Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities by Annual Ruthlessness

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Chapter 41 - : Successfully Obtained The Tree Building Technique!
Chapter 42 - Victor’S Distress!
Chapter 43 - Download The Max-Level Tree Building Technique!
Chapter 44 - Once Again Broken Through To A New Realm With Such Terrifying Cultivation Speed!
Chapter 45 - Wait, You Can’T Leave Yet!
Chapter 46 - : The 21 Ultimate Skill Of The Ci Hang House, Phaseless Finger!
Chapter 47 - Jade Marrow Dew In Hand!
Chapter 48 - Cultivation Aptitude, Water And Wood Dual Spirit Roots!
Chapter 49 - The Entire Sect Was In An Uproar, Hoping To Descend The Mountain With Junior Elder Victor!
Chapter 50 - Breakthrough To The Half-Step Grandmaster Realm!
Chapter 51 - : Someone From The Thousand-Year Legacy Heavenly Sword Mountain Appeared!
Chapter 52 - Awakening Spirit Roots, Supreme-Grade Heavenly Spirit Root
Chapter 53 - Heavenly Sword Mountain Assessment, Target: Foundation Establishment Pill!
Chapter 54 - Heading To The Small Mystic Realm World, Heavenly Illusion City!
Chapter 55 - Regional Disputes, Looking Down On External Sects?
Chapter 56 - : The Arrogant Disciple Of The Heavenly Sword Mountain!
Chapter 57 - The Power Of The Phaseless Finger, Extreme Cold!
Chapter 58 - Eight Desolates Sword Force, Suppressing Mountains And Rivers!
Chapter 59 - The One In Ten Thousand Sword Dao Genius?
Chapter 60 - The Competition Is Commencing Soon, And The Sect Leader Of The Xuanming Sect Was Mocking Them!
Chapter 61 - Be Careful, Don’T Harm The Peace?
Chapter 62 - Victor’S Scheme, Ascending The Heavenly Sword Mountain!
Chapter 63 - Challenge Or A Stroll? Are These Guys Still Human?
Chapter 64 - The True Gap Between Geniuses!
Chapter 65 - Another One Of The Top Three Mystic Realm Sects, Green Phoenix Mountain
Chapter 66 - Rank Four Secret Realm Sect, Green Dragon Mountain!
Chapter 67 - The God'S Favoured Son From The Prophecy!
Chapter 68 - The Gambling Match Begins, Wang Cang’S Shell Like Protection!
Chapter 69 - Shell-Like Protection? Crush It!
Chapter 70 - Restrained Sword Energy?
Chapter 71 - : Breakthrough! The Eight Desolates Sword Intent!
Chapter 72 - The Strongest Competition Zone, Where The Strong Gathered!
Chapter 73 - The Showdown Between The Strong! Victor’S First Battle!
Chapter 74 - Terrifying Concept, The Ice Domain!
Chapter 75 - : Victor’S Plan, The Initial Success Of His Sword Intent!
Chapter 76 - The Battle For First Place Among The External Sects!
Chapter 77 - The Power Of The Mighty Palms!
Chapter 78 - Prophecy? The Chosen One!
Chapter 79 - I Can Win! The Confidence Of The Strong!
Chapter 80 - Asking Me To Draw My Sword, Do You Think You’Re Worthy?
Chapter 81 - Flame Showdown, Golden Flame Lion King Fist!
Chapter 82 - An Overwhelming Victory!
Chapter 83 - The Strongest Disciple Of The Heavenly Sword Mountain, Qin Yu!
Chapter 84 - Battle Against The Core Disciples Of The Spirit Spell Peak!
Chapter 85 - What Was This? Did He Draw His Sword?
Chapter 86 - The Second Move Of The Eight Desolation Sword Technique, Six Directional Sweep!
Chapter 87 - The Son Of Prophecy, The Green Dragon Mountain’S Fate!
Chapter 88 - The Battle Of The Stars! Who Would Be The Champion?
Chapter 89 - Battle Between The Strong! Eight Desolation Sword Technique Vs Shadow Kill!
Chapter 90 - Eight-Fold Increase Of The First Shadow Kill Movement, The Crescent Sky Dash!
Chapter 91 - The Heavenly Sword Intent, The Profound Meaning Of Life!
Chapter 92 - Breakthrough, Spirit Gathering Realm Level 10, Martial Arts Grandmaster!
Chapter 93 - What Was His Limit?
Chapter 94 - All-Rounder Genius, Victor!
Chapter 95 - The Exquisite Illusionary Sound Vs The Great River Sword!
Chapter 96 - Nangong Mingliang’S True Strength, Victor Was Simply Terrifying!
Chapter 97 - Final Battle! The Battle For The Number One Genius In Hundreds Of Years!
