Humanity’s Great Sage by Momo

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Cunning
Chapter 3: Enlightenment
Chapter 4: Skill Tree
Chapter 5: Plan
Chapter 6: Encounter
Chapter 7: Escaping The Sea Of Suffering
Chapter 8: Embracing The Light
Chapter 9: Identification
Chapter 10: Opportunity
Chapter 11: An Introduction To The Sect
Chapter 12: Take It As If I Didn’T Tell You Anything
Chapter 13: What Is Going On?
Chapter 14: Realms
Chapter 15: Pang Da Hai And Lu Ye’S Sincerity
Chapter 16: Pang Da Hai’S Advice
Chapter 17: Applying For A Sect
Chapter 18: Elder Tang’S Dilemma
Chapter 19: The Result
Chapter 20: Boarding A Ship
Chapter 21: Opening The Book In The Wrong Way
Chapter 22: A Cultivation Technique Is Neither Good Nor Evil
Chapter 23: Spiritual Point’S Barrier And Residue
Chapter 24: The Joy Of Cultivating Through The Use Of Spirit Pills
Chapter 25: Sneak Attack
Chapter 26: Official Disciple
Chapter 27: Thinking Of Escaping After Stroking The Tiger’S Whiskers?
Chapter 28: Spirit Creek Battlefield
Chapter 29: Current Situation
Chapter 30: The Power Of A Talisman Paper
Chapter 31: Eighth Spiritual Point
Chapter 32: Tiger
Chapter 33: Not Enough Power? Compensate With A Spirit Talisman Paper
Chapter 34: Lu Ye, Who Has No Common Sense
Chapter 35: The Barrier Penetrating Fruit
Chapter 36: What A Cute Rabbit
Chapter 37: Nine Spiritual Points Connect And Spiritual Power Turns Into A Stream
Chapter 38: Leaving
Chapter 39: Division Of The Battlefield
Chapter 40: Green Cloud City And The Local Wealthy Man
Chapter 41: Setting Up A Stall
Chapter 42: The Divine Trade Association
Chapter 43: Making A Sale
Chapter 44: I’M Back Again
Chapter 45: We Are So Pitiful
Chapter 46: The Differences Between The Maps
Chapter 47: Second Order Spirit Creek Realm
Chapter 48: Ambush
Chapter 49: Have Mercy, Tiger King
Chapter 50: Chase
Chapter 51: Actions And Consequences
Chapter 52: Changes In Contribution
Chapter 53: Bearing
Chapter 54: Taking The Blame For No Reason
Chapter 55: Something Good
Chapter 56: Something’S Stirring
Chapter 57: On The Road
Chapter 58: Protection
Chapter 59: The Secret Of The Skill Tree
Chapter 60: Gathering Spirits
Chapter 61: Name Your Price
Chapter 62: Split Sky Gorge
Chapter 63: Silenced
Chapter 64: Release The Hostage!
Chapter 65: Combined Attack
Chapter 66: Nine Star Clan And Mystic Sect
Chapter 67: The Hunt Is Starting
Chapter 68: Plight
Chapter 69: Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm
Chapter 70: Declaration Of War
Chapter 71: Casual Demonstration Of Ability
Chapter 72: A Look Of Confirmation
Chapter 73: Mountain Tiger
Chapter 74: Yi Ye
Chapter 75: Master And Servant
Chapter 76: Gluttonous Feast
Chapter 77: Flights Of Fancy
Chapter 78: A Small Funnel
Chapter 79: Luo Ji Of Infinite Island
Chapter 80: Different
Chapter 81: Intense Battle
Chapter 82: Every Dog Has Its Day
Chapter 83: Goodwill From Mystic Sect
Chapter 84: I Can Definitely Defeat Him
Chapter 85: I’Ll Give You Money If You Spare My Life
Chapter 86: Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic
Chapter 87: Mystic Sect Goes To War
Chapter 88: We’Re Even Now
Chapter 89: I Hate Spell Cultivators
Chapter 90: Running For Their Lives
Chapter 91: A Furious Cao Ye
Chapter 92: Nowhere To Flee
Chapter 93: Saved
Chapter 94: Kind-Hearted People
Chapter 95: Medicine Cultivator
Chapter 96: Rogue Wanderers’ Club
Chapter 97: Formal Treatment
Chapter 98: Tassel City
Chapter 99: A Doctor Is Like A Patient’S Parent
Chapter 100: You Drugged Me
Chapter 101: Looking For Amber
Chapter 102: Heading To The Source Of The Voice
Chapter 103: A Lesson From The Cultivation World
Chapter 104: Senior Brother Zhou, An Expert In Sword Wielding
Chapter 105: Exchange
Chapter 106: Not Following Any Rules
Chapter 107: My Name Is Lu Yi Ye
Chapter 108: Recuperating And Cultivating
Chapter 109: Bumping Into An Enemy
Chapter 110: Running Away
Chapter 111: Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm
Chapter 112: A Spell
Chapter 113: Fire Phoenix
Chapter 114: Dragon Spring Conference
Chapter 115: Thunder?
Chapter 116: What The Hell!?
Chapter 117: Chase And Intercept
