Eternal Reverence by Jian You Tai Xu

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Golden Amule
Chapter 3: The Martial Library
Chapter 4: Talent Restored
Chapter 5: Live Combat Practice
Chapter 6: Martial Artist Accessories
Chapter 7: Yang Qi
Chapter 8: The Sensation
Chapter 9: Ambush
Chapter 10: Kill Or Be Killed
Chapter 11: Bone Frame
Chapter 12: Shen Tu Clan
Chapter 13: Tempering Pool
Chapter 14: Resolve
Chapter 15: Sixth Rank Red Jade Technique
Chapter 16: Scarlet Snow Pill
Chapter 17: Sixth Rank Mid Stage
Chapter 18: Li Shanhe
Chapter 19: The Touch Of Red Jade
Chapter 20: The Eve
Chapter 21: Genius Contest, Begins
Chapter 22: Enemy Of All
Chapter 23: Secret Message
Chapter 24: For The Larger Interes
Chapter 25: Li Clan’S Founder
Chapter 26: Left In Shock
Chapter 27: Demoted To Branch Family
Chapter 28: Bane Of Guan Clan
Chapter 29: The Struggle For First Place
Chapter 30: Seize The Win
Chapter 31: Rewards
Chapter 32: Onwards To The Cang Lan Sec
Chapter 33: Bone Frame Examination
Chapter 34: Qingyun Path
Chapter 35: 1St Grade Outer Sect Disciple
Chapter 36: Scarlet Fire Technique
Chapter 37: Prowess Showcase
Chapter 38: Body Tempering Pill
Chapter 39: Fishing Errand
Chapter 40: Grilling On The Palm
Chapter 41: Second Tier Treasure Fish
Chapter 42: Death By Red Jade
Chapter 43: Rules And Ability
Chapter 44: Crimson Battle Form
Chapter 45: Ore Mountain
Chapter 46: Splitting The Ore
Chapter 47: Huge Boost In Ability
Chapter 48: Beating Down Zhou Huailong
Chapter 49: Famous In The Outer Sec
Chapter 50: Green Soul Spiri
Chapter 51: Crushed
Chapter 52: Impervious To Sword And Spear
Chapter 53: Top Ten Prodigies
Chapter 54: The Fight On Water
Chapter 55: Nie Ming’S Defea
Chapter 56: Two Prodigies
Chapter 57: Tower Of Tribulations
Chapter 58: Fifteen Ticks
Chapter 59: Technique Achievement Reward
Chapter 60: Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique
Chapter 61: Qing Shaoyu
Chapter 62: The Outer Sect’S Four Beauties
Chapter 63: Red Copper Ore
Chapter 64: Iron Dipper Form Versus Crimson Battle Form
Chapter 65: Unnamed Figh
Chapter 66: An Angered Qing Shaoyu
Chapter 67: One Punch
Chapter 68: Yu Wen Tian
Chapter 69: The Hundred Beasts Fores
Chapter 70: One Against A Hundred
Chapter 71: Mutated Demonic Beas
Chapter 72: Cold As Ice
Chapter 73: Dominion Sword
Chapter 74: Fight For The Top
Chapter 75: Sunset Sword Style
Chapter 76: Outer Sect Top Disciple Part 1
Chapter 77: Outer Sect Top Disciple Part 2
Chapter 78: Tower Of Tribulations Rank 1
Chapter 79: 7 Ticks
Chapter 80: Origin, Origin
Chapter 81: Origin Returned Qi
Chapter 82: Shocking News
Chapter 83: Inner Sect Trials Part 1
Chapter 84: Inner Sect Trials Part 2
Chapter 85: Inner Sect Trials Part 3
Chapter 86: Light Body Technique, Wind Shadow Steps
Chapter 87: Meteor Fall
Chapter 88: Sect Mission
Chapter 89: Jiang Dahai
Chapter 90: Instant Kill
Chapter 91: Black Wind Bandit Band
Chapter 92: Slaughter
Chapter 93: Formidable Foe
Chapter 94: A Tough Foe To Kill
Chapter 95: Double Success
Chapter 96: Fight Between 3 Clans
Chapter 97: Easily Oppressed
Chapter 98: Defeating Guan Xue
Chapter 99: Sweeping Anyone Below Fifth Level
Chapter 100: The Battle Of The Tops
Chapter 101: Achievements
Chapter 102: Onwards To Shouxue Town
Chapter 103: Liao Hailong
Chapter 104: Rich And Dense Qi
Chapter 105: Beast Wave Eruption
Chapter 106: Melee
Chapter 107: Both Ladies In Shock
Chapter 108: Frigid Irony And Scorching Satire
Chapter 109: Heaven Dipper Realm Martial Artis
Chapter 110: Hand Over The Demon Core
Chapter 111: Dominance
Chapter 112: Deterrence Of The Strong
Chapter 113: The One Year Promise
Chapter 114: Hidden Blood Body Technique
Chapter 115: Hundred Clan Sword Style
Chapter 116: Sword Inten
Chapter 117: Feng Yun Stage
Chapter 118: Plenty Of Criticism
Chapter 119: Qi Burst Pill
Chapter 120: One Arm With One Slash
Chapter 121: Grand Elder Zhao Wujin
Chapter 122: Becoming Inner Sect Prodigy
Chapter 123: Speed Killing
Chapter 124: Zheng Clan
Chapter 125: Mystical Dragon Secret Technique
Chapter 126: Thousand Years Milk Stone
Chapter 127: I’M Going To Kill You
Chapter 128: Drenched With Swea
Chapter 129: The Horror Of A Secret Technique
Chapter 130: The Arrogant Ma Clan
Chapter 131: The Meaning Of Dominance
Chapter 132: Third Rank Of Mystical Dragon Secret Technique
Chapter 133: Mystical Dragon Qi
Chapter 134: So What If It Is The Shen Tu Clan
Chapter 135: Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain
Chapter 136: I Am Too Outstanding
Chapter 137: Soaring Cloud Sword Inten
Chapter 138: Sword Intent Again
Chapter 139: Secret Technique Versus Secret Technique
Chapter 140: Sword Demon
Chapter 141: Choosing Of Secret Technique
Chapter 142: Scarlet Fire Inten
Chapter 143: Onward To The Hidden Domain
Chapter 144: Prodigies From Each Sec
Chapter 145: Flourishing Tree In The Fores
Chapter 146: Ice Fire Flower
Chapter 147: Chen Shijie, Do You Need Help?
Chapter 148: Three Blades
Chapter 149: Earth Shattering Frui
Chapter 150: Encounter With Blood Sabre
Chapter 151: Astounding Ability
Chapter 152: 8Th Level Of Origin Realm
Chapter 153: Miserable Liu Wuhuang
Chapter 154: What Is Heaven Defying
Chapter 155: Sword Demon Li Fuchen
Chapter 156: Hanging By A Thread
Chapter 157: Repelled
Chapter 158: Core Of The Hidden Domain
Chapter 159: 1St Level Of Earth Realm
Chapter 160: Encounter Again
Chapter 161: Horrifying Qi Presence
Chapter 162: Seven Colour Glazed Grape
