I Am Overlord by I Am Pure

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Master, I Will Broaden Your Horizons!
Chapter 3: Five Stars Illuminating The Sky!
Chapter 4: Fighting For A Disciple!
Chapter 5: What A Cute Little Girl!
Chapter 6: Ain'T That The Damn Truth!
Chapter 7: Nine Stars Shake The Heavens!
Chapter 8: Challenging One'S Limits!
Chapter 9: This Brat Is Definitely A Masochist!!
Chapter 10: If You Don'T Let Me Eat, You Die!
Chapter 11: What A Snob!
Chapter 12: I, Xiang Shaoyun, Will Look After You From Now On!
Chapter 13: Heaven-Defying Comprehension Ability!
Chapter 14: Deliberately Siding With Him!
Chapter 15: I'M Very Hurt!
Chapter 16: A Conspiracy Appears!
Chapter 17: I'Ll Remember This Whip!
Chapter 18: Concocting Medicinal Solutions!
Chapter 19: Prelude To The Battle!
Chapter 20: I'Ll Defeat You In Three Moves!
Chapter 21: I'Ll Defeat Him Again!
Chapter 22: Good Thing This Young Master Is Quick Witted!
Chapter 23: Hall Of Limits, Second Room!
Chapter 24: Breaking The Limits!
Chapter 25: He Is My Prince Charming!
Chapter 26: Earth Star Spring!
Chapter 27: Star Destroying Finger!
Chapter 28: People Flee At The Sight Of Trouble!
Chapter 29: A Lucky Escape!
Chapter 30: Reaching Hundred Beast Mountain Range!
Chapter 31: This Young Master Cannot Look After You!
Chapter 32: Blue Marten!
Chapter 33: My First Time!
Chapter 34: Healing Wounds!
Chapter 35: Rushing To The Earth Star Spring!
Chapter 36: Injury!
Chapter 37: Riches Are Found In The Midst Of Danger!
Chapter 38: This Young Master Will Kill You!
Chapter 39: Low-Grade Spirit Medicine: Blood Mushroom King!
Chapter 40: Reaching The Earth Star Spring, Breaking Through To The Astral Realm!
Chapter 41: I'Ve Actually Run Into A Dead End!
Chapter 42: Gong Qinyin!
Chapter 43: I'Ll Let Her See Me Next Time!
Chapter 44: Lightning Bolt Fist!
Chapter 45: Fighting Head-On!
Chapter 46: You'Re Courting Death!
Chapter 47: I'M Still Hurting!
Chapter 48: My Senior Brother Sure Has An Attitude
Chapter 49: I Might As Well Smash My Head Against A Tofu And Kill Myself
Chapter 50: Only Astral Realm
Chapter 51: You Dare Bully This Young Master'S Underling?
Chapter 52: Let Me First Break Your Legs!
Chapter 53: This Young Master Is Never Afraid Of Anyone
Chapter 54: Abuse Of Authority
Chapter 55: A Little Bit Worse Than Me
Chapter 56: Entering The Third Limit Room
Chapter 57: Fourth Limit, Broken!
Chapter 58: You Sure You Want To Challenge Another Room?
Chapter 59: Second-Stage Astral Realm
Chapter 60: Born To Be King
Chapter 61: Old Man, You Are Indeed Useless!
Chapter 62: Please Allow Me This, Young Master
Chapter 63: Forget It
Chapter 64: The Child Of Heaven Has Descended Upon The Mortal World
Chapter 65: A Tad Bit Small
Chapter 66: Kidnapped
Chapter 67: Search
Chapter 68: Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill
Chapter 69: Purple Bone
Chapter 70: Old Drunkard Duo Ji
Chapter 71: I Hate This Bone!
Chapter 72: I Am Unhappy!
Chapter 73: I Will Be Fully Devoted!
Chapter 74: Sister Chang'E
Chapter 75: Shit! I Really Wasn'T Lying!
Chapter 76: Before The Match
Chapter 77: All Of You Can Come At Once
Chapter 78: Now An Overlord
Chapter 79: Blood Eruption Technique
Chapter 80: Useless
Chapter 81: Results Of The Seclusion
Chapter 82: Black Gold
Chapter 83: Even More Shameless Than Robbing
Chapter 84: Kill
Chapter 85: I Hate Traitors The Most
Chapter 86: Who Can Do It?
Chapter 87: Battle Of Towns
Chapter 88: This Young Master Is Very Busy
Chapter 89: Martial Palace Inheritance
Chapter 90: You Dare To Not Reveal Yourself?
Chapter 91: Broken Saber
Chapter 92: The Invulnerability Of The Shameless
Chapter 93: Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique
Chapter 94: This Is Too Much
Chapter 95: You Are Challenging Me
Chapter 96: Is Little White An Imperial Species?
Chapter 97: The Birth Of A New King
Chapter 98: Growing Without Restraint
Chapter 99: Strike By Lightning
Chapter 100: Lightning Liquid
Chapter 101: Desperate Self Rescue
Chapter 102: Massive Transformation
Chapter 103: They Are Not Worthy
Chapter 104: I'M Giving Him The Cold Shoulder
Chapter 105: Temper
Chapter 106: This Little Fellow Holds A Grudge As Well
Chapter 107: Rapid Kill
Chapter 108: Undefeated Overlord
Chapter 109: Fight By Your Side
Chapter 110: Heading To The Golden River Valley
Chapter 111: Battle Request
Chapter 112: Repeated Defeat
Chapter 113: This Young Master Shall Trample On You One By One
Chapter 114: You Can Piss Off Again
Chapter 115: The Boss Is Undefeated
Chapter 116: I'Ll Blush
Chapter 117: Surrender, Girl
Chapter 118: Take My Trump Card
Chapter 119: You Want Me To Keep Being The Dark Horse?
Chapter 120: Reaching The Golden River Valley
Chapter 121: Gold Serpentine Crocodile
Chapter 122: Hunting Gold Serpentine Crocodiles
Chapter 123: Forced Into An Impasse
Chapter 124: Breaking Through During Crisis
Chapter 125: The Legendary White Tiger Wings
Chapter 126: One Howl To Shake Mountains And Rivers
Chapter 127: Play The Fool
Chapter 128: You Are Treating Human Life Like Grass
Chapter 129: Untimely Death
Chapter 130: White Tiger Demonic Soul
Chapter 131: Ninth-Stage Demon King
Chapter 132: Second-Stage Transformation Realm
Chapter 133: Various Treasures
Chapter 134: Inner Shaped Energy
Chapter 135: Little White'S Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 136: I Like The Fiercest Tigress
Chapter 137: It Is Jin Wo'S Honor
Chapter 138: Ziling Sect
Chapter 139: Separation Of Brothers
Chapter 140: Is He A Crossdresser?
Chapter 141: The View Here Is Better
Chapter 142: You'Re The Boss
Chapter 143: Time To Start A Fire
Chapter 144: I Will Remember This!
Chapter 145: You'Re Crazy
Chapter 146: Zombie Slaying
Chapter 147: Your Entire Family Are Crossdressers
Chapter 148: Brain Devouring Bug
Chapter 149: Go Back, Shower, And Sleep
Chapter 150: My Full Name Is Dong Ziwan
Chapter 151: I'M Accepting This Mission
Chapter 152: You Have Been Surrounded
Chapter 153: Who Told You I'M Running?
Chapter 154: Well Done!
Chapter 155: Cultivating An Ultimate Technique
Chapter 156: Saber Intent
Chapter 157: Comprehending The Dao
Chapter 158: That Was Just Luck
Chapter 159: Thank You For Showing Leniency
Chapter 160: All Of You Deserve Death
Chapter 161: What Are You Waiting For? Surrender!
Chapter 162: Challenging The Redwolf Bandits
Chapter 163: Today, I'Ll Kill To My Heart'S Content
Chapter 164: Devilspirit Sword
Chapter 165: Lightning Slash From The Clear Sky
Chapter 166: You Are Best Suited For The Position Of Principal
Chapter 167: Fight For Principal
Chapter 168: You Are But Trash
Chapter 169: From Today Onward, There Are No More Redwolf Bandits
Chapter 170: Heavenly Eye Stone
Chapter 171: Really Strong Senior
Chapter 172: Saber Emperor Du Xuanhao
Chapter 173: Arriving At Cloud Margin City
Chapter 174: Building A Spy Network
Chapter 175: Parting On Bad Terms
Chapter 176: You Better Not
Chapter 177: Arrangement
Chapter 178: Conflict
Chapter 179: Tao Ran'S Arrival
Chapter 180: Earthcore Fire Search Preparation
Chapter 181: Before The Auction
Chapter 182: Icesnow Fruit
Chapter 183: Coldstar Stone
Chapter 184: The Headband From The Ancient Forbidden Grounds
Chapter 185: I Am Overlord Xiang
Chapter 186: Challenging Xie Sanqian
Chapter 187: Your Killer Is Overlord Xiang
Chapter 188: Nether Dragon Soul Curse
Chapter 189: Be My Bed Warming Maid
Chapter 190: Arriving At The Flame Mountain
Chapter 191: Chen Clan'S Chen Zilong
Chapter 192: One Move Is All It Takes
Chapter 193: Starting The Earthcore Fire Search
Chapter 194: Flame Beast
Chapter 195: Battling The Double Crimson Tyrants
Chapter 196: Drawing In Lightning
Chapter 197: The Profundity Of Nether Soul Domain
Chapter 198: Qilin Arm
Chapter 199: Worked Hard For Nothing
Chapter 200: Millennium Earthcore Fire
Chapter 201: Flame Immune Human Skin
Chapter 202: Battling The Various Geniuses
Chapter 203: Flame Taming Technique
Chapter 204: Shall I Cultivate The Power Of Flame?
Chapter 205: Yun Flame
Chapter 206: Let'S Fuse
Chapter 207: Blaze Flower, Seven Scorching Sun Claws
Chapter 208: Who'S That Immoral Person
Chapter 209: Volcano Escape Plan
Chapter 210: Since You'Re Already Here, Stay
Chapter 211: Submit!
Chapter 212: Call Me Young Master From Now On
Chapter 213: Brother In Suffering
Chapter 214: Tired Of Living?
Chapter 215: Gathering Of Brothers
Chapter 216: I Don'T Want To Ruin Her Life
Chapter 217: Swatting Two Houseflies
Chapter 218: Man'S Affair
Chapter 219: There Goes My Chastity
Chapter 220: I'Ll Stay Then
Chapter 221: Lightning Alliance
Chapter 222: Conversation With Zi Changhe
Chapter 223: Do You Want To Increase Your Cultivation Speed?
Chapter 224: Foolish Girl
Chapter 225: Requesting To Meet Gong Qinyin
Chapter 226: Witness This Young Master'S Grace
Chapter 227: I Will Play You A Song
Chapter 228: You Better Not Attack For Real
Chapter 229: Let Us Be Brother And Sister
Chapter 230: Join The Red House
Chapter 231: I Will Prove It
Chapter 232: White Tiger Essence
Chapter 233: Definitely Comparable To An Emperor-Grade Saber
Chapter 234: I Can Finally Fly
Chapter 235: This Kid Is Actually A War King
Chapter 236: Defeating A King
Chapter 237: I Am Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 238: I Want To Go With You
Chapter 239: How Boring
Chapter 240: Defeating Xie Sanqian Again
Chapter 241: Just A Bunch Of Useless People With Empty Reputations
Chapter 242: Courting Death
Chapter 243: The Curtain Drops
Chapter 244: Offended Someone Again?
Chapter 245: Martial Uncle Is Amazing
Chapter 246: A Dog Bullying Others With The Power Of Its Master
Chapter 247: Conversation With The Vice Pavilion Master
Chapter 248: Senior Brother Will Succeed
Chapter 249: Depths Of Hundred Beast Mountain Range
Chapter 250: Zi Changhe Becoming King
Chapter 251: No Class
Chapter 252: Land Of Soul Springs
Chapter 253: Challenging The Limit Again
Chapter 254: White Tiger Wings
Chapter 255: Personal Opportunities
Chapter 256: I Really Like You
Chapter 257: Not Stuffed!
Chapter 258: Peace, Finally
Chapter 259: Wu Town'S Change
