune At Ancient Lavish Cave Concludes
Chapter 596 - Swordsman Mei In Danger, Transferring Jian Changfeng’S Soul
Chapter 597 - Sweeping Every Treasure Blatantly, A Rag-Tag Bunch
Chapter 598 - A Deal With The Dark Shadow Religion, Getting Rid Of You Will Be The First Thing I Do
Chapter 599 - The Ancient Daoist Lake, The Sky-Prides’ Preparation, And The Primeval Daoist Gem
Chapter 600 - What Harm Could Runes, Formations, And Yingyang Lightning Energy Do To Me
Chapter 601 - A Thousand Against One, The Power Of Emperor Qi
Chapter 602 - Qin Tianchen Appears, Heavenly God’S Gauntlet, Emperor’S Weapon Powered By Emperor Qi
Chapter 603 - Is Chu Kuangren Defeated? The Power Of Invincible Techniques
Chapter 604 - Leaving The Forbidden Area, The Sovereigns Prepare To Appear, Another Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 605 - Seven Strands Of Emperor Qi, Visit To The Holy Light Religion, The Mysterious Chu Kuangren
Chapter 606 - Transcendent Prize, Tome Of Physiques, Soul Origin
Chapter 607 - Holy Ancestral Land, Whitelock Holy Sovereign, Holy Light Religion’S Scheme
Chapter 608 - Reversing The Flame Ritual, Chu Kuangren Appears, The Man Himself Arrives
Chapter 609 - Avatar Versus The Sovereigns, Holy Light’S Chief Sovereign Awakens
Chapter 610 - Chief Sovereign, Another One Arrives, Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Plays Again
Chapter 611 - The God Of Light Appears, God Or No God, No One Will Be Able To Save You All Today
Chapter 612 - Ancestral Land Foundation, We’Ve Got To Go, They Did Not Want Something Like This To Happen
Chapter 613 - The Tempest Sword Sovereign, Li Celong’S Scheme, The Sealed Toxin Sovereign
Chapter 614 - The Tempest Sword Sovereign Seeks Out The Holy Light’S Chief Sovereign, Nine Strands Of Emperor Qi,
Chapter 615 - Researching Supreme Daoist Physiques, The Almighty Avatar, The Seven Emotions Sect In Danger
Chapter 616 - The Sovereigns Gather At The Seven Emotion Sects, The Toxin Sovereign’S Arrival
Chapter 617 - Leng Ningyu’S Inching Towards Death, Clutched By A Hand
Chapter 618 - Chu Kuangren Appears, Watch How I Kill Everyone
Chapter 619 - Strongest Entities Of The Emperor Road, The Power Of Nine Strains Of Emperor Qi
Chapter 620 - An Emperor Weapon For Everyone, Sovereigns, Let’S Have A Blast
Chapter 621 - Slaying Sovereigns In Succession, Runic Enigma Divine Entrapment Rune
Chapter 622 - Two Great Deities Show Themselves, You Are Not Worthy To Take My Life
Chapter 623 - Nine Emperor Dragon Energy, Chu Kuangren Has Become Invincible
Chapter 624 - Affirming Dao Through Strength, I Like To Challenge The Impossible
Chapter 625 - Locking Sight On The Ancestral Land, A Trip To Sword Tribe, Pay For What You’Ve Done
Chapter 626 - Master Tribe Leader, I’D Suggest You Choose Your Words Carefully, I’M Taking Your Ancestral Land Foundation
Chapter 627 - Thousand Sword Essence, Eight Wind Sixfold Annihilation Sword Formation, The Emperor’S Remnant Spirit
Chapter 628 - : Killing The Remnant Spirit, Destroying More Ancestral Lands, As If I’Ll Believe That Crap
Chapter 629 - The Slumbering Emperor Coffin, Wherever The Coffin Shall Pass, There Shall Be Nothing But Death
Chapter 630 - The Archaic Ancient Orthodoxies Turning A Blind Eye, The Slumbering Emperor Coffin’S Motive
Chapter 631 - The Headless Empress Reappears, Chaotic Qi
Chapter 632 - Twenty-Four Strands Of Emperor Qi, What’S Inside
Chapter 633 - How Durable Are You, Pursuing The Slumbering Emperor Coffin
Chapter 634 - Core Area Of The Forbidden Barren Wasteland, Have You Asked For My Permission?
Chapter 635 - Attempting To Refine The Slumbering Emperor Coffin, The Two Most Dangerous Entities
Chapter 636 - The Sky-Prides Regain Their Confidences, Various Great Orthodoxies Rejoice
Chapter 637 - The Unruffled Emotion Cultivator Gets Moved, The Situation Inside The Coffin, Bodhi Lotus Sutra
Chapter 638 - Twelfth-Level Bodhi Lotus Sutra, The Chaos Physique Inside The Slumbering Emperor Coffin
Chapter 639 - Chaos Daoist Celestial, The Underworld God’S Willpower Thought Form, You Are Quite The Nuisance
Chapter 640 - Strange Tales From Immemorial Past, The Great Panhuman Revolt, Times Have Changed
Chapter 641 - Obtaining The Chaos Physique, Gate Of The Underworld, Fight, Fight, Fight
Chapter 642 - Affirming His Dao Through Strength, Reactions From All Sides, The Emperor Mountain Appears
Chapter 643 - The Black Heaven Sect’S Daoists Reunited, Do You Truly Believe That?
Chapter 644 - The Different Qualities Of Emperor’S Dao, Human King Cang, The Sky-Prides Reach The Peak One After Another
Chapter 645 - Murong Xuan Reaches The Emperor’S Throne, Qin Tianchen’S Wild Ambition
Chapter 646 - Sacrificing A Lifetime’S Worth Of Cultivation, Prominent-Grade Emperor’S Core
Chapter 647 - Sealing The Land Of Black Soils, Aura Of The Nine Emperors, All Hail The Great Emperors
Chapter 648 - Battle Of The Emperors, Yo, Looks Like A Party Is Going On
Chapter 649 - Chu Kuangren Is Mine To Defeat, That’Ll Teach You Not To Be Pretentious
Chapter 650 - Let Your Day Of Ascensions Mark Your Death Day, Live In My Shadow
Chapter 651 - Two Veteran Emperors, One Month Later, See You At Great Frost Dragon Mountain
Chapter 652 - Returning To The Black Heaven Sect, True Lovers Were Together, The Homecoming
Chapter 653 - Calm Down Lil Red, A Message From Gu Linglong
Chapter 654 - The New Emperor’S Grand Wedding, Guests From Various Places, Sword Tribe’S Jian Feng
Chapter 655 - Murong Xuan’S Wedding, Battling Jian Feng In The Void
Chapter 656 - The Descendant Self Sword Becomes An Emperor Weapon, Meeting The Headless Empress Again, Seems Like She Can Put It Back
Chapter 657 - Meeting The Group Of Emperors, A Cataclysmic Event That’S Been Going On For The Past Twelve Eras
Chapter 658 - Behind The Scene In The Firmament Star, The Disappointing Emperors
Chapter 659 - Bei Ming Xuanse Looking For Trouble, I Demand Compensation, Youth And Vigor
Chapter 660 - Three Hundred Prefectures, A Hundred-Thousand-Kilometer Radius, The Godly Phoenix Affirms Her Dao
Chapter 661 - Treasures Everywhere, The Sycamore Divine Fruit, Have You Lost Your Mind
Chapter 662 - One Against Two, The Power Of The Almighty Avatar
Chapter 663 - Killing Great Emperor Xiong Huang, Studying The Godly Phoenix Physique
Chapter 664 - The Ashura Tribe Has Fallen, The Demonic Realm Breaks Through Its Seal Once Again
Chapter 665 - The Seven Demon Emperors Appear Once Again, Demon Realm Domain, It’S You
Chapter 666 - Sending You All Down To Pay For Your Sins, Suppression From The Demonic Realm Domain
Chapter 667 - Heavenly Punishment Daoist Pattern, A Restrictive Effect On The Gods
Chapter 668 - Celestial Demonic Chords, Godly Phoenix Versus Demonic Dragon, Power Of Seven Sins
Chapter 669 - Battling Seven Sins, Forcing Demonic Qi Into The Body, Perfected Emperor
Chapter 670 - Slaughtering Demon Emperors, Hunting Them Down Into The Demonic Realm, Human Catastrophe
Chapter 671 - Time To Clean Up The Mess, Do You Have Anything To Say About It?
Chapter 672 - The Heavenly Imperials Have No Power To Deal With This Person, Greetings Heavenly Tormentor
Chapter 673 - The Last Scroll, Zhan Hongying Joins The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 674 - God Worshipping Cult, Godly Secret Realms, Cultivating An Immortal Technique
Chapter 675 - Just Mastered An Immortal Technique, That’S All, Something Happening Beneath The Ocean
Chapter 676 - Bei Ming Xuanse’S Decision, One Of The Godly Secret Realms
Chapter 677 - Looting The Divine Palace, Heavenly Imperial’S Mini-Universe Energy
Chapter 678 - Breaking The Gods Seals, The Heavenly Tormentors’ Action, An Eventful Period
Chapter 679 - Rank Nine Initial Emperor, A Visit From The Heavenly Tormentor, Chu Kuangren’S Identity
Chapter 680 - Divine Power Upgrade, God Worshipping Cult’S Actions, A Tense Situation
Chapter 681 - Prepare To Deal With The Religious Orthodoxies, Where Is Your God Now?
Chapter 682 - Every Being But Me Are False Gods, The One True God
Chapter 683 - Omniscient Spirit, Can’T Even Answer My Questions? Nice To Meet You Lil Ai
Chapter 684 - Killing The Three Godly Apparitions, All The False Gods Shall Perish
Chapter 685 - : If The People Needed Something To Believe In, Then I Shall Be The One They Put Their Faith In
Chapter 686 - Power Of Faith, Thunder God Cult, Bring Out The God Flesh
Chapter 687 - Do They Deserve Your Prayers? The Thunder God Cult’S Godly Secret Realm
Chapter 688 - Await Their Returns, A Lesser God’S Divine Fragment
Chapter 689 - Refining The Divine Fragment, Possession Ritual, Five Ways Divine Shadow Army
Chapter 690 - Are You All That Eager To Die? Descending In Nether Abyss Valley
Chapter 691 - Trial Of The Gods, Five Ways Divine Shadow Army Versus The God Worshipping Cult Cultivators
Chapter 692 - Five Ways Divine Shadow Army, Bunch Of False Gods
Chapter 693 - The Underworld God Arrives, A Way To Utilize The Power Of Faith
Chapter 694 - A Rematch With The Underworld God, Overpowering The Underworld God, The Gate Of The Underworld Reappears
Chapter 695 - Killing The Underworld God, Crippling The Divine Maiden, I Am The One True God
Chapter 696 - Modifying The Faith Refining Cleanse, The Power Of Faith, Ascending To The Heavenly Imperial Realm
Chapter 697 - Chosen To Live As A Mongrel Instead, The Arrival Of The Two Gods
Chapter 698 - Facing The Venerable Gods Once More, Power Of My Miniverse
Chapter 699 - Killing The Gods In One Blow, Preparations Before Going To The Extraterritorial Battlefield
Chapter 700 - Nine Heavens Central City, Emperor Jin Xuan, Teleport
Chapter 701 - Stronghold Seventeen, Views In The Extraterritorial Region, The Barracks Gate
Chapter 702 - Registration, He’S A Hotshot, Three Types Of Armies
Chapter 703 - Heavenly Imperial Ghostblade, A Jade Pendant, Reminiscing The Past
Chapter 704 - Refining The World Fruit, The Commodore Junior Of The Command Headquarters
Chapter 705 - Shang Honghua, Trial, One Technique To Stupefy Everyone
Chapter 706 - Battling Shang Honghua, Have I Not Given Enough Handicap?
Chapter 707 - Shang Honghua’S Expedition, Asteroid Belt Seven, Bunch Of Superficial Fools
Chapter 708 - The Fourth Transcendent Prize, Timespace Treasure, Legend Of The Human King
Chapter 709 - First Encounter With The Blood Tribe, First Attempt At Freezing Time
Chapter 710 - You Killed Yourself, Combat Merit, Battle Leaderboard
Chapter 711 - Asteroid Seven, Chaos Emblem, The Redshirt Army’S Broken Hearts
Chapter 712 - Superb-Tier Chaos Emblem, A Commander’S Mistake
Chapter 713 - Overpowering A Miniverse With Another, Mercenaries From The Sword Tribe
Chapter 714 - Unfairly Judging Someone With Sinister Thoughts, Jian Que’S Betrayal
Chapter 715 - Attack Of The Two Heavenly Imperials, Wait Here
Chapter 716 - A Secret, Universe Secret Realm, The Soul-Vanquishing Slave Seal Reappears
Chapter 717 - Jian Wuque, Simple, To Kill
Chapter 718 - Battle Against Jian Wuque, You Can’T Stop This Blade
Chapter 719 - The Blood Tribe Battalion Arrives, The Blood Prince
Chapter 720 - Pink Secret Realm, Exotic Crystal Flower, Plan B
Chapter 721 - The Enraged Bai Juexin, An Overpowering Spatial Technique
Chapter 722 - The Weird Mountain Wall, Refining The Realm Origin
Chapter 723 - The Firmament Star’S Cultivators Arrive, The Heavenly Imperial Ghostblade Battles Bai Juexin
Chapter 724 - Daoist Celestial’S Blood Essence, Danger, No One Can Save All Of You Now
Chapter 725 - Battling Bai Juexin, Mastery Of The Miniverse
Chapter 726 - Bai Juexin’S Hysteria, Another Time Lock
Chapter 727 - Complete Refinement Of The Realm Origin, Stellar Undying Body
Chapter 728 - Novice Stage Stellar Undying Physique, Staring At A Star
Chapter 729 - Jian Wuque Comes To Challenge, Return To Stronghold Seventeen
Chapter 730 - : Jian Wuque’S Wait, I’Ve Come To Regret My Decision
Chapter 731 - I’Ll Give You Three Moves, Chu Kuangren’S Fingertips Miniverse
Chapter 732 - Shatter The Emperor Weapon, A Million Combat Merits, Messenger Of The Daoist Celestials
Chapter 733 - The Central Heaven Daoist Ground, The Other Heavenly Imperials, A Daoist Celestial Appears
Chapter 734 - Prominent-Grade Esoteric Art, Gaining Insights Into The Daoist Patterns Of Central Heaven Daoist Ground
Chapter 735 - The Daoist Celestials Gather, Do I Have The Right To Vote Too?
Chapter 736 - The First Empress Of Ages, Heavenly Tormentor Emerges, Heavenly Dao Energy
Chapter 737 - The Daoist Celestials Who Reincarnated Into The Formation Core, Luo Shui Seeks Revenge
Chapter 738 - Hang The Heavenly Imperials, Change Of Stronghold Leadership
Chapter 739 - Blood Firmament War, Starting Things Off With A Welcoming Gift
Chapter 740 - : The War Begins, First Blood, Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 741 - Battle Casualties, The Blood Kings’ Meeting, The Daoist Weapon, Isolation Sealing Insignia
Chapter 742 - The Boundary Daoist Celestials Die One After Another, Killing Bai Shi With Three Punches
Chapter 743 - Helping Stronghold Thirty-Eight, In Your Dreams
Chapter 744 - Turning The Tide, Gaining Fame, Ruler Of The Battlefield
Chapter 745 - Rank First On The Battle Leaderboard, One Billion And Three Hundred Million Combat Merits, The Blood Tribe’S Resource Transportation Route
Chapter 746 - The Ardent King’S Fury, Shang Honghua Is In Danger, Reinforcement
Chapter 747 - Rage Qi Crystal, The Redshirt Army’S Despair, Having Lots Of Fun, Aren’T You?
Chapter 748 - Sword Qi Torture, I’D Love To See How You Plan To Kill Me
Chapter 749 - The Daoist Celestials Have Come, All-Out War, Chu Kuangren Fights King Bai
Chapter 750 - Fifth State Of The Immortal Body, King Bai’S Cluelessness
Chapter 751 - Overwhelming King Bai, The Reappearance Of Immortal Techniques, Immortal Civilizations
Chapter 752 - Killing King Bai, Is There Anyone Else Stronger Than Him?
Chapter 753 - The Blood Tribe Is Not Destroyed Yet, I Can’T Slack Off, An Angry Chu Kuangren
Chapter 754 - Purple Primal Core Metal, Origin Of The Phantasmal Seven Emotions Tune, Mental Sparring Match With A Daoist Celestial
Chapter 755 - A Civilization’S Future, The Blood Abyss Threat
Chapter 756 - : The Daoist Celestials Go To War, Will Firmament Star Be Defeated?
Chapter 757 - The Heavenly Tormentors Join The Battle, Billions Of Swords, Defending Against Twelve Blood Kings
Chapter 758 - Dark Blood Energy, I Can Do It Too, The Aid Of The Divine Absolute Sword
Chapter 759 - Blood Origin Star, Light Orb, Battling Seventeen Daoist Celestials
Chapter 760 - Using Every Technique, The Last Trick, Destroying Blood God Mountain
Chapter 761 - Information From Blood Origin Star, Transcendental Daoist Celestial’S Grievance
Chapter 762 - The New Sword Without An Owner, River Of Time, The Rise Of Humans
Chapter 763 - Gazing At The Immortal, I Am Human King Cang
Chapter 764 - Interconnecting Mind Power And Emperor Qi, I Am Such A Genius
Chapter 765 - Childhood Playmate Greenie, Absolute Freeze Technique, Preparing To Leave
Chapter 766 - Killing A Mind Power Grandmaster In One Move, It’S A Pity That You Disrespected The Gods
Chapter 767 - Slaying A God, The Soul Fruit, The Only Thing He Can Do
Chapter 768 - Creating The Yin And Yang Ring, The Flame Bulwark Tribe, Up To The Same Old Tricks Again
Chapter 769 - The Wild Beasts Attack The Flame Bulwark Tribe, Kittens And Puppies, Now Stay Down
Chapter 770 - Gods Appear, Stepping On The Gods
Chapter 771 - Yan Wu’S Invitation, An Immortal Is Teaching?
Chapter 772 - The Gods’ Response, Saint, Cultivation Revolution
Chapter 773 - Embarrassed, The Panhuman Revolt Tower’S Consensus
Chapter 774 - Nine-Cycle Trinity Soul Refinement, Saint, I Want To Learn Weaponsmithing
Chapter 775 - Star Destruction Tribe, The Messenger’S Disbelief
Chapter 776 - The Gods’ Intent, Destroying Flame Bulwark Tribe
Chapter 777 - The Best Way To Eradicate Fear, The Phantasmal Seven Emotion Tune’S Uses
Chapter 778 - Star Destruction Tribe Invades, Just A Small Matter
Chapter 779 - It’S Embarassing To Fall, Surging Murderous Qi, The Army Falls Silent
Chapter 780 - Zhan Xing’S Morale Crumbles, Saint Cang, You’Re Too Aggressive
Chapter 781 - Battling A Venerable God, Single Thought Series, He’S Strong Enough To Fight The King Of Gods?
Chapter 782 - A Few Familiar Faces, Eight Venerable Gods
Chapter 783 - Overpowering Eight Venerable Gods, Hope For Humanity To Flourish
Chapter 784 - Twenty Venerable Gods, Which One Of Us Is Destined To Prevail, Venerable Spacetime God
Chapter 785 - Refining The Underworld God’S Divine Fragment, Everyone Seeking To Form An Alliance
Chapter 786 - An Encounter With An Immortal, That Person Shall Be You
Chapter 787 - The Ceremony At Emperor Mountain, The Heavenly Dao Bestows The Human King Seal
Chapter 788 - The Human Race’S Development, A Ravaging Blizzard, A Signal Of Invitation
Chapter 789 - Descending Upon The Godly Mountain, Another Battle With The Venerable Gods
Chapter 790 - Spacetime Cage, Your Spacetime Dao Is Too Weak
Chapter 791 - Slaying The Venerable Spacetime God, Negotiate Terms After Wiping Out Half The Gods
Chapter 792 - The King Of Gods Awakens, Both Opponents’ Limits
Chapter 793 - After Gaining A Hundred Thousand Years, A Cloak Torn
Chapter 794 - Re-Entering The River Of Time, Witnessing The Historical Development Of The Firmament Star
Chapter 795 - Locking The Time, The Physical Body Is At Planet Bei
Chapter 796 - Interstellar Object, What Do You Think You’Re Doing With My Body
Chapter 797 - Fighting The Draconic Beast With Bare Hands, Do You Think I’D Be So Shameless To Do Everything As You Say?
Chapter 798 - C Uniting With Its Body
Chapter 799 - Gaining Allegiance From Planet Bei’S Civilization, I’Ll Leave It In Your Good Hands
Chapter 800 - The Heavenly Golden Daoist Celestial’S Proposal, In Your F*Cking Dreams
Chapter 801 - The Demon God Breaks Free, The Gods Begin To Carry Out Their Plans
Chapter 802 - Meeting Luo Shui Once Again, Returning To The Firmament Star, Feeding The Heavenly Dao
Chapter 803 - A Reunion With The Human King, The Gods Surrounded The Black Heaven Sect
Chapter 804 - Negotiation With The Gods, Only Deaths Await Thee
Chapter 805 - The Heavenly Tormentor Forced His Cultivation, I’M Standing No Matter What
Chapter 806 - Old Friend, It’S Been A While, Let This Trial Be Filled With Glory
Chapter 807 - He’S The King?! Welcome Back, Sect Leader
Chapter 808 - The Godly Mountain’S Seal Breaks, Underworld God Tries To Kill Chaos Daoist Celestial
Chapter 809 - Crushing Underworld God, Saving Chaos Daoist Celestial, Prominent-Grade Powers
Chapter 810 - Reincarnation Of The King, Hmm, That Is Quite A Good Excuse
Chapter 811 - The Glorious Achievements Of The Human King, The Human-God Treaty, What If It Includes Me
Chapter 812 - Shame On Us, King, Shattering Heavenly Golden Daoist Celestial’S Dream
Chapter 813 - : Single Thought Series, Absolute Silence, Planetary Destruction
Chapter 814 - Open Your Eyes And Take A Closer Look, I Still Have This Prominent-Grade Emperor Qi
Chapter 815 - The Strongest Person Throughout The Ages, No One Can Stop Him Now
Chapter 816 - The King Of Gods Absorbs The Godly Mountain Source, Things Are Finally Getting Interesting
Chapter 817 - Solo Universal Conquest, Killing The King Of Gods, Slaying Heavenly Golden
Chapter 818 - The Daoist Celestials Awake From Their Slumber, Beating Some Manners Into The Innate Ferocious Daoist Celestial
Chapter 819 - : Elder Ruyan’S Ideas, You Flatter Me Too Much
Chapter 820 - Refining The Divine Fragment, Late-Stage Minor Daoist Celestial, Advanced Warship Blueprints
Chapter 821 - Changes In Firmament Star, Warship, The Immortal Progenies Are Coming
Chapter 822 - Firmament Star Takes The Offensive, The Daoist Celestials’ Powers
Chapter 823 - The Sword Daoist Celestial Fights Planet Zi’S Sky-Pride, The Sword Daoist Celestial Is Defeated
Chapter 824 - The Warship Has Come To Aid, Gaps Between Civilization, Is That So?
Chapter 825 - One Sword To Ruin The Fleets, One Fist To Destroy The Sword Qi
Chapter 826 - Killing Li Feng, Are You Stupid Or What, Overpowering The Immortal Progeny
Chapter 827 - Clash Of Immortal Techniques, Heaven Devouring Techniques
Chapter 828 - Shang Honghua Meets Her Idol, The Blood God Awakens
Chapter 829 - : Dynasty Title — Chanqio, Regnal Title — Soane, Empire Capital – Black Heaven City
Chapter 830 - The Blood God Attacks, Empire In Danger?
Chapter 831 - The Power Of The Timespace Treasure, Feeding The Heavenly Dao Again, Heavenly Daoist Celestial Combat Unit
Chapter 832 - Leaving Firmament Star, What Gives Them Courage
Chapter 833 - An Overview Of The Violet Gold Galaxy, Barter
Chapter 834 - Dusty Sky Pseudo Immortal, White-Jaded Dragons Gate, The Immortal Progenies Have Arrived
Chapter 835 - Saw Something It Should Not, Shattering The Dragon Pillar, Stele Forest Formation
Chapter 836 - Break Through Levels, Ten Thousand Sword Formation, How Dare You Underestimate Me?
Chapter 837 - You’Re Too Hot-Headed, It’S Time To Break The Formation
Chapter 838 - Do You Guys Agree? Let’S Join Forces, Perhaps There’S A Chance To Hurt Me
Chapter 839 - One Against All The Immortal Progenies, He Has The Poise Of An Immortal!
Chapter 840 - The Immortal Technique Versus Immortal Technique, The Daoist Weapon Recognises Its Master, May I Know Your Name
Chapter 841 - Befriending A Pseudo Immortal, I Know A Little, You Deserve It
Chapter 842 - Tales Of The Immortal World, Ancient Legacy Planet, Marvel Of The Dusty Sky Jade Order
Chapter 843 - Puny But Ignorant, Looking For Fun, Treasures Emerge
Chapter 844 - The Four Blooded Guardians, The Third Seat, The Blackwind Ape Immortal Progeny’S Dissatisfaction
Chapter 845 - No Matter When, No Matter Where, Defeating The Immortal Progenies With The Single Thought Series
Chapter 846 - Killing The Blackwind Ape Immortal Progeny, Defeating The Four Blooded Guardians With A Single Move
Chapter 847 - The Violet Blood Pseudo Immortal, The Final Trial, The Astral Illusory Realm
Chapter 848 - Facing The Four Great Immortal Progenies, Heavenly Mystical Triad Sword Art
Chapter 849 - The Violet Blood Pseudo Immortal’S True Motive, The Soul Refining Altar
Chapter 850 - Who Told You There’S Only One Of Me? The Three Powerful Souls Start To Attack
Chapter 851 - The Fifth Cycle Soul Refinement, Going Back Empty-Handed
Chapter 852 - Attack The Great Daoist Celestial With A Sword Technique, Turn All Of You To Ashes Until I Die
Chapter 853 - Godly Moon Daoist Celestial, Tang Haitang, Unawakened Immortal Physique
Chapter 854 - Strongest Minor Daoist Celestial, There Is No Limit In Dao And Techniques
Chapter 855 - The Trade Fair, Three Thousand Firms, Auction
Chapter 856 - Auction Bidding, Three Billion And Two Hundred Million Spiritual Marrows, Played Like A Fool From The Very Start
Chapter 857 - A Useless Piece Of Rock? Open Your Eyes Wide And Watch, The Purple Source Metal
Chapter 858 - The Moon Wheel Banquet, Lady Leng Of The Lunar Palace Sect, Planet Zi’S Fourth Seat
Chapter 859 - You’Re Chu Kuangren, That Works Too? When Is The Moon Round And Bright
Chapter 860 - Endless Moonlight, The Moonlight Essence, Wang Hang’S Doubts
Chapter 861 - Killing Wang Hang, Killing The Wang Clan’S Great Daoist Celestials, You’Re The Only One Left
Chapter 862 - Master In Swordsmanship And Poetry, The Sword Poem Immortal, Just A Little
Chapter 863 - Immortal Physique Awakened, Moon Frost Immortal Physique, Challenge Of The Second Seat
Chapter 864 - Refining The Moonlight Essence, Source Realm, Moon Source
Chapter 865 - Out From Closed-Door Meditation, Lazy To Deal With Him, Guqin Music And Sword Dance
Chapter 866 - Zi Tianhen Came To Provoke, What A Closed-Off Worldview, Where’S Your Heavenly Might
Chapter 867 - Wrote A Poem And Raised His Sword, An Astonishing Sword Attack, Killing Another Planet Zi Seat
Chapter 868 - Awaken God Wine, Aroma For A Hundred Kilometers, Even A Heavenly Daoist Celestial Is Drunk
Chapter 869 - Holy Violet Temple Lord’S Decision, Firmament Star’S Perils
Chapter 870 - Attack From Planet Zi’S Gold Guardian, Heavenly Daoist Celestial Combat Unit Steps In
Chapter 871 - Planet Zi’S Army Attacks, Wang Clan Great Forefather’S Plan
Chapter 872 - Battle Of Pseudo Immortals, Arrival Of Powerful Cultivators From All Corners Of The Galaxy, Returning The Favor
Chapter 873 - Battle Of Heavenly Daoist Celestials, The Might Of The First Seat
Chapter 874 - He’S Actually Sleeping, Creating Immortal Techniques, Two In One Go
Chapter 875 - Dressing Neatly, Tying The Descendant Self Sword To His Waist, Killing His Foes With Every Step, Armies Of Thousands Are Nothing To Him
Chapter 876 - The First Seat’S Brutal Takedown, Unleashing An Immortal Technique With An Immortal Physique
Chapter 877 - The Everchanging Nine Dragon Rune And Heavenly Dao Energy, Slaying The Heavenly Daoist Celestial
Chapter 878 - Clone Of The Holy Violet Temple Lord, Declaration Of War Against Planet Zi
Chapter 879 - A Heavenly Daoist Celestial’S Self-Destruction, The Great Battle Ends
Chapter 880 - Hunted, Leaving The Ancient Godly Moon Kingdom, You’Ll Have To Work Hard
Chapter 881 - Dao Proclamation Seal, Thoughts, Heavenly Devouring Daoist Art
Chapter 882 - Rumors Of The Planet Devourer, Heavenly Sword Sect Disciple Who Were Being Hunted
Chapter 883 - These People Are Under My Protection, Immortal Tendon
Chapter 884 - Black Blood Tower’S Young Master Refines The Immortal Tendon, Arriving At Black Blood Tower
Chapter 885 - Phoenix’S Flames Might, Obtaining The Immortal Tendon, Killing Black Blood Tower’S Young Master
Chapter 886 - The Black Blood Tower’S List Of Assassination Targets, A Planted Fuse
Chapter 887 - Planet Sirius, Li Xueying, The Li Clan’S Archery Technique
Chapter 888 - A Deal With Li Xueying, The Countdown To The Black Blood Tower’S Destruction
Chapter 889 - Fighting Poison With Poison, That’S Nothing But A Third Rate Phony
Chapter 890 - The Fellow Li Clan Members, Attack Of The Purple-Masked Assassins, The Great Bow Appears
Chapter 891 - Using An Immortal Tendon As A Bowstring, Chu Kuangren’S Four Mystical Art Solar Shot
Chapter 892 - Killing The Three Purple-Masked Assassins, The Li Clan Forefather’S Place Of Slumber
Chapter 893 - Awakening Of The Li Clan Forefather, No Way Back
Chapter 894 - It’S Normal For An Archer To Excel In Melee Combat, The Vision Of Carnage
Chapter 895 - I’M Awaiting Your Attack, Devouring Heavenly Dao
Chapter 896 - Heavenly Punishment Eye, That’S All The Sky Can Take
Chapter 897 - Does Anyone Else Have An Opinion? Heading To Chaotic Starfield
Chapter 898 - Chu Kuangren’S Demonic Blockade, Stepping Into An Extreme Domain
Chapter 899 - Chaotic Starfield’S Three Bandit Kings, Defeating Them With A Punch
Chapter 900 - All Of You Have No Option, Defeating The Berserk Sand Bandit King
Chapter 901 - Taking Control Over The Berserk Sand Bandits, Next Target, The Flame Demon Bandits
Chapter 902 - The Flame Demon Bandits Submit, What If I’M Included Then
Chapter 903 - I’M Afraid… Not, Defeating The Heavenly Gale Bandit King And Black Blood Tower Master In One Go
Chapter 904 - Unifying The Chaotic Starfield, Devouring A Category Nine Planet
Chapter 905 - The Chaotic Starfield Army Marches Forth, Destination — Planet Zi, Shocking The Entire Galaxy
Chapter 906 - Slashing The Stronghold, Worn-Out Planet Zi
Chapter 907 - Operation Start, Alone? Widen Your Eyes And Look
Chapter 908 - Beginning Of The War, He Has Improved So Much
Chapter 909 - Breaking Tri-Mordial Mystic Formation. Killing Four Heavenly Daoist Celestials
Chapter 910 - Bow And Arrow? Let’S Play. Killing Dark Arrow Daoist Celestial
Chapter 911 - Planet Zi’S Powerful Backing, Three Pseudo Immortals
Chapter 912 - I’Ve Fallen Into Disadvantage, My Strength Isn’T As Powerful As Yours? Six Sources Emerged
Chapter 913 - You All Think This Is The Limit? Devouring Heavenly Dao Again
Chapter 914 - The End Of Planet Zi’S Civilization, Planet Jin Ruler Appears
Chapter 915 - Deficient Immortal Pill, Absorbing Wisdom Of Civilization, Gaining Insights From Immortal Techniques
Chapter 916 - Becoming A Heavenly Daoist Celestial, Sending Over The Library, Devouring Planet Zi
Chapter 917 - The Fragmented Immortal World Appears, The Immortal Ascension Path, Setting An Example For The Future Generation
Chapter 918 - The Fox-Eared Girl, Beasthunter Planet, I’Ll Give You Two Choices
Chapter 919 - The Beast Subduing Ring, I Submit, What Did He Take In This Time
Chapter 920 - Meeting The Violet Gold Immortal Progenies On The Immortal Ascension Path, I’M Only Having It As A Pet For Fun
Chapter 921 - Force Buy And Sale, Scram, Leave The Yin And Yang Ring
Chapter 922 - Immortal Ascension Path’S Dragon And Phoenix Blessing, Entering The Immortal World
Chapter 923 - Foreigner, Native, Old Sparrow City
Chapter 924 - Entry Fee, Malicious Intent Towards The Outside, Call The City Lord
Chapter 925 - Bai Clan Forefather’S Arrival, A Strange Old Man
Chapter 926 - Bai Clan Forefather’S Abacus, Refining Immortal Crystal
Chapter 927 - A Sword Crown Of The Past, An Alcoholic Today, Heading To Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm
Chapter 928 - Holy Divine Fire Cult’S Divine Bachelor, Entering The Forest Realm, Moonlight Fox’S Ability
Chapter 929 - Am I Your Father? Heavenly Blaze Treasury, Violet Heaven Radiant Flame
Chapter 930 - All Of You Should Attack Me Together, Defeating Hundreds Of Immortal Progenies With A Single Move
Chapter 931 - The Phoenix Flame’S Power, The Ancient Sparrow City’S Young Lord Had It Coming
Chapter 932 - Killing The Ancient Sparrow City’S Young Lord, Do I Look Like A Mass-Murderer To You?
Chapter 933 - The Dumbfounded Bai Clan Forefather, What The Hell Has He Done Inside There?
Chapter 934 - The Flames Of A Phoenix, The Freezing Qi Of An Immortal Physique, Defeating The Elites From The Holy Divine Fire Cult
Chapter 935 - The Bai Clan Forefather’S Guilt, A Cast Of Movie Stars, Absorbing The Flame Tinder
Chapter 936 - What Gives You The Confidence? Ancient Sparrow City’S Move
Chapter 937 - Seventy-Two Hell Formation. What Makes You Think I Used My Full Strength?
Chapter 938 - Ancient Sparrow City Lord Made His Move, Eliminating The Enemies With A Single Blow
Chapter 939 - Taking The Sword Crown As Follower, Thousand Lotus Sword Intent
Chapter 940 - Late-Stage Heavenly Daoist Celestial, The Sword Source, Holy City’S Enforcers
Chapter 941 - Killing The Pseudo Immortal With Thousand Lotus Sword Intent, Immortal Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 942 - All Parties’ Reactions, Immortal World’S Twelve Kings, Yokai Tribe’S Aura