Chapter 163: Rage Of The Three Sects
Chapter 164: Sect Origin Swords
Chapter 165: Life Sword Energy
Chapter 166: 10 Million Contribution Points
Chapter 167: Sect Patriarch
Chapter 168: True Inferno Technique
Chapter 169: Returning Home
Chapter 170: The Patriarch Position
Chapter 171: Oppression
Chapter 172: This Is Qi Presence
Chapter 173: Killing Towards The Shen Tu Clan
Chapter 174: Shen Tu Lang, Dead
Chapter 175: Dismissing The City Lord
Chapter 176: Xiang Clan Seeking For Forgiveness
Chapter 177: Dominating The Sky Single Handedly
Chapter 178: The Sect Elder Visits
Chapter 179: Pale Blue Soul Spiri
Chapter 180: Extreme Perception
Chapter 181: Ten Sword Intents
Chapter 182: Divine Wind Faction
Chapter 183: Jiang Nuohai
Chapter 184: Devil’S Hand Guild
Chapter 185: Emotionless Sword
Chapter 186: Elder Scorpion
Chapter 187: Hunting The Rankers
Chapter 188: Crisis
Chapter 189: The Great Escape
Chapter 190: Hanging By A Thread, Counterattack
Chapter 191: Patrol Elder
Chapter 192: The Strength Of Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 193: Second Floor Of The Direct Inheritance Tower
Chapter 194: Devil Break Arrow
Chapter 195: A Rain Of Prodigies
Chapter 196: Rose Merchant Guild
Chapter 197: Weapon Shard
Chapter 198: Earth Class Weapon Shard
Chapter 199: Leaves Burrow
Chapter 200: Li Wuxue
Chapter 201: Wanted Situation
Chapter 202: Silver Cloth Sect And Carefree Sec
Chapter 203: An Incomplete Map
Chapter 204: The Inevitable Clash
Chapter 205: Li Fuchen?
Chapter 206: I Shall Kill Whoever Makes Another Move
Chapter 207: The Land Of Fog
Chapter 208: The Chaotic Battle At The Entrance Of The Tomb
Chapter 209: Defense Inten
Chapter 210: Star Stone And Life Fountain Technique
Chapter 211: Blood Battle
Chapter 212: Desperate
Chapter 213: Inheritance
Chapter 214: Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter
Chapter 215: Demon Spiri
Chapter 216: Breakthrough
Chapter 217: Third Level Of Earth Shattering Realm
Chapter 218: Tomb Master?
Chapter 219: Choosing A Host Body
Chapter 220: Reformation Of The Consciousness
Chapter 221: A Formidable Consciousness
Chapter 222: Sword Pattern
Chapter 223: Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch
Chapter 224: Black Iron Sword Essence
Chapter 225: Azure Water Sect’S Response
Chapter 226: First Stage Of The Star Road
Chapter 227: Surpassing Han Feng
Chapter 228: Monument Of Names
Chapter 229: Potential Of A King’S Class
Chapter 230: Xiahou Shi
Chapter 231: Star Road Anomaly
Chapter 232: Reincarnation War
Chapter 233: Ranking Number 1
Chapter 234: Unprecedented In History
Chapter 235: The Strongest Anomaly On The Star Road
Chapter 236: Autumn Rain Tea Party
Chapter 237: Xiao Bai Making A Move
Chapter 238: Boasting Shamelessly?
Chapter 239: Face Slapping
Chapter 240: Do You Have Anything Else To Say
Chapter 241: Divine Whip Devil Lady
Chapter 242: Blaze Devil Sword Ar
Chapter 243: Integrity And Honor
Chapter 244: One Against Two
Chapter 245: Xiang Lei
Chapter 246: Mystic Martial Hidden Domain
Chapter 247: Sword Tiger
Chapter 248: Creating A Kill Move
Chapter 249: A Battle Between Sects
Chapter 250: Sword Maniac
Chapter 251: Wolf Sword Kill
Chapter 252: Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye
Chapter 253: Recognized
Chapter 254: Opening Of The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain
Chapter 255: Restoring The Original Looks
Chapter 256: One Step Faster
Chapter 257: Dragon Class Burst Strength
Chapter 258: The Preeminent Man Opened His Eyes
Chapter 259: The Unyielding Heaven Fiend Sec
Chapter 260: The Great Terror Of Life And Death
Chapter 261: Heaven Defying Willpower
Chapter 262: Door Of Earth
Chapter 263: Personal Disciple
Chapter 264: The First Mountain
Chapter 265: Earth Class Sword Move
Chapter 266: Second Kill Move
Chapter 267: Challenge
Chapter 268: Third Kill Move
Chapter 269: Blaze Devil Sword Inten
Chapter 270: Gathering Of Experts
Chapter 271: Return Back To Sect With An Uproar
Chapter 272: Attempting The Tower Of Inheritance Again
Chapter 273: Star Stone Reward
Chapter 274: The Selection Tournament Begins
Chapter 275: Transformation Of The Mental State
Chapter 276: Consecutive Victories With Ease
Chapter 277: Dark Horse Or King
Chapter 278: Fight Against Sword Maniac
Chapter 279: No.1 Direct Disciple
Chapter 280: 7Th Level Of Earth Shattering Realm
Chapter 281: Bronze Sword Pattern
Chapter 282: Pure Yang Dipper Qi
Chapter 283: Mt. Star Fate
Chapter 284: Two Young Masters
Chapter 285: Immovable King Star
Chapter 286: Cultivation Difference
Chapter 287: Top Ten Sects
Chapter 288: Imperious Aura
Chapter 289: Ascending The Mountain
Chapter 290: Display Of Abilities
Chapter 291: Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar
Chapter 292: Contest For The Stone Pillars
Chapter 293: Heaven Dipper Great Array
Chapter 294: Heaven Dipper Battle Qi
Chapter 295: Four Reserves For Elite Prodigies
Chapter 296: Battling Xiahou Shi
Chapter 297: Battle Of Elites
Chapter 298: A Single Palm
Chapter 299: Battling Murong Di
Chapter 300: Fought And Won
Chapter 301: Fierce And Forceful
Chapter 302: Battle With Another Young Master
Chapter 303: Hidden Blood Body Technique Inten
Chapter 304
Chapter 305
Chapter 306
Chapter 307
Chapter 308
Chapter 309
Chapter 310
Chapter 311
Chapter 312
Chapter 313
Chapter 314
Chapter 315
Chapter 316
Chapter 317
Chapter 318
Chapter 319
Chapter 320
Chapter 321
Chapter 322
Chapter 323
Chapter 324
Chapter 325
Chapter 326