Chapter 98 - The Arrogant Victor!
Chapter 99 - Fierce Battle! The Unexpected Victor!
Chapter 100 - The Battle Under Everyone’S Attention!
Chapter 101 - Wood Spirit Embryo! Divine Ability?
Chapter 102 - Qingyun Sect And Victor Are Famous Throughout The World!
Chapter 103 - The Reward For The Competition! Sword Seeking At The Sword Tomb!
Chapter 104 - Lying Down And Getting Shot?
Chapter 105 - The Great Crisis! Green Dragon Mountain’S Plan!
Chapter 106 - The List Of Geniuses! The Invasion Of The Deep-Sea Ghostly Domain!
Chapter 107 - Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 108 - Three-Headed Six-Armed Puppet, The Despaired Teng Bin!
Chapter 109 - The Only First-Class Genius!
Chapter 110 - Foundation Establishment Pill? Lets Have A Taste!
Chapter 111 - The Sword Of The Heavenly Sword Mountain’S Sect Master, The Sword Of Lightning Tribulation!
Chapter 112 - Everyone’S Anticipation, The Bustling Qingyun Sect!
Chapter 113 - The Number One Sect In The Outside World, The Qingyun Sect!
Chapter 114 - Victor’S Innate Talent, Psychic Body?
Chapter 115 - He Is Still Here! What Is He Trying To Do?
Chapter 116 - Was He Rampant Or Did He Actually Have The Ability?
Chapter 117 - The Full-Grade Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation , Obtained!
Chapter 118 - Apologizing, Daoist Priest Chi Lian’S Respect!
Chapter 119 - There Would Always Be Someone Better Than You, The Knowledgeable Victor!
Chapter 120 - Golden Radiance, The Growth Of The Wood Spirit Embryo!
Chapter 121 - The Full-Grade “Green Dragon Life Form” Manual. Terrifying
Chapter 122 - Consecutive Breakthroughs, Level 11 Of The Spirit Gathering Realm!
Chapter 123 - Reforge, Divine Sword Completed!
Chapter 124 - The Purple Micro Divine Sword!
Chapter 125 - The Great Crisis, The Beast Tide Outbreak!
Chapter 126 - Joined The Battlefield, Showing Off The Power Of The Phaseless Ice Sword Finger!
Chapter 127 - Purple Micro Divine Sword, Sweeping Through The Beast Tide!
Chapter 128 - One Man Against Ten Thousand Men!
Chapter 129 - Leisurely Strolling In The Courtyard, Slashing A Giant Python With A Sword!
Chapter 130 - Spies From The Deep-Sea Ghost Domain, An Unexpected Incident!
Chapter 131 - The Beast Tide Erupted Once Again! The Disciples Of The Bright Moon Sect Made Their Move!
Chapter 132 - Went In Alone To Lure The Man Out!
Chapter 133 - The First Battle With The Purple Micro Divine Sword! 40% Of His Strength Was Completely Destroyed!
Chapter 134 - Unique Ancient Formation, Nine Palace Heavenly Sky Formation!
Chapter 135 - The Only First-Class Genius!
Chapter 136 - Guessing Victor’S Identity!
Chapter 137 - Level Five Beasts, The Second Wave Of Beast Tide Was Approaching!
Chapter 138 - Battle, Victor’S Plan!
Chapter 139 - Bait In A Cage, Scheming Against Each Other!
Chapter 140 - Wrath Of Heaven! Insta-Kill A Level-Five Beast!
Chapter 141 - Identity Exposed, Young Girl’S Request!
Chapter 142 - The Earth-Grade Secret Technique!
Chapter 143 - Uninvited Guest, Attack Of A Foundation Establishment Realm Cultivator!
Chapter 144 - The Young Girl’S Secret!
Chapter 145 - The Inheritance Of The Master Of The Netherworld, The Void Magic Stone!
Chapter 146 - Danger, Desperate Survival!
Chapter 147 - Four-Sided Trapping Array? It Was Just An Amateur Formation!
Chapter 148 - The Essence Of The Master Of The Netherworld’S Bloodline, The Void Magic Stone!
Chapter 149 - Breaking Through In The Nick Of Time. Life Is At Stake!
Chapter 150 - Rebirth From The Dead! Breakthrough!
Chapter 151 - Level 13 Of The Spirit Gathering Realm, Cross-Level Battle!
Chapter 152 - Genius? How Ironic!
Chapter 153 - The Land Of Treasures, Shadow Island!
Chapter 154 - Arrival Of The Sect Master Of The Qingyun Sect, Victor’S Status!
Chapter 155 - The Terrifying Truth, Victor’S Strength!
Chapter 156 - Departure To Shadow Island!
Chapter 157 - Void Magic Stone.
Chapter 158 - Nine Revolutions Golden Lotus
