What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? by Draekai

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - I Shall Get A Disciple
Chapter 3 - Geezer Gathering
Chapter 4 - Thirst For Power
Chapter 5 - I Screwed Up?
Chapter 6 - First Disciple
Chapter 7 - First Victims
Chapter 8 - Fox'S Predicament
Chapter 9 - Request Complete
Chapter 10 - Deja Vu
Chapter 11 - Dark Sect
Chapter 12 - Unum Caput Abscisum Restituitur Bis
Chapter 13 - Auction
Chapter 14 - Myriad Colours
Chapter 15 - Another Flag
Chapter 16 - Flag? What Flag?
Chapter 17 - And Another One
Chapter 18 - Fake Transitioning
Chapter 19 - Entry To Hell
Chapter 20 - Awakenings
Chapter 21 - Preparing For The Tournament Arc
Chapter 22 - Girls' Talk
Chapter 23 - I Want Overtime Pay
Chapter 24 - Throwing Smoke
Chapter 25 - It'S A Date, Is It?
Chapter 26 - Demotion And Promotion
Chapter 27 - Wait, It'S Already The Tournament Arc?
Chapter 28 - Fox And Lightning
Chapter 29 - A Conversation In One'S Head
Chapter 30 - Obligatory Set Up Before The Big Fight
Chapter 31 - Obligatory Ass Kicking
Chapter 32 - Obligatory Side Characters Looking For Trouble
Chapter 33 - In The Fire And Flames
Chapter 34 - Ball Busting
Chapter 35 - A Little Consolation
Chapter 36 - A Little Wake Up Call
Chapter 37 - After The Tournament Arc, It'S The School Arc
Chapter 38 - Do Not Pursue
Chapter 39 - The Sable Cicada
Chapter 40 - You'Re A Wizard
Chapter 41 - Face Slapping, Literally
Chapter 42 - Late Night Visits
Chapter 43 - Door To Door Salesman
Chapter 44 - Please Hurt Me
Chapter 45 - Here'S Some Punishment
Chapter 46 - Making Lesson Plans
Chapter 47 - Int. Diao Chan'S Room - Day
Chapter 48 - New Challenger(S)
Chapter 49 - A Spank A Day Keeps The M On Cloud Nine
Chapter 50 - Of Course If It'S A School Arc There'S...
Chapter 51 - The Real Steal
Chapter 52 - First Flick
Chapter 53 - Of Course The Bath Scene Is Mandatory
Chapter 54 - Extracurricular Lessons
Chapter 55 - Of Course There'S A Festival In The School Arc
Chapter 56 - The Students Become The Preachers
Chapter 57 - Do You Even Logistics?
Chapter 58 - When A Yandere Is Yandere For A Yandere
Chapter 59 - Of Course Elves Are Mandatory In A Fantasy Story
Chapter 60 - And Here'S The Festival Arc
Chapter 61 - Playing Hard To Catch
Chapter 62 - The Prelude
Chapter 63 - Thousand Cherry Blossoms
Chapter 64 - Hunter Becomes The Hunted, But Who Really Was The Hunter Anyway?
Chapter 65 - And Just A Pinch Of Salt
Chapter 66 - Then I Saw Her Face, Now I'M A Believer
Chapter 67 - What'S A Festival Without Some Friendly Competition
Chapter 68 - 'Cause Baby You'Re A...
Chapter 69 - I Am Inevitable
Chapter 70 - The First Blasphemer
Chapter 71 - The Second Blasphemer
Chapter 72 - And The Unfortunate Bystander
Chapter 73 - I Found A Founder
Chapter 74 - A New Toy!
Chapter 75 - Shota Power
Chapter 76 - Nothing To See Here
Chapter 77 - Start Of Childhood Arc... Wait, What?
Chapter 78 - Meeting The Family
Chapter 79 - Family Reunion
Chapter 80 - My Little Brother Can'T Be This Cute?!
Chapter 81 - *Taps Forehead*
Chapter 82 - His Background Circumtances
Chapter 83 - Let'S Split Up And Look For Clues!
Chapter 84 - The Advent
Chapter 85 - I Have The Power
Chapter 86 - And There Were Two
Chapter 87 - And Suddenly, There'S Kingdom Building
Chapter 88 - Pot Meets Kettle
Chapter 89 - Could I Be A Child Star Too?!
Chapter 90 - Start Of Something New
Chapter 91 - Slash And Preach
Chapter 92 - Civil War
Chapter 93 - Shotacons Vs Lolicons
Chapter 94 - The Other Side Of The Coin
Chapter 95 - And She'S Back
Chapter 96 - Taken
Chapter 97 - Aw Here We Go Again
Chapter 98 - Get To The Choppa
Chapter 99 - Taken 2
Chapter 100 - This Place'S About To Blow-Oh-Oh
Chapter 101 - The Anomaly
Chapter 102 - Poof And You'Re Gone... For Now
Chapter 103 - And Here Is The Separation Arc
Chapter 104 - I Still Got It
Chapter 105 - And Thus Ends The Separation Arc
Chapter 106 - Integration
Chapter 107 - Building Castles In The Sky
Chapter 108 - Waking Up To Fantasy
Chapter 109 - With Great Power...Comes A Greatly Unrestrained Advancement To The Human Race
Chapter 110 - Down Another Foxhole
Chapter 111 - You Have Received A New Quest!
Chapter 112 - Noobslayer69420 Has Joined Your Party
Chapter 113 - When You Have To Carry Your Team
Chapter 114 - When The End Game Player Returns To The Starting Area
Chapter 115 - When You Fight Two Consecutive Bosses Without A Save Point In Between
Chapter 116 - One Punch Is All I Need
Chapter 117 - Scouting The Pests
Chapter 118 - If You Have Elves, Orcs Are Mandatory Too
Chapter 119 - It'S Stabby Time Again
Chapter 120 - Papa'S Good Girl
Chapter 121 - So... Purge?
Chapter 122 - Raising Flags With The Other Fox
Chapter 123 - Setting The Mousetrap
Chapter 124 - When You'Re Going About Your Day But The Boss Fight Theme Starts Playing
Chapter 125 - But It'S Ok Because You'Re On New Game Plus
Chapter 126 - Another Fluff Get
Chapter 127 - A Doomed Man
Chapter 128 - A Damned Man
Chapter 129 - Back To The Lab Again
Chapter 130 - It'S Playtime
Chapter 131 - Shining In The Spotlight
Chapter 132 - And They Lived Happily Ever After... Maybe
Chapter 133 - On The Ride Home
Chapter 134 - Of Course There'S Something Sealed Inside You
Chapter 135 - There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Mofu Mofu
Chapter 136 - Breathing Is Important For Swordsmen
Chapter 137 - My Disciple Is A Prodigy?
Chapter 138 - Cuddling Is Important For Health
Chapter 139 - Guess We'Re Walking
Chapter 140 - How Dare You Kill Steal A Yandere?
Chapter 141 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Chapter 142 - Everyone Did An Oopsie
Chapter 143 - Just A Small Bit Of Disciplining
Chapter 144 - Deus Vult
Chapter 145 - I'Ll Just Wander Off Alone, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Chapter 146 - You'Re My Golden Finger All Along!
Chapter 147 - There Goes My Vacation Plans
Chapter 148 - You Got Bamboozled
Chapter 149 - Let It Burn
Chapter 150 - Rise To Power
Chapter 151 - We'Re Building It Up, To Break It Back Down
Chapter 152 - Burn The Bridges Because Who Needs Them Anyway?
Chapter 153 - After The Childhood Arc, It'S The School Arc... Wait, What?
Chapter 154 - A Middle-Aged Man Posing As A Teenager Going To School
Chapter 155 - The Past Returns To Haunt
Chapter 156 - When It Goes A Full Circle
Chapter 157 - When The Yandere Switch Gets Flipped
Chapter 158 - The Legendary Immortal
Chapter 159 - How To Get Attention
Chapter 160 - Detective Lin... I Mean Mark Is On The Case
Chapter 161 - A Link To The Hidden Faces
Chapter 162 - I'M No Hero
Chapter 163 - Are You A God?
Chapter 164 - It'S Tough To Be A God
Chapter 165 - Looks Like Another Purge Is In Order
Chapter 166 - I Got My Eye On You
Chapter 167 - An 'Even' Fight
Chapter 168 - Honour? Never Cared About That
Chapter 169 - Oops, I Did It Again
Chapter 170 - Suffering From Success
Chapter 171 - I Knew There Was Something Wrong With You All Along!
Chapter 172 - Meanwhile, The Vacationers
Chapter 173 - Having Fun With My Sister
Chapter 174 - Old Men To The Rescue!
Chapter 175 - Face Slapping Is Crucial For Plot
Chapter 176 - The Not So Literal Face Slap
Chapter 177 - Of Course Going Out When A Monster Is Around Is A Great Idea
Chapter 178 - A Practitioner Is Never Late, He Arrives Exactly When He Means To
Chapter 179 - The Prelude Of A Beatdown
Chapter 180 - You Ate My Candies?!
Chapter 181 - The Beatdown
Chapter 182 - When Even The Judgement In Hell Is Rigged
Chapter 183 - I'M A Big Boy Now
Chapter 184 - Candy For The Good Girl
Chapter 185 - You'Re A Sky Full Of Stars
Chapter 186 - Time To Teach These Kids
Chapter 187 - Time To Beat These Kids
Chapter 188 - Time To Get Beaten By The Kids
Chapter 189 - Time To Traumatise The Kids
Chapter 190 - Get Wrecked Son
Chapter 191 - You'Re Doing It Wrong
Chapter 192 - When You Expect The Worst But It'S Even Worse Than You Thought
Chapter 193 - Poking The Vacationing Dragon
Chapter 194 - Sounds Like Another Purge Is In Order
Chapter 195 - Foxhunting
