I Become Invincible By Signing In by Sweet Brand Chewtoy

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Chapter 2 - System
Chapter 3 - Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique
Chapter 4 - Grandmaster
Chapter 5 - Different Cultivation Methods
Chapter 6 - Disappointment
Chapter 7 - Sparring Partner
Chapter 8 - The Su Family'S Situation
Chapter 9 - Understanding
Chapter 10 - Reaching Rank-9
Chapter 11 - Stepping Onto The Path Of Longevity
Chapter 12 - Leaving The City
Chapter 13 - Seven-Colored Heaven Ascension Stage
Chapter 14 - Guardian Beast
Chapter 15 - Speaking At The Top
Chapter 16 - I Am Jinlun Guoshi
Chapter 17 - Beat It To Death
Chapter 18 - The Importance Of Controlling The Sky
Chapter 19 - Fishing
Chapter 20 - Bathed In Lightning, Level-10 Of The Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique
Chapter 21 - Subsidiary Function
Chapter 22 - Twin Flowers
Chapter 23 - Returning To The City
Chapter 24 - The Beast Court
Chapter 25 - Improvement
Chapter 26 - I'Ll Teach You Three Levels!
Chapter 27 - Cultivation
Chapter 28 - You Can Just Call Me Sir!
Chapter 29 - Li Lanxin
Chapter 30 - Stalker
Chapter 31 - Captured Alive
Chapter 32 - Young Dragon Meeting
Chapter 33 - Arrangements
Chapter 34 - Discovery
Chapter 35 - Annihilation
Chapter 36 - Waiting
Chapter 37 - Sir Wang Is Really An Extraordinary Person!
Chapter 38 - The Guardian'S Residence Will Take Up The Su Family'S Matters
Chapter 39 - Nine Suns, Flying Dagger!
Chapter 40 - Enjoy
Chapter 41 - Battle Arena
Chapter 42 - Chips
Chapter 43 - Covert Action
Chapter 44 - Victory
Chapter 45 - Successive Victories
Chapter 46 - Indeed, My Ears Are Not Very Good
Chapter 47 - Continue!
Chapter 48 - Tang Zhenyu
Chapter 49 - Help Is Here?
Chapter 50 - A Small Punishment, A Harsh Warning
Chapter 51 - Buying A House
Chapter 52 - Pauper
Chapter 53 - This Place Is Not Clean
Chapter 54 - The Yang God Race
Chapter 55 - Discovery
Chapter 56 - Dirty Thing
Chapter 57 - Heyuan Tingkong
Chapter 58 - Spatial Rift
Chapter 59 - Interrogation
Chapter 60 - Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 61 - Meow
Chapter 62 - Skynet
Chapter 63 - Leisure
Chapter 64 - Hua Changyan
Chapter 65 - Conversation
Chapter 66 - Black Cage
Chapter 67 - Ancient Tea Tree
Chapter 68 - Black Stone Mountain
Chapter 69 - It’S Annoying That You Can’T Fly
Chapter 70 - Fated Cafeteria
Chapter 71 - Yong Hua Chamber Of Commerce
Chapter 72 - Auction
Chapter 73 - Taking Out The Green Jade Rock
Chapter 74 - Fu Anzhi
Chapter 75 - Green Jade Rock Marrow
Chapter 76 - Why Are You Here?
Chapter 77 - System Upgrade In Progress
Chapter 78 - Guest
Chapter 79 - Grandmaster Tang
Chapter 80 - New Function
Chapter 81 - Zhao Tianlin
Chapter 82 - I’Ll Be Waiting For You In Cang City
Chapter 83 - Battle Supervisor
Chapter 84 - Fearless
Chapter 85 - The Me Of Today Is Not The Me Of Yesterday!
Chapter 86 - Entering The City
Chapter 87 - Zhao Tianlin'S Visit
Chapter 88 - Confrontation
Chapter 89 - Slashing The Supremacy Order
