Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil by Grayback

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter Ranking System [Do Not Read Before Chapter 53]
Chapter 1: Eren Idril
Chapter 2: Aunt Nina
Chapter 3: Derriere
Chapter 4: Awakening!
Chapter 5: Stiffness
Chapter 6: Dom’S Raiders
Chapter 7: Demon Beast Companion!
Chapter 8: Into The Osan Woods
Chapter 9: Spiking The Antidote!
Chapter 10: Eren Vs. Dom!
Chapter 11: Demon Slime Obtained As A Pet!
Chapter 12: Reen
Chapter 13: Mana Blessing
Chapter 14: Encountering Isaac’S Party!
Chapter 15: Tumko Darata
Chapter 16: Second Crime Scene
Chapter 17: Reen- The Glutenous Beast
Chapter 18: Aunt Nina Returns
Chapter 19: Potioneering!
Chapter 20: The Neglected Pair
Chapter 21: An Unwritten Consensus
Chapter 22: Urges
Chapter 23: Contradiction Incarnate
Chapter 24: Post-Nut Clarity P1
Chapter 25: Post-Nut Clarity P2
Chapter 26: Fish Food
Chapter 27: First Crime Scene Revealed
Chapter 28: Giving Some Sugar
Chapter 29: Famished For An Eternity!
Chapter 30: Second Crime Scene Revealed
Chapter 31: The Most Un-Ranger-Like Ranger
Chapter 32: Wrong Ideas
Chapter 33: Ranking Journey
Chapter 34: Osan Woods’ Butcher
Chapter 35: Dinner Date
Chapter 36: A Night To Remember P1*
Chapter 37: A Night To Remember P2*
Chapter 38: A Night To Remember P3*
Chapter 39: Magenta
Chapter 40: Julie Ekheart
Chapter 41: Recorded Interview
Chapter 42: Breadcrumbs
Chapter 43: Redact And Whitewash
Chapter 44: Jake Sullivan
Chapter 45: Jaime’S Party
Chapter 46: Good Pr
Chapter 47: Passive-Aggressive
Chapter 48: State Of Epiphany
Chapter 49: Camping Date P1
Chapter 50: Camping Date P2*
Chapter 51: Camping Date P3*
Chapter 52: Camping Date P4*
Chapter 53: Camping Date P5*
Chapter 54: Ghost From The Past
Chapter 55: Matt’S Seppuku
Chapter 56: Small World
Chapter 57: Ivor, Jason, & Veronica
Chapter 58: Ivor’S Aspirations
Chapter 59: Targeted Banditry And Assassinations
Chapter 60: Induction Ceremony
Chapter 61: Spectral Screen
Chapter 62: Enter- The Protagonist
Chapter 63: Sienna Slughorn
Chapter 64: From Potioneer To Berseker
Chapter 65: Recluse R*Pist Incident
Chapter 66: Aptitude Test
Chapter 67: Element Of Time
Chapter 68: E-Rank Strengthening
Chapter 69: Linda’S Consultation P1
Chapter 70: Linda’S Consultation P2
Chapter 71: Besanc
Chapter 72: Effective Use Of A Protagonist
Chapter 73: F-Rank Spells
Chapter 74: Converting Extols Into Merps
Chapter 75: Fine-Tuning
Chapter 76: Levine De Montmorency
Chapter 77: The Amazonian Way
Chapter 78: Di*K Destroyer
Chapter 79: Sharing A Secret
Chapter 80: Levine’S Test
Chapter 81: Rankless Party Members?
Chapter 82: Party Without A Healer?
Chapter 83: Student Welfare And La’S Interests
Chapter 84: Sedated Perception
Chapter 85: The Real State Of Epiphany
Chapter 86: Becky’S Banter
Chapter 87: Spell Combo
Chapter 88: Renita Diabreo
Chapter 89: Three-Spell Combo
Chapter 90: Stacked Sedated Perception
Chapter 91: Party Meet
Chapter 92: Ana And Bel
Chapter 93: Pros & Cons Of Apprenticeship
Chapter 94: Scrooge
Chapter 95: Wankers And Wanking Battles!
Chapter 96: Discipleship
Chapter 97: Beast Contract Spell
Chapter 98: Incoming Hardships
Chapter 99: Diceros Left & Right
Chapter 100: Transformation
Chapter 101: Purple Lightning Snake
Chapter 102: Training Regime
Chapter 103: Making A Move On Julie
Chapter 104: Power Of Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
Chapter 105: Full Moon In The Sky P1*
Chapter 106: Full Moon In The Sky P2*
Chapter 107: Big D Energy P1*
Chapter 108: Big D Energy P2*
Chapter 109: [Bonus Chapter] Extracting Memories
Chapter 110: Trap Within A Trap
Chapter 111: Ramy Richards Returns
Chapter 112: Marla’S Criticism
Chapter 113: White Raven Crew
Chapter 114: Raising The Bet
Chapter 115: First Casualty?
Chapter 116: Chink In The Armor
Chapter 117: Zapping The Berserkers
Chapter 118: Squeezable Nuts
Chapter 119: The Protagonist Is Back
Chapter 120: Lovers & Rivals P1
Chapter 121: [Bonus Chapter] Lovers And Rivals P2
Chapter 122: City Of Silvermoon
Chapter 123: Faerun
Chapter 124: Terrorism And Mutilation
Chapter 125: Ranker’S Codes Of Conduct
Chapter 126: The Cultists
Chapter 127: Rankers’ Restrictions
Chapter 128: Interrogation
Chapter 129: Torture
Chapter 130: Renar’S Plight
Chapter 131: Arizihana Agnoth
Chapter 132: Agatha’S Enslavement
Chapter 133: Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 134: When A Spell Stops Being A Spell
Chapter 135: Lucky Encounters
Chapter 136: Doing An Elf P1*
Chapter 137: Doing An Elf P2*
Chapter 138: Doing An Elf P3*
Chapter 139: Misadventure
Chapter 140: Devon Carren
Chapter 141: Redo Of A Sleeping Beauty?
Chapter 142: Effects Of Elven Ales
Chapter 143: Pay Per View
Chapter 144: Silver Lining
Chapter 145: Political Marriages
Chapter Author Review After 150+ S
Chapter 146: Way Of The Elements
Chapter 147: Dynamic Dan
Chapter 148: Sleeping Beauty Awakens
Chapter 149: Settling Conflicts
Chapter 150: In Cahoots With The Cultists?
Chapter 151: Two Lil Nuggets
Chapter 152: Et Tu Ari?
Chapter 153: Agatha’S Agony
Chapter 154: Therianthropy
Chapter 155: Link Between Beast Contract Spell & Therianthropy
Chapter 156: Scaring Agatha Into Submission
Chapter 157: Targeting Cultist Hideout
Chapter 158: Not Taking Prisoners
Chapter 159: Massacre
Chapter 160: Wingman
Chapter 161: Conspiracies
Chapter 162: Mon Cheri
Chapter 163: [Bonus Chapter] Simmering Sienna Up
Chapter 164: Raising A Ranger
Chapter 165: Opponents Turning Allies
Chapter 166: Unfair Split
Chapter 167: Inter-Year Ranking War
Chapter 168: [Bonus Chapter]Keep One Out
Chapter 169: Nasal Mutilation
Chapter 170: Eren & Renita’S Teamplay
Chapter 171: Quake Element Tank
Chapter 172: Stacked Sedated Perception V2.0?
Chapter 173: Into The Storm
Chapter 174: Backstab
Chapter 175: Budding Emotions?
Chapter 176: Lovebirds & Right Words
Chapter 177: Collateral Damage
Chapter 178: Does The Pursuit Of Power Need A Reason?
Chapter 179: Fruits Of Labor P1
Chapter 180: Fruits Of Labor P2
Chapter 181: [Bonus Chapter]Hunter And The Prey
Chapter 182: Grim Realization
Chapter 183: Trapped Prey P1
Chapter 184: Trapped Prey P2
Chapter 185: Illegal Slave Contract
Chapter 186: Array Detonation
Chapter 187: Pragmatist Slave Owner?
Chapter 188: Smartass V2.0
Chapter 189: Mutagen
Chapter 190: Demi-Human?
Chapter 191: [Bonus Chapter] Distinction Between Rankers & Cultists
Chapter 192: Master Ranker!
Chapter 193: Acquaintances
Chapter 194: White Raven Crew Vs Stormborns
Chapter 195: Berserker With Brains
Chapter 196: [Bonus Chapter] Going Into A Shell
Chapter 197: Staunch Believer Of Gender Equality P1
Chapter 198: Staunch Believer Of Gender Equality P2
Chapter 199: Quadruple Spell Stacking
Chapter 200: Drawing Parallels
Chapter 201: Alephee
Chapter 202: Beast Manifestation
Chapter 203: Faux Beast Contract Spell
Chapter 204: Concede
Chapter 205: Masochist?
Chapter 206: Ellora Ruins & Ranker’S Utopia
Chapter 207: Shamrock
Chapter 208: Eren Vs. Ramy
Chapter 209: Op Ramy?
Chapter 210: Healing Magic 01
Chapter 211: Healing Magic 02
Chapter 212: Historian Magic
Chapter 213 - On-Field Assignments
Chapter 214 - Slavery Is Unfair
Chapter 215 - Sending Edward Jener Off
Chapter 216 - Fundraiser
Chapter 217 - City Of Nilaami
Chapter 218 - Special Treatment
Chapter 219 - Items Auction
Chapter 220 - Auctioning Off Of Experiences
Chapter 221 - Unique Experience Pack
Chapter 222 - Consumer Culture
Chapter 223 - The Slughorn Scandal
Chapter 224 - Rising Hunger
Chapter 225 - White Raven Shop
Chapter 226 - Marie
Chapter 227 - White Raven Ale?
Chapter 228 - Bend The Rules
Chapter 229 - Aftermath Of Slughorn Scandal
Chapter 230 - [Bonus ] Dumbfounded Roody
Chapter 231 - Julie Returns
Chapter 232 - The Illuminati
Chapter 233 - Therianthrope Transformation Mimicry 01
Chapter 234 - Therianthrope Transformation Mimicry 02
Chapter 235 - Under Her Spell P1
Chapter 236 - Under Her Spell P2*
Chapter 237 - Under Her Spell P3*
Chapter 238 - Ranker’S Purgatory
Chapter 239 - [Bonus ] Lady Zee
Chapter 240 - [Bonus ] Tracking Spell
Chapter 241 - Dying Shrills
Chapter 242 - Breath Of Fire
Chapter 243 - Open Sesame
Chapter 244 - Wretched Prank
Chapter 245 - Ramy Vs. Deviant Mana Beast
Chapter 246 - Hydro Whips
Chapter 247 - Reverse Fortuitous Encounter?
Chapter 248 - Power Of Team Play
Chapter 249 - Blue Fire Domain
Chapter 250 - Cold Haze
Chapter 251 - [Bonus ] The Legend Of The Boar Berserker 01
Chapter 252 - The Legend Of The Boar Berserker 02
Chapter 253 - Prattling & Pork Chops
Chapter 254 - Blackmail
Chapter 255 - Sticking To The Script
Chapter 256 - Die Is Cast
Chapter 257 - Arthur’S "Pet" Project
Chapter 258 - Preordained
Chapter 259 - Halflings
Chapter 260 - [Bonus ] The Manhunt Resumes
Chapter 261 - Price To Pay
Chapter 262 - Jason’S Background
Chapter 263 - Renita’S Progress
Chapter 264 - Don’T Fear The Reaper
Chapter 265 - Talk With The Royal Bastard
Chapter 266 - Loose Cannon
Chapter 267 - Retainers
Chapter 268 - Helping Hands
Chapter 269 - I Desire This Power
Chapter 270 - First Innate Spell
Chapter 271 - Psychological Changes
Chapter 272 - Purgatory Exploration Begins
Chapter 273 - Known Faces
Chapter 274 - Underground Dungeon
Chapter 275 - Bigger The Risks Better The Rewards
Chapter 276 - Ronny Vs. Hobgoblins P1
Chapter 277 - Ronny Vs. Hobgoblins P2
Chapter 278 - No Crying Over Spilt Milk
Chapter 279 - Lady Zee Vs. Rock Goblin Lord
Chapter 280 - Test Of Endurance
Chapter 281 - First Floor Rewards 01
Chapter 282 - First Floor Rewards 02
Chapter 283 - Ronny Vs. Apparition P1
Chapter 284 - Ronny Vs. Apparition P2
Chapter 285 - Dom’S Apparition
Chapter 286 - Elemental Fusion
Chapter 287 - Layla
Chapter 288 - Half-Blood
Chapter 289 - Optimized Compromise
Chapter 290 - Potion Of Serenity
Chapter 291 - Animated Spell
Chapter 292 - Cloak Of Lightning
Chapter 293 - Soul Sense
Chapter 294 - Animated Spell Combo
Chapter 295 - Interrogation & Introspection
Chapter 296 - Second Floor Rewards
Chapter 297 - Third Floor
Chapter 298 - Something’S Up
Chapter 299 - Surrounded
Chapter 300 - Showdown
Chapter 301 - Miscalculation
Chapter 302 - Ashton & Hilda– A Short Love Story
Chapter 303 - Ronny Vs. Ashilda P1
Chapter 304 - Ronny Vs. Ashilda P2
Chapter 305 - Forbidden Spell
Chapter 306 - Rain Of Acidic Arrows
Chapter 307 - Countdown
Chapter 308 - Farewell Advice
Chapter 309 - Death By Irony
Chapter 310 - The Great Escape P1
Chapter 311 - The Great Escape P2
Chapter 312 - Eulogy
Chapter 313 - Entering Solo Tower
Chapter 314 - Meeting Layla
Chapter 315 - Robbed Of Resources
Chapter 316 - [Bonus Chapter] Wraiths
Chapter 317 - Surrounded By The Undead
Chapter 318 - Life Drain P1
Chapter 319 - Life Drain P2
Chapter 320 - Dealing With The Dwarf Wraith
Chapter 321 - F!
Chapter 322 - Mortal Danger
Chapter 323 - Use Of The Inherent Spell
