I Am the God of Games by Green Pepper Bat Donburi

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Chapter 52 - Underground Sewers
Chapter 53 - Rotten Bones Archbishop
Chapter 54 - Siege On The Rotten Bones Church I
Chapter 55 - Siege On The Rotten Bones Church Ii
Chapter 56 - : Siege On The Rotten Bones Church Iii
Chapter 57 - Oh Please, You’Re Weak Okay?
Chapter 58 - The Fall Of Rotten Bones
Chapter 59 - Festival I
Chapter 60 - Festival Ii
Chapter 61 - A Whole New Version You Have Never Played Before
Chapter 62 - New Classes
Chapter 63 - Tidal Flat Exploration
Chapter 64 - Frogman Tribe
Chapter 65 - The Players’ Negotiation Strategy Is The Best In The World!
Chapter 66 - Village Protection Quest
Chapter 67 - Saintess In-Training
Chapter 68 - The Magician’S Trump Cards
Chapter 69 - The Dark Knights
Chapter 70 - Humans Are Awesome
Chapter 71 - Deity Of The Past
Chapter 72 - Iron Cauldron Tavern
Chapter 73 - System Transfer
Chapter 74 - Aquatic Lord
Chapter 75 - Map Hacks
Chapter 76 - New Potions
Chapter 77 - Toxic To The Core
Chapter 78 - Buried Treasure
Chapter 79 - Wrath Of God
Chapter 80 - Her Majesty
Chapter 81 - The Fall Of Black Whip
Chapter 82 - Don’T Stop Now!
Chapter 83 - Follower
Chapter 84 - Wake Up, There Are Chores To Do
Chapter 85 - A Day Of Rest: Part I
Chapter 86 - Rules Of The System
Chapter 87 - Who Goes There!
Chapter 88 - Player Forum
Chapter 89 - Jom And Terry
Chapter 90 - Always Take Out The Rider First, Sounds Like Logic To Me!
Chapter 91 - The Chocobo Riders
Chapter 92 - Save The Children
Chapter 93 - The First Post
Chapter 94 - Used To Dying
Chapter 95 - Ambush From The Night
Chapter 96 - : Emergency Class Change
Chapter 97 - Hoho, We’Re Doomed
Chapter 98 - Speaking Of Weak Points…
Chapter 99 - The Barren Giant
Chapter 100 - The Proper Ways Of Provocation
Chapter 101 - Thermal Expansion
Chapter 102 - Pets
Chapter 103 - Cecil Faust
Chapter 104 - Soul Lamp
Chapter 105 - Change Of Faith
Chapter 106 - A Day Of Rest: Part Ii
Chapter 107 - Messenger From Faust
Chapter 108 - Sights And Sounds Of The Unnamed Town
Chapter 109 - Angora’S Growth
Chapter 110 - Tsujigiri
Chapter 111 - Arrival
Chapter 112 - God-Slaying Blade
Chapter 113 - Lion Brand Power Bank
Chapter 114 - Swordmaster
Chapter 115 - Charisma
Chapter 116 - You Have Bigger Breasts, You Go First
Chapter 117 - Don’T Come Near Me!
Chapter 118 - The Best Suplex In The World
Chapter 119 - You Lot Don’T Understand ‘Infiltration’!
Chapter 120 - Have Any Of You Seen A Peacock’S Butt?
Chapter 121 - Was I Picked Up From A Trash Heap?
Chapter 122 - The Grateful Dead
Chapter 123 - Change
Chapter 124 - Cecil’S Choice
Chapter 125 - Devil May Cry I
Chapter 126 - Devil May Cry Ii
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Chapter 128 - Divine Guardian
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Chapter 130 - A Day Of Rest: Part Iii
Chapter 131 - Tsunami
Chapter 132 - No Survivors
Chapter 133 - The Ocean God’S Trial
Chapter 134 - Xi Wei: I Choose To Ask The Audience
Chapter 135 - Winter Swimming Event
Chapter 136 - Ironfelt
Chapter 137 - Shoot Me
Chapter 138 - Why Summon A Sea Monster Over Seafood Business?
Chapter 139 - : It’S Not My Fault; It’S The Item’S Fault!
Chapter 140 - You Have No Item, You Have No Life
Chapter 141 - Fishmen Island Does Not Have Much Time Left!