Chapter 327
Chapter 328
Chapter 329
Chapter 330
Chapter 331
Chapter 332
Chapter 333
Chapter 334
Chapter 335
Chapter 336
Chapter 337
Chapter 338
Chapter 339
Chapter 340
Chapter 341
Chapter 342
Chapter 343
Chapter 344
Chapter 345
Chapter 346
Chapter 347
Chapter 348
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Chapter 351
Chapter 352
Chapter 353
Chapter 354
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Chapter 356
Chapter 357
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Chapter 359
Chapter 360
Chapter 361
Chapter 362
Chapter 363
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Chapter 366
Chapter 367
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Chapter 384
Chapter 385
Chapter 386
Chapter 387
Chapter 388
Chapter 389
Chapter 390
Chapter 391
Chapter 392
Chapter 393
Chapter 394
Chapter 395
Chapter 396
Chapter 397: True Chi Fire Elixir
Chapter 398: Blazing Fire Power
Chapter 399: Black Mountain Old Devil
Chapter 400: Suppressing The Black Mountain Old Devil With Strength
Chapter 401: Slain
Chapter 402: Progression To Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 403: Shocking Su Hao
Chapter 404: Inner Institute
Chapter 405: Tiger Soul Fis
Chapter 406: Class 9
Chapter 407: Two Great Qi Spirits
Chapter 408: Repelling Shao Kang
Chapter 409: Power Rankings No.5 Zhao Han
Chapter 410: Violet Star Mountains
Chapter 411: Disguise Array
Chapter 412: Surmounting The Difficulty
Chapter 413: Wild Lion Power Rankings
Chapter 414: Raging Flame Heart Elixir
Chapter 415: 2Nd Level Of Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 416: Scarlet Fire Fis
Chapter 417: Simultaneous Breakthroughs
Chapter 418: Preparations Before The Return
Chapter 419: Returning
Chapter 420: Ouyang Wentian’S Astonishmen
Chapter 421: Visiting Wind Snow Sec
Chapter 422: Important Information
Chapter 423: Charging Into Thunder God Sec
Chapter 424: The Might Of Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 425: Thunder God Sect Yielding
Chapter 426: Array Board
Chapter 427: Wind Blade Array Pagoda
Chapter 428: Shocking The Continen
Chapter 429: Teaching The Horn Devil King A Lesson
Chapter 430: Consecutive Warnings
Chapter 431: One Against Four
Chapter 432: Weapon Spiri
Chapter 433: Communication With The Sword Spiri
Chapter 434: Alliance Conference
Chapter 435: Battle Spirit Tyrant Body
Chapter 436: Burst In Personal Wealth
Chapter 437: Blazing Flame Divine Ability
Chapter 438: Evil King’S Challenge
Chapter 439: Devil Thunder Bone Frame
Chapter 440: Devil Thunder Divine Ability
Chapter 441: Divine Abilities Showdown
Chapter 442: A Great Change In Circumstances
Chapter 443: Dragon Fire Bomb
Chapter 444: High Heaven Sword Inten
Chapter 445: Yan Qingwu
Chapter 446: Bai Gula
Chapter 447: Class 6 Megalodon
Chapter 448: Ten Million Spirit Stones
Chapter 449: Demon Reinforcements
Chapter 450: Overwhelming Martial Strength
Chapter 451: Change Of History
Chapter 452: Changes In The Martial Institution
Chapter 453: Suppression With Ease
Chapter 454: Yan Qingwu’S Departure
Chapter 455: Half
Chapter 456: Liu Jun
Chapter 457: Starlight Divine Ability
Chapter 458: Gu Heng
Chapter 459: Darkness Sky Canopy
Chapter 460: Tournament Brought Forward
Chapter 461: One Sword
Chapter 462: Seeded Contestan
Chapter 463: High Heaven Martial Institution
Chapter 464: Various Kinds Of Bone Frames
Chapter 465: 7-Star Icy Cold Bone Frame
Chapter 466: Going On Stage
Chapter 467: Top 10 Divine Abilities
Chapter 468: Ardent Sun Divine Technique Inten
Chapter 469: Ling Yijian’S Sword Dao Divine Ability
Chapter 470: Ice And Flame
Chapter 471: Ranking
Chapter 472: Murong Tianxing
Chapter 473: Perception Tes
Chapter 474: Full Points
Chapter 475: Monarch-Class Disciple
Chapter 476: Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique
Chapter 477: Progress At Incredible Speed
Chapter 478: 6-Star Bone Frame
Chapter 479: Betting 20 Million
Chapter 480: Divine Ability Anomaly
Chapter 481: Pale Purple Spirit Soul
Chapter 482: Demon Ring Continen
Chapter 483: Demon Disaster
Chapter 484: Ancient Demon Tree
Chapter 485: Overwhelming Combat Strength
Chapter 486: Vicious Dragon Fis
Chapter 487: Completion Stage Of Vicious Dragon Fis
Chapter 488: Dragon Pool
Chapter 489: Return Visit To Demon Ring
Chapter 490: Vicious Dragon Fist Inten
Chapter 491: No.1 Demon General
Chapter 492: Nine Calamity Divine Fis
Chapter 493: East Unicorn’S Change
Chapter 494: Mortal Calamity
Chapter 495: Eruption Of A Great War
Chapter 496: Reaching The Top
Chapter 497: One-Clawed Flood Serpen
Chapter 498: Unequaled Demon Generals
Chapter 499: Completion Stage Of Mortal Calamity
Chapter 500: Second Half Of Mortal Calamity
Chapter 501: Class 8 Array
Chapter 502: Spirit Refinement Array
Chapter 503: Black Flood Dragon’S Demonic Spiri
Chapter 504: Birth Of True Spiri
Chapter 505: Red Flood Dragon King
Chapter 506: Safe Return
Chapter 507: White Scale Continen
Chapter 508: Supreme Commander
Chapter 509: Sent Flying With A Single Fis
Chapter 510: Thirteen Mountain Ranges
Chapter 511: Nine Dragons Claw
Chapter 512: Conquering The Lookout Corner
Chapter 513: Emperor-Class Disciple
Chapter 514: Greenwood Undying Vines
Chapter 515: Revolution
Chapter 516: Breaking The Formation With A Single Strike
Chapter 517: Fighting Two Great Battle Formations
Chapter 518: Emperor-Class Disciple, Xun Tianyi
Chapter 519: Sword Skills Contes
Chapter 520: 6-Star Secret Technique
Chapter 521: Completion Rank Of Thousand Illusion Eyes
