Cult of the Sacred Runes by Mad Snail

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 – From Dream To Reality
Chapter 3 – The Forbidden Stances
Chapter 4 – Triple Tidal Palm Technique
Chapter 5 – Soul Perception
Chapter 6 – Three Mistakes
Chapter 7 – Refinement
Chapter 8 – Perfection, Quintuple Tidal Palm
Chapter 9 –Dragons Don’T Associate With Snakes
Chapter 10 – Fiery Sun Quencher
Chapter 11 – Two Star Student
Chapter 12 – Perfect Falling Star
Chapter 13 – The Du Family
Chapter 14 – The Ye Family
Chapter 15 – Dinner Party
Chapter 16 – The White Tiger’S Assault
Chapter 17 – Minor Changes
Chapter 18 – Perfect Assault
Chapter 19 – Gift From The Heavens
Chapter 20 – Myst Stance
Chapter 21 – Bothersome
Chapter 22 – Seven Star Condensed Prime
Chapter 23 – Runicle
Chapter 24 – From Whom?
Chapter 25 – Ye Wei’S Talent
Chapter 26 – Entry Exam
Chapter 27 – Peerless
Chapter 28 – Flaming Golden Lotus Stance
Chapter 29 – Master Yi’S Dilemma
Chapter 30 – Blossom
Chapter 31 – Best Served Warm
Chapter 32 – Trump Card
Chapter 33 – Forbidden Swords
Chapter 34 – Butterfly Effect
Chapter 35 – Mystic Tiger
Chapter 36 – The Rise To Fame
Chapter 37 – Mysterious Youth
Chapter 38 – Seven Star Warrior
Chapter 39 – Concession
Chapter 40 – Bones
Chapter 41 – The Ichor Palm
Chapter 42 – Master Yi
Chapter 43 – Rain
Chapter 44 – Legacy
Chapter 45 – It’S Not Fair
Chapter 46 – One Point Six Million
Chapter 47 – Four Star Student
Chapter 48 – Proposal
Chapter 49 – Decision
Chapter 50 – Cracks
Chapter 51 – Return To South Star
Chapter 52 – Conflict
Chapter 53 – Martial Families
Chapter 54 – Punishment
Chapter 55 – Gifted
Chapter 56 – Dragon
Chapter 57 – Sealed
Chapter 58 – Sorry
Chapter 59 – Caretaking
Chapter 60 – Promise
Chapter 61 – Bloodmist Valley
Chapter 62 – Talents From Ning City
Chapter 63 – Rune Barrier
Chapter 64 – Silver Moon
Chapter 65 – Bulwark
Chapter 66 – Prodigies
Chapter 67 – Iron Talisman
Chapter 68 – Purple Chiffon
Chapter 69 – Deeper
Chapter 70 – Effigies
Chapter 71 – Impasse
Chapter 72 – Green Veil
Chapter 73 – Golden Puppets
Chapter 74 – Last Resort
Chapter 75 – Functions
Chapter 76 – Blood Cocoon
Chapter 77 – Seven-Star
Chapter 78 – Jade Crystal Wall
Chapter 79 – Crazed Scramble
Chapter 80 – Mirages
Chapter 81 – Interspatial Runes
Chapter 82 – Rewards
Chapter 83 – Secret Realm
Chapter 84 – Scrolls
Chapter 85 – Primate
Chapter 86 – Frozen In Time
Chapter 87 – Woods
Chapter 88 – Eighty-One
Chapter 89 – Abyss
Chapter 90 – Glacial Temple
Chapter 91 – Close Combat
Chapter 92 – Enter The Temple
Chapter 93 – Understanding
Chapter 94 – Supernova
Chapter 95 – Results
Chapter 96 – Second
Chapter 97 – First Round Elimination
Chapter 98 – Breakthrough
Chapter 99 – Stars
Chapter 100 – Karma Tower
Chapter 101 – Second Chamber
Chapter 102 – Temptation
Chapter 103 – Four Chambers
Chapter 104 – Home
Chapter 105 – Farewell
Chapter 106 – New Face
Chapter 107 – Polaris Academy
Chapter 108 – Seven-Star Warrior
Chapter 109 – Crossfire
Chapter 110 – Root Prison
Chapter 111 – Lineup
Chapter 112 – Qi Xiu
Chapter 113 – List
Chapter 114 – Tri-Solar School
Chapter 115 – Chosen Ones
Chapter 116 – Floating Light
Chapter 117 – First Opponent
Chapter 118 – Gathering Of Talents
Chapter 119 – City Lord Chen Yuan
Chapter 120 – Materializing
Chapter 121 – Selenic Descend
Chapter 122 – Triple Selenic Punch
Chapter 123 – Star Shifter Formula
Chapter 124 – Black Flare
Chapter 125 – Searing Selenic Palm
