Epic Of Caterpillar by PancakesWitch

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Delicious Fish
Chapter 3 - The River King!
Chapter 4 - Evolution, Servant And The River Emperor!
Chapter 5 - The Truth About The Forest
Chapter 6 - The Monkey Emperor
Chapter 7 - Dark Empress...?!
Chapter 8 - The Flame Salamander Empress
Chapter 9 - All Out War: A Butterfly Versus Three Emperors!
Chapter 10 - Overpowering Sun!
Chapter 11 - The Dark Nation
Chapter 12 - The Realm Of Vida
Chapter 13 - Wyvern Alliance
Chapter 14 - Blood Pact
Chapter 15 - Clash Of Armies
Chapter 16 - Shadow Awakening
Chapter 17 - Abrahel Curse
Chapter 18 - The Cocky Witch
Chapter 19 - The Lonely Lamia
Chapter 20 - An Unexpected Alliance
Chapter 21 - Lurking Darkness
Chapter 22 - The Dark Moon Kingdom
Chapter 23 - Evolution Galore
Chapter 24 - An Unexpected Love Confession!
Chapter 25 - The One Who Commited The Ultimate Sin
Chapter 26 - Unexpected Danger
Chapter 27 - Goblin Invasion
Chapter 28 - Marchosias, The Fire Spitting Demon Wolf
Chapter 29 - Combat System
Chapter 30 - Expansion Plans
Chapter 31 - Wives Evolution & Construction System?!
Chapter 32 - The Rin Sisters
Chapter 33 - Memories Of A Young Girl
Chapter 34 - Bloody Sacrifice Dungeon
Chapter 35 - Memories Of A Young Girl: Leather Shoes
Chapter 36 - The Dungeon Boss!
Chapter 37 - The Aquaria Kingdom
Chapter 38 - Kingdom Alliance
Chapter 39 - Memories Of A Young Girl: Hero
Chapter 40 - The Treacherous Kraken Witch: Mady
Chapter 41 - A Steadily Growing Kingdom
Chapter 42 - A Cyclops Tradition!
Chapter 43 - Scouting Results
Chapter 44 - Dungeon Management
Chapter 45 - Malicious Plans
Chapter 46 - Desperate Battlefield
Chapter 47 - Precious Memories
Chapter 48 - Powerful Magic Battle
Chapter 49 - The Undead Indifference
Chapter 50 - The Last Push
Chapter 51 - Conviction: Alliance
Chapter 52 - Many Puppies Are Born & ...The Death Knight Rises?!
Chapter 53 - Resurgence
Chapter 54 - Realm Menace: Lust
Chapter 55 - Mushroom Cave Raid
Chapter 56 - Human Adventurer Perspective / The Water Shrine Dungeon
Chapter 57 - Harpy Girl Pespective / Water Spirit Request
Chapter 58 - Undead Corruption
Chapter 59 - Conquest Plans
Chapter 60 - Legendary Relic
Chapter 61 - Precious Treasure
Chapter 62 - Demi-Humans Gathering
Chapter 63 - Forging Contest Results
Chapter 64 - Sacred Beast Familiar
Chapter 65 - Busy Night
Chapter 66 - Sacred Beast Protector
Chapter 67 - Demi-Humans Training
Chapter 68 - Beloved By Nature
Chapter 69 - Tirelessly Working
Chapter 70 - Ghostly Curves
Chapter 71 - The Hero Of Shining Skies
Chapter 72 - A Date With The Sisters
Chapter 73 - Demi-Human Children Parenting Encyclopedia
Chapter 74 - Humans Backstories
Chapter 75 - The Ogre Team And The Undead Team
Chapter 76 - Back To The Dungeon
Chapter 77 - Seasoned Half-Poison Lord Lady Perspective
Chapter 78 - Merciless Massacre
Chapter 79 - Human Feast
Chapter 80 - Golden Knight (Alice Lomanie) Perspective
Chapter 81 - Familiars Buffet
Chapter 82 - Noble Brainwashing
Chapter 83 - Draconic Lion Chimera And Noble Man Perspective
Chapter 84 - Bewitching Dhampir
Chapter 85 - Dating With A Slime Girl
Chapter 86 - Steady Growth
Chapter 87 - Nesiphae Melancholy And Bronte'S Fears
Chapter 88 - Nesiphae'S Past (Perspective)
Chapter 89 - Brontes Fragmented Memories (Perspective)
Chapter 90 - Dhampir Espionage Team
Chapter 91 - Illusive Personification
Chapter 92 - Chaos Bringer Children
Chapter 93 - Unexpected Battle
Chapter 94 - Kingdom Takeover
Chapter 95 - Royal Wedding
Chapter 96 - Five Radiant Champions
Chapter 97 - Ten Elemental Knights
Chapter 98 - Sharing The Blessing
Chapter 99 - The White Compassion
Chapter 100 - Belle Floria Aquaria Perspective
Chapter 101 - Amiphossia Limitless Potential
Chapter 102 - The Annihilation King
Chapter 103 - Family Trip
Chapter 104 - Amiphossia'S Crush
Chapter 105 - #########
Chapter 106 - Sin Devourer
Chapter 107 - Endless Feasts
Chapter 108 - Demon Overlord Of Lust
Chapter 109 - Scorching Lava Worm
Chapter 110 - One Hundred Days Birthday?
Chapter 111 - The Birth Of The Mershark Twins
Chapter 112 - Dominating Shark Empress And Gentle Shark Child
Chapter 113 - Wind Nomads
Chapter 114 - Yet Another Human Feast
Chapter 115 - Tribe Annihilation
Chapter 116 - Enslaving A Tribe And Taking A Wife
Chapter 117 - Yisu Chakha And Altani Khatum Perspective
Chapter 118 - Delightful Double Date
Chapter 119 - Low Risk High Reward
Chapter 120 - Temulun And Qayag Tribe Leaders Perspectives
Chapter 121 - Shadow Abyss Cerberus Wolf & Four-Winged Divine Golden Wolf
Chapter 122 - Corridor Of Foggy Waters
Chapter 123 - Ice Cold Caves
Chapter 124 - Ocean Guardian Grotto
Chapter 125 - The Half-Dodomeki Incredible Shrewdness
Chapter 126 - Champion Of Psychic Eyes Perspective
Chapter 127 - Bandit Elimination
Chapter 128 - Isaac Gervis Perspective 1/2
Chapter 129 - Isaac Gervis Perspective 2/2
Chapter 130 - War Preparations
Chapter 131 - Aproaching Human Army
Chapter 132 - War Breaks Out; Undying Army
Chapter 133 - War Continues; The Sin Of Lust Descends
Chapter 134 - War Ends; Outstanding Results
Chapter 135 - A Three Elements Dish
Chapter 136 - Legendary Rewards
Chapter 137 - Steady Increase Of Population
Chapter 138 - Forsaken Labyrinth 1/6
Chapter 139 - Forsaken Labyrinth 2/6
Chapter 140 - Forsaken Labyrinth 3/6
Chapter 141 - Forsaken Labyrinth 4/6
Chapter 142 - Forsaken Labyrinth 5/6; Sand Wyvern High Overlord 1/2
Chapter 143 - Forsaken Labyrinth 6/6; Sand Wyvern High Overlord 2/2
Chapter 144 - God Of Sand And Earth Perspective
Chapter 145 - Ancient Scarlet Eyed Illusionist Kraken & Relentless Rock-Shattering Hell Warrior
Chapter 146 - Ocypete And Smilkas
Chapter 147 - Giant Inferno Oni Warlord & Giant Nightmare Fallen Elf
Chapter 148 - Dark Moon Kingdom First Official Tournament! 1/5
Chapter 149 - Dark Moon Kingdom First Official Tournament! 2/5
Chapter 150 - Dark Moon Kingdom First Official Tournament! 3/5
Chapter 151 - Dark Moon Kingdom First Official Tournament! 4/5
Chapter 152 - Dark Moon Kingdom First Official Tournament! 5/5
Chapter 153 - Special Species
Chapter 154 - Spoiled Daughter
Chapter 155 - Masterful Item Creator
Chapter 156 - A Noble Dhampir Manor
Chapter 157 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 1/20; The War Begins
Chapter 158 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 2/20; Berserk Human Army
Chapter 159 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 3/20; Brotherly Grudge 1/2
Chapter 160 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 4/20; Brotherly Grudge 2/2
Chapter 161 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 5/20; Gemstone Princess
Chapter 162 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 6/20; Flames Of Hope 1/2
Chapter 163 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 7/20; Flames Of Hope 2/2
Chapter 164 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 8/20; Shamelessly Running Away
Chapter 165 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 9/20; Easy Pickings
Chapter 166 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 10/20; Indomitable Might
Chapter 167 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 11/20; Awakening
Chapter 168 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 12/20; Fiery Oni'S Rage
Chapter 169 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 13/20; Benevolent Heart
Chapter 170 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 14/20; A Martyr'S Sacrifice
Chapter 171 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 15/20; Overwhelmed
Chapter 172 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 16/20; A Bloody Affair
Chapter 173 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 17/20; Prioritizing A Slave Over The Hero
Chapter 174 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 18/20; Resurrection
Chapter 175 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 19/20; The Green Demon
Chapter 176 - [Scripted Event] [Athetosea Great War] 20/20; The Hero'S Endless Despair
Chapter 177 - Brainwashing An Entire Kingdom
Chapter 178 - Busy Morning
Chapter 179 - Feasting On Fated Heroes
Chapter 180 - A Relaxing Family Bath
Chapter 181 - Testing The Champion Of Psychic Eyes
Chapter 182 - Harpy Heroine Of Raging Winds
Chapter 183 - Looting The Kingdom Treasury
Chapter 184 - Incredible Items
Chapter 185 - A Forced Alliance
Chapter 186 - Celestial Rainbow Sage Princess
Chapter 187 - Ailine'S Promising Future
Chapter 188 - Golden Fairy Of The Sacred Treasury
Chapter 189 - A Destined Confrontation
Chapter 190 - A Fairy'S Milk
Chapter 191 - David Armand Perspective 1/2; Athetosea Great War Aftermath
Chapter 192 - David Armand Perspective 2/2; Quest For The Great Dragonoid Sage
Chapter 193 - Redgaria'S Royal Knight
Chapter 194 - Distributing Legendary Relics
Chapter 195 - The Power Of True Names
Chapter 196 - Touching Kaguya'S Fluffy Tails
Chapter 197 - Sugita Masami Azuma Perspective 1/2; The Prosperous Empire And The Lurking Darkness
Chapter 198 - Sugita Masami Azuma Perspective 2/2; Forced Alliance And The Uncertain Future
Chapter 199 - Intesive Training
Chapter 200 - Supreme Overlord Of Lust Set
Chapter 201 - Mady'S Obsession
Chapter 202 - Vudia'S Adorable Creations
Chapter 203 - Zehe'S Sudden Interest In Forging
Chapter 204 - Charlotte'S Weird Tendencies And Ryo'S First Love
Chapter 205 - Taking Care Of Zehe'S Needs
Chapter 206 - New Equipment Set Complete!
Chapter 207 - Indestructible Armor Of The Five Sacred Beasts
Chapter 208 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 1/69
Chapter 209 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 2/69; Snatching A Dungeon Boss
Chapter 210 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 3/69; Nixephine Memories And Stronger Monsters
Chapter 211 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 4/69; Scaled Giant Sand Worm; Mathonth
Chapter 212 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 5/69; Monster Wave
Chapter 213 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 6/69; Thirsty Dhampir
Chapter 214 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 7/69; Slaughtering Zakon
Chapter 215 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 8/69; Warm Baths
Chapter 216 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 9/69; Fire Oni Tribe Chief Daughter; Oga!
Chapter 217 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 10/69; Dominating A Fire Oni Warrioress
Chapter 218 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 11/69; Rimuru'S Delicious Cupcakes
Chapter 219 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 12/69; Fire Oni'S Resolve
Chapter 220 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 13/69; Ancient Sand Whale Centipede 1/2
Chapter 221 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 14/69; Ancient Sand Whale Centipede 2/2
Chapter 222 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 15/69; Feasting On The Boss & An Active Morning
Chapter 223 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 16/69; Valentia'S Hidden Potential
Chapter 224 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 17/69; Future Projects & Desert Fish
Chapter 225 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 18/69; New Threats
Chapter 226 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 19/69; Sentient Dungeon
Chapter 227 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 20/69; Rampaging Devil Armor
Chapter 228 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 21/69; The Desire To Devour
Chapter 229 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 22/69; Furious Thunder Dragon Armor
Chapter 230 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 23/69; Shark Head Crustacean Chimera
Chapter 231 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 24/69; Strange Energy
Chapter 232 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 25/69; A Boss'S Dish & Alice'S Addiction
Chapter 233 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 26/69; Godly Massages
Chapter 234 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 27/69; Walking Cactus Empress
Chapter 235 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 28/69; A Strange City Inside The Dungeon?
Chapter 236 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 29/69; Nefertiti
Chapter 237 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 30/69; Negotiations Between The Strong And The Weak
Chapter 238 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 31/69; Stripping An Ancient Spirit Of Its Treasures And Freedom
Chapter 239 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 32/69; Taking A Break & Amiphossia'S Abilities
Chapter 240 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 33/69; Overwhelming Might
Chapter 241 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 34/69; Ryo'S Potential
Chapter 242 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 35/69; The Power Of Aura
Chapter 243 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 36/69; Heartwarming Time With My Children & Lilith'S Growth
Chapter 244 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 37/69; Chimera Swarm 1/2
Chapter 245 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 38/69; Chimera Swarm 2/2
Chapter 246 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 39/69; Desert Graveyard
Chapter 247 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 40/69; A Tragic Past
Chapter 248 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 41/69; Kireina Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious
Chapter 249 - Side ; The God Of Sand And Earth Resolve
Chapter 250 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 42/69; Ancient Undead Abyss Turtle
Chapter 251 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 43/69; Amiphossia Once Again Gets Stronger
Chapter 252 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 44/69; Vampire Noble Of Scarlet Thunder
Chapter 253 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 45/69; Sparring Sessions
Chapter 254 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 46/69; Skeleton Dinosaurs & Phantom Foxes
Chapter 255 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 47/69; Ambush & Escape
Chapter 256 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 48/69; Phantom Foxes Against Wraiths
Chapter 257 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 49/69; Twelve-Tailed Phantom Fox Shapeshifting
Chapter 258 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 50/69; Heartwarming Morning
Chapter 259 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 51/69; Improvements
Chapter 260 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 52/69; Green Scaled Ancient Basilisk Yiksukesh
Chapter 261 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 53/69; Jörmungandr
Chapter 262 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 54/69; Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons (Yokai)
Chapter 263 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 55/69; Yokai Village
Chapter 264 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 56/69; Obtaining A New Loyal Dog
Chapter 265 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 57/69; Grand Forest Monster Diversification
Chapter 266 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 58/69; Rushing Through Floors
Chapter 267 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 59/69; Grand Kasha Overlord
Chapter 268 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 60/69; Phantasmal Winter Flames Cat
Chapter 269 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 61/69; The Last Floors
Chapter 270 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 62/69; Rank 4 Soul; Bloody Chimera Soul Of Scarlet Chaos
Chapter 271 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 63/69; Determination To Overcome The Mighty
Chapter 272 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 64/69; Divinity Devourer
Chapter 273 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 65/69; Final Boss; Ancient Wisdom Dragon; Athos
Chapter 274 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 66/69; Can You Regenerate Before I Eat You Completely?
Chapter 275 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 67/69; Dungeon Conquest
Chapter 276 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 68/69; Dungeon Merge
Chapter 277 - [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 69/69; My New Adoptive Daughter Is An Ancient Basilisk?!
Chapter 278 - Side ; The God Of Sand And Earth; Omgramid'S Origins And Fall
Chapter 279 - Side ; Isaac Gervis Perspective Ii 1/2; Training Aura & The Mysterious Helgen Kingdom
Chapter 280 - Side ; Isaac Gervis Perspective Ii 2/2; Holy Garden Dungeon Exploration
Chapter 281 - Side ; David Armand Perspective Ii 1/2; The Ancient Dragon Vastrasz & Dragonoid Bloodline
Chapter 282 - Side ; David Armand Perspective Ii 2/2; Blazing Hydra
Chapter 283 - Lower Realm Exploration; Blazing Ashura Nation
Chapter 284 - A False Goddess Plays Around With Mortals
Chapter 285 - Ymir, The Blazing Ashura King
Chapter 286 - The Vampire Children Feast On Ymir'S Siblings
Chapter 287 - Ymir'S Despair
Chapter 288 - The Fire Oni Chief; Ogu
Chapter 289 - Reuniting With The Spirits
Chapter 290 - A Heated Morning And A Small Conflict
Chapter 291 - New Equipment For Everyone
Chapter 292 - Amiphossia'S First Dungeon
Chapter 293 - A Relaxing Afternoon And...
Chapter 294 - A Bloodthirsty Menace
Chapter 295 - The Twin Centaur Princesses Evolve
Chapter 296 - Arcane Mershark Vampire Wizard & Shadow Dracoshark Vampire Empress
