Warlord of Chaos by Hit The Southern Wall

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Young Master And His Slave
Chapter 3 - Obstacles
Chapter 4 - Accumulation Of Energy
Chapter 5 - Enlightenment
Chapter 6 - Self Recommendation
Chapter 7 - Trap
Chapter 8 - Crisis Of Miss Keeley
Chapter 9 - Straw Dog
Chapter 10 - Calamity
Chapter 11 - Escape
Chapter 12 - The War
Chapter 13 - The Discovery
Chapter 14 - Stupid Lady
Chapter 15 - Malice
Chapter 16 - The Bane
Chapter 17 - The Traitor
Chapter 18 - Great Tragedy
Chapter 19 - Distribution
Chapter 20 - Adventure
Chapter 21 - Talent
Chapter 22 - Burden
Chapter 23 - Challenge
Chapter 24 - Capital
Chapter 25 - Army Calling Charm
Chapter 26 - Friends Coming From Afar
Chapter 27 - Honest Man
Chapter 28 - Breaking Through
Chapter 29 - Unexpected Treasure
Chapter 30 - Share Woe
Chapter 31 - Revenge
Chapter 32 - Proof
Chapter 33 - Miscellaneous Knowledge
Chapter 34 - Promising Future
Chapter 35 - Sneaking In
Chapter 36 - Murderer
Chapter 37 - The Shades Of Night
Chapter 38 - Position
Chapter 39 - The Internal Secret
Chapter 40 - A Minor Accident
Chapter 41 - Throwing Knife
Chapter 42 - Good Neighbor
Chapter 43 - Surprise
Chapter 44 - An Interesting Game
Chapter 45 - Cowardly Commander
Chapter 46 - Instinct
Chapter 47 - Self-Admiration
Chapter 48 - Move
Chapter 49 - Hometown
Chapter 50 - Big City
Chapter 51 - The Association Of Mercenaries
Chapter 52 - Trump Card
Chapter 53 - A Hot Woman
Chapter 54 - Separate Action
Chapter 55 - Massacre
Chapter 56 - Information
Chapter 57 - Doing Business
Chapter 58 - Overall Renewal
Chapter 59 - Inauspicious Feeling
Chapter 60 - Task
Chapter 61 - Background
Chapter 62 - Contact
Chapter 63 - Hostage
Chapter 64 - Impasse
Chapter 65 - Gift
Chapter 66 - Tunnel
Chapter 67 - Robbery
Chapter 68 - Merchant
Chapter 69 - Destroy The Bridge
Chapter 70 - Assassination
Chapter 71 - Responsibility
Chapter 72 - Reunion
Chapter 73 - The Strong
Chapter 74 - Fish In Troubled Waters
Chapter 75 - Spirit Possession Operation
Chapter 76 - Uninvited Guest
Chapter 77 - Norms
Chapter 78 - Guards Of Vampires
Chapter 79 - Allies
Chapter 80 - Sworn Enemy
Chapter 81 - Virtues And Shortcomings
Chapter 82 - Departure
Chapter 83 - Burden
Chapter 84 - Strange Magic
Chapter 85 - The Great Prophet
Chapter 86 - Farce
Chapter 87 - Deadly Foe
Chapter 88 - Graveyard Spiral
Chapter 89 - The West City
Chapter 90 - Loneliness
Chapter 91 - Conflict
Chapter 92 - The Coming Storm
Chapter 93 - Man
Chapter 94 - Sudden Change
Chapter 95 - Sobriety
Chapter 96 - Road
Chapter 97 - Bloody Knight
Chapter 98 - The Truly Powerful
Chapter 99 - Opportunity
Chapter 100 - Dead Body
Chapter 101 - Women
Chapter 102 - A Blow To Reg
Chapter 103 - Real Legacy
Chapter 104 - Mutiny
Chapter 105 - Execution Ground
Chapter 106 - Carefree Man
Chapter 107 - Who'S The Real Fool?
Chapter 108 - Surprising Discovery