Chapter 260: Are You Done, Flies?
Chapter 261: You Are Shameless
Chapter 262: The Land Of Soul Springs Opens
Chapter 263: Just The Appetizer
Chapter 264: Maneater Vine
Chapter 265: Intense Battle With The Cannibals
Chapter 266: Spirit Crystal Mine Indeed!
Chapter 267: Battling The Cannibal King
Chapter 268: Harvesting The Spirit Crystal Mine
Chapter 269: I'M A Nice Guy
Chapter 270: Why Don'T We Work Together?
Chapter 271: Chaos Manufacturing
Chapter 272: Earthstone Heart
Chapter 273: Ghostrune Race
Chapter 274: It Might Not Mean Us Harm
Chapter 275: Hua Honglou'S Might
Chapter 276: Why Should I Know A Dead Man?
Chapter 277: You Brought That On Yourself
Chapter 278: Hua Honglou'S Thoughts
Chapter 279: Strongest Group Of Three
Chapter 280: Are You Thanking Me Or Are You Taking Advantage Of Me?
Chapter 281: Time To Send You Off
Chapter 282: Climbing Moon Gazing Platform
Chapter 283: Soul Spring Obtained
Chapter 284: Ghostrune King
Chapter 285: What Secret Is There On This Stone Mountain?
Chapter 286: A Ghostbloom And A Terrifying Human Face
Chapter 287: A Terrifying Man
Chapter 288: New Secret Information
Chapter 289: Devouring Ghost Of The Five Skyslaying Generals
Chapter 290: Young Woman Of Remarkable Beauty
Chapter 291: You Shall Be The Young Master Of Devouring Ghost
Chapter 292: Not Me Sparing You?
Chapter 293: Intense Battle With Lightning Kid
Chapter 294: You Must Be Sick
Chapter 295: Might Of The Four Divinity Swords
Chapter 296: He Is A Walking Calamity
Chapter 297: Entering The Ghostrune Heartland
Chapter 298: Ninth-Stage Transformation Realm
Chapter 299: Soul Raising Stone Obtained
Chapter 300: Wondrous Nether Soul Domain
Chapter 301: Fusing With The Soul Raising Stone
Chapter 302: You Think I Don'T Dare To Kill You?
Chapter 303: Liang Zhuangmin And Hua Honglou Attacked
Chapter 304: Rescuing The Beauty, Battling Mo Sha
Chapter 305: Mighty Liang Zhuangmin
Chapter 306: Can You Move Your Hand Now?
Chapter 307: Wu Chi And Zhi Yong
Chapter 308: Xiang Shaoyun, Do You Dare Battle Me?
Chapter 309: Saber And Sword, Fighting For Glory
Chapter 310: Changing Weathers
Chapter 311: Fury Of The Qilin
Chapter 312: Trump Card Presentation
Chapter 313: Final Clash
Chapter 314: One Slash To Take Three Lives
Chapter 315: Tragedy Of The Lightning Emperor
Chapter 316: Cloud Margin Pavilion'S Disaster
Chapter 317: Saber Emperor To The Fight
Chapter 318: Leaked Whereabouts
Chapter 319: I Have A Few Strands Of Soul Spring Here
Chapter 320: Where Did This Barking Dog Come From?
Chapter 321: I'Ll Send You All To The Afterlife
Chapter 322: The Traitors Are Here
Chapter 323: Spare Them
Chapter 324: You Shall Be My Target Practice
Chapter 325: Slaughter
Chapter 326: Suffering Heavy Injuries
Chapter 327: Sister Ye Chaomu
Chapter 328: That Is A Ten Millennia Stoneclock Milk
Chapter 329: Old Winter And Old Summer
Chapter 330: Mighty Old Demon
Chapter 331: We'Re On The Same Side
Chapter 332: Transformation
Chapter 333: Warning Chen Zilong
Chapter 334: Big Brother, Are You Pretending?
Chapter 335: Reunion Of Brothers
Chapter 336: Brand New Devouring Ghost
Chapter 337: You Are Incomparable To Your Sister
Chapter 338: Crisis Of Zi Changhe And Co
Chapter 339: He Is Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 340: The Mad Lightning Emperor
Chapter 341: Young Master Xiang, Just Call Me Qing!
Chapter 342: Seven Severing Tunes
Chapter 343: Qinyin, You Like Me, Right?
Chapter 344: I Have Wronged The Martial Hall Palace
Chapter 345: Chen Zilong'S Ambition
Chapter 346: A Saber To Kill For Me
Chapter 347: You Are A Little Devil
Chapter 348: Parting
Chapter 349: Xia Hamlet
Chapter 350: A Tiger Father Does Not Beget A Dog Son
Chapter 351: It Is Not A Sin For A Man To Cry
Chapter 352: Your Killer
Chapter 353: Destroying The Mad Lion Hunting Group
Chapter 354: You'Re Still Such A Spendthrift, Big Brother
Chapter 355: Empty
Chapter 356: Take Care
Chapter 357: Silver-Winged Lightning Wolf King
Chapter 358: Silver Lightning Stone
Chapter 359: Come, Silver Lightning
Chapter 360: When Should I Break Through If Not Now
Chapter 361: Ignite, Fate Star
Chapter 362: Skysoar Realm, Finally
Chapter 363: Horned Lightning Snake
Chapter 364: Taming The Horned Lightning Snake
Chapter 365: Silver Lightning Core
Chapter 366: Six Goldplate Manual
Chapter 367: Drawing The Lightning, Cultivate
Chapter 368: Footwork Intent
Chapter 369: Lending A Helping Hand
Chapter 370: Dong Ziwan'S Brother
Chapter 371: Dong Ziwan'S Might
Chapter 372: Empty
Chapter 373: Who Are You Calling A Fool?
Chapter 374: Controlling Tai Kang
Chapter 375: Overlord Is My Nickname
Chapter 376: Devouring Ghost'S Breakthrough
Chapter 377: Clan Emergency
Chapter 378: Harsh Scolding
Chapter 379: Prompt Reinforcement
Chapter 380: That Man Can'T Be Offended
Chapter 381: Beating The Enemy Back
Chapter 382: Harming My Young Master? Are You Tired Of Living?
Chapter 383: I'Ll Stay
Chapter 384: Money Breaking Through
Chapter 385: I Will Face The Tribulation With You
Chapter 386: Silver Lightning Liquid
Chapter 387: I Don'T Want To Leave You
Chapter 388: Congratulations, Big Brother Du For Breaking Through
Chapter 389: Tai And Xing Clans Erased
Chapter 390: Forming Nine-Colored Fog
Chapter 391: I'Ll Be Making The Decision To Betroth Little Wan To You
Chapter 392: Dong Clan'S Generous Reward
Chapter 393: The Story Of Blood Demon And Saber Devil
Chapter 394: Footwork Comprehension
Chapter 395: Bloodsin City
Chapter 396: I Want The Leader Alive
Chapter 397: City Of Chaos
Chapter 398: Yu Clan Spiritual Medicine Store
Chapter 399: Restricted Space
Chapter 400: Growing Soul Power
Chapter 401: Imperial Nether Prison
Chapter 402: Han Clan Sisters
Chapter 403: Night Attack
Chapter 404: I Am Your Master From Now On
Chapter 405: Controlling The Skeleton Gang
Chapter 406: A Sanctimonious Scoundrel
Chapter 407: Welcoming Young Master Xiang
Chapter 408: Bloodsin Arena
Chapter 409: Ugly Gambler Of The Seven Villains
Chapter 410: On The Arena, Fate Decides Life And Death
Chapter 411: Xiang Shaoyun Is Victorious
Chapter 412: White Tiger Manifestation
Chapter 413: Nothing Special
Chapter 414: This Kid Is A Super King
Chapter 415: Ten Victories
Chapter 416: Bloodsin City Governor Tang Zhan
Chapter 417: Sect Master Medal
Chapter 418: Green Ghost
Chapter 419: You Can Be My Woman
Chapter 420: Golden Dragon Sword Su Jun
Chapter 421: Kill That Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 422: The Difficult Wolf Fang
Chapter 423: Devil Apeman
Chapter 424: Watch How I Cut You Apart
Chapter 425: Rat Assassins
Chapter 426: Honest Gentleman
Chapter 427: Gathering Of Villains
Chapter 428: Game Of Villains
Chapter 429: Poisoned
Chapter 430: Havoc Dance
Chapter 431: Meeting Of Enemies
Chapter 432: Yao Jiaojiao'S Dreadful Strength
Chapter 433: Assembly Of Geniuses
Chapter 434: I Want To Break Through
Chapter 435: Devil Fish
Chapter 436: The Yu Clan'S Holy Maiden Candidate
Chapter 437: Only I Can Be Your Husband
Chapter 438: I Can'T Help It, I'M Just Too Handsome
Chapter 439: The Yu Clan Is Indeed Terrifying
Chapter 440: Money Breaking Through Again
Chapter 441: This Guy Has A Good Eye
Chapter 442: The Devil Domain'S Devil Blood
Chapter 443: Yu Caidie'S Cousin
Chapter 444: I Am Like A Bright Pearl During The Night
Chapter 445: Changing Weathers
Chapter 446: You Lose
Chapter 447: What A Shameless Person
Chapter 448: Is The Imperial Nether Clan Part Of The Devils?
Chapter 449: Devil Flame Rat
Chapter 450: Devil Flame Seed
Chapter 451: Return Of The Flame Taming Technique
Chapter 452: Subduing The Devil Flame Seed
Chapter 453: Devil Eye Beast
Chapter 454: Devil Ant Scorpion Emperor
Chapter 455: River Of Corpses
Chapter 456: Tang Longfei'S Help
Chapter 457: Side Effect
Chapter 458: This Is A Devil Wind Beast
Chapter 459: Imprison And Kill
Chapter 460: Yet Another Damnable Traitor
Chapter 461: Enhanced Recovery
Chapter 462: Footwork Advancement
Chapter 463: Clowns
Chapter 464: Like The Son Of Wind
Chapter 465: Prison Party
Chapter 466: Four Paramount Devil Clans
Chapter 467: Saving Shou Xie
Chapter 468: The Powerful Geniuses
Chapter 469: Downfall Of Kingdoms
Chapter 470: Working Together Against The Storm
Chapter 471: Heaven Unity Technique
Chapter 472: Riding The Wind
Chapter 473: Activate The Nine Stars
Chapter 474: Absorbing Yin Devil Wind
Chapter 475: Those Who Approach Will Be Killed
Chapter 476: Rapid Cultivation Increase
Chapter 477: Kicking Bai Qi To Death
Chapter 478: So What If I Am Arrogant?
Chapter 479: Four Great Ancient Academies
Chapter 480: Purpose Of Contributions
Chapter 481: You Are Indeed Up To No Good
Chapter 482: Can You Tackle This Young Master To Death?
Chapter 483: Hurricane Kick And Vicious Prison Finger
Chapter 484: Han Clan Sisters In Danger Again
Chapter 485: You Are The One Who Hit Your Head Somewhere
Chapter 486: They Have Caught This Young Master'S Eye
Chapter 487: True Nature Of Men
Chapter 488: Conquering With Virtue
Chapter 489: Repaying Kindness With Unkindness
Chapter 490: This Young Master Is Born Immune To Poison
Chapter 491: Utterly Shameless
Chapter 492: That Must Be Pure Luck
Chapter 493: What A Madman
Chapter 494: I Won'T Keep You Around Then
Chapter 495: Devil Severing Edge
Chapter 496: Yang Devouring Devil
Chapter 497: Nether Prison Devil
Chapter 498: This Will Be Quite Embarrassing For Me
Chapter 499: Nether Prison Devil Puppet
Chapter 500: Blood Essence Fusion
Chapter 501: Extorting The Old Nether Prison Devil
Chapter 502: Nether Shadow Evanescence
Chapter 503: Han Pojun
Chapter 504: All Of You May Die
Chapter 505: Blood Cocoon Stone
Chapter 506: Even Your Uncle'S Life Had Been Saved By Him
Chapter 507: Di Batian
Chapter 508: Du Xuanhao Greets The Young Master
Chapter 509: Contribution Conversion
Chapter 510: A True Scum
Chapter 511: Not Even Houseflies Are As Noisy As You
Chapter 512: Super War Emperor
Chapter 513: Battle Of The Four Academies
Chapter 514: The Fatally Attractive Spots
Chapter 515: This Kid Will Remember That
Chapter 516: Trading For Numerous Odd Items