Chapter 118: Breaking Out Of The Encirclement
Chapter 119: A Good Place To Go
Chapter 120: Reinforcements From Green Feather Mountain
Chapter 121: Soothing And Comfort
Chapter 122: Recruitment
Chapter 123: Raiding
Chapter 124: Clash
Chapter 125: Advantages And Initiative
Chapter 126: The Qins Battered And Crushed
Chapter 127: Hijacked
Chapter 128: Kill-Streak
Chapter 129: Annihilated
Chapter 130: Premature Conclusion
Chapter 131: Winnings
Chapter 132: Enrichment
Chapter 133: Farewell
Chapter 134: All Roads Lead To Yi’An
Chapter 135: An Ironic Place
Chapter 136: Dong Shu Ye’S Coming For Us—Again
Chapter 137: Skirmish In The Rain
Chapter 138: Dong Shu Ye, Deranged And Mad
Chapter 139: I Need A Room
Chapter 140: To Lay One’S Bones
Chapter 141: No Pain No Gain
Chapter 142: I’Ve Barely Used My Full Strength
Chapter 143: Would You Believe It
Chapter 144: Li Baxian, Feng Yuechan
Chapter 145: Clash Of Carnage
Chapter 146: Am I Not Screaming Hard Enough
Chapter 147: Protect Him, Not Attack Him!
Chapter 148: The Story So Far
Chapter 149: Going Soft
Chapter 150: I Want To Live
Chapter 151: Here I Am
Chapter 152: So If You’Re Not Going, I’Ll Go
Chapter 153: Turbulent Watch
Chapter 154: Goldentip
Chapter 155: Sister Wei Yang
Chapter 156: Make It Up To You
Chapter 157: Come Fight Me
Chapter 158: Proposal
Chapter 159: The Sacred Pact
Chapter 160: Next
Chapter 161: Not One To Let Things Slide
Chapter 162: Frightened
Chapter 163: 32 Rounds
Chapter 164: Declawed
Chapter 165: I Am Lu Ye!
Chapter 166: Self-Mutilation
Chapter 167: The Sacred Child Of Cult Blackfyre
Chapter 168: Steel Against Spell
Chapter 169: The Devoted Ones
Chapter 170: Recuperation
Chapter 171: The Three Stooges
Chapter 172: Legate-In-Charge
Chapter 173: Bonding Pact
Chapter 174: The Vault Of Providence
Chapter 175: Outpost
Chapter 176: Li Baxian’S Advice
Chapter 177: Flame Of Earthen Spirits
Chapter 178: The Fast Way To Gain Points
Chapter 179: Revisiting Mount Ying
Chapter 180: Honest Man
Chapter 181: You’Re Pretty Fast Yourself
Chapter 182: The Sect Master Got His Ass Kicked
Chapter 183: Tattooed Glyph, Transient Wings
Chapter 184: Battle Royale Of The Legates
Chapter 185: Chess Sea
Chapter 186: It’S The Mushrooms Who Killed Him
Chapter 187: Bone Fragment
Chapter 188: Reinforcement
Chapter 189: My Medicine Cultivator Is A Scary Woman
Chapter 190: Came Prepared
Chapter 191: A Pair Of Treasures
Chapter 192: Golem Master
Chapter 193: Taking The Initiative
Chapter 194: The Final Merging
Chapter 195: Making Their Sect Proud
Chapter 196: Back To The Starting Point
Chapter 197: Turning The Enemy’S Ploy To One’S Advantage
Chapter 198: Allow Me To Widen Your Horizons
Chapter 199: Bloodrage
Chapter 200: Becoming Famous Overnight
Chapter 201: Well Deserved
Chapter 202: Return
Chapter 203: Congratulations From All Parties
Chapter 204: Recruitment Drive
Chapter 205: Gains
Chapter 206: Buying Blessings
Chapter 207: Visit
Chapter 208: The Two Primary Elements, Yin And Yang
Chapter 209: The Rift Of Illusions
Chapter 210: Disassembling Glyphs
Chapter 211: The Seventh-Order Of The Spirit Creek Realm
Chapter 212: It’S Not Me
Chapter 213: Telekinesis, At Long Last
Chapter 214: Insectoid Attack
Chapter 215: Insectoid Wormhole
Chapter 216: The Insectoid Nest
Chapter 217: Take Heart
Chapter 218: Aerial Advantage
Chapter 219: Farming Points
Chapter 220: Free Food
Chapter 221: Depravity
Chapter 222: Sucker Punch
Chapter 223: Playing Both Ends Against The Middle
Chapter 224: Successful Seizure
Chapter 225: Clan Feng
Chapter 226: Feng Yue
Chapter 227: Only Fair
Chapter 228: Trap
Chapter 229: Defensive Ward
Chapter 230: Distribution Of Spoils
Chapter 231: Why Is No One Coming To Ransom You?
Chapter 232: Free
Chapter 233: I’M A Locksmith
Chapter 234: Destruction Before Creation
Chapter 235: Thoughts
Chapter 236: Departure
Chapter 237: Where Do You Come From, Fellow Cultivator?
Chapter 238: This Guy Is As Good As That Lu Yi Ye
Chapter 239: Brother And Sister X2
Chapter 240: Nine Realms Scroll
Chapter 241: As Long As My Saber Is Sharp Enough
Chapter 242: The Sky Pillar Sect’S Ore Vein