Chapter 324 - Taboo
Chapter 325 - Turn The Tables
Chapter 326 - Timber!
Chapter 327 - Draconic Lizards P1
Chapter 328 - Draconic Lizards P2
Chapter 329 - Enderflame P1
Chapter 330 - Enderflame P2
Chapter 331 - Life-Drain Enhancement Mode
Chapter 332 - Solid Spark
Chapter 333 - Hatchlings Of The Flame P1
Chapter 334 - Hatchlings Of The Flame P2
Chapter 335 - Breakthrough Into E-Rank
Chapter 336 - An Audience
Chapter 337 - Seizure
Chapter 338 - The Will To Survive
Chapter 339 - Witch Of The Enderflame
Chapter 340 - Clean Slate Project P1
Chapter 341 - Clean Slate Project P2
Chapter 342 - [Bonus Chapter] A Purge Shall Begin Anew
Chapter 343 - Dragon Half-Blood
Chapter 344 - Desperate Times Desperate Deals
Chapter 345 - High Functioning Psychopath
Chapter 346 - Slap Fest
Chapter 347 - Spoiler Title
Chapter 348 - Slap Fest 2.0
Chapter 349 - Unlucky
Chapter 350 - [Bonus Chapter] Choice
Chapter 351 - Mark Of The Seven Sins P1
Chapter 352 - Mark Of The Seven Sins P2
Chapter 353 - Part Of The Process
Chapter 354 - Unique Monster
Chapter 355 - New-Normal
Chapter 356 - Exiting Purgatory
Chapter 357 - "Help Will Find Us!"
Chapter 358 - "I Got What They Waitin’ For!"
Chapter 359: Little Witch
Chapter 360 Playing Spoiler
Chapter 361 Hexen Bee
Chapter 362 Back To La
Chapter 363 Haywired Emotions
Chapter 364 Blueballed
Chapter 365 Remedy For The Nightmares P1
Chapter 366 Remedy For The Nightmares P2
Chapter 367 Burnin’ For You P1
Chapter 368 Burnin’ For You P2*
Chapter 369 Burnin’ For You P3*
Chapter 370 Burnin’ For You P4*
Chapter 371 Burnin’ For You P5*
Chapter 372 Burnin’ For You P6*
Chapter 373 Burnin’ For You P7*
Chapter 374 Farewell
Chapter 375 Army Deployment
Chapter 376 Reunion With Nina
Chapter 377 Nightshade Duchy
Chapter 378 Ivor’S Past
Chapter 379 News Breaks Out
Chapter 380 [Bonus Chapter] Stellar Sativa Smokes
Chapter 381 Self Intervention
Chapter 382 Abilities And Spells
Chapter 383 Date And Discussion P1
Chapter 384 Date And Discussion P2
Chapter 385 Date And Discussion P3
Chapter 386 Date And Discussion P4
Chapter 387 A Dash Of Creativity P1*
Chapter 388 A Dash Of Creativity P2*
Chapter 389 A Dash Of Creativity P3*
Chapter 390 Know Thy Enemy
Chapter 391 Master Key
Chapter 392 Settling Affairs
Chapter 393 Small Talk Big Moves
Chapter 394 Stake Out
Chapter 395 Hubris
Chapter 396 Lamb To The Slaughter
Chapter 397 The Mute Spectator P1
Chapter 398 The Mute Spectator P2
Chapter 399 In A Pinch
Chapter 400 "The Winners Define The Definition Of Justice!"
Chapter 402 Buying Time
Chapter 403 "Finish Him!"
Chapter 404 Collateral Consequences
Chapter 405 Image Of A Successful Ranker
Chapter 406 "Have You Ever Met A God?"
Chapter 407 Demanding Sacrifices
Chapter 408 Domain Of Wrath
Chapter 409 Creatures Of Wrath
Chapter 410 Gaining Experiences
Chapter 411 Anger Management
Chapter 412 Aftermath
Chapter 413 Declaration
Chapter 414 News Hour
Chapter 415 Investment
Chapter 416 Anfang Badlands
Chapter 417 Altashia
Chapter 418 Raid
Chapter 419 Rigor Mortis
Chapter 420 Purple Reaver
Chapter 421 Captain’S Orders
Chapter 422 An Introvert’S Heart
Chapter 423 Roo Roo
Chapter 424 Kill Steal
Chapter 425 Orc Lord Baran
Chapter 426 Demon Spell
Chapter 427 Aftermath P1
Chapter 428 Aftermath P2
Chapter 429 Blood Seed & Shapeshifting
Chapter 430 Total Control
Chapter 431 A Deal With Benefits
Chapter 432 Opening Up
Chapter 433 Hatched
Chapter 434 Monster And Beast Categories
Chapter 435 Regality
Chapter 436 Argo
Chapter 437 Freedom-Loving Individuality
Chapter 438 Bottled-Up
Chapter 439 Transcendent
Chapter 440 Courage
Chapter 441 Oni Dungeon
Chapter 442 Tumko Darata’S History
Chapter 443 Masks And Defense Mechanism
Chapter 444 Stranger Thing
Chapter 445 Entering The Durbag Tribe
Chapter 446 Sharog
Chapter 447 Nurbag Vs Borul P1
Chapter 448 Nurbag Vs Borul P2
Chapter 449 Varhan P1
Chapter 450 Varhan P2
Chapter 451 Battling An Orc Lord
Chapter 452 Insidious
Chapter 453 Culture Shock
Chapter 454 Mist Of Lust*
Chapter 455 Revelation*
Chapter 456 Brand Loyalty*
Chapter 457 Wind Wings
Chapter 458 Visiting City Of Arangar
Chapter 459 Clearing Doubts
Chapter 460 White Raven Guild
Chapter 462 Agatha Returns
Chapter 463 Guild Asset
Chapter 464 Deal With The Derringers
Chapter 464.5 Baby Steps
Chapter 465 Andrium
Chapter 466 Minerva’S Utopia
Chapter 467 An Opportunistic Chameleon
Chapter 468 Employee Satisfaction P1*
Chapter 469 Employee Satisfaction P2*
Chapter 470 Employee Satisfaction P3*
Chapter 471 Employee Satisfaction P4*
Chapter 472 Employee Satisfaction P5*
Chapter 473 Laying Foundation
Chapter 474 Agatha’S Past?
Chapter 475 Arangar Collosseum
Chapter 476 Layla Returns
Chapter 477 Fire Wings
Chapter 478 Go Wild!
Chapter 479 Countering A Prodigy P1
Chapter 480 Countering A Prodigy P2
Chapter 481 Water Wyvern
Chapter 482 How Animated Spells Work
Chapter 483 Dragonkind
Chapter 484 The Scythe Queen
Chapter 485 Acquainting A Royal P1
Chapter 486 Acquainting A Royal P2
Chapter 487 Path Of A Summoner P1
Chapter 488 Path Of A Summoner P2
Chapter 489 Pros And Cons
Chapter 490 The Lazarus Project
Chapter 491 Simbelmyne’S Flower
Chapter 492 Shallot'S Mirror
Chapter 493 Soul Seed Lnsertion Array
Chapter 494 Astral Projection Potion
Chapter 495 New Vessel
Chapter 496 Liberation From The Nightmares
Chapter 497 Set-Up P1
Chapter 498 Set-Up P2
Chapter 499 Helper'S Helper
Chapter 500 [Bonus Chapter] Hit-List
Chapter 501 Array Traps P1
Chapter 502 Array Traps P2
Chapter 503 Gaining Red Lightning
Chapter 504 Enhanced Stats
Chapter 505 Rootless: Half-Blood Rankingtechnique
Chapter 506 City Of Ainari
Chapter 507 Still Worthy
Chapter 508 Spontaneous Desires*
Chapter 509 Zero Gravity Session P1*
Chapter 510 Zero Gravity Session P2*
Chapter 511 Zero Gravity Session P3*
Chapter 512 Zero Gravity Session P4*
Chapter 513 Titus Tournament Begins P1
Chapter 514 Titus Tournament Begins P2
Chapter 515 Spice
Chapter 516 Covering Flaws
Chapter 517 Rules Of The Game
Chapter 518 Katalina Reich
Chapter 519 The Unwise Owl
Chapter 520 Anduril And Lnvi Blaze
Chapter 521 Monster Drops
Chapter 522 Effects Of Total Control
Chapter 523 The Switch Of Sanity
Chapter 524 Medicine For The Heart
Chapter 525 Signs Of Soul Sense Awakening
Chapter 526 Lily'S Team
Chapter 527 Making An Ass Out Of The Assassin
Chapter 528 Zephyrus And Untamed Winds
Chapter 529 Apology
Chapter 530 Replacing Bad Memories
Chapter 531 Tuan Vs.Lily'S Team P1
Chapter 532 Tuan Vs.Lily'S Team P2
Chapter 533 Teasing The Assassin
Chapter 534 Ketsu Vs Katalina
Chapter 535 Calling Her Bluff
Chapter 536 Wild Wild Wilder
Chapter 537 Barbarian Wway
Chapter 538 Fire Wings And Lnvi Blaze Combo
Chapter 539 Disarming The Assassin
Chapter 540 Switching Places
Chapter 541 Soul Sense And Sins Seriesabilities
Chapter 542 Preparing For The Showdown
Chapter 543 Clearing Monster Nests
Chapter 544 Dispatching Goblin Lord
Chapter 545 Bianka,Ray, And Silvera
Chapter 546 Hoodwink
Chapter 547 Lnside The Spatially Distorted Space
Chapter 548 [Bonus Chapter] Kisses Andhickeys
Chapter 549 A “Job” Like No Other*
Chapter 550 Kat Conquest*
Chapter 551 Tim And Langdon
Chapter 552 A Rare Class
Chapter 553 Trashtalk
Chapter 554 Deceived
Chapter 555 The Unchangeable Outcome
Chapter 556 Ertaur
Chapter 557 Red Bull Rush
Chapter 558 Digesting Gains
Chapter 559 Solid Stage Of Ace Rank
Chapter 560 +Summoner Class
Chapter 561 A Small Price To Pay For Salvation
Chapter 562 Countdown
Chapter 563 Array Setup For Spectral Renditions
Chapter 564 Making Ideal Use Of Life Drain
Chapter 565 Rigging The Field Boss
Chapter 566 Reaching Climax
Chapter 567 The Finale P1
Chapter 568 The Finale P2
Chapter 569 Champion
Chapter 570 Meeting Gladius
Chapter 571 Idolized
Chapter 572 Accepting Rewards
Chapter 573 Banquet And Self-Promotion
Chapter 574 Legalizing Ill-Gotten Gains
Chapter 575 [Bonus Chapter] Money, Status, And Power
Chapter 576 The Robbers And The Robbed
Chapter 577 Collecting Trophies
Chapter 578 Runic Stele
Chapter 579 Eren Vs. Altashia P1
Chapter 580 Eren Vs. Altashia P2
Chapter 581 Eren Vs. Altashia P3
Chapter 582 Eren Vs. Altashia P4
Chapter 583 Evenly Matched
Chapter 584 Demon Beast Transformation
Chapter 585 The Difference In Spell Proficiency
Chapter 586 Alephee’S Intervention
Chapter 587 Warrior Class
Chapter 588 Wind Blade Tornado
Chapter 589 [Bonus Chapter] Demon Spell: Burning Abode
Chapter 590 Elemental Fusion: Wind-Fire Wings P1
Chapter 591 Elemental Fusion: Wind-Fire Wings P2
Chapter 592 Accepting Defeat
Chapter 593 Altashia’S Breakthrough
Chapter 594 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished P1*
Chapter 595 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished P2*
Chapter 596 Quasi Half-Blood Technique
Chapter 597 Agatha’S Breakthrough
Chapter 598 No Rest For The Wicked P1
Chapter 599 No Rest For The Wicked P2
Chapter 600 [Bonus Chapter] Foundation Of White Raven Guild
Chapter 601 Minerva’S Utopia Appears
Chapter 602 Contacting Levine
Chapter 603 Market Presence
Chapter 604 Getting Levine Onboard
Chapter 605 The City Of New Beginnings
Chapter 606 Monster Canyon
Chapter 607 Finalizing The Deal With The Derringers
Chapter 608 Boots On The Ground
Chapter 609 Praises And Poetry
Chapter 610 Intimacy And Separation
Chapter 611 Floating Island P1
Chapter 612 Floating Island P2*
Chapter 613 Floating Island P3*
Chapter 614 Floating Island P4*
Chapter 616: Setting Things In Motion For The Guild P1
Chapter 617: Setting Things In Motion For The Guild P2
Chapter 618: New Recruits
Chapter 619: Beginning Of A Legend
Chapter 620: Baran’S Predicament
Chapter 621: Challenger
Chapter 622: Orc Leader Vs. Orc Lord
Chapter 623: Lost In Translation
Chapter 624: An Orc’S Treasure
Chapter 625: Realization And Revelation
Chapter 626: Acceptance
Chapter 627: Squashing The Rebellion
Chapter 628: Discovery Of New Worlds
Chapter 629: A Monster’S Clarity
Chapter 630: Backlash
Chapter 631: Soul Sense Awakening
Chapter 632: Mortal Combat
Chapter 633: Throw. Swoosh. Kaboom.
Chapter 634: Reading Minds
Chapter 635: Crash. Locate. Kill.
Chapter 636: Baran’S Plans Of Tribe Assimilation
Chapter 637: Killing Kilaba Off
Chapter 638: Soul Spell
Chapter 639: Leadership Qualities
Chapter 640: Prelude To Chaos: Little Eel P1
Chapter 641: Prelude To Chaos: Little Eel P2
Chapter 642: Prelude To Chaos: Slughorn Moves
Chapter 643: Prelude To Chaos: Chasing After The Homunculus
Chapter 644: Prelude To Chaos: Demonmir
Chapter 645: Prelude To Chaos: Campaign
Chapter 646: Prelude To Chaos: Ill Omen P1
Chapter 647: Prelude To Chaos: Ill Omen P2
Chapter 648: Prelude To Chaos: The Last Blood Bastion P1
Chapter 649: Prelude To Chaos: The Last Blood Bastion P2
Chapter 650: Prelude To Chaos: Last Ditch Efforts P1
Chapter 651: Prelude To Chaos: Last Ditch Efforts P2
Chapter 652: Prelude To Chaos: A Terror Inducing Ability P1
