Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming? by Big Big Panda

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Choosing A Pet Beast
Chapter 3 - Contract Successfully
Chapter 4 - Training In The School
Chapter 5 - Ten Million
Chapter 6 - Absorption And Transformation
Chapter 7 - Enhancement Points
Chapter 8 - Confrontation
Chapter 9 - Instant Kill
Chapter 10 - Treasure Collection
Chapter 11 - Challenge The Ruins
Chapter 12 - Simple Torture
Chapter 13 - The Experience Began
Chapter 14 - Was It Biological?
Chapter 15 - Clearing The Ruins
Chapter 16 - Choosing The Reward For Clearing The Level
Chapter 17 - Fate
Chapter 18 - Upgrading Skills
Chapter 19 - Extraordinary Level 1
Chapter 20 - Incubating Overlord-Level Pet Beast
Chapter 21 - Incomparably Superior Skill
Chapter 22 - The Giant Elven Tree
Chapter 23 - Are You Available Today?
Chapter 24 - Luck Bestowed Upon Him
Chapter 25 - Exploring The Ruin
Chapter 26 - Passing The Obstacles
Chapter 27 - Obsession
Chapter 28 - The Overlord-Level Senior
Chapter 29 - The Inheritance Of Memory
Chapter 30 - Short-Term Goal
Chapter 31 - The Mirage Grass
Chapter 32 - Preserving The Heritage
Chapter 33 - Sss-Rank Beast Tamer Talent
Chapter 34 - Principal Gao'S Test
Chapter 35 - A Difficult Task
Chapter 36 - Lure The Enemy Away
Chapter 37 - The Wolf Has A Winning Game When The Shepherds Quarrel
Chapter 38 - The Battle Of The Two Cities
Chapter 39 - Be Careful Not To Kill It
Chapter 40 - Rumors Said You Have Many Geniuses Among You
Chapter 41 - Unfair Rules
Chapter 42 - Challenge The Training Hall
Chapter 43 - A Sudden Increase In Wealth
Chapter 44 - Exchange Competition
Chapter 45 - An Eye-Catching Symbol
Chapter 46 - Fell Into My Trap
Chapter 47 - Besieging Six People
Chapter 48 - Easy Victory
Chapter 49 - Fishing
Chapter 50 - Won A Billion
Chapter 51 - King-Level’S Envy
Chapter 52 - The Human Assassination List
Chapter 53 - Emptied All Resources
Chapter 54 - Breaking The Spatial Barrier
Chapter 55 - Shattered Assumption
Chapter 56 - Million Bet
Chapter 57 - Victory In The Gambling Match
Chapter 58 - The Overlord Reserve Camp
Chapter 59 - You'Re Not An Illusion?
Chapter 60 - One Billion Bet
Chapter 61 - Victory
Chapter 62 - Netherfire Stone Lode
Chapter 63 - Killing You Would Be Like Killing A Chicken
Chapter 64 - One Against Two
Chapter 65 - You Were Eliminated As Well?
Chapter 66 - The Recruitment Of The Beastmasters Association
Chapter 67 - Enhancement Points
Chapter 68 - Adding Talent Points
Chapter 69 - New Skill
Chapter 70 - Becoming A Butterfly
Chapter 71 - Clear The Stages By Crushing The Opponents
Chapter 72 - Clearing The Extraordinary-Level Heritage Ruins
Chapter 73 - The Seed Of The Mythical Tree
Chapter 74 - The Wild Bear'S Strength
Chapter 75 - Inherit The Ruins
Chapter 76 - Heaven-Defying Attributes
Chapter 77 - Assassination
Chapter 78 - Killing An Overlord
Chapter 79 - : Leave Me Some Alone Time
Chapter 80 - Moyun Spaceship
Chapter 81 - Self-Awakening
Chapter 82 - Tianyu City
Chapter 83 - Beast Tamer Tower
Chapter 84 - Clearing The Stages With Crushing Victories
Chapter 85 - Wood Source Crystals As Soil
Chapter 86 - The Mythical Tree Begins To Grow
Chapter 87 - Add Points To The Max Level
Chapter 88 - Human Form Lila
Chapter 89 - Give You Pressure
Chapter 90 - : Clearing
Chapter 91 - Challenge The Secret Technique Pavilion
Chapter 92 - You Have No Iq
Chapter 93 - An Instructor Came Looking For Him
Chapter 94 - First Place, Second Place
Chapter 95 - The Wild Bear Is Finally Superior
Chapter 96 - Million Points
Chapter 97 - The Five Royal Tribes
Chapter 98 - The Robot Teachers Were Doing A Great Job
Chapter 99 - Accept The Challenge
Chapter 100 - Wang Hongzhi'S Defeat
Chapter 101 - Cross-Ranking Battle
Chapter 102 - The Wild Bear Breaks Through To The Commander Level
Chapter 103 - Totem Level Existence
Chapter 104 - Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 105 - Lead The Way
Chapter 106 - Little Azure Dragon
Chapter 107 - The Useless Little Azure Dragon
Chapter 108 - Absorbing The Alternate Dimension
Chapter 109 - The Reward For First Place
Chapter 110 - The Dragon Whelp Competition Begins
Chapter 111 - The Language Of The Dragon Race
Chapter 112 - Hello, Big Brother!
Chapter 113 - Cross-Level Battle
Chapter 114 - The Dragon God'S Bloodline
Chapter 115 - Gemstone Attack
Chapter 116 - Audacious
Chapter 117 - How Terrifying
Chapter 118 - A World Of Frost
Chapter 119 - First Place In The Competition
Chapter 120 - Return To The Human World
Chapter 121 - Challenging The Beast Taming Tower
Chapter 122 - Ruins Hall
Chapter 123 - First Place In The Beast Taming Tower
Chapter 124 - The Battle Of Geniuses
Chapter 125 - Ready. Let The Battle Begin!
Chapter 126 - Terrifying Power
Chapter 127 - Believes That We'Ll Soon Fight Side By Side
Chapter 128 - The Mystic Race'S Targeting
Chapter 129 - The Conclusion Of The Conference
Chapter 130 - : All-Rounded Warrior
Chapter 131 - Continue Adding Points
Chapter 132 - The Super Mythical Tree
Chapter 133 - The Overlord Reserve Camp'S Mission
Chapter 134 - Chu Feng Arrives
Chapter 135 - Unmatched
Chapter 136 - Split Up
Chapter 137 - Arrived At The Destination
Chapter 138 - So This Is The So-Called Overlord Level 1
Chapter 139 - Making Big Money
Chapter 140 - Plunder
Chapter 141 - Saving Mu Yao
