Magic System in a Parallel World by MyLittleBrother

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Coming Back From The Dead
Chapter 3: Sword Emperors Return
Chapter 4: Give Me One Month
Chapter 5: Magic Affinity
Chapter 6: A New Room
Chapter 7: Lilith The Spirit
Chapter 8: Black Flame
Chapter 9: Being Watched
Chapter 10: Vampire
Chapter 11: Magic Artifact
Chapter 12: One Percent
Chapter 13: Magic Power
Chapter 14: Mana Fatigue
Chapter 15: Magic Shop
Chapter 16: Monsters
Chapter 17: Missing Package
Chapter 18: A Common Trope
Chapter 19: Adventurers Guild
Chapter 20: Intense Training
Chapter 21: First Purchase
Chapter 22: Awakened Magic Affinity
Chapter 23: Becoming An Adventurer
Chapter 24: Tier 2 Magic Spell
Chapter 25: Adventurers Examination
Chapter 26: Adventurers Examination(2)
Chapter 27: Outside The City Walls
Chapter 28: First Kill
Chapter 29: A Day In The Wilderness
Chapter 30: Sudden Confrontation
Chapter 31: Law Of The Jungle
Chapter 32: Wilderness Training Course
Chapter 33: Day Of The Match
Chapter 34: Fighting Kayn
Chapter 35: A Brutal Beatdown
Chapter 36: Witch Of Necromancy
Chapter 37: Special Quest
Chapter 38: Magic System
Chapter 39: Unlimited Potential
Chapter 40: S-Rank Artifacts
Chapter 41: Legendary Artifacts
Chapter 42: Multicasting
Chapter 43: Increase Mana Capacity
Chapter 44: Tier 3 Magic Spell
Chapter 45: Labyrinth
Chapter 46: Labyrinth(2)
Chapter 47: Boss Room
Chapter 48: Boss Room(2)
Chapter 49: Level 3 Magic System
Chapter 50: Artifact Shop
Chapter 51: Ninas Quest
Chapter 52: Reviving The Dead
Chapter 53: Nina Wraiths Story
Chapter 54: Miss Camilles Quest
Chapter 55: Soul Enslavement
Chapter 56: E-Rank Adventurers Examination
Chapter 57: D-Rank Adventurers Examination
Chapter 58: First Mission
Chapter 59: Magic Control Practice
Chapter 60: Surrounded By Monsters
Chapter 61: Goals
Chapter 62: Awakening Third Magic Affinity
Chapter 63: Arriving At Fairwood City
Chapter 64: Surprise Attack
Chapter 65: Bounty
Chapter 66: Bounty(2)
Chapter 67: Mission Report
Chapter 68: C-Rank Promotion Examination
Chapter 69: Special Mission
Chapter 70: Scarlet Family
Chapter 71: Scarlet Eyes
Chapter 72: Mana Drain
Chapter 73: Mana Drain(2)
Chapter 74: Lia Scarlet
Chapter 75: A Bad Influence
Chapter 76: Apology
Chapter 77: Returning To The Adventurers Guild
Chapter 78: Investigation Results
Chapter 79: Adventurers Bureau
Chapter 80: Fully Geared
Chapter 81: Headmistress
Chapter 82: Passive Skills
Chapter 83: Mastery Rank A
Chapter 84: Visiting The Adventurers Bureau
Chapter 85: Chairman Gerard
Chapter 86: Attack In Broad Daylight
Chapter 87: Significant Improvements
Chapter 88: Gathering At The Auditorium
Chapter 89: Fruit Of Magic Awakening
Chapter 90: Fruit Of Magic Awakening(2)
Chapter 91: Preparing For The Wilderness Training Course
Chapter 92: Beginning Of The Wilderness Training Course
Chapter 93: Wilderness Training Course
Chapter 94: Wilderness Training Course(2)
Chapter 95: Wilderness Training Course(3)
Chapter 96: Blood-Eyed Howlers
Chapter 97: Desert Stalker
Chapter 98: Berserker Boar
Chapter 99: Moving To A New Location
Chapter 100: Summon Skeleton Warriors
Chapter 101: Army Of Goblins
Chapter 102: Practically Suicide
Chapter 103: Arriving At The New Hunting Ground
Chapter 104: Unknown Cave
Chapter 105: Vampire Bats
Chapter 106: A-Rank Monsters
Chapter 107: A-Rank Monsters(2)
Chapter 108: Overkill
Chapter 109: Empty Boss Room
Chapter 110: Edgar Darkmore
Chapter 111: Elder'S Trial
Chapter 112: Elder'S Trial(2)
Chapter 113: Elder'S Orb Of Restraints
Chapter 114: Giants' Valley
Chapter 115: Giants' Valley(2)
Chapter 116: Giants' Valley(3)
Chapter 117: Giants' Valley(4)
Chapter 118: Giants' Valley(5)
Chapter 119: Boss Spawn
Chapter 120: Fiend Warrior
Chapter 121: Fiend Warrior(2)
Chapter 122: End Of The Wilderness Training Course
Chapter 123: End Of The Wilderness Training Course(2)
Chapter 124: Artifact Grading System
Chapter 125: Until Graduation
Chapter 126: Magic Shop Level 3
Chapter 127: Elite Monsters
Chapter 128: Dark Mist
Chapter 129: Lilith'S Request
Chapter 130: Plague Of Destruction
Chapter 131: Ancient Magic
Chapter 132: Mana Suppression Pills
