Womanizing Mage by Author

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: ?( ?° ?? ?°)? The Princess.
Chapter 3: Inside The Jail.
Chapter 04: Ximen Wuhen
Chapter 5: Escaped Days
Chapter 6: Super-Space Ring
Chapter 7: Magic Genius?
Chapter 8: Bathing Beauty
Chapter 9: Profane
Chapter 10: Conning Saintess
Chapter 11: Spending Spring Night Together?
Chapter 12: Elementary Lightning Skill
Chapter 13: Spring Sunshine Emerges To Bring The World Alive
Chapter 14: Custom Of Moxi Clan
Chapter 15: Frank And Sincere With Each Other
Chapter 16: Great Cosmos Shift
Chapter 17: Earth Bear (1)
Chapter 18: Earth Bear (2)
Chapter 19: Earth Bear (3)
Chapter 20: I Want To Hold You To Sleep
Chapter 21: Faintly Discernable Fragrant Trace
Chapter 22: Gale Magic Spell
Chapter 23: Molestation Without Rhyme Or Reason
Chapter 24: Phoenix Clan
Chapter 25: Resolving The Crisis
Chapter 26: Erotic Treatment
Chapter 27: Undead Magic
Chapter 28: Super Skeleton
Chapter 29: Mysterious Girl
Chapter 30: Enemies On A Narrow Road*
Chapter 31: Adventurer Pub
Chapter 32: Again Meeting Yu Feng
Chapter 33: Drunk Lu Xiya
Chapter 34: Liren Fang’S Underwear
Chapter 35: Public Place With Numerous Peoples
Chapter 36: Difference Of Love And Like
Chapter 37: Dark Temptation
Chapter 38: Huangmang Small Town
Chapter 39: Clash
Chapter 40: Fire Element Master Archmage
Chapter 41: Strange Magical Beast
Chapter 42: At Crucial Moment, How Can You Pee?
Chapter 43: Silver Backed Earth Dragon
Chapter 44: Might Of Lightning Skill
Chapter 45: Gluttonous Little Three
Chapter 46: Stealing Fragrance
Chapter 47: One More Wife Doesn’T Matter
Chapter 48: Blood Colored Bugs’ Sea
Chapter 49: Bail Out (1)
Chapter 50: Bail Out (2)
Chapter 51: Lost City
Chapter 52: Dark Magical Beast
Chapter 53: Super Skeletons Displaying Their Might
Chapter 54: Conscious Skeleton?
Chapter 55: Bewitching Passion In The Midst Of Water (1)
Chapter 56: Bewitching Passion In The Midst Of Water (2)
Chapter 57: Cold Pond
Chapter 58: Secret Cave In The Bottom Of A Pond
Chapter 59: Violent Lightning Beast
Chapter 60: Evil Dark Jade
Chapter 61: Black Lotus
Chapter 62: Spring Scenery
Chapter 63: Evil Jade Holy Jade
Chapter 64: A Thousand Pounds Hangs By A Thread
Chapter 65: Touched
Chapter 66: Showing Ones’ Hand
Chapter 67: This Place Also Has Bra?
Chapter 68: Secret Path
Chapter 69: Thrown Into Gold Cave
Chapter 70: Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 71: Perverted Thief
Chapter 72: Where Am I?
Chapter 73: Mea Holy Magic Academy
Chapter 74: Icy Wind Mercenary Group
Chapter 75: How Is Dropping Red A Heartless Thing
Chapter 76: Wretch’S Heart Have Magic Horn
Chapter 77: Enemies On A Narrow Road
Chapter 78: Art Of Killing People
Chapter 79: Si Bi’S Cousin
Chapter 80: A Dog Can’T Stop Itself From Eating Shit**
Chapter 81: Allure Attracts Calamity?
Chapter 82: Ice Douqi’S Whirlwind Interlinked Slash
Chapter 83: Burning Both Jade And Common Stone**
Chapter 84: I Want You To Marry Me
Chapter 85: Elven Forest
Chapter 86: Attacking Breast To Break Formation
Chapter 87: Great Nature’S Breath
Chapter 88: Taking Unfair Advantage
Chapter 89: Origin Ice
Chapter 90: Covert 3P
Chapter 91: Fox Clan’S Young Girl
Chapter 92: Dark Fighters
Chapter 93: Forbidden Magic Spells’ Confrontation (2 In 1)
Chapter 94: Seven Baleful Puppet
Chapter 95: Meeting Yu Feng
Chapter 96: Youyou Gone Missing
Chapter 97: Intense Passion Before Parting
Chapter 98: Stubborn Yu Feng
