10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start by Li Baijin

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - The Rebirth Of The Empress
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32 - : Shocking Killing Intent And The Grinding Of Bones
Chapter 33 - First Trip Off The Mountain
Chapter 34 - Slice The Heavens And The Devil Luo Hou
Chapter 35 - Hearing About The Bishui Sect Again
Chapter 36 - Primal Spirit And Destruction
Chapter 37 - Wood Dragon And The Heaven Suppression Divine Seal
Chapter 38 - Shocking Rewards
Chapter 39 - The Empress On The Move
Chapter 40 - Huge Reward On The Third Anniversary
Chapter 41 - The Great Manifestation Technique; The Tomb Of Extreme Path
Chapter 42 - The Revival Of The Empress’ Soul And Soaring Strength
Chapter 43 - A Beautiful Scene That Almost Caused A Nosebleed
Chapter 44 - The Mighty Linglong And Bai Yu From The Infinite Alchemy Pavilion
Chapter 45 - Jiang Ming Enters The Battle And Begin To Kill
Chapter 46 - Indiscriminate Killing; Paradis Sword Intent
Chapter 47 - The Heaven Shattering Hammer, Cleaving The Sky Into Two, And The Chessboard Formation
Chapter 48 - Mana Sealing, Invincibility, And Shock
Chapter 49 - Primal Spirit Guardian
Chapter 50 - Immortal Fetus, Sword Transformation, And Extermination
Chapter 51 - The Three Stages Of The Akasa; A Delicate Cry Of Senior Brother
Chapter 52 - There Are No Secrets Between Us
Chapter 53 - The Great Akasa Divine Hand; The Woman Who Has Lost Her Mind
Chapter 54 - Huo Daoren; Die, Old Tie!
Chapter 55 - The Explosive Hammer
Chapter 56 - Let The Hunt Begin; Teleportation
Chapter 57 - New Functions: Locate And Projection; Step Grandmother
Chapter 58 - Astonishing Secret; The Submerged Dragon Continent; Killing The Holy Daughter First
Chapter 59 - A Plan To Take Down The Enemies; He’S Coming
Chapter 60 - The Resonance Curse And The Source Of Uneasiness
Chapter 61 - Massacre And Blame-Shifting; Gu Hai’S Breakthrough
Chapter 62 - Ding! Activation Of The Training Zone; I’M So Awesome
Chapter 63 - The Year 9,994, Zhou Calendar; Life And Death; Reincarnation; Great Decimation
Chapter 64 - Three Minutes; A Challenge For Junior Sister
Chapter 65 - Domineering Empress; Kill Them All
Chapter 66 - Jiang Ming’S Lesson, Junior Sister’S Obedience
Chapter 67 - The Ninth Time, Checked
Chapter 68 - A Plan That Can Conquer The World
Chapter 69 - We Make The Rules
Chapter 70 - Old Tie Follows
Chapter 71 - Immortal Treasure, F*Cking Interesting
Chapter 72 - Another Extreme Path Expert; The Senior Brother Acknowledged By All
Chapter 73 - : Tianyuan School, Immortal Fetus, Golden Heavenly Path
Chapter 74 - The Might Of The Empress
Chapter 75 - Light And Dark Barrier; Screeching Phoenix; One-Sided Fight
Chapter 76 - She: A Useless Senior Brother; Teach Her A Lesson
Chapter 77 - It Hurts; Kill The Holy Son First
Chapter 78 - Paradis; A Highly Cautious Old Freak
Chapter 79 - Eight Times; Nine Primal Spirits; Sky Devil
Chapter 80 - Activate: Three-Minute Experience Card
Chapter 81 - A Fight Against The Whole World
Chapter 82 - Killing The Immortal Fetus
Chapter 83 - Invincible Ye Ming, Overwhelming Those Of His Era, Mystical Light Weapon
Chapter 84 - Akasa Gate, Seizing, Splitting Heaven And Earth
Chapter 85 - Tri-Immortal Slash, Acheron Water, Forbidden Place
Chapter 86 - She Lunged At Me From The Window, I…
Chapter 87 - Five-Year Term Finally Arrived! Must Be Great!
Chapter 88 - Verdant Emperor, Supreme Order, Five Minutes
Chapter 89 - 17 Heavenly Monuments, Seven Dao Monuments, Million Dao Chart, Xinghe World
Chapter 90 - The Greatest Genius Of The Last 10,000 Eras
Chapter 91 - Breaking Record
Chapter 92 - Special Authority; The First Death
Chapter 93 - The Heavenly Realms Supreme Chat Group
Chapter 94 - Junior Sister, I’Ll Kill You Today On Behalf Of Justice
Chapter 95 - 99 Special Abilities
Chapter 96 - Level 15 0Ld Ancestor, Preparing To Refine A World
Chapter 97 - Comprehended The Time Sanmbohdha; Missing
Chapter 98 - Senior Brother, Don’T Move, Just For A While
Chapter 99 - Three Years Swept By; Age Of 18 Already;
Chapter 100 - Great Dao Furnace, Infinite Technique
Chapter 101 - Harvested 10,000 Years Of Mana, Ready To Break The Limits!
Chapter 102 - Jiang Ming’S True Strength
Chapter 103 - The True Terror Of Mastering The Law
Chapter 104 - Breaking The Barrier, Ascending To The Next Level
Chapter 105 - Another Breakthrough, Rainy Night, Killing Mode
Chapter 106 - Killing A Paradis Martial Artist, A Narrow Escape
Chapter 107 - Extreme Path’S Life-Or-Death Battle, Annihilate The Jiuyang Sect
Chapter 108 - Two Died Tragically, Thunder Penalty Immortal Spear
Chapter 109 - The Qingyun Sect’S Imminent Destruction
Chapter 110 - Chuyang Peak’S Tragedy, Surprise Change
Chapter 111 - Submerged Dragon Immortal Union, Declaration About Extreme Path
