I Am A Legendary BOSS by I Am Immortal

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Elf
Chapter 3 - Multi-Dimensional Races And Occupations
Chapter 4 - Epic Level Lautner
Chapter 5 - A Growth Type Inner Armor
Chapter 6 - Orcs? They'Re Never Friends!
Chapter 7 - Orcs Who Pulled Down The Average Intelligence Level
Chapter 8 - Discovering An Iron Mine?
Chapter 9 - A Big Bear!
Chapter 10 - During The Hunt
Chapter 11 - The Way The Group Hunts
Chapter 12 - Bear Cub
Chapter 13 - Big Bear, Bear Two, Bear Three
Chapter 14 - Changing Occupation, A Hidden Specialization!
Chapter 15 - Another Crisis
Chapter 16 - Don'T Make A Fuss
Chapter 17 - Fighting An Orc Tribe Alone
Chapter 18 - Reckless
Chapter 19 - A Giant Dragon Crisis
Chapter 20 - The Awakening Of The Magical Beast
Chapter 21 - The Dwarfs Of Lonely Mountain
Chapter 22 - Savior?
Chapter 23 - Uncle Miester Wang
Chapter 24 - Duelling And Discrimination
Chapter 25 - Two Royal Highnesses?
Chapter 26 - Fire Dragon
Chapter 27 - Deputy Mayor'S Level Up
Chapter 28 - Problems With Construction And Mithril Transaction
Chapter 29 - Merchant Team
Chapter 30 - Can'T Really Act Cool Anymore
Chapter 31 - Real Identity Of The Unicorn
Chapter 32 - The Real Legendary Boss
Chapter 33 - Moses
Chapter 34 - Sub-Occupation, Holy Spirit Mage
Chapter 35 - Three Golden Equipment, Level A City Building Mission
Chapter 36 - Heading Towards The Blue Moon Lake
Chapter 37 - Don'T Run After School!
Chapter 38 - A Real Little Princess
Chapter 39 - A Wave Of Riches
Chapter 40 - A Trade Filled With Righteousness And Kindness
Chapter 41 - City Of Dawn
Chapter 42 - Gods: An Adult Game
Chapter 43 - Don’T Be Afraid, I Never Pull Rank On Others
Chapter 44 - The Powerful Lord
Chapter 45 - Teemo The Little Fairy
Chapter 46 - The Tauren Warriors Who Never Take Off Their Masks
Chapter 47 - Calling For A Bodyguard With Pretty Legs
Chapter 48 - Freedom Alliance
Chapter 49 - Who Could Stand It…
Chapter 50 - Trolls In Green Straw Hats
Chapter 51 - Bloody Crusher
Chapter 52 - 400 Times, 400 Times…
Chapter 53 - Two Little Fairies
Chapter 54 - The Great Lord System
Chapter 55 - Mission Of Changing Occupation (1)
Chapter 56 - The Power Of The Three Parties (2)
Chapter 57 - Cutting Grass (3)
Chapter 58 - Being Handsome Was Enough
Chapter 59 - Assassination And Changing Occupation
Chapter 60 - Changing Occupation
Chapter 61 - Torture
Chapter 62 - Bugle Call Of Freedom
Chapter 63 - Equipment And Internal Testing
Chapter 64 - Confirmed Profitable
Chapter 65 - Confirmed Profitable
Chapter 66 - Which Power Has More Progress?
Chapter 67 - Dawn Mercenary Team
Chapter 68 - Web Page Benefits And War
Chapter 69 - Duel Between Real Men
Chapter 70 - Actor
Chapter 71 - Plenty Of Bootlicking
Chapter 72 - Dig Up His Background
Chapter 73 - End Of Internal Testing, Ambition