Chapter 133: Divine Flame Fortification
Chapter 134: Nina'S Letter
Chapter 135: Consuming The Fruit Of Magic Awakening
Chapter 136: Consuming The Fruit Of Magic Awakening(2)
Chapter 137: Level 4 Magic System
Chapter 138: Magic Converter
Chapter 139: C-Rank Passive Skills
Chapter 140: Sparring With Camille
Chapter 141: Sparring With Camille(2)
Chapter 142: Mana Blast
Chapter 143: Training With Eve
Chapter 144: Fire Magic Spells
Chapter 145: Fire Eating Ring
Chapter 146: Khrome'S Visit
Chapter 147: Khrome'S Visit(2)
Chapter 148: A New Teacher
Chapter 149: A New Teacher(2)
Chapter 150: Alice
Chapter 151: Alice(2)
Chapter 152: The Day Before The School Tournament
Chapter 153: The Day Before The School Tournament(2)
Chapter 154: The Day Of The School Tournament
Chapter 155: A Tingly Sensation
Chapter 156: The First Match
Chapter 157: The First Match(2)
Chapter 158: Second Day Of The School Tournament
Chapter 159: Four Witches Academy'S First Match
Chapter 160 3 Seconds
Chapter 161: Kevin Stoner
Chapter 162: Four Witches Academy'S Second Match
Chapter 163: Fighting The Red Moon Academy
Chapter 164: Fighting The Red Moon Academy(2)
Chapter 165: Crimson Witch
Chapter 166: Leo Takes The Stage
Chapter 167: Leo Takes The Stage(2)
Chapter 168: Flame Wall
Chapter 169: Lia Scarlet'S First Appearance
Chapter 170: Ruthless
Chapter 171: The Most Anticipated Match
Chapter 172: Fighting The Scarlet Academy
Chapter 173: Fighting Lia Scarlet
Chapter 174: Fighting Lia Scarlet(2)
Chapter 175: Fighting Lia Scarlet(3)
Chapter 176: Defeating The Scarlet Academy
Chapter 177: End Of The Tournament
Chapter 178: Meeting The Four Celestial Families
Chapter 179 Meeting The Four Celestial Families(2)
Chapter 180 Meeting The Four Celestial Families(3)
Chapter 181 Meeting The Scarlet Family
Chapter 182 Meeting The Scarlet Family(2)
Chapter 183 Meeting The Scarlet Family(3)
Chapter 184 Meeting The Scarlet Family(4)
Chapter 185 New Uniform
Chapter 186 Labyrinth Examination
Chapter 187 Accident
Chapter 188 Vampire Vanquisher
Chapter 189 Monthly Limit
Chapter 190 Going Back To The Wilderness
Chapter 191 Partner
Chapter 192 Leon'S True Ldentity
Chapter 193 Devourer Of Gods
Chapter 194 City Teleporter
Chapter 195 Territory Control
Chapter 196 Territory Control(2)
Chapter 197 Labyrinth Mission
Chapter 198 Four Major Continents
Chapter 199 B-Rank Labyrinth
Chapter 200 - B-Rank Labyrinth(2)
Chapter 201 - B-Rank Labyrinth(3)
Chapter 202 - Paralyzing Effect
Chapter 203 Ambush
Chapter 204 Ambush(2)
Chapter 205 Monster Stampede
Chapter 206 Monster Stampede(2)
Chapter 207 Reinforcement
Chapter 208 Lnfancy Stage
Chapter 209 Matthew Hinks
Chapter 210 Matthew Hinks(2)
Chapter 211 Fighting An S-Rank Adventurer
Chapter 212 Fighting An S-Rank Adventurer(2)
Chapter 213 Clearing The B-Rank Labyrinth
Chapter 214 Leaving The Labyrinth
Chapter 215 Confronting Aaron
Chapter 216 Confronting Edwin
Chapter 217 Promotion To B-Rank Adventurer
Chapter 218 Skeleton Graveyard Raid
Chapter 219 Skeleton Graveyard Raid(2)
Chapter 220 Skeleton Graveyard Raid(3)
Chapter 221 Skeleton Graveyard Raid(4)
Chapter 222 Skeleton Graveyard Raid(5)
Chapter 223 Skeleton Graveyard Raid(6)
Chapter 224 Queen Luna
Chapter 225 Queen Luna(2)
Chapter 226 Queen Luna(3)
Chapter 227 Lnterview
Chapter 228 Elite Monster
Chapter 229 Elite Monster(2)
Chapter 230 Body Search
Chapter 231 End Of The Raid
Chapter 232 End Of The Raid(2)
Chapter 233 Splitting The Rewards
Chapter 234 Parting With The Party
Chapter 235 Transfer Student
Chapter 236 Transfer Student(2)
Chapter 237 Transfer Student(3)
Chapter 238 Preparing For The Ancient Labyrinth
Chapter 239 A Fourth Member
Chapter 240 Celeste Light
Chapter 241 Day Of The Labyrinth Examination
Chapter 242 Day Of The Labyrinth Examination(2)
Chapter 243 Entering The Ancient Labyrinth
Chapter 244 Thousand Miles Bridge
Chapter 245 Thousand Miles Bridge(2)
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Leo is an academic genius who enrolled in one of the top universities in the world for the rich and powerful, but he was born in a common family, which was more than enough of a reason for the other students to mess with him.