Chapter 99: Consequence Of Sleeping Together On The Same Bed
Chapter 100: Snowstorm Divine Marten
Chapter 101: Evil Long Yi
Chapter 102: Ice Palace
Chapter 103: Goddess Statue
Chapter 104: Again Seeing Crystal Coffin
Chapter 105: Teaching Arrogant Maids
Chapter 106: Phoenix Clan (1)
Chapter 107: Phoenix Clan (2)
Chapter 108: Fatal Embarrassment
Chapter 109: Barbarian Bull Clan’S Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 110: Fox Clan’S Invisible Technique
Chapter 111: Grievances Of Bertha
Chapter 112: Reunion In Elven Forest
Chapter 113: Identity Exposed
Chapter 114: Long Ling’Er’S Hatred
Chapter 115: Charming Love Residence
Chapter 116: Mysterious Bertha
Chapter 117: Icicle Fruit
Chapter 118: Who Is This Beauty?
Chapter 119: Nalan Ruyue
Chapter 120: Heroically Saving Little Sister
Chapter 121: Fulfill The Promise
Chapter 122: Lewd Punishment
Chapter 123: Seduction Failed
Chapter 124: Mercenary Guild’S Beating A Person Mission
Chapter 125: Scheme
Chapter 126: Mind Reading Technique?
Chapter 127: Prophecy Master?
Chapter 128: Stunning Two Beauties
Chapter 129: Furious Lin Na
Chapter 130: Sword Saint
Chapter 131: Heavenly Thunder Entering The Body
Chapter 132: The Identity Of Sword Saint
Chapter 133: Extreme Stimulation
Chapter 134: Pornographic Book
Chapter 135: Great Aunt Came
Chapter 136: Entering The Academy
Chapter 137: Mea Empress
Chapter 138: Fox Ladies’ Spring Scenery
Chapter 139: Ling Feng’S Secret
Chapter 140: One Green Speck Among Innumerable Cluster Of Flowers
Chapter 141: Truly Petty Woman
Chapter 142: Male-Female Magic Confrontation
Chapter 143: Surprised Shui Ruoyan
Chapter 144: Spanking Teacher
Chapter 145: Noodles For Exchanging A Beautiful Wife?
Chapter 146: Mea Empress’S Request
Chapter 147: Pure Body
Chapter 148: Way Of Bed Communication
Chapter 149: Unable To Turn Back Situation, Distressed Ling Feng
Chapter 150: Nalan Ruyue’S Scheme
Chapter 151: Sweet
Chapter 152: Two Pretty Girls Playing Gl?
Chapter 153: See You Again Puxiusi
Chapter 154: Compressed Magic
Chapter 155: Ling Feng—Different Domain Undead Summoning Magic
Chapter 156: Demonic Stone
Chapter 157: Not Acknowledging Death
Chapter 158: Si Bi, Is That You?
Chapter 159: Demonic Stone’S Unusual Changes
Chapter 160: Shui Linglong
Chapter 161: Without Enmity, No Grandparent And Grandchild
Chapter 162: Might Of Compressed Magic
Chapter 163: The Wild Ambition Of Xiao Yi
Chapter 164: Is This Oft Referred-To Procreation From Other’S Sperms?
Chapter 165: Cosmic Celestial Magic Spell
Chapter 166: Adventure Convention
Chapter 167: Perfect Killing Combination
Chapter 168: Girl’S Body
Chapter 169: Misunderstanding
Chapter 170: Bones At The Bottom Of Brook
Chapter 171: Thousand Year Resentment
Chapter 172: I Like You
Chapter 173: Kobold Kingdom
Chapter 174: Mountain Of Swords And Sea Of Flames
Chapter 175: Offering Banquet
Chapter 176: Fire Qilin
Chapter 177: Insane Battle
Chapter 178: Sea Of Consciousness’S Shadow
Chapter 179: Mystical Little Three
Chapter 180: Captivating Scenery
Chapter 181: Goddess Also Have Twins?
Chapter 182: Meet Again
Chapter 183: The Statue Is Alive?
Chapter 184: Unexpected News Of Dragon Clan
Chapter 185: Breakthrough
Chapter 186: Lovers Bath
Chapter 187: Warm Night
Chapter 188: Big Headed Monster Can Speak
Chapter 189: Female Dragon
Chapter 190: Dragon Clan’S Behind-The-Scene Story
Chapter 191: Liu Xu (Willow Catkins)
Chapter 192: Dragon Clan’S Elder