Chapter 517: Skeleton Gang'S Crisis
Chapter 518: Sovereign'S Wrath
Chapter 519: Those Who Disagree May Step Forth Now
Chapter 520: Thank You, Han Qianwei
Chapter 521: This Nephew Greets Uncle Tang
Chapter 522: Birth Mystery
Chapter 523: Devouring Ghost'S Blood Demon Clone
Chapter 524: Hunting Rat Assassins
Chapter 525: Meeting Green Ghost Again
Chapter 526: Master And Disciple
Chapter 527: Conclude Our Deal First
Chapter 528: Shura'S Avatar
Chapter 529: This Fellow Sure Has A Good Timing
Chapter 530: This Is A Divine Site
Chapter 531: Battle Armor Weighing A Million Catty
Chapter 532: He Is A Hidden Dragon
Chapter 533: Random Invitation
Chapter 534: Mockery
Chapter 535: Apology
Chapter 536: Di Batian Has A Backer
Chapter 537: Ye Clan'S Ye Youfei
Chapter 538: Consuming Astral Expansion Flower
Chapter 539: Their Physiques Are Really Terrible
Chapter 540: Repairing The Overlord Skyslaying Saber
Chapter 541: Heading To Dragon Phoenix Academy
Chapter 542: Arriving At Dragon Phoenix City
Chapter 543: Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 544: Chance
Chapter 545: First Battle At Dragon Phoenix City
Chapter 546: The Eight Great Freaks
Chapter 547: Start Of Test
Chapter 548: Seven Golden Lotuses
Chapter 549: Final Moment
Chapter 550: None Of You Can Escape
Chapter 551: I'M Now Your Master
Chapter 552: Arriving At Dragon Phoenix Academy
Chapter 553: Second Round
Chapter 554: I Think He Is Breaking Through
Chapter 555: Everyone'S Reaction
Chapter 556: Bleeding From The Seven Orifices
Chapter 557: What An Excellent Recruit
Chapter 558: Physique Assessment
Chapter 559: Di Lin And Xia Yunxi
Chapter 560: Your Life Will Always Be Mine
Chapter 561: The Perfect Physique
Chapter 562: Natural Phenomenon
Chapter 563: I Would Rather Die Than Submit
Chapter 564: This Kid Is Someone With A Character
Chapter 565: Fend For Yourself
Chapter 566: The Forbidden Back Graveyard
Chapter 567: Big-Winged Vicious Bird
Chapter 568: Vicious One, Vicious Two, Vicious Three
Chapter 569: Evil Spirit
Chapter 570: A Fine Filthless Soul
Chapter 571: High-Level Evil Spirit
Chapter 572: Gravekeeper Elder
Chapter 573: Change
Chapter 574: Ancient Secret
Chapter 575: The Wondrous Ancient Mantra
Chapter 576: Simply A Mess
Chapter 577: Dao Of Tactics
Chapter 578: Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist
Chapter 579: The Changes After One Year
Chapter 580: The Trouble Of Lady Shura And The Han Clan Sisters
Chapter 581: Burning Anger
Chapter 582: Unfair Enforcement
Chapter 583: Moving Into 1 Dragon Villa
Chapter 584: Victory Without A Battle
Chapter 585: Betting Duels
Chapter 586: The Disadvantage Of Cultivating Nine Powers With Nine Stars
Chapter 587: Profundity Of The Power Of Earth
Chapter 588: Number Two Beauty Han Chenfei
Chapter 589: Pretty Girl, Here To Challenge Me?
Chapter 590: Both Of You Don'T Have Long To Live
Chapter 591: If I Tell You I Want You
Chapter 592: I'M Telling You, I'M Her Husband
Chapter 593: I Hope You Can Get Through This
Chapter 594: Draconic Aura Forming Failure
Chapter 595: Ninety Percent Draconic Aura
Chapter 596: Book Pavilion
Chapter 597: Don'T You Have Any Finesse?
Chapter 598: Step Suppression
Chapter 599: Too Strong
Chapter 600: Suppressing A Breakthrough Opportunity
Chapter 601: Princess Huang Xiaoyue
Chapter 602: A Fine Heroic And Handsome Prince
Chapter 603: He Might Create A Miracle
Chapter 604: Mission Selection
Chapter 605: Treasure Seeking Mouse
Chapter 606: Assassination
Chapter 607: You Guys Can Go On To The Afterlife, Then
Chapter 608: The Dreadful Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist
Chapter 609: Entering The Dragon Ascension Realm
Chapter 610: Dragon-Scaled Elephant'S Territory
Chapter 611: Rise Of Conflict
Chapter 612: Looks Like You Still Don'T Know Remorse
Chapter 613: Dragon Liquid, Obtained
Chapter 614: Discovery Of An Underground Palace
Chapter 615: Overlord Legion
Chapter 616: Consuming The Dragon Liquid
Chapter 617: Legion Recruitment
Chapter 618: Shang Jifeng Greets The Overlord
Chapter 619: Zhuge Zhantian And Ma Qihao
Chapter 620: Di Lin Avoiding The Fight
Chapter 621: Nine Great Unique Zones
Chapter 622: Lightning Explosion
Chapter 623: Money Bullied
Chapter 624: The Fearsome Purple Lightning Pool
Chapter 625: The Rise Of Money
Chapter 626: Vicious Steel Mist
Chapter 627: The Person You Offended Is The Green Youth
Chapter 628: Approaching Goldmen'S Territory
Chapter 629: Lending A Helping Hand
Chapter 630: Goldman Prince'S Invitation
Chapter 631: Goldmen Guest
Chapter 632: The Significance Of The Gold Lunar Liquid
Chapter 633: Gold Tree Sapling And Broken Stele
Chapter 634: Desolation
Chapter 635: You Dare Lay Hands On My Woman?
Chapter 636: I'M Right In Front Of You
Chapter 637: Zhu Changchuang'S Scheme
Chapter 638: How Generous
Chapter 639: Eager To Save
Chapter 640: Seven-Layered Soul Foundation
Chapter 641: That Is A Saint Weapon
Chapter 642: Shifty-Eyed
Chapter 643: Shang Jifeng'S Sister Shang Yafang
Chapter 644: Young Shaoyun, Are You Married?
Chapter 645: A Young Man Shouldn'T Be Spending All His Time Thinking About Women
Chapter 646: Not Even Worthy Of Scratching My Itch
Chapter 647: Shang Jifeng'S Return
Chapter 648: Capturing Old Winter And Summer
Chapter 649: Sin Dragon
Chapter 650: Big Brother Shaoyun Is Amazing
Chapter 651: Honor The Young Sect Master
Chapter 652: Sin Dragon Pond
Chapter 653: Lucky Escape
Chapter 654: Devouring Phosphorus Poison
Chapter 655: Seeking Defeat
Chapter 656: Exquisite Young Woman
Chapter 657: Reunion With The Villains
Chapter 658: The Three Villains Conspire
Chapter 659: I'Ll Put My Trust In You, Kid
Chapter 660: These Fellows Are Too Shrewd
Chapter 661: Devouring Phosphorus Bug Disaster
Chapter 662: Heaven Breaking Shears
Chapter 663: Blinded
Chapter 664: Trap And Dreamland
Chapter 665: The Legendary Spatial Crested Snakes
Chapter 666: Dark Origin Energy
Chapter 667: Kill Them All
Chapter 668: Severing Saber Manor'S Young Master Xiao Xie
Chapter 669: Yet Another Prison
Chapter 670: You'Re Really The Overlord
Chapter 671: Meeting Of Freaks
Chapter 672: Battling Xiao Xie
Chapter 673: For This Battle, I Concede
Chapter 674: I'Ll Remember The Humiliation Today
Chapter 675: Let Me Help You Back
Chapter 676: Beauties Arriving In Succession
Chapter 677: Xiang Shaoyun Leaves Seclusion
Chapter 678: Who'S Your Wife?
Chapter 679: I Just Train, And Train, Really!
Chapter 680: Sweeping The Tomb To Comprehend The Heart
Chapter 681: Self Reliance Is Better Than Relying On Others
Chapter 682: Long Live Overlord Legion
Chapter 683: Scram
Chapter 684: Green Youth Ye Linshan
Chapter 685: Special Priority Disciple
Chapter 686: Attack Of The Water Jiao
Chapter 687: We Can Definitely Complete This Smoothly
Chapter 688: Ice Arrowfish
Chapter 689: Alarming Ice Coffin
Chapter 690: Suffering From Frost
Chapter 691: Comprehending The Profundity Of Ice And Water
Chapter 692: Meeting Huo Xudong Again
Chapter 693: Prompt Rescue
Chapter 694: Let Go
Chapter 695: Don'T Blame Me, You Need To Take Responsibility
Chapter 696: Tricking The Old Frost Wolf
Chapter 697: Flame Mountains
Chapter 698: I'Ll Kill You First
Chapter 699: Xia Yunxi
Chapter 700: Submit And This Young Master Shall Spare You
Chapter 701: Yu Ziyang
Chapter 702: Cross The Flame Line And Die
Chapter 703: Flame Spirit Appearing
Chapter 704: Seizing Origin Crystals
Chapter 705: Flame Spirit Emperor
Chapter 706: This Is The Profundity Of Flame
Chapter 707: Desperate Killing Of The Flame Spirit Emperor
Chapter 708: I Am Your Brother-In-Law, Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 709: Work Hard, Future Brother-In-Law
Chapter 710: It'S Really A Fierce Murderous Demon
Chapter 711: This Must Be The Sinister Wind Den
Chapter 712: What Are You Trying To Do
Chapter 713: Feathered Beastman
Chapter 714: You Can Try Escaping If You Want
Chapter 715: Yin Wind Devil
Chapter 716: Only Speed Is Undefeated
Chapter 717: I Can Serve You
Chapter 718: Xiao Wei'S Appearance
Chapter 719: Seeking Gleamstar Water Mission
Chapter 720: Dark Sky Engulfing Imprint
Chapter 721: Alliance
Chapter 722: Han Chenfei'S Comfort
Chapter 723: Heading To Gleamstar Blessed Land
Chapter 724: Ouyang Chuanqi
Chapter 725: Gleamstar Blessed Land
Chapter 726: Horned Shell Monster
Chapter 727: Gleamstar Water
Chapter 728: You Turtle
Chapter 729: We Obey The Overlord
Chapter 730: Lady Violence An Lulu
Chapter 731: I Find You Too Ugly
Chapter 732: Capturing An Lulu
Chapter 733: Or You Can Prepare To Collect Her Corpse
Chapter 734: Revenge Is Here
Chapter 735: I, Xiang Shaoyun, Am Here
Chapter 736: Trapped In The Spatial Suppression Diagram
Chapter 737: You Must Be Trying To Scam Me
Chapter 738: I'Ll Be The Deputy Commander
Chapter 739: His Lowly Life Is So Tenacious
Chapter 740: Refining Gleamstar Water
Chapter 741: Nurturing Stars
Chapter 742: The Husband Dares Not Disobey
Chapter 743: Xiang Shaoyun Versus Di Lin
Chapter 744: Intense Battle
Chapter 745: Killing Di Lin
Chapter 746: Sudden Change Of Di Lin
Chapter 747: After The Battle
Chapter 748: Ruining A Good Affair
Chapter 749: I'Ll Be Shy
Chapter 750: You'Re A Devil
Chapter 751: High Priest Angel
Chapter 752: Purification Punishment
Chapter 753: There Is Hope
Chapter 754: Light Of Wisdom
Chapter 755: Child Of Light
Chapter 756: Envoy Of Light
Chapter 757: Official Appointment
Chapter 758: Dazzling Sky Sword Technique
Chapter 759: Number One Overseer
Chapter 760: Third-Stage Dragon Ascension Realm Advancement
Chapter 761: Don'T Hold Back Against Him
Chapter 762: Here To Create Trouble
Chapter 763: One Against One Hundred
Chapter 764: Xiang Shaoyun, You'Re Shameless
Chapter 765: Group Mission
Chapter 766: Desert Of Despair
Chapter 767: Entering The Desert Of Despair
Chapter 768: Desert Shadow Wolves
Chapter 769: Ambush
Chapter 770: Fragrance Bug And Sandpoison Scorpion
Chapter 771: Beating The Sandpoison Scorpion Into Retreat
Chapter 772: The Bandit Commander Appears
Chapter 773: Shaking The Sovereign
Chapter 774: Sovereign Killing
Chapter 775: Sovereign Extermination