Chapter 653: Prelude To Chaos: A Terror Inducing Ability P2
Chapter 654: Prelude To Chaos: Catching Up P1
Chapter 655: Prelude To Chaos: Catching Up P2
Chapter 656: Prelude To Chaos: The Missing Ingredient
Chapter 657: Prelude To Chaos: Eternal Hardships For Eternal Growth
Chapter 658: Prelude To Chaos: Paladin Of Pain P1
Chapter 659: Prelude To Chaos: Paladin Of Pain P2
Chapter 660: Prelude To Chaos: Echidna
Chapter 661: Prelude To Chaos: Echidna’S Authority
Chapter 662: Prelude To Chaos: Kirin
Chapter 663: Prelude To Chaos: See You When I See You
Chapter 664: Espying: Final Sacrifice
Chapter 665: Espying: Destiny
Chapter 665: Espying: Oath Bound
Chapter 666: Espying: Thriving Evil
Chapter 667: Espying: A Perfect Opportunist
Chapter 668: Espying: Defying Authority
Chapter 669: Espying: Breakthrough Into Adept Rank P1
Chapter 670: Espying: Breakthrough Into Adept Rank P2
Chapter 671 Espying: Hammer Of Persistence Driving The Nail Of Success
Chapter 672 Espying: Shapeshifting Into Oni Royalty
Chapter 673 Espying: The Kingkiller P1
Chapter 674 Espying: The Kingkiller P2
Chapter 675 Espying: Heavy-Handed Approach
Chapter 676 Espying: Myriad Shapeshifting
Chapter 677 Espying: Transgressor
Chapter 678 Rewarding Sharog*
Chapter 679 Lasha And Luna*
Chapter 680 Less Is More*
Chapter 681 Pleasure Paradise P1
Chapter 682 Pleasure Paradise P2*
Chapter 683 Hunting For Wrath Flames
Chapter 684 Show-Off
Chapter 685 Selection
Chapter 686 Aspect Fusion
Chapter 687 Hiding A Trump Card
Chapter 688 State Of Echi
Chapter 689 Spiritual Attack P1
Chapter 690 Spiritual Attack P2
Chapter 691 First Spell Creation
Chapter 692 Defeating Kaalmaahen
Chapter 693 Learning About Sacrificial Ritual
Chapter 694 The Name They Shall Be Loyal To Forever
Chapter 695 Minerva Town
Chapter 696 Lady Zee In White Raven City
Chapter 697 Test Of Wisdom
Chapter 698 Meeli
Chapter 699 Test Of Courage
Chapter 700 Bert
Chapter 701 A Wanted Man’S Way Of Having Fun
Chapter 702 Lensa’S Test Of Patience
Chapter 703 Leveling The Playing Field
Chapter 704 A Sage’S Expectations
Chapter 705 Lensa Vs. Sienna
Chapter 706 Canceling Political Marriage
Chapter 707 Test Of Bravery
Chapter 708 Big Leagues’ Games
Chapter 709 Layla And Ivor Teaming Up
Chapter 710 Oliver The Loyal Hound
Chapter 711 A Royal Pays Visit
Chapter 712 Researching On White Raven Ale
Chapter 713 Rey Remus
Chapter 714 Spirit Beast Spell
Chapter 715 New Dawn P1
Chapter 716 New Dawn P2
Chapter 717 Shadow Spell Combo
Chapter 718 Shadow Switch
Chapter 719 Bigua
Chapter 720 Meera Medinah And Kev Larson
Chapter 721 Striking Deals With Monsters
Chapter 722 Muddled Memories
Chapter 723 Creating A Homunculus P1
Chapter 724 Creating A Homunculus P2
Chapter 725 Putting A Face To The Voice P1
Chapter 726 Putting A Face To The Voice P2
Chapter 727 An Artificial Artwork P1
Chapter 728 An Artificial Artwork P2
Chapter 729 Perfect Paradox
Chapter 730 Grimoire Magic
Chapter 731 Lightning Maestro
Chapter 732 Guts To Pay The Price For Something Worth Having
Chapter 733 Importance Of Spell Creation
Chapter 734 Quality Over Quantity
Chapter 735 True Prowess Of Summoning Spells P1
Chapter 736 True Prowess Of Summoning Spells P2
Chapter 737 Plans To Manufacture Artifacts Enmasse
Chapter 738 The Process Of Achieving
Chapter 739 Sedating Gaze
Chapter 740 Groundbreaking Bloodline Powers
Chapter 741 Leaving Oni Dungeon P1
Chapter 742: Leaving Oni Dungeon P2
Chapter 743 Rok Jahar And Bisha
Chapter 744 Eternal Echor Prophecy
Chapter 745 Tumko Darata Appears P1
Chapter 746 Tumko Darata Appears P2
Chapter 747 Playing For The Same Team
Chapter 748 Loudest Duck Gets Shot First
Chapter 749 Fear Firdous
Chapter 750 Domination
Chapter 751 Talks With Tumko
Chapter 752 War As A Blessing
Chapter 753 Getting Tumko Onboard
Chapter 754 “It’S Complicated”
Chapter 755 “Satisfaction Is The Death Of Improvement”
Chapter 756 Reuniting With Jules And Lady Zee
Chapter 757 Once A Cultist, Always A Cultist
Chapter 758 “She’S The One!”
Chapter 759: Speak Of The Devil
Chapter 760: Meeting Lensa With A New State Of Mind
Chapter 761: Not Being Afraid To Have Regrets
Chapter 762: Securing Astral Projection Potion
Chapter 763: Radiant Destruction
Chapter 764: True Art Is An Explosion
Chapter 765: Branding Lensa P1
Chapter 766: Branding Lensa P2*
Chapter 767: Branding Lensa P3*
Chapter 768: Branding Lensa P4*
Chapter 769: White Raven Guild’S Product Line-Up
Chapter 770: Lensa’S Breakthrough
Chapter 771: Recruiting Arizihana And Marie
Chapter 772: Blackmails And Deja Vu
Chapter 773: Emotional Manipulation
Chapter 774: What Goes Around Comes Around
Chapter 775: A Teacher Fails If They Have Not Been Surpassed By Their Students
Chapter 776: Birds Of The Same Feather
Chapter 777: Everything In Life Comes At A Price P1
Chapter 778: Everything In Life Comes At A Price P2
Chapter 779: Graduation Plans
Chapter 780: Lord Of War
Chapter 781: New Possibilities In Potioning P1
Chapter 782: New Possibilities In Potioning P2
Chapter 783: “Puberty Did You A Solid”
Chapter 784: Spell Synthesis Array
Chapter 785: Lost Cause
Chapter 786: Ice Fairy’S Kiss And Rdx
Chapter 787: Rank-Up Program
Chapter 788 Real Deal
Chapter 789: Straightening Up
Chapter 790: Warmonger
Chapter 791: Soul-Related Potions
Chapter 792: Messing With The Vessel
Chapter 793: Gilhause Remus
Chapter 794 “Do You See Where I Am Going With This?”
Chapter 795: Weapons Drawn
Chapter 796: Slaughter And Absorb
Chapter 797: Dealing With Snakes That Are Bound To Bite
Chapter 798: Battlefield And Romance
Chapter 799: Sending A Message
Chapter 800: Summoner Vs. Summoner
Chapter 801: Advantages Of Spell Integration P1
Chapter 802: Advantages Of Spell Integration P2
Chapter 803: Basic Building Blocks Of A Spell
Chapter 804: Avoid Having Too Many Irons In The Fire
Chapter 805: Capturing A Spy
Chapter 806 Summoning Spells And Wrath Mana
Chapter 807: Incredulous Progress
Chapter 808: Using Memory Extraction On The Prisoner
Chapter 809: Meeting Fiona Fenris P1
Chapter 810: Meeting Fiona Fenris P2
Chapter 811 Business Cooperation With The Last-Blood Bastion P1
Chapter 812: Business Cooperation With The Last-Blood Bastion P2
Chapter 813 Mass Trading Of Weapons
Chapter 814: Peace Means Having A Bigger Stick Than Your Opponent
Chapter 815 Blood Punisher Force
Chapter 816: Krista And Lambert
Chapter 817: Ether Sub-Elements
Chapter 818: A Hand For A Hand
Chapter 819 Bloodline Ability: Regeneration
Chapter 820: Har Jahar'S Hammer
Chapter 821 Effect Mirroring
Chapter 822: Undying Cockroach
Chapter 823: Breaking Free From Lambert’S Control
Chapter 824: Taking Hostages P1
Chapter 825: Taking Hostages P2
Chapter 826: Blink
Chapter 827: Overwhelming Market Presence
Chapter 828: Marketing Campaign
Chapter 829 Money Has No Moral Opinions
Chapter 830: In The Business Of Selling Magic
Chapter 831 Exclusive Selling Chains
Chapter 832: Sebastian Slughorn
Chapter 833: Monopoly
Chapter 834: An A-Rank’S Apperance
Chapter 835: Birmond Remus
Chapter 836: Naya
Chapter 837: Necromancer Goro
Chapter 838: A Couple’S Retreat
Chapter 839: Sea Shanties
Chapter 840: Carving Out A Piece Of Freedom
Chapter 841: A Different Blend Of Evil
Chapter 842: A Walk In The Clouds*
Chapter 843: Taking Charge*
Chapter 844 “Could You Get Any Meaner?”*
Chapter 845: Defloration*
Chapter 846: Taken Over Cloud Nine*
Chapter 847 A Conscious Fragment Of Elemental Attainment
Chapter 848 Spirit Beast Birthed By World’S Will
Chapter 849 Demons Beast Origins And Demon Continent
Chapter 850 [Bonus Chapter] Demons’ Way Of Exploring Otherworlds
Chapter 851 Anfang Alliance
Chapter 852 God Sparks
Chapter 853 The Way Of Water
Chapter 854 A Nice Autumn Evening For Ambush And Assassination
Chapter 855 Blessed By The Heavens Or Delusional?
Chapter 856 Shalen And Oslo
Chapter 857 Meera Medinah And Rehaal Renar
Chapter 858 Target In Sight
Chapter 859 Inviting Shalen Onboard
Chapter 860 No-Mess Kill
Chapter 861 Eradicating Sienna’S Group
Chapter 862 Corpse Dance
Chapter 863 Making An Owl Out Of Oslo
Chapter 864 “In The End, We Only Regret The Chances We Didn’T Take”
Chapter 865 Discarding A Human Doll With Rdx
Chapter 866 Ever-Prosperous Domain Of Death
Chapter 867 “Being A Little Cocky Is A Form Of Self-Confidence”
Chapter 868 Making A Habit Out Of Using Human Dolls As Suicide Bombers
Chapter 869 Eren Vs Goro P1
Chapter 870 Eren Vs Goro P2
Chapter 871 Using Potions & Multi-Class Spells To Level The Field
Chapter 872 Tactical Rdx
Chapter 873 Finishing Off Goro Jaan Remus
Chapter 874 End Of The Line For Nico Chains And Shal
Chapter 875 Life & Death: As Vague As Evening Fog As Real As Morning Dew
Chapter 876 Reanimation Array And Contracted Undead
Chapter 877 Intent-Driven Magic & Its Relation With Sin Series Abilities
Chapter 878 Hex Magic
Chapter 879 First Contract Undead P1
Chapter 880 First Contract Undead P2
Chapter 881 Creating Royal Conspiracy P1
Chapter 882 Creating Royal Conspiracy P2
Chapter 883 Clean-Up Crew
Chapter 884 Something More Profound Than Luck
Chapter 885 Trust The Process
Chapter 886 The Shell Breaks
Chapter 887 Disrespecting A Goddess P1
Chapter 888 Disrespecting A Goddess P2
Chapter 889 Reuniting With Arjun And Lyon
Chapter 890 Delva Gorge
Chapter 891 Meera Vs Cultists P1
Chapter 892 Meera Vs Cultists P2
Chapter 893 Abandoned Soldiers
Chapter 894 Recycling The Dead Soldiers And Cultists
Chapter 895 Goliath, Earth Arachnids, & Behemoth
Chapter 896 Pragmatic Gilhause
Chapter 897 Woodland Creatures’ Supremacy Over Earth Golems
Chapter 898 Cheats To Win
Chapter 899 Entering D-Rank Solid Stage
Chapter 900 Thriving Evil
Chapter 901 Rank-Up Program’S Qualifiers
Chapter 902 Argo’S Hustle
Chapter 903 There’S A “But” Involved
Chapter 904 Gambling & Elemental Array
Chapter 905 Life, In General, Is Uncertain
Chapter 906 Winning Has A Price
Chapter 907 Capitalizing On Grim Pillar Town
Chapter 908 Need For More Master Rankers
Chapter 909 Convoy Recovery
Chapter 910 Almighty Push
Chapter 911 Down-To-Earth Character Vs Bragger
Chapter 912 Attack On Healers’ Nirvana
Chapter 913 The Biggest Anomaly Of Them All P1
Chapter 914 The Biggest Anomaly Of Them All P2
Chapter 915 Friendly Takeover? P1
Chapter 916 Friendly Takeover? P2
Chapter 917 Investment Done Right
Chapter 918 Jiana Taking Her Shot
Chapter 919 [Bonus ] Jiana’S Fatal Flaw
Chapter 920 “I’M Being Kind To You By Not Being Kind To You”
Chapter 921 Consequences Of Legalizing Rdx
Chapter 922 [Bonus ] Power Of Money
Chapter 923 Targeting Midnight Moon
Chapter 924 Someone Who Has Been Bitten By A Snake Will Always Be Afraid Of Ropes
Chapter 925 Corvo Bianco Vineyards
Chapter 926 The Unspoken Burden Of Success
Chapter 927 Trip Down Memory Lane
Chapter 928 Inhibition Lifter
Chapter 929 Nina’S Boudoir P1*
Chapter 930 Nina’S Boudoir P2*
Chapter 931 One-Track Mind*
Chapter 932 Backlash*