Chapter 522: Defeating Peng Le Again
Chapter 523: Continent Willpower
Chapter 524: Sword Intent, Sword Array
Chapter 525: Progression To Battle Spiri
Chapter 526: Master Levels
Chapter 527: Elite Master
Chapter 528: Flame Snake
Chapter 529: Team Of Pinnacle Masters
Chapter 530: As Easy As Blowing Dust Off
Chapter 531: 100,000-Year Flame Iron
Chapter 532: Thirty And Independen
Chapter 533: Six Peak-Tier Sword Arts
Chapter 534: Be
Chapter 535: Great Battle With Fire Feather Wolf
Chapter 536: Extinguishing The Demonic Spiri
Chapter 537: No.1 Under The Great Masters
Chapter 538: Battle With Huo Tiancheng
Chapter 539: Avian Thorn
Chapter 540: Fire Demon
Chapter 541: Blaze Star Herb
Chapter 542: Emperor Sky Continen
Chapter 543: Purple Mist Mountain
Chapter 544: Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique Inten
Chapter 545: Bai Qiuming
Chapter 546: The Impact Of Sword Patterns
Chapter 547: Flowing Merciless Edge
Chapter 548: South Mountain City
Chapter 549: Heaven Stone
Chapter 550: Qi Junjun
Chapter 551: Spirit Soul Force
Chapter 552: Dongguo Shaonan
Chapter 553: Subpar Grade Heaven Stone
Chapter 554: Low Grade Heaven Stone
Chapter 555: Ideas
Chapter 556: Three Heaven Class Sword Moves
Chapter 557: Dongguo Junyan
Chapter 558: Black Horn Pavilion
Chapter 559: First Battle With A Monarch
Chapter 560: Fending Off The Earth Fire Monarch
Chapter 561: Mid-Grade Heaven Stone
Chapter 562: Red Lotus Sword
Chapter 563: Wind Thunder Wings
Chapter 564: Heaven Rainbow Sword
Chapter 565: End Of Auction
Chapter 566: Youth Gathering
Chapter 567: Tao Hai
Chapter 568: County Young Lord
Chapter 569: Fighting Lin Hu
Chapter 570: Chu Wu
Chapter 571: Latent Shadow Abyss
Chapter 572: Chu Wu’S Strength
Chapter 573: Berserk Corpse King
Chapter 574: Scattered
Chapter 575: Li Fuchen’S Strength
Chapter 576: Valley
Chapter 577: Peak-Grade Spirit Stone
Chapter 578: Lei Donghai’S Breakthrough
Chapter 579: Shadow Corpse
Chapter 580: Restrain
Chapter 581: Cloud Emperor
Chapter 582: Red Rainbow Sect’S Disaster
Chapter 583: Wanted
Chapter 584: Living In Seclusion
Chapter 585: Absolute Heaven Sword Ar
Chapter 586: Beheaded
Chapter 587: 9Th Level Of Battle Spirit Realm
Chapter 588: Departure?
Chapter 589: Blue Star Monarch
Chapter 590: Fire Calamity, Sword Calamity
Chapter 591: Formidable Combat Strength
Chapter 592: Clan Of Darkness
Chapter 593: Dragon Divine Claw
Chapter 594: Yuan Long Has Been Captured
Chapter 595: Infiltration
Chapter 596: Blood Sift Union
Chapter 597: Shangguan Yu
Chapter 598: Incantation Mark
Chapter 599: The Great Pursui
Chapter 600: Incantation Martial Emperor
Chapter 601: Skull Blood Curse
Chapter 602: Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique
Chapter 603: Incantation Enemy
Chapter 604: Meeting Evil King Again
Chapter 605: Wind Thunder Abyss
Chapter 606: Contribution Of The Five Thunders Incantation
Chapter 607: Monochrome Parasol Lady
Chapter 608: Thunder Heart Lake
Chapter 609: Should Not Be Offended
Chapter 610: Combat Emperor
Chapter 611: Heaven Wind Incantation
Chapter 612: 2Nd Level Of Primary Sea Realm
Chapter 613: Accumulation
Chapter 614: Repelling Ghost Dragon
Chapter 615: Black Emperor Guild
Chapter 616: Martial Contes
Chapter 617: Emperor Shocked
Chapter 618: Imperial Flower Pavilion
Chapter 619: Spiritual Awareness Imprin
Chapter 620: Reverie Island
Chapter 621: Goat Of Ashes
Chapter 622: Saint Garden
Chapter 623: Man-Eating Plants
Chapter 624: Spirit Soul Evolving Again Part 1
Chapter 625: Spirit Soul Evolving Again Part 2
Chapter 626: Sword Intent’S Prowess
Chapter 627: Devour King Bee, Soul Herb
Chapter 628: Instant Shif
Chapter 629: Trade Fair
Chapter 630: Offending Wang Yuan
Chapter 631: Wang Halberd Battle Formation
Chapter 632: Overwhelming
Chapter 633: Hand Of God
Chapter 634: Purple Sunset Martial Emperor
Chapter 635: Assassins And Emperor
Chapter 636: Blood Toad Mountain
Chapter 637: Clairvoyance
Chapter 638: Hand Of Force
Chapter 639: Fierce Tiger Ruler
Chapter 640: Bone Emperor
Chapter 641: Successful Rescue
Chapter 642: Young Master Six Desires
Chapter 643: Smacked To Death
Chapter 644: Battle Of Emperors
Chapter 645: Saint Monument Hidden Domain
Chapter 646: Candidate
Chapter 647: Gathering Of Great Emperors
Chapter 648: Saint Monument Shard
Chapter 649: Unrivaled Part 1
Chapter 650: Unrivaled Part 2
Chapter 651: Commotion
Chapter 652: Saint Monumen
Chapter 653: Dao Heart, Sword Hear
Chapter 654: The Power Of Sword Hear
Chapter 655: Old Friends
Chapter 656: Strength And Status
Chapter 657: Law Phase Realm’S Combat Strength
Chapter 658: Sword Shif
Chapter 659: Anger Ax Martial Emperor
Chapter 660: Anger Ax Law Phase
Chapter 661: Yan Qingwu
Chapter 662: Blue Sun Emperor
Chapter 663: Reincarnation
Chapter 664: Ax Spiri
Chapter 665: Soul Slave
Chapter 666: Demonic Beast Quasi-Overlord
Chapter 667: Gasi Devil Snake
Chapter 668: Ancient Star City
Chapter 669: Demonic Beast Race’S Second Generation Ancestor
Chapter 670: Blood Demonic Great Ruler
Chapter 671: City Destruction By A Demonic Beast Overlord
Chapter 672: Four Way Continen
Chapter 673: Thunder Cloud Cul
Chapter 674: Invite The Thunder Beas
Chapter 675: Seek Dao
Chapter 676: Saint Spiri
Chapter 677: Sky Snake Temple
Chapter 678: Golden Dragon Battle Formation
Chapter 679: Special-Grade Soul Herb
Chapter 680: Soul Valley Owner
Chapter 681: Clash Of Spirit Soul
Chapter 682: All Things As Swords