Chapter 196 - I'M Not Trapped Here With You, You Are Trapped Here With Me
Chapter 197 - You Have Unsealed The Beast
Chapter 198 - Steal My Mofu Mofu, I'Ll Make You Into Mapo Tofu
Chapter 199 - Kill Him
Chapter 200 - We Will Get Right Back To The Purge After This Intermission
Chapter 201 - I Screwed Up Again
Chapter 202 - Today, We Dine In Hell
Chapter 203 - Kill Them
Chapter 204 - The Alchemist
Chapter 205 - Oh Look! It'S A Yandere!
Chapter 206 - Two Young Men In A Room
Chapter 207 - Shopping List
Chapter 208 - A Flower For The Flower Girl
Chapter 209 - Meeting The Parents
Chapter 210 - No Homo
Chapter 211 - Stop Right There Criminal Scum!
Chapter 212 - How Dare You Stab Someone Without Greeting Them First?!
Chapter 213 - He Protec, He Attac
Chapter 214 - Playing The Long Con
Chapter 215 - The Prowling Kitten
Chapter 216 - Times Have Changed
Chapter 217 - When You Find Out About Your Parent'S Affair
Chapter 218 - Father Son Combo
Chapter 219 - Distance Makes The Yandere Even More Yan
Chapter 220 - Welcome To The Club
Chapter 221 - This Is A Date, Isn'T It?
Chapter 222 - I Demand To Speak To The Person Of Authority!
Chapter 223 - You Messed With The Wrong Customer
Chapter 224 - At Least The Big Boss Knows What'S Up
Chapter 225 - It Was At This Moment, He Knew He Fked Up
Chapter 226 - Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 227 - If You Like It, Put A Ring On It
Chapter 228 - Time To Burn Everything
Chapter 229 - A Compensation Of Blood
Chapter 230 - Six Rings For The Valkyries Serving God
Chapter 231 - Welcoming Your Master And Lord
Chapter 232 - When Your Family Isn'T Atheist But Actual Cult Members
Chapter 233 - We Are One Family
Chapter 234 - Another Familiar Face
Chapter 235 - More Obligatory Problems Before The 'Tournament'
Chapter 236 - When Someone Else Puts Your Name In The Goblet
Chapter 237 - When They Throw Numbers At You Hoping It Will Work
Chapter 238 - This Is A Friendly Competition Right?
Chapter 239 - Meanwhile There'S A Torture Session Going On Here
Chapter 240 - Torturing Infidels Is Important, But Master Is More Important
Chapter 241 - You Don'T Find Me, I Find You
Chapter 242 - When You Like To Tease Them With False Hope
Chapter 243 - And Then You Crush Them Without Mercy
Chapter 244 - Princess'S First Contact
Chapter 245 - The Point Where Two Timelines Merged
Chapter 246 - The Princess Bystander
Chapter 247 - A Gift From Monsters
Chapter 248 - Want To See A Magic Trick?
Chapter 249 - Political Gifts
Chapter 250 - What Storage
Chapter 251 - After Party Invitation
Chapter 252 - Tea Time With Royals
Chapter 253 - The Face Reveal
Chapter 254 - Who Is She?
Chapter 255 - Are We The Baddies?
Chapter 256 - I Make Big Brain Move
Chapter 257 - Lightning Can Strike The Same Place Twice
Chapter 258 - The Drums Of War
Chapter 259 - I'D Rather Not Sneak Around
Chapter 260 - Don'T Drop The Soap
Chapter 261 - I'M The Boss Now
Chapter 262 - I'M Your Boss Now
Chapter 263 - Call To Arms
Chapter 264 - Why Build An Army If You Can Take Over An Existing One?
Chapter 265 - A Little Bit Of Peace Before It Shatters
Chapter 266 - This Was How The World Ended
Chapter 267 - No Plan Survives First Contact With The Enemy
Chapter 268 - Ah Yes, The Negotiator
Chapter 269 - People Killing, People Dying
Chapter 270 - You Cannot Fight Alone In This War
Chapter 271 - A Threat And A Promise
Chapter 272 - When All Strategy Fails, Charge
Chapter 273 - A Horse, A Swordswoman And A Loli Dragon Walked Into A Battlefield
Chapter 274 - Your Soldiers Are Now Belong To Us
Chapter 275 - Reinforcements Have Arrived
Chapter 276 - United We Stand, United They Fall
Chapter 277 - Doing Some Landscaping
Chapter 278 - Who Are You Again?
Chapter 279 - When All Your Preparations Were All For Naught
Chapter 280 - Me And This Army
Chapter 281 - I Did Not Ask For This Big Of An Army
Chapter 282 - The Demoness(?) And The God
Chapter 283 - She Has It Too
Chapter 284 - Nobody Likes Busybodies
Chapter 285 - Got To Go, Talk To You Later
Chapter 286 - What Have You Guys Been Up To?
Chapter 287 - "Damage Control"
Chapter 288 - We All Need A Vacation
Chapter 289 - You Thought It Was Time To Relax? Psych!
Chapter 290 - An Immortal And His Horse Jumps Up A Wall
Chapter 291 - The Thing Returns
Chapter 292 - Ready For Round Two
Chapter 293 - Touching The Reverse Scale
Chapter 294 - That Was Not How The Beat Down Was Supposed To Go
Chapter 295 - Part Of Origin
Chapter 296 - This Is Someone Else'S Problem Now, Beach Arc More Important
Chapter 297 - The Beach Reception
Chapter 298 - Dressed And 'Ready' To Go
Chapter 299 - Helping Each Other With Sunscreen Is Expected
Chapter 300 - Sandcastle Building
Chapter 301 - Two Foxes And Sunscreen
Chapter 302 - Swimming Lessons
Chapter 303 - What'S A Beach Arc Without Volleyball?
Chapter 304 - This Is Volleyball... Right?
Chapter 305 - (Un)Expected Outcome
Chapter 306 - Enjoying Popsicles
Chapter 307 - Sibling Talk
Chapter 308 - Mandatory Bath Scene
Chapter 309 - Late Night Rendezvous
Chapter 310 - Omnipotence For A Second
Chapter 311 - Burn Off The Old
Chapter 312 - Extra Bath Time
Chapter 313 - Morning Greetings
Chapter 314 - Just A Normal Fishing Trip
Chapter 315 - I'Ll Just Take These Off Your Hands
Chapter 316 - Hunting And Hunted
Chapter 317 - Silence Atop A Hill
Chapter 318 - Weeping Fox
Chapter 319 - Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well
Chapter 320 - Witch In A Forest
Chapter 321 - Freeze
Chapter 322 - You Can'T Make Me Sad When I'M Already Sad!
Chapter 323 - It'S Shining
Chapter 324 - Treat Or Die
Chapter 325 - Cleansed In Lightning And Fire
Chapter 326 - The Roles Seem Reversed Here
Chapter 327 - Bringing A Nuke To A Knife Fight
Chapter 328 - Bang
Chapter 329 - I'Ll Give You Something To Be Scared About
Chapter 330 - Bbq At A 'Haunted' Island Beach
Chapter 331 - Just Relax And Have A Drink
Chapter 332 - Unexpected Guest
Chapter 333 - Unexpected Landlord Problems
Chapter 334 - You Do Not Belong Here
Chapter 335 - He Was Already Dead?
Chapter 336 - Do Not Piss Off Your Chef
Chapter 337 - Torture Plotting At Breakfast
Chapter 338 - Vacation Training
Chapter 339 - Master'S Pride
Chapter 340 - Cleaning Up Some Pests
Chapter 341 - A Little Alchemy Wouldn'T Hurt
Chapter 342 - Special Training At The Beach
Chapter 343 - The Witch And Her Hole
Chapter 344 - Tea Time Execution
Chapter 345 - Loli Dragon'S Bedtime
Chapter 346 - Night Activities On Vacation
Chapter 347 - The King'S Orders Are Absolute
Chapter 348 - Even The Naughty Orders Are Absolute
Chapter 349 - Your Whip, Your Highness
Chapter 350 - Queen'S Day Off
Chapter 351 - Entertainment For The 'Guests'
Chapter 352 - Not Again
Chapter 353 - Change Is Good, Right?
Chapter 354 - Two New Visitors
Chapter 355 - We'Re All Girls Here
Chapter 356 - The Gender Ratio Is Getting Screwed
Chapter 357 - On The Road Again
Chapter 358 - By The Way, There'S An Ongoing Purge
Chapter 359 - Offerings
Chapter 360 - When You Come Back From Vacation And All The Work Piles Up
Chapter 361 - And The Little Sister Joins The Group
Chapter 362 - Little Sister'S Initiation
Chapter 363 - The Master'S Gambit
Chapter 364 - Strategist Training
Chapter 365 - I Used To Be The Boss Here
Chapter 366 - It'S Me, The Hero
Chapter 367 - When Your Dark Past Is Revealed
Chapter 368 - Big Bath Time
Chapter 369 - Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 370 - We Submit
Chapter 371 - A Misunderstanding That Might Have Saved Them
Chapter 372 - My New Secretary
Chapter 373 - A Small Disaster
Chapter 374 - Killers On The Loose
Chapter 375 - Heaven Sect'S Branch Sect
Chapter 376 - Not Again...
Chapter 377 - Red And White Fluffy Bodyguards
Chapter 378 - A Secret Room
Chapter 379 - Once A Demon Lord
Chapter 380 - A Private Talk
Chapter 381 - An Oath Sworn
Chapter 382 - You Don'T Get To Trap Me With My Daughter Around
Chapter 383 - Morning Routines
Chapter 384 - Divine Lightning, Heavenly Sword
Chapter 385 - Tea And Fluff
Chapter 386 - Loli Dragon And Pancakes