Chapter 243: Baiting
Chapter 244: Insight
Chapter 245: Am I Dreaming?
Chapter 246: Great Serpent
Chapter 247: Sky Pillar Sect Is Out Of Luck Today
Chapter 248: Attack Of The Great Serpent
Chapter 249: Enjoying The Show
Chapter 250: You Are So Dead
Chapter 251: Sealing The Divine Opportunity Column
Chapter 252: Why
Chapter 253: Sharing The Booty
Chapter 254: Celebratory Feast
Chapter 255: Spirit Creek Realm Eighth-Order
Chapter 256: Moving Forward
Chapter 257: Rift Of Fortune
Chapter 258: The House Of Wintry Blossoms
Chapter 259: The Lost City Of Xianyuan
Chapter 260: Liu Sanbao
Chapter 261: Another Ghost Spirit
Chapter 262: Growing The Squad
Chapter 263: Chu Qing
Chapter 264: Man Plans And The Heavens Laugh
Chapter 265: Why Didn’T The Xianyuan City Watch Arrest You
Chapter 266: Concealment Bracelet
Chapter 267: Lu Yi Ye Must Be Dead
Chapter 268: I Know How To Kill
Chapter 269: Waaaaaaah
Chapter 270: Peerless Loyalty
Chapter 271: Massacre
Chapter 272: What The Fuck’S A Tang Yuan
Chapter 273: I’M Not Alone
Chapter 274: The Woman In The Red Dress’ Punishment
Chapter 275: Save Them
Chapter 276: Counterattack
Chapter 277: A Gentleman Uses His Mouth And Not His Fists
Chapter 278: Battle
Chapter 279: To Catch A Cat
Chapter 280: Revenge
Chapter 281: Dungeons
Chapter 282: The House Of Wintry Blossoms
Chapter 283: Dashed Hope
Chapter 284: Ju Jia’S “Mutant Core”
Chapter 285: The Lord Governor Of The Lost City Of Xianyuan
Chapter 286: The Pool Of Divine Purification
Chapter 287: The Liquid Energy Of The Pool Of Divine Purification
Chapter 288: The Perpetual War
Chapter 289: Departure
Chapter 290: Heaven-Grade Cultivation Discipline
Chapter 291: Ward-Breaking
Chapter 292: Penetration
Chapter 293: Nighttime Infiltration
Chapter 294: The Jade Tablet
Chapter 295: Defeating The House Of Wintry Blossoms
Chapter 296: Trials And Errors
Chapter 297: The Charge
Chapter 298: Defeating Sunlit Mountain
Chapter 299: Prophetic Foresight
Chapter 300: This Instant
Chapter 301: Zhao Li
Chapter 302: Hundred Wards Tower
Chapter 303: Keeping An Appointment
Chapter 304: Old School Ninth-Order Cultivator
Chapter 305: Intercepted
Chapter 306: It’S Bad
Chapter 307: Poison
Chapter 308: A Poison That Attacks The Divine Soul
Chapter 309: I’M Born Exceptional
Chapter 310: Will It Help?
Chapter 311: Give Me Back My Junior Brother
Chapter 312: Cry, Or Else
Chapter 313: Breathing Moon Essence
Chapter 314: The Forge
Chapter 315: Forging A Ward Flag
Chapter 316: Tower Challenge
Chapter 317: Ninth-Order
Chapter 318: Clearing 10 Floors In A Row
Chapter 319: The Sky Is Clear, The Rain Has Stopped
Chapter 320: The Final Three Floors
Chapter 321: Two Balls Of Light
Chapter 322: The Dragon Enters The Sea
Chapter 323: You’Re Alive?
Chapter 324: Breaching The Clear Wind Sect
Chapter 325: Nightmarish News
Chapter 326: The Unfortunate Thunderlight Sect
Chapter 327: Sanguine Vale’S Guts
Chapter 328: Killing A Real Lake Realm
Chapter 329: Mr. Idol
Chapter 330: The Vanquisher Of Sects
Chapter 331: The All-Consuming Blaze That Began From A Single Spark
Chapter 332: Stand Off
Chapter 333: Brother Yi Ye Is Coming
Chapter 334: The Meeting
Chapter 335: Oh, They Fighting
Chapter 336: Behind The Scenes
Chapter 337: The Tower Of Morning
Chapter 338: No Regrets
Chapter 339: Rewards
Chapter 340: Ten Times The Increase
Chapter 341: Gift
Chapter 342: Outpost Development
Chapter 343: Weapon Holder
Chapter 344: When Forbearance Only Makes You Angrier
Chapter 345: That Old Bastard Has Gone Too Far
Chapter 346: The Weight Of The Vanquisher Of Sects
Chapter 347: The Three Sages School’S Terms
Chapter 348: Give Me Back My Unsullied Sister Hua
Chapter 349: Heaven-Grade Seventh-Order
Chapter 350: Crimson Blood, Devoted Ones
Chapter 351: Showdown
Chapter 352: I’M A Stray He Picked Up On The Road
Chapter 353: A Body-Tempering Cultivator’S Pride
Chapter 354: A Chat Between Brothers
Chapter 355: The Three Tumors Gone In One Day
Chapter 356: The Three Sages School
Chapter 357: Misty Mountains
Chapter 358: A Massacre
Chapter 359: That Piece Of Shit Sure Is Wealthy
Chapter 360: Honey
Chapter 361: The Good Stuff