Chapter 90 - Zhao Tianlin Will Definitely Die Today
Chapter 91 - Three Absolutes Auction House
Chapter 92 - Zhao Tianlin, Die!
Chapter 93 - Reunion
Chapter 94 - Traces
Chapter 95 - Eternal Youth Technique
Chapter 96 - Clue
Chapter 97 - The Beasts Have Surrounded Cang City
Chapter 98 - Jinlun Guoshi, Come Out
Chapter 99 - Rage
Chapter 100 - : Demon Venerable Tiandu
Chapter 101 - Battling A Connate Expert (1)
Chapter 102 - Battling A Connate Expert (2)
Chapter 103 - Battling A Connate Expert (3)
Chapter 104 - Kill (1)
Chapter 105 - Kill (2)
Chapter 106 - Kill (3)
Chapter 107 - Kill (4)
Chapter 108 - Curtain Call
Chapter 109 - After The War
Chapter 110 - Compensation Resources
Chapter 111 - Yang God Sect
Chapter 112 - Bluffing
Chapter 113 - Wang Yi'S "Heaven Imprisoning Finger"
Chapter 114 - Returning Home
Chapter 115 - Guests
Chapter 116 - Visiting The Langya County City
Chapter 117 - Use Of Compensation
Chapter 118 - Banquet
Chapter 119 - Wang Yi'S Preaching (1)
Chapter 120 - Wang Yi'S Preaching (2)
Chapter 121 - Wang Yi'S Preaching (3)
Chapter 122 - Everyone'S Gains
Chapter 123 - Let'S Go Together!
Chapter 124 - Visiting Card (1)
Chapter 125 - Visiting Card (2)
Chapter 126 - Observing Lightning Gathering In Three Flowers (1)
Chapter 127 - Observing Lightning Gathering In Three Flowers (2)
Chapter 128 - Observing Lightning Gathering In Three Flowers (3)
Chapter 129 - Calamity Of The Three Flowers (1)
Chapter 130 - Calamity Of The Three Flowers (2)
Chapter 131 - Calamity Of The Three Flowers (3)
Chapter 132 - 999
Chapter 133 - Walking On Flowers
Chapter 134 - Seizing Any Opportunity
Chapter 135 - A Small Gift
Chapter 136 - Yin And Yang Fruits
Chapter 137 - Thank You, Fellow Daoist Wang
Chapter 138 - This Matter Is Easy To Handle (1)
Chapter 139 - This Matter Is Easy To Handle (2)
Chapter 140 - This Matter Is Easy To Handle (3)
Chapter 141 - This Matter Is Also Easy To Handle
Chapter 142 - Heaven And Earth Gate
Chapter 143 - Black Yellow Divine Dragon
Chapter 144 - The Three Absolutes
Chapter 145 - The Person Behind The Scenes
Chapter 146 - Ziwei Capital City
Chapter 147 - Crush
Chapter 148 - The Forbidden Stone
Chapter 149 - Sixty Percent
Chapter 150 - Discussion Of The Dao
Chapter 151 - Tell
Chapter 152 - Physical Realm
Chapter 153 - Ambush On A Rainy Night (1)
Chapter 154 - Ambush On A Rainy Night (2)
Chapter 155 - Ambush On A Rainy Night (3)
Chapter 156 - : Slaying A Connate Expert (1)
Chapter 157 - Slaying A Connate Expert (2)
Chapter 158 - Slaying A Connate Expert (3)
Chapter 159 - Slaying A Connate Expert (4)
Chapter 160 - Slaying A Connate Expert (5)
Chapter 161 - Slaying A Connate Expert (6)
Chapter 162 - Slaying A Connate Expert (7)
Chapter 163 - Explaining The Destiny Of The Race
Chapter 164 - : Special Realm
Chapter 165 - Captive
Chapter 166 - Revisiting The Venerable Palace
Chapter 167 - Forging Technique
Chapter 168 - Guardian Wings (1)
Chapter 169 - Guardian Wings (2)
Chapter 170 - Intelligence
Chapter 171 - Borrowing Soldiers
Chapter 172 - Wu Shuang Breaks Through Again