Chapter 297 - Learning A More Refined Use Of Magic
Chapter 298 - Seeping Darkness...
Chapter 299 - Changes In The Dungeon And... An Unexpected Outcome
Chapter 300 - A New Life...?
Chapter 301 - Amiphossia Learns New Tricks And The Dryad Queen
Chapter 302 - Side ; Azuma Empire Heroes Crisis 1/2
Chapter 303 - Side ; Azuma Empire Heroes Crisis 2/2
Chapter 304 - Teamwork With An Old Necromancer
Chapter 305 - Two Manticores In One Day
Chapter 306 - Side ; Everyone Have Their Own Adventures 1/2
Chapter 307 - Side ; Everyone Have Their Own Adventures 2/2
Chapter 308 - The Devilish Empress Is Pampered By Her Family
Chapter 309 - Blaze Oni Amazoness
Chapter 310 - The Happiness That We Unknowingly Bring
Chapter 311 - A Strange Attribute...
Chapter 312 - Chaotic Magic
Chapter 313 - The Sexy Aura Teacher, Kireina!
Chapter 314 - Mady Opens Her Heart
Chapter 315 - Chimera'S Holy Mother
Chapter 316 - Gubo & Guubo Evolutions
Chapter 317 - Wall'S Little Gift...?
Chapter 318 - A Task From A Demi-God And Conflicting Interests
Chapter 319 - At Last... Skill Fusions!
Chapter 320 - All Creation & Mirage Magic
Chapter 321 - The Little Girls Don'T Want To Leave Their Mama & Rising Conflict...
Chapter 322 - Rescuing A Little Centaur Princess
Chapter 323 - Everyone Has Their Own Circumstances
Chapter 324 - A Bad Day For Vampires
Chapter 325 - Divine Beast Flesh
Chapter 326 - Converting Vampires Into My Own Vampires
Chapter 327 - Frustrated Goddess And Extortion
Chapter 328 - A Crazy Duo
Chapter 329 - Finishing The Job
Chapter 330 - The Afterlife...?
Chapter 331 - Overwhelming The Enemy
Chapter 332 - If You Kneel For Me I May Make You My Servant!
Chapter 333 - The Regrets Of The Dead
Chapter 334 - Soul World
Chapter 335 - A Fierce Oponent?
Chapter 336 - Crushing Others Ambitions
Chapter 337 - Guiding The Centaurs To Victory
Chapter 338 - Levana, Agatheina'S Granddaughter
Chapter 339 - Benevolent Demigods
Chapter 340 - Taken By Surprise
Chapter 341 - Face Slapping An Insolent Goddess!
Chapter 342 - Souls Shall Never Rest In Peace
Chapter 343 - The Leniency Of A Goddess
Chapter 344 - Zehe'S New Fluffy Form
Chapter 345 - An Unexpected Reunion!
Chapter 346 - Pride Is Not Needed
Chapter 347 - A Small Honey Moon
Chapter 348 - An Important Decision
Chapter 349 - Compromise
Chapter 350 - Ancient Vampire Race’S Supreme Sovereign
Chapter 351 - The Greedy Queen'S Schemes
Chapter 352 - Chaos Humans
Chapter 353 - A Blessed New Race
Chapter 354 - The Devilish Empress Can'T Stop Spoiling Her Adorable Daughters!
Chapter 355 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 1/30: A Small Trip Through Cilane & A Giant Lion!
Chapter 356 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 2/30: An Ever-Changing Scenery
Chapter 357 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 3/30: The Kelpie & Aarae'S First Love?!
Chapter 358 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 4/30: Uroboros
Chapter 359 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 5/30: Kiss Of Compromise & Searching For The Dragon Centaur
Chapter 360 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 6/30: The Origin Of The Dragon Centaur
Chapter 361 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 7/30: True Body
Chapter 362 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 8/30: West Dragon Centaur And A Sudden Boss Battle!
Chapter 363 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 9/30: Against The Life Dragon King Of Thunderstorms And Windstorms!
Chapter 364 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 10/30: Another World Cultures Are Interesting
Chapter 365 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 11/30: Steamy Morning
Chapter 366 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 12/30: Dunes, Cats And Snakes?!
Chapter 367 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 13/30: Saving The Sphinxes
Chapter 368 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 14/30: Exterminating The Annoyances
Chapter 369 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 15/30: Root Of Life Magic
Chapter 370 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 16/30: Being Overly Cautious Isn'T Bad
Chapter 371 - Side ; Megusan
Chapter 372 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 17/30: Catching Up!
Chapter 373 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 18/30: Confrontation
Chapter 374 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 19/30: A Surging New Strength
Chapter 375 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 20/30: Souls And The Soul Attribute
Chapter 376 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 21/30: Worshiped Demon Goddess
Chapter 377 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 22/30: The Benefits Of Being Worshiped!
Chapter 378 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 23/30: Taking Care Of Megusan'S Remnant Soul Piece
Chapter 379 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 24/30: God-Slaying Weapons
Chapter 380 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 25/30: Centaur’S Race Savior Goddess
Chapter 381 - Side ; Demon Gods
Chapter 382 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 26/30: Kireina'S Bizarre Adventure, Harem Crusaders
Chapter 383 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 27/30: Snatching The Dungeon
Chapter 384 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 28/30: Dungeon Upgrade
Chapter 385 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 29/30: Taking Care Of The Last Things
Chapter 386 - Morpheus'S Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 30/30: Taming The Ladies Of The Forest
Chapter 387 - Side ; A Necromancer'S Experiments & Evan'S Party Return
Chapter 388 - A Carefree Day
Chapter 389 - Side ; Concerned Gods
Chapter 390 - Biting A God
Chapter 391 - Ancient Mortal Realm Rank Classification
Chapter 392 - Thunderous Freezing Hellcat Princess
Chapter 393 - Six-Armed Phantom Wolf Beastmen Empress.
Chapter 394 - Side ; Athena'S Schemes
Chapter 395 - Turning Monsters Into Cute Girls For Science
Chapter 396 - At Last, A Cute Dragon Girl... But At What Cost?
Chapter 397 - Daily Life
Chapter 398 - Opening Some Loot
Chapter 399 - Side ; Dragon Gods Conflicting Relationships
Chapter 400 - Side ; Two Wyvern Gods Visit
Chapter 401 - Consuming Divinties Like Wine
Chapter 402 - Evolution After Evolution
Chapter 403 - Even More Evolutions
Chapter 404 - Mother Of Evolution
Chapter 405 - Evolution Galore
Chapter 406 - New Species?
Chapter 407 - A Mysterious Event And Divine Energy?
Chapter 408 - Side ; Alice Against Aleksandra
Chapter 409 - More Evolutions?!
Chapter 410 - More Evolutions?! 2; Electric Boogaloo
Chapter 411 - More Evolutions?! 3; Thirsty Goddesses
Chapter 412 - Side ; Ambrosia Feast
Chapter 413 - Side ; The Fallen Hero And The Wicked Witch
Chapter 414 - A Divine Fruit For Breakfast And The Truths About Gods?
Chapter 415 - Evan'S Awakening
Chapter 416 - Teaching An Ancient Hero'S Secret Technique To (Not) Everyone
Chapter 417 - Learning Twice As Fast
Chapter 418 - Side ; A Nightmare Demigod'S Worst Nightmare
Chapter 419 - Nightmare Magic
Chapter 420 - Diving Into Nightmares
Chapter 421 - The Possibilities Of Dreams
Chapter 422 - Side ; A Mermaid Princess'S Reincarnation
Chapter 423 - The Mermaid Princess Of Eclipse And Dawn
Chapter 424 - Meeting With Gods
Chapter 425 - Completing Some Empire System Tasks
Chapter 426 - The God'S Schemes
Chapter 427 - My Adorable Adoptive Daughter Is A Reincarnated Demon God?!
Chapter 428 - A Second Chance
Chapter 429 - Side ; David Armand Perspective Iii 1/4: The Hero Develops
Chapter 430 - Side ; David Armand Perspective Iii 2/4: The Ideal Vessel
Chapter 431 - Side ; David Armand Perspective Iii 3/4: The Hero'S Fall
Chapter 432 - Side ; David Armand Perspective Iii 4/4: New Heroes Rise
Chapter 433 - A Dungeon Inside My Body?
Chapter 434 - An Important Event!
Chapter 435 - The Fallen Heroes Laments... And Their Hope For A New Life
Chapter 436 - The Seven Colors Heroic Harpy Siblings
Chapter 437 - Side : Demigod Of Eclipses And Demigoddess Of Dawns
Chapter 438 - Eating A Bit More Divinities
Chapter 439 - Inner Realms
Chapter 440 - Side : Mohini'S Recklessness
Chapter 441 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 1/35: Soaring Through New Horizons
Chapter 442 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 2/35: Tracking An Irresponsible Deity
Chapter 443 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 3/35: Lost Heroes
Chapter 444 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 4/35: Rescuing The Reckless Daughter Of A Demigoddess
Chapter 445 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 5/35: A Fusion Of Love
Chapter 446 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 6/35: Delicious Divinity Fragments
Chapter 447 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 7/35: A Lost Prince
Chapter 448 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 8/35: Encounter
Chapter 449 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 9/35: Habitis'S Past
Chapter 450 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 10/35: Sheltering Many Cats And Their Prince
Chapter 451 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 11/35: Godly Takoyaki?
Chapter 452 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 12/35: Talking Things Out
Chapter 453 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 13/35: The Unfaltering Love Of A Mother
Chapter 454 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 14/35: Flying Towards Moonfang'S Capital!
Chapter 455 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 15/35: Invading Moonfang'S Capital!
Chapter 456 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 16/35: Decisive Battle! Vasipheus, The Night Lion Prince Vs Nesiphae & Gaby 1/2
Chapter 457 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 17/35: Decisive Battle! Vasipheus, The Night Lion Prince Vs Nesiphae & Gaby 2/2
Chapter 458 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 18/35: The Twins Growth! Damasios, The Stoic Lion Prince Vs Sofelaia & Sofarpia
Chapter 459 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 19/35: Ice, Thunder And Fire Clashes! Dalia, The Winter Lioness Queen Vs Brontes & Oga 1/2
Chapter 460 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 20/35: Ice, Thunder And Fire Clashes! Dalia, The Winter Lioness Queen Vs Brontes & Oga 2/2
Chapter 461 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 21/35: Poisonous Thunder Against Bloody Thunder! Catrina, The Venomous Lioness Princess Vs Alice & Zehe 1/2
Chapter 462 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 22/35: Poisonous Thunder Against Bloody Thunder! Catrina, The Venomous Lioness Princess Vs Alice & Zehe 2/2
Chapter 463 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 23/35: Storming Spirit! Zurut, The Thunderous Leopard Prince Vs Acelina & Ismena 1/2
Chapter 464 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 24/35: Storming Spirit! Zurut, The Thunderous Leopard Prince Vs Acelina & Ismena 2/2
Chapter 465 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 25/35: Flames Against Flames! Xedia, The Blazing Arrows Huntress Princess Vs Kaguya & Altani 1/2
Chapter 466 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 26/35: Flames Against Flames! Xedia, The Blazing Arrows Huntress Princess Vs Kaguya & Altani 2/2
Chapter 467 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 27/35: A Fanatic Believer Against Two Empresses Of The Desert! Phymara, The Holy Priest Princess Vs Nixephine & Nefertiti 1/2
Chapter 468 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 28/35: A Fanatic Believer Against Two Empresses Of The Desert! Phymara, The Holy Priest Princess Vs Nixephine & Nefertiti 2/2
Chapter 469 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 29/35: The Golden Lion Hero Against Two Best Friends! Drarus, The Golden Lion Hero Prince Vs Lilith And Charlotte 1/2
Chapter 470 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 30/35: The Golden Lion Hero Against Two Best Friends! Drarus, The Golden Lion Hero Prince Vs Lilith And Charlotte 2/2
Chapter 471 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 31/35: Legendary Golden Claws Against A Chaotic Aberration! Lionel, The Golden Lion Beast King Vs Kireina & Rimuru 1/2
Chapter 472 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 32/35: Legendary Golden Claws Against A Chaotic Aberration! Lionel, The Golden Lion Beast King Vs Kireina & Rimuru 2/2
Chapter 473 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 33/35: Messing With Fate?
Chapter 474 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 34/35: Empire'S Expansion And Celebration
Chapter 475 - [Scripted Event] [Moonfang Kingdom Conquest] 35/35: Dream World
Chapter 476 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 1/?: Geggoron'S Desperate Measures
Chapter 477 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 2/?: Exploring The Dream World
Chapter 478 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 3/?: Rescuing The Lost Heroes
Chapter 479 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 4/?: The Final Confrontation!
Chapter 480 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 5/?: Overwhelming Strength: Truhan'S Growth!
Chapter 481 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 6/?: Celica'S Worries
Chapter 482 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 7/?: Defeating Pawns While Family Planning?
Chapter 483 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 8/?: The Three Wolves Are Back!
Chapter 484 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 9/?: The Specter Prince Short Life
Chapter 485 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 10/?: The Demon Trio Outstanding Growth!
Chapter 486 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 11/?: The Eldest Princess Wickedness
Chapter 487 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 12/?: Kekensha'S Might
Chapter 488 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 13/?: Never Trust Your Enemy
Chapter 489 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 14/?: The Final Confrontation! 1/2
Chapter 490 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 15/?: The Final Confrontation! 2/2
Chapter 491 - [Scripted Event] [Sunclaw Kingdom Conquest] 16/?: Victory
Chapter 492 - Side : The Gods Celebration
Chapter 493 - A Well-Deserved Break
Chapter 494 - Blaze
Chapter 495 - Side : Hephaestus Fears
Chapter 496 - Side : The Gods Next Course Of Actions
Chapter 497 - The Story Behind Palikoi
Chapter 498 - Truhan And Celica'S Announcement
Chapter 499 - Side : Nyzzet'S Thoughts
Chapter 500 - Chaotic Divine Realm
Chapter 501 - Goddess Of Light
Chapter 502 - The Chaotic Divine Realm That Not Even Gods Dare To Touch
Chapter 503 - Explanations
Chapter 504 - The World Is Vast And Mysterious
Chapter 505 - Invitation To The Divine Realm Of Maeralya
Chapter 506 - Planning A Reincarnation
Chapter 507 - Maeralya And Marnet'S Families Become Parents?!
Chapter 508 - Suddenly, I Am The Mother Of Three More Children With A Group Of Gods...
Chapter 509 - Belle Discovers Her Wings
Chapter 510 - The Amount Of Available Classes Exceeds 9999!
Chapter 511 - Changing Classes!
Chapter 512 - Uroboros
Chapter 513 - Changing Subclasses!
Chapter 514 - The Gods Of The System
Chapter 515 - The Power Of Enlightenment
Chapter 516 - The Origin Of Item Ranks
Chapter 517 - Using The Divine Skill Upgrading Scroll!
Chapter 518 - Benevolently Distributing Rewards
Chapter 519 - Even The Wolves Get Their Equipment
Chapter 520 - The Path To Godhood Was Always Behind Eating Legendary Weapons! ...Or Is It?
Chapter 521 - Side : Mady'S Journey
Chapter 522 - Marduk, Nammu, And Nanshe
Chapter 523 - The Ancient Chimera Scylla Princes/Ss Triplets
Chapter 524 - Side : The Dark Steppes Gods
Chapter 525 - Side : Dhyellele And Savaphe & Hephaestus Schemes...
Chapter 526 - Side : Dungeon Conquest!
Chapter 527 - Side : Kaggoth
Chapter 528 - Side : The Twin Fire Gods
Chapter 529 - Queen Of Crabs
Chapter 530 - Cancer'S Ocean Labyrinth
Chapter 531 - A New Dungeon Merge!
Chapter 532 - Side : Kaggoth Joins The God Pantheon
Chapter 533 - A Light-Hearted Family Time
Chapter 534 - The Obligatory Beach Episode
Chapter 535 - An Introduction To The Dark Steppes Gods Pantheon
Chapter 536 - Cooking A Godly Dish
Chapter 537 - New Names For The Sisters
Chapter 538 - The Giants' Offspring Is Born
Chapter 539 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 1/?: A Nice Trip Trough Icy Fields
Chapter 540 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 2/?: Even Fighting Weak Monsters Rewards Me?
Chapter 541 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 3/?: Amiphossia'S Harem Doesnt Have Any Interests Other Than Her!
Chapter 542 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 4/?: Lazuli
Chapter 543 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 5/?: Nyzzet'S Ignorance
Chapter 544 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 6/?: Rescuing Skadi'S Daughter
Chapter 545 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 7/?: The Children'S Progression
Chapter 546 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 8/?: Beating Boss Monsters Like Flies
Chapter 547 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 9/?: Great Lightning Mole Tyrant Emperor
Chapter 548 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 10/?: One Punch
Chapter 549 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 11/?: Not A Neet