Chapter 74 - The Direction Of Next Six Months Of Development.
Chapter 75 - A Fawning Dog Would Always Have His Reasons
Chapter 76 - Magical Crystals
Chapter 77 - The Monologue Of A Transmigrator
Chapter 78 - A Smile That All Men Knew About
Chapter 79 - Foil Their Plans.
Chapter 80 - Bootlickers Look At Status Too
Chapter 81 - Bureaucratism Is Important
Chapter 82 - Lord With Outstanding Qualities
Chapter 83 - Seemingly Harmless But Scheming
Chapter 84 - Protection Fees
Chapter 85 - Unicorn
Chapter 86 - Lancelot
Chapter 87 - Killed In Seconds
Chapter 88 - Bounty Hunter
Chapter 89 - Dark Warlock Of The Devil’S Den
Chapter 90 - War And Conspiracy
Chapter 91 - Sacrifice With Our Lives
Chapter 92 - Makhu Redd
Chapter 93 - Area Of Effect Eruption
Chapter 94 - Devil
Chapter 95 - Eat Him
Chapter 96 - Brother, One-On-One Fight
Chapter 97 - Massive Profit, No Losses
Chapter 98 - Your Glory Will Persist Until The End Of The World
Chapter 99 - I Am In Favor Of You
Chapter 100 - William’S Ambition
Chapter 101 - It Is Time For Dragon Slaying
Chapter 102 - Son Of A Famous Actor
Chapter 103 - Iron Doll
Chapter 104 - Iron Doll Breached The Fortress
Chapter 105 - Dispatch Troops Once Again
Chapter 106 - Goodbye Makhu Redd
Chapter 107 - Invincible
Chapter 108 - Confirmed Profitable
Chapter 109 - Why The Third Legion Was So Strong
Chapter 110 - Dragon Slaying
Chapter 111 - Struck A Fortune
Chapter 112 - Loot
Chapter 113 - Chosen Ones
Chapter 114 - Dragon Bone
Chapter 115 - Dragon Crystal
Chapter 116 - Dragon Followers’ Ceremony
Chapter 117 - 300 Dragon’S Blood Warriors
Chapter 118 - He Is Only A 17 Year Old Kid
Chapter 119 - Game Open Beta
Chapter 120 - Build A Small Nest
Chapter 121 - Impressive Actions
Chapter 122 - Unlimited Occupations
Chapter 123 - How To Blend In
Chapter 124 - Good Brother
Chapter 125 - Breaking Point
Chapter 126 - Hidden Mission
Chapter 127 - Instance Dungeon Crystals
Chapter 128 - Creating Trouble
Chapter 129 - The Scene Changed Just Like That
Chapter 130 - Battle Between Nations, Battle Of Schemes
Chapter 131 - Ambition As High As The Sky
Chapter 132 - Level S Mission
Chapter 133 - Bleed
Chapter 134 - Evil Businessman
Chapter 135 - Courting Death-Type Mission
Chapter 136 - Brutal Killing
Chapter 137 - Battle Of Powerful Warriors
Chapter 138 - Differences In Disposition
Chapter 139 - Kill!
Chapter 140 - Revival?
Chapter 141 - Returning To The City
Chapter 142 - Unparalleled Vanguard
Chapter 143 - If You’Re Dead, It’S Over
Chapter 144 - Payment For Reinforcements
Chapter 145 - She Had Been Impulsive Since Young
Chapter 146 - Gimmick Versus Strategy
Chapter 147 - Players’ Tactics
Chapter 148 - So What If I Intentionally Fool Around?
Chapter 149 - City Of Dawn, Full Of Missions
Chapter 150 - Gods’ Battlefield
Chapter 151 - Belief And Glory
Chapter 152 - Real
Chapter 153 - Sending Out Tens Of Decapitated Heads