Chapter 173 - Heavenly King Covers The Ground Tiger
Chapter 174 - : The Pagoda Suppresses The River Demon
Chapter 175 - Purge (1)
Chapter 176 - Purging (2)
Chapter 177 - Purge (3)
Chapter 178 - Multiple Peak-Realm Experts
Chapter 179 - : After The War
Chapter 180 - Celebration
Chapter 181 - Exploring The Spatial Rift (1)
Chapter 182 - Exploring The Spatial Rift (2)
Chapter 183 - Forming The Array (1)
Chapter 184 - Forming The Array (2)
Chapter 185 - Forming The Array (3)
Chapter 186 - Forming The Array (4)
Chapter 187 - A Slip Of The Tongue
Chapter 188 - Compromise
Chapter 189 - Return
Chapter 190 - Forging Weapons (1)
Chapter 191 - Forging Weapons (2)
Chapter 192 - Forging Weapons (3)
Chapter 193 - Forging Weapons (4)
Chapter 194 - Forging Weapons (5)
Chapter 195 - Forging Weapons (6)
Chapter 196 - Forging Weapons (7)
Chapter 197 - Returning Home
Chapter 198 - Why Is It Her
Chapter 199 - Meeting Hua Changyan Again
Chapter 200 - You Will Stay Here After This
Chapter 201 - Overturn
Chapter 202 - Venerable Order
Chapter 203 - Wu Qing
Chapter 204 - Gathering
Chapter 205 - Martial Will
Chapter 206 - Mystic Technique
Chapter 207 - The Legend Of The White Snake
Chapter 208 - Du Kang Winery
Chapter 209 - Lu Yanyan
Chapter 210 - The Current Situation Of Planet Earth (1)
Chapter 211 - The Current Situation Of Planet Earth (2)
Chapter 212 - The Current Situation Of Planet Earth (3)
Chapter 213 - The Current Situation Of Planet Earth (4)
Chapter 214 - I Want To Teach Martial Arts (1)
Chapter 215 - I Want To Teach Martial Arts (2)
Chapter 216 - Core Members
Chapter 217 - Decomposition And Simplification
Chapter 218 - Trust
Chapter 219 - On Sale (1)
Chapter 220 - On Sale (2)
Chapter 221 - Martial Arts Teachers (1)
Chapter 222 - Martial Arts Teachers (2)
Chapter 223 - Auction (1)
Chapter 224 - Auction (2)
Chapter 225 - Auction (3)
Chapter 226 - Auction (4)
Chapter 227 - Auction (5)
Chapter 228 - Auction (6)
Chapter 229 - Entering The Connate Realm (1)
Chapter 230 - Entering The Connate Realm (2)
Chapter 231 - Entering The Connate Realm (3)
Chapter 232 - Entering The Connate Realm (4)
Chapter 233 - Entering The Connate Realm (5)
Chapter 234 - Entering The Connate Realm (6)
Chapter 235 - Entering The Connate Realm (7)
Chapter 236 - Entering The Connate Realm (8)
Chapter 237 - Entering The Connate Realm (9)
Chapter 238 - Entering The Connate Realm (10)
Chapter 239 - Entering The Connate Realm (11)
Chapter 240 - Entering The Connate Realm (12)
Chapter 241 - Entering The Connate Realm (13)
Chapter 242 - Entering The Connate Realm (14)
Chapter 243 - Untitled Poem
Chapter 244 - Ode To Gallantry
Chapter 245 - The Fourth Power — Psychic Dharma Idol
Chapter 246 - Returning Home
Chapter 247 - Stunning
Chapter 248 (End) - Taking In A Disciple
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Wang Yi had just transmigrated when he experienced being cheated on, going through a divorce, and being kicked out of his home. These were events faced by a useless male character.