Chapter 933 Lust-Induced Epiphany*
Chapter 934 Copying An Ability*
Chapter 935 Instant Reset
Chapter 936 Taking Over Healers’ Nirvana
Chapter 937 Tyrant
Chapter 938 Unrest In Layos
Chapter 939 The Art Of Understanding Who To Stay In Business With
Chapter 940 Dark Daniera Forest
Chapter 941 Eren Vs Ivor 2.0 P1
Chapter 942 Eren Vs Ivor 2.0 P2
Chapter 943 “Those Who Inflict Pain Must Have The Courage To Bear It As Well.”
Chapter 944 Mark Of The Seven Sins: The Armor Of Pride
Chapter 945 Pride, Pleasure, And Pain P1
Chapter 946 Pride, Pleasure, And Pain P2
Chapter 947 Elemental Fusion Between Lightning And Water
Chapter 948 Lightning Seed And Lightning Tree
Chapter 949 Shattering Pride
Chapter 950 Waiting In Ambush
Chapter 951 Oliver’S Forces P1
Chapter 952 Oliver’S Forces P2
Chapter 953 [Bonus ] An All-You-Can-Kill Buffet
Chapter 954 Exposed Identities
Chapter 955 Battle Formations
Chapter 956 [Bonus ] Soul Sense Induced Illusions And Sedating Gaze
Chapter 957 Countermeasures Against Battle Formation
Chapter 958 Surpassing Expectations
Chapter 959 [Bonus ] Layos’ Royal Scion
Chapter 960 Offer From The Enemy Kingdom
Chapter 961 Counteroffer
Chapter 962 [Bonus ] Another Living Undead
Chapter 963 Infighting
Chapter 964 Might Of The Battle Formations
Chapter 965 [Bonus ] Ranker’S Individuality Vs Unified Strength
Chapter 966 Perspective
Chapter 967 Going On A Tangent
Chapter 968 Demon Prince Argo
Chapter 969 Variables
Chapter 970 Meat Patties
Chapter 971 Unique Dining Experience
Chapter 972 Argo’S Breakthrough
Chapter 973 Ivor’S Choice P1
Chapter 974 Ivor’S Choice P2
Chapter 975 Planning For The Graduation Event
Chapter 976 Layla Meets Alephee
Chapter 977 Rank-Up Program’S Success
Chapter 978 Grandmaster Amory
Chapter 979 Existential Paradox
Chapter 980 Subjugating A Grandmaster Ranker
Chapter 981 Pufferfish
Chapter 982 Argo’S Gig
Chapter 983 Wise Tortoise P1
Chapter 984 Wise Tortoise P2
Chapter 985 Lights On. Drum Rolls. Brumm.
Chapter 986 Carry On My Wayward Son
Chapter 987 Onboard Freya
Chapter 988 Breakthrough Into Expert Rank
Chapter 989 Expert Fisherman & His Unexpected Haul
Chapter 990 "Those Are Rookie Numbers!"
Chapter 991 Reunion With Ken & Roody P1
Chapter 992 Reunion With Ken & Roody P2
Chapter 993 Discarding Hate Born Out Of Prejudice
Chapter 994 Misery Loves Company
Chapter 995 The Capital City Edin
Chapter 996 Demonmir’S History
Chapter 997 [Bonus ] Demonic Ranker
Chapter 998 Demonkind
Chapter 999 Might Of A Demon Prince
Chapter 1000 The Cure For Pain Is More Pain P1
Chapter 1001 [Bonus ] The Cure For Pain Is More Pain P2
Chapter 1002 There Is No Such Thing As A Painless Lesson
Chapter 1003 Pain Is Inevitable
Chapter 1004 Reuniting With Marla And Almera
Chapter 1005 Vixen And The Wolf
Chapter 1006 Edinnica Arena P1
Chapter 1007 Edinnica Arena P2
Chapter 1008 Team White Raven P1
Chapter 1009 Team White Raven P2
Chapter 1010 Prior Investment & Time To Pay Up
Chapter 1011 Respect Is One Of The Greatest Expressions Of Fear
Chapter 1012 Vengeful Demon
Chapter 1013 Body-Strengthening Art
Chapter 1014 Demonic Takeover
Chapter 1015 Faustian Contract
Chapter 1016 If You Can’T Defeat Them… Join Them!
Chapter 1017 Sage Legacies
Chapter 1018 Bare Minimum Gang
Chapter 1019 It Takes Courage To Admit One’S Limitations
Chapter 1020 Soul Sense Battle P1
Chapter 1021 Soul Sense Battle P2
Chapter 1022 One Could Kill A Man But Not Sully His Pride
Chapter 1023 The Usurper And The Usurped P1
Chapter 1024 The Usurper And The Usurped P2
Chapter 1025 Sansara World And Karma Points
Chapter 1026 Balancing Individual Growth And Team Survival
Chapter 1027 Relation Between Two Abandoned Cities
Chapter 1028 Eren’S Plan
Chapter 1029 Aiming To Get All Four Legacies
Chapter 1030 Cedrick Renar
Chapter 1031 Talent Doesn’T Matter Against Inexhaustible Perseverance
Chapter 1032 Playing Hero
Chapter 1033 Ken Vs Meeshah
Chapter 1034 A Hero Flipping His Switch
Chapter 1035 Spoiler Title
Chapter 1036 Oddly Pessimistic And A Tinsy Bit Satirical
Chapter 1037 Puddles Of Blood Shimmering Under The Starlight
Chapter 1038 A Cult Classic Scene
Chapter 1039 [Bonus ] In A Position To Exploit Restrictions Placed On Others
Chapter 1040 Unlimited Knife Works
Chapter 1041 Digesting The Hero’S Gains
Chapter 1042 Eren Meets Cedrick
Chapter 1043 “You Should See The Other Guys”
Chapter 1044 Jason Vs Bert Chu
Chapter 1045 [Bonus ] Jason Vs The Real Deal
Chapter 1046 Self-Deprecating Sense Of Humor
Chapter 1047 Ekulu Rainforest
Chapter 1048 Timely Intervention
Chapter 1049 Ultimate Hidden Reward
Chapter 1050 [Bonus ] Another Sin Series Mark?
Chapter 1051 Payir And Lako
Chapter 1052 Ambushing Rufus
Chapter 1053 Spatial Tunnel
Chapter 1054 First Grandmaster Kill?
Chapter 1055 Demonic Altar
Chapter 1056 Beelzebub
Chapter 1057 Mark Of The Seven Sins: Domain Of Gluttony
Chapter 1058 Smoldering Embers Of History
Chapter 1059 Elder Ichor
Chapter 1060 The Unoccupied Throne
Chapter 1061 Staying Impartial To Enemies’ Backgrounds
Chapter 1062 Attack First Ask Questions Later
Chapter 1063 Back To Experimenting
Chapter 1064 Entering Lama Ruins
Chapter 1065 Nira Nightshade P1
Chapter 1066 Nira Nightshade P2
Chapter 1067 Half-Bloods’ Origins
Chapter 1068 Edinburgh’S Formation
Chapter 1069 The Art Of Manipulation
Chapter 1070 Silvermoon’S Demonic Connection
Chapter 1071 War Is One Of The Eternal Truths Of Life
Chapter 1072 Cultists’ Origins
Chapter 1073 Spirit Beasts And God Sparks
Chapter 1074 Birth Of The Anfang Alliance
Chapter 1075 Land Of The Faithless- Forsaken By The Gods
Chapter 1076 The Invaders Of Anfang
Chapter 1077 The Most Feared Titan Slayer P1
Chapter 1078 The Most Feared Titan Slayer P2
Chapter 1079 How Project Clean Slate Came To Be P1
Chapter 1080 How Project Clean Slate Came To Be P2
Chapter 1081 Machinations Of A Slumbering Goddess P1
Chapter 1082 Machinations Of A Slumbering Goddess P2
Chapter 1083 Trying To Get More Out Of The Deal
Chapter 1084 House Samael'S Origins
Chapter 1085 [Bonus ] Reason Behind Levine’S Hatred For Demonmir
Chapter 1086 Power To Suffer The Consequences Of Saying No
Chapter 1087 Eren Vs Nira Nightshade P1
Chapter 1088 Eren Vs Nira Nightshade P2
Chapter 1089 [Bonus ] “No Brownie Points For Acting Tough”
Chapter 1090 Nira Nightshade’S Legacy
Chapter 1091 + Ranger Class
Chapter 1092 Lufthansa
Chapter 1093 Find Or Die
Chapter 1094 Life And Death Altar
Chapter 1095 Nightmare Domain
Chapter 1096 Eren Vs Illusory Eliza
Chapter 1097 Necessity To Neutralize Enderflames
Chapter 1098 Time Is The Most Reliable Teacher… Patience Is The Most Valuable Lesson
Chapter 1099 Finding Lufthansa
Chapter 1100 [Bonus ] + Assassin Class
Chapter 1101 Ivar Ironside
Chapter 1102 + Berserker Class
Chapter 1103 Targeting White Raven Crew
Chapter 1104 Victims Of Political Powerplays Fighting Among Themselves
Chapter 1105 Gondel The Geek
Chapter 1106 Modded Perks
Chapter 1107 Top Tier Assassination P1
Chapter 1108 Top Tier Assassination P2
Chapter 1109 Quitting While Ahead
Chapter 1110 The Bane Of Scorching Flames
Chapter 1111 Eyes Of A Passerby
Chapter 1112 Spoiler Title
Chapter 1113 Perspective Management
Chapter 1114 Trying To Find Closure
Chapter 1115 [Bonus ] Maya
Chapter 1116 Sansara Sage’S Ballbusting Test P1
Chapter 1117 Sansara Sage’S Ballbusting Test P2
Chapter 1118 Shadow Creatures As City Residents
Chapter 1119 Gondel'S Hacks
Chapter 1120 Maya’S Aspirations
Chapter 1121 “What Is A Woman?”
Chapter 1122 [Bonus ] Cultivating A Soul
Chapter 1123 Ideal Starter Pack For A Runaway
Chapter 1124 Protagonist Halo?
Chapter 1125 [Bonus ] Betting On The Dark Horse
Chapter 1126 Prior To An All-Out Showdown
Chapter 1127 Hero’S Heart + Life Drain
Chapter 1128 Mouths Of Gluttony
Chapter 1129 Life Drain For Assassinations
Chapter 1130 [Bonus ] Creatures Of Gluttony
Chapter 1131 Pearls Of Gluttony
Chapter 1132 An Unavoidable Struggle
Chapter 1133 Logic-Defying Spell Amplification & Spell Stacking
Chapter 1134 True Potential Of Spell Integration
Chapter 1135 Destruction Births Life
Chapter 1136 Creating New Pawns
Chapter 1137 A Dichotomy Of Life
Chapter 1138 Creating Fiends
Chapter 1139 Connecting Dots
Chapter 1140 Exiting Sansara World
Chapter 1141 Sara Stark
Chapter 1142 Reva Rain’S Demonic Activities
Chapter 1143 The Story Of A Benign Butcher
Chapter 1144 A Stark Contrast
Chapter 1145 Death– A Much-Needed Respite
Chapter 1146 Cognitively Dissonant
Chapter 1147 Roth Riverine Meets Arthur Renar
Chapter 1148 Tough Love
Chapter 1149 Jaime And Polyjuice Potion
Chapter 1150 Linda’S Knight In Shining Armor?
Chapter 1151 Lin’S Escape
Chapter 1152 Creating More Grim Pillars
Chapter 1153 Order Of The Fly
Chapter 1154 War Erupts
Chapter 1155 Gregory Grant
Chapter 1156 Rite Of Passage
Chapter 1157 [Bonus ] Arthur'S Rage
Chapter 1158 Putting Up A Show
Chapter 1159 Traitor Identified
Chapter 1160 Harnessing The Emotions Of Anger
Chapter 1161 Immediate Repercussions Of The War
Chapter 1162 Battle Trance
Chapter 1163 Compound Elemental Fusion
Chapter 1164 Demonmir'S Domain Of Wrath
Chapter 1165 Berserking With Wrath Mana
Chapter 1166 [Bonus ] Cultivating An Intent
Chapter 1167 “Two Can Play That Game”
Chapter 1168 Reverse Rain
Chapter 1169 Eyes? Lungs? Pancreas?
Chapter 1170 Magic Happens When One Does Things With Conviction
Chapter 1171 Livid Levine
Chapter 1172 [Bonus ] No Cunning Works Against Overwhelming Power
Chapter 1173 Organ Dispensing Machine
Chapter 1174 “There’S A Certain Charm In Bottling Up Emotions.”
Chapter 1175 Third Side Of The Coin
Chapter 1176 Jarlath Joshua Edgar
Chapter 1177 Mediator
Chapter 1178 An Emotionally Invested Sage
Chapter 1179 Demonmir’S Excommunication And Gregory’S Demand
Chapter 1180 Bestowment Of Title And Fief
Chapter 1181 House Lowin And White Flames
Chapter 1182 Sansara World'S Detonation
Chapter 1183 The Blame Game
Chapter 1184 Jj'S Timely Exit
Chapter 1185 King’S Hand- Garos Renar
Chapter 1186 Sage Hostage?
Chapter 1187 War-Time Diplomacy
Chapter 1188 Accidental Scapegoat
Chapter 1189 The Curtain Falls
Chapter 1190 The Curtain Rises
Chapter 1191 Traumatized
Chapter 1192 Bitter Battle Souvenir
Chapter 1193 Arthur Vs Isen On Frontlines
Chapter 1194 Pre Graduation Gift
Chapter 1195 The Underwater Ship*
Chapter 1196 Sculpture*
Chapter 1197 [Bonus ] "Things I Do For Love!"*
Chapter 1198 Doing A Good Job Despite Lacking Job Experience*
Chapter 1199 Another Compound Elemental Fusion Unlocked
Chapter 1200 [Bonus ] With Rights Come Responsibilities
Chapter 1201 Rules Of Intent-Driven Magic
Chapter 1202 Acquiring Unlimited Weapon Works And Weapon Intent
Chapter 1203 Obscuring The Prophetic Visions
Chapter 1204 Basic Business Fundamentals
Chapter 1205 Embracing The Challenges
Chapter 1206 Mending Of The Heart
Chapter 1207 Friendliest Form Of Bullying
Chapter 1208 Down Bad
Chapter 1209 Alephee'S Solution
