Absolute Resonance by Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: A Fiancee Who Doesn'T Want An Annulment
Chapter 3: Li Luo Wants An Annulment
Chapter 4: Golden Dragon Bank
Chapter 5: Senior Pei Hao
Chapter 6: Acquired Resonance
Chapter 7: Indecisiveness
Chapter 8: A New Beginning
Chapter 9: Council Meeting
Chapter 10: White Eyed Wolf
Chapter 11: Energy Cultivation Arts
Chapter 12: Cultivating Resonant Power
Chapter 13: Li Luo'S Black Hole
Chapter 14: A Furious Cai Wei
Chapter 15: Return To Southwind Academy
Chapter 16: Tree Of Resonant Power
Chapter 17: Fighting For Gold Leaves
Chapter 18: Revealing Talent
Chapter 19: Li Luo'S Resonance
Chapter 20: Clean Sweep
Chapter 21: Eve Of The Examination
Chapter 22: The Price Of A Sixth-Grade Resonance
Chapter 23: Suncreek Villa
Chapter 24: Yan Lingqing
Chapter 25: Resonance Smith
Chapter 26: An Ordinary Preliminary Examination
Chapter 27: First-Grade Refining Workshop
Chapter 28: Li Luo'S First Time
Chapter 29: I'M Still A Child!
Chapter 30: Vagrant Yu Lang
Chapter 31: Encountering A Strong Enemy
Chapter 32: Agitated Li Luo
Chapter 33: Egg Vs Rock
Chapter 34: Li Luo'S Water Mirror Art
Chapter 35: Draw!
Chapter 36: First Grade Tempering Treasure Market
Chapter 37: Battle For President
Chapter 38: Secret Art Watersource
Chapter 39: Buffed Azure Jade Spirit Liquid
Chapter 40: Ambushing Pine Nut Villa
Chapter 41: The President'S Position
Chapter 42: Governor'S Mansion
Chapter 43: Sixth Grade Waterlight Resonance
Chapter 44: The Examinations Begin
Chapter 45: Whitespirit Garden
Chapter 46: Road Less Traveled
Chapter 47: A Punished Zong Fu
Chapter 48: An Encounter With Shi Huang
Chapter 49: The Final Examinations Begin!
Chapter 50: Test Your Mind, Not Your Muscles
Chapter 51: The Three Zeros
Chapter 52: Spectral Face Demon Ivy
Chapter 53: Earth Resonance Lian Zhong
Chapter 54: The Three Fishermen
Chapter 55: Into The Mist
Chapter 56: Lure Li Luo
Chapter 57: Water Edge Art
Chapter 58: Big Developments
Chapter 59: Whitespirit Ruins
Chapter 60: Ambush All Around
Chapter 61: Hunting Lu Qing'Er
Chapter 62: Hands Of Ice Jade
Chapter 63: It'S The Ol' White Knight To The Rescue!
Chapter 64: Hostages No More
Chapter 65: Three, Two, One, Done!
Chapter 66: Li Luo'S Anger
Chapter 67: Let The Acting Begin
Chapter 68: Let The Spotlight Shine
Chapter 69: The Great Showdown With Shi Huang
Chapter 70: Li Luo'S Arrow
Chapter 71: I'M Afraid Of Jumping
Chapter 72: Why Must You Force Me
Chapter 73: The Exam Finishes
Chapter 74: Song Qiuyu
Chapter 75: You Want To Assassinate Me?
Chapter 76: Aid For The Song Family
Chapter 77: The Three Tiers Of The Resonant Master Stage
Chapter 78: The Old Dean'S Revenge
Chapter 79: The Holidays Are Here
Chapter 80: Acquired Resonance Godly Forging Wheel
Chapter 81: The Festival Begins
Chapter 82: Mo Ling, Again
Chapter 83: An Old Grudge
Chapter 84: The Fifth Border
Chapter 85: With Our Powers Combined
Chapter 86: The Momentum Turns Again
Chapter 87: Upgrades, Upgrades Everywhere
Chapter 88: Preparing To Leave
Chapter 89: The Luolan Situation
Chapter 90: Si Qiuying
Chapter 91: Hello Again, Jiang Qing'E
Chapter 92: A Special Connection
Chapter 93: Si Tianming
Chapter 94: An Important Custom
Chapter 95: Presidential Takeoff
Chapter 96: The Suncreek Villa Headquarters
Chapter 97: I Guess I'Ll Be President
Chapter 98: Li Luo'S Strength
Chapter 99: I Want To Quit
Chapter 100: The Golden Dragon Bank'S Headquarters
Chapter 101: Duze Beixuan
Chapter 102: A Little Monkey
Chapter 103: The Prodigal Son
Chapter 104: The First Princess
Chapter 105: Jiang Qing'E'S Warning
Chapter 106: Forging The Woodearth Resonance
Chapter 107: Resonant Master Stage
Chapter 108: Problems
Chapter 109: Royal Sap
Chapter 110: Heaven And Earth, Dragons And Tigers
Chapter 111: Newcomers' Rankings
Chapter 112: Rated Number One
Chapter 113: School'S In
Chapter 114: The Belle Sisters
Chapter 115: Honglian Wants To Be A Mistress
Chapter 116: Are You Challenging Me?
Chapter 117: Vice Principal Su Xin
Chapter 118: Mentor Shen Jinxiao
Chapter 119: The Methods Of Shen Jinxiao
Chapter 120: Getting Ganked
Chapter 121: First Mover'S Advantage
Chapter 122: Intercepting The Encirclement
Chapter 123: Fishing In The Woods
Chapter 124: Battle By The River
Chapter 125: Showdown With Duze Beixuan
Chapter 126: The Showdown Continues
Chapter 127: The Iron Blooded Yu Lang
Chapter 128: Dual Resonances Revealed
Chapter 129: Layering Resonance Arts
Chapter 130: Li Luo'S Choosing Of The Mentors
Chapter 131: To Each Their Own
Chapter 132: Chosen Ones
Chapter 133: Gong Shenjun
Chapter 134: The Second Step Of The Promise
Chapter 135: Mentor Chi Chan
Chapter 136: The Truths Of The World
Chapter 137: I'Ll Be Leader
Chapter 138: Group Dynamics
Chapter 139: My Team
Chapter 140: First Lesson
Chapter 141: Hidden Enemy
Chapter 142: Resonant Luminescence
Chapter 143: Under The Tree Of Resonant Power
Chapter 144: Li Luo'S Suggestion
Chapter 145: First Tree Visit
Chapter 146: Li Luo'S Perseverance
Chapter 147: Flowering Seed
Chapter 148: A Pesky Birdie
Chapter 149: Charisma
Chapter 150: School Points
Chapter 151: Special Training
Chapter 152: The Squad Shapes Up
Chapter 153: Impeachment
Chapter 154: The Ultra Rich Woman
Chapter 155: Joss Sticks On The Grave
Chapter 156: Leftovers
Chapter 157: Bai Mengmeng'S Request
Chapter 158: A Tough Life
Chapter 159: The Squads Train
Chapter 160: The Girls Face Off
Chapter 161: First Team Clash
Chapter 162: Mistral Knights' Charge
Chapter 163: Wind Harvester
Chapter 164: Governor Squad
Chapter 165: Squad Names
Chapter 166: The Ranking Battles Begin
Chapter 167: Surrounded
Chapter 168: Counter Attack
Chapter 169: Encounter
Chapter 170: Merger
Chapter 171: It'S A Trap
Chapter 172: It'S A Counter Trap
Chapter 173: I Like It Too
Chapter 174: Feeling Better Yet?
Chapter 175: Loss-Making
Chapter 176: Curtains Rising
Chapter 177: The Battle Begins
Chapter 178: Resonance Art Combinations
Chapter 179: Jiang Qing'E And First Princess
Chapter 180: Dual Resonances
Chapter 181: Emerald Arrow Of Wood
Chapter 182: First Princess' Invitation
Chapter 183: Sunset
Chapter 184: The Most School Points
Chapter 185: Jinxiao Scheme
Chapter 186: The Black-Robed Duke
Chapter 187: Redeeming Royal Sap
Chapter 188: Birthday
Chapter 189: Unrelaxing Holiday
Chapter 190: 100,000 Points
Chapter 191: Underground Palace
Chapter 192: Secrets
Chapter 193: The Goal Is To Strengthen House Luolan
Chapter 194: Progression Plan
Chapter 195: At The Headquarters' Doors
Chapter 196: Have It All
Chapter 197: Destroy
Chapter 198: Testing 1, 2, 3
Chapter 199: Invitation
Chapter 200: Unyielding Form
Chapter 201: Crushed