Chapter 193: A Kiss
Chapter 194: Identity Exposed
Chapter 195: Holy Magic Academy’S Love Storm
Chapter 196: Gaining A Maid
Chapter 197: Sauna Bathing
Chapter 198: Youyou, My Love
Chapter 199: The Duty Of A Maid
Chapter 200: Shameless Lin Na
Chapter 201: Love Or Hate?
Chapter 202: Meeting Female Sword Saint Again
Chapter 203: Ximen Nu’S Secret Letter
Chapter 204: Awkward, Helping Younger Sister Comb Her Hair
Chapter 205: Angry Shui Ruoyan
Chapter 206: Evil, Again Seeing Evil
Chapter 207: Kick Your Ass
Chapter 208: Undoing Emotional Entanglement
Chapter 209: Ni Ka, You Like Me?
Chapter 210: Meeting Elf Queen Again
Chapter 211: Cosmos Touch Of Death
Chapter 212: Heart-To-Heart Talk Under Moonlit Night
Chapter 213: Lovesickness Sword’S Lovesickness Without End
Chapter 214: Returning Journey (Part One)
Chapter 215: Returning Journey (Part Two)
Chapter 216: Nangong Xiangyun
Chapter 217: Bully Little Brother
Chapter 218: Emperor Long Zhan
Chapter 219: Defeating Opponent In One Move
Chapter 220: “Brothers” Meet Again
Chapter 221: Ximen Clan’S Secret Teachings Of Ancestors
Chapter 222: Shadow Reappear
Chapter 223: 18 Successive Slashes
Chapter 224: Scheme
Chapter 225: Intruder, Liu Qing’S Love Injury
Chapter 226: Sister-In-Law Has A Problem?
Chapter 227: Nangong Xiangyun’S Conditions
Chapter 228: Cousin Kexin
Chapter 229: Divine Bloodline
Chapter 230: Robbing People Or Robbing Heart
Chapter 231: Contend For The Affections Of Another
Chapter 232: Figure Competition
Chapter 233: Beauty Shop’S Spring Scenery
Chapter 234: Yu Feng Arrives
Chapter 235: Phoenix Jade = Raging Flames Jade
Chapter 236: First Time, The True Might Of Phoenix Douqi
Chapter 237: Super Snowman
Chapter 238: Perplexed
Chapter 239: Fierce Ximen Nu
Chapter 240: Imperial Banquet (Part One)
Chapter 241: Imperial Banquet (Part Two)
Chapter 242: Imperial Banquet (Part Three)
Chapter 243: You’Re Mine
Chapter 244: Ss-Ranked Mission – Lightning God Forbidden Area
Chapter 245: Beautiful Fragrant House
Chapter 246: Take Me
Chapter 247: Selecting Soldiers
Chapter 248: Beitang Yu’S Challenge
Chapter 249: One Collapse A Thousand Li
Chapter 250: Beitang Yu Is A Pig (1)
Chapter 251: Beitang Yu Is A Pig (2)
Chapter 252: Beitang Yu Is A Pig (3)
Chapter 253: Prodding
Chapter 254: Mysterious Burrow
Chapter 255: One Side Training, Another Side Enjoying
Chapter 256: Pouring Out One’S Feeling In The Rainy Night
Chapter 257: Grudges Of Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 258: Secret
Chapter 259: Magical Power Of Love
Chapter 260: The Secret Move Of Madame Beitang
Chapter 261: Hate You To Death
Chapter 262: Extreme Yin Day (1)
Chapter 263: Extreme Yin Day (2)
Chapter 264: Extreme Yin Day (3)
Chapter 265: Extreme Yin Day (4)
Chapter 266: Extreme Yin Day (End)
Chapter 267: Radiance Holy Water
Chapter 268: Intensely Compassionate
Chapter 269: Prophecy Pearl
Chapter 270: The Feelings Of Beitang Yu
Chapter 271: Sever At One Stroke
Chapter 272: Enveloping Under The Quilt
Chapter 273: Puppet Imprecation Magic
Chapter 274: Trace Of Si Bi
Chapter 275: First Bridal Chamber Than Her
Chapter 276: Surprising Change In Wedding
Chapter 277: Si Bi Appeared
Chapter 278: Hell Saintess V Light Saintess
Chapter 279: One Dragon Three Phoenixes
Chapter 280: Wedding Night
Chapter 281: Agony In Meeting Exceed Not Meeting
Chapter 282: Familiar Black Robed Person
Chapter 283: Ha Lei?
Chapter 284: Wushuang Lost Memories
