VRMMO: The Unrivaled by Shi Luo Ye

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Incident
Chapter 3: Undead Swordsman
Chapter 4: Super Big-Eared Rabbit
Chapter 5: Glowing Chest Armor
Chapter 6: Mad Dragon
Chapter 7: Justice On Heavens’ Behalf
Chapter 8: Undead Energy
Chapter 9: Black Bracers
Chapter 10: Asking To Rentshare
Chapter 11: Gui Guzi
Chapter 12: Ironback Bear
Chapter 13: Asura
Chapter 14: Unyielding Mad Dragon
Chapter 15: Fighting Gui Guzi Again
Chapter 16: He Yi Pays A Visit
Chapter 17: I’M Very Hurt
Chapter 18: Spiky Skeleton
Chapter 19: Young Girl Xinran
Chapter 20: Weeping Fire Blade
Chapter 21: Wind Fantasy
Chapter 22: Spawn Camping
Chapter 23: Wild Bear Hearts
Chapter 24: Applesauce
Chapter 25: Fruit Forest
Chapter 26: Greedy Wolf Card
Chapter 27: Army Pouch
Chapter 28: Let’S Meet!
Chapter 29: Lin Yixin
Chapter 30: Blockhead
Chapter 31: Promise
Chapter 32: Forest Python
Chapter 33: Golden-Scaled Python King
Chapter 34: Moon Blade
Chapter 35: Little Cheat
Chapter 36: Broken Halberd
Chapter 37: Bloody Mercenaries
Chapter 38: Iron Pardon
Chapter 39: Soul Turmoil Armor
Chapter 40: Clear Perfume
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Chapter 42: Wasp
Chapter 43: Venomous Wasp Forest
Chapter 44: Queen Wasp Nest
Chapter 45: Dark Wasp
Chapter 46: Super Dark Wasp
Chapter 47: Windwolf Greaves
Chapter 48: Unrivaled
Chapter 49: Chanel
Chapter 50: Extravagant Spending
Chapter 51: Bn 69
Chapter 52: I Heal, You Attack
Chapter 53: If We Die, We Die Together
Chapter 54: Dark Wasp Reveals Its Sting
Chapter 55: Small Capital, Huge Profit
Chapter 56: Little White Rabbit
Chapter 57: Protoss Genius
Chapter 58: Purple Marquis
Chapter 59: Killer Wind
Chapter 60: Creature Holding Stone
Chapter 61: Fruit Of Pregnancy
Chapter 62: Blood Skeleton
Chapter 63: The Young Master
Chapter 64: Professional Booster
Chapter 65: Undying Shield
Chapter 66: Fake Phone
Chapter 67: Coldmoon Rose
Chapter 68: Hill Protector God
Chapter 69: Thunder God’S Stampede
Chapter 70: World Of Ice And Snow
Chapter 71: Ghost Ice Soul
Chapter 72: Blood Shadow Bracers
Chapter 73: Night Creatures’ Venom
Chapter 74: Coldmoon Rose’S Invitation
Chapter 75: Elemental Barrier
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Chapter 77: Shadow Dancer
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Chapter 79: Working Together
Chapter 80: Nichang
Chapter 81: Good Luck
Chapter 82: Bow Of The Fire Elf
Chapter 83: Hero’S Token
Chapter 84: Ice Ray
Chapter 85: One Against Many
Chapter 86: Protect
Chapter 87: Silver Moon Devil
Chapter 88: Meeting Mingyue Again
Chapter 89: Beiming Xue
Chapter 90: Desperate Gambit
Chapter 91: Crimson Cloak
Chapter 92: Bloodspine Wolfking
Chapter 93: Yamete
Chapter 94: Recruiting
Chapter 95: Mamate
Chapter 96: Meeting Beiming Xue For The First Time
Chapter 97: The Oath
Chapter 98: Ancient Thunder Temple
Chapter 99: There’S A Ghost Behind You
Chapter 100: Blade Demon
Chapter 101: Burning Leather Cap
Chapter 102: Encounter
Chapter 103: Lightning Formation
Chapter 104: Tiger Courage Blade
Chapter 105: Bloody Purgatory Cloak
Chapter 106: Worm Mother
Chapter 107: Thunder General
Chapter 108: Thunderous Hell
Chapter 109: Moonshade Necklace
Chapter 110: Night Out
Chapter 111: Thousand Mirage Slash
Chapter 112: Spearfish
Chapter 113: Charge
Chapter 114: Hyena
Chapter 115: Silver Swordsman
Chapter 116: Steamed Fish Soup
Chapter 117: Aroused
Chapter 118: Burn Paper For You
Chapter 119: Blaze Greedy Wolf
Chapter 120: Flower Room
Chapter 121: Xinran’S Death
Chapter 122: Murder
Chapter 123: Resurrection
Chapter 124: Chaos Ice Cave
Chapter 125: Chaos Necklace
Chapter 126: Brute-Type Soft Sister
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Chapter 128: Who Will Fight Me
Chapter 129: Leader Is Amazing
Chapter 130: Amazing General
Chapter 131: Blood Dance Magnificence
Chapter 132: Tempest Shadow
Chapter 133: Armor Breaking Spear
Chapter 134: Tempest War God
Chapter 135: Man-Eater Flower Graveyard
Chapter 136: Deterrence
Chapter 137: Virus Flare-Up
Chapter 138: Labor Pains
Chapter 139: One Against Five
Chapter 140: Tofu Diamond Team
Chapter 141: For Bravery
Chapter 142: Hall Of Justice
Chapter 143: Cornfield Love
Chapter 144: Song Of Cloud And Water
Chapter 145: Flower Room Bloodbath
Chapter 146: I Am Supreme
Chapter 147: Feeder
Chapter 148: Lover’S Place
Chapter 149: Humiliation
Chapter 150: Fighting Gods Of Destruction
Chapter 151: Bloodbath
Chapter 152: The Defeat Of Snowy Cathaya
Chapter 153: Brute Force
Chapter 154: Unkillable War God
Chapter 155: Flame Dragon Gauntlets
Chapter 156: Recruiting
Chapter 157: Greedy Wolf Forest Military Mobilization
Chapter 158: The Battle Of Greedy Wolf Forest
Chapter 159: Little Brat
Chapter 160: Reunion
Chapter 161: A Dream Come True
Chapter 162: Hanting Express
Chapter 163: It Expert
Chapter 164: First Clash
Chapter 165: Reach The Top
Chapter 166: Running Into Flower Room Again
Chapter 167: Destruction
Chapter 168: Betrayal
Chapter 169: Cleaning House
Chapter 170: Mission Against Traitors
Chapter 171: I Hate You
Chapter 172: Myriad Poison Cave
Chapter 173: Myriad Poison Sandworm
Chapter 174: Sandworm Swarm
Chapter 175: Ring Of Hymn
Chapter 176: Poison Beautifly
Chapter 177: Scorpion King
Chapter 178: Poison Needle Storm
Chapter 179: Abyssal Ring
Chapter 180: Ghost Lantern Wristguards
Chapter 181: Knight’S Outrage
Chapter 182: Envenomed Strike
Chapter 183: Moon Love
Chapter 184: Purgatory Bow
Chapter 185: Ironclad Defense
Chapter 186: The Moonlight Is Pretty
Chapter 187: Together With Dreaming Souls
Chapter 188: Solokill
Chapter 189: The Battle Of Wild Pheasant Ridge
Chapter 190: Ten Times The Fee
Chapter 191: Keeping A Dog
Chapter 192: Shining Battle Axe
Chapter 193: Wild Roar
Chapter 194: Tauren
Chapter 195: Settling Scores
Chapter 196: You’Re Not Worth My Time
Chapter 197: Make An Example
Chapter 198: Moonlight Sword
Chapter 199: Devil Spirit Hall
Chapter 200: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 201: Unaware Of The Oriole Behind
Chapter 202: Mad Slaughter
Chapter 203: Battle Of The Gods
Chapter 204: Blue Sky Scar
Chapter 205: The Gods’ Ambush
Chapter 206: Dog Eat Dog
Chapter 207: Death Shade
Chapter 208: Thunder Slash
Chapter 209: Tenacity Of The Dead
Chapter 210: Carrot Garden
Chapter 211: Returning Home
Chapter 212: Sweeping The Grave
Chapter 213: Absolute Unit
Chapter 214: One True Love
Chapter 215: Love
Chapter 216: Pregnant My Ass
Chapter 217: Rebuilding The Workshop
Chapter 218: Stayfree Workshop
Chapter 219: Dragonfall Lake
Chapter 220: Frost Turtle
Chapter 221: Frost Ring
Chapter 222: Devil Sealing Tower
Chapter 223: Devil Beetle
Chapter 224: Golden-Armored Devil Beetle
Chapter 225: Gargoyle
Chapter 226: Ghost Formation
Chapter 227: Leaf Of Eternity
Chapter 228: Change
Chapter 229: Purgatory Scepter
Chapter 230: Smart, Wise, Magnanimous, Ambitious
Chapter 231: Making A Loss
Chapter 232: Luo River God Of The Capital
Chapter 233: The Fight At The Auction House
Chapter 234: Hell Blaze
Chapter 235: Authentication
Chapter 236: Karinshan
Chapter 237: Infiltrator
Chapter 238: Karinshan’S Request
Chapter 239: The Blade Of Kings
Chapter 240: War At The Capital
Chapter 241: Magic Piercing Slash
Chapter 242: Light And Darkness
Chapter 243: World Famous Generals
Chapter 244: Purple Dragon Howl
Chapter 245: Flexible
Chapter 246: General Ranking
Chapter 247: Second Promise