Chapter 159 - First Level Of The Foundation Establishment Realm!
Chapter 160 - Green Dragon Mountain.
Chapter 161 - Heavenly Dragon Pavilion
Chapter 162 - Central Plains Sect
Chapter 163 - Master Lingkong
Chapter 164 - Green Dragon Mountain’S Junior Uncle
Chapter 165 - The Raging Guo Weiwei!
Chapter 166 - Sky Hook Hand
Chapter 167 - Golden Flame Lion King Fist
Chapter 168 - Comprehension Of The Maximum Level Sky Hook Hand!
Chapter 169 - Admitted Defeat
Chapter 170 - This Night, Don’T Stop Downloading
Chapter 171 - Spiritual Pedestal Realm Martial Arts!
Chapter 172 - White Tiger Glazed Technique!
Chapter 173 - Vermilion Bird Sky-Burning Technique!
Chapter 174 - Tortoise Shell Technique!
Chapter 175 - The Two Great Cultivation Techniques Were Activated Together!
Chapter 176 - Black Tortoise Watch
Chapter 177 - Six Hours Of Fierce Battle
Chapter 178 - The Three Great Techniques Overlapped, And Zhou Tie Was Defeated
Chapter 179 - Peak Of The First Level Of The Foundation Establishment Realm!
Chapter 180 - List Of People Entering The Heavenly Narcissus Lake Mystic Realm
Chapter 181 - He Was Actually The Youngest Elder Of The Green Dragon Sect?
Chapter 182 - People From The Sheung Shui Sect
Chapter 183 - Dragon Scale Stream
Chapter 184 - Cloning Technique
Chapter 185 - Four Elements Formation
Chapter 186 - Dragon Subduing Poison Water
Chapter 187 - Martial Arts Technique Of Fire
Chapter 188 - Water Martial Arts Technique In Hand
Chapter 189 - Green Dragon Emerging From The Water
Chapter 190 - Central Plains Secret Technique: Sacrifice!
Chapter 191 - The Four Ancestors Of The Central Plains!
Chapter 192 - Master Lingkong: Someone Poisoned Him!
Chapter 193 - The Plan To Seize The Dragon Qi
Chapter 194 - Spirit-Absorption Spell!
Chapter 195 - Spirit-Absorbing Grand Magic
Chapter 196 - Understanding The Four Elements Formation!
Chapter 197 - Victor Who Returned!
Chapter 198 - Victor, Ye Lingxuan Escapes!
Chapter 199 - The Spirit-Absorbing Grand Magic Has Been Downloaded!
Chapter 200 - Came From The Anger Of The Four Great Sect Masters Of The Central Plains!
Chapter 201 - A Muddle-Headed Battle!
Chapter 202 - Transformation Stage Spirit-Absorbing Spell Formation!
Chapter 203 - Didn’T Expect His Big Brother To Be Right!
Chapter 204 - The Hidden Power Of The Great Spell
Chapter 205 - Victor’S Appearance!
Chapter 206 - The Spiritual Power Of The Green Dragon
Chapter 207 - Seal Removed
Chapter 208 - The Crazy Master Of The Fire Sect!
Chapter 209 - The Three Sect Masters Return To Their Peak Spiritual Power!
Chapter 210 - Victor’S Final Killing Move
Chapter 211 - The Forgotten Fire Sect Master
Chapter 212 - The Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation
Chapter 213 - Everything Was Calculated By Victor!
Chapter 214 - Damn It! We’Ve Fallen Into This Guy’S Trap Again!
Chapter 215 - The Awakened Fire Sect Master, Victor’S New Trick
Chapter 216 - Victor Was Captured
Chapter 217 - Backup Plan
Chapter 218 - The Fire Sect Master’S Blood Bead
Chapter 219 - Possession
Chapter 220 - : The Raging Fire Sect Master
Chapter 221 - Victor’S Fall
Chapter 222 - One Step Away From The Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 223 - Nine Revolutions Golden Lotus
Chapter 224 - The Body Of The Lotus Root
Chapter 225 - The Resurrected Green Dragon Sword Spirit
Chapter 226 - The Miserable Green Dragon
Chapter 227 - The First Sword Spirit Of The Purple Micro Divine Sword
Chapter 228 - Symbiotic Lotus Root
Chapter 229 - Sword Divinity No.1
Chapter 230 - Victor Woke Up
Chapter 231 - The Blushing Ye Lingxuan
Chapter 232 - Nine-Revolutions Golden Lotus Mantra
Chapter 233 - Unrivaled Realm
Chapter 234 - The Pride Of The Green Dragon Sword Spirit
Chapter 235 - The Past Month
Chapter 236 - What Lin Susu And The Others Had Experienced
Chapter 237 - The Return Of The Master Of The Fire Sect
Chapter 238 - The Fire Sect Master’S Order