However, he soon discovered that this world seemed out of sorts. There were martial arts grandmasters and martial arts clans?

Fortunately, he activated the Martial Arts Sign In System.

[You have successfully signed in and obtained the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique. Please cultivate according to the instructions.]

Thus, Wang Yi kept signing in until he leveled up and became a martial arts grandmaster. After that, he discovered the truth behind his wife’s affair.

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Chapter 1 - Transmigration

Chapter 1: Transmigration


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In a luxurious villa located in the aristocratic district of Cang City…

“I think you should sign it. Let’s part on good terms!”

A cold female voice rang out, giving off a cold feeling of rejection!

A divorce agreement was placed on the coffee table. Without looking at Wang Yi again, the woman turned around and walked towards the bedroom!

Wang Yi stared at the beautiful woman as a look of agony flashed in his eyes. What was supposed to come had finally come!

The events of the past surfaced one after another as if they had happened yesterday!

A year ago…

Wang Yi, who worked overtime until midnight, witnessed a car accident on his way home!

A white BMW sedan was knocked to the ground by an off-road vehicle. However, the owner of the off-road vehicle seemed to be drunk. Thus, after knocking the BMW over, he didn’t get out of the car and sped away while swaying.

At that time, Wang Yi did not think too much about it. He rescued a young woman, whose face was covered in blood, from the BMW and called an ambulance for her!

After that, he didn’t think much of the incident.

Unexpectedly, within half a month, a woman called Su Shiya came knocking on his door!

She told Wang Yi that she was the woman he had saved that night!

As the saying goes, it was difficult for a man to ask a woman out, but it was very easy for a woman to ask a man out.

Under Su Shiya’s initiative, they soon fell in love!

Meanwhile, Su Shiya’s parents found out that although Wang Yi lost his parents when he was young, he had a good personality and had graduated from a famous university. Hence, they did not object to their relationship.

Not long after, they got their marriage certificate!

At that time, it shook the entire Cang City. Who didn’t know that the daughter of the Su family had married a poor man who had no money, no power, and no martial arts skills?

In a short period of time, Wang Yi had several titles in Cang City. He was known as a good-for-nothing, a live-in son-in-law, and a gigolo!

On the day of the wedding, a senior teacher of a Daoist temple passed by and realized that Su Shiya had a rare and hidden talent for martial arts. Thus, he wanted to take Su Shiya away to the Daoist temple to cultivate.

Su Shiya was naturally unwilling to do so just before the wedding, but Wang Yi knew that this was a huge opportunity. Under his insistence, Su Shiya left reluctantly after the wedding!

Su Shiya left for a year and only returned a month ago.

However, Wang Yi felt that Su Shiya seemed to have changed into a different person after coming back. She became extremely cold towards him! Furthermore, the attitude of his parents-in-law towards him had become increasingly harsh!

Then, a few days ago, Wang Yi coincidentally found out that Su Shiya had actually followed a strange man into a hotel. Thereafter, the two of them had a huge argument and a cold war started between them!

Today was the first time Su Shiya had spoken to him and it was to ask for a divorce!

His hands were trembling as he picked up the divorce agreement. His eyes were red, but he could not sign it!

“You piece of trash! Can’t you be a man for once? Our Shiya is going to become a martial arts grandmaster in the future. How are you worthy of her?”

A sharp and unkind voice sounded in his ears!

Wang Yi looked at the middle-aged woman who spoke and his eyes were filled with humiliation!

He clenched his teeth tightly and his face flushed red. After holding it in for a long time, he finally squeezed out a word.


With that, Wang Yi signed his name on the divorce agreement!

“At least you know what’s good for you. I won’t let you sign for nothing. This one million is your compensation!”

When the middle-aged woman saw that Wang Yi had signed his name on the divorce agreement, she looked smug and stuffed a check into his hands.

Then, she waved his hand as if she was chasing away a fly. “Scram!”