Chapter 202: Golden Dragon Secret Key
Chapter 203: Celebration
Chapter 204: Among The Princes
Chapter 205: Zhu Xuan
Chapter 206: The Fight For The Keys
Chapter 207: Green Alioth
Chapter 208: Go With The Wind
Chapter 209: Zhu Xuan'S Request
Chapter 210: Tool
Chapter 211: Healing Test
Chapter 212: Healing Result
Chapter 213: A Step Closer
Chapter 214: I'M Out
Chapter 215: A Helping Hand
Chapter 216: The Third Test
Chapter 217: Birds Of Passage Spirit Liquid
Chapter 218: A Poisoned Gift
Chapter 219: The Appropriate Course
Chapter 220: The Rush For Herbs
Chapter 221: Vice President Ning Que
Chapter 222: Yu Hongxi'S Offer
Chapter 223: Antidote
Chapter 224: Half-Finished Products
Chapter 225: Li Luo Shines
Chapter 226: Poison No More
Chapter 227: Spectators
Chapter 228: Curtains Drop
Chapter 229: The Trail Of Pei Hao
Chapter 230: Night Attack
Chapter 231: Ancestral Elder
Chapter 232: The Six Month Deadline
Chapter 233: That Which Is Called Umbra Cave
Chapter 234: News Of The Others
Chapter 235: Clashing Opinions
Chapter 236: Four Star Formula
Chapter 237: Ye Chengying
Chapter 238: The Umbra Cave Opens
Chapter 239: Choices
Chapter 240: To Each Their Own
Chapter 241: May Fear Be Gone
Chapter 242: Purified Spot Number 13
Chapter 243: Different Feelings
Chapter 244: Stumbling Mind
Chapter 245: Hand Spiders On The Road
Chapter 246: Onyx Lake
Chapter 247: Fairness & Justice'S Independent Mission
Chapter 248: Eye Other
Chapter 249: The Others' Cannibalization
Chapter 250: Purification Tower Reactivated
Chapter 251: Flowing Shear
Chapter 252: With Flying Colors
Chapter 253: Outside The Forbidden Zone
Chapter 254: Onyx Leaves
Chapter 255: Compete
Chapter 256: The Husband Show-Off
Chapter 257: 38 Steps
Chapter 258: To The Limits
Chapter 259: Two Breakthroughs
Chapter 260: Sneaky Gains
Chapter 261: Businessman Li Luo
Chapter 262: Li Luo'S Game
Chapter 263: Stirring In The Forbidden Zone
Chapter 264: Another Other
Chapter 265: Where Are The Others
Chapter 266: Grinnings On The Wall
Chapter 267: Seeds Of Corruption
Chapter 268: Decisions
Chapter 269: Transport Tower
Chapter 270: Arguments
Chapter 271: Commander
Chapter 272: Rescue
Chapter 273: A Deep Corruption
Chapter 274: Duze Honglian'S Squad Returns
Chapter 275: Courting Humiliation
Chapter 276: Heavenly Disaster Arrives
Chapter 277: The Siege Of Others
Chapter 278: Corruption Reflection
Chapter 279: The Grinning Demon'S Plan
Chapter 280: A Chance
Chapter 281: Execution
Chapter 282: Dead End
Chapter 283: Li Luo'S Plan
Chapter 284: The Seal
Chapter 285: Principal Pang Qianyuan
Chapter 286: Beast Baiting
Chapter 287: Borrowed Power
Chapter 288: Fighting For Time
Chapter 289: Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 290: The Lonely Hero
Chapter 291: My Hero
Chapter 292: Clash Of The Titans
Chapter 293: Green Luan
Chapter 294: First Princess' Timely Arrival
Chapter 295: Sealing The Three-Tailed Beast
Chapter 296: Dark Red Bracelet
Chapter 0297: Sealing Treasured Artifact
Chapter 298: The Principal'S Request
Chapter 299: Heavenly Libation Chant
Chapter 300: River Of Evil
Chapter 301: Transport'S Arrived
Chapter 302: The Mentors Arrive
Chapter 303: Funeral
Chapter 304: Stoking The Fires
Chapter 305: Li Bi
Chapter 306: High Grade Faces
Chapter 307: Li Luo'S Brag
Chapter 308: The Back Door
Chapter 309: The Great Treasure Bai Mengmeng
Chapter 310: Budding Butterfly Spirit Liquid
Chapter 311: Embarrassing Times
Chapter 312: Sentient Resonant Powers
Chapter 313: Seventh-Grade Waterlight Resonance
Chapter 314: Artificers' Fair
Chapter 315: Hanzhi
Chapter 316: Ling Zhaoying
Chapter 317: Hack You To Death
Chapter 318: Challenging The Fifth-Grade Artificers
Chapter 319: Successful Artificing
Chapter 320: Stealing The Show
Chapter 321: Go Wild For Daddy
Chapter 322: Sixty Six
Chapter 323: Plentiful Supply
Chapter 324: Flavor Of The Month: Suncreek
Chapter 325: Brother And Sister
Chapter 326: Celebration
Chapter 327: Slimeball
Chapter 328: Hitching A Ride With The First Princess
Chapter 329: Ambition
Chapter 330: Words From The Heart
Chapter 331: Rewards After Hard Work
Chapter 332: Lin Suo
Chapter 333: Pocket Sphere
Chapter 334: Dao-Gold And The Reservoir
Chapter 335: Resonant Reserve Secret Art
Chapter 336: Resonant Bubble Art
Chapter 337: Entry
Chapter 338: Golden Dragon Dao Fields
Chapter 339: Deal'S A Deal
Chapter 340: Harsh Beatings
Chapter 341: Ji Sun - Complicated
Chapter 342: Surrounded
Chapter 343: Golden Dragon Qi
Chapter 344: Luck
Chapter 345: Intercepted
Chapter 346: Gathering The Wolves
Chapter 347: Negotiations
Chapter 348: Wolf On Wolf
Chapter 349: Role Reversal
Chapter 350: Reunion
Chapter 351: A Show
Chapter 352: A Night Of Chaos
Chapter 353: Extraction
Chapter 354: Lin Suo, The Mysterious One
Chapter 355: Lin Suo Leaves
Chapter 356: Torn Up And Fed To The Dogs
Chapter 357: Plans
Chapter 358: First Encounter
Chapter 359: The Reservoir
Chapter 360: Selecting Treasures
Chapter 361: Easter Eggs
Chapter 362: Starting Gun
Chapter 363: Up The Mountain
Chapter 364: Golden Aquiline Wasp Zone
Chapter 365: Rematch With Lin Suo
Chapter 366: In Synergy
Chapter 367: Octagold Shield
Chapter 368: Clove At First Shot
Chapter 369: Dividing The Spoils
Chapter 370: Dao Fields' Closing
Chapter 371: Fifth Pattern
Chapter 372: Internal Conflict
Chapter 373: Rest And Relaxation
Chapter 374: Historical Baggage
Chapter 375: A Gift For Bai Mengmeng
Chapter 376: Ticket Match
Chapter 377: Angelwood Hollow
Chapter 378: A Beaten Yu Lang
Chapter 379: Absinthe Energy
Chapter 380: Special Training Begins
Chapter 381: The Difficulty Of The 20Th Level
Chapter 382: Thousand Watery Knives Art
Chapter 383: Li Luo'S Slump
Chapter 384: Cooperation
Chapter 385: Wang Hejiu'S Choice
Chapter 386: The Final Day
Chapter 387: The Level 40 Fight
Chapter 388: Hard Fight
Chapter 389: Feather In The Cap
Chapter 390: Woodearth Evolution
Chapter 391: Special Training Ends
Chapter 392: Information
Chapter 393: Lu Cng And Lu Cng
Chapter 394: Zhao Huiyin
Chapter 395: Emotional Plotting
Chapter 396: Reward
Chapter 397: Gathering Of Elders
Chapter 398: Ticket Match Begins
Chapter 399: First Princess Vs Zhong Nan
Chapter 400: Seven Heavenly Pearls
Chapter 401: To Cook A Tortoise
Chapter 402: Round Two
Chapter 403: The Storm Demon'S Spear
Chapter 404: Three Star Hall Fight Begins
Chapter 405: Jiang Qing'E Versus Zhao Huiyin
Chapter 406: Light And Metal
Chapter 407: Metal Rakshasa
Chapter 408: I Am A Fiend Finisher
Chapter 409: The Invincible Senior Jiang
Chapter 410: Turning Tides
Chapter 411: The Decider
Chapter 412: Hero'S Entrance
Chapter 413: Time For Li Luo
Chapter 414: Amalgamation
Chapter 415: Epic Fight At One Star Hall
