World-shaking First Daughter: Powerful Medical Princess by Shan Shan Bu Chi

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Just Arriving Here
Chapter 3 - Human Or Ghost
Chapter 4 - Partiality To Su Jingwen
Chapter 5 - You Really Should Die
Chapter 6 - Magic Hand
Chapter 7 - Startling The Fetus
Chapter 8 - Difficult Labor
Chapter 9 - Magic Hand Again
Chapter 10 - Punishment
Chapter 11 - I’Ll Go
Chapter 12 - Fox’S Tail
Chapter 13 - Take Off Your Cloth
Chapter 14 - I Wish It Was A Dream.
Chapter 15 - A Big Fire
Chapter 16 - Glamorous
Chapter17 - Poisoning
Chapter18 - Got A Treasure
Chapter19 - Zhao Village
Chapter 20 - Feel Sad
Chapter 21 - The Surgery
Chapter 22 - What’S Done Cannot Be Undone
Chapter 23 - The Eldest Miss Was Missing
Chapter 24 - I Can Give It A Try
Chapter 25 - Confession
Chapter 26 - A Birthday Surprise
Chapter 27 - You’Ll Pay For What You’Ve Got
Chapter 28 - An Open Breakdown
Chapter 29 - Unveiling
Chapter 30 - An Ugly Monster
Chapter 31 - Encounter
Chapter 32 - An Emergency Treatment
Chapter 33 - A Female Miracle-Working Doctor
Chapter 34 - Break Of The Dam
Chapter 35 - Too Tough To Be A Human
Chapter 36 - To Look For The Lord Herself
Chapter 37 - You’Ve Finally Come
Chapter 38 - Come In Person
Chapter 39 - A Pair Of Eyes Looking Familiar
Chapter 40 - Lord Xia, You...
Chapter 41 - Xia Houmo, The King Of Jin!
Chapter 42 - A Noble Assistant
Chapter 43 - As If He Was Dead
Chapter 44 - The Child, Is Missing!
Chapter 45 - Take Off His Skin
Chapter 46 - In Light Of His Mood
Chapter 47 - Another Trouble Came
Chapter 48 - Weird Lord Su
Chapter 49 - Who Was The Man Exactly?
Chapter 50 - Who Dares
Chapter 51 - Suspicion And Departure
Chapter 52 - Everything Was Over
Chapter 53 - The “First Bucket Of Gold”
Chapter 54 - They Were Coming
Chapter 55 - Here Came The Threat
Chapter 56 - The Whole Su Family Moving To Capital City
Chapter 57 - Entering The Imperial Palace To Meet The Emperor
Chapter 58 - Unrest
Chapter 59 - Alive!
Chapter 60 - Dangerous, Run!
Chapter 61 - Who Was Behind Him?
Chapter 62 - Someone Else
Chapter 63 - The Left Eye Jumped Wealth, The Right Eye Jumped Disaster”
Chapter 64 - Misunderstanding Or Premeditation?
Chapter 65 - A Hard Blow
Chapter 66 - Blossoms Tower
Chapter 67 - Real Identity
Chapter 68 - Internal Injury
Chapter 69 - Being Targeted
Chapter 70 - Second Visit To The Imperial Palace
Chapter 71 - Competition
Chapter 72 - The Cost Of Losing
Chapter 73 - Chop Her Hands Off
Chapter 74 - Reaching An Agreement
Chapter 75 - Poisoning
Chapter 76 - Surging Undercurrents
Chapter 77 - Invitation To The Hunting Party
Chapter 78 - Aren’T You Afraid?
Chapter 79 - The Hunting Party
Chapter 80 - Good Luck
Chapter 81 - Life And Death Tribulation
Chapter 82 - Unbelievable
Chapter 83 - Intimate Detoxification
Chapter 84 - I Don’T Know You
Chapter 85 - Retaliation
Chapter 86 - It Must Be Your Heart Blood
Chapter 87 - Who Was Her Enemy
Chapter 88 - Going Home
Chapter 89 - I Shouldn’T Enjoy Them Alone
Chapter 90 - Eating Up
Chapter 91 - Cesarean Section
Chapter 92 - Happiness
Chapter 93 - Pay Attention To Her Marriage
Chapter 94 - Haunted
Chapter 95 - People Who Had Gone To Hell
Chapter 96 - Wanted To Fight For It
Chapter 97 - Ending In Failure
Chapter 98 - Borrowing Two Men