Chapter 285: Sword God Murong Bo
Chapter 286: Forbidden Heaven Prison Is My Home
Chapter 287: Rear Flower Garden
Chapter 288: Holy Priest Arrived
Chapter 289: Conflict Of Judith And Long Yi
Chapter 290: Pure Yin Body
Chapter 291: The Arrival Of The Delegation Of Nalan Empire
Chapter 292: Request
Chapter 293: Fake Marriage?
Chapter 294
Chapter 295
Chapter 296
Chapter 297
Chapter 298
Chapter 299
Chapter 300
Chapter 301
Chapter 302
Chapter 303
Chapter 304
Chapter 305
Chapter 306: Complete Submission
Chapter 307
Chapter 308
Chapter 309
Chapter 310
Chapter 311
Chapter 312
Chapter 313
Chapter 314
Chapter 315
Chapter 316
Chapter 317
Chapter 318
Chapter 319
Chapter 320
Chapter 321
Chapter 322
Chapter 323
Chapter 324
Chapter 325
Chapter 326
Chapter 327
Chapter 328
Chapter 329
Chapter 330
Chapter 331
Chapter 332
Chapter 333
Chapter 334
Chapter 335
Chapter 336
Chapter 337: Encountering Kexin En Route
Chapter 338
Chapter 339
Chapter 340
Chapter 341
Chapter 342: The Death Sea Of Flowers
Chapter 343: The Nucleus Of Array
Chapter 344
Chapter 345
Chapter 346
Chapter 347
Chapter 348
Chapter 349
Chapter 350
Chapter 351
Chapter 352
Chapter 353
Chapter 354
Chapter 355
Chapter 356
Chapter 357
Chapter 358
Chapter 359
Chapter 360
Chapter 361
Chapter 362
Chapter 363
Chapter 364
Chapter 365
Chapter 366
Chapter 367
Chapter 368
Chapter 369
Chapter 370
Chapter 371
Chapter 372
Chapter 373
Chapter 374
Chapter 375
Chapter 376
Chapter 377
Chapter 378
Chapter 379
Chapter 380
Chapter 381
Chapter 382
Chapter 383
Chapter 384
Chapter 385
Chapter 386
Chapter 387
Chapter 388
Chapter 389
Chapter 390
Chapter 391
Chapter 392
Chapter 393: Contemplate And Barbarian Bull’S Great Change
Chapter 394: Bertha Appears
Chapter 395: Hundred Transformation Clones And Identifying Women By Their Fragrance
Chapter 396: Foshan Shadowless Kick And Flying In Pairs
Chapter 397: Reaching Lost City Once Again
Chapter 398: Corpse Resurrection And False Alarm
Chapter 399: Dark God?
Chapter 400: Male Or Female
Chapter 401: Those Lost Memories
Chapter 402: Strange Land
Chapter 403: Strange Magic Pattern
Chapter 404: Carnage Golden Falcon
Chapter 405: Little Girl Nika
Chapter 406: You Pinch My Ear, I’Ll Pinch Your Mimi (Slang For Breasts)
Chapter 407: A Passionate Night In Grasslands And Peeping
Chapter 408: The Birth Of Shangjin Hunter Guild
Chapter 409: Winged Clan
Chapter 410: Wind God Is My Woman
Chapter 411: One Doesn’T Need To Compensate For Deceiving The Dead
Chapter 412: Ultimate Test—-Heavenly Prison
Chapter 413: Conflicted Nika
Chapter 414: Surname Niu, Given Name Bi
Chapter 415: Beauty’S Knee And The Taste Of A Plot
Chapter 416: Elf Queen And A Goodnight Kiss
Chapter 417: Bloody Kiss
Chapter 418: Dragon Claw And Being Cold-Blooded
Chapter 419: Returning To Mea Holy Magic Academy
Chapter 420: Lin Na’S Spring Scenery
Chapter 421: Taking Libertines With Woman And Marriage
Chapter 422: Raging Flames’ Branch
Chapter 423: Wanton, The Invitation Of Mea Empress
Chapter 424: Alone With Mea Empress
Chapter 425: Following A Mysterious Beautiful Lady
Chapter 426: Seven Colored Scar
Chapter 427: Feast Under The Heaven And A Night Visit To The Lady’S Chamber Of The Female Swords Saint
Chapter 428: Not Your Biological Sister
Chapter 429: Cruel And Ruthless
Chapter 430: The Method To Cure Mea Empress
Chapter 431: Stars Know My Heart
Chapter 432: Nalan Empire Falls Into Chaos
Chapter 433: Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 434: Secret And Yinyin