Chapter 550 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 12/?: Hunting Dragons
Chapter 551 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 13/?: Giant Blazing Drake Wolf Tyrant Overlord
Chapter 552 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 14/?: Nyzzet'S Past
Chapter 553 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 15/?: Begudhur
Chapter 554 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 16/?: Vulcan
Chapter 555 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 17/?: Goghesdum
Chapter 556 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 18/?: Yerze Hazass
Chapter 557 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 19/?: Serious Punch
Chapter 558 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 20/?: Mother And Daughter Slime Duo!
Chapter 559 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 21/?: Nirah'S Fierce Appetite!
Chapter 560 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 22/?: Almighty Strength
Chapter 561 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 23/?: Finding About Begudhur
Chapter 562 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 24/?: New Maids
Chapter 563 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 25/?: Begudhur Discovers His Potential
Chapter 564 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 26/?: New Evolutions
Chapter 565 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 27/?: The Legendary Neet Skill
Chapter 566 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 28/?: Mysterious Blessings
Chapter 567 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 29/?: Nyzzet'S Carelessness
Chapter 568 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 30/?: Some Have It Worse...
Chapter 569 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 31/?: Metamorphosis & Odanth And The High Viper
Chapter 570 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 32/?: The Brave Elder Dragon
Chapter 571 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 33/?: Feel Honored!
Chapter 572 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 34/?: Ultimate Attack!
Chapter 573 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 35/?: Slaughtering The Last Remnants
Chapter 574 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 36/?: Delicious Divinity Fragments All Around!
Chapter 575 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 37/?: A Long Night (+18)
Chapter 576 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 38/?: Second Class Change Session!
Chapter 577 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 39/?: Second Subclass Change Session!
Chapter 578 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 40/?: Even More Maids...!
Chapter 579 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 41/?: Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 580 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 42/?: Yvnei
Chapter 581 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 43/?: War Against Divine Beasts!
Chapter 582 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 44/?: Rainbow Kaiser Ex Enters The Battlefield!
Chapter 583 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 45/?: Grotesque Prowess
Chapter 584 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 46/?: The Cute Elder Dragon Family
Chapter 585 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 47/?: Planning
Chapter 586 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 48/?: World'S Enemy: Primordial Beast
Chapter 587 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 49/?: Chaos
Chapter 588 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 50/?: Everything Is Shrouded In Mystery
Chapter 589 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 51/?: Begudhur'S Awakening
Chapter 590 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 52/?: Nannet
Chapter 591 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 53/?: Why Are You Wearing That?!
Chapter 592 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 54/?: Slowly Aproaching The Confrontation
Chapter 593 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 55/?: Zudig & Kheserad Vs Begudhur Uroboros
Chapter 594 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 56/?: Zudig & Kheserad Vs Begudhur Uroboros 2
Chapter 595 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 57/?: This Battle Is Just Starting!
Chapter 596 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 58/?: Truhan And Celica Against Zudig!
Chapter 597 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 59/?: The Blood Fairy Sisters Join The Battle
Chapter 598 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 60/?: Kheseerad Struggles!
Chapter 599 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 61/?: 'Rainbow Kaiser Ex2: Code Wolf' Enters The Battle!
Chapter 600 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 62/?: Epic Showdown!
Chapter 601 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 63/?: Begudhur'S Demise...
Chapter 602 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 64/?: Zudig'S New Powers!
Chapter 603 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 65/?: Kheseerad'S Desperation
Chapter 604 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 66/?: Caught In Between Devilish Girls!
Chapter 605 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 67/?: Dividing The Meal!
Chapter 606 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 68/?: An Intense Battle!
Chapter 607 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 69/?: Gungnir!
Chapter 608 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 70/?: A Partial Victory?
Chapter 609 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 71/?: An Unexpected Villain Team!
Chapter 610 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 72/?: Comprehending Spatial Magic
Chapter 611 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 73/?: The Mysterious Earth Goddess
Chapter 612 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 74/?: Taking It Easy For Now...
Chapter 613 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 75/?: Hydros' Story
Chapter 614 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 76/?: A New Member Of The Dragon Maids
Chapter 615 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 77/?: Accepting Their Love
Chapter 616 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 78/?: A Small Dinner Before A Passionate Night
Chapter 617 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 79/?: A Passionate Night (+18) 1
Chapter 618 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 80/?: A Passionate Night (+18) 2
Chapter 619 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 81/?: Class Change Session! 1
Chapter 620 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 82/?: Class Change Session! 2
Chapter 621 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 83/?: Class Change Session! 3
Chapter 622 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 84/?: Class Change Session! 4
Chapter 623 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 85/?: Class Change Session! 5
Chapter 624 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 86/?: New Calamity Abyss Demon Body Parts!
Chapter 625 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 87/?: Kiroid!
Chapter 626 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 88/?: Poor Hydros
Chapter 627 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 89/?: Figuring Things Out
Chapter 628 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 90/?: Traveling Through Spatial Layers
Chapter 629 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 91/?: One Shotting Two Final Bosses
Chapter 630 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 92/?: Labyrinth Empress!
Chapter 631 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 93/?: The Divinity Of Cooking?!
Chapter 632 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 94/?: Dungeon Merge!
Chapter 633 - [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet'S Labyrinth Conquest] 95/95: An Harmonious Feast
Chapter 634 - Side : Deciding Hydros New Body And Planning A Few Things...
Chapter 635 - Preparing For The Experiments
Chapter 636 - Hydros New Body!
Chapter 637 - Hydros New Abilities
Chapter 638 - Lazuli
Chapter 639 - Blaze And Lazuli Rebirth
Chapter 640 - Side : Zudig, Begudhur, And Kheseerad Plans...
Chapter 641 - A Calm Morning
Chapter 642 - Eating A Premium Dungeon Core
Chapter 643 - So, I Am A Dungeon, So What?
Chapter 644 - Side : System Gods Pov
Chapter 645 - The Almighty Divine Dungeon Shop System!
Chapter 646 - A Puzzling New Inner Realm
Chapter 647 - Everyone Want To Fuse!
Chapter 648 - Side : The Families United As One
Chapter 649 - Side : Habitis
Chapter 650 - New Children Are Born!
Chapter 651 - New Class Change Session! 1: I'M Cthulhu?!
Chapter 652 - New Class Change Session! 2: Powerful Classes!
Chapter 653 - New Class Change Session! 3: Void Attribute Magic And It'S Mysteries
Chapter 654 - New Class Change Session! 4: Primordial Essence Spring
Chapter 655 - New Class Change Session! 5: Even More Powerful Classes!
Chapter 656 - New Class Change Session! 6: A Meeting Between Demiurge And The One
Chapter 657 - New Class Change Session! 7: A Lot Of Titles!
Chapter 658 - New Class Change Session! 8: Now To Subclasses!
Chapter 659 - New Class Change Session! 9: More Subclasses!
Chapter 660 - New Class Change Session! 10: I Am Done With This!
Chapter 661 - Side : Independence!
Chapter 662 - A Small Talk With Gods
Chapter 663 - Side : A Strange Journey
Chapter 664 - Assesing The Empire'S Growth
Chapter 665 - Opening A Bunch Of Reward Loot Boxes!
Chapter 666 - I Am Eating Everything!
Chapter 667 - A Weird Egg
Chapter 668 - Bee
Chapter 669 - Divine Equipment Devourer!
Chapter 670 - Side : They'Re Back!
Chapter 671 - Slimes, Monkeys, Wyverns!
Chapter 672 - Speedrunning Some Dungeons
Chapter 673 - A Completely Unexpected Turn Of Events!
Chapter 674 - Gathering Gaia'S Fragments
Chapter 675 - Meeting Agatheina In Person & Reviving Gaia
Chapter 676 - Memories Of The Past
Chapter 677 - A New And Valuable Ally!
Chapter 678 - Revelations
Chapter 679 - Explaining A Few Things
Chapter 680 - Yet Another Revelation?!
Chapter 681 - The Old World?
Chapter 682 - Visiting The Wyvern Gods
Chapter 683 - Horny Wyvern Goddess
Chapter 684 - Opening Some Loot In The Beach
Chapter 685 - Getting A Ton Of New Equipment!
Chapter 686 - Distributing Some Equipment And Eating The Rest!
Chapter 687 - The Great Benefits Fo Eating Legendary Equipment!
Chapter 688 - Side : Apollo'S Change Of Mind
Chapter 689 - Side : The Lurking Evil And The Atrocities It Does For Her Family
Chapter 690 - Side : Dark Steppes Issues
Chapter 691 - The Benefits Of Eating Gods
Chapter 692 - More Class Changes!
Chapter 693 - More Class Changes! 2
Chapter 694 - More Class Changes! 3
Chapter 695 - More Class Changes! 4
Chapter 696 - More Class Changes! 5
Chapter 697 - More Class Changes! 6
Chapter 698 - Side S: System Gods Pov
Chapter 699 - Side Project Updates And The State Of The Empire
Chapter 700 - Negotiations With Gods
Chapter 701 - A Deal Sealed With Divinity Fragments
Chapter 702 - Agatheina (R18)
Chapter 703 - Agatheina (R18) 2
Chapter 704 - Summoned To Another World?!
Chapter 705 - Ervas And Veronica
Chapter 706 - Creating A Clone For Kritias!
Chapter 707 - A New Source Of Power?
Chapter 708 - Side : System Gods Pov: Revelations
Chapter 709 - Side S: The Demon Gods Schemes
Chapter 710 - Side : The Demon King'S Regrets
Chapter 711 - Side : The Sisters Tragedy And Betrayal
Chapter 712 - Preparations
Chapter 713 - Side : Hephaestus Preparations And Imposters!
Chapter 714 - Side : Jograkog'S Awakening And Zubekh'S Schemes!
Chapter 715 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 1/?: Confrontation!
Chapter 716 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 2/?: Hephaestus Prowess!
Chapter 717 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 3/?: Exhilarating Battle!
Chapter 718 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 4/?: Creating New Techniques And Spells To Attain Victory!
Chapter 719 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 5/?: Helios Fragment!
Chapter 720 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 6/?: Monstrous Appetite!
Chapter 721 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 7/?: False Confrontations, Deceiving A God!
Chapter 722 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 8/?: Rimuru'S Amazing Growth! Hephaestus Demise!
Chapter 723 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 9/?: Victory, New Ally, And...
Chapter 724 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 10/?: The Truth?
Chapter 725 - It Was Just A Dream.
Chapter 726 - Wake Up!
Chapter 727 - Fighting Against The World'S Will?!
Chapter 728 - Don'T Underestimate Me!
Chapter 729 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 11/?: Invasion! Against The Four Graces!
Chapter 730 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 12/?: One By One, Fall To Your Demise!
Chapter 731 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 13/?: You Never Had A Chance!
Chapter 732 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 14/?: I Don'T Care What You Are Or What You Do, Die!
Chapter 733 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 15/?: Kireina'S Army Against Gods!
Chapter 734 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 16/?: Destroying The Divine Barrier!
Chapter 735 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 17/?: Thanatos Kingdom Demon Generals!
Chapter 736 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 18/?: Ailine & Vudia Vs Kururulipe!
Chapter 737 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 19/?: Ryo Vs Pimplet!
Chapter 738 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 20/?: Aarae Vs Rose & Valentia Vs Draknos!
Chapter 739 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 21/?: The Harpy Siblings Vs Inferno, Gestrudo, And Faggoth!
Chapter 740 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 22/?: Marduk, Nammu, & Nanshe Vs Venosa & Sissilya
Chapter 741 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 23/?: Kinesis Schemes
Chapter 742 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 24/?: Fated Confrontation! Geraldine And Annabella! 1/2
Chapter 743 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 25/?: Fated Confrontation! Geraldine And Annabella! 2/2
Chapter 744 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 26/?: Fated Confrontation! Evan Vs Sol!
Chapter 745 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 27/?: A Monstrous Threat!
Chapter 746 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 28/?: The Children'S Unified Might!
Chapter 747 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 29/?: The Greedy Queen Vs Wall!
Chapter 748 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 30/?: Immovable Object Versus Unstoppable Force!
Chapter 749 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 31/?: Malicious Plans!
Chapter 750 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 32/?: Guubo Joins In!
Chapter 751 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 33/?: Gods Invasion! Kireina'S Pantheon Of Gods Versus Demon Gods!
Chapter 752 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 34/?: Kiroid'S Outstanding Support!
Chapter 753 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 35/?: Godly Might! Ruthless Slaughter!
Chapter 754 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 36/?: The Next Course Of Actions...
Chapter 755 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 37/?: The Dark Moon Family Versus Hephaestus' Family Remnants!
Chapter 756 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 38/?: Amazing Powerup & Preparations For An Invasion!
Chapter 757 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 39/?: Reunion With Gods And Strategy Meeting!
Chapter 758 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 40/?: The Plan Has Been Decided!
Chapter 759 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 41/?: The Incubus King Plans And Invasion!
Chapter 760 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 42/?: The True Battle Begins! Thanatos Pantheon Vs Kireina'S Family!
Chapter 761 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 43/?: Slaughtering Gods From Left And Right!
Chapter 762 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 44/?: The Sin Of Wrath Awakens!
Chapter 763 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 45/?: Greed'S New Owner?!
Chapter 764 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 46/?: Against Primidone!
Chapter 765 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 47/?: Against Varilok And Milmeloth!
Chapter 766 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 48/?: Selfish And Insane.
Chapter 767 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 49/?: Betrayal!
Chapter 768 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 50/?: Fight Between Three Giants!
Chapter 769 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 51/?: Exhilarating Battle! Kireina Vs Kinesis!
Chapter 770 - [Scripted Event: War Against Gods] 52/52: Decisive Battle!
Chapter 771 - Great Rewards And Max Level!
Chapter 772 - A New Home?
Chapter 773 - Love And Warmth
Chapter 774 - Belle'S Truth?
Chapter 775 - The Gluttonous God-Devouring Scarlet Empress!
Chapter 776 - Lovely
Chapter 777 - A Loophole?
Chapter 778 - Sakura (R18)
Chapter 779 - A Meeting With... The System Gods?!