Chapter 387 - Sword And Shield
Chapter 388 - The Sadist And The Bimbo
Chapter 389 - Ice Cold Maiden
Chapter 390 - Alchemist And Fighter
Chapter 391 - To Get Respected, You Must First Be Strong
Chapter 392 - Aunt And Niece
Chapter 393 - A Sick Visit
Chapter 394 - Just A Small Check
Chapter 395 - Master'S Review
Chapter 396 - Deep In The Jungle
Chapter 397 - Gathering Materials, Lian Li And Eris
Chapter 398 - Gathering Materials, Fox Sisters And Brendan
Chapter 399 - Camping Lessons
Chapter 400 - Sharing Your Builds
Chapter 401 - The Girls' Deepest Desire
Chapter 402 - Remember Your Morning After Pills
Chapter 403 - Sometimes The After Pill Is Hard To Swallow
Chapter 404 - The Master'S Secret Pastime
Chapter 405 - Breaking The Slime
Chapter 406 - The Real Slimy One
Chapter 407 - Two Faced Elder
Chapter 408 - End Of Slime
Chapter 409 - Poke The Slime Puddle
Chapter 410 - New Accessory
Chapter 411 - Answering The Queen
Chapter 412 - Congratulations, Here'S An All Expenses Paid Ticket To...
Chapter 413 - Breaking The News
Chapter 414 - Make Sure To Finish Your Side Quests Before Moving To The Next Area
Chapter 415 - Slime'S Predicament
Chapter 416 - Wrap It, Seal It, Toss It, Forget About It
Chapter 417 - Big Girl, Small Girl
Chapter 418 - A Leviathan And Dragon Walks Into A Courtyard
Chapter 419 - What'S This Smoke?
Chapter 420 - Woooaahhh... Dudeeee...
Chapter 421 - Post High Clarity
Chapter 422 - See You Girls In A Bit
Chapter 423 - Is That Fire I Smell?
Chapter 424 - This Is War
Chapter 425 - They'Re Gonna Get It
Chapter 426 - A Quiet Night In Dong
Chapter 427 - The Invasion
Chapter 428 - Just Rolling Our Way Through The Countryside
Chapter 429 - Running With Refugees
Chapter 430 - The Dragon In The Little Girl'S Body
Chapter 431 - Finally Some Resistance?
Chapter 432 - Unexpected Resistance
Chapter 433 - Preparing For Extraction
Chapter 434 - This Is A Stealth Mission
Chapter 435 - What Are You Doing Here?
Chapter 436 - One Problem After The Other
Chapter 437 - When You Realised What You Missed While In Jail
Chapter 438 - Let'S Just Put This Aside For Now
Chapter 439 - Big City Go Boom
Chapter 440 - Back Here To Do The Walk
Chapter 441 - There, I Did The Walk, Now Fear Me!
Chapter 442 - Not You Guys Again
Chapter 443 - There You Are
Chapter 444 - A Very Touchy Reunion
Chapter 445 - Catching Up On Current Events
Chapter 446 - I Have Come For Your King
Chapter 447 - At The King'S Door
Chapter 448 - See? Nothing Happened
Chapter 449 - One More Purge?
Chapter 450 - Hail The New King?
Chapter 451 - I Said No
Chapter 452 - Peace, But At What Cost?
Chapter 453 - The Queen'S Goal
Chapter 454 - Let'S See How Much My Cute Disciples Have Grown!
Chapter 455 - I Can'T Be Hastening The End Of The World?
Chapter 456 - Unwanted Visitors
Chapter 457 - Get Lost
Chapter 458 - I Said Get Lost
Chapter 459 - I Really Mean It, Get Lost Already
Chapter 460 - An Encounter
Chapter 461 - They'Re Just Growing There?
Chapter 462 - Scouting The New City
Chapter 463 - Slave Trade Is Legal Here
Chapter 464 - Jianye Grand Auction House
Chapter 465 - Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 466 - Crazy Girl On The Loose
Chapter 467 - Some People Are Going To Die
Chapter 468 - Small Torture Session
Chapter 469 - Paying Dead People A Visit
Chapter 470 - A 'Friendly' Welcome
Chapter 471 - Knock, Knock, I'M Here
Chapter 472 - Brendan'S Bizarre Adventure
Chapter 473 - The Tyrant'S Big Rock
Chapter 474 - How Many Times Do I Need To Say I Do Not Want To Be King?
Chapter 475 - Colours Are Important You Know?
Chapter 476 - The Troupe'S In Town
Chapter 477 - This Isn'T Part Of The Script
Chapter 478 - Curtain Call
Chapter 479 - Your Mama Is Here
Chapter 480 - Waiting For The Ceremony
Chapter 481 - Coronation
Chapter 482 - God'S Punishment
Chapter 483 - Reverend Mother
Chapter 484 - Bringing The Son Back Home
Chapter 485 - I Have No Memories Of This Place
Chapter 486 - Just Relax
Chapter 487 - Ping Pong Ping Pong
Chapter 488 - Just Fluffing In The Snow
Chapter 489 - Bath Talk
Chapter 490 - Mother
Chapter 491 - Now We Know, Know Who To Kill That Is
Chapter 492 - Once Upon A Time
Chapter 493 - Some People Never Learn
Chapter 494 - An Intrusion
Chapter 495 - When There'S Snow, Of Course There'S A Snowball Fight~
Chapter 496 - "Casual" Game
Chapter 497 - The Snowball War
Chapter 498 - Bathing Together Is Normal For Family, Right?
Chapter 499 - A Costly Mistake
Chapter 500 - Wait, You Mean We Only Just Got To Another Plane?
Chapter 501 - Calm Down, I'M Calm Damnit
Chapter 502 - Assembling A Task Force
Chapter 503 - First Encounter
Chapter 504 - This Isn'T A Men'S World
Chapter 505 - First Team Battle
Chapter 506 - You Activated My Trap Slime!
Chapter 507 - Alria Town
Chapter 508 - Don'T Worry, It'S Just A Flesh Wound
Chapter 509 - General Store, General Problems
Chapter 510 - Another Outsider
Chapter 511 - This Is Getting Out Of Hand! Now There'S Two Of Them!
Chapter 512 - You Can Start Questioning Your Existence Now
Chapter 513 - Do I Even Exist?
Chapter 514 - The Harbingers Of Death Have Arrived
Chapter 515 - When You Find Out You Were Playing On The Hardest Difficulty All Along
Chapter 516 - When You'Ve Become Too Strong
Chapter 517 - Gods And Demons
Chapter 518 - Boy Toy Pass
Chapter 519 - Back To Where It Started
Chapter 520 - My First Job
Chapter 521 - The Matriarch
Chapter 522 - You'Re Coming Home With Me
Chapter 523 - Interrogation, And Then...
Chapter 524 - My Danger Senses Are Tingling
Chapter 525 - The Matriarch'S Maid
Chapter 526 - Let'S Take A Step Back
Chapter 527 - Paying For A Service
Chapter 528 - When You Are Prepared For The Worst But...
Chapter 529 - Closer And Closer
Chapter 530 - Delegating Tasks
Chapter 531 - The Other Guy
Chapter 532 - I'M Done Here, For Now
Chapter 533 - Let Me Crash Here Tonight
Chapter 534 - The Gap Between Senior And Junior
Chapter 535 - Conduit
Chapter 536 - Where Did You Even Get This Guy From?
Chapter 537 - He Is The One You'Re Looking For
Chapter 538 - Sniffing Out The Trail
Chapter 539 - A Hope Dashed
Chapter 540 - Another Queen Get?
Chapter 541 - Path To Damnation
Chapter 542 - Oh, It'S You
Chapter 543 - The Meeting He Thought Impossible
Chapter 544 - Amongst The Damned
Chapter 545 - Here'S Another One For You
Chapter 546 - His Outrageous Family
Chapter 547 - So Many Questions, So Little Time
Chapter 548 - Introductions First
Chapter 549 - Behind The Fluff
Chapter 550 - I Need Answers
Chapter 551 - Would You Like To Extend Your Stay?
Chapter 552 - Here, Read These
Chapter 553 - What A Conveniently Placed Piece Of Paper
Chapter 554 - Accept This Quest?
Chapter 555 - She'S Actually Pretty Cute
Chapter 556 - A Peek In Your History
Chapter 557 - When You Realise You'Re The Cause
Chapter 558 - Plans For The Night
Chapter 559 - Pray And You Shall Receive
Chapter 560 - That Was Easier Than I Thought
Chapter 561 - Let The Testing Commence
Chapter 562 - The Battle Of Little Sisters
Chapter 563 - The Little Sisters Team
Chapter 564 - Restraint? Can That Be Eaten?
Chapter 565 - Never Trust Someone Who Lives In A Cabin In The Woods
Chapter 566 - You'Re Barely Even Worth Our Time
Chapter 567 - They'Re Just Really Trusting
Chapter 568 - Sometimes You Have To Test It On Yourself
Chapter 569 - Would You Like Dinner Or... I'Ll Take The Bath
Chapter 570 - The Big Useless Tree
Chapter 571 - The Council Will See You Now
Chapter 572 - Did I Say Hunt? I Meant Taming
Chapter 573 - Searching For A Legend In A Broken Place
Chapter 574 - What A Surprise
Chapter 575 - You'Re Being Robbed! No You
Chapter 576 - The Life Spring... Chicken?
Chapter 577 - Life Spring Chicken... I Mean Life Spring Phoenix Get
Chapter 578 - A Date With The Former Tormentor
Chapter 579 - The Dragon Cult
Chapter 580 - The New Converts Are... Interesting
Chapter 581 - A God Descends From The Heavens
Chapter 582 - I'Ll Give You Something To Cry About
Chapter 583 - In The Darkness Of The Theatre
Chapter 584 - Just Being Affectionate
Chapter 585 - Not Another Weird One