Chapter 683: Fighting A Great Ruler
Chapter 684: Heaven Pillar Continen
Chapter 685: Yan Qingwu’S Breakthrough
Chapter 686: White Bone Devil Emperor
Chapter 687: No Room For Negotiation
Chapter 688: White Bone Rebirth
Chapter 689: Breakthrough In Body Refinemen
Chapter 690: Hand Covering The Sky
Chapter 691: Suppressing The Devil Emperor
Chapter 692: Atmosphere
Chapter 693: Contesting With The Flying Corpse Emperor
Chapter 694: Soul Dao To Counter The Enemy
Chapter 695: Law Phase Realm
Chapter 696: Three Great Emperors
Chapter 697: Battle Of The Pinnacle
Chapter 698: White Bone Saint Crown
Chapter 699: Sword Emperor
Chapter 700: Battle Of Sword Emperors
Chapter 701: Back To Emperor Sky
Chapter 702: Sealed Mountain
Chapter 703: Soul Field
Chapter 704: Sensation
Chapter 705: Imperial Flower Feas
Chapter 706: Qu Qingyan
Chapter 707: This Person Has A Cheap Mouth
Chapter 708: Empress Countenance Technique
Chapter 709: Demonic Beast Half-Overlord
Chapter 710: Another Demonic Beast Half-Overlord
Chapter 711: Void Dao Hear
Chapter 712: Back To Seven Color Continen
Chapter 713: Intercommunication
Chapter 714: Cursed Warrior
Chapter 715: Meeting Incantation Again
Chapter 716: Sword Dao Analysis
Chapter 717: Killing The Zombie Great Emperor
Chapter 718: Primary Extreme Sword Technique
Chapter 719: Hand Of Star
Chapter 720: Entering The Temple
Chapter 721: The Intent Statue’S Prowess
Chapter 722: Flying Silver Island
Chapter 723: Light And Darkness
Chapter 724: Black Hatchet Gang
Chapter 725: Black Hatchet Great Emperor
Chapter 726: Joss Chief
Chapter 727: Bounty Mission
Chapter 728: Absolute Strength
Chapter 729: Miao Clan’S Backers
Chapter 730: Crossing Palms With A Demonic Beast Overlord
Chapter 731: Saint Spirit Continen
Chapter 732: Heaven And Earth Battle Formation
Chapter 733: Evenly Matched?
Chapter 734: River Province’S Tong Clan
Chapter 735: City Lord Tong Heng
Chapter 736: Taking A Disciple
Chapter 737: Sword Sea Horizon
Chapter 738: Bright Saint Ring
Chapter 739: 60 Million
Chapter 740: River Of Blood
Chapter 741: Ruthless One
Chapter 742: Extreme Dao Mountain
Chapter 743: Devil Sovereign
Chapter 744: Intense Fight With Demonic Beast Overlord
Chapter 745: Mortal Hand
Chapter 746: Sky Quake Overlord
Chapter 747: Swordsmen Guild
Chapter 748: Madam Jin
Chapter 749: Ordinary Sword Emperor, Xu Pingfan
Chapter 750: Friend, Come On Ou
Chapter 751: Exchange Of Sword Dao
Chapter 752: Stone Broken Hand
Chapter 753: Hand Of Moon
Chapter 754: Thousands Demonic Cave
Chapter 755: Killing Saber Ghost In A Hidden Domain
Chapter 756: Half-God Clan, Zhu Clan
Chapter 757: Fire God Battle Formation
Chapter 758: Night Emperor
Chapter 759: Rosy Cloud City
Chapter 760: Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor
Chapter 761: Swordsmen Tournament
Chapter 762: Sword Emperor Rankings
Chapter 763: Li Jianxin
Chapter 764: Selection
Chapter 765: Shocked
Chapter 766: Tournament Begins
Chapter 767: Falling Rainbow
Chapter 768: Stars Sword Dao
Chapter 769: Terrifying Heart Sword
Chapter 770: Emotionless Ning Que
Chapter 771: Forcing The Opponent To Break Through
Chapter 772: Void Sword Dao
Chapter 773: Sword Move ‘Heart Wound’
Chapter 774: Sect Origin Sword
Chapter 775: Continuous Burst Of Power
Chapter 776: Going Against Heart Sword Sovereign
Chapter 777: Heart Mourn
Chapter 778: Skyline Sword Art
Chapter 779: Battle Between The Two Li
Chapter 780: Sky Wind Godspeed Slash
Chapter 781: The Fourth Move?
Chapter 782: Emotionless Sword Dao
Chapter 783: Duel Of Pinnacles
Chapter 784: Unmoved
Chapter 785: Sword Emperor
Chapter 786: Sword World
Chapter 787: Taichi Sword Dao
Chapter 788: Extremity
Chapter 789: Unbounded Sword Dao
Chapter 790: Defeating The Sword Sovereign
Chapter 791: Entering The Rankings
Chapter 792: 1St Rank
Chapter 793: Elder Nomination
Chapter 794: Voracious Beast Guild
Chapter 795: Battle With The Scarlet Python Saint
Chapter 796: Get Lost
Chapter 797: Innate Sword Heart?
Chapter 798: Innate Body Break Sword Qi
Chapter 799: Sword Saint Puppe
Chapter 800: 100 Billion
Chapter 801: Perfection Level Of Law Phase Realm
Chapter 802: Fire Dragon Island
Chapter 803: Fire Energy Crystal
Chapter 804: Half-Sain
Chapter 805: Skyline Sword
Chapter 806: Sword Migh
Chapter 807: Conversation Between Sword Spirits
Chapter 808: Skyline Sword Art Cultivated
Chapter 809: Fighting Four Beast Overlords
Chapter 810: Joint-Heaven Sword Unsealed
Chapter 811: He Isn’T A Sain
Chapter 812: Attacked On All Sides
Chapter 813: Meeting Shangguan Yu Again
Chapter 814: Clues
Chapter 815: Sea Map
Chapter 816: Black Whirlpool Island
Chapter 817: Shadow Fruit
Chapter 818: Universe Loop
Chapter 819: Not Going To Yield
Chapter 820: Horrific Array
Chapter 821: Middle State Half-Saint
Chapter 822: Killing Zhu Hairong
Chapter 823: Body Refinement Saint
Chapter 824: Illusion Domain Town
Chapter 825: Nine Illusions Hidden Domain
Chapter 826: Moneybag Liu
Chapter 827: Fearsome Earless Middle-Aged Man
Chapter 828: Heaven Ruin Lord
Chapter 829: Purple Thunder Beast Overlord
Chapter 830: Zhu Nanshan
Chapter 831: Human Body Mysteries
Chapter 832: Thunder Beast’S Evolution
Chapter 833: The Terror Of Ten Times Perception
Chapter 834: Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust
Chapter 835: Gate Of Flesh
Chapter 836: The Demons’ Origin
Chapter 837: Battling A Demon Overlord
Chapter 838: Extinguishing Demon Overlords With Sword World
Chapter 839: Demons Wreaking Havoc