Chapter 416: Li Luo'S Goal
Chapter 417: Waterlight Resonance Evolution
Chapter 418: Reversal
Chapter 419: Conclusion
Chapter 420: A Nice Aftertaste
Chapter 421: School Prize
Chapter 422: Choose Your Weapon
Chapter 423: Golden-Jade Onyx-Elephant Blade
Chapter 424: Blade, Come
Chapter 425: Blade Has Come
Chapter 426: Nobles' Tattoo
Chapter 427: Gong Shenjun'S Offer
Chapter 428: Palace
Chapter 429: Yuan Qing
Chapter 430: The Real Target
Chapter 431: Dual Poisons
Chapter 432: Taking It For Myself!
Chapter 433: Almost Not Under Control
Chapter 434: Pei Hao'S Pain
Chapter 435: Possessions
Chapter 436: Third Godly Forging Art
Chapter 437: King Quintessence And Black Plaque
Chapter 438: Excellent Helper
Chapter 439: Three Favorites
Chapter 440: Quasi-Ninth, Duke Art, Dual Resonance User
Chapter 441: Cruel Cauldron Conditioning
Chapter 442: Li Luo'S Troubles
Chapter 443: Loser
Chapter 444: Buy Two Get One Free
Chapter 445: Her Heart
Chapter 446: Yu Hongxi'S Resonance
Chapter 447: Sudden Situation
Chapter 448: Black Fish
Chapter 449: Ichthyic Curse
Chapter 450: Ichythian King
Chapter 451: Pre-Departure
Chapter 452: A Weighty Send-Off
Chapter 453: Departure
Chapter 454: A Small Space
Chapter 455: The Strictest Of Warnings
Chapter 456: Golden Resonant Tree Brooch
Chapter 457: Ambitions Of An Enlightened Sage
Chapter 458: Rumors Have It
Chapter 459: Jing Taixu Loses His Cool
Chapter 460: Burning Bridges
Chapter 461: Officially Begun
Chapter 462: Anima Cumulonimbus
Chapter 463 - Qin Zhulu Versus Sun Dasheng
Chapter 464 - Test By Proxy
Chapter 465 - Two Strikes
Chapter 466 - Ace Squad
Chapter 467 - “Dual Resonances” Yu Lang
Chapter 468 - Liar Liar
Chapter 469 - Two Dual Resonances
Chapter 470 - Medium Anima Cumulonimbus
Chapter 471 - Defense
Chapter 472 - Battle Deployment
Chapter 473 - Forces Meet
Chapter 474 - Two Routes
Chapter 475 - Of Covers And Poisonous Farts
Chapter 476 - One Attack
Chapter 477 - Badass
Chapter 478 - Chats In The Night
Chapter 479 - Anima Storm
Chapter 480 - Stairway To Heaven
Chapter 481 - Goodwill?
Chapter 482 - Li Luo'S Ambitions
Chapter 483 - Fourth Storm Activated
Chapter 484 - Li Luo'S Resplendence
Chapter 485 - Head To Head
Chapter 486 - Ringing The Anima Bell
Chapter 487 - Who'S Scarier?
Chapter 488 - Jing Taixu'S Plan
Chapter 489 - The Sixth Slot
Chapter 490 - Entering Dragon'S Belly
Chapter 491 - Illusion Formation
Chapter 492 - Perilous Situation
Chapter 493 - Hunter Or Hunted?
Chapter 494 - Bloodline Resonance Art
Chapter 495 - Resonance Of The Plaque
Chapter 496 - Dragon’S Bloodpearl
Chapter 497 - Red Carpet To The Core Arena
Chapter 498 - Lu Ming, Again
Chapter 499 - Dual Resonance Users Fight
Chapter 500 - Lu Ming'S Illusion Formation
Chapter 501 - Three Star Hall Ambush
Chapter 502 - Li Luo'S Riposte
Chapter 503 - Li Luo Breaks The Stalemate
Chapter 504 - Lu Ming'S Elimination
Chapter 505 - I'Ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours
Chapter 506 - Ninth-Grade Spirit Avatar
Chapter 507 - Clash Of Styles
Chapter 508 - Light Spirit Avatar
Chapter 509 - Tyranness Jiang Qing'E
Chapter 510 - Three Star Hall'S Results
Chapter 511 - Jing Taixu'S Dragon-General Resonance Art
Chapter 512 - With Tail Between Legs
Chapter 513 - One Star Hall'S Best Boy
Chapter 514 - Creating A Legend
Chapter 515 - Two Golden Resonant Tree Brooches
Chapter 516 - Four Star Hall'S Final
Chapter 517 - Three Kowtows Of The Enlightened Sage
Chapter 518 - Gong Shenjun'S Choice
Chapter 519 - Celebration Dinner
Chapter 520 - Gong Shenjun'S Invitation
Chapter 521 - A Fragrant Reward
Chapter 522 - Feeling The First Princess Out
Chapter 523 - Mixed-Level Competition Format
Chapter 524 - Choices
Chapter 525 - Kicking It With The First Princess
Chapter 526 - Elder Ling Yu
Chapter 527 - The Mixed-Level Competition Gets Serious
Chapter 528 - Red Clay Province
Chapter 529 - Tale Of A Small Village
Chapter 530 - Overwhelming Force
Chapter 531 - Four-Limbed Demon-Eye Serpent
Chapter 532 - Riverguard City
Chapter 533 - Farming
Chapter 534 - The Plan
Chapter 535 - Black Knight
Chapter 536 - So Strong
Chapter 537 - Girl Power
Chapter 538 - Beauties And The Beast
Chapter 539 - Number One In Points
Chapter 540 - Emergency Mission
Chapter 541 - Qin Yue, Zhao Beili
Chapter 542 - Thunderpeal Fruits
Chapter 543 - The Thunderpeal Tree Attacks
Chapter 544 - A Special Signal
Chapter 545 - Tempting Lu Ming
Chapter 546 - Silver Tree Core
Chapter 547 - Detoxify
Chapter 548 - Black Knight Again
Chapter 549 - Who'S Who
Chapter 550 - Huang Lou
Chapter 551 - Li Luo Breaks The Stalemate
Chapter 552 - Imperial Fluxpool
Chapter 553 - Lightning Forge
Chapter 554 - Mission Complete
Chapter 555 - The Parting Squads
Chapter 556 - Crimson Knight-General
Chapter 557 - Meeting Lan Lan
Chapter 558 - Fight At The Top
Chapter 559 - A Second Encounter With Jing Taixu
Chapter 560 - The Fastest
Chapter 561 - Lan Lan'S Team, Retreat!
Chapter 562 - Empty City
Chapter 563 - Teamwork
Chapter 564 - Land Of Fantasy
Chapter 565 - Danger Avenue
Chapter 566 - Sugar Coated Hawthorns
Chapter 567 - Bewitching Other
Chapter 568 - True Body
Chapter 00569 - Killed
Chapter 570 - The First Drop Of Cleansing Dew
Chapter 571 - Heavenly Disaster Class Descends
Chapter 572 - Mixed-Level Competition Final
Chapter 573 - Diverted Influence
Chapter 574 - Betrayal
Chapter 575 - Four Heroes Versus Ao Bai
Chapter 576 - The Weakness
Chapter 577 - Modifying Resonance Arts
Chapter 578 - A United Win
Chapter 579 - Time To Counterattack
Chapter 580 - Leaders' Attack
Chapter 581 - Defeating The Demon Together
Chapter 582 - Crimson Knight-General Appears
Chapter 583 - Jiang Qing'E'S Move
Chapter 584 - Gong Shenjun'S Plan
Chapter 585 - The Crimson Knight-General'S Plan
Chapter 586 - The Demonic Crimson Knight-General
Chapter 587 - Talking To The Wolf
Chapter 588 - One Slash
Chapter 589 - Sword Wheel Wins Crimson Armor
Chapter 590 - Final Score
Chapter 591 - Mixed-Level Competition Ends
Chapter 592 - Champions
Chapter 593 - Violet Resonant Tree Brooch
Chapter 594 - Going Home
Chapter 595 - Holy Tree Marrow Crystal
Chapter 596 - The Secret
Chapter 597 - Completed Heavenly Libation Chant
Chapter 598 - Royal Engraving
Chapter 599 - Communion Ascends The Soul, One'S Destiny, Transcendent
Chapter 600 - Popularity
Chapter 601 - Activating The Royal Engraving
Chapter 602 - Hidden Treasure: Bai Mengmeng!
Chapter 603 - Princess Sensitivities
Chapter 604 - First Princess' Investment.
Chapter 605 - Ox Biaobiao Returns
Chapter 606 - The Watchful Eye Of Jiang Qing'E
Chapter 607 - Third Resonance - Thunder Dragon Resonance
Chapter 608 - Plan
Chapter 609 - Infuriated Yu Hongxi