Chapter 142 - Mu Yao, Just Follow Me
Chapter 143 - Plunder For Treasures
Chapter 144 - Catch Him Off Guard
Chapter 145 - Facing An Overlord Level 9
Chapter 146 - The Spiritual Compass Shatters
Chapter 147 - Overlord Level 9!
Chapter 148 - Breaking Through To The King Level
Chapter 149 - The Mythical Tree, Monica
Chapter 150 - Stolen Treasury
Chapter 151 - The Secret Pavilion'S Treasury, Stolen
Chapter 152 - Enge
Chapter 153 - Self-Detonation
Chapter 154 - The Heart Of The Plane
Chapter 155 - The Death Of Cecil
Chapter 156 - Escape? I Will Kill The Totem
Chapter 157 - The Poluo Behemoth Ancestor'S Humiliation
Chapter 158 - The Death Of The Poluo Behemoth Ancestor
Chapter 159 - You Have 30% Of The Credit
Chapter 160 - Set Off To Meet The Magnate
Chapter 161 - Hand Over Chu Feng And This Battle Will Be Avoidable
Chapter 162 - Repelling The Foreign Races Alliance
Chapter 163 - Loading Skills
Chapter 164 - Learning Skills
Chapter 165 - Shouldering The Human Race
Chapter 166 - Above Super, Myth Level
Chapter 167 - Tree World And Dragon World, The Beginning Of A Planet
Chapter 168 - Master Destruction And Killing, The Mirage Butterfly
Chapter 169 - Demon God Bloodline, Bodily Internal Strife
Chapter 170 - Divinity And Demonic, Bloodline Conflict
Chapter 171 - The Shocked Foreign Races, Wandering Planet
Chapter 172 - The Land Of Heritage Opens, Sure Let'S Fight
Chapter 173 - Top-Notch Genius, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet
Chapter 174 - A New Trump Card, Get A Place
Chapter 175 - Entering The Land Of Heritage, Massacre
Chapter 176 - God'S Blood Holder, Saving An Acquaintance
Chapter 177 - Rich Resources, Mental Enslavement
Chapter 178 - : Totem Level Conference
Chapter 179 - Overlords Dead
Chapter 180 - Peak Overlord?
Chapter 181 - The Totem'S Rage, Chu Feng Must Die
Chapter 182 - You Want To Kill Me? Have You Asked For My Permission?
Chapter 183 - Death? No, I Am Your Master
Chapter 184 - Chu Feng'S Title
Chapter 185 - Chu Feng'S Arrangements
Chapter 186 - Slaughtering The Foreign Races With A Plan
Chapter 187 - Over 1,000 Treants, The Tides Of The Battle Have Turned
Chapter 188 - Beasts Make A Move, All Foreign Races Slaughtered
Chapter 189 - The Alliance Leader Steps Down, Eleven Types Of Blood
Chapter 190 - King-Level, Almost Totem-Level
Chapter 191 - The Guardian Of The Ancient Tower, The Desolate God'S Blood
Chapter 192 - 1/10,000 Of The Desolate God'S Power
Chapter 193 - Return Of The Gods, Inheritance Starts
Chapter 194 - Enter The Tower, The Inheritance Slot
Chapter 195 - Receiving The Tree God'S Inheritance, Climbing The Ladder
Chapter 196 - The Tree God'S Memories, Overlord Level 10
Chapter 197 - Fighting A Totem Till Death
Chapter 198 - Killing A Totem, Divine Source +1
Chapter 199 - Went To Kill Chu Feng, Can'T Even Get Close
Chapter 200 - Distinct Comparison, Dimensional Manipulation
Chapter 201 - Core Of Origin, The Ninth Realm, Above
Chapter 202 - Inheritance Received, Shocked Dino
Chapter 203 - Killing The Totem, Old Elven News
Chapter 204 - My Inheritance, Energy Conversion
Chapter 205 - Continuous Breakthrough, Peak Overlord
Chapter 206 - Wolf God Fangs, Azure Dragon Battles Wolf
Chapter 207 - Even More Terrifying Than The Magnate, The Wolf Dies
Chapter 208 - So Strong That One Did Not Dare To Say One Knew Him, The Sixth One
Chapter 209 - Mystic Fall Advances To The Overlord Level, Mode Activated
Chapter 210 - Myth Mode, Three Totems
Chapter 211 - The Pillar Of The Human Race, Psychological Warfare
Chapter 212 - Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, Invincible
Chapter 213 - Three Totems, All Annihilated
Chapter 214 - Supreme Tree Branch Treasure, Magnate'S Shadow
Chapter 215 - The Dragon God'S Ranking, Deeper Foundation
Chapter 216 - : The Dragon God'S Battle, Geer'S Dragon Aura
Chapter 217 - Instantly Killing Totems, The Dragon Kings' Shock
Chapter 218 - Continuous Killing Of Totems, A Storm Was Brewing
Chapter 219 - Killing Chu Feng To Avenge The Dead, The Desolate God'S Ranking
Chapter 220 - Coming Face-To-Face With Two Totems, Fight
Chapter 221 - The Unrivalled Bear In Close Combat Reaches The Top
Chapter 222 - The Final God'S Inheritance, Died In Battle
Chapter 223 - The Experts Were Also Helpless, Killing And Protecting
Chapter 224 - Immortal Spirit Control, Second Talent
Chapter 225 - Extraterrestrial Civilization, The Ancient Tower Recognizes Its Master
Chapter 226 - Training The Beasts, The Magnates' Danger
Chapter 227 - Chu Feng Appears, The Alliance Leaders Die One After Another
Chapter 228 - Controlling The Alliance Leader, The Vast Sky Domain
Chapter 229 - Poisonous Healing And Slaughter. Butterfly? Worm
Chapter 230 - Neutral? Submit Or Die
Chapter 231 - Mirage Pearl, The Third Magnate
Chapter 232 - Supreme Position, The Sixth Beast
Chapter 233 - Endless Treasure Trove, Bonding With An Immortal
Chapter 234 - Planet Refinement, Enhance The Fighter Jet
Chapter 235 - All-Rounded Enhancement, Myth Level Talent
Chapter 236 - Concept Of The Myth-Level, Wild Domain Spaceship
Chapter 237 - : From Out Of The Blue Planet, Intruders Came Without Good Intentions
Chapter 238 - Three Totems Dead, One Totem Enslaved
Chapter 239 - One Enslaved, One Killed. Advance To Be An Immortal
Chapter 240 - Wild Domain Wormhole, Revival Of The Gods