Chapter 780 - An Important Gift And The Truth About Genesis!
Chapter 781 - Side : Zeus Rage And Schemes
Chapter 782 - Side : A World-Changing Event
Chapter 783 - Eating Two More Gods I Guess...
Chapter 784 - Clone Meeting? This Is Weird...
Chapter 785 - Explanations And... A Weird Jewel!
Chapter 786 - What Do You Mean I Am Not Special Anymore?!
Chapter 787 - Reviving The Titans
Chapter 788 - Scripted Event! Why Are You So Late?! And Buying Sins And Commandments!
Chapter 789 - Fight! Against Sins And Commandments! 1/2
Chapter 790 - Fight! Against Sins And Commandments! 2/2
Chapter 791 - Ruler Of Sins And Commandments And... Evolution?!
Chapter 792 - Godhood
Chapter 793 - Exploring The New Divine Realm
Chapter 794 - Godly Explanations
Chapter 795 - Speed Up Time?!
Chapter 796 - Side : Shocking News Across All Realms!
Chapter 797 - Side : The Hard Working System Gods
Chapter 798 - Eating A Bunch Of Dungeon Cores
Chapter 799 - The Tower Of Babel!
Chapter 800 - A New Creation That Will Surpass Classes, Skills, Titles, And More!
Chapter 801 - Paths!
Chapter 802 - New Path Jewels!
Chapter 803 - Enhancing Path Jewels
Chapter 804 - Powerups!
Chapter 805 - Not-So-Classic Spatial Magic
Chapter 806 - Insane Growth!
Chapter 807 - Fighting Tons Of Divine Trials! 1/2
Chapter 808 - Fighting Tons Of Divine Trials! 2/2
Chapter 809 - Revelations 1
Chapter 810 - Revelations 2
Chapter 811 - Revelations 3
Chapter 812 - Revelations 4
Chapter 813 - A Proud Mother
Chapter 814 - Wait, A Time Skip?!
Chapter 815 - I Devoured What?!
Chapter 816 - Evolution Once More
Chapter 817 - Ai-Chan Is Back!
Chapter 818 - What A Passionate Robot... (R18)
Chapter 819 - Side Chapter: Pride
Chapter 820 - Side Chapter: Envy
Chapter 821 - Beloved Master
Chapter 822 - Family Time
Chapter 823 - Altani (R18) 1
Chapter 824 - Altani (R18) 2
Chapter 825 - Side Chapter: The Dragon Gods Schemes
Chapter 826 - Side Chapter: Azuma Empire And Zeus
Chapter 827 - Schemes After Schemes
Chapter 828 - New Path Jewel Creation!
Chapter 829 - My Own System!
Chapter 830 - Side Chapter: Revellion!
Chapter 831 - Help Me!
Chapter 832 - Oh No! Guuuuu!
Chapter 833 - New Plan!
Chapter 834 - Raising Everyone To Godhood!
Chapter 835 - Everyone Defeats Their Divine Trials
Chapter 836 - Divine Beauties
Chapter 837 - Big Girls
Chapter 838 - True Body Clones Pov
Chapter 839 - Exploring Divine Realms
Chapter 840 - The Twin Fire Gods Decision
Chapter 841 - More Deities Rise And... An Unexpected Visit?
Chapter 842 - New Allies
Chapter 843 - Gravern And Smirkes Origins
Chapter 844 - Introducing The Lower Realm Gods
Chapter 845 - Divine Areas
Chapter 846 - Its Never Wrong To Be Overly Cautious
Chapter 847 - Preparations And More Rise To Godhood
Chapter 848 - Smilkas (R18)
Chapter 849 - The Three Dark Flames
Chapter 850 - Blooia?!
Chapter 851 - The Children Rise To Godhood!
Chapter 852 - She'S Finally Here
Chapter 853 - Everyone Is Way Too Strong Now!
Chapter 854 - Zeus' Might!
Chapter 855 - Anime...?!
Chapter 856 - A Strange Abyssal Beast Awakens!
Chapter 857 - The Schemes Of Fate And Destiny
Chapter 858 - Festival
Chapter 859 - The Incubus King Daily Life
Chapter 860 - Truhan & Celica Pov
Chapter 861 - Reaching Rank 2! Fighting The Heavenly Calamity!
Chapter 862 - Evolving Again!
Chapter 863 - You Did A What Of Me?!
Chapter 864 - The Dev Team!
Chapter 865 - New Path Jewel!
Chapter 866 - Freyja'S Envy
Chapter 867 - Zeus Is An Idiot
Chapter 868 - Divine Weapon Upgrading For Dummies
Chapter 869 - Divine Realm Weapon!
Chapter 870 - Second Divine Realm Weapon!
Chapter 871 - New Plans!
Chapter 872 - The Gods Are Going To Lose Their Sh#T
Chapter 873 - Shameless
Chapter 874 - Snatching Some Dungeons
Chapter 875 - Upgrading Path Jewels! God-Realm Path Jewels!
Chapter 876 - Brontes Resolve
Chapter 877 - Even More Path Jewel Upgrades!
Chapter 878 - Zeus Schemes
Chapter 879 - We Strike Today
Chapter 880 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 1/?: The Zeus Family
Chapter 881 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 2/?: Kireina'S Attack!
Chapter 882 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 3/?: Yggdrasil Sprout Raid!
Chapter 883 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 4/?: Fall Into Endless Nightmares!
Chapter 884 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 5/?: Umlena'S Despair!
Chapter 885 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 6/?: The Chimeras Are Back
Chapter 886 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 7/?: More Gods Bite The Dust
Chapter 887 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 8/?: Zeus Fall
Chapter 888 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 9/?: Delicious Stargazing Eyes
Chapter 889 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 10/?: Scarlet Vs Tereus
Chapter 890 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 11/?: Scarlet Vs Ares
Chapter 891 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 12/?: Utter Defeat
Chapter 892 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 13/?: Great Gains!
Chapter 893 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 14/?: Roleplaying
Chapter 894 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 15/?: Kireina'S Impact On The Gods
Chapter 895 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 16/?: Forbidden Love
Chapter 896 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 17/?: Rank 3 Goddess, Heavenly Calamity, And Evolution!
Chapter 897 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 18/?: Rank 4 Goddess, Heavenly Calamity, And Evolution Again!
Chapter 898 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 19/?: Rank 5 Goddess, Heavenly Calamity, And Evolution Once More!
Chapter 899 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 20/?: Rank 6 Goddess, Heavenly Calamity, And Evolution For The Last Time!
Chapter 900 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 21/?: This Might Be Sudden, But I Am An Archdemon Now
Chapter 901 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 22/?: Mammon Surprise
Chapter 902 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 23/?: The Tree Of The Universe
Chapter 903 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 24/?: Conversations Between Powerful Beings
Chapter 904 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 25/?: Yggdrasil Sprout Fusion!
Chapter 905 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 26/?: The Clones Council
Chapter 906 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 27/?: Feasting
Chapter 907 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 28/?: Rank 7 Goddess, Heavenly Calamity, And Evolution!
Chapter 908 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 29/?: Massacre! 1
Chapter 909 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 30/?: Massacre! 2
Chapter 910 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 31/?: Yet Another Great Feast
Chapter 911 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 32/?: Another One Bites The Dust
Chapter 912 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 33/?: Rank 8 Goddess, Heavenly Calamity, And Evolution!
Chapter 913 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 34/?: Once More, Another One Bites The Dust...
Chapter 914 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 35/?: New Path Jewels!
Chapter 915 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 36/?: Archdemon & Tree Of Life
Chapter 916 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 37/?: Upgrading Path Jewels!
Chapter 917 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 38/?: Even More Path Jewel Upgrades
Chapter 918 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 39/?: Relaxing For A Bit...
Chapter 919 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 40/?: And Once Again, Someone Bites The Dust
Chapter 920 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 41/?: Preparing For The Confrontation
Chapter 921 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 42/?: Assault!
Chapter 922 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 43/?: Legendary Confrontation! Brontes Vs Vretrion 1
Chapter 923 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 44/?: Legendary Confrontation! Brontes Vs Vretrion 2
Chapter 924 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 45/?: Ignorant Gods
Chapter 925 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 46/?: Wyvern And Monkey Deities
Chapter 926 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 47/?: Wyverns & Monkeys Vs Gods 1
Chapter 927 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 48/?: Wyverns & Monkeys Vs Gods 2
Chapter 928 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 49/?: Wyverns & Monkeys Vs Gods 3
Chapter 929 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 50/?: Brontes Gets A Kingdom
Chapter 930 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 51/?: Great Feast
Chapter 931 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 52/?: The Supreme Goddess Schemes
Chapter 932 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 53/?: Rank 9 Goddess Heavenly Calamity!
Chapter 933 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 54/?: Evolution!
Chapter 934 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 55/?: Meeting Between Supremes! 1
Chapter 935 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 56/?: Meeting Between Supremes! 2
Chapter 936 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 57/?: A Dreamy Scheme
Chapter 937 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 58/?: Sweet Dreams
Chapter 938 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 59/?: Comprehending Laws
Chapter 939 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 60/?: New Path Jewel!
Chapter 940 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 61/?: Monarch Of Lust
Chapter 941 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 62/?: A Scheming Sin
Chapter 942 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 63/?: Recruiting An Innocent Elf
Chapter 943 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 64/?: Comforting A Heartbroken Elf Princess (R18) 1
Chapter 944 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 65/?: Comforting A Heartbroken Elf Princess (R18) 2
Chapter 945 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 66/?: Comforting A Heartbroken Elf Princess (R18) 3
Chapter 946 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 67/?: Discussion
Chapter 947 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 68/?: Plans And Powerups
Chapter 948 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 69/?: Let'S Begin
Chapter 949 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 70/?: The Slaughter Begins!
Chapter 950 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 71/?: Kireina Vs The Dragon God Trio 1
Chapter 951 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 72/?: Kireina Vs The Dragon God Trio 2
Chapter 952 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 73/?: Mao And The Slime Family'S Might!
Chapter 953 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 74/?: Mighty Dragon Maids 1
Chapter 954 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 75/?: Mighty Dragon Maids 2
Chapter 955 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 76/?: Mighty Dragon Maids 3: Overwhelming Victory!
Chapter 956 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 77/?: Amazing Progress And... Huh? What Is This?
Chapter 957 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 78/?: Dao Fragment? Realm Conquest?
Chapter 958 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 79/?: Realm Core Creation!
Chapter 959 - [Ascendance Of The Goddess Of Sins And Virtues] 80/80: A Wild Last Boss Has Appeared!
Chapter 960 - The System Master'S Frustrations
Chapter 961 - The Splendorous Realm Core
Chapter 962 - Back Home
Chapter 963 - A Conversation Between Gods
Chapter 964 - A Vivid Dinner
Chapter 965 - Godly Dish
Chapter 966 - Ranking Up! Fighting... The World'S Will?!
Chapter 967 - Law Comprehension
Chapter 968 - You Can Call Me The Great Goddess Of Love And Compassion!
Chapter 969 - Me? Evil? You Are The Evil One!
Chapter 970 - Offers That You Cannot Miss!
Chapter 971 - Organizing A Massive Pantheon
Chapter 972 - Preparations
Chapter 973 - Upgrading Path Jewels!
Chapter 974 - The Mysterious Dream Fairy
Chapter 975 - The Great God Meeting
Chapter 976 - Cultivating Through Devouring
Chapter 977 - You'Re What?!
Chapter 978 - A Glorious Egg
Chapter 979 - Conversations
Chapter 980 - Great Ideas
Chapter 981 - Many Things
Chapter 982 - The Universe Expands
Chapter 983 - Many Plans
Chapter 984 - Blaze And Lazuli Are Back!
Chapter 985 - Unfolding Events
Chapter 986 - He Is But A Mere Tool...
Chapter 987 - Ova'S Considerations
Chapter 988 - New Formation
Chapter 989 - Hodhyl (R18) 1
Chapter 990 - Hodhyl (R18) 2
Chapter 991 - Rank 2 Great Goddess And Evolution!
Chapter 992 - Rank 3 Great Goddess, Evolution Again!
Chapter 993 - Lilith'S Egg
Chapter 994 - A New Child Is Born
Chapter 995 - The One Thoughts
Chapter 996 - A New Dao Has Been Born!
Chapter 997 - Rank 4 Great Goddess, Evolution Once More!
Chapter 998 - Another Child Is Born
Chapter 999 - Another Dao?!
Chapter 1000 - Ranking Up Twice In A Single
Chapter 1001 - A Visit From A Mysterious Figure!
Chapter 1002 - New Dao Fragments! And Rank 7 Great Goddess!
Chapter 1003 - Enough Points!
Chapter 1004 - Realm Core Upgrade! Law-Defying Realm Core Abilities!
Chapter 1005 - Testing The Abilities
Chapter 1006 - Hydros (R18)
Chapter 1007 - The Central Continent Prepares For War
Chapter 1008 - Kireina'S One Year Birthday
Chapter 1009 - The Elven Kingdom Songtresses And The Abyss Cyclops Kingdom Tournament
Chapter 1010 - A Date Between System Sisters
Chapter 1011 - Preparing For War
Chapter 1012 - Strategy Meeting
Chapter 1013 - [The Fated Holy War] 1/?: A Mysterious Fairy Emerges Within The Central Continent!
Chapter 1014 - [The Fated Holy War] 2/?: Contant Battles! Kireina'S Provocation!
Chapter 1015 - [The Fated Holy War] 3/?: The Wyvern Overlord Vs Berael
Chapter 1016 - [The Fated Holy War] 4/?: Levana & Maeralya Vs Venettia 1
Chapter 1017 - [The Fated Holy War] 5/?: Levana & Maeralya Vs Venettia 2
Chapter 1018 - [The Fated Holy War] 6/?: Marnet & Morpheus Vs Bazael 1
Chapter 1019 - [The Fated Holy War] 7/?: Marnet & Morpheus Vs Bazael 2
Chapter 1020 - [The Fated Holy War] 8/?: Confrontation Between Mothers! Kireina Vs Ova 1
Chapter 1021 - [The Fated Holy War] 9/?: Ova'S Powerful Abilities! Kireina Vs Ova 2
Chapter 1022 - [The Fated Holy War] 10/?: Tricky! Kireina Vs Ova 3
Chapter 1023 - [The Fated Holy War] 11/?: Intense Battle! Kireina Vs Ova 4
Chapter 1024 - [The Fated Holy War] 12/?: Incredible Battle! Kireina Vs Ova 5
Chapter 1025 - [The Fated Holy War] 13/?: All Out War! Kireina Vs Ova 6
Chapter 1026 - [The Fated Holy War] 14/?: Great Gains
Chapter 1027 - [The Fated Holy War] 15/?: New Dao Fragments
Chapter 1028 - [The Fated Holy War] 16/?: Summoning A New Ally!
Chapter 1029 - [The Fated Holy War] 17/?: A Frightening New Ally, Bubu!
Chapter 1030 - [The Fated Holy War] 18/?: A Deal
Chapter 1031 - [The Fated Holy War] 19/?: Making A New Formation?!
Chapter 1032 - [The Fated Holy War] 20/?: A New Formation Is Born!
Chapter 1033 - [The Fated Holy War] 21/?: The Incredible Power Of Totems!
Chapter 1034 - [The Fated Holy War] 22/?: Invading The Central Continent From Behind, Confronting Isaac!
Chapter 1035 - [The Fated Holy War] 23/?: The Heroes Emerge! Kireina'S Scheme!
Chapter 1036 - [The Fated Holy War] 24/?: A Destined Battle! Kireina Vs Isaac 1
Chapter 1037 - [The Fated Holy War] 25/?: The Might Of A Caterpillar! Kireina Vs Isaac 2
Chapter 1038 - [The Fated Holy War] 26/?: Venom Against Might! Nesiphae Vs Ray
Chapter 1039 - [The Fated Holy War] 27/?: A Battle Between Magicians! Zehe Vs Sate
Chapter 1040 - [The Fated Holy War] 28/?: Dextery Vs Thunder! Brontes Vs Sagrid
Chapter 1041 - [The Fated Holy War] 29/?: A Slime'S Might! Rimuru Vs Ana
Chapter 1042 - [The Fated Holy War] 30/?: Flames Against Thunderstorms! Gaby Vs Tanya / Kireina Vs Isaac 3 (End)
Chapter 1043 - [The Fated Holy War] 31/?: The Cosmic Dao Of Fortune!
Chapter 1044 - [The Fated Holy War] 32/?: The Golden Brilliance Of Fortune!
Chapter 1045 - [The Fated Holy War] 33/?: A Talk With Great Gods
Chapter 1046 - [The Fated Holy War] 34/?: The Holy War Is Just Starting!
Chapter 1047 - [The Fated Holy War] 35/?: Confrontation! Against Agatha!
Chapter 1048 - [The Fated Holy War] 36/?: Voidspace Hopping
Chapter 1049 - [The Fated Holy War] 37/?: Fortune Vs Rebirth
Chapter 1050 - [The Fated Holy War] 38/?: Unruly Fight!
Chapter 1051 - [The Fated Holy War] 39/?: Virtues Falling To Their Demise One By One!
Chapter 1052 - [The Fated Holy War] 40/?: The Cheat-Like Power Of Rebirth
Chapter 1053 - [The Fated Holy War] 41/?: Impossible...!
Chapter 1054 - [The Fated Holy War] 42/?: El Dorado 2.0!
Chapter 1055 - [The Fated Holy War] 43/?: Taking Down The Last Virtues!
Chapter 1056 - [The Fated Holy War] 44/?: All According To Plan!
Chapter 1057 - [The Fated Holy War] 45/?: Going All Out!
Chapter 1058 - [The Fated Holy War] 46/?: The Might Of The Cornered!
Chapter 1059 - [The Fated Holy War] 47/?: Kireina'S Might!
Chapter 1060 - [The Fated Holy War] 48/?: Confrontation And...!
Chapter 1061 - [The Fated Holy War] 49/?: The Supreme Goddess Of Primordial Chaos And Eternal Demise
Chapter 1062 - [The Fated Holy War] 50/50: The Rise Of The 8Th Supreme Goddess!