Chapter 239 - The Secret Of The Fire Sect Master
Chapter 240 - : Master Lingkong’S Hidden Killer Move
Chapter 241 - The People From The Three Sects
Chapter 242 - Prisoner
Chapter 243 - The Fire Sect Master’S Backup Plan
Chapter 244 - : Nascent Soul Realm, Breakthrough!
Chapter 245 - The Green Dragon Heaven And Earth Formation, Break!
Chapter 246 - : Green Dragon Sect General Meeting!
Chapter 247 - The Fire Sect Master’S Wager
Chapter 248 - : Wang Shuang’S Purpose
Chapter 249 - Liu Yuzhen, Fight!
Chapter 250 - Spirit-Absorbing Treasured Saber
Chapter 251 - The Only Opponent, Guo Weiwei
Chapter 252 - Wang Shuang’S Ambitions
Chapter 253 - : The Fire Sect Master’S Promise
Chapter 254 - Nascent Soul Realm Spirit-Absorbing Spell Formation
Chapter 255 - The Birth Of The Green Dragon Sword Spirit!
Chapter 256 - The Appearance Of The Purple Micro Divine Sword
Chapter 257 - Junior Elder, It’S Really You!
Chapter 258 - The Excited Wang Shuang
Chapter 259 - Evolved Fire Spiritual Power
Chapter 260 - It Was The Cloning Technique Again!
Chapter 261 - Lingxuan, You’Re Still Alive?
Chapter 262 - Master Lingkong Has Returned To His Peak Strength!
Chapter 263 - Aura-Shielding Spell Formation
Chapter 264 - A Casual Attack From Master Lingkong
Chapter 265 - Ye Lingxuan’S Worries
Chapter 266 - Lin Susu’S Shock!
Chapter 267 - A Deepened Admiration For Victor!
Chapter 268 - Victor’S Teleportation!
Chapter 269 - Lin Bei: I Am An Unnecessary Person
Chapter 270 - Fusion Technique
Chapter 271 - Lin Bei Revealed His Killing Intent
Chapter 272 - The Cruel Sword Spirit Fusion
Chapter 273 - Fighting Lin Bei
Chapter 274 - : White Tiger Sword Spirit
Chapter 275 - Was This Technique Easy To Practice?
Chapter 276 - Give Me The Time It Takes For An Incense Stick To Burn
Chapter 277 - It Was Just A Clone
Chapter 278 - It Was Just A Clone (2)
Chapter 279 - Perfection Stage Fusion Technique
Chapter 280 - Victor Post Fusion
Chapter 281 - The Grandmaster Went To Fight
Chapter 282 - The Fire Sect Master’S Predictions
Chapter 283 - Victor Vs The Fire Sect Master
Chapter 284 - Victor Vs The Fire Sect Master (2)
Chapter 285 - Victor Vs The Fire Sect Master (3)
Chapter 286 - Victor’S Fall!
Chapter 287 - Fusion
Chapter 288 - Spiritual Power Explosion
Chapter 289 - With The Loss Of Their Backbone, Everyone Lost Their Will To Fight!
Chapter 290 - The Death Of The Fire Sect Master
Chapter 291 - Lord, White Clothes As White As Snow
Chapter 292 - Sword Spirit’S Secret Information
Chapter 293 - Lian Hua
Chapter 294 - The Start Of An Opportunity
Chapter 295 - Body Tempered By The True Phoenix Blood Essence, Breaking Through To The Seventh Level Of The Spiritual Pedestal Realm!
Chapter 296 - A Mystery In The Small World
Chapter 297 - Refining The Small World, Entering The Core Formation Realm In One Night!
Chapter 298 - Refining The Small World, Entering The Core Formation Realm In One Night! (2)
Chapter 299 - Set Foot On The Journey To The Central Plains!
Chapter 300 - The Pursuit
Chapter 301 - Blood Cloth House!
Chapter 302 - Red Robes
Chapter 303 - White Dragon City
Chapter 304 - Encountering Materials Again?
Chapter 305 - Absolute Suppression!
Chapter 306 - Selfishness
Chapter 307 - I Refuse
Chapter 308 - Was My Acting Too Much?
Chapter 309 - Lightning Techniques!
Chapter 310 - Recruitment (1)
Chapter 311 - Recruitment (2)
Chapter 312 - Recruitment (3)
Chapter 313 - Great Increase In Power!
Chapter 314 - I Am His Woman!
Chapter 315 - Well-Planned Plan
Chapter 316 - I Will Help You
Chapter 317 - The Battle Was About To Begin!
Chapter 318 - Victory In The First Battle!
Chapter 319 - Pushing All The Way!
Chapter 320 - I’Ll Only Use One Punch!
Chapter 321 - Charge
Chapter 322 - : Instigating A Rebellion
Chapter 323 - Forming An Alliance
Chapter 324 - Everything Is Ready
Chapter 325 - Unstoppable!
Chapter 326 - Ming Hui’S Power!
Chapter 327 - Overtook!
Chapter 328 - Taihua Sword Style!