Chapter 154 - City Attack
Chapter 155 - Diablo (2)
Chapter 156 - Occupying The City
Chapter 157 - Plot
Chapter 158 - Break Out
Chapter 159 - Ruthlessly Abuse The Iron Nation Players
Chapter 160 - Seize The City, High Level
Chapter 161 - Final Battle That Is Ahead Of Time
Chapter 162 - Start Of War
Chapter 163 - Dawn
Chapter 164 - Decisive Battle!
Chapter 165 - Fatal Blow!
Chapter 166 - Conspiracy War
Chapter 167 - The End
Chapter 168 - King For Half A Year
Chapter 169 - S Level Reward, Stormy Island
Chapter 170 - Preparations For Invasion
Chapter 171 - Dawn Vessel, God Of War Ranking
Chapter 172 - God Of War
Chapter 173 - Set Sail, Burned Cinder
Chapter 174 - Sea Voyage
Chapter 175 - Stormy Island
Chapter 176 - Abominable Living Conditions
Chapter 177 - War Of Magical Beasts
Chapter 178 - Killing Legendary Magical Beasts
Chapter 179 - Advanced Professional!!!
Chapter 180 - Massive Profit
Chapter 181 - Beginning Of A Golden Age
Chapter 182 - Creatures Of The Mythical Era
Chapter 183 - The Killing Methods Of Rich Players
Chapter 184 - Mythological Relics?
Chapter 185 - Temple
Chapter 186 - Massive Profit
Chapter 187 - Violence From Beasts
Chapter 188 - Forbidden Electric Land
Chapter 189 - Point A Middle Finger At The Sky
Chapter 190 - Thunder Ring, The Left Hand Of God!
Chapter 191 - The Horse King That Was Greedy For Titbits
Chapter 192 - The Shady Prince
Chapter 193 - Soul Gloves
Chapter 194 - New Dimension Tunnel
Chapter 195 - Sudden Appearance Of Investor, Sorimas-
Chapter 196 - Unlucky Person In The Archipelago Continent
Chapter 197 - Empty The Treasury Of The Philippines
Chapter 198 - Water Dragon!!
Chapter 199 - A World Of Difference In A Month
Chapter 200 - Did You Pilfer The Empires’ Treasuries?
Chapter 201 - Recent Situation Of The City Of Dawn
Chapter 202 - Version 2.0 Is Starting Soon
Chapter 203 - Stopping The Darkness Invasion With Their Lives
Chapter 204 - Darkness Invasion And Endless Wars!
Chapter 205 - We Have To Win The First Battle
Chapter 206 - The Relentless War
Chapter 207 - Angels Are Involved In This Endless War
Chapter 208 - The Strange Group Of Nine
Chapter 209 - Battle For Survival
Chapter 210 - I Am Invincible With My Blade
Chapter 211 - Relentless Retaliation And War
Chapter 212 - Unified Counterattack
Chapter 213 - Back Facing Light While Charging Towards Darkness
Chapter 214 - Desperate Counterattack!
Chapter 215 - Fight To Death
Chapter 216 - That Glaring Movement
Chapter 217 - Boss Annie
Chapter 218 - The Final Battle!
Chapter 219 - Arrival Of A Legendary Guardian
Chapter 220 - The Start Of The Fourth Era
Chapter 221 - Rewards Of The Main Plot Mission
Chapter 222 - 500 Points Of Luck!
Chapter 223 - Follow Or Not To Follow!
Chapter 224 - If You’Re Reckless, It’S Over
Chapter 225 - Cannon Gunner
Chapter 226 - Magical Past Of The Palace