Chapter 112 - Innate Saint Daoist Body, Jiang Ming’S Jealousy
Chapter 113 - The First Law
Chapter 114 - Changes In 300 Years
Chapter 115 - 3,000 Enchanted Realms
Chapter 116 - The Great Akasa Technique, Baring Ferociousness For The First Time
Chapter 117 - Time Dao: The Great Millennium Technique
Chapter 118 - The Finishing Blow
Chapter 119 - : The Sun Falling, Jiuyang Sect’S Real Secret
Chapter 120 - Devil King Xue Wujiu, Terrifying Father And Son
Chapter 121 - Don’T Let Me Know Your Name
Chapter 122 - The Great Secret Of Jiuyang, Hua Huo, Saint Province Dao Square
Chapter 123 - Senior Brother, I Missed You So Much
Chapter 124 - Jiang Ming’S Exaltation, Senior Sister Wants To Cultivate The Clone Technique
Chapter 125 - Dragon Phoenix Heavenly Heart Bed, What? Nine!?
Chapter 126 - The Foxin Sect Of Western Region, The Holy Daughter Intended To Be The Second Wife?
Chapter 127 - Had A Breakthrough To Paradis Realm, Little Junior Sister Number One
Chapter 128 - Killed A Monk With A Slash
Chapter 129 - System Task Change, Pat Pat Pat!
Chapter 130 - Feng Yungi Had Come
Chapter 131 - Mind Control? One Down
Chapter 132 - Killing Through The Causal Line
Chapter 133 - Pushing His Soul Out, He Knelt On The Jiuyang Grand Hall’S Floor
Chapter 134 - An Arrogant Holy Son, An Incoming Strong Enemy
Chapter 135 - Heaven Reincarnation Hall, Beneficiary
Chapter 136 - Seeds Of The Law; The Deepest Level Of Bonding
Chapter 137 - Let’S Kill The First Wave
Chapter 138 - Descending Once Again, Hei Gu’S Death
Chapter 139 - World Dao, The Lord God Space
Chapter 140 - Chaos Sea, World Heart, I’M Not Thinking Anything
Chapter 141 - Their Inner Thoughts
Chapter 142 - Seven Stars Immortals Extermination, Falling Of The Great Sun
Chapter 143 - The Second Form Of The Great Millennium Technique
Chapter 144 - Don’T Move, Senior Brother
Chapter 145 - Reincarnation Hall’S Return, Making Love
Chapter 146 - Isn’T It Better To Live?
Chapter 147 - Soul’S Breakdown
Chapter 148 - The Origin Essence, The Gift Of Reincarnation Hall
Chapter 149 - You’Ll Only Be A Concubine
Chapter 150 - The Tip Of The Reincarnation Hall
Chapter 151 - All In One Net
Chapter 152 - Found You
Chapter 153 - World Destruction
Chapter 154 - Skeletal Sword, He Actually Came Arrogantly
Chapter 155 - Lord God Space
Chapter 156 - Devils Destroying The West, Buddha Burying The Devils
Chapter 157 - Foreign In
Chapter 158 - Reincarnation Hall Releasing Mission
Chapter 159 - Combat Mannequins
Chapter 160 - Savior And Destroyer Of The World From The Lord God Space
Chapter 161 - Stunned
Chapter 162 - Just How Many Spies Are There In The Sect?
Chapter 163 - A Pie From The Heaven, The Final Evolution
Chapter 164 - World-Annihilating Mission
Chapter 165 - Upgraded Saint Province Dao Square, Heaven-Defying Functionality
Chapter 166 - The Explosion Of 108 Nuclear Bombs, Virus Spread
Chapter 167 - Intense Killing Intent, Jiang Ming Was Enraged
Chapter 168 - The World Monitoring Mirror Of Dao Square
Chapter 169 - Materialization, The Final Changes Of The Inner World
Chapter 170 - The Division Of The Realm, The Realm Of Immortality
Chapter 171 - Burning Down The World, It’S Time To Kill
Chapter 172 - Suppressing The World
Chapter 173 - Ancient Immortal War, Slashing Through The World, Ten Junior Sisters
Chapter 174 - The Night Devil King Emerged And Immortal General Awakened
Chapter 175 - Great Rewards For The Tenth Year, The Reincarnation Transmigration Technique
Chapter 176 - Fifth Immortal Moon
Chapter 177 - Nine-Reincarnation Mysterious Technique, Pangu’S Ax
Chapter 178 - Eventually, He Died
Chapter 179 - Conquering The Eastern Region, Tian Ci’S Plan
Chapter 180 - Immortal General, Devil Lord, Golden Heaven Path
Chapter 181 - Kill Them All, Activation Of The Heaven Path
Chapter 182 - The Activation Of The Immortal Portal, Taiyi Immortal Armament
Chapter 183 - Immortal Restrictions
Chapter 184 - Killing Immortals In The Saint Province Dao Square
Chapter 185 - Child Of The World, Two Devil Kings, Demon Emperor Of The Demon Abyss
Chapter 186 - Heavenly Order, Ss-Grade Mission
Chapter 187 - Inheritance, Jiang Ming’S Sleek Move
Chapter 188 - Braving Through Doomsday, Junior Sister Is On A Killing Spree
Chapter 189 - Great Heavenly Venerate, Battlefield Of The Worlds, Elder Bai
Chapter 190 - Descending Once Again, Taking Over The World
Chapter 191 - Changes In Tianyuan, Jiang Ming: “Should I Kill Them?”
Chapter 192 - A Fine Line Between The Devil And Buddha
Chapter 193 - One Of The Buddhist From The Heavenly Realm’S Spiritual Mountain: The Six-Winged Golden Cicada
Chapter 194 - Not Just Rubbing It In His Face, But Also Stomping
Chapter 195 - A Massacre Outside Of The Jiuyang Sect
Chapter 196 - Destroying All Of The Sacred Lands Just So I Can Enjoy Tanning Under The Sun Every Day
Chapter 197 - Tianyuan Great Monarch, Opening The Immortal Treasure
