A Sorcerer’s Journey by Flying White Egrets

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Chapter 146 - Black Sea Whirlpool
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Chapter 153 - Call Me Little Ba
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Chapter 160 - Ant’S Nest Underground Square
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Chapter 164 - Destructive Energy Reaction Log
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Chapter 166 - Eighteenth Of A Second
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Chapter 170 - Fundamental Knowledge Of Spatial Coordinates
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Chapter 173 - Experiment Of Despair
Chapter 174 - The Dawn Sages
Chapter 175 - The Basic Knowledge Of Chimeras
Chapter 176 - The First Phase Of Engineering The Mask Of Truth
Chapter 177 - An Honorable Death
Chapter 178 - Shadow World Conquest I
Chapter 179 - Shadow World Conquest Ii
Chapter 180 - Shadow World Conquest Iii
Chapter 181 - The Amonro World
Chapter 182 - The Monster Army
Chapter 183 - The Enigmas Strikes Back
Chapter 184 - The Prodigious Shatterer
Chapter 185 - Meteor Rain
Chapter 186 - The Despair Of Amonro I
Chapter 187 - The Despair Of Amonro Ii
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Chapter 194 - The Despair Of Amonro Ix
Chapter 195 - The Despair Of Amonro X
Chapter 196 - Layers Of Shadow
Chapter 197 - Flesh Barrier
Chapter 198 - The Water-Crystal Turtle
Chapter 199 - The Lightning Mirror At The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 200 - Revealing Shadows
Chapter 201 - The Reversed Energy Supply Digestive System
Chapter 202 - Underground Nesting Technique?
Chapter 203 - Amonro’S Disease Sorcery
Chapter 204 - Cultivating The “Fallen Abettor”
Chapter 205 - Transformation Of The Lava Lake
Chapter 206 - Resistance Of The Lavawyvern
Chapter 207 - The Deep-Rooted Flaw Of Dark Sorcerers
Chapter 208 - Demonic Blood Moss
Chapter 209 - The Camphroagate Worms
Chapter 210 - : Void Fortress Headquarters
Chapter 211 - Crimson Sun World
Chapter 212 - Volcanoes
Chapter 213 - Heart Of The Lava
Chapter 214 - Prism Fortress
Chapter 215 - The Stone Cave Laboratory
Chapter 216 - Evolved Greedy Flame Giant
Chapter 217 - The Shadow Empire
Chapter 218 - Dissimilating Non-Human
Chapter 219 - Collapse
Chapter 220 - Blurred’ Memories
Chapter 221 - No Resistance?
Chapter 222 - Savage Flame Giant
Chapter 223 - Shadow Hedgehog
Chapter 224 - The Shadow Calamity I
Chapter 225 - The Shadow Calamity Ii
Chapter 226 - The Shadow Calamity Iii
Chapter 227 - The Shadow Calamity Iv
Chapter 228 - The Shadow Calamity V
Chapter 229 - The Shadow Calamity Vi
Chapter 230 - The Shadow Calamity Vii
Chapter 231 - The Shadow Calamity Viii
Chapter 232 - The Shadow Calamity Ix
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Chapter 242 - The Shadow Calamity Xix
Chapter 243 - The Shadow Calamity Xx
Chapter 244 - The Shadow Calamity Xxi
Chapter 245 - The Shadow Calamity Xxii
Chapter 246 - The Shadow Calamity Xxiii
Chapter 247 - Shadow Calamity Xxiv
Chapter 248 - The Shadow Calamity Xxv
Chapter 249 - The Great Cataclysm
Chapter 250 - Moment Of Grave Danger
Chapter 251 - Self Rebirth
Chapter 252 - The Pyrodust World
Chapter 253 - Chasing Crossroads
Chapter 254 - Mysterious Metal
Chapter 255 - Bruises On The Skin
Chapter 256 - Nightmare Shadow
Chapter 257 - Dissimilation Force Field
Chapter 258 - Hasty Return
Chapter 259 - Long Time No See
Chapter 260 - World Laboratory
Chapter 261 - Once Upon A Time
Chapter 262 - Ordinary Humans
Chapter 263 - Trials Of The Vicious Thorns
Chapter 264 - Life Consciousness
Chapter 265 - The Metal Destroyers
Chapter 266 - Maglev Island
Chapter 267 - Eat
Chapter 268 - The Ancient Ruins
Chapter 269 - The Sorcerer’S Nightmare Civilization?
Chapter 270 - The Passage Of Time And Bad News
Chapter 271 - The Search
Chapter 272 - Brianna
Chapter 273 - Already A Legend
Chapter 274 - Tumors
Chapter 275 - The Inspiring One
Chapter 276 - Emotional
Chapter 277 - The Jewel Sea
Chapter 278 - The Eastern Coral Island
Chapter 279 - The Chamber Of Despair
Chapter 280 - Regret, Sorry, Repent
Chapter 281 - The Wedding I
Chapter 282 - The Wedding Ii
Chapter 283 - The Wedding Iii
Chapter 284 - Farce