Chapter 610 - Spirit Condensing Pill
Chapter 611 - Dual Resonance Advancement
Chapter 0612: Breaking Into Earth Fiend General Stage
Chapter 613 - Earth Fiend Energy
Chapter 614 - Mysterious Power
Chapter 615 - Fiend Palace Tier!
Chapter 616 - Triple Resonance Completion
Chapter 617 - Spirit Deposit
Chapter 618 - Cultivating Fiend Arts
Chapter 619 - Meeting Pei Hao Again
Chapter 620 - Pei Hao'S Intentions
Chapter 0621: Xu Tianling
Chapter 0622: Deterrence
Chapter 0623: Thunderbolt Art
Chapter 0624: Records Were Meant To Be Broken
Chapter 625 - Jiang Qing'E'S Challenge
Chapter 626 - Battling Zhong Taiqiu
Chapter 627 - Quasi Pearl
Chapter 628 - Pinnacle Showdown
Chapter 629 - A New Seven Astral Pillar, A New Legend
Chapter 630 - Application
Chapter 631 - Dual Legends
Chapter 632 - Underworld River'S Black Dragon Banner
Chapter 633 - Mentor, Traumatized?
Chapter 634 - Golden Nirvana Lotus
Chapter 635 - Black Hand
Chapter 636 - Cultivated
Chapter 637 - Grave Tidings
Chapter 638 - House Lanling
Chapter 639 - Li Luo'S Plan
Chapter 0640: Li Luo’S Aim
Chapter 0641: Tempting The Three-Tail
Chapter 0642: Housemeet’S Eve
Chapter 0643: Underestimated Parents
Chapter 644 - Housemeet Begins
Chapter 645 - Both Parties Act
Chapter 646 - Accidental Meeting
Chapter 647 - Beat To The Punch
Chapter 648 - The Winds Move
Chapter 649 - Conflict Within The Gilded Palace
Chapter 650 - Pei Hao'S Backer
Chapter 651 - Li Luo'S Climatic Battle With Pei Hao
Chapter 652 - Heavenly Sword Formation
Chapter 653 - Underworld River'S Black Dragon Banner'S Might!
Chapter 654 - Escalation
Chapter 655 - Zhu Qinghuo'S Methods
Chapter 656 - The Show Begins!
Chapter 657 - Duke'S Clash
Chapter 658 - Mutation
Chapter 659 - The Returned "Pei Hao"
Chapter 660 - Heaven Hibernating, Sacred Change Art
Chapter 661 - Duke Art
Chapter 662 - Fiance Tag Team
Chapter 663 - Pei Hao'S True Death
Chapter 664 - Another Wave
Chapter 665 - The Black Hand Reveals Himself!
Chapter 0666: Tan Tailan'S Move
Chapter 0667: Housemeet'S End
Chapter 0668: Family Reunion
Chapter 0669: Greater Acquired Resonance Godly Forging Art
Chapter 0670: The Conclusion To The Battle!
Chapter 0671: The Frustrated Regent
Chapter 0672: A Different Choice
Chapter 0673: Favors, Favors Everywhere!
Chapter 0674: Esteemed Guests Arrive
Chapter 0675: Magnetic
Chapter 0676: Five Elements Dragon-Elephant Formation
Chapter 0677: Change
Chapter 0678: Ceremony'S Eve
Chapter 0679: Grand Ceremony
Chapter 0680: The Prologue Kicks Off
Chapter 0681: Kingdom Protecting Formation
Chapter 0682: Upheaval
Chapter 0683: Gong Yuan'S Wild Ambitions
Chapter 0684: Qin Zhenjiang'S Move
Chapter 0685: A Stick Of Purple Incense
Chapter 0686: Principal Pang'S Backup
Chapter 0687: Hacked At
Chapter 0688: Experiencing The King Stage
Chapter 0689: Deep Experience
Chapter 0690: Triple Resonances Reveal
Chapter 0691: Uproar Within The College
Chapter 0692: The Source Of Corruption
Chapter 0693: Suppressing The Ichthyic Curse
Chapter 0694: Gathering Strength
Chapter 0695: College Disaster
Chapter 0696: Duke'S Worldspace Domain
Chapter 0697: Umbra Cave'S Unforeseen Event
Chapter 0698: Cadaverous King
Chapter 0699: Burning Tree Of Resonant Power
Chapter 0700: Seal
Chapter 0701: Black Plaque
Chapter 0702: Xia Kingdom'S Monumental Changes
Chapter 0703: Giving Up
Chapter 0704: Xuan Chen
Chapter 0705: Royal Court Schism
Chapter 0706: Taking Sides
Chapter 0707: An Answer
Chapter 0708: Conditions
Chapter 0709: Returning To The South
Chapter 0710: Heart Stealer
Chapter 0711: Devil Resonance
Chapter 0712: Battle At Southwind
Chapter 0713: Shen Jinxiao'S True Strength
Chapter 0714: Four Dukes Battle!
Chapter 0715: Devil Resonance
Chapter 0716: The Final Move
Chapter 0717: Shattering Your Three Duke Bergfrieds
Chapter 0718: Igniting The Heart Of Light
Chapter 0719: Mysterious Man
Chapter 0720: Li Rouyun
Chapter 0721: Ocean'S Spirit Pearl
Chapter 0722: Responsibility
Chapter 0723: That Year
Chapter 0724: The Hypnotizing Color Of The Moon
Chapter 0725: Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College
Chapter 0726: Choice
Chapter 0727: Annulment
Chapter 0728: Separation
Chapter 0729: Returning To Southwind
Chapter 0730: Bidding The First Princess Farewell
Chapter 0731: Before Departure
Chapter 0732: Leaving The Xia Kingdom
Chapter 0733: The Heavenly Dragon'S Five Lineages
Chapter 0734: The Terrifying Heavenly Emperor Bloodline
Chapter 0735: Parents' Matters
Chapter 0736: Li Luo'S Goal
Chapter 0737: Dragon'S Fang Domain
Chapter 0738: Dragon'S Fang Mountain Range
Chapter 0739: Eldest Brother And Second Sister
Chapter 0740: Li Jingzhe
Chapter 0741: Zhao Xuanming
Chapter 0742: Dragon Bell
Chapter 0743: Five Guardian Armies And The Twenty Banners
Chapter 0744: Choosing A Banner
Chapter 0745: Results
Chapter 0746: Defending Father'S Seat
Chapter 0747: Grandfather'S Chat
Chapter 0748: Monthly Stipend
Chapter 0749: Fifth Division
Chapter 0750: Green Nether Drill Grounds
Chapter 0751: The Fifth Division'S Sub Leader
Chapter 0752: Black Dragon Shocks The Field
Chapter 0753: Surrender
Chapter 0754: Draconic Atavism Scripture
Chapter 0755: Zhao Yanzhi'S Wild Heart
Chapter 0756: Seventy Two Layers Of The Fiendish Devil Cave
Chapter 0757: Dragon Stele
Chapter 0758: Thunder Dragon'S Breath
Chapter 0759: Nine Revolutions Draconic Breath
Chapter 0760: Nine Revolutions Draconic Breath Fiend Arts
Chapter 0761: Tremors Through The Crowd
Chapter 0762: Banner Members' Core
Chapter 0763: Goals
Chapter 0764: Harmony
Chapter 0765: Fiendish Devil Peak
Chapter 0766: Battle For Position
Chapter 0767: First Foray Into The Fiendish Devil Cave
Chapter 0768: Banner'S Drive
Chapter 0769: Fiendish Devil Leader
Chapter 0770: Experiencing Harmony
Chapter 0771: Fifth Division’S First Victory
Chapter 0772: Price
Chapter 0773: Battle Among The Banners
Chapter 0774: Li Qingfeng And Li Hongli
Chapter 0775: Clash
Chapter 0776 – Duel With Li Tong
Chapter 0777 – Radiance Revealed
Chapter 0778 – Startled Banners
Chapter 0779 – Heavenly Origin Records, Empyrean Chronicle
Chapter 0780 – Flowing Thunder Dragon Fang
Chapter 0781 – Grand Circle Of Completion, Five Thousand Strands
Chapter 0782 – Resource Allocation
Chapter 0783 – Ox Biaobiao'S Selection
Chapter 0784 – Third School Master
Chapter 0785 – Li Luo'S Plan
Chapter 0786 – Lu Qingmei
Chapter 0787 – Nine Revolutions Art, Enigmatic Ocean Parting Ray
Chapter 0788 – The Third Realm
Chapter 0789 – Draw
Chapter 0790 – Vestiges Of Spirituality
Chapter 0791 – Selection Battle For The Banner Leader
Chapter 0792 – Li Luo'S Resonance Arts
Chapter 0793 – Fiend Dipper Energy
Chapter 0794 – A Single Strike Fells The Fiend