Chapter 1210 Loopholes In Demonic Runes
Chapter 1211 Rankers’ 101
Chapter 1212 Pursuit Of Power Doesn’T Need A Reason
Chapter 1213 Authority
Chapter 1214 Ridiculous Ranking Progress
Chapter 1215 Adding To Reva'S Misery
Chapter 1216 Commencement Ceremony
Chapter 1217 King Emil Edinburgh Von Renar The 8Th
Chapter 1218 Crown Prince Rodrick Renar & The Legend Of The Boar Berserker
Chapter 1219 Philosopher Of Bullshittery
Chapter 1220 Spoiler Title
Chapter 1221 An Offer That Can Be Refused
Chapter 1222 Graduated At Last
Chapter 1223 An Impromptu Meet
Chapter 1224 Ariella Lowin
Chapter 1225 Plans To Manufacture Hex Gear Sets
Chapter 1226 Arranging A Meeting With Demonmir?
Chapter 1227 Romance Blooms On The Foundation Of A Booming Buisness
Chapter 1228 Grimdawn- In The Midst Of Brewing Storm
Chapter 1229 Dropping The Formalities
Chapter 1230 Manipulated And Vulnerable
Chapter 1231 “I Have Many Ways To Surprise You.”*
Chapter 1232 “How Do I Look?” P1*
Chapter 1233 “How Do I Look?” P2*
Chapter 1234 [Bonus ] Converting Lustful Energy Into Lust Mana*
Chapter 1235 Shroomcid Trip
Chapter 1236 The Most Amateur Adept In Anfang'S Known History
Chapter 1237 Floating White Palace
Chapter 1238 Army Buddies
Chapter 1239 The Host Of The Evening– Osha Daman
Chapter 1240 The Legend Of The Boar Berserker– The Musical And The Ballad Of Grimdawn
Chapter 1241 White Raven’S Mass Media Venture
Chapter 1242 Poetry Challenge P01: Osha Daman– Summit Of My Pride
Chapter 1243 Poetry Challenge P02: Grimdawn– Pantheon Of Infinity
Chapter 1244 Poetry Challenge P03: Nina– Finding A Hero
Chapter 1245 Poetry Challenge P04: Grimdawn– I’Ll Be Your Hero
Chapter 1246 Poetry Challenge P05: Sara- Haunted By Pain, Grimdawn- Medicine For My Heart
Chapter 1247 Poetry Challenge P06: Levine- Concoction Of Magic, Grimdawn- Brewing Potions
Chapter 1248 [Bonus ] Poetry Challenge P07 Conclusion: Jiana- Golden Wings, Grimdawn- Spread Your Wings
Chapter 1249 Memories In Motion P1
Chapter 1250 Memories In Motion P2
Chapter 1251 Rhythm, Romance, & Radiance
Chapter 1252 Co-Op Agreement With Firebrand
Chapter 1253 House Slughorn'S Treason?
Chapter 1254 Wonderful Distraction Comes To An End
Chapter 1255 An Audience With The Crown Prince P1
Chapter 1256 An Audience With The Crown Prince P2
Chapter 1257 Argo’S Restaurant Chain
Chapter 1258 Duty Calls
Chapter 1259 Cultivating Lust Mana*
Chapter 1260 Giving Up On Lust Mana Cultivation*
Chapter 1261 Two Bodies In Heat*
Chapter 1262 Pushing Boundaries*
Chapter 1263 Carl Riverine
Chapter 1264 House Riverine’S Assurance
Chapter 1265 The City Of Erbaia
Chapter 1266 Big Fish Caught In A Small Net?
Chapter 1267 Brewmaster'S Bounty
Chapter 1268 Rhea Bloodweaver
Chapter 1269 Eren Vs Rhea P1
Chapter 1270 Eren Vs Rhea P2
Chapter 1271 Dominance Over Rhea
Chapter 1272 Triton
Chapter 1273 Sebastian'S Dire Predicament P1
Chapter 1274 Sebastian'S Dire Predicament P2
Chapter 1275 Myriad Potioning P1
Chapter 1276 Myriad Potioning P2
Chapter 1277 Sebastian'S Diversion
Chapter 1278 Betrayal Vs Prudence
Chapter 1279 Ambush Done Right P1
Chapter 1280 Ambush Done Right P2
Chapter 1281 House Slughorn'S Destruction P1
Chapter 1282 House Slughorn'S Destruction P2
Chapter 1283 Amazonians P1
Chapter 1284 Amazonians P2
Chapter 1285 The Great Mother P1
Chapter 1286 The Great Mother P2
Chapter 1287 Valeria'S Settlement
Chapter 1288 Hampered Indvidualities
Chapter 1289 Callista Blackthorn
Chapter 1290 Great Mother'S Sacred Ground
Chapter 1291 Valeria Vanlor
Chapter 1292 Seraphina, Evelina, And Isadora
Chapter 1293 A Lion Talking About Deer Welfare
Chapter 1294 Delicate Balance Of Power
Chapter 1295 Forming Strong Business Ties With The Amazonians
Chapter 1296 Pushing For An Arms Deal
Chapter 1297 Non-Exclusive Contract
Chapter 1298 Nameless Blades
Chapter 1299 Ranker Vs Evoker P1
Chapter 1300 Ranker Vs Evoker P2
Chapter 1301 Ranker Vs Evoker P3
Chapter 1302 An Apt Counter To Nature Mana
Chapter 1303 A Ranker With A Slight Twist
Chapter 1304 Undisputed Win
Chapter 1305 Galen Ironfist P1
Chapter 1306 Galen Ironfist P2
Chapter 1307 Eren Vs Galen P1
Chapter 1308 Eren Vs Galen P2
Chapter 1309 Eren Vs Galen P3
Chapter 1310 Eren Vs Galen P4
Chapter 1311 Getting Rid Of The Helping Hand
Chapter 1312 Summoning Behemoth
Chapter 1313 Divine Sense
Chapter 1314 Great Mother'S Profound Presence
Chapter 1315 Divine Miracle
Chapter 1316 Conversing With The Great Mother
Chapter 1317 Elder Seed Artifacts P1
Chapter 1318 Elder Seed Artifacts P2
Chapter 1319 Great Mother'S Gift
Chapter 1320 Astonished Goddess
Chapter 1321 C-Rank Liquid Stage Breakthrough
Chapter 1322 Great Mother'S Parting Words
Chapter 1323 [Bonus Chapter] Amazonian Celebration
Chapter 1324 Embrace
Chapter 1325 Marla And Almera'S Decision
Chapter 1326 A Lone Wolf Hailing From The Land Of The Faithless
Chapter 1327 Treehouse
Chapter 1328 Exhilarating
Chapter 1329 Life'S Only Constancy Lies Within Its Unpredictability
Chapter 1330 Divine Manipulation
Chapter 1331 Branding Almera P1*
Chapter 1332 Branding Almera P2*
Chapter 1333 Branding Almera P3*
Chapter 1334 [Bonus ] Voyeur'S Guilt*
Chapter 1335 “Sometimes… I Let My Intrusive Thoughts Win”*
Chapter 1336 Pacifying Marla'S Concerns*
Chapter 1337 Gaining Blue Lightning Aspect*
Chapter 1338 Marla'S Expert Rank Breakthrough*
Chapter 1339 Peeking Into The Past
Chapter 1340 Planning For The Future
Chapter 1341 Nine Years Later
Chapter 1342 Leo Longblade
Chapter 1343 Baelin Stoneforge
Chapter 1344 Two Geeks Geeking Out
Chapter 1345 Spiritual Artifact Creation
Chapter 1346 Playing Both Sides
Chapter 1347 Cooperating With The Abductors
Chapter 1348 Emergence After A Prolonged Concealment
Chapter 1349 Progressing Brick By Brick P1
Chapter 1350 Progressing Brick By Brick P2
Chapter 1351 Sansara Sage’S Space-Element Runes
Chapter 1352 Decoding Sansara Sage'S Legacy
Chapter 1353 Breaking The Wheel Of Sansara: Sansara Sage'S True Legacy
Chapter 1354 Demonic And Divine Planes
Chapter 1355 Dangers Lurking In The Ethereal Planes
Chapter 1356 Convergence Of Reasons
Chapter 1357 Standard Protocol
Chapter 1358 Neutralizing Grimdawn
Chapter 1359 Origins Of The Hex Artifacts
Chapter 1360 Elder Seed Artifacts Vs Hex Artifacts
Chapter 1361 [Bonus ] Discovery Of An Elder Seed Artifact On Anfang
Chapter 1362 An Unbearable Bear Attack
Chapter 1363 Beastly Fury
Chapter 1364 Repercussions Of Using The Hex Artifacts
Chapter 1365 Meeting The Mentor
Chapter 1366 Reva Rain'S Turbulent Nine Years
Chapter 1367 Systematic Eradication Of The Escalon Guild
Chapter 1368 Fears Rooted In Logic
Chapter 1369 Acquiring A Demon Soul Fragment
Chapter 1370 [Bonus ] Farewell Paladin Of Pain
Chapter 1371 Isen Vs Baron'S Bane
Chapter 1372 Isen'S End
Chapter 1373 Consequences Of Isen'S Death
Chapter 1374 Meeting Demonmir
Chapter 1375 Demonmir'S Progress
Chapter 1376 Grandmaster Rank + Bloodline Aquisition
Chapter 1377 Ars Goetia
Chapter 1378 Rune Implantation
Chapter 1379 A Life Saved
Chapter 1380 Lady Zee'S Acquisition Of Soul-Nourishing Rewards
Chapter 1381 Disadvantages Of Fame: Manipulation Failure
Chapter 1382 Rare L
Chapter 1383 A Step Closer To The Shallot'S Mirror
Chapter 1384 The Illusion Of Choice
Chapter 1385 Pinnacle Of Intent-Driven Magic: Immortal Magic
Chapter 1386 Titan Slayer: Shallot Lancelot
Chapter 1387 True Capabilities Of Shallot’S Mirror
Chapter 1388 Nepotism
Chapter 1389 Naming The Elder Seed Artifact
Chapter 1390 Owning The Elder Seed Artifact
Chapter 1391 Kev Larson Vs Kaalmahen And Baran
Chapter 1392 Finding A Long Lost Ally?
Chapter 1393 Another Suicidal Bomber Attack
Chapter 1394 Lack Of Remorse
Chapter 1395 Eren'S Monster Army P1
Chapter 1396 Eren'S Monster Army P2
Chapter 1397 Eren'S Monster Army P3
Chapter 1398 Avalon Lancelot
Chapter 1399 An Ancient Corpse
Chapter 1400 An Aim To Become A Nightmare Itself
Chapter 1401 Angels Of Destruction
Chapter 1402 Wyvern Hunt P1
Chapter 1403 Wyvern Hunt P2
Chapter 1404 Need For Infinite Mana
Chapter 1405 Back-Up
Chapter 1406 [Bonus ] The Scythe Queen’S Concerns
Chapter 1407 Renita'S Progress: Carrying Nira Nightshade'S Legacy
Chapter 1408 Sedating Gaze'S Failure: Dragonkind'S Spiritual Might
Chapter 1409 Bathed In Wyvern'S Blood
Chapter 1410 Master Rank Breakthrough Induced By Battle Trance
Chapter 1411 The Mortal Perils Of Breaking Into The Master Rank
Chapter 1412 Core Evolution
Chapter 1413 Unparalleled Individuality
Chapter 1414 Carvel Horin Vs Birmond Remus
Chapter 1415 Asking For Help
Chapter 1416 Fabricated Coincidences
Chapter 1417 Uncertain Future: Way To Obtain God Spark
Chapter 1418 5Th Ranking Breakthrough: “This Is My Peak For The Lazarus Project”
Chapter 1419 Hamang Horin Vs Altashia And Renita
Chapter 1420 The Scythe Queen'S Might
Chapter 1421 [Bonus ] Merciless Stroke
Chapter 1422 Steely Resolve
Chapter 1423 Renita’S Last Stand: Don’T Fear The Reaper
Chapter 1424 Spirit Bullets
Chapter 1425 Eyes Of An Unsentimental Observer
Chapter 1426 Forced Cannibalism
Chapter 1427 Bloodline Ability: Partial Shapeshifting
Chapter 1428 Intoxicating Power
Chapter 1429 Spell Integration + Compound Elemental Fusion
Chapter 1430 Win A Battle, Lose The Land
Chapter 1431 Saving Naya
Chapter 1432 Upgraded Sedating Gaze
Chapter 1433 Timely Retreat
Chapter 1434 Wartime Diplomacy: An Off-The-Books Handling
Chapter 1435 Digesting Birmond'S Gains
Chapter 1436 Plan To Meet Maya Once Again
Chapter 1437 An Audacious Plan
Chapter 1438 Getting Maya On Board
Chapter 1439 Gaining A New Beast Companion
Chapter 1440 Naya'S Clarity
Chapter 1441 Altair'S Celebration
Chapter 1442 Paradox Of Immortal Planes
Chapter 1443 Billy'S
Chapter 1444 Gluttonous Indulgence
Chapter 1445 Osha On Board P1
Chapter 1446 Osha On Board P2
Chapter 1447 Obtaining Minerva'S Legacy P1
Chapter 1448 Obtaining Minerva'S Legacy P2
Chapter 1449 Shallot’S Mirror + Shadow Clone
Chapter 1450 Repertoire Of Shadow Spells
Chapter 1451 Meeting Minerva Midea
Chapter 1452 Minerva’S True Legacy: Virtue Series Marks
Chapter 1453 Two Sides Of The Same Coin P1
Chapter 1454 Two Sides Of The Same Coin P2
Chapter 1455 Andrium Radix
Chapter 1456 Summoning-Type Formation: Woodland Creatures Edition
Chapter 1457 Borrowed Might Potions
Chapter 1458 Obtaining The Governing Rights Of Minerva’S Utopia
Chapter 1459 Minerva'S True Successor
Chapter 1460 Bigger Playground
Chapter 1461 Carvel’S Counterattack
Chapter 1462 Wyvern Armor Set + Wrath Mana
Chapter 1463 Dragonoid
Chapter 1464 Akass Formation
Chapter 1465 Sacrifice P1
Chapter 1466 Sacrifice P2
Chapter 1467 Mirrored Deployment
Chapter 1468 Arthur'S Fury: Wolf Of Layos
Chapter 1469 [Bonus Chapter] Ruining Demonmir’S Plans
Chapter 1470 Attacking Layos Army Base
Chapter 1471 Arthur Vs Saisha
Chapter 1472 [Bonus ] Fishing In Troubled Waters
Chapter 1473 Heavenly Fenris Bloodline Transformation