Chapter 1063 - Volume 2: A New Era Of Chaos And... Death!
Chapter 1064 - A Supreme Goddess' Pov
Chapter 1065 - The Visit Of Two Supreme Gods
Chapter 1066 - What Are Eras?
Chapter 1067 - Gaia Meets Her Mother
Chapter 1068 - Enjoying The Springs
Chapter 1069 - Confrontation
Chapter 1070 - The Truth Revealed
Chapter 1071 - Upgrading Realm Core
Chapter 1072 - Amazing New Realm Core Abilities
Chapter 1073 - The Power Of An Atelier Game-Like Mechanics
Chapter 1074 - Join My Crew!
Chapter 1075 - I Am Awakening Something...!
Chapter 1076 - Hand Out The Daos Now!
Chapter 1077 - I Am Actually A Bigshot
Chapter 1078 - Showing Off The Power Of Maxima Summons
Chapter 1079 - The Supreme Gods Maxima Summons
Chapter 1080 - A New Dao
Chapter 1081 - The Dao Of Path Jewels
Chapter 1082 - The Amazing Effects Of The New Dao
Chapter 1083 - A Very Special Path Jewel Is Born!
Chapter 1084 - Draining The Energy Of The Entire World!
Chapter 1085 - Revelations
Chapter 1086 - Upgrading The Drain Path Jewel And Creating A New One!
Chapter 1087 - Grand Dao Master
Chapter 1088 - A Vampire Boy Is Born
Chapter 1089 - My Son Can Turn Into A Bat!
Chapter 1090 - The Law Of Daos
Chapter 1091 - Multiple Turbulent Eras!
Chapter 1092 - A Radiant Egg And A Beautiful Half-Dragon Child
Chapter 1093 - Mind Cores And Mindscape
Chapter 1094 - The System Master'S Change Of Mind
Chapter 1095 - Lucifer'S Schemes
Chapter 1096 - Freyja'S Hidden Plan
Chapter 1097 - The Rise Of The Goddess Of Dreams And Nightmares
Chapter 1098 - The Power Of Drain
Chapter 1099 - The Dao Of Drain!
Chapter 1100 - Rank 2 Supreme Goddess Evolution
Chapter 1101 - A Figure Slowly Approaches Aztlan
Chapter 1102 - Planning
Chapter 1103 - A New Dao!
Chapter 1104 - The Power Of A New Dao
Chapter 1105 - Increasing Realm Core Rank!
Chapter 1106 - Amazing New Realm Core Abilities And Ability Upgrades
Chapter 1107 - A New Supreme Deity Emerges!
Chapter 1108 - A New Supreme Goddess In All Of Genesis
Chapter 1109 - New Daos
Chapter 1110 - Max Upgrade Dao Grand Master Path Jewel!
Chapter 1111 - Dao Materialization!
Chapter 1112 - Dao Equipment
Chapter 1113 - Great Power
Chapter 1114 - The Scythe Of Defiance
Chapter 1115 - Cursed Claws Of Demise
Chapter 1116 - Creating A New Path Jewel!
Chapter 1117 - The Power Of Demise!
Chapter 1118 - A New Cosmic Dao?!
Chapter 1119 - The Dao Of Demise!
Chapter 1120 - The Power Of A Second Cosmic Dao
Chapter 1121 - A Day Off
Chapter 1122 - A Nice Picnic
Chapter 1123 - Getting Some More Dao Fragments
Chapter 1124 - A Walk Across The Divine Realm
Chapter 1125 - Delicious Divine Materials
Chapter 1126 - Time For Some Upgrading
Chapter 1127 - New Upgrade Mechanics
Chapter 1128 - Newly Enhanced Spears Of Chaos And Void
Chapter 1129 - An Ever-Growing Society
Chapter 1130 - 3D Games?!
Chapter 1131 - That'S Quite The Peculiar Massage!
Chapter 1132 - Creating A Brand New Path Jewel!
Chapter 1133 - The New Gates Of Bjarmia
Chapter 1134 - The Lesser Dao Of Gates!
Chapter 1135 - Upgrading The Gates Of Bjarmia Path Jewel
Chapter 1136 - A New Mysterous Summon, Undine Butterfly!
Chapter 1137 - The Overpowering Blazing Heat Of A New Path Jewel!
Chapter 1138 - Nova
Chapter 1139 - Overpowering Might
Chapter 1140 - An Interesting New Lesser Dao
Chapter 1141 - Meeting And Planning
Chapter 1142 - Good News Have Arrived
Chapter 1143 - The Ambition Of Three Gods
Chapter 1144 - I Never Forget My Grudges
Chapter 1145 - The End Of Their Ambition
Chapter 1146 - The Return Of The Fallen Hero
Chapter 1147 - David'S Resolve And The Aztec Gods
Chapter 1148 - The Days After
Chapter 1149 - Fluffy Moments With Powerful Babies
Chapter 1150 - Cuteness Overload
Chapter 1151 - A Trip Across The Sky
Chapter 1152 - A Picnic Atop The Heavens
Chapter 1153 - A World That Will Never Go Back To Being The Same
Chapter 1154 - Hel
Chapter 1155 - Hel'S Two Brothers
Chapter 1156 - Loki
Chapter 1157 - The Plans Of The Necrotic Lords
Chapter 1158 - A Painful Decision
Chapter 1159 - Booze Always Open Ups The Mind For Nice Ideas
Chapter 1160 - You'Re Coming To Hell
Chapter 1161 - Preparations Before Getting Into A Hellish Adventure
Chapter 1162 - A New Hellish Journey Begins
Chapter 1163 - People Of Hell, Imps!
Chapter 1164 - The Endless Limbo
Chapter 1165 - I Am A Benevolent Archdemoness
Chapter 1166 - The Imp Village
Chapter 1167 - Sleeping In Hell
Chapter 1168 - Archdemons And Archangels
Chapter 1169 - Primordial Sin
Chapter 1170 - Creating A Drain Shrine
Chapter 1171 - A Journey Around The Limbo
Chapter 1172 - Hellish Sand Worms And Carlos
Chapter 1173 - The Big Green
Chapter 1174 - A Strange And Aberrant Forest
Chapter 1175 - The Summon Trio
Chapter 1176 - The Ancient Tale Of The Lost Civilization
Chapter 1177 - Shub-Niggurath
Chapter 1178 - Talking With An Eldritch Goddess Avatar
Chapter 1179 - How Much Do You Think It Is Worth?
Chapter 1180 - Conversation Between Insane Aberrations
Chapter 1181 - Bargaining
Chapter 1182 - Origins
Chapter 1183 - Nom
Chapter 1184 - Reaching The Forgotten Lands
Chapter 1185 - The Forgotten Ones
Chapter 1186 - Reaching The Layer Of Greed
Chapter 1187 - Meeting A Weird Old Man!
Chapter 1188 - The Cursed Plutus
Chapter 1189 - Gatekeeper Of Greed
Chapter 1190 - The Conditions Of Hell
Chapter 1191 - What Has Mammon Become?
Chapter 1192 - Mammon, The Archdemon Of Greed
Chapter 1193 - Let'S Make A Deal
Chapter 1194 - Making A Deal With The Archdemon Of Greed
Chapter 1195 - Hell System Is Surprisingly Well Organized
Chapter 1196 - Invaders! And... A Revelation?
Chapter 1197 - Netherworld, Hell, And Transmigration
Chapter 1198 - The Plans Of The Necrotic Death Lords 1
Chapter 1199 - The Plans Of The Necrotic Death Lords 2
Chapter 1200 - Even Death Feels Fear Before Her Presence!
Chapter 1201 - Against The Necrotic Death Lords!
Chapter 1202 - Let Me Bite You
Chapter 1203 - Overpowering Sun!
Chapter 1204 - Overwhelming Sun Shower!
Chapter 1205 - Just Spam Until It Works!
Chapter 1206 - The Battle Has Begun! A Mysterious Maxima Summon Emerges!
Chapter 1207 - A Terrfying Slime!
Chapter 1208 - The Deadly Power Of A Caterpillar
Chapter 1209 - Intense Onslaught!
Chapter 1210 - Kireina'S Powerful Holy Light!
Chapter 1211 - Popi'S Power!
Chapter 1212 - Combined Slime Teamwork!
Chapter 1213 - Intense Slime Fight!
Chapter 1214 - This Slime Will Not Give Up!
Chapter 1215 - Don'T Ignore Me!!!
Chapter 1216 - An Onslaught Of Maxima Summons! 1
Chapter 1217 - An Onslaught Of Maxima Summons! 2
Chapter 1218 - The Might Of The Drakon!
Chapter 1219 - The Brilliance Of Maxima Beasts! 1
Chapter 1220 - The Brilliance Of Maxima Beasts! 2
Chapter 1221 - The Might Of Maxima Summons! 1
Chapter 1222 - The Might Of Maxima Summons! 2
Chapter 1223 - Overwhelming! 1
Chapter 1224 - Overwhelming! 2
Chapter 1225 - Overwhelming! 3
Chapter 1226 - Wonderful Gains
Chapter 1227 - Meeting With Mammon Once More
Chapter 1228 - Information About The Dao Of Summoning
Chapter 1229 - Kireina, The New Idol Of Hell?!
Chapter 1230 - You'Re The One Dancing In The Palm Of My Hand
Chapter 1231 - Admire!
Chapter 1232 - Demonic Totems And Towers
Chapter 1233 - Hell Points
Chapter 1234 - Daddy... Kireina?!
Chapter 1235 - An Unexpected Visitor!
Chapter 1236 - The Prince Of Pride, The King Of Hell, Lucifer
Chapter 1237 - Hel'S Wrath!
Chapter 1238 - Discussions Between The Dead
Chapter 1239 - The Supreme Gods Reaction
Chapter 1240 - Unexpected Visit
Chapter 1241 - Yiksukesh'S Past 1
Chapter 1242 - Yiksukesh'S Past 2
Chapter 1243 - Yiksukesh'S Past 3
Chapter 1244 - Meeting With The Supreme Gods Once More
Chapter 1245 - Stop Being Friendly With Demons!
Chapter 1246 - Genesis And Demons Past
Chapter 1247 - Mammon And Flora
Chapter 1248 - The Reason Behind Wanting To Grow Stronger
Chapter 1249 - Meeting With The System Master
Chapter 1250 - A Little Bite
Chapter 1251 - An Incredible Powerup
Chapter 1252 - The System Gods Freedom!
Chapter 1253 - A New Supreme Goddess Of The System!
Chapter 1254 - Lovingly Embrace (R18)
Chapter 1255 - Seductress (R18)
Chapter 1256 - Passion (R18)
Chapter 1257 - She'S Way Too Cute
Chapter 1258 - The System Origins
Chapter 1259 - Kneel!
Chapter 1260 - Father And Daughter
Chapter 1261 - The System'S Truth?!
Chapter 1262 - Stop Being So Overly Sensitive!
Chapter 1263 - Redemption
Chapter 1264 - The System Master'S True Appearance
Chapter 1265 - A Surprisingly Nice Ending
Chapter 1266 - She Can'T Be This Cute!
Chapter 1267 - Friendship
Chapter 1268 - An Unexpected Development
Chapter 1269 - The Undead Elites
Chapter 1270 - Thor'S Rage
Chapter 1271 - Freyr
Chapter 1272 - Odin
Chapter 1273 - Scheming Bastard
Chapter 1274 - The Fury Of Ymir'S Daughter
Chapter 1275 - Odin'S Gift
Chapter 1276 - Sacrifice
Chapter 1277 - Loki'S Appearance
Chapter 1278 - The Trickster Goddess
Chapter 1279 - An Unexpected Visit!
Chapter 1280 - Agatheina'S Grudge With Loki
Chapter 1281 Beaten Up
Chapter 1282 Ruffian
Chapter 1283 Aura
Chapter 1284 The Social Media Of The Gods
Chapter 1285 Social Media Was A Mistake
Chapter 1286 Visit
Chapter 1287 The Underdog Of The Universes
Chapter 1288 Bringing Shubby
Chapter 1289 I Don'T Believe You, Venomous And Trickster Snake!
Chapter 1290 Chaotic Plane
Chapter 1291 The Vanir And The Aesir
Chapter 1292 Odin'S Schemes
Chapter 1293 Visit
Chapter 1294 Visiting Realms
Chapter 1295 The Realm Of Atlantis And Poseidon
Chapter 1296 Family Reunion
Chapter 1297 Realm Sightseeing
Chapter 1298 Adopted By Lucifer?!
Chapter 1299 The New Daughter Of Lucifer!
Chapter 1300 I Don'T Know What To Say
Chapter 1301 Back Home
Chapter 1302 Spoiling A Greedy Archdemon
Chapter 1303 The New Powers Of The Daughter Of Lucifer
Chapter 1304 Evolving And... What?!
Chapter 1305 The World'S Will Desperate Measures
Chapter 1306 A Battle Against... Myself?!
Chapter 1307 Fighting Myself Is Pretty Hard!
Chapter 1308 Going All Out Just For Me
Chapter 1309 Devour Against Devour
Chapter 1310 Intense Climax
Chapter 1311 Defeat But Not Without Great Gains
Chapter 1312 Evolution!
Chapter 1313 Great Growth
Chapter 1314 Substantial Progress
Chapter 1315 Significant Development
Chapter 1316 Time To Upgrade The Realm Core!
Chapter 1317 Upgrading The Realm Core Abilities
Chapter 1318 Great Upgrades
Chapter 1319 Substantial Enhancements (Read The Notice Before Unlocking Chapter)
Chapter 1320 Amazing New Possibilities! 1
Chapter 1321 Amazing New Possibilities! 2
Chapter 1322 Demonic Tower Lord Authority And Universal Library Of Knowledge!
Chapter 1323 Item Ego Creation Forgery
Chapter 1324 Naming A Weapon'S Ego!
Chapter 1325 An Ego Weapon'S Unique Abilities
Chapter 1326 Insolent Weapon!
Chapter 1327 Devoted Weapon
Chapter 1328 Choosing The Third Ego
Chapter 1329 A Necklace Filled With Memories
Chapter 1330 Aquamarine
Chapter 1331 Aquamarine'S Abilities
Chapter 1332 The Power Of [Weaponize]!
Chapter 1333 The Usefulness Of [Accessorize]
Chapter 1334 We Can Never Get Enough
Chapter 1335 A New Child?
Chapter 1336 What Are Egos? 1
Chapter 1337 What Are Egos? 2
Chapter 1338 Considerations 1
Chapter 1339 Considerations 2
Chapter 1340 Creating A New Dao!
Chapter 1341 A Brand New Grand Dao! 1
Chapter 1342 A Brand New Grand Dao! 2
Chapter 1343 Hel'S Regrets
Chapter 1344 Gluttony 1
Chapter 1345 Gluttony 2
Chapter 1346 Skeleton Overlords
Chapter 1347 A Mysterious Visit In Atlantis
Chapter 1348 The Supreme Gods Move Forward 1
Chapter 1349 The Supreme Gods Move Forward 2
Chapter 1350 The Supreme Gods Move Forward 3
Chapter 1351 Meeting Between Supremes 1
Chapter 1352 Meeting Between Supremes 2
Chapter 1353 Meeting Between Supremes 3
Chapter 1354 Meeting Between Supremes 4
Chapter 1355 Meeting Between Supremes 5
Chapter 1356 A Life Filled With Irony
Chapter 1357 A Desire For Stability
Chapter 1358 Trophy
Chapter 1359 Redgaria'S Concerns
Chapter 1360 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 1/?: The Sea Of Miasmic Death
Chapter 1361 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 2/?: Crossing Through The Death Sea
Chapter 1362 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 3/?: Ambushed!
Chapter 1363 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 4/?: A Mysterious Group!
Chapter 1364 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 4/?: A Mysterious Group!
Chapter 1365 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 5/?: Hel'S Wonderful Surprise! (Read Author'S Note)
Chapter 1366 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 6/?: Emperors
Chapter 1367 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 7/?: Creating A New Path Jewel!
Chapter 1368 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 8/?: Primordial Death Necromancy!
Chapter 1369 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 9/?: Changing The Tide Of Battle In An Instant!
Chapter 1370 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 10/?: The Wondrous Power Of The New Path Jewel
Chapter 1371 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 11/?: Endless Supreme Necromancy
Chapter 1372 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 12/?: Aldrich'S Necrotic Might
Chapter 1373 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 13/?: The Slime Cavalry Is Here!
Chapter 1374 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 14/?: I'Ll Take Care Of It
Chapter 1375 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 15/?: Titans Of The Past
Chapter 1376 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 16/?: The Overwhelming Darkness Of Zehe!
Chapter 1377 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 17/?: The Tricky Powers Of The Ancient Titans!
Chapter 1378 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 18/?: The Power Of Ruling Is Not Enough?!
Chapter 1379 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 19/?: Zehe'S Amazing Magical Power
Chapter 1380 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 20/?: The Spider Empress 1
Chapter 1381 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 21/?: The Spider Empress 2
Chapter 1382 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 22/?: Conflict Between Emperors!
Chapter 1383 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 23/?: The Power Of The Slime Family 1
Chapter 1384 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 24/?: The Power Of The Slime Family 2
Chapter 1385 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 25/?: Guubo'S Titanic Power 1
Chapter 1386 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 26/?: Guubo'S Titanic Power 2
Chapter 1387 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 27/?: Hel'S Plans
Chapter 1388 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 28/?: Wall Joins The Fray! 1
Chapter 1389 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 29/?: Wall Joins The Fray! 2
Chapter 1390 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 30/?: Growing Stronger
Chapter 1391 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 31/?: The Emperor'S Past
Chapter 1392 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 32/?: Green Feather
Chapter 1393 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 33/?: Madness
Chapter 1394 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 34/?: Vengeful Soul
Chapter 1395 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 35/?: I'M Sorry
Chapter 1396 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 36/?: A Bitter End
Chapter 1397 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 37/?: A Vengeful Foe
Chapter 1398 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 38/?: The Slime Team Assembles
Chapter 1399 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 39/?: Intense Fight!
Chapter 1400 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 40/?: Chaotic Battle!
Chapter 1401 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 41/?: The Fury Of The Gale Emperor!
Chapter 1402 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 42/?: A Mysterious Move
Chapter 1403 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 43/?: A Last Resort
Chapter 1404 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 44/?: An Opportunity
Chapter 1405 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 45/?: Pushing Through!
Chapter 1406 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 46/?: A Strange Summon!
Chapter 1407 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 47/?: The Maxima Universe Hegemony!
Chapter 1408 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 48/?: The Overpowering Might Of The Slime'S Maxima Summon!
Chapter 1409 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 49/?: One-Sided Beatdown
Chapter 1410 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 50/?: The Spider Empress Attack!
Chapter 1411 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 51/?: A Desperate Situation
Chapter 1412 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 52/?: What Happened?
Chapter 1413 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 53/?: Have Faith, You'Re Not Alone
Chapter 1413 [Supreme Wars: Act I] 53/?: Have Faith, You’Re Not Alone
Chapter 1414: [Supreme Wars: Act I] 54/?: A Blossom Of Guilt
Chapter 1415: [Supreme Wars: Act I] 55/55: The Regret Of The Supremes
Chapter 1416: The Root
Chapter 1417: Transmigration!
Chapter 1418: Summoned To Another World To Spread Chaos
Chapter 1419: Destroying An Entire Kingdom On My Way Out
Chapter 1420: The Mysterious Divinity Stat
Chapter 1421: The Demon Lord Of War, Wrath!
Chapter 1422: Evolving In The Middle Of A Battle!
Chapter 1423: New Skills!
Chapter 1424: On Your Face!
Chapter 1425: Genesis Interlude
Chapter 1426: The Truth
Chapter 1427: The Selfish
Chapter 1428: The Fury Of An Archdemon