Chapter 109 - Man And Boy
Chapter 110 - The Abyss
Chapter 111 - Meet Strength With Strength
Chapter 112 - An Extraordinary Person
Chapter 113 - A Boorish Fellow
Chapter 114 - Round Up
Chapter 115 - Profound Conspiracy
Chapter 116 - Monitor
Chapter 117 - Subconsciousness
Chapter 118 - Ambush
Chapter 119 - Curiosity And Favorable Impression
Chapter 120 - Teaching
Chapter 121 - Going For A Battle
Chapter 122 - Prisoner
Chapter 123 - Pain
Chapter 124 - Impotence
Chapter 125 - Explanation
Chapter 126 - Heart-To-Heart Talk
Chapter 127 - The Bet
Chapter 128 - The Legend
Chapter 129 - Methods
Chapter 130 - Titan Kojacs
Chapter 131 - Black Death
Chapter 132 - Obscenity
Chapter 133 - A World Of Sensual Pleasures
Chapter 134 - Conspiracy
Chapter 135 - Inducement Leading To Confession
Chapter 136 - Asking For A Battle Assignment
Chapter 137 - Exclusion
Chapter 138 - Prologue
Chapter 139 - Exhaustion
Chapter 140 - Internal Strife
Chapter 141 - Clash Of Strength
Chapter 142 - Purifying Crystal
Chapter 143 - The Blood Of Black Raven City
Chapter 144 - Value
Chapter 145 - Retirement
Chapter 146 - Rookies
Chapter 147 - Superior-Grade
Chapter 148 - The Truth Of Forest
Chapter 149 - The Wisdom Of Holy Animals
Chapter 150 - Greed
Chapter 151 - A Real Partner
Chapter 152 - Roaring Lightning
Chapter 153 - Self-Created Suspicion
Chapter 154 - The Sudden Battle
Chapter 155 - A Moment Of Life And Death
Chapter 156 - Resolution
Chapter 157 - The Method Of Dan
Chapter 158 - Miraculous Art Of Taoism
Chapter 159 - Bringing The Dead Back To Life
Chapter 160 - Bad Friends
Chapter 161 - Friends Coming From Afar
Chapter 162 - Dragon Slayer
Chapter 163 - To Work Harder
Chapter 164 - Invisible Foe
Chapter 165 - Basic Stage Of Cultivation
Chapter 166 - Ambush
Chapter 167 - Groups Of Enemies
Chapter 168 - Sunier’S True Identity
Chapter 169 - Demonstration Of Extraordinary Ability
Chapter 170 - Bigotry Of A Magus
Chapter 171 - Rescue
Chapter 172 - The Surpreme Sword Technique
Chapter 173 - Joining
Chapter 174 - Armor
Chapter 175 - Fame
Chapter 176 - Enemy From The Abyss
Chapter 177 - The Arrogant Mercenary
Chapter 178 - Trust Yourself
Chapter 179 - Overlord
Chapter 180 - A Strong Foe Reappears
Chapter 181 - Hostage
Chapter 182 - Antidote
Chapter 183 - Reversal
Chapter 184 - Celebrities
Chapter 185 - The Strength That Came With A Calling
Chapter 186 - Passive Vs Aggressive
Chapter 187 - The Master Payboy
Chapter 188 - Moonlight Perfume
Chapter 189 - The Crippling Debt
Chapter 190 - Refining
Chapter 191 - The Whimsical Young Master
Chapter 192 - Advancing
Chapter 193 - The Costly Laboratory
Chapter 194 - The Mysterious Element
Chapter 195 - News
Chapter 196 - The Left Hand
Chapter 197 - Equipments
Chapter 198 - Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 199 - Visitors From The Frozen Highlands
Chapter 200 - Beating