Chapter 840: Mystic Ice Beast Overlord
Chapter 841: East Unicorn’S Prowess
Chapter 842: Joint-Heaven Sword Unsealed Again
Chapter 843: Descent Of A Demon Liege
Chapter 844: Hand Of Sun
Chapter 845: Demons’ Withdrawal
Chapter 846: Heading For The Stars
Chapter 847: Halo Race
Chapter 848: Thousands Spirit City
Chapter 849: Progression To Soul Merge Realm
Chapter 850: Heaven-Defying Perception
Chapter 851: Surge Of Wealth
Chapter 852: Feeler Lamp Race And Misty Race
Chapter 853: Werewolf
Chapter 854: Golden Werewolf
Chapter 855: Might Of Sect Origin Sword
Chapter 856: Deep Blue’S Situation
Chapter 857: Overbearing Circumstances
Chapter 858: Visiting The Yan Clan
Chapter 859: Ambush
Chapter 860: Bloodline Grievance Qi
Chapter 861: War Heaven Great Overlord
Chapter 862: Black Rock Beast Sovereign
Chapter 863: Another Crisis
Chapter 864: Great Battle With A Beast Sovereign
Chapter 865: New Dictator
Chapter 866: Exchange On The Flying Island
Chapter 867: Sword Saint Lord
Chapter 868: Insect
Chapter 869: Insect Crystal
Chapter 870: A New Crisis
Chapter 871: Sky World Solipsis Sword
Chapter 872: East Unicorn’S Change
Chapter 873: East Unicorn’S Secret
Chapter 874: Gathering Of Saint Lords
Chapter 875: Star Fate
Chapter 876: Sky Patrol Beast Sovereign
Chapter 877: Purple Star
Chapter 878: Radiant Divine Church
Chapter 879: Immortal Willpower
Chapter 880: Space-Time Ring
Chapter 881: Werewolf Li Fuchen
Chapter 882: Sky Dao Divine Line Sword
Chapter 883: 108 Prodigies
Chapter 884: Great Desolate World
Chapter 885: One Sword, Instant Kill
Chapter 886: Jade Star In Crisis
Chapter 887: Hell Sovereign’S Horn
Chapter 888: Grab The Opportunity
Chapter 889: Exploration Team
Chapter 890: Wolf Shadow
Chapter 891: Ancient Stone Garden
Chapter 892: Void Rat
Chapter 893: Blood Print Team
Chapter 894: Spirit Power
Chapter 895: Shadowy Grim Reaper
Chapter 896: Myriad Flower Pond
Chapter 897: The True Swordsmen Guild
Chapter 898: Gathering Of Ranked Saint Lords
Chapter 899: Ancient Stone City
Chapter 900: Flower Of Spirit
Chapter 901: Oath
Chapter 902: Devil Heart Saint Lord
Chapter 903: Fruit Of Spirit
Chapter 904: Bloodthirst Saint Lord
Chapter 905: Thunder Awaken Race
Chapter 906: Darkness World
Chapter 907: Dark World Claw
Chapter 908: Revenge
Chapter 909: Darkness Werewolf
Chapter 910: 1St Rate Apex Cultivation Technique
Chapter 911: Demonic Beast Eradication
Chapter 912: Undying Devil Body
Chapter 913: Great Unity Mystic Water Array
Chapter 914: Sword Sect
Chapter 915: Divine Leaf Dew
Chapter 916: Encountering A Heaven Lord
Chapter 917: Wave Nether Heaven Lord
Chapter 918: Daslu Clan
Chapter 919: Hellfire Fist
Chapter 920: Titan Race
Chapter 921: Annihilation Wristband
Chapter 922: Shaman Progenitor’S Ruins
Chapter 923: Shaman Art Puppet
Chapter 924: Seeking Riches From Danger
Chapter 925: Heaven Shaman Gaze
Chapter 926: Spar
Chapter 927: Wind Cloud Sword Saint Lord
Chapter 928: Source Connection
Chapter 929: Auction
Chapter 930: Disaster Fire Heaven Dragon
Chapter 931: Darkness Werewolf Source
Chapter 932: Curse Of Sun
Chapter 933: Supreme Rate Puppet
Chapter 934: Sword Saint Meet
Chapter 935: No Suspense
Chapter 936: Sword Star City
Chapter 937: Sword Test Stone
Chapter 938: Strong Display
Chapter 939: Opening Of Sword Pool
Chapter 940: Battle For 1St Ring
Chapter 941: Commonize Sword Saint Lord
Chapter 942: Origin Truth, Sun
Chapter 943: Thousands Of Swords Paying Respect
Chapter 944: Sword Bone
Chapter 945: Insect Race Battlefield
Chapter 946: Sword Force Passage
Chapter 947: Insect Race Heaven Lord
Chapter 948: Killed
Chapter 949: War Is Coming
Chapter 950: City Siege
Chapter 951: Fall Of Divine Leaf City Lord
Chapter 952: Change
Chapter 953: Glory Wolf Saint Lord
Chapter 954: Crimson Snow Saint Lordess
Chapter 955: Children Of Undying
Chapter 956: Undying Star
Chapter 957: Tested By Venal Wolf Demon Liege
Chapter 958: Contest For The Undying Token
Chapter 959: Oppression With Strength
Chapter 960: Frozen Space-Time
Chapter 961: Heaven Lord, Bird In A Cage
Chapter 962: Wind Lordess
Chapter 963: Battle Beast Token
Chapter 964: Another Demon Invasion
Chapter 965: 9Th Demon Liege
Chapter 966: Red Elegance Saint Lady
Chapter 967: Fear
Chapter 968: War (Part 1)
Chapter 969: War (Part 2)
Chapter 970: Hand Of Calamity
Chapter 971: Calamity Power Against Purple Flames
Chapter 972: Arris Light Motherstone
Chapter 973: Time Acceleration By 10,000 Times
Chapter 974: Origin Return Sword Phase
Chapter 975: Time Prison
Chapter 977: Intense Battle
Chapter 976: You Are Courting Death
Chapter 978: Reputation And Fame
Chapter 979: Challenge At The Feast
Chapter 980: Venture
Chapter 981: Purple Pole Lord
Chapter 982: Devil Horn Star Sea
Chapter 993: Chaos Fire Lotus
Chapter 983: Yinshi Clan
Chapter 984: Supreme Rate Saber Bones
Chapter 985: Seclusion
Chapter 986: Accumulation
Chapter 987: Stellar Star Domain
Chapter 988: Black Wind Valley
Chapter 989: Wall Of Time
Chapter 990: Breakthrough, Lord Rankings
Chapter 991: Battling Cardinal Bright
Chapter 992: Void Of Chaos
Chapter 993
Chapter 994
Chapter 995
Chapter 996
Chapter 997
Chapter 998
Chapter 999
Chapter 1000
Chapter 1001
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Chapter 1003
Chapter 1004
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Chapter 1006
Chapter 1007
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Chapter 1009
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Alternative Titles:

YHZZ, Yong Heng Zhi Zun, 永恒至尊

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Pinnacle of martial, mountain shifting and sea filling, catching stars and seizing the moon, reverse the flow of time!

Extremity of the sword, one sword to form the dao, one sword to reach the immortals, one sword to break the laws!

The young Li Fuchen, chanced upon the Golden Talisman which allowed his spirit soul to constantly evolve. In this world where prodigies and experts were everywhere, he used the sword in his hand to ascend to the absolute pinnacle.

The world will decay one day, but my reverence shall be eternal.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Li Fu Chen

Chapter 1: Li Fu Chen

“Li Fuchen, you still wouldn’t be my opponent even after you train for ten years.”


On the training grounds, the delicate looking Li Fuchen was seen flung off the stage, and the one who threw him was a juvenile clad in green clothes.

“Heh. As I expected, you were defeated in three moves.”

“This is already the seventh time that Li Fuchen has been defeated by Li Yunhe within a year!”

“Ain’t that right! Just last year, Li Fuchen was considered a genius and had always suppressed Li Yunhe. But unexpectedly, after a year, the genius became inept. Not only did his abilities not improve at all, it seems stupidity set in. Knowing that Li Yunhe was not someone he could defeat, he still accepted Li Yunhe’s challenge.”

“You have wronged Li Fuchen, he always had a proud personality and never cowers from a challenge.”

“Hai, blame it on Li Fuchen’s fiancée Guan Xue, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know that Li Yunhe likes Guan Xue as well. The three of them grew up together, but Guan Xue was already betrothed to Li Fuchen, making Li Yunhe extremely unhappy.”

The mocking laughter that came from all around rang in the ears of Li Fuchen, causing him to start breathing erratically.

A year, everything happened a year ago.

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A year ago, within the Li Clan, he was rated a prodigy. Li Yunhe was never regarded as his rival.

Out of the blue, his talents seemingly vanished. More like his talents were unusable, everytime he tried to concentrate, he would have a splitting headache. The pain rendered him unable to cultivate in peace. After a duel, Li Yunhe realised Li Fuchen had not improved at all, he then began to repeatedly challenge Li Fuchen.

With his fists tightly clenched, Li Fuchen looked to the sky with an unyielding heart.

“Wretched heavens, when have I ever offended you, why would you take away my talents? Do you not know that in this world, having strength reigns supreme and the consequences of not having any talent.”

Li Fuchen’s heart was enraged.

A pity the heavens could not hear the voice of his heart.

Staring down at Li Fuchen with a sneer, Li Yunhe felt domineering. He had always felt jealous of Li Fuchen, jealous that his father was the Patriarch of the Li Clan, regardless of resources or treatment, it was all better than his own. If his own father had been the Patriarch, his growth would have definitely outshone Li Fuchen’s.

Now that Li Fuchen had fallen from grace, the Patriarch can no longer be biased. It was a known fact that the Patriarch does not have the final say in the Li Clan. Behind, there was a committee made up of clan elders. Once the committee made a decision, even the Patriarch would not be able to change it. However, most of the time, the Patriarch was able to make decisions, as the elders seldom interfered with the daily household affairs.

“Li Fuchen, I advise that you forget about Guan Xue. Such a inept person like you isn’t good enough for her!”

Once he was done berating, Li Yunhe turned and left the training grounds.

The bystanders all left one after another, leaving Li Fuchen by himself.

There was a pavilion in the distance, standing in it was middle-aged man wearing white, witnessing the whole commotion.

“Fuchen, though Father is the Patriarch, even I can’t help you in this situation, you have to rely on yourself.”

As a father, seeing Li Fuchen get bullied, he felt worse than anyone else. But he was clear, if he had helped his son, Li Fuchen would have suffered more humiliation and hate from the others. In this world, where the strong reigns supreme, and where ranks are highly desired, everything was about one’s abilities. Help from others could make one look good on the outside, but in the dark, everyone would hate him.


Deep in the night…

Li Fuchen sat on a futon, meticulously cultivating the Red Jade technique.

Red Jade technique, Li Clan’s only high-tier yellow class cultivation technique that has a total of seven ranks.

A year ago, Li Fuchen had already cultivated it to the third rank. But since last year, there hadn’t been any measure of progress. As for Li Yunhe, he was able to use that one year’s time to advance to the fourth rank, thus, being able to suppress him.


Even after trying numerous times, the pain in his head still haunted Li Fuchen, causing him to howl in pain.

This kind of pain was much worse than any bodily ache by a hundred times, its source of pain emanated from deep within the soul.

Drenched with sweat, Li Fuchen lifted his eyelids unwillingly, as blood trickled down his lips from him biting with force.

“Why is it still the same?”

Till now, Li Fuchen had yet to understand what exactly happened to him. The fights he lost were already a shock to him, but this verdict of losing his talent without any reason was yet another one. Just like the venom from a snake slowing corroding one’s bone marrow, by the time you realized it, the entire marrow is already completely gone.


As the night dissipated, daylight broke.

Early in the morning, a guest had came to visit the Li Clan. It was the Guan Clan’s Patriarch, Guan Yue.

In the conference hall, suited in white, Li Tianhan passionately went forward to welcome his guest.

“Guan Yue, what wind blew you here today?”

Guan Yue’s height was close to eight feet, having the back of a tiger and waist of a bear, he laughed awkwardly, “I was free today, so I came over to have a look, how is Fuchen lately?”

“He is… Still the same as ever, the loss of his talent has been hard on him, I hope he can endure it.”

Li Tianhan’s face bore a sad expression.

“No hurry, it may only be temporary, I believe he can overcome this.”

Hesitating, Guan Yue took out a jade bottle, “There is a reinvigoration pill inside, perhaps it may be beneficial to him.”

“Reinvigoration pill?”

Li Tianhan did not receive the pill, but instead offered a puzzled look.