Chapter 285 - Honeymoon
Chapter 286 - Demon Hunter Consociation
Chapter 287 - Agony
Chapter 288 - Gabriel
Chapter 289 - Arcane Mount
Chapter 290 - Weakening Wild Instinct
Chapter 291 - Condition
Chapter 292 - Third Ghostpepper
Chapter 293 - Decayed Bone Webbing
Chapter 294 - Flame Territory
Chapter 295 - Thousand-Eyed Carcinus
Chapter 296 - Poof!
Chapter 297 - New Life, Outsourcing
Chapter 298 - Experiment Note
Chapter 299 - The Narrow World
Chapter 300 - Metal Castle Laboratory
Chapter 301 - Starfall Reconnaissance Craft
Chapter 302 - Trial Verdict
Chapter 303 - Five People
Chapter 304 - Destructive Force
Chapter 305 - Housand Birds Frost Burst
Chapter 306 - Sabbatic Goat Staff
Chapter 307 - Second Phase Project On The Mask Of Truth
Chapter 308 - Expedition To The Burrow World I
Chapter 309 - Expedition To The Burrow World Ii
Chapter 310 - Expedition To The Burrow World Iii
Chapter 311 - Expedition To The Burrow World Iv
Chapter 312 - Surficial Tundra I
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Chapter 353 - Six Stigmata Sorcerers!
Chapter 354 - Rank One Honor Badge Mission!
Chapter 355 - Stigmata Gears I
Chapter 356 - Stigmata Gears Ii
Chapter 357 - Standing At Attention
Chapter 358 - The Acraepoid World
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Chapter 361 - The World Gate Iii
Chapter 362 - The World Gate Iv
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Chapter 368 - The World Gate X
Chapter 369 - The World Gate Xi
Chapter 370 - The World Gate Xii
Chapter 371 - The World Gate Xiii
Chapter 372 - The World Gate Xiv
Chapter 373 - The World Gate Xv
Chapter 374 - Nairy
Chapter 375 - Alliance Leader, Mister Moumu’S “Infernal Spirit Scriptures!”
Chapter 376 - Alliance Leader, Mister Moumu: Return
Chapter 377 - Will Of Resistance
Chapter 378 - Meeting
Chapter 379 - Ancient Black Sorcery?
Chapter 380 - The Vast Sorcerer World
Chapter 381 - The Strongest Magic Tool!
Chapter 382 - Celestial Devotion?
Chapter 383 - Vivian
Chapter 384 - Hydra Wrath
Chapter 385 - A Class In Session, The Strongest Spell
Chapter 386 - This Policy Is, Fine?
Chapter 387 - Eternally Projecting Crystal Ball
Chapter 388 - Recruiting Apprentices
Chapter 389 - Four Brothers
Chapter 390 - Special Guide
Chapter 391 - Obstruction
Chapter 392 - Pre-Emptive Strike
Chapter 393 - Joining Hands
Chapter 394 - Dira’S Spirit Armor
Chapter 395 - Level Two Wild Instinct
Chapter 396 - Five-Man Squad
Chapter 397 - Level Two Savage Flame Giant
Chapter 398 - The Isa Family
Chapter 399 - Alastair
Chapter 400 - Fundamental Matter Material
Chapter 401 - A Visit
Chapter 402 - Unobstructed Privilege
Chapter 403 - Poison
Chapter 404 - Mask Of Truth’S Third Construction Stage
Chapter 405 - An Expedition Into The Infernal Spirit World I
Chapter 406 - An Expedition Into The Infernal Spirit World Ii
Chapter 407 - An Expedition Into The Infernal Spirit World Iii
Chapter 408 - An Expedition Into The Infernal Spirit World Iv
Chapter 409 - The Infernal Spirit World I
Chapter 410 - The Infernal Spirit World Ii
Chapter 411 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom I
Chapter 412 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Ii
Chapter 413 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Iii
Chapter 414 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Iv
Chapter 415 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom V
Chapter 416 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Vi
Chapter 417 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Vii
Chapter 418 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Viii
Chapter 419 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Ix
Chapter 420 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom X
Chapter 421 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xi
Chapter 422 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xii
Chapter 423 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xiii
Chapter 424 - The War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xiv
Chapter 425 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xv
Chapter 426 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xvi
Chapter 427 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xvii