Chapter 586 - The Hardest Working Disciple
Chapter 587 - Here'S An Entire Bottle Of It, Don'T Ask Me How
Chapter 588 - The Frustrated Phoenix
Chapter 589 - They All Want Some Attention
Chapter 590 - Just Doing Some Experiments
Chapter 591 - The Next Disciple
Chapter 592 - Once Again, Let'S Ask The Kouhai
Chapter 593 - We'Re The Weird Ones Apparently
Chapter 594 - It'S Mc After All
Chapter 595 - There'S Another Me?
Chapter 596 - This Is Not My Kink
Chapter 597 - Entanglement
Chapter 598 - Let'S Do The Twist
Chapter 599 - I'M Bringing You Home With Me
Chapter 600 - Back To Basics
Chapter 601 - Show Me Your Growth
Chapter 602 - As If You Weren'T Broken Enough
Chapter 603 - This Space Is Mine
Chapter 604 - Always Expect A Second One
Chapter 605 - Test Results
Chapter 606 - The Universal Daddy
Chapter 607 - The Little Sister Worries For Her Brother Too
Chapter 608 - A Memory
Chapter 609 - Should Have Grabbed Some Popcorn
Chapter 610 - There'S Nothing Weird Here
Chapter 611 - The Struggles Of An Eight Year Old
Chapter 612 - You Don'T Separate Me From My Imouto!
Chapter 613 - Negotiations In A Dark Room
Chapter 614 - This Place Makes No Sense
Chapter 615 - Diving Into Memory Lane
Chapter 616 - I Just Want To Live A Simple Life
Chapter 617 - Trapped
Chapter 618 - The Safeties Are Off
Chapter 619 - I'Ll Make You An Offer You Can'T Refuse
Chapter 620 - Don'T Worry, Big Brother'S Got It
Chapter 621 - Big Brother Is Here To Slap Some Faces
Chapter 622 - My Little Princess
Chapter 623 - The Transfer Student
Chapter 624 - A Reputation I Did Not Ask For
Chapter 625 - Roofs Are The Best Lunch Spots
Chapter 626 - There'S No Way My Cute Little Sister Is The Ice Princess
Chapter 627 - A Confession
Chapter 628 - Would You Like To Go To A Dungeon?
Chapter 629 - The Self-Proclaimed Prince Charming
Chapter 630 - Joining The Dream
Chapter 631 - Yes, I'M Yakuza
Chapter 632 - How To Get A Girl To Hate You In One Second
Chapter 633 - Brother And Sister Dungeon Dive
Chapter 634 - Welcome To The Tutorial
Chapter 635 - Who Else Could Be Here?
Chapter 636 - What Is This Doing Here?
Chapter 637 - Who Are You?
Chapter 638 - Losing Your Memories In Someone Else'S Memories
Chapter 639 - Power Of Family
Chapter 640 - A Quick Search
Chapter 641 - One More Time Big Brother
Chapter 642 - Tentacles Bad
Chapter 643 - The Daily Life Of A High School Harem King
Chapter 644 - Reality Is Collapsing
Chapter 645 - The Not So Great Ones
Chapter 646 - Here'S The Second One
Chapter 647 - Where Did This Vixen Come From?
Chapter 648 - Plans In Motion
Chapter 649 - The World Is No Longer Yours
Chapter 650 - Dealing With A Long Overdue Problem
Chapter 651 - End Dimension
Chapter 652 - Is It Really Not Important?
Chapter 653 - Listen On Repeat
Chapter 654 - The One Pulling The Strings
Chapter 655 - Where The Previous Life Ended
Chapter 656 - Dockside Scuffle
Chapter 657 - The Rescue Squad
Chapter 658 - The True Owner
Chapter 659 - Everything Is Worth Nothing
Chapter 660 - The Culmination Of Everything
Chapter 661 - I Just Want To Talk
Chapter 662 - The Origin And The End
Chapter 663 - The Origin Of The Universe
Chapter 664 - The 'Perfect' Being
Chapter 665 - You Are Mine And Only Mine!
Chapter 666 - A Devilish Cosmic Being
Chapter 667 - End Of The End
Chapter 668 - You'Ve Been Away For Some Time
Chapter 669 - Hello, I'M Origin
Chapter 670 - Everything Was Because Of Iris
Chapter 671 - Pack Your Bags, We'Re Going Home
Chapter 672 - Welcome Home, Your House Is Burning By The Way
Chapter 673 - We'Re Back At Where It All Began
Chapter 674 - My Second Return
Chapter 675 - Surprise! It'S Me
Chapter 676 - Why Does This Never Work?
Chapter 677 - A Small Slip Of The Tongue
Chapter 678 - I Found The Secret Entrance
Chapter 679 - What Is Going On Down Here?
Chapter 680 - Let'S Talk
Chapter 681 - A Slimy End
Chapter 682 - They'Re Still Cute
Chapter 683 - Hey, Want To Be Gods?
Chapter 684 - Master Is Master
Chapter 685 - Preparations For Godhood
Chapter 686 - Here Are Your Tickets To Godhood
Chapter 687 - Let The Old People Show Off
Chapter 688 - The Secret Master
Chapter 689 - Why Is There So Much Trash?
Chapter 690 - Undercover Master
Chapter 691 - He'S Handsome
Chapter 692 - They'Re Multiplying
Chapter 693 - The Second Test
Chapter 694 - The Disciples' Test
Chapter 695 - Hello Empress
Chapter 696 - There'S No National Problems At All
Chapter 697 - No Need To Hide The Cult Anymore
Chapter 698 - It Seems I Missed Out On Quite A Few Things
Chapter 699 - Remember His Face If You Want To Live
Chapter 700 - This Is Where Those Two Screwed Up
Chapter 701 - Preparing To Meet With Some Gods
Chapter 702 - Hi Sylphy
Chapter 703 - Hi Other Gods
Chapter 704 - After Daddy Turns Away
Chapter 705 - You Forgot About Crazy
Chapter 706 - The Universe Stopped
Chapter 707 - Bonk Hammer
Chapter 708 - Locked Doors? Just Send Master Lin
Chapter 709 - Insert Magic Transformation Theme Song Here
Chapter 710 - The Time The World Almost Ended
Chapter 711 - A Bad Bet
Chapter 712 - I Seriously Don'T Like You
Chapter 713 - My First Official Advancement Test
Chapter 714 - A Pervert Fell From The Sky
Chapter 715 - The Bigger Flaming Chicken
Chapter 716 - Phoenix Seal Of Approval
Chapter 717 - The Stowaway Phoenix
Chapter 718 - She'S Going To Regret That
Chapter 719 - Of Course They Would Try To Weasel Out Of The Bet
Chapter 720 - He Was Being Really Lenient
Chapter 721 - This Is Not My Fault
Chapter 722 - There'S Another Fake
Chapter 723 - That Man Is An Impostor
Chapter 724 - When Your Daughter Misses You Very Much
Chapter 725 - The Slimy Night Guard
Chapter 726 - Isn'T It Fun To Torture Information Out Of Someone?
Chapter 727 - Another Rebellious Child?
Chapter 728 - Here'S Your Dead Grandson
Chapter 729 - Emergency Master Lin Is Here
Chapter 730 - There Are The Modest Ones And The Shameless Ones
Chapter 731 - Remember? It'S Still Mating Season
Chapter 732 - It Was Still Not The End
Chapter 733 - Just A Little Flip
Chapter 734 - Things Were Definitely Flipped
Chapter 735 - I Hope This Isn'T Too Traumatizing
Chapter 736 - Mirror World
Chapter 737 - Confronting This World'S Creator
Chapter 738 - How Dare This Trash Live
Chapter 739 - There'S Another One Now
Chapter 740 - My Disciples Are Always Cute
Chapter 741 - Iris Did Not Like That
Chapter 742 - There'S An Extra Here
Chapter 743 - How To Beat Yourself
Chapter 744 - Stop Hitting Yourself
Chapter 745 - Stop Using His Face
Chapter 746 - He Talks Too Much
Chapter 747 - He Got Nuked
Chapter 748 - We'Re Going To Pretend This Never Happened
Chapter 749 - Guess We'Re Heading To The Sun
Chapter 750 - You Have My Express Permission To Slap Faces
Chapter 751 - Oh Look, More Bandits
Chapter 752 - Gamma Claims First Blood
Chapter 753 - The Torturing Of A Little Piggy
Chapter 754 - Holy Lin City
Chapter 755 - Literally Building Castles In The Clouds
Chapter 756 - First Girl Gets The Next Slap
Chapter 757 - Get Slapped Trash
Chapter 758 - The Slaps Have Only Just Begun
Chapter 759 - Why Slap Him When He Can Slap Himself?
Chapter 760 - No Touch The Loli
Chapter 761 - Why Are We Getting Robbed So Much?!
Chapter 762 - You Shouldn'T Have Done That In Front Of Him
Chapter 763 - You Want To Fly?
Chapter 764 - Sometimes You Have To Kill Them First
Chapter 765 - Help Me Take Care Of This Trash
Chapter 766 - My Patience Is Wearing Thin
Chapter 767 - Everyone Overlooked An Important Issue
Chapter 768 - The Disciples Are Really Cute...
Chapter 769 - Yeah! Let'S Just Be Gangsters!
Chapter 770 - How To Be Gangster 101
Chapter 771 - How Not To Be Gangster 101
Chapter 772 - Brendan Best Gangster
Chapter 773 - Touch It And You Die! *Poke*
Chapter 774 - Curiosity... Brought Out A Goddess
Chapter 775 - The Little Sister That Fought A God
Chapter 776 - Stop Moaning And Just Eat Please
Chapter 777 - You Feeling Lucky?
Chapter 778 - A Short Walk With Iris
Chapter 779 - This Is Not The First Time
Chapter 780 - She'S The One Everyone Is Afraid Of
Chapter 781 - They Want Some Skinship