Chapter 943 - A Strange Azure Phoenix, Neither Existed In The Three Thousand Worlds Nor Had Entered Dharma Reincarnation
Chapter 944 - Azure Phoenix’S Origin, Azure Phoenix Mirror, A Terrifying Origin
Chapter 945 - Do You Want Me To Pat You Too? Heavenly Web City, Lan Yu Appeared
Chapter 946 - Lan Yu’S Desperate Situation, Chu Kuangren’S Killing Intent
Chapter 947 - Death By A Thousand Cuts, Carnage Vision, Killing The Divine Bachelor
Chapter 948 - Eliminate The Divine Bachelor, Kill The City Lord, The Boss’ Close Friend
Chapter 949 - Oceanic Sword Grave Saber Lord, Golden Ridge Temple Hui Fa, Huoshen Xiao Got Scared
Chapter 950 - Weeping Phantom Ridge, Eroding Bone Poison Flame, Pockmarked Lady
Chapter 951 - Pure Heart, Challenge From The Saber Lord, Daughter Of Guqin Crown
Chapter 952 - The Right Way To Shut Up, The Strongest Vengeful Soul In Weeping Phantom Ridge
Chapter 953 - Hui Fa’S True Agenda, Resentful Buddha, Immortal Bloodline Power
Chapter 954 - Wicked Buddha Sect, Identity Revealed, Defeating Hui Fa
Chapter 955 - Closed-Door Cultivation In Weeping Phantom Ridge, Xue Qinxin’S Token, Hui Fa’S Plan
Chapter 956 - Comprehending Immortal’S Scripture, Lan Yu’S Feeling, Chu Kuangren Out From Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 957 - Ruins Of An Ancient Orthodoxy, Hundred Academy’S Gu Liufang
Chapter 958 - Rumors Of Two Immortal Halls, Foreign King Immortal Progeny, Gu Wuqing
Chapter 959 - Defeating The Saber King With A Sword Attack, The News Of Immortal Gu’S Passing
Chapter 960 - Lan Yu Accepts Inheritance, A More Powerful Phoenix’S Flame, Qing Feng’S True Identity
Chapter 961 - Three-Way Siege, One Versus Four, Four Versus One
Chapter 962 - Against Four King Immortal Progenies, One Strike Means One Strike
Chapter 963 - Phoenix Reborn, The Ace Of A King Immortal Progeny, Sword Crown Versus Three Immortals
Chapter 964 - Defeating Three Immortals, Killing King Immortal Progenies, Farewell Qing Feng
Chapter 965 - Immortal Ascension Pool, Three-Headed Six-Armed Resentful Buddha, Myriad Divine Lotus Seed
Chapter 966 - Immortal Ascension Pool, Immortal Progenies Fighting For The Spot, Do I Need To Fight For It?
Chapter 967 - The Way Of Using An Immortal Progeny, One Man Defeated All Immortal Progenies
Chapter 968 - Entering The Immortal Ascension Pool, Prefers A Matured One, Chu Kuangren’S Plan
Chapter 969 - Continuously Created Immortal Techniques. Nan Ke’S Deduction
Chapter 970 - Nine Proclamation Seals, I Drained It Dry, Five Immortals Strike
Chapter 971 - Four Immortals Join Forces To Restrain Sword Crown, Chu Kuangren Fights Immortals
Chapter 972 - Immortal Blazing Day Attacks With All His Strength, Three-Headed Six-Arms Resentful Buddha, Defying Heaven To Kill An Immortal
Chapter 973 - Leaving Immortal Ancient Battlefield, Seven Chord Guqin Heart, Cloud Nine Insignia Sounds
Chapter 974 - I’M The Dao, Upgrading Physiques, Visiting Cloud Nine Insignia Manor
Chapter 975 - Perhaps It’S Just A False Rumor, Seeing Xue Qinxin Again
Chapter 976 - He Is Chu Kuangren, Weak In The Knees, I Have Not Lost Yet
Chapter 977 - Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart Upgraded, Cloud Nine Banquet Starts
Chapter 978 - Divine Dragon Island Dragon Bachelor, The Arrival Of Guqin Crown, Cloud Nine Insignia
Chapter 979 - The Fight For Cloud Nine Insignia, Useless Technique, Dragon Bachelor’S Snatching Forcefully
Chapter 980 - Cloud Nine Insignia Resonance, One Strike At The Dragon Bachelor, I Am Your Master
Chapter 981 - Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Level Up, Defeating The Dragon Immortal, Source Energy Treasure’S Fragment
Chapter 982 - Heading To The Hundred Academy, Continuously Mastering Source Energies
Chapter 983 - Chu Kuangren, The Guqin Crown, And The Others Were Gathered Inside The Cloud Nine
Chapter 984 - Want To Give It A Try? Fighting Yokai Immortal, Killing The Immortal Again
Chapter 985 - Sword Crown’S Past, Arrived At The Academy, The Academy’S Conditions
Chapter 986 - Scripture Sea, Wide Reading, One Who Is Filled With Knowledge Always Behaves In Elegance
Chapter 987 - Nourishing Spiritual Jade Sap, Xue Qinxin’S Troubles, Immortal Consciousness Power
Chapter 988 - Guiding Through The Labyrinth, A Brilliant Master Technique, An Expert In All Aspects, An All-Rounder
Chapter 989 - Helping Others Becoming Immortals, Highly Respected By All Masters And Students
Chapter 990 - Revisiting Scripture Sea, The Peculiar Enlightenment Source, Enlightening All Beings?
Chapter 991 - The Will Of The Immortal World, Battle Of Destiny, Fated One, Uncontrollable Outlier
Chapter 992 - Fated One, Shang Honghua’S Whereabouts, Unpredictable Chu Kuangren
Chapter 993 - Sword Crown’S Leaving, Penglai Island Appears, The Academy’S Action
Chapter 994 - Immortal Progenies’ Gathering, First Battle Of Destiny, Yan Honghua Versus Lin Yan
Chapter 995 - Lan Yu Meeting Yan Honghua, The Academy’S Recommendation
Chapter 996 - Onwards To Penglai Island, Could It Possibly Be Him? Immortal Dewdrop
Chapter 997 - One Punch Instantly Kills The Little Arhat, Who Can A Monk Blame, I Don’T Mind Sending You To Meet The Buddha Too
Chapter 998 - Killing The Golden Ridge Temple’S Arhat, A True Immortal Weapon Appears, The Fake Dragon-Binding Lasso
Chapter 999 - A Battle Of Immortal Progenies To Decide The Ownership Of An Immortal Weapon, Why Don’T You All Come And Fight Me Together
Chapter 1000 - Defeating The Saber Lord With A Single Pierce, The One And Only Throughout Eternity, The One And Only That’Ll Rule For Eternity
Chapter 1001 - Immortal Progenies Are Furious, He’S Playing
Chapter 1002 - It’S Time To End, Unleashing Sword To Kill The Dragon Immortal, Obtaining Binding Dragon Rope
Chapter 1003 - The Dao Enlightening Land For Immortals, Immortal Tree And Zafu, Daoist Core’S Ordeal
Chapter 1004 - My Daoist Core Is Indestructible, As Long As My Heart Is As Bright As A Beacon, There Is No Darkness Wherever I Go
Chapter 1005 - Creating Own Source Energy, Transcending Everything, The Greatest Taboo In The Universe
Chapter 1006 - A Great Harvest, Rematch Between The Sword Crown And Saber Crown
Chapter 1007 - The Sword Crown Carries A Bad Name, The Sword Qi That Chu Kuangren Released
Chapter 1008 - Word Qi-Defeated Slumbering Sword Ocean, Superior Clarity Spiritual Scripture
Chapter 1009 - Chu Kuangren Arrives At Slumbering Sword Ocean, What Does All The Sword Cultivators In The World Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 1010 - Suppressing The Saber Crown, Saber Crown’S Avici Trinity Slash
Chapter 1011 - O’Sword, Come To Me, The Saber Crown’S Secret Trump Card, The Despairing Thousand Saber Formation
Chapter 1012 - The Only Fool Here Is You, Vengeance Of The Swords, Rusted Swords And New-Forged Sabers
Chapter 1013 - Killing The Saber Crown, Anyone Else Wants To Kill Me? Are Any Of You Brave Enough To Try?
Chapter 1014 - Surrounded, Geniuses And Talented Ones Of My Generation, An Immortal’S Ascension
Chapter 1015 - Slaughtering Immortals With The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, The Blood Crow Eye, Nothing But Annoying
Chapter 1016 - Killing Azure Dragon Elder, Brokenhearted Sword Crown
Chapter 1017 - Killing The Saber Lord, The Grudge Crystal, Launching Revenge
Chapter 1018 - Destroying Holy City, Attacking Golden Ridge Temple, Wei Tuo Avatar
Chapter 1019 - Resentful Buddha Demonic Mace, Destroying Golden Ridge Temple, Blood Monk Disciple
Chapter 1020 - Lin Yan’S Ambition, Destroying Holy Divine Fire Cult
Chapter 1021 - Golden Dragon Young Master Becomes An Immortal, True Dragon And Godly Phoenix Wants To Get Married
Chapter 1022 - Golden Dragon Young Master Visits Sycamore Mountain, Not Even Chu Kuangren Can Take This Away
Chapter 1023 - Feng Mountain Ruler’S Decision, Immortals Gather At Divine Dragon Island
Chapter 1024 - Unexpected Changes To The Wedding, Chu Hong Being Controlled Like A Puppet
Chapter 1025 - The Dean And Gong Yue’S Attitude, He Becomes An Immortal
Chapter 1026 - Battle At Divine Dragon Island, Gu Wuqing’S Rune, Are You Prepared To Pay The Price?
Chapter 1027 - Critically Injuring The Golden Dragon Young Master With A Mere Glance, The Divine Dragon Island Goes All Out
Chapter 1028 - Facing Off Against The Dragon Immortals, Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Versus The Five Ways Earth Qi Formation
Chapter 1029 - A Dragon Ruler Joins The Battle, Falling Into A Disadvantage, Can You Survive This?
Chapter 1030 - Dragon Immortals Falling Like Dead Leaves, Chu Kuangren Is Dead? Nope, He’S Alive He Power Of A Self-Destructing Heavenly Immortal Weapon?!
Chapter 1031 - 1 If You Want To Continue Fighting, Be My Guest! Divine Dragon Island Accepts The Loss, Yin Yang Ancient Talisman
Chapter 1032 - Thousand Illusory Steel, Dao Proclamation Descendant Self Sword, What Weapon Is This?
Chapter 1033 - The Storm Wall, Insights From The Storm Wall, Leaving The Planquilon Immortal World
Chapter 1034 - Heavenly Dao Is Frightened, Trading Immortal Crystals For A Warship, The Feathered Immortal Pill
Chapter 1035 - Getting Ready To Be Killed, Ancient Heavenly Yokai Planet, It’S The Beasthunter Planet Again
Chapter 1036 - The Heavenly Fox Tribe’S Resolution, Who Did You Say Will Die? A Stomp
Chapter 1037 - Devour Beasthunter Planet’S Heavenly Dao, Civilization Migration, I’Ll Deal With Bronze Heavenly Hall
Chapter 1038 - Tushan Scripture, Nine Province Cauldron, Bronze Heavenly Hall’S Move
Chapter 1039 - If I Don’T Allow It, Who Dares To Reign Supreme, The Might Of One Slash
Chapter 1040 - Three Slashes Breaks Through The Nine Defense Lines, I’M Here, Why Don’T You Die
Chapter 1041 - Destroying The Nine-Dragon Formation, Killing The Bronze Heavenly Hall Ruler, He’S Quite Weak
Chapter 1042 - The Jade Emperor Treasures Appear, All Forces Making Their Moves, The Whirlwind Sword Sect
Chapter 1043 - The Elites Of All Forces Arrive, The Palace’S Seals And Restrictions, Who’S It You’Re Taking Revenge On?
Chapter 1044 - Killing The Bloodstrike Immortal, My Sword Shall Reign Supreme Throughout The Universe
Chapter 1045 - The Earthen Immortal Herb, Divine Azure Solar Flame, And The Weaponsmithing Codex, Serve Me For A Thousand Years
Chapter 1046 - Devouring The Stars, Who Is This? The Firmament Star Is In Danger
Chapter 1047 - The Firmament Star Is Facing An Interstellar Enemy, Immortal Qing Song, Heavenly Dao Sect
Chapter 1048 - The Great Five Elements Formation Against Qing Song, Gu Linglong’S Confidence, It’S The King’S Aura
Chapter 1049 - Pushing Back Immortal Qing Song, The Two Great Immortals Attack Again
Chapter 1050 - The Five Ways Divine Shadow Army Is Wiped Out, Coming To Support Upon Master’S Order
Chapter 1051 - Immortal Qing Song Fled, Stellar Undying Physique Perfected
Chapter 1052 - Stellar Undying Physique'S Strength, Heavenly Daoist Kun’S Arrival
Chapter 1053 - Heavenly Daoist Kun'S Power, Time Lock, Just In Time
Chapter 1054 - Heavenly Daoist Kun Self-Destruct, The King'S Return
Chapter 1055 - Giving Out Feathered Immortal Pill, If You Guys Are Not Worthy, No One Is
Chapter 1056 - Danger Approaches The Dusty Sky Pseudo Immortal, I’Ve Come To Fulfill My Promise
Chapter 1057 - A Meeting Is Held, The Rapid Unification Begins, The Firmament Galaxy
Chapter 1058 - Closed-Door Meditation Complete, Breaking Through As An Earthen Immortal, The Chaos Celestial Demon Physique
Chapter 1059 - The Road Ahead Is Closed, Channeling The Earth Qi, Battling A Heavenly Immortal Again
Chapter 1060 - Overwhelming The Heavenly Immortal, The Yin Yang Life And Death Symbol, The Heavenly Rage Technique
Chapter 1061 - Killing Everyone, Arch Gilded Immortal, The Celestial Demon Clan, I’M Bei Ming
Chapter 1062 - My Way Of Dao, The Best Celestial Demon Physique, The Three Celestial Demon Qi
Chapter 1063 - Returning To Planquilon Immortal World, Stepping Onto The Immortal Ascension Path Again, Each Sky-Pride’S Changes
Chapter 1064 - The Opportunities Of Fortune Have Emerge, Battle Of Sky-Prides, It’S Tacit
Chapter 1065 - Three Women Surrounded, The Sky-Prides’ Trump Cards
Chapter 1066 - Three Girls In Danger, Never Give Up, I Will Give You A Chance Now
Chapter 1067 - Killing The Golden Dragon Young Master With A Palm Strike, Aren'T You Here For Revenge?
Chapter 1068 - One Slash At The Sky-Prides, One Palm Strike At The Earthen Immortals, Invincible With Me
Chapter 1069 - Am I That Scary? The Seed Has Been Planted, Blood Monk Disciple And His Followers
Chapter 1070 - A Proverb, The Fight Of The Heavenly Champions, It Has Never Changed Since The Ancient Times
Chapter 1071 - The Divine Dragon Island And The Sycamore Mountain Goes To War, The Alchemist Immortal He Yun, The Qingzhou Cauldron
Chapter 1072 - The Merging Of Physiques, Closed-Door Meditation Complete, Defeating The Immortal Retribution With A Single Slash
Chapter 1073 - The Ultimate Almighty Source Physique, The God-Tier Formation Master’S Inheritance, Setting Out From The Academy
Chapter 1074 - The One Pursued By The Lin Clan Cultivators, You Guys Can Get Out Of Here Now
Chapter 1075 - He Yun Pledges Allegiance, The Lin Clan Comes To Negotiate, I Do Not Lack Anything
Chapter 1076 - Killing Two Immortals With A Sword Attack, Declaring War On The Lin Clan
Chapter 1077 - The Crimson Karmic Lotus Flame Riot, Take Me With You, Don’T Stand In My Way
Chapter 1078 - Chu Kuangren, Don’T Try Anything Foolish, Refining The Crimson Karmic Lotus Flame
Chapter 1079 - Everything Is For The Blood Monk Disciple, Yin Underworld Tribe Descendant
Chapter 1080 - Ten Demonic Dao Sects, Yin Underworld Orthodoxy, A Trap
Chapter 1081 - Three-Way Assault, Ten Percent Of My Strength, You People Have Failed The Titles You Bear
Chapter 1082 - Papiyas Avatar, Soul Technique, Fist Against Buddha Palm
Chapter 1083 - Ming Zi'S Last Resort, You Thought You Earned It?
Chapter 1084 - Killing Ming Zi And The Blood Monk Disciple, The Ruler Of The Honorable Yokai Court Attacks!
Chapter 1085 - The Last Fated One, Papiyas Scripture, Settling Debts With The Lin Clan
Chapter 1086 - Waiting For News To Spread, The River Rises, Onwards To The Lin Clan
Chapter 1087 - The Great River Sword Approaches From The Sky, Turning Volcanic Terrain Into Wetlands
Chapter 1088 - The Battle Begins, Destroying The Flame Formation With The Yin Yang Symbol, An Ancient Immortal Clan’S Foundation
Chapter 1089 - Papiyas Versus Fire God, Another Heavenly Immortal Weapon Self-Destructs
Chapter 1090 - Killing The Lin Clan Forefather, Creating A Formation Using Earth Qi, Do You Possibly Think That You Can See Through All Of My Trump Cards
Chapter 1091 - The Might Of Earth Qi Formation, Ancient Immortal Family Sect Is Destroyed
Chapter 1092 - Jin Diyi’S Confidence, Indeed, I’M Still Weak
Chapter 1093 - Heavenly Skylight Scepter, Three Clarity Unification Immortal Pill, Successive Breakthroughs, I Provoked It
Chapter 1094 - The Dragon Phoenix Battlefield, Chu Hong Has Come, The Second-Awakened Godly Phoenix Bloodline
Chapter 1095 - You’Re Back, Feng Mountain Ruler Has Fallen, The Sycamore Mountain Is In Despair
Chapter 1096 - Where'S The Chance Of Turning Things Around? They Saved Me, You Shall Die
Chapter 1097 - Challenge All The Dragon Ruler, If We Run Into Chu Kuangren Again, Retreat!
Chapter 1098 - Earth Qi Formation Reactivated, Obliterating The Dragon Ruler, Are You Begging Me?
Chapter 1099 - Nine Transformation Nirvana Scripture, Huang Mountain Ruler And Her Sincerity
Chapter 1100 - Two Years Abroad, Moral Scripture, The Root Of All Dao
Chapter 1101 - The Hundred Scholar Assemblage Diagram, The Immortals Have Gone Crazy, Dao Cannot Be Spread Simply
Chapter 1102 - Mastering The Hundred Scholar Assemblage Diagram, Jin Diyi’S Confidence, The Divine Nine Wind Fury Scripture
Chapter 1103 - The Supreme Clarity Moral Scripture, Secrets Of The Three Great Immortal Scriptures
Chapter 1104 - Sword-Like Heavenly Intent, The Yokai Hall’S Messenger, Jin Diyi’S Challenge
Chapter 1105 - Jin Diyi’S Strength, All Preparations Are Done
Chapter 1106 - I Can Kill A Bunch Of Them With A Slap, The Void Valley, All Parties Gather
Chapter 1107 - Jin Diyi’S Debut, The Morning Sun Rises, Rides A Phoenix In The Sea Of Clouds, Gradually Approaching
Chapter 1108 - You’Re Not Allowed To Raise Your Self-Worth, The Golden Crow Flame And Phoenix’S Flame
Chapter 1109 - Is That All You’Ve Got? Yokai Hall’S Set-Up, Blazing Crow Formation
Chapter 1110 - Jin Diyi’S Trump Card, The Wills Of The Immortal World Transform Into Fated Ones, Sword-Like Heavenly Intent
Chapter 1111 - Seven Wills Of The Immortal World Combined, Three-Legged Golden Crow Versus Hundred Scholar Assemblage Diagram
Chapter 1112 - The Yokai Hall Is No Longer Needed, Three Heavenly Immortal Ganged Up On The Yokai Ruler
Chapter 1113 - Destroying The Yokai Hall, Two Slashes, One Heavenly Immortal, Divine Tree Fusang
Chapter 1114 - Moving The Entire Yokai Hall, Moving Mountains With Might
Chapter 1115 - Pocket Universe, One Stroke To Open The Sky, Earth, Wind, Water, And Fire To Create The World
Chapter 1116 - Chatting With The Planquilon Immortal World’S Will, Whether In The Past, Present, Or Future
Chapter 1117 - Making A Deal With The Will Of The Planquilon Immortal World, Smooth Sailing Adventures
Chapter 1118 - Researching The Pocket Universe, The Mini Universe, The Enchanted Sleeve
Chapter 1119 - Master Chu Of The Heavenly Will Pavilion, A Sky-Pride Of The Empire Was Attacked
Chapter 1120 - Messengers From The Seven Wings Planet, The Spacetime Crystal, A Planned Assassination
Chapter 1121 - There’S Such An Elite In The Empire, Seven Wings Planet Is In Danger
Chapter 1122 - Chu Kuangren Arrives, All You Rebels Shall Go To Hell
Chapter 1123 - Killing The Seven Wings Planet Ruler, Devouring Stars Again, The Giant Stellar Beast
Chapter 1124 - Entering The Giant Stellar Beast’S Body, The Immortal Worlds Begin To Merge
Chapter 1125 - The Immortal World’S Four Heavenly Gates Emerge, Hunting The Giant Stellar Beast
Chapter 1126 - One Punch Kills A Heavenly Immortal, Arriving At Northern Heavenly Gate, Four Heavenly Gates Trembled
Chapter 1127 - Academy Combined, Inksnow Academy Causing A Problem, Who Are You To Touch My Things?
Chapter 1128 - Defeating Lin Xian With One Finger, Kneel, Famed Master Pavilion'S Decision
Chapter 1129 - The Weakest Heavenly Champion Is Chu Kuangren? Maybe I Overestimated Him
Chapter 1130 - Scholarly Snowpeak Heart, Trouble Issues From The Mouth, Head Goes Boom
Chapter 1131 - Lin Jue Comes For Revenge, Inksnow Academy Dean’S Suggestion, The Scholarly Heart Conjurations
Chapter 1132 - Mastering The Two Great Conjurations, There’S No Need To Trouble Master For This, I Should Be Enough To Kill You
Chapter 1133 - Lan Yu Battles Lin Jue, The Heavenly God Ray, Lin Jue Must Die
Chapter 1134 - Li Wangchen’S Invitation, The Heavenly Champions Appear One After Another
Chapter 1135 - Zhao Fangfei’S Admiration And Praise For Chu Kuangren, She’S Directing Everyone’S Hatred
Chapter 1136 - Lan Yu Fights Scholar Yao, Chu Kuangren’S Hand
Chapter 1137 - : A Sword Attack Invitation, I Can’T Take It, Attack Me Individually Or All Together?
Chapter 1138 - One Versus A Crowd Of Heavenly Champions, Cultivation Base Of A Ninth-Grade Earthen Immortal
Chapter 1139 - Earth Qi Formation Breaks Big Dapper Thirty-Six Formation, Do You Want To Fight With Me Too?
Chapter 1140 - She Blushed, Let’S Appoint A Chief
Chapter 1141 - Heavenly Champions Wholeheartedly Convinced, A Game Of Chess In The Clouds, Inhuman
Chapter 1142 - Secured The Position Of Chief, I’Ll Mess Up Whoever That Messes This Up
Chapter 1143 - Chaos Celestial Demon Starting The Universe, Fengdu’S Appearance
Chapter 1144 - Heavenly Samsara Physique, To Fengdu, The Invisible Thread That Controls Dead Souls
Chapter 1145 - Li Zhurong From Kunlun Immortal Hall, Some Kind Of Resonance, Shenshu Palace
Chapter 1146 - The Ghost Ruler Of Fengdu City, The Samsara Emperor Seal, Battle In Shenshu Palace
Chapter 1147 - Samsara Emperor Seal Obtained, Killing The Yin Underworld Tribe’S Disciple With A Single Attack
Chapter 1148 - The Soul Vanquishing Tribe, The Golden Divine Sword Ray Rune, The Female Ghost’S Power
Chapter 1149 - Activating The Samsara Emperor Seal, A New Ghost Emperor Is Born
Chapter 1150 - Shenshu’S Request, Restore The Cycle Of Reincarnation, The Six Gates Of Samsara
Chapter 1151 - You’Re All Dead, We’Re Willing To Serve The Ghost Emperor
Chapter 1152 - The First Reincarnation Ceremony, Zhao Fangfei’S Hug
Chapter 1153 - The Four Great Heavenly Champions’ Besiege, Four Phenomena Immortal Destruction Formation
Chapter 1154 - Reincarnation Tribulation Light, Blessing Of The Two Conjurations, Killing The Four Immortal Hall Heavenly Champions
Chapter 1155 - Visiting Gong Yue, Shang Honghua’S Injury, Whoever It Is Will Have To Die
Chapter 1156 - Declaring War On Three Clarity Daoist Sect, One Slash Killing Hu Qing, You Dare Kill My Grandson?
Chapter 1157 - Celestial Demon Qi In Display, Northern Darkness Palm Overpowering A Gilded Immortal, Hearing Things
Chapter 1158 - Master Daoist Qing Ling, Daoist Sect'S Strongest Heavenly Champion, Ye Zhu
Chapter 1159 - Fighting Ye Zhu, Suppressing Ye Zhu, Ye Zhu Unleashed All His Cultivation
Chapter 1160 - Ye Zhu'S Trump Card, Green Leaf Sword Vision, Who Said I Can'T Win?
Chapter 1161 - Yin Yang Life And Death Symbol Versus The Grass Sword Art, I’Ll Allow You To Hold On To That Hope
Chapter 1162 - Mastering The Green Leaf Sword Vision, The Nine-Leaf Soul Herb, Master Daoist Qing Ling’S Visit
Chapter 1163 - Exchanging Immortal Scriptures, Gilded Soul Trait, Combining The Three Great Immortal Scriptures
Chapter 1164 - Single Qi Three Clarity Transformation, The Three Clarities Are Still Alive? Breaking Through To The Heavenly Immortal Realm
Chapter 1165 - The Great Dreamfog Marsh, The Nine-Headed Snakelet Tribe’S Heavenly Champion, Current Situation In The Underworld Cities
Chapter 1166 - Technique Upgrade, The Emperor Seal’S Reaction, The Seven-Beaded White Lotus
Chapter 1167 - The Equinox Tribe, Finding The Nine-Leaf Soul Herb Once Again, Jiu Yuan Meets Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1168 - : Jiu Yuan’S Fortunate Encounter, The Fragment Of Fengdu City, With One Command, Thousands Of Dead Souls Kneel
Chapter 1169 - The Soul Vanquisher’S Decision, Thousand Eyes Formation, Refining The Emperor Seal
Chapter 1170 - All Parties’ Reactions, Ox-Headed And Horse-Faced Demons, Successfully Refining The Emperor Seal
Chapter 1171 - Spacetime Sealing Technique, The Hell’S Gate Emerges, Who Would Like To Come Forward First?
Chapter 1172 - All Forces Gather, Provoked Many People, The Future Yin Underworld Daoist
Chapter 1173 - Defeating Three Sky-Prides With One Move, The Spacetime Sealing Technique Shows Its Might
Chapter 1174 - Killing The Chakra Successor, Destroying Heavenly Daoist Kun, Emergence Of The Kunlun Secret Realm, Xuzhou Cauldron
Chapter 1175 - Jade Pool Maiden Sage, Demonic Dao Takes Action, Cao Yun Is Out From The Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 1176 - Blooded Nine Crow Waits For Opportunities Of Fortune, Battle For The Immortal Herb, Where Is Chu Kuangren?
Chapter 1177 - Zhuo Donglai'S Possessiveness, Cao Yun And Xing Feng'S Battle
Chapter 1178 - Immortal Hall'S Holy Violet Tribe, Successor Of Titan, How Are You Going To Make Me Pay?
Chapter 1179 - Three Slashes Three Kills, Can’T Be Looked At Directly, Anyone Else?
Chapter 1180 - Cao Yun'S Heartfelt Admiration, Chan Sect Daoist Ground, Jade Void Palace Appears
Chapter 1181 - Primordial Sun Immortal Physique Zhuo Donglai, Lil Fox Lead The Way, Leave It To Me
Chapter 1182 - The Jade Void Palace’S Trial, Seven Putuans, Leading The Way
Chapter 1183 - The Embodier’S Dao Lecture, The Ksitigarbha Scripture, Collecting The Jade Void Daoist Ground’S Opportunity Of Fortune
Chapter 1184 - The West Ruler Matriarch’S Residence, A Fragment Of Fuxi’S Guqin, The Hopeful Yu Zhi
Chapter 1185 - Ensemble Of Two Guqins, The Close Friend She Never Knew Existed, The West Ruler Matriarch’S Undying Elixir
Chapter 1186 - Grabbing The Undying Elixir, Did Any Of You Consider Whether You’Re Strong Enough To Take One Slash From Me?
Chapter 1187 - A Clue Of Lil Fox’S Father, A Strange Scent
Chapter 1188 - Kunlun Jade Pool, An Immortal Bathes, A Gentleman, Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1189 - The West Ruler Matriarch’S Inheritance, Treasures At The Bottom Of The Pool, A Silly Girl Yu Zhi
Chapter 1190 - The Closed-Door Meditation, Everyone’S Progress, Zhao Fangfei Becomes An Assassination Target
Chapter 1191 - Zhao Fangfei’S Desperate Situation, Everyone In The Academy Comes, All Of Them Are Heavenly Immortals
Chapter 1192 - Soul Vanquisher Appears, All Of You Are Just Bait, Don'T Be A No Show
Chapter 1193 - Chu Kuangren Coming Out Of Closed-Door Meditation, Wuguan’S Successor
Chapter 1194 - Killer Formation, Heavenly Champions Arriving One After Another, Just To Kill One Person
Chapter 1195 - Surrounded From All Direction, Yin Soldiers Kneeling Before The Fengdu Ghost Emperor
Chapter 1196 - Revealing Respective Trumps, Three Great Conjurations, Affinity From The Great Dao
Chapter 1197 - The Soul Vanquishing Tribe Successor’S True Intention, Battle Of Souls, The Ksitigarbha Mantra
Chapter 1198 - Killing The Soul Vanquishing Successor, The Killer Formation Crumbles, No One Can Lay A Finger On You
Chapter 1199 - Zhuo Donglai’S Anger, The Holy Violet Imperial Commander, The Wooden Puppet Refining Technique
Chapter 1200 - The Blooded Nine Crow Attacks The Tushan Clan Members, Chu Kuangren Exits The Secret Realm
Chapter 1201 - I Refuse To Believe I Can’T Block A Single Slash, Killing The Blooded Nine Crow, Back To The Hundred Academy
Chapter 1202 - Refining A Puppet With A Heart, Heading To The Great Ten Thousand Mountains, The Luo Hou Ancestral Land
Chapter 1203 - Settling The Tauren With A Sword Attack, He Is Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1204 - Confess To Him Since You Like Him, Lil Fox’S Parents
Chapter 1205 - Healing The Tushan Queen, The Seven Needles Against Fate, The Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain’S Visitor
Chapter 1206 - Killing The Former Yokai Ruler, Forget About The Marriage, Tushan Queen Awakes
Chapter 1207 - The Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain’S Attack, Yokai Tribes Besiege, We Are Your Opponents
Chapter 1208 - Thirty Percent Of Strength, You All Have Underestimated Me, Fighting A True Immortal
Chapter 1209 - The Mini Universe Energy, Killing A True Immortal With Nine Province Cauldrons
Chapter 1210 - The Emerald Hill Fox King, An Unknown Matter, The Nemesis Of All Cultivators
Chapter 1211 - Absorbing The Black Qi, It Is Afraid, Exploring The Luo Hou Ancestral Land
Chapter 1212 - Soul-Vanquishing Tribe'S Ultimate Technique, How Could I Not Turn It Upside Down?
Chapter 1213 - Fueled The Flames, Chaos Between The Demonic Dao In Luo Hou Ancestral Land
Chapter 1214 - Zhuo Donglai'S Whereabouts, Yin Fusang'S Spirit
Chapter 1215 - She’S Under My Protection, You Can’T Touch Her, My Friends Are Here
Chapter 1216 - Zhuo Donglai Working With The Demonic Dao, Better Bring More Men
Chapter 1217 - Looks Like I’M Better In Using This Technique Than You, True Face Revealed
Chapter 1218 - Battling The Crowd Of Demonic Sky-Prides, You’Re Just His Clone
Chapter 1219 - Every Sky-Prides’ Trump Card, The Outcome Of This Battle Has Already Been Decided
Chapter 1220 - The Arch Gilded Immortals Take Action, A Single Torn Book Page, Do They Really Think They Can Mess With My Hundred Academy
Chapter 1221 - Killing The Demonic Sky-Prides, Merging Of Yin And Yang Energies, Defeating The True Immortal Level Zombie
Chapter 1222 - Truly A Great Blessing, The Annihilating Black Lotus Recognizes Its Master, Let Them Decide Themselves
Chapter 1223 - Fu Yin Becomes A Follower, The Poison Immunity, Ancient Heavenly Yokai Cave
Chapter 1224 - The Ancient Heavenly Yokai Cave, Battle Saint Ape, Why Is There A Human?
Chapter 1225 - Entering The Ancient Cave, The Yokai Great Ones Are Stunned, A More Genuine Yokai
Chapter 1226 - Five Poisons Siege Fox Tribe, Reptiles, You’Re Courting Death
Chapter 1227 - Five Poison Formation, Fated Poison Blood, Have A Taste Of My Power
Chapter 1228 - An Insect With A Hundred Legs Could Die But Would Not Perish, Yokai Concubine Daji'S Inheritance
Chapter 1229 - Yokai Fox, Heretic Dark Fox, Tengu Bachelor Sage, I Know A Lot Of Things
Chapter 1230 - Did I Give You All The Permission To Move? Xuanyuan'S Successor
Chapter 1231 - Xuanyuan Sword Qi, Only Emperors Who Die In Battles And Never One Who Surrenders
Chapter 1232 - The Great Battle, Blade Of Zhou, The Last Human Emperor
Chapter 1233 - The Ultimate Human Emperor Technique, The Blooded Crimson Armor And Sword
Chapter 1234 - The Golden Crow Crown Prince’S Opportunity Of Fortune, The Heavenly Yokai King’S Inheritance Appears
Chapter 1235 - The Heavenly Yokai King’S Inheritance, Everyone’S Arrival, Is There Anything Impossible About That
Chapter 1236 - : The Heavenly Yokai King’S Trial, Wave After Wave
Chapter 1237 - Fighting The Ape Forefather, The Battle Secret Technique, Fighting With Full Strength
Chapter 1238 - Defeating The Ape Forefather, The Golden Crow Crown Prince’S Plan
Chapter 1239 - Dueling The Heavenly Yokai King, Four Mystical Beasts Mimicry, Ten Wild Beasts Mimicry
Chapter 1240 - Blade Of Zhou Fights Against Divine Myriad Yokai Mimicry, Defeating The Heavenly Yokai King
Chapter 1241 - Obtaining The Heavenly Yokai King’S Inheritance, The Traces Of All Forces’ Great Ones Make A Move, Crushing You To Death
Chapter 1242 - Let Me Show You, Four Mystical Beasts Mimicry
Chapter 1243 - Ten-Day Overhead Formation? I'Ll Shoot The Suns Down Like Dayi
Chapter 1244 - Breaking Eleven Suns, Acquiring Yang Fusang, Losing Everything
Chapter 1245 - : Provoking The Golden Crow King, Golden Crow King'S Wrath, Golden Crow Blood Pool
Chapter 1246 - Golden Crow King'S Frenzy, Alliance With The Six Tribes, Emerald Hill And Tushan In Danger
Chapter 1247 - Too Many Items To Deal With, The Fate Of The Yokai Fox Species Lies In This Battle
Chapter 1248 - The Six Yokai Kings Appear, Tushan Killing Formation, The Great Battle Has Begun
Chapter 1249 - The Universal Spiritual Tushan Formation, The Healed Relationship, The Power Of Emotions
Chapter 1250 - Smoldering Embers Of Hope For The Future, The True Emperor Dragons, A Million Strong Underworld Army