Chapter 227 - The Storyline Is Deviating From The Main Plot!
Chapter 228 - Treasure Vault
Chapter 229 - Sword Of Hegni
Chapter 230 - The Truth Behind Succumbing To The Dark Side? (1)
Chapter 231 - Lonely Death God
Chapter 232
Chapter 233 - A Sage’S Invitation
Chapter 234 - Beings On The Moons
Chapter 235 - The Little Princess Who Sold Herself
Chapter 236 - Part One – Returning To The City Of Dawn And The Fire Dragon Instance Dungeon
Chapter 237 - Part Two – Making Money From Players And Npcs
Chapter 238 - The City Of Dawn Was Transforming (1)
Chapter 239 - Npcs Caused My Partner To Cheat On Me (2)
Chapter 240 - Crimson Blood Two Years Later
Chapter 241 - A Small Dragon Who Cannot Speak His Name
Chapter 242 - Dusk Dragon!
Chapter 243 - The Fast Growing Dragon
Chapter 244 - Guild War And Temple Of Light’S Reward
Chapter 245 - Temple Of Light’S Reward And S Level Map Mission!
Chapter 246 - Cannon Gunner And Diablo
Chapter 247 - East Sea Metropolis, Blood Race
Chapter 248 - The Players’ War, Expanding Their Forces Into The Ocean
Chapter 249 - Developing On Land And Sea, Double S-Rank Mission
Chapter 250 - Vampire Nation
Chapter 251 - Don’T Be Cowardly, Just Do It!
Chapter 252 - Is It Shameful To Be A Vampire?
Chapter 253 - Lord Of The City Of Dawn
Chapter 254 - Destined Death And Fateful Victory.
Chapter 255 - Metal Storm
Chapter 256 - Blood Fruit
Chapter 257 - Massacre Of The Player’S Stronghold
Chapter 258 - Encounter With Adolf
Chapter 259 - I Can’T Wait To Kill You With My Blade
Chapter 260 - To Make A Living, It’S Necessary To Be Cuckolded
Chapter 261 - Tangled Battle
Chapter 262 - Nobody Would Save You Even If You Screamed Until Your Voice Was Hoarse
Chapter 263 - Inhumane
Chapter 264 - Gods And Assassination Order
Chapter 265 - Attack Of The Blood Devil
Chapter 266 - Frenzied Battle
Chapter 267 - Endowment, Man Of Steel
Chapter 268 - Do You Have An Enchanter At Home?
Chapter 269 - It’S Hard To Come Up With Names
Chapter 270 - Red Fire Kingdom
Chapter 271 - Handsome Appeal Is Awesome!
Chapter 272 - The King’S Side And King Of Charms!
Chapter 273 - How Can An Unlucky Person Win At The Casino?
Chapter 274 - Magic Conference
Chapter 275 - End Of Version 2.0
Chapter 276 - Eleven Legendary Professionals
Chapter 277 - Resurgence Of Magic And Evolution!
Chapter 278 - The Great Leap Of All Npcs In The Nine Continents!
Chapter 279 - Bad News And Start Of War!
Chapter 281 - Curing The Root Of The Problem And Super Legion.
Chapter 282 - War
Chapter 283 - Time Sword Sage, Old Leather
Chapter 284 - The Last Straw That Bent The Vampires’ Backs!
Chapter 285 - The End Of The Battle
Chapter 286 - It’S Hard To Come Up With A Name
Chapter 287 - The Power Of Faith
Chapter 288 - Viscount Of Darkness
Chapter 289 - Temple Of Light
Chapter 290 - Son Of That Man
Chapter 291 - He Would Be Beaten To Death…