Chapter 329 - Sword Spirit’S Sword Intent!
Chapter 330 - The Auction Will Begin
Chapter 331 - The Auction Begins!
Chapter 332 - Priceless Artifacts!
Chapter 333 - : Overflowing With Wealth!
Chapter 334 - Invasion Of Nascent Soul Realm Cultivators!
Chapter 335 - Evenly Matched Power!
Chapter 336 - Beheading A Nascent Soul In Anger!
Chapter 337 - The Dust Has Settled
Chapter 338 - : Truth
Chapter 339 - The Journey Begins Again
Chapter 340 - Almost Lost His Life!
Chapter 341 - Initial Success In Strength Cultivation
Chapter 342 - Lady, You Are Playing With Fire
Chapter 343 - Open The Door To Your Heart
Chapter 344 - Hope You Are Well
Chapter 345 - There Wont Be A Second Time
Chapter 346 - Reply
Chapter 347 - Unrivaled Strength?
Chapter 348 - Entry Test
Chapter 349 - Nalan Lengling
Chapter 350 - : Involution
Chapter 351 - Androgyny
Chapter 352 - Enemies Meet
Chapter 353 - Seven Days Of Survival
Chapter 354 - Traces
Chapter 355 - One Against Three (1)
Chapter 356 - : One Against Three (2)
Chapter 357 - Be My Bird
Chapter 358 - The Unworldly Expert!
Chapter 359 - : Promotion To The Inner Sect
Chapter 360 - 30% Vital Energy Return
Chapter 361 - Seeking Help From Nalan Lengling
Chapter 362 - The Purple Clouds Divine Technique
Chapter 363 - Set Off For The Hundred Thousand Mountain
Chapter 364 - Encountering Bandits
Chapter 365 - Gabriella Bandit Clan
Chapter 366 - I Am A Flattering And Fawning Dog
Chapter 367 - Hundred Flowers Wine
Chapter 368 - Beast Tide (1)
Chapter 369 - Beast Tide (2)
Chapter 370 - The Truth Of The Beast Tide
Chapter 371 - Sect’S Voice Transmission
Chapter 372 - The Birth Of A Mountain Treasure
Chapter 373 - : Massacre
Chapter 374 - Hidden Chamber
Chapter 375 - Relentless Pursue
Chapter 376 - Soaring Serpent
Chapter 377 - : The Fall Of A Nascent Soul Realm Cultivator
Chapter 378 - Draw!
Chapter 379 - The Spirit Of The Mountain
Chapter 380 - The Sinful Eastern Plains
Chapter 381 - On The Verge Of Death
Chapter 382 - Could Not Bear To See Him Leave
Chapter 383 - Indispensable
Chapter 384 - Meeting Each Other At Our Worst
Chapter 385 - Return Home
Chapter 386 - Preferential Treatment
Chapter 387 - Joint Competition
Chapter 388 - The Man From The Fengyue Sect
Chapter 389 - Lu Peng’S Proposal
Chapter 390 - : False Alarm
Chapter 391 - Was Out Of The Question
Chapter 392 - 1St Round Of The Group Battle Begins
Chapter 393 - Easy Win
Chapter 394 - Sparing Your Life
Chapter 395 - Scratching An Itch
Chapter 396 - Wang Cheng, The Next Battle!
Chapter 397 - Enmity
Chapter 398 - In A Difficult Position
Chapter 399 - Judgement
Chapter 400 - Are You Looking For Me?
Chapter 401 - Desperate Counterattack!
Chapter 402 - Mountain Splitting Strength!
Chapter 403 - You Want To Rebel?
Chapter 404 - Meat Mountain!
Chapter 405 - : Be Careful Of The Back Of Your Neck!
Chapter 406 - Rapid Advancement
Chapter 407 - End Of The Trial
Chapter 408 - Bottomless Pit
Chapter 409 - I Don’T Know
Chapter 410 - Human Cauldron
Chapter 411 - True Colors
Chapter 412 - The Sword Spirit Returned, Revealing Its Divine Might!
Chapter 413 - Wreaking Havoc In The Fire Sect!
Chapter 414 - Promised You A Home
Chapter 415 - A Heart Steadying Kiss
Chapter 416 - My Peace Of Mind Is My Home
Chapter 417 - Long Lost Diary
Chapter 418 - Enough
Chapter 419 - People From The Southern Plains!
Chapter 420 - Lian Hua’S Secret
Chapter 421 - The Bustling Is Temporary
Chapter 422 - Medicine Can Only Cure Diseases
Chapter 423 - Release
Chapter 424 - A Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 425 - Awakens
Chapter 426 - Who Wasn’T An Outcast?
Chapter 427 - Seek Justice!
Chapter 428 - Human Lives Are As Worthless As Grass
Chapter 429 - The Northern Plains’ Ranking!
Chapter 430 - Unwilling To Part
Chapter 431 - Night Assault On Xiao Chenggan
Chapter 432 - Self-Sealing One’S Cultivation
Chapter 433 - A Change On The Men’S List!
Chapter 434 - Returned To The East