Chapter 776: Bandit Leader'S Self-Destruct
Chapter 777: Truly A Super Freak
Chapter 778: Stopping The Super Sandstorm
Chapter 779: A Donkey Carriage In The Desert
Chapter 780: Perfect Woman
Chapter 781: An Attendant Doesn'T Need To Learn Donkey Driving, Right
Chapter 782: Holy Earth Hall
Chapter 783: Perhaps This Is Love
Chapter 784: Two Old Freaks
Chapter 785: Who The Hell Made My Big Brother A Slave
Chapter 786: Rescue And Leave
Chapter 787: Understanding The Holy Earth Hall
Chapter 788: Turbid Origin Gas Technique
Chapter 789: Holy Hall Affair
Chapter 790: Liang Zhuangmin And Wu Zhijun
Chapter 791: Exchange Of Hearts Between Brothers
Chapter 792: Lawless And Unbridled
Chapter 793: War Of Words
Chapter 794: This Has Nothing To Do With Me
Chapter 795: Facing The Trials Together
Chapter 796: First Trial
Chapter 797: The Second Trial Begins
Chapter 798: Battling The Holy Hall Master'S Clone
Chapter 799: Those Refusing The Advice Of The Elderly Will Be The Ones To Suffer
Chapter 800: The Third Trial
Chapter 801: Activating The Formation
Chapter 802: Secret Of The Stone Tower
Chapter 803: Congratulations, Holy Son-In-Law
Chapter 804: Come And Greet The Holy Son-In-Law
Chapter 805: A Song Of The Free And Unfettered
Chapter 806: Admiration Of Beauty
Chapter 807: Candid Honesty
Chapter 808: Shameless Old Urchin
Chapter 809: A Conspiracy Appears
Chapter 810: Public Assassination
Chapter 811: Tragedy Of The Dwarf
Chapter 812: First Elder Stabilizes The Situation
Chapter 813: Blood Dragon Pool
Chapter 814: Entering The Blood Dragon Pool
Chapter 815: Dragon Bone
Chapter 816: I Will Never Let You Down
Chapter 817: A Wife Like This Is All A Man Can Ask For
Chapter 818: First Elder'S Plans
Chapter 819: Overlord Legion'S Update
Chapter 820: On The Way Back
Chapter 821: That Bastard
Chapter 822: Fairies In Conflict
Chapter 823: Conversation Between The Holy Maiden And The Elder
Chapter 824: Zhang Feng'S Insanity
Chapter 825: This Child Is So Unlucky
Chapter 826: Get Lost
Chapter 827: Lady Shura'S Outburst
Chapter 828: Women'S Remorse
Chapter 829: Yu Ziyang'S Strength
Chapter 830: Agreement Of Two Women
Chapter 831: Xiang Shaoyun'S Transformation
Chapter 832: I Won'T Mind It Even If All Of You Come Together
Chapter 833: Primary-Grade Dragon Phoenix Battleground
Chapter 834: Intelligent Tiny Tree
Chapter 835: Divine Tree Of Life
Chapter 836: Profundity Of Wood
Chapter 837: Trashing The Royals In Anger
Chapter 838: The Overlord Has A Lot Of Tricks Up His Sleeve
Chapter 839: Defeating Li Li
Chapter 840: The Overlord Is Way Too Scary
Chapter 841: Psychedelic Flower
Chapter 842: Beheading Huo Xudong
Chapter 843: Secret Reversal Technique
Chapter 844: Big Black Nimbus
Chapter 845: Stone Key
Chapter 846: From Today Onward, The Glacier Palace Is No More
Chapter 847: Foes Always Meet
Chapter 848: Never Too Much Deception In War
Chapter 849: Capturing Huang Xiaoyue
Chapter 850: I'M In Charge
Chapter 851: Dividing Gains
Chapter 852: Meeting Lei Bao Again
Chapter 853: Thank You For The Praise
Chapter 854: Zhan Wushuang
Chapter 855: Four Stone Keys Gathered
Chapter 856: News Of The Fifth Key
Chapter 857: Baili Yixiao
Chapter 858: Secret Door Opened
Chapter 859: Blood Devil Vine And Immortal Dead Tree
Chapter 860: Breaking Through By Force
Chapter 861: Battling The Devil Sovereign Puppets
Chapter 862: The Prodigies Snatching The Treasures
Chapter 863: Dragon And Phoenix Phantoms
Chapter 864: Devouring The Dragon-Shaped Battle Aura
Chapter 865: Fight For The Jade Cases
Chapter 866: Killing Mo Xiaoqing
Chapter 867: Chaotic Battle Of Freaks
Chapter 868: Defeating Huang Tianji
Chapter 869: Devil Vine'S Blood Heart
Chapter 870: Harvesting The Devil Vine'S Blood Heart
Chapter 871: Fighting Zhan Wushuang Fairly
Chapter 872: Severing Mountains And Rivers
Chapter 873: Let Me Deal With This Kid
Chapter 874: Looking Forward To Our Next Battle
Chapter 875: This Is The Result Of My Tiny Comprehension
Chapter 876: Preparing To Separate And Train
Chapter 877: You Can Address Me As The Celestial Horned Dragonsnake
Chapter 878: Gui Mochou'S Ambush
Chapter 879: You Know Puppet Manipulation Technique As Well?
Chapter 880: Soul Foundation Forming Insights
Chapter 881: Three Treasures
Chapter 882: End Of Fight And Rankings
Chapter 883: The End And The New Beginning
Chapter 884: Women Are Trouble
Chapter 885: Shark Devourer Saber
Chapter 886: Something Is Odd About These Ruined Pages
Chapter 887: Lightning Calamity Fiery Star
Chapter 888: Arresting You For Elder Shadowflash
Chapter 889: I'M Breaking All Your Arms Today
Chapter 890: Xiang Shaoyun Taken
Chapter 891: Situ Yan'S Revenge
Chapter 892: Nobody Can Save You Today
Chapter 893: Sovereign Killing
Chapter 894: That Kid Is Really A Devil
Chapter 895: Clash Of Elders
Chapter 896: I Am Young Master'S Loyal Servant
Chapter 897: Wolf Guard
Chapter 898: Restoring The Scene
Chapter 899: Strength Is Everything
Chapter 900: Anger Of The Legion
Chapter 901: Human Heaven Unity
Chapter 902: Prior To Leaving
Chapter 903: Young Master, The Flies Have Been Dealt With
Chapter 904: Saying Goodbye To The Legion
Chapter 905: Seeing The Goldmen Again
Chapter 906: Three Moves To Determine The Victor
Chapter 907: The End Of Three Moves
Chapter 908: Entering The Castle Forcefully
Chapter 909: Can You Be More Shameless?
Chapter 910: Killing A Saint
Chapter 911: Scarlet Flame Monarch Released
Chapter 912: Leaving The Academy
Chapter 913: Primal Inception Energy
Chapter 914: Reunion Of Brothers
Chapter 915: Farewell
Chapter 916: Fusing The Noble Glazed Flame
Chapter 917: We Are Originally One
Chapter 918: Clone Versus Strong-Ape
Chapter 919: I Am Willing To Submit
Chapter 920: Mystic Earth Essence Energy
Chapter 921: Gains
Chapter 922: Rushing To The Lonesoul Island
Chapter 923: Lie Of Kindness
Chapter 924: It'S Actually A Female Jiao?
Chapter 925: Capturing The Blue-Scale Jiao Princess
Chapter 926: Xiang Shaoyun'S Arrival
Chapter 927: Guardian Token
Chapter 928: Meeting Xia Liuhui Again
Chapter 929: Gathering Of Prodigies
Chapter 930: Nascent Transformation Stone
Chapter 931: Breaching The Siege
Chapter 932: I'Ll Permit Him To Continue Calling Himself The Little Overlord
Chapter 933: Kill All Of You As Well
Chapter 934: Fierce Fight Against True Martial Academy Freaks
Chapter 935: Dark Wyvern
Chapter 936: Allow Me Escort You
Chapter 937: Unsafe For You
Chapter 938: Whitebone Snake Sovereign
Chapter 939: Lifebone Flower
Chapter 940: War Banner
Chapter 941: Saint Soul Tree
Chapter 942: I'M Taking These
Chapter 943: Get Lost
Chapter 944: Alone Against The Heroes Of The World
Chapter 945: Golden Lake
Chapter 946: Transacting With The Goldmark Toad
Chapter 947: Gold-Scaled Dragon Turtle
Chapter 948: Unusual Lake Water
Chapter 949: Sarira
Chapter 950: Flux Finger Sword Technique And Limit Stimulation Technique
Chapter 951: My Spotless Reputation
Chapter 952: A Real Man Doesn'T Fight With Womenfolk
Chapter 953: Entering Eighth-Stage Dragon Ascension Realm
Chapter 954: Body Cleansing
Chapter 955: Attention Splitting
Chapter 956: This Is A Sign Of Great Danger
Chapter 957: Celestial King'S Palace
Chapter 958: Falling Coffin
Chapter 959: Each With Their Own Gains
Chapter 960: A Dream Of The Battlefield
Chapter 961: Bitter Fight
Chapter 962: Victory To The Brave
Chapter 963: An Ant Shaking A Tree
Chapter 964: The Slaughter Of Nether Soul Domain
Chapter 965: Nether Yin Gate
Chapter 966: You May Ask The King Of Hell
Chapter 967: Arrangement Of Fate
Chapter 968: Legacy
Chapter 969: I Have Obtained His Inheritance
Chapter 970: Follow This Young Master And Live A Good Life
Chapter 971: Battle Of The Rising Suns: Begin
Chapter 972: Clash Of Two Prodigies
Chapter 973: Are You Even Worthy Of Knowing Her Name?
Chapter 974: Womenfolk Have No Business Here
Chapter 975: Another Victory
Chapter 976: Beast Transformation Technique
Chapter 977: Is This Really Your Dragon Phoenix Academy'S Abandoned Disciple?
Chapter 978: Jiu Tian
Chapter 979: Sword Of Speed Bu Feng
Chapter 980: It Would Be Boring Otherwise
Chapter 981: Ye Linshan Moves
Chapter 982: I Challenge All Of You
Chapter 983: Please Allow Me To Taste Defeat
Chapter 984: No Longer Dare To Use This Title From Today Onward
Chapter 985: Flux Finger Sword'S Might
Chapter 986: Unrivalled Righteousness
Chapter 987: Profundity Of Light
Chapter 988: Truly Shocking Battle
Chapter 989: Fighting Dugu Qiubai
Chapter 990: Collision Of Geniuses
Chapter 991: You'Re Still My Peerless Overlord
Chapter 992: You Win The Weapons Round
Chapter 993: Turtleshell Battle Aura
Chapter 994: Yin Yang Shield
Chapter 995: Defeat?
Chapter 996: Dugu Qiubai Surrenders
Chapter 997: The Soul Clone Appears
Chapter 998: Western Desert'S Xiang Clan
Chapter 999: Is This Really Fine
Chapter 1000: I'M Quite Handsome Too
Chapter 1001: Hands Off The Boss'S Wife
Chapter 1002: Don'T Run Off Randomly In The Future
Chapter 1003: Unforgivable Enemies
Chapter 1004: Welcoming The Young Master'S Return
Chapter 1005: This Child Has Finally Grown Up
Chapter 1006: Bereaved Royals
Chapter 1007: Green Ghost'S Indignation
Chapter 1008: Yin Yang Five Elements
Chapter 1009: Golden Fury, Flamewater Discordance
Chapter 1010: Ready For The Journey
Chapter 1011: Life Bet
Chapter 1012: The Weather Is So Hot
Chapter 1013: Red Dot
Chapter 1014: Poison Physician Du Wusheng
Chapter 1015: Persuading Ugly Gambler
Chapter 1016: Capturing The Two Villains
Chapter 1017: Battle Of Heaven Battling Realms
Chapter 1018: Li Juetian Staying
Chapter 1019: Tune Empress
Chapter 1020: The Arrogant Dragon Society People
Chapter 1021: Nothing
Chapter 1022: He Is Too Handsome
Chapter 1023: It Is My, Xiang Shaoyun'S Honor
Chapter 1024: Guo Po
Chapter 1025: Meeting Xia Yingying Again
Chapter 1026: Guo Po'S Leg
Chapter 1027: Old Drunkard
Chapter 1028: Returning To Hundred Beasts Mountain
Chapter 1029: You'Re Finally Here To See Me, Boss
Chapter 1030: I'Ll Bring A Demon Saint
Chapter 1031: Are They Really Siblings?
Chapter 1032: Undying Devil Clan Bloodline
Chapter 1033: Buried Monarch Mountain