The reinvigoration pill was not like any common elixir, but a high-tier yellow class elixir, just one was worth thousands of gold.

Even though Guan Xue was betrothed to Li Fuchen since young, no ceremony was ever held, and to give such a rare elixir, it confused Li Tianhan.

Guan Yue wasn’t pleased: “It’s just an elixir pill, is it not to your liking??”

“This isn’t about the elixir. Guan Yue, do you have something to say?”

Being friends for years, Li Tianhan knew he was hiding something.

Placing the jade bottle aside, Guan Yue reluctantly spoke, “Tianhan, this time I do have issues to discuss with you.”

“Out with it! You have my attention!”

Li Tian Han felt a nagging unease welling from the bottom of his heart.

Clearing his throat, “Just a week ago, my daughter Guan Xue’s cultivation broke through to the seventh level of the Qi Realm.”

“Seventh level, Qi Realm?”

Li Tianhan took in a breath of cold air… Guan Xue and Li Fuchen were both 14 this year, yet she broke through to the seventh level of Qi Realm.

If not for being old friends with Guan Yue, Li Tianhan would have thought that he was joking.

One must know that at the age of 15, the Li Clan’s current unparalleled genius Li Yunhai was only at the sixth level of the Qi Realm. Li Fuchen and Li Yunhe were only at the fourth level, a difference of three whole levels.

Li Tianhan asked, “If I recall wasn’t it half a year ago, when she had just broken through to the sixth level?”

Guan Yue laugh bitterly, “This girl is gifted, even to the point of cultivating our Guan Clan’s Water Moon technique to the sixth level. You too should know, that at some point, techniques are much harder to cultivate than advancing during the Qi Stage. Those that can cultivate the Water Moon technique to the sixth level, without exception, are able to reach the Origin-Returning(Origin) Stage.”

Li Tianhan feeling envious in his heart, “Talk about unfair!”

“Brother Tianhan, my daughter has been recruited as a disciple of the Cang Lan Sect, so I am afraid this betrothal is not able to happen.” Guan Yue felt he didn’t need to hide anymore and was more blunt.

Li Tianhan’s eyebrow twitched, “They are still young, matters regarding marriage can be discussed at a better time.”

Guan Yue began in a serious tone, “This is also what my daughter wishes for, I hope for Brother Tianhan’s approval.”

Anger flashed across Li Tianhan’s face, looking sternly at Guan Yue, “What is the matter!? Does the Guan Clan wish to break their oath? It was the Guan Clan who initiated this betrothal and yet it’s the Guan clan that is withdrawing it, what do you treat my Li Clan as!? Is this how you treat me!? Do you feel that, the Li Clan has weakened now and is not worth to be joined in marriage with your Guan Clan?”

“Brother Tianhan, my Guan Clan will make it up to you. Please keep this reinvigoration pill first, a few days later, my Guan Clan will offer our best inn in Yunwu City to the Li Clan.”

Guan Yue felt relieved, he had said what he came to say.

Yes, what Guan Yue said was not incorrect, a union in marriage needs to have it’s value. The Li Clan for the past ten years has not had anyone recruited by the Cang Lan Sect, yet the Guan Clan’s value was rising with a disciple being accepted into the Cang Lan Sect every other year.

This year, Guan Xue became a disciple of Cang Lan Sect even before the annual selection, and any disciple recruited in advance possessed great promise. Had it not been for this, the Guan Clan would never have backed out of the betrothal in such a hurry. Because the Li Clan was still considered one of the four major clans, and was still stronger than the rising Guan Clan.

Sadly, Li Fuchen was a disappointment, he did actually possessed great talent, but a year ago, be it karma or not, his talent suddenly vanished. Now being an inept, how could he still be matched to the shining star of the Guan Clan, which is why the Guan Clan couldn’t accept the marriage.

Besides, Guan Xue wanted no business with this engagement and this wasn’t the first time she proposed for the breaking of the engagement to Guan Yue. Guan Yue had it suppressed all these times, but he felt that he had treated the Li Clan with enough respect.

“My Li Clan will accept neither the pill nor the inn, we will not settle for anything else. Brother Guan Yue, this is the last time I will address you as Brother, from now on, we no longer have any ties.”

Li Tianhan feel his heart harden, the Guan Clan’s progress till now was because of the ample support from the Li Clan. But he never thought that the Guan Clan would burn the bridge after crossing the river(describing ungratefulness).

“Brother Tianhan, since we have reached this impasse, there is nothing more to say, it’s my Guan Clan’s at fault this time, I bid you farewell.”

Letting out a deep sigh, Guan Yue stood up from his seat and promptly left.

“Take your pill.”

Li Tianhan waved his hand, using qi subtly and sent the bottle flying towards Guan Yue.

Reaching out to receive the bottle, Guan Yue left in silence.



Once Guan Yue left the hall, Li Tianhan crushed the armrests of his chair, his face black livid.

A few days later, the Guan Clan sent a messenger for the dissolution of the marriage. By this time, all of Yunwu City was abuzz with the news of this matter.

Imperceptibly, the Li Clan and Li Fuchen had become the laughing stock.

After their meals, people discussed either about this, or about Guan Xue joining the Cang Lan Sect. Deep down, everyone knew that the Guan Clan would experience a meteoric rise to the top, as being accepted in advance to the Cang Lan Sect was a rare occurrence only heard of hundreds of years ago.

TL Notes:

Qi Realm Classes

Qi Training(Qi) Realm

Origin-Returning(Origin) Realm: Able to manifest Qi

Earth Shattering(Earth) Realm: Able to control and release Qi

Heaven Dipper(Heaven) Realm: Able to walk and traverse through the sky

Reincarnation Realm: Possess primary spirit of life, Increased lifespan up to 250 years

Battle Spirit Realm (Ancestor): Spirit energy condenses into a true spirit soul. After one’s loss of life, the spirit soul can continue to exist for a period of time. Using this time to seize a new body for reincarnation. Lifespan increases to 500 years.

Primary Sea Realm (King): Controls a portion of power from the Heaven and Earth. Lifespan up to 1000 years

Law Phase Realm (Emperor): One’s sword can be manifested into threads. Able to cultivate the Law Phase. At least 5000 years of lifespan.

Soul Merge Realm (Saint): The path to one’s heart is open, the colour of the spirit turns to green. The best Saints will have the spirit colour of blue, blood vessels will evolve. One’s descendants for 9 generations will also have the Saint’s blood in them. Lifespan of 100,000 years

??? (God)

Techniques Classes(E.g. Red Jade technique)

1 star – 9 stars

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Total Chapters in book: 1019
Estimated words: 1976476 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 9882(@200wpm)___ 7906(@250wpm)___ 6588(@300wpm)