Chapter 435 - Honesty
Chapter 436 - Faces As Pretty As Peach Blossoms
Chapter 437 - Green Tea Ye Lingxuan
Chapter 438 - Lovesickness
Chapter 439 - Visitors In The Sky
Chapter 440 - Generals Of The Demon Altar
Chapter 441 - : Do Me A Favor
Chapter 442 - Flying General Long Yi!
Chapter 443 - The True Master Of The Flood Dragon Army!
Chapter 444 - Battle Of The Generals Begins!
Chapter 445 - One Punch Man!
Chapter 446 - Battling Long Yi!
Chapter 447 - The More You Fight, The Braver You Become!
Chapter 448 - Defeating Long Yi!
Chapter 449 - Showing Off!
Chapter 450 - Kill!
Chapter 451 - You Can Have It
Chapter 452 - Blatant Provocation!
Chapter 453 - Secret Of The Three-Legged Golden Crow
Chapter 454 - Negotiations
Chapter 455 - Rootless Duckweed
Chapter 456 - Gongye Yuyu’S Promise
Chapter 457 - : Another Conflict
Chapter 458 - Ranking Battle
Chapter 459 - Acting (Part One)
Chapter 460 - Acting (Part Two)
Chapter 461 - Acting (Part Three)
Chapter 462 - Lost Control Of The Fire-Earth Free Flood Dragon
Chapter 463 - Ranking Battle (Part One)
Chapter 464 - Ranking Battle (Part Two)
Chapter 465 - Solo Battle!
Chapter 466 - Blood River Sword Art
Chapter 467 - Beheading Nameless! (Part One)
Chapter 468 - Beheading Nameless (Part Two)
Chapter 469 - Beheading Nameless! (Part Three)
Chapter 470 - Difficult!
Chapter 471 - Three Moves Have Passed
Chapter 472 - Refining The Wind-Controlling Pill
Chapter 473 - Xiao Chenggan And Gongye Yuyu
Chapter 474 - Wailing Mountain
Chapter 475 - Blood Pill
Chapter 476 - Departing To Wailing Mountain
Chapter 477 - Phoenix General Had Been Sacrificed!
Chapter 478 - Thousand-Foot-Long Heavenly Blade!
Chapter 479 - Breaking Arrays!
Chapter 480 - The Power Of The Remnant Soul!
Chapter 481 - Acting Mighty In Front Of Others!
Chapter 482 - Massive Increase In Strength!
Chapter 483 - Heaven-Grade Magical Artifact!
Chapter 484 - A Thousand Mile Chase For The Soul!
Chapter 485 - Battling The Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard!
Chapter 486 - The Might Of Changing The Heavens!
Chapter 487 - Returned To Wailing Mountain
Chapter 488 - The Xiao Family Has A Son Who Has Advanced To The Nascent Soul Realm
Chapter 489 - Diary
Chapter 490 - The Xiao Family City
Chapter 491 - Women From The Dynasty
Chapter 492 - Sword Cleansing Pond
Chapter 493 - Yan Linyang
Chapter 494 - Wedding Banquet
Chapter 495 - I Will Only Use Three Strikes!
Chapter 496 - A Poem That Astounds All, A Sword That Can Affect The World!
Chapter 497 - : Are You Serious?
Chapter 498 - Sister, Do You Want To Be Free? (Part 1)
Chapter 499 - Sister, Do You Want To Be Free? (Part 2)
Chapter 500 - Sister, Do You Want To Be Free? (Part 3)
Chapter 501 - Princess Sickness
Chapter 502 - : Accompany Me As I Travel The World
Chapter 503 - Stupidity
Chapter 504 - : The Birth Of The Chosen One
Chapter 505 - The Average Victor
Chapter 506 - Bai Tianjiao
Chapter 507 - Arrived At The Northern Plains
Chapter 508 - The Day He Met The Genius
Chapter 509 - Immortal Killer Move!
Chapter 510 - The Latecomer
Chapter 511 - Martial Niece
Chapter 512 - I’Ve Been Slept With…
Chapter 513 - The Prodigy Battle Will Begin Soon
Chapter 514 - Wilful And Wild!
Chapter 515 - Are You Worthy Of Challenging Me?
Chapter 516 - Feng Yangyan Wins!
Chapter 517 - : The Contest Between Buddhism And Daoism
Chapter 518 - The Hero Saves The Damsel In Distress!
Chapter 519 - Consecutive Victories, Sword Pointed At Bai Tianjiao! (Part 1)
Chapter 520 - Consecutive Victories, Sword Pointed At Bai Tianjiao! (Part 2)
Chapter 521 - Consecutive Victories, Sword Pointed At Bai Tianjiao! (Part 3)
Chapter 522 - Battling Bai Tianjiao! (Part 1)
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""Lin Yi transmigrated into the world of Xianxia and found himself bound with a Supreme Downloading System. For a man who could not be more ordinary, he began his trip to the pinnacle of life.