Chapter 1251 - A Very Weak Karmic Warning, Wiping Out The Nine-Headed Snakelets With The Ten Wild Beasts, Monster
Chapter 1252 - Are You So Eager To See Me? Because I’M More Powerful Than All Of You
Chapter 1253 - : I’Ll Defend Tushan, Go Deep Into The Main Battlefield, He Hasn’T Left Yet
Chapter 1254 - Armor On His Body, Sword In His Hand, Shocking The True Immortals With Infinite Void
Chapter 1255 - Divine Myriad Yokai Mimicry, Hell’S Gate Emerges Again, Greetings, Ghost Emperor!
Chapter 1256 - The Battle Of The Arch Gilded Immortals, You Deserve To Die For Your Sin, Bei Ming’S Clone Emerges Again
Chapter 1257 - Gilded Immortal Sacrificing Himself, Gilded Immortal Bai Mei, The Day Will Soon Come
Chapter 1258 - Yokai Kings Preparing To Retreat, Dark Tide Devouring The World, Bei Ming Slashing Sky
Chapter 1259 - Wu Tian Acquired The Yokai King'S Heart, He Came To Me
Chapter 1260 - Dark Fox Maiden Sage Felt Strange, Embarrassed, Repair Flaws
Chapter 1261 - Divine Thunder Fist, Leaving Tushan, Lil Fox'S Dream
Chapter 1262 - Back To The Hundred Academy, I’M A Magnificent And Glorious Person, Mastering The Complete Fusang Tree’S Power
Chapter 1263 - The Interstellar Arena Opens, Zhuo Donglai And You Ying
Chapter 1264 - A Shy Immortal, The Godkiller Spear, Revival Of The Golden Crow Blood Pool’S Spirit
Chapter 1265 - Lan Yu’S Opportunity Of Fortune, The Evil Immortal Valley, The Five-Fury Formation
Chapter 1266 - Breaking Through To A True Immortal, Divine Samsara Overworld, Universal Life-Death Cycle
Chapter 1267 - Thunder God Pearl, Chu Kuangren Has Descended, I Want It
Chapter 1268 - Will You Be Conceited Toward An Ant, You Shall Taste The Real Lightning
Chapter 1269 - Killing Lei Zhen, Absorbing Lightning Sea, A Gold-Attributed Raw Physical
Chapter 1270 - Supreme Clarity Branch’S Su Yun, Lan Yu’S News, Courting Death
Chapter 1271 - Breaking The Five Ways Energy With One Sword Attack, Slaying Evil Immortals, Something Good In The Terraspirit Planet
Chapter 1272 - Terraspirit Planet'S Stellar Source, Sovereign Yu'S Successor, Giant Stellar Beast
Chapter 1273 - Battle Of The Heavenly Champions, This Energy Presence, It'S Him!
Chapter 1274 - Acquired Another Nine Province Cauldron, Stop Slandering Sovereign Yu, Kneel
Chapter 1275 - Killing Lil Gonggong And Sovereign Yu'S Successor, God, Why Are You So Unfair To Me!
Chapter 1276 - Heavenly Dao Sect'S Heavenly Daoist, Immortal Dissolving Poison, The More The Better
Chapter 1277 - Zhuo Donglai’S Madness, The Blooded Heart Melting Technique
Chapter 1278 - The Demonic Omnitoxin Technique, Lan Yu Becomes A True Immortal, Terraglyph Planet'S Sarira
Chapter 1279 - You’Ve Made A Wise Decision, His Presence Alone Strikes Fear Into People’S
Chapter 1280 - The Dark Fox Tribe Submits, Another Follower Joins, The Thousand Buddha
Chapter 1281 - Buddhist Daoist Huijue, The Bodhi Heart, You Insolent Fool
Chapter 1282 - I Have A Daoist Core, Illuminating All Gods And Buddhas, The Final Trial
Chapter 1283 - The Dharma Exchange, Look At Me, Do I Look Like A Buddha?
Chapter 1284 - Papiyas Avatar, Ksitigarbha Might, A Dim Buddha Heart
Chapter 1285 - Putting Huijue In A Difficult Position, Phaseless Lapis Lazuli Exterior
Chapter 1286 - Papiyas Against Samantabhadra, Wu Tian Secretly Attacks, The Immortal
Chapter 1287 - Eight Hundred Dao Proclamation Seals, The Trigger For Descendant Self'S
Chapter 1288 - Descendant Self Evolves, Sword Ray Shines Through Mountains And River, Big Dipper Thirty-Six Stars' Anomaly
Chapter 1289 - Sword Immortal'S Tomb, Linghu Zun, Buddha'S Sword
Chapter 1290 - Giant Sword As The Tablet, Are You Guys Ready For It?
Chapter 1291 - The Power Of Radiant War Immortal Physique, Where Is It?
Chapter 1292 - Ye Zhu Refines The Green Leaf Sword Vision, The Scoundrel Among Immortals, A Daoist Sect In Trouble
Chapter 1293 - The Gentleman Attacks, The Buddhist Monk’S Killing Intent Ignites,
Chapter 1294 - Slaying Demons And Shocking Gods With A Single Slash, Cultivators Of Different Levels
Chapter 1295 - The Four Cultivators Join Forces, All To Defeat A Single Person, This Favor I Owe Is Just Too Huge
Chapter 1296 - Zhuo Donglai Appears, The Demonic Sword’S Might, The Maddest Man Throughout Eternity
Chapter 1297 - Duality Rites Yin Yang Symbol, Wu Tian’S Sneak Attack, Immortal Dissolving Poison Source
Chapter 1298 - Killing Wu Tian, Divine Samsara Overworld, The Cycle Of Life And Death
Chapter 1299 - Killing Sky-Prides With Two Great Divine Abilities, The Fall Of Zhuo Donglai
Chapter 1300 - Ye Zhu Is Out From Closed-Door Meditation, The Heroic Chu Kuangren, I Want A Drop Of Your Blood Essence
Chapter 1301 - Look At Their Chief, He Masters The Duality Rites Immortal Physique And Completes The Green Leaf Sword Vision
Chapter 1302 - Physique Clash, Ultimate Almighty Source Physique Overpowered An Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique, Chu Hong'S Whereabouts
Chapter 1303 - Chu Hong'S Opportunity Of Fortune, The Godly Phoenix'S Trials, Huang Jinghuang
Chapter 1304 - Think Of A Way To Balance It, Huang Yuyi, Chu Kuangren Out Of Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 1305 - Battle Of Green Leaf Sword Vision, Clash Between Twenty-Four Sword Dao Techniques
Chapter 1306 - I Should Be Written Into History, Green Leaf Sword Ocean, You Are Not Worthy Of The Godly Phoenix Name
Chapter 1307 - The Arrogant Huang Yuyi, Prodigies From All Corners Of The Universe Arrive, Loong Zhen Of The Crimson Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1308 - The Phoenix Plume, Heavenly Phoenix Standard, And Phoenix Maiden Seal, Loong Zhen’S Cautiousness
Chapter 1309 - Chu Hong Appears, Who Shall Be My First Opponent, Battle Of Godly Phoenixes
Chapter 1310 - Divine Godly Phoenix Howl, Forcing Back Huang Yuyi, Loong Zhen Joins The Fight
Chapter 1311 - Guanyin’S Successor, The Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe, That Person Is Here
Chapter 1312 - Killing Heavenly Daoist Huang, Do You Have To Be Such Perverted?
Chapter 1313 - The Collision Of Physical Bodies, So What If A Godly Phoenix And A True Dragon Join Forces?
Chapter 1314 - The Spacetime Sealing Technique Reappears, Killing Loong Zhen, The Buddha
Chapter 1315 - Huang Yuyi’S Nirvana, The Fire Boy And Huang Yuyi, The Auction In Heavenly Ancient Merchant Planet
Chapter 1316 - Wan Tian’S Shock, Three Billion Immortal Crystals, The Auction Begins
Chapter 1317 - Divine Flame Map, Bidding, Chu Kuangren Surrender?
Chapter 1318 - Huang Yuyi Sulking, Fire Boy'S Big Loss, Celestial Demon Heart
Chapter 1319 - East Sovereign Immortal Hall, Mountain Ghoul House, The Rulemaker
Chapter 1320 - Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist Appeared, The Same Celestial Demon Tribe, Chu Kuangren Moved
Chapter 1321 - Have You Seen The Real Celestial Demon Physique? His White Robes Left A
Chapter 1322 - Chu Kuangren’S Scheme, Jue Wushen’S Origin, Celestial Demon King
Chapter 1323 - The Rebellious And Unruly Ming Yifeng, You Only Have One Chance To Witness This
Chapter 1324 - The Combination Of Might And Benevolence, Ming Yifeng Submits, A Very Confident Huang Yuyi
Chapter 1325 - Fu Yin In Danger, The True Fusang Tree’S Power, Who Gave You People The Courage To Lay Your Filthy Fingers On My Subordinate
Chapter 1326 - The Complete Fusang Tree’S Power, Now Is Not The Right Time To Fight
Chapter 1327 - Violet Emperor Burning Heavenly Flame, The Infighting Of Huang Yuyi And Fire Boy
Chapter 1328 - Fire Boy’S Scheme, Kumadhi Divine Flame, Why Don’T You Try?
Chapter 1329 - Kumadhi Divine Flame Battles With Godly Tree Fusang, Can I Win?
Chapter 1330 - The Equinox Maiden Sage, Hua Wuai, How Am I Trying To Make Myself Look Brave?
Chapter 1331 - The Flame Tinder Of Kumadhi Divine Flame, Rejuvenation Light Breaks Kumadhi
Chapter 1332 - Disappointing, Holy Violet Emperor Planet Opening
Chapter 1333 - Shi Tianxuan'S Ambition, All Prodigies' Actions
Chapter 1334 - Entering Emperor Planet, Golden Scale King, Take It Away
Chapter 1335 - God Is Merciful, The Academy’S Heavenly Champion, Shi Ying
Chapter 1336 - Demonic Bull Revenge, Shi Ying Guarding With Her Life, The Chief?!
Chapter 1337 - Chu Kuangren’S Little Fan Girl, Am I Overthinking? The Nine-Layered Sword Barrier
Chapter 1338 - Someone Has Taken The Emperor Seal, No One Else But He Could Do So, Northland’S Chen Clan
Chapter 1339 - The Great Dead Soul Army Attacks The Chen Clan, Will You Guys… Dare To Help?
Chapter 1340 - The Thousand Ghoul Banner, Summoning The Underworld General, Killing The Chen Clan Leader
Chapter 1341 - I’Ll Tell You A Secret, Chi You’S Inheritance, I Must Find Shi Tianxuan
Chapter 1342 - You’Re Qualified To Stand Before Me, Jiuli Tribe, An Extraordinary Appearance
Chapter 1343 - Li Fei’S Despair, You’Re Not Allowed To Hurt Her
Chapter 1344 - The Predicted Person, Master Is Wicked, Jiuli Tribe Is Safe
Chapter 1345 - Chimei Tribe Leader Attacks, Your Wish Is My Command, Ghost Emperor
Chapter 1346 - Killing Chimei Tribe Leader, Li
Chapter 1347 - A True Gentleman Indeed,
Chapter 1348 - Battle Of Zhuolu, Eighty Demonic Generals Marches
Chapter 1349 - Fighting The Eighty Demonic
Chapter 1350 - Breaking Heavenly Eighty Demonic Formation, Warlord, My Name Is Chiyou
Chapter 1351 - Fighting Chiyou, True Emperor Dragon Appearing Again
Chapter 1352 - Warlord Halbert, Tyrant Sword, Acquiring The Inheritance, Ruler'S Temperament And Manner
Chapter 1353 - Ashura Mask, Great Wasteland Halberd, Demonic General Cauldron, Jiuli In A Pinch Again
Chapter 1354 - Qin Clan Fourth Young Master, Five Dragons Dominion Art, I Want You Dead
Chapter 1355 - It'S Really Him, Two Choice, Prepare To Welcome Despair
Chapter 1356 - Blood Wreckers Sky-Pride, No One Can Make Me Flee Yet
Chapter 1357 - In This Vast Universe, I Have Proclaimed Myself With Great Arrogance, No One Is A Match For Me
Chapter 1358 - Clash Of The Demonic Forefather Successors, The Burial Of Gods And The Great Wasteland Subjugation
Chapter 1359 - Shi Tianxuan’S Embarrassing Escape, Conjurations On The Holy Violet
Chapter 1360 - : The Heavenly Dao Spires Of The Four Cardinal Directions, The Jiuli Tribe Pledges Their Allegiance, Prodigies From All Corners Of The Planet
Chapter 1361 - A Variety Of Rewards, A Thousand Dao Proclamation Seals, Is That All There Is To This?
Chapter 1362 - Five Ways Treasures, Cherishing Each Other, A Tune That Amazes One’S Life
Chapter 1363 - Daybreak Lightning, Five Ways Ultimate Art, Green-Eyed Bull Demon
Chapter 1364 - Four Prodigies Eliminated One After Another, I Must Kill Him
Chapter 1365 - Five Ways Energy, I’M The Ape Forefather
Chapter 1366 - Fighting Against The Ape Forefather Again, The Prodigies Join Forces, Shrew Women
Chapter 1367 - Holy Violet Immortal Emperor Thought Form, You’Re The Human Emperor, Holy Violet'S Killing Intent
Chapter 1368 - What Tricks Do You Have Left, Gathering The Power Of Four Directions
Chapter 1369 - We Will Meet Again, The Holy Violet Immortal Emperor Lament
Chapter 1370 - Chu Kuangren Failed, Outside The Heavenly Dao Spire, Prodigies Surrounded
Chapter 1371 - Seven Against Chu Kuangren, Five Ways Yin Yang Fusion
Chapter 1372 - Thirty Percent Of My Power, Seven Nations Warring Map, Can'T Hold On For Long
Chapter 1373 - He Came, His True Self Arrived, Extremely Astounded
Chapter 1374 - No One Shall Leave, Black Annihilation Lotus'S Power
Chapter 1375 - Projection Of The Arch Gilded Will, Beat Him Into Submission
Chapter 1376 - Shi Ying'S Secret, The First Equinox Of The Realm
Chapter 1377 - A Chat With Hua Wu Ai, I’Ll Help You Become King, Climbing The Spire Once
Chapter 1378 - Battling The Holy Violet Immortal Emperor Once Again, The Heavenly Dao Spire
Chapter 1379 - Blasting The Holy Violet Immortal Emperor Into Nothing, They Will Still Surrender Beneath My Feet In The End
Chapter 1380 - Cosmic Starlight, The Universe Formation Diagram, Celestial Demon Shenchu
Chapter 1381 - Jue Wushen’S Closed-Door Meditation Complete, The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist’S Celestial Demon Physique
Chapter 1382 - Meeting Jue Wushen, You Only Need To Defeat Me
Chapter 1383 - : Seventh Grade True Immortal, Someone As Unworthy As You Wants To Be Crowned King?
Chapter 1384 - The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist Battles Jue Wushen, The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden And The Eastern Sky Divine
Chapter 1385 - What Makes Chu Kuangren Worthy Then? They Still Have Their King
Chapter 1386 - Ninth-Grade True Immortal, The Black Hole Celestial Demon Physique’S Divine Ability
Chapter 1387 - Contempt, The Real Peerless Prodigy
Chapter 1388 - Ten Thousand Yin Mountain World, Mountain Ghoul Treasure, Proclamation Descendant Self'S Might
Chapter 1389 - Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, Golden Continent, Master Of Life And Death
Chapter 1390 - Celestial Demon Coronation, You Have To Compensate Me
Chapter 1391 - Fight Jue Wushen, Be Confident, Remove The Certainty
Chapter 1392 - Crowned As A King, A Crazy Idea, Innate Chaotic Qi
Chapter 1393 - Meeting Xu Wu, The Void Egg, The Universe’S Threat
Chapter 1394 - Shang Honghua’S Opportunity Of Fortune, Ancient Golden Dragon’S Inheritance, Third Dragon Crown Prince
Chapter 1395 - The Breeze Seeking Inn, An Honored Guest, The Feng Clan’S Young Lady
Chapter 1396 - Shang Honghua And Jing Hui, A Bright Light Pillar Shot Up Into The Sky, The Inheritance Emerges
Chapter 1397 - A Sea Of Suffering Awaits Those Who Bring Harm, Jing Hui Standing Guard
Chapter 1398 - The Third Dragon Crown Prince Captures Jing Hui, Jing Hui’S Final Technique,
Chapter 1399 - Chu Kuangren Arrives, The Third Dragon Crown Prince, Turned Around And Fled
Chapter 1400 - I’Ve Been Waiting To See How Powerful You Are, Gazing Upon The Sky From The Bottom Of A Well, How Can You Possibly
Chapter 1401 - Killing The One-Eyed Dragon And The Third Dragon Crown Prince, The Iceworm Surrenders
Chapter 1402 - Reverse-Deduce Violet Eyes Cultivation Technique, Shang Honghua Out Of Closed-Door Cultivation
Chapter 1403 - Heading To The Dragon Clan, Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist'S Threats, Deity'S Order
Chapter 1404 - Double Dragon'S Power, Shang Honghua Versus Dragon Clan, The Real Show Is Here
Chapter 1405 - Full Of Himself, Feng Yu Submits, I Will Ask Him Myself
Chapter 1406 - Leaving A Seed For The Dragon Clan, Find A Way Out Of The Impasse, The
Chapter 1407 - True Immortals Attack Together, A Fool, The Entire City Is Shocked
Chapter 1408 - A Gilded Immortal Attacks, Shocks A Gilded Immortal, You Can Give It A Try
Chapter 1409 - Fighting Against A Gilded Immortal, A Close Combat, The First Gilded
Chapter 1410 - Eighty Demonic Generals Attack, Dragon Clan Forefather, In Complete Despair
Chapter 1411 - The Dragon Clan Near Their Demise, Chu Kuangren Is Too Good At
Chapter 1412 - Gilded Soul Realm, Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm, Violet Eye Clan
Chapter 1413 - Yu Zhi And Qing Feng, Scarlet Tear, Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm Opened
Chapter 1414 - Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist Snatching The Immortal Herb, Luo Yifeng'S Confidence
Chapter 1415 - Luo Yifeng'S Chickened Out, Luo Clan'S Disciples Self-Destructed
Chapter 1416 - Luo Yan'S Advice, Flame Of Revenge, Potential Help
Chapter 1417 - The Arcane Deity Sect Emerges, The Obsessed Dead Souls, Zi Yuhan
Chapter 1418 - You’Ll Have To Ask For My Permission First, The Dead Souls Trembled, Heralding The End Of The World
Chapter 1419 - Your Life Belongs To Me, You Have No Right To Decide, The Two Cages
Chapter 1420 - : The Gates Of Hell Appears, Formation Destroyed In A Single Slash, What Kind Of Explanation Do You Want
Chapter 1421 - The Nine Heavens Deity, Yu Zhi’S Fortunate Encounter, Let’S Kill Him Then
Chapter 1422 - Killing Zhuo Tianchang, By All Means, Luo Yan'S Struggles
Chapter 1423 - Nine Houses' Successor Versions Arcane Deity, Restricted Area Affiliation, How To Destroy
Chapter 1424 - Did I Allow You To Attack? Where Did The Monster Come From?
Chapter 1425 - God-Trembling Bell Shattered, A Sword Mark, Separating Life And Death
Chapter 1426 - Evil God'S Shadow, Ksitigarbha Avatar, Violet Eye'S Repercussion
Chapter 1427 - Violet Eyes Kill Violet Eyes, Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist Has Come, I Can Grant You A Chance To Leave Your Last Word
Chapter 1428 - The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist’S New Technique, Still Crushing, A More Powerful Celestial Demon Physique
Chapter 1429 - Damage-Reversing, The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist’S Determination, Luo Yifeng’S Self-Destruction
Chapter 1430 - The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist Has Fallen, About To Obtain Another
Chapter 1431 - The Last Two Of The Nine Province Cauldrons, An Old Riddler, The Luo Clan Is Facing A Catastrophe
Chapter 1432 - Send Him Off Earlier, Get Rid Of In A Few Words
Chapter 1433 - Iceworm Ru Xue Returns To Great Frost Dragon Mountain, Analyzing Golden
Chapter 1434 - Golden Jade Immortal Spark, Dragon-Phant Fruit, Physique Body Reaching Gilded Immortal
Chapter 1435 - : Luo Clan Submits, Holy Violet Imperial Commander'S Confidence
Chapter 1436 - Great Frost Dragon Mountain'S Action, Iceworm Ru Xue'S Sorrow, Bone-
Chapter 1437 - Killing Iceworm Feng, Your Life Belongs To Me, No One Can Ever Take It Away
Chapter 1438 - Three Gilded Immortals Attacked, One Dead Two Critically Injured
Chapter 1439 - The Iceworm Fourth Elder Attacks, Battling A Seventh-Grade Gilded Immortal Using Raw Physical Strength
Chapter 1440 - Killing The Seventh-Grade Gilded Immortal, The Arch Gilded Immortals Appear,
Chapter 1441 - A Hundred Snowy Lotuses, The Wronged Arch Gilded Immortal, The Holy Violet Imperial Commander Appears
Chapter 1442 - Fight Holy Violet Imperial Commander, Who Dares To Make Me Kneel
Chapter 1443 - Holy Violet Imperial Commander'S Final Trump Card, Holy Violet
Chapter 1444 - The Ultimate Killing Tactic, Always Surprising, Transcendental Force
Chapter 1445 - Killing Holy Violet Imperial Commander, Trying To Get The Holy Violet Crown, Beiming Made A Move
Chapter 1446 - It'S Great Having A Great One'S Protection, Interstellar Arena'S Celestial Tablet
Chapter 1447 - Healing Iceworm Ru Xue, Refining The Holy Violet Crown, All Sky-Prides Escape
Chapter 1448 - Hellion Temple King Successor, Prodigies Of All Forces Meet
Chapter 1449 - All Prodigies’ Plans, A Simpler Way Is More Effective
Chapter 1450 - You Don’T Have To Be Bothered By Me, Jue Wushen Achieves The Innate Celestial Demon Physique
Chapter 1451 - Lan Yu Enters The Interstellar Ring, Golden Crow Pseudo-Forefather, Are You Dare To Fight With Me?
Chapter 1452 - You Are All Nothing But Bumpkins, Zhuanxu'S Successor, Shennong Hundred Herbal Pill
Chapter 1453 - Break Through Gilded Immortal, Have Them Search For It Again, Is It Really Enough?
Chapter 1454 - Terrifying Aura, Those Who Leave Their Names On The Celestial Tablet, Go Together
Chapter 1455 - You Guys Can Win, I'Ll Kill Myself On The Spot, A Rampant Posture, Left A Deep Impression
Chapter 1456 - Fighting A Monstrous Sky-Pride, That'S All You People Have For Teaming Up?
Chapter 1457 - This Formation Again? Daoist'S Core Trauma, Divine Myriad Yokai Mimicry Technique Creating Purgatory
Chapter 1458 - I Haven'T Use My Full Strength, Divine Abilities Merging, Life-Death And Samsara
Chapter 1459 - 1459 Xuanyuan'S Successor Achieving Gilded Immortal, Xuanyuan Sword Qi Versus Blade Of Zhou
Chapter 1460 - 1460 Xuanyuan Celestial Sword, Hellish Bird Yu Xiao, That Man
Chapter 1461 - 1461 The Power Of Life-Death Note, Even Peeking Is Offensive, He Wants To Erase It?!
Chapter 1462 - 1462 The World'S Number One Madman, Set Off By A Billion Stars
Chapter 1463 - 1463 The Biggest Opportunity In The Interstellar Arena, Divine Genesis Source Orb
Chapter 1464 - 1464 Mission For Jue Wushen, Arrogance At Its Finest, Becomes Humility
Chapter 1465 - 1465 Two Years Time, Unusual Shi Ying, What Goes Around, Comes Around
Chapter 1466 - 1466 Ksitigarbha'S Successor Hui Zhang, Lapis Lazuli Land, Buddhist Word Boundary
Chapter 1467 - 1467 Entering Lapis Lazuli Land, Desire World Sky, Did He Notice Something?
Chapter 1468 - 1468 Guanyin Hall, Shi Ying'S History, Battle Of Personality
Chapter 1469 - 1469 Three Percent Situation, Changes On The Desire World Sky
Chapter 1470 - 1470 Desire World Sky Demon'S Temptation, Heading To Desire World Sky
Chapter 1471 - 1471 Deep Into The Desire World Sky, The Buddha Destroyer Hui Zhang, The Six Dusty Demonic Hooks
Chapter 1472 - 1472 The Desire Flower, So Much For Chu Kuangren, Who Said You Could Touch My Thing?
Chapter 1473 - 1473 Hui Zhang Merges The Desire World Sky Energy, Stop Fooling Around, I Wonder How Will You Feel
Chapter 1474 - 1474 Killing Hui Zhang, The Two Respected People In The Buddhist World, Splitting Open The Top Of Skull
Chapter 1475 - 1475 Signing A Contract, The Desire Flower Recognizes Her Master, The More She Thinks About It, The More Furious She Is
Chapter 1476 - 1476 Gold Dharmic Lotus, Contaminated Spiritual Mountain, Black Qi'S Bane
Chapter 1477 - 1477 Buddha Yun Lan, Our Little Cutie Isn'T Very Bright, He Is Not The Same
Chapter 1478 - 1478 Higher The Cultivation, The Bigger The Pressure, Specifically Against Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1479 - 1479 Laojun City, Bagua Furnace, Qinghua Imperial Commander Appears
Chapter 1480 - 1480 Like A Dog, One Slash At Heaven'S Son, Opening Bagua Furnace
Chapter 1481 - 1481 Kill Fire Boy, I Didn'T Hear You, Qinghua Imperial Commander Is Furious
Chapter 1482 - 1482 Ninth Rebirth Golden Pill, Anomaly In The Bagua Furnace, It'S Done
Chapter 1483 - 1483 Arch Gilded Blocked Karma, Immortal Halls Teaming Up, Beiming Suppressed The Immortal Halls
Chapter 1484 - 1484 Mister Zhang And Bei Ming Close To Becoming An Embodier, Embodier Great Ones Appearing In Succession
Chapter 1485 - 1485 Chu Kuangren Is Not Dead, Everyone, This Way Is Closed
Chapter 1486 - 1486 An Arch Gilded Immortal Turns Into An Item Sprite, I Wouldn’T Mind Breaking Your Legs If You Dare To Show Yourself, A Gigantic Finger
Chapter 1487 - 1487 The Man Who Ran Amok In The Universe, The Last Era’S Daoist Progenitor, The Void Objects
Chapter 1488 - 1488 After All, He Isn’T Welcomed Anywhere, The Madman Has Fallen, The World Prospers
Chapter 1489 - 1489 It Has Been Twenty Years, Why Is He Still Alive? A Flawless Physique
Chapter 1490 - 1490 Killing Eminent Monk Guhe, Laojun City’S Alchemy Banquet
Chapter 1491 - 1491 Immortal Ranking, You People Are Disturbing Me From Reminiscing About Master
Chapter 1492 - 1492 Lan Yu Challenges Three Prodigies, Ninth On The Immortal Ranking, Qinghua Imperial Commander
Chapter 1493 - 1493 You’Re Joking, Right? Impossible, White Robes Appears Again
Chapter 1494 - 1494 Arrogant As Always, Qinghua Imperial Commander Attacks, Is This Your So-Called Surpassing?
Chapter 1495 - 1495 A Blast Of Sword Qi Destroying The Heavenly Soldiers, Weak And Helpless, One Slash Killing Three Prodigies
Chapter 1496 - 1496 News Is Out, You Are All Horrified, Unmatched By The Power Of One Man
Chapter 1497 - 1497 The Origin Of The Immortal Ranking, Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist, Demon Kingdom Skyward King
Chapter 1498 - 1498 Run, Killing Skyward King, Shi Tianxuan Spewed Blood
Chapter 1499 - 1499 Randomly Increase An Ability, Soul Flower, Ape Forefather'S Legend
Chapter 1500 - 1500 Contending For A Spot At Five Ways Mountain, Chu Kuangren Arrives
Chapter 1501 - 1501 Battle Art Versus Battle Art, We’Ll Only Stand A Chance By Joining Forces
Chapter 1502 - 1502 Concentrated Is The Essence, I’Ll Apply A Little More Strength
Chapter 1503 - 1503 Golden Immortal Consciousness Swept Across Immortal World, Declaring War To The World
Chapter 1504 - 1504 The Dragon Palace Eldest Crown Prince, Black Dragon Long Xuan, The Incompetent Ones, Get Out Of My Sight
Chapter 1505 - 1505 Who Are You? All Forces’ Prodigies Are Here, You Guys Aren’T Powerful Enough
Chapter 1506 - 1506 Kill Gentleman Shang Divine Daoist, Kill Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist’S Manifestation
Chapter 1507 - 1507 Long Xuan’S Arrival, Mad Dragon Versus Madman, Black Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 1508 - 1508 Can You Be A Little Stronger? Crush An Arch Gilded Weapon With Bare Hands
Chapter 1509 - 1509 Four Seas Scale Armor, How Many Punches Can You Take, Dragon’S Outrage
Chapter 1510 - 1510 What A Pity Dragon, Blackmailing The Dragon Palace, I Want Ten
Chapter 1511 - 1511 Absorb Fire Dragon Source, The Location Of Emperor Qin’S Underworld Soldiers
Chapter 1512 - 1512 Desire To Go To The Underworld, Fengdu’S Condition, Zhong Clan Wants To Take Fengdu
Chapter 1513 - 1513 Who Dares Lay A Finger On The People Of Fengdu, How Do You Want To Die
Chapter 1514 - 1514 What Right Do You Have To Call Yourself An Emperor Before Me? Fight An Arch Gilded Immortal
Chapter 1515 - 1515 Ghoul Devouring Technique, Desire Flower'S Thirst
Chapter 1516 - 1516 The Fall Of Zhong Yun, Gathering Troops, Conquering The Zhong Clan
Chapter 1517 - 1517 The Weapon Card, Arcane Deity Sect’S Cai Feng, The Army Sets Off
Chapter 1518 - 1518 The Zhong Clan Prepares For The Battle, Five Ghouls, You Guys Can Only Kneel
Chapter 1519 - 1519 You’Re Too Naive, Like A Divine Underworld Daoist Re-Emerges
Chapter 1520 - 1520 The Fall Of The Zhong Clan, Yincao’S Action, The Four Great Clans
Chapter 1521 - 1521 Location Of The Underworld Terracotta Army, Cursebreaker Sword, Visiting Yasha Tribe
Chapter 1522 - 1522 Yasha'S Curse, I Want Them All, Black Tentacles
Chapter 1523 - 1523 The Origin Of The Curse, Tabooed Existence, Ye Yunluo'S Test
Chapter 1524 - 1524 You People Are Not Me, Emperor Qin'S Avatar, Nine Dragons And Five Dragons
Chapter 1525 - 1525 Awakening Of Emperor Qin'S Underworld Terracotta Army, Yasha Tribe Pledged Their Loyalty, Endless Glory
Chapter 1526 - 1526 Taishan'S General Guan Shan, You Better Explain Yourself
Chapter 1527 - 1527 Underworld Terracotta Army Reemerged, Four Great Clans Combined Attack At Fengdu
Chapter 1528 - 1528 Fengdu Will Not Lose, General Skull Ignited His Soul
Chapter 1529 - 1529 Annihilation, Emperor Qin'S Underworld Terracotta Army'S Might, Unrivaled Ferocious Army
Chapter 1530 - 1530 Fengdu'S Ghost Emperor, Arrogant, One Man Occupying Chi,
Chapter 1531 - 1531 The Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation, Fail? Such A Word Doesn’T Exist In My Dictionary
Chapter 1532 - 1532 The Might Of An Embodier Weapon, Suppressing Yincao City With A Halberd Attack, Underworld Authority’S High Priest
Chapter 1533 - 1533 Welcome Back With Victory, Ghost Emperor, No One Is Allowed To Die Without My Permission
Chapter 1534 - 1534 The High Priest Visits Fengdu City, Reviving The Dead Souls, It’S Like A Miracle
Chapter 1535 - 1535 The Ghost Emperor’S Authority, The Embodier Aura, Only A Living Heavenly Child Deserves To Be A Heavenly Child
Chapter 1536 - 1536 Ghost-Binding Ring, Li And Mei Submits, To Equinox Tribe
Chapter 1537 - 1537 Three-Lives River, The Beauty And The Weirdo, Samsara Vortex
Chapter 1538 - 1538 Heavenly Samsara Physique’S Third Divine Ability, Going Into Three-Lives River, Endless Samsara
Chapter 1539 - 1539 Ascending To Arch Gilded Immortal, Ending The No Ruler Situation
Chapter 1540 - 1540 The Last Samsara Emperor Seal, March On Yincao
Chapter 1541 - 1541 The Complete Ghost Emperor Authority, Equinox Tribe Arrived
Chapter 1542 - 1542 Versus Chakra King, Treasures? You Are Not Qualified To Compete
Chapter 1543 - 1543 Kill Chakra King, Do You Think An Embodier Can Change The Situation
Chapter 1544 - 1544 Yanluo Forefather, High Priest Strikes, Three Underworld Cities At War
Chapter 1545 - 1545 Comprehend Yin Yang Arch Gilded Intent, One Way Works, Works All Way, Taishan Joined The Battle
Chapter 1546 - 1546 The Yang World’S Great Ones Are Shocked, Jue Wushen Is Here, The Holy Violet Emperor Planet’S Assistance
Chapter 1547 - 1547 Killing Guan Shan, He’S Too Powerful, The Third Embodier In The Underworld
Chapter 1548 - 1548 Taishan Luyou, The Battle Of Embodiers, The High Priest Is Being Oppressed
Chapter 1549 - 1549 What Are You Laughing At? Chu Kuangren’S Real Trump Card, Rebuilding The Reincarnation
Chapter 1550 - 1550 Self-Destruction Of The Arch Gilded Immortal Weapons, The Rebuild Is Completed, Omnipotent
Chapter 1551 - 1551 Kneel And Greet, New Ruler Of Underworld, Embodier Bend Down
Chapter 1552 - 1552 Meeting The Underworld Ghost Emperor, Chaos Fragment, A Storm Raging In The Living World
Chapter 1553 - 1553 Chaos Green Lotus Seed, New Reincarnation Mechanism, The Elderly Who Rode The Green Cow
Chapter 1554 - 1554 A Familiar Energy, The Three Clarities’ Reincarnation, Return To The Living World
Chapter 1555 - 1555 Immortal Hall'S Preparation, Nine Layers Of Restriction Seals, Seven-Floors Exquisite Pagoda
Chapter 1556 - 1556 Seven-Floors Exquisite Pagoda, Changes Of Seven Floors Daoist Technique, Breaking Out Of The Pagoda
Chapter 1557 - 1557 Thunder Gale Immortal Apricot, Yu Xiao And The Bull Demon, Someone Is Getting It Now
Chapter 1558 - 1558 Together? One Finger Blocked The Bull Demon, Anymore?
Chapter 1559 - 1559 One Punch At Bull Demon, One Stomp Killing Yu Xiao, Shi Tianxuan Ascending Into Arch Gilded Immortal
Chapter 1560 - 1560 Fusang Tree, Thunder Gale Intent, Green Tide In Your Heart, Fuxi'S Guqin Reappearing
Chapter 1561 - 1561 Shi Tianxuan’S Challenge, Caustic Melting Technique, Hundred Thousand Demonic Sword Diagram
Chapter 1562 - 1562 Xuanyuan’S Successor Of The Arch Gilded Immortal Realm, Long Xuan, Fighting Against The Three Prodigies Alone
Chapter 1563 - 1563 Who Said You Could Touch What’S Mine? The Soul Restricted Area’S Zi Yueming
Chapter 1564 - 1564 Green Tide In Your Heart, The Power Of Fuxi’S Guqin, An Extraordinary Aura
Chapter 1565 - 1565 Killing Shi Tianxuan, Xue Kunpeng, Wahuang’S Successor
Chapter 1566 - 1566 Zi Yue Changkong'S Wrath, The Meeting Of The Three Great Prodigies
Chapter 1567 - 1567 Golden Crow Pseudo-Forefather Refused To Collaborate, Chaos Fragment'S Anomaly, An Egg
Chapter 1568 - 1568 Chaos Demon God? Master Needs Help, Hurry!
Chapter 1569 - 1569 A Golden Opportunity, What Are You Waiting For?
Chapter 1570 - 1570 Emperor Avatar, Immortal Destruction Sword Qi, Reinforcement Arrives
Chapter 1571 -

