Witcher: I Can Extract Everything by Lich King Number 13

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: The Mystery Man
Chapter 3: Going Out Among The Royals
Chapter 4: Scaring The Idiots
Chapter 5: The Unknown Masculine Voice
Chapter 6: The Devils Son
Chapter 7: The Pair Of Purple Eyes
Chapter 8: The Mysterious Woman
Chapter 9: Sneaking Out
Chapter 10: Are You A Witch Too?
Chapter 11: Curious Drayce
Chapter 12: Attempt To Escape
Chapter 13: Owner Of The Red Eyes
Chapter 14: Who Are You?
Chapter 15: So Thats Her!
Chapter 16: Worried Father
Chapter 17: Bring The Culprits
Chapter 18: Virgin Lips
Chapter 19: Knowing The Third Princess
Chapter 20: Crafty Queen
Chapter 21: She Wont Be Alive
Chapter 22: Shocking Realization
Chapter 23: Muffled Scream
Chapter 24: Left Alone
Chapter 25: Getting To Know The Palace
Chapter 26: Black Smoke
Chapter 27: Hunger
Chapter 28: Fire
Chapter 29: Abduction
Chapter 30: Strategy To Rescue The Prince
Chapter 31: Help From Megaris
Chapter 32: Someone Adorable
Chapter 33: The Royal Feast
Chapter 34: The Ambitious Kings
Chapter 35: Witch, Devil And The Rat
Chapter 36: Handsome Man In Trouble
Chapter 37: Start Of The Plan
Chapter 38: Truly First Class!
Chapter 39: Delicious!
Chapter 40: Not A Crown Prince
Chapter 41: Desperate To See Her
Chapter 42: Exposed!
Chapter 43: Impressive!
Chapter 44: Arlans Revenge
Chapter 45: Prince Cians Turn
Chapter 46: Long Awaited Prey
Chapter 47: Surprise
Chapter 48: Anger
Chapter 49: Defeat
Chapter 50: Cut His Tongue
Chapter 51: His Pride
Chapter 52: Physician
Chapter 53: Monster
Chapter 54: Painful Than The Death
Chapter 55: Change In Plan
Chapter 56: Justice Served
Chapter 57: Valuable Trade
Chapter 58: Scream
Chapter 59: Disaster
Chapter 60: Premonition
Chapter 61: Successful Plan
Chapter 62: Royal Court
Chapter 63: Theory But No Proof
Chapter 64: Investigation
Chapter 65: Hidden Card
Chapter 66: Angry Dusk
Chapter 67: Back To The Capital
Chapter 68: Intruder
Chapter 69: Wants To Help
Chapter 70: Move!
Chapter 71: Entering The Tower
Chapter 72: Request
Chapter 73: His Bedchamber
Chapter 74: Apology
Chapter 75: Eavesdropping
Chapter 76: Not Surprised
Chapter 77: The Old Physician
Chapter 78: Peace Treaty
Chapter 79: Protective Brother
Chapter 80: Old Aquistance
Chapter 81: Sneaking In
Chapter 82: Magic Pills
Chapter 83: Using Powers
Chapter 84: Cold Young Royals
Chapter 85: Conditions And Demand
Chapter 86: Accompanying Her
Chapter 87: Brothers Worry
Chapter 88: Miracle
Chapter 89: Crafty!
Chapter 90: Audacious Like Master
Chapter 91: Water
Chapter 92: Teasing
Chapter 93: Rare Species
Chapter 94: Regained Consciousness.
Chapter 95: No Longer A Princess
Chapter 96: Disrespect To The Royal
Chapter 97: Past Incidents
Chapter 98: Turn Of Event
Chapter 99: The Red-Eyed Man
Chapter 100: Truth!
Chapter 101: Cause Of Celebration
Chapter 102: Bold Words
Chapter 103: I Will Protect Her
Chapter 104: Advice
Chapter 105: Decision
Chapter 106: Reason For The Haste
Chapter 107: Wild Berries
Chapter 108: Words Of Assurance
Chapter 109: Another Plan
Chapter 110: Future Emperor
Chapter 111: Sleep
Chapter 112: Need To Run Away
Chapter 113: Mother
Chapter 114: Improved Health
Chapter 115: Announcement
Chapter 116: Visit The Lake
Chapter 117: Her Own Interest
Chapter 118: No Emotions
Chapter 119: Stollen The Precious Time
Chapter 120: Feeling Of Being Loved
Chapter 121: Gift Of Gratitude
Chapter 122: Scared
Chapter 123: Tired And Hurt
Chapter 124: Dream Or Reality
Chapter 125: Powerless Witch
Chapter 126: One Sided Conversation
Chapter 127: Going Out