Chapter 292 - Using The Life Potion For Attrition Battle
Chapter 293 - Ultimate Defense
Chapter 294 - Rune Thunder Equipment Set
Chapter 295 - Seed Contestants And God’S Reincarnation
Chapter 296 - Supreme Pontiff Of Light
Chapter 297 - The Name Origin Of The Gods Game
Chapter 298 - Norms And Death Group!
Chapter 299 - The Power Of Money Rumble…
Chapter 300 - Something Was Different In The Magic Conference
Chapter 301 - The First Person Who Used Money As A Battle Tactic
Chapter 302 - Legendary Time Manipulation Assassin
Chapter 303 - Legendary Bloody Butcher
Chapter 304 - Legendary Fire Element Cannon Gunner
Chapter 305 - Number Three In The First Battle!
Chapter 306 - Fantasy Continent And Dying Continent.
Chapter 307 - Master Wayne Was Robbed…
Chapter 308 - This Is Not Loansharking…
Chapter 309 - The Last Bloodline Of Lonely Mountain
Chapter 310 - A Tough Ranger Is Not A Human Sandbag
Chapter 311 - Viscount Of Darkness!
Chapter 312 - Death Battle Group
Chapter 313 - The Orphan Sardin!
Chapter 314 - Andros The Grim Reaper
Chapter 315 - You Only Taste Real Despair When You Have 1 Luck Point!
Chapter 316 - Have You Seen A God Before?
Chapter 317 - Small Crisis, Huge Rewards!
Chapter 318 - Body Of Thunder Endowment
Chapter 319 - Mutated Body Of Thunder And Legend Status!
Chapter 320 - Superb Dawn College!
Chapter 321 - I Did Not Expect Moses To Be Such A Person!
Chapter 322 - A Good Opportunity To Assassinate The Lord Of Dawn!
Chapter 323 - Inexperienced Assassins…
Chapter 324 - Origin Of Thunder Eyes
Chapter 325 - The Thunder God Has Come To Life!
Chapter 326 - Invincible!
Chapter 327 - Entering Fantasy Continent
Chapter 328 - Accumulating Battle Points
Chapter 329 - Dawn College
Chapter 330 - Face-Beating Or Hacking?
Chapter 331 - The Fists Reigned Supreme
Chapter 332 - Taming The Arrogant City
Chapter 333 - Elven King And A Grandmaster
Chapter 334 - William’S Origin
Chapter 335 - Version Update Completed
Chapter 336 - The Players Have Come Online
Chapter 337 - Card Collection Guidance Task
Chapter 338 - Rich Players Didn’T Win This Time
Chapter 339 - Unexpected Reverse
Chapter 340 - Finished Acting Cool
Chapter 341 - Great Victory And Windfall
Chapter 342 - Crimson Blood And Mission Selection
Chapter 343 - Are You Ready To Die?
Chapter 344 - Decadence Of A Dark City
Chapter 345 - The Playground Of The Viscount Of Darkness
Chapter 346 - The King’S Curse
Chapter 347 - Fierce Library Battle
Chapter 348 - Resurrection Altar, Balrog!
Chapter 349 - Fierce Blood Moon Dark Witch Had Slender Legs
Chapter 350 - Seeing Light Again
Chapter 351 - Mission Reward And The Scheming Empress Dowager
Chapter 352 - Invincible Body And Blood Moon Instance Dungeon!
Chapter 353 - Goddess Of Magic!!!
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IALBOSS, Wǒ Shì Chuánqí BOSS, 我是传奇BOSS