Chapter 1429: The Fears Of Freyja
Chapter 1430: An Alliance?
Chapter 1431: Poseidon And The Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 1432: The Rise Of Surtr
Chapter 1433: Their Resolve
Chapter 1434: Lazuli And Blaze
Chapter 1435: The Schemes Behind Skadis Family
Chapter 1436: A Talk Between Mother And Daughter
Chapter 1437: Hel & Hades
Chapter 1438: Hades Makes A Decision
Chapter 1439: Time To Speed Run This World!
Chapter 1440: A Meeting With A Dragon
Chapter 1441: A Wild Demon Lord Has Appeared!
Chapter 1442: Lube, The Demon Lord Of Lust
Chapter 1443: Massacring Hundreds!
Chapter 1444: Level Up Frenzy
Chapter 1445: Next Destination: Generic Elven Kingdom
Chapter 1446: The History Of Grand Terra
Chapter 1447: Visiting The Land Of The Elves
Chapter 1448: Meeting The Elven Rulers
Chapter 1449: The Greedy Queen
Chapter 1450: Elfina And Fiere
Chapter 1451: Skill Points And Skill Library
Chapter 1452: Hundreds Of Skills!
Chapter 1453: Commotion!
Chapter 1454: Purify Everything!
Chapter 1455: I Am A Saint Of Purification
Chapter 1456: The Evil Queen
Chapter 1457: The Demon King
Chapter 1458: Luminous
Chapter 1459: Confrontation!
Chapter 1460: Powerful Magic Battle!
Chapter 1461: The Greedy Elven Queens Might!
Chapter 1462: Intense Battle!
Chapter 1463: Avarice, The Demon Lord Of Greed
Chapter 1464: Demon Invasion!
Chapter 1465: An Intense Clash!
Chapter 1466: Holy Flames
Chapter 1467: The Fall Of The Demon Army And Max Level!
Chapter 1468: New Evolution Options
Chapter 1469: A Tanky Evolution And New Skills!
Chapter 1470: Wacky Skills
Chapter 1471: Training Skills Until Morning
Chapter 1472: The Cosmic Staircase
Chapter 1473: A Brighter Future?
Chapter 1474: All Stat Points To [Divinity]!
Chapter 1475: Ego Weapons That Can Level Up!
Chapter 1476: Regaining The Power Of Daos!
Chapter 1477: The Human Empire
Chapter 1478: The Dark Labyrinth City
Chapter 1479: The Approaching War That I (Unwillingly) Provoked
Chapter 1480: Exploring The Dark Labyrinth
Chapter 1481: Elfina'S New Skill: [Enhance Summon]
Chapter 1482: Weirdly Overpowered Monsters
Chapter 1483: Giant Dungeon Chimaera
Chapter 1484: Rolling Through!
Chapter 1485: A Strange Parasite!
Chapter 1486: Defeating The Mid-Boss And Aquiring Some Wacky Skills!
Chapter 1487: I Am Actually A Mother!
Chapter 1488: Actually, I Am An Amazing Chef!
Chapter 1489: The Parasite Invasion
Chapter 1490: Devastating The Last Floors
Chapter 1491: Unleashing An Army Of Chaotic Beasts Against The Army Of Dungeon Monsters!
Chapter 1492: The Power Of [Dao Summon]!
Chapter 1493: Frenetic Level Up!
Chapter 1494: I Am Quite The Overeater
Chapter 1495: A Small Break Before Moving On
Chapter 1496: Awakening New Divine Powers
Chapter 1497: The Power Of [Divine Authority Summon]! Two Incredible Divine Authorities!
Chapter 1498: Moving Down To The Last Floors Of The Dark Labyrinth
Chapter 1499: An Unexpected Turn Of Events!
Chapter 1500: Against The Demon Lord Of Sloth, Pereza!
Chapter 1501: Time To Bite My Way Through!
Chapter 1502: The Mighty Bite Of A Caterpillar Against The Demon Lord Of Sloth!
Chapter 1503: A Crushing Victory! ...Or?
Chapter 1504: An Unexpected Challenge!
Chapter 1505: The Power Of A Dragon God Of Light!
Chapter 1506: An Incredible Turn Of Events!
Chapter 1507: The End Of The Demon Lord Of Sloth
Chapter 1508: Elfina'S New Skill & Going Back To The Surface
Chapter 1509: There Was A Demon Lord In Your Backyard!
Chapter 1510: Luminous' Past
Chapter 1511: The Sorrow Of The Last God
Chapter 1512: Aquamarine'S Beast Form
Chapter 1513: Summon Synthesis
Chapter 1514: A New Summon
Chapter 1515: The Hero Of Sunlight
Chapter 1516: The Cowardly Hero
Chapter 1517: Increasing The Divinity Stat And Repairing The Ego Weapons Further!
Chapter 1518: All Around Improvements
Chapter 1519: The Power Of Elemental Embodiment
Chapter 1520: The Sun Hero'S Regrets
Chapter 1521: Going Back To The Dark Labyrinth
Chapter 1522: A Talk With The Sun Hero
Chapter 1523: Revealing The Truth
Chapter 1524: The World'S Conflicts
Chapter 1525: Reaching The Unexplored Depths Of The Dark Labyrinth!
Chapter 1526: Finding An Ego In The Most Unexpected Of Places
Chapter 1527: Acquiring A Dungeon Ego!
Chapter 1528: My Cooking Knife Became A Dungeon
Chapter 1529: Useful Abilities And The Great Potential Of Silva
Chapter 1530: A Fragment Of The Primordial Seed Of Reality!
Chapter 1531: The Will Of The Summoned Hero
Chapter 1532: Elfina’S Pure Heart
Chapter 1533: Shocking News!
Chapter 1534: Feeding Silva Like She’S My Spoiled Daughter
Chapter 1535: Developing The Primordial Dungeon Skills
Chapter 1536: Even More New Skills For Silva
Chapter 1537: Floresses Past
Chapter 1538: Preparing An Army Of Monsters
Chapter 1539: The Human Empire Army Is Near
Chapter 1540: The Mighty Human Emperor Appears!
Chapter 1541: The War Between Elves And Humans Begins!
Chapter 1542: Jumping Into The Frontlines!
Chapter 1543: Against The Magician Prince Of The Human Empire!
Chapter 1544: Merciless Monster
Chapter 1545: The Mysterious Power Of The Human Empires Royalty
Chapter 1546: Vampiric Awakening
Chapter 1547: Against The Blood Princess Of The Human Empire!
Chapter 1548: Bringing Forth The Power Of Silva!
Chapter 1549: An Army Of Monsters Appears In The Middle Of The Enemy Ranks!
Chapter 1550: The Power Of Blacks [Predation]!
Chapter 1551: The Human Emperor Decides To Step In
Chapter 1552: The Great Emperor Of The Human Empire
Chapter 1553: The Big Boss Finally Begins To Move!
Chapter 1554: Against The Emperor!
Chapter 1555: Going All Out!
Chapter 1556: Stacking As Many Curses As I Can!
Chapter 1557: The Emperors Fall!
Chapter 1558: The Birth Of The Blood Emperor!
Chapter 1559: A Tyrannical Foe! Intense Battle!
Chapter 1560: Desperate Battle!
Chapter 1561: Cant You Die Already?!
Chapter 1562: Going All Out!
Chapter 1562: Invidia, The Demon Sword Of Envy
Chapter 1563: Betrayal
Chapter 1564: A Light Of Hope Amidst Darkness
Chapter 1565: Evolving In The Middle Of Battle!
Chapter 1566: Know Your Place, Trash
Chapter 1567: Destroying Invidia! And A New Ego?
Chapter 1568: It Was All An Act!
Chapter 1569: Gushing Over Kireina
Chapter 1570 The Demon King'S Plans
Chapter 1571 An Easy Way To Recover The Economy
Chapter 1572 New Monster Summons
Chapter 1573 New Dungeon Skills
Chapter 1574 Preparations
Chapter 1575 Egos Evolution
Chapter 1576 The Great Growth Of Black, White, And Aquamarine
Chapter 1577 Brand New Job Class And Subclass
Chapter 1578 Farming Exp By Hunting Desert Monsters
Chapter 1579 New Daos
Chapter 1580 Bubu'S Back!
Chapter 1581 Time To Move On
Chapter 1582 Traveling To The Ankh Desert
Chapter 1583 The Desert King
Chapter 1584 Lost In The Middle Of A Sea Of Sand
Chapter 1585 Defeating Walking Cactuses And Bubu'S Growth!
Chapter 1586 I Found Me A Pair Of Desert Elves
Chapter 1587 The Mysterious Genie, The Menace Of The Desert
Chapter 1588 The Mysterious Laughter In The Desert
Chapter 1589 Finding The Desert Elf Village And An Incoming Monster Army!
Chapter 1590 The Lost Hero
Chapter 1591 Monster Army Vs Monster Army
Chapter 1592 An Exp Feast!
Chapter 1593 A Maxima Summon'S Evolution!
Chapter 1594 The Grind Continues!
Chapter 1595 The End Of The Invasion
Chapter 1596 Great Gains (Edited)
Chapter 1597 Finding Fiere! (Edited)
Chapter 1598 Learning About The Village In The Middle Of The Desert
Chapter 1599 The Power Of [Dirt Block]!
Chapter 1600 Creating An Oasis In A Split Of A Second!
Chapter 1601 [Yggdrasil'S Spirit]
Chapter 1602 Creating An Yggdrasil Tree Is No Problem For Kireina-Sama!
Chapter 1603 Finding Happiness In The Most Unexpected Of Places
Chapter 1604 The Fallen Hero
Chapter 1605 Kireina Vs Fallen Sol
Chapter 1606 Spamming [Purification]!
Chapter 1607 Combining Skills In The Middle Of The Battle!
Chapter 1608 Absolutely Brutal!
Chapter 1609 The Miasmic Ego Armor!
Chapter 1610 Victory!
Chapter 1611 The Possibility Of Summoning A Second Maxima Summon!
Chapter 1612 A Nice Power Up
Chapter 1613 New Dao Skills!
Chapter 1614 A Strange New Dao...
Chapter 1615 Time To Evolve Bubu!
Chapter 1616 An Egg?!
Chapter 1617 What An Obedient Dog!
Chapter 1618 A Never Ending Nightmare
Chapter 1619 The Voices Of Calamities Beyond Realities
Chapter 1620 Elfina'S Awake!
Chapter 1621 Seeking My Lost Summoner
Chapter 1622 Summoning A Second Maxima Summon!
Chapter 1623 The Primordial Rainbow Canvas Spirit, Colora!
Chapter 1624 Colora'S Amazing Potential
Chapter 1625 Finding A Labyrinth On The Way
Chapter 1626 Afk Grinding
Chapter 1627 Leveling Up Easily!
Chapter 1628 Silva'S Upgrade & Colora'S Max Level
Chapter 1629 Colora'S Evolution!
Chapter 1630 Colora'S Amazing New Abilities
Chapter 1631 Colora'S Skill Tree & A Village Of Giants?
Chapter 1632 An Invasion In The Giant Village
Chapter 1633 Against An Army Of Undead!
Chapter 1634 A Mysterious Figure!
Chapter 1635 Against The Miasmic Ancient Bone Dragon!
Chapter 1636 Combining Skills In The Middle Of The Battle!
Chapter 1637 A Furious Battle! Going All Out!
Chapter 1638 Defeating The Bone Dragon And Saving The Giant'S Village!
Chapter 1639 Kneel Before Your New Goddess!
Chapter 1640 The Curious Giant Girl, Brunhild
Chapter 1641 The Giant'S Concept Of Strenght
Chapter 1642 Brunhild'S Great Potential
Chapter 1643 A Problem Of Father And Daughter
Chapter 1644 Going To Look For Brunhild
Chapter 1645 Brunhild'S Conflicting Dreams & Bone Dragon Invasion!
Chapter 1646 The Struggle Of The Young Giant
Chapter 1647 Stopping The Bone Dragon Army!
Chapter 1648 Brunhild'S Growth
Chapter 1649 Behemoth Bone Dragon
Chapter 1650 Biting Through!
Chapter 1651 Against The Behemoth Bone Dragon
Chapter 1652 Stopping The Monster Raid
Chapter 1653 The Mysterious Necromancer
Chapter 1654 I Am A Great Magic Teacher!
Chapter 1655 Going Back To The Giant'S Village
Chapter 1656 Solving The Water And Food Problems In A Flash!
Chapter 1657 A Feast Filled With Flavors
Chapter 1658 Time To Move On, Now With A New Party Member
Chapter 1659 A Sudden Swarm Of Monstrous Bugs!
Chapter 1660 Leveling Up Resistance Skills In The Middle Of A Battle!
Chapter 1661 A Formidable Bugger
Chapter 1662 Colora'S Amazing Skills!
Chapter 1663 Leveling Up & The Twins Statuses
Chapter 1664 You Guys Are Way Too Corny!
Chapter 1665 A Giant Threat
Chapter 1666 A Powerful New Skill
Chapter 1667 Great Growth For Just Crushing Some Bugs
Chapter 1668 Brunhild'S Growth
Chapter 1669 Awakening New Skills
Chapter 1670 A Fear-Inducing Transformation
Chapter 1671 Incredible New Skills
Chapter 1672 Summoning New Monsters
Chapter 1673 An Army Of Blue Slimes!
Chapter 1674 A Mysterious Power And An Even More Mysterious Guest
Chapter 1675 The One Behind The Swarm
Chapter 1676 The Beetle Queen
Chapter 1677 Intense Clash!
Chapter 1678 A Battle Of Attrition
Chapter 1679 Going All Out!
Chapter 1680 The Swarm Queen
Chapter 1681 Bubu'S Amazing Evolution!
Chapter 1682 Fighting Back!
Chapter 1683 Maxima Summon Connection!
Chapter 1684 The Swarm Queen'S Defeat!
Chapter 1685 Max Level!
Chapter 1686 Time To Evolve Once More!
Chapter 1687 [Primordial Chaos Phantasmal Nightmare Butterfly]
Chapter 1688 The Mysterious Figure
Chapter 1689 A World Traveling Boy, Frank
Chapter 1690 Confrontation! Overseers!
Chapter 1691 Chaos And Abyss Appears!
Chapter 1692 Back To Square One
Chapter 1693 The Limits Of Overseers
Chapter 1694 The World Traveler'S Family
Chapter 1695 The Evil Genie'S Shock
Chapter 1696 Unsealing Supreme Divinities!
Chapter 1697 Awakening The Dao Of Path Jewels!
Chapter 1698 A Flock Of Overpowered Wyverns
Chapter 1699 Mutated Monsters
Chapter 1700 Creating Devastating Abilities
Chapter 1701 The Awakening Of The Sun Hero
Chapter 1702 A Clash Between Divine Dragons
Chapter 1703 Brunhild'S Soaring Growth!
Chapter 1704 Luminous' True Power
Chapter 1705 A Big City In The Middle Of The Desert
Chapter 1706 A Level Up Frenzy
Chapter 1707 [Monarch Of Gluttony] Growth And Summoning A New Path Jewel!
Chapter 1708 Convincing A Half-Overseer Is Easier Than I Thought
Chapter 1709 Time For A Small Break And The Power Of Level 10 Skills
Chapter 1710 A Brand New Skill Made For Me!
Chapter 1711 Luminous' "Human" Form
Chapter 1712 Invoking A Third Maxima Summon!
Chapter 1713 The Wyvern Overlord
Chapter 1714 Shadrach And Sol
Chapter 1715 The Most Efficient Way To Use A Fire Sword
Chapter 1716 Learning Two New Useful Skills!
Chapter 1717 Reforging Ego Weapons
Chapter 1718 Fully Evolved And Reforged White!
Chapter 1719 Reforging And Upgrading The Rest Of The Ego Weapons
Chapter 1720 Silva'S New Set Of Dungeon Skills
Chapter 1721 Reforging And Enhancing Colora
Chapter 1722 Colora'S Evolution!
Chapter 1723 [Primordial Rainbow Canvas Spirit Dryad Fairy]
Chapter 1724 Fantastical New Skills!
Chapter 1725 Frank'S Past
Chapter 1726 The Friends I Made Along The Way
Chapter 1727 Moving Forwards To Our Next Destination
Chapter 1728 Reaching Goldsand City, A Paradise Amidst A Desert
Chapter 1729 Bringing A Lot Of Unwanted Attention
Chapter 1730 Exploring The Oasis City
Chapter 1731 Meeting The Ruler Of The City
Chapter 1732 The Location Of The Other Cosmic Stones
Chapter 1733 Arriving At The Invaded Oasis
Chapter 1734 Time To Exterminate Some Pests
Chapter 1735 Devastating Everything With A Blazing Sword!
Chapter 1736 Leveling Frenzy!
Chapter 1737 Storming The Monsters’ Nest
Chapter 1738 The Oasis King
Chapter 1739 Overwhelming The Beast
Chapter 1740 Cleaning The Oasis Of Critters And Leveling Up Plentiful
Chapter 1741 Time To Evolve Shadrach!
Chapter 1742 Shadrach’S New Evolution
Chapter 1743 [Infernal Wyvern Overlord Heavy Blade]!
Chapter 1744 An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1745 A New And Unexpected Patron!
Chapter 1746 A New Ego
Chapter 1747 Yggdra And The Last God’S Prophecy
Chapter 1748 Moving To The Salt Dunes
Chapter 1749 Storming The Giant Fiery Red Ant Nest!
Chapter 1750 Unleashing All Of Aquamarine’S Powers!
Chapter 1751 Devastating Everything
Chapter 1752 A Powerful Formation
Chapter 1753 New Spirits
Chapter 1754 The Great Power Of The Two Maxima Summons!
Chapter 1755 Rapidly Advancing Forwards!
Chapter 1756 Shattering The Barrier!
Chapter 1757 Confronting The Giant Fiery Red Ant Queen!
Chapter 1758 Freeing The Salt Dunes From The Swarm Of Ants
Chapter 1759 Great Gains
Chapter 1760 The Cosmic Stones And New Ego Fragments
Chapter 1761 Moving Back To The City
Chapter 1762 Relaxing For A Bit
Chapter 1763 The Seaside Treasury Dungeon
Chapter 1764 Preparations Before Departing
Chapter 1765 Time To Evolve Yggdra And Shadrach!
Chapter 1766 [Rune Creation And Inscription Arts]
Chapter 1767 Evolving Yggdra
Chapter 1768 High Yggdrasil Spirit Ego
Chapter 1769 The Primordial Spirit Tree Of Yggdrasil
Chapter 1770 Amazing Rewards & Evolving Shadrach
Chapter 1771 Shadrach’S Evolution
Chapter 1772 [Infernal Volcanic Dragon Overlord Katana]
Chapter 1773 Visiting The Seaside Treasury Dungeon
Chapter 1774 Devastating Everything Underwater!
Chapter 1775 Earning Millions Of Exp!
Chapter 1776 Learning New Skills While Battling
Chapter 1777 I’M Going To Bite A Piece Off You~
Chapter 1778 Devastating The Dungeon’S Sea Life
Chapter 1779: Sadistic Maniac
Chapter 1780: New Skills And Fighting A Mid-Boss
Chapter 1781: Taking A Relaxing Break And Enjoying Some Good Seafood
Chapter 1782: Frank Finally Gets An Ego Weapon... But It'S Not How He Expected It To Be
Chapter 1783: Frank Hates Annoying Talking Weapons
Chapter 1784: Arriving At The Final Dungeon Floor, Confronting The Boss
Chapter 1785: Against The Giant Thunderous Fishman King!
Chapter 1786: The Overwhelming Superiority Of Path Jewels!
Chapter 1787: Max Level And Treasure Chests
Chapter 1788: Becoming A Dungeon Master Once More
Chapter 1789 The Demon King & The Genie
Chapter 1790 The Mysterious Entity
Chapter 1791 Bubu And Colora’S Growth
Chapter 1792 Growth & Time To Evolve
Chapter 1793 S Rank Evolution Options
Chapter 1794 The Meaning Of The Cosmos
Chapter 1795 [Primordial Cosmic Chaos Cocoon Of Rebirth]
Chapter 1796 The Power Of Cosmic Skills
Chapter 1797 A Deal With A Cosmic Entity
Chapter 1798 Bargaining
Chapter 1799 Incredible Items
Chapter 1800 Null’S Bone Fragment & Evolving Bubu
Chapter 1801 The Ruler Of The Maxima Universe
Chapter 1802 Overprotective Cosmic Deities
Chapter 1803 Colora Evolution
Chapter 1804 Colora Gets The Spotlight
Chapter 1805 The Next Morning
Chapter 1806 Preparations Before War
Chapter 1807 The Army Of Death Approaches
Chapter 1808 Destroying Thousands With A Single Move
Chapter 1809 {The Lady Veiled On Death}
Chapter 1810 Four Calamities
Chapter 1811 Overwhelming Victory & The Necrotic Death Lords
Chapter 1812 Stopping The Calamities
Chapter 1813 The True Danger Emerges
Chapter 1814 Teamwork Against Calamities
Chapter 1815 Intense Battles
Chapter 1816 Against The Fused Calamities
Chapter 1817 Kireina Vs Necrotic Death Lord
Chapter 1818 Kireina'S Dominance
Chapter 1819 One-Sided Beat Down
Chapter 1820 Brunhild And Ariant & Eriant Vs Necrotic Death Lord!
Chapter 1821 Brunhild'S Magical Prowess
Chapter 1822 Overwhelming Strength
Chapter 1823 White To The Rescue
Chapter 1824 Necrotic Death Overlord
Chapter 1825 Frank And Luminous' Might!
Chapter 1826 Shattered Sky
Chapter 1827 An Invasion From The Necrotic Plane
Chapter 1828 Confrontation
Chapter 1829 Versus Corrupted Elfina
Chapter 1830 Overwhelming Strength
Chapter 1831 Unified Power
Chapter 1832 New Visitors Join The Fray
Chapter 1833 Going Against All Odds! Creating A Path Jewel Ego!
Chapter 1834 Ouroboros
Chapter 1835 Severing Divine Connections!
Chapter 1836 Fighting Off An Otherworldly Invasion
Chapter 1837 Primordial Divine Parasite