Chapter 142 - All The Other Players Are Drooling
Chapter 143 - Luring Monsters Is An Essential Skill!
Chapter 144 - I’Ll Be Back!
Chapter 145 - Why Can’T We Submit Missions Yet?!
Chapter 146 - Self-Directed Act
Chapter 147 - : Thirty Years Down The East River…
Chapter 148 - Fishman High Priest
Chapter 149 - Bastion Crab King
Chapter 150 - Setting Ground Rules
Chapter 151 - : Slums
Chapter 152 - City Watch
Chapter 153 - Noble
Chapter 154 - Kengyoku
Chapter 155 - Filth
Chapter 156 - Not In The Top Three Yet
Chapter 157 - Kinley’S New Life I
Chapter 158 - Kinley’S New Life Ii
Chapter 159 - A Day Of Rest: Part Iv
Chapter 160 - Winter’S End
Chapter 161 - Xi Wei’S Plans For Development
Chapter 162 - Zonyan Grayclaw’S Demons
Chapter 163 - Adding Income, Controlling Outflow
Chapter 164 - Thunder
Chapter 165 - Tierra Blocks
Chapter 166 - Seeding Festival
Chapter 167 - The Lancaster Hideout Appeals For Help
Chapter 168 - Human-Faced Fish
Chapter 169 - Trouble At The Hunting Grounds
Chapter 170 - Splitting Up
Chapter 171 - You Can Walk Without Three-Stage Sliding Slashes?
Chapter 172 - Boss Doesn’T Want To Hear You Joke; Boss Used Body Slam
Chapter 173 - The Gods Have Extreme Tastes
Chapter 174 - Nothing Happened Yet. I’M Still In The Game!
Chapter 175 - Auction
Chapter 176 - Divinity Altar
Chapter 177 - Gaming System Update V3.0
Chapter 178 - Drama In Codo Bosra
Chapter 179 - Adding Pvp Points!
Chapter 180 - Players Happening To Pass By
Chapter 181 - Applause
Chapter 182 - I Do Mind!
Chapter 183 - A Little Seafaring Boat
Chapter 184 - Life Is Hard
Chapter 185 - Slave Hunters
Chapter 186 - The God Of Games Saw Through Everything Already
Chapter 187 - Aiming Below The Belt Is Behavior Most Despicable
Chapter 188 - Chains Of Penance
Chapter 189 - Everyone’S Hope
Chapter 190 - I Heard You Have High Physical Defense?
Chapter 191 - Your Item Is Not Growing Because You Don’T Have Materials (Serious)
Chapter 192 - Ultimate Form
Chapter 193 - Dragon Food, Secret Eye Brand
Chapter 194 - Anti-Corrupted Drake Tactics
Chapter 195 - Divine Spear Sefarim
Chapter 196 - Holy Lancer
Chapter 197 - Moon Keeper
Chapter 198 - Invisible Pantheon (Part One)
Chapter 199 - Invisible Pantheon (Part Two)
Chapter 200 - Xi Wei’S Talk-No-Jutsu
Chapter 201 - The Elven Queen
Chapter 202 - The Dawn Of A New Era
Chapter 203 - The Western Continent
Chapter 204 - That Only Makes It Better.Jpg
Chapter 205 - A Day Of Rest (Part Five)
Chapter 206 - A Day Of Rest (Part Five And A Half)
Chapter 207 - Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 208 - Guda Sensei!
Chapter 209 - Spirit Familiar
Chapter 210 - Recruiting An Army
Chapter 211 - The Elven Girl’S Prank (Part One)
Chapter 212 - The Elven Girl’S Prank (Part Two)
Chapter 213 - Devil
Chapter 214 - Whale Power! All Items Stat +7
Chapter 215 - Awesome!
Chapter 216 - Taking Down The Enemy In One Shot, 1700 Meters Away
Chapter 217 - The Vengeful Dead
Chapter 218 - Resident Evil: Otherworld Edition
Chapter 219 - Angora’S Worries
Chapter 220 - The Archbishop
Chapter 221 - The Devil Is A Devil Even When It’S Dead
Chapter 222 - Devil On The Loose
Chapter 223 - Xi Wei’S Personal Opinion
Chapter 224 - Moon Pavilion
Chapter 225 - Hot Pot And Singing
Chapter 226 - Bursting Pandemic
Chapter 227 - The First Eight