Chapter 428 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xviii
Chapter 429 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xix
Chapter 430 - War Of The Dark Destroyer Kingdom Xx
Chapter 431 - Abyssal Moss
Chapter 432 - Investigation
Chapter 433 - Abyssalization
Chapter 434 - Infiltration
Chapter 435 - The Execution Stake
Chapter 436 - The Ordinary Acraepoids
Chapter 437 - Life After Apocalypse?
Chapter 438 - Collapse Of Faith I
Chapter 439 - Collapse Of Faith Ii
Chapter 440 - Collapse Of Faith Iii
Chapter 441 - Bloodstone
Chapter 442 - The Priest’S “Divination”
Chapter 443 - The Darkglow Kingdom I
Chapter 444 - The Darkglow Kingdom Ii
Chapter 445 - The Darkglow Kingdom Iii
Chapter 446 - Concern
Chapter 447 - Phagocytic Shell I
Chapter 448 - Phagocytic Shell Ii
Chapter 449 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent I
Chapter 450 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Ii
Chapter 451 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Iii
Chapter 452 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Iv
Chapter 453 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent V
Chapter 454 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Vi
Chapter 455 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Vii
Chapter 456 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Viii
Chapter 457 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Ix
Chapter 458 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent X
Chapter 459 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xi
Chapter 460 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xii
Chapter 461 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xiii
Chapter 462 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xiv
Chapter 463 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xv
Chapter 464 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xvi
Chapter 465 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xvii
Chapter 466 - The Maze Of The Sea Serpent Xviii
Chapter 467 - The Whirlpool Gate
Chapter 468 - Parasite
Chapter 469 - Aphid River World
Chapter 470 - Arctic Tundra
Chapter 471 - Abyssal Dark Cloud
Chapter 472 - Abyssalized Soul Tree
Chapter 473 - Hell’S Claw
Chapter 474 - Experiment
Chapter 475 - Call Of The Abyss
Chapter 476 - Ancient Phaseless Demons
Chapter 477 - Grudge Of The World
Chapter 478 - Laws Of The Abyss
Chapter 479 - Self-Sacrifice
Chapter 480 - Willingly Deceived
Chapter 481 - A Gathering
Chapter 482 - Parting Ways
Chapter 483 - King Of The Snowthreads
Chapter 484 - Half An Ice Top
Chapter 485 - The First Acraepoid Kingdom
Chapter 486 - Final Chance
Chapter 487 - Downfall
Chapter 488 - Dread
Chapter 489 - Purgatory Giant World
Chapter 490 - Suspicion Of Reason
Chapter 491 - The Purgatory Furnace
Chapter 492 - King Abaddon
Chapter 493 - Be On Guard
Chapter 494 - Immortal
Chapter 495 - Just The Beginning!
Chapter 496 - Blazing Assault
Chapter 497 - Battle Expectations
Chapter 498 - The Stigma-Crater
Chapter 499 - The Infernal Purgatory
Chapter 500 - The Book Of Grimm!
Chapter 501 - The Descent Of The Seven Rings
Chapter 502 - Nightmare World
Chapter 503 - Just A Bad Dream
Chapter 504 - Lamp Of Awakening
Chapter 505 - Nightmare Phantoms
Chapter 506 - You Monster
Chapter 507 - A Bold Guess
Chapter 508 - Tooth Fairy
Chapter 509 - Waking By Daybreak
Chapter 510 - Fright Energy
Chapter 511 - Body Of Immortality
Chapter 512 - Pursuing Self-Will
Chapter 513 - Book Of Truth
Chapter 514 - Book Of Truth
Chapter 515 - The Dreadlord I
Chapter 516 - The Dreadlord Ii
Chapter 517 - The Dreadlord Iii
Chapter 518 - : The Dreadlord Iv
Chapter 519 - The Dreadlord V
Chapter 520 - The Dreadlord Vi
Chapter 521 - The Dreadlord Vii
Chapter 522 - The Dreadlord Viii
Chapter 523 - The Dreadlord Ix
Chapter 524 - The Dreadlord X
Chapter 525 - The Dreadlord Xi
Chapter 526 - The Dreadlord Xii
Chapter 527 - Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer
Chapter 528 - Nightmare Sorcerer
Chapter 529 - First Ring Celestial Sorcerer
Chapter 530 - The Immortal Law
Chapter 531 - Half A Lifetime
Chapter 532 - Tagging Along
Chapter 533 - Get Together
Chapter 534 - Wastelands
Chapter 535 - Six Rings Turtle Shell
Chapter 536 - Netherheart
Chapter 537 - Governor Of Moth Frog Town