Chapter 782 - Who'S A Good Doggy?
Chapter 783 - Role Reversal
Chapter 784 - Of Course You Need Some Wine At Dinner
Chapter 785 - Making Iris Cute
Chapter 786 - Please Take Care Of Iris
Chapter 787 - The People Here Are Really Terrible, Aren'T They?
Chapter 788 - Teaching The 'Little' Sister
Chapter 789 - Gods Are Practical Beings
Chapter 790 - This Is Normal In An Auction (*R)
Chapter 791 - Auction Winnings
Chapter 792 - Gender Is Not An Issue For Face Slaps
Chapter 793 - New Clothes For Iris
Chapter 794 - The Slime Girl Wants To Be Worn Too (*Rr)
Chapter 795 - Just Eating Some Desserts (*R)
Chapter 796 - Don'T You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 797 - Even Mc Does The Finger Breaking
Chapter 798 - This Would Teach Her Compassion
Chapter 799 - Why Are There So Many Bandits? (*R)
Chapter 800 - I Was Just A Little Bored
Chapter 801 - She Got Cuter
Chapter 802 - Just Playing With Two Little Girls
Chapter 803 - The Country Of Idiots
Chapter 804 - Could You Guys... Hold Back A Little?
Chapter 805 - This Does Not Exist
Chapter 806 - The Turning Point
Chapter 807 - Everything Here Is About To Change
Chapter 808 - A Place Where You Don'T Exist
Chapter 809 - Have Fun Not Existing
Chapter 810 - The Result Of The Changes
Chapter 811 - The Witch Wants To Show Off (*Rrr)
Chapter 812 - The Witch'S 'Torment' (*Rr)
Chapter 813 - Welcome Home Founding God (*R)
Chapter 814 - You'Re Still Here?
Chapter 815 - You May Not Understand What You Did But Good Job!
Chapter 816 - His Punishment Is Eternal
Chapter 817 - Arrival Of Monarchs
Chapter 818 - Battle Of The Three Monarchs
Chapter 819 - Guiying'S Demonstration (*Rrr)
Chapter 820 - The Matriarch'S 'First Time' (*Rrr)
Chapter 821 - The Unfortunate Maiden (*Rr)
Chapter 822 - Almost Giving It Away
Chapter 823 - Don'T Forget Your Place
Chapter 824 - It'S A Day Off?
Chapter 825 - Silent City
Chapter 826 - The City Of The Not So Dead
Chapter 827 - Not This Thing Again
Chapter 828 - Things Went To Hell Pretty Quickly
Chapter 829 - What Exactly Did They Make Here?
Chapter 830 - It Is The People
Chapter 831 - Some Inconsistencies
Chapter 832 - Do You Worship Yourself?
Chapter 833 - You Guys Have No Idea What You'Re Doing, Do You?
Chapter 834 - Calm Down, I'M Only Your God
Chapter 835 - They Want Girl Time
Chapter 836 - Girls' Night (*Rrr)
Chapter 837 - Being Below Isn'T Always Bad (*Rrr)
Chapter 838 - Just Going To Check On Some Things
Chapter 839 - It'S An Opportunity
Chapter 840: Getting The Fluffs Back
Chapter 841: Get Ready For Another Trip
Chapter 842: Just Sit There And Be Prayed To
Chapter 843: Under Table Worshipping (*Rr)
Chapter 844: Settling A Grudge From Another Life
Chapter 845: Just Be Confident Of Yourself
Chapter 846: How To Get Information In A New Place
Chapter 847: This Is A Crap Place
Chapter 848: Just Smack Them
Chapter 849: First Victim Of The Cloud Plane
Chapter 850: A Bath With The Little Sister (*R)
Chapter 851: Bonding Time With The Little Sister (*Rrr)
Chapter 852: Here'S A Recording Of It
Chapter 853: The Sisterhood Sect
Chapter 854: Now It'S The Males
Chapter 855: Ruined Group Session (*Rrr)
Chapter 856: They'Re Siblings Too
Chapter 857: What Have You Been Up To?
Chapter 858: I Was Never A Practitioner?!
Chapter 859: The Best Place To Cultivate
Chapter 860: Cut The Crap, Just Die
Chapter 861: We'Re Just Going For A Hike
Chapter 862: Watch Your Step
Chapter 863: Perhaps Bigger Bombs Should Have Been Used
Chapter 864: Can'T You See My Disciples Are Meditating?
Chapter 865: Let'S Test Him
Chapter 866: Just A Small Show Of Strength
Chapter 867: The Extremely Delusional One
Chapter 868: Fix Your Own Problems
Chapter 869: Another Group Of Trash
Chapter 870: Make Sure Your Enemies Are Within Slapping Distance
Chapter 871: Metaphorical Faceslap Comes First
Chapter 872: No Slap?
Chapter 873: My Slime Is Better
Chapter 874: Everyone'S Hunting For Treasures
Chapter 875: We Can Do All The Work For You (*Rrr)
Chapter 876: Your Ancestor'S Treasures? My Treasures Now
Chapter 877: Don'T Provoke The Loli Dragon
Chapter 878: Always Subjugating Locals
Chapter 879: I Got Your Back
Chapter 880: I Got Your Back
Chapter 881: I'M Not Into Old Men
Chapter 882: Not My Problem, I'M Not Even From Around Here
Chapter 883: You Just Revived? Then Die Again
Chapter 884: The Real Demon God(Dess)
Chapter 885: Lovemaking After A Workout (*Rr)
Chapter 886: Letting Things Slip
Chapter 887: The Power Of Denial
Chapter 888: Vacation Time Again?
Chapter 889: I Just Want A Simple Vacation
Chapter 890: No Getting A Head (*R)
Chapter 891: She Wants Daddy Too
Chapter 892: The Annoying Sibling
Chapter 893: Conflicting Emotions
Chapter 894: He Won'T Last
Chapter 895: He Likes Mother
Chapter 896: While The Others Are Distracted...
Chapter 897: Leaving A Mark (*Rrr)
Chapter 898: The More Dependable Brother
Chapter 899: Alchemist Vs Cosmic Bastard
Chapter 900: Doping? No Idea What That Is
Chapter 901: First Ascension
Chapter 902: Oh No, He Ran...
Chapter 903: The Real Mother
Chapter 904: Watching Your 'Mother'
Chapter 905: A Different Torture (*Rrr)
Chapter 906: When She Finally Notices You (*Rr)
Chapter 907: Her New Domain
Chapter 908: She'S Acting A Little Sus
Chapter 909: Dessert Is The Best Part (*Rrr)
Chapter 910: Bath With Demons
Chapter 911: The Children Are Fighting
Chapter 912: You Girls Go Play, Daddy Needs To Work
Chapter 913: Reclaiming Your Mortality
Chapter 914: Lian Li'S New Game+
Chapter 915: Dealing With Past Pests
Chapter 916: You'Re Too Early
Chapter 917: She Needs More
Chapter 918: More Blood, More Satisfaction
Chapter 919: Some Women Just Want To Burn The World
Chapter 920: Meanwhile, The Sibling Fight
Chapter 921: And The World Burned
Chapter 922: Back To Vacation
Chapter 923: Riding The Banana (*Rr)
Chapter 924: Making Waves
Chapter 925: A Fragment In The Depths
Chapter 926: Origin Fragment
Chapter 927: Let'S Play Hero
Chapter 928: Speedrunning The Heavenly Generals
Chapter 929: Getting The Real One To Act
Chapter 930: There Can Only Be One Onee-San
Chapter 931: A Most Stressful Massage
Chapter 932: Beach Cook Off
Chapter 933: Appetisers First (*Rrr)
Chapter 934: Some Good Food
Chapter 935: Dessert Is Served (*Rrr)
Chapter 936: There'S A Monster Church Now
Chapter 937: Time To Check Your Progress
Chapter 938: First Spot Taken
Chapter 939: Brendan'S Time To Shine?
Chapter 940: Back In The Bath With A Witch And A Demoness
Chapter 941: The Bath, The Witch And The Demoness (*Rrr)
Chapter 942: Imperfect Love
Chapter 943: The Bottles Are Here
Chapter 944: Explosive Kisses
Chapter 945: Down The Hatch You Go
Chapter 946: I Blame The Bottle (*Rrr)
Chapter 947: New Blood Needs To Be Shown Their Place
Chapter 948: A Second Fragment
Chapter 949: Negotiation 101
Chapter 950: Negotiations Concluded, Easy
Chapter 951: When Your Exes Show Up
Chapter 952: These Yanderes Are Crazy
Chapter 953: Yandere Vs Yandere
Chapter 954: Current Gf Vs Ex Gf
Chapter 955: This Does Not Have Loli'S Seal Of Approval
Chapter 956: This Is An Escort Mission
Chapter 957: I Told You It Was A Raid
Chapter 958: This Wasn'T Even A Fight
Chapter 959: Go Kill Each Other Somewhere Else
Chapter 960: Time To Stalk Some Girls
Chapter 961: They'Re Starting With The Big Guns
Chapter 962: They'Ve Grown So Much
Chapter 963: This Is A 'Friendly' Spar
Chapter 964: She Has Really Big Guns
Chapter 965: The Brightest Flame And The Darkest Frost
Chapter 966: Even Gods Shall Fall
Chapter 967: When You Leave Before The Show Ends (*Rr)
Chapter 968: A Feast For The New Goddesses (*Rrr)
Chapter 969: Some Slight, Subtle Changes
Chapter 970: By The Way, We'Re Op
Chapter 971: Another Place To Visit
Chapter 972: A Courtyard Of Sin (*Rrr)
Chapter 973: The Convergence Of Planes
Chapter 974: Welcome To Hell
Chapter 975: Dealing With Illegal Immigrants From Other Planes
Chapter 976: Even Villager Number One Can Beat These Guys Up
Chapter 977: I'M On A Face Slap Spree
Chapter 978: Passing On The Torture Baton
Chapter 979: There Be Witches Around