Chapter 128: Her Painful Thoughts
Chapter 129: Waterfall
Chapter 130: Magic Land
Chapter 131: Pampering The Sister
Chapter 132: Opera House
Chapter 133: Farm And Berries
Chapter 134: Another Attempt
Chapter 135: Wasnt An Illusion
Chapter 136: Outburst Of Emotions
Chapter 137: Solution
Chapter 138: No Identity
Chapter 139: Visiting Drayce
Chapter 140: Opposite Reaction
Chapter 141: Her Request
Chapter 142: Punishment
Chapter 143: Cruel Prince
Chapter 144: Last Day In Abetha
Chapter 145: Getting Ready
Chapter 146: True Identity
Chapter 147: Path To Freedom
Chapter 148: Scaly Hand
Chapter 149: Man In Her Vision
Chapter 150: Fate
Chapter 151: Her Thoughts
Chapter 152: She Is Gone
Chapter 153: No Outsider Allowed
Chapter 154: Her Wish
Chapter 155: Inappropriate Things
Chapter 156: [Bonus Chapter]Blank Parchment
Chapter 157: Unaware Of Basic Knowledge
Chapter 158: Caring For Her
Chapter 159: Naive
Chapter 160: My Queen Is Happy
Chapter 161: Stay At Inn
Chapter 162: Strange Forest
Chapter 163: [Bonus Chapter]In Her Bed
Chapter 164: Removing His Clothes
Chapter 165: Beautiful Man
Chapter 166: Carrying Her In His Arms
Chapter 167: Help Me Change Clothes
Chapter 168: Lessons Of Removing Clothes
Chapter 169: Admiring His Bare Chest
Chapter 170: Strange Feelings
Chapter 171: Setting Her Free
Chapter 172: Successful Escape
Chapter 173: Only If She Is Aware Of Her Powers
Chapter 174: Angry And Powerful Little Kitten.
Chapter 175: Its Not Your Fault
Chapter 176: Curse And Her Own Powers
Chapter 177: Even Her Tears Are Magical
Chapter 178: I Feel Cold [Bonus Chapter]
Chapter 179: Bites And Moans
Chapter 180: Embarrassed And Crazy
Chapter 181: Likable Pain
Chapter 182: Round Belly And A Baby
Chapter 183: Curious Little Girl
Chapter 184: What Is Breeding Bull?
Chapter 185: [Bonus Chapter]Softer Than Comforting Pillow
Chapter 186: Praising Her Eyes
Chapter 187: Different Kind Of Plays
Chapter 188: Trust Me
Chapter 189: Missing Betrothed Princess
Chapter 190: Help To Calm Down A Heart
Chapter 191: So Many Questions
Chapter 192: Nightmare
Chapter 193: Love Bites
Chapter 194: [Bonus Chapter]Is It Painful?
Chapter 195: Welcoming The King And The Queen
Chapter 196: Queens Chamber
Chapter 197: Seren Ivanov, The Queen Of Megaris
Chapter 198: Teaching Starts From The Lips
Chapter 199: Her Home
Chapter 200: Ready For The Kings Duty
Chapter 201: I Am Not Any Monster
Chapter 202: [Bonus Chapter]Megaris Royal Court
Chapter 203: Warning From The Blatant King
Chapter 204: Curious About Drayces Mother
Chapter 205: Bowing To The Queen
Chapter 206: [Bonus Chapter]Meeting The Concubines
Chapter 207: Protective Husband
Chapter 208: Things She Never Experienced
Chapter 209: [Bonus Chapter]Attracted Towards Him
Chapter 210: More Than Just Biting
Chapter 211: Crystal Palace
Chapter 212: She Will Be A Good Queen
Chapter 213: Magic Flower And The Soulmate
Chapter 214: Who Screams And Cries In Pleasure?
Chapter 215: Sitting In His Lap
Chapter 216: Missing His Presence
Chapter 217: Pain And Blood
Chapter 218: Worried Husband
Chapter 219: Learn To Accept The Devil Inside
Chapter 220: Can Never Hurt Her
Chapter 221: I Failed To Teach Her
Chapter 222: Are You Trying To Seduce Me?
Chapter 223: What Did You Do On Your Wedding Night?
Chapter 224: [Bonus Chapter]How One Consummate Their Marriage?
Chapter 225: Atracted Towards Him
Chapter 226: Precious Memories From The Past
Chapter 227: [Bonus Chapter]Going To Him
Chapter 228: He Really Cares For Me
Chapter 229: Study The Human Body
Chapter 230: Unintentional Seducing
Chapter 231: You Can Study Using My Body