Chapter 198 - Ancient Immortal Battle Zone, Great Overarching Mountain River Map
Chapter 199 - Entering The Supreme Tower Once Again, Guanghui’S Sheng Qianyue
Chapter 200 - Quasi-Sage, Inner World Limit
Chapter 201 - Slapping Jiang Ming In The Face
Chapter 202 - The 20 Years Period Is Up
Chapter 203 - The Big Surprise: Doomsday
Chapter 204 - Reincarnation Mission, Ultimate Struck
Chapter 205 - The Anguish Of Millions Of Souls, Hatred And Craziness
Chapter 206 - The Malevolence Of The Lord God Space, The Horror Of A Drop Of Liquid
Chapter 207 - Great Overarching Attraction, Welcoming The Universe
Chapter 208 - Remaking The World, Further Preparation
Chapter 209 - Ten Thousand Times Acceleration, The Completion Of The Small Chiliocosm
Chapter 210 - Supreme Lord, Saint Lord, Great Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 211 - Quasi-Sage: Little Guy, Scared Yet?
Chapter 212 - Qian Yuan, The Secret Amidst The Chaos, Great Encounters
Chapter 213 - One Trillion Heavenly Immortals, Reuniting With Qingxian
Chapter 214 - Brother Jiang, Can I Latch Onto You?
Chapter 215 - The Birth And Destruction Of A Great Chiliocosm
Chapter 216 - Jiang Ming’S True Strength
Chapter 217 - Millions Of Points, Ridiculous Amount Of Benefits, Hongmeng Primordial Land
Chapter 218 - Breaking The Limit
Chapter 219 - The Formation Of Civilization
Chapter 220 - In The Blink Of An Eye
Chapter 221 - Pinnacle Of Great Overarching Realm, Inner World Destruction
Chapter 222 - Returning To The Eastern Region; Senior Brother, You Endured For 10,000 Years
Chapter 223 - The Fallen World
Chapter 224 - Moon Essence Wheel, Cruelty
Chapter 225 - Immortal Moon’S Warning, Meeting Momo Again.
Chapter 226 - Immortal Moon’S Warning, Meeting Momo Again (Part 2)
Chapter 227 - Immortal Moon’S Warning, Meeting Momo Again (Part 3)
Chapter 228 - Unbelievable Mission From The Reincarnation Hall, How Shameless
Chapter 229 - Transforming The Sea To Set The Boundary, Junior Sister Talks About The Past
Chapter 230 - Kill Bei Cheng, Destroy Beiming, Quasi-Sage Middle Stage (Part 1)
Chapter 231 - Kill Bei Cheng, Destroy Beiming, Quasi-Sage Middle Stage (Part 2)
Chapter 232 - Kill Bei Cheng, Destroy Beiming, Quasi-Sage Middle Stage (Part 3)
Chapter 233 - Flower Blossom And City Falls, Appearance Of The Great Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 234 - Immortal Annihilation Star Formation, Ruthless Kunpeng
Chapter 235 - The Sea Of Chaos, Inhumane
Chapter 236 - Completely Wiping Out, Hearing About Dao Yan Again
Chapter 237 - Kneel, Malicious Curse
Chapter 238 - Attack Of The Quasi-Sage, Pummel Everyone To The Ground (Part 1)
Chapter 239 - Attack Of The Quasi-Sage, Pummel Everyone To The Ground (Part 2)
Chapter 240 - Group Members Are Speechless
Chapter 241 - A Perfect World, Yun Feiyan, 100,000 Years Later
Chapter 242 - The Great Heavenly Venerate, Kunpeng Has Arrived Fighting Against Kunpeng?
Chapter 243 - A Tragic Battle
Chapter 244 - Sage Transformation, Hemi-Sage, Demi-Sage
Chapter 245 - The Great Emperor'S Authority, Bloodbath
Chapter 246 - Exhausting All Means, Great Astral
Chapter 247 - Thousand-Handed, Hong Luo, Tian Yuan, The Fall Of Kunpeng
Chapter 248 - Holy Venerates Dao Square
Chapter 249 - Great Demon Venerate: I Was C*Ckolded?
Chapter 250 - Trial And Blood Trial, Order Of The Venerate, Rebel Against The Heavenly Court (Part 1)
Chapter 251 - Trial And Blood Trial, Order Of The Venerate, Rebel Against The Heavenly Court (Part 2)
Chapter 252 - Trial And Blood Trial, Order Of The Venerate, Rebel Against The Heavenly Court (Part 3)
Chapter 253 - Trial And Blood Trial, Order Of The Venerate, Rebel Against The Heavenly Court (Part 4)
Chapter 254 - Total Annihilation, Evil-Hearted
Chapter 255 - Shocking The Heavenly Emperor, Changes In The Lord God, Sacred Heart Pill
Chapter 256 - The Seven Level, Thousands Of Special Abilities, Farewell
Chapter 257 - Accidental Yet Sky-Defying Reward
Chapter 258 - I’Ll Introduce To You A 300-Billion-Year-Old Lady (Part 1)
Chapter 259 - I’Ll Introduce To You A 300-Billion-Year-Old Lady (Part 2)
Chapter 260 - I’Ll Introduce To You A 300-Billion-Year-Old Lady (Part 3)
Chapter 261 - Riyue Changfeng, Wandered Through The Long River Of Chaos
Chapter 262 - A Year Later
Chapter 263 - The Three-Parts Shackles
Chapter 264 - The Rise Of Humanity, An Attack From The Abyss
Chapter 265 - The Hand Of Heaven, The Abyss Has Been Punctured
Chapter 266 - The Heavenly Emperor Is Dumbfounded, Lord Buddha Is Furious, The Great Demon Venerate Is Heading Toward The Heavenly Realm
Chapter 267 - Enslaving A Quasi-Sage (Part 1)
Chapter 268 - Enslaving A Quasi-Sage (Part 2)
Chapter 269 - 10,000 Items (Part 1)
Chapter 270 - 10,000 Items (Part 2)
Chapter 271 - Chaos Spiritual Root, Invasion Of Infinite Realms (Part 1)
Chapter 272 - : Chaos Spiritual Root, Invasion Of Infinite Realms (Part 2)