Chapter 1572 - 1572 Cannot Retreat, Golden Crow Pseudo-Forefather Attacks, The Egg Cracks
Chapter 1573 - 1573 Chaos Green Lotus, Great Dao'S Competition, Daoist Progenitor Attacks
Chapter 1574 - 1574 Kill Golden Crow Pseudo-Forefather In A Single Strike, Green Lotus Mark, Are You Afraid?
Chapter 1575 - 1575 Speed Is Everything, Xue Kunpeng On A Killing Spree, Slash Kunpeng'S Wings
Chapter 1576 - 1576 Killing Kunpeng, Ziyue Changkong Escapes, Green Lotus Annihilating Might
Chapter 1577 - 1577 Immortal Emperor’S Thought Form, Deep Void, The Void Egg Reappears
Chapter 1578 - 1578 Going To The Far West Land Again, The Green Lotus’ Growth Condition, A Wealthy Monk
Chapter 1579 - 1579 The Debate Between Shi Ying And Wu Cai, Why Can’T I Beat The Sh*T Out Of You Here?
Chapter 1580 - 1580 A Group Of Drama Kings, Humiliating Wu Cai, The Buddha Destroyer Reappears
Chapter 1581 - 1581 Everyone Is A Buddha Destroyer, Kill Wu Cai, Guanyin Heart Sutra
Chapter 1582 - 1582 Merciful Arch Gilded Intent, Entering Lapis Lazuli Land Again, Verified Thoughts
Chapter 1583 - 1583 Buddhist World'S Disaster, Buddha Destroyer Bell Chime, Unaffected
Chapter 1584 - 1584 Slash The Bell Tower, What If I Say No? Wu Tian'S Arrival
Chapter 1585 - 1585 Shi Ying Broke Through Into The Arch Gilded Immortal Realm, How Many Slashes Can You Take?
Chapter 1586 - 1586 Weituo Sword Art, Buddha Character Boundary Shatter, All Wants To Destroy Buddha
Chapter 1587 - 1587 Get The Hell Back, Slash Wu De And Wu Fa, Do You Really Think I Don’T Dare To Kill You?
Chapter 1588 - 1588 Kill Away, Mountains And Rivers Dyed In Blood, Murderous Arch Gilded Intent
Chapter 1589 - 1589 Walking On The Path To Buddha’S Destruction, Holy Dragon Restriction Seals, Are You Out Of Your Mind?
Chapter 1590 - 1590 Breaking The Restriction Seals, Detonate The Six Guna Demonic Hooks, Wicked Buddha Shall Be Eliminated
Chapter 1591 - 1591 Is Everything Over? Nether Abyss Blood Ocean, Sin Buddha
Chapter 1592 - 1592 The Arrival Of Buddha Jian Xing, Yuan Tu And Avici, Entering The Blood Ocean
Chapter 1593 - 1593 Blood Divine Daoists, Ashura Tribe, The Dead Soul Ocean
Chapter 1594 - 1594 Oppressing The Dead Souls With Ghost Emperor’S Authority, Red Karmic Flame Lotus, Underworld River Reincarnates
Chapter 1595 - 1595 The Blood Ocean Failed To Descend, Shiva Divine Maiden’S Fear
Chapter 1596 - 1596 Hatching The Void Egg, Ying Yang Tribulation, Disadvantageous Position
Chapter 1597 - 1597 Crazy Plan, I Am Confident In My Own Luck
Chapter 1598 - 1598 Dead Soul Ocean'S Changes, Blood Divine Daoists Merge With The Dead Souls, Green Lotus' Creation Power
Chapter 1599 - 1599 World Creation, Fooling Ba Tian, The Whole Nether Abyss Blood Ocean
Chapter 1600 - 1600 Wrong Path, Four Great Demonic Generals, New Ruler Of The Blood Ocean
Chapter 1601 - 1601 Who Agrees, Who Disagree? Convincing Four Great Demonic Generals By Force, Ashura Tribe Submits
Chapter 1602 - 1602 Make Shiva Divine Maiden Kneel, There Is A Hole On The Wall
Chapter 1603 - 1603 Blood Wing Black Mosquito, Blood Mosquito Island, A Tempting Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1604 - 1604 Princess Po Suolo, Blood Livestock, Black Dungeon Riot
Chapter 1605 - 1605 Po Suolo'S Despair, Chu Kuangren'S Arrival, You Are Safe Now
Chapter 1606 - 1606 The Four Great Mosquito Kings, The Four Great Ashura Kings, How Were They So Confident?
Chapter 1607 - 1607 Die Together! You Guys Are Not Worthy, Destroying Blood Mosquito Island
Chapter 1608 - 1608 The Dao Contamination Qis In The Blood Pool, Where Are You From?
Chapter 1609 - 1609 The Arch Gilded Godly Fist, Returning To The Immortal World, The Terrified Monk
Chapter 1610 - 1610 A Vivid Carnage, Shi Ying’S Condition, The Great Thunder Temple
Chapter 1611 - 1611 Can You Contain Me? Can You Guide Me? Visit Violet Eye Clan
Chapter 1612 - 1612 Book Of Earth Appears, Gou Chen Imperial Commander, Monk Fa Hai, Retrieve My Precious
Chapter 1613 - 1613 A Draught Demon, Please Do Not Attack, Barren Mountains And Sea
Chapter 1614 - 1614 Eighth-Grade Soul Flower, Spirit Expulsion Cursing Seal, Life-Death Arch Gilded Intent
Chapter 1615 - 1615 How Much Of A Monster Is He? Great Arbiter Divine Maiden Submits
Chapter 1616 - 1616 How Do You Feel? Wuzhuang Temple, Pepino Melon
Chapter 1617 - 1617 Gou Chen Imperial Commander Versus Calamity Yin Yang, Lil Fox Is One Step Ahead
Chapter 1618 - 1618 Not Interested In Jiangshi, Four Peerless Prodigies Teamed Up Against Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1619 - 1619 The Ultimates Of Four Peerless Prodigies, Let Me Show You What True Power Is
Chapter 1620 - 1620 The Might Of The Arch Gilded Godly Fist, Four Peerless Prodigies Defeated
Chapter 1621 - 1621 Torturing Calamity Yin Yang, The Secret Of All Calamities, The Indescribable Existence
Chapter 1622 - 1622 Earthern Immortal’S Ancestor, Good Faith, The Real Book Of Earth
Chapter 1623 - 1623 Manifesting The Life’S Core Flower, Ample Spiritual Qi, Life Rejuvenation
Chapter 1624 - 1624 Breaking The Law’S Taboo, Twenty-Fourth Grade Life’S Core Flower
Chapter 1625 - 1625 Searching The Restricted Area, Heading To The Soul Restricted Area, The City Lord’S Mansion Is Haunted
Chapter 1626 - 1626 Nine-Colored Celestial Soul Physique, Arch Gilded Ghost Immortal Ye Luosha, He Can'T Move
Chapter 1627 - 1627 Making The Arch Gilded Ghost Immortal Kneel, Heaven And Earth, I Reign Half Of Them
Chapter 1628 - 1628 He Can'T Save Himself, Analyze Nine-Colored Celestial Soul Physique, Enter The Restricted Area
Chapter 1629 - 1629 Ziyue Changkong'S Delusion, What Reason Do I Need To Kill You?
Chapter 1630 - 1630 Ziyue Changkong'S Fall, Great Shift Godly Talisman, Nine Heavens Thunder
Chapter 1631 - 1631 Young Master Of Different Tribes, Lan Haifang, I Can Give It To You As Well
Chapter 1632 - 1632 Blue Ocean Eighteen Hells, Jing Hui Appears In The Restricted Area
Chapter 1633 - 1633 The Might Of Nine-Colored Celestial Soul Physique, You Are No Match For Me, And You Never Will Be
Chapter 1634 - 1634 Jing Hui'S Suspicion, Mimicked Chu Kuangren?
Chapter 1635 - 1635 All Tribes Gather, Crimson Star Young Master, How Dare You Ignore Me?
Chapter 1636 - 1636 Entering The Spiritual Divine Forest Realm, Soul Beasts, Collecting The Soul Crystals
Chapter 1637 - 1637 Thousand Spiritual Elixir, The Elder’S Doubt, Well Done
Chapter 1638 - 1638 What A Great Tool, Azure Heaven Young Master Joins In, The Memory Storm
Chapter 1639 - 1639 Entering The Memory Storm, The Emergence Of Nine-Petal Soul Concentration Flower, Who Else But Me?
Chapter 1640 - 1640 Crimson Star Young Master Oppresses All Tribes, I’Ll Give You A Chance To Make A Move
Chapter 1641 - 1641 Crimson Star God'S Eye, Yellow Sand Young Master'S Ambush, Violet Soul Bell
Chapter 1642 - 1642 Killing Yellow Sand Young Master, True Identity Exposed, What Happened?
Chapter 1643 - 1643 Is A Soul That Strange? Wreak Havoc In The Restricted Area
Chapter 1644 - 1644 One Punch Defeating Two Five Qi-Realm Arch Gilded Immortal, A Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal Had Made A Move
Chapter 1645 - 1645 Two Tribe Leaders, Destroy Blue Ocean Eighteen Hell, Restricted Area Supreme Overlord
Chapter 1646 - 1646 Soul Restricted Area'S Greatest Insult, Breaking The Curse Once More, Surpassing All In The Future
Chapter 1647 - 1647 Curing Shi Ying, Portal To Two Worlds, Central Heaven'S Invasion
Chapter 1648 - 1648 Another Universe'S Army, Bei Ming'S Arrival, No One Escapes
Chapter 1649 - 1649 Twelfth-Grade Soul Flower, Dead Souls From Another Universe
Chapter 1650 - 1650 Ye Zhu Versus Chen Feiwu, Infallible Sword Physique, You Are Talking Crap
Chapter 1651 - 1651 Killing The Infallible Sword Physique With A Sword Attack, Is He A Powerful Sky-Pride And Prodigy?
Chapter 1652 - 1652 Exchanging Sword Arts, Wu You, Vine Demon Crown Prince, Something Is Wrong With The Leyline
Chapter 1653 - 1653 The Kunlun Mirror Emerges, Prodigies Of The Two Universes, A Piece Of Rotten Log
Chapter 1654 - 1654 The Battle Of The Prodigies Between Two Universes, What A Powerful Aura
Chapter 1655 - 1655 Whom Do You Want Dead? A Real Carnage Sword, Killing The Black Dragon With A Sword Attack, Destroying Prodigies
Chapter 1656 - 1656 A Bunch Of Trash, Wu You Teamed Up With Vine Demon Crown Prince, Nether King Godly Shadow
Chapter 1657 - 1657 Immortal Destruction Final Sword, You Want This Mirror? She Gave Up
Chapter 1658 - 1658 Jiangshi Has Feelings? Let'S See What You Can Do, What A Terrifying Man
Chapter 1659 - 1659 The Arrival Of An Embodier? Divine Dao Spire, Give Me An Explanation
Chapter 1660 - 1660 Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist Is Pissed, Siege Divine Dao Spire
Chapter 1661 - 1661 Something'S Wrong, Break Divine Dao Spire, A Slick Move
Chapter 1662 - 1662 Scheme From Another Universe, You People Are Disturbing My Thoughts
Chapter 1663 - 1663 You Should Not Have Brought Me In, You Guys Lost, Kunlun Mirror, Unleash
Chapter 1664 - 1664 One Man, One Sword, One Green Lotus, One White Robe
Chapter 1665 - 1665 Is It Worth It? It'S Only About Whether I Want To Do It Or Not
Chapter 1666 - 1666 Escaping Death, The Void Collapses, Chu Kuangren Is A True Hero
Chapter 1667 - 1667 Let’S Wait For Him To Return, The Ultimate Almighty Source Physique’S Evolution
Chapter 1668 - 1668 The Unknown Void, Is Lil Ai Offline? The Young Man In Purple Robes
Chapter 1669 - 1669 Transforming Various Forms With A Single Slash, Merging Various Intents Into One, The Soul Scouring Technique
Chapter 1670 - 1670 The Central Heaven Universe, Lil Ai Back Online, Cultivating The Thousand Terrain Sword Art
Chapter 1671 - 1671 A Prodigy Before The Thousand Swords Calamity? Showing Strength, Ancient Central Heaven Planet
Chapter 1672 - 1672 The Heavenly Sword Prophecy, Sword God King, Thousand Sword Peak
Chapter 1673 - 1673 Climbing The Thousand Sword Peak, Thousand Terrain Sword Intent, The Void Sword’S Aura
Chapter 1674 - 1674 A Mad Sword Meets A Madman, The Void Sword Emerges, The Heavenly Sword Has Been Unsheathed
Chapter 1675 - 1675 Is This How You Treat The Void Sword? The Sword God King’S Admiration
Chapter 1676 - 1676 Key To The Spiritual Sword Tribe’S Rise In Power, Ling Fei Wants To Become A Follower
Chapter 1677 - 1677 The Frost Sword Physique, The Frost Tribe, Leng Jiufeng
Chapter 1678 - 1678 Leng Jiufeng’S Power, How Dare You Injure A Member Of My Spiritual Sword Tribe?
Chapter 1679 - 1679 Are You Worthy Enough To Challenge The Heavens? The Heavenly Sword’S Might Is Unparalleled And Terrifying!
Chapter 1680 - 1680 Even If You Rebel Against The Heavens, You Are Still Beneath It, I’M The Heaven That Lie Beyond The Heavens Itself
Chapter 1681 - 1681 Comprehending The Frost Arch Gilded Intent, Well-Known, Who Dares To Compete For The Heavenly Sword?
Chapter 1682 - 1682 Leng Wufeng, Dao King Tribe, Eliminate All
Chapter 1683 - 1683 Feng Qingxue, Black Hole Particle, Two Options, Starlight Destruction
Chapter 1684 - 1684 Who Is He? Bounty, Pirates Gathering
Chapter 1685 - 1685 Pirate Group, Billions, Two Options
Chapter 1686 - 1686 Black Hole Great Destruction, Wasp’S Sting
Chapter 1687 - 1687 Killing Bumblebee Pirate, Have You Seen The Real Heavenly Sword?
Chapter 1688 - 1688 Helou Liangyi, The One Who Complies To The Heaven'S Will, You Are Smart
Chapter 1689 - 1689 The Sword Technique Was Originally Made Without Artificiality, Naturally, By Chance, By A Person Of Great Skill
Chapter 1690 - 1690 Mo Wuji'S Power, Luo Xue, Galaxy God King Ancient Path Opens
Chapter 1691 - 1691 The Vine Demon Crown Prince Makes A Move, Where Is The Heavenly Sword?
Chapter 1692 - 1692 Feng Qingxue And Ling Fei Join Forces, Wind Of Void, A Rumble
Chapter 1693 - 1693 The Invincible Self-Empowerment Arch Gilded Intent, An Undefeatable Sword Attack, Another Sword Attack That Splits The Sky
Chapter 1694 - 1694 I Must Learn This Sword Attack, Killing The Vine Demon Crown Prince In A Second
Chapter 1695 - 1695 Your Sword Intent Is Acceptable, Willing To Pay Whatever It Costs
Chapter 1696 - 1696 Mo Wuji’S Jealousy, A Woodcutter, Clearing Seven Challenges In One Go
Chapter 1697 - 1697 The End Of The Ancient Path, The Galaxy God King, Galactical Fishing
Chapter 1698 - 1698 The Superb-Grade Stellar Source, Looks Like I Win This Round
Chapter 1699 - 1699 Something Insignificant, I Don’T Remember Doing Something Like That
Chapter 1700 - 1700 Three Items From The Treasury, Going Against The Heavens And Breaking The Heavenly Sword? It’S Obvious
Chapter 1701 - 1701 Ice And Fire, Grim Reaper Mantis
Chapter 1702 - 1702 Three Prodigies Unleash Their Attacks, How Much Strength Did He Use?
Chapter 1703 - 1703 Evil Ghoul Demonic Ape'S Blood Essence, Invincible Slash Again
Chapter 1704 - 1704 Too Clean, Dao King Tribe'S Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal, Can The Heavens Punish Me?
Chapter 1705 - 1705 Galaxy God King Take Sides, The Heavenly Sword Is Lucky, Last Fragment Appears
Chapter 1706 - 1706 Di Qianqiu, Are You Guys Trying To Follow Me? Guiding Luo Xue
Chapter 1707 - 1707 Holy Merchant Ancient Planet, Imperial Army'S Dominance
Chapter 1708 - 1708 You Are Not Worthy Of Holding That Sword, Killing You With One Slash
Chapter 1709 - 1709 Killing Tian Hong, A Sword Mark, Tyrant Overlord Physique
Chapter 1710 - 1710 Thousand Physique Resonating, Ancestors Appears, Grand Co
Chapter 1711 - 1711 A Trivial Matter, The Ancient Central Heaven Planet Opens
Chapter 1712 - 1712 Crystal Dragon Maiden, Too Sharp And Glaring, Hurting Others And Himself
Chapter 1713 - 1713 Xiang Tiancang, Feng Qiyu, Ji Feiyun, The Heavenly Sword Has Come
Chapter 1714 - 1714 Abandon The Sword? We’D Rather Die Than Surrender, Heaven Admires You
Chapter 1715 - 1715 Your Strength Is Bad, Fending Off The Murderous Technique, It’S My Turn Now
Chapter 1716 - 1716 The Two Of Them Are Just Too Similar, Liu Chuanxing Attacks, Killing Wu You
Chapter 1717 - 1717 Strange Connection With The Ring, The Storm Queen, Feng Qiyu’S Invitation
Chapter 1718 - 1718 The Divine Wind Peak, Highest Grade Of Immortal Core’S Flower In This Generation?
Chapter 1719 - 1719 Which One Of Them Will Be My Opponent, I Wonder? The Storm Titans
Chapter 1720 - 1720 The Location Of Eighteen Hidden Opportunities Of Fortune, Feng Qiyu’S Gesture Of Good Faith
Chapter 1721 - 1721 Emerald Void Lapis Pelt, Shameless Ji Feiyun
Chapter 1722 - 1722 Sixteenth-Grade Immortal'S Core Flower, Vastness? Outrageous
Chapter 1723 - 1723 Twentieth-Grade, Kill Ji Feiyun With One Slash, Deception Technique
Chapter 1724 - 1724 Feng Qiyu, Divine Wind King, Reincarnator, Are You Speculating The Heavens?
Chapter 1725 - 1725 Di Liufang'S Plan, Enticing Different Factions
Chapter 1726 - 1726 Master Han Long, Luo Xue And Zhuo Ming'S Battle, God King Crater
Chapter 1727 - 1727 Fragmented Soul, Waving Snow, Zhuo Ming'S Arrival, A Grand Entrance
Chapter 1728 - 1728 Zhuo Ming Won, Heavenly Sword, Dare You Answer The Challenge?
Chapter 1729 - 1729 Targeted At Me, Prodigies Arriving One After Another
Chapter 1730 - 1730 A Grand Entrance, Unprecedented, You Changed Your Pet
Chapter 1731 - 1731 Fighting Against The Dragon Maiden, Stomping The Dragon Maiden On The Ground
Chapter 1732 - 1732 Divine Annihilating Arrow, Killing Liu Chuanxing, The Void Sword Is Unsheathed
Chapter 1733 - 1733 Above Everyone Else, They’Re Afraid
Chapter 1734 - 1734 Slaying One Prodigy After Another, The Trinity Flowers Appear All At Once, The God King Energy
Chapter 1735 - 1735 After All, You’Re Not A God King, The First On The Heavenly God Leaderboard Is Here
Chapter 1736 - 1736 The Heaven Restraining Emperor Pierce, Seven Star Heavenly God Transformation, A Broken Ring
Chapter 1737 - 1737 Di Qianqiu’S Soul Fragments Gathered, The Fully Realized Emperor Physique
Chapter 1738 - 1738 The Heavenly Sword Is The Host Of The Fully Realized Overlord Physique, The Overlord Spear
Chapter 1739 - 1739 Clash Between Emperor And Overlord, The Fully Realized Emperor Physique Has Been Defeated, The God King’S Rage
Chapter 1740 - 1740 Insulting The God Kings, The Great God Kings Speak Out, Keeping Each Other In Check
Chapter 1741 - 1741 Chi Longying'S Grievance, Evil Dragon Dagger, Bloodthirsty Demon Dragon Art
Chapter 1742 - 1742 Chi Longying'S Ruthlessness, Xiang Tianchang'S Invitation, Forming An Alliance With Feng Qiyu
Chapter 1743 - 1743 Heavenly Rainbow Dragon Core, Long Shuijing'S Darkest Days
Chapter 1744 - 1744 I Don'T Want This, I Refuse To Accept This, Have You Asked The Heavens?
Chapter 1745 - 1745 Second Uncle Long Lost, His Opponent Is The Heavenly Sword
Chapter 1746 - 1746 Long Shuijing Submits, Is It That Strange?
Chapter 1747 - 1747 One Glance Scared Chi Longying Off, Long Shuijing'S Ambition, I Want To Be King
Chapter 1748 - 1748 Nether Spirit Forest Realm, Sky-Prides Falling Like The Rain, Need Some Help?
Chapter 1749 - 1749 Nether Spirit God King, Are You That Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 1750 - 1750 Nether Spirit God King Wants To Die Together, Cursed Body Totem
Chapter 1751 - 1751 The Trinity Flowers Merge, Ascending To The Five Qi Realm? The Inner Universe
Chapter 1752 - 1752 Except For The Embodier God Kings, Who Else Could Possibly Be His Match? The Central Heaven Temple
Chapter 1753 - 1753 Uproar In Every Tribe, The Temple’S Assessment, Do You Think You’Ll Still Have The Chance To Stand In The Spotlight?
Chapter 1754 - 1754 Luo Wusheng, The Ones Behind The Thousand Sword Calamity?
Chapter 1755 - 1755 Soul Scouring Once More, The Armament Destruction’S Bloodthirsty Blades, Killing Is Not Allowed In This Premise
Chapter 1756 - 1756 Killing Great Perfected With One Spear Strike, Heavenly Sword Is The Strongest
Chapter 1757 - 1757 The God Kings’ Argument, Heart-Asking Path, God King Ashamed
Chapter 1758 - 1758 A Man'S Power Can Be Exhausted, The Heavens Have No Limit
Chapter 1759 - 1759 Master Han Long Completes His Closed-Door Meditation, What Am I Doing?
Chapter 1760 - 1760 Kill Master Han Long, Snatching The Daoist Law’S Pearl, Incite Public Outrage
Chapter 1761 - 1761 A Familiar Scene, Killing Several Ancient Prodigies With One Sword Attack
Chapter 1762 - 1762 The Sword-Locking Project, Locking Onto The Heavenly Sword? A Game
Chapter 1763 - 1763 The Daoist Law’S Pearls Have Stopped Its Release, Everyone Is Convinced, God King Di Hong’S Daoist Teaching
Chapter 1764 - 1764 The Sharper One Is, The Easier One Will Break, Sparring With God King Di Hong
Chapter 1765 - 1765 Another Heavenly Sword? Everyone Wants To Be The Heavenly Sword
Chapter 1766 - 1766 The Heavenly Sword Has Left, Happiness In The Air, Which One Of Them Is The Real Heavenly Sword
Chapter 1767 - 1767 Gu Qingshan’S Provocation, The Heavenly Sword’S Ultimate Intent, Adequate
Chapter 1768 - 1768 The Heavens Have Given You A Chance, But You Can’T Seem To Seize It, The King’S Mark
Chapter 1769 - 1769 One Of The Nine Kings, Killing Gu Qingshan, The Sword God King’S Decision
Chapter 1770 - 1770 A Blank White Strand Of Dao, The Eternal-Tier Reward, The Divine Destiny Temple
Chapter 1771 - 1771 Wu Jizi, Master Of Destiny, Destiny’S Authority
Chapter 1772 - 1772 Wu Jizi Achieved Primordial Realm, Refining External Body Manifestation
Chapter 1773 - 1773 Divine Temple Sequence, Chi Longying Challenges Long Shuijing
Chapter 1774 - 1774 Almost Succeeded, Heavenly War Peak, Double Dragon Battle
Chapter 1775 - 1775 The Heavens’ Return, Are You Brave Enough To Take One Slash From The Heavens?
Chapter 1776 - 1776 Sending Chi Longying Flying, The Heavens’ Praise, Six Cursed Seals
Chapter 1777 - 1777 Three Prodigies Make Their Moves, Are You Confident In Your Curse?
Chapter 1778 - 1778 The Temple’S Left Guardian, Di Feitian’S Fear
Chapter 1779 - 1779 The Emperor’S Double Pupils, Di Baishi Challenges Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1780 - 1780 The Three Calamities Of The Emperor’S Double Pupils, The Heavenly Sword Forced Backward!
Chapter 1781 - 1781 Di Baishi Activated The King’S Mark, Two Great Physiques On One Person
Chapter 1782 - 1782 Defeating The Fourth Seat With The Emperor Overlord Power, Some Activities Coming From The Chaos Green Lotus
Chapter 1783 - 1783 A Clone Manifested From The Chaos Green Lotus, Back To Pan Gu Universe, Entering A Restricted Area By Accident
Chapter 1784 - 1784 Hunted In The Restricted Area, The Innate Five Elemental Flags, Don’T Mind If I Do
Chapter 1785 - 1785 Ling Hua Of The Seven Celestial Demon Cultivators, A Great Contribution
Chapter 1786 - 1786 Luo Shui In Danger, Desire Flower Offered A Helping Hand
Chapter 1787 - 1787 Life Opportunity, Chu Kuangren Out Of Closed-Door Meditation, Kingdom Guardian
Chapter 1788 - 1788 Firmament Star’S Humans, Can Never Be Enslaved, Just Kill Him With One Slap
Chapter 1789 - 1789 It’S A Pity To Destroy It, Reverse Time, He’S Back
Chapter 1790 - 1790 Kingdom Guardian Heaven Stabilizer, Chu Kuangren, You Idiot
Chapter 1791 - 1791 The Intimacy, There Is Nothing To Fear About The Heavenly Dao Sect
Chapter 1792 - 1792 Remember The Person, He Is Forever Our King, Killing Millions Of Soldiers With One Sword Attack
Chapter 1793 - 1793 Unwilling To Believe It, I Can Prove That The Heavenly Dao Sect Will No Longer Exist In The Universe
Chapter 1794 - 1794 Nine Heavens Divine Dao Formation, Even The Heavenly Dao Is Helpless
Chapter 1795 - 1795 Destroying Heavenly Dao Sect, Turning Your Restricted Area Into Hell, The Yin And Yang Cauldron
Chapter 1796 - 1796 Destroying Heavenly Dao Sect, Turning Your Restricted Area Into Hell, The Yin And Yang Cauldron
Chapter 1797 - 1797 The Heavenly Will Leaderboard, Huge Commotion Throughout The Immortal World, He Will Ignite A Firestorm With His Return
Chapter 1798 - 1798 The Great Deification Tablet Appears Once More, I’M The Hundred Academy’S Chief Disciple
Chapter 1799 - 1799 The Heavenly Child Sets Off With An Army, The Great Sacred Speech Formation, The Chief Disciple Returns
Chapter 1800 - 1800 Killing Ji Wuming, The Million Strong Army’S Morale Plummets
Chapter 1801 - 1801 He'S Taken, Are You Really The Chief? Counterattack At Ji Clan
Chapter 1802 - 1802 Destroying The Eight Hundred Ancient States Formation With One Slash, I Will Eliminate The Ji Clan Today
Chapter 1803 - 1803 Slashing The Great Deification Tablet, The Arrival Of The Four Great Heavenly Kings, True Emperor Dragon Again