Chapter 232: Its Not The Devil, But You
Chapter 233: Unintentionally Has Hurt The Pride Of All Men
Chapter 234: Resentment
Chapter 235: Hot Water Spring
Chapter 236: Is It Necessary To See Wifes Face?
Chapter 237: Scared To See Him Hurt
Chapter 238: The Royal Family Of Megaris
Chapter 239: Need To Be A Responsible Queen Of Her King
Chapter 240: Visiting The Royal Harem
Chapter 241: Challenging The Authority
Chapter 242: Hurtful Memories
Chapter 243: [Bonus Chapter]Guilt From The Past
Chapter 244: Brave Hidden Tigress
Chapter 245: The Melody From The Past
Chapter 246: I Dont Like Lies
Chapter 247: Asking About The Veil
Chapter 248: Reading The Story
Chapter 249: This Is What They Do On The Wedding Night
Chapter 250: King Armen And His Past
Chapter 251: [Bonus Chapter]Cursed Her To Make Her Suffer
Chapter 252: Ways To Make Her Feel Better
Chapter 253: Giving Her Some More Time
Chapter 254: Opera House
Chapter 255: Dirty Play
Chapter 256: It Feels Uncomfortable
Chapter 257: Her First Time
Chapter 258: Punishment
Chapter 259: Recalling The Previous Night
Chapter 260: Do You Know What Happened To You Last Night?
Chapter 261: [Bonus Chapter]Gift For Her
Chapter 262: Crafty Devil
Chapter 263: A Light Green Butterfly
Chapter 264: Worried For Drayce
Chapter 265: Inside The Ship
Chapter 266: Wishing To Protect Someone Is Not A Crime
Chapter 267: Siblings Talk
Chapter 268: Finally, The Day Of Wedding
Chapter 269: Anxious Bride
Chapter 270: A Handsome Groom And A Beautiful Bride
Chapter 271: You Are Beautiful
Chapter 272: Blessings From The Great Lady
Chapter 273: [5Th Bonus Chapter]Heartfelt Promises To Each Other
Chapter 274: Wedding Kiss And Coronation
Chapter 275: These Are My People Now
Chapter 276: Just Follow My Lead
Chapter 277: My Wife Is Beautiful
Chapter 278: Brides Chamber
Chapter 279: Promise To Fulfil A Wish
Chapter 280: Call Me By My Name
Chapter 281: Seductive Touches
Chapter 282: Melting Into A Kiss
Chapter 283 - I Will Hurt You
Chapter 284 - [Bonus ]Other Intimate Things
Chapter 285 - I Will Make You Like It Even More
Chapter 286 - Do I Make You Feel Good?
Chapter 287 - Because You Want Me Here
Chapter 288 - Her Scent Is Addictive
Chapter 289 - You Are Only Mine
Chapter 290 - I Made You Bleed
Chapter 291 - Wild Fantasy
Chapter 292 - Need To Control The Devil
Chapter 293 - He Is Hiding Something
Chapter 294 - I Want To Get Rid Of The Devil
Chapter 295 - Am I Beautiful?
Chapter 296 - Young Queens Fragile Heart
Chapter 297 - Pair Of Brothers-In-Law
Chapter 298 - A Small Wish Finally Granted
Chapter 299 - Meeting A Father-In-Law
Chapter 300 - Cold Father And Son
Chapter 301 - A Devil Favours A Witch
Chapter 302 - She Sat On My Lap
Chapter 303 - Warmer Than Blanket
Chapter 304 - Brothers Opinion
Chapter 305 - Expecting Grandkinds
Chapter 306 - You Look Like A Goddess
Chapter 307 - Melodious Giggle
Chapter 308 - Ability To Connect With Nature
Chapter 309 - [Bonus ]Drayce Doesnt Carry Ivanovs Blood
Chapter 310 - Wants To Know Drayces Past
Chapter 311 - Not Scary But Gentle And Caring
Chapter 312 - Wifes Slave
Chapter 313 - All Your Nights Will Belong To Me Only
Chapter 314 - Greeting With A Kiss
Chapter 315 - Taking Charge Of The Royal Harem
Chapter 316 - Gifts For The Queen
Chapter 317 - Witch And A Devil, Such An Unholy Pair!
Chapter 318 - Announcement
Chapter 319 - Going To His Mother
Chapter 320 - Am I A Bed Warmer For You?
Chapter 321 - [Bonus ]Worried About His Safety
Chapter 322 - What Kind Of A Person She Was
Chapter 323 - Memories Of The Precious Person
Chapter 324 - Price To Be Paid As A Queen
Chapter 325 - An Unknown Saviour
