When A Mage Revolts by Yin Si

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: The Most Unreliable Cheat Code
Chapter 3: The Waterball Spell
Chapter 4: Excavating A New Dimension Of Consciousness
Chapter 5: Binding Spell
Chapter 6: The Cleaner
Chapter 7: Annie’S Death
Chapter 8: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag?
Chapter 9: The Retaliation Of The Waterball
Chapter 10: The Sleepwalking Dirty Thing
Chapter 11: The Long Long Night, Which Sleep Evaded
Chapter 12: Benjamin And Grant
Chapter 13: Becoming Benjamin Lithur
Chapter 14: Initial Contact With The Church
Chapter 15: How To Dig Up Treasures
Chapter 16: The Revenge Of The Shitman
Chapter 17: The Troublemaking Old Lady
Chapter 18: Sorry, Your Grandmother Is Godlike
Chapter 19: The Cellar And The Potatoes
Chapter 20: It'S Your Mom
Chapter 21: The Training Of A Mage
Chapter 22: The Letter From The Devil
Chapter 23: The Choices Of The Chess Piece
Chapter 24: The Other Side Of The Letter
Chapter 25: The War Begins
Chapter 26: The War Simulation
Chapter 27: Put Down Your Weapon!
Chapter 28: Shot Fired
Chapter 29: An Encounter With An Old Friend
Chapter 30: Magic And The Divine Arts
Chapter 31: The Zone Of Prayers And The Crest Of Holy Light
Chapter 32: Skill Choices
Chapter 33: Military Training?
Chapter 34: Instructor, I Want To Fake It Too
Chapter 35: Just Lend Me A Gun
Chapter 36: The Strange Encounters At The Outskirts
Chapter 37: What'S More Terrifying Than A Fool?
Chapter 38: When A Mage Has To Perform Surgery
Chapter 39: \Academy Of Silence
Chapter 40: Silver Handgun
Chapter 41: The First Time Forging A Memory
Chapter 42: The Bishop Invites You For Tea
Chapter 43: The Bishop Kindly Requests You To F*Ck Off
Chapter 44: The Mage Who Knows Martial Arts
Chapter 45: The Way To Break The Curse
Chapter 46: The Tree Of Time
Chapter 47: The Water Elemental Crystal
Chapter 48: The Pure Blue Space
Chapter 49: Jeremy'S Incident
Chapter 50: Bonnie‘S Pub
Chapter 51: The Bandits Of Mount North
Chapter 52: Sewers Of The Outer City
Chapter 53: The True Motive Of The Bandits
Chapter 54: Runes Of The Icebreaking Spell
Chapter 55: The Uninvited Guest
Chapter 56: A Rational Decision
Chapter 57: The Perfect Ambush
Chapter 58: Sword Of The Holy Light
Chapter 59: Has The War Ended? A Naive Thought
Chapter 60: Sincerity For Trade
Chapter 61: Michelle'S Purpose
Chapter 62: Mysterious Map
Chapter 63: Fulner'S Theatre Of Happiness
Chapter 64: The Rules Of Being A Beggar
Chapter 65: The Mage In The Theater
Chapter 66: Magician Henry
Chapter 67: The Truth Behind It All
Chapter 68: The Grand Show
Chapter 69: Going Home With A Clean Slate
Chapter 70: The Royal Ball
Chapter 71: The New Magical Rune
Chapter 72: The Real Way To Unlock The Treasury
Chapter 73: The Strange Calm
Chapter 74: The Royal Ball Begins
Chapter 75: The Girl Who Bets
Chapter 76: The One Eyed Queen
Chapter 77: Elizabeth Wood
Chapter 78: The Overbearing Chairman And The Girl With A Tooth Gap
Chapter 79: How To Perfectly Explain The State Of 'Forever Alone'
Chapter 80: ???
Chapter 81: The Conspiracy Of The Royal Family
Chapter 82: The Covert Listening Cross-Shaped Device
Chapter 83: The Truth Behind The Cross
Chapter 84: The Nobles' Weak Protest
Chapter 85: Chief Silverfox
Chapter 86: The Secrets Of The Inn
Chapter 87: The Ambush Tactic
Chapter 88: Dueling With The Rich Priest
Chapter 89: The Waterball Of Reticence
Chapter 90: The Exploding Cross
Chapter 91: The Secret Passage In The Hotel
Chapter 92: Mercenaries
Chapter 93: The Awakened Assassin
Chapter 94: Prison Ruins
Chapter 95: God Forsaken Valley
Chapter 96: Minister’S Trophy
Chapter 97: Out Of Place Priest
Chapter 98: Dispute Within The Church
Chapter 99: An Unknown Letter
Chapter 100: The Split Of The Empire
Chapter 101: Non-Verbal Spell Casting
Chapter 102
Chapter 103: A Sudden Change
Chapter 104: The Church’S Method Of Investigation
Chapter 105: Violent Sound Waves
Chapter 106: Pillar Of Steam
Chapter 107: Fallen Into Trap?
Chapter 108: A New Camouflage
Chapter 109: The Carpentry Shop At The East Of The City
Chapter 110: The Mystery Revealed
Chapter 111: The Inevitable
Chapter 112: The Cannon Fodder
Chapter 113: The Struggle For Survival
Chapter 114: The Execution Site And Parker
Chapter 115: The Pope
Chapter 116: The Water Ball Had Flooded The City - Part 1
Chapter 117: The Water Ball Had Flooded The City Ii
Chapter 118: Benjamin Has Awakened
Chapter 119: A Fissure In The Space Of Consciousness
Chapter 120: The Parent’S Respective Decisions
Chapter 121: Mysterious Michelle
Chapter 122: Cursed City
Chapter 123: “Plague”
Chapter 124: The Pope'S Decision
Chapter 125: The Preparation Before The Escape
Chapter 126: The Fear Of Being Dominated By Statistics
Chapter 127: This Is A Road Movie
Chapter 128: A Sudden Falling Out
Chapter 129: Michelle'S "Death" (Part I)
Chapter 130: Michelle'S "Death" (Part Ii)
Chapter 131: The Pope Who Was Away For A Few Chapters
Chapter 132: The True Meaning Of Magical Talent
Chapter 133: The Fall
Chapter 134: Uncle And Loli
Chapter 135: The Potato Field And Late News
Chapter 136: The Story Of The Other
Chapter 137: The Bishop’S Plan
Chapter 138: The Village By Perseus Lake
Chapter 139: The Secrets That Dick Knows
Chapter 140: The Escape
Chapter 141: The Cave At The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 142: The Peculiar Red Gemstone
Chapter 143: A Big Bang
Chapter 144: Fish Egg?
Chapter 145: Michelle'S Rage
Chapter 146: Town Of Crewe
Chapter 147: Crusader Gateway
Chapter 148: Underground Mage Organization
Chapter 149: Way To Pass Through The Gateway
Chapter 150: Research On Magical Items
Chapter 151: The Tavern For Information Fishing
Chapter 152: Spying
Chapter 153: Lesson On Magic
Chapter 154: The Guest From Icor