Chapter 273 - Chaos Spiritual Root, Invasion Of Infinite Realms (Part 3)
Chapter 274 - Saint Province At 10,000-Fold, Qingxian The Center Of The Immortals, Challenging The Battle Tower Again_1
Chapter 275 - Saint Province At 10,000-Fold, Qingxian The Center Of The Immortals, Challenging The Battle Tower Again_2
Chapter 276 - Saint Province At 10,000-Fold, Qingxian The Center Of The Immortals, Challenging The Battle Tower Again_3
Chapter 277 - Sky-Defying Battle Record, Infinite Vessel Manipulation Technique
Chapter 278 - Bodies Of Three Lifetimes, Transcendence Technique
Chapter 279 - Cutting Off The Past, Severing The Future, The One Blow That Entombed Sky (Part 1)
Chapter 280 - Cutting Off The Past, Severing The Future, The One Blow That Entombed Sky (Part 2)
Chapter 281 - Cutting Off The Past, Severing The Future, The One Blow That Entombed Sky (Part 3)
Chapter 282 - Stellar Pagoda
Chapter 283 - Reveal Yourself, Celestial Heart Sword
Chapter 284 - An Attack From The Abyss
Chapter 285 - Thousand Eyes God Decimation, Appearance Of The Great Demon Concubine
Chapter 286 - Flabbergasted Jiang Ming, Relationship That Messed Up The 3,000 Realms
Chapter 287 - The Great Demon Venerate’S Plot, Yet Another Bed
Chapter 288 - Sound Of Flute, Three Fingers Into One, Demolishing Dao
Chapter 289 - Supreme Venerate Fooled, The Law Of All Desires, 3,000 Daos (Part 1)
Chapter 290 - Supreme Venerate Fooled, The Law Of All Desires, 3,000 Daos (Part 2)
Chapter 291 - Supreme Venerate Fooled, The Law Of All Desires, 3,000 Daos (Part 3)
Chapter 292 - The Strongest Behind The Scene, Blood Banner, Twelve
Chapter 293 - A Disgusting Curse, By Hook Or By Crook
Chapter 294 - One In A Billion, The Tribulation For Ascension
Chapter 295 - The Rise Of The Human Emperor
Chapter 296 - Worldly Flame, The Chaos Monument (1)
Chapter 297 - Worldly Flame, The Chaos Monument (2)
Chapter 298 - The Small Stick That Crosses Three Great Chiliocosms, Jiang Ming Is Stunned
Chapter 299 - Crazy, All Have Gone Insane (Part 1)
Chapter 300 - Crazy, All Have Gone Insane(Part 2)
Chapter 301 - The Beginning Of Jiang Ming’S Suffering, The Change (Part 1)
Chapter 302 - The Beginning Of Jiang Ming’S Suffering, The Change (Part 2)
Chapter 303 - Felling Heaven, Sky-Defying Boundary Breaking
Chapter 304 - The Falling Of Heaven Court, The Sky-Defying Means Of Lord Buddha
Chapter 305 - Entombing Heavens, Demon Slaying Order, Tai Yuan
Chapter 306 - The Heavenly Emperor Startling Jiang Ming With His Plan (1)
Chapter 307 - The Heavenly Emperor Startling Jiang Ming With His Plan (2)
Chapter 308 - The Mind Of The Great Demon Venerate Collapses, Unleashes All His Trump Cards
Chapter 309 - The Last Order From The Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Emperor Seal (1)
Chapter 310 - The Last Order From The Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Emperor Seal (2)
Chapter 311 - Yu Fei: He’S A Baby Carrot (1)
Chapter 312 - Yu Fei: He’S A Baby Carrot (2)
Chapter 313 - Ten Thousand Demon Decree, Heavenly Buddha, Paramita Sepulture Flower
Chapter 314 - Seven Great Saint Lords, Ten Golden Ancient Races, Secret Realm
Chapter 315 - Into The Abyss, Slashing Down The Roads Ahead (Part 1)
Chapter 316 - Into The Abyss, Slashing Down The Roads Ahead (Part 2)
Chapter 317 - Nine Leaf Sword Grass, Silver Luminance Battle Armor (Part 1)
Chapter 318 - Nine Leaf Sword Grass, Silver Luminance Battle Armor (Part 2)
Chapter 319 - Nine Leaf Sword Grass, Silver Luminance Battle Armor (Part 3)
Chapter 320 - Heavenly Dao Sword Technique, A Killing Spree
Chapter 321 - I’M The Heavenly Dao
Chapter 322 - Besiege Me? I’Ll Annihilate Your Entire Sect And Clan
Chapter 323 - Alone Against The World, Saw The Heavenly Emperor, It’S A She!
Chapter 324 - Wanting Me To Be The Human Emperor Again
Chapter 325 - Killing Tai Jian
Chapter 326 - Snatching The Natural Treasure (Part 1)
Chapter 327 - Snatching The Natural Treasure (Part 2)
Chapter 328 - Snatching The Natural Treasure (Part 3)
Chapter 329 - Who’S He (Part 1)
Chapter 330 - Who’S He (Part 2)
Chapter 331 - Who’S He (Part 3)
Chapter 332 - Dao Sanctified, Besieged Riyue
Chapter 333 - The Restless Xi Yao
Chapter 334 - Descended Into The Tiancang Great Chiliocosm (Part 1)
Chapter 335 - Descended Into The Tiancang Great Chiliocosm (Part 2)
Chapter 336 - Descended Into The Tiancang Great Chiliocosm (Part 3)
Chapter 337 - It’S Amazing (Part 1)
Chapter 338 - It'S Amazing (Part 2)
Chapter 339 - It'S Amazing (Part 3)
Chapter 340 - Let’S Put An End To Life
Chapter 341 - The Laws Net, The Heaven Court’S Best God Of War
Chapter 342 - Turned My Back On All Beings, The Master Of The Great Dao
Chapter 343 - Heavenly Southern Gate
Chapter 344 - Tai Xuan, Saint Spirit, God Clan, Origin Of The Laws Net (Part 1)
Chapter 345 - Tai Xuan, Saint Spirit, God Clan, Origin Of The Laws Net (Part 2)
Chapter 346 - Verdant Emperor