Chapter 326 - Not A Man But A Woman
Chapter 327 - The Crown Prince Theron
Chapter 328 - Inspection Of The Incident
Chapter 329 - [Bonus ]Dont Have A Name And Family
Chapter 330 - Esther Hidden Or Secret
Chapter 331 - [Bonus ]Repaying The Kindness
Chapter 332 - Nervous Around The Crown Prince
Chapter 333 - Favour From Son
Chapter 334 - [Bonus ]She Is Not An Ordinary Woman
Chapter 335 - Wants To Know About The Young Woman
Chapter 336 - Not A Human
Chapter 337 - Serving The Queen
Chapter 338 - Prince Therons Attemt To Know The Truth
Chapter 339 - Questioning Her Ability?
Chapter 340 - Feeling Intimidated By The Prince
Chapter 341 - Granting A Wish For The Future
Chapter 342 - Enjoying The Festival
Chapter 343 - [Bonus ]Princes Arrival At The Festival
Chapter 344 - You Are In Danger
Chapter 345 - She Is Someone We Cant Reach
Chapter 346 - Helping The Weak Human
Chapter 347 - Entering The Suspecious Place
Chapter 348 - Changing The Clothes
Chapter 349 - A Good Man With Soft Heart
Chapter 350 - Perverted And Ungreatful Man
Chapter 351 - Permission To Remove Clothes
Chapter 352 - Never Go Back On My Words
Chapter 353 - Are You Poisonous?
Chapter 354 - Prince Theron Searching For Esther
Chapter 355 - Investigating Esther
Chapter 356 - Black Magic
Chapter 357 - Saving The Prince
Chapter 358 - Shared The Part Of Soul The With Him
Chapter 359 - Waiting For Her
Chapter 360 - [Bonus Chapter]Caught Red Handed
361 How Would You Like To Get Punished?
362 I Would Prefer If You Cooperate, My Lady
363 Planning To Punish Her
364 Dear Friend Of Royal Family
365 Becoming A Noble Lady
366 Dancing With The Prince
367 Rest Of The Punishment
368 Angry Baroness
369 Theron Ivanov, What Am I Supposed To Do With You?
370 You Should Not Do This, My Lady
371 I Will Change My Destiny
372 Reminiscing The Memories From The Last Time
373 Can'T Wait To Have Her Around
374 The Queen Doting On Esther
375 Her Own Home
376 Going To Meet Mother Of Future Heir Of The Kingdom
377 Was It Right To Accept Queen Theodora’S Request?
378 I Will Sleep Here Tonight
379 Spending A Night In Her Room
380 The Devil
381 [Bonus Chapter]Marry Me
382 Leaving For War
383 Worried For His Safety
384 Yes, I Will Marry You
385 A Vision And Pleading For Help
386 Attack On The Prince
387 Prince Arguing With The Knight
388 Once I Return, I Will Apologize To Her.
389 Her Prayers Were Answered
390 Sneaking Inside Prince'S Bedchamber
391 I Expect More My Lady
392 I Want To Marry No One But You
393 A Marriage Talk
394 I Want To Marry Esther
395 Agreeing To Marry
396 Privilege Of The Powerful
397 Roumors Of Being A Witch
398 Want To Tell Him The Truth
399 The Wedding Day
400 Nervous Bride
401 Wedding Night
402 My Beautiful Witch
403 Expecting Grandchildren
404 Am I Barren?
405 Wish To Have Kids
406 Hurting Decision
407 Assassination Attack
408 I Will Never Let Anyone Harm You
409 Her Decision
410 I Want You To Have Concubine
411 Leaving The Palace
412 Spending Night Outside Her Manor
413 Agreeing To Get Concubine
414 Determined To Be A Concubine
415 Wedding Night Without Love
416 You Will Always Be The End Of My Journey
417 Back To The Palace
418 To The King'S Residence
419 Tears Absorbed Into Ashrin Flower
420 Realizing The Presence Of His Child
421 Memories From Her Past
422 Start Of The Worse
423 [Bonus Chapter] The Devil'S Curse
424 Preparing To Summon The Devil
425 Need A Blood Of Ivanov
426 Arrival Of The Devil
427 ...So That’S Why He’S Called A Devil...
428 He Is Trying To Protect You
429 Bear The Devil'S Child [Bonus Chapter]
430 The Other Way To Lift The Curse