Chapter 241 - Defense Line Broken, Return Of The Ancient Totems
Chapter 242 - Killing Intent, The Totems Were Bewildered
Chapter 243 - Return Shocked, Carrier Domain
Chapter 244 - Myth-Level Worlds, Beast Space Upgrade
Chapter 245 - Too Hard To Chew? Break! Face Off Against The Five Generals
Chapter 246 - Immortal Astral Spirit, Max-Level Super Skills
Chapter 247 - Receive Killing Pursuits, Whether Or Not To Break Through
Chapter 248 - The Final Battle? Killing Three Generals In A Row
Chapter 249 - Shocked Totem, Do You Dare To Accept The Challenge
Chapter 250 - The Commander Dies, A Battle Of Joy Begins
Chapter 251 - The Temple'S Scheme, The Immortal Level Was Achievable
Chapter 252 - Moving The Tree, 6 Trillion, Illusory World
Chapter 253 - Virtual Currency, Battle Ranking Eleven
Chapter 254 - Challenging Insect Emperor, 10Th On The Ranking Board
Chapter 255 - World Lords Are Comparable To True Gods, Top Of The Rankings
Chapter 256 - Bond With The Insect Queen, I'M Not Arrogant
Chapter 257 - Mirage Butterfly, Slaughtering Millions
Chapter 258 - : Before Fight The First Place, Fight The Second Place First
Chapter 259 - Star God Inheritance, Heavenly Ravine Of The Tenth Realm
Chapter 260 - Fight Against The Second On The Totem Ranking Board, End It Quickly
Chapter 261 - Six Million Supreme Treasure Points, Congratulations From All Heavens
Chapter 262 - Beast In The Tenth Realm, Beastmaster In The Ninth Realm
Chapter 263 - Killing The Desolate Giant, Source Crystal
Chapter 264 - Plight Of The Human Species
Chapter 265 - Duel
Chapter 266 - All Twelve Totem Beasts Defeated
Chapter 267 - Pride Leads To One'S Downfall
Chapter 268 - Don'T Offend Him
Chapter 269 - Blue Planet'S Secret Realm
Chapter 270 - Cost Of Leveling Principle Sources
Chapter 271 - Beast World
Chapter 272 - Comprehend Principles, Advance To Become A God, Battle Starts
Chapter 273 - The Secrets Of The Blue Planet, Teasing The Gods
Chapter 274 - A Region Lord? So What? Still A Slave
Chapter 275 - An Old Will On The Blue Planet, The Gods Retreated
Chapter 276 - Slay The Gods With The Divine Sword, The Barrier Of The Illusory World
Chapter 277 - Meeting Tyrant As A World Lord, Advising To Leave
Chapter 278 - Killing The Poison God, The Furious World Lord
Chapter 279 - Crushing The Gods, The Ancient God Arrives
Chapter 280 - Killing The Gods In The Face Of The Watching True God
Chapter 281 - The Combat Strength Of A World King? The Temple Of God Makes A Move
Chapter 282 - Such An Expert, 40,000 Divine Source Points
Chapter 283 - The Magnates Start Over, Divine Source Conversion
Chapter 284 - : Supreme Creation, Able To Fight Against True Gods
Chapter 285 - Max Level God, World Supremacy, Origin World
Chapter 286 - The Secret Realm Opens, The World Supremacy Descends
Chapter 287 - Dragon Water Together, Killing Intent
Chapter 288 - The True Gods' Ranks, The Gods Begged For Mercy
Chapter 289 - Enslaving The World Lords And Taking The Treasure Realm By Force
Chapter 290 - Run Or Die
Chapter 291 - Put On A Good Show, Flip The Tables, Soul-Search
Chapter 292 - Massacre, Mysterious Black Hand
Chapter 293 - Getting All The Treasure Realms, Obtaining The Ancient Realms
Chapter 294 - Over 100 World Lords, 3 Million Points
Chapter 295 - World Lord'S Respect, Near-Death Origin World
Chapter 296 - The Fall Of The Chaos God, Die Together
Chapter 297 - Universe Ocean, 4.5 Million Divine Source Points
Chapter 298 - Wild Bear'S Skills Maxed Out, Advanced To The Immortal Level
Chapter 299 - The Butterfly Reaches The Immortal Level As Well, Talent Upgrade
Chapter 300 - War God'S Killing Intent, God Emperor'S Attention
Chapter 301 - The Supporting Mythical Tree, Undead Army
Chapter 302 - The Dark-Sky Azure Dragon Reaches The Immortal Level, The War God Descends
Chapter 303 - Suppressing The God General, Recruited By The Temple
Chapter 304 - The Temple'S Shock, Killing The God General
Chapter 305 - Divinity Treasure, The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet On Par With God Kings
Chapter 306 - All Immortal, Taking The Evil Realms Continuously
Chapter 307 - Collect All The Evil Realms, Enter The Chaos Realm
Chapter 308 - War Of Words, The Chaos Realm Is Mine
Chapter 309 - The Dragon'S Slaughter, Suppressing The World Supremacies
Chapter 310 - The Loneliness Of Being Invincible, Refining The Origin World
Chapter 311 - The War God Has Died, Four God Generals
Chapter 312 - Killing The God Subduer And Crushing The God Generals
Chapter 313 - Perish Together, Successful Refinement
Chapter 314 - Furious Crowd, The Peak Of The Immortal Level
Chapter 315 - Divine Weapon Mysterious, The Calamity Has Been Solved
Chapter 316 - National Idol, Security Guardian
Chapter 317 - The Flower And Tree God Seek Refuge, Even Immortals Are Enslaved
Chapter 318 - Worker, Realm Of Concepts Established
Chapter 319 - The Nine Gods Council Releases Their Power
Chapter 320 - Building Infrastructure, Let'S Go To The Sky Region To Take A Look
Chapter 321 - Halfway Through, The Dragon Returns To Its Race
Chapter 322 - Half A Skill Catalog, The Great Roc Comes Attacking
Chapter 323 - Crushing Power, The Dragon Race'S Thank-You Gift
Chapter 324 - The Agony Of Having To Memorize Books, And Who Are You
Chapter 325 - Region Lord, Quota Tax Battle
Chapter 326 - Defeat The God King, Spend Money To Avoid Disaster