Chapter 1034: Furious Resentment
Chapter 1035: Rest In Peace, Big Black
Chapter 1036: Soul Foundation Forging
Chapter 1037: Sudden Phenomenon
Chapter 1038: Ziling City
Chapter 1039: Soul Foundation'S Might
Chapter 1040: Occupying The Governor'S Manor
Chapter 1041: He Is The Young Master
Chapter 1042: Let Me Deal With This Woman
Chapter 1043: Fighting The Di'S Four Qins
Chapter 1044: Challenging The Limits
Chapter 1045: Conquering The City
Chapter 1046: Attack Of A Saint
Chapter 1047: Qian Clan Defects
Chapter 1048: Returning To A Familiar Place
Chapter 1049: The Feeble Yao Qian
Chapter 1050: Moving In The Dark
Chapter 1051: Army At The Gates
Chapter 1052: Massive Battle Begins
Chapter 1053: Full Advantage
Chapter 1054: Big Brother Has Always Been This Handsome
Chapter 1055: Alone Against A Sect
Chapter 1056: Slaughter
Chapter 1057: Four Golden Guardians
Chapter 1058: Celestial Child Versus Demonic Buddha
Chapter 1059: Di Batian Shows Himself
Chapter 1060: Devil Army
Chapter 1061: It'S Called Turbid Gas
Chapter 1062: I Will Save All Of You
Chapter 1063: All Of You Will Die
Chapter 1064: Dwarf Ambush
Chapter 1065: Terrifying Owl
Chapter 1066: This Is The Son Of My Benefactor
Chapter 1067: Everything Changes With Time
Chapter 1068: I Can Get Some For You, Young Master
Chapter 1069: Give Me A Hug
Chapter 1070: There Is Hope For Little Qian
Chapter 1071: I'M Going To Eat You
Chapter 1072: First Woman
Chapter 1073: I Have To Tend To Something Else, Bye
Chapter 1074: Saint Pill Done
Chapter 1075: Scarlet Flame Monarch'S Departure
Chapter 1076: Conquer
Chapter 1077: Help You Reach Heaven Battling Realm
Chapter 1078: I Hope They'Ll Be Able To Hang On
Chapter 1079: Your Father Is Not Dead
Chapter 1080: Before Sorting General Assembly
Chapter 1081: Revolt
Chapter 1082: Grave Provocation
Chapter 1083: Stubborn
Chapter 1084: Battling The Eighteen Knights
Chapter 1085: You Are Unforgivable
Chapter 1086: Yao Qian'S Soul Transformation
Chapter 1087: Yao Qian Wakes Up
Chapter 1088: Soul Duality
Chapter 1089: Double Demon Saints
Chapter 1090: Starfall Lightning Refining
Chapter 1091: Limit Stimulation
Chapter 1092: More Waves
Chapter 1093: Guo Po Bullied
Chapter 1094: I Can Do It
Chapter 1095: Abyss River
Chapter 1096: Loud Runic
Chapter 1097: Spacetime Grotto
Chapter 1098: Bone Race
Chapter 1099: Headless Stone Lion
Chapter 1100: Kui Ox And Three-Colored Snake
Chapter 1101: Fighting The Kui Ox
Chapter 1102: Nether Yin Palm Versus Bone Saint
Chapter 1103: Numerous Saint Herbs
Chapter 1104: Terrifying Restriction Power
Chapter 1105: Dao Of Time
Chapter 1106: Comprehending The Dao Of Time
Chapter 1107: Yin And Yang Offensive
Chapter 1108: Go All The Way
Chapter 1109: Flower Fairy Territory
Chapter 1110: I Do Love You, Xiaoqing
Chapter 1111: The Pale Lotus And The Moon
Chapter 1112: Pale Lotus Fairy
Chapter 1113: Rather Live A Short But Brilliant Life
Chapter 1114: I Will Protect You
Chapter 1115: Getian City
Chapter 1116: Spirit Ear Race
Chapter 1117: Gold Lunar Liquid'S Value
Chapter 1118: Fox Princess
Chapter 1119: Propriety Between Man And Woman
Chapter 1120: What'S The Point Of Bullying Women?
Chapter 1121: It'S Getting Real Troublesome Now
Chapter 1122: Angel Helpers
Chapter 1123: Saintly Radiant Pearl
Chapter 1124: Obtaining The Greenleaf Juice
Chapter 1125: Extreme Chill Curved Sword
Chapter 1126: Departing Through Invisibility
Chapter 1127: Curved Sword'S Surprise Attack
Chapter 1128: I Am Willing To Follow You
Chapter 1129: You Heartless Man
Chapter 1130: Conflict During The Return Journey
Chapter 1131: Qian Furen Greets The Young Sect Master
Chapter 1132: Origin Of The Grotto Entrance
Chapter 1133: A Word And A Flash Of Realization
Chapter 1134: Life Essence Energy
Chapter 1135: Yin Yang Mother And Child Sword, Yin Mother Sword
Chapter 1136: Yellowvein Layered Stone
Chapter 1137: Your Master Is Pleased
Chapter 1138: Guo Po Is No Longer Lame
Chapter 1139: Dragon Society Causes Trouble
Chapter 1140: Honorable Challenge
Chapter 1141: Confrontation Before The Battle
Chapter 1142: First Fight'S Failure
Chapter 1143: Winning And Defeat At Both Sides
Chapter 1144: Only Death
Chapter 1145: Intense Fight Against Jin Meng
Chapter 1146: Shocking A Saint
Chapter 1147: We Lost This Round
Chapter 1148: The Arrogant Jin Junyi
Chapter 1149: Weapon Possession
Chapter 1150: The High Priest Arrives
Chapter 1151: Heavy Responsibilities Of A Guardian
Chapter 1152: You Might As Well Join Ziling Sect
Chapter 1153: I Am A Formation Grandmaster
Chapter 1154: Returning To The Desert Of Despair
Chapter 1155: You'Re Still Our Overlord
Chapter 1156: Overlord Legion'S Recent Developments
Chapter 1157: Holy Hall Master
Chapter 1158: Marriage
Chapter 1159: 10000-Year Snow Lotus Tea And Bellmilk Spring
Chapter 1160: I'M Not Willing
Chapter 1161: Consuming The Saint Soul Pill
Chapter 1162: Really
Chapter 1163: The Holy Son-In-Law Is Really A Formation Grandmaster
Chapter 1164: Captured
Chapter 1165: Tortured
Chapter 1166: Rebirth Realm God
Chapter 1167: Xiang Clan Territory
Chapter 1168: Soul Training In Void
Chapter 1169: How Audacious Of You
Chapter 1170: Xiang Clan Visitors
Chapter 1171: Is Everyone This Stupid?
Chapter 1172: Storm Against Storm
Chapter 1173: It Has Been A While
Chapter 1174: Captured Again
Chapter 1175: Arriving At Xiang Clan
Chapter 1176: Equipping The Blood-Soaked Robe, The Overlord'S Recovery
Chapter 1177: Prevailing Over A Great Sage
Chapter 1178: Kowtowing To The Departed
Chapter 1179: A Widow Can Easily Give Rise To Many Issues
Chapter 1180: Little Ancestor
Chapter 1181: Ancestral Pond
Chapter 1182: Lightning Origin Energy
Chapter 1183: Advancing To Third-Stage Soul Foundation Realm
Chapter 1184: Return
Chapter 1185: Official
Chapter 1186: Widow Issues
Chapter 1187: Leave An Arm Behind As Punishment
Chapter 1188: Preparing To Leave
Chapter 1189: Di Batian Reappears
Chapter 1190: Taurus' Death
Chapter 1191: Gradual Reappearance
Chapter 1192: Contending Against The Great Saint
Chapter 1193: Stomping On A Great Saint
Chapter 1194: Burying The Great Saint'S Bone In The Sect
Chapter 1195: The Frog'S Cry Resounded Throughout The World
Chapter 1196: Child Of Destiny
Chapter 1197: One Against Three
Chapter 1198: This Overlord Finally Has A Descendant
Chapter 1199: Connecting The Teleportation Formations
Chapter 1200: Devil Hunting
Chapter 1201: No Regrets In This Life
Chapter 1202: Revisiting The Devil Domain
Chapter 1203: You'Re Not Enough
Chapter 1204: A Saint Makes His Move
Chapter 1205: Overlord Legion'S Reunion
Chapter 1206: You Won'T Get A Chance
Chapter 1207: The Fort And The Ancient Building
Chapter 1208: Tang Zhan'S Reminder
Chapter 1209: Murder Conspiracy
Chapter 1210: Devil Hunting Expedition Begins
Chapter 1211: Easily Slaughtering Devils
Chapter 1212: Ambush At The Entrance
Chapter 1213: Counter Attacking The Devils
Chapter 1214: Chance Comprehension
Chapter 1215: Diabolic Dragon
Chapter 1216: Chenxi Greets The Little Ancestor
Chapter 1217: Against The Diabolic Dragon
Chapter 1218: Nether Yin Devil
Chapter 1219: Dragon Slaying
Chapter 1220: Nether Monarch
Chapter 1221: Comprehension Training
Chapter 1222: Handsome Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 1223: Travelling With Jiang Qi
Chapter 1224: That'S Not Proper, Right?
Chapter 1225: Shadow Devouring Devil
Chapter 1226: You'Re A Peeping Pervert
Chapter 1227: Give Up
Chapter 1228: Saving Devil Concubine
Chapter 1229: Crazy Woman
Chapter 1230: Brother In Trouble
Chapter 1231: Have You Asked For My Permission?
Chapter 1232: Self-Proclaimed Overlord, Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 1233: How Am I A Player?
Chapter 1234: Devil Concubine'S Fan Club
Chapter 1235: Fall Of Cities And Kingdoms
Chapter 1236: Encircling Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 1237: Gongsun Tiehu’S Might
Chapter 1238: Stay Far Away From My Boss
Chapter 1239: May You Reach An Even Higher Height
Chapter 1240: That'S My Stamp Of Ownership
Chapter 1241: Yu Caidie Reveals Her Might
Chapter 1242: Yu Caidie'S Strength
Chapter 1243: Second Battle Between Enemies
Chapter 1244: Devil Saint Puppet
Chapter 1245: Let'S Spar
Chapter 1246: Just Fight It Out
Chapter 1247: Shameless Fellow
Chapter 1248: Entering Through Invisibility
Chapter 1249: Behind The Bug
Chapter 1250: Seventh Layer Of Devil Domain
Chapter 1251: Colosseum
Chapter 1252: Bare-Handed Devil Vanquishing
Chapter 1253: Boiling Devil Blood
Chapter 1254: Imperial Rune
Chapter 1255: Prince Ming He
Chapter 1256: Disgraced
Chapter 1257: Shocking The Imperial Nether Clan
Chapter 1258: Audience With The Nether Monarch
Chapter 1259: Leech
Chapter 1260: Devil Transformation
Chapter 1261: Devil Realm
Chapter 1262: Might Of A Mother
Chapter 1263: Saving Mother
Chapter 1264: Mother And Son Reunited
Chapter 1265: Tragedy
Chapter 1266: Further Growth
Chapter 1267: You Need To Have Confidence In Your Son
Chapter 1268: Colosseum Again
Chapter 1269: Behead
Chapter 1270: Battling Ming Abi
Chapter 1271: Devil Mist Dao Transformation
Chapter 1272: My Son Is The Best
Chapter 1273: Nether Monarch'S Mission
Chapter 1274: Gui Qi'S Evolution
Chapter 1275: Undying Devil Clan
Chapter 1276: Dark Devourer Clan
Chapter 1277: Casual Slaughter
Chapter 1278: All The Dark Devourer Devils Are Mine
Chapter 1279: Congratulations, You Got The Correct Answer
Chapter 1280: Facing A Great Devil Saint
Chapter 1281: Slaughter Every Last One Of You
Chapter 1282: She'S My Woman
Chapter 1283: Separating Again
Chapter 1284: Second Mission
Chapter 1285: Return
Chapter 1286: Song Tiandao
Chapter 1287: Fierce Fight Between Geniuses
Chapter 1288: Together Against The Devils
Chapter 1289: It'S My Fault For Not Being Your Match
Chapter 1290: Eighteen Blood-Robed Warriors
Chapter 1291: Taking One Life Every Ten Steps
Chapter 1292: I'M Shy
Chapter 1293: Han Chenfei'S Battle
Chapter 1294: I Already Have A Man
Chapter 1295: The Mantis Resists The Carriage
Chapter 1296: Contribution Ranking
Chapter 1297: That'S My Nephew
Chapter 1298: Number One