Chapter 248: Ten Deacons
Chapter 249: Devil Hunt
Chapter 250: Wind Singer
Chapter 251: Is That All You Got
Chapter 252: One Man Army
Chapter 253: Shadow Dancer Elite Cavalry
Chapter 254: Clash
Chapter 255: Frost Snowball
Chapter 256: First Confrontation
Chapter 257: Your Aimer
Chapter 258: Mountain Spider
Chapter 259: Choke Point Group Kill
Chapter 260: Earth Mouse
Chapter 261: Hellish Rockfall
Chapter 262: Firelight Mouse
Chapter 263: Please Control Yourself
Chapter 264: Root Protector
Chapter 265: Root Crush
Chapter 266: Prayer Scepter
Chapter 267: Flower Fairy
Chapter 268: Rain Of Fire
Chapter 269: Heavenstealer’S Boots
Chapter 270: Ice Flame Slash
Chapter 271: Explosion Necklace
Chapter 272: Filler Chapter
Chapter 273: Unreliable Merchants
Chapter 274: Skull Castle
Chapter 275: Skull Swordsmen
Chapter 276: Makeshift Formation
Chapter 277: Pure Love
Chapter 278: Underground Lurker
Chapter 279: Temporary Alliance
Chapter 280: Do Your Best, Big Bros
Chapter 281: Powerful Cards
Chapter 282: Breaker
Chapter 283: The Martial God Descends
Chapter 284: The Battle Between The Best
Chapter 285: One Versus Two
Chapter 286: Old Grudge
Chapter 287: Cyan Water Helmet
Chapter 288: Barbaric Rend
Chapter 289: Dragon Fang Shield
Chapter 290: Range
Chapter 291: Starfall
Chapter 292: Pathfinder War Boots
Chapter 293: Into The City
Chapter 294: Earth’S Fury
Chapter 295: Invincible
Chapter 296: Nine Great Sovereigns
Chapter 297: Obsidian Dragonscale Armor
Chapter 298: Milky Way Bow
Chapter 299: Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf
Chapter 300: Warsky Alliance
Chapter 301: Sky City
Chapter 302: Powerleveling
Chapter 303: Saving The Townspeople
Chapter 304: Encourage Iii
Chapter 305: Attack Like A Butterfly
Chapter 306: Whose Territory?
Chapter 307: Evenly Matched
Chapter 308: Bloodlust
Chapter 309: Collaboration
Chapter 310: Beautiful Little Pepper
Chapter 311: Shanghai Shengyi
Chapter 312: Four Divine Sites
Chapter 313: Battlefield
Chapter 314: Undying Knight
Chapter 315: Xue Lu
Chapter 316: Pillar Of The Nation
Chapter 317: Battle Comprehension
Chapter 318: High Fighting Spirits
Chapter 319: Greedy Wolf Howl
Chapter 320: Horizon Sea Pavilion
Chapter 321: Xiezhi Howl
Chapter 322: Long-Range Bombardment
Chapter 323: Battle For The Divine Sites (1)
Chapter 324: Battle For The Divine Site (2)
Chapter 325: The Battle For The Divine Site (3)
Chapter 326: Snow-Edged Battle Axe
Chapter 327: Conquering The Divine Site
Chapter 328: Bandits
Chapter 329: Internal Strife
Chapter 330: Girl Vs Girl
Chapter 331: Fabrication Fan
Chapter 332: Flying Bricks
Chapter 333: Brawl
Chapter 334: Rainy Day
Chapter 335: X12
Chapter 336: Thunder God Hammer
Chapter 337: Rinser
Chapter 338: Double Cultivation Of Magic And Martial Arts
Chapter 339: Thunderous Charge
Chapter 340: Windchaser
Chapter 341: Ring Of Windchasing
Chapter 342: Decadence
Chapter 343: Assassination
Chapter 344: Twilight Ring
Chapter 345: Purple Thunder Battle Axe
Chapter 346: Universe Bag
Chapter 347: Dance
Chapter 348: But I Love You
Chapter 349: Timely Rain
Chapter 350: Guardian Sword
Chapter 351: Snow Rabbit
Chapter 352: Farming Atop An Icy Cliff
Chapter 353: Chest Armor Of Barbaric Strength
Chapter 354: Freezing Heat
Chapter 355: Wind Of Recovery
Chapter 356: Cyan Tiger Fury
Chapter 357: Arctic Temple
Chapter 358: Ghost God Prophecy
Chapter 359: Martial God
Chapter 360: Blood Maddened Lion
Chapter 361: Ziyu
Chapter 362: The Boss’S Zone
Chapter 363: Forums Battle
Chapter 364: Bloodboil
Chapter 365: Don’T Forget Your Room Cards
Chapter 366: Support You Forever
Chapter 367: White Fox
Chapter 368: Demon-Eyed Wolf
Chapter 369: Tempest Tiger
Chapter 370: Tempest War Boots
Chapter 371: Prepare For Battle!
Chapter 372: Two Rivals Meet
Chapter 373: Reverse Scale Slash
Chapter 374: Desert Battle
Chapter 375: Shangguan Wan’Er
Chapter 376: Killing Three Birds With One Stone
Chapter 377: Burning Cave
Chapter 378: Making Someone Else Do The Dirty Work
Chapter 379: Desert Giant King
Chapter 380: Might Of The Dragon Warrior
Chapter 381: Has To Be You
Chapter 382: Bombshell
Chapter 383: Titan Barrier
Chapter 384: Frozen
Chapter 385: Who Will Rise
Chapter 386: Ice Soul Steel
Chapter 387: Chivalry
Chapter 388: Ice Soul Steel
Chapter 389: Tumultuous Fate
Chapter 390: Fragrant Journey
Chapter 391: Forging A Shield
Chapter 392: Iron Mercenaries
Chapter 393: Soul Of The Wild
Chapter 394: Eyes Like Water
Chapter 395: Purple Dawn
Chapter 396: Changing Tactics
Chapter 397: Lan
Chapter 398: Colorful Because Of You
Chapter 399: Pre-Match Confrontation
Chapter 400: Opening Match
Chapter 401: Junior Lin
Chapter 402: Purple Lily
Chapter 403: Restraint Cast Aside
Chapter 404: Unity
Chapter 405: Top 16
Chapter 406: My Dream
Chapter 407: Struggling Against Dragon God Temple
Chapter 408: Do Or Die
Chapter 409: The Monarch Descends
Chapter 410: Hopeless
Chapter 411: Cold-Blooded Candlelight Shadow
Chapter 412: Enjoy The Feeling
Chapter 413: Wind And Cloud Domain
Chapter 414: The Ancient Sword Paves The Way
Chapter 415: Final Battle
Chapter 416: Absolute Zero
Chapter 417: Verdict
Chapter 418: God Suppressing Necklace
Chapter 419: New Cgl Ranking
Chapter 420: Kiss Me
Chapter 421: Royal Road
Chapter 422: Insight
Chapter 423: Cooking Master
Chapter 424: I Love Campus Recruitment
Chapter 425: Cretaceous Plains
Chapter 426: Thunderous One-Horned Dragon
Chapter 427: Bald Wolf
Chapter 428: Armored Swordback Dragon
Chapter 429: Battle For The Rare Mob
Chapter 430: Gui Guzi Showing Off
Chapter 431: Hegemon
Chapter 432: Death Lord
Chapter 433: Unbeatable Bow God
Chapter 434: Chaotic Battle In The Basin
Chapter 435: Unkillable
Chapter 436: Ardent Thunder Blade
Chapter 437: Fair Game
Chapter 438: Probing Attack
Chapter 439: Frontal Assault Begins
Chapter 440: Unrestrained Aggression
Chapter 441: A Fierce Battle
Chapter 442: Come And Fight Me
Chapter 443: Battles Between Allies
Chapter 444: Alliance With The Monarch Descends
Chapter 445: Conquering The Territory
Chapter 446: Lost In The Kiss
Chapter 447: You’Re Famous
Chapter 448: Nest Of Corruption
Chapter 449: Dark Knight
Chapter 450: Seven Stars
Chapter 451: Fickle Little Handsome
Chapter 452: Fireblade Valley
Chapter 453: Fireblade Helmet
Chapter 454: Frostscythe
Chapter 455: Fireblade Cavalry
Chapter 456: Umbra Sharpshooter
Chapter 457: Green Dragon Knight
Chapter 458: Tia’S Trial
Chapter 459: Earth Spiked Beast
Chapter 460: Magic Piercing Punch
Chapter 461: Earth Lizard Dragon
Chapter 462: Killing A Dragon
Chapter 463: Silver Dragon Ring
Chapter 464: Burning Blade Slash
Chapter 465: Moonkiss
Chapter 466: Sword Boomerang
Chapter 467: Mylin
Chapter 468: Discord In The Palace
Chapter 469: Dramatic Changes In Sky City
Chapter 470: Blitz
Chapter 471: Eating
Chapter 472: Deep Fried Cockroach
Chapter 473: Hurricane
Chapter 474: Hundred Battles
Chapter 475: Giant Purgatory Beast
Chapter 476: Setting The World To Rights
Chapter 477: Collapse Of The Defense Line
Chapter 478: Stonebreaker
Chapter 479: Blazing Shadow Bow
Chapter 480: Resentful Harpies
Chapter 481: First Appearance Of The Rainbow
Chapter 482: Iceflame Strike
Chapter 483: God Dancer
Chapter 484: Flame Blast
Chapter 485: Soul Arrow Rain
Chapter 486: Mighty Purple Dragon Howl
Chapter 487: October Rain’S Mistake
Chapter 488: Soul Suppressing Cloak
Chapter 489: Repel
Chapter 490: Lin Bing Dou Zhe
Chapter 491: Coldblade Descends