Chapter 1838 The Necrotic Plane Ruler'S Frustration
Chapter 1839 Bringing Elfina To Goldsand
Chapter 1840 Celebrations
Chapter 1841 A Naughty Night (R18)
Chapter 1842 Lovestruck Frank
Chapter 1843 Confronting The Necrotic Plane Ruler'S Abyssal Tentacle
Chapter 1844 Eliminating The Last Remnants Of Yesterday'S War
Chapter 1845 The Strongest Of The Aberrant Otherworldly Tentacles
Chapter 1846 Devastating Battle
Chapter 1847 Bubu'S New Evolution Steps In!
Chapter 1848 {Cosmic Piercing Spear Of Oblivion: Gungnir}
Chapter 1849 An Unlikely Alliance
Chapter 1850 Discerning A Suspicious Conversation...
Chapter 1851 New Rewards
Chapter 1852 New Powerful Daos
Chapter 1853 Yggdra'S Evolution
Chapter 1854 Evolving Everyone
Chapter 1855 A Talk With Elfina
Chapter 1856 A Indestructible Barrier And The Miasmic Jungles Of Jath-Hu
Chapter 1857 Creating A Swarm
Chapter 1858 Meeting The Natives
Chapter 1859 The Last Hope Against The Mighty Jungle Kings
Chapter 1860 Fighting A Monster Army With Another Monster Army
Chapter 1861 The Powerful Swarm Of Gluttony!
Chapter 1862 Chaotic Miasmic Disruption
Chapter 1863 Crushing An S+ Rank Monster!
Chapter 1864 Back To The Village
Chapter 1865 Creating A New Yggdrasil Tree
Chapter 1866 Violet
Chapter 1867 New And Useful Skills...
Chapter 1868 New Heroes Arrive In The Jungles
Chapter 1869 A Battle Against An Indestructible Foe?
Chapter 1870 A Mother To The Rescue
Chapter 1871 Meeting Between Mother And Her Children
Chapter 1872 A Celebration
Chapter 1873 What'S Been Happening In Genesis
Chapter 1874 The Last Stand
Chapter 1875 It'S Time
Chapter 1876 Shadrach'S A+ Rank Evolution
Chapter 1877 Demonic Queen Of Swarms
Chapter 1878 Fighting An Army Of Desert Kings!
Chapter 1879 Kireina Versus The Desert Empress!
Chapter 1880 The Demon Lord Of Pride Appears!
Chapter 1881 Hercules The Traitor
Chapter 1882 Overwhelming The Traitorous Giant!
Chapter 1883 Hercules' Sponsors
Chapter 1884 Everyone Against The Revived Hercules
Chapter 1885 Amiphossia Goes All-Out!
Chapter 1886 A Vision Of Ancient Gods
Chapter 1887 Ancient Gods' Records
Chapter 1888 Victory
Chapter 1889 Nothing Can Contain Her
Chapter 1890 Entering The Ancient Gods Graveyard
Chapter 1891 Confronting The Vile Genie At Long Last!
Chapter 1892 Everyone Versus The Genie
Chapter 1893 The Power Of The {Chaos Gates}
Chapter 1894 The Bridge Between Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1895 Fighting Against The Three Strongest Maxima Summons!
Chapter 1896 The Strongest Maxima Summons Versus The Calamity Bringer, Bubu!
Chapter 1897 Incredibly Powerful Foes
Chapter 1898 The Power Of {Defiance}!
Chapter 1899 The End Of The Maxima Universe Ruler!
Chapter 1900 The New Primordial Ruler Of The Maxima Universe, Kireina!
Chapter 1901 {Summoning Dao Hegemony}
Chapter 1902 {Usurper Of Cosmic Thrones}
Chapter 1903 Time To Evolve
Chapter 1904 Umbra
Chapter 1905 Meeting Your Other Self
Chapter 1906 Sacrifice
Chapter 1907 Evolution Complete
Chapter 1908 A Letter From Veronica And Ervas
Chapter 1909 Moving To The Dwarf Country
Chapter 1910 Arrival
Chapter 1911 Meeting Ervas And Veronica Again
Chapter 1912 The New Empress Of The Human Empire
Chapter 1913 A Gathering Of Rulers
Chapter 1914 A New Alliance Between Protagonists
Chapter 1915 The Plans Of The Usurpers Of Destiny
Chapter 1916 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 1/14: Kireina'S Army Versus Fenrir And Jormungandr
Chapter 1917 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 2/14: Crazed Divine Beast Gods
Chapter 1918 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 3/14: Yiksukesh, Jormungandr, Fenrir, And Loki
Chapter 1919 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 4/14: Freedom
Chapter 1920 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 5/14: The Furious Queen Of Death
Chapter 1921 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 6/14: The Power Of Helheim'S Realm Core!
Chapter 1922 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 7/14: A Battle Against The Whole Realm
Chapter 1923 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 8/14: An Endless Battle!
Chapter 1924 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 9/14: The One Behind Everything!
Chapter 1925 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 10/14: The Supreme Gods
Chapter 1926 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 11/14: The Supreme Gods Against The Necrotic Plane Ruler!
Chapter 1927 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 12/14: Rainbow Kaiser Ex2: Code Wolf Enters The Battle!
Chapter 1928 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 13/14: Breaking Into Hel'S Castle!
Chapter 1929 [Supreme Wars: Act Ii] 14/14: Rescuing Redgaria'S Sister At Long Last!
Chapter 1930 The Demon King'S Army Approaches
Chapter 1931 A Clash Between Monster Armies!
Chapter 1932 Breaking Through!
Chapter 1933 Charging Forwards!
Chapter 1934 The Might Of Kireina'S Oldest Children
Chapter 1935 The New Human Empress' Strenght
Chapter 1936 A Chaotic Outcome!
Chapter 1937 Going Back To Where It All Began!
Chapter 1938 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 1/9: A Cosmic Relic!
Chapter 1939 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 2/9: An Intense Clash!
Chapter 1940 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 3/9: You Make Your Father Proud
Chapter 1941 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 4/9: The Necrotic Plane Ruler'S True Aim!
Chapter 1942 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 5/9: The Realm Devourer!
Chapter 1943 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 6/9: Kireina'S Return To Genesis!
Chapter 1944 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 7/9: Kireina Against A World Devourer Rank Threat!
Chapter 1945 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 8/9: An Overwhelming Strength!
Chapter 1946 [Supreme Wars: Act Iii] 9/9: Foiled For The Third Time!
Chapter 1947 A Heartwarming Family Reunion
Chapter 1948 Cute Children And Wives
Chapter 1949 Loving Embrace
Chapter 1950 Crybaby Wives
Chapter 1951 A Celebration Feast
Chapter 1952 Yggdra Is Here?!
Chapter 1953 Two Become One
Chapter 1954 New Contracts
Chapter 1955 Meeting Astraea And Andromeda
Chapter 1956 Creating A New System
Chapter 1957 The Origin System And The Primordial World Core
Chapter 1958 Kireina'S 20Th Child!
Chapter 1959 Planning Ahead
Chapter 1960 [Demonic Tower Master]
Chapter 1961 A Stabilized World
Chapter 1962 Dragged Into A Different Plane
Chapter 1963 Stranded Survivors
Chapter 1964 The Might Of Truhan And Celica
Chapter 1965 Palami, Raito, And Asure Meet The Spiritual Plane'S Inhabitants
Chapter 1966 The Giant Spirit Beast Chimera
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Chapter 1968 An Almighty Fusion Between Titans!
Chapter 1969 The Chimera'S End!
Chapter 1970 Meiji'S Tragedy
Chapter 1971 Hedlehash, The Sorceress Of Parasitic Spirits
Chapter 1972 {Spirit Hearts}
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Chapter 1974 Divide And Conquer!
Chapter 1975 Fighting A Spirit General!
Chapter 1976 Kireina'S Wives Are The Mightiest!
Chapter 1977 Overwhelming The Spirit General!
Chapter 1978 Memories Of A Forgotten Past
Chapter 1979 A Family Once More
Chapter 1980 Rapid Growth And New Loot, Arriving At Niflheim!
Chapter 1981 Moving Forwards
Chapter 1982 Walking Into The Middle Of A Spirit Dao Vortex
Chapter 1983 Landing On Niflheim, The Realm Of Eternal Winter
Chapter 1984 Skadi'S Tragedy
Chapter 1985 The Mysterious Evil Spirit, Obsidian
Chapter 1986 A New Alliance
Chapter 1987 Invasion!
Chapter 1988 Fighting An Endless Swarm Of Insectoid Spirit Beasts!
Chapter 1989 Truhan And Celica, The Strongest Power Couple
Chapter 1990 Monkeys Together Strong!
Chapter 1991 A Battle To Defend What Is Left
Chapter 1992 Uru, Lazuli’S Knight
Chapter 1993 Arrival
Chapter 1994 Kireina’S Here!
Chapter 1995 Kireina, The Strongest Necromancer?!
Chapter 1996 The Return Of Aldrich!
Chapter 1997 Reinforcements Are Here!
Chapter 1998 The Fairy Sisters Of Frost And Fire Descend!
Chapter 1999 The Show Has Just Begun!
Chapter 2000 Overwhelming The Beast!
Chapter 2001 Reuniting With The Undead Team
Chapter 2002 A Titanic Threat
Chapter 2003 Is Everyone Too Carefree?
Chapter 2004 Skadi And Lazuli Finally Meet!
Chapter 2005 Nilfheim’S Realm Core
Chapter 2006 A Clash Of Titans
Chapter 2007 Defeating The Giant Crystal Beast!
Chapter 2008 The Catastrophe
Chapter 2009 Two Colliding Realms!
Chapter 2010 The Lost Vampires
Chapter 2011 Alexandra’S Resolve
Chapter 2012 The Former Vampire Queen’S Strenght!
Chapter 2013 A Dear Family Of Her Own
Chapter 2014 The Invasion Of The Chaotic Plane! An Outer God Appears!
Chapter 2015 Aleksandra’S Last Stand
Chapter 2016 The Loyal Vampires
Chapter 2017 The Might Of The Vampire Family & Invasion From Hell
Chapter 2018 Poseidon’S Last Stand
Chapter 2019 Vampires And Sea Gods Cooperating?
Chapter 2020 Overwhelmed! However...
Chapter 2021 The Arrival Of The Vampire Queen And The Vampire Prince!
Chapter 2022 Faylen & Yggdrantia Join The Battle!
Chapter 2023 Ravenfolt’S Crisis
Chapter 2024 The Supreme God Of The Star Ocean Versus An Outer God!
Chapter 2025 The Pirate Queen Of The Seas, Gaby!
Chapter 2026 The Mershark Witch Princess
Chapter 2027 Two Sisters To The Rescue!
Chapter 2028 The Eternal Darkness Against Aura
Chapter 2029 The Supreme Goddess Of Space And Creation Is Here!
Chapter 2030 Kireina And Mammon’S Plan
Chapter 2031 The Tower Of Death & The Blood Progenitor’S Treasure
Chapter 2032 Luminous And The Dragons
Chapter 2033 The Wyvern Overlord’S Family
Chapter 2034 The Vampire Goddess Of Blood Steps In
Chapter 2035 Supreme Dao Inscription
Chapter 2036 The Beloved Vampire Prince
Chapter 2037 Gaby’S Might
Chapter 2038 The Demonic Army Of Wrath
Chapter 2039 Agatheina’S Amazing Strength
Chapter 2040 Don’T Underestimate Her
Chapter 2041 She’S Here
Chapter 2042 Mammon’S New Form
Chapter 2043 New Eyes
Chapter 2044 Kireina Vs Satan
Chapter 2045 Satan’S Overwhelming Power
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Chapter 2047 Demonic Red Dragon Of Wrath Transformation
Chapter 2048 Kireina Is Inevitable
Chapter 2049 Satan Is Utterly Humiliated!
Chapter 2050 Immense Growth!
Chapter 2051 New Powerful Skills
Chapter 2052 Kireina Is The Most Merciful Goddess!
Chapter 2053 The Primordial Child Of Azathoth
Chapter 2054 The Blood God
Chapter 2055 Faylen And Yggdrantia’S Combined Strength
Chapter 2056 Protecting The Archaea Archipelago
Chapter 2057 The Sisters’ Teamwork
Chapter 2058 Oceanus’ Wrath!
Chapter 2059 The Origin Of The Realm Of Atlantis
Chapter 2060 Scarlet & Valentia Against Oceanus
Chapter 2061 The Sea Titan’S Overwhelming Divine Power
Chapter 2062 The Mershark Family
Chapter 2063 {Thunderstorm Mershark Pirate Queen’S Armor}
Chapter 2064 Gaby & Poseidon Versus Oceanus
Chapter 2065 Oceanus’ Army
Chapter 2066 The Outer Gods’ Devious Plan
Chapter 2067 Hope Amidst Despair
Chapter 2068 She’S Here!
Chapter 2069 Kireina Against Oceanus
Chapter 2070 Aquamarine’S New Might
Chapter 2071 Everyone Goes All-Out
Chapter 2072 Poseidon Rises
Chapter 2074 Piercing Through Everything
Chapter 2075 {Trascendental Gates Of Bjarmia}
Chapter 2076 Oceanus’ End
Chapter 2077 Kireina’S Tremendous Growth!
Chapter 2078 {Essence}
Chapter 2079 Blessed Family
Chapter 2080 The Vampires Arrive
Chapter 2081 The Wyvern Family’S Might
Chapter 2082 The Wyvern Overlord’S Children
Chapter 2083 Endless Army Of Foes
Chapter 2084 Barbatos, The Barbarian King Of Bloodshed
Chapter 2085 Shadrach Against Barbatos
Chapter 2086 Shadrach’S Limits
Chapter 2087 Backup Is Here!
Chapter 2088 The Vampires Of Genesis
Chapter 2089 Shadrach’S Last Hope
Chapter 2090 The Wyvern Overlord’S Evolution
Chapter 2091 Divine Etheric Chaotic Flames Metal Dragon Overlord
Chapter 2092 An Intese Clash!
Chapter 2093 Barbatos’ Defeat!
Chapter 2094 The Death Tower And The Dragons
Chapter 2095 Nyzzet’S Redemption?
Chapter 2096 The Demon Army Arrives
Chapter 2097 Satan’S Left Hand, Beleth
Chapter 2098 Luminous’ Resolve
Chapter 2099 Relentless Battle
Chapter 2100 Luminous True Power!
Chapter 2101 The Two-Faced Calamity
Chapter 2102 She’S Here!
Chapter 2103 Kireina Bullies Everyone
Chapter 2104 Isn’T She Too Strong?!
Chapter 2105 Enraging The Guardian Of Mandala
Chapter 2106 Growing Stronger In The Middle Of A Battle
Chapter 2107 Tricking A Foolish Cosmic Throne
Chapter 2108 The One Behind Hekaton And Samsara!
Chapter 2109 Nirvana Deus
Chapter 2110 Buddha’S Incarnation
Chapter 2111 A Forgotten Past
Chapter 2112 The Power Of True Harmony
Chapter 2113 Shattered Harmony
Chapter 2114 A Powerful New Skill
Chapter 2115 Surpass Your Limits
Chapter 2116 I Will Not Repent!
Chapter 2117 Harmonious Chaos!
Chapter 2128 Securing Another Fragment
Chapter 2129 Kireina Comes Pick Her Lunch
Chapter 2130 Kireina Versus An Outer God!
Chapter 2131 Don’T Look Down On Her!
Chapter 2132 What You Can Do, Kireina Can Do It Better
Chapter 2133 The Outer Plane’S Void Rulers
Chapter 2134 The Outer Gods Plan Is Set In Motion!
Chapter 2135 Scarlet’S Purpose
Chapter 2136 Kireina’S Wrath
Chapter 2137 Shub-Niggurath Appears!
Chapter 2138 It’S Time To Evolve! Now Or Never!
Chapter 2139 Aura And Lucifer Help!
Chapter 2140 You’Ve Eaten Enough!
Chapter 2141 Named Outer Goddess: Anieriketulosba-Arbmu
Chapter 2142 Anieriketulosba Versus Shub-Niggurath
Chapter 2143 Surpassing All Limits!
Chapter 2144 Maxima Universe Ruler’S Strength
Chapter 2145 Doing The Impossible
Chapter 2146 Do It For Her!
Chapter 2147 Saving Scarlet!
Chapter 2148 Mother And Daughter Against Outer Gods
Chapter 2149 Arriving In The World Of Vampires, Abyss!
Chapter 2150 A World That Has Changed Many Times
Chapter 2151 Great Growth
Chapter 2152 Changing Class And Subclass
Chapter 2153 Combining Classes And New Cosmic Skills
Chapter 2154 Overpowered Skills
Chapter 2155 Invading Private Property!
Chapter 2156 The Cunning Vampires Of Abyss
Chapter 2157 Hunting Down Giant Vampiric Beasts
Chapter 2158 Vampires That Love Courting Death
Chapter 2159 A Strange Transformation
Chapter 2160 Kireina Might Be Scarier Than Abyss’ Vampires
Chapter 2161 The Primordial Moon Goddess Wakes Up
Chapter 2162 A Lot Of Rewards
Chapter 2163 Vampire God Slayer
Chapter 2164 Back To The Divine Realm
Chapter 2165 Sakura Gets Eaten, Figuratively (R18)
Chapter 2166 The Next Morning
Chapter 2167 Happy Children
Chapter 2168 A Slice Of Life
Chapter 2169 The Power Of Cosmic Dishes
Chapter 2170 The Twin Realm Cores
Chapter 2171 Distributing World Core Fragments
Chapter 2172 Powerful Cosmic Skills
Chapter 2173 Charlotte’S Gigantic Workshop
Chapter 2174 A New Device To Farm World Cores!
Chapter 2175 Pampering Astraea And Andromeda
Chapter 2176 Everyone Gets To World Realm! 1
Chapter 2177 Everyone Gets To World Realm! 2
Chapter 2178 Growing Even Stronger
Chapter 2179 Opening All The Loot Boxes
Chapter 2180 Giving Them What They Want 1 (R18)
Chapter 2181 Giving Them What They Want 2 (R18)
Chapter 2182 This Cheeky Harpy Needs Some Correction (R18)
Chapter 2183 The Power Of The Sin Of Lust
Chapter 2184 Mammon’S Request
Chapter 2185 A New Opportunity
Chapter 2186 Luminous’ Harem
Chapter 2187 Sharing Realm Core Fragments With The Children
Chapter 2188 Upgrades, People
Chapter 2189 Cosmic Dao Fruit
Chapter 2190 New Daos And Divine Authorities
Chapter 2191 Moving To Hell
Chapter 2192 Arriving In The Middle Of A Demonic War
Chapter 2193 Entering The War Between Hell Layers
Chapter 2194 Devastating The Enemy Army
Chapter 2195 Satan Steps In!
Chapter 2196 Kireina Against The Archdemon Of Wrath
Chapter 2197 Overwhelming Power!
Chapter 2198 Ganging On The Archdemon Of Wrath!
Chapter 2199 New Archdemons Of Wrath
Chapter 2200 Memories Of Hatred And Wrath
Chapter 2201 Two Archdemons Of Wrath
Chapter 2202 The Upset Archdemons
Chapter 2203 Belphegor’S Schemes
Chapter 2204 Celebrations
Chapter 2205 Growing Stronger & New System Function
Chapter 2206 The Power Of Bloodlines
Chapter 2207 Fallen Angels
Chapter 2208 The Origin Of Hell
Chapter 2209 The Power Of Satan’S Bloodline
Chapter 2210 All The Loot
Chapter 2211 Testing The Dungeon Key
Chapter 2212 Exploring The Dungeon
Chapter 2213 New Title, More Loot
Chapter 2214 Pleasing The Vampire Concubines 1 (R18)
Chapter 2215 Pleasing The Vampire Concubines 2 (R18)
Chapter 2216 The Next Morning, Fusing Skills
Chapter 2217 A New Overpowered Skill
Chapter 2218 The Origin Of These Skills
Chapter 2219 Lewd Morning (Half R18)
Chapter 2220 Getting Ready To Steal A Star
Chapter 2221 The Under Dark
Chapter 2222 The Last Skill Fusion Before Departing
Chapter 2223 An Incredible New Power
Chapter 2224 Infiltration
Chapter 2225 Hunting The Recessed
Chapter 2226 Tenacious Cosmic Fiend
Chapter 2227 Gang On Him!
Chapter 2228 Slaying The Wicked Recessed
Chapter 2229 Growing Even Stronger
Chapter 2230 Ashatath
Chapter 2231 Fooling The Wicked Recessed
Chapter 2232 The Humble Vampires
Chapter 2233 Summoning Furia
Chapter 2234 Ashatath’S Swarm
Chapter 2235 Half Eaten
Chapter 2236 The Champion Of The Silver Moon
Chapter 2237 Vampire Hero
Chapter 2238 Hero Awoken, Shield Broken
Chapter 2239 Kill Her!
Chapter 2240 Slaying The Second Recessed
Chapter 2241 Victory
Chapter 2242 Great Growth
Chapter 2243 Consuming All The Good Stuff
Chapter 2244 Fusing Skills!
Chapter 2245 New Fusion Skill
Chapter 2246 A Powerful New Trump Card
Chapter 2247 Time For The Final Challenge
Chapter 2248 The Factions Of The Recessed
Chapter 2249 Infiltration
Chapter 2250 Fighting Three Recessed At The Same Time!
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

