World of Immortals by Chen Dong

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 – Ancient Monolith
Chapter 3 – Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon
Chapter 4 – Uncivilized Island
Chapter 5 – Jade Dragon’S Egg
Chapter 6 – The Savage Beast’S Rampage
Chapter 7 – Unicorn Under The Moonlight
Chapter 8 – The Undying Disciple
Chapter 9 – Entering The Primitive Forest
Chapter 10 – Kill Without Hesitation
Chapter 11 – Reappearance Of The Angel
Chapter 12 – Ancient Tyrannical Dragon
Chapter 13 – Unicorn Come To The Rescue
Chapter 14 – Mystical Giant Ape
Chapter 15 – Man And Beast Combine Forces
Chapter 16 – Bellow Of The Beast
Chapter 17 – Transformation Of The Acupoint
Chapter 18 – Merciless
Chapter 19 – Cold-Blooded & Cold-Hearted
Chapter 20 – Negative Energy Pervaded
Chapter 21 – Skeleton With Wisdom
Chapter 22 – Undead
Chapter 23 – Three Emperor Of The Moon Castle
Chapter 24 – Super Effective
Chapter 25 – Stalks Of Bloody Flowers
Chapter 26 – King Of Undead
Chapter 27 – Slaughter Under The Moonlit Night
Chapter 28 – As Firm As Steel
Chapter 29 – Bequeathing The Legend Of God
Chapter 30 – Legend Of Dragons
Chapter 31 – Winged Dragon Vs Demigod
Chapter 32 – The Genuine World Of Immortals
Chapter 33 – Seven-Colored Sacred Tree
Chapter 34 – Miraculous
Chapter 35 – Five Major Realms
Chapter 36 – Nine Celestial Layers
Chapter 37 – Jasper Egg
Chapter 38 – The Power Of Elephans Draco
Chapter 39 – Increase In Power
Chapter 40 – No Need To Endure!
Chapter 41 – Use Violence To Curb Violence
Chapter 42 – Retreat
Chapter 43 – Treant
Chapter 44 – Mysterious Little Critter
Chapter 45 – Inconceivable
Chapter 46 – The Sacred Tree’S Master
Chapter 47 – Chance Upon An Irresponsible Beast
Chapter 48 – Sweet Dew Of Life
Chapter 49 – Setting The Valley On Fire
Chapter 50 – Sacred Light Seal The Island
Chapter 51 – Big Purge
Chapter 52 – The End Of Secret Training
Chapter 53 – Fierce Battle
Chapter 54 – Trample The Spell Master
Chapter 55 – Befriended In Private
Chapter 56 – Breakthrough To Fifth Celestial Layer
Chapter 57 – The Avenger
Chapter 58 – Challenging An Alliance
Chapter 59 – The Last One
Chapter 60 – Absolute Strength!
Chapter 61 – Divine Tree Infiltrate The Body
Chapter 62 – Divine Monolith In The Sea Of Bones
Chapter 63 – Void Master
Chapter 64 – God Of The North Star
Chapter 65 – Taking The Initiative
Chapter 66 – Cannot Be Stopped
Chapter 67 – Stunning Beauty
Chapter 68 – Movement In The East
Chapter 69 – Approaching Keke’S Old Home
Chapter 70 – Heavenly Tree
Chapter 71 – Den Of Vicious Beast
Chapter 72 – Sacred Mountain
Chapter 73 – A Glimpse Of Hell
Chapter 74 – The Dragon Egg Of The King
Chapter 75 – Entering The Snow Mountain
Chapter 76 – Crisis
Chapter 77 – Realization
Chapter 78 – Anything Could Happen
Chapter 79 – A Battle That Make One Cringe
Chapter 80 – Cross Swords With Sixth Celestial Layer
Chapter 81 – Absolutely Brilliant Surprise
Chapter 82 – Snowy Mountain’S Ice Coffin
Chapter 83 – Encounter
Chapter 84 – Beauty
Chapter 85 – Throwing Yourself In Somebody’S Arm
Chapter 86 – Rain Of Blood
Chapter 87 – Dragon’S Magic Power Recovered!
Chapter 88 – The Terrifying Ghost Town
Chapter 89 – Reappearance Of The Divine Monolith
Chapter 90 – Eternal Restrain!
Chapter 91 – Engraving, Halberd, Wheel, Trigrams, Dragons
Chapter 92 – There Really Is Ghost
Chapter 93 – Burial Cloth
Chapter 94 – Spiritual Divine Light
Chapter 95 – Desperate Straits
Chapter 96 – Amethyst Dragon King
Chapter 97 – Heavenly Diagrams Appeared
Chapter 98 – Passing Through The Space
Chapter 99 – Breakthrough To Seventh Celestial Layer
Chapter 100 – Harvesting Dragon King
Chapter 101 – After A Mysterious Week
Chapter 102 – Native Peoples Of Sacred Island
Chapter 103 – Secret
Chapter 104 – Demon
Chapter 105 – Sacred Dragon Tree
Chapter 106 – Seeking Power
Chapter 107 – A Different Young Dragon
Chapter 108 – Undead Emperor
Chapter 109 – Encounter
Chapter 110 – Eleven Dragon Kings
Chapter 111 – The Power Of God
Chapter 112 – Sealed Ancient Artifact
Chapter 113 – Compromise
Chapter 114 – Dragon, Dragon, Dragon
Chapter 115 – The Identity Of The Mysterious Woman
Chapter 116 – Summoning Divine Ship
Chapter 117 – Unforeseen Event
Chapter 118 – Shocking
Chapter 119 – Nine Underworld Formation