Chapter 347 - Double Kill In The Heavenly Palace
Chapter 348 - Intimidating The Immortals
Chapter 349 - Finally, The War Broke Out
Chapter 350 - A Realm Formation, Hit Through Heaven Court
Chapter 351 - Domineering The World With A Great Polearm
Chapter 352 - Turn The Heaven Court Upside Down (Part 1)
Chapter 353 - Turn The Heaven Court Upside Down (Part 2)
Chapter 354 - Turn The Heaven Court Upside Down (Part 3)
Chapter 355 - Shocking A Great Chiliocosm
Chapter 356 - Great Monarch Hongyun
Chapter 357 - Master, Are You Really My Father?
Chapter 358 - The Anger Of The Heavenly Emperor, The Formation Of The Eyes Of Tribulation
Chapter 359 - Nine-Nine-To-One Infinite Array Formation
Chapter 360 - Three Thousand Chiliocosm Palm Technique
Chapter 361 - Hall Of Human Emperor: Entanglement In The Past
Chapter 362 - Jiang Ming: I Spat A Mouthful Of Blood
Chapter 363 - Tai Wuji
Chapter 364 - Yu Fei: Who Concurs, Who Opposes
Chapter 365 - Ten Ancient Clans: Xue Bing, Niu Er, Giant, Jin Hao, Shi Kuang
Chapter 366 - The Domineering Jiang Ming Was Killing As He Wished
Chapter 367 - Who Dares Humiliating Humans
Chapter 368 - Exposing The Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 369 - Rebuilding The Heaven Court
Chapter 370 - Incarnation Engraving, Bai Yihou’S Sky-Defying Luck
Chapter 371 - How Can You Walk Alone On The Path Towards The Great Dao
Chapter 372 - : Refining Innate Supreme Treasures
Chapter 373 - The Sky-Defying Efficacy Of The Chaotic World Tree
Chapter 374 - Does Owning The Saint Weapon Made Me Arrogant
Chapter 375 - Hunting For The Heavenly Emperor, Checking Personal Inventory
Chapter 376 - Consecutive Slaughtering Of Nine Venerates
Chapter 377 - The 50-Year Period Is Up
Chapter 378 - The Opening Of The Tianyuan Realm, Ming, Please Cook
Chapter 379 - Gu Hai: Am I In A State Of Exaltation? Hehe, Indeed I Am
Chapter 380 - The Return Of Junior Sister: 10 Of Them
Chapter 381 - Xi Yao Traveled; A Bell, A Sword, A Battle Suit
Chapter 382 - Heading To The Universe
Chapter 383 - Killed The Star Field Leveled Expert
Chapter 384 - Traverse The Universe, Transformation Of Saint Soul
Chapter 385 - The Origin Of The Universe: Specter Secret Realm
Chapter 386 - Traverse The Star Sea, Strong Enemy Attack
Chapter 387 - Flabbergasted Thousands Clans, All Slaughtered
Chapter 388 - Killing Cosmic Experts
Chapter 389 - Invincible Below Supreme Experts: Long Jingang
Chapter 390 - The Pinnacle Of Cosmic Leveled; Huo Shen, Hong Ying
Chapter 391 - Sea Of Chaos, Two Broken Universes (Part 1)
Chapter 392 - Sea Of Chaos, Two Broken Universes (Part 2)
Chapter 393 - Jiang Ming Was Jealous: Glove, Ax, Fighting Intent, Bell, Pagoda (Part 1)
Chapter 394 - Jiang Ming Was Jealous: Glove, Ax, Fighting Intent, Bell, Pagoda (Part 2)
Chapter 395 - Supreme Expert Intervenes
Chapter 396 - Chaotic World Tree’S Final Metamorphosis
Chapter 397 - Threatening The Will Of The Universe
Chapter 398 - The Zergs, And The Machine Race Are Samaritans. Hehe
Chapter 399 - The 3,000 Daos And Laws, Saint Soul Finally Formed, Revenge Alliance (Part 1)
Chapter 400 - The 3,000 Daos And Laws, Saint Soul Finally Formed, Revenge Alliance (Part 2)
Chapter 401 - Sanctified Dao To The Supreme Expert (Part 1)
Chapter 402 - Sanctified Dao To The Supreme Expert (Part 2)
Chapter 403 - The Three Seconds Experience Card (Part 1)
Chapter 404 - The Three Seconds Experience Card (Part 2)
Chapter 405 - The Chaos Long River Of Fate (Part 1)
Chapter 406 - The Chaos Long River Of Fate (Part 2)
Chapter 407 - Descending Again Into The Universe
Chapter 408 - Besieged By Supreme Experts
Chapter 409 - Obtaining The Supreme Treasure
Chapter 410 - Return From The Chaos, The Wine Clan
Chapter 411 - The Core Of The Universe
Chapter 412 - Pan Wang, The Strongest In The Universe, The Fruit Of Immortality, The Wings Of Freedom
Chapter 413 - The Unearthed Congenital Supreme Treasure
Chapter 414 - The Exponential Increment Of Power, The Change Of Group Admin, Taixu God Slaying Needle
Chapter 415 - Ye Hao, Jiu Yuan, The Supreme Experts Courting Death
Chapter 416 - A Finger Piercing Through The Universe
Chapter 417 - The Merging Of Saint Province And The World
Chapter 418 - Three Seconds Activation, Revealing The Chaos Tree, Extreme Massacre
Chapter 419 - A Light Year Tall, Overwhelming Universe, Peerless God
Chapter 420 - Traveling The Universe, People From The Chaos
Chapter 421 - She Came From The Sea Of Chaos, King Saint (Part 1)
Chapter 422 - She Came From The Sea Of Chaos, King Saint (Part 2)
Chapter 423 - She Came From The Sea Of Chaos, King Saint (Part 3)
Chapter 424 - Linglong’S First Battle
Chapter 425 - The Best Warrior Body In The Chaos
Chapter 426 - Calling Jiang Ming As Uncle Jiang Shocked Infinite Realms (Part 1)
Chapter 427 - Calling Jiang Ming As Uncle Jiang Shocked Infinite Realms (Part 2)