Chapter 435: Getting On Intimate Terms And Mist Fairy
Chapter 436: Probe And Suspect
Chapter 437: Surging Waters Flooded The Dragon King Temple
Chapter 438: Holy Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 439: Skynet’S Urgent Message
Chapter 440: The Return Of Long Two
Chapter 441: Free Lunch
Chapter 442: Hell Angel
Chapter 443: Prophecy In The Dream
Chapter 444: Petty Advantage Is Still An Advantage
Chapter 445: Dare To Bet?
Chapter 446: Three Teeth Marks
Chapter 447: Bloody Night
Chapter 448: Bet
Chapter 449: Heart Demon
Chapter 450: Ambushing The Beast-Men Army
Chapter 451: The Lure Of The Empress’S Attire
Chapter 452: Swinging A Golden Dragon
Chapter 453: Purple Gold Soul Stone
Chapter 454: Siblings Of Dragon Clan
Chapter 455: The Pleasure Of Clandestine Love Affair
Chapter 456: Blood Cursing Magic
Chapter 457: Bounty [1] Hunter Bar
Chapter 458: Issuing An Assassination Mission With A Huge Bounty
Chapter 459: Humiliating The Spirit Of The Light Bishop
Chapter 460: Becoming An Uncle Master
Chapter 461: The Little Lolita’S Spring Scenery
Chapter 462: Your Majesty The Empress
Chapter 463: Riding The Light God
Chapter 464: Seeing Mist Fairy Again
Chapter 465: Yatesianna Falls
Chapter 466: Light God Appear?
Chapter 467: Teasing A Dragon Girl
Chapter 468: Biting Mimi
Chapter 469: Transformed Into A Humanoid Girl
Chapter 470: Curiosity Can Kill A Person
Chapter 471: Light God?
Chapter 472: Adult Mermaid
Chapter 473: The Keepsake Of The Mermaid Clan
Chapter 474: Looking At Underwear Like A Piece Of Artwork
Chapter 475: Where Have I Seen You Before?
Chapter 476: The Situation Isn’T Optimistic
Chapter 477: I Like Brother-In-Law, Do You Mind?
Chapter 478: Stirring Of Love In The Bathroom
Chapter 479: Who Injured Mist Fairy?
Chapter 480: The Magic Array In The Secret Room, Murderous Intentions
Chapter 481: Five Magic Gods
Chapter 482: Ancient Demonic Array
Chapter 483: The Choice Of Kexin
Chapter 484: Farewell Night
Chapter 485: Meeting Dry Bones Again
Chapter 486: Young Master Of The Dark Church
Chapter 487: The Business Of Bimeng Clan
Chapter 488: Reaping The Unexpected Benefit
Chapter 489: White Cloud City, Feng Ling’S Past
Chapter 490: The Matter That Makes A Man Suffer The Most
Chapter 491: Red Sleeve Boat, Mu Hanyan
Chapter 492: Jingjing
Chapter 493: Mercenary King
Chapter 494: Jingjing’S Genial Hibiscus Canopy
Chapter 495: Messy Relationship And The Objective Of Mu Hanyan
Chapter 496: Mad Lion, The Bet Between The Two
Chapter 497: The Thoughts Of Mu Hanyan
Chapter 498: Encountering Red Lady By Chance
Chapter 499: The Longing Of Jingjing
Chapter 500: Scouting Red Sleeve Boat At Night
Chapter 501: Identical Mysterious Script
Chapter 502: Returning Home
Chapter 503: Wuhen’S Past
Chapter 504: Dispute, Shui Linglong
Chapter 505: The Disappearance Of The Military Advisor
Chapter 506: Stealing The Elder’S Seal
Chapter 507: Meeting Murong Shuyu Again
Chapter 508: Dark Soul Power Of Heaven Forbidden Prison
Chapter 509: Corpse Forest, Mysterious Long Zhan
Chapter 510: Unexpectedly Was Grandfather
Chapter 511: A Member Of My Household
Chapter 512: World-Shaking Secret
Chapter 513: Peeping Together
Chapter 514: Deepthr*At And Conjecture
Chapter 515: Cooperating, The Return Of Si Bi
Chapter 516: Qing Wu, Piao Xue
Chapter 517: The Purpose Of Niur
Chapter 518: Nine Yin Soul Refining Array
Chapter 519: Causing Trouble