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This thought had grown deep in William’s mind!

This is the reason for his decision.

He was going to become the strongest NPC ever.

He will have the strongest armor and get beaten badly!

Who said that NPCs will have to be killed by players?

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Chapter 1 - Transmigrate Into A Lord!

Chapter 1: Transmigrate into a Lord!


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Atlas Studios


Zhao Mo startled awake from his dreams once again…

He opened his eyes, his body drenched with sweat, and forced himself to sit up on his bed.

The exquisite, pretty tree house in front of him was still there, instead of the white walls he was expecting. The windows made of veins didn’t change into glass windows while the black tree on top of him had some young grass and flowers growing on it. He didn’t know if it was safe at all…

However, Zhao Mo could be sure that he hadn’t returned home and his transmigration had become a fact.

He was sure that it wasn’t a dream.

Because he had already woken up many times.

He had really transmigrated…

Zhao Mo slowly rose, a walking stick covered with intricate drawings in his right hand. He tried to use the walking stick to make himself stand more stably. After all, if he was going to fall off the ten-meter high tree, even if he was an elf, he would still be badly injured.

Besides, his body belonged to William Blackleaf, an underaged Elf who had yet to train his battle energy and magic, so he was still a nothing amongst the Elves.

“However, it seems like it’s a little worth it to transmigrate into an Elf. This face, figure and long legs seemed to be as handsome as I looked in the past…” Zhao Mo stared into the mirror, staring at his handsome face, pointy ears, and long legs. He couldn’t help but exclaim about his appearance.

However, Zhao Mo didn’t want to mention the past anymore. Because it had been more than half a day since he came into this world and he wasn’t able to find any ways to go back. Since he had arrived here, he should forget the past and begin a new life. He was slightly happy, as he wanted to strive for a chance to continue living in this stupid world.

Besides, this was a world that possibly had a God. There would be a problem if he spoke carelessly!

Although he really missed his parents and wanted to accompany them until they passed away, he had read so many transmigrating novels and barely anyone was able to transmigrate back into their own world.

However, there was something that was fortunate.

He had two older brothers, who had long-established careers and families, so it wasn’t a problem for them to take care of their parents.

However, he hoped that his parents wouldn’t be too sad that he had died from playing games. If it was possible, it would be best for them to cry less for their unfilial son and continue living healthily.

“I am William Blackleaf. Yes, I am William!”

He walked out of the treehouse and stood on the balcony, enjoying the bright sunlight shining on him. He felt extremely warm there, as though he was filled with energy.

As William’s eyes looked further and further, his thoughts became more and more crazed…


98, the game only needed 98 every month.

That’s right, “Gods” was a fictitious game with a monthly subscription.

After the many types and generations of top-up games and games with a one-time payment, all of the fictitious games had monthly subscriptions now.

Extremely popular games in the past like “Honor”, “Zero”, “Sanctuary”, “A World About Swords”, “Starcraft” and “Conviction” were the basis that lead to the monthly subscribed games now!

As for “Gods”, this game started its beta in the year 2333.

Because the game wasn’t developed by a famous company, there wasn’t much marketing for it early on. That was why this game wasn’t very popular when it first started. After all, it wasn’t easy to stand out amongst so many fictitious games.

It only became really popular after three years and even reached a new record in gaming history with 68 million players online together!

It couldn’t be helped. With the amount technology had developed, everyone had a lot of free time. However, there were many games as well…

God, this was a world with battle energy and magic.

In this place, one could be lucky enough to become a brave Dragon’s Slayer, marry the Princess successfully and become the most accomplished person.

However, at the same time, it was very normal for the adventurers to be careless and get eaten by the dragon. The dragon would then take revenge and kill an entire city, eliminating a guild’s base and kill hundreds of thousands of players. The NPC[1.NPC are non-player characters.] would then take revenge angrily.

However, this is a world with Gods…

Every player has the dream of becoming a God.

It was a pity that William wasn’t able to become a God after playing the game for ten years in his previous life. He rarely saw any Gods either. It was not that he couldn’t become one, but he had died before that happened.

He had died in the gaming pod.

Although there were a few other ‘geniuses’ in gaming history who would face sudden brain death while playing games, it wasn’t enough to make players scared as they continued to play instead of stopping.

They had to top-up their money and continue their monthly subscription. How could they watch their money disappear in games like that?

Of course, even before William had passed away, he hadn’t seen any other players become Gods, not even fake Gods…

The key problem was because it was too hard.

No matter if they were professional gamers or top players from the top guilds, the maximum at that time was at the Legendary level. Even so, few people reached the Legendary stage and the Legendary levels were split into three, level three, level six and level nine.

Of course, before he passed away, he had only barely touched the game’s later parts…

What was his level back then?

Of course, he was at the top of the entire world, a legendary warrior who was the carrier of the other players.

As for his usual job, he helped people level up their characters.

His job wasn’t limited to helping to steal Bosses


. When rich players were willing to throw money at the game, he would bring their characters for missions to gain experience, get pets and rides and much more.

He would even work as an assassin and help kill others as well.