Chapter 126 – Fame
Chapter 127 – Demon
Chapter 128 – Selenic Ironbark Seal
Chapter 129 – Black Scale Progenitor
Chapter 130 – Three-Headed Jackal
Chapter 131 – New Challenges
Chapter 132 – Class
Chapter 133 – For The Title
Chapter 134 – Lion’S Fall
Chapter 135 – Monument Stance
Chapter 136 – The Jade Quest Walls
Chapter 137 – Round One
Chapter 138 – Sensitive
Chapter 139 – Creative
Chapter 140 – High-Level Spirit Stance
Chapter 141 – Rites Of Righteousness
Chapter 142 – Runic Badge
Chapter 143 – Sky Stance, Zodiac Sword
Chapter 144 – Sonic Runes
Chapter 145 – Jian Chen
Chapter 146 – Zhoutian Sword Notion
Chapter 147 – Half Bloodmoon Assassination Sword
Chapter 148 – Zodiac Sword, Peerless Presence
Chapter 149 – High Level Myst Stance
Chapter 150 – Flesh And Bone
Chapter 151 – Third
Chapter 152 – Reveal
Chapter 153 – Demon King
Chapter 154 – Qing State’S Seven
Chapter 155 – Vermillion Essence Runes
Chapter 156 – The First Rune
Chapter 157 – Exchange
Chapter 158 – Lu Family, Qing State
Chapter 159 – Forgotten Treasure
Chapter 160 – Supreme Dragon Ridge
Chapter 161 – A Young Runemaster’S Past
Chapter 162 – Cultivate
Chapter 163 – Slippery
Chapter 164 – Ye Wei Strikes Back
Chapter 165 – Line
Chapter 166 – Madman
Chapter 167 – Joint Force
Chapter 168 – Depth
Chapter 169 – Four
Chapter 170 – Spirit Flame
Chapter 171 – No Survivors
Chapter 172 – Five
Chapter 173 – Supreme Palace
Chapter 174 – Ambush
Chapter 175 – Brutal
Chapter 176 – Escape
Chapter 177 – North Barren Mountains
Chapter 178 – Pack
Chapter 179 – Split
Chapter 180 – Thundercrack Stamp
Chapter 181 – Mind Compass
Chapter 182 – The Gathering
Chapter 183 – Huyan
Chapter 184 – Report
Chapter 185 – Starfall
Chapter 186 – Exposed
Chapter 187 – Cosmic Rage
Chapter 188 – Result
Chapter 189 – Chase
Chapter 190 – Blood Shadow Stance
Chapter 191 – Seventh Selenic Stance
Chapter 192 – Helian
Chapter 193 – Speed Of Light
Chapter 194 – Help
Chapter 195 – The Battle Of Green Moon City
Chapter 196 – Secret Weapon
Chapter 197 – Demon Lotus
Chapter 198 – Greater Transmutation Array
Chapter 199 – Lu
Chapter 200 – Heritage
Chapter 201 – Eternal Star
Chapter 202 – Sacred Marks
Chapter 203 – The Tenth Mark
Chapter 204 – Beast Wisdom
Chapter 205 – Quiet Departure
Chapter 206 – Number Ten
Chapter 207 – Onwards
Chapter 208 – Million Stars Palace
Chapter 209 – The Black Dragon Listing
Chapter 210 – There Are Rules
Chapter 211 – Stepping Up
Chapter 212 – First In Ten Years
Chapter 213 – Ice Sword Print
Chapter 214 – Next
Chapter 215 – Precursor
Chapter 216 – Black Dragon Valley
Chapter 217 – A Gathering Of Stars
Chapter 218 – Grave Purging Strike
Chapter 219 – Amplification
Chapter 220 – Not So Special
Chapter 221 – The Dragon'S Howl
Chapter 222 – Muse
Chapter 223 – Wu Shuanger
Chapter 224 – Against The High-Graded
Chapter 225 – The Qing Family
Chapter 226 – Recruit
Chapter 227 – Four Bolts
Chapter 228 – Please Stay
Chapter 229 – Mid-Grade Earth Stance
Chapter 230 – Is It Easy?
Chapter 231 – Ancient Cloud Realm
Chapter 232 – Interception
Chapter 233 – Return Prime Stone
Chapter 234 – Return
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Alternative Titles:

Sacred Rune Way, Shén Wén Dào, 神紋道

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The formless ancient world was infested with despicable demons. They hunted and feasted on mankind, keeping the human civilization constantly in a weak and suppressed state.