Chapter 980: Join My Coven
Chapter 981: A New Plane (*R)
Chapter 982: Already Slapping Faces On Entry
Chapter 982: You Can Start Begging
Chapter 983: We Are Up In The Sky (*R)
Chapter 984: Just Trash Being Delusional (*R)
Chapter 985: The Sky Plane Capital City
Chapter 986: Educating Some Witches (*Rr)
Chapter 987: You Are Free To Treat Trash Astrash
Chapter 988 An Unexpected Comrade
Chapter 989 Oh, We'Ve Met Before
Chapter 990 Rigging The Bets
Chapter 991 There Is No One Above Me
Chapter 992 All The Gods Came
Chapter 993 It'S Time For A Show
Chapter 994 It Is Too Late
Chapter 995 You Guys Have Dug A Pretty Deep Hole
Chapter 996 The Girls Win Of Course
Chapter 997 My Turn On The Stage
Chapter 998 You Can Beg For Mercy Now
Chapter 999 Make Them Slap Themselves
Chapter 1000 Reset?
Chapter 1001 Origin Usurper
Chapter 1002 Speedrun Disciples
Chapter 1003 Why Did They Turn Out To Be Yanderes?
Chapter 1004 Dragon Is No Longer A Loli
Chapter 1005 Don'T Make Me Do A Reset (*R)
Chapter 1006 Understanding My Own Power
Chapter 1007 Give Me Back My Things
Chapter 1008 Ok, I'M Back... Who Are You Again?
Chapter 1009 The Girls Are Unchanged At Least
Chapter 1010 We'Re Already Back Home?
Chapter 1011 Domains Are Dangerous
Chapter 1012 Something Is Wrong With Him
Chapter 1013 Perhaps... Change Is Good? (*Rrr)
Chapter 1014 Confronting Him Directly
Chapter 1015 She'S Still Trying
Chapter 1016 When You Only Rely On Omniscience
Chapter 1017 I Already Lack Common Sense From The Start
Chapter 1018 Just A Bit Of Education Planning
Chapter 1019 Disciple Becomes The Teacher
Chapter 1020 Not Those Freaks Again
Chapter 1021 Yes, This Is Normal, Just Do It
Chapter 1022 To Hold Infinity
Chapter 1023 The Fractured Mind
Chapter 1024 Start Of Discord
Chapter 1025 The Fifth Person
Chapter 1026 There'S More Of Us?
Chapter 1027 The Cup Was Already Full
Chapter 1028 Those Universes Look Interesting...
Chapter 1029 We Need To Synchronise
Chapter 1030 Perfect Synchronisation (*Rrr)
Chapter 1031 Welcome To Our Universe, Grab A Chair
Chapter 1032 A Little Too Late
Chapter 1033 Sent To Infinity And Beyond
Chapter 1034 Time To Dive Into The Multiverse
Chapter 1035 Jump Conditions
Chapter 1036 In Another Universe
Chapter 1037 When You Drop A Goddess In A Mortal World
Chapter 1038 A Flipped Universe
Chapter 1039 She'S More Unrestrained
Chapter 1040 Time To Gather The Multiverse (*R)
Chapter 1041 Become Her
Chapter 1042 Tormentor And Tormented
Chapter 1043 It'S A Trauma
Chapter 1044 Approaching Calamity
Chapter 1045 Foxes In Space
Chapter 1046 One Small Step For Foxes
Chapter 1047 No Matter Where You Go, The Trash Is Still The Same
Chapter 1048 She'S Au Naturel
Chapter 1049 We Only Need One
Chapter 1050 Welcome To Cafe Yandere
Chapter 1051 Cafe Problems
Chapter 1052 Helping Clean Up Before Leaving
Chapter 1053 Best Cafe Employee
Chapter 1054 The Face Of The World
Chapter 1055 Preparing For First Contact
Chapter 1056 Space Battle Preparation
Chapter 1057 They Talk
Chapter 1058 Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 1059 Settling Past Problems Before Moving On
Chapter 1060 Ultra Long Range Support Fire
Chapter 1061 Just Think Like Him
Chapter 1062 Shedding The Mortal Shell
Chapter 1063 The Commander Takes The Field
Chapter 1064 One Threat Down, The Other One Got Bigger
Chapter 1065 She'S Getting Serious
Chapter 1066 It'S Time For Desperate Measures
Chapter 1067 Really, Really Desperate Measures
Chapter 1068 Seconds Before Disaster (*Rr)
Chapter 1069 The Endgame
Chapter 1070 A Cry For Help
Chapter 1071 The End’S Breakdown
Chapter 1072 Are We Now Frenemies?
Chapter 1073 And To The Centre We Hop
Chapter 1074 You Were In A Simulation
Chapter 1075 The Last Culprit?
Chapter 1076 Getting The Princess Treatment
Chapter 1077 Everyone Wanted A Slice
Chapter 1078 A Difference In Ideals
Chapter 1079 Ending Their Resistance
Chapter 1080 She’S Got Some Friends In On It Too
Chapter 1081 Loli Squad Go!
Chapter 1082 Daddy Is Here
Chapter 1083 It’S Up To Iris Now
Chapter 1084 Being ’Forced’ On A Tour
Chapter 1085 Just Two Kids Hanging Out
Chapter 1086 Getting Warm Fuzzy Feelings
Chapter 1087 Just A Normal Game Of Tag
Chapter 1088 She’S Done With Playing Now
Chapter 1089 No Game, No See Daddy
Chapter 1090 Daddy Is Watching
Chapter 1091 Just Iris Trying To Be Cute
Chapter 1092 Scheming Against Mommy? Count Me In!
Chapter 1093 Kick-Off
Chapter 1094 The Only One To Wake Up
Chapter 1095 She Shoots, She Scores
Chapter 1096 Stuffy Papa
Chapter 1097 She Saw The Light
Chapter 1098 Let’S Turn This Place To A Resort
Chapter 1099 Back To Everyday Stuff?
Chapter 1100 Just A Normal Night... (*R)
Chapter 1101 Welcome To The Sisterhood
Chapter 1102 Have I Finally Achieved Easy Life?
Chapter 1103 Accompanying My Genius Alchemist
Chapter 1104 Boy’S Camping Night
Chapter 1105 He’S Still A Yandere
Chapter 1106 Preparations For The Festival
Chapter 1107 The Second Festival
Chapter 1108 I Just Want To Relax
Chapter 1109 Giving Each Other Pointers
Chapter 1110 They Experiment On People
Chapter 1111 Where Did These Strong People Come From?
Chapter 1112 Did The Standards Change While I Was Away?
Chapter 1113 We’Re Losing Our Minds Here
Chapter 1114 The Gods Are Doing What?
Chapter 1115 They Want The Prize Too
Chapter 1116 He’S Showing Off
Chapter 1117 They Just Need Some Experience
Chapter 1118 She’S Still A Certified Origin Wielder
Chapter 1119 More Cults Are Needed
Chapter 1120 Just Lazing Around Since No One Is Here
Chapter 1121 Please Attend The Party For Us
Chapter 1122 Make Love After Competing
Chapter 1123 Getting Worshippers 101
Chapter 1124 It’S Brendan’S Brew
Chapter 1125 The Ascended Alchemist
Chapter 1126 Welcome To My Secret Lab
Chapter 1127 Just A Researcher Helping Another Researcher
Chapter 1128 The Succubus’S Ascension
Chapter 1129 Being True To Your Desires (*Rr)
Chapter 1130 And The Last One Ascends
Chapter 1131 Brendan Almost Got It
Chapter 1132 My Backyard Got Weirder
Chapter 1133 We Have Qilin-Kun Here
Chapter 1134 Let’S Just Chill Here
Chapter 1135 New World New City
Chapter 1136 Gou Divine Family
Chapter 1137 Godly Resistance
Chapter 1138 It’S Their Mating Season (*Rr)
Chapter 1139 Unwanted Audience (*R)
Chapter 1140 Enjoying Another Family’S Drama
Chapter 1141 Faceslapping With Iris
Chapter 1142 When A Mortal Takes A Glimpse
Chapter 1143 First Stop, Your House
Chapter 1144 Hello, Your Daughter Brought Me Here
Chapter 1145 Bow To Me Peasant
Chapter 1146 Big Motivation
Chapter 1147 Iris Got Pissed
Chapter 1148 We’Re Staying For A Bit
Chapter 1149 Just Three Cosmic Beings Enjoying The Drama
Chapter 1150 Your Ancestor Needs To Bow Too
Chapter 1151 You Have Really Bad Timing (*Rr)
Chapter 1152 Pleasure Is Secondary For Them (*R)
Chapter 1153 This Place Is Screwed Up
Chapter 1154 Touring The Dungeons
Chapter 1155 The Goddess In The Cell
Chapter 1156 What Even Is The Norm Around Here?
Chapter 1157 I Want To Leave (*R)
Chapter 1158 I Thoroughly Regret Coming Here
Chapter 1159 I’M Cooking This Time
Chapter 1160 She’S Got This Handled
Chapter 1161 A Divine Showdown
Chapter 1162 It’S That Type Of World After All (*R)
Chapter 1163 Perfection Came (*Rr)
Chapter 1164 No Exterminatus Yet?
Chapter 1165 They Were Busy
Chapter 1166 That World Has Been Marked
Chapter 1167 The Resistance Gods
Chapter 1168 They Just Wanted A Vacation
Chapter 1169 The Divine Family Competition
Chapter 1170 You Guys Still Have More Problems?
Chapter 1171 The Gods Are Not Peaceful
Chapter 1172 When Your Understanding Is Flipped
Chapter 1173 The Divine Battle Royale
Chapter 1174 Hey, Past Me Is Pretty Smart
Chapter 1175 It’S Every Disciple For Themselves
Chapter 1176 Sister ’Rivalry’
Chapter 1177 When A Succubus Is Around (*R)
Chapter 1178 The Two Armies
Chapter 1179 We’Re Now At Ten Thousand
Chapter 1180 It’S All Boss Fights From Here
Chapter 1181 You Triggered Her
Chapter 1182 The Final Ten... I Mean Eight
Chapter 1183 Internal Strife
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