Chapter 1804 - 1804 The Immortal Hall’S Four Heavenly Kings Are Nothing, Eight Million Immortal Hall Reinforcement Soldiers
Chapter 1805 - 1805 Equinox Flower, Desire Flower, How Charming Are They?
Chapter 1806 - 1806 The Embodier Makes A Move, The Ji Clan Collapses, Various Forces Are Feeling Uneasy
Chapter 1807 - 1807 Qi Mountain Secret Realm, Fuxi’S Successor, The Top Ten Godly Weapon Are The Key
Chapter 1808 - 1808 The Godly Weapon Wielders, Universal Godly Weapons’ Ten Directions Formation
Chapter 1809 - 1809 Seeing Chu Hong Again, Calamity Windstorm, Calamity Raging Fire
Chapter 1810 - 1810 Phoenix’S Cry Of The Qi Mountain, The Emergence Of The Nirvana Rejuvenation Spring
Chapter 1811 - 1811 Wu Tian Battles Shi Ying, Chu Kuangren Arrives
Chapter 1812 - 1812 Did I Allow You To Leave? Killing Shi Jiuqiao, Wiping Out Wu Tian
Chapter 1813 - 1813 I Was The One Who Wiped Them Out, The Heavenly Child Will Cease To Exist, Only The Human Emperor Will Remain
Chapter 1814 - 1814 Fuxi’S Successor Arrives To Make A Trade, The Treasure Lotus Lantern, Things Did Not Go Well?
Chapter 1815 - 1815 Fa Hai Joins The Group, Let’S Make Another Trade
Chapter 1816 - 1816 Battle Of The Heavenly Champions, Final Battlefield, The Gathering
Chapter 1817 - 1817 Human Emperor'S Successor Was Frightened Away, Seeing Ye Zhu Again
Chapter 1818 - 1818 Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill, Moonlight Fox'S Changes, Restricted Area Young Overlord Lan Haifang
Chapter 1819 - 1819 Grim Reaper'S Shadow, Lan Haifang'S Fall, Immortal King Arena
Chapter 1820 - 1820 The Will Of The Immortal World Would Cry, Godly Phoenix Versus Kylin
Chapter 1821 - 1821 The Chaotic Battle In The Immortal King Arena, Twin Dragon Power Versus Three-Headed Demonic Dragon
Chapter 1822 - 1822 Everyone’S Consensus Is To Join Forces, Are You Thinking Of Standing Up?
Chapter 1823 - 1823 This Woman Is Sick, Chu Kuangren Without His Sword
Chapter 1824 - 1824 Defeating Everyone In The Immortal King Arena, The Godly Weapon Wielders Make A Move
Chapter 1825 - 1825 Universal Godly Weapons’ Ten Directions Formation Energy, My Anticipation Wasn’T In Vain
Chapter 1826 - 1826 The Ten Directions Godly Weapons Shock The World, The Green Lotus’S Power Of Destruction, Extreme Impact
Chapter 1827 - 1827 The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden Turns Against Everyone, The Godly Weapon Megaformation Crumbles, He’S Just Toying With Them
Chapter 1828 - 1828 The World Of The Living And The Dead Are Both Under My Control, The Immortal World Is At My Command Now
Chapter 1829 - 1829 Creating A Miraculous Opportunity With A Raise Of His Hand, A Personal Visit To The Human Emperor Sect
Chapter 1830 - 1830 None Shall Dare Proclaim Themselves As King, The Embodier Kneels
Chapter 1831 - 1831 For Being Rude And Disrespectful, You Deserved To Be Slapped
Chapter 1832 - 1832 Book Of Human Emperors, Nuwa Creates Man, The Weakest But Also The Strongest Living Being
Chapter 1833 - 1833 Repair The Sky, Bagua Deduction, Testing A Hundred Herbs, Wheel Of History
Chapter 1834 - 1834 The Origin Of The Book Of Human Emperors, Heavenly Xing Tribe, Golden Opportunity
Chapter 1835 - 1835 A Proclamation, War, One Slash At The Heavenly Thirty-Three Layer Formation
Chapter 1836 - 1836 The Heavenly Gate Garrisons, The Immortal-Slaying Platform, You Guys Can Kill No One
Chapter 1837 - 1837 All Forces, Nine Embodiers, The Real Gift
Chapter 1838 - 1838 The Immortal King’S Authority Is Disconnected, The Blood Ocean Descends
Chapter 1839 - 1839 The Real Green Lotus Destruction Energy, Killing Three Embodiers With One Move
Chapter 1840 - 1840 The Void Battlefield Has Been Opened, Emergence Of The Daoist Progenitor, To Be Expelled From The Immortal World
Chapter 1841 - 1841 The Central Heaven Temple’S Sky-Prides And Prodigies, The Bloodthirsty Blade, Lin Wubing
Chapter 1842 - 1842 The Two Ladies Competing For Attention, The Heavenly Sword Emerges From Closed-Door Cultivation, The Heavens Cannot Bear To Lay Its Sights On You
Chapter 1843 - 1843 Can You Hear The Screams Of Your Sword? Killing Lin Wubing, The Prodigy Namelist
Chapter 1844 - 1844 They Want Me To Kill Myself? Entering The Void Battlefield
Chapter 1845 - 1845 Facing Off Against Ye Zhu, It Looks Like The Heavenly Sword Is Not As Powerful As The Rumors Say
Chapter 1846 - 1846 It’S Time You Show Up, The Other Me, Unknown Forces, Strange Mist Tribe
Chapter 1847 - 1847 Chu Hong'S Senses, Emperor Tower, I'D Fight Even Chu Kuangren
Chapter 1848 - 1848 Kill Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist, The Strong Are Always Alone
Chapter 1849 - 1849 Phoenix Blood Stone, Prodiges That Besieged Pan Gu Universe’S Prodigies Are Here
Chapter 1850 - 1850 Fight Di Qianqiu, Fight Emperor'S Double Pupils Again, What Is Emperor
Chapter 1851 - 1851 Di Qianqiu Is Severely Injured, The God King Guardians Show Up, Heaven-Crushing God-Slaying Megaformation
Chapter 1852 - 1852 The Meeting Between Chu Kuangrens, Darkness Calamity, Is There A Traitor?
Chapter 1853 - 1853 Long Shuijing Is In Danger, Killing Xuanyuan’S Successor
Chapter 1854 - 1854 Prodigies Of The Two Great Universes, Emerging In The Heavenly Ocean Continent, A Tit-For-Tat Battle
Chapter 1855 - 1855 The Battle Of Prodigies, Twenty-Four Oceanic Soothing Pearl, It’S Uncertain Who Will Die
Chapter 1856 - 1856 Killing Di Qianqiu, The Central Heaven Universe’S Prodigies Fall Into Despair
Chapter 1857 - 1857 Heavenly Sword Versus Green Lotus, He Can Only Be Blamed For His Bad Luck
Chapter 1858 - 1858 The Supreme God King Takes Action, The Ten Directions’ Godly Weapon Formation Appears Again, Who Gave You Permission To Interfere In The Heavens’ Battle
Chapter 1859 - 1859 The Heavens Demand An Explanation, The Three Most Influential Figures In Pan Gu Universe, Beware Of The Mist Tribe
Chapter 1860 - 1860 Strange Reaction From The Pocket Universe, Comprehending An Embodier’S Power
Chapter 1861 - 1861 Categorizing Embodiers, Should Fall, Many Celestial Demons Surrounding Shenchu
Chapter 1862 - 1862 Fighting The Celestial Demons, Almighty Energy, Celestial Demons’ Combined Attack
Chapter 1863 - 1863 Heavenly Sword Breakthroughs To The Embodier Realm, Universe Shakes, Heavenly Sword, I, Heavenly Bloodthirst, Cannot Be Weaker Than You
Chapter 1864 - 1864 Tian Xingying'S Terrible Encounter, Name Your Requests
Chapter 1865 - 1865 Gift From Fate, The Test For Emperor Tribe
Chapter 1866 - 1866 Tian Xingying Versus The Emperor Tribe, Rely On Persistence To Ascend Embodier
Chapter 1867 - 1867 Tian Xingying Sacrifices Himself To His Dao, Who Dares To Stand In My Way
Chapter 1868 - 1868 Spiritual Emperor God King, Tragic Couple Failed To Escape Their Fate
Chapter 1869 - 1869 Collect Debt, One Slash To Kill Di Hun, Di Tianfei'S Arrival
Chapter 1870 - 1870 Ultimate Almighty Source Power Again, Eight-Faced Emperor Hammer
Chapter 1871 - 1871 Mastering The Pseudo Chaos Supreme Treasure, Killing Three God Kings
Chapter 1872 - 1872 Heavenly Bloodthirst Becomes An Embodier, Calamitous Heavenly Sword Slayer, Out From The Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 1873 - 1873 The Investment In Tian Xingcai, Heavenly Bloodthirst Who Terrorizes The Universe
Chapter 1874 - 1874 Heavenly Bloodthirst Wants The Thousand Swords Calamity To Happen Again, A Body Full Of Sword Scars, Get The Heavenly Sword To Show Himself
Chapter 1875 - 1875 Bingzai Feng, Eternal Spiritual Sword Qi, A Sword That Illuminates The Starry Sky
Chapter 1876 - 1876 The Thousand Spiritual Sword Formation, What Gave You The Courage To Challenge The Heavens
Chapter 1877 - 1877 O’ Heavens Bear Witness, Emperor Overlord Domination, The Heaven Beyond Heavens
Chapter 1878 - 1878 The Emperor Hammer Appears Once More, The Heavenly Bloodthirst Falls, The Moving War Fortress
Chapter 1879 - 1879 Onwards To The Dragon Tribe, A Transcendent-Tier Reward, The Infernal Dragon’S Power
Chapter 1880 - 1880 The Dao King Tribe Poaching Dragons, How Dare They Do Something Like This Here
Chapter 1881 - 1881 Dragon King'S Birthday Banquet, Dao King Presents His Gift, Long Shuijing Arrives
Chapter 1882 - 1882 Please Move, Father, Cleansing The Dragon Tribe, Because I Want To
Chapter 1883 - 1883 Holy Dragon Duel, New Dragon King, You Dare Defy Me?
Chapter 1884 - 1884 Dragon Tribe Boundary, Infernal Dragon Energy, Fight Long Tianfeng
Chapter 1885 - 1885 Trinity Dragon Combine, The Heavens’ Witness, Heavenly Sword Beyond The Heaven
Chapter 1886 - 1886 Long Fen And Long Lang Submits, The End Of The Matter, Primordial Gate
Chapter 1887 - 1887 Dao King Tribe'S Betrayal, Long Tianfeng In A Desperate Situation
Chapter 1888 - 1888 One Slash At The Restriction, Primordial Gate Opens
Chapter 1889 - 1889 Central Heaven Heart Realm, Confrontation From Four Forces, Fight For Tian Xingcai
Chapter 1890 - 1890 Mo Tianheng'S Confidence, She’S Under The Heavens’ Protection
Chapter 1891 - 1891 Killing The Dao King Tribe’S God King, Searching Godly Bloodthirst’S Soul
Chapter 1892 - 1892 A Mysterious Guidance, Heaven Maiden You Is In Danger, The Idea Of Building A Team
Chapter 1893 - 1893 All Prodigies Become God Kings, A Crystal Heart
Chapter 1894 - 1894 A Heart That Is Suppressed By The Great Dao, A Bunch Of Trash, Slashing The Immortal Tree
Chapter 1895 - 1895 Tian Yuan Creation God, The God King’S Power, An Illusion
Chapter 1896 - 1896 A Surprising Turn Of Events, Creation God, Do You Dare To Challenge The Heavens?
Chapter 1897 - 1897 The Battle Between The Heavens And The Creation God, When Has It Been Easy To Subdue The Heavens?
Chapter 1898 - 1898 The Creation God Has Ceased To Exist, Only The Supreme Heavens Shall Rule The Universe
Chapter 1899 - 1899 Demon Feng And Emperor Feng, The Mystic Divination Tribe’S Divination Attempt
Chapter 1900 - 1900 Chu Kuangren’S Completes His Closed-Door Meditation, Elder Ruyan In Danger
Chapter 1901 - 1901 That'S All You Prepared? Mist Tribe Embodier Arrives
Chapter 1902 - 1902 Green Lotus Destructive Power, Kill Mist Tribe Embodier
Chapter 1903 - 1903 The Ten Calamities Are Dead, Nine Stars Shine, Primordial Confrontation
Chapter 1904 - 1904 Heaven Maiden You'S Invitation, Poor Mystic Divination Tribe
Chapter 1905 - 1905 Break The Shackles, Great Dao, Are You Going Against The Heavens?
Chapter 1906 - 1906 I Was Born Arrogant, The Slash Greater Than The Heaven
Chapter 1907 - 1907 I Shall Command The Soldier Here, Soldier Versus Soldier, General Versus General
Chapter 1908 - 1908 Tempted By Treasures, Humanity Failed The Test
Chapter 1909 - 1909 The Void Annihilation Formation Elimite Two Tribes' Cultivators, You Are Insane
Chapter 1910 - 1910 God King Sikong'S Discussion, For The Sake Of The Overall Situation, Ancient God Kings
Chapter 1911 - 1911 The Heavenly Sword Cannot Be Killed, Give Him A Paper And Pen, Luo Yunxiu’S Ambition
Chapter 1912 - 1912 He Can Be Used But Not Be Valued, A Real Partner
Chapter 1913 - 1913 The Devil Egg, Armament Destruction Tribe’S God King, A Multi Embodier Emerges
Chapter 1914 - 1914 Trading With The Devil Egg, Titan Tribe, Spiritual Soul Pearl
Chapter 1915 - 1915 Assassination, Is Shinra Pirate Dead? What’S Going On?
Chapter 1916 - 1916 The Titan God King Interferes, You Have Ruined Heaven’S Enjoyment Of This Show
Chapter 1917 - 1917 Battling Yuan Teng, Luo Yunxiu Escapes, The Shinra Pirate Brought Under Control
Chapter 1918 - 1918 Luo Yunxiu And Yuan Teng, Hatching The Devil Egg
Chapter 1919 - 1919 Tribulation Lightning, The Great Armament Destruction Formation, The Devil Egg Successfully Hatches
Chapter 1920 - 1920 The Devil’S Power, The Blood-Colored Barrier, The Devil’S Haunting Beauty
Chapter 1921 - 1921 Evil Flower, Broke Soldier, Who Gave You The Confidence
Chapter 1922 - 1922 Named Heavenly Shadow, Armament Destruction Tribe Being Toyed, Armament God King'S Madness
Chapter 1923 - 1923 The Truth Behind The Ancient Armament Destruction Planet, A Broken Chaos Supreme Treasure
Chapter 1924 - 1924 Killing The Armament God King, The Realm Is Broken, Broken Arms Are King
Chapter 1925 - 1925 Light Ball Armament Destruction, Dao King Tribe'S Way, Snatch!
Chapter 1926 - 1926 Armament Destruction God, The Dao King Tribe Loses Another God King
Chapter 1927 - 1927 Rescuing Feng Qiyu, The Grand Wedding Of Luo King Tribe, Luo Xue Seeks For Help
Chapter 1928 - 1928 At The Wedding, God King Molin’S Frustration, Guests From All Forces
Chapter 1929 - 1929 Luo Xue’S Resistance, Just A Tool, Who Dares To Force The Friend Of The Heavens
Chapter 1930 - 1930 Back Off, Sending Nether God Flying With One Sword Strike
Chapter 1931 - 1931 The Abyss Of Darkness, Offering Himself Up On A Silver Platter, The Nether God’S Soul Was Critically Injured
Chapter 1932 - 1932 Refining The Nether God’S Memories, A Giant Pair Of Purple Doors
Chapter 1933 - 1933 More Than Half Of The Nine Kings Under His Command, Everyone Gathers, A Meeting Is Being Held
Chapter 1934 - 1934 The Heavenly Roundtable Is Formed, Returning To The Far West Lands, Getting Rid Of The Dao Contamination Qi
Chapter 1935 - 1935 Returning To The Soul Restricted Area Again, One Person Memorizes While The Other Comprehends
Chapter 1936 - 1936 Soul Restricted Area'S Ambition, Soul Materialization, Meeting Daoist Progenitor Again
Chapter 1937 - 1937 Unusual Daoist Progenitor, Dao Contamination Qi Disappeared
Chapter 1938 - 1938 Descending On Jiangshi Restricted Area, Chu Kuangren'S Treasured Blood, Legend Of The Hou Beast
Chapter 1939 - 1939 The Most Dao Contamination Qi, Jiangchen Tribe Leader Rises, Four Blood Supreme Pills' Power
Chapter 1940 - 1940 Yinggou Tribe Leader Attacks, The Longer The Battle, The Stronger Jiangchen Tribe Leader
Chapter 1941 - 1941 Overpowering Jiangchen Tribe Leader, The Power Of Hou Beast
Chapter 1942 - 1942 Killing The Jiangchen Tribe Leader, I Won’T Resist It Even If It’S Poison
Chapter 1943 - 1943 Daoist Progenitor Sacrifices Himself To Mend The Dao, It’S A Long Journey Ahead, Farewell, Daoist Progenitor
Chapter 1944 - 1944 The Battle Of Primordials, Messages Left Behind By The Daoist Progenitor, Dao Delving Technique, Dao Mending Technique
Chapter 1945 - 1945 Fighting Solely With His Sword, Blocking The Primordials, Battling Against Demon Feng
Chapter 1946 - 1946 Intense Battle Against Demon Feng, Eternal Green Lotus Dominion
Chapter 1947 - 1947 Killing Demon Feng, A Sealed Wu Han
Chapter 1948 - 1948 What Are All Of You Afraid Of? The Purple Heaven Hall Embodiers Awaken
Chapter 1949 - 1949 The Primordial Has Summoned The Nine Kings, The Heavenly Sword Is The One That’S Going To Rule The Future, The Space-Time Dimension
Chapter 1950 - 1950 Chang Feng Of The Celestial Demon Tribe, Destroy The Mist Tribe And Give No Mercy
Chapter 1951 - 1951 The Fifth Lotus Seed, Go, Fight Without Holding Back
Chapter 1952 - 1952 Black Heaven Nine Stars’ Troop Breaker, The Dao Delving Technique'S Wonder
Chapter 1953 - 1953 Mist Tribe Annihilated, The Dao King Tribe'S Ancient Embodier
Chapter 1954 - 1954 I Know What I’M Doing, That'S It For An Ancient God King
Chapter 1955 - 1955 Black Sky Embodier Art, The God King Meeting, Is The Heavens’ Reputable Enough?
Chapter 1956 - 1956 All Of You Are Brave, Distribute The Troops, He Killed A Primordial Before
Chapter 1957 - 1957 Thousand Flame God King'S Provocation, Heavenly Shadow Attacks, The One In The Rainbow Immortal Sparks
Chapter 1958 - 1958 Heavenly Rainbow Dragon'S Concern, Ninth Continent, Chi Xue’S Display Of Strength
Chapter 1959 - 1959 Those Who Defied The Heavens Shall Be Executed, Water Nation Warring Map
Chapter 1960 - 1960 Fight Yun Zhongyue, Black Heaven’S Fortune Noble Star, The Heavens Look Forward To It
Chapter 1961 - 1961 The Myriad Dusk Immortal Emperor, Forcefully Suppressing Ye Zhu, What Makes You Think You Can Act With Such Insolence
Chapter 1962 - 1962 Wonders Of The Creation Energy, The Ancient Armament Destruction Planet Enters The Battlefield
Chapter 1963 - 1963 The Thousand Flame God King And Mo Tianyin, Neglecting One’S Post? The Ancient Armament Destruction Planet’S Assistance
Chapter 1964 - 1964 The Snow God King, Yuen Teng And An Ye, The Divine Titan Tree
Chapter 1965 - 1965 The Myriad Dusk Immortal Emperor Proposes Attacking The Thirteenth Continent, The Real Show Is About To Start
Chapter 1966 - 1966 Three Embodiers Attack, Internal Conflict Between The God Kings Of Titan Tribe
Chapter 1967 - 1967 Seize The Chance, Titan Divine Fruit, Severely Injuring Myriad Dusk Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1968 - 1968 The Last Titan Divine Fruit, Titan God Armor, Turn On Each Other
Chapter 1969 - 1969 Enjoy The Show, Doubts For One Another
Chapter 1970 - 1970 Fight Yuan Teng And An Ye, Snow God King Joins The Heavenly Roundtable
Chapter 1971 - 1971 Feng Qiyu And Snow God King'S Grudges, Fake Intel Is Scarier Than No Intel
Chapter 1972 - 1972 Myriad Dusk Immortal Emperor Asked Chu Kuangren For Help, River Chart Inscription, You’Re Too Young
Chapter 1973 - 1973 Gu Xi'S Fall, Who Can It Be If Not Me, Distribute The Divine Fruit
Chapter 1974 - 1974 Nine Kings Out Of Cultivation, Nine Kings' Biggest Secret, Primordial’S Disciple, Wu Mian
Chapter 1975 - 1975 The Nether God Versus The Devil, Who Allowed You To Disturb The Heavens’ Peace And Quiet?
Chapter 1976 - 1976 Entering The Abyss Of Darkness Again, Sun And Moon Conjuration
Chapter 1977 - 1977 Killing The Nether God, Wu Mian Snatches The King’S Mark, He’S Putting Up An Act
Chapter 1978 - 1978 Wu Mian Refines The King’S Mark, The Black Heaven Nine Star’S Justice
Chapter 1979 - 1979 The Black Heaven Nine Stars Reveal Their Mighty Presence, The Deep Mind Dimension, Times Have Changed
Chapter 1980 - 1980 Thirty Continents, All Of You Are Old, Making A Bet
Chapter 1981 - 1981 Take The Charge, Lure Him Out, Caught A Big One
Chapter 1982 - 1982 A Bet With Heavenly Rainbow Dragon, Three Treasures, Surrounded
Chapter 1983 - 1983 Operation Start, Who Is Surrounded, Nowhere To Run
Chapter 1984 - 1984 Break One By One, Return The Favor, The Heavens Win This Round
Chapter 1985 - 1985 Heavenly Rainbow Dragon Attacks, You’Re Okay
Chapter 1986 - 1986 Fight Heavenly Rainbow Dragon, Celestial Demon Tribe Hong Yang
Chapter 1987 - 1987 Peerless Warlord Lu Jun, God King Sikong Noticed Something Weird
Chapter 1988 - 1988 No One Knows The Heavenly Sword, Operation God Dominance, Immortal Emperor Luo Tian
Chapter 1989 - 1989 Dark Demonic Forbidden Lands, Warlord Li Tu, A Massive Blow
Chapter 1990 - 1990 Sky Dominion Halberd'S Power, Black Tide Eruption, A Strange And Terrifying Existence
Chapter 1991 - 1991 An Investigation Into The Heavenly Sword, The Heavenly Sword’S True Name Is Chu Kuangren, I’M Afraid You’Ll Have To Die
Chapter 1992 - 1992 The Heavenly Sword Is Nothing But A Useless Pawn, I’Ll Deal With Six Eyes Next
Chapter 1993 - 1993 Destiny Cultivation Techniques, The Great Destiny Technique, Records Of The Dark Demonic Forgotten Lands
Chapter 1994 - 1994 Six Eyes Starts To Act, Encounter In The Path Of Destiny
Chapter 1995 - 1995 A Clash Of The Great Destiny Techniques, The Long And Vast River Of Destiny, Six Eyes’ Death
Chapter 1996 - 1996 Dissatisfaction At The Heavenly Sword, Deduce The Future, Lose More Than Win
Chapter 1997 - 1997 A Spy In Pan Gu Universe, Meet The Peerless Warlords
Chapter 1998 - 1998 Immortal Emperor Luo Tian'S Suggestion, A Way To Find The Spy
Chapter 1999 - 1999 Sneer And Teases, Emperor Skylord Match-Fixing, Why Is He There
Chapter 2000 - 2000 Defeat Immortal Emperor Luo Tian, Plan Ruined
Chapter 2001 - 2001 This Is An Accident, Confiscating The Immortal Hall'S Military Rights
Chapter 2002 - 2002 Passing By, There’S A Spy Among Us, Suspicion
Chapter 2003 - 2003 Secret Realm Open, Nine Kings Strike, Chu Kuangren Went Alone
Chapter 2004 - 2004 Enter The Secret Realm, Fight Nine Kings, Great Dao Avatar
Chapter 2005 - 2005 Fighting The Great Dao Avatar, The Battle That Lit Up The Void
Chapter 2006 - 2006 Endless Destruction, Boundless Creation, Divine Universal Supremacy
Chapter 2007 - 2007 Absorbing The Embodier Fragments, Eight Different Types Of Dao, A Small Goal
Chapter 2008 - 2008 Not Even A Five Percent Chance Of Winning, The Time For The Final Battle Has Come
Chapter 2009 - 2009 The Two Primordials’ Action, The Final Decisive Battle, The Flaming Dark Golden Guardians
Chapter 2010 - 2010 A Path Filled With Thorns, You Have Already Been Exposed, The Arbiter Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2011 - 2011 Nine Stars Appear, Black Heaven Nine Stars Versus Immortal Emperor Luo Tian
Chapter 2012 - 2012 Grand Battle Incoming, Coexist? Nonsense
Chapter 2013 - 2013 A Stem Of Green Lotus Pillars Heaven And Earth, One Strike Heavily Injuring A Peerless Warlord
Chapter 2014 - 2014 Defeat The Great Dao Avatar Again, Flaming Dark Golden Guardians Attacks, We Are One
Chapter 2015 - 2015 One Versus Nine, Casual And Leisure, True Power
Chapter 2016 - 2016 Kill Multiple Peerless Warlords, A Primordial Makes A Move
Chapter 2017 - 2017 A General Builds His Success On Ten Thousand Bleaching Bones, A Primordial Level Fight
Chapter 2018 - 2018 Murderous God Versus War God, Disadvantage, Die!
Chapter 2019 - 2019 Great Dao'S Power, Killing Emperor Feng, Devour Hundred Million Souls
Chapter 2020 - 2020 Armament Disaster Ancient Planet Stops The Deserters, This Is Also Chu Kuangren'S Plan
Chapter 2021 - 2021 Armament Destruction’S First Appearance In Battle, The Most Frightening Being In The Universe
Chapter 2022 - 2022 Killing Peerless Warlords Effortlessly, Meeting With The Heavenly Roundtable
Chapter 2023 - 2023 Is It Truly Because Of Our Past Relationships? An Even Greater Despair Is Waiting For Them
Chapter 2024 - 2024 Investigating The Dark Demonic Forgotten Lands Again, Have Mercy Temple Lord, The Dark Demonic Ruler
Chapter 2025 - 2025 A Deal With The Dark Demonic Ruler, The Great Hongmeng Universe, Three Thousand Daos
Chapter 2026 - 2026 Mad Shen Tian, If The Heavens Don’T Allow It, Who Does To Take Life?!
Chapter 2027 - 2027 Meticulous Planning, Central Heaven Universe'S Great Dao'S Power
Chapter 2028 - 2028 Great Dao'S Clash, Great Dao'S Manifestation Again, Have You Seen Destiny Before?
Chapter 2029 - 2029 Destiny'S Gate Kills Shen Tian, I Don'T Want To, But I Will
Chapter 2030 - 2030 Thousand Year Closed-Door Meditation, Another Universe, The Idea To Evolve Lil Ai
Chapter 2031 - 2031 A Man In White Travelling Across Many Universes, Kill All Of You Here