Chapter 155: The Mercenaries’ Mission
Chapter 156: New Developments
Chapter 157: Ways Of Improvement
Chapter 158: I Am “Grant”
Chapter 159: Re-Condensing Water Runes
Chapter 160: Waiting For The “Prey”
Chapter 161: A Trap Within A Trap
Chapter 162: Siege Plan (Part 1)
Chapter 163: Siege Plan (Part 2)
Chapter 164: Seizing The Door
Chapter 165: The Future Of The Church
Chapter 166: The Griffin
Chapter 167: Crazy In Pursuit
Chapter 168: Surrounded And Being Surrounded By
Chapter 169: Pure White Space
Chapter 170: Greetings From ???
Chapter 171: The Hope To Leave The Gateway
Chapter 172: The Preparation For Escape
Chapter 173: There Was Something Wrong With This Banter
Chapter 174: The Gateway Opens
Chapter 175: Luring The Tiger Out Of The Mountains
Chapter 176: Icor’S Persuasion To Stay
Chapter 177: Bidding The Gates Farewell
Chapter 178: Stranger
Chapter 179: Icor’S Welcome
Chapter 180: Magic Potion
Chapter 181: The Old Mage And The Cat
Chapter 182: Mage Guild
Chapter 183: Rabbit Demon
Chapter 184: The Casters In The Forest
Chapter 185: The Great Pigborn
Chapter 186: The Most Devious Person Is Invincible
Chapter 187: Counter-Attacking And Being Counter-Attacked
Chapter 188: Ending Oneself'S Life
Chapter 189: A Visit From The Mage Guild
Chapter 190: Go, He'S Asking For It!
Chapter 191: Questioning His Life
Chapter 192: The Difficulty Of Getting Out Of The Country
Chapter 193: Study Of Magic Potion
Chapter 194: The Plan To Leave
Chapter 195: The Small Note Of The Mage
Chapter 196: Hurrying On
Chapter 197: Refining Potions
Chapter 198: The Skill To Using Magic
Chapter 199: Disappearance
Chapter 200: The Dame
Chapter 201: Not One Less
Chapter 202: This Comrade Looks Familiar
Chapter 203: The Mercenary Association
Chapter 204: The Fish That'S Hooked
Chapter 205: Old Friend
Chapter 206: This Shop Is Suspicious
Chapter 207: The Healthcare Anecdotes
Chapter 208: Appearance
Chapter 209: Villain
Chapter 210: The Scene That Should Not Appear
Chapter 211: Anti-Magic Prison
Chapter 212: Crowd Stuck In The Square
Chapter 213: Tinder Beneath The Clear Skies
Chapter 214: How To Become A God Stick
Chapter 215: Turning Back Again
Chapter 216: The Rules Of Chess
Chapter 217: The Aftermath Of A Coup D'Etat
Chapter 218: The Hostage Strikes Back
Chapter 219: The Feel Of Hijacked Senses
Chapter 220: Escaping From Certain Death
Chapter 221: Revenge
Chapter 222: Immunity To Magic
Chapter 223: "Funny" Emoji
Chapter 224: A State Of Nothingness
Chapter 225: Bribing Soldiers
Chapter 226: Chapter 226 - Guild Master
Chapter 227: The Queen’S Potion
Chapter 228: Leaving Regina
Chapter 229: Straight To Battle Once In Disagreement
Chapter 230: The Disguised Carriage Driver
Chapter 231: Town Of Ciera’S Pirates
Chapter 232: Flying Tiger
Chapter 233: Axe Technique From Above
Chapter 234: Moonglaive Of Ice
Chapter 235: Boarding Ship
Chapter 236: Creating A “Magical Creature”
Chapter 237: Ice Boat
Chapter 238: Boat Of The Skies
Chapter 239: Valley Of The Abyss
Chapter 240: Adventures In The Valley
Chapter 241: The Real World
Chapter 242: Voice Of The Valley
Chapter 243: City Of Rayleigh
Chapter 244: "Toppling" The Church
Chapter 245: The Crow’S Invitation
Chapter 246: The Proud Mage
Chapter 247: The “Crow”'S Boss
Chapter 248: Suggestion To Cooperate
Chapter 249: A Murder Plot
Chapter 250: Can, Seriously
Chapter 251: Alright Then, Go To Hell
Chapter 252: Moving Into A New House
Chapter 253: Framed Explosion
Chapter 254: A Conversing Potion Mage
Chapter 255: Complete Collection Of Magic Potion Recipes
Chapter 256: The Mages’ Gathering
Chapter 257: The Origin Of Incantations
Chapter 258: The Gathering'S Interaction
Chapter 259: Continuing To Challenge
Chapter 260: Ten Consecutive Wins
Chapter 261: ‘Greetings’
Chapter 262: Establishing Mercenary Group
Chapter 263: The Fear Of Giving Name
Chapter 264: The Weird Parchment
Chapter 265: Underground City
Chapter 266: Prehistoric Civilization
Chapter 267: The "Rampaging" Pure Blue Space
Chapter 268: Water Elemental Rain
Chapter 269: Handing Matters Over To The Country
Chapter 270: The Corpse Of A Scavenger
Chapter 271: The True Face Of The Ruins
Chapter 272: How Can It Not Explode?
Chapter 273: Autopsy On A Zombie Cow
Chapter 274: Cross Again
Chapter 275: Return To The World
Chapter 276: Torture Again
Chapter 277: Mage'S Gathering
Chapter 278: Fattened Up System
Chapter 279: Breaking Down Forbidden Spells
Chapter 280: Hurricane Cape
Chapter 281: Take It Back And Sew Slowly
Chapter 282: Quick, Arrest Me!
Chapter 283: The Frustrated Head Of Knight
Chapter 284: So Tiring Being The Mediator
Chapter 285: True And False Testimonies
Chapter 286: Scandals And Letters
Chapter 287: The Trouble Of Distribution
Chapter 288: The Improvement Of The Mages
Chapter 289: A Conscious Farmer
Chapter 290: Strange Disease
Chapter 291: Treatment Or Exorcism?
Chapter 292: Bait
Chapter 293: Cheated
Chapter 294: Lack Of Evidence
Chapter 295: The Final Plan
Chapter 296: Crime Of Treason
Chapter 297: Battle Ended? Or Has It Just Begun?
Chapter 298: What Is God
Chapter 299: Elemental Black Hole
Chapter 300: The Undefeatable “Second Form”
Chapter 301: The Final Blow
Chapter 302: The Aftereffects Of An Obliterated Cult
Chapter 303: Surrender
Chapter 304: Training New People
Chapter 305: Headquarters Of The Mages Freesmasonry
Chapter 306: The Palace
Chapter 307: The Princess, The King And The Chairman
Chapter 308: The King’S Banquet
Chapter 309: The Assassin In The Dark
Chapter 310: The Mastermind Behind The Scenes
Chapter 311: Change Again
Chapter 312: The Words Of The President
Chapter 313: The Meaning Of The Power Of The King
Chapter 314: The Letter In The Night
Chapter 315: Planning An Exhibition
Chapter 316: Illegal Mercenary Group
Chapter 317: The Violent Underworld
Chapter 318: The Ways To Cheat