I was a genius in the Earthen Plane.

I was a cripple in the Spiritual Plane.

I was dead in the Cloud Plane.

After experiencing death in the form of dragon sneeze, I find myself back in my room in Earthen Plane where I was a genius.

I had been too focused on training myself in the past life. Now that I've been given a second chance, I should just enjoy my life to the fullest extent!

Instead of locking myself up in my room to cultivate, take in a few disciples so they can help take care of me!

Easy life is best life!

The other Planes suck anyway, I'll just lay back here and relax! All I need to do is to teach my dear disciples on the things I've learnt while they take care of me!


What do you mean one of my disciples destroyed the Sinister Demon Sect last night? Do you not see how she's here massaging my shoulders now?

There's no way my disciple could have obliterated the all-powerful Xi Family, can't you see she's obediently pouring tea for me over there?

You must be delusional to even suggest my disciple could have flattened the impassable Death Mountains, just look at how cute she is taking a nap under the cherry blossom tree.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?



Side Stories in ""My Cute (Yandere) Disciples' Side Stories""

One or more of the disciples may or may not have a tragic (depending on personal opinions) backstory that may or may not offend/disturb some readers (depending on your personal opinions/mental fortitude/openmindedness/morality/sexual orientation/real world knowledge/political agendas/reaction if someone gave you lemons/view on whether the Earth is flat or round, which I personally think it's neither and is actually a donut nom nom nom) which may or may not affect the rest of the story significantly. Consider yourself sufficiently warned.

Story inspired from ""My female disciples are scary"" by feeling_tired

Cover is done by the really awesome Lumi!

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Chapter 1 - Return

I'm dead.

What a way to go.

I was supposed to be a genius back in the Earthen Plane, my strength and intellect were unrivalled garnering respect from all around me.

I reached the prestigious rank of Master at my Heaven Sect at the young age of twenty where most people at that rank were well past their eighties. The praises and attention stoked my ego so much that I got too overconfident, thinking I could easily step foot into the higher Spiritual Plane without any consequences.

I ascended too soon, too rashly and paid the price for it. I was able to step foot into the higher realm at the cost of crippling all my meridians and utterly destroying my Cultivation Point, lowering my strength to nothing more than a non-Practitioner mortal.

It would have been fine if I could return to the Earthen plane where I was still known and respected, but in this Spiritual plane where no one knew me nor cared to know me, I was trampled on like the miserable insect I had become.

Without strength to fight back against these bullying scoundrels, I could only seek refuge in the Spiritual Royal Family Sect by offering my services. But even there, I still faced constant ridicule and thrashing just because I could not fight back.

Lady Luck smiled on me still as even without my profound strength, my intellect was still respectable enough to obtain a position as an archivist in the Royal Archives where many secrets of the Practitioner World was kept. In there, I managed to secretly memorise multitudes of cultivation techniques, combat manuals, alongside hoarding a plethora of alchemical recipes and various other knowledge.