Chapter 228 - A Guest From Beyond The Divine Kingdom
Chapter 229 - The Fire Thief
Chapter 230 - Link The Fire?
Chapter 231 - A New Event Begins
Chapter 232 - The Creeping Shadows
Chapter 233 - Dead Red Dragon
Chapter 234 - Human Spirit Is [Redacted…]
Chapter 235 - Attack On Zombie Dragon
Chapter 236 - The Archbishop’S Suspicions
Chapter 237 - The Premature Demise Of The Dead Red Dragon
Chapter 238 - The Battle Of Sotimi
Chapter 239 - It’S Not Like It Would Give Birth If I Keep It
Chapter 240 - Working As Intended
Chapter 241 - Towards The New Continent
Chapter 242 - The Believers Arrive
Chapter 243 - The Real Reward
Chapter 244 - It’S Black Hand, Not Grayclaw
Chapter 245 - The Hyena-Men’S Confidence
Chapter 246 - Do I Look Blind To You?
Chapter 247 - Are All The Humans Of The Eastern Continent Monsters?
Chapter 248 - Us Players Never Sell Counterfeits (Straight-Faced)
Chapter 249 - Maester Rad
Chapter 250 - A Blade That Doesn’T Flash ‘Danger? Would Never Reach Me!
Chapter 251 - Getting Along With Death
Chapter 252 - Deity Defamation
Chapter 253 - Make Mountain Tigers Great Again
Chapter 254 - Who Would Understand What You’Re Saying?!
Chapter 255 - They Are Lusting After My Body!
Chapter 256 - The Development Progress Of The Unnamed Town
Chapter 257 - Errand Boy
Chapter 258 - Black Dragon Hellfire
Chapter 259 - Rocket Punch
Chapter 260 - Auto-Battle
Chapter 261 - First Blood
Chapter 262 - Roaring Blaze Tiger Warrior
Chapter 263 - Powerful! The Roaring Blaze Tiger Warrior Is Powerful!
Chapter 264 - Where Is Your Daughter?!
Chapter 265 - Lucky Koi: It’S Showtime!
Chapter 266 - The Revived Nightstalker
Chapter 267 - God Sprout
Chapter 268 - Running Away When You’Re The Quest?
Chapter 269 - Shoot That Motherf*Cker
Chapter 270 - Blunder
Chapter 271 - There Is A Path To Hell But You Did Not Take It
Chapter 272 - You Are Already Dead
Chapter 273 - Holy Statue
Chapter 274 - Consolidating Power
Chapter 275 - Folk Dance
Chapter 276 - Deflowering
Chapter 277 - Bringing Smiles With Games
Chapter 278 - Diplomatic Corps
Chapter 279 - Fearsome Average Citizens
Chapter 280 - Come At Me, All Of You!
Chapter 281 - Mental Trauma
Chapter 282 - The Empire Might Be The Biggest Loser
Chapter 283 - Wonderful!
Chapter 284 - To Each Their Own
Chapter 285 - Setting Little Goals
Chapter 286 - Pre-Tourney Speech
Chapter 287 - Maze Island
Chapter 288 - Can’T You Read Your Minimaps?
Chapter 289 - End Of The First Round
Chapter 290 - Dragon Rider Squadron
Chapter 291 - An Astonishing Turn Of Events On Fishmen Island
Chapter 292 - The Eve Of The Second Round
Chapter 293 - Tourney Quest
Chapter 294 - Your Blood Is All Over The Ground
Chapter 295 - I’M Listening
Chapter 296 - Coming From Behind
Chapter 297 - The Third Round
Chapter 298 - So Cool!
Chapter 299 - Searching For Red-Names
Chapter 300 - Cultists In The Aqueducts
Chapter 301 - Pink Flatfish
Chapter 302 - The Cultists’ Goal
Chapter 303 - Grand Final
Chapter 304 - Cult Leader?
Chapter 305 - Escape
Chapter 306 - Blasphemer
Chapter 307 - Aojo
Chapter 308 - You Are No Longer The Foe I Must Defeat
Chapter 309 - Turning Point
Chapter 310 - Plan
Chapter 311 - As The Dust Settles
Chapter 312 - Rewards And The Conclusion Of The Twin City Cup
Chapter 313 - Eat Dung, Aslan!
Chapter 314 - The Mining City Of Undercurrents
Chapter 315 - Eleena’S Last Name