He was a Legendary after all, so he was a lot stronger than normal players.

It was probably because he was Legendary!

Not only did it require money, but it also required a crazy effort as well.

Besides, if he didn’t have money, how would he be able to make equipment? How would he be able to strengthen his weapons? If you don’t have money and don’t want to put in the effort, then it would be better to quit the game…

William had always suspected that there must have been many programmers that chose this company after Wangyi company went bankrupt. If not, why would the equipment system be so annoying?

He had good skills, was able to see the potential of the game, and used many days and nights to get a strong advantage and lead on other players. Doing this, he became a snowball-like trainer to earn money before he slowly managed to become Legendary. For a poor person like him, if he hadn’t been playing the game from the very first day, he would have long died from hunger in the gaming pod.

“However, it’s a pity that I still died!” William Blackleaf caressed his stomach, sitting down on the woven rocking chair helplessly. He took a sip from the fruit alcohol that cost 30 coins. It was fragrant and sweet and not choking at all.

It felt really nice. At least, he didn’t become a dog and he was a lot stronger than other people with the same experiences.

“However, I was reborn, so I have to continue working!” He was thinking about how to use his identity to live on!

“William Blackleaf, one of the Elfin lords by the borders of the Southern Blackleaf forest. His nickname is Border Lord. Hm, it seems like I’m half-Elfin?” William had merely inherited some of his body’s memories, so he didn’t know how his body had fallen from the tree, how he had fallen so badly, and even died to let him have the fortunate chance to be reborn in a different world.

However, this was not the time to consider this. He should think of how to live a better live.

“That’s not right. I can still remember interacting with him when I was still at level twenty then. This is a very strong Lord. Although the place was small, his ambitions were great and I received several missions from this place too.

“However, this person had died from many messy wars six months from the start of the beta and his territory was taken over by the Iron Nation. He seemed to be quite pitiful.

“His Father is the previous Border Lord and was able to survive in the small pieces of land between the Blackleaf forest and the human nation. He even had the ability to move his resources around.

“However, his son had no ability. After he inherited the territory, there seemed to be many peasants moving out of his territory and only later did he successfully made the town larger.

“However, after he got into a lot of trouble, he didn’t pledge his loyalty to the nation and didn’t disappear fully into the Blackleaf forest either…

“Although I forgot what type of trouble it was, his actions in the later partss of the game were basically asking to be killed.” William sighed softly, as he started to recall what little memories he had.

His border territory wasn’t huge. He had a lot of land to the West and East of the town, so he could use it properly.

There were 3000 people living in the small town. 1500 of them, half-Elfin, 1000 of them, humans and the remaining 500 were Elves.

Those five hundred pure-blooded Elves…


From his memories, it seemed as though they were the guards his mother gave him.

These guards were quite strong and very loyal. However, they were too proud and were often unhappy about his human half.

Even if his mother was Elf Royalty, these five hundred pure-blooded Elves had planned to use their lifespan of a few thousand years to completely ruin William, the half-Elfin, and return to the Blackleaf forest.

“Er… My mother is actually Elfin Royalty?” William’s mind was a little messy, finally regaining his senses from the sudden rush of memories.

Just as William was about to call someone to help him up and patrol the area, a voice rang by his ear.

A sound rang in his ear.

“Ding dong.”

“Countdown to the 1.0 version of the open Beta: 364 Days, 23 Hours, 59 Minutes.”

“…” The current border lord was William Blackleaf, the esteemed Elf with Royal blood!

He slowly fell into deep thought. Because, if he followed his thoughts, he would be on the crazy route of killing the giant dragon, marrying the Princess and becoming a God after he transmigrated into a different world.

But how did he become an NPC?

“Why… Why do I have to face the crazy players who couldn’t die?” William was suddenly in a daze.


Total Chapters in book: 352
Estimated words: 648486 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3242(@200wpm)___ 2594(@250wpm)___ 2162(@300wpm)