During the first known year, a magical mountain descended into the world from the realm of the Gods. Carved on this enormous mountain was a message: ‘Heaven Prevails’…

After the Grand Descent, a name that was given to the descending of the mountain, the Three Great Sages made their ways to Mystic Mountain where they learned to harvest what we now call magic, establishing the Mystic Cults and eighty-one sacred shrines to help aid mankind with the cult’s mystic powers against the eternal fight to the death with demons.

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Chapter 1 – The Mystic Runes And The Mystic Stances

Green Moon Castle: Shrine of the South Star

Spring said its farewell with a session of refreshing rain as Green Moon City welcomed yet another summer.

The temperature was slightly too warm, making the students from all classes in the South Star sleepier than usual, with the exception of junior class three where everyone’s eyes were as wide open as possible; they were staring into the center of the classroom where a fifteen or sixteen year old girl dressed in white was making a speech.

“The path of combat is full of obstacles. To rid yourself of your student status, you will need to climb through the star ranks and once you reach ten stars you can then graduate to become a warrior. After the warrior rank, one has to achieve the ‘Three Steps of Prime’: formed prime, condensed prime, and god’s prime. It’s anything but simple to achieve any of these three primes. The most talented men who broke through and transcended their primal energy to go beyond god’s prime are the ‘Supremes’ whose duty it is to protect mankind. There have only been thirty-six Supremes throughout the history of mankind but that’s not the end of our study of mystic powers. Only when one understands the ways of magic from the universe and can create one’s own ‘legendary mystic stance’, does one truly earn the status of a Sage. However, I am sure we all know how only three people in the history of mankind has reached the level of Sage!”

“We can now master tens of thousands of mystic stances, mystic runes, and ‘bone artifacts’. I dare say we really are blessed by the gods… Enough of that, let’s talk about mystic runes!”

The white dressed teenager was standing on the podium gazing upon the engaged students with her crystal clear eyes as she was giving the lesson. Her voice, ethereal and elegant like a flowing spring, clear and melodious.

Her name was Lin Zi Yan, student of the ‘class of the gifted’ in South Star Academy. She was only fifteen years old, but about to become a warrior, some called what she achieved at her age sinister.. Zi Yan learned her craft directly from the vice principal of South Star and it was a privilege for junior class three to have her as a substitute teacher.

“Metaphorically speaking if the mystic stances are letters and words, then mystic runes would be strokes. It’s impossible to write without strokes so in order to learn mystic stances one must understand the runes.”

“The ‘Triple Tidal Palm’ is a low level spirit mystic stance consisting of thirty-six basic runes, today I am here to teach you the first three of the thirty-six!”

Zi Yan paced back and forth appreciating the students gratefulness on their faces from the detailed lecture and demonstration. Her purple hair which was glowing had a braid by her ear and she had golden crystal bead decorations in her hair making it appear almost like a shimmering waterfall. She was wearing a classic white long dress that sculpted her upper body like a work of art, her arm, bare below her sleeves, was pale as white jade and on her wrist was a plain silver bracelet. Her elegance was almost indescribable, simplistic yet different, like a fairy lotus on a snow capped summit far away from any impurity of the world.

Understudy of the vice principal, ten star Student, and an aspiring Warrior.. stunning appearances and a mysterious background; all of theses characteristics of Zi Yan caused her to be the focus of admiration for the class..

Mystic runes are a very complex and cumbersome system but Zi Yan wrote them perfectly with ease. She turned around to keep eye contact with the students as she finished the runes, which allowed students to get a glimpse of her neck and collarbone.. Complemented by the shine of the silk dress, like moonlight, it would charm anyone who put their eyes on her.