Chapter 1474 Spoiler Title
Chapter 1475 Exploiting Grandmasters
Chapter 1476 Manipulating Sages
Chapter 1477 Declaration Of Full-Fledged War P1
Chapter 1478 Declaration Of Full-Fledged War P2
Chapter 1479 The Long-Awaited Exchange P1
Chapter 1480 The Long-Awaited Exchange P2
Chapter 1481 Witchcraft
Chapter 1482 Voodoo Magic From Labh Salem
Chapter 1483 A Friend?
Chapter 1484 The Bigger And Badder Wolf
Chapter 1485 All Hands On Deck
Chapter 1486 Treason And Freedom
Chapter 1487 S-Rank Breakthrough Calamity
Chapter 1488 Origin Force
Chapter 1489 Anfang World Will'S True Motive
Chapter 1490 [Bonus Chapter] Dawn Of A Full-Scale War
Chapter 1491 Witch Of The Enderflames’ Day Out
Chapter 1492 Argo Vs Avir
Chapter 1493 Getting Shallot’S Mirror And Ancient Titan Corpse
Chapter 1494 A Wave Of Grim Nostalgia
Chapter 1495 Facing Wraiths Once Again
Chapter 1496 Creating Fiends En Masse
Chapter 1497 Fiends’ Test Of Calamity
Chapter 1498 Hettie
Chapter 1499 Fiendish Vampirism
Chapter 1500 Acquiring The Seven-Headed Serpent Statue
Chapter 1501 Memories Of A Fallen God
Chapter 1502 "Brother"
Chapter 1503 Existential Concepts
Chapter 1504 Cursed By The Feminine
Chapter 1505 Blessed by the Feminine The hauntingly beautiful goddess laughed as she cursed all the future inheritors of Elder Ichor. The curse, though seemingly simple, held a profound purpose. Through this malevolent enchantment, the hauntingly beautiful goddess ensured that no worthy inheritor of the Elder Ichor would emerge with a promising destiny. She intended to employ her own curse as a guide to locate potential Elder Seeds, thwarting their growth before they could sprout. By targeting these budding Elder Seeds, she wanted to assure herself that the dying god's "throne" would remain vacant for all eternity. This curse had the potential to affect all prospective True Inheritors of the Elder Ichor to varying degrees. The more capable and closer to becoming the genuine heir to the dying god's throne they were, the more pronounced the curse's impact. Moreover, this curse was designed to manifest in any world in the boundless cosmos where potential Elder Seeds existed, leaving no escape from its grasp. If she couldn't claim the dying god's throne, the hauntingly beautiful goddess aimed to keep it unclaimed and vacant for eternity. With no worthy successor, she believed she had nothing to fear. "No! Stop her!" implored the goddess with tear-filled eyes, cradling the dying god's head in her lap, as she beseeched the omnipotent presence standing beside her. However, the latter calmly explained. "I can't. She possesses the authority and means to curse the potential true inheritor of the Elder Ichor." The omnipotent existence directed its gaze towards the hauntingly beautiful goddess as it delivered this neutral assessment. The establishment of this Divine Curse had come at the cost of the hauntingly beautiful goddess's very Divinity. The last curse she had placed upon the potential true inheritor of the Elder Ichor had already inflicted significant damage to her Divinity. These injuries were compounded by her previous curses upon the dying god. Consequently, this cursing goddess was destined to enter periods of slumber and wakefulness in the future. Henceforth, she would be known as the Slumbering Goddess. The only way for her to rid herself of the aftereffects of these curses and prevent her perpetual bouts of slumber was to take the curse back. This was something she would never do. *** "It is done," the hauntingly beautiful goddess proclaimed, a wicked grin adorning her face as she lowered her hands. Eren sensed through the dying god's memories that both goddesses had weakened due to the immense strain of wielding their divinities in such a manner. His ally goddess, his sister, endured suffering as she endeavored to ensure a part of him was revived through his heir. She sought his Echo's existence. On the other hand, his enemy goddess—the one who had just cursed all his future inheritors—was also in pain, having gone the extra mile to bring about his destruction and that of his potential successors to his "throne." Emotions stirred within the dying god for the first time in a long while as this scene unfolded before him. Initially, Eren had believed that the dying god could not experience emotions because of the effects of the dream-like world he had been summoned inside. Yet, when the dying god began to harness these emotions, they surged like tidal waves. "Alephee, my sister!" the dying god finally spoke, his eyes welling with tears as he observed the hole in her heart, symbolizing her sacrifice of her own Divinity using her own hands. He gently grasped her hand, gazing into her eyes that had been brimming with tears for a considerable time. "I am sorry you had to endure this," the dying god spoke as clarity returned to his eyes. For the very first time, Eren saw the reflection of the dying god in the weeping goddess' eyes. Eren was struck by the appearance of the dying god. He had to admit that the dying god was better endowed in the looks department than he was. The god possessed waist-length, snow-white hair and a chiseled face that made him strikingly handsome. His icy blue eyes appeared as profound as the concept of the deep blue sea itself. It reminded Eren of his white-haired transformation. However, he felt a bit regretful that he could not naturally harness such looks in that transformation. Not that he couldn't alter his appearance as per his whims and fancy if he really wanted to. This dying god wore flowing white robes. His divine form was immaculate in every sense, or would have been if it were not gradually melding into nothingness. *** 'Hmm? Hold on1 what did he say?' Eren took a moment to grasp the implications of what he had just heard, or rather, understood from the dying god's memories and emotions. 'Did he just mention Alephee?' Eren was dumbfounded when he recognized the identity of the weeping goddess. If he had any control over the dying god's body in this dream-like realm, he would have expressed his astonishment by widening his eyes upon discovering Alephee's origins in this manner. Only now, Eren could scrutinize the face of the weeping goddess for himself after realizing who she truly was. She bore striking resemblances to the current Alephee residing in a homunculus body. There were only subtle differences in her appearance, but these nuances were sufficient to depict the beautiful goddess she was at this point in her existence. "Brother! You... you can speak?" Alephee was taken aback to witness the dying god exhibiting emotions after such a long period of emotional silence. Not too long ago, he had cast aside all his emotions to create the Seven Planes of Sins, establishing order in the boundless cosmos that had been plunged into chaos by the infiltration of demons into various worlds. He had then appointed Seven Demon Princes to govern these Planes, ensuring that demonic influences adhered to the laws of the boundless cosmos and Creation. Ever since the dying god had forged the Seven Planes of Sins by relinquishing his emotions, he had remained quiet and reclusive. Even when brought to death's door by the enemy goddess, he had felt nothing. No anger towards the enemy goddess, no wrath towards her allies who had harmed him. His heart had been devoid of negative emotions, for he had willingly abandoned them. Yet, Alephee—the tears of her sister and her current state of suffering—was something he could not ignore. The Seven Planes of Sins, constructed upon the foundation of the dying god's discarded emotions, now faced the risk of crumbling as he began to reclaim his emotions. The dying god gently caressed his sister's tear-stained face with his bare hands before addressing the omnipotent existence. "Mother, you know that you owe me one, right?" he declared in an authoritative tone. It became evident that the dying god held more sway than his sister as he issued commands to the omnipotent presence before him, whom he referred to as mother. She acted promptly upon the dying god's resurgence of emotions. "Very well," the Mother responded to the dying god before raising her own hands to enact a grand spell. "The fabric of cause and effect within the boundless cosmos shall remain untarnished. Curses and blessings shall be distributed impartially. The Curse of the Feminine shall lose most of its powers when the future inheritors are devoid of their mothers' love. And since they have been cursed by the feminine, they shall also be blessed by it," the omnipotent existence utilized her own powers to ripple through the intangible fabric of cause and effect. A faint smile graced the dying god's lips upon hearing his Mother's words. Instead of directly opposing the enemy goddess's curse, she had redirected it by ensuring his future inheritors would be raised without their mothers. However, he discerned a deeper significance in his Mother's handling of this curse. "You do not wish a part of me to call someone else their mother, do you? How possessive of you!" The dying god spoke serenely to the omnipotent existence, even though all that remained of him was his upper body, as the lower half had dissolved into nothingness. === AN: Chapter 1059 talks about the dying god relinquishing his emotions to craft the Seven Planes of Sins and designating the seven Demon Princes as their de facto rulers. Chapter 1060 introduces the term "unoccupied throne" for the first time.
Chapter 1506 Goddess Echidna "And now," the dying god shifted his gaze toward the enemy goddess, his eyes narrowing as they blazed with boundless wrath. His tone remained eerily calm, yet Eren could sense the seething anger emanating from the dying god. "Would you mind giving me some space?" The enemy goddess grew alert as the dying god's wrathful gaze locked onto her. Instinctively, she took a few steps back, seemingly vanishing into thin air. In the blink of an eye, a cataclysmic elemental attack erupted from her previous location. It manifested as an Elemental Fusion, an amalgamation of various elements condensed into a tiny sphere no larger than a quail's egg. Yet, the gravitational pull it exuded was unimaginably strong. Eren could sense that this minuscule sphere held the weight of a mini star, perhaps even equal to the entire mass of the world it originated from. The moment this devastating attack came into being, the very fabric of space surrounding it contorted and the ambient light distorted, as if the world itself teetered on the brink of annihilation. There was something profoundly different about the way the dying god had unleashed this attack. With sheer intent alone, he had conjured a force capable of obliterating the world without directly wielding his already sealed powers. It was as if the forces of nature conspired to create this cataclysmic assault on his behalf. The enemy goddess stared at the dying god with a mixture of anger, shock, and fear. She couldn't fathom how he retained such incredible power even as he stood on the precipice of death. She had shattered his Divinity and distributed fragments of it among her allies, granting them a share of his formidable abilities. As she observed the dying god, she was once again reminded of why he was hailed as the Darling of the Elements. "Let me clarify," the dying god remarked, an amused expression crossing his features. "I created that attack just to keep you at bay. I have no desire to be in your company during my final moments." Spatial rifts tore open, and several entities emerged from them. One by one, the allies of the enemy goddess appeared behind her. It was evident that she had sent some form of distress signal to summon them. "Hmm, so these are the instruments to whom you've imparted my Divinity?" the dying god observed the figures materializing behind the enemy goddess. They were all concealed in their appearances and enveloped in divine auras. Flames cloaked one of them, while another was shrouded in the elemental essence of water. *** The divinity of the dying god stood as the most profound among the ancient deities, granting him unparalleled mastery over all the elements of the world. His dominion over nature's elements was absolute, a power so vast that it allowed him to stand beside his "Mother," despite not sharing her Divine Status. He had even managed to become the Demon Emperor with his grand Divinity alone. No single god or goddess could harness his divinity to its fullest potential. By shattering his divinity and distributing its fragments among her allies, the enemy goddess had secured a significant advantage. She had summoned her allies to this confrontation, intending to thwart the dying god's actions with their newly acquired divine prowess. "Hah! Just drop dead already. No need to pretend that you're as mighty as you once were," the enemy goddess spat out her curses while locking her gaze on the dying god. Her intent was clear: she would not leave until she was certain her foe was truly vanquished. Yet… despite her bold and provoking words, it was evident that she harbored fear of him. *** The allies of the enemy goddess stood behind her, their expressions vigilant. They could sense that the divinity they had recently assimilated could be reclaimed by the dying god with but a thought. However, the dying god himself recognized that retrieving his divinity from them would be a futile endeavor. His impending demise was inevitable, and his divinity was destined to scatter anyway. "I'll allow you to hold onto those for now," the dying god declared with a composed demeanor. "My rightful heir will come to reclaim what you have stolen from me," he added. At this juncture, only the head and neck of the dying god remained, the rest of his body having dissolved into nothingness. The head flew in the air and reached for the broken sky, drawing the gazes of the dying god's enemies and allies on him. Despite his diminished state, he continued to manipulate the very fabric of the cause and effect spread across the boundless cosmos with his thoughts alone. A runic circle, spanning entire worlds, materialized as the dying god staked the remnants of his being to establish the criteria for his future heirs. "I hope that my true successor will wield my Sins with absolute mastery," the dying god spoke casually, as if he were engaging in conversation with the cosmos itself, treating it as one of his close friends. "I prefer an heir who is the opposite of me and yet similar in some ways. One who places self-interest above all. Someone capable of wielding my powers with a clear conscience, unburdened by the labels of 'evil' or 'heartless,' no matter how many deities and their followers they may vanquish. I desire an heir who will shake the very foundations of the Godly Realm," he concluded, his voice brimming with confidence and serenity. The dying god's criteria were more like guiding lights for the whole of cosmos to select his heir for him. Since he had met his end despite doing the good deeds, he wanted his inheritor to be completely different from him. All so that they would not be schemed against by the other gods just like what had happened to him. The dying god had not harbored any intentions to harm anyone and yet he had still suffered. So he wanted his heir to choose a completely different path from him. *** "My liege!" At this pivotal moment, another deity-like entity materialized, just as the dying god's form teetered on the brink of dissolution. She appeared next to Alephee, her voice laced with desperation and on the verge of tears. Following her arrival, a wisp of demonic flame, having assumed the form of a fly, materialized beside the dying god. The female goddess who joined Alephee possessed an appearance vastly distinct from that of a human. She featured an alluring visage and a well-proportioned, feminine figure. With voluminous, waist-length hair that melded shades of black and blue, she bore an arresting presence. Her dark blue skin and two prominent horns adorning her head were defining characteristics. Her red-golden eyes radiated a brilliant luminance, akin to twin stars. Her aura exuded the essence of a primordial monster queen, capable of devastating continents with a mere flick of her fingers. The human-sized demonic fly that appeared beside this monstrous queen-like entity did not utter words. Nevertheless, its sorrowful demeanor upon witnessing the dying god's current condition mirrored the sentiments of the other allies. "Echidna, you came!" The dying god greeted the horned goddess with a smile. She had come to meet him, despite the injuries she had sustained at the hands of the enemy goddess. *** Echidna was the chief goddess of all the monster gods. She had been leading the monster gods' pantheon with her absolute might ever since she was birthed into existence by the dying god. Echidna shared a very close relationship with the dying god. She had been created with the dying god's drop of blood as well. But after she inherited the bloodline of the Elder Ichor from him, the Elder Ichor had mutated to match her Divinity. If the White Raven's Existential Concept was not created, she would have eventually died as well. The divine curse cast by the enemy goddess was that powerful. The monster gods' pantheon would have lost their leader if that had happened. The White Raven had basically become the anchor which supported the existence of all those who were related to the Elder Ichor in some way. The horned goddess and the demonic fly were taken aback by the dying god's smile and his interaction with them. They swiftly surmised that, somehow, against the odds imposed by the Seven Planes of Sins he had created, the dying god had managed to rekindle his emotions. The dying god conversed with his allies for a while before his entire existence was dissolved into nothingness. During that time, his allies decided to do something to help his inheritors as well. Alephee decided to split herself into seven parts. She had already harmed her Divinity earlier in order to secure the dying god's Echo. So after splitting herself, most of her divine powers were sealed before the seven fragments of her disappeared into seven different directions across the boundless cosmos. The mighty demonic fly decided to interfere with the cause and effect fabric too. But this was not something he could do on the fly. Instead, he needed to harness more souls for himself and spread the influence of the Sin of Gluttony to more worlds. All so that he could finally be able to meet with the true Inheritor of the Elder Ichor. The omnipotent being who was referred to as the dying god's mother gave a boon to the dying god's future inheritor as well, granting the heirs an affinity with the World Wills of the worlds they were born in. As long as the inheritors proved themselves worthy of inheriting the dying god's throne, this boon would show its effects in some way or form. She wasn't interfering with the boundless cosmos or the fabric of the cause and effect. Not really. Instead, she was helping the dying god pass some of his traits to his future inheritors. The enemy goddess didn't stay silent as well. She disappeared from the world after confirming the dying god had truly died, taking a momentary breath of relief from the fact that the biggest threat to her existence was gone. However, she knew that she couldn't stay put. She was bound to slumber once the repercussions of her deeds started to weigh down on her. Before that happened, she needed to make some preparations. The enemy goddess decided to split herself as well. She decided to invade various worlds using her incarnations in order to suppress and get rid of the potential true inheritors of the Elder Ichor. She had decided to take care of these potential enemies before they even had a chance to grow. The enemy goddess also told her allies to be on the lookout. They were supposed to hunt down all the Elder Seeds they could find before they managed to claim the dying god's throne. They were told to use Prophets and gather the clues regarding these Elder Seeds. One had to say that the enemy goddess was cruel and cunning. These aspects of her had allowed her to score a victory against the dying god despite the difference in the Divine Status they shared. This was why the dying god wanted someone to be his heir who could deal with the enemy goddess using her own ways. Someone who could surpass her when it came to cruelty and cunning. *** Eren observed the dying god's final moments with an impartial gaze. In his mind, numerous connections were forming as he processed the dying god's memories. It became evident that the curses and blessings bestowed upon the dying god's future inheritors by both his enemies and allies had played a significant role in his life. However, Eren understood that this wasn't the mere work of fate or destiny that had brought him to this juncture. Instead, it was the culmination of his own choices and actions that had unintentionally molded him into the true inheritor of the Elder Ichor. The formidable guests that had once graced the dying world eventually vanished without a trace. The sky above this realm had been torn asunder, and the very ground beneath had fractured, creating colossal rifts. Before long, the world, teetering on the edge of destruction, succumbed to its inevitable fate.
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To find peace

Amidst clusterf*ck of misery

All I need is but a way

To rewrite my history!

My mask of sanity slips away

But there's nobody to tell the tale

Even gods won't see it coming

When a Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

- Grayback


Eren Idril died as an old, decrepit, and piss-poor adventurer by the maws of a D-Rank monster. He had a lot of unfulfilled dreams and desires that couldn't see the light of the day after the light in his own eyes died down.

But fortunately for him and unfortunately for the world, that wasn't his end. Eren was somehow dived back in time when he was a mere teen, attending Lionheart Academy for adventurers.

When life gives him a second chance, Eren decides to exploit it to its fullest. Experience his vile deeds as he partakes in them without feeling the slightest bit of hesitation.

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Chapter Author’S Note And Important Notice

Chapter Author’s Note And Important Notice

Author’s Note And Important Notice

Hello, readers. Before you start seeing this piece as only a smut novel after reading a few chapters, let me be clear about some things.

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Of course, the novel will focus on RPG elements, Eren’s progress in being a better adventurer than past life, and a lot more in further chapters.

The content of sexual nature doesn’t limit it to being only a smut novel. Neither does it exclude it from that category. It’s only a part of Eren’s nature and serves a sneak peek into some of his future endeavours.

I’ve avoided the smut tag for this novel because of this very reason. A lot of smut readers will want the work they read to only focus or prioritize the sexual content over other plotline. So such readers might get disappointed after further chapters are released.

Also, this note shouldn’t be seen as me expressing my aversion to smuts. I like smut novels if they are very well written with good plot and in-depth, multi dimensional characters. I think writing smuts is also an artistic skill not a lot of people will be able to wield.

Although, I don’t know how my first attempt at writing a pseudo smut will pan out, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I can already say that its way tougher than writing about fight scenes.

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Estimated words: 1864113 (not accurate)
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