Chapter 362: Kicked The Bee’S Nest
Chapter 363: They’Ve Gone Crazy
Chapter 364: The Burning Lands
Chapter 365: The Wonderful Use Of The Tree Of Glyphs
Chapter 366: Tyrant-Level Female Primal
Chapter 367: There’S Something Wrong With Her Head
Chapter 368: Inheritance
Chapter 369: Yi Yi And Ju Jia’S Crisis
Chapter 370: Lu Yi Ye Is Here
Chapter 371: Spirit Storage
Chapter 372: Birth Of The Mythical Bird
Chapter 373: A Glorious Ascent
Chapter 374: Jiuzhou In Disbelief
Chapter 375: Not Long To Live
Chapter 376: Ju Jia’S True Power
Chapter 377: Ju Jia Ascends
Chapter 378: Wonder Woman Hua Ci
Chapter 379: Who Says Medicine Cultivators Cannot Kill?
Chapter 380: Hua Ci Arrives
Chapter 381: You Toxic Woman
Chapter 382: Hua Ci’S Soup
Chapter 383: Heaven Eight And Glyph: Void
Chapter 384: Teleportation Ward
Chapter 385: Breaking Out
Chapter 386: Terrible Humiliation
Chapter 387: I’M Not Here To Hide
Chapter 388: Where Is He?
Chapter 389: Climbing The Scroll Of Supremacy
Chapter 390: I Thought This Was A One-Versus-One!
Chapter 391: Full Speed Ahead
Chapter 392: So Big
Chapter 393: You Have One Hour
Chapter 394: Ultimatum
Chapter 395: Heavens Damned Bully
Chapter 396: Soar
Chapter 397: It’S All His Fault
Chapter 398: A Bit Disappointing
Chapter 399: Are You Lu Yi Ye Meh
Chapter 400: Gui Yingzi
Chapter 401: The Bastard Did It
Chapter 402: Feeling A Little Tilted
Chapter 403: Female Archer Cultivator
Chapter 404: Shi Guang
Chapter 405: Champion
Chapter 406: Flash
Chapter 407: Come On!
Chapter 408: The Purple Cloud Comes From The South
Chapter 409: Who Do You Think I Look Like?
Chapter 410: The Three Banes Of Spirit Creek
Chapter 411: Third Senior Brother’S Insight Into Blade Techniques
Chapter 412: Armor Golem
Chapter 413: Surround
Chapter 414: Breaking Out
Chapter 415: I’M Coming To Get You
Chapter 416: History Repeats Itself
Chapter 417: Blade Communion
Chapter 418: Lan Zi Yi
Chapter 419: What To Do
Chapter 420: Spirit Dress
Chapter 421: Combo
Chapter 422: The Last Spiritual Point
Chapter 424: Lu Yi Ye Is Here
Chapter 425: Single Handedly Destroying An Outpost
Chapter 426: Jiu Zhou In Shock
Chapter 427: Purple Gold Clan
Chapter 428: Insatiable Greed
Chapter 429: Battle Between Tyrants
Chapter 430: Did You Just Talk Back To Me?
Chapter 431: You Are In No Position To Negotiate
Chapter 432: Triumphant Return
Chapter 433: The Path We Walked
Chapter 434: Visiting The Dragon Spring Once More
Chapter 435: You Should Reconsider
Chapter 436: The Truth Of The World
Chapter 437: Upgrading Spirit Artifacts
Chapter 438: Ascending To The Cloud River Realm, The Gift Of Providence
Chapter 439: Special Privilege?
Chapter 440: A Tattoo Of Void
Chapter 441: The Price Went Up
Chapter 442: Hua Ci The Poison Doctor
Chapter 443: Cloud River Battlefield
Chapter 444: Tetrachromatic Cloud
Chapter 445: Claiming Amulets
Chapter 446: Purple Amulet
Chapter 447: Champion-Class Spirit Beast
Chapter 448: Good Luck
Chapter 449: Please Take Me In
Chapter 450: A Client’S Waiting For You
Chapter 451: Amulet Auction
Chapter 452: Luck
Chapter 453: Second Order Cloud River Realm
Chapter 454: Infiltration
Chapter 455: Ambush
Chapter 456: Special Treatment
Chapter 457: This Is My Sister
Chapter 458: The Young Master Of The Myriad Beasts Sect
Chapter 459: I’M Just Lucky
Chapter 460: Bilandia
Chapter 461: Intel
Chapter 462: I Know A Little About Wards
Chapter 463: Run
Chapter 464: Not Fair, Heavens! Not Fair!
Chapter 465: Beast Pact Art
Chapter 466: Life Energy Art
Chapter 467: The Spirit Beasts Attacks
Chapter 468: Holding On
Chapter 469: Cruel War
Chapter 470: The Truth Of The “Rabies”
Chapter 471: My Name Is Pang Dahai
Chapter 472: The Black Tortoise Sect
Chapter 473: Something’S Not Right
Chapter 474: Niu Meng
Chapter 475: Desperate Measures
Chapter 476: The True Nucleus Of Life
Chapter 477: You Should’Ve Said It Sooner
Chapter 478: We’Re Not Meant For Each Other
Chapter 479: Thirty Thousand Battle Points
Chapter 480: Returning To Bilandia
Chapter 481: Your Destiny Is Off The Charts, Fellow Cultivator
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Alternative Titles:

The Great Sage of Humanity, 人道大圣

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The weak scream till hoarse without anyone who cares.

The strong soft whisper with words deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

A burning skill tree, each leaf carrying a different spirit pattern. With his sect destroyed, Lu Ye, who was reduced to a mining s*ave, became a cultivator. He soon started to stir up the land of Kyushu.

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Chapter 1: Mining Slave

Humanity’s Great Sage: Chapter 1: Mining Slave

Translator: Asuka

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys

Lu Ye carried a mining basket on his back and a mining pick in his hand as he walked forward, step by step, inside a dark and damp mining tunnel. The youth had a sorrowful expression on his face, and his eyes were fixed on the empty space in front of him as though he was staring intently at something.

To an outsider, there was nothing in front of him. But in reality, the youth could see a translucent shadow in his vision. It looked like the shadow of a tree that was grey and indistinct. He could not get a clear glimpse of it. Nevertheless, he could see that it had lush foliage. The tree branches split off from the tree trunk approximately one-third of the way along its length, splitting to the left and the right. They were supporting a semi-circular canopy.

It had been more than a year since he arrived in this world called Jiu Zhou, but he had yet to figure out what that was. All he knew was that if he concentrated hard enough, there was a chance for that Shadowy Tree to appear in his vision. However, nobody else seemed to notice it.

“What a depressing life,” He sighed.