431 His Soul Will Be Tormented For Eternity
432 Determine To Save The Husband
433 I Am The One To Bring Disaster To This Kingdom
434 Witch, Destined For The Devil
435 Help From Esteban
436 Ready To Accept The Curse
437 Ready To Carry Her Duty
438 The Deal Is Done With The Devil
439 Looked Like Had Lost Himself
440 [Bonus Chapter]But He Is My Soulmate
441 Do You Think So Lowly Of Me?
442 Why Did Her Eyes Changed To Green Colour
443 [Monarch Of The White Witches]
444 Praising A King And The Queen
445 King'S Message For The Queen
446 Queen'S Arrival To The Palace
447 Stay Here For The Night
448 I Am The Husband Who Sacrificed His Wife
449 [Bonus Chapter]Not His Child
450 Insolent, Immoral Woman
451 You Can Never Be Like Her
452 Another Tough Decision For The King
453 Let Him Fulfil His Duty As A King
454 Pretty, Even With The Big Belly
455 His Care For Her
456 ‘A Son…She Gave Birth To A Son…’
457 Kind Like Mother And Wonderful Like Father
458 Baby With Red Eyes
459 [Bonus Chapter]Theron'S Unsaid Suffering
460 Little Drayce
461 He Still Looks Like A Doll
462 Protective Brother
463 Angry Dray, Showing His Powers
464 You Are Not A Monster
465 Curious Little Drayce
466 Only His Mother Can See The Tattoo On His Neck
467 Sensing Unknown Powers
468 Devine Eagle
469 Is Mother A Witch?
470 Eagle Transforming Into Human
471 Drayce'S Pet
472 Why Are His Eyes Red?
473 Drayce Saved Arlan
474 You Are Smart
475 Making Lanterns Together
476 Anger And Fire
477 Little Arlan Comforting Drayce.
478 Because He Is Esther'S Son
479 Use Your Brain Instead Of Powers
480 Drayce'S Plan Of Punishing The Bullies
481 King Punished The Bullies.
482 Wish To Be Friends Forever
483 It Was Time For Esther To Leave
484 Drayce'S Last Promise To His Mother
485 Will You Ever Forgive Me?
486 I Need You Tonight, My Wife
487 I Want My Husband Tonight
488 Your Body Is Honest, Wife
489 I Want You To Please Me, Wife
490 I Want To Ravage The Insides Of You
491 Esther'S Farewell To Everyone
492 Drayce Searching For His Mother
493 Plan To Seal Her Soul Forever
494 I Will Forever Be Esther Ivanov
495 On Search For His Wife
496 Rumours Of Queen Leaving The King
497 Drayce'S Anger
498 Burned His Wife'S Only Portrait
499 Prepare Her To Be My Concubine
500 I Have Become A Father Worse Than A Monster
501 The Great Lady Returned
502 Theron'S Last Request To His Mother
503 Mistaking As Esther
504 Be My Personal Servant
505 Demanding For The New Queen To Be Appointed
506 Tonight, Fulfil Your Duty As My Wife
507 Why Theron Had Kids With Saira
508 Does Drayce Hate His Father?
509 Don'T Let Drayce Become The Next Theron
510 Plan To Abduct Seren
511 Seren Surrounded By Mysterious People.
512 Want What Is Hidden Inside You
513 The Divine Eagle, Aureus
514 Questions About His Mother
515 Master And The Pets To The Rescue
516 Injured Aureus
517 Black Magic Harming Their Bodies
518 This Temper Runs In Your Kind
519 Drayce And Aureus
520 Calling Out For The Darkness Inside Him
521 How Do You Know My Mother?
522 Chose To Trust The Winged Man
523 Lady Tyra'S Arrival
524 Drayce Finding Out Aureus'S Identity
525 Nightmare
526 [Bonus Chapter]I Want To Be With You
527 Are You Flirting With Me, My Queen?
528 Has She Fallen For Me?
529 Guilty Slayer
530 Aureus Awake
531 Seren Initiated The Kiss
532 So Bold And So Perfect
533 Such A Dedicated Lover
534 Hideout
535 Found The Golden Hair Strand
536 You Are Connected To The King Of Supernaturals
537 Getting Good With Words
538 I Feel Nothing
539 Where Is Dusk?
540 Want To Hug Dusk
541 Your Mother Helped Me
542 When Esther Met Arlan
543 I Will Punish Her