Chapter 538 - Road Construction Plan
Chapter 539 - The Knights Teaching Academy
Chapter 540 - The Genius Knight
Chapter 541 - Life Is About To End
Chapter 542 - Pulled Into A Nightmare
Chapter 543 - The Separation Plan
Chapter 544 - Rejected
Chapter 545 - The Origins Of Sorcerers
Chapter 546 - Myna The Tutor
Chapter 547 - Muyi The Greatsword Slayer
Chapter 548 - The Workshop Factory
Chapter 549 - Leaving Behind Tenderness
Chapter 550 - Assessment Over
Chapter 551 - Return To The Seven Rings
Chapter 552 - Dull Experiments
Chapter 553 - Paying A Visit
Chapter 554 - Failing Again And Again
Chapter 555 - Boom!
Chapter 556 - Luck?
Chapter 557 - Expedition To The Magnetite World
Chapter 558 - The Magnetite Stars
Chapter 559 - Evil Blood?
Chapter 560 - Falling Star I
Chapter 561 - Falling Star Ii
Chapter 562 - Falling Star Iii
Chapter 563 - Falling Star Iv
Chapter 564 - Falling Star V
Chapter 565 - Falling Star Vi
Chapter 566 - Magnetic Field Circulation
Chapter 567 - Bloodprint Invasion
Chapter 568 - Difference And Powerlessness
Chapter 569 - Advancing To Level-2 Sorcerer
Chapter 570 - World Veil Law
Chapter 571
Chapter 572 - Heavy Attacks
Chapter 573 - The Sevenfold Rainbow I
Chapter 574 - The Sevenfold Rainbow Ii
Chapter 575 - The Sevenfold Rainbow Iii
Chapter 576 - The Sevenfold Rainbow Iv
Chapter 577 - The Sevenfold Rainbow V
Chapter 578 - The Sevenfold Rainbow Vi
Chapter 579 - The Sevenfold Rainbow Vii
Chapter 580 - The Sevenfold Rainbows Viii
Chapter 581 - Controlling The Void Fortress
Chapter 582 - It’S Settled, Then.
Chapter 583 - Robe Of Representations
Chapter 584 - Magnetite Star Core
Chapter 585 - Follow-Up Mission
Chapter 586 - Neo-Oceanic World
Chapter 587 - Level-2 Sorcerer
Chapter 588 - Rewards Of A Thousand Years
Chapter 589 - The Golden-Scaled Old Man
Chapter 590 - Quiet Spring Returns
Chapter 591 - An Invisible Stroll
Chapter 592 - A Layer Of Cold Sweat
Chapter 593 - Assembly Of First Inherited Vein
Chapter 595 - Sorcerer General Meeting
Chapter 596 - Apprentice Task
Chapter 597 - Bait
Chapter 598 - Black Arc Discharge
Chapter 599 - Deterrent Confrontation
Chapter 600 - The Medium World
Chapter 601 - Eerie Attacks
Chapter 602 - The Forgotten Spacetime Seal Of Truth
Chapter 603 - The Ace Sorcerer
Chapter 604 - Duel Of The Aces!?
Chapter 605 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (1)
Chapter 606 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (2)
Chapter 607 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (3)
Chapter 608 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (4)
Chapter 609 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (5)
Chapter 610 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (6)
Chapter 611 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (7)
Chapter 612 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (8)
Chapter 613 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (9)
Chapter 614 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (10)
Chapter 615 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (11)
Chapter 616 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (12)
Chapter 617 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (13)
Chapter 618 - Arbitrary Criss-Crossing (14)
Chapter 619 - The Academy Heritage
Chapter 620 - Sealing Off The City
Chapter 621 - The Supplementary Sorceress
Chapter 622 - The Exploding Ice Spear
Chapter 623 - Ineffective Attacks
Chapter 624 - An Easy Defeat
Chapter 625 - The Thousand-Eyed Lamp
Chapter 626 - The Combined Efforts Of A Master And His Student
Chapter 627 - Confrontation Over
Chapter 628 - Knowledge Development
Chapter 629 - Three-Headed Snake Amulet
Chapter 630 - Presence!
Chapter 631 - Hunting The Target
Chapter 632 - Hunting The Target Ii
Chapter 633 - Hunting The Target Iii (Orders To Retrieve The Holy Light!)
Chapter 634 - Hunting The Target Iv
Chapter 635 - Hunting The Target V
Chapter 636 - Hunting The Target Vi
Chapter 637 - Hunting The Target Vii
Chapter 638 - Hunting The Target Viii
Chapter 639 - The True Elemental Body
Chapter 640 - Humongous Creature
Chapter 641 - High And Mighty
Chapter 642 - About To Leave
Chapter 643 - The Black Ink
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Vu Sư Chi Lữ, 巫师之旅