Chapter 0795 – Remnant Energy
Chapter 0796 – Advice From Li Jingzhe
Chapter 0797 – Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath Pool
Chapter 0798 – New Leader Takes Office
Chapter 0799 – Li Luo'S Retaliation
Chapter 0800 – Reappearance Of Zhong Ling
Chapter 0801 – 8,000 Member Harmony
Chapter 0802 – The Might Of Heavenly Dragon Resonance Enlightenment
Chapter 0803 – Loss Of Control
Chapter 0804 – Hall Master'S Questioning
Chapter 0805 – Dragon Fang Duke Art
Chapter 0806 – News Spreads
Chapter 0807 – Eighth-Grade Waterlight Resonance
Chapter 0808 – Five Tails
Chapter 0809 – Layer Forty
Chapter 0810 – Dragon'S Fang Cave
Chapter 0811 – Python Puppet
Chapter 0812 – Cheating
Chapter 0813 – Dragon Fang Essence
Chapter 0814 – A Trace Of Sword Intent
Chapter 0815 – Gathering
Chapter 0816: Gathering Of The Twenty Banners
Chapter 0817: Pre-Arrangement
Chapter 0818: The Protagonist Of The Birthday Celebration
Chapter 0819: Qin Yi
Chapter 0820: Battle For The Lotus
Chapter 0821: Rejection
Chapter 0822: Beginning And An End
Chapter 0823: Conclusion
Chapter 0824: Qin Lian
Chapter 0825: Head Of The Five Lineages
Chapter 0826: Qin Zhiming
Chapter 0827: Competition
Chapter 0828: Opening Of The Dragonbreath Pool
Chapter 0829: Shadow Dragon
Chapter 0830: Isolation Area
Chapter 0831: Spiritual Water Mirror Palace
Chapter 0832: Replica
Chapter 0833: Battle Against Qin Yi
Chapter 0834: Invincible Water Jade Armor
Chapter 0835: The 12 Resonant Bubbles
Chapter 0836: Lightning Twister Plantain Fan
Chapter 0837: Close Victory
Chapter 0838: The Best, The Golden Dragon Pillar
Chapter 0839: Occupying The Golden Dragon Pillar
Chapter 0840: A Different Choice
Chapter 0841: Absolute Defense
Chapter 0842: Masters Of The Dragon Pillars
Chapter 0843: The Biggest Winner
Chapter 0844: Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath
Chapter 0845: Li Luo'S Bait
Chapter 0846: Different Methods
Chapter 0847: Rich Harvest
Chapter 0848: The Undefeated Venerable
Chapter 0849: The Unhappy Li Fengyi
Chapter 0850: Tri-Radiance Glass
Chapter 0851: Competing For The Dragon'S Head
Chapter 0852: Dark Domain
Chapter 0853: Skipping Stages
Chapter 0854: Semi-Completed Grade
Chapter 0855: Four Banners Assembled
Chapter 0856: Western Region
Chapter 0857: Intel
Chapter 0858: Li Lingjing
Chapter 0859: Dark Cloud Conclave
Chapter 0860: Zhao Jingyu
Chapter 0861: Encounter
Chapter 0862:First Clash
Chapter 0863: The Unlucky One
Chapter 0864: Kind-Hearted Brother Zhao
Chapter 0865: The Objective Of The True Devils
Chapter 0866: Discussion
Chapter 0867: Clean Up
Chapter 0868: Crimson Fire Mountain Range
Chapter 0869: Gilded Armor Spirit Blade
Chapter 0870: Ward'S Interference
Chapter 0871: One Kick
Chapter 0872: Appearance Of The True Devil
Chapter 0873: Continuous Developments
Chapter 0874: True Devil Li Lingjing
Chapter 0875: Shadow Worm Smoke
Chapter 0876: Desperate Counterattack
Chapter 0877: Li Lingjing'S Final Stand
Chapter 0878: Enchanting Fire Water Pond
Chapter 0879: Obtaining Rewards From Opportunities
Chapter 0880: Tri-Radiance Glass
Chapter 0881: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 0882: Restoring The Spirit
Chapter 0883: Variant
Chapter 0884: Return Trip
Chapter 0885: Secret Art Of Extraction
Chapter 0886: Chatting With Uncle Biao
Chapter 0887: Jiang Qing'E'S Promotion Battle
Chapter 0888: Unparalleled Purification Power
Chapter 0889: All Worthless
Chapter 0890: Clear Eyes Of The Heavenly Dragon
Chapter 0891: The Frightening Origin Reversion Institute
Chapter 0892: Li Lingjing'S Potential
Chapter 0893: Clash Of Sword Intent
Chapter 0894: Essence Obtained
Chapter 0895: Heavenly Temple Lotus
Chapter 0896: Heart Of The Enlightened Lake
Chapter 0897: Water Dragon Fang Sword
Chapter 0898: Two Choices
Chapter 0899: Head Of The Dragon'S Fang Lineage'S Four Banners
Chapter 0900: Pseudo Duke Art
Chapter 0901: Inky Jade Dragon Ent
Chapter 0902: Li Luo Ascends
Chapter 0903: Sanctified Dragon'S Body
Chapter 0904: Beginning Of The Grand Battle
Chapter 905: 30,000 Feet Stone Dragon
Chapter 0906: Dragon'S Infernal Baptism
Chapter 0907: The Exceptional Li Jingtao
Chapter 0908: 29,700 Feet
Chapter 0909: Tortoise Dragon Resonance
Chapter 0910: Li Luo'S Sprint
Chapter 0911: Dragon Slaying
Chapter 0912: Another Record
Chapter 0913: Nine Scales Sanctified Dragon'S Body Embryonic Form
Chapter 0914: Challenging Lu Qingmei
Chapter 0915: Encountering Li Qingfeng
Chapter 0916: Dragon’S Blood Judgment
Chapter 0917: Blood Purity Competition
Chapter 0918: Obtaining The Dragon'S Head
Chapter 0919: The Ninth Battle
Chapter 0920: Father And Son Clash
Chapter 0921: Greater Completion
Chapter 0922: The Almighty Water Dragon Fang Sword
Chapter 0923: Nine Scales Sanctified Dragon'S Body
Chapter 0924: Reward
Chapter 0925: Heavenly Dragon'S Sunchaser Bow
Chapter 0926: Spiritual Resonance Cave
Chapter 0927: Upper-Grade Duke
Chapter 0928: Discussion With The Elders
Chapter 0929: New Hall Master Ox Biaobiao
Chapter 0930: Talents Across The Continent
Chapter 0931: Secret
Chapter 0932: Li Fuling
Chapter 0933: Layer Sixty-Three
Chapter 0934: Reprimanding Words
Chapter 0935: The Top Ranked Green Nether Banner
Chapter 0936: Li Wuyuan
Chapter 0937: Targeted
Chapter 0938: Embryonic Sword Shadow
Chapter 0939: Set Out!
Chapter 0940: Talents Of All Kinds
Chapter 0941: Five Lineages Gather
Chapter 0942: Leader
Chapter 0943: Cousin Lingjings Performance
Chapter 0944: Pagoda
Chapter 0945: Six Orifices Dipper Smelting Pill
Chapter 0946: Nine Orifices
Chapter 0947: Great Sanguine Poison Art
Chapter 0948: Golden Dew Platform
Chapter 0949: Changes
Chapter 0950: The Well Developed Key Location
Chapter 0951: Spiritual Resonance Caves Chosen One
Chapter 0952: Birth Of The Golden Dew
Chapter 0953: The Acquired Resonance Flames Effect
Chapter 0954: Trap
Chapter 0955: Turning The Tables
Chapter 0956: Surrender
Chapter 0957: Forced Retreat
Chapter 0958: Full Of Hatred
Chapter 0959: Li Luo'S Growing Influence
Chapter 0960: Pairs
Chapter 0961: Purifying Spirit Resonance Golden Dew
Chapter 0962: Meeting Qin Yi
Chapter 0963: Cooperation
Chapter 0964: Li Luos Discovery
Chapter 0965: Lying Corpse
Chapter 0966: Zhu Dayu
Chapter 0967: Stone Cup
Chapter 0968: Lantern Bearer
Chapter 0969: Battling Qin Yi Again
Chapter 0970: Sunchasing Arrow
Chapter 0971: Strange Cultivators
Chapter 0972: Luring The Monsters
Chapter 973: Li Lingjing'S Predicament
Chapter 974: Spread Of The Devilish Mist
Chapter 975: Cooperation
Chapter 0976: Treasure Seizing
Chapter 0977: Aquamarine Bamboo Python Staff
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King of Manifestations, King of Myriad Idols, 万相之王