Chapter 120 – Sovereign King Ship
Chapter 121 – Ancestral Dragon?
Chapter 122 – Current Situation
Chapter 123 – Taboo Ocean
Chapter 124 – Shenxiu
Chapter 125 – Obliterate Demon Absolute God
Chapter 126 – Encounter
Chapter 127 – The Undying Patriarch
Chapter 128 – The Demon’S Identity
Chapter 129 – Underground Cave
Chapter 130 – Disturbance
Chapter 131 – Level Up, Success
Chapter 132 – Too Luxurious!
Chapter 133 – Bastard Fatty
Chapter 134 – Legend Of Warbeast
Chapter 135 – Beast Examination
Chapter 136 – Snooping Around The Phoenix Lair
Chapter 137 – Tyranny
Chapter 138 – None Can Resist
Chapter 139 – Celestial City
Chapter 140 – Transcendental Beauty
Chapter 141 – Intoxicated
Chapter 142 – Too Excessive
Chapter 143 – Winning Over A Beautiful Attendant
Chapter 144 – Lecher
Chapter 145 – Four Grand Experts
Chapter 146 – Human-Shaped Tyrannical Dragon
Chapter 147 – Imprint Of Dao
Chapter 148 – Madman
Chapter 149 – Arrogant And Egotistical
Chapter 150 – Who’S The Opponent
Chapter 151 – Unparalleled Strength
Chapter 152 – Breakthrough To Ninth Celestial Layer
Chapter 153 – Fall Of A Hero
Chapter 154 – Body Refinement
Chapter 155 – Rainbow-Colored Dragon Cocoon
Chapter 156 – Tenax’S Astonishing Transformation
Chapter 157 – Paradise Spa
Chapter 158 – Hoodlum Meets Madman
Chapter 159 – Touch Upon The Bottom Line
Chapter 160 – The Persistent Beauties
Chapter 161 – The Depths Of The South
Chapter 162 – I Am Dragon
Chapter 163 – The Floating Isle
Chapter 164 – Suiren Gimlet
Chapter 165 – An Eye For An Eye
Chapter 166 – Retribution
Chapter 167 – Stand Out From The Masses
Chapter 168 – The Might Of Dragon Ginseng
Chapter 169 – Infernal Corpse
Chapter 170 – To Advance Courageously!
Chapter 171 – I Am Unparalleled!
Chapter 172 – Suppressing The Demon Beast
Chapter 173 – The Lonely Sword Demon
Chapter 174 – Pasteur, The Ancient Divine Spear
Chapter 175 – Oneness Of Heaven And Humanity
Chapter 176 – Ancient Three-Layered Seal
Chapter 177 – Opening Up The Body’S Treasure
Chapter 178 – The Descendant Of Deity
Chapter 179 – Auctioning The Ancient Weapon
Chapter 180 – Disturbance
Chapter 181 – I Love Lan Nuo
Chapter 182 – Joy And Delight
Chapter 183 – The First Divine Ability
Chapter 184 – Smelting Three Divine Artifacts
Chapter 185 – White Tiger
Chapter 186 – Dragon King’S Battle Begin
Chapter 187 – Dragon Countersteps!
Chapter 188 – Human Warfare
Chapter 189 – Grade Nine Lotus
Chapter 190 – Marriage Proposal
Chapter 191 – Six Saint
Chapter 192 – Five-Colored Divine Radiance
Chapter 193 – Nine Lives, Reincarnation!
Chapter 194 – Keke’S Debut!
Chapter 195 – One Vs Four!
Chapter 196 – All Sounds Are Lost
Chapter 197 – Unyielding, Triumphant Return!
Chapter 198 – Flipping Out
Chapter 199 – The Outcome
Chapter 200 – Opening The Third Eye
Chapter 201 – The World
Chapter 202 – Unstable Situation Arise Again
Chapter 203 – Choices
Chapter 204 – Brilliant Show
Chapter 205 – The Sudden Marriage (Part 1)
Chapter 206 – The Sudden Marriage (Part 2)
Chapter 207 – False Play Come True
Chapter 208 – Wedding Night
Chapter 209 – Erstarren Pearl
Chapter 210 – Shred Of Tears
Chapter 211 – The Grief Of Heavens
Chapter 212 – Unite
Chapter 213 – A Man’S Pride
Chapter 214 – Sense Of Loss
Chapter 215 – Qing Qing
Chapter 216 – Pure Land
Chapter 217 – Sacred Mountain
Chapter 218 – Ley Lines
Chapter 219 – Entering The Netherworld
Chapter 220 – The True Cypreus Furnace
Chapter 221 – Sword Of Ranga
Chapter 222 – Nine Parts Of Stone Statue
Chapter 223 – Ninth Underworld Platform
Chapter 224 – Sengen
Chapter 225 – Three Years Of Movements!
Chapter 226 – Friends, Please Halt
Chapter 227 – Youchao Sky Palace
Chapter 228 – Five Big Shot
Chapter 229 – Where Is The Truth
Chapter 230 – Ignorant And Narrow-Minded
Chapter 231 – Strength
Chapter 232 – Perfected Aquarius!
Chapter 233 – Eightfold Worlds
Chapter 234 – Unshakeable Sword!
Chapter 235 – Dispute
Chapter 236 – The Battle… Intensified!
Chapter 237 – Destiny Twin
Chapter 238 – Heaven And Hell
Chapter 239 – Mental State
Chapter 240 – Masterplan
Chapter 241 – Grand Assassin
Chapter 242 – Mayhem
Chapter 243 – Unparalleled Divine Power!
Chapter 244 – Solar Knight
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Alternative Titles:

Changsheng jie, 长生界

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The World of Immortals, it is the world every mortals long for. For many, it is an eternal glory to cause a spatial distortion and enter the World of Immortals. But the vicissitude of time is simply merciless, the legends regarding immortality had long been forgotten.

However, a miracle shall rise once more! An immortal was about to split the space with martial arts and cut all ties with the mortal world. The protagonist, Xiao Chen, was caught up in it and accidentally brought to the World of Immortals. What will they find in the vast world beyond the rift?

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Chapter 1 – Creating Spatial Distortion With Martial Arts

Who in this world could escape death?

No matter how much talent one possessed in this breathtaking world, in the end, their inevitable fate was to become a skeleton covered in sanguine ash. No amount of pride could overcome one’s inevitable fate of turning into yellow soil, and returning to the vast mountains and rivers!

Immortality was without a doubt the greatest desire of every living being. Unfortunately, ageless humans didn’t exist, and there was no such thing as an immortal emperor. Regardless of how mighty one might become, it was still impossible to escape the crutches of illness and death. Nobody was capable of living an eternal life in this world.

However, the legends of immortality had been passed down since ancient times.

Bodhidharma, Dugu Qiubai, Ximen Chuixue, Li Xunhuan, Shi Feixuan, Lang Fanyun, Pangban, and Qin Mengyao…

Each and every one of these historical names had been passed down since the beginning of time, almost as if these names were an ancient curse that continuously encouraged the later generation. It allowed the people to believe that immortality was not simply a foolish thought, and that some people could eventually reach that realm through hard work.

Only…. the flow of time was simply ruthless. As the years passed by, the legends of immortality were gradually erased along with the flow of time.

Silently and endlessly erased until the present, however… a miracle shall rise again!