Chapter 520: The Genius Of Magic Arrays
Chapter 521: Yu Feng
Chapter 522: Passion In The Snow Land
Chapter 523: Trap, Steamed Dragon Claw
Chapter 524: Demonic Dragon Appears, Strange Stone Room
Chapter 525: The Pursuit Of Dark Church
Chapter 526: Huge Dragon
Chapter 527: Idly Poke A Stick In The Mud And It Grows Into A Tree To Shade You
Chapter 528: Demonic Dragon Princess
Chapter 529: Intruding Lady’S Chamber
Chapter 530: Bai Yu, Rebellion
Chapter 531: Pawns, Treatment
Chapter 532: Saving Mu Hanyan
Chapter 533: The Decision Of Dark Pope
Chapter 534: The Domain Of Shui Linglong
Chapter 535: Deceitful Military Adviser
Chapter 536: Powerful Specters
Chapter 537: Peerless Skeleton
Chapter 538: Mouth-To-Mouth Discussion Of The Private Affair
Chapter 539: Cross The Sea By A Trick [1]
Chapter 540: Long Yi’S Countermeasures
Chapter 541: Secret Order
Chapter 542: Meeting Midi’Er Again
Chapter 543: The Crisis Of Shui Linglong
Chapter 544: Deep Regret
Chapter 545: Deceased, The New Dark Pope
Chapter 546: The Game Begins
Chapter 547: Night Raid On The Imperial Palace
Chapter 548: With Dragons As Arrows
Chapter 549: Things Come To Their Proper Settlemen
Chapter 550: The Arrival Of The Elf Queen
Chapter 551: Secret Forever
Chapter 552: The Arrival Of Empress
Chapter 553: Give Me A Child
Chapter 554: Hanyan
Chapter 555: Seventh Layer Aotianjue
Chapter 556: Grandfather Awaken
Chapter 557: Predestined Love Of The Pas
Chapter 558: Peak Momen
Chapter 559: Love You To The End Of Life
Chapter 560: Goodbye, There Will Inevitably Be The Time To See You Again
Chapter 561: Re-Entering Origin Ice
Chapter 562: Ice Cave
Chapter 563: Water God
Chapter 564: Dream Space
Chapter 565: Icy Blood Demonic Bee
Chapter 566: Queen Bee
Chapter 567: Water God Inheritance
Chapter 567: Water God Inheritance Part 2
Chapter 568: Beautiful Sisters
Chapter 568 Part 2 : Beautiful Sisters
Chapter 569: Undoing Emotional Entanglemen
Chapter 569: Undoing Emotional Entanglement Part 2
Chapter 570: Entering Dragon Island
Chapter 571: Dragon Clan’S Little Lolita Xingxing
Chapter 572: Trapped
Chapter 573: Sneaking Into Divine Dragon Main Island
Chapter 574: Dragon King’S Treasure Cave
Chapter 574: Dragon King’S Treasure Cave Part 2
Chapter 575: Historical Remains
Chapter 576: Six-Winged Angel
Chapter 577: Cyan Wind Empire
Chapter 578: Forbidden Area, Divine Slaying Array
Chapter 579: Guardian Dragon God
Chapter 580: Dealing A Counterblow
Chapter 580: Dealing A Counterblow Part 2
Chapter 581: Dragon God’S Hear
Chapter 582: Mighty Dragon God
Chapter 583: Imprisoned Divine Dragon And Demonic Dragon
Chapter 584: Seeking Revenge For The Smallest Grievance
Chapter 584: Seeking Revenge For The Smallest Grievance Part 2
Chapter 585: Difficult Rescue
Chapter 585: Difficult Rescue Part 2
Chapter 586: Demonic Dragon King
Chapter 587: The Information On Undersea City
Chapter 588: Soaring Dragon City, Military Camp
Chapter 588: Soaring Dragon City, Military Camp Part 2
Chapter 589: Preparing For A Rainy Day
Chapter 590: The Flies Of Demonic Dragon Island
Chapter 591: Peculiar Space
Chapter 592: Holy Temple’S Ancient Magic Array
Chapter 593: Clam Clan In A Precarious Situation
Chapter 594: The Reappearance Of Purple Gold Soul Stone
Chapter 595: Undersea Passage
Chapter 596: Undersea Fores
Chapter 597: Heaven Slaying Squid
Chapter 598: The Prince Of Miluo Clan
Chapter 599: Heaven-Sent Fortune
Chapter 600: The Land Of Holy Spiri