Chapter 2032 - 2032 Taiyuan Holy Ground, As You Wish, Billions Of Immortal Crystal By My Side
Chapter 2033 - 2033 The Apocalypse Saber Cultivator Killed In One Slash, Apocalyptic Demon Martial Art, Chaos Flower
Chapter 2034 - 2034 Girl That Transforms, Surrounded, Sword Qi Whip
Chapter 2035 - 2035 Taiyuan Forefather Makes A Move, Nine Primordial Mystics, Killing Taiyuan Forefather
Chapter 2036 - 2036 The Nine Primordial Tribulations Physique, Chu Kuangren’S Trial, Are You Willing To Let Go Of Your Obsessions?
Chapter 2037 - 2037 The Strong Will Always Be Bound By Obsessions, Disciple Lan Acquired, Leaving Right After Getting A Disciple
Chapter 2038 - 2038 The Universal Void, Refining The Chaos Flower, The Spatial Tribe Cultivators
Chapter 2039 - 2039 Lil Ai Enters A Deep Slumber, Changes In The Pan Gu Universe
Chapter 2040 - 2040 Yang Mei And Luo Hou, A Hollow Piece Of Willow Branch, Trouble Is Coming
Chapter 2041 - 2041 Underworld River Blocks Wu Han, Armament Destruction Versus Demonic Forefather
Chapter 2042 - 2042 Seven Treasured Tree Blocks The Red Hydrangea Ribbon, Master Mosquito Appears, How Many More Treasures Do You Have?
Chapter 2043 - 2043 The Battle At The Imperial Palace, Chu Kuangren'S Backup, Slap It
Chapter 2044 - 2044 Killing Eastern Patriarch King And Golden Crow Forefather, Break Heavenly Celestial Mega Formation
Chapter 2045 - 2045 Fight Papiyas And Luo Hou, Immortal King'S Decree, This Is My Era
Chapter 2046 - 2046 Return To Immortal World, Destroy The Kingdom, Wipe Out The Mountains, Obliterate The Immortal Hall
Chapter 2047 - 2047 Arrive At The Demon Kingdom, Descend On Blood Sea, Kill You Four Hundred Eighty Million Times
Chapter 2048 - 2048 Great Dao'S Vow, Yin Underworld Daoist, It'S Normal To Have Privilege
Chapter 2049 - 2049 Poor Imitation, Enlighten Armament Destruction, Bold Guess
Chapter 2050 - 2050 Hua Wuai'S Thoughts, Divine Underworld Daoist Wants To Regain The Authority
Chapter 2051 - 2051 The Three-Lives Tablet, The Samsara Vortex Appears Again, What Do You Have To Say For Your Crimes, Divine Underworld Daoist
Chapter 2052 - 2052 The Invincible Divine Underworld Daoist? Destroying Eighteen Great Halls With A Single Slash
Chapter 2053 - 2053 The Divine Underworld Daoist Ceases To Exist, Nowhere Else In The Underworld Requires You
Chapter 2054 - 2054 Visiting Emperor Nuwa, My Goal Is To Consolidate Three Thousand Types Of Dao
Chapter 2055 - 2055 Mentally Sparring With The West Ruler Matriarch, The Divine Primeval Imperial, Shattering The Immortal Destruction Sword Formation
Chapter 2056 - 2056 Librarian Li Jun, Mental Sparring Eighty-One Days, Ten Thousand Buddha Silent
Chapter 2057 - 2057 Visit Yang Mei, As Long As It'S You, Fight Yang Mei
Chapter 2058 - 2058 Yang Mei Surrenders, Pan Gu'S Heart, Great Dao, Show Some Respect
Chapter 2059 - 2059 Armament Destruction Realizes His Own Dao, Transcend Beyond Absolute Dao
Chapter 2060 - 2060 Armament Destruction Ascension, Slash Primordial Tribulation? Chu Kuangren Appears
Chapter 2061 - 2061 He Knows Me Like I Knows Him, Chu Kuangren’S Ascension
Chapter 2062 - 2062 Absorbing The Primordial Tribulation, Pan Gu Avatar, Strength Great Dao
Chapter 2063 - 2063 The Hongmeng Door Opens, Li Jun Enters Hongmeng While Riding The Green Cow
Chapter 2064 - 2064 Different Universes Start To Act, Divided For A Better Reunion
Chapter 2065 - 2065 Great Hongmeng Universe, Radiant Sect’S Yan Xu, Acquire Information
Chapter 2066 - 2066 The Radiant Enchanted Boundary, Pressing On Harder, Do You Think I’M Just Going To Just Sit Here And Take That?
Chapter 2067 - 2067 Ultimate Physical Body, Radiant Judgement, Killing Yan Xu
Chapter 2068 - 2068 The Eight Great Heretics, The Dark Evil Dragon, Do You Recognize This?
Chapter 2069 - 2069 The Ruler Amulet, The Infernal Dragon’S Suppression, Dark Dragon Gives In
Chapter 2070 - 2070 The Radiant Left Sky King, Different Beliefs, Conflicting Ideals
Chapter 2071 - 2071 Lil Ai'S Evolution Complete, Let'S Have A Bet, Want To Be My Ride?
Chapter 2072 - 2072 Powerful Battle Prediction Ability, Break Formation, Leave
Chapter 2073 - 2073 Dark Dragon As Mount, Grand Dao Realm'S Category, Ruler Amulet'S Secret
Chapter 2074 - 2074 Goddess' Deduction, Refine Ruler Amulet, Vitality Qi Divine Celestial
Chapter 2075 - 2075 The Urge To Surrender, Tempest Palace Appear
Chapter 2076 - 2076 All Gathered At Tempest Palace, Legend Of The Tempest King
Chapter 2077 - 2077 Yu Yan'S Son, Yu Nie, Radiant Left Sky King Appears Again, Indestructible Tempest Palace Restriction Seals
Chapter 2078 - 2078 Can’T Break Through The Restriction Seals? Chu Kuangren Entered The Tempest Palace
Chapter 2079 - 2079 Master And Disciple Reunion, Tempest King'S Treasure, Comprehend Three Thousand Dao Compass
Chapter 2080 - 2080 Master Chen, I’M Going To Use My Ultimate Attack, Kill On Sight
Chapter 2081 - 2081 Fusing Three Thousand Types Of Dao, Exiting The Tempest Palace, The Vitality Qi Divine Celestial’S Might
Chapter 2082 - 2082 The Grand Dao Level Being Appears, Heilong Mingshang, The Despised Master Chen
Chapter 2083 - 2083 The Might Of Three Thousand Daoist Laws, Shattering The Radiant Sky King Formation With A Single Slash
Chapter 2084 - 2084 Holy Knight Laude, Facing Off Against The Grand Dao-Realm Cultivator, The Darkness Ruler Amulet Appears
Chapter 2085 - 2085 Overpowering The Holy Knight, O’ Holy Radiance Protect Me, Bless Me With Thy Divine Might
Chapter 2086 - 2086 Kill The Holy Knight, Black Flame City, Eight Great Heretics Yu Yan
Chapter 2087 - 2087 Jiu Yin And Chi Yun, Yu Yan'S Trap, Three Of The Eight Great Heretics
Chapter 2088 - 2088 Chi Yun'S Challenge, Chi Yun Killed In Seconds, An Enraged Jiu Yin
Chapter 2089 - 2089 Jiu Yin Wants To Kill Chu Kuangren, Using Black Flame City, Hei Xuan Protects His Master
Chapter 2090 - 2090 Jiu Yin Escapes, Maybe There Are Unexpected Gains
Chapter 2091 - 2091 Doomsday Darkness, This Is An Order, I Will Wait For You To Be Back
Chapter 2092 - 2092 Radiant Church'S Helping Hand, Destiny’S Gate Overpowers Yu Yan
Chapter 2093 - 2093 Radiant Right Sky King, Three Thousand Grand Worlds, You Are Pitiful
Chapter 2094 - 2094 Doomsday Darkness Clash With Radiant Seed, Radiant Right Sky King Suppressed Two Great Heretics
Chapter 2095 - 2095 The Powerful Right Sky King, Two More Great Heretics Appeared
Chapter 2096 - 2096 The Radiant Seed, The Embodiment Of Radiance, The Radiant Goddess
Chapter 2097 - 2097 This Goddess Is After My Body, Simulating Retreat Strategy, Grand Dao Supreme Honorable Realm In Sight
Chapter 2098 - 2098 The Legend Of The Child Of Light And The Doomsday Darkness, It’S You, The Heretic!
Chapter 2099 - 2099 I Only Represent Myself, But I Can Make An Exception This Time
Chapter 2100 - 2100 The Bodhi Samadhi, Arriving At The Radiant Church, Everyone’S Shocked
Chapter 2101 - 2101 First Show Of Bodhi Samadhi, I Am The Light
Chapter 2102 - 2102 Kill Master Chen, Enter Hongmeng Spirit World, Strange Mountain Ridge
Chapter 2103 - 2103 Frenzied Minotaur, Violet Pupil, The Devil King
Chapter 2104 - 2104 Fight The Devil King, Powerful Soul Energy
Chapter 2105 - 2105 The Devil King'S True Form, Lil Ai Appears
Chapter 2106 - 2106 Suppress Devil King, Refine The Devil'S Eye, Hongmeng Level Treasure
Chapter 2107 - 2107 Battle Royale, Chu Kuangren Has Arrived, One Versus Three
Chapter 2108 - 2108 Five Ways And Bagua, Radiant Three Thousand Worlds, Who Else Wants The Divine Metal
Chapter 2109 - 2109 Apocalypse Martial Society’S Ten Killer Stars, Chu Kuangren Fights Lang Sha
Chapter 2110 - 2110 Radiant Three Thousand Worlds Again, Offense And Defense, He’S Confident
Chapter 2111 - 2111 The Power Of The Devil’S Pupil, Killing Lang Sha With A Single Strike
Chapter 2112 - 2112 The Devil King’S Futile Attempts, As Long As You’Re Happy
Chapter 2113 - 2113 Feng Domain’S Myriad Arms City, The Blazing Flame Volcano, Weaponsmith Master, Ou Chen
Chapter 2114 - 2114 No One Will Forge A Weapon For You, Critically Injuring Young Master Yuan, A Weird Weaponsmith
Chapter 2115 - 2115 Weaponsmith Ou Yenuo, The Allure Of The Hongmeng Divine Metal
Chapter 2116 - 2116 Ou Yenuo Recovers, Preparation Before Forging The Supreme Treasure
Chapter 2117 - 2117 Ou Yenuo And Ou Chen'S Past, Blazing Flame Mountain'S Origin, Someone Is Asking For Trouble
Chapter 2118 - 2118 Three Killer Stars, Devil Energy Again, Phoenix Killer Attacks
Chapter 2119 - 2119 Fighting Feng Sha, Right Sky King Arrives, I Shall Judge
Chapter 2120 - 2120 Three Killer Stars Retreat, Two Monarch Class Meets
Chapter 2121 - 2121 Three Monarch Class, Hongmeng Leaderboard, No One Shall Save Him
Chapter 2122 - 2122 Flame Stabilizer Pillar, Ou Chen'S Madness, One More Step
Chapter 2123 - 2123 Nine Colors Primordial Tribulation, Madness, Forging With The Heavenly Lightning
Chapter 2124 - 2124 Hongmeng Supreme Treasure Is Completed, Maximize The Primordial Tribulation Effect
Chapter 2125 - 2125 Clear Nine Colors Primordial Tribulation, Not Yet Over, Second Ascension
Chapter 2126 - 2126 The Stacked Hongmeng Primordial Tribulation, The Mighty King Of All Tribulations
Chapter 2127 - 2127 The Ninth Heavenly Lightning, The Purple Giant, The Sword Technique That Started It All
Chapter 2128 - 2128 Triple Breakthrough, I Want You To Gain Control Of Myriad Arms City For Me
Chapter 2129 - 2129 Ming Fei Takes In A Disciple, The Incomprehensible Sword Slash, The Timespace Treasure’S Item Grade
Chapter 2130 - 2130 Want To Leave, But Have You Asked Me If I Agree? Battling Feng Sha Once More
Chapter 2131 - 2131 Celestial Dzi Bead, Hongmeng Supreme Treasure'S Power, Feng Sha Falls
Chapter 2132 - 2132 Monarchs’ Willpowers Clash, God Of Slaughter
Chapter 2133 - 2133 The Person On The Bone Throne, Shenchu Ascends To The Grand Dao Realm
Chapter 2134 - 2134 Hongmeng Leaderboard Appears, Primordial Leaderboard, Ancient Beings Are Listed On The Leaderboard
Chapter 2135 - 2135 Top Ten On The Primordial Leaderboard, Tianshen Chang, Elder Dragon Chengtao, Who Is In The First Place
Chapter 2136 - Chapter 2136 First On The Primordial Leaderboard, It’S Him, Everyone'S Reaction
Chapter 2137 - Chapter 2137 Fortune’S Blessing, Pan Gu Universe Is A Force To Be Reckoned With, Liu Feng'S Challenge
Chapter 2138 - Chapter 2138 One Slash At Liu Feng, Celestial Dzi Bead Destroys A Grand Dao Supreme Saint
Chapter 2139 - Chapter 2139 Comprehend The Heaven-Slaying Sword Drawing Technique, Back To The Holy Radiant Church, Fight Ming Fei
Chapter 2140 - Chapter 2140 Lan Yu'S Whereabouts, Misunderstanding, Jiu Yin Falls
Chapter 2141 - Chapter 2141 Killing Jiu Yin With A Single Palm Strike, Onward To Black Water City, Meeting Yu Nue Again
Chapter 2142 - Chapter 2142 The Demonic Ruler’S Left Hand, Yu Yan’S Friend, The Battle Between Light And Darkness
Chapter 2143 - Chapter 2143 The Devil Tribe Forcefully Interferes, I’M The Light, Who Can Ever Hope To Extinguish It
Chapter 2144 - Chapter 2144 A Deal Between Yu Yan And The Devil Tribe, Battling The Pseudo Honorable
Chapter 2145 - Chapter 2145 No More Darkness Tribe? The Doomsday Darkness, The Dark Demonic Ruler’S Past
Chapter 2146 - Chapter 2146 Resistance Toward The Doomsday Darkness, Third Devil Duke, Enter The Devil Territory
Chapter 2147 - Chapter 2147 Defeat Mo Liu With One Technique, Kneel, Welcome Back, My King
Chapter 2148 - Chapter 2148 Soul Barrier, The Devil King'S Advice, Seeing Heavenly Shadow Again
Chapter 2149 - 2149 Heavenly Shadow'S Talk, Tri-Archduke Banquet Begins, Heading To Black Feather Capital
Chapter 2150 - 2150 Succubus Archduke, Three Archdukes Arrives, Yu Yan Kneels
Chapter 2151 - 2151 Devil King Slumbers Again, Black Feather Archduke'S Trap
Chapter 2152 - 2152 Sturdy Soul Barrier, Darkness Tribe Awakens
Chapter 2153 - 2153 Black Feather Archduke Successfully Usurps, One Slash Might, Two Archdukes Fall
Chapter 2154 - 2154 Using The Honorable Heart, Devil Edge In Hand
Chapter 2155 - 2155 Fight The Devil Archduke, I’M Not The Only One You’Ve Underestimated
Chapter 2156 - 2156 The Ambitious Succubus Archduke, Stealing The Devil Energy
Chapter 2157 - 2157 The Devil King Is Back, The Devil King Is A Monster
Chapter 2158 - 2158 Master, Please Pull Yourself Together, Overpowered Charm
Chapter 2159 - 2159 Refining The Devil Energy, The Divine Void Seal, The Heavenly Shadow’S Decision
Chapter 2160 - 2160 The Grand Dao Leaderboard, Spirit World Leaderboard, And Great Dao Spirit World
Chapter 2161 - 2161 Entering The Great Dao Spirit World, Heavenly Grandmaster In Trouble
Chapter 2162 - 2162 Kill Dugu Kong, Dugu Bubai'S Wrath, The Idea Of Creating My Own Force
Chapter 2163 - Chapter 2163 Great Dao'S Lake, Great Dao'S Mountain, Who Dares To Hurt My People From The Pan Gu Universe
Chapter 2164 - Chapter 2164 Behemoth Versus Pan Gu Avatar, Searching For Grand Dao Heart
Chapter 2165 - "Could It Be That This Opening Didn'T Produce The Great Dao Heart?"
Chapter 2166 - 2166 The Difference Between Others And The First, Killing Dugu Bubai, Tianshen Chang Attacks
Chapter 2167 - 2167 Kill Elder Dragon Chengtao, Top Ten On The Grand Dao Leaderboard, Five-Clawed Dragon Becomes Four-Clawed
Chapter 2168 - 2168 The Battle Should Be Over, Killing Elder Dragon Feng, Slap Tianshen Yue
Chapter 2169 - 2169 Move The Great Dao'S Mountain, Absorb The Great Dao'S Lake, Heaven Kills
Chapter 2170 - 2170 Prepare To Ascend To Grand Dao Realm, Mystery Prevails, Three Clarities Arrives
Chapter 2171 - Chapter 2171 The Apocalypse Martial Ruler Takes Action, The Formation King’S Hesitation, Everyone Gathers
Chapter 2172 - Chapter 2172 The Apocalypse Martial Society Attacks, All Six Killer Stars Deployed, Ou Yenuo’S Firm Stance
Chapter 2173 - 2173 Reinforcements From The Holy Radiant Church, Jue Jian Attacks, The Earth-Shattering Palm
Chapter 2174 - 2174 Shocking Combat Power, Jue Jian’S Arrival, How Many Strikes Can You Take From Me
Chapter 2175 - 2175 Breaking Jue Jian’S Sword, Clash Between Sword Twenty-Two And The Heaven-Slaying Sword Drawing Technique
Chapter 2176 - 2176 Sword Twenty-Three, Killing Jue Jian, A Wonderful Surprise
Chapter 2177 - 2177 The Monarch’S Aura, The Radiant Goddess’S Daoist Core Oath
Chapter 2178 - 2178 Elder Dragon Xingyun, Ripping Out The Dragon Tendon, The Devil King Appears
Chapter 2179 - 2179 The Celestial Divine Tribe Speaks Out, The Situation Is Not In Your Favor, You Must Die Today
Chapter 2180 - 2180 The Tempest King’S Clone, This Clone Can Defeat All Those Below A Monarch’S Level, For Those Above A Monarch’S Level, It’S One Life For The Other
Chapter 2181 - 2181 Chu Kuangren, The Reincarnation Of A Great One? Tempest King Versus Apocalypse Martial Ruler
Chapter 2182 - 2182 The Will Of The Pan Gu Universe'S Cultivators. Apocalypse Martial Ruler Falls?
Chapter 2183 - 2183 Strongest Kept Man Chu Kuangren, Something Strange Between The Three Ladies
Chapter 2184 - 2184 Pan Gu Sect, It Was Just One-Tenth Of What He Had, Confident
Chapter 2185 - 2185 Nine Humanity Treasures, The Human Ancestors’ Secret, Monarch'S Heart Remains
Chapter 2186 - 2186 The Apocalypse Martial Society Has Been Wiped Out, Chu Kuangren’S Backup Plan, Human Divine Maiden Leaderboard
Chapter 2187 - 2187 The Divine Maiden Leaderboard’S Rankings, Tianshen Chang’S Frustration, Tianshen Wuxin
Chapter 2188 - 2188 The First On The Grand Dao Leaderboard, The Human Divine Bachelor Leaderboard, What Rank Will I Be Placed In?
Chapter 2189 - 2189 First On The Divine Bachelor Leaderboard, The Taller The Tree, The Easier It Falls To The Wind
Chapter 2190 - 2190 Shang Honghua’S Weird Feeling, The Opportunities Of Fortune In The Dragon Tombs, Let’S Go!
Chapter 2191 - 2191 Chu Kuangren Completes His Closed-Door Meditation, Challenge? No, Jian Shifang'S Wait
Chapter 2192 - 2192 Transcendent-Tier Formation Master Inheritance, Reuniting With Long Shuijing
Chapter 2193 - 2193 Enter The Dragon Tombs, Reunite With Hei Xuan, He Can Suffer For A Bit
Chapter 2194 - 2194 Heavenly Rainbow Dragon'S Body, Why Would I Hurt You
Chapter 2195 - 2195 Dragon Hunters Enter Dragon Tombs, Dragon Tombs Forbidden Land, Saber Grave Domain
Chapter 2196 - 2196 Dragon Blood-Transfused Dragon Hunters, Ultimate Divine Weapon Dragonslayer
Chapter 2197 - 2197 Dragonslayer Unsealed, Anomaly, Huang Jiulong Possessing The Infernal Dragon Blood
Chapter 2198 - 2198 Acquire Dragonslayer, Kill Huang Jiulong, Anomaly Deep In The Dragon Tombs
Chapter 2199 - 2199 Dragon Soul World Appears, Stepping Into The Trap? Eliminate All At Once
Chapter 2200 - 2200 To The Dragon Soul World, Worms Should Be Aware Of Where They Stand
Chapter 2201 - 2201 The Infernal Dragon Energy’S Influence, Which One Do You Like, Feel Free To Pick Any Of Them
Chapter 2202 - 2202 Devouring Millions Of Dragon Souls, Becoming An Elite Dragon Cultivator
Chapter 2203 - 2203 The Dragonslayer, The Infernal Dragon’S Soul, Get Out Of My Way
Chapter 2204 - 2204 The Infernal Dragon Power Combines With The Infernal Dragon’S Soul, The Dragon Soul World Collapses
Chapter 2205 - 2205 The Dragons Gather, As Long As I Can Fight By My King’S Side, I Don’T Care If I Die Fighting
Chapter 2206 - 2206 Six Warlords Attack, A Clash Between Dragon Tribe Cultivation Techniques
Chapter 2207 - 2207 As Easy As Breathing, Kill Heavenly Rainbow Dragon Warlords, Myriad Dragon Grand Formation
Chapter 2208 - 2208 The Black Dragon King Arrives, Provocation, You Have Underestimated Me
Chapter 2209 - 2209 Transform Primal Infernal Dragon, Devil King'S Delight
Chapter 2210 - 2210 Dragon Tombs' Blessing, Infernal Dragon'S Eye, Fight Black Dragon King
Chapter 2211 - 2211 Infernal Dragon’S Divine Ability, Silence Realm, Left Casually
Chapter 2212 - 2212 After The Dragon Tombs, A Daring Strategy
Chapter 2213 - 2213 Transcendent Weaponsmith Inheritance, Jian Shifang Is Still Waiting, You Are Finally Back
Chapter 2214 - 2214 Grindstone? You’Re Unworthy To Be A Swordsman, My Descendant Self Sword Might Cry
Chapter 2215 - 2215 Sword Twenty-Two Versus Sword Twenty-Three, How About One Slash First?
Chapter 2216 - 2216 The Death Of Jian Shifang, It’S Hard To Search For Worthy Opponents For A Sword Duel, Oh, How Lonely It Is At The Top
Chapter 2217 - 2217 The Dragon Hunters Arrive To Make A Deal, Coercion On Top Of Persuasion, How Insolent
Chapter 2218 - 2218 The Ones Spying On Chu Kuangren, Weaponsmithing Match, A Clash Between Sword And Saber
Chapter 2219 - 2219 The First On The Weaponsmith Leaderboard, Dai Tian, I Don’T Mind Having A Match With You
Chapter 2220 - 2220 The Divine Weapon Seal, The Weaponsmithing Match That Drew The Attention Of Many Great Forces
Chapter 2221 - 2221 Acquire The Divine Weapon Seal, Supreme Honorable Leaderboard, Changes To The Leaderboard
Chapter 2222 - 2222 First On Two Leaderboards, Formation King'S Grievance, Fortune Kingdom'S Tale
Chapter 2223 - 2223 Dragon-Blooded Huang Clan'S Plan, Make A Deal With The Dragon Hunters, The Start Of A Good Show
Chapter 2224 - 2224 Huang Clan Versus Dragon Hunters, Chu Kuangren Helped Secretly
Chapter 2225 - 2225 Dragon Hunters' Wrath, Eliminate Trash Of The Human Race, This Is Fake
Chapter 2226 - 2226 Apocalypse Martial Ruler Appears, Everything Is Under Control
Chapter 2227 - 2227 Breaking Through To The Grand Dao Realm One After Another, Formation King Casts A Formation, Thousand Weapon Heart
Chapter 2228 - 2228 Infinity Domain, Nine Ways Mountain Gathering, Mingyue Wuxia
Chapter 2229 - 2229 Competition Between The Divine Bachelors, Mingyue Wuxia'S Anticipation
Chapter 2230 - 2230 Lu Wuheng Attacks, Chu Kuangren Appears, Mingyue Wuxia'S Delight
Chapter 2231 - 2231 The Top Position On The Leaderboard Can Be Given Up, The Mad Chu Kuangren
Chapter 2232 - 2232 If I’M Putting My Life On The Line By Making This Bet, He Should Compensate With His Life Too, Sword Demon Dugu Bupo
Chapter 2233 - 2233 Battling Dugu Bupo, The Sword Dao Celestial Demon, The Nine Ways Spirit World
Chapter 2234 - 2234 The Natives Of The Nine Ways Spirit World, Scaring Leng Xiaotian Away
Chapter 2235 - 2235 Encountering The Doomsday Darkness, Elder Blackwood, As If The God Of Light Has Appeared
Chapter 2236 - 2236 Eliminate Elder Blackwood, Doomsday Darkness Consume Each Other, Doomsday Sect
Chapter 2237 - 2237 Mural In The Cave, Jiufang Tribe'S Duty, Heaven Divide Sword Sword Intent
Chapter 2238 - 2238 Sword Twenty-Four, Everyone Gathered At Jiufang Tribe
Chapter 2239 - 2239 Breaking The Nature Formation, Outsider'S Contempt
Chapter 2240 - 2240 The Heaven Divide Sword Submits, Divine Bachelor Fengyue'S Threats
Chapter 2241 - 2241 Infinity Domain'S Strength, Kill Fengyue, Eliminate Dichu
Chapter 2242 - 2242 Sword Twenty-Four Versus Sword Demon, Other Than Me, All Is Worthless
Chapter 2243 - 2243 Proud Woman, Jiufang Tribe Joins Pan Gu Sect, A Mining Node
Chapter 2244 - 2244 A Fleeting Dream, Devotee Of Wine, Make A Friend
Chapter 2245 - 2245 Drunk Wine Honorable, Formation King Makes A Move, Feng Domain Sealed
Chapter 2246 - 2246 An Attack From All Sides, How Dare A Bunch Of Misfits Proclaim That My End Has Come
Chapter 2247 - 2247 Elites Ranked On The Supreme Honorable Leaderboard Appears One After Another, Chu Kuangren’S Preparation
Chapter 2248 - 2248 The Black Heaven Nine Stars Fight Side By Side Again, Pan Gu Sect’S Cultivators Display Their Capabilities
Chapter 2249 - 2249 One Against Three Supreme Honorables, The Infernal Dragon’S Power Appears Again, Your Light Is Too Dim
Chapter 2250 - 2250 The Huang Clan Leader Arrives, Even The Monarchs Have Failed, So How Can Someone Like You Hope To Succeed?
Chapter 2251 - 2251 Breaking The Formation Easily, Huang Clan Leader Attacks, Getting Wine Honorable To Help
Chapter 2252 - 2252 Make The Battlefield Drunk, Wine Honorable Protects Pan Gu Sect, Heaven-Devouring Technique Again
Chapter 2253 - 2253 Overpowering The Huang Clan Leader, Dai Tian'S Tactic, It'S Mine Now
Chapter 2254 - 2254 Dai Tian Falls, The Huang Clan Leader Is Heavily Injured, The Apocalypse Martial Ruler'S True Plan
Chapter 2255 - 2255 God Of Slaughter'S Inheritance, Three Monarchs Arrive, A Grand Scene
Chapter 2256 - 2256 Fight The Formation King, Formation King Lost, You Are Beneath Me
Chapter 2257 - 2257 Wine Honorable'S Decision, Dragonslayer Is Thirsty
Chapter 2258 - 2258 The Tactic Of Three Monarchs, Pan Gu Sect Cultivators Cursing
Chapter 2259 - 2259 Stalling Tactic Works, His Power Is Weakening