A young adult man dies from a fever and is reincarnated in a world of swords and magic dominated by a strange and mysterious Game-like System as the weakest being, a Caterpillar!

Gaining abilities from the monsters that it eats, Kireina uses her sharp adaptability and wits to overcome the odds against her in a world where everyone wants to eat her alive!

As Kireina evolves and gathers a group of followers and subordinates, discover how our protagonist builds a monster Kingdom from zero, in a world dominated by Humans, terrifying Monsters, and arrogant Gods who only wish her death!

In front of her enemies, there will be only two options!
Will you obey me or will you be eaten?

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 - Reborn... As A Caterpillar?!

It has been a whole week since I got this fever and it is just continuing to get worse. I've been living a pretty normal slow life, working at a mini-market close to home, living with my parents, enjoying video games, and Japanese media.

I can't believe how long this fever has lasted! And if I go to the doctor it will waste all my video game money. Ugh, It's not like I can die if I don't, God I can barely think with this headache let alone play any games…


I guess I'll just go to sleep, I'm pretty sleepy anyway.

That night I had a strange dream, I was in a weird place that looked like a big ocean, but the water was still and unmoving. When I checked if I was ok, I was no more than a glowing floating lump. Shortly after a soothing voice called out to me, telling me to come to him, to just keep moving. While I was floating in the direction of the voice, it started to get louder, slowly increasing in volume. Then suddenly I felt incredible pain all over my lump of a body.




[Day 1]

When I finally woke up, all I could see was black, I couldn't feel my arms or my legs, or even my mouth for that matter.

I can't move? What's going on? I can't feel anything, my arms, my legs, my head even… There's only my mind… my thoughts… Did I... Did I die?

I tried to move with all my might, to move even an inch of my body. Until finally, I felt something move, a limb behind me. I started hearing cracking noises the more I moved as if I was breaking out of something.

I know I can... do it! I must... move! Let's go!

As I broke free I saw light, an immense amount of light, it showered my whole face and I could finally open my eyes. It felt like whatever was holding me was slowly falling apart and shortly after I fell onto the ground.

Aaah, I'm so tired… Where am I? What is this? Giants leaves? What? Massive rocks? Trees the size of skyscrapers… Why is everything so massive in this forest?

And then I realized how fucked up I was… My entire body was divided into sections, long fatty, green-colored skin with small purple patterns. Small, almost transparent hairs covering the top of my body. I don't have any arms, just chunky little legs on the bottom of my body. I couldn't see what I looked like but I could already imagine what I looked like, I was a Caterpillar.

How could this even happen? Why? Is this a dream? Please be a dream… Oh god, but I felt pain when I fell didn't I? That means this is real, doesn't it? Oh god… that means I really am a caterpillar now… Why me? WAIT! Does that really mean I died from a fever? What the hell… There is no way, it was just a fever! Who the hell dies from a fever!… If I really died doesn't that mean I was reincarnated? Is this a case of people being reincarnated into another world but they ran out of heroes so they just tossed my soul into whatever was nearby at the time? Thanks a lot, Mysterious Voice, you ass.

Suddenly I started to feel extremely hungry so I started eating whatever was near me, from leaves to even rocks.

These rocks are so horrible and bitter… Why can I even eat them and still be fine? I can even munch them into dust inside my mouth. This caterpillar is a monster!

After a while, I finally started to feel sated so I started to analyze my surroundings.

Hmm, it would be funny if there was some kind of status screen that showed up when you shouted STATUS! In your mind or something…

[Name: None

[Class: None

[Race: Common Forest Caterpillar

[Level: 1/10 [XP: 0/100 [Status: Full

[HP: 6/6 [MP: 0/0 [Stamina: 100/100

[Strength: 1

[Defense: 2

[Magic: 0

[Resistance: 0

[Speed: 1

[Charisma: -1

[Luck: -2

[Skills:  [Trash Belly] [Forest Caterpillar Weak Body] [Blessing of #########]

[Iron Teeth] [Weak Bite] [Caterpillar Basic Regeneration]

Eeeh?! It's true! But what are these stats? They are complete trash! And what's with these shit skills? Wait a minute, minus two luck? And my Charisma is minus 1! Are you calling me ugly? What an asshole...


After calming myself down, I started to check out the details of this forest. It was big and dark, the trees were a dark grey, almost pitch black, the leaves were massive and a dark green. All types of colorful mushrooms decorated the feet of all the trees. There was a bee floating around but it seems to have not noticed me yet.

Is it because of my minus one charisma?

"HEY! Mister bee! Please! You are the first living being I have encountered in this world! Do you want to be my companion? Wait, why do I even have a voice?"

As if provoked by my strange movements, the bee stopped for a moment then flew directly towards my head. Pointing its big stinger towards my beautiful caterpillar face!

"Ugh...! Wait! Please stop! Don't get angry! We are civilized bugs! Fellow brothers! Don't tell me you're a Tsundere?!"

As if taking my words as an insult the bee got even more enraged and increased its speed. Then suddenly a strong stinging pain filled my face.

"UUUAAAGH! Get out! Get out! It hurts! Please stop! It hurts like hell!"

The bee got its stinger stuck in my face, struggling to get it out, which made the stinger go deeper and made the pain get even worse. As the pain increased my whole face started to feel numb.

"I want to live! I want to live! You bastard! Take this! WEAK BITE! NOM!"

My bite got him right in his stupid bee face!

"HAHAHA! This is what you deserve you stupid punk!"

The bee started to struggle in pain to no avail, as his stinger was firmly stuck inside of my face.




After having half of his head eaten the bee stopped moving, just a loud dinging sond resounded in my mind.

[You've gained: 124 XP]

[You've gained: 1 level]

[You've obtained a new title: First kill in this New World]

[Your HP has recovered]

"Huh? So it's like this… Ah! When I leveled up I healed? Then why does it still hurt like hell? Ah! I have to get this stinger out of my face, or healing would have been for nothing!"

It seems that as long as the stinger was in my face, the wound would never fully close, and the auto-heal from the level up wouldn't take out objects from my body.

Raising my tiny caterpillar legs I gripped the stinger and used all my strength to slowly pull it out. The intense pain made me pause and take a breath before continuing once again. Suddenly the pain finally started to alleviate and the pressure in my face started to lessen.

"It's out! I did it! Ugh..."

[HP: 3/8]

"Ugeh... I almost died... If I didn't level up even though I killed him I still would have died! Completely gone! Dead! Even before experiencing what this world had to offer this innocent little soul!



After resting, I started to eat what was left of the bee, even its stinger. It tasted like shit but for some reason, I was still able to eat everything just fine without puking and my stomach didn't hurt at all.

"Is it because of my Trash Belly skill? Does that mean I can eat almost anything? That's oddly convenient for such a horrible existence."

After resting until I felt a little better, I started to walk around while immersed in my thoughts.

So to recap, I died on Earth from a fever, I had a weird dream about floating over a big ocean and a voice calling to me… I bet that fucker is the one behind all this reincarnation bullshit! This is all his fault! He is probably some bored old god toying with my poor and innocent soul for his own amusement!

Suddenly I heard a loud bang in front of me!

"Huh? W-what is that?! A giant foot? What the..."

Quickly I scurried behind for safety while I watched this ruckus unfold. When I glanced at the powerful titan I found out it was a humanoid being, it had grey skin, a completely bald head and massive fangs poking out from its lower jaw. It had a muscular build and was wearing a loincloth while holding a stick.

"Is that… a troll? But don't they become stone during the day? Oh right, this forest is dark even during the day."

My heart was filled with jealousy towards this troll.

So trolls can wander around freely as if they own the place huh? Who do they think they are? I can't believe even a troll would have been a better reincarnation than a caterpillar… This is unfair I say!

The troll sniffed around for a while then slowly started walking away.

"Someday when I get strong enough I'm going to beat you up real good for scaring me shitless like this! Mark my words troll!"

After that I started to slowly drag my body around the ground, eating rocks and plants until I felt full and went to sleep in a hole near a tree.

[Day 2]

When I woke up I immediately realized that everything I went through yesterday wasn't a dream, well even though I knew deep down that it wasn't I still had hope that I would wake up in my comfy bed. But to no avail, I'm still a pitiful little caterpillar…



, I guess I just need to accept this and focus on surviving… Something inside me is telling me to get stronger no matter what, is this inner monster instincts? Weird."

With 'high' spirits, I started to wander around the forest. After one hour of walking around, I didn't feel tired at all, and for some reason. And for some reason, my mind felt refreshed and calm.

Hmm, so there is some kind of road around here with hardly any rocks and no plants blocking the way. This is probably a trail left by the trolls that frequently walkthrough here. To the west there is a massive river, I guess I'll call it… Hmm, West River? Yea that'll do. Towards the east, there are big rocky mountains so I'll just call them East Rocky Mountains for simplicity. Very well, now where do I even go? I'm starting to get hungry, the rocks and plants don't restore my stamina much... Hmm, what should I do?

As I was pondering over what to do I remembered a novel back on Earth that I used to love. It was about someone reincarnated as a goblin and the first thing he did was go and hunt monsters to eat.

"Maybe hunting would be the best option, but what could I even hunt as a stupid caterpillar? The bee situation was a once in a lifetime opportunity! There is no way I would hunt bees! Eh?"

While I was immersed in my thoughts, I didn't even realize that something terrifying was coming towards me. It was a gigantic bird! Black and blue feathers, with a yellow-colored curved beak typical of eagles. It's looking at me with its black beady eyes! I almost shat myself out of fear! I started running (Dragging?) my body as fast as I could but the bird was too fast!

"No way no way no way! How could I have been so careless? This bird could eat me whole and that would be the end of my journey! I didn't even last two days! Are you fucking with me Mysterious Voice?! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!"


As if telling me to just sit still and wait to be eating the bird shouted at me!

"OH! There's a hole! A HOLE! Right there! My savior!"

I charged towards the little hole as fast as I could. The bird beak almost got me but I managed to enter the hole just in time. Sadly the bird didn't want to miss out on the opportunity of eating such a fatty and juicy caterpillar such as myself. It struggled to insert its beak deep enough inside the hole, trying to grab me.

"Haah… That was a close one… HAHA! Keep struggling you, feathered idiot! You won't get me in such a narrow hole!"

"Squaaark! Squaark!"

Finally, the bird gave up and it went flying away somewhere else.

"At least I am safe here in this little hole-"

Then, as if destiny was toying with me, a big and ugly spider revealed itself right behind me! It had 8 black and yellow legs, 8 horrible deep black eyes, and an incredibly sturdy-looking pair of fangs!



… Why is life toying with me like this…"

When I tried to start running for my life again I noticed that my entire body was incredibly tired and that I couldn't even move an inch. Then I noticed my stamina stat…

[HP: 7/8  Stamina: 2/100]

"No way! It must have been depleted when I was running for my life! This system is complete bullshit! Now, what am I supposed to do? I'm just destined to die here, just because these numbers say I can't move? Don't fuck with me!"


The big spider jumped towards me, going for the kill. But right at that moment a loud bang resonated above me.


『It's that fucking bird! Are you kidding me? Is he never going to give up? Should I feel flattered or horrified?!』

Right before the spider was about to bite me the bird destroyed the top of the hole exposing all that was inside to the outside world. Then when the bird noticed the spider and me, it compared us. Then having concluded that the spider was a better, meatier catch the bird grabbed it with its beak and flew away. Seeing this unfortunate scene for the spider unfold in front of me I couldn't resist laughing at its bad luck...

But wait, I'm just as unlucky... was he even more unfortunate? Or did two unfortunate events clashed against each other which granted me the possibility to survive?

Bad luck seems to be underrated!

"Goodbye mister spider! Hahahaha!"


After everything calmed down, I slowly dragged myself around the hole in order to find the spider's nest… There it is, and it's packed with its eggs growing inside of its sticky threads, I managed to squeeze in there and I found quite a few bug carcasses.

"Finders keepers!"

I started devouring these dry bug carcasses, they tasted awful and barely restored any stamina but they were better than nothing.

"Now onto the main dish...!"

I slowly started destroying the threads around the eggs by biting them using my Weak Bite skill and began gulping down the spider eggs. They tasted like trash juice, why do I know what trash juice tastes like? Intuition or something... I don't know!

"These are crunchy and juicy on the inside, but not in a good way… I would kill for some fried meat now… Ooh and beer too!


. Will I be able to replicate these foods in the future? Maybe if I get a strong enough to lead a group of intelligent beings."

After my stupid rambling, I started to eat the threads too, because why not? It's not like I can't eat them so I might as well.

"Gueeh, these are so dry and sticky, they get stuck in my throat but somehow give me a lot of stamina. Are they nutritious? Gulp. Why do I feel like eating in this world is more like torture than relief?"

[You've gained: 86 XP]

[You've obtained a new title: Trash Eater]

[You've learned the following skills]

[Steel Belly]

[Weak Thread Creation]

[Spiders 8 Eyes]

Seeing such incredible news, I almost spit out the thread I was eating.

"What!? This! Did I learn skills for eating this shit? Are you kidding me?"

I remember several novel and anime characters that had similar powers, growing incredibly fast from consuming their enemies and gaining their power.

"To think that I got that kind of power, is this my cheat skill? But it seems heavily nerfed since when I ate the bee I didn't gain anything. Maybe it needs to be a big quantity of the same thing to get the skills? Or maybe the bee was just too trash?


… At least there's something bright about this dark and twisted world… I also got XP for no reason!"

While swallowing the thread in my mouth I remembered the horrible taste of those spider eggs.

"Wait, maybe because the eggs are technically living beings they gave me XP anyways? Aah, that's fucked up. OH! I almost forgot about my new title, Trash eater! What a title, and Steel Belly? Is it because of all the carcasses, threads, and eggs I ate? Maybe my belly will evolve and let me eat even fire in the future! Haha!"

Getting tired of talking to myself I started to play around with my new thread creation skill and made a messy thread bed to sleep on. I also noticed that when I created the thread it cost stamina!

"What robbery! It's around 5 stamina per 10cm, so just making my bed cost me 15 stamina? That's almost half of what I got from eating all this shit… Stamina management is going to be a real pain from now on."

Before going to sleep I tried my Spiders 8 Eyes skill, it cost 10 stamina for every use. It let me have eight spider eyes on my face for a limited amount of time increasing my visual capabilities.

"It could prove useful in the future, but it's too costly to afford using it repeatedly for now… Alright then! Time to sleep!"




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