Chapter 319: The End Of The Battle
Chapter 320: Participate Right On Time
Chapter 321: This Is Not A Game Of Survival
Chapter 322: The Beginning Of Hell
Chapter 323: Miserable Mercenaries
Chapter 324: The Hunting Process
Chapter 325: Shared Enemies And Hatred
Chapter 326: Killing Spree
Chapter 327: The Unexpected During Massacre
Chapter 328: Finishing Off In One Go
Chapter 329: Giant Icy Grave
Chapter 330: Spear Of The Earth
Chapter 331: A New Trap
Chapter 332: Change Of Plans
Chapter 333: Hellish Ending
Chapter 334: Promoting Like Gifts
Chapter 335: The Night Before The Convention
Chapter 336: "Elders"
Chapter 337: Lost Clues
Chapter 338: Ordinary Ambition
Chapter 339: Successful Or Unsuccessful Exhibition
Chapter 340: Misunderstanding?
Chapter 341: Converting Enemies Into Friends
Chapter 342: Talented Professional Mage
Chapter 343: Trial Period For One Hundred And Fifty People
Chapter 344: Developing Rules
Chapter 345: Thieves Who Do Not Want To Leave
Chapter 346: The Price Of Not Killing
Chapter 347: The Border Of The City Of Desert
Chapter 348: Caught Off Guard
Chapter 349: Are You Asleep
Chapter 350: Cold Wheelchair
Chapter 351: Bracelet And Key
Chapter 352: Behind The Truth
Chapter 353: Going To The City Of Snow
Chapter 354: Spying On The Forbidden Land
Chapter 355: Not So Secret Meeting
Chapter 356: King Under Control
Chapter 357: Escaping Tactics
Chapter 358: Unexpected Changes
Chapter 359: After The Murder Of The King
Chapter 360: 《Declaration Of The Freedom Of Magic》
Chapter 361: Leaving The Choice To The Mages
Chapter 362: Fereldan In Chaos
Chapter 363: The Reunion At The Abandoned Warehouse
Chapter 364: Assassin’S Failed Stakeout
Chapter 365: Execution By Fire In The City
Chapter 366: The First Government Ordinance
Chapter 367: The Person With Rights To The Army
Chapter 368: The Generals Of Ferelden
Chapter 369: Coming To An Agreement With The Generals
Chapter 370: The Fanatically Preaching Priest Army
Chapter 371: The Leader Of The Priests
Chapter 372: The Assassination Starts From The Small Towns
Chapter 373: The First Target
Chapter 374: Bloody Night
Chapter 375: A Very Realistic Question
Chapter 376: The Triangular Spirit
Chapter 377: Returning To The Eastern Desert
Chapter 378: The Secluded Mages
Chapter 379: Back To Square One
Chapter 380: The Desert Shadow
Chapter 381: The Mages’ Gang Fight
Chapter 382: Wrath Of The Sky
Chapter 383: Conquering Desert City
Chapter 384: The Inception Of A School
Chapter 385: Coach, I Want To Write A Faux Classic Too!
Chapter 386: The Mage In Randt City
Chapter 387: Structure Of A National Organization
Chapter 388: Technology Tree Of Magic Tools
Chapter 389: The Launch Of The Newspaper
Chapter 390: The Gathering Of Treacherous Officials
Chapter 391: Forceful Promotion
Chapter 392: The Horror Of Being Dominated By Advertisements
Chapter 393: Appointment For A Meeting
Chapter 394: Boundless View
Chapter 395: A Dream Or Reality?
Chapter 396: Hail
Chapter 397: The Slick Prime Minister
Chapter 398: The Change Of Plan
Chapter 399: Preparation
Chapter 400: Ambush In Black Rock Valley
Chapter 401: Change Course And Ambush
Chapter 402: Phantom Of Holy Light
Chapter 403: Explosion Of The Phantom
Chapter 404: Dark Magic Team
Chapter 405: Fire Drenched Phoenix
Chapter 406: Rain
Chapter 407: Human Flesh Firework
Chapter 408: Coup In The Palace
Chapter 409: Baffling Commendation
Chapter 410: The Prime Minister'S Reinvitation
Chapter 411: An Appointment Kept
Chapter 412: An Unexpected Position
Chapter 413: Direction Of The Future
Chapter 414: Dissolution And A New Beginning
Chapter 415: Desert City’S School
Chapter 416: The Resistance In The Town
Chapter 417: Misleading The Resistance
Chapter 418: Meeting The First Batch Of Locals
Chapter 419: The Paper Country
Chapter 420: The Tide Of Beasts
Chapter 421: Slaughter The Wolves
Chapter 422: Saving The Grasslands
Chapter 423: Stalking Thieves
Chapter 424: An Empty Trap
Chapter 425: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 426: The Church’S Development
Chapter 427: A Disappointing King
Chapter 428: The Progress Of The Church
Chapter 429: Declaration 2.0
Chapter 430: Subversive Light Magic
Chapter 431: A Spy’S Purpose
Chapter 432: Secret Church
Chapter 433: Killing His Beliefs
Chapter 434: Promotion Has To Be Done Through Entertainment
Chapter 435: Changing Strategies
Chapter 436: Hiding In The Mountains
Chapter 437: Attack Of The Gigantic Magical Beast
Chapter 438: The Trail Of The Missing Mages
Chapter 439: The Village On The Mountainside
Chapter 440: The Strange Atmosphere
Chapter 441: The New Origin Story
Chapter 442: The Stubborn Shadow
Chapter 443: Sealing The Valley
Chapter 444: 1 Vs 100
Chapter 445: The End Of The Tricks?
Chapter 446: The Door Into Oblivion
Chapter 447: Not Just A Mage
Chapter 448: The Undefeatable Black Hole
Chapter 449: The Elders’ Final Play
Chapter 450: Hundred Meter Dash Assassination
Chapter 451: Experiment For Ways To Decipher
Chapter 452: The Will Of The Fresh And Blood
Chapter 453: Holy Flame Of The End
Chapter 454: Back To The City
Chapter 455: Spreading The Truth
Chapter 456: Weird Namelist
Chapter 457: Misdirection
Chapter 458: Beating Someone At Their Own Game
Chapter 459: The News That Came Late
Chapter 460: The Accident While Gathering
Chapter 461: Inspection With An Agenda
Chapter 462: The Rescue Plan
Chapter 463: Starting To Run
Chapter 464: Being Targeted
Chapter 465: Deception In The Night
Chapter 466: A Successful Mission?
Chapter 467: The News Regarding The Detention Centre
Chapter 468: The King'S Choice
Chapter 469: Positions Transferred
Chapter 470: Moving Camp
Chapter 471: The Ideal Magical World
Chapter 472: Cain’S Sacrificial Plate
Chapter 473: The Sacrifice Of The Academy Of Silence