Chapter 428 - Calling Jiang Ming As Uncle Jiang Shocked Infinite Realms (Part 3)
Chapter 429 - The Strongest Trump Card Of The Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 430 - Collapsing Of The Heart Of Saint Dao
Chapter 431 - The Enemies Of Linglong’S Parents
Chapter 432 - Invasion From The Chaos Realm
Chapter 433 - "I Became The Heavenly Emperor’S Man"
Chapter 434 - Chenxi In Danger, Jiang Ming Enraged
Chapter 435 - The 50Th Year Anniversary Had Come
Chapter 436 - The Great Reward Of The 50Th Year
Chapter 437 - Descending Into The Xuanhuang Great Chiliocosm
Chapter 438 - The Dao Patriarch
Chapter 439 - Were The Saint Invincible And Immortal?
Chapter 440 - Destroying The Sacred Land With Just A Palm
Chapter 441 - Innate Supreme Treasure, Twelve-Graded Green Lotus
Chapter 442 - Truly Slaughtering A Saint
Chapter 443 - Great Fortunes That Even The Dao Patriarch Was Coveting
Chapter 444 - Heavenly Authority, Besieged By Six Saints
Chapter 445 - : Rascally Saints
Chapter 446 - Killed Reincarnation In A Second
Chapter 447 - Imperial Concubine: Emperor, Can You Do It?
Chapter 448 - The Origin Of Dao Patriarch, The Fragment Of Sea Of Chaos
Chapter 449 - The Hongmeng Violet Qi Was Poisonous
Chapter 450 - The Melancholic Saints, The Dao Patriarch’S Cruelty
Chapter 451 - Destroying The Great Chiliocosm
Chapter 452 - Bombarding The Dao Patriarch, The Reappearance Of The Lord God
Chapter 453 - Endless Demonic Waves, Sea Of Chaos Under Invasion
Chapter 454 - Lord God’S Beneficiaries, Attack Of The Lord God
Chapter 455 - The Xuanhuang Great Chiliocosm'S Aftercare
Chapter 456 - Two Pieces Of King Saint Weapons
Chapter 457 - Level Up: The Ultimate Transformation Of Saint Soul
Chapter 458 - The Real Hongmeng Warrior Body
Chapter 459 - The Discussion Of The Great Dao
Chapter 460 - Scared Away The Saint, The Meeting Of The Two Women
Chapter 461 - King Saint Imprint, 30 Years Later
Chapter 462 - I’Ll Be Your Little Wifey
Chapter 463 - The Besieged Number One Supreme Expert, Pan Wang
Chapter 464 - Valley Of The End, You’Re Already Dead
Chapter 465 - Engulfing The Galaxy
Chapter 466 - Transcendence Is Poisonous, The Great Dao Is Demonic
Chapter 467 - Merging Consciousness With The Galaxy
Chapter 468 - The Chaos Primordial Land, The Greatest Secret
Chapter 469 - Three Levels Of Saint Realms, A Great Epoch
Chapter 470 - Hongmeng Great Dao Nine Revolution Warrior Body Technique
Chapter 471 - Creating A New Chat Group System
Chapter 472 - Heaven Swallowing Universalization Technique, The Great Dao Group
Chapter 473 - A Hundred Times Stronger
Chapter 474 - The Truth About The Hongmeng Primordial Land, The Upgrading Requirement
Chapter 475 - Linglong Sanctified The Way Of Dao, Group Admin Hong Yi, Wang Ye Climbed To The Top
Chapter 476 - The Hongmeng Immortal Body
Chapter 477 - Cutting Up And Eating Jiang Ming
Chapter 478 - The Existence Of A Higher Cultivation Realm Than The King Saint
Chapter 479 - The Hundred-Year Period
Chapter 480 - Devouring Six Great Universes In A Row
Chapter 481 - The Alliance Of The Supreme
Chapter 482 - Swallowed Whole
Chapter 483 - Had A Berserk Breakthrough
Chapter 484 - The Attack From The Chaos
Chapter 485 - Lying Flat Already
Chapter 486 - King Saint Xing Yao: This Kid Even Broke The Chaos By Just Blowing His Horns
Chapter 487 - The Blow Across The Chaos, Great Soul Cursing Technique, Mystic Prime Bead
Chapter 488 - Lord Saint Lagerstroemia, The Big Brother At That Time
Chapter 489 - Taking Over The Universe, The Mastermind Behind The Curtains
Chapter 490 - The Chaos Universe Annihilation Beast, My Dao Has Formed
Chapter 491 - The 100Th Year Of The System, Amazing Explosion Of Rewards
Chapter 492 - The Hongmeng Primordial Land, Terrifying Improvements
Chapter 493 - Killing The Lord Saint
Chapter 494 - Chaos Supreme Treasure
Chapter 495 - Created Heavenly Ladders, Great Dao Of Fifty
Chapter 496 - The Ultimate Transformation Of The Chaotic World Tree
Chapter 497 - : Sanctifying The Dao Of Chaos
Chapter 498 - The Eternity In A Moment
Chapter 499 - The Ultimate Evolution Of Inner World
Chapter 500 - The Dao Patriarch Of Soul
Chapter 501 - Descended To The Chaos Primordial For The First Time, Ao Jiu Showing His Colors
Chapter 502 - The Dao Patriarch Of Thunder, Supreme Sacred Land Translator: Endlessfantasy Transl
Chapter 503 - The Eldest Disciple Of The Head Disciple: Fengyun Wuji, The Library, The Armory
Chapter 504 - The Ultimate Inner World, The Role Of Junior Sister
Chapter 505 - The Set Up Of The Reincarnation, The Fifth Immortal Moon
Chapter 506 - The Secrets Of The Supreme Pagoda
Chapter 507 - Burst The Chaos
Chapter 508 - Bombarded And Killed Dao Patriarchs
Chapter 509 - 30,000,000 Clones
Chapter 510 - The Inheritance Of The Human Clan
Chapter 511 - : Time Acceleration By A Billion Times, Tearing Through The Chaos
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