Chapter 99 - Mass Destruction
Chapter 100 - Serial Attacks
Chapter 101 - Run Out
Chapter 102 - The Last Day
Chapter 103 - The Death-Free Golden Medallion
Chapter 104 - Flirted
Chapter 105 - Old Lady Su’S Return
Chapter 106 - Infanta Ceylon
Chapter 107 - Intention Of The Visit
Chapter 108 - Return To The Capital
Chapter 109 - Attending The Banquet In An Mansion
Chapter 110 - Recognized
Chapter 111 - Who Did It
Chapter 112 - Imprisonment
Chapter 113 - King Dingxi
Chapter 114 - She Was Innocent
Chapter 115 - Night Hijack
Chapter 116 - Unbearable Pain
Chapter 117 - Falling Ill
Chapter 118 - Who Couldn’T Threaten
Chapter 119 - The Divine Bell Was Ringing
Chapter 120 - Granting A Marriage
Chapter 121 - Becoming The Target
Chapter 122 - A Foodie In The Mountain
Chapter 123 - Covering A Long Distance To Visit
Chapter 124 - Marriage Contract
Chapter 125 - So Bold
Chapter 126 - The Grand Ceremony
Chapter 127 - Sudden Change!
Chapter 128 - Turmoil
Chapter 129 - Escape
Chapter 130 - Returning To The Capital
Chapter 131 - Reception Banquet
Chapter 132 - Nangong Ningxin
Chapter 133 - Another Granted Marriage
Chapter 134 - Inexplicable Embarrassment
Chapter 135 - Checking The Wound In Person
Chapter 136 - Annulling The Engagement For Marriage In Three Days
Chapter 137 - How Did It Feel To Like Someone
Chapter 138 - Gossip
Chapter 139 - The New Year
Chapter 140 - Wedding
Chapter 141 - I Have Paid Back What I Owe You
Chapter 142 - Can You Do It
Chapter 143 - Sleeping Together
Chapter 144 - Asking For Benefits
Chapter 145 - I Believe In My Wife
Chapter 146 - Miss Liu
Chapter 147 - Generous Remuneration
Chapter 148 - Be Gentle
Chapter 149 - Bleeding Eyes
Chapter 150 - Relentless Flow
Chapter 151 - To See Your Happy Face
Chapter 152 - Mysterious Birth
Chapter 153 - Enquiring Birth
Chapter 154 - A Remote Place
Chapter 155 - 5 Blushed Face
Chapter 156 - Unsaid Secret
Chapter 157 - Giving Birth
Chapter 158 - Walking Hand In Hand
Chapter 159 - His Royal Highness Was Interested In Men
Chapter 160 - I Will Marry Him!
Chapter 161 - Accomplice
Chapter 162 - How To Determine
Chapter 163 - Don’T Forget Your Promise
Chapter 164 - Habit Is A Terrible Thing
Chapter 165 - Catch Them All
Chapter 166 - You Are Finally Back
Chapter 167 - I Want To Kill You
Chapter 168 - Happiness Came As A Surprise
Chapter 169 - He Ate Her Leftovers
Chapter 170 - Let Him Look For Trouble
Chapter 171 - Starry Sky
Chapter 172 - The Arrival Of The Prince Of Xiliang Kingdom
Chapter 173 - Lifting The Ban
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Introduction: Su Muge, a God’s favored girl in the medical community, became an ugly girl due to time-space travel. Her father disliked her and her mother was too cowardly to protect her! Xia Houmo, a lonely wolf who was haughty and ever triumphant in battlefield, was asked by the emperor to marry a useless and ugly girl! On their wedding day, there was an assassin and he took her as a shield, as a result, she was wounded. Su Muge smiled slightly with crimson eyes, “Xia Houmo, I owed you, and I pay you now.” Seeing her red blood, his heart hurt… “Su Muge, you owed me too much and you must pay me birth after birth!” The heroine was not beautiful and not omnipotent, but she had golden light and magic hand.