While everyone else worked hard to cultivate, all he needed was to press a button to download it! Be it superior cultivating manuals, superior physiques, spiritual treasures, or elixirs, all Lin Yi needed to do was press download and they would be his.

Lin Yi was exasperated. It was not like he did not want to work hard, but the system itself was just too great!""

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Download of the Full-Grade Divine Ability Talent System


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

“Ah, my head hurts!”

Victor woke up in a daze.

Looking around, he saw a courtyard with buckets of water piled up in the corner. There was a large water tank on the right side of the courtyard, and a sturdy bamboo pole was leaning against the wall.

Lowering his head, he examined and found out that he was wearing a gray servant’s uniform made of coarse cloth, which looked like a traditional costume.

“Where am I? What is this place?”

He muttered to himself.

In an instant, countless images flashed in front of his eyes.

This is The World of Martial Arts. Have I transmigrated?

The World of Martial Arts was a major game that was designed by the Huaxia Federation. It was played by players all over the world.

Victor had just obtained a new account not long ago. He had spent a lot of resources to obtain it. Not only did he spend money, but he had to rely on others as well.

Who asked him to be so reckless with his original account? He was too adventurous with his low-leveled account which resulted in the death of all his characters and his saved data being written off.

He had finally obtained a new account, but he did not expect that as soon as he laid down in the game cabin, he vaguely recalled seeing a huge flame coming towards him and exploding.

An attack?

Victor sorted out the fragmented memories in his mind and was silent for a long time.

He comforted himself in his heart, “Forget it, it has nothing to do with me anyways. I’m not the same person anymore.”

Through his memories, he learned that he was now a servant disciple. His daily mission in the sect was very simple, which was to fetch water.

The sect he was in was called the Qingyun Sect, which was one of the top sects in The World of Martial Arts.

The sect master of the Qingyun Sect, Zhang Lingren, had countless disciples.

Names flashed through his mind.

Song Xiuwen, Yu Mingjie, Zhang Zhenghe, Yu Yang, Mo Hong, Song Yu…

These were all famous characters mentioned in the guide.

If he could become their disciple, he would be able to live a better life in the future.

Victor secretly clenched his fists. He suddenly realized that his hands had also changed, they had become tender. However, they were full of calluses.

“I suppose I’m only ten years old now.”

The treatment of the Qingyun Clan was not bad. With consideration of the disciple’s young ages, they did not have many tasks assigned to them. They only needed to chop a bundle of wood every day and could then proceed to learn cultivation methods from their other senior brothers.

Moreover, fetching water could also train the body and build a strong foundation.

Just by thinking of learning the cultivation method, Victor’s heart was full of energy. Without thinking much, he immediately picked up the shoulder pole and started working.