There was a Senior Brother and a Junior Sister. One of them was transmigrated to this world and had cheats while the other was the reincarnation of a Great Emperor.

The Senior Brother wished to stay away from trouble so that he could live forever, but he was ruthless and crafty.

On the other hand, the Junior Sister wanted to go against convention and conquer the Nine Heavens. She was ready to slay all kinds of enemies.

[Ding! Congratulations on living peacefully for 100 years on the mountain. Your reward is 100,000 years of cultivation.]

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Chapter 1 - The Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra

Chapter 1: The Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

Jiuyang Sect, Eastern Region of Qingzhou Province.

Clouds swirled above the mountain range as rays of multicolored light, which made the sun dim in comparison, shone on the peaks.

Chu Yang Peak.

“Who would awake from the grand dream? I’ve known about it all my life!”

Jiang Ming opened the windows and gazed at the swirling clouds in the distance and the verdant trees that swayed with the rhythm of the wind. He stretched and inhaled deeply before exclaiming, “This feels great!”

He could see the occasional glint from a blade in the sky, flying cultivators, and spiritual beasts. This was a scenery one would expect from an immortal sect.

“This is the life!”

There was no need to buy a house, no need for work or overtime, no boss breathing down his neck, and no need for betrothal gifts. He could sleep until he naturally woke up. This was truly great. He felt as though he was dreaming.

With just a thought, a virtual screen popped up before him.

Name: Jiang Ming

Cultivation base: Foundation Establishment, Perfect.

Main cultivation: Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra

Spell: Cold Breeze Sword Technique, Wind Control, Timely Rain, Fire Talisman, Fireball.

Special Ability: None.

Items: Human Path Records, Flowing Cloud Sword, Flowing Cloud Ring, God of Cooking Almanac, Farming Almanac.

This was his system.

Jiang Ming’s innate talent was average at best. He was already 18 years old, but he was only at the 6th Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm even though he had not taken a single day off from cultivating. He was neither outstanding nor poor in the sect. He was average; nobody paid attention to him at all. Nevertheless, he preferred it this way.

However, three months ago, the system suddenly awakened.

That morning three months ago was similarly refreshing.

When he got up from his bed…

[Ding! Ordinary Life System. Loading completed. There can be boundless excitement even in an ordinary life. Freedom will be yours if you maintain your ordinariness]

[Ding! Obtained a beginner’s package]

Jiang Ming was momentarily stunned. When he regained his senses, a smile appeared on his face. “This must be some kind of cheat. However, what’s this Ordinary Life System? Can I max my level with just a tap of my finger?”

[Ding! You’ll be rewarded for performing ordinary tasks. You’ll have to rely on yourself to discover the details]

Jiang Jin smacked his lips together. “Well, it’s better than nothing.”

“System, open the beginner’s package!”

[Ding! Congratulations! You have obtained the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra, the Human Path Records, the ability to conceal your cultivation base at will, enhanced vision, and 10 years’ worth of cultivation]

[Ding! The items have been stored in the storage space. You can retrieve them at any time]

“Grand path what? Almighty Sutra Method? Human Path Records? Aren’t you an Ordinary Life System? What’s with all these rewards with names that definitely aren’t ordinary?”

[Ding! A mighty force is needed to maintain ordinariness!]

“Why don’t you turn me into an immortal while you’re at it? I’ll make being an immortal an ordinary thing.”

There was no reply from the system.

Jiang Ming was not bothered by the lack of reply. He thought about it for a moment before he finally shook his head. He decided not to dwell on the system’s origin and purpose.

“System, activate the concealing ability!”