544 Asking About Purple Eyed Woman
545 Wouldn'T Stop At The Kiss
546 Want To Know His Dark Side
547 Brave Seren
548 Let'S Feel It Together
549 Without Clothes
550 [Bonus Chapter]Reckless Theron
551 Why Does He Keep Her Around
552 Good Night...Father!
553 Capturing The Shapeshifters
554 Divine Eagle Is A King Of His Clan
555 They Went To Enemy Kingdom
556 Leaving For Agartha
557 Staring At Husband
558 This Is How Servants Are Treated
559 Grandkids Together
560 The Youngest Prince
561 Loving Elder Brother
562 Envying Younger Brother
563 Help From Princess Ayira
564 She Has Pretty Eyes
565 You Are My Husband And Mate
566 Did He Trick Me Into Making A Deal?
567 Prophesy About The Red Dragon
568 Searching For Purple-Eyed Child
569 King Samer Of Thevailes
570 Curious About The Purple Eyes
571 Spar Between Drayce And Slayer
572 I Am Not Scared Of Your Supernatural Ass
573 Admiring Handsome Husband
574 Loves Seeing Him Shirtless
575 Faking Wounds
576 Tending To The Wounds
577 That Woman Is Scary
578 Seeking The Help From Elf
579 As Long As She Is Happy
580 Preparing For The Worst
581 Surprise For Drayce
582 Surprise For Seren
583 Enjoying The Ship Ride
584 I Will Decide After Consummation
585 Yorian Curious About Drayce'S Origin
586 Admiring
587 Seren And Slayer Talk
588 Want To See The Stars
589 Change In Drayce
590 Trying To Be Brave
591 Liked It Rough And Wild
592 Guilt And Trust
593 Mates And Bond
594 Turn Around
595 Focus Only On Me
596 Watching The Stars
597 You Have To Please Me
598 How Do You Please Your Husband?
599 Did You Not Hear Me?
600 Waiting For The Show Of Power
601 Light And Darkness
602 My Husband Is A Miracle
603 Cursing Wife
604 A Young Black Witch
605 What Are White And Black Witches
606 Searching For Black Witch
607 Watching The Sunset
608 Can I Scry Into Your Powers?
609 Her Decision
610 Need To Learn More
611 Thank You For The Praise
612 Serious Discussion
613 Blazing Hell Fire
614 Is That Woman A Goddess?
615 Mocking And Conversing
616 Only Married Woman Are Allowed
617 Embarrassed In Front Of Slayer
618 Black Witches Still Lives In Agartha?
619 Will You Go To The Other Woman?
620 You Should Read The Book
621 Arriving Abetha
622 Wife'S Slave
623 Jealous Of Brother
624 I Want To Stay In My Tower
625 Won'T Go Easy On Her Father
626 Seren'S Gratitude Towards Drayce
627 Cultural Shock For The Innocent
628 Agreeing To Have A Meal
629 Where Is My Nanny?
630 Her Birth Date Is Different
631 Teleportating With Cian
632 Sick Martha
633 Hope For Miracle
634 Don'T Want Her To Be A Healing Tool
635 Wedding Day
636 She Has Tamed The Devil Of Megaris
637 Envy For Father'S Affection
638 Only My Wife Has My Attention,”
639 Claimed And Enchanted By A Witch
640 Time To Meet A Son
641 Mothers
642 I Love My Wife Being Petty
643 Leaving For The Safe Place
644 Cave Behind The Waterfall
645 Someone Who Can Stop His Powers
646 Are You Afraid To Face Our Daughter'S Hatred
647 I Don'T Feel Cold At All
648 Facing The Mother
650 Who Is My Mother?
651 She Is Your Mother As Well
652 She Is Your Mother?
653 Evanthe And Yorian
654 She Is A Daughter Of Deity
655 The Goddess Of Water Married A Human
657 Need To Keep Her Emotionally Stable
659 Deity Of Fire Triggered The Change
661 Sierra'S Efforts
662 Powerful Angels
663 Angry Erebus
665 Deity Of Fire Is In Agartha
669 Mate Bond With Erebus
671 Destiny
672 I Saw A Winged Man Was Stabbed
673 Memories Of Opera House
675 Lifeless Land
676 She Is Now A Deity Of Earth
680 King Theron Is Waiting For You
681 Birthday Celebration
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