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“With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world!”

Sorcerer Continent—a world where sorcerers exist. Wielders of arcane knowledge. Masters of all elements. Sovereigns of space and time. These sorcerers governed the world with their unrivalled prowess. One day, a young man awakened into this world with his past forgotten and no place to call home. Follow along as Glenn, by relying on his luck and wit, tries to survive and advance in this unforgiving world. Entangled within the machinations of fate, political schemes, power struggles and wars, he forges his own path and creates a place for himself.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The World of Sorcerers





“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Three sharp knocks sounded on a thick wooden door.

Within the thatched house, lying under his worn-out quilts, Glenn was pulled out of his sleep with a start. The numbing coldness made him gulp. Without any further delay, he called out at the door, “Coming.”

Ignoring his frozen feet, he quickly threw on some ragged clothes. He then snatched a coat from his bed, which served as his second quilt and answered the door. He shuddered the moment he opened the door as the chilling winter winds filled with ice chippings struck against him.

At the door stood a horse-drawn coach and Old Ham was sitting on it. He had curled himself up into a tight ball at the time and was smoking a pipe with one hand and had a whip in the other. Two long furrows left behind by the coach could be seen on the snow-coated road.

“Come on, it’s a bumpy road. We’re gonna get punished for being late.” Old Ham puffed deeply on his pipe and grumbled.

“In a second.” Glenn locked the wooden door and adroitly climbed into the coach. Ever since Glenn had landed this regular job with Old Ham, the grievance of “come on, it’s a bumpy road” had never ceased to follow him, and he had grown accustomed to it.

Without adding another word, Old Ham took another puff of his pipe and whipped the horse with great force. The old horse snorted and proceeded on its journey in the pothole-ridden snowfield.

While looking up at the dim and gray sky, Glenn reposed himself against the rail on one side of the coach and nodded off. Based on his previous commutes, he knew that it would take more than half an hour of time to get to the Zi Jue Residence in this snowy weather and by then, it would be nearly dawn.

Glenn felt a sense of familiarity with the smell of the tobacco that Old Ham was smoking and was grateful for Old Ham’s help. Glenn’s oldest memory was of himself in Bi Seer City during a blizzard. He could not remember anything prior to that day, and no one knew him; it was as if he had come from a different world. From that day on, he loafed around with a bunch of orphans in the city, while his begging could barely satisfy his hunger, until the childless Old Ham had met and adopted him, thinking of him as a boy of intelligence.

Old Ham chuckled. “When I die, the house and this horse would be yours.” Truth be told, the two-roomed thatched house in the countryside and this old horse would not be worth a dime, but it still reinforced Glenn’s gratitude toward the old man beside him.

The business they were engaged in was to go to the Zi Jue Residence and clean up the considerable amount of leftovers and other waste produced from the binge drinking and eating of the nobles at the residence from the night before. They were asked to complete the cleaning by dawn, dispose of the trash outside of the city and purchase supplies for that evening’s carnival. The commute would take almost a day.