Chapter 316 - Major Trouble At Crookes
Chapter 317 - Quest Update
Chapter 318 - We Got This
Chapter 319 - The Players Attack!
Chapter 320 - The End Of A Swampman
Chapter 321 - Kidnapped
Chapter 322 - Tensions Running High
Chapter 323 - Automatons
Chapter 324 - Lost Magitek
Chapter 325 - Sefarim Changing
Chapter 326 - Elven Arcane Text
Chapter 327 - They Can Divide Themselves Too?
Chapter 328 - I’Ll Do My Best
Chapter 329 - Mining Cave
Chapter 330 - How Do You Fight Something Without A Hp Bar?
Chapter 331 - Rescue
Chapter 332 - “I’M Your Grandfather!” “No-!”
Chapter 333 - Something Sinister Has Crossed The Sea
Chapter 334 - Undead Elf
Chapter 335 - Chaos And Confusion On The Battlefield
Chapter 336 - The Thing Hidden Beneath Crookes
Chapter 337 - Our Main Character Finally Showed Up
Chapter 338 - It’S Over, There’S No Winning This Time
Chapter 339 - Elven Synchronized Intellect Nation
Chapter 340 - Charge With Me!
Chapter 341 - Dying Too Late
Chapter 342 - Heirloom
Chapter 343 - Ice Flakes
Chapter 344 - Event Unlocked
Chapter 345 - The Bane Of The Undead Elf
Chapter 346 - Rune Embedding System
Chapter 347 - First Test Of The Runic System
Chapter 348 - We Found Your Grandfather!
Chapter 349 - Elven Stone And Moonstone
Chapter 350 - One More Show
Chapter 351 - Come Back If You Haven’T Had Enough!
Chapter 352 - Ferrying
Chapter 353 - Clearing The Deep Wall Stratum
Chapter 354 - Citizens Of Crookes! Your Mayor Has Returned!
Chapter 355 - Reaching Dark Sky
Chapter 356 - Finding Party Members
Chapter 357 - Reversal
Chapter 358 - Autism Correctional Fist
Chapter 359 - Read The Room, Please
Chapter 360 - Taunt
Chapter 361 - Optimal Solution
Chapter 362 - Fight To The Death
Chapter 363 - Bode
Chapter 364 - Steel Earth
Chapter 365 - You Have Been Spying On Us!
Chapter 366 - Who Said That Fakes Can’T Surpass The Genuine?
Chapter 367 - Fight First, Talk Later
Chapter 368 - Preparation And The Second Venture
Chapter 369 - Steel Earth Cleared
Chapter 370 - Clue To The Eternal Archives
Chapter 371 - Shoot Me
Chapter 372 - Ancient Atrocity
Chapter 373 - Anti-Mecha Strategy
Chapter 374 - The Fate Of The Diggers
Chapter 375 - The Confined Divinity
Chapter 376 - Event Conclusion
Chapter 377 - The Players’ Turf
Chapter 378 - Believers Who Do Not Want To Be Knights Are Not Good Players
Chapter 379 - Your Information Is Too Outdated
Chapter 380 - You’Re In Trouble!
Chapter 381 - Someone Is Here With A Bone To Pick
Chapter 382 - Event Announcement
Chapter 383 - Goblin Nest
Chapter 384 - Elephant-Trunk Clams
Chapter 385 - The Lord Of The Peaks’ Believers
Chapter 386 - He Actually Reached The Answer First
Chapter 387 - Just Robbers, In The End
Chapter 388 - People Cannot Be Generalized
Chapter 389 - Dirty Fireworks
Chapter 390 - Trampoline
Chapter 391 - Torture, Information, And Detachment
Chapter 392 - Curtains Fall
Chapter 393 - The Lord Of The Peaks
Chapter 394 - Justice Needs No Impurities
Chapter 395 - Hidden Class
Chapter 396 - The Players’ Day Of Rest (Part Six)
Chapter 397 - Limit
Chapter 398 - The Curly-Horns Tribe
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This is the tale of an earthling, who transmigrated as a dying third-rate god but somehow rose through the ranks, gaining followers and eventually causing the Fourth Great Apocalypse.