Chapter 201 - One-Sided Brawl
Chapter 202 - Roars
Chapter 203 - Weathervane
Chapter 204 - Dominating Strength
Chapter 205 - The Beast In Man’S Clothing
Chapter 206 - The Perilous Clash
Chapter 207 - The Past
Chapter 208 - Inspiration
Chapter 209 - Fighting For Attention
Chapter 210 - Ring Of Restraint
Chapter 211 - Making A Scene
Chapter 212 - Enemies, Enemies Everywhere
Chapter 213 - Their Future Lord
Chapter 214 - A Lunatic
Chapter 215 - Betrayal
Chapter 216 - Clues
Chapter 217 - Tracking
Chapter 218 - Battle To The Death
Chapter 219 - One Bears The Fruit Of One’S Own Doing
Chapter 220 - Hardship
Chapter 221 - One Tragedy Is Enough
Chapter 222 - Spies
Chapter 223 - Favor
Chapter 224 - Distant Worries
Chapter 225 - Intelligence
Chapter 226 - Interception
Chapter 227 - Closing In
Chapter 228 - The Passing Of Winter And The Arrival Of Spring
Chapter 229 - Coincidance
Chapter 230 - The Lost Paradise
Chapter 231 - The Wager Agreement
Chapter 232 - Chapter 232
Chapter 233 - Discovery
Chapter 234 - Competition
Chapter 235 - Harassment
Chapter 236 - The Target
Chapter 237 - Comrade-In-Arms
Chapter 238 - Lapse
Chapter 239 - Revamps
Chapter 240 - The Almighty
Chapter 241 - A Murder Case
Chapter 242 - There’S Always Someone Better
Chapter 243 - Conspiracy
Chapter 244 - Light And Free
Chapter 245 - Encounter
Chapter 246 - A Mad Cat
Chapter 247 - Intervention
Chapter 248 - The Elven Village
Chapter 249 - Moon Water
Chapter 250 - Opportunity
Chapter 251 - The Horny Dragon
Chapter 252 - First Clash
Chapter 253 - A Surprise Attack
Chapter 254 - A True Hallucination
Chapter 255 - To Learn And Change
Chapter 256 - The Killing Strike
Chapter 257 - Upcoming Seperations
Chapter 258 - Questions
Chapter 259 - Metropolis
Chapter 260 - Counterattack
Chapter 261 - Jeddes' Interest
Chapter 262 - The Nest Of Abyss
Chapter 263 - Characters
Chapter 264 - The Notes
Chapter 265 - The Boat
Chapter 266 - : Refinement
Chapter 267 - The Temptation
Chapter 268 - The Storm
Chapter 269 - Success
Chapter 270 - A Huge Trouble
Chapter 271 - Scream And Shout
Chapter 272 - The Real Guru
Chapter 273 - Expedition
Chapter 274 - The Exiled Seven Brothers
Chapter 275 - Righteousness
Chapter 276 - The Trial Of A Forbidden Spell
Chapter 277 - An Unreliable Alliance
Chapter 278 - Red Lotus Hellfire
Chapter 279 - Childish Lies
Chapter 280 - A Huge Threat
Chapter 281 - Attack
Chapter 282 - A Surprising Meeting With An Old Friend
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One of the few self-cultivator who exist in this modern world; due to an unfortunate event, completely destroyed his body in an explosion. Using all his effort to save his primordial spirit, he ended up in an strange magical world and had to start all over again. From a fallen aristocrat to the Warlord of Chaos, this can no longer be summarise as legendary; this is the life of the God of War.