He had suddenly woken up and found himself in this unfamiliar world one year ago. Unfortunately, the Sect he was staying with had been seized by a gang of thieves before he could familiarize himself with the environment of this world. Many people had been killed during the attack, and he became a prisoner of that gang of thieves along with some other young men and women. They were then sent to this mine to become lowly mining slaves.

It wasn’t until much later that he learned from the scattered conversations around him that the Sect he had previously been staying with was known as Mystical Sky Sect. It was a Sect that belonged to the Grand Sky Coalition. Although that Sect had an awesome and tyrannical name, it was very small in reality.

On the other hand, the Sect that attacked Mystical Sky Sect was known as Evil Moon Valley, a Sect under the control of Thousand Demon Ridge.

Grand Sky Coalition and Thousand Demon Ridge were the two major factions in this world. They were both formed by the union of countless large and small forces that constantly fought against each other with the intention to wipe out the other party. It was said that their battle had been ongoing for several hundred years. In Lu Ye’s opinion, the struggle between the two forces was simply a confrontation between the lawful faction and the evil faction. It was also nothing more than an accident that he got dragged into the confrontation.

The lands of Jiu Zhou had been ravaged by countless wars over the years. Every year, small forces like Mystical Sky Sect would be wiped out completely, but more forces would soon spring forth like bamboo shoots after rain. These forces would occupy various places and make the situation even more chaotic.

[Oh well… If I am a mining slave, then so be it…] Lu Ye comforted himself. [Compared to those who were killed, at least I am still alive.] It wasn’t that he had any special skills or anything that allowed him to survive. It was just that Evil Moon Valley needed people to carry out their miscellaneous chores, and a young person with no cultivation like him was undoubtedly the best choice for that task. In fact, the mining slaves at this mine did not just consist of the members of Mystical Sky Sect but also the disciples of various small Clans and Sects.

Evil Moon Valley was not weak. It had captured many territories over the years, and the original forces in those territories had been wiped out completely. Among those who were defeated, those that were deemed useful had been sent to various places as slaves. None of these people had anything special about them. None of them had been Enlightened nor started cultivating, so they were very easy to control.

There was a saying in Jiu Zhou that went ‘Demons who were not Enlightened had difficulty taking Human form, and Humans who were not Enlightened had difficulty cultivating’. To begin cultivating, one needed to unlock their Spiritual Points. In other words, only those who managed to unlock their Spiritual Points had the qualifications to begin cultivating.

Enlightenment was not an easy thing to achieve. Only 1 out of 100 people could unlock their Spiritual Points after undergoing systematic training. That probability might increase somewhat if they came from a cultivation Clan or Sect and received guidance from their Elders. 𝒏𝑜𝔳𝓮𝔩𝐧𝗲xt.𝑪𝑶𝑀

Since Lu Ye could not unlock his Spiritual Points, he could only earn a living by mining in this dim mining tunnel. Fortunately, it wasn’t as if mining slaves had no way out of their predicament. If they could successfully achieve Enlightenment and report their achievement to the person in charge, they would receive the opportunity to take an assessment. If they passed the assessment, they could become a disciple of Evil Moon Valley.

It was just that very few among the mining slaves could achieve Enlightenment. How could they achieve Enlightenment when they worked all day long in this dim environment and couldn’t even get enough food to eat? That was why almost 99% of the mining slaves were resigned to their fate. They worked themselves to the bone every single day just to get a full meal to eat.

Lu Ye did not have any sense of belonging towards Mystical Sky Sect. After all, he had only just arrived in this world when Mystical Sky Sect was destroyed. He didn’t even know any of the people in the Sect. Be that as it may, he did not want to become a disciple of Evil Moon Valley either. It was not part of the lawful force. Just listening to the name gave him an evil vibe. It was bound to be destroyed, sooner or later.

Even so, he could not spend his entire life as a mining slave in this place. What kind of life would that be? He was one of the elites of the modern era. If he had no dreams or ambitions, how would he be any different from a piece of salted fish? That was why he had been working hard to achieve Enlightenment over the past year. At first, he thought that the Shadowy Tree only he could see would give him some kind of magical help. Unfortunately, the Shadowy Tree remained nothing more than a shadow. Forget about helping him out, it even affected his vision occasionally. He strongly suspected that there was something wrong with his eyes.

Turning a corner, he saw a faint light in the distance. It was one of the exits of the mining tunnel. He had a good harvest today. If he turned in the ore in his mining basket, he could probably get 3 Contribution Points. Combined with the Contribution Points he accumulated over the past few days, he had around 12 points in total. 2 points would be used to exchange for 2 steamed buns, and the remaining 10 points would be just enough for him to redeem 1 Qi Blood Pill.