Chapter 492: Knight’S Duty
Chapter 493: The Bones Of The Gods
Chapter 494: Defeat Of Coldblade
Chapter 495: Inheriting The Throne
Chapter 496: Necklace Of Fleeting Shadows
Chapter 497: God Binding Art
Chapter 498: Barrier Break
Chapter 499: All Of Us Are
Chapter 500: Wild Pheasant
Chapter 501: Famous General Caps
Chapter 502: I Can Afford You
Chapter 503: Sos, Dear
Chapter 504: New Opponent
Chapter 505: Royal Knights
Chapter 506: Barrier Break Show Its Power
Chapter 507: Breaking The Walls
Chapter 508: Mob
Chapter 509: Galaxy Storm
Chapter 510: Animal Stampede
Chapter 511: Diamond Necklace
Chapter 512: Outwitting The Sea Turtle
Chapter 513: Minotaur Guards
Chapter 514: Arena
Chapter 515: Taking On The Champion Arena
Chapter 516: Defeating Moonkiss
Chapter 517: Lenovo’S Invitation
Chapter 518: Tcl’S Outrageous Contract Deal
Chapter 519: Joining Lenovo
Chapter 520: Massive Contract Deal
Chapter 521: Rose Visits
Chapter 522: Illegal Offline Match
Chapter 523: King Of The Underground
Chapter 524: The Nine Lost Dragon Domains
Chapter 525: Wood Porcupine
Chapter 526: Pool Of Life
Chapter 527: Golden Arrow Explosion
Chapter 528: One-Horned Golden Dragon
Chapter 529: Golden Barrier Blade
Chapter 530: Flying General
Chapter 531: Crimson Rock Dragon Armor
Chapter 532: Ironwing Dragon
Chapter 533: Candle Dragon Switches Things Up
Chapter 534: Frost Dragon
Chapter 535: The Faithful Chaos Moon
Chapter 536: The Conviction Of A King
Chapter 537: White Moon
Chapter 538: Equipment And Women
Chapter 539: Bone Scythe Set
Chapter 540: Moonkiss’S Confession
Chapter 541: Rock Crush
Chapter 542: Great Earth Dragon
Chapter 543: Blaze Beast Card
Chapter 544: Chaos Moon Is A Wmd
Chapter 545: Hundred Battler
Chapter 546: Warsky’S Apology
Chapter 547: Beauty Third Wheel
Chapter 548: Breach
Chapter 549: The Ghost God’S Curse
Chapter 550: Split Galaxy
Chapter 551: Butchering The Rhinos
Chapter 552: Farewell Song’S Ambush
Chapter 553: Star Dragon
Chapter 554: Taking A Turn For The Worse
Chapter 555: True Brothers
Chapter 556: A Sudden Reversal Of Fortune
Chapter 557: Stormy Waves War Boots
Chapter 558: Cyan Netherworld Sword
Chapter 559: Like A Hero
Chapter 560: Famous
Chapter 561: Irregular Construct
Chapter 562: Friendly Match
Chapter 563: For Our Brothers And Sisters
Chapter 564: Mountain Stagger Arrow
Chapter 565: Stunning Result
Chapter 566: The Dragon Warrior’S Rage
Chapter 567: Tolerance And Magnanimity
Chapter 568: Great General He Jin
Chapter 569: Drastic Change In Ggs
Chapter 570: God Hunter
Chapter 571: Cyan Battle Tiger
Chapter 572: Knight General Beauty Rain
Chapter 573: Bloody Dawn
Chapter 574: Dark Pupils
Chapter 575: Apparition Ring
Chapter 576: Saint Spirit Potion
Chapter 577: It’S Time To Go Home
Chapter 578: This Little Girl Has Nothing Else To Give
Chapter 579: Agave
Chapter 580: The Battle Over Agave
Chapter 581: I’Ll Use This Life To Avenge You
Chapter 582: Chasing One’S Dreams
Chapter 583: Recruiting Talented People
Chapter 584: Long Live The Blackhearted Merchant!
Chapter 585: I’Ll Never Fall In Love With You!
Chapter 586: Corrosive Worm
Chapter 587: My Reputation
Chapter 588: Cute Little Naughty And Intercourse
Chapter 589: Humility And Respect
Chapter 590: Persuasion Via Empathy
Chapter 591: Snowing Sincerity
Chapter 592: A Territory At The West
Chapter 593: Hall Of Immortality
Chapter 594: If We Fight, We May Yet Survive
Chapter 595: Together, We Fulfill Our Oath
Chapter 596: Stunning Everyone
Chapter 597: Mountain Stagger Slash
Chapter 598: One Man Holds The Pass
Chapter 599: Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch
Chapter 600: Going Head To Head With Hall Of Immortality
Chapter 601: Ghost Riders
Chapter 602: A Company Of Heroes
Chapter 603: Showdown Of The Knights
Chapter 604: Unwavering Loyalty
Chapter 605: Howl Of The Wolves
Chapter 606: The Heroic Brother Blue Sky
Chapter 607: Werebeast
Chapter 608: Spiritual Protection
Chapter 609: A Costly Lesson
Chapter 610: Gangster Cavalry
Chapter 611: This Guy Isn’T Human
Chapter 612: Betrayal
Chapter 613: Eternal Oath
Chapter 614: Avengers
Chapter 615: False Unity
Chapter 616: Soul Breaker Shield
Chapter 617: Generous Reward
Chapter 618: Clean Break
Chapter 619: Thief Party
Chapter 620: Can’T Hold Back
Chapter 621: Winged Silver Dragon
Chapter 622: Roland’S Demise
Chapter 623: Zealous Battle Axe
Chapter 624: Diamond Dust
Chapter 625: Thunder The Blade Of Death
Chapter 626: Loyal Guardian Soul
Chapter 627: Phantom Wolf King
Chapter 628: Soul Of The Foot
Chapter 629: Powerleveling
Chapter 630: Claw Of The Storm
Chapter 631: The Mad Warrior
Chapter 632: Broadsword Storm
Chapter 633: Tripletasking
Chapter 634: Purgatory Of Ice And Magma
Chapter 635: Super-High Drop Rate
Chapter 636: Dragonbone String
Chapter 637: Blade Of The Earthen Soul
Chapter 638: Purgatory Thunder Beast
Chapter 639: Beiming Xue’S Kiss
Chapter 640: Broadback War Elephant
Chapter 641: Earthfire Realm
Chapter 642: Armored Ice Qilin Horse
Chapter 643: Frightening Slash
Chapter 644: Awkward
Chapter 645: You’Re Not Allowed To Make Me Cry
Chapter 646: Raiding Hall Of Immortality
Chapter 647: Contest Of Heroes
Chapter 648: Frightening Slash
Chapter 649: Shameless Bitch
Chapter 650: The Dark Side Of Humanity
Chapter 651: For Lin Yixin
Chapter 652: Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 653: Hot And Sour Noodles
Chapter 654: Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties
Chapter 655: Damn Arrogant Bitches
Chapter 656: Vendetta
Chapter 657: Aggroing The Enemy
Chapter 658: Intense Collision
Chapter 659: We’Ll Meet Again On The Battlefield
Chapter 660: Storm Of Destruction
Chapter 661: Equal To A Thousand Men
Chapter 662: Chaotic Clash Of Heroes
Chapter 663: What A Despicable Skill!
Chapter 664: Dragonblade Revolution
Chapter 665: Attack Is The Best Form Of Defense
Chapter 666: Viper Dragoons
Chapter 667: A Battle Which Crowns Legends
Chapter 668: Circling Toward The Enemy’S Back
Chapter 669: An Unexpected Foe
Chapter 670: Porcupine Riders
Chapter 671: Don’T Let Little Piglet Escape
Chapter 672: Reserved Woman
Chapter 673: The Last Chaotic Battle
Chapter 674: Whirlwind Slash Vs Whirlwind Slash
Chapter 675: Killing Gods
Chapter 676: Spokesperson
Chapter 677: Live Together
Chapter 678: Grand War
Chapter 679: New Ranking
Chapter 680: Recruitment
Chapter 681: Divine Dayflower
Chapter 682: Ice Dragon Ridge
Chapter 683: Beauty Ice Dragon
Chapter 684: Resurrection Art
Chapter 685: Super Qilin Stone
Chapter 686: Hundred Beasts
Chapter 687: Alligator Shell
Chapter 688: Dark Ritualist
Chapter 689: The Truth Unveiled
Chapter 690: Waiting In The Rain
Chapter 691: Love You, Hate You
Chapter 692: Dragonlight Canyon
Chapter 693: Killing Bears
Chapter 694: Cyanlight Bear King
Chapter 695: The Hero Saves The Damsel?
Chapter 696: Dragonblade Wristguard
Chapter 697: Dance Of Draconic Energy
Chapter 698: Fighting While Carrying A 34D
Chapter 699: Winning The Heart
Chapter 700: Beast Emperor
Chapter 701: Dragonlight Armored Horse
Chapter 702: Extra Condition
Chapter 703: A Promise
Chapter 704: King Of Strange Beasts
Chapter 705: Stampede Of The Hundred Beasts
Chapter 706: Dragonlight Shatter
Chapter 707: Necklace Of Azure Pupil
Chapter 708: Northern Alliance
Chapter 709: Forum Battle
Chapter 710: First Foray Into Dawn City
Chapter 711: The First Internal Conflict
Chapter 712: The Era Of Nation Wars