Chapter 1299: Devil Queen
Chapter 1300: Mysterious Envoy
Chapter 1301: It'S Convenient That They'Re Here
Chapter 1302: One Hit
Chapter 1303: Sensation
Chapter 1304: Meeting Dong Ziwan Again
Chapter 1305: Xue Buyi
Chapter 1306: Blood-Robed Corpse
Chapter 1307: Value Of Saintforce Token
Chapter 1308: Celestial Alliance
Chapter 1309: Tang Zhan'S Reminder
Chapter 1310: Two Options
Chapter 1311: Yu Caidie Is My Woman
Chapter 1312: Di Clan'S Ambition
Chapter 1313: Green Ghost'S Transformation
Chapter 1314: Green Ghost Concedes
Chapter 1315: Rat Assassins Reappear
Chapter 1316: Father Is A Bad Man
Chapter 1317: Disciple Guiding
Chapter 1318: Brightflower Chamber'S Envoy
Chapter 1319: Yanran Will Be Your Woman
Chapter 1320: Xiang Clan'S Patriarch
Chapter 1321: Purple Lightning Marquis
Chapter 1322: Are You Drunk?
Chapter 1323: Waking Scarlet Flame
Chapter 1324: Recollecting The Past
Chapter 1325: Touring With Beauties
Chapter 1326: Enemies On A Narrow Road
Chapter 1327: Conflict
Chapter 1328: Hidden Rat Makes A Move
Chapter 1329: Settling The Dispute
Chapter 1330: Brightflower Land
Chapter 1331: Profundity Of Life And Profundity Of Primal Chaos
Chapter 1332: Direction Token
Chapter 1333: Arriving At Glacier City
Chapter 1334: Ever-Victorious White Xue
Chapter 1335: Ximen Xue'S Sword
Chapter 1336: Emotionless Sword Dao
Chapter 1337: Money'S Eruption
Chapter 1338: Provocation Before The Heavenly Snow Mountain
Chapter 1339: Instant Tempo
Chapter 1340: The Four Champions
Chapter 1341: I'M Here, Everything Will Be Fine
Chapter 1342: The Little Ancestor Becomes A Great Healer
Chapter 1343: Saintforce Realm Opens
Chapter 1344: The Magical Saintforce Realm
Chapter 1345: Becoming Devil Saint
Chapter 1346: New Discovery
Chapter 1347: Who Is The Fool Here?
Chapter 1348: Reverse Robbery
Chapter 1349: Another Provocation From Gu Ming
Chapter 1350: Burning Gu Ming
Chapter 1351: Who Else If Not You, Trash?
Chapter 1352: Ill Will
Chapter 1353: Identity Exposed
Chapter 1354: Versus Di Mie
Chapter 1355: A Great Saint Enters The Fight
Chapter 1356: Remarkable Slaughter
Chapter 1357: Nether Yin Devil Appears
Chapter 1358: Great Saint Killing
Chapter 1359: Battle Against The Saints
Chapter 1360: You'Re Not Allowed To Harm The Overlord
Chapter 1361: Stars Destroyed
Chapter 1362: Ice Dragon'S Sudden Appearance
Chapter 1363: Powerful Ice Dragon
Chapter 1364: Money'S Chance
Chapter 1365: Di Batian Returns
Chapter 1366: Powerful Defensive Formation
Chapter 1367: Brothers Appearing Together
Chapter 1368: Truefire Domain
Chapter 1369: Divine Travel Diagram
Chapter 1370: Gravekeeper Elder Leaves The Grave
Chapter 1371: Anxious Within Ice
Chapter 1372: Marquis Versus Ice Dragon
Chapter 1373: I'M His Master
Chapter 1374: Conversation Between Master And Disciple
Chapter 1375: It'S Good To Be Alive
Chapter 1376: I Told You To Not Provoke Me
Chapter 1377: So Be It
Chapter 1378: Scram
Chapter 1379: The Tree Wishes To Be Still, The Wind Forbids
Chapter 1380: You Lost
Chapter 1381: I'M A Devil
Chapter 1382: Devil Cultivation'S Strength
Chapter 1383: Dao Of Devilish Energy
Chapter 1384: Holy Son Beiming Tianpeng
Chapter 1385: Black Yin Magnetic Energy
Chapter 1386: Battle Of The Three Demons
Chapter 1387: Comprehending The Profundity Of Magnetism
Chapter 1388: Black Yin Magnetic Field
Chapter 1389: Controlling The Black Yin Magnetic Field
Chapter 1390: Unrivalled Magnetic Field
Chapter 1391: Black Yin Pearl'S Initial Form
Chapter 1392: Great Saint Weapon, Lotus Device
Chapter 1393: The Brutal Devil
Chapter 1394: Using The Yin Mother Sword
Chapter 1395: Emotionless Sword Dao
Chapter 1396: Devil Extermination Operation Ends
Chapter 1397: Fox Princess
Chapter 1398: He'S My Man
Chapter 1399: Eight-Tailed Bloodline
Chapter 1400: Against The Emotionless Sword
Chapter 1401: The Gathering Of Three Saints
Chapter 1402: Go Together
Chapter 1403: Nobody Can Take My Life
Chapter 1404: Sky Measuring Step
Chapter 1405: Updated
Chapter 1406: Worthy Son-In-Law
Chapter 1407: Farewell And Departure
Chapter 1408: Imperial Nether Clan'S Misery
Chapter 1409: What'S The Point Of Pretending To Be Me?
Chapter 1410: Imperial Dusk City
Chapter 1411: Saintly Forest Courtyard
Chapter 1412: How Rich
Chapter 1413: Second Prince'S Olive Branch
Chapter 1414: Entering The Saintly Forest Ranking
Chapter 1415: Worthy Of Your Fame
Chapter 1416: Nine Stars Become One
Chapter 1417: Robbing The World Of Its Fortune, Ranked First On The Saintly Ranking
Chapter 1418: Primal Chaos Lightning
Chapter 1419: Forging A God Body
Chapter 1420: Appoint You As An External Prince
Chapter 1421: Have You Eaten?
Chapter 1422: Marriage
Chapter 1423: The Devils Have Arrived
Chapter 1424: Fairy Zi Xiang
Chapter 1425: Shaoyun, You'Re Too Dull
Chapter 1426: Righteous Buddhist Branch Temple
Chapter 1427: The Buddhist Waters Run Deep
Chapter 1428: Devil Subduing Formation'S Might
Chapter 1429: Devil Subduing Vajra
Chapter 1430: Devil Subduing Formation Breaks
Chapter 1431: Four Night Saints
Chapter 1432: Controlling The Four Night Saints
Chapter 1433: What A Wealthy Son-In-Law
Chapter 1434: Sandstorm Of Despair
Chapter 1435: Sand Essence And Saint Crystal Mine
Chapter 1436: It'S Still Not Too Late To Submit
Chapter 1437: Saber Of Despair
Chapter 1438: Despair Submits
Chapter 1439: Reunion With Wife And Child
Chapter 1440: Welcome Back, Young Sect Master
Chapter 1441: Guardians Guild
Chapter 1442: Campaign Against Dragon Society
Chapter 1443: Dragon Society
Chapter 1444: Sweeping Through The Border
Chapter 1445: Mighty Rooster
Chapter 1446: Long Jun'S Proposal
Chapter 1447: Battle
Chapter 1448: The Young Madam Is Amazing
Chapter 1449: Unrivalled Turtle Fist
Chapter 1450: Visitors From Taiqing Sect
Chapter 1451: How Hard Can It Be To Kill You?
Chapter 1452: The Dragon Society Submits
Chapter 1453: I Want Chen Zilong
Chapter 1454: Upgraded To High-Grade Dragon Vein
Chapter 1455: Give You A Chance
Chapter 1456: Primal Chaos, Bloom
Chapter 1457: Tier-8 Organization Advancement
Chapter 1458: Advancement Complete
Chapter 1459: Imperial Nether Clan'S Visitor
Chapter 1460: You'Ve Finally Returned
Chapter 1461: Returning To Dragon Phoenix Academy
Chapter 1462: Master'S Instructions
Chapter 1463: Secrets Of The Strongest
Chapter 1464: I Don'T Ask For A Lot
Chapter 1465: Preaching The Dao In The Restaurant
Chapter 1466: Returning To The City Of Light
Chapter 1467: Dark Devourer Clan'S Surprise Appearance
Chapter 1468: One Hit
Chapter 1469: Urgent Situation
Chapter 1470: Master'S Move
Chapter 1471: Outside Domain Aliens
Chapter 1472: Sea Of Fiery Dragon Clouds
Chapter 1473: The Overlord Is Crazy
Chapter 1474: Entering The Imperial Nether Province
Chapter 1475: Mission Completion
Chapter 1476: Imperial Nether Clan'S Withdrawal
Chapter 1477: Huang Tian Of The Nine Supreme Beings
Chapter 1478: Darkdevil Sect
Chapter 1479: I Want It Today
Chapter 1480: I Won'T Abandon Her
Chapter 1481: Unparalleled Genius
Chapter 1482: I Can Let You Have The First Three Moves
Chapter 1483: Victory
Chapter 1484: Heavenly Regret Staff
Chapter 1485: Consecutive Victories
Chapter 1486: Purple Wind Lightning Physique
Chapter 1487: Refuse My Kindness
Chapter 1488: Indestructible Avatar
Chapter 1489: Fighting With Full Strength
Chapter 1490: Black Yin Magnetic Field
Chapter 1491: Death Eyes
Chapter 1492: Comprehending The Profundity Of Primal Chaos
Chapter 1493: Celestial Darkdevil Tree
Chapter 1494: Refusing The Tree Spirit
Chapter 1495: Too Late
Chapter 1496: Forbidden Zone, Wumo Pass
Chapter 1497: Sealing Power
Chapter 1498: Old Drunkard'S Death
Chapter 1499: Tai Chi Yin Yang Palm
Chapter 1500: Rebirth Flower
Chapter 1501: The Yellow Springs And The Grave
Chapter 1502: Aliens
Chapter 1503: Outside Battlefield
Chapter 1504: Fighting Shi Chen
Chapter 1505: Phantasma Race
Chapter 1506: Slaughtering Aliens
Chapter 1507: Yuan Shi'S Inheritance
Chapter 1508: Zombie God
Chapter 1509: Something Terrifying Is Hidden In This Coffin
Chapter 1510: Guardian'S Declaration
Chapter 1511: Yu Province'S Yu Clan
Chapter 1512: Shameless
Chapter 1513: Yes, I'M Here To Kick Up A Fuss
Chapter 1514: Havoc In Yu Clan
Chapter 1515: Reckless Fool
Chapter 1516: Yu Jichuan
Chapter 1517: Escaping The Yu Clan
Chapter 1518: Completing The Nine Star Pagodas
Chapter 1519: Devil Domain'S New Entrance
Chapter 1520: Huang Tianji Reappears
Chapter 1521: Penetrating Criticism
Chapter 1522: The Might Of The Two Women
Chapter 1523: Troublesome Pestering
Chapter 1524: What Kind Of Consequences?
Chapter 1525: Are You Sorry?
Chapter 1526: Mighty Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 1527: Battling The Diabolic Dragon Pseudo-God
Chapter 1528: Impending Crisis
Chapter 1529: If You Want To Fight, We Fight
Chapter 1530: You'Re Little Cat?
Chapter 1531: Entering The Devil Domain
Chapter 1532: Assassination
Chapter 1533: All Out Effort Against The Devil God
Chapter 1534: Controlling The Devil Army
Chapter 1535: Eunuch Dong
Chapter 1536: Nine Yin Spirit Claw Technique
Chapter 1537: Xiang Yangzhan
Chapter 1538: Boundary Meteorite
Chapter 1539: Purple Star River
Chapter 1540: Main Body Versus Pseudo-God
Chapter 1541: It'S Good To Have Father Around
Chapter 1542: Shocking Change
Chapter 1543: Righteous Gold Leaf
Chapter 1544: Fury For The Beauty
Chapter 1545: Kidnapped Yu Caidie
Chapter 1546: Huayan, Let Me Help You
Chapter 1547: Ziling Sect Members
Chapter 1548: Di Clan
Chapter 1549: Di Monarch
Chapter 1550: Fight
Chapter 1551: God Realm Formation Master
Chapter 1552: Mutual Reliance
Chapter 1553: Di Batian'S Fall
Chapter 1554: New Wolf Guards
Chapter 1555: Grandpa Grandson Meeting
Chapter 1556: Dong Ziwan'S Arrival
Chapter 1557: Trip To The Southern Wasteland
Chapter 1558: Dynastic Remains
Chapter 1559: Breaking The God-Grade Formation
Chapter 1560: Barbaric Dynasty
Chapter 1561: Divine Dynastic Vault
Chapter 1562: Goldscale Dragon Fish
Chapter 1563: Tool Nourishing Technique
Chapter 1564: The Might Of The Flower Fairies
Chapter 1565: You'Re Not Qualified To Know
Chapter 1566: Visit