It was there that I learned of a possible pill that could restore my meridians and repair my Cultivation Point.

Unfortunately, more knowledge does not equate to more wisdom as I had been too focused on reversing my crippled state to care about anything else.

One of the pill's ingredients was only found in the Cloud Plane which should have been impossible for a non-Practitioner or a Practitioner with crippled meridians like myself could ascend to. But I had been determined to restore myself at any price and had resorted to using forbidden techniques to force my way through to the next plane.

What I hadn't known then was the Dark quarks I forcefully imbued myself with disintegrated my Quark Veins which rendered the pill entirely ineffective. Even worse was the fact that since my Cultivation Point was destroyed, the Dark quarks I had imbued myself with completely dissipated, landing me back at square one.

I was thus left completely defenceless in this extremely hazardous plane where the weakest being could kill me just by sneezing in my general direction.

That was actually how I died.

Ok not really, but close.

A Primordial Divine Dragon had somehow taken an interest in me, landed in front of me and did something that might have been a sneeze. The Elemental Quarks it exuded from that action instantly overwhelmed my mortal self and I spontaneously combusted on the spot.

I still deserve some credit for surviving there for about two years, though those two years were something that I never ever want to experience again.

Being the plaything and test subject of that maniacal Practitioner was not something I would wish anyone to be subjected to, not even my worst enemy.

Still, death by dragon sneeze should be an achievement somewhere.

Ah~~ I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it's still all for naught. I regret not taking my time to enjoy life while I could, instead of struggling so hard like I had in this life. If I could go back and redo everything, I would really like to just take it easy and do things at my own pace.

Now that I think about it, how am I still cognizant about my state of being? Unless being stuck forever in a state of unconscious consciousness is what lies after death? That would have been a very interesting subject to study, if only I still had the Elemental Quarks to do so.

I wonder... If I had imbued Astral, Spirit and Space quarks into a body following the Immortal Projection Cultivation Technique, maybe I could replicate this state for myself or the soul in question?

Oh, this might even confirm the theory that souls are indeed a thing instead of just fragmented memories of the dead. I guess the spirits of the old geezers I met might actually be more than just the howlings of the departed after all.

But that also brings along the question of why those souls didn't seem as cognizant of their state as I currently am? Is it because of age or some other fac--


"The biennial student selection of Heaven Sect will begin soon! Will all Elders and Masters involved please proceed to the Grand Hall!"


"The biennial student selection of Heaven Sect will begin soon! Will all Elders and Masters involved please proceed to the Grand Hall!"


I opened my eyes with a start.

The first thing I saw was an eerily familiar ceiling that I hadn't seen in the past decade and a half.

It took me a few seconds to recognise it as my room back when I was a Master at Heaven Sect.

I blinked a few times while ignoring whoever was still shouting and banging the gong outside.

Slowly, I sat up on my bed, trying to get a grasp on what was going on.

Looking around the room, I confirmed where I thought I was. It was indeed the room I had resided in for the seven years I was a Master at Heaven Sect.

Judging by the content of the shouting outside and the lack of scrolls and various other artifacts I had managed to gather over the years, this should be my second year as a Master in Heaven Sect, making me twenty-two.

Looking down at my hands, I confirmed the youthfulness and unmarked skin of my hands. The hands I had been so used to seeing was full of scars and scabs, all received from the trampling, tortures, and struggles I had to endure after I ascended from the Earthen plane.

I immediately tried circulating my Elemental Quarks, a tear finding its way to the corner of my eye when I realised my Cultivation Point and meridians were completely fine.

Shaking my head to recover, I immediately started analyzing my situation.

My memories of what had occurred were too vivid to dismiss as a dream or imagination. The cultivation arts, recipes and knowledge I had gained from it were also a testament to the fact that everything I experienced was real.

So this can be ruled to either transmigration or time travel.

I had no artifacts on me that could cause this phenomenon, nor had I the Elemental Quarks to cause this phenomenon myself.

That means someone else caused this recently before my supposed death by sneeze.

It can't be that person right?

That maniacal Practitioner had always continuously thrashed me with a giant stick called 'truck-kun', constantly claiming that it would allow me to awaken in another world or something. Every time I was beaten unconscious, my consciousness actually did travel to another realm full of towering buildings and metal carriages. I would spend some time wandering there before a long metal carriage would ram into me, sending me back into my body.

Then there was that time I was used as a test subject by that same demented monster for some new cultivation technique involving Astral and Light quarks. I remember seeing stars and some weird blue colored rectangular box floating in front of me. There was a sign on top of it but I only managed to catch a glimpse of the word 'Police' before I was dragged back to reality.

Oh, there was also that incident where I was used by that damn crazy psycho as a shield to block a curse by another Practitioner, which resulted in me being teleported to another realm of existence. I had a weird vision of seeing six different colored stones revolving around me that seemed to give off infinite power before I blacked out, waking up back in my realm again.

No, definitely not possible. No way that crazy lunatic could have a hand in something like this.

Must be the Dragon.

Yep, that settles it, the Dragon must have caused this.

How? I have no idea, I was definitely not in the state to analyze the Elemental Quarks involved in that sneeze while I was literally being burned into nothingness. But I surmise it must be that dragon sneeze that caused this phenomenon.

How am I so calm about this? Well, if you had to struggle like I did to survive in those hellish places for more than a decade, you gain the uncanny ability to adapt to and take advantage of any situation as fast as possible.

Throwing my worries out the window, I stood up from the bed with clenched fists. Since I was offered a second chance, there's no way I'm not going to make use of it! I'm going to live an easy and relaxing life at my own pace!

No more rushing to be the strongest! The higher Planes are crap anyway! Earthen Plane is the best to relax! Everyone is trying to backstab and kill each other in the higher Planes to get stronger, totally unlike the Earthen Plane where Practitioners are more laid back and more concerned about what to eat for dinner rather than how to exploit their fellows, at least in my eyes.

Screw those puffed-up self-important Sect Masters and whatever godly Primordial beings that exist in this universe, I'm going to live the life I want after being your plaything for all those years! Just you watch! I'll wake up late every day, train when I feel like it, travel the world at a relaxed pace without a care in the--

A gentle knock on my door brought me out of my musings.

"Master Lin? Are you ready to go yet?" A voice asked from beyond my door.

Eh? That voice… "Elder Qing? Yeah, I'll be ready in a bit."

"Heh, this is your first time participating as a Master right? It's still early so you can still take your time, I'll wait for you at the courtyard."

"Oh, ok then. Sure er… Just going to change my clothes and I'll be out in a bit."

"Alright then," Footsteps echoed away from my door.

No doubt about whether this is real, I remember Elder Qing also came to call me during the student selection back then. I had refused to participate in the selection that time though, thinking it was a waste of time.

He was my teacher when I first joined the Sect before I showed my genius talents as a Practitioner. The Sect realised I could progress more on my own than under a tutor and gave me freedom to learn as I willed though Elder Qing remained as my mentor throughout my time in the Sect.

There was no jealousy when I advanced to the rank of Master above him. In fact, he had admitted he felt pride in having a hand in guiding me, no matter how insignificant his role might have been.

I had almost forgotten these kinds of people existed.

On the Spiritual Plane and Cloud Plane, everyone only cared for themselves.

Some commoner insulted your family and has better talent than you? Hire assassins to kill them before they can get stronger than you.

Some talentless cripple is marrying the prettiest girl in your city? Poison them on the night before their wedding to stop that.

Someone about to obtain the strongest treasure in the known universe? Betray them just before they get their hands on it so you can have it for yourself.

Don't even get me started on the Planes beyond that. I was lucky enough not to reach there but I have heard that it was just as bad if not worse than these two Planes.

Yeah, not going to miss any of that drama. I want an easy life now after all.

No wait, I just remembered hearing that not long after I left the Earthen Plane, some kind of disaster happened that rendered more than ninety percent of it uninhabitable.

Apparently a Practitioner had somehow summoned Divine Lightning storms that burned most of the world to ash. How someone on the Earthen Plane obtained that power I had no idea. Not even I could achieve that back when I was a Master.

Well shit... Guess I have to make some contingency plans after all, but nothing will stop me from trying to live the easy life still! I have an estimated five years before that happened anyway!

I stretched before proceeding to wash myself with a bucket of water I summoned with my Water quark and heated with my Fire quark.

I had to spend some time to refamiliarise myself with circulating my Elemental Quarks after missing them for so long. You never know how to appreciate what you have until you lose them.

And to think I had to manually draw water from wells and heat it up with firewood after I crippled myself back then. Then again, having to learn how to do all the things I always depended my Elemental Quarks on was still an interesting experience, disregarding the dire situation I was in.

Refreshed with a new change of clothes, I am now prepared to begin my plans of living an easy life!


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