About half an hour later, sounds of clip-clopping were heard as the horse trod onto a smooth pavement. The drowsy Glenn woke up to the sounds of the horse’s hooves, sparing the old man from having to wake him up. Knowing that he had been in Bi Seer City and would soon be at the Zi Jue Residence, Glenn shook the snow off his coat, in an effort to make himself look less sloppy.

To dress up would make no difference, though. Most of the nobles at the feast had already fallen asleep by the time Glenn and Old Ham arrived at the Residence in the early morning. For the one or two nobles who were still awake, they would not lower their head and bother to look at the two lousy servants.

The old butler of the residence, however, was someone hard to deal with. He ripped off Old Ham, Glenn and the other servants regularly, and his lame excuse for taking bribes from them was for their sloppiness; not to mention he’d used the excuse more than once.

At the front entrance of the residence, two large guards, who must have been exhausted from standing all night, were nodding off. They came around from their sleep on hearing a neigh of a horse. They then swept a look over Old Ham and Glenn who were on the coach. The two guards could not be more familiar with their faces after years of encounters, and they just ignored them.

Old Ham smiled deferentially to the two guards and jumped off the coach, and Glenn followed him closely. Both of them kept their heads low when crossing the gateway and going all the way toward the luxurious sitting room where they would do their usual cleaning.

The languid Old Ham and Glenn felt a different atmosphere in the place that day. They saw the butler standing in anxiety at the entrance of the sitting room. The butler threw a vicious glance at Old Ham and Glenn with his triangle-shaped eyes as he saw them. He then trotted up to them and snapped in a hushed voice, “Stay here! Don’t listen! Don’t talk!”

“Okay, Okay,” they replied quickly.

The sounds of a fight were then vaguely heard coming from the sitting room. Old Ham and Glenn could discern that a girl was causing a disturbance and without thinking, they speculated that she must be a girl of high birth. Nearly half an hour had passed and it was already broad daylight. Yet it was still bitterly cold and Old Ham and Glenn were shivering. They stomped their feet in the snow-covered yard to try to keep them from being frozen.

The gloomy butler at one side of the sitting-room entrance stepped down to them.

“If you can’t bear the weather, then don’t come tomorrow.”

The faces of Old Ham and Glenn darkened. Old Ham pulled out a silver coin out of his ragged linen coat and slipped it into the butler’s hand. “We can stand the weather. We can.”


The old butler dexterously plunged the coin into his pocket and left them alone. He then returned to the entrance, looking in restlessly from time to time.

Glenn couldn’t help murmuring to Old Ham, “He fleeced us days ago and he is doing it again.”

“Endure! This job is craved by many, and he wanted us to quit.” Old Ham heaved a sigh. “As people age or near the final days of their lives, they begin to see things clearly and they no longer have the hot-bloodedness of youth.”

At the moment, a girl in fancy attire ran out of the sitting room, crying. The girl suddenly stopped at the side of Old Ham. She then turned around and shouted back at the room.

“No way am I going to the Lilith School of Sorcerers, nor will I be a sorcerer, ever!” Her anger was not yet abated; she threw a book on the ground and raced out of the Zi Jue Residence.

“You little rebel!” A nobleman with a bulging belly followed her out.

“What are you staring at?! Go get her back!” The nobleman’s face turned red because of his wrath and howled at the two armored guards beside him.

What surprised Old Ham was the deference of Lord Zi Jue, master of the Zi Jue Residence. He was standing next to the nobleman and was showing a miserable expression. He then said something in a faint voice to the nobleman.

“What does she know? Sorcerers rule the world. God knows how much I have done for her sorcery test, and it is due in six months,” the nobleman refuted.

Lord Zi Jue followed the nobleman out of the residence in a great flurry to chase the little girl. The old butler, similarly agitated, followed on the heels of the nobleman and Lord Zi Jue while calling the guards at the entrance to tag along. Nobody ever paid any attention to the existence of Old Ham and Glenn.

In the blink of an eye, the yard had become silent and empty.

Looking back and forth to make sure that no one was around, Glenn was about to pick up the book thrown on the ground by the little girl, but he was stopped by Old Ham, who had hurried up to him in one big step and slapped Glenn in his hand.

“You wanna get yourself killed?”