The Qi Blood Pill was a very Low-Grade Spirit Pill. It was not something that could aid in achieving Enlightenment, but an abundance of Qi and blood were required to achieve Enlightenment. Although the Qi Blood Pill was very Low-Grade, it was extremely suitable for people like him who had yet to achieve Enlightenment.

The reason why Evil Moon Valley was willing to hand out the Qi Blood Pill was not out of kindness. It was because they were well-versed in the art of manipulating a person’s heart. Despite being the cheapest and lower-grade Spirit Pill, it could make hopeful people work even harder at mining. Lu Ye was a prime example… He worked very hard every single day.

Above 100 metres away from the entrance of the mining tunnel, he inadvertently glanced at a certain spot in the front left corner. There was a huge boulder in that spot. He kept walking and continued walking until he was about 35 metres away. Only then did he put down the mining basket on his back, tighten his grip on his mining pick, take out a medium-sized rock from his mining basket, and weighed it in his hands.

In the next moment, he suddenly ran toward the boulder, slid sideways as he approached the boulder, and kicked out at the rock wall of the mining tunnel. Then, he swooped down from above toward the back of the boulder with the help of the rebounding force from his kick. His movements were as agile as a cheetah.

Two figures were half-squatting behind the boulder, concealing themselves with the help of the boulder. They did not expect anybody to notice their presence. Hence, it was too late for them to stand up by the time they heard a sound and looked up to see Lu Ye.

Under the horrified gazes of those two, Lu Ye raised his hand and threw the ore in his hand at them. It hit one of them directly on the nose. That person screamed in pain and fell on his back to the ground. Blood flowed freely from his face. Meanwhile, Lu Ye attacked again with the mining pick in his other hand. Before his attack landed on the second person, that person reacted swiftly and turned his head to avoid the attack. However, Lu Ye had already rushed over and followed up his attack with a kick to that person’s lower abdomen. An expression of pain flashed across that person’s face as he staggered backwards from the kick and slumped to the ground, throwing up bile.

Lu Ye strode forward and grabbed the other party by the hair. When he saw the other party’s face clearly, he sneered. “I was wondering who it was. It turned out to be you two brothers!”

He knew these two. They were the disciples of the Liu Family Clan. After the territory of the Liu Family Clan was seized by Evil Moon Valley, a few of the younger disciples of the Liu Family had been sent here to become mining slaves. Strictly speaking, Lu Ye and the two brothers from the Liu Family Clan were in the same boat.

“Didn’t I warn you never to let me see you again!? I told you I’d kill you the next time I saw you!” While speaking, Lu Ye picked up a rock from the ground and viciously brought it smashing down. That blow was very heavy, and Second Brother Liu let out a groan before collapsing to the ground unconscious. After that, Lu Ye walked toward Big Brother Liu, who had been injured by him previously.

Big Brother Liu’s forehead was badly injured and the blood from his injury blurred his vision. When he saw Lu Ye walking toward him through his blurry vision, he was so frightened that he scrambled away in a half-crawl. “Have mercy! We didn’t know it was you! We thought it was someone else… Have mercy!”

The two brothers from the Liu Family Clan had been sneaking around in front of the exit of the mining tunnel. It was clear that they had been up to no good. These two had been pampered and coddled all their lives prior to their capture by Evil Moon Valley. They refused to endure the hardships even after becoming mining slaves. Unfortunately, the status of mining slaves was extremely low. The people of Evil Moon Valley didn’t even consider mining slaves to be Human. There was no way to obtain food without the ores to exchange for Contribution Points. For that reason, these two brothers often hid in one of the mining tunnel’s many exits to rob the mining slaves who were alone. Many people had suffered at their hands as a result. Not only would they be robbed of their hard-earn ores of the day, but they would also be beaten half to death.

These two had tried to rob Lu Ye not too long ago, but they were no match for him and were taught a harsh lesson instead. Lu Ye never imagined that he would encounter the two brothers again only a few days later.

All kinds of people existed in the mines. There were people like the two brothers of the Liu Family Clan among the mining slaves who were gluttonous and lazy, and then, there were also people like Lu Ye who had dreams and ambitions.

Over the past year, Lu Ye had been using the Contribution Points he earned from exchanging ores to redeem Qi Blood Pills, in addition to ensuring his daily food and clothing necessities. He had probably consumed more than 30 Qi Blood Pill by now. This had caused his body to be stronger than most mining slaves. Although his physique could not be said to be muscular, the power inherent in his body has already surpassed most ordinary people. Dealing with two gluttonous and lazy mining slaves was naturally not a problem for him.