Chapter 2260 - 2260 The Terror Of The Heaven-Devouring Technique, Apocalypse Martial Ruler Finally Appears
Chapter 2261 - 2261 Battling The Apocalypse Martial Ruler, Is Anyone Else Coming? Utter Nonsense
Chapter 2262 - 2262 The Monarch’S Heart, The Water Nation Warring Map, Crossing Into The Monarch Realm
Chapter 2263 - 2263 None Of You Can Escape, Killing The Black Dragon King, The Terrified Monarchs
Chapter 2264 - 2264 Ming Fei’S Arrival, The Radiant Goddess Takes Action, The Dragon Hunter Leader’S Pride
Chapter 2265 - 2265 The Celestial Dzi Bead Self-Destructs, Four Monarchs, All Wiped Out
Chapter 2266 - 2266 Just The Doomsday Darkness, Devil King'S Joke? Close Brother In Arms
Chapter 2267 - Chapter 2267 Drunk Chu Kuangren, Outrageous Thought, Wine Honorable Plans To Settle Down For Good
Chapter 2268 - Chapter 2268 Gu Linglong And Yu Ling, Mr. Fortune Teller, Fate Of A Benefactor
Chapter 2269 - Chapter 2269 Yu Ling Joins The Exam, Gu Lingling Reunites With The Others
Chapter 2270 - Chapter 2270 Pan Gu Sect Leader'S Wife, Pros And Cons Of Pan Gu Sect
Chapter 2271 - 2271 Chu Kuangren Abdicated? Sudden Ascend To The Supreme Honorable Realm, First Place On Supreme Honorable Leaderboard
Chapter 2272 - 2272 Serious Business, Thirty-Three Heavens, Eternal-Tier Prize Creation Pool
Chapter 2273 - 2273 Creation Source, I Want, Gu Linglong'S Transformation
Chapter 2274 - 2274 Gu Linglong Ranks Third On The Divine Maiden Leaderboard, Human Ancestral Land Opens
Chapter 2275 - 2275 Dao Lingtian'S Hostility, Spatial One Arrives, An Open Scheme Against The Humans
Chapter 2276 - 2276 The Human Ancestral Land Opens, The Obstacles That Chu Kuangren Faced When Entering The Ancestral Land
Chapter 2277 - 2277 What Right Do You Outsiders Have To Interfere With Matters Of The Human Race, The Tempest King Appears
Chapter 2278 - 2278 The Monarchs Give In, Heaven Trembling Tempest, Cosmic Crumbling Yin Yang Strike
Chapter 2279 - Chapter 2279 Entering The Human Ancestral Land, The History Of Antiquity, The God Of Tribulation Lightning
Chapter 2280 - Chapter 2280 Encountering Luo Hou, Cundi, And Receiva, The Divine Thunder Drum Peak
Chapter 2281 - 2281 Bodhi Spirit Light, Who Said I’M Not Familiar With Dharma, Please Enlighten Me, Buddhas
Chapter 2282 - 2282 Won The Dharmic Debate, Another Ultimate-Level Cultivation Technique, Immovable Enlightenment King'S Sword Seal
Chapter 2283 - 2283 Foreign Cultivator, Immovable Enlightenment King'S Sword Seal’S First Action, Ancestral Tombs Immortal Island
Chapter 2284 - 2284 All Forces Ready, Monarch Seeds Gathered, Foreign Tribe Appears
Chapter 2285 - 2285 One Slash At The Behemoth, Team Up With Foreign Tribes, Are You Guys That Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 2286 - Chapter 2286 Nine Humanity Treasures Gathered, Ancestral Tombs Open, Bring Them All Here!
Chapter 2287 - Chapter 2287 Power In The Nine Humanity Treasures, Combine The Power, Crystal Sword
Chapter 2288 - Chapter 2288 Inside The Ancestor Tombs, Human Elders, Violet Coffin
Chapter 2289 - Chapter 2289 Human Ancestor'S Blood Decision, One More Step, I Control My Destiny
Chapter 2290 - Chapter 2290 Monarch Seeds Combine Attack, All Of You Shall Not Disturb The Elders' Peaceful Rest
Chapter 2291 - Chapter 2291 Killing Lu Wuheng, Dugu Bupo’S Sword Twenty-Four
Chapter 2292 - Chapter 2292 The Golden Defense, The Thirty-Six Demonic Swords, And The Monarch Seeds’ Trump Cards
Chapter 2293 - Chapter 2293 The Thirty-Six Demonic Swords Self-Destruct, The Fall Of Dugu Bupo
Chapter 2294 - Chapter 2294 Raging Buddhist Flame Lotus, Chi Ying Burnt To A Crisp, Eliminating One Monarch Seed With A Single Punch
Chapter 2295 - Chapter 2295 Kong Chunyuan Escapes, The Bronze Altar, Testing Mingyue Wuxia’S Limit
Chapter 2296 - Chapter 2296 Fighting Mingyue Wuxia, Nothing More Perfect Than You, Her Sword Dao
Chapter 2297 - Chapter 2297 Control The Central Hub, Curse Shrouded The Immortal Island, Curse Tribe'S Bewitchment
Chapter 2298 - Chapter 2298 Heavenly Human Five Deterioration, Mingyue Wuxia'S Spirit Energy, Chu Kuangren Came Out
Chapter 2299 - Chapter 2299 Blood Curse'S Truth, Lifebreaker Arrow Book, Suicidal
Chapter 2300 - Chapter 2300 Comprehend The Divine Curse Seal, Xue Huo'S Disdain, Break The Curse
Chapter 2301 - Chapter 2301 Pinpoint Curse Seal, He Came From Buddhist Light, Heaven-Earth Grand Curse
Chapter 2302 - Chapter 2302 Anger From All Forces, So What, Tempest King'S Protection
Chapter 2303 - Chapter 2303 Move The Immortal Island, Out Of The Ancestral Land, Supreme Council'S Enforcers
Chapter 2304 - Chapter 2304 Divine Sword Palace Ruler'S Monarch Avatar, Where Do You Think You’Re Standing?
Chapter 2305 - Chapter 2305 Powerful Pan Gu Avatar, Island Ruler'S Might, Three Adjudicators Appear
Chapter 2306 - Chapter 2306 Chu Kuangren Is Not Only Innocent, But He Has Also Done A Great Service, The Truth Was Revealed, The Heavenly Sovereign’S Killing Intent
Chapter 2307 - Chapter 2307 Both Teacher And Disciple Are Bandits, Internal Dispute Among The Three Great Adjudicators
Chapter 2308 - Chapter 2308 The Heavenly Sovereign’S Inexplicable Fear, There’S Still More Where That Came From, The Human Empress Visits
Chapter 2309 - Chapter 2309 The Creation Daoist Law Pearl, The Humans’ Fortune Has Been Stolen, We Shall Focus On Killing Chu Kuangren
Chapter 2310 - Chapter 2310 The Earthen Monarch’S Revenge, The Curse Tribe Takes Action, Cursing Chu Kuangren
Chapter 2311 - Chapter 2311 Lifebreaker Arrow Book Again, Increase Power, Enter River Of Fate
Chapter 2312 - Chapter 2312 Curse Repercussion, Resonate Technique, Who Curse The Curse Tribe
Chapter 2313 - Chapter 2313 Curse Tribe Versus Heaven-Earth Grand Curse, Heavenly Curse Forefather, The Forefather Is A Fake?
Chapter 2314 - Chapter 2314 Curse Tribe Lost Terribly, Ruthless Monarch
Chapter 2315 - Chapter 2315 Curse Tribe Almost Wiped Out, Space Emperor, Fate Defiant Master
Chapter 2316 - Chapter 2316 The Space Between Daos, Sword Great Dao, Comprehend Sword Daoist Law
Chapter 2317 - Chapter 2317 Fight The Divine Sword Palace Ruler, Is That All You Think I Have?
Chapter 2318 - Chapter 2318 Sword Twenty-Five, Sword Dao Monarch, Not What I Can Do
Chapter 2319 - Chapter 2319 Comprehend Radiant Daoist Law, Doomsday Won'T Arrive, Radiance Won'T Fade
Chapter 2320 - Chapter 2320 Dark Demonic Ruler And The Doomsday Sect, That'S My Sister
Chapter 2321 - Chapter 2321 Fusing The Human Ancestor'S Blood, Fortune'S Shift, Heavenly Sovereign’S Betrayal
Chapter 2322 - 2322 No One Knows The Outcome, Dark Demonic Ruler'S Presence, Devil King'S Information
Chapter 2323 - Chapter 2323 Spatial One'S Confidence, Holy Radiant Church'S Change, Left Sky King’S Betrayal
Chapter 2324 - Chapter 2324
Chapter 2325 - Chapter 2325 Break The Seal, Physical Body Vessel, Doomsday Darkness Appears
Chapter 2326 - Chapter 2326 Confident Left Sky King, Endless Phenomena
Chapter 2327 - Chapter 2327 Chu Kuangren Ascends To Monarch, Three Thousand Daoist Law Monarch'S Heart, You Call Yourself Doomsday?
Chapter 2328 - Chapter 2328
Chapter 2329 - Chapter 2329 Fight Doomsday Darkness, Monarch Avatar, Monarch Domain
Chapter 2330 - Chapter 2330 Thrash The Doomsday Darkness, Unlimited Great Dao Realm
Chapter 2331 - Chapter 2331 If I Don’T Allow It, Who Can You Kill? Radiant Seed'S Power
Chapter 2332 - Chapter 2332 Eliminate Doomsday Darkness, Dark Demonic Ruler'S True Plan
Chapter 2333 - Chapter 2333 He’S In My Way, Doomsday Sect Master Dies, Ridiculous Fortune Blessing
Chapter 2334 - 2334 Spatial One Ascends To Monarch, A Firefly Can’T Outshine The Moon'S Brilliance
Chapter 2335 - 2335 Fortune Kingdom, Kingdom'S Core, The Idea Of Snatching Other Tribes’ Fortune
Chapter 2336 - Chapter 2336 Hurt The Heavenly Sovereign, Hongmeng Wisdom Leaderboard, First Place Omniscient Spirit
Chapter 2337 - Chapter 2337 The Delighted Lil Ai, Debt Of Destiny, Human Race Election
Chapter 2338 - Chapter 2338 Manifa Forefather, All-Buddha Emperor, Heavenly Supreme Saint
Chapter 2339 - Chapter 2339 The Election Starts, Tempest King As An Adjudicator? Limitless Transformation Technique
Chapter 2340 - Chapter 2340 Are You Threatening Me? I'M Scared, Fight The Manifa Forefather
Chapter 2341 - Chapter 2341 The Scary Limitless Transformation Technique, Tempest King Fights Manifa Forefather
Chapter 2342 - Chapter 2342 Tempest King Avatar, Use The Destiny Contract, Re-Election
Chapter 2343 - Chapter 2343 Tempest King Elected, Limitless Imitation, Someone Wanted To Breach The Contract
Chapter 2344 - Chapter 2344 I Control My Fate, Defy Fate, Fate Defiant Masters Appears
Chapter 2345 - Chapter 2345 Limitless Heavenly Human, Limitless Fate Reversal, Suppress Fate Defiant Master
Chapter 2346 - Chapter 2346 Kill Tianshen Yan, Fate Defiant Masters' God, Limitless Six Eyes
Chapter 2347 - Chapter 2347 Crush The Path Of Destiny, Third Eye, Six Eyes Diviner'S Speculations
Chapter 2348 - Chapter 2348 With Interest, Raid The Treasure Vault, A Huge Daoist Mountain
Chapter 2349 - 2349 Why Mess With Me, Celestial Divine Forefather Attacks, Divine Formation Seal
Chapter 2350 - Chapter 2350 Daoist Vessel, Wine Honorable Ascends To The Monarch Realm, Sect Leader Help!
Chapter 2351 - Chapter 2351 Void Prison, Ninth Level, Prepare To Raze The Place
Chapter 2352 - Chapter 2352 Wreck The Void Prison, Slap Black Rage, Save Yang Mei
Chapter 2353 - Chapter 2353 Void Prison Warden Attacks, Space Emperor And Spatial One, Soul Searcher Needle
Chapter 2354 - Chapter 2354 Beat Void Prison Warden, Eighth Level Of Void Prison, Controlled Monarch
Chapter 2355 - Chapter 2355 Doing His Dirty Work, Monarch Miscalculated, Identity Revealed
Chapter 2356 - 2356 Spatial One Overpowered, Ultimate Monarch, One Pierce Versus One Slash
Chapter 2357 - Chapter 2357 You Neglected Someone, Space Emperor Freed, Bring Him Away
Chapter 2358 - Chapter 2358 Void Ruler, Infernal Dragon Energy, Mess Things Up
Chapter 2359 - Chapter 2359 Soul Tribe And Spatial Tribe'S Discussion, Hun Meier, Spatial One'S Confidence
Chapter 2360 - Chapter 2360 Gather At Green Sky Island, Infernal Dragon Zhu Yang, Six Eyes Ming Wuduan
Chapter 2361 - Chapter 2361 Slash The Island, Divide The Ocean, Slash Restriction Seals
Chapter 2362 - Chapter 2362 Entering The Heavenly Void Spirit World, Killing The Soul Tribe Cultivators
Chapter 2363 - Chapter 2363 Earthen Monarch'S Disciple, Dragon Blood Altar, Sealed Void Ruler
Chapter 2364 - 2364 Secret Of The Valley, Mingyue Wuxia Fights Zhu Yang, Just A Few Hongmeng Supreme Treasures
Chapter 2365 - 2365 Time Ultimate Supreme Weapon, Spatial One'S Power, Chu Kuangren Got The Treasure
Chapter 2366 - 2366 All Law Indestructible Physique, It'S Mine Now, He Is The God Of Phantom Thief
Chapter 2367 - 2367 Timespace Energy, I Am Loyal To Humans Only, Heavenly Saint Angered
Chapter 2368 - Chapter 2368 All Monarchs Attack, Zhu Yang Absorbed The Dragon Blood Altar, Void Ruler Awakens
Chapter 2369 - 2369 Still Overpowered, You Call Yourself Monarch? Monarch Killing Spree
Chapter 2370 - 2370 Void Ruler Buffs The Spatial One, Avatar? I Have As Many As I Want
Chapter 2371 - Chapter 2371 Destroying The Spatial One'S Avatar, Ming Wuduan'S Action
Chapter 2372 - Chapter 2372 Void Ruler Break Out Of The Seal, All Ancient Monarchs Moved Out
Chapter 2373 - 2373 Tempest King Arrives, Not Just Her, There'S Us Too
Chapter 2374 - 2374 Adjudicators Arrive, Buddha Emperor Arrive, Fight Void Ruler
Chapter 2375 - 2375 Elder Dragon Wu Dao, Void Terror, The Devil King Arrives
Chapter 2376 - Chapter 2376 Devil King Versus Void Ruler, I Think I Should Intervene
Chapter 2377 - Chapter 2377 Primal Infernal Dragon Appears, Travel Through Time And Space To Kill You
Chapter 2378 - Chapter 2378 Primal Infernal Dragon Versus Void Ruler, Heavenly Void Spirit World Collapse
Chapter 2379 - Chapter 2379 Devil King Recovers Fully, Three Unlimited Great Dao Powers
Chapter 2380 - 2380 I Can Kill You, Spirit Body As One, The Real Human Ancestor'S Sword
Chapter 2381 - Chapter 2381 Void Ruler Went All Out, Sword Intent From The Past And Present, Take My Sword Twenty-Six!
Chapter 2382 - Chapter 2382 Slash The Void Ruler, I Will Be Back
Chapter 2383 - Chapter 2383 Killing The Void Ruler, The Future Is In Your Hand, Yue Shangling Joins Pan Gu Sect
Chapter 2384 - Chapter 2384 Why Them, Mingyue Wuxia Punished, Thank You Heavenly Saint
Chapter 2385 - Chapter 2385 Soul Tribe Cancels The Wedding, Spatial One Furious, Thought Of Changing Sword Spirit
Chapter 2386 - Chapter 2386 Dragon Blood Pill, Ancient Sarira, Visit Devil King
Chapter 2387 - 2387 Primal Gods, Ancient God Of War, First Hearing Of God Emperor
Chapter 2388 - Chapter 2388 Devil'S Liquid, Can'T Drink It, A Discount
Chapter 2389 - Chapter 2389 Mingyue Wuxia'S Situation, How Can You Treat The Human Race'S Benefactor Like This, Chu Kuangren'S Wrath
Chapter 2390 - Chapter 2390 Human Race'S Benefactor, Not Someone You Can Insult, Overwhelm The Heavenly Human Sanctuary
Chapter 2391 - Chapter 2391 I'D Like To See Who Can Stop Me, Imitation'S Power, Fuse Sarira'S Power
Chapter 2392 - Chapter 2392 Sword Twenty-Six? Slash Heavenly Deterioration Land, She Seems To Have Fallen For Him
Chapter 2393 - Chapter 2393 Mingyue Wuxia Joins Pan Gu Sect, A Way To Power Up The Sword Spirit
Chapter 2394 - Chapter 2394 Rumors? Soul Tribe’S Marriage Proposal, Shut Up
Chapter 2395 - Chapter 2395 Hun Meier Stays, I Want To Be On Top, Lewd In The Day
Chapter 2396 - Chapter 2396 Descendant Self’S Sword Spirit Enters The Sword Dao'S Eye, Heavenly Buddha Pure Land'S Riot
Chapter 2397 - 2397 Papiyas’ Whereabout, Bodhi Samadhi'S Mystic, The Wicked Repents
Chapter 2398 - Chapter 2398 Heavenly Buddha Spirit Mountain'S Calamity, Blood Buddhist, Holy Bodhi Tree
Chapter 2399 - 2399 Chu Kuangren Arrives, All Evil Kneels, You Lost The Chance
Chapter 2400 - 2400 Power Under The Bodhi Tree, Source Of Buddha, Buddha And Desire Buddha
Chapter 2401 - Chapter 2401 Chu Kuangren Arrives, All Evil Kneels, You Lost The Chance
Chapter 2402 - Chapter 2402 Power Under The Bodhi Tree, Source Of Buddha, Buddha And Desire Buddha
Chapter 2403 - 2403 Papiyas Escape, The Notorious Four Falls, Devil Bone'S Claw
Chapter 2404 - 2404 Thousands Of Years, Everyone Competes For Freedom, Chu Kuangren'S Avatar
Chapter 2405 - Chapter 2405 Hun Meier'S Persistence, Sparring With Armament Destruction, Hongmeng Spiritual Qi'S Changes
Chapter 2406 - Chapter 2406 Fortune Earth World, Void Roulette, Zhu Yang'S Current Condition
Chapter 2407 - 2407 Test Luck, All Monarchs Arrive, 180K Dao Lingtian
Chapter 2408 - Chapter 2408 One Stronger Than The Other, All Tribes Taunts, None Shall Question
Chapter 2409 - 2409 Spatial One'S Embarrassment, All From Pan Gu Sect Felt Like Monarchs
Chapter 2410 - Chapter 2410 Astonishing Fortune Level, Fight Me
Chapter 2411 - Chapter 2411: Fortune Leaderboard, Explore Fortune Earth World, Treasure That Contains Fortune
Chapter 2412 - Chapter 2412: Huge Temptation, Strange Poison Mist, You Fell For It
Chapter 2413 - Chapter 2413: Four Monarchs Team Up, You’Re Alone
Chapter 2414 - Chapter 2414: Kneel, Slaughter Kingdom, Sword Saint Of Divine Sword Palace
Chapter 2415 - Chapter 2415: Fight Sword Saint, I Can, But Not Others, Answer Invitation
Chapter 2416 - Chapter 2416: Sword Saint Stand Down, No Confidence In Winning, Lan Yu Ascends To Monarch
Chapter 2417 - Chapter 2417 Yuan Wuwang, Monarchs Assemble, Scheme Against Chu Kuangren
Chapter 2418 - Chapter 2418: Chu Hong Versus Zhu Yang, Godly Phoenix’S Undying Abilities, Lan Yu’S Arrival
Chapter 2419 - Chapter 2419: Pan Gu Sect’S Monarchs Appear Consecutively, Spatial One, Dao Lingtian Appears
Chapter 2420 - Chapter 2420: Chu Kuangren’S Secret Force, Pan Gu Sect’S Wealth, Here It Comes
Chapter 2421 - Chapter 2421: Heavenly Fate Defiant Dragon Formation, Myriad Dragon Aura, Weapon Formation Combination
Chapter 2422 - Chapter 2422 Monarch Battle Royale, Dao Lingtian'S Persistence
Chapter 2423 - Chapter 2423 Against The World, Truly Overpower The Era, Yuan Wuwang Attacks
Chapter 2424 - Chapter 2424 Overpower Yuan Wuwang, Limitless Primal Infernal Dragon, Sudden Flash
Chapter 2425 - Chapter 2425 Attack Of The Future, Limitless Void Ruler, Fortune Harvest
Chapter 2426 - Chapter 2426: Channel Massive Fortune Energy, You
Chapter 2427 - Chapter 2427- Terrifying White Avatar, One Slash Kills And Breaks
Chapter 2428 - Chapter 2428: Doomsday Darkness And Heavenly Sovereign Appears, One Man One Sword Slash All Tribes
Chapter 2429 - Chapter 2429: Exit Fortune Earth World, Heavenly Sovereign’S Partner, Reversal God
Chapter 2430 - Chapter 2430 Heavenly Sovereign'S Plan, Human Empress' Anxiety, Six Eyes Diviner'S Reminder
Chapter 2431 - Chapter 2431 Gu Linglong And The Others' Get Prepared, Gold Wing Monarch'S Reinforcement, All Tribes Join Forces
Chapter 2432 - Chapter 2432 Six Eyes Diviner Saw A Fragment Of The Future, Not A Place For You To Cause Trouble
Chapter 2433 - Chapter 2433 Monarch War, Human Empress Ascended To Unlimited Great Dao
Chapter 2434 - Chapter 2434 The Man Who Stopped Devil King, Divine Destiny Temple Versus Fate Defiant Masters
Chapter 2435 - Chapter 2435 Monarch War, Human Empress Ascended To Unlimited Great Dao
Chapter 2436 - Chapter 2436 Detonation Of The Ultimate Supreme Weapon, Brand New Descendant Self Sword
Chapter 2437 - Chapter 2437 Gu Linglong Versus Doomsday Darkness, Heavenly Saint Ambush, Pan Gu Sect Monarchs Falls One After Another
Chapter 2438 - Chapter 2438 Pan Gu Sect'S Desolation, Despair, Fortune Kingdom
Chapter 2439 - Chapter 2439 Wen Tianfeng'S Surprise, Revival Was An Option, Realm Reversal
Chapter 2440 - Chapter 2440: One Thought Decides Life And Death, I Rule
Chapter 2441 - Chapter 2441: Fight Reversal God For The First Time, Destiny’S Gate That Compiled Everyone’S Strength
Chapter 2442 - Chapter 2442: Kill Reversal God’S Clone, Heavenly Sovereign’S Regret, You Owe Me One
Chapter 2443 - Chapter 2443: Devil King Arrives, God Emperor’S Forbidden Guards, Plan Fast
Chapter 2444 - Chapter 2444: Arrive At Heavenly Human Sanctuary, As Humans, You Have Two Choices
Chapter 2445 - Chapter 2445: Retrieve Descendant Self, Kill Heavenly Saint, God Emperor’S Forbidden Guards, Wen Tianfeng
Chapter 2446 - Chapter 2446: Chu Kuangren Has Been Overpowered? Chu Kuangren’S Domain
Chapter 2447 - Chapter 2447: Wen Tianfeng Escapes, Unite The Human Race, Overpower Sword Saint Forefather
Chapter 2448 - Chapter 2448: Human Race’S Fortune Energy Belongs To The Kingdom, Chu Kuangren’S Ambitions, To Slaughter Kingdom
Chapter 2449 - Chapter 2449: Slaughter Kingdom, Kingdom’S Union Through Marriage? Old Fool?
Chapter 2450 - Chapter 2450: In For A Show, Crown Prince’S Rebellion, Infuriated Slaughter Kingdom’S King
Chapter 2451 - Chapter 2451 Blood Eating Technique, Cruel Slaughter King, Puppet Liu Tianxue
Chapter 2452 - Chapter 2452 The Secret To The God Of Slaughter'S Ring, Slaughter King Falls, New King Ascends
Chapter 2453 - Chapter 2453 Ultimate Pill, I Want Obedient Men, To Dragon Tribe
Chapter 2454 - Chapter 2454: Dragon Tribe Submits, Craft Ultimate Pill, Guarantee Mission Completion
Chapter 2455 - Chapter 2455: Legend Of Shen Qixue, Ming Bujue, Kong Feixing
Chapter 2456 - Chapter 2456 Shen Qixue'S Location, Tempest King And The Others Arrive
Chapter 2457 - Chapter 2457 Pan Gu Kingdom'S Combat Strength, Shen Qixue'S Fall?
Chapter 2458 - Chapter 2458 Shen Qixue Awakens, Human Race'S God Of War
Chapter 2459 - Chapter 2459 Void Ruler Again, Disadvantage, Chu Kuangren Exits Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 2460 - Chapter 2460: Stomp Void Ruler, Kill Wen Tianfeng, Monarchs Falling Like Rain
Chapter 2461 - Chapter 2461 Primal Flame Appears Grand You The Spot Of Nine Honors, Disdainful
Chapter 2462 - Chapter 2462: Three Thousand Ultimate Daos Versus Source Energy, Chu Kuangren Versus Primal Flame
Chapter 2463 - Chapter 2463: Primal Flame Escapes, The Essence Of Limitless Transformation
Chapter 2464 - Chapter 2464: Three Thousand Overlord Dao, Enter Creation Source
Chapter 2465 - Chapter 2465: Primal Kingdom Appears, War Between Kingdoms
Chapter 2466 - Chapter 2466 God Prince'S Test, Empty City, An Outdated Little Villain
Chapter 2467 - Chapter 2467 Stalemate, Empty Threats, Frighten Primal Flame
Chapter 2468 - Chapter 2468 Devil King Ascends To Overlord, Luo Hou Arrives, Dream On
Chapter 2469 - Chapter 2469 Luo Hou To Fill The Numbers, God Prince Versus God Of War, God Emperor Seal
Chapter 2470 - Chapter 2470 Primal Kingdom Defeated, Legacy From Source Era, Irresistible Trend
Chapter 2471 - Chapter 2471 Explore Source Realm, Source Crystal, Deal With It Once And For All
Chapter 2472 - Chapter 2472: All Creation Cauldron, Creation Lord, Why Is He Here?
Chapter 2473 - Chapter 2473: Three Disasters Nine Calamities, Kill Luo Hou, Source Crystals Skyrocket
Chapter 2474 - Chapter 2474: Prime Primal, Fleeting Beauty, Steal Powerfrom Time
Chapter 2475 - Chapter 2475. God Prince, Reversal God Attacks, Infiniverse Slash
Chapter 2476 - Chapter 2476: All Creation Cauldron’S Might, Time Repercussion, Chosen One
Chapter 2477 - 2477 You Cannot Lose, Never, Primal'S Confidence
Chapter 2478 - Chapter 2478 Bond With Descendant Self, Exit Source, All Are Shocked
Chapter 2479 - Chapter 2479 Three Thousand Unlimited, Except Destiny, Attempt Sword Overlord Realm
Chapter 2480 - Chapter 2480 Sword Saint And Others' Resolution, Sword Overlord Appears
Chapter 2481 - Chapter 2481: Pseudo Sword Technique Lost To Innate Divine Ability, One Great Dao Two Overlords
Chapter 2482 - Chapter 2482: Forbidden Guard’S Captain, Naraka, Uplifting
Chapter 2483 - Chapter 2483: Sky-Devouring Can, Naraka’S Secret, Papiyas Again
Chapter 2484 - Chapter 2484: Divine Tribulation Mountain, Lightning Tribulation Wall, Tian Lu Arrives
Chapter 2485 - Chapter 2485 Enter Divine Tribulation Mountain, Tribulation Lord'S Intention, All Tribulation Has Its Pattern
Chapter 2486 - Chapter 2486: Upside Down, What Are You Going To Do?
Chapter 2487 - Chapter 2487 Tribulation Lord'S Technique, Myriad Tribulation Doom, Sky-Devouring Can'S Power
Chapter 2488 - Chapter 2488 Papiyas Versus Tian Lu, Despair Papiyas, You Survived
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Chu Kuangren has teleported to the cultivation world. With him was a game plug-in that gave him ten consecutive lucky draws right as he began.