Chapter 474: For The Future Of The Mages
Chapter 475: The First Village
Chapter 476: Drink X Without Forgetting To Xx
Chapter 477: The Zeal Of The Apprentices
Chapter 478: The State Religion In Question
Chapter 479: Sneaking Into The Camp Site
Chapter 480: Upright General
Chapter 481: Run
Chapter 482: Dragging And Ambushing
Chapter 483: Attacking In A Cycle
Chapter 484: The Church’S Surrounding Circle
Chapter 485: The Move To Make The Mages Stay Behind
Chapter 486: The School With Detained Mages
Chapter 487: Rescuing The Captives
Chapter 488: The Siege Has Not Ended
Chapter 489: A Rumor Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 490: The Collapse Of The Blockade
Chapter 491: The Resentful General
Chapter 492: The King’S Speech
Chapter 493: The Exchange Of Hostages
Chapter 494: The Invasion
Chapter 495: The Final Pride
Chapter 496: A Country In Great Danger
Chapter 497: Halt The Troops And Wait?
Chapter 498: A Malevolent Messenger
Chapter 499: An Army Being Forcibly Kept Under Control
Chapter 500: Leading An Army
Chapter 501: The Accidental Arsonist
Chapter 502: Loyal Chamberlain
Chapter 503: Hideout In The Loft
Chapter 504: Allegiance Of The Merchants
Chapter 505: Return Of The Real King
Chapter 506: Cross Formation
Chapter 507: The Murderous Mist
Chapter 508: Hunted Down With Icy Mist
Chapter 509: Castle In The Sky
Chapter 510: The Lockdown
Chapter 511: The Messenger
Chapter 512: The False Messenger
Chapter 513: How To Anger A Queen
Chapter 514: Long River Town’S New Look
Chapter 515: The Stagnated Runes
Chapter 516: The Luminous Arc And The Entrance
Chapter 517: Having A Conversation With Runes
Chapter 518: The Intellectual Water
Chapter 519: Spies Who Snuck Into The Town
Chapter 520: Flying Birds Attacking The City
Chapter 521: Gealorre In Chaos
Chapter 522: Prepare For War
Chapter 523: The Empty Campsite
Chapter 524: The Trap
Chapter 525: The General Who Sang A Different Tune
Chapter 526: Mutiny
Chapter 527: The End Of The War
Chapter 528: The Return To The Palace
Chapter 529: New Circumstance
Chapter 530: Defending Amber City
Chapter 531: Icor’S Messenger
Chapter 532: Unexpected Event From Negotiations
Chapter 533: Intent To Poison
Chapter 534: Confusion
Chapter 535: News Of Death
Chapter 536: Similar Deaths
Chapter 537: The Repeating Truth
Chapter 538: The Secret Underground Tunnel
Chapter 539: The Underground Meeting
Chapter 540: The Out Of Control Elemental Energy
Chapter 541: Collapse
Chapter 542: The Mysterious Underground World
Chapter 543: Underground Mutation
Chapter 544: Invisible Barrier
Chapter 545: The Ceremony That Was Interrupted
Chapter 546: Sudden Retreat
Chapter 547: Back To The Surface
Chapter 548: Establishing The Academy Of Magic
Chapter 549: Back In Ferelden
Chapter 550: Maneuvering The Castle
Chapter 551: The Return
Chapter 552: The Hidden Spy
Chapter 553: The Rebel Forces In The Mountains
Chapter 554: The Significance Of The Revolution
Chapter 555: Dismissal Of The Army
Chapter 556: Return To Icor
Chapter 557: Meeting The President Again
Chapter 558: The Potion Mage With An Odd Character
Chapter 559: Stubborn Old Man
Chapter 560: Gamble
Chapter 561: Resolving Conflict
Chapter 562: Return Journey
Chapter 563: Magic Rank In Its Embryonic State
Chapter 564: Visiting Guests
Chapter 565: A Shocking Visit
Chapter 566: This Is What You Call An Academy
Chapter 567: Cultivation From The Teacher
Chapter 568: The Academy’S Ambition
Chapter 569: The First Day Of School
Chapter 570: Preparation Before The Ceremony
Chapter 571: School Opening Ceremony
Chapter 572: The Unexpected Guest
Chapter 573: The Hall Under The Halo
Chapter 574: Something That Should Not Be There
Chapter 575: Stolen Spiritual Energy
Chapter 576: Familiar Memories
Chapter 577: A Whole New World
Chapter 578: Doing As He Pleases For Ten Minutes
Chapter 579: The Failed Spell Slot
Chapter 580: The Priest Who Was Emptied
Chapter 581: Five Billion Incantations
Chapter 582: An Omniscient Image
Chapter 583: The Operation Of The Academy
Chapter 584: Secrets Of The Runes
Chapter 585: Attempt
Chapter 586: Elemental Order
Chapter 587: Magic Potion Department
Chapter 588: Lies About The Magic Potion
Chapter 589: The Mages Organization’S Visit
Chapter 590: Provocation
Chapter 591: The Power Of The New Spell
Chapter 592: The Water Element Domain
Chapter 593: The Preparation For The Midterm Examinations
Chapter 594: The Exams Begin
Chapter 595: Sparring Exam
Chapter 596: An Unexpected Sparring Invitation
Chapter 597: Pride Or Arrogance
Chapter 598: Defying Logic
Chapter 599: Traumatized
Chapter 600: Public Magic Lessons
Chapter 601: The Effectiveness Of An Antidote
Chapter 602: Going Out For Practical Training
Chapter 603: A Thief Crying “Catch The Thief!”
Chapter 604: The Mysterious Siege
Chapter 605: Appearance
Chapter 606: A Surprising Name
Chapter 607: Prisoners
Chapter 608: Antidote
Chapter 609: The Lacing Plan
Chapter 610: Black Operation Of The Academy
Chapter 611: The Syntax Of The Runes
Chapter 612: A Noble Visitor
Chapter 613: A Request From The Noble
Chapter 614: Homeland And Old Friends
Chapter 615: A New Batch Of Mages
Chapter 616: Leaked Whereabouts
Chapter 617: Recognition
Chapter 618: Smuggling People Across The Border
Chapter 619: The Falling Raindrops Onto The Church
Chapter 620: The Church Serial Killings
Chapter 621: The Cemetery Visitors
Chapter 622: Return To The Royal City
Chapter 623: The Guards Of The Prison Ruins
Chapter 624: Infiltrating The Ruins
Chapter 625: The Dark Valley
Chapter 626: The Strange Elemental Organisms
Chapter 627: Ancient Battleground
Chapter 628: Backtrack Of Time
Chapter 629: Primeval Magic
Chapter 630: Cain’S Illusion
Chapter 631: A Dead Land
Chapter 632: Underground Treasure
Chapter 633: Abyss Trial
Chapter 634: The Internal Conflict Of The Church