Chapter 327 - The Council Members Were Unsatisfied? Let'S Fight
Chapter 328 - Collecting Treasures. Looking For Someone? No
Chapter 329 - Spying Eyes, Taking Over The Sky Region
Chapter 330 - The Responsibility Of A Sovereign, Sky Region'S Treasure
Chapter 331 - Soulless Yin Energy, Bloody Pagoda
Chapter 332 - Inside And Outside The Pagoda, Everyone Gathered
Chapter 333 - Suspicions Rise, Intense Contrast
Chapter 334 - On The Third Day, The White Holy Lotus Bloomed
Chapter 335 - You Want To Snatch It? Watch The Show. A Brawl Starts
Chapter 336 - Here To Help? Just Watch
Chapter 337 - Trembling Soul, Death Upon Entering The Tower
Chapter 338 - A God King Can'T Be Killed? Different People
Chapter 339 - Enslaving God Kings, Whether To Leave The Pagoda Or Not
Chapter 340 - Day Four, Breaking Out Of The Encirclement, Chance Encounter
Chapter 341 - Killing The Green Flood Dragon Elder, Almost Breakdown
Chapter 342 - Ask For Trouble, The Death Of The Weak
Chapter 343 - Breaking Through The Encirclement By Force, Killing The Blood Dragon
Chapter 344 - The Battle Of The Factions, Make A Move On Their Own
Chapter 345 - The Battle Between Factions? What Does That Have To Do With Me
Chapter 346 - The Beasts Against The Tentacle, Monster
Chapter 347 - The Guardian Beast Dies, Treasure Selection
Chapter 348 - Heart Corroding Darkness, Learn Skills
Chapter 349 - Dark Monsters, Unexpected Targeting
Chapter 350 - I Am Inifinite, Mutated Chaotic Battle
Chapter 351 - Flesh, Blood, And Human Bone, The Judgement Starts
Chapter 352 - Vicious Trial, Punishment And Torture
Chapter 353 - Overturn Hell, The Blood Pagoda'S Plot
Chapter 354 - The Wails In Hell, Breaking Out Of The Cage And Saving People
Chapter 355 - Slaying Yama And The Ghosts, The Sky Falls
Chapter 356 - Dead Or Not? Crush With One Attack
Chapter 357 - Extraordinary Beasts, Stop The Battle And Rest
Chapter 358 - Learning Progress, Backlash Of Returning To The Pagoda
Chapter 359 - Exchanging Treasures For Flowers, Real Of Fake
Chapter 360 - How To Deal With The Awakening Of The Evil Spirits
Chapter 361 - Awakening Of The Evil Spirits, Invisible Shadow
Chapter 362 - Come And Go, Enter The Tree World
Chapter 363 - Tool Wolf
Chapter 364 - Routine? Never Mind, It'S All Mine
Chapter 365 - The Evil Spirit'S Release, Another Unexpected Happening
Chapter 366 - The Evil Spirit Is Afraid? Assassinate
Chapter 367 - Killing The Evil Spirit, Cycle Of Darkness
Chapter 368 - Labyrinth, The Black Heart On The Altar
Chapter 369 - Kill The Crow, Dawn Is To Fall
Chapter 370 - Shattering The Black Heart, Shocking Strength
Chapter 371 - Group Fight, Flesh And Blood, Dawn Is To Fall
Chapter 372 - The Evil Spirit'S Death, Results, Exit The Pagoda
Chapter 373 - Crazed Gods Start Killing, Suppressing Ten Gods
Chapter 374 - Unnoticeable Ants, Try The White Holy Lotus
Chapter 375 - Bewildered Discussions, What Did He Want To Do
Chapter 376 - The Blood Lotus Blooms And Bewitching Ghosts Appear, One Second
Chapter 377 - Killing The God Venerable With One Sword
Chapter 378 - Exterminating Bugs, Pitch Black
Chapter 379 - Stirring Up The Ghost Realm, Can'T Do Anything To Him
Chapter 380 - Take The Initiative To Make A Move, Different Thoughts
Chapter 381 - Everyone Knelt Before The God, Confrontation With The God Emperor
Chapter 382 - Leaving The Matter Unsettled, Return To Blue Planet
Chapter 383 - Trust And Worry, Order To Return
Chapter 384 - Human-Beast Ties, Close To 100 Million Divine Source
Chapter 385 - The Dragon And Butterfly Breakthrough, Interdimensional Travel
Chapter 386 - Old News About The Beasts, Tyrant Is Back
Chapter 387 - Reputation In The Cultivation World, Easily Defeat Immortals
Chapter 388 - The Blood Sea Demon, Return My Life
Chapter 389 - Damaging The Soul By Breaking The Barrier, Untactful People
Chapter 390 - God Of The Batte Zone, Reality In The Illusion World
Chapter 391 - Virtual World Chess, World Domination
Chapter 392 - Victory. Offline, Back To Reality
Chapter 393 - Dimensional Dream, Authority Distribution
Chapter 394 - : The Game Was Released, Cultivation Is Endless
Chapter 395 - Sorting Out The Blue Planet, Meeting In The Dream
Chapter 396 - The Dimensional Agreement, Hoard Treasures Along The Way
Chapter 397 - Dimensional Device, Blue Planet Conference
Chapter 398 - Spectating A Chaotic Battle, Who Will Kill The Other
Chapter 399 - Killing The Monk
Chapter 400 - Cultivation Advancement. Disaster Comes From The One'S Words
Chapter 401 - Sword Duel. Break
Chapter 402 - Leave After Battle, Old Matter And Old Things
Chapter 403 - Ancient Tower Upgrade, Six God General Beasts
Chapter 404 - Spatial Change, Supreme Bloodline
Chapter 405 - The Peak Of The Immortal Level, Limitless Foundation
Chapter 406 - Flying Dragon In The Sky. Head To The Wild Region
Chapter 407 - Low-Key Travel, Encounter The Dark Mystical Palace, Eerie
Chapter 408 - Undercover In The Dark Mystic, The Abyss Of Sin
Chapter 409 - Death? No. Death Penalty
Chapter 410 - Non-Human Palace Master, Disaster And Fledgling
Chapter 411 - Leaving The Underground Palace, Central Of The Eastern Region
Chapter 412 - Denied Entry To The Auction House, The Mystic Crystal Waist Token
Chapter 413 - Boys And Girls, Entrusted By An Old Friend
Chapter 414 - Human-Form Beast, The Choice Is Mine