Chapter 713: Swear An Oath With Blood-Smeared Lips
Chapter 714: Heaven’S Rain’S Arrival
Chapter 715: Official Confrontation
Chapter 716: Dawn Archer
Chapter 717: Headhunting
Chapter 718: A Crazy Massacre
Chapter 719: A Duel Between Heroes
Chapter 720: A Gigolo
Chapter 721: Fairytale Killer
Chapter 722: Vienna’S Sorrow
Chapter 723: Brink Of Collapse
Chapter 724: Prepare To Battle
Chapter 725: Shooting Fish In A Barrel
Chapter 726: Oath Of Four Seas
Chapter 727: The Justice One Can Only Hear, But Not See
Chapter 728: Forest Battle
Chapter 729: Titan God
Chapter 730: Fire Catapult
Chapter 731: Shredded Defense
Chapter 732: Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 733: Luring The Tiger Away
Chapter 734: Horse Hoof Valley
Chapter 735: Tempting Bait
Chapter 736: Beast In The Net
Chapter 737: To Protect With One’S Life
Chapter 738: Behemoth
Chapter 739: Soothsayer
Chapter 740: Sunset Swamp
Chapter 741: Hero Of The Day
Chapter 742: Preparing For The Breakout
Chapter 743: Vengeance For Our Porcupines
Chapter 744: Mystic Alliance
Chapter 745: Backed Into A Corner
Chapter 746: An Avalanche
Chapter 747: Shadow War
Chapter 748: The Avengers
Chapter 749: Beast Tamer
Chapter 750: Dimensional Teleportation
Chapter 751: Dawn City, Attack
Chapter 752: All-Out Brawl
Chapter 753: Joining Hands
Chapter 754: Collapse Of The City Walls
Chapter 755: Battle Soul Possession
Chapter 756: Breaking Out
Chapter 757: Betrayal
Chapter 758: Your Momo Is Dead
Chapter 759: Gods Of Destruction Arrive
Chapter 760: The Final Battle
Chapter 761: Ascension
Chapter 762: The Oath
Chapter 763: If I Love
Chapter 764: I Miss You
Chapter 765: Long Lost Brother
Chapter 766: Sister
Chapter 767: New Cgl Ranking
Chapter 768: Let Me Kiss You First
Chapter 769: Sweet Reunion
Chapter 770: Ultimate Grinding Art
Chapter 771: Smooth Sailing
Chapter 772: Simping
Chapter 773: Come To My Bed Now
Chapter 774: Devil Giant Card
Chapter 775: Thunder’S Taunt
Chapter 776: The Northern Agreement
Chapter 777: He Yi’S Confession
Chapter 778: Sea Battle
Chapter 779: Deep Sea Encounter Battle
Chapter 780: Battle Of Black Sea
Chapter 781: Maelstrom
Chapter 782: Imminent Change Of Weather
Chapter 783: Ocean Storm
Chapter 784: Outer Flame
Chapter 785: Sea Suppressing Poleyns
Chapter 786: Recruiting In Your Face
Chapter 787: Little Piglet Refuses To Fight
Chapter 788: Land Of Soul Suppression
Chapter 789: Shadowchaser
Chapter 790: I Have Good Cooking Skills
Chapter 791: Scavenger Imp
Chapter 792: Soul Suppressing Ruins
Chapter 793: Olympus
Chapter 794: Double Helix Maneuver
Chapter 795: Flesh Eater
Chapter 796: Bronze Beast
Chapter 797: A Maze Of Traps
Chapter 798: Poseidon
Chapter 799: Ambush In The Hallway
Chapter 800: Heavenstealing Tiger
Chapter 801: Protect Our Allies
Chapter 802: We’Re Rich
Chapter 803: Bronze Armor Wolf
Chapter 804: Arthur
Chapter 805: Heaven-Devouring Tiger
Chapter 806: Li Le’S Hope
Chapter 807: Ice Stream Blade
Chapter 808: Separated
Chapter 809: Turncoat
Chapter 810: Joining The Light Side
Chapter 811: Rage Of The Snow Goddess
Chapter 812: Eagle-Eyed
Chapter 813: Spatial Rift
Chapter 814: Dark Prisoner
Chapter 815: Dark Prison Set
Chapter 816: Augustus Spear
Chapter 817: Necklace Of The War Gods Broken Blade
Chapter 818: Tiger Leopard Knight
Chapter 819: Ghost Banner
Chapter 820: Death Of Bloody War God
Chapter 821: Give Him A Kiss
Chapter 822: Teleportation Tactic
Chapter 823: Joining Hands
Chapter 824: Tiger King
Chapter 825: First Come First Served
Chapter 826: Slaying Two Gods
Chapter 827: Well Of The Abyss
Chapter 828: Moonchaser Tiger
Chapter 829: Stealing
Chapter 830: Hole In The Guild
Chapter 831: Sword And Magic
Chapter 832: Attacking White Horse City
Chapter 833: Native Banditry
Chapter 834: Pincer Attack
Chapter 835: Fight? Fight!
Chapter 836: Legendary Mage
Chapter 837: Manipulation Of The Big Dipper
Chapter 838: Phantasm Of Stars
Chapter 839: The Power Of Force Fields
Chapter 840: Back And Forth
Chapter 841: We Will Fight Again
Chapter 842: Ride Into The City
Chapter 843: Princess Of White Horse City
Chapter 844: Fire Godblade
Chapter 845: Oli The Third
Chapter 846: I’Ll Give You My Head
Chapter 847: Lian Xin Repels The Enemy
Chapter 848: Cgl Reward
Chapter 849: Lian Xin Returns
Chapter 850: Girl Genius
Chapter 851: Bloody Shield
Chapter 852: An Uncle’S Request
Chapter 853: The New God’S Tear
Chapter 854: Mingshe
Chapter 855: Secret Operation
Chapter 856: The Path Of Profit
Chapter 857: God’S Gaze
Chapter 858: Dumb Girl Ain’T Dumb
Chapter 859: Mark Of The Divine Arm
Chapter 860: Cultivating Both Offense And Defense
Chapter 861: Spirit Valley Corpse Eater
Chapter 862: Bloodblade Ghost General
Chapter 863: Not Lacking Money
Chapter 864: Mini Skirt
Chapter 865: Ghost Chariot Slash
Chapter 866: Good Little Parasol
Chapter 867: Worthless Validation
Chapter 868: Cloudway
Chapter 869: Holy Magus Dios
Chapter 870: Divine Beast Slash
Chapter 871: Send To Hell
Chapter 872: Dragon God Shield
Chapter 873: Devouring The Heart
Chapter 874: Mountain Crush
Chapter 875: Murder That Bastard
Chapter 876: Never Betray
Chapter 877: Purple Ying Sword
Chapter 878: Dragonheart Knight
Chapter 879: Divine Martial War Boots
Chapter 880: Ccpl
Chapter 881: Lu Chen Borrows
Chapter 882: Resource Trade
Chapter 883: Wel
Chapter 884: Let Time Be Slower
Chapter 885: I’M A Blank Tile
Chapter 886: Coiling Dragon Revolution
Chapter 887: Night Of New Year’S Eve
Chapter 888: First Match, Perfect Victory
Chapter 889: Advertising
Chapter 890: Hitman
Chapter 891: Qigong Bomb
Chapter 892: The Vase
Chapter 893: Touch Of The Dragonkiss
Chapter 894: Fighting Hall Of Immortality
Chapter 895: Wrecking The Knights
Chapter 896: You’Re Poking Me
Chapter 897: Tossing A Coin
Chapter 898: Snow Moon Returns
Chapter 899: Proclamation Of Kings
Chapter 900: Undead Mage
Chapter 901: Stranger Of Three Lifetimes Versus Snow Moon
Chapter 902: You Have No Right To Call Me Ugly
Chapter 903: Advancing To The Eighth-Finals
Chapter 904: Fury Of The Goddess Of Death
Chapter 905: Who’S No. 1?
Chapter 906: Bone Wall
Chapter 907: Pink
Chapter 908: Battle Of The Top Eight
Chapter 909: Powerless Warsky
Chapter 910: Sword And Blade
Chapter 911: Stopped At The Quarter-Finals
Chapter 912: Pop Culture
Chapter 913: Onmyouji
Chapter 914: Dark Swordsman
Chapter 915: Six-Tailed Demon Fox
Chapter 916: Astounding Speed
Chapter 917: Depressed Purple Marquis
Chapter 918: Fruit Knife Recruits Nangong
Chapter 919: Beiming Versus Candlelight Shadow
Chapter 920: War God Rampage
Chapter 921: Cyan Rain Sword
Chapter 922: Shattering Sword And Shield
Chapter 923: Little Sister
Chapter 924: Would You Marry Him
Chapter 925: The Realm Of 0.15 Seconds
Chapter 926: Lian Xin Wins
Chapter 927: Li Fire Of Xuanming
Chapter 928: Spear Of The Knight God
Chapter 929: Mounted Archery Training
Chapter 930: Duplicate Mount
Chapter 931: A Big Deal
Chapter 932: Busy All Night
Chapter 933: Tang Long
Chapter 934: New Cgl Boss
Chapter 935: Can Never Repay
Chapter 936: Pre-Match Challenge
Chapter 937: The First Comeback Match
Chapter 938: Soul Battle Robes’ Sorrow
Chapter 939: Flawless Victory
Chapter 940: Perfect Win
Chapter 941: Five Times The Damage
Chapter 942: Candlelight Shadow’S Junior
Chapter 943: Purple Marquis’S Decisiveness
Chapter 944: Offense And Defense
Chapter 945: Ice Knight
Chapter 946: Number One Swordsman
Chapter 947: Who Shall Take Revenge