Chapter 635: The Difficulty Of Stigmatization
Chapter 636: Stopping The Plague
Chapter 637: The Silent Cathedral
Chapter 638: The Banquet
Chapter 639: The Turn Of Events At The Banquet
Chapter 640: Situation Under Control
Chapter 641: Mage Guild Liberation
Chapter 642: Mammoth Shield Rune
Chapter 643: The Ambush And The Counter-Ambush
Chapter 644: Horde War
Chapter 645: A Collision Of Forces
Chapter 646: Ending The Battle
Chapter 647: The Troublesome Aftermath
Chapter 648: The Messengers From The Two Countries
Chapter 649: Runic Technique
Chapter 650: A Poor Choice
Chapter 651: A New Regime
Chapter 652: The Queen'S Ending
Chapter 653: The Academy’S Information Network
Chapter 654: The First Meeting
Chapter 655: A Belated Letter Home
Chapter 656: The Researcher'S Spirit
Chapter 657: Conjuring The Star Chart
Chapter 658: Fundamental Issues
Chapter 659: An Abrupt Exit
Chapter 660: The Rune In His Irises
Chapter 661: A New Direction
Chapter 662: Shocking News
Chapter 663: Coronation Ceremony
Chapter 664: Patricide
Chapter 665: Seeking The Truth
Chapter 666: Breaking Into Jail Forcefully
Chapter 667: Epic Collision
Chapter 668: Flee
Chapter 669: Uncovering Truth
Chapter 670: The Mage Who Divulged A Secret
Chapter 671: Illicit Competition
Chapter 672: The Scramble For The Results
Chapter 673: The Birth Of A Drama Queen
Chapter 674: The Correct Way To Introduce Oneself
Chapter 675: The Real Counterattack
Chapter 676: The Real Counterattack
Chapter 677: Magic Academy Branch
Chapter 678: Carretas’S Opposition
Chapter 679: Arguments And Prejudices
Chapter 680: The Feast At Hongmen
Chapter 681: Preach
Chapter 682: Worshipper From Across The Seas
Chapter 683: Spiritual Energy Barrier
Chapter 684: A Spirit’S Tragic Death
Chapter 685: A Mentally Handicapped Rune
Chapter 686: Luring A Snake From Its Den
Chapter 687: The Figures Which Entered The Palace
Chapter 688: The Sleeping Guardsmen
Chapter 689: Fragile Devotions
Chapter 690: Backfired Potion
Chapter 691: Psychic Powers
Chapter 692: Multiple Splits
Chapter 693: Spying On The Church
Chapter 694: Successful Purification
Chapter 695: Return To The Academy
Chapter 696: The Mages’ Standings
Chapter 697: Undercover Mages
Chapter 698: Branch Campus Development
Chapter 699: The Fulners’ Encore Envoy
Chapter 700: Ambitious Plan
Chapter 701: Crystal Production Formation
Chapter 702: The Business Of The Academy
Chapter 703: Trump Card
Chapter 704: The Failed Operation
Chapter 705: Another Deserter
Chapter 706: The Secret Door And The Key
Chapter 707: The Crazy Pursuit
Chapter 708: An Uncrossable Mountain
Chapter 709: A Familiar Voice
Chapter 710: A Profound Secret
Chapter 711: The Spirits In The Abyss
Chapter 712: Hunting Down Spirits
Chapter 713: Capturing A Spirit
Chapter 714: Parasitic
Chapter 715: The World On The Other Side
Chapter 716: Turning Back
Chapter 717: Returning To The Academy
Chapter 718: Secrets Of The Revenant
Chapter 719: Preparation
Chapter 720: Transmutation
Chapter 721: Revert To Normal
Chapter 722: The Spirit And The Worshipper From Overseas
Chapter 723: Getting The Key Back
Chapter 724: Prototype
Chapter 725: Firearms Conference
Chapter 726: Supply Cutting Team
Chapter 727: Sunken Ship In River Valley
Chapter 728: Ultimate Light Threads
Chapter 729: Collision Beyond Humanity
Chapter 730: Long Awaited Crystal Ball
Chapter 731: Genuine And Fake
Chapter 732: Encirclement
Chapter 733: Who Was Found
Chapter 734: Unexpected Reinforcements
Chapter 735: A Successful Breakout
Chapter 736: Rendezvous
Chapter 737: A Man Without Life
Chapter 738: Prototype Military
Chapter 739: The Church’S Recent Movements
Chapter 740: Spirit Familiar
Chapter 741: A Sudden Conquer
Chapter 742: The Third Coup
Chapter 743: A Way To Keep A Secret
Chapter 744: Freedom In Jeopardy
Chapter 745: The Remaining Army
Chapter 746: Ambush
Chapter 747: Bait
Chapter 748: The Start Of The Retaliation
Chapter 749: The Holy Flames Of Sacrifice
Chapter 750: The Forest Fire
Chapter 751: The Predicament
Chapter 752: Determination
Chapter 753: Shady Characters
Chapter 754: Forging Letters
Chapter 755: The Church'S Grand Army
Chapter 756: The Holy Cannon’S Barrage
Chapter 757: A Failed First Round Of Attack
Chapter 758: Probing
Chapter 759: Provoke
Chapter 760: Siege
Chapter 761: A Rancor That Broke Out
Chapter 762: A Great, Chaotic Battle
Chapter 763: The Bloody Phoenix
Chapter 764: The Sudden Retreat And Gunfire
Chapter 765: The Mirror Surfaces Of Light And Water
Chapter 766: The Third Figure
Chapter 767: Reincarnation In The Form Of Light
Chapter 768: First Day'S Curtain Fall
Chapter 769: Robust Light Bombing
Chapter 770: New Deployment
Chapter 771: Dangerous Plan
Chapter 772: A Night Intrusion
Chapter 773: A Counterattack
Chapter 774: The Fall Of Regina
Chapter 775: Light Slayers
Chapter 776: Charging Towards Regina
Chapter 777: Ambush
Chapter 778: Besiege
Chapter 779: The Enemy Who Could Not Be Suppressed
Chapter 780: The Growth Of A Genius
Chapter 781: A Sudden Retreat
Chapter 782: The Infiltrators Are Infiltrated
Chapter 783: The End Of The War
Chapter 784: Back To Work
Chapter 785: The Start Of School, And The Memorial
Chapter 786: A New Suggestion
Chapter 787: Out To Sea
Chapter 788: Party To Lead The Way
Chapter 789: Pull In To Shore
Chapter 790: Releasing The Fleet
Chapter 791: The Elder That Disappeared
Chapter 792: The True And The False
Chapter 793: Desperate Avengers
Chapter 794: Rescue
Chapter 795: The Tense Atmosphere Between Two Churches
Chapter 796: Ancestral Sleeping Ground
Chapter 797: The Heart Of The Soul
Chapter 798: Exposed
Chapter 799: Cannibalism
Chapter 800: A Tragic Death
Chapter 801: The Annihilation Of The Worshippers From Across The Sea
Chapter 802: Rescue
Chapter 803: Returning With Fruitful Results