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In the land of the Xia Kingdom, every human being is born with what is known as a ‘resonance’, either to a specific element or a powerful, mythical beast. Unfortunately, Li Luo was born with an incredibly rare condition known as a blank resonance – as the name suggests, he doesn’t have one! Normally, this would be utterly crippling, but at least he has the advantage of being the young master of the mighty House Loulan, one of the five Great Houses of Xia. Unfortunately, his parents, the powerful masters of House Loulan, have gone missing for many years, and the other Great Houses are beginning to eye their holdings quite hungrily. For that matter, plenty are also eyeing his talented, beautiful childhood friend and fiancee Jiang Qing’e, who has been leading House Loulan in his parents’ stead! Li Luo would much rather keep a low profile and wants to call off the engagement – but Jiang Qing’e has flatly refused. What’s a ‘useless young master’ to do?

Is there any way he can get out of this engagement? Can he figure out a way to protect his House from the jackals circling around it? And… is a blank resonance really useless?

Come and find out!

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Chapter 1: I Have Three Blank Palaces

Chapter 1: I Have Three Blank Palaces

The Xia Kingdom. Tianshu Province.

The June sun was blazing, scorching the city of Southwind with its heat.

Many youthful faces could be seen within a bright, spacious training area of the Southwind Academy. The young boys and girls were all dressed in training gear and were seated in the lotus position. They were arranged in a circle, and their gazes were directed towards the center, where two figures were engaged in a rapid-fire duel. Clear ringing sounds could be heard echoing throughout the training area each time their wooden swords clashed.

Both of the duelists were young, roughly fifteen or sixteen years of age. The youth to the right was quite slender and handsome, with a pair of lively eyes and an elegant demeanor. His spectacular leather clothes alone drew the rapt, bashful gazes of quite a few of the maidens present.

“Go, Li Luo!” A particularly brave maiden let out a cheer of support.

Li Luo’s opponent was another youth, but a much more muscular one. His face looked significantly more brutish, and his skin was swarthy and dark. The duel between him and Li Luo almost looked like a battle between a man and a black bear.

When he heard the maiden cheer for Li Luo, he grimaced in a rather jealous manner, then roared out, “Li Luo, I’m not going to hold back any longer!” He took a step forward, causing the floorboard to tremble, then chopped out with his wooden sword towards Li Luo. The sword seemed to screech as it sliced through the air.

Li Luo’s gaze flickered as he saw the shadow of the sword reaching towards him. He suddenly leapt forwards, moving as agilely as a swallow as he sidestepped this fierce, ponderous strike.