Chapter 948: Fighting Kimchi
Chapter 949: Tear Stain
Chapter 950: Goodbye, Feeder
Chapter 951: Timing
Chapter 952: Absolute Strength
Chapter 953: Breeze And Rain
Chapter 954: Landslide Defeat
Chapter 955: The Fruit Knife Saves The Day
Chapter 956: Fighting Cyan Beast
Chapter 957: Absolute Strength
Chapter 958: A New Style
Chapter 959: Disarm
Chapter 960: Red Hot Spirit
Chapter 961: Fighting Fire With Fire
Chapter 962: Two Consecutive Wins
Chapter 963: Reaching The Top
Chapter 964: Fire Battle Dress
Chapter 965: Frozen Domain
Chapter 965: Frozen Domain
Chapter 966: Ancient Divine Dragon Fossil
Chapter 968: Hatching The Divine Dragon
Chapter 969: Space 7 Legion
Chapter 970: Fellow Soldiers
Chapter 971: Air Drop Via Hurricane
Chapter 972: Struggle Of Ants
Chapter 973: Undead Siege
Chapter 974: Paying Homage To The Dead
Chapter 975: Sword Saint Of Stars
Chapter 976: Battling The Sword Saint
Chapter 977: Purgatory Ghost Lamp
Chapter 978: Headless Knight
Chapter 979: Mother Misses You So Much
Chapter 980: S7
Chapter 981: Trade With The Goddess
Chapter 982: Possessive Little Dragon
Chapter 983: The Evening Before The Grind
Chapter 984: Tackling A2
Chapter 985: Sweeping The Grave
Chapter 986: Leaving
Chapter 987: The Divine Dragon’S Growth
Chapter 988: Challenging Sword Lord Of Jianghu
Chapter 989: Perfect Teamwork
Chapter 990: Roaring Tractor
Chapter 991: Floating Ice City Falls
Chapter 992: Twelve Musicians
Chapter 993: Tail Feather Palace
Chapter 994: Chase Not The Cornered Enemy
Chapter 995: Pre-Battle Meeting
Chapter 996: Retaking The Fortress
Chapter 997: Battle Of Wits
Chapter 998: Black Marsh Catapult
Chapter 999: Surround But Not Kill
Chapter 1000: I’M So Touched
Chapter 1001: Range Standoff
Chapter 1002: Zhuge Repeating Ballista
Chapter 1003: First Big Victory
Chapter 1004: Step By Step
Chapter 1005: As Cunning As A Wolf
Chapter 1006: To Cross The Sea By A Trick
Chapter 1007: Ace Versus Ace
Chapter 1008: Ambushed
Chapter 1009: Waiting At Ease For The Exhausted Enemy
Chapter 1010: The Final Gift
Chapter 1011: Food! Food! Food!
Chapter 1012: Attrition Warfare
Chapter 1013: Sky Ridge (1)
Chapter 1014: Sky Ridge (2)
Chapter 1015: Ice River Canton
Chapter 1016: Triple Reinforcement
Chapter 1017: Duke Auneau
Chapter 1018: An Eye For An Eye
Chapter 1019: Godslaying Blade
Chapter 1020: Qiu Beast Cavalry
Chapter 1021: Campaign Against Dong Zhuo
Chapter 1022: The Impassable Great Wall
Chapter 1023: Cloudpiercing Claw
Chapter 1024: Cyan Frost’S Obstruction
Chapter 1025: A Man Like The Wind
Chapter 1026: King Of Positional Warfare
Chapter 1027: Hax
Chapter 1028: Bloody Battle Atop The Great Wall
Chapter 1029: Prelude Before The Storm
Chapter 1030: Leading The Mouse Into The Trap
Chapter 1031: All Brawn And No Brain
Chapter 1032: Flowing Cloud
Chapter 1033: Flowing Cloud Loses
Chapter 1034: Cornered Animal
Chapter 1035: Stamping The Wall
Chapter 1036: Mountain Flash Flood
Chapter 1037: Blood Fiend War Drum
Chapter 1038: Temple Guard
Chapter 1039: So Bad
Chapter 1040: Head-To-Head
Chapter 1041: Intelligent People
Chapter 1042: Final Duel
Chapter 1043: Forever Brothers
Chapter 1044: Divine Elephant Cavalry
Chapter 1045: Wild King
Chapter 1046: Grasp Of The Mage God
Chapter 1047: A Man’S Pride
Chapter 1048: Endgame
Chapter 1049: Final Gamble
Chapter 1050: My Pride
Chapter 1051: Shocking Change
Chapter 1052: Never Surrender
Chapter 1053: Fury Of The Gods
Chapter 1054: Goodbye Young Master
Chapter 1055: The Journey Of Slaughter
Chapter 1056: I Miss You So Much, Big Brother
Chapter 1057: Dispatching Three Armies
Chapter 1058: Never Get Back
Chapter 1059: Armored Yak
Chapter 1060: Only One Man
Chapter 1061: Descent Of The One Hundred Gods
Chapter 1062: Killer God Formation
Chapter 1063: Hunting A God
Chapter 1064: Flowing Cloud’S Invitation
Chapter 1065: Watching From The Walls
Chapter 1066: The Seven Ins And Outs Of Beautiful Little Pepper
Chapter 1067: The Dance Above The Knife’S Edge
Chapter 1068: End Of A Hero
Chapter 1069: Peerless King
Chapter 1070: Gifting Cities
Chapter 1071: A Hero’S Betrayal
Chapter 1072: Foreign Guild Leader (1)
Chapter 1073: The Definition Of Trust
Chapter 1074: Always Loved You
Chapter 1075: Coronation
Chapter 1076: Loyalty Of A King
Chapter 1077: Deception
Chapter 1078: A Reason
Chapter 1079: Come Home Soon
Chapter 1080: Marry You
Chapter 1081: Purple Cloud Ring
Chapter 1082: A Poisonous Dance
Chapter 1083: Purple Frost Concentration
Chapter 1084: Crimson Scythe Scorpion
Chapter 1085: Long Time No See, Girl
Chapter 1086: Zephyr Ironbone Warhorse
Chapter 1087: Cyan Scale Corpse Eater
Chapter 1088: Black Crow Tribe
Chapter 1089: Chaotic Contest
Chapter 1090: Hickey
Chapter 1091: Sacred Armament
Chapter 1092: Berserk
Chapter 1093: Virgin Islands
Chapter 1094: New Objective
Chapter 1095: Faster Sealing
Chapter 1096: Virgin
Chapter 1097: Becoming The Master Of Godkiller
Chapter 1098: Hickey’S Disdain
Chapter 1099: Bluff
Chapter 1100: Winning Hickey Over
Chapter 1101: Tomb Of The Death Gods
Chapter 1102: Death God Set
Chapter 1103: Eighth Promotion
Chapter 1104: Master Swordsman
Chapter 1105: Myriad Swords Obliteration
Chapter 1106: Lexi Visits
Chapter 1107: Searching Left And Right
Chapter 1108: Beg For Food
Chapter 1109: We’Ve Never Been The Giving Type
Chapter 1110: Oath
Chapter 1111: The Immovable Seal
Chapter 1112: Dragonsnake Devil’S Den
Chapter 1113: Southern Barbarian Elephant
Chapter 1114: Bloodthirsty Demon
Chapter 1115: Beautiful Man-Eating Flowering Vine
Chapter 1116: Hitting The Snake At Its Weak Point
Chapter 1117: Mist Rider
Chapter 1118: Ruthless
Chapter 1119: Fire God’S Blade
Chapter 1120: Little Green Snake
Chapter 1121: Blood Dragon God
Chapter 1122: Hickey Versus Flowing Cloud
Chapter 1123: Escape From Hell
Chapter 1124: One And The Same
Chapter 1125: Bloodthirsty Demon’S Suggestion
Chapter 1126: Beauties Arise
Chapter 1127: Beauties Unite
Chapter 1128: Dirge Canyon
Chapter 1129: Frost Wind City
Chapter 1130: Fighting Nation Guardian
Chapter 1131: Dive Tactic
Chapter 1132: Bunch Of Beggars
Chapter 1133: Cannot Afford To Be Selfish
Chapter 1134: Crossing A Lake
Chapter 1135: Moving Toward Final Duel Valley
Chapter 1136: Cyan Frost Blocks The Way
Chapter 1137: The Huarong Escape
Chapter 1138: King Of Destruction
Chapter 1139: Resolving Tension Between Brothers
Chapter 1140: Mad Leopard
Chapter 1141: Emperor Wang
Chapter 1142: A4 Set
Chapter 1143: Rich Bet
Chapter 1144: Old Gatekeeper
Chapter 1145: Melodramatic
Chapter 1146: What Are You Planning To Do To Me
Chapter 1147: Brave General Horseshoe
Chapter 1148: Great Earth Hydralisk
Chapter 1149: Powerful Set
Chapter 1150: The Legendary Sword Saint
Chapter 1151: Battle Astral Wind
Chapter 1152: Dream Come True
Chapter 1153: I Have A Long Tongue
Chapter 1154: Obsidian Metal
Chapter 1155: You Don’T Kill Messengers
Chapter 1156: Another Party Crasher
Chapter 1157: Obsidian Thunder Siege Engine
Chapter 1158: The Sorrow Of Ultimate Strength Break
Chapter 1159: New Threat
Chapter 1160: Song Of Cloud And Water’S Choice
Chapter 1161: Clear As Flame
Chapter 1162: Rough And Tumble On The Desert
Chapter 1163: Blackwing
Chapter 1164: Thank You Dear
Chapter 1165: Protective Umbrella
Chapter 1166: Evil In Power
Chapter 1167: Happiness In Silence
Chapter 1168: Sweet Night
Chapter 1169: The Bone Dragons’ Power
Chapter 1170: The Kill All Strategy
Chapter 1171: The City Falls