Congratulations! The host has pulled the Legendary-tier Banished Immortal Aura, the Legendary-tier constitution, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, the God-tier constitution, Immortal Body, and one Legendary Winged Soldier…

Join Chu Kuangren as he becomes a legend of cosmic proportions, and triumphs over every being in the world!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Immortal Body, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

Firmament Star, Azure Dragon Domain, Black Heaven Sect.

A handsome young man who appeared to be 15 or 16 years old was lying on a couch in a dusky room, illuminated by a single oil lamp.

The young man did not move an inch, but the faint heaving of his chest was proof that he was still alive.

“Where is this place?” The young man slowly opened his eyes with a perplexed expression on his face as he looked around him while his mind spun.

Suddenly, there was a pained look on his face. A large volume of memories surged upward in a frenzy and overwhelmed his mind.

After a brief moment, the young man lay on the bed gasping heavily for breath. His brow was beaded with sweat as the bewildered look in his eyes gradually cleared up.

“I never thought that something like this would happen to me.”

The young man laughed helplessly.

He understood everything after he took in all of the memories in his head.

The young man was called Chu Kuangren, he was an outer sect disciple of Black Heaven Sect and was very popular there thanks to his handsome appearance.

His face, however, brought its fair share of problems as well. A True Elder Martial Sister fancied him because of this face of his and wanted to take him in as her personal male companion.

Yes, she wanted to keep him.

She even promised to promote him to the inner sect in three years.

Even though Chu Kuangren was an outer sect disciple, he was arrogant and repulsed at these underhanded methods to achieve meteoric success in his career. As such, he sternly rejected her on the basis of righteousness.

Who would have thought that the Elder Martial Sister would fly into a rage out of humiliation? She heavily injured him out of anger, rendering him bedridden for two days without signs of improvement.

“Not like I can change anything, might as well just accept it. I’ll think of a way to survive now that I’ve transmigrated to this person’s body,” Chu Kuangren murmured.


“Your plug-in [Fantasy Roulette] has arrived.”

“As a first-time user, you have one 10x lucky draw to use. Will you use it now?”

A robotic female voice rang out in his mind.

Chu Kuangren was baffled for a moment.

Fantasy Roulette?

Isn’t this the game plug-in I downloaded before I transmigrated?

Could this be my golden finger?!

Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up.

Before transmigrating, he was playing an online Xianxia game and the Fantasy Roulette was a plug-in his roommate introduced to him.

“I’ll use it now,” Chu Kuangren silently said in his heart.

Soon, a bright, rainbow-colored roulette with many boxes on it appeared in front of Chu Kuangren.

On the other hand, the names of the rewards in the boxes sounded like they would scare people very much.

Something like Miraculous Nine Suns, Immortal Body, Yin and Yang Ring…

The pointer on the roulette spun rapidly.

“Congratulations, the host has pulled the Legendary Banished Immortal Aura.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled one Starlight Spirit Gathering Array.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled the God-tier constitution, Immortal Body.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled the God-tier Remarkable Eye of Revelation.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled one Starlight Human Mountain Stamp.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled one Starlight Life Extension Pill.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled the Legendary constitution, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled one Starlight Treasure Map.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled one Legendary Winged Soldier.”

“Congratulations, the host has pulled one Legendary Yin and Yang Ring.”

Notification sounds kept ringing in Chu Kuangren’s mind in a continuous stream.

He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

Never did he expect that plug-in to actually be good.

“The above items above have already been placed into the roulette room, please make sure to check and accept them.” The female robotic voice faded out once it finished speaking.

The roulette in front of Chu Kuangren disappeared as well.

The Fantasy Roulette was a plug-in Chu Kuangren downloaded before he transmigrated; it gave players the chance to draw prizes once a day.

The prizes were separated into the following grades: Iron, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Starlight, Legendary, God, Transcendent, and Eternal.

The 10 consecutive lucky draws were a privilege for new players which guaranteed pulls of Starlight grade and even above that.

Chu Kuangren opened the roulette room which was an interface that resembled an item box in a game.

He inhaled deeply and barely managed to calm himself down as he looked at the dazzling lineup of prizes he had just pulled.

“Retrieve Immortal Body,” Chu Kuangren muttered to himself.

An extremely terrifying surge of power immediately erupted in his body all of a sudden. This surge of power engulfed his limbs and bones and washed over his skin, muscles, bones, flesh – every single cell in his body!

Chu Kuangren felt as though he had been thrown into a gigantic blender; his body was constantly being mixed and broken down before being regrouped again, mixed and broken down…


Chu Kuangren almost fainted on the spot due to the excruciating pain, but a magical kind of power in his brain kept him awake.

Thankfully, this pain didn’t last for long.

After one minute, Chu Kuangren lay on the ground drenched in sweat. “This kind of feeling… really is bloody exciting!”

He got up and sat on a chair as his mind received information regarding the Immortal Body. After that, he couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder.

Chu Kuangren activated the spirit energy on his right hand and condensed it to his fingertips. After which, he struck the palm of his left hand, immediately opening a bloody wound.

Immediately after that, however, the flesh on his palm started regrowing and recovered rapidly. It was reverted back to its regular form in the blink of an eye and not a single scar remained where his wound was.

“The Immortal Body has six states, I’m only at the first state and yet its effects are this potent? My body has already completely healed from the severe injuries Li Yao inflicted on me. How terrifying are the five other realms behind this?”

A smile appeared on Chu Kuangren’s face as he looked at the roulette room.

What other wonderful uses did the rest of the prizes have?

“Retrieve Eye of Revelation.”

A glimmer swirled around in Chu Kuangren’s eyes. Upon closer inspection, there were countless large Daoist runes circulating around in his eyes; it was incomparably mysterious.

The glimmer dwindled and his eyes went back to normal.

He felt the effects of the glimmer rest within him.

Chu Kuangren nodded in satisfaction.

The Eye of Revelation could reveal all fabrications in the world and even clearly extract information about one’s race, cultivation, skill and so on.

This was a God-tier prize so it wasn’t inferior to the Immortal Body in the slightest bit.

“Retrieve Banished Immortal Aura.”

Chu Kuangren walked over to the copper mirror in the house and looked at himself. He felt that there was suddenly a refined and pure aura around him. In addition to his handsome face, it was just as though he embodied a deity that had been banished to the world of the living.

In one word, he was handsome.

In two words, he was bloody handsome.

Once he was finished admiring himself, Chu Kuangren looked at the few prizes left in the roulette room with a speculative expression on his face.

Other than the Immortal Body, the Eye of Revelation, and the Banished Immortal Aura, the original owner of the body more or less already embodied the remaining prizes’ effects.

Especially in relation to that Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart.

This was ranked in the top ten out of the 3,000 constitutions in Firmament Star.

It has been over ten thousand years since it appeared in the world.

Once people were privy to the appearance of a constitution like this, all kinds of strange occurrences would follow suit. When that moment arose, the entire Black Heaven Sect would be startled.

Chu Kuangren muttered irresolutely to himself for a moment before a firm expression flitted across his face. “What harm would they do, even if they were alerted?”

“The Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart is a Supreme Daoist Physique. Those who possess this physique are supreme children of the heavens that every major force would want for themselves. It would be ideal if I could astound the higher-ups; the resources of Black Heaven Sect will definitely lean in my favor then.”

“If I let every little thing stop me, how can I reach the peak of cultivation in the future? I would be better off looking for a place where I can cultivate in a practical manner.”

“My name is Chu Kuangren! How could I not be insane or wild?”

Chu Kuangren grinned. “Retrieve Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart.”

His body was immediately enhanced with a surge of indescribable power.

The physical transformation was extremely painful this time too; it was as though countless tiny needles were shuttling through his veins and converging toward his heart.

However, it was much better than when he was merging with the Immortal Body before.

The original owner of the body had a tenacious will, so Chu Kuangren naturally inherited his willpower when the memories of the original owner merged with him.

An anomaly arose in the external realm corresponding to the moment when Chu Kuangren retrieved the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart.

Regardless of the level of their cultivation, the long swords in the hands of countless cultivators in Black Heaven Sect started trembling inexplicably as they unleashed hums that charged into the sky.


Total Chapters in book: 2488
Estimated words: 4120889 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 20604(@200wpm)___ 16484(@250wpm)___ 13736(@300wpm)