Chapter 415 - Commotion Outside, Auction Goods
Chapter 416 - Where The Slaves Went, The Surrounding Factions
Chapter 417 - The Widower Enters, Those Who Offend Him Will Die
Chapter 418 - Astonishingly Powerful, Auction Item Bidding
Chapter 419 - Sky Region Jade, Fanatical, Candidate
Chapter 420 - Rejected All, Touch The Cake
Chapter 421 - Adoption Replacing Bidding, Back To The Dark Mystical Palace
Chapter 422 - The Destruction Of The Dark Mystical Palace
Chapter 423 - Came With Ill Intentions, Whether Or Not To Redeem The People
Chapter 424 - Turn The Small Issue Into Nothing, No More Slave Trade
Chapter 425 - Curses? Laugh While Responding. Those Who Offend Me Will Die
Chapter 426 - The Political Change In The Wild Region, Annihilation Of A Race
Chapter 427 - No Home To Return To, Wish To Seek Refuge
Chapter 428 - A Day Of Traveling, Plant Dreams
Chapter 429 - The Island Nations On The Verge Of Destruction, Karma In The Dreams
Chapter 430 - S-Class Plane, Endless Zombies
Chapter 431 - Exterminate The Zombies, Destroy The Plane
Chapter 432 - Dimensional Passage, Beast'S Self-Recommendation
Chapter 433 - The Galaxy Plane, Creation Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 434 - Reject A Huge Pie, Be Kind Before You Die
Chapter 435 - Preparations For The Celebration, Beast Number Seven And Eight
Chapter 436 - New Members To The Team, Devouring The Strange Seed
Chapter 437 - Beast'S Past, Skill Mishap
Chapter 438 - The Divine Son Appeared, New Beasts Ascend To The Immortal Level
Chapter 439 - The Royal Sky Crystal, Grew Overnight
Chapter 440 - Secret Chamber Executioner, Meeting God
Chapter 441 - The Darkness Beneath The Ground, Game Entry
Chapter 442 - The Black Horse Appears, The Carnivores Are Cannibalized
Chapter 443 - Devour And Dissimilate, Walking Right Into The Trap
Chapter 444 - Underground Forces, Super Powerful Beasts
Chapter 445 - The Future Of Devour, Leave Or Not
Chapter 446 - Who Lives And Who Dies? The Underground Audience
Chapter 447 - Underground Players
Chapter 448 - Breaking The Abdomen And Death, He'S So Mysterious
Chapter 449 - The Wild Region'S News Banned, Bewitching The Masses
Chapter 450 - Newbie Titled God? The Flower God'S Gift
Chapter 451 - The Youth Leaves, Anyone Who Goes Underground Will Die
Chapter 452 - Berserk And Calmness, After The Fog Clears
Chapter 453 - Livestock And Slaves, Living Tranquilizer
Chapter 454 - Divide And Conquer, The God King'S Fear
Chapter 455 - Distracted Too, But Different Outcomes
Chapter 456 - Slime Taotie, Devour
Chapter 457 - This Girl Can'T Do It, Start The Bet
Chapter 458 - Those Who Badmouth Others Will Face Misfortune First, Who'S Weak?
Chapter 459 - Level Mystery, Who Is The Wolf Killer
Chapter 460 - Situation In Hand, Sudden Occurence
Chapter 461 - Ant-Like God, Taotie And Luo Ya
Chapter 462 - Life Force For Combat Power, Save From The Mouth Of Death
Chapter 463 - Training Opportunity, Skill Guide
Chapter 464 - Reenactment Of A Scene, The Game Ends
Chapter 465 - The Three Wolves Were Dead, Drinking Tea On The Battlefield
Chapter 466 - Here To Die, Expressing Loyalty Underground
Chapter 467 - Buffed And Battle, Mutated God Lord
Chapter 468 - The Explosion Of A God Lord'S God Country, What Was Going On
Chapter 469 - Birds In A Cage, Roaring
Chapter 470 - How Many Clones Are There? Woman
Chapter 471 - Reconnection, Who Is She?
Chapter 472 - Hurricane Arrives, Plundering Everything Into Nothingness
Chapter 473 - Old Man, Clone? Weak
Chapter 474 - Easily Annihilated, Real Body Revealed
Chapter 475 - Extinguishing The Black Shadow, Who Allows You To Be Respected As A God
Chapter 476 - Don'T Kill! Refuse To Listen To Orders, Offend Openly
Chapter 477 - Went Out Of Control? Accident? Light And Dark
Chapter 478 - Fell Into A Beautiful Dream, Guess, Kill Pigs
Chapter 479 - Battle To The Death, Battlefield Rest
Chapter 480 - Where'S The Program Team? Being Tortured
Chapter 481 - Overthink And Falling Into The Trap, Couldn'T Bear It
Chapter 482 - God Chu, Dead Or Alive
Chapter 483 - Dark Net Infection, Leave Some For Me
Chapter 484 - Two Living Dead, The Beasts Clear Out The Monsters
Chapter 485 - A Team Of Monsters! Quarrel? Let'S Fight
Chapter 486 - So Strong! Envy? More To Be Envy About
Chapter 487 - Breaking The Jade And Finding The Master, Killing The Tentacles
Chapter 488 - Disaster Life Stone, Delusions And Dreams
Chapter 489 - Toward Supremacy, Interrogating Prisoners Of War
Chapter 490 - Possessed? Extraterrestrial Sky God
Chapter 491 - Dark Forces, The Octagonal Tower'S Mystery
Chapter 492 - Soul-Sucking Evil Array, Killing Knife
Chapter 493 - Hopeless! Just Trust Him
Chapter 494 - Breaking The Living Target, Curse Of The Evil God
Chapter 495 - This Is Impossible, Who Are You
Chapter 496 - Destruction Of Evil! The Source Of Resurrection
Chapter 497 - Collapse, Beast Family, Arrangements
Chapter 498 - Arrangement, Wandering, Void Travels
Chapter 499 - Evil Race'S Blood Pool? Invasion From The Extraterrestrial Region
Chapter 500 - Blood Pool'S Leech, Kill It
Chapter 501 - The Failed Possession, The Soul Returns
Chapter 502 - Lying Down? No! Battles Never End
Chapter 503 - How To Deal With The Underground Game Ground
Chapter 504 - Yin Energy, Evil Core, Kill And Block
Chapter 505 - Obey And Submit, Follow My Lead To Kill