[Ding! Ability activated! Tips: You can choose how much of your cultivation base you want to conceal]

This was not difficult to understand. It meant that he could conceal his 6th Stage Qi Cultivation Realm and make it appear as the 2nd Stage, 4th Stage, or he could conceal it completely.

“System. Retrieve the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra!”

The next moment, an extremely profound cultivation method surfaced in his mind. Due to the sheer amount of information, the system automatically hid the more advanced parts of the cultivation method. He was only shown parts suitable for those at the Qi Cultivation Realm and Foundation Establishment Realm.

Jiang Ming knew that the more advanced cultivation methods would be revealed to him as his cultivation base improved in the future.

After comprehending the cultivation method, his mana began to circulate on its own. Before he knew it, his mana had transformed, and he had reached the first threshold of the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra. His bodily constitution had changed as well.

“This cultivation method is amazing!” Jiang Ming was shocked when he came to himself.

His mana’s attributes were completely transformed.

Although his cultivation base had dropped from the 6th Stage to the 1st Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm, he did not feel any weaker. On the contrary, he felt stronger than before.

“My 6th Stage mana isn’t even a match for my current 1st Stage mana?!” Jiang Ming’s eyes lit up. Although he was at the 1st Stage now, he was as strong, if not stronger, as when he was at the 6th Stage. What would happen if he were to reach the 6th Stage again?

Jiang Ming had always strived to live a simple life, but at this moment, he felt his heart racing in his chest. He raised his hand and conjured a ball of mana.

It was greyish and fuzzy, but in the next second, it transformed into a ball of flames. Then, with a flash of light, it turned into a ball of water.

“Amazing!” Jiang Ming was ecstatic.

When he cultivated the Mystic Prime Method in the past, his mana did not have any attributes. It was almost impossible for him to change his mana’s attributes so he had to cultivate the respective spells.

After taking a few moments to calm down, Jiang Ming retrieved the Human Path Records.

It was a book, and it was also an exceptional item.

When the book appeared in his hand, it immediately registered him as its owner. With that, he easily gained access to the book’s functions.

“These functions are… incredible!”

The book had a purple cover with several Daoist motifs. He did not recognize them, but he knew what they meant: the Human Path Records.

With just a thought, the book floated in the air and slowly dissolved. It did not seem like it belonged to reality or existed in space nor did it seem like it belonged to the illusory plane. However, it seemed to be integrated with the fabric of the world. He was the only one who could see the book.

The book flipped open, revealing the empty page inside.

With his mind, Jiang Ming wrote a name on the empty page: Zi Linglong.

Following that, detailed information appeared below the page.

Name: Zi Linglong.

Gender: Female.

Cultivation base: 2nd Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm

Background: Disciple of Jiuyang Sect’s Chuyang Peak.

Relationship: 85.

Status: Sound asleep

“This girl must rely on me a lot!” Jiang Ming could not help but chuckle when he saw the relationship value.

The relationship value showed the level of closeness the other person felt toward him. It could also be considered the degree of their loyalty to him. The maximum value attainable was 99.

The value of 100 would mean that the other party was like a puppet whose soul and will were controlled by him. This was impossible to achieve with living things who possessed free will.

The value 0 indicated they were strangers.

A negative value meant that the other person was either disgusted by him, harbored hostility, or wanted to kill him, among other things.

Jiang Ming pondered for a moment before he added another name.

Name: Gu Hai.

Gender: Male.

Cultivation base: Purple Mansion Realm.

Background: First Seat of Jiuyang Sect’s Chuyang Peak.

Relationship: 82

Status: Playing chess

‘Master’s cultivation base is slightly lower…’ Jiang Ming sighed inwardly.

This was one of the Human Path Records’ functions. It would reveal basic information about the individual whose name was written on the page.

Its other function was that it could reveal basic information about the person it touched.

There were many other functions that would be unlocked as his cultivation base improved.

“This book would be like a Regalia if it were to fall into the hands of any one of the leaders of the various organizations.”

Jiang Ming had a feeling that the Human Path Records was like a simplified version of the system.

After dismissing the extraneous thoughts in his mind, he extracted the 10 years’ worth of cultivation.

In the next instant, a torrent of mana instantly filled his Dantian, causing his cultivation base to improve by leaps and bounds.

At the same time, the Grand Path Almighty Method Sutra was circulating swiftly.

He did not meet any obstacles and smoothly reached the 9th Stage of the Qi Cultivation Realm. His bodily constitution had changed tremendously along with the rise of his cultivation base as well.

“This is amazing!” Jiang Ming was stunned.

He rose to his feet and flexed his limbs. He did not feel any discomfort. Although he did not have complete control over his enhanced mana yet, he control it as though it was an extension of his arm.

Then, he opened the windows to look at the morning sun that hung high in the sky. Its golden rays illuminated the clouds, the mountains, and the rivers. He was instantly refreshed by the scenery.

After a moment, he turned around and walked out of his room.


[Ding! Made a simple breakfast. Reward: One day’s worth of cultivation]

[Ding! Fetched a jar of water. Reward: A hoe (low-grade artifact)]

[Ding! Chopped a bundle of wood. Reward: One day’s worth of cultivation]

[Ding! Cleared a plot of land to be used as a vegetable garden. Reward: God of Cooking Almanac and 10 days’ worth of cultivation]

[Ding! Caught a koi. Reward: 15 days’ worth of cultivation]

[Ding! Congratulations on living for seven days on Chuyang Peak while completing at least one menial task each day. Reward: Six months’ worth of cultivation]

Ever since the system came into Jiang Ming’s life, the diligent Jiang Ming stopped being hardworking.


Total Chapters in book: 538
Estimated words: 1037625 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 5188(@200wpm)___ 4151(@250wpm)___ 3459(@300wpm)