“Have you ever heard of the God of Games?”

“The God of Games..?” Eleena shook her head in puzzlement. “I have never heard of Him…”

“What if the God of Games could give you the power to defeat your enemies?” Xi Wei coaxed patiently.

Eleena remained silent for a while, before resolutely lifting her head and fixing her gaze on Xi Wei. “Then I am willing to become a believer of the God of Games!”

“Belief isn’t something to only be spoken by mouth. Close your eyes and envision His name in your mind, and feel His power with your heart,” he said solemnly.

“O Master of Games, grant us new life!”

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Newly Transmigrated God


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

Xi Wei had transmigrated to another world.

Contrary to the popular trend of unlucky fellow transmigrators who became creatures such as goblins and gale wolves, he had become a god!

But Xi Wei did not think that he was all that lucky; in fact if he had the choice, he would rather switch places with those other transmigrators.

Why, you’d ask? Because regardless of whether their souls or bodies were reincarnated, at least they had a physical body. He, however, became a ball of light!

Not only that, the divinity that he had been imbued with as the ‘God of Games’ was already borderline unstable, to the point where after a while he might not even be able to maintain his form as a ball of light.

Utilizing the little divine energy


he had left, he quickly checked through his Divine Records—his findings making him not know whether to laugh or to cry.

In this fantasy world he was thrown into, there were lots of different deities, most of which were ancient, having existed for long periods of time, with him, the God of Games being relatively new and inexperienced as a god.

In fact, his particular divinity was born in a very unorthodox way—from a past kingdom called Tierra in the mortal realm (the Prime Material Plane). The eleventh monarch of this kingdom, Yakaran the Eleventh was said to be an immoral, self-indulgent ruler, spending all his days addicted to games—be it card games, chess, or games like polo and soccer, without attending to internal affairs. He had always been an atheist, not believing in or liking any religion.

However, in this world filled with different deities, being an atheist in itself was an act of heresy. Even he, as a monarch, would be ill-spoken of and called into question. This trait would be used as an excuse for those who coveted the throne and wanted to condemn him and renounce his claim to the throne.

Stuck with the dilemma of wanting to prevent anything of the sort from happening but not wanting to bow his proud head to any religion, he thought of a perfect plan. He announced that he was a believer in the God of Games, and launched a multifaceted plan to make his people join the religion he created, giving promises and benefits to the aristocrats and by enforcing the law, somehow managing to pull together the church of the God of Games.

Soon after its creation, the religion rooted itself in Tierra, growing stronger in members as the days went by, to the point where more than half of the population of the kingdom became devout believers of the religion.

As the number of believers increased, the combined devotion created a god which had never existed in the pantheon before—the God of Games!

However, games are addictive. And as the religion grew, more and more people became addicted to games (especially gambling) and did not do their roles in society, causing the originally strong Tierra to fall from glory. Yakaran couldn’t even pass the throne to his son before the country was split and taken over by several small countries surrounding the borders of the kingdom.

Having seen the entirety of the rise and fall of Tierra, the surrounding kingdoms all severely rejected and banned the church of the God of Games, restricting all their citizens from joining the religion.

The strong and thriving church fell and disbanded in the blink of an eye—most of its believers deserting the religion.