Chapter 506 - Luring The Enemy And Hunting Them Down, Blood-Devouring Bones
Chapter 507 - Evil Ancient Array, Break The Illusion
Chapter 508 - Back To The Beginning, Lighting Up The Dark Fire
Chapter 509 - Distracted, Super Divine Fire
Chapter 510 - The White Bone Bride, Stronger Than The Evil Core
Chapter 511 - Wedded? Hit The Bride, Surreal
Chapter 512 - The Difference Between The Two, Burn Down
Chapter 513 - Mantis Sexual Cannbalism, Capturing The Avatar
Chapter 514 - Black Bone Mantis, Wedding Burial Ground
Chapter 515 - Wedding Funeral, Definite Death! Heart Division
Chapter 516 - Spying From Outer Space, Order Of The Evil Core
Chapter 517 - Invite The Evil Creature, Kill It, Death Dance
Chapter 518 - Kill, Die, Exchange A Cup Of Poisonous Wine
Chapter 519 - The Battlefield Of Sound, The Evil Array Is Broken
Chapter 520 - The Source Of Resurrection, Moving The Array, Waiting By The Trap
Chapter 521 - The Supreme Treasure Of The Evil World, Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 522 - Trapped Instead. Won? He'S Gone
Chapter 523 - Question? Confusion! Mutation And The Butterfly
Chapter 524 - Trying Out A New Skill, Secret Shift Of Authority
Chapter 525 - The Malevolent God Descends And Commands The Evil Creatures
Chapter 526 - Eyes Meet? The Start Of A Brawl
Chapter 527 - I Can Still Win! Order In Chaos
Chapter 528 - A Flurry Of Punches, A Shocking Earthquake
Chapter 529 - Sacrificed? In The Midst Of Resistance
Chapter 530 - No Martial Virtue, Dismantling Skills
Chapter 531 - Hurry And Kill The Beasts! Break The Evil Array
Chapter 532 - Quickly Stop Her! The Beastmaster Has Been Kidnapped
Chapter 533 - The Start Of Love? An Undercover Spy? Sacrifice
Chapter 534 - Watching A Show? Let Go! Don'T Kill Me
Chapter 535 - Tang Li Rebelled, Ruin My Reputation
Chapter 536 - : The Heart In The Furnace, High Temperature
Chapter 537 - Descend With A Thump, Astral Spirit Vs Core
Chapter 538 - Their Attention, Battle, Ground
Chapter 539 - An Octopus Cat? How Strange. Demonic Flame
Chapter 540 - Enemy And Ally Clash
Chapter 541 - Killing The Cat? Breaking The Array? Dangerous! All!
Chapter 542 - : Setting Up An Array In The Dangerous Zone, Attacking The Octopus Cat
Chapter 543 - Array, God Vs Evil
Chapter 544 - Ordinary Sword? Can Still Cut! Go To Hell!
Chapter 545 - Obstruction! Enter Means Death! Is That So?
Chapter 546 - Pupil Technique, Soul Invasion, Gone Crazy
Chapter 547 - God'S Meat! Defeat? Go To Hell!
Chapter 548 - Killing The Evil Creatures, Red And Death, The Evil Changes
Chapter 549 - Number 2 Appears, Resonate, Kill
Chapter 550 - The Octopus That Was Fooled: Damn It!
Chapter 551 - One Sword Strike, Group Panic
Chapter 552 - Not Just Strong In Battle, He'S Here
Chapter 553 - Compensation? Lower God? Asking For Help With A Secret
Chapter 554 - Impossible, Level Ss Space
Chapter 555 - Can'T Pierce Through, Terrifying! Mission
Chapter 556 - Ripple Explosion, Level 100 Skills? Shock
Chapter 557 - All Of Us Are Doomed To Die! Is It That Bad
Chapter 558 - Out Of Control, Immortal? Ha
Chapter 559 - One Kick, Combined Huge Explosion
Chapter 560 - Confident? Oh, Arrogant
Chapter 561 - Judgment Error, Sword Slash
Chapter 562 - Settling The Score After The Great Disaster, Good Riddance
Chapter 563 - Evil Main Core'S Shock And Anger, Come To The Door And Fight
Chapter 564 - Post-Battle Analysis, Shackled
Chapter 565 - From B To A, Annihilate The Target
Chapter 566 - Light Evil Demon, Secretly Advance First
Chapter 567 - Invisible Undead Remnant Perceptions
Chapter 568 - 568 Meet, Demonized Believers, God'S Descent
Chapter 569 - 568 Meet, Demonized Believers, God'S Descent
Chapter 570 - 570 What Are You Looking At?
Chapter 571 - 571 Boundless Sea Of Clouds, Death To Trespassers
Chapter 572 - 572 Entering Upon Hearing The Voice, Collapsed Cloud House, Battle
Chapter 573 - 573 Overlapping Universes, Proud Dragon
Chapter 574 - 574 Do You Want To Become A God, Young Man? Misfortune And Death
Chapter 575 - 575 God'S Wrath, God'S Punishment, Kneeling Dragons
Chapter 576 - 576 Don'T Even Think About It!
Chapter 577 - 577 Heading To The Forbidden Land, Hexagram Array
Chapter 578 - 578 Great Celestial'S Blessing, Oh No! Terrified
Chapter 579 - 579 Rebellion Of Mother And Son? Shattered Realm, Blade Killing
Chapter 580 - 580 The Dragon Is Dead, The Courtyard Is Yours
Chapter 581 - 581 Heart Demon, No Entry Forbidden Area
Chapter 582 - 582 Between Heaven And Earth, The Courtyard Is Fine
Chapter 583 - 583 The Half-Celestials Panicked, Who Is It?
Chapter 584 - 584 Really A Celestial? Envious And Jealous Of Him
Chapter 585 - 585 Killing Half-Celestials, Unfathomable
Chapter 586 - 586 Uneasiness Feeling, Two Great Disasters
Chapter 587 - 587 Can'T Escape? Celestial Fantasia
Chapter 588 - 588 You Dare To Not Kneel? Control And Deceit
Chapter 589 - 589 Array Destroyed, Absorbing Celestial Luck
Chapter 590 - 590 Celestial Buying An Array, The Dragon'S Successor
Chapter 591 - 591 Bow Your Head And Apologize, Dragon God
Chapter 592 - 592 God Cannot Be Seen, Heading To The Center
Chapter 593 - 593 The Difference Between Heaven And Earth, Uncovering The Truth
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Chu Feng was transmigrated to a world of tamers, where everyone would gain their unique tamer talent at the age of 16.