That night, the delicate purple-eyed woman in a wedding dress sat on their bed as her husband observed her with a grin.

""So,” he drawled, his voice wicked and magnetic, “I can't see my wife's face even on my wedding night?""

""Your Majesty has promised to fulfil my one wish,"" the woman commented, securing the veil that covered the lower half of her face with slightly trembling hands.

He stared into her mysterious rare purple eyes. ""May I ask, why such a wish?""

She stared back at him. ""Your Majesty might not like to see ugly things.”

He smirked and stepped towards her. ""But, I never had a liking towards pretty things.""


Seren, the infamous daughter of the witch, and Drayce, the ruthless and vicious son of the Devil.

No one had ever seen her face as the witches are meant to be ugly, but he was the one who never searched for beauty.

She was cursed to never fall in love, but he wished to be the only man she would ever love.

A cursed princess married off to the Devil's son to destroy his kingdom but the Devil's son had a different plan for her.

The secret of her birth will be revealed only to lead the way to unleash the hidden powers inside her which no one can control.

With the hidden dangers desiring her power, can Drayce and Seren protect one another or will the darkness swallow them whole?

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: The Infamous Witchs Daughter

Chapter 1:The Infamous Witch's Daughter



"Swords?" I thought the moment I heard those sounds, and the next moment, realization hit me. "War?"

Two groups of soldiers arrayed against each other, one side clad in red while the other group was in blue. I felt like my soul had been teleported in the middle of a cruel slaughter. The soldiers were charging at each other, fighting mercilessly with their swords.

The bright moonlight allowed me to see everything clearly, but before I could get the gist of the situation, a soldier marched towards me as if he intended to kill me.

Can he even see me? I panicked and shut my eyes on reflex.

Far away, standing by the window of my bedchamber, my real body gripped my dress, prepared to feel the pain of the sword slash with my eyes shut tightly. But before that sword could reach me, another blade whizzed by.

Hearing the scream of the soldier, I opened my eyes, only to see one tall man in a perfectly fitted long black robe standing in front of me. As his broad and robust back faced me, all I could see was my savior's sword piercing the soldier's stomach, thrust deep enough the blade went all the way through his back.

The tall man retrieved the sword from the soldier's body and was ready to kill more. Pushing the dead soldier aside, he grabbed the soldier's sword and continued his slaughter, swinging both blades with precision.

Observing him from behind, I could guess he was not an ordinary man. His perfectly fitted black robe was embroidered with gold threads in what appeared to be a royal crest, and his long hair was tied in a pony with a gold accessory at the upper back of his head.

My sight followed the left side of his neck, which was visible whenever he turned slightly to one side.

"A tattoo...Is it a snake?"

I couldn't see it clearly. He was so fast that it was difficult to see even the side of his face.

My vision followed his every movement, the quick footsteps, and the skilled swordsmanship as his knotted hair kept dancing in front of my eyes. I felt like he was protecting me by killing the soldiers surrounding me and found myself curious to know more about him.