Being a newly created deity, the original God of Games did not even get a chance to stabilize its divinity before the entire thing went south, causing its less than clear consciousness to dissipate, making way for a soul from Earth to take over its place…

“…and now I have to deal with this mess?”

Xi Wei sighed, feeling a headache coming—even though he did not even have a head in this state.

“My divinity isn’t stable yet, and my divine energy is sparse and weak… this can’t get any worse, can it?”

That being said, Xi Wei did not rush to do anything, but instead tried his best to make heads or tails of the whole situation.

First, he created a way to measure the amount of divine energy left, chalking it up to ten points.

As for why he did not set it as just one point, it was because he found that the divine energy he had left actually wasn’t all that shabby. If he were to convert it all to raw energy and throw it at the Mortal Plane, it would probably be able to immediately disintegrate an army of ten thousand, more or less the power of an atomic bomb.

But if he wanted to stabilize his divinity, he would have to rack up at least a hundred units of divine energy first.

Now he only had a few devout gamblers still believing in him, but the rate at which they generated divine energy was so underwhelming that he’d even believe it if they all converted to the church of the Goddess of Fortune, Lady Fortuna, at the tip of a hat.

“I can’t let it go on like this…”

Xi Wei carefully checked the abilities he currently had.

Deities often had a variety of different abilities, but at the very core, each deity was composed of three basic traits: Divine Grace, Divine Fury, and Divine Order.

To put it simply, Divine Grace was when a deity communicates with their believers in the mortal realm, leaving behind prophecies and sacred items, or imbuing their believers with strength and power. Priests and clergy for the church could also call upon the deity’s power to perform spells and divine feats.

Divine Fury was a deity’s power and rage—a threshold that mortals could not encroach, or even think of tainting. Divine punishment was an extension of this trait.

Divine Order was the basis of a deity’s divinity—a power so great that it was on the same level as the laws of nature itself. For example, a God of Harvest could ignore the seasons and allow crops to sprout and grow, and to control harvests and even control the weather to a certain extent, as long as it is part of their sphere of influence, deities could single-handedly affect the natural laws of the world!

That being said, many deities had overlapping spheres of influence. As an example, three high-ranked deities: God of the Sun Emporio, God of Light Lyante, and Daychaser Yukov, and a whole bunch of lower-tiered deities have influence over the concept of light.

As the God of Games, Xi Wei’s Divine Order was very ambiguous, as he had influence over everything that had to do with games, even the concept of luck and fortune.

While that looks and sounds pretty amazing, if he were to compare the influence he had over these concepts, he would probably do even worse than a third-grade deity.

To put it in another way, Xi Wei could extend his influence to a certain extent as a God of Beasts to control wild animals and even magical beings as animal hunting and beast fighting are considered games. However, if an actual deity of beasts had 90% influence over beasts, Xi Wei’s influence might not even be 1%…

The jack of all trades, but master of none… No wonder his believers deserted his religion so easily. If they wanted specific blessings and gifts from him, they could just as easily gotten the same blessings from other gods, and maybe even stronger blessings than the ones he could have given.

You’re a gambler and you want a lucky streak?

You can worship Lady Fortuna.

You’re a gladiator and you want a stronger body?

You can worship the God of War.

You’re a rider and you want to develop a stronger relationship with your mount?

You can worship Bei Feng.

So why would you need a bicycle…


“Hmm… maybe it’s not as worthless as I thought.”

If it were a local deity facing the same mess he was, they’d probably only be able to close their eyes and wait for their inevitable dissipation.

But Xi Wei was different. As your standard stay-at-home otaku from Earth, the concept of ‘games’ to him wasn’t as simple as cards, mahjong, and colosseum fighting


that they were used to in this world.

Games are a crystallization of the efforts and innovation of generations of people, popularized by the internet and built from ground-up, known as the ninth form of art!

And as a pioneer of Earth into this unfamiliar new world, Xi Wei decided to…

First build a system.


Total Chapters in book: 398
Estimated words: 545313 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2727(@200wpm)___ 2181(@250wpm)___ 1818(@300wpm)