With the tamer talent, one could create a tamer space and form a contract with a beast.

Chu Feng was shocked when he learned that he had gained the SSS-rank tamer talent.

“Hah! My tamer talent is C-rank strengthening class! Behold! The Spirit Multiplier!”

“I have the B-rank talent, Flame Fusion! It’ll be a piece of cake for me to tame a flame beast!”

“I can enhance my beast’s battle will…”

Chu Feng couldn’t help but get lost in thought when he heard his classmates boasting about their talents.

The talent that he had received was the SSS-rank Infinite Growth.

As long as he had enough resources, he could rank his beast up to an undefeatable stage.

When he finally summoned his beasts, the others couldn’t help but drop their jaws.

The first was a 1.8m tall Desolated Bear that could smash a hill with a wave of its arm…

The second was a Phantom Butterfly that could destroy another dimension with a wave of its wings…

“Is he still a tamer?” the rest scolded.

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Chapter 1 - Sss-Rank Beast Tamer Talent

Chapter 1: SSS-rank Beast Tamer Talent


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Two hundred years ago, the alternate dimension opened up and boundless spiritual energy poured into the earth. Animals underwent mutations one after another, turning into the ferocious beasts of today.”

“One hundred and eighty years ago, when there was almost no room for humans to survive, the first Beastmaster appeared and mankind gradually rose to prominence!”

“One hundred years ago, many base cities were established through the Beastmaster’s exploration. As a result, the Beastmaster’s talent awakening system improved day by day.”

“Now, everyone in the world has the chance to awaken their beast tamer talent at the age of seventeen!”

“Your future will be decided by your beast tamer talent!”

The field was divided into different areas according to the classes. At the front was the dean for the high school second-year students, Wang Ping, who was excitedly narrating the history of beasts. Chu Feng stood in the line and listened with great excitement.

“After transmigrating for such a long time, I can finally awaken my beast tamer talent!”

That’s right, he was not originally from this world. In his original world, he was studying at a university. He managed to become an undergraduate after some hard work. However, as he was studying all night, he was directly transported to this place and ended up becoming a primary school student instead. After enduring for so many years, he finally reached the age of seventeen!