“I think it’s all right. If we were ever asked about this, we would say that we have disposed of it as garbage. That noble girl threw it away.” Glenn grimaced at the pain in his hand.

Old Ham gave it some more thought, and after making sure that there was nobody around, he acquiesced with a nod.

Glenn then lodged the book in his coat and began to help Old Ham clearing the waste in the sitting room and loaded them, as usual, into the wagon that was bridled onto the horse, pretending that nothing had ever happened. Nobody asked about the book during the process, for which Glenn was relieved. They often found things in the garbage, things they treasured that, in the nobles’ eyes, were of no value.

The cleaning and loading finished, Old Ham and Glenn mounted the carriage and drove the horse along without any haste. On a coach brimful of garbage, Glenn’s sleepiness had dissipated.

He then rushed to take the book out and had a quick look at it. But he frowned. People like Glenn, who had slaved a lifetime for noblemen, couldn’t read. Fortunately, Old Ham had gained literacy when he was learning book-keeping for years as an apprentice in a shop, which went out of business. Thus, Old Ham had taught Glenn to read. The reason why Glenn frowned was that he’d found that the book title was composed of weird words, which were not usually seen in the real world.

“Canine Olfactory Enhancement and Odor Mapping? What could this be about?” Glenn hadn’t expected it to be such a strange book. He had thought it was a biography on some kind of troubadour, the type of book that was best-selling among the sons and daughters of the noblemen. Suddenly something struck him and, as a result, Glenn’s eyes dilated with excitement.

“Could it be a book about great sorcerers recording their magical powers? It was said that sorcerers were mysterious and vicious. They would massacre people, swallow up the eyes of children and do experiments with the alive. Humans were awed by these beings, for the ease with which they decimated civilians and even knights. Nearly no men had ever had the privilege of seeing one and the issue of sorcery was talk reserved for the nobility.”

Glenn had pondered in his mind, many times, how the great sorcerers obtained their incredible powers and how they were chosen for learning sorcery in the first place.

“If I became a sorcerer and gained these powers, I would no longer be at the mercy of these nobles!” Excited about the idea, Glenn opened the Canine Olfactory Enhancement and Odor Mapping and began to read it word by word. It was a strenuous effort to read and he had to skip some of the words because he couldn’t recognize them. Still, Glenn went wild with joy as if he had found out about a whole new world.

According to the book, ordinary human beings could smell 300 to 400 different types of odors and people with unusual sense of smell could discern up to 600 kinds. These figures were minuscule when compared to the number of scents that could be sensed by creatures like the Youthcry Fowl, a chicken that crowed like a crying baby. Based on experimental results, it could discern at least 6,500 smells. There was also the Shade Butterfly, a butterfly which fed on the odors it collected and could determine the difference between over 8,200 kinds of smells.

The creature with the strongest sense of smell, however, was the three-headed Cerberus. None of the 17,852 types of odors, or the sum of odors that sorcerers had the ability to create, could evade the dog’s capture. The book also introduced how sorcerers grew stronger through connecting with animals which had keen senses of smell. However, there was a frequent word “cell” in the book, of which Glenn had no idea.

“Glenn…Glenn!” Old Ham yelled at Glenn twice before he came back to the real world. He then stored the book away and jumped off the coach to help Old Ham dispose of the waste. With the wagon emptied of rubbish, they proceeded with the purchase of the luxuries for the nobles’ binge that night. They returned to the Zi Jue Residence by dusk, and received their payment of a few bronze coins for their work before they set off back to their house in the countryside.

Glenn sat on the coach and was absorbed in the reading of the sorcery book, Canine Olfactory Enhancement and Odor Mapping.

“You little tyke. You are so into that book, hah? Is it that interesting?” Old Ham turned to Glenn.

Glenn replied with a big grin, unwilling to take his eyes off the mysteries buried in the book.

“Does the mountain that has life and can walk really exist? Are there rivers that flow from the sky? What are the foreign lands? And why is sorcery so powerful?”

All these questions were unanswered.

“You are 17. Get the house refurbished next year and land yourself a wife from the neighborhood, and I might see my “grandson” born before I die,” Old Ham said to Glenn.

“What are you talking about? You will live to be a hundred,” Glenn returned casually.

“Ha-ha!” Old Ham whipped the horse and continued their drive on the familiar road.


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