Wang Yi looked at his mother-in-law in front of him, his eyes almost spewing fire. However, in the next moment, his eyes dimmed. Then, he held the check and left the Su family villa like a zombie.

After Wang Yi left, the middle-aged woman was no longer as mean as before. She walked towards the bedroom with a complicated look on her face!

In the bedroom, Su Shiya was no longer as cold as before. Instead, she looked at her mother and asked with a sobbing tone.

“Mom! How was it? Did he sign it?”

Her mother’s eyes were red as well. She looked at her daughter and said softly, “He signed it. I’ve already given him all the funds from the company’s accounts. He has already left!”

Su Shiya could no longer hold it in. She threw herself into her mother’s arms and burst into tears.

Her mother hugged Su Shiya and patted her back. “Silly child, why are you doing this? If you do this, he will hate you for the rest of his life!”

Su Shiya merely shook her head and remained silent!

The enemy that the Su family had provoked this time was really too strong. Even her peak Rank-6 mentor could not afford to provoke their enemy. Thus, the Su family might not be able to survive this time. She only hoped that after Wang Yi had cut ties with the Su family, he would not be implicated!

Actually, it was quite good. Rather than letting him sink along with the Su family, it was better to let him hate her. Although doing this would be a little painful, at least he could live on safely!

At the thought of this, a smile appeared on Su Shiya’s tear-streaked face. She was beautiful and alluring!

Meanwhile, Wang Yi, who had left the Su family, felt as if a stone was pressing down on his heart. Even breathing was difficult!

On the road, Wang Yi didn’t know where he was going. He just walked forward aimlessly.

“Get out of the way!”

“Danger! Stop walking!”

Wang Yi, who was in a daze, felt someone pushing him. When he heard many people calling out to him, he subconsciously turned around.


With an ear-piercing screech, a speeding car slammed into Wang Yi. He spat out a mouthful of blood as his body flew backward like a kite whose string had been cut!

“Ah! It hit someone!”

“There’s so much blood. Call 120!”

The scene was chaotic, but Wang Yi slowly lost consciousness!

In the ICU ward of Cang City Central Hospital!

Wang Wei suddenly sat up on the bed and looked at the equipment around him. He was stunned. Where was he?


The scream startled Wang Wei and pulled him back to reality.

“You’re awake! Don’t move, I’ll call the doctor.”

Beside the hospital bed, a beautiful young nurse looked at Wang Wei, who suddenly sat up. She was pleasantly surprised and ran out of the room after saying that.

Wang Wei was dumbfounded as he watched the nurse run out in a hurry.

The next moment, his expression changed!


A wave of unfamiliar memories surged into his mind. It was as if he had experienced a person’s life in an instant. The huge amount of information that Wang Yi had received made his face turn pale!

After a long while, he finally regained his senses. However, his mind was still in a daze. He only had one thought left as he looked at the snow-white wall in front of him!

Holy shit! He had transmigrated!

He just couldn’t understand how he had transmigrated after just a nap!

However, before transmigration, Wang Wei had no parents and was all alone. Thus, he did not have any worries about coming to this world!

Based on those memories, Wang Wei understood that the previous owner of this body was called Wang Yi. He had just been cheated on, divorced, and driven out of the house. In a daze, he was hit by a car on the way. He should have died not long after he entered the ICU. Then, Wang Wei transmigrated and occupied Wang Yi’s body!

This world was larger compared to Earth, which was where he lived before he transmigrated. However, its history was shockingly similar. It was just that this world was full of martial arts and lacked those familiar scholars. The biggest turning point occurred after the Apocalypse!

After a long time, Wang Wei finally heaved a sigh of relief and said, “This world is really dangerous! However, since I’ve come here, everything has vanished. There’s no Wang Wei here anymore, only Wang Yi. I’m Wang Yi!”


Total Chapters in book: 248
Estimated words: 380697 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1903(@200wpm)___ 1523(@250wpm)___ 1269(@300wpm)