As long as he finished picking up the water, he would be able to learn the technique.

In less than an hour, Victor had filled up the water. He was familiar with the path to the lake due to the muscle memory of his body. He subconsciously entered the optimum state of mind and barely made any leakage while carrying the two buckets of water.

After packing up his tools, Victor took a sip of water and quickly walked out of the courtyard.

The Qingyun Sect was relatively lenient towards the servant disciples. As long as they did not leave the servant hall and did not cause any trouble, no one would meddle in their businesses.

After leaving the courtyard, the scenery of the Qingyun Sect came into view.

The mountains stood tall, and the peaks pierced straight into the clouds, surrounded by clouds and mist.

However, for Victor, the most important thing at the moment was the huge square on the platform of a peak 100 meters to his right.

At this moment, the place was filled with people. Vaguely, it appeared that a figure had jumped out from the roof, as if it was not affected by gravity.

That was the Wind spell, which was also a top-tier spell among all the movement spells. It focused on agility to allow swift movements in all directions, rather than to confuse the opponent with a variety of footwork.

“I wonder when I will be able to learn such a technique.”

Victor’s eyes were filled with hope as he looked at the back of the figure. He wondered how he would feel if he were to use it himself.

Suddenly, a memory that had been locked for a long time appeared.

It turned out that Victor had been in the Qingyun Sect for three years. He was not a disciple who had just entered the sect, so he had learned some basic techniques.

It was as if he had deliberately ignored this memory, he quickly browsed through the memory fragments that he had ignored earlier.

Victor’s face turned grim.

“Isn’t this a f*cking scam?”

The disciples who had entered the Qingyun Sect at the same time as he had all practiced a mental cultivation method called the Qingyun mantra when they had entered the sect.

Most of them had already entered the third-rate realm from the unrated realm.

However, his cultivation realm was still stuck in the original spot, unprogressive like a crawling turtle.

However, his transmigration might bring about some changes now.

Victor immediately took a few deep breaths and came to a large, lush tree. He sat down cross-legged and began to cultivate.


Fifteen minutes later, Victor sighed heavily, like a deflated rubber ball.

His transmigration did not bring any new changes to this body. A deep sense of powerlessness welled up in his heart.

Nothing could change?

Through his memories, he knew that five years from now would be the Sect Master Zhang Lingren’s 300th birthday.

In the storyline guide, this was an important aspect of the storyline.

When the time comes, all the major sects would come to celebrate the birthday, but this was just to please the sect master.

These people’s real goal was to find out the whereabouts of the Lion Warrior King Lei Ao, and their ultimate goal was to obtain the divine weapon, the Heavenly Dragon Saber.

At that time, the major sects would take the opportunity to launch an attack. If someone went crazy and started killing the innocents, as a servant disciple of the lowest status, he would not even have the ability to resist, and could only wait for death.

At this moment, Victor felt as if he had fallen into a dark forest filled with danger.

To the extent of… leaving the Qingyun Sect!

Victor firmly rejected this idea.

There were rules and regulations in the sect. If you left the sect and encounter a stranger in a bad mood, they would attack and kill you. If you had no sect or background, your death would be in vain.

Therefore, comparatively speaking, it was safer to stay in the Qingyun Sect.

“No, I must work harder.”

Victor’s eyes became more and more determined. He focused and calmed his heart, cleared his mind of thoughts.

The days passed one by one. In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

Other than fetching water every day, Victor would either practice the mental cultivation method in his own residence, or he would practice the most basic Qingyun sword technique in the martial arts hall.

During daybreak and others were still lying in their warm beds, he would get up early to practice.

When the other disciples fell asleep, Victor was still dragging his tired body to practice the Qingyun sword technique.

Day and night, he worked tirelessly.

He had strenuously practiced for three months, and he had seen many people being sneaky and slacking off however, they would just muddle along and get away with it.

Even so, he still could not compare to them.

And those servant disciples who were slightly less diligent than him had long become outstanding outer disciples.

Victor deeply felt the malice of the world towards him.

“God, why are you so unfair? You gave me a new life, but you gave me such a rough start. I’m not appeased!”

Finally, in the middle of the night.

Victor could not sleep peacefully. He got up from his bed and went to the front yard.

He could not stand it anymore. He decided to release the negative energy in his heart and fetched water. He ran back and forth between the foot of the mountain and the sect.

His eyes were red like a demon. He was roaring in his heart.

“Violent spiritual fluctuation detected. Congratulations to the host for awakening the download system. Do you want to receive the novice gift bag?”

The machine-like notification sounded in Victor’s mind.

Victor was stunned. What? The download system?


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