“The Windsparrow Step!” someone cried out with a hint of praise. The Windsparrow Step was just a basic resonance art which quite a few of the people present knew, but not many were able to execute it with Li Luo’s level of skill.

Li Luo shot towards the muscular youth like a flying sparrow, then suddenly struck out in a move akin to drawing the sword. A ray of light seemed to flash with incredible speed as his sword pierced towards his opponent’s chest.

“The Lesser Nimblelight Sword!” another called out in surprise. Li Luo’s strike had flashed forward like the curved horns of an antelope, an attack that was both fast and vicious. The onlookers couldn’t help but sigh in praise.

The most talented student of the Southwind Academy truly lives up to his reputation!

The look on the muscular youth’s face changed when he saw Li Luo strike at him. However, he was no pushover himself. At this critical moment, he forcefully stabilized himself and then rapidly leapt several steps backwards.

Right at this moment, a faint silvery glow exuded from his hand, seeming to take the form of a blurry silver bear’s palm as he grasped the wooden sword. Accompanying the glow was a faint, deep, bearlike growl that seemed to emanate from somewhere within the muscular youth’s body.

One of the many watching students let out a surprised cry. “That’s Zhao Kuo’s fifth-grade Silver Bear Resonance. It seems he’s really taking this seriously!”

Accompanied by many amazed cries, Zhao Kuo took a step forwards, causing cracks to appear in the floorboards beneath him as he delivered a chopping blow towards Li Luo. His heavy wooden sword was filled with an aura of dominating power and accompanied by an ear-piercing gust of wind, and a rapid silver glow was quickly coalescing atop the sword as well.

“Brutal Chop!” the muscular youth roared out, delivering a brilliant blow directly against the incoming piercing sword-shadow.

Boom! The two swords slammed into each other with such tremendous force that Li Luo’s wooden sword started to crumble into pieces. In the end, the entire wooden sword was blown apart by the forceful, dominating, grizzly-like strike. Faced with this tremendous power, Li Luo was knocked dozens of steps backwards.

After stabilizing himself, Li Luo lowered his head to glance at the remnants of his wooden sword, then let out a helpless chuckle. “Fine, Zhao Kuo. You win.”

“Aww.” This regretful sound simultaneously came from the mouths of multiple maidens as they heard his pronouncement. However, many of the young men watching let out little sniggers of joy. As lusty young men in the prime of their health, they naturally felt quite a bit of jealousy towards Li Luo, due to the amount of affection the young maidens present bore him.

“What a pity! Li Luo’s attack was clearly deadlier. He’s considerably superior to Zhao Kuo when it comes to applying resonance arts. If it wasn’t for the fact that he has yet to awaken a resonance, he definitely would’ve won this duel,” an onlooker evaluated.

“Agreed. Zhao Kuo has a fifth-grade Silver Bear Resonance that grants him astonishing power. In addition, I suspect his resonant power has reached the fifth seal as well. He lives up to his reputation as the strongest member of the Second School.”

“Li Luo is definitely incredibly talented in learning and using resonance arts, but he was born without a resonance of his own. This is an incurable weakness. No matter how skilled you are in applying and using a resonance art, your attacks won’t be of much use if you don’t have sufficiently powerful base of resonant power supporting it.”

“Hah! No need for you to pity him. Think about who Li Luo is! He’s the young lord of House Luolan, one of the four great houses of the Xia Kingdom. His parents, in turn, were the youngest Dukes in the kingdom. In ten short years, their newly established House Luolan quickly ascended to become one of the four great houses. Not only are they famous in the Xia Kingdom, they’ve even earned a reputation beyond our borders!”

“Ugh, all that is ancient history. Three years ago, his parents went missing during the Noble’s War, and ever since then House Luolan has grown much weaker. And, from what I’ve heard, there’s currently a lot of dissent within House Luolan itself. In the future, it might even break apart. I doubt he’ll be the young lord for much longer.”

“Oh? Is that really true? The current leader of House Luolan is Jiang Qing’e, right? One of our senior classmates.”

When this name came out, ardent looks appeared in the eyes of all the young men present. This was because the name Jiang Qing’e had reached mythical status in the annals of the Southwind Academy. Still – when they remembered the special relationship she had with Li Luo, the ardent looks transformed into gazes aimed at Li Luo that were rather odd.

As the young men and women present all whispered and gossiped with each other, Zhao Kuo walked towards Li Luo, then patted him on the shoulder. Smiling, he said, “You alright? Don’t blame me for seizing an unfair advantage.”

Li Luo chuckled. Zhao Kuo was the straightforward sort, and the two of them were usually on quite good terms. The man hadn’t broken any rules either. The fact that he was born with a blank resonance was his greatest weakness; he couldn’t blame Zhao Kuo for that.

A middle-aged man had been watching the two of them from the sidelines for quite some time. Finally, he turned his gaze away. This man’s name was Xu Shanyue, and he was the teacher of the Second School.

Xu Shanyue’s eyes were also filled with a lot of regret. Li Luo truly was an incredibly talented figure, and he was able to learn any resonance art faster than an average person. In this, he had clearly taken after his two incredible parents, and in fact he actually surpassed them. Unfortunately, the fact that he was born with a blank resonance would prove quite problematic for him when it came to improving his resonant power.

When humans trained, they had to rely upon their own resonance and use it as their foundations. They would use their resonances to draw upon the natural energy of the world, then convert it into the force known as power.

There were countless different types of resonances, but most could be roughly divided into one of two camps; elemental resonances and beast resonances.

Elemental resonances referred to the various elements that filled heaven and earth, such as water, fire, wind, or thunder. As for the beast resonances? According to the legends, during the earliest dawn of human civilization, there was an almighty figure that attempted to strengthen humanity by extracting the spirits of countless beasts, then infusing these spirits into the various human bloodlines, giving birth to what was now called ‘beast resonances’. In general, both elemental resonances and beast resonances could be roughly divided into nine different grades.

Normally, when a human child reached his teens, a cavity known as the ‘resonant palace’ would appear within that child’s body. Once it manifested, it would naturally give birth to that child’s resonance.

Zhao Kuo, for example, had awakened a fifth-grade Silver Bear Resonance within his resonant palace. This obviously was one of the many beast resonances. This resonance specialized in granting tremendous strength, and when combined with his own formidable resonant power, it was capable of unleashing truly destructive levels of power.

And this was where Li Luo’s problem lay. Even though his resonant palace had appeared, no resonance had manifested within the palace. It was completely empty. Cases like this were incredibly rare, and were generally referred to as having a ‘blank resonance’. Since he had no resonance to serve as a foundation for drawing and refining energy from the natural world, it was very difficult for him to gain a high level of resonant power. This was the fundamental reason why he had just been defeated by Zhao Kuo.

He had no resonance within his palace!

The Academy had already performed many different tests to understand why this was the case. His parents were both outstanding figures, after all, and the high-level members of the Academy had very high hopes for him. The had initially believed that in the future, he would definitely be able to gain entrance into the best high-level academy of the Xia Kingdom, the Astral Sage College.

When Li Luo had first entered the Southwind Academy, he had lived up to their expectations, demonstrating an absolutely astonishing aptitude for training in resonance arts. He had been immediately granted entrance into its First School, where all the most talented students of the entire Tianshu Province were gathered.

Alas, as time advanced and as all the students began to manifest their resonances, his current problem had reared its ugly head. By now, he was the only one with a resonant palace but nothing inside it. As a result, although he was always faster to learn new arts than the other students, his resonant power grew at a much slower rate. By now, his resonant power had actually fallen to be below the average for the First Academy.