Chapter 1172: Destroying Olympus
Chapter 1173: Gods Of Destruction Can Bite Too
Chapter 1174: Divine Dragon Armor
Chapter 1175: Iron Courage
Chapter 1176: Defense Breach
Chapter 1177: You’Re All Baddies
Chapter 1178: Kill Them Myself
Chapter 1179: Friend Or Foe
Chapter 1180: They Hurt Us, We Hurt Them
Chapter 1181: Double Trouble
Chapter 1182: Giving It Our All
Chapter 1183: No Regrets
Chapter 1184: The Final Hope
Chapter 1185: Without The Lips, The Teeth Feel The Cold
Chapter 1186: Ghost Spirit War Boots
Chapter 1187: Li Chengfeng’S Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 1188: 500 Million
Chapter 1189: You Are My Eyes
Chapter 1190: The Perfect Plan
Chapter 1191: Begin The Grind
Chapter 1192: Ancient Divine Skill
Chapter 1193: How Much Do You Love Her
Chapter 1194: Sky Vortex
Chapter 1195: Cyan Wolf Guard
Chapter 1196: Heavenly River Transformation
Chapter 1197: Alexander
Chapter 1198: Thunderblade
Chapter 1199: Dragon Knight Breeze And Rain
Chapter 1200: Xing Tian And His Shield And Battle Axe
Chapter 1201: New Cooperation
Chapter 1202: Xing Tian’S Defiance
Chapter 1203: River Map
Chapter 1204: Sacred Beast Pond
Chapter 1205: The Sacred Beast Tianyuan
Chapter 1206: Xuanyuan Slash
Chapter 1207: Jiuzhou Han
Chapter 1208: Xuanyuan Art
Chapter 1209: What Isn’T, Isn’T
Chapter 1210: Be Your Lin Yixin
Chapter 1211: High-Level Military Meeting
Chapter 1212: Cgl’S Monthly Salary
Chapter 1213: The Three Ancient Demonic Blade
Chapter 1214: High-Speed Retake
Chapter 1215: The Avengers 2
Chapter 1216: Asura Possession
Chapter 1217: Qiong Qi Break
Chapter 1218: Hopeless
Chapter 1219: Receptive As An Echoing Canyon
Chapter 1220: Invincible
Chapter 1221: Wild Ghost Devour
Chapter 1222: Marry You Both
Chapter 1223: Odin Slash
Chapter 1224: Lord Corps Commander
Chapter 1225: Eat More Bunnies
Chapter 1226: Average Black Fungus
Chapter 1227: High-Speed Occupation
Chapter 1228: Hongming Wood
Chapter 1229: Tempting Tear Stain
Chapter 1230: Retreat Without A Fight
Chapter 1231: Twelve Divine Armaments
Chapter 1232: Searching For The Dragonslaying Sword
Chapter 1233: Expedition
Chapter 1234: Fire Dragon Canyon
Chapter 1235: Treasure Map
Chapter 1236: Nine-Headed Hydra
Chapter 1237: Braving The Dragon’S Lair
Chapter 1238: Dragon Knight Captain Callan
Chapter 1239: Suppressing Fire Sword
Chapter 1240: Baddie
Chapter 1241: Drifting
Chapter 1242: Crimson Firmament Slash
Chapter 1243: Hollow Thunder
Chapter 1244: Exciting Journey
Chapter 1245: One-Eyed Evil Spirit
Chapter 1246: The Brutal Mountain Guardian
Chapter 1247: Guardian Dragon Armor
Chapter 1248: Dragonfrost
Chapter 1249: Dragon’S Domain Scavenger
Chapter 1250: I Want These Girls To Give Me A Kiss
Chapter 1251: Dwarf King Nordin
Chapter 1252: Leila’S Lament
Chapter 1253: Rage Of Ancient Bow God
Chapter 1254: Meeting October Rain Again
Chapter 1255: Losing Trade
Chapter 1256: Birth Of The Immortal Blade
Chapter 1257: Waiting For Us To Die
Chapter 1258: Oathbreaker Lin Qian
Chapter 1259: Profaning A Sacred Armament
Chapter 1260: Chain Man’S Moment
Chapter 1261: Battle Of Divine Arms
Chapter 1262: Death Of The Earth
Chapter 1263: Michael’S Heart Throb
Chapter 1264: Cyan Dragon Shield
Chapter 1265: Marching Into Dragon God Cave
Chapter 1266: Dragonman Blade Devil
Chapter 1267: Cunning Swordback Dragon
Chapter 1268: Feels Real Nice
Chapter 1269: Fatal Temptation
Chapter 1270: Snot Dragon
Chapter 1271: Dark Despair
Chapter 1272: Rainbow Shield
Chapter 1273: 100K Per Kill
Chapter 1274: Blood Alliance’S Sneak Attack
Chapter 1275: Crimson Crystal Dragon
Chapter 1276: Duking It Out With The Crimson Crystal Dragon
Chapter 1277: Crimson Refinement Sword
Chapter 1278: Seven-Colored Heaven
Chapter 1279: That Which Shames All Man
Chapter 1280: Challenging The Dragon God
Chapter 1281: Cyan Dragon Scale
Chapter 1282: Little Female Dragon
Chapter 1283: Working Together
Chapter 1284: It Hurts, Big Brother
Chapter 1285: Hold Me Tight
Chapter 1286: Dragonbone Whip
Chapter 1287: Ghostblade Halberd
Chapter 1288: Zhou Ping
Chapter 1289: The Power Of Rebirth
Chapter 1290: Noob Guild
Chapter 1291: Be Your Woman
Chapter 1292: The Real World
Chapter 1293: Chance Meeting
Chapter 1294: Master Of Disguise Ring
Chapter 1295: I So Want To Kick Him In The Ass
Chapter 1296: Cold Of Spring
Chapter 1297: 2V1
Chapter 1298: Official Duel
Chapter 1299: The Immortal Blade Drops
Chapter 1300: He’S The Only One Who’S Allowed To Use It
Chapter 1301: Sworn Brotherhood
Chapter 1302: Purgatory Mad Dragon
Chapter 1303: Bringing Her Home
Chapter 1304: Unavoidable Fight
Chapter 1305: The Six Heroes Battle Candle Dragon
Chapter 1306: Candle Dragon Declares War
Chapter 1307: Awakening And Madness
Chapter 1308: Love You More
Chapter 1309: Put Me To Sleep
Chapter 1310: The Motherfucking Love Rival’S Here
Chapter 1311: Di San Xian
Chapter 1312: I Beat You If You Chase Her
Chapter 1313: One Precious Box Of Dls
Chapter 1314: Retribution
Chapter 1315: The Consequences Of A Declaration Of War
Chapter 1316: The Power Of Twelve Divine Armaments
Chapter 1317: One-Shot Me If You Can
Chapter 1318: The Champion’S Crushing Defeat
Chapter 1319: Dark Mercenaries
Chapter 1320: Unavoidable Battle
Chapter 1321: To Requite Kindness With Ingratitude
Chapter 1322: They’Re Not Our Brothers
Chapter 1323: Selling Out
Chapter 1324: Making Money To Pay The Electric Bills
Chapter 1325: Fighting Spirit’S Hardcore Tastes
Chapter 1326: I Ain’T No Sugarbaby
Chapter 1327: I Win
Chapter 1328: Hero Summon
Chapter 1329: The New Guild Ranking
Chapter 1330: The Rmb War
Chapter 1331: 1 Million A Round
Chapter 1332: The Vulgarity Of Experts
Chapter 1333: Stir-Fried Tomato And Scrambled Eggs
Chapter 1334: Expedition Into Bloody Mountains
Chapter 1335: High Attack Frequency
Chapter 1336: Womanly Tribute
Chapter 1337: The Prettiest Woman
Chapter 1338: Ghost Lake Mirror
Chapter 1339: Lantern Girl
Chapter 1340: Setting Down The Burden
Chapter 1341: Meeting Dark Mercenaries Again
Chapter 1342: The Conflict Of The Wolves Of The Outer Lands
Chapter 1343: I Told You I Was Going To Kill You
Chapter 1344: Good Action
Chapter 1345: Stare Of The Bronze-Eyed
Chapter 1346: Song Of Freedom
Chapter 1347: Scepter Of Divine Flame
Chapter 1348: Defeat
Chapter 1349: The West King’S Wrathful Strike
Chapter 1350: Chains Of Freedom Shows Its Power
Chapter 1351: The Old Mage’S Gift
Chapter 1352: Crimson Dragon Arm
Chapter 1353: Dear, Frightening Slash
Chapter 1354: Hidden Dragon Fan
Chapter 1355: Dragon Demise Necklace
Chapter 1356: Zishui
Chapter 1357: Countering
Chapter 1358: Pity Of The Purgatory Gods
Chapter 1359: The Dragonlight Cavalry Soars
Chapter 1360: Chance Bar
Chapter 1361: Truth Or Dare
Chapter 1362: Lewd Rules
Chapter 1363: Shocking Change
Chapter 1364: Marching To Frostbone Ridge
Chapter 1365: Arrow Of The Outer Lands
Chapter 1366: Little Piglet Makes A Killing
Chapter 1367: Dongliang Borrows An Army
Chapter 1368: Heaven Suppressing Necklace
Chapter 1369: Ray Of Sunshine
Chapter 1370: Becoming A Legend
Chapter 1371: Rise Of The Fire Dragon
Chapter 1372: The March Of Chaos
Chapter 1373: The Boss Killer
Chapter 1374: Ink Qilin
Chapter 1375: A Matter Of Principle
Chapter 1376: The Iron Cutter Cavalry Tests Their Might
Chapter 1377: Sound Out
Chapter 1378: Shatter Queen
Chapter 1379: Massacring Era Of Strife
Chapter 1380: Infinite Quiver
Chapter 1381: Pillaging The Transport Carts