Chapter 601: Sneaking In
Chapter 602: Rescuing Bifei
Chapter 603: Reasons
Chapter 604: Secrets Inside The Restrictions
Chapter 605: The Reunion Of Master And Servan
Chapter 606: Sea Emperor
Chapter 607: The Truth Of Banishmen
Chapter 608: The Scheme Concocted Inside Miluo Clan
Chapter 609: Smelting Death Cave
Chapter 610: Variant Fire Qilin
Chapter 611: Demonic Corpse
Chapter 612: Underworld Demon General
Chapter 613: Water Parting Magic
Chapter 614: Water Space Variant Beas
Chapter 615: Death Impasse
Chapter 616: Demonic Specters And Divine Zombies
Chapter 617: Blue Sea Divine Soul 1
Chapter 618: Blue Sea Divine Soul 2
Chapter 619: Returning To Undersea City
Chapter 620: True Or False?
Chapter 621: Emptied Treasury
Chapter 622: An Anomaly
Chapter 623: Missing
Chapter 624: In The Midst Of Ten Thousand Flowers
Chapter 625: Boundless Luck With Women
Chapter 626: Returning To Underground Base 1
Chapter 627: Returning To Underground Base 2
Chapter 628: Meeting The Princess Of Sea Race Again
Chapter 629: Sea Swallowing Beast
Chapter 630: The Space Gate
Chapter 631: Actually Is Heaven Slaying Squid
Chapter 632: A Beauty’S Heavy Affection
Chapter 633: Jade Blood Illuminating The World
Chapter 634: Charging Into Undersea City
Chapter 635: Heavenly Demon King (1)
Chapter 636: Heavenly Demon King (2)
​Chapter 637: Sea Swallowing Beast Is Mine!
Chapter 638: Dark God Is Female?
​Chapter 639: Entering The Space Passage Of Blue Moon Continent
Chapter 640: The Chaos Of Blue Moon Continent
​Chapter 641: Looking For The Earth God Spirit Tablet
Chapter 642: The Source Of The Spiritual Spring
Chapter 643: God Of Creation?
Chapter 644: The Information On Earth God
Chapter 645: Barbarian Clan’S Great Shaman
​ Chapter 646: Seven Spirit Tablets Gathered
Chapter 647: Flying Together
Chapter 648: Princess Of Demon World
​Chapter 649: Flame God Chiyan (1)
Chapter 650: Flame God Chiyan (2)
Chapter 651: Divine World
Chapter 652: Ten Winged Fallen Angel
Chapter 653: The Secrets Of Divine World
Chapter 654: Fire God Capital (1)
Chapter 655: Fire God Capital (2)
​Chapter 656: The Past History Of Siyan
​Chapter 657: Evil Forbidden Zone; Spring Scenery Throughout The Night
​Chapter 658: Sunset Peak, An Elder Of Divine World
Chapter 659: Seven-Attributed Godhead
Chapter 660: Wei’Er Beila
Chapter 661: Hegemon God Long Yi Make An Entrance
Chapter 662: Seven Ancient War Gods
Chapter 663: Bitter Battle
Chapter 664: Breakthrough, Kexin
Chapter 665: Counterattacking Demon World (1)
Chapter 666: Counterattacking Demon World (2)
Chapter 667: The Little Monster Of Myriad Poisonous Forest
Chapter 668: Emotion Demon Naweiqi
Chapter 669: Win A Complete Victory
Chapter 670: Bloody Blue Waves (1)
Chapter 671: Bloody Blue Waves (2)
Chapter 672: The Calamity Befalls
Chapter 673: Space Barrier Collapse
Chapter 674: Decisive Battle Of Life And Death
Chapter 675: Sea Of Reincarnation [End]
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Total Chapters in book: 683
Estimated words: 1553307 (not accurate)
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Source: NEET
Book Details / Information: This is the story of Long Yi, who was killed because he took revenge for the girl he loved. Before he dies, a strange lightning carries his soul into a different realm. How will he live, when the first thing he noticed upon arrival is that, the man whose body he possessed is raping the country’s princess?