The whole point of learning resonance arts was to be able to apply your resonant power to greater effect, but if your resonant power was weak to begin with? Well, there was a limit to what even the most profound of resonant arts could achieve.

After subjecting Li Luo to a battery of tests, the administrators had come to the conclusion that Li Luo’s body simply, innately, lacked any resonance at all. In the future, it would be incredibly difficult for him to advance in his cultivation. After they reached this conclusion, the resonance instructure of the First School immediately requested that Li Luo be removed from the First School and sent to the Second School.

To be fair, this made sense. The First School was the place where all the most talented students were gathered, and the teacher simply didn’t want Li Luo to hold the others back. But of course, the other, more important reason was that right at that time, both of Li Luo’s parents had vanished. With them gone, House Luolan had quickly become the weakest of the four great Houses. Their position was now quite awkward.

And so, in the end, Li Luo had been sent to the Second School.

Xu Shanyue sighed to himself. When Li Luo had first arrived at the Second School, Zhao Kuo wasn’t even a match for him. Now, a mere semester later, Zhao Kuo was able to overwhelm him. If this continued, his ranking within the Second School would most likely continue to drop over the course of the next semester. Unless he was able to dramatically improve his performance, it was likely that he would stand no chance at all of being granted entry into the Astral Sage College.

The more Xu Shanyue looked at Li Luo’s calm, handsome features and his suave demeanor, the more pity he felt. He knew that the youth was incredibly hard-working, but his parents were simply so spectacular that everyone had incredible expectations for him. As a result, their prestige had become a source of tremendous pressure.

Everyone knew the saying that talented parents often had useless children, but few would delve deeper into the reasons behind this.

Li Luo cast a glance at the many pitying gazes aimed at him, swept the splinters off his clothes, then sat down cross-legged. He knew exactly what all of them were thinking, of course.

A blank resonance, eh?

This pretty much guaranteed that his future prospects were dim.


Li Luo smirked slightly. He couldn’t help but unconsciously reach down to touch his lower abdomen.

He had a secret which no one else knew. In his resonant palace, there was more than just a so-called ‘blank resonance’.

For cultivators of this world, at first their bodies would give birth to a single resonant palace; only later, when they reached the Duke stage, would they gain a second resonant palace. Finally, upon reaching the King stage, they would gain a third. However, the number of Dukes in the Xia Kingdom could be counted on one hand, while Kings were virtually unheard of despite how powerful the Xia Kingdom was.

But of course, there were no absolutes. Supposedly, there were some especially blessed individuals who had a chance of gaining a second resonant palace even before they reached the Duke stage. This happened naturally as their resonant power advanced, but the chances were incredibly low.

And this was what made Li Luo special.  Although he was still at the earliest Ten Seals stage, he didn’t have just one resonant palace in his body – he had three, which was completely unheard of!

Normally, only supreme experts who had reached the King stage would have three resonant palaces, but somehow this had manifested within his body. But what was even more shocking… was that all three palaces were blank!

Having a blank resonance meant your future prospects were dim.  But three blank resonances – did that mean you had a future, or not? Li Luo let out a sigh, a rather depressed look on his face.

Just as Li Luo was feeling all these mixed emotions, Zhao Kuo came over and sat down next to him. Zhao Kuo whispered, “You still haven’t resolved your resonance problem, eh?”

Li Luo silently shook his head. Upon seeing this, Zhao Kuo let out a helpless sigh as well. Actually, he knew that this was a dumb question. A person was born with a resonance; it was innate, and no one had ever heard of someone later filling in a blank palace with something else. Clearly, Li Luo was facing a serious problem.

As the two chatted, Xu Shanyue walked into the dueling grounds. After giving Li Luo a few words of encouragement, he turned and said to the many students present, “Everyone, important exams will be starting next month. Your chances at entering a college will be dependent on your performance in the exams. I urge you all to train hard.”

The students were all silent, and they all had solemn looks on their faces. All their years of hard work were focused towards the exams coming up next month. If they were able to get into a college, then their future prospects would improve dramatically.

After this, Xu Shanyue announced that class was over. Li Luo and Zhao Kuo walked side-by-side as they left alongside the other students.

“I’m going to spend some more time training my resonance arts. Honestly, you gave me a good scare today. I suspect that if your resonant power was just slightly higher, you’d beat the pants off of me,” Zhao Kuo said with a sigh after exiting the training grounds. He then waved goodbye towards Li Luo.

Li Luo smiled as he watched Zhao Kuo depart. He knew the truth; Zhao Kuo was afraid that Li Luo was in poor spirits after this defeat, and so wanted to give him some alone time. What Zhao Kuo didn’t understand was that by now, Li Luo had grown accustomed to it all.

Li Luo withdrew his gaze, then turned and followed a tree-lined road that led outside the Academy. He ran into quite a few students as he walked, and all of them, both male and female, would glance at him as they passed. It wasn’t just because of his good looks; rather, it was because he was now a rather notorious figure at the Academy.

In the face of their gazes, Li Luo maintained a look of practiced indifference. He continued to follow the pathway until he reached the Academy gates, at which point he paused.

In front of him was a large number of students who were all speaking in a lively manner. These students were all surrounding a very special bluestone wall – the Southwind Academy’s Wall of Honor. It contained the descriptions of all the mighty figures who had once graduated from the Southwind Academy.

By now, all the students had seen the Wall of Honor countless times. Logically speaking, they should’ve grown weary of examining it long ago, but for some reason they were quite focused on it today.

Li Luo pursed his lips. He knew what was going on. The vast majority of the students here were because of ‘her’.

Li Luo turned his gaze to a very specific point on the Wall of Honor. There was a gleaming crystal at that point, emanating rays of light that slowly coalesced into a tall, willow, and almost lifelike figure.

The figure was that of a girl. She was dressed in the school uniform of Southwind Academy – a light blue cape, a simple white tunic, and a short black dress. She had a pair of long, dainty legs that were perfectly white and pleasing to the eye.

Her facial features were similar exquisite. She had an elegant, raised nose, long and thick lashes, and snow-white skin. All of these were quite mesmerizing to behold, but it was her eyes that truly engraved her in everyone’s mind.

Her pupils were golden, and they emanated an ineffable feeling of purity. If you stared into them long enough, you would begin to feel a sense of pressure.

Her gaze was rather cool, and she stared straight ahead, with one hand on her slender hips and the other resting on the hilt of a heavy sword. Any who saw her would instantly feel a sensation of heroic, fierce majesty emanating from her. She truly was a soul-stirring girl, in terms of both appearance and demeanor.

The wall behind her projection held her name – Jiang Qing’e. She was one of the dazzling star graduates of the Southwind Academy, born with a ninth-grade Light Resonance and enough talent to cause the countless people of the Xia Kingdom to sigh in amazement.

After spending just two years in the Academy, she had been immediately recruited by the Astral Sage College even though she had yet to take her graduation exams. In the past hundred years, she was the only person in Tianshu Province to receive such an honor. By now, she was a legend of the Southwind Academy, and the many students who had enrolled after her practically worshipped the ground she walked on. In fact, she was now incredibly famous throughout the entirety of the Xia Kingdom.

Li Luo stared at the projection of Jiang Qing’e in a daze for a few moments, before noticing that quite a few gazes had turned towards him. Those gazes were filled with a look of resentment, envy, and puzzlement.

Li Luo maintained his look of practiced indifference. He knew exactly why they were staring at him like that. It was because Jiang Qing’e, venerated almost like a goddess by both the male and female students of the Southwind Academy, had two other statuses. She had been trained by his parents since she was young… and she was his betrothed.

Or, to put it another way, she was his fiancée.


Total Chapters in book: 977
Estimated words: 1531018 (not accurate)
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