Chapter 804: The Legend Of The Heart Of Souls
Chapter 805: The Black Hole In Space
Chapter 806: An Sms From The Other World
Chapter 807: The Conversation That Never Happened
Chapter 808: Going Back To The Timeline
Chapter 809: The Fall From The Star Chart
Chapter 810: The Limited Water Silk
Chapter 811: Deep Sea Domain
Chapter 812: Report On The Revenants
Chapter 813: The Ambush Of The Revenant
Chapter 814: An Advanced Level Of Magic Immunity
Chapter 815: Rescue
Chapter 816: You Will Die If You Overeat
Chapter 817: The Spirit Of Bones
Chapter 818: The Bone Dragon
Chapter 819: How To Restrain The Undead
Chapter 820: Let Us Just Withdraw
Chapter 821: While Escaping
Chapter 822: Separate
Chapter 823: An Eternal Dilemma
Chapter 824: Gone, But Returned
Chapter 825: Escape
Chapter 826: Back To The Academy
Chapter 827: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 828: To The Astonishment Of The Protagonist
Chapter 829: Elemental Disasters
Chapter 830: Progress
Chapter 831: An Absurd Proposal
Chapter 832: The Meeting With Wood
Chapter 833: The Plan, And Matters Outside Of The Plan
Chapter 834: Disguised As A Holy Knight
Chapter 835: Sneaking Into The Cathedral
Chapter 836: Advancement
Chapter 837: The Reappearance Of A Forbidden Spell?
Chapter 838: The Trail Disappears
Chapter 839: The Intentions Behind
Chapter 840: The Plan To Leave The Capital City
Chapter 841: The First Step In Uprooting The Church
Chapter 842: Preparation For The Half Million
Chapter 843: Prelude
Chapter 844: The Satire Comic
Chapter 845: The Pope’S Fury
Chapter 846: Moderate Reformists
Chapter 847: A New Way To Use An Old Book
Chapter 848: The Black Nightmare Society
Chapter 849: The Meeting On A Ship
Chapter 850: The First Meeting
Chapter 851: Gradual Expansion
Chapter 852: We Quit!
Chapter 853: A Great Collapse
Chapter 854: The Undercurrent Of The Capital
Chapter 855: News Of A Death
Chapter 856: Back To Business
Chapter 857: Tragic Past
Chapter 858: A Sudden Attack
Chapter 859: Shifting The Focus
Chapter 860: Rescue
Chapter 861: The Broken Heavenly Sword
Chapter 862: Reversal
Chapter 863: Not Withdrawing, Bullheaded
Chapter 864: The Trump Card Of The Nobles
Chapter 865: The First Issue Of The Truth News
Chapter 866: Taking Over Things
Chapter 867: Before The Battle
Chapter 868: The Battle Of Rhein City
Chapter 869: Murder Caused By A Bag Of Money
Chapter 870: A Triumphant Return
Chapter 871: “Traitor”
Chapter 872: The Submission Of The Rebel Army
Chapter 873: Repentance
Chapter 874: Mobilization And Blockade
Chapter 875: Empty-Handed
Chapter 876: The Exiled Nobles
Chapter 877: A New Battleplan
Chapter 878: Elusive
Chapter 879: The Black Cross
Chapter 880: The Returning Nobles
Chapter 881: Attack On Worchester
Chapter 882: An Evil Innocence
Chapter 883: The Collapsed Tunnel
Chapter 884: Delay
Chapter 885: Survivor
Chapter 886: The Escape Of The Ice Ship
Chapter 887: Statue Of Holy Light
Chapter 888: Escape
Chapter 889: Return To The City
Chapter 890: We Have Not Lost
Chapter 891: On The Eve Of A Great Battle
Chapter 892: Sneak Attack?
Chapter 893: The Attack On The City Begins
Chapter 894: Fire At You, Fire At Me
Chapter 895: An Extremely Different Battle Technique
Chapter 896: The Hidden Troop
Chapter 897: The Counterattack Before The Retreat
Chapter 898: Joining The Barriers
Chapter 899: The Troubles Of The Academy
Chapter 900: The Fake Mages
Chapter 901: The King'S Funeral
Chapter 902: An Endless Stream Of Troublemakers
Chapter 903: Infiltrators
Chapter 904: Cruel
Chapter 905: The Third Force
Chapter 906: Wood'S Vengeance
Chapter 907: A Game Of Chess From The Deceased
Chapter 908: An Unreliable Battle Strategy
Chapter 909: The Crucial Transmission
Chapter 910: The Siege
Chapter 911: Under The Surface Of The Water
Chapter 912: Shifting
Chapter 913: The Ambush By The Church
Chapter 914: The Battle To Withdraw
Chapter 915: Reinforcements
Chapter 916: There Is No Other Meaning
Chapter 917: Desperate Measures
Chapter 918: The Griffin King
Chapter 919: Capture
Chapter 920: A Meeting Between Two Parties
Chapter 921: A Dangerous Battle Strategy
Chapter 922: An Absolutely Unimaginable Method Of Attack
Chapter 923: Blocking Cannonballs With The Body
Chapter 924: The Slack Army
Chapter 925: A Battlefield Fraught With Anxiety
Chapter 926: The Penultimate Debut
Chapter 927: The Defeat Of The Church
Chapter 928: The Exhausted Imperial Capital
Chapter 929: After The Battle
Chapter 930: A Conversation About The Throne
Chapter 931: System Crash
Chapter 932: A Long Dream
Chapter 933: An Unacceptable Truth
Chapter 934: Savior
Chapter 935: Complete Elimination
Chapter 936: True Self
Chapter 937: Unconscious Grant
Chapter 938: The Final Battle
Chapter 939: Forbidden Spell
Chapter 940: Victory And Defeat
Chapter 941: Fallen
Chapter 942: Ten Years In The Kingdom
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Source: Qidian International
Book Details / Information: Kubei was just an ordinary pencil and button pusher working a day job, hating his boss and making horrible speeches when one day he fell asleep after pushing an all-nighter. When he woke up, he was bound to a chair, facing three creepy robed women and in a body way too young and way too weak to be his own. As he slowly came to, he realized that he was no longer in the same universe as he was before. He had teleported to the Kingdom of Helius, where an all-powerful church rules its lands and wages war against the elusive group known only as Mages. Armed with an incredibly cocky neural interface that just won’t shut up and his own sheer wit, our MC will find himself not just fighting to survive, but maybe even something bigger than himself.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: The Most Unfortunate Teleportation