"No, it's impossible." I narrowed my eyes at him. "How can he protect me when I'm not present here physically, and he can't even see me?"

"I want to see him...ahh...why can't he turn around for once?" I tried my best, but there was no use. Although I did all I could to follow him, my sight allowed only his back view.

Though he couldn't see me, feeling helpless, I blurted out, "Who are you?"

As if he heard me, he stopped slaughtering and froze in his place.

It startled me. "Did he just hear me?"

He was about to turn...

"My lady, it's time to sleep."

The images in front of me dispelled the moment someone spoke, and I couldn't see the man anymore. Feeling disappointed, I turned to look at the middle-aged, grey-haired woman who entered my bedchamber and disturbed my scrying.

"In some time, Martha," I replied and continued staying by the window.

I focused my inner vision again towards the faraway mountain range as the bright moonlight shone on me. As the night breeze played with my long red-brown hair, my delicate veil, which covered the lower half of my face, waved playfully along with the wind while my long blue dress danced in harmony.

To my dismay, I couldn't see the scene of the war again, and I sighed in disappointment.

I am Seren, the infamous daughter of a witch, the ugliest creature that no one wished to see. Although I am a princess, no one wanted to acknowledge me because I have the blood of an unholy creature flowing through my veins.

I lived in the tower at the farthest end of the Royal Palace of Abetha, away from the main palace and its pomp and pageantry. I was placed up high, away from the crowd, in a place where no one was allowed to enter because a witch's daughter lived here.

As if being a witch's daughter was not enough, I was also cursed. But if one was to look at it in another way, my curses were more like a boon than a bane as those who try to harm me would have misfortune befall upon them.

"My lady, the bed is ready," Martha called out as she stepped towards me.

"Hmm," I nodded lightly.

Martha stood beside me at the window of my room. "May I ask what my lady is looking at?"

"If I tell, will you choose to ignore it like always?" I countered.

"What is it?" Martha insisted, trying to follow where my sight was fixed at.

"There," I pointed towards the faraway mountain range, "Across those mountains, some men are fighting."

Martha didn't comment on it. "I understand. It's time to sleep."

I wasn't surprised by her reaction and sighed, "Good night, Martha."

Without saying more, I stepped towards the bed while Martha kept looking at the mountain range.

Martha grunted disapprovingly, closed the window, and pulled the curtains.

I knew Martha was aware I told the truth, but she chose to ignore me as usual. Whenever I said anything strange, she always advised me to stay away from it.

Having spent seventeen years of my life in this tower—a place where no one comes, not even servants—only my nanny, Martha, had stayed here with me. She was my everything: a sister, a mother, a friend. She is family.

Martha taught me to control my emotions and protected me from any harm. She never wished me to cry, or scream, or get angry, as it would end in catastrophe because of my cursed life.

"Tomorrow is the day we go out in the palace," Martha informed before adding more wood to the fireplace.

"Is it the King's birthday or the Queen's or someone more annoying?" I asked.

As far as my memory serves me, the King's birthday was the last time when I went out and mingled amongst the people in the palace. It's the same every year. I was only allowed to go out on special occasions, which was only because I was officially required.

Ahh, I almost forgot, even though it's for the namesake, I was a royalty of the Kingdom of Abetha too, and they had to let me out.

"No, this time it's the Second Princess' engagement," Martha replied.

"Won't it be ominous for the witch's daughter to be there?" I asked sarcastically. "What if I burn the bride and groom?"

Martha looked at me. "Instead, I wish my lady to smile, so the people will see pretty flowers blooming everywhere."

"I can't be the only one who is unfortunate," I said and lay down on the bed.

Since I stopped smiling, it was rare to see flowers blooming within the kingdom, and they had to bring them from other places. Well, there was no reason to smile and feel happy, so it's not my fault.

Moreover, this one was my favorite among all the curses that I had, as I could make them devoid of the beauty of flowers blooming. I knew being cursed was not good as it's the sole reason my life turned into this, but I had long learned to live with it.

"There is no such day."

After I closed my eyes, I heard Martha go to her room which was just beside mine.

Though she was a nanny, she was privileged to be in the room next to me. It was her reward for looking after the witch's daughter.

As I fell asleep, my head was filled with curious thoughts about the man I saw in my earlier scrying, at the same time, not willing to wake up the next day and face all those annoying people in the palace.


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