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Chapter 1 - Surprise

Chapter 1 Surprise

There was a ghastly coffin in the central hall of the Su’s residence, the mansion of the chief of Shunyang prefecture.

The cold wind brushed the white silk one the door, creepy and terrifying.

A young girl wearing white clothes lay in the coffin. Her eyes were closed tightly; Her face was drained of blood. She has completely lost her breath.

“Miss, the eldest Miss has been dead. Let it go, OK?”

“Let it go? I won’t let her off even she died. Drag her out!”

In front of the coffin, a girl wearing a peach pink dress stared at the girl lying in the coffin with hideous eyes and ordered the servants to drag the dead girl out to abuse!

The dim candle flame flickered in the cold wind, flashing on and off the pale face of the young girl in the coffin, which made people feel creepy.

The servants who did not dare to violate the order reached their hands to grab the dead girl, shaking with fear.

When they were close to the girl, her fingers moved a little.

“Ah! Oh, my god! Ghost! Ghost!” The servants were scared to scream out, legs collapsed to the ground directly.

The second Miss, Su Jingwen, was also got a fright. But she was not scared even if the coffin girl was alive, let alone she’s dead now.

“Useless things!”

Su Jingwen said and kicked them, stepping forward to look the girl in the coffin.

The coffin girl was still lying inside without any change. Su Jingwen was more convinced that the servants were merely scaring themselves.

“Such idiots, look at me…”

Su Jingwen glared contemptuously at the servants. When she looked back at the coffin, the coffin girl opened her eyes suddenly!

The eyes contact scared Su Jingwen out of response.

The coffin girl looked at Su Jingwen with her deep and dark eyes.

“Ah, Ah! The dead girl rises, she rises!” Su Jingwen screamed out, turning away from the mourning hall.

The coffin girl sat up stiffly from the coffin. Her bloodless face was so scaring under the candle flame.

“Ghost, there is a ghost, the elder Miss is back as a ferocious ghost!”

All people in the mourning hall were trembling with fear. They rolled and crawled out of the hall. The frightened scream shattered the night sky of Su Mansion.

The coffin girl named Su Muge looked at the people who were defeated and fled, a faint sneer hanging on her bloodless lips.

The sneer was so creepy on her pale little face.

“I didn’t expect God to make such a big joke on me.” Su Muge laughed at herself.

She was a medical elite in the 21st century. She had just developed a new drug that could rehabilitate quickly from drug addiction. Unexpectedly, a drug dealer targeted and caught her. When her friend went to save her, they both fell off a cliff and died.

Instead of dying like this, she traveled to an aerial country, Chu Country because of time-space transform and became Su Muge, the girl who dead tragically, the eldest daughter of the chief of Shunyang prefecture, Su Lun.

Su Muge was the first daughter of Su Lun’s original wife, Zhao. The born-poor Su Lun had married to Zhao before he succeeded in imperial exam and had Su Muge. After his success, he was liked by the Minister of Revenue and married his daughter, An Yurong, to Su Lun. Unexpectedly, when An Yurong was giving birth to a child, Zhao came with one-year-old Su Muge, so An was so angry that she gave birth to Su Jingwen early.

At that time, many aristocratic men despised Su Lun and crowded out him, so the Minister of Revenue had to arrange him to a distance place, a county of Nantong prefecture, as a County Magistrate. Su Lun had no complaints. Gradually, he climbed to the position of the chief of Shunyang prefecture and the anger of the Minister was finally relieved a little. Once the time was up, Su Lun could go back to the capital to report on his work.

An was afraid of rumors, so she advised Su Lun to take Zhao and her daughter. On the surface, she treated them with due respect, while privately, she did everything she could to obstruct them, which made them live a terrible life inferior to some senior servants.

The reason why the predecessor was dead was that the son of Master of Hanlin Academy, Meng Xiuwen, visited Su mansion several days ago, and Su Jingwen, who admired Meng, saw that Su Muge peeked at him. She thought Muge dared to adore the man she liked, so she lured the predecessor to the lotus pond and drowned her.

Su Jingwen still felt that was not enough and she even wanted to abused the corpse after the predecessor died!

When Su Muge was thinking, there was some messy footsteps. Hearing this, the cold intention in her eyes were getting bigger.

Just arriving here, let me give you a big surprise!


Total Chapters in book: 173
Estimated words: 353926 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1770(@200wpm)___ 1416(@250wpm)___ 1180(@300wpm)