Chapter 1: The Most Unfortunate Teleportation

Translator: J_Squared Editor: J_Squared

Safe teleportations are similar, but those unfortunate ones are unfortunate in their own way.

-Jensen Tolstoy White

Kubei felt as if something was not right.

He felt an extreme headache as he woke up in a state of confusion. It was if his brain was pierced by a needle as he could not think at all. He did not know what had happened and did not know where he was, but he felt very uncomfortable.

But he figured that he was not lying in the small bed he was used to sleeping in.

What was going on?

The four corners made him feel uneasy as the space was smaller than the room he rented. A streak of yellow light shone on his eyelids. There was a faint sound of water dripping behind his back, making him feel uneasy...

Low-pitched voices could also be heard.

"Looks like he died. Annie, your methods were too brutal!"

This was a female voice that had a blaming tone.

"It wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t know that his body was so weak? And, and, I didn’t do much at all."

The one called Annie sounded panicky as she spoke.

"That’s enough, we should think about what to tell Michelle."

"Michelle…...No! What should we do? Michelle will definitely kill us!"

"Don’t drag me into this, it’s all your fault, you’re the one who killed him, and this has nothing to do with me..."

The conversation continued on, the noise and the headache made Kubei’s head spin. But after a short while, he gradually got used to the pain, and regained his consciousness and ability to judge.

He opened his eyes with a struggle.

This was a small house, like those basements in a thriller film. It was pitch black, and the only source of light came from a torch on the wall. The moss had overtaken the corners of the wall and the ceiling, exuding considerable humidity and making it uncomfortable.

Kubei attempted to move around.

He immediately realized that he was tied to a chair, with his hands cuffed in thick hemp rope that was hurting his wrists.

He also realized that he felt extremely weak.

It was a weakness he had never felt before.

"What should we do…...Michelle…...Oh God, She, She’s here!"

The slow clanking of heels interrupted their conversation and Kubei’s weak struggle.

Under the dim light, a blurry figure appeared.

As the figure was dressed in a huge robe with a hood concealing her face, there was no way to see the face clearly. The viridian robe wrapped her tightly, not leaving a single patch of skin exposed. No one could tell if perhaps there was a mannequin inside instead of a human.

Kubei knew it was a woman, solely because of the sound of heels and her name "Michelle".

Even though he was still in a state of confusion, his instincts told him that now would be a good time to feign death.

And so, he relaxed his body and lied in the chair motionless hoping no one would notice him.

He closed his eyes tightly and contracted his ears, closely paying attention as the situation unfolded.

"Michelle, you’re here..."

Annie sounded like she was stuttering.

"Wake him up." A low and commanding voice came from within the robes.

"Michelle, I..."

Annie was hesitant to speak, as she was finding difficulty to piece a sentence, she was interrupted.

"It’s all Annie’s fault!" The other woman cried out, with a high pitched voice, making Kubei’s head go numb, "Michelle, it’s all Annie’s fault, she ended up killing him, it has nothing to do with me!"

There was an awkward silence.

"Michelle, I..." Annie tried explaining.

"He’s not dead." Michelle interrupted her once again.

Kubei could not help but draw his breath.


"He’s not dead." Michelle seemed to be losing her patience, "Wake him up."

"Ah, Yes, Yes..."

Kubei had his eyes shut while he was seated suddenly a chill hit him, and he started shivering uncontrollably. The clothing he was wearing became wet all of a sudden, clinging tightly to his skin, making it really uncomfortable. Kubei wanted to puke.

The one called Annie poured cold water on him.

He knew he could not continue pretending so he opened his eyes.

"He’s not dead!"

As one of the girls exclaimed in shocked, Kubei finally fully regained his vision.

There were three people in the room. The other two were dressed the same as Michelle in viridian hooded robes and hiding their faces. Their outfit was as creepy as something in a horror film set.

The three hooded figures surrounded Kubei like they were about to perform an evil sacrificial ritual.

Kubei felt a chill on his spine.

"The two of you can go rest," Michelle said.

The two nodded and left, probably going to start an argument about what happened just now.

Kubei felt Michelle’s heavy gaze return to him, like a venomous snake staring at its prey. He felt extremely uncomfortable. But in a situation like this, there was nothing that could be done. He just looked down and pretended he did not see anything at all.

Michelle did not speak either, and this went on for awhile.

The short period of time felt really long.

Finally, Michelle started speaking.

"What’s the secret to opening the treasury?"

Kubei lifted his head, "I don’t know."

"Sir Lithur." Michelle did not feel surprised at all from what she heard, "Resistance is futile. You can return to your kingdom and be a noble genius, or you can rot in the belly of mice. The choice is yours, and I hope you make the right one."

"I’m not Sir Lithur. You’ve got the wrong person."

"Sir Lithur, my patience is limited." Michelle spoke politely, but her words were intimidating.

"Otherwise, you weren’t satisfied with the treatment just now, should I bring Annie over again?"


Kubei felt like crying but could not. "Lady, I really don’t know anything!"

After regaining consciousness for so long, he could understand what was going on.

Before this, it was midnight, he was on a table, preparing a script for his boss’ speech for the following day.

That time he had already worked overtime for nearly half a month, he was tired mentally and physically. Due to the exhaustion, he fell asleep in front of the computer. In his dream, Kubei saw a man in his forties with a pair of briefs on his head, pointing at his nose, shouting, "Balala energy, transform!"

Then there was a buzzing noise in his head.

After that, all he could remember was waking up here.

He was not ruling out the fact that these bunch of women were crazy for kidnapping him to this place and treating him as some Sir Lithur. He also suspected that the nightmare was so terrifying it damaged his mental health and caused him to hallucinate.


From the moment he opened his mouth, he realized that he was no longer speaking Mandarin, but some language that sounded like English.

He realized he had not spoken English in years.

Kubei was not a fool. He was just an ordinary person, living a normal live, but as one with wild dreams - he had read countless novels online. When he noticed that everything did not seem right, he quickly used his knowledge from the novels to draw a conclusion:

He had teleported.

Because of some unknown reason, he had been teleported into someone called Sir Lithur’s body, switching bodies with Sir Lithur. How coincidental that this Sir Lithur was not quite lucky for he was kidnapped by a bunch of mentally unstable women, even to the point where he was tortured in a formidable way.

Now, it was his turn to be tortured.

Kubei drew his breath, as if he was mourning for the time he lost half of his month’s salary because of a skiing accident that tore his anus, making him unable to go to work.

He must be the unluckiest teleporter, ever.

"To the Lithur family, that treasury is only like a grain of rice in a huge stockpile of wheat. The treasures within are what your family would have in thousands more in amount, why would you lose your precious life over this thing?"

Michelle probably thought that Kubei was ready to give up, and was ready to comply with her demands.

Kubei raised his head, facing the darkness in the hood, uttering clearly:

"I. Do. Not. Know!"

In that moment, he believed, that his eyes were as fawningly sincere as that of a young deer.

But Michelle wouldn’t believe him.

"I’m very sorry, Sir Lithur. You’ve made the wrong decision." Michelle’s voice was cold from the beginning till the end of her speech, but this time he could hear a murderous intent, "I think, you’re probably missing Annie."

Kubei shuddered.

He did not know what these few mad women had done to the real Sir Lithur, and he had no intention of knowing. Why? Because the real Sir Lithur had been beaten to death!

The truth was right before his eyes. He did not doubt their cruel methods at all.

Right when Michelle turned around, Kubei called her:

"I…...I cannot tell you yet."