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Chapter 1 - Death Is Absolutely Not The Last Thing Of Life

Chapter 1: Death Is Absolutely Not the Last Thing of Life


Wuxia Dog


Wuxia Dog

Radon Town is a very common town with nothing remarkable. Right under a dilapidated earth wall in one of the alleys south of the market in Radon Town laid a ragged young man. Though the alley was crowded with people hurrying to and from, no one even cast a simple glance at this young man, for they had long been used to this.

A black lightning streaked across the sky silently and the young man suddenly shook his ragged body, letting out a painful groan, but still, drew attention from nobody.

Just then, a girl aged sixteen or seventeen ran into the alley, chased by two middle-aged men, crying: ” Miss, hold on, Miss…”

The girl strode from the earth wall, trying to get rid of the two tagalongs, but failed. Annoyed by this, she stopped abruptly, turned around and shrieked: “Do not follow me! Do you really want me to marry that damn dwarf! ” Before her voice had died away, the girl raised her hand, threw off the necklace at the two ass-kissers with all her strength.

The man running in front was caught off guard and raised his hand to block away the necklace, which flied out after the collision, drawing a trajectory in the air before it finally dropped on the forehead of the ‘beggar’ , scarlet beads rolling down, dotting the ground with shining lights.

Han Jin struggled to open his eyes. The first thing came into his mind after regaining his consciousness was not the environment around him, nor the oddness or puzzlement he had felt through the passing of time and space, but how to relieve his hunger!

He should not be defeated by hunger considering his strong willpower if it was not for the reason the way he cultivated himself. Han Jin’s teacher was one of the legends who created a particular way of cultivation. He once instructed that spirit power, as gasoline in modern times, was also a kind of resource. Gasoline would be run out of a thousand years later due to rapid consumption speed, leaving cars useless but mere decorates in museums, the same would be for spirit power, which had already been near its end after being consumed by countless friars long time ago, thus it was impossible to upgrade one’s level through normal channels, and the original cultivating ways would also be useless for modern people.

Besides, analyzed from life form, animals are advanced than plants. It is a plant way to absorb the spirit between heaven and earth through breathing. Thus it would be better to change minds thoroughly than waste the remaining spirit power with not much left. As modern science has proved, if the body could digest food and absorb its energy thoroughly, one piece of bread would be enough for one day’s energy consumption. Moreover, it is an animal way to supplement the energy of life via feeding, which must be more advanced than the plant form since animals are advanced than plants.

In the comprehensive system of cultivation, the energy absorbed via feeding was only grain essence , sketchier when compared with congenital spirit. However, Han Jin’s teacher insisted that though various in types, energy could be traced to the same source.

He had earnestly practiced what he had advocated and gone further and further in this unprecedented path, which were beyond the understanding of many, who had laughed at him as a rice bucket, for the amount of food he could eat in one meal would be enough for hundreds of people for one day. Even the legendary Zhang Guolao who had been famous for his gluttonous appetite could only stuff half a cow into his stomach in one meal. But sneer counted to nothing, it was time that could prove the truth. Fellows at Han Jin’s teacher’s age died one after another against the erosion of time. For them, to get upgraded was merely a dream beyond realization. The only one that still survived was Han Jin’s teacher, and only survival can still bring him hope, not to comment whether it was through the right path or not.

Han Jin was really a lucky guy, for that his ancestors have had figured out a set of feasible ways for cultivation. He could just indiscriminately imitate those ways and refer to the effects at each level. He had to admit that the way his teacher practiced was to some extent more efficient and easier than plant method. Han Jin had not started cultivation until the age of sixteen, however, he had managed to surpass most of his peers and distinguished himself within merely seven years, even compared to the peers many were from noble families that are famous for cultivation.

Were there no other trifles to worry about ,he could abandon himself to eating for the whole day and digest and take in ninety nine point nine percent of what he had eaten, approximately one hundred percent.

The moment his body was destroyed, Han Jin recalled what his teacher had told him: death is absolutely not the last thing of life! And he, with his confidence in his teacher and unremitting persistence, retained his spirit and endeavored to find an incredible path which led him to this strange world.

Han Jin had no interest in whom this body belonged to, nor cared about the body’s spirit, what he was eager for at this moment was nothing but energy. His hunger was amplified, to an extent that is out of his own control.

So when he laid his eyes on the scarlet beads, the first thing came across him was energy! Without thinking over the texture of the “food”, Han Jin grabbed a bead with twitching hands and wolfed it down. After his completion of basis construction, he could swallow anything that contains energy, from Tianshan Warm Jade to Huan River Fire Essence and Star River Sand, anything that other friars considered as materials for making magic weapons would be edible to him, and he can absorb them completely.

“Hey… That is not edible!” exclaimed the girl after seeing this. In fact the necklace she wore was made of the magic crystal from long-ear rabbit, a low grade holy animal, though containing fire element, it was too little to have substantial functions, thus this crystal was usually used to make necklace for decoration.