Big Brother Liu was still begging for mercy, but Lu Ye simply pretended not to hear anything. Grabbing Big Brother Liu by the hair, he lifted another rock in his hand and viciously brought it smashing down again. After spending a whole year as a mining slave, he had witnessed countless tragedies. He had long since understood one truth in this world: pity and sympathy were useless in this dog-eat-dog world.

It wasn’t as though the mining slaves were cordial among themselves. Mining slaves that came from various forces could never truly live together in harmony. Thus, they often came to blows over a good piece of ore. People died in the mining tunnels every single day. One could see piles of bones scattered across the ground at varying intervals. That was because many mining slaves starved to death after being robbed.

Big Brother Liu fell to the ground.

Lu Ye picked up his mining pick and his mining basket, then he strode toward the exit. He had not killed the brothers from the Liu Family Clan. It wasn’t out of kindness. It was simply because injured mining slaves generally could not survive for long in this place. He had only taken a few steps forward when a person rushed in through the exit in a panic.

“Get out of the way!” that person shouted. At the same time, a palm struck toward Lu Ye.

At that moment, Lu Ye felt his entire body going cold. He had caught a glimpse of a pale blue light flowing through the other party’s palm. That was the light of Spiritual Power. In other words, the person attacking him was a cultivator!

Only those who achieved Enlightenment were qualified to begin cultivating and be known as a cultivator. A cultivator’s Spiritual Power was an extremely mysterious power. Lu Ye had seen one of Evil Moon Valley’s cultivators launching an attack before. Although the power behind that attack had not been much, that man had smashed a piece of ore with just a light hit of his palm. It was precisely because Lu Ye had witnessed that strange sight that he made up his mind to unlock his Spiritual Points and become a cultivator. He also secretly assessed that the weakest cultivator of Evil Moon Valley could easily take down 10 of him.

Therefore, he understood that he was in great danger the moment he realized that the person attacking him was a cultivator. At that critical moment of life and death, he forcefully stopped in his tracks and leapt backward abruptly. A numbness spread out from his chest and the sound of bones breaking rang out. He was sent flying and collapsed to the ground with a groan. The severe pain made his head clear up significantly. When he realized he was still alive, he immediately stood back up.

“Huh!?” The cultivator who attacked seemed a little surprised. Although he had not used his full strength just now, a normal mining slave should not have been able to withstand that attack even though it was just a casual swipe. Borrowing the dim light, he saw the face of the mining slave and blurted out, “Lu Ye?”

At this moment, Lu Ye had turned around and was prepared to run away. Upon hearing the voice coming from behind him, he froze in shock. “Manager Yang?”

This cultivator surnamed ‘Yang’ was a lower manager at the mine. Lu Ye would often deal with him because the redemption of the Qi Blood Pills was done through him. Therefore, they could be considered rather familiar with each other. Manager Yang had quite a favourable opinion of Lu Ye. Mining slaves like Lu Ye who could bear such hardships yet still work so hard were very rare after all. Nevertheless, there was no special treatment regardless of his positive impression of Lu Ye. As long as Lu Ye did not achieve Enlightenment, there would always be an insurmountable gap between ordinary people like him and the cultivators.

After recognizing that it was Lu Ye, Manager Yang immediately understood why the other party had not died from his attack. Lu Ye had redeemed many Qi Blood Pills from him over a year. Therefore, Lu Ye’s physique was stronger than an ordinary mining slave. Combined with the fact that his attack just now had only been a casual blow with no intention to kill, it was not surprising that the other party managed to survive.

Opposite Manager Yang, Lu Ye felt his heart pounding wildly like a drum in his chest. Cultivators of Evil Moon Valley generally did not care about the life and death of the mining slaves. Besides, they were aware of the constant fights between the mining slaves in the mine and generally turned a blind eye to them unless it happened right in front of them.

Right after he assaulted the two brothers of the Liu Family Clan and left them lying unconscious on the ground, he had turned around only to receive an attack from Manager Yang. In his opinion, it seemed as though Manager Yang was disciplining him. However, he soon noticed that something was not quite right. Manager Yang had looked panicked when he rushed into the mine. He didn’t look like he was trying to help the two brothers of the Liu Family Clan.

While Lu Ye was lost in his thoughts, Manager Yang revealed an expression of pleasant surprise. It was almost as though his encounter with Lu Ye in this place was a good thing. Leaning forward, he reached out and grabbed Lu Ye by the shoulder. “Come with me!”

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