On one fateful day, Leo found himself transported to a parallel world that was ravaged by monsters and where magic ruled supreme.

Fortunately, he was gifted with a Magic System, giving him unlimited potential.

How will Leo, who has no knowledge of magic or experience in fighting, survive this grim world filled with the unknown while being an ordinary person himself— or so he thought.

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Chapter 1: Parallel World

Chapter 1: Parallel World

Di! Di! Di!


Di! Di! Di!

A young man with short black hair slowly opened his eyes to the sound of his alarm ringing, but he only managed to open his right eye, as his left eye was sealed shut from an injury that he’d received just yesterday and was still throbbing with pain.

“Damn it… That asshole really didn’t hold back this time…” Leo uttered in a spiteful voice as his vision cleared up.

“Seven… fifteen?” Leo stared at the clock with a dazed look on his face.

“Shit! I’m going to be late for class!”

Realizing that his perfect attendance was in jeopardy, Leo jumped out of the bed and rushed to wear his black and white school uniform before leaving his room in less than three minutes, not even bothering to do his morning routine.

The normally busy hallways were completely empty as Leo ran through it and fixed his appearance to the best of his ability at the same time.

Although he didn’t notice it since he was too focused on getting to class in time, there were people staring at him with shocked looks on their faces.

“H-Hey… Am I seeing things, or did that student just now look exactly like Leo?” One of these people asked his buddy while in disbelief.

“You saw him as well?”

“Huh? I thought he died three months ago!”

“Yeah, that can’t be Leo. No way. It must have been someone that looked like him.” His buddy agreed.

Pretty much everyone that saw Leo came to the same conclusion— that he was not ‘Leo’.

Once Leo reached the university’s main building, he immediately rushed up the long flight of stairs.

He glanced at his watch as he reached the top.

‘Three minutes… I can make it!’ A smile appeared on his face when he realized that not all hope was lost.

However, right as he reached the entrance, Leo stopped when someone suddenly grabbed his collar from behind, nearly choking him to death.

After coughing for a good moment, he turned around with an angry look on his face and exclaimed, “What was that for? Are you trying to kill me?!”


When Leo saw the face of the person that just grabbed his collar, he immediately calmed down, but he was still puzzled as to why he was stopped in such a manner.

The person standing right behind him was a tall and beautiful woman with long, silky black hair and clear violet eyes, and her slender body was dressed like a nurse with a white medical lab coat.

“Miss Camille? Sorry, but I am going to be late for my exam. If you have something to tell me, I will meet you in the infirmary afterward.”

Leo ignored the look of disbelief on her face and turned around.

However, he was unable to go anywhere, as Miss Camille still had her grasp on the back of his collar despite Leo trying to break free.

“Why are you doing this to me, Miss Camille? Did I offend you somehow? I don’t remember doing so, but if I did, I apologize! I will even clean the infirmary for a week! Please, just let me go for now! I really cannot be