The junior three class students were around twelve and thirteen years old; they looked as childish as ever, sitting there respectfully, staring at miss Zi Yan with adoration and admiration. ‘Miss Zi Yan is so beautiful!’, ‘I have to become a warrior to fight by miss Zi Yan’s side against the demons!’ Were what majority of the boys had in mind. To fight by her side was and would become some of the boys’ life goals and impossible dreams.

At the rearmost classroom sat a slightly skinny boy spaced out and not really noticed by the rest of the class. He had very proportional and defined chiseled facial features. Not that handsome, but there is a witty killer look in his eyes that made up for how generic he looked.

The boy, Ye Wei had very low self-awareness and self esteem, did not stand out in class or in family gatherings. The images of disappointed faces of his relatives when they learned Ye Wei’s Sentient was red caused only a small facial spasm, this memory every now and then comes to haunt him.

“Mystic runes.. I have no hope of becoming a warrior in this life, why should I even bother learning mystic runes? I have no mastery over my primal energy.. Also I don’t really think I can sketch a worthy rune..”

Ye Wei started thinking about the result he had gotten during the last entry test into South Star he took, and he squeezed out a self-deprecating smile from the corner of his mouth. His veins were bulging from holding his fist tight in a rush of frustration.

The sentient sorting system categorised the quality of new students, from red to violet and there were seven levels named after colours of the rainbow. Red being the lowest and coincidentally what Ye Wei had. Thus, the tutors at South Star didn’t really expect Ye Wei to be more than a ten star student, and being a warrior was definitely out of the picture.

“Bullied and teased at school and on top of that, nobody in my family is interested in me!” Ye Wei kept self-reflecting. ”I would love to be a genius like Miss Zi Yan or a Warrior like my cousin Ye Zhong, the pride of our family. I wish to be admired as well…. why is reality so cruel!!”

Ye Wei carried too much remorse from his underachievements, it built up so much that he even tried the dangerous ‘booming’ multiple times, but failed to improve his Sentient. The booming was basically breaking and reforming Ye Wei Sentient.

Several years of penance which ultimately got himself nowhere. This pain was not something ordinary people could endure. Although Ye Wei never gave up and was constantly trying, it was all for naught.

Ye Wei sighed, he could feel a dry taste of bitterness lingering. Instead staring at the old book made of heavy cardboard paper with loose bindings on his table, he drew tornadoes on his desk, unconsciously, without paying attention to the class anymore. The whole book looked dirty and covered with chalk marks.

On the cover of this ancient book was a towering mountain, and the mountain had some kind of carving on it. However, the damage on the book blurred the carving to an unreadable state, but still, the carvings radiated a faint feeling of righteousness.

This rugged ancient book was salvaged from a pile of trash in the Ye family basement. Legend had it that Ye was a very influential family name, and had a deep rooted mystic history with it being a supreme family but the glory was all but submerged under the dust of history and the rise and fall of dynasties…… The present day Ye family was only a second rate, washed up family in the western border town of Green Moon City of the Zhou Dynasty.

Ye Wei carried on procrastinating and started stroking the cover of the ancient book; the kind of roughness his fingertips felt was somehow foreign, both the texture and sensation.

What he wasn’t aware of was the fact that a wave of energy was currently entering his body. Starting from the point of contact, like a stone thrown into a body of water, the energy spread and caused ripples on his skin. It surged and headed straight to his brain.

He yawned, a spell of sleepiness hit him hard causing him to close his eyes and in the next instant he was lying on the book deeply asleep.

This was one of those very long dreams. Ye Wei visualized a grand towering mountain that was green with lush pines and cypresses. If you really looked close enough, you could see millions of figures and lines all over the mountain; they seemed to resemble runic carvings which were moving in a wavelike motion, almost making it seem like the mountain was alive.. All of a sudden the mountain shattered into pieces of flame spitting rocks and before Ye Wei could do anything, one of rocks flew towards him. The mysterious lines on the rock came alive and left the rock to attach themselves onto Ye’s head; they immediately started drilling and boring, evolving and transforming into information on different kinds of mystic runes, giving Ye a monumental headache.

The mountain on the rugged ancient book cover disappeared silently….

Soon after, the book itself turned into fine dust, returning to nature with the summer breeze.


Translator Note:

Lin Zi Yan: Means Violet-beauty


Total Chapters in book: 234
Estimated words: 437645 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2188(@200wpm)___ 1751(@250wpm)___ 1459(@300wpm)