Chapter 1567: One Against Two
Chapter 1568: Subduing The Flower Fairies
Chapter 1569: Allied Alien Army
Chapter 1570: Ge Yi Holding The Fort
Chapter 1571: Rise Of Geniuses
Chapter 1572: Three Lives Fist
Chapter 1573: Powerful Exit From Seclusion
Chapter 1574: Punching Through The Aliens
Chapter 1575: Three Consecutive Punches
Chapter 1576: War God Rank Life Forms
Chapter 1577: Controlling Lie Xiong
Chapter 1578: Onward To Immortal Dynasty
Chapter 1579: Immortal Capital
Chapter 1580: Immortal Arena
Chapter 1581: You Talk Too Much
Chapter 1582: Courting Trouble For The Overlord
Chapter 1583: The Overlord Continuing The Challenge
Chapter 1584: Versus Immortal Road Chamber'S Immortal Child
Chapter 1585: Imperial Immortal Palace
Chapter 1586: Reactions
Chapter 1587: Greenlife Flame
Chapter 1588: Fastest Record
Chapter 1589: Interact As Equals
Chapter 1590: Immortal Fairy Chamber
Chapter 1591: Discussion
Chapter 1592: Ancient Battlefield Opened
Chapter 1593: Skeleton Soldiers
Chapter 1594: Be More Interesting
Chapter 1595: Domineering Slaughter
Chapter 1596: The Scheme Of The Aliens
Chapter 1597: God Realm Remnant Soul
Chapter 1598: Chance Encirclement
Chapter 1599: Versus Zi Yao
Chapter 1600: Fierce Fight
Chapter 1601: Full Strength
Chapter 1602: Zi Yao Concedes
Chapter 1603: Repeat Encounters
Chapter 1604: Capturing God Realm Souls
Chapter 1605: Celestial Alliance Members
Chapter 1606: Devouring Ghost Holding Out
Chapter 1607: Remain Here, All Of You
Chapter 1608: My Time Is Precious
Chapter 1609: A Saber And A Sword
Chapter 1610: He'S Someone I Defeated Before
Chapter 1611: Subduing Baili Yixiao
Chapter 1612: Great Nether Dragon Soul Curse
Chapter 1613: Yang Child Sword
Chapter 1614: Divine Yin Yang Sword
Chapter 1615: Fight
Chapter 1616: Beiming Tianpeng Makes A Move
Chapter 1617: Fierce Fight With Beiming Tianpeng
Chapter 1618: Foreboding
Chapter 1619: The Terrifying Alien
Chapter 1620: Formidable Opponent
Chapter 1621: We Stand With The Overlord
Chapter 1622: Jadeflesh Demon
Chapter 1623: Desperate Battle With Full Strength
Chapter 1624: Gathering Of Powerhouses
Chapter 1625: Start Of The Final Battle
Chapter 1626: You Asked For It
Chapter 1627: Lady Yue Xi
Chapter 1628: Intense Battle Against The Stoneman
Chapter 1629: Killing The Stoneman
Chapter 1630: Illusion Upon The Mind
Chapter 1631: Time Reverse
Chapter 1632: Little White Reappears
Chapter 1633: A Respectable Person
Chapter 1634: Profundity Of Primal Inception
Chapter 1635: Perfect Blood Spirit
Chapter 1636: Let'S Fight To The End, Then
Chapter 1637: Final Slaughter
Chapter 1638: Time To End Things
Chapter 1639: Intense Clash
Chapter 1640: Blood Spirit Flees
Chapter 1641: Creation
Chapter 1642: Millenia Of Hatred
Chapter 1643: Between Enemies
Chapter 1644: Battle Between Enemies
Chapter 1645: I Am Willing To Follow The Overlord
Chapter 1646: Forever Brothers
Chapter 1647: Celestial Devil Eyes
Chapter 1648: Private Talk
Chapter 1649: Peach Blossom Island
Chapter 1650: You'Re Fellow Disciples With My Master?
Chapter 1651: Divine Sinister Space Palm
Chapter 1652: Shouldering The Hope
Chapter 1653: North Illusionary Sea
Chapter 1654: Searching For The Illusory Island
Chapter 1655: A Maiden'S Ambition
Chapter 1656: You'Re Bandits
Chapter 1657: Gathering Of Various Island Powerhouses
Chapter 1658: Illusory Island Appears
Chapter 1659: Killing The Aquatic Beasts
Chapter 1660: Power Of The Tiger Tooth
Chapter 1661: All Who Harm My Brother Shall Die
Chapter 1662: I'M Not Ready
Chapter 1663: Divine Four Divisions Tree
Chapter 1664: Battle Between The Dragon, Tiger, And Bird
Chapter 1665: The Black Tortoise Appears
Chapter 1666: Rebirth Transformation
Chapter 1667: Competing Over The Young Guild Master Position
Chapter 1668: Visitors From The Yu Clan
Chapter 1669: A Dragon, A Tiger, And A Youth
Chapter 1670: The Illusory Island Has Disappeared
Chapter 1671: Weili Island'S Crisis
Chapter 1672: Thank You, Honored God, For The Rescue
Chapter 1673: The Young Guild Master Position Is Mine
Chapter 1674: Strength Of The Fox Race
Chapter 1675: Prompt Arrival
Chapter 1676: A Good Person Would Be Repaid In Kind
Chapter 1677: Not Playing Around Anymore
Chapter 1678: The Young Are Getting Truly Formidable
Chapter 1679: Return To The Saintly Forest Courtyard
Chapter 1680: Purifying The Diabolic Dragon Curse
Chapter 1681: The Occupied Imperial Dusk Palace
Chapter 1682: This Is The Divine Source?
Chapter 1683: With Ability Comes Courage
Chapter 1684: Joining Hands To Defeat The Enemies
Chapter 1685: Lu Jiang
Chapter 1686: Only Ten Percent
Chapter 1687: Gathering Of Myriad Stars
Chapter 1688: Skybreak Spider
Chapter 1689: Spider Clone
Chapter 1690: True Strength Of The Wolf Guards
Chapter 1691: Within The Guardians Guild
Chapter 1692: Saintly Forest Courtyard'S Old Master, Xie Feng
Chapter 1693: Extreme Danger
Chapter 1694: Reincarnation
Chapter 1695: The Various Young Gods
Chapter 1696: Divine Purple Jade Token
Chapter 1697: Qin Jiu
Chapter 1698: A Man Should Choose Bravely
Chapter 1699: Eighteen Asura Infernal Formation
Chapter 1700: Before The Guardians Guild
Chapter 1701: Mouth Slapping
Chapter 1702: Bone Measuring
Chapter 1703: Asking Heart In Hell
Chapter 1704: Passing The Heart Asking Test
Chapter 1705: Versus Three Freaks
Chapter 1706: Submission Of Three Freaks
Chapter 1707: Number Of Young Guild Master Candidates
Chapter 1708: Really Blind
Chapter 1709: First Palace Lady, Ling Ziruo
Chapter 1710: Battle Of Battle Intents
Chapter 1711: The Godly Talented Young Master Is Unequaled
Chapter 1712: Assembly
Chapter 1713: A Hundred Years
Chapter 1714: I Don'T Plan On Giving Any Respect
Chapter 1715: This Fellow Is Not A Human
Chapter 1716: Before The Battle
Chapter 1717: Scorned
Chapter 1718: One After Another
Chapter 1719: Spatial Path
Chapter 1720: Spatial Tornado
Chapter 1721: Nine Revolutions Realm
Chapter 1722: Master, Youre The Strongest
Chapter 1723: Fight Here
Chapter 1724: Crushing Defeat
Chapter 1725: Divergent
Chapter 1726: Go, Lang Ya
Chapter 1727: You Just Cant Resist Playing Tricks, Can You
Chapter 1728: The Start Of The Battle
Chapter 1729: Versus Xiong Tianba
Chapter 1730: Another Victory
Chapter 1731: Primal Chaos World
Chapter 1732: The Petty Man
Chapter 1733: Primal Chaos Wall
Chapter 1734: Individual Gains
Chapter 1735: Seeing Dugu Qiubai Again
Chapter 1736: Divine Primal Chaos Lotus
Chapter 1737: Versus The Divine Primal Chaos Lotus
Chapter 1738: Divine Lotus Capturing Two Geniuses
Chapter 1739: Myriad Impenetrability
Chapter 1740: Two Geniuses Leaving The Primal Chaos
Chapter 1741: Powerful Ge Yi
Chapter 1742: Fury Of A Disciple
Chapter 1743: Overbearing Exterminations
Chapter 1744: Extreme Baleful Gold Energy
Chapter 1745: The War Begins
Chapter 1746: The Devil Calamity
Chapter 1747: The Eight Alliances
Chapter 1748: Song Tiandaos Allegiance
Chapter 1749: Time Rate
Chapter 1750: Assassination
Chapter 1751: Devouring Lifeless Planets
Chapter 1752: Fighting The Enemy Alone
Chapter 1753: Resisting Nine Revolutions
Chapter 1754: Xiang Yangzhan Moves
Chapter 1755: Killing Intent
Chapter 1756: Lingering Dismemberment
Chapter 1757: Solitary Empty Heart Versus Illusions
Chapter 1758: Draw
Chapter 1759: Dugu Qiubais Combat Strength
Chapter 1760: Yin And Yang
Chapter 1761: Versus Dragonkin
Chapter 1762: Victory
Chapter 1763: Bone-Melting Blade
Chapter 1764: The Strongest Combatant Moves
Chapter 1765: Purple Clouds From East
Chapter 1766: Perfect Breakthrough
Chapter 1767: Swatting A Fly
Chapter 1768: Versus Gu Wang
Chapter 1769: Send You To The Afterlife
Chapter 1770: All Out War
Chapter 1771: Versus Four Revolutions Mastiff
Chapter 1772: Land Of Nether Yin Devils
Chapter 1773: Saving Ming Shi
Chapter 1774: Go On, Keep Acting Cocky
Chapter 1775: End Of Battle
Chapter 1776: Endless Earthly Sea
Chapter 1777: Delicious
Chapter 1778: Mother Poison Bug
Chapter 1779: Natural Earthly Soul
Chapter 1780: Be My Cat Slave
Chapter 1781: One Revolution
Chapter 1782: Internal Conflict
Chapter 1783: Slap
Chapter 1784: Stomp You To Death, Accursed Eunuch
Chapter 1785: All Who Transgress Against Ziling Sect Shall Die
Chapter 1786: Destiny Is Unstoppable
Chapter 1787: Corpse Energy
Chapter 1788: Ge Yi Has Accepted A Good Disciple
Chapter 1789: Corpse Poison Burning
Chapter 1790: Subterranean Terror
Chapter 1791: Unequaled Expert
Chapter 1792: Baili Xiongshi
Chapter 1793: Devilish Energy Everywhere
Chapter 1794: Old Xies Warning
Chapter 1795: Overbearing Ziling Sect
Chapter 1796: Slapping The Powerhouse
Chapter 1797: Counting On Something
Chapter 1798: Ultimate Battle Rune
Chapter 1799: Son Of Yuan Shi
Chapter 1800: Forgotten Roots
Chapter 1801: Spacetime Grotto Revisit
Chapter 1802: A Dream Through Four Revolutions
Chapter 1803: Enemies On All Sides
Chapter 1804: Threaten
Chapter 1805: All Who Invade The Ziling Sect Shall Be Killed
Chapter 1806: Long-Awaited Reunion
Chapter 1807: Ambitious Indeed
Chapter 1808: Dominion In Chaos
Chapter 1809: Alien Devil Alliance
Chapter 1810: Resurgence Of Dragon And Tiger
Chapter 1811: Overwhelming Changes
Chapter 1812: Conversing With Baili Xiongshi
Chapter 1813: Contending Against Baili Xiongshi
Chapter 1814: Bleak Hero
Chapter 1815: Versus Eight Revolutions
Chapter 1816: Reincarnation Weapon
Chapter 1817: The Venerable One Shows His Might
Chapter 1818: Unrivaled Venerable One
Chapter 1819: Baili Xiongshis Might
Chapter 1820: What Was Lost Would Never Return
Chapter 1821: Master And Disciple Fighting Together
Chapter 1822: Primal Chaos Fusion
Chapter 1823: Ge Yi Who Shoulders The Dominion
Chapter 1824: Devil Blood Congregation, Divine Spatial Bridge
Chapter 1825: Shameless Grandpa Grandson Pair
Chapter 1826: Resounding Face Slaps
Chapter 1827: Before The Dominions Destruction
Chapter 1828: Fighting Alone
Chapter 1829: Blood Spirit Destroyed
Chapter 1830: Anxious Advancement
Chapter 1831: Phantom Dome
Chapter 1832: Six Paths Of Reincarnation
Chapter 1833
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Alternative Titles:

Woshi Bawang, 我是霸王

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Xiang Shaoyun is the young master of an influential and powerful sect and is blessed with an extreme latent talent in martial cultivation. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes a declaration to give all the so-called geniuses a head start of ten years before catching up to them.

Ten years later, Xiang Shaoyun appears at a tiny sect of a tiny town. Betrayed and disgraced by his own sect, he is penniless and powerless, his cultivation level lower than his peers’ due to the ten-year vow. Now to reclaim the glory he once had, he must climb to the top from the very bottom.

Witness and join Xiang Shaoyun’s adventure in his rise to glory.

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Chapter 1: A Genius Only Seen Every Hundred Years?

Chapter 1: A Genius Only Seen Every Hundred Years?

Cloud Margin City, Wu Town, Martial Hall Palace.

Martial Hall Palace was the only place in Wu Town that recruited foreign martial cultivators as disciples. Every spring, their recruitment of new disciples would start. Because of that, the children and youths from the numerous nearby villages would rush over to participate in the entrance exam for Martial Hall Palace, seeking the path of the mighty.

This year, Martial Hall Palace’s disciple recruitment period was already over. Today, however, there was a youth dressed like a scholar standing in front of the main gate of Martial Hall Palace, pleading to be allowed in.

This youth seemed to be about fifteen to sixteen years old and had finely chiseled features, a handsome and brilliant kid; the only flaw was that his body was rather skinny and his clothes were rather tattered, as if he’d been through a lot, like a powerless scholar.

“Boy, I’ve been repeating myself over and over again, why are you so stubborn? Martial Hall Palace’s disciple recruitment period has already passed. If you really want to join our palace, wait for next spring and come again,” said a guard standing watch in front of Martial Hall Palace while impatiently staring at the youth.

Another fierce-looking guard at the scene stared daggers at the youth and snapped, “You’ve been coming here for three consecutive days. If you don’t get lost soon, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

The two guards were well versed in dealing with people who would do whatever it took to get in without knowing shame. The youth flashed a brilliant smile and laughingly said, “Brothers, please don’t do this. I, Xiang Shaoyun, am a genius only seen every hundred years in martial cultivation! So long as the two of you can compromise and allow me entry inside, I will most certainly become a disciple of Martial Hall Palace. Not only that, I will become the palace’s most outstanding disciple in history! When that happens, I will definitely not mistreat the both of you!”

“Bullshit! You call yourself a genius only seen every hundred years? Look at how skinny you are? I bet you can’t even take one of my fists!” the fierce-looking guard berated the youth, sending a fist his way.

Looking at the incoming fist, the youth called Xiang Shaoyun shouted, “Stop!”

Xiang Shaoyun’s shout seemed to have quite the effect. It carried a certain power with it, as if he was a person of authority with tens of thousands of people under his command. The fierce-looking guard stared blankly at him for awhile. The youth seemed to be exerting a strange, unexplainable pressure whenever the guard laid eyes on the youth. Despite that, the guard still coldly mocked, “Scared now ain’t ya? Quickly get lost. If not, I’ll be letting you see blood today.”

Pah, what a joke. This young master has seen all kinds of situations, why should I be scared of you? Xiang Shaoyun thought to himself. However, continuing his pitiful and weak act, he once again showed a brilliant smile and said, “Look at what this is!”

Within his hand appeared a shiny piece of stone. The stone looked pure and unblemished, greatly stirring those who looked at it. The guard suspiciously looked at the stone. Once he got a clear look, his expression shifted as if something had happened.

Xiang Shaoyun smugly laughed, “Hehe, you want this, right? As long as you give this young master a chance of entering the palace, this piece of stone—”


Before Xiang Shaoyun finished speaking, the guard’s palm swung at him, instantaneously slapping away the shiny stone in Xiang Shaoyun’s hand.

“You dare to use this piece of trash stone to bribe me! I think that if you don’t see your coffin, you won’t cry!” the furious guard shouted at Xiang Shaoyun. After he finished speaking, the guard raised his right fist at Xiang Shaoyun and sent a furious punch towards the youth’s face.

“Shit, I’ve come across someone who doesn’t know a good thing when he sees one,” Xiang Shaoyun cursed to himself. He closed his eyes without putting up a fight because he himself knew that he lacked the ability to resist.

Just as the fist was about to greet the youth’s face, a deep, sonorous voice sternly commanded, “Stop!”

The voice sounded as though there was a demon nearby, instantly freezing the guard’s fist in place. Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes and hurriedly retreated backwards, clutching his chest while muttering to himself, “That scared me to death! Good thing I have good luck!”

As the two guards turned around, they noticed a well-built man about 30 years of age riding on a wolf and approaching them. Upon seeing this, the two guards trembled, fearfully kneeling on the floor, saying, “We offer our greetings to the nineteenth elder!”

This young man was actually an elder of Martial Hall Palace, Elder Zi Changhe.

Zi Changhe was an outstanding individual in the present generation of Martial Hall Palace. He came from an unknown family. After entering Martial Hall Palace, he began to display flashes of brilliance and steadily marched forward, eventually becoming the fastest outer disciple to reach the Astral Realm in that generation.

It did not take him long to be taken in by the then Vice Palace Master to be his personal disciple. Under the Vice Hall Master’s tutelage, he became the quickest to break into the Transformation Realm, subsequently becoming an overseer of Martial Hall Palace and now, the youngest ever elder in its history.

All martial cultivators started at the Basic Realm—the lowest level of cultivation. Cultivators in this realm focused on training and refining their physical bodies to be in top condition. After reaching the peak of the ninth stage of the Basic Realm, they then began to draw power from the stars in the heavens, forming their own stars within their personal natal charts. This stage was known as the Astral Realm. After reaching this realm, cultivators could draw from the might of the stars, allowing them to manipulate qi and to separate it from their bodies to attack externally. The strength of such attacks was not to be underestimated and was certainly not something someone in the Basic Realm could hope to match up to.

As for the Transformation Realm, this was when one’s astral energy was solidified, forming a protective barrier that would protect one’s physical body. Normal knives and spears would be unable to pierce through such barriers; hence, cultivators were only acknowledged as true experts in the world of martial cultivation upon reaching this realm.

For each individual realm, there existed nine stages—the higher the achieved stage, the higher one’s combat prowess. Being able to reach the Transformation Realm at such a young age, Zi Changhe was well-known throughout Martial Hall Palace, signaling that a bright future was ahead of him.

Ignoring the two guards, Zi Changhe picked up the piece of stone from the ground. After briefly examining it, his eyes flashed with astonishment, and he said, “This is indeed a high-grade spirit crystal!”

“Aha, finally, someone who knows good stuff when he sees it!” Xiang Shaoyun gleefully shouted.

“Th-that’s a high-grade spirit crystal?!” gasped the guard who had knocked the piece of crystal, his mouth wide agape.

Spirit crystals were formed by the natural energy of the world. These crystals were a huge help to any cultivator, and they contained pure energy, allowing cultivators to increase their strength with each one used.

Spirit crystals were separated into three different grades of quality—low, middle and high. High-grade crystals were of the highest grade and contained the highest amount of natural energy per crystal. The efficacy of one high-grade crystal was equal to that of ten middle-grade crystals, or one hundred low-grade crystals.

“Of course. The natural energy present within this stone is so pure and unblemished; what else could this be if not a high-grade spirit crystal?” Zi Changhe indifferently replied.

Hearing this, the guard who had knocked away the crystal felt deep regret. He was merely at the third stage of the Astral Realm. If he was able to obtain one high-grade spirit crystal, the energy within it would be enough to help him reach the sixth stage. One must know that spirit crystals were not easily obtained; even one low-grade spirit crystal would require quite a significant price to obtain it.

“Damn, why didn’t the brat say so earlier?” the guard silently cursed to himself.

“Is this spirit crystal yours?” Zi Changhe asked, turning to Xiang Shaoyun. He could see that Xiang Shaoyun was merely a third-stage Basic Realm cultivator; it was no wonder he found it strange that the boy had a piece of high-grade spirit crystal on him.

Cultivators at the Basic Realm were the most ordinary cultivators; furthermore, the third stage of the Basic Realm was at the bottom of the cultivation world, only being slightly stronger than a regular mortal. This piece of high-grade crystal would not only throw Astral Realm cultivators into a bloodbath, even late-stage Transformation Realm experts would have their eyes turn red.

Facing Zi Changhe, Xiang Shaoyun put on a fawning smile and said, “Greetings, elder. This piece of high-grade spirit crystal indeed belongs to this young one, but since it is now in your hands, this young one would like to offer it to you to pay my respects.”

“Paying your respects? Brat, you really are generous.” Zi Changhe dryly laughed then asked, “What are your motives?”

Rubbing his hands together, Xiang Shaoyun sheepishly grinned and said, “Elder, this young one has no motives. I just wish to take you as my master.”


Total Chapters in book: 1833
Estimated words: 2466855 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 12334(@200wpm)___ 9867(@250wpm)___ 8223(@300wpm)