On the night of the full moon, a Goddess known as Lan Nuo appeared, and she was about to cut off all familial ties on top of the Kunlun Vermilion Peak. She created a spatial distortion with martial arts, shocking every practitioners under the heaven, and the rumors of immortality heated up once more.

More than ten thousand people came to visit the Kunlun Mountain Range. It didn’t matter if it were the highly esteemed aristocrats or the lowly peddlers and commoners; they all came for the same purpose. That purpose was to witness a once in a lifetime miracle.

At last, the day of the full moon arrived. The moon was high above Kunlun, majestic and beautiful. Under the bright moonlight, as if being shrouded by a hazy veil, the sacred mountain was faintly discernible. It made the mountain range look like a fairyland.

Xiao Chen ⌈1⌋ was running like the wind under the moonlight. His entire body was covered in blood, and even his pitch-black long hair was stained. However, the sharp gaze on his handsome face was unyielding. A pair of pupils that shone as bright as a star transmitted his unwavering determination!

He was currently facing a life or death situation!

The Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er vowed to exterminate him, and ten highly trained experts hastily surrounded him from all directions. The angel’s face was concealed by silk, the curves on her body figure were graceful. Her pupils were like the limpid autumn water, and she seemed so elegant even as she flew by with such speed. She was as agile as a fleeting light, and as graceful as a fairy.

Unable to escape, Xiao Chen rushed towards the direction of the Vermilion Peak!

Under the moonlight, vast amounts of people gathered near the Vermilion Peak. The figures of men filled the area, but despite there being over ten thousand individuals gathered at the moment, it was actually extremely quiet. Everyone’s attention was focused on the girl in the white dress who stood atop the Vermilion Peak.

At the peak of the mountain, Lan Nuo wore a snow-white dress, and her entire body was enveloped by moonlight. Her immortal body seemed as if it was emitting a faint yet pure and holy radiance. The white dress was brushed by the wind and she truly appeared as if she was a fairy that didn’t need to consume food like common mortals.

During this half month, she had attempted to split the space twice. However, she would take a step back each time before it succeeded.

If she took that single step, she would have entered the world of immortals!

But if she took that single step, this vast mortal world would slowly escape her reach forever, hence severing all of her bonds with this world!

It required great courage to cut off all her bonds! Once she took that step, what awaited her later in life might just be endless solitude.

It was hard to predict what might happen. It was better for immortals to feel no emotion!

She stood still from early in the morning up until now. All kinds of mortal scenes appeared in her mind, one after another. The moment to say goodbye to the mortal world finally arrived. A divine light suddenly erupted above the summit of the mountain and began to burn fiercely. The entire mountain summit was enveloped by layers upon layers of pure and holy radiance.

Lan Nuo’s soft and smooth skin looked so radiant and noble within the multicolored holy light. Under the watchful eyes of tens of thousands of people, she distorted the space and hardened her resolve to move forward.

At the final moment, she took a final glance at the mortal world. That fantasy and dreamlike moment, as well as the face of this immortal, had been carved into the hearts of the common people forever. Tens of thousands of people all shouted Lan Nuo’s name at the same time.

However, the orderly shouts immediately fell into disorder. Unexpectedly, they discovered two silhouettes running at high speed towards the top of the mountain summit at the same time Lan Nuo distorted the space!

Recorded in ancient calendar, Year 7316, one proud goddess, Lan Nuo, created spatial distortion with martial arts and left the mortal world. The Imperial Angel, Zhao Lin Er, was fortunate enough to accompany her to the world of immortals.

As for Xiao Chen, his name was not placed in any of the history books.

The instant the space was distorted, Xiao Chen was indeed extremely astonished!

He never thought such a day would come; he was actually going to enter the world of immortals like this. At this moment, he thought about many things. His family, friends… he would have to part with them forever. He was about to depart from this mortal world forever.

Fleeing for his life had unexpectedly led to this result. For many people, distorting the space and entering the world of immortals was an eternal glory. For Xiao Chen, however, he would rather abandon this opportunity. He would remember this mortal world for as long as he lived; father, mother… farewell! He silently departed from the mortal world.

At that time, however, Xiao Chen didn’t know that the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er also rushed straight into that distorted space.

1. The protagonist’s name.


Total Chapters in book: 244
Estimated words: 620941 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3105(@200wpm)___ 2484(@250wpm)___ 2070(@300wpm)