Only after awakening the beast tamer talent could one form a contract with a pet beast and become a Beastmaster. In the current world, the status of a Beastmaster was extremely high! Although he was extremely excited, he didn’t show it on his face. His expression was calm. After all, he was a well-informed time-traveler!

He had endured so much and now, it was finally his turn.

“Grade 12 Class 8, Chu Feng!”


Chu Feng stepped forward. The teacher had confirmed his identity and indicated for him to touch the awakening stone on the table.

The teacher reminded him, “After you awaken your beast tamer talent, the Voice of Heaven will remind you what kind of talent you have awakened. Then, you can tell me and I will register it for you.”

“Okay.” Chu Feng nodded and touched the awakening stone with his right hand. A cold feeling came from his palm and then a wondrous airflow entered his body.

“You have awakened the B-rank beast tamer talent, [skill enhancement]!”

“[Skill enhancement]: through the use of treasures, the pet’s skills can be slightly enhanced. The upper limit for skill enhancement is Level 10.”

“Ding! Mysterious airflow detected. Merging…”

The originally cold Voice of Heaven suddenly became more and more intense!

“The B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement] has undergone a mutation. The talent has advanced!”

“SSS-rank beast tamer talent [unlimited growth]: through the use of treasures which contained various forms of vitality, it is transformed into [enhancement points] to strengthen the pet’s talent and skills. There is no upper limit to the enhancement of skills!”

[Current enhancement points: 0]

Chu Feng’s heart was shaken! SSS-rank beast tamer talent!

Ever since humans awakened their beast tamer talent, as far as history went, SSS-rank beast tamer talent had only appeared twice! Each time they appeared, they laid the foundation for humanity’s supreme status!

Up until now, Beastmasters who had awakened their SSS-rank talents in the past had all become the strongest humans. They guarded the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, commanding the entire territory and intimidating all the other races!

Chu Feng’s awakened SSS-rank beast tamer talent was also an extremely precious existence! Unlimited growth! In other words, if he had unlimited resources, his pet beast would have no upper limit!

“Student Chu Feng?”

The teacher asked in a warm voice, “What is your awakened beast tamer talent?”

Chu Feng pondered for a moment and said, “Teacher, I’ve awakened a B-rank talent [skill enhancement].”

He thought carefully and decided not to reveal his true talent.

Even though many powerful Beastmasters had appeared in the human race, the humans were not considered safe. The foreign races that had lived in the alternate dimension two hundred years ago had always dreamed of replacing humans. Even the beasts in the wilderness posed a great threat to humans.

If he didn’t want to lose his freedom, he couldn’t reveal his true talent after being in seclusion by the side of the strongest expert for more than a hundred years. This was because once his SSS-rank beast tamer talent was revealed, the powerhouses of other races and beast overlords would come and assassinate him!

Hiding his true talent was the most advantageous choice for him at the moment.

The teacher was gratified. “You’re quite lucky. Your B-rank talent is also very powerful. However, your beast tamer talent belongs to the rare nurturing type. The B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement] is a talent that requires a lot of resources. After this, you should have a serious discussion with your homeroom teacher and family to see how this talent can be used.”

“Alright, teacher.” Chu Feng nodded. He was aware of this for a long time.

Whether it was the B-rank beast tamer talent [skill enhancement] or the SSS-rank beast tamer talent [unlimited growth], they all required a large number of resources to support. This type of beast tamer talent that required resources to have an effect was known as the [nurturing type]. Other than this, the beast tamer talent could also be divided into categories such as [strengthening type], [elemental type], [fusion type] and [weakening type].

[Strengthening type] beast tamer talents were the most common type. Any beast tamer talent that could directly strengthen a beast was categorised under the [strengthening type].

People with [elemental type] beast tamer talents were similar to superpowered people. They could resonate with their familiars of the corresponding attributes, thus bringing out greater power.

[Fusion type], as its name implied, could merge with the beast and borrow the power of the beast.

[Weakening type] was even more obvious. Weakening the opponent’s beast was equivalent to strengthening one’s beast.

There were many types of Beastmasters’ talents. In the “Catalogue of Beastmasters’ Talents” published a hundred years ago, there were already more than 10,000 types of talents.

Chu Feng returned to his class. Now, many students of Grade 12 Class 7 were sitting there with their eyes closed, allowing the strands of spiritual energy to flow out. At times like this, no one would disturb them. This was because Beastmasters were cultivating!

The students from Grade 12 Class 7 had just stepped into the realm of Beastmasters. The first step was to open up the beast space!

Chu Feng also sat down and began to channel his energy into his diaphragm. According to the method given by his teacher, he would open up the beast space by relying on his beast tamer talent.

Why was the future of a Beastmaster determined by his beast tamer talent? To put it simply, if the lowest rank, the E-rank talent, was awakened, a beast space opened by the Beastmaster could only speed up the growth rate of his beast at twice the speed. If the awakened talent was D-rank, the growth rate would be four times faster.

According to this method, if the awakened talent was B-rank, the growth rate would be sixteen times faster! As for the SSS-rank, it was 256 times faster! In other words, a pet beast that originally needed 100 years to grow to its peak would only take less than half a year in the SSS-rank beast space!

“I’ve finally succeeded!”

Chu Feng sensed a small space within his body that was 10 meters in length, width and height. He sighed in his heart, “I didn’t expect my beast space to start at a thousand cubic meters!”

Generally speaking, even with an A-rank beast tamer talent, the first opened beast space was only one cubic meter. As the Beastmaster continued to cultivate, the beast space would continuously expand. But Chu Feng had started with a thousand cubic meters of beast space! The difference between the two was a thousand times!


Total Chapters in book: 593
Estimated words: 908837 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 4544(@200wpm)___ 3635(@250wpm)___ 3029(@300wpm)