Kubei did not have a choice. Even if this was a bad trick he had to continue playing it.

Whether it was teleportation or not, he did not want to die.


Michelle did not turn around, but paused her footsteps with her back facing Kubei as she coldly spoke.

"If you don’t keep your promise, even if I told you, you wouldn’t let me go." Kubei tried hard to remember the scenes of the web novels he had read, boldly pretending and calmly saying, "I can tell you the way to open the treasury, but you have to guarantee my safety."

A slight chuckle came from within the hood.

As the atmosphere became less tensed, Kubei managed to catch a breath.

"You’re smart." Michelle turned around, "I never intended to let you go. To prevent being hunted by the Lithur family. After I get what I want, I would kill you immediately, dice you up, and feed you to the sewer rats, not leaving a single trace.

Kubei wished he could take back what he said.

"...I’m not going to tell you then."

"If you don’t talk, we’ll torture you, till you break." The way she said it sounded psychotic, "You can choose to die without pain, which is much better than the other option."


"I must be seriously unlucky," Kubei thought to himself.

Kubei could only think of returning the real Sir Lithur’s soul to his body right now, and choke him by the neck, so that he could leave this strange world.

'Damn, I am only a bystander!,' Kubei thought.


Seeing that he had no intention to speak, Michelle shook her head, getting ready to find the other person.

Under the dire situation, Kubei suddenly came up with an idea.


Michelle seemed as if she did not hear Kubei as her footsteps did not seem to slow down.

Kubei could only scream at the top of his lungs:

"The Lithur family’s treasury, only those with the Lithur family blood can open it. If you kill me, you’ll never get to open it!"

Michelle finally stopped her footsteps, and turned and clanked her heels over.

Kubei was finally relieved.

Kubei came up with a generic plot that would be often used in novels and this could somehow end up being the only way to saving his life.

After some silence, Michelle said:

"You’re not of the Lithur family bloodline."


Kubei was caught off guard, and his already-bound hands froze.

"You’re only a distant relative to the Lithur Family." Michelle’s tone had some disdain in it, "Your aunt married a Lithur, you only followed her and managed to acquire the Lithur surname. You don’t have a single drop of Lithur blood in you, your so called using your bloodline to open the seal to the treasury, even you couldn’t do it."


This "Sir Lithur" was actually just a small fry in such a huge family?

The headache worsened.

Kubei was left in despair. It felt like he had just carried a stone and to smash his own feet, then digging a pit and jumping into it himself.

He would have other ways of saving himself, but he ended up killing off his own chances with the generic plot.

What can be done now?

He was only teleported for almost half an hour. Do not tell him he would meet the end of his life so soon.

Michelle laughed, and said, "You actually thought, before we kidnapped you, I wouldn’t do any research..."

"Your investigations are meaningless!" Suddenly, Kubei was like a different person, sharply interrupting her, "I am part of the Lithur family, I have the purest blood in the family. You are making up this story to test me, what are you even suspicious of?"


Kubei forcefully said, "If you’re afraid that I’m just buying time, it means you’re probably just bluffing. Aren’t you nervous about kidnapping a noble? The people sent by my family should arrive any moment, if you drag on, you’ll pay with your life."

Michelle was left speechless, once again it was as if the person in the robes was a mannequin.

Kubei let out a few laughs.

'I have gambled correctly.' He thought.

If he was a distant relative, why would he even know of the family treasury? If he was a insignificant relative, why would Michelle kidnap him in the first place?

Kubei thought carefully and his instinct saw through her deception.

Michelle probably noticed that he was acting suspiciously, thus, creating some false information to test him. If he took the bait, he would probably be a dead man now. She would find out that he was not the real Sir Lithur, and he was worthless to her.

But luckily, Kubei was calm enough to see through the lie Michelle had so slyly spun for him.

The person that he had teleported into, was of legitimate Lithur family blood!

His manipulation trick turned out perfectly, stunning the mysterious woman.

"Lady Michelle, if you really want to open the treasury, I think you should hurry." Kubei used this opportunity to make fun of the opposition, "The people from the Lithur family shouldn’t be meddled with."

Silence ensued, a great long silence.

"...You win."

Kubei narrowed his eyebrows playfully.

Michelle’s words were as if they were coming out from the gaps between clenched teeth: "I’ll bring you to the treasury, you open the door for me, we’ll keep a distance from you when you’re opening the treasury. Once the door is open, we’ll leave you to your own devices, you can escape if you want to."

After hearing this, Kubei could not help but smile and say:



The stone that was crushing his heart has finally been lifted, Kubei could see the thread of hope once more.

While he rejoiced upon surviving the torture, he felt that he really was the unluckiest teleporter.

Other people would save their own lives with a certain set cheat codes, all he could rely on was him own mischievous tricks.

But, it was not time to be relaxed yet.

Now that he managed to lie his way through, thus he had to continue lying to survive. This mad woman intended to take him to the treasury, so he had to find a way to escape, or else they would eventually find out about his lie and he would have to face death

The game had just begun.

Kubei reapplied his attention onto Michelle.

As if to show dissatisfaction, Michelle walked away, but the clanking of her heels were louder than before. As she faced the dark corridor, she shouted for her followers:

"Sally, Annie, it’s time to go!"

She was probably planning to take Kubei and her followers away from this place, to head to the treasury.


The corridor was silent. There was no reply.


It seemed like something had happened. Kubei tried to hide his joy.

"Sally? Annie?"

Michelle raised her voice, her calm voice seemed to start cracking.

Finally, a voice returned,

"Michelle, something’s happened!"

Despite the alarming reply, Michelle seemed unmoved by it.

One of the hooded figures came out from the shadows quickly.

"The Lithur family troops are about to arrive! Michelle, this is terrible!"

Kubei immediately became overjoyed upon hearing this, but quickly felt anxious.

How was he going to face the Lithurs whom he had never met before?

On the other hand, if they were to come, Kubei did not think Michelle would let him live either.


Michelle calmly asked: "Annie, where did Sally go?

"I, I don’t know..."

"Annie, tell me, where did Sally go?"

Annie started stuttering again, as she was in a state a panic:

"Sally disappeared…...I, I’m not that sure. She said she was going to check the surroundings, then she disappeared. I…...I think she probably spotted the people from the Lithur family, and ran away on her own! Or…...she’s probably been captured by them!"

Michelle remained silent.

Annie stood in front of her, but the hooded robes were unable to hide her panic,

"Michelle, we need to go, if we continue delaying we’ll be captured!"

But Michelle still remained silent.

Silent to the point where Annie felt awkward. She looked as if she was telling a joke, a joke so bad that no one would respond to. One minute, two minutes went away, the whole atmosphere was ice cold, and she could not hold her expression any longer.

Kubei broke the awkward silence.

He dragged his voice, with a sarcastic sort of surprise that was taunting.

"Annie, did you kill Sally?"


Total Chapters in book: 942
Estimated words: 1529600 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 7648(@200wpm)___ 6118(@250wpm)___ 5099(@300wpm)