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Chapter 1: Prelude To The Passing Through

Chapter 01: Prelude to passing through

Late at night, in the sky without stars and moon, a fierce wind was roaring, filling up the sky with blown sand. The dark and dense clouds seem to envelop the world. At this time, a shadow was staggering along, bursting in the wildwoods of Yunan frontier. Suddenly this figure seemed to stumble a bit, and fell awkwardly on the ground.

Crackle, a silvery lightning streak across the horizon illuminating the pale complexion of this figure. He was approximately a little over 30 in age. He was bald without even a blade of a grass in his head, but his eyebrows were very thick, and his long and narrow red phoenix eyes were cold and ruthless. There was a long scar from the corner of his eyes slanting to his chin, which somewhat increased a color of cruelty and brutality to his visage.

The figure struggled to climb up as the blood flowed out from the wound of his chest and back. His clothing was already dyed dark red.

“Come out, now do the people of Dragon Group likes to hide the head but show the tail?” The shadow weakly leaned against a big tree, but his taunting voice was powerful and vigorous.

He barely finished speaking and seven figures silently appeared out of thin air, completely surrounding him. Now he was trapped in the middle with all of his possible escape route blocked.

“Long Yi (lit. Dragon One), return back, don’t keep on making mistakes.” A voice that resembled both the voice of a man and a woman resounded in the air. Hearing this voice, people would involuntarily feel creepy.

“Return back, can I still return back? How can I return back? Long Wu (lit. Dragon Five), you should be clearer than me about what order has been pass down from higher-ups.” Long Yi loudly laughed bleakly.

“Long Yi, allow us to arrest you, then I will try my best to plead higher-ups for you.” Long Wu was dumbfounded and his voice contained some helplessness.

“Plead, hahaha, I, Long Yi don’t need it. You must be dreaming if you think that I will allow myself to be arrested with my hands tied.” Long Yi was leaning on the big tree but his momentum however was gradually rising to its peak.

“Long Yi, can it be that you really want to oppose our nation?” Long Wu asked in a stern voice.

“What is wrong with me taking revenge for Little Qi (Seven)? I just killed that *** minister, what is wrong with it? Little Qi also has done numerous extraordinary services for the nation, but what did the nation give her in return? She absolutely cannot be sacrificed like this in vain, you all are clear about it.” When Long Yi mention Little Qi, this name, a trace of tenderness and pain flashed through his eyes.

Looking at Long Yi who seemed to be roaring like a wounded beast, Long Wu’s hand unconsciously trembled slightly, and his lips also twitched. Then, hardening his heart, he made the gesture to attack.

Rumble, with the clap of thunder, the rainwater accumulated for a long time finally cascaded down crazily. Dragon Group was the most mysterious organization in China with all members being capable and top-rated powerhouses including people with special power and talents. And among them, Long Yi was the only person who was able to use spirit power cultivating an ancient martial technique of China to the point of perfection, moreover, he was the strongest person within Dragon Group. If this was usual times, then Long Wu along with these six members of Dragon Group could never win again Long Yi, but at this moment, Dragon Group and also the assassins that came from ** sect had already been chasing him for three months. And after experience big and small battles several hundred times, he had already received serious injuries, so how could he resist Long Wu and the elites of Dragon Group he led?

Long Yi looked at those seven figures rushing towards him, and his momentum reached the peak, but the scene of these seven people growing up bit by bit flashed through his mind. These seven people were adopted by the nation from childhood, and after going through various inhuman training, they rose above others and entered Dragon Group. Long Qi was the only woman among them, and she was proficient in assassination and computer. She grew up to become innocent and graceful, and was the angel in the heart of these people. Although they didn’t speak honestly, everyone knew that unlike her appearance, Long Qi was frightening, but one year ago, Long Qi went to ** to carry out a task, but no one knew how the information was leaked, but she was besieged which lead to her death. And in the rage, Long Yi alone went to ** and killed several hundred big and small officials of ** along with several thousand casualties among common people of **. This greatly strained the relation of two countries, nearly leading to a war.

“Now that the nation doesn’t want to let me off, it would best to die at the hands of my brothers. Little Qi, wait for me, we will meet very soon.” Long Yi muttered in his heart, and when seven figures used their different style techniques towards him, he suddenly withdrew his momentum, and received them unguarded.

Boom, Long Yi was sent flying as if a broken string kite, and blood flowed out from all his body, but he had a carefree smile on his face.

Crackle, boom, suddenly a lightning which was as thick as bucket rained down from the dense black cloud, directly striking Long Yi who was in the midst of flying. Under the powerful electric current, Long Yi was completely evaporated into particles without leaving any remaining.

Long Wu blankly grabbed a piece of cloth that slowly floated down. And now, it was unable to differentiate whether it was tears or rainwater that was sliding down his face……..


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