Han Jin’s eyes protruded when the red bead rolled into his esophagus. “No!” He mused as he sensed danger in his stomach. The cultivation art he was practicing got its own limit. Edible grain essence would be no problem to be absorbed, on the contrary, the more the better, but energy from rare jewels and precious stones must be took in according to strict rules. For example, if one had already stored one thousand energy in his body, he then could take in another 1 energy within one day, that is zero point one percent of his original energy. Should he dare to take in more than 10, also one percent of his original energy, immense damage would be brought to his body, even led him to a mad status. Since now Han Jin’s body was empty without any energy, any jewel could take away his life.

If it were in the past, these red beads would be good “food” for him to replenish energy, but now he had to dig his throat with one hand and punch his abdomen with the other. “Puff!” The red bead shot out from his mouth like a bullet, his body thudded down onto the ground, motionless.

“Is this beggar out of his mind??” seeing this, the girl murmured while patting at her chest.

One of the middle-aged man stretched his finger before Han Jin’s nose, as if trying to test whether this lunatic was still alive or not. Then color on his face got changed: “Miss, we’d better leave right now, this guy is dead!”

“What?” The girl was also startled, rushed towards Han Jin to confirm by herself, but she was held back by the middle-aged man, who was grabbing her arm.

“Miss,it’s not worth to get into trouble for this beggar, let’s leave hurriedly!” The man knew clearly that his young master had made great trouble and would be in danger if someone take advantage of this accident.

“Let me go! I want to have a look at this poor guy! May be…” the girl struggled.

“Miss, please be sensible.” anxious sweat dropped down from the head of the middle-aged man, after winking an eye at the other man, they dragged the girl away from the site.

No one know how long passed, Han Jin came to himself by a burst of husky and heartrending cry. He opened his eyes and found himself being held in the arms of a dusty boy, the chest of whom fluctuated ups and downs and the vibration generated from the cry could be sensed clearly.

An attempt of Han Jin’s struggle stopped the cry, what appeared next was a miserable face, though originally delicate with large eyes and straight nose, it was totally defamed by its dirty, two strips left by tears crept on it, wild locks of hair covered the forehead like straw, dispersing some kind of horrible odor. Han Jin flinched unconsciously.

“Light god blessed! Young Master, finally you’re awake!!” The boy cried due to extreme happiness, tears burst out again from his eye sockets. He scooped a piece of bread with both hands and passed it to Han Jin: “It’s all my false to make you hungry, young master, I should come back with food earlier!”

Hearing this, Han Jin racked his brain for information, but nothing was more attractive than the bread in front of his eyes. He scrambled the bread and stuffed it into his mouth.

Along with the gulp of food, a feeling of unspeakable satisfaction filled in his heart, made him trembling and even wailing. The last thing he would think about was what hunger had turned him into! A story crossed his mind, which said that a group of miners were trapped under a mine for around five or six days. After they were saved, the most energetic one kept away from the doctors’ supervision and abandoned himself to guzzle, turning out that he was finally stuffed to death. What a woe! Han Jin now completely understand such feeling.

Though changed into another body, the cultivation formula was still in Han Jin’s mind. The swallowed bread rapidly turned into a trace of energy, moistening the nearly collapsed body and mind. As Han Jin narrowed his eyes with satisfaction, the young boy pursed his lips, grinning.

“Steelberg?” Han Jin asked tentatively with his eyes wide open,his body charged with new energy and his brain soberer.

“Yes, young master?”

“Nothing…” dry coughed Han Jin, confirming himself that the information he received was not illumination, the boy in front of him was none other than his family slave, the last property of a decaying aristocrat. ” Have you got any more bread? I…”

“Ah? I see, I am sorry that you are still hungry, wait a minute and I will buy more.” Steelberg jumped to his feet and left.


Total Chapters in book: 282
Estimated words: 573420 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2867(@200wpm)___ 2294(@250wpm)___ 1911(@300wpm)