Chapter 1382: One-Shotting Emperor Wang
Chapter 1383: Flying Dragon Wristguards
Chapter 1384: Power Of The Dragon Punisher
Chapter 1385: Battling Flowing Cloud Once More
Chapter 1386: I Am Tempted
Chapter 1387: Little Piglet’S Bane
Chapter 1388: Lost Blade
Chapter 1389: Meeting Mr. O Again
Chapter 1390: Spirit Devouring Devil
Chapter 1391: Purple Wing Unicorn
Chapter 1392: The Second Burning Blade Slash
Chapter 1393: Guardian
Chapter 1394: Skullblood Descends
Chapter 1395: Together With Sunshine, We Shall Conquer The World
Chapter 1396: Conflict Of Heroes
Chapet 1397: Killing You
Chapter 1398: Dragon Soul Ring
Chapter 1399: Shameless Idea
Chapter 1400: Holy Dragon Scale
Chapter 1401: Tenacious And Unyielding
Chapter 1402: Nepotism
Chapter 1403: Bone Slayer
Chapter 1404: Deep Rock Walker
Chapter 1405: Stormwind Blood Claw
Chapter 1406: Double Challenge
Chapter 1407: Can We Not
Chapter 1408: Executor Lin Lie
Chapter 1409: 15 Cm Gui Guzi
Chapter 1410: Godslayer Slash
Chapter 1411: Little Piglet Goes To Battle
Chapter 1412: Thunder Arrives
Chapter 1413: Thunder Abyss
Chapter 1414: Battling Thunder
Chapter 1415: Calamity
Chapter 1416: The Taste Of A Goddess
Chapter 1417: I May Die, But My Soul Will Survive
Chapter 1418: Fire Qilin Set
Chapter 1419: The Great War Approaches The End
Chapter 1420: The Power Of The Sovereign Rank
Chapter 1421: Coldblade Escapes
Chapter 1422: Who Will The Treasure Go To
Chapter 1423: True Madness
Chapter 1424: Soul Shocker Bell
Chapter 1425: Seven-String Yaoqin
Chapter 1426: Little Piglet’S Victory
Chapter 1427: I’M Over Here, Dear
Chapter 1428: Prince Tomb
Chapter 1429: Zombify
Chapter 1430: The Contest For Ghost Armaments
Chapter 1431: Forbidden Ground Devil Sovereign
Chapter 1432: Easily Wounded Man
Chapter 1433: Two Heroes Unite
Chapter 1434: Hunting Ray Of Sunshine
Chapter 1435: Depravity Of The Forbidden Ground
Chapter 1436: Practicing Medicine
Chapter 1437: Sainthelm Ruins
Chapter 1438: 99.98% Casualty Rate
Chapter 1439: Seven Sacred Dragons
Chapter 1440: Eternal Night
Chapter 1441: Headshot
Chapter 1442: The Final Mystery
Chapter 1443: Long Time No See, Binglan
Chapter 1444: The Awakening Of God
Chapter 1445: Binglan Battles The Gods
Chapter 1446: Karinshan’S Gift
Chapter 1447: To Boil The Hound Once It Caught The Rabbit!
Chapter 1448: Blood Barrier
Chapter 1449: Purgatory Ruler
Chapter 1450: Xinran Loves You
Chapter 1451: Becoming An Asura God
Chapter 1452: Wind Severing Sword
Chapter 1453: Creating Divinity
Chapter 1454: Little Xin Has Grown Up
Chapter 1455: Mad God Lunge
Chapter 1456: Solo
Chapter 1457: Snow Frog Agent
Chapter 1458: Fatal Promise
Chapter 1459: Entering The Purgatory
Chapter 1460: Soul Collector
Chapter 1461: Blaze Sovereign
Chapter 1462: Flame God Armor
Chapter 1463: The Chance To Ascend
Chapter 1464: Jailbreaking
Chapter 1465: Purgatory Ground
Chapter 1466: Return Xinran To Me
Chapter 1467: Purple Cloud Armor
Chapter 1468: Xuangu Shield
Chapter 1469: Molten Worm
Chapter 1470: Web Of Death
Chapter 1471: Rising Cloud
Chapter 1472: Hunter
Chapter 1473: Hunter Card
Chapter 1474: Meeting Suren Again
Chapter 1475: Cyan Peak Halberd
Chapter 1476: Gravedigger
Chapter 1477: The Dead Wind Blade Emerges
Chapter 1478: Mysterious Phone Call
Chapter 1479: Great Army
Chapter 1480: Justice Rains From Above
Chapter 1481: One Step
Chapter 1482: Battling Dihai
Chapter 1483: Don’T Die, Uldan
Chapter 1484: Soul Scourge Whip
Chapter 1485: Hundred Beast Elder
Chapter 1486: Banished Lands
Chapter 1487: Entering The Land Of Death
Chapter 1488: Night Fury
Chapter 1489: Trip To Beijing
Chapter 1490: The Big Picture
Chapter 1491: Xinran
Chapter 1492: Ogre Princess
Chapter 1493: Is That You, Xinran
Chapter 1494: The Mountain Man’S Ingenuity
Chapter 1495: The Long Dream
Chapter 1496: The Real World
Chapter 1497: 25% Assets
Chapter 1498: A Huge Cake
Chapter 1499: Selling The Soul Scourge Whip
Chapter 1500: Malicious Competition
Chapter 1501: Kind Villain
Chapter 1502: The Ceo’S Decision
Chapter 1503: Another Restless Night
Chapter 1504: War Song
Chapter 1505: Little Piglet’S Obsession
Chapter 1506: Final Dignity
Chapter 1507: Duel Of Kings
Chapter 1508: Gap
Chapter 1509: Little Piglet’S Goodbye
Chapter 1510: One Hundred Thousand Iron Cutter Cavalrymen
Chapter 1511: I’D Like To Go To The Workers’ Stadium
Chapter 1512: Piglike Opponent
Chapter 1513: Two Newbies
Chapter 1514: New Den
Chapter 1515: Three Little Sisters
Chapter 1516: Absolute Authority
Chapter 1517: Important Resource
Chapter 1518: Ancient Sword Escort Bureau
Chapter 1519: Earthwalker
Chapter 1520: Vanish
Chapter 1521: Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 1522: Red Maple Commits Robbery
Chapter 1523: Air-Sniping
Chapter 1524: Dragon Cannon
Chapter 1525: Crimson Dragon Blade
Chapter 1526: Red Maple’S Strategy
Chapter 1527: Astonishing Bait
Chapter 1528: Might Of Dragon Crystal
Chapter 1529: Marquis Swiftwind
Chapter 1530: Warning Sign
Chapter 1531: Heroes Think Alike
Chapter 1532: Farewell Song’S Challenge
Chapter 1533: Contest Of Strategies
Chapter 1534: Beiming Xue’S Confession
Chapter 1535: Sleep, Don’T Talk
Chapter 1536: The War On The Horizon
Chapter 1537: Magic Crystal Cannon
Chapter 1538: Absolute Fail
Chapter 1539: Beiming’S Snipe
Chapter 1540: High-Speed Battle
Chapter 1541: Dwarven Tamer
Chapter 1542: Whip 'Em Dead
Chapter 1543: Stranger Of Three Lifetimes Battles The Heroes
Chapter 1544: Shadow Of Ice Soul
Chapter 1545: Requesting Reinforcements
Chapter 1546: Killing Purple Thunder
Chapter 1547: Cyan Frost’S Death
Chapter 1548: What Is Sagging
Chapter 1549: Giant Bait
Chapter 1550: Slowly Baiting The Enemy
Chapter 1551: Death At Falling Goose
Chapter 1552: Kiss Of The Goddess
Chapter 1553: Ghost Ship
Chapter 1554: Chiyou Plume
Chapter 1555: For Our Youth
Chapter 1556: Teleportation Tactic
Chapter 1557: Killing The Junior Sister
Chapter 1558: Rescue Operation
Chapter 1559: I Swear I’Ll Kill You If It’S The Last Thing I Do
Chapter 1560: New Subguild
Chapter 1561: Clobbering An Army Together
Chapter 1562: China’S Strength
Chapter 1563: Irreconcilable Differences
Chapter 1564: Massacring The Hall Of Fame
Chapter 1565: Chaos Of War
Chapter 1566: Extraordinary Battle
Chapter 1567: The Knight General Beauties Are Invincible
Chapter 1568: The Unrelenting God Bone
Chapter 1569: Heroic Battle
Chapter 1570: The First Heavenly King
Chapter 1571: Warring Against Burning City
Chapter 1572: Kiss Me Now
Chapter 1573: Offline Meeting
Chapter 1574: Sky Barren City
Chapter 1575: Tackling Cyan Earth City
Chapter 1576: Predicting The Future
Chapter 1577: The Regicide Game
Chapter 1578: Until The End
Chapter 1579: One Month
Chapter 1580: I Miss You, But You Are No Longer Here
Chapter 1581: Those Promises
Chapter 1582: I Have Achieved My Aspirations
Chapter 1583: Even If You Were Shusheng
Chapter 1584: Blood Makeup
Chapter 1585: Meeting The Parents
Chapter 1586: The Wel Preliminaries
Chapter 1587: Reignited Spirit
Chapter 1588: Please Be Gentle
Chapter 1589: Suppressant
Chapter 1590: Immortal Cloud Ice Cave
Chapter 1591: Ice Lion Beast
Chapter 1592: Seven Star City’S Taunt
Chapter 1593: Defeating An Army
Chapter 1594: Stupid
Chapter 1595: Leaving
Chapter 1596: Retracing The Past
Chapter 1597: Fuck Trying
Chapter 1598: Wait For Me
Chapter 1599: New Beginning (Epilogue)
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Alternative Titles:

Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky, VRTU, VW:UUTS, Võng Du Chi Túng Hoành Thiên Hạ, Wangyou Zhi Tianxia Wushuang, 网游之天下无双

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Lu Chen used to be a ranker of the most popular VRMMO game, Spirit of Grief. After a car accident turned his dreams into dust, his disability left him incapable of escaping the pit of mediocrity he was thrown into. Helpless and defeated, his story ended.

Two years later, the Eternal Moon Corporation launched a new VRMMO called “Heavenblessed”, and Lu Chen stumbled into another terrible accident that left him in a complicated situation far beyond his ability to handle. That won’t stop him from rising to the top, however. Not again.

Come witness the rise of the sword-wielding zombie and the relationships he makes during his journey to the apex! For riches and bi- ahem, for career and love!

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Chapter 1: Beautiful Leader

Chapter 1: Beautiful Leader

Translator: alyschu


Looking at the door of dreams

Listening to distant whispers

Oh bloodstained sword

Please guide me on the path onward

The fountain of light cleanses my dusted body

Weary, I still begin a new journey

Blood and tears spread across my eyes, the killing never stops

Oh, my lover, please don’t shed tears for me

The devil will never obtain blessing

I will protect you, even if it costs me a lifetime


It was a moonlit night. A warm spring breeze mixed with the fragrance of flowers and plants brushed across a forest, tree branches swaying in response.

In just the blink of an eye, two swift figures appeared, moving deeper into the forest.


Crushing thin grass beneath my feet, I looked up to the stars and felt an indescribable gloom come over me.

Another party wipe.

I wasn’t alone. Beside me was a beautiful and attractive elf archer. Bathed in poignant and beautiful moonlight, it looked like her face itself was glowing.


She leaned back against an ancient pine tree. Fatigue and discontent was peeking through her features, and her chest heaved as she breathed deeply. She was gripping a saber with light flowing around it tightly. Her chest armor was cracked after the fierce battle, causing a speck of her near perfect curves to peek through it. Her bracers and legguards were also cracked, exposing her pale, round legs to the mountain wind. Her white cape was soaked with blood and severely shredded.

“Let’s stop running, Lu Chen.” She looked at me with red cheeks.

“Why?” I asked in astonishment.

She waved her hands. “We’re going to proceed with the plan in two days anyway. In that case, we may as well set this place on fire and delete our accounts now!”

“Alright, whatever you say, boss.”

I nodded and raised my bloodstained palms slowly.


A burning arrow flew to the sky before exploding into a shower of fire. It only took an instant for the whole forest to become covered in flames.


Bloodcurdling screams resounded throughout the forest. The thousands of players chasing behind us were burned into a crisp as they succumbed to the sea of flames.

I let out a long sigh of relief. “It’s done.”

“Mn.” The girl nodded. “Now, let’s go. Let’s begin our new journey!”

I lifted my hand, and several streams of light composed of data swirled across my palm. My body started vanishing slowly. The beautiful archer seated on the opposite side of me nodded at me with a smile before doing the same. Just like that, we vanished from the virtual forest.



I let out a long sigh and took off my gaming helmet.

It was finally over.

I had fought in the north and the south during the two years I spent in “Spirit of Grief”. I’ve seen honor, felt pain, experienced sorrow, met friends, enemies... in the end though, I had to leave that virtual world.

There was a shiny helmet on top of a table not far away from me. Two bold, cursive characters were engraved on its surface: Heavenblessed!

That’s right. After the success that was “Spirit of Grief”, the world’s greatest gaming corporation, Eternal Moon Corporation, had carefully pushed out a new game called “Heavenblessed”. It claimed itself to be the king of games, boasting top rankings, whether it be design or consumerbase. More than 800 million gaming helmets had been sold in the first month alone, and it dominated the market with a whopping 95%.

The official release date of “Heavenblessed” was two days later, at midnight, with no closed or open beta. “Heavenblessed” was one of the reasons I chose to leave. Many teams were ready to leave “Spirit of Grief” and develop themselves in the new game, and we were no exception.

Heavenblessed’s gaming helmets were split into four different types: low tier, middle tier, high tier and VIP tier. Naturally, each tier was priced differently. My helmet was of the VIP tier. It even had a small line of text imprinted on the side: Proud Member of the CGL Ranking, Falling Dust.

That’s right. My name is Lu Chen, and my legend is everywhere in this world.



I let out a self-derisive laugh before turning on my computer. An avatar nicknamed “Boss” was vibrating in my MSN Messenger. It was of course my beautiful leader.

I clicked the avatar and read the message she left behind to me. “Let's meet tomorrow morning, okay? Where should we meet?”

“9 am, in front of the gym at Sanxiang Road.”

Her response was quick. “Alright. Including your salaries, we’ve got over 200 thousand after selling all our equipment. I’ve made a new card, and I’ll send it to you tomorrow.”


I lay on my bed after sorting out my feelings. I recalled all the things that had happened in the past two years and lamented about the ups and downs of life.

I had worked for the boss for over a year already, but I had never seen her in person before. She told me that her appearance in game was beautified, and that she was a dinosaur in real life.

I didn’t really care about that anyway.


The next day, very early in the morning, I woke up and put on a set of casual clothes. I walked downstairs and strolled through the streets. The gym was only ten minutes away from my place.

Feeling a bit of trepidation, I called the boss again. “Boss, how do you look like? What should I look out for?”

A melodious laugh came from the opposite side of the phone. “Silly boy, just head to the front of the gym and look for the girl who stands out the most.”


I hung up the phone and arrived at the public transport stop in front of the gym. Then, I waited while looking all over the place.

There were seven or eight people at the public transport stop besides me. A brand new black sports car with gorgeous curves was also parked nearby. I didn’t recognize the license plate, but it was probably very expensive.

It was time, but boss still hadn’t shown up yet.

At this point I was growing impatient, so I took out my phone and acted to call her again.

Speaking of which, everyone at the stop including me had noticed that the owner of the sports car was a superbly beautiful woman. She had bright eyes, clean teeth and long hair. Her looks were good enough to compete in a national beauty pageant. The faint smile on her face and the way her hair danced slightly to the wind only increased her charm further and flabbergasted nearly all the young men waiting at the stop. No one was expecting to find such a gorgeous woman in that amazing sports car.


That was the first time I saw He Yi. Beautiful, outstanding and natural, she split open the muddy pool that was my life and bathed everything in light. Everything except her peerless appearance faded into the background, pulling at my eyeballs like a ray of holy light that descended from the heavens.

The beautiful woman didn’t mind the shower of attention she was receiving. However, the corner of her lips curled slightly with dissatisfaction as she called a number.

“Doo doo doo...”

My phone rang. When I brought it to my ears, I heard the boss saying, “What’s keeping you, Lu Chen?”

I was stunned and in disbelief. Was this beauty really the boss I had been working with for almost two years? If that was true, then she had lied to me earlier. She was beautiful enough to shake anyone to the core.

“Boss, I arrived a while ago...”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I walked up to her while still holding my phone.

The beautiful woman turned around to shoot me a glance. Then, she smiled and opened the door, saying, “It was you? Hop in then, there’s a place I want to take you to.”

I climbed into her car while my back was showered by countless sharp gazes of envy and jealousy. They felt like literal swords stabbing into my back.

“Boss, I didn’t think you would be so...”

“So what?” She turned toward me with a smile. Her eyes were clearly playful.

I gulped once and didn’t continue. The woman’s uniform she was wearing had a very low collar, so I had a clear view of pale flesh hidden beneath the fabric. That alone was enough to make my heart throb, much less the ravine that nearly sucked my soul away. It was more than enough temptation to boil up my head.

Next to my boss’s collar was an exquisite-looking work badge. Clearly, she was supposed to be working at this time. Her company’s name, “GGS” was written in huge font on the work badge, and beneath it was her name, He Yi! What really astonished me, however, was the job title written after her name. It said “Asia Region Vice President”!

“Boss, your name is He Yi?” I asked.

“Mn. It’s a good name, isn’t it?” She smiled slightly while starting the car. “What do you want to do in the future, Lu Chen? Or should I say, what are your dreams for the future?”

“My dreams?”

I thought for a second before laughing. “My dream is to hide in a mountain starting tomorrow and live in happiness. I want to feed my horse, chop up firewood for warmth and travel around the world. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to focus on agriculture, build a big house that faces the sea and let spring come to me...”

“Enough, you!”

He Yi let out a giggle. “You sure are hopeless. I guess it’s up to me to be your guiding light again! Come on, I’m going to take you somewhere.”


I asked a bit worriedly from the front passenger seat.

He Yi shot me a mysterious smile and lifted her eyebrows. “It is a place where dreams are realized. The Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls guild is planning to build a high-level workshop, and it’s probably going to consist of all our main members. You are the first candidate that came into my mind.”

“A workshop?”

I felt a little lost. I was alone for the longest time, and now I’m going to be joining a gaming workshop?

“Boss, I think I prefer to be...” I fell silent for a very long time before continuing, “I really don’t think Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls needs someone like me...”

He Yi immediately glared at me and scolded, “Cut the whining and just follow me!”

I could only shut up as ordered. Everyone who followed He Yi knew about her drive, and the only thing we could ever do was to obey her decision.

I didn’t say anything else after that. He Yi was also focused on her driving. Once in a while though, she would sneak a glance at me and smile.

After a while, she passed a card to me. It contained a portion of the income I had accumulated in the last half a year or so. The car quickly exited the city area, and the traffic growing thinner by the second.

At the time, I had no idea that that peaceful morning was about to change my life forever. It was a path in life I never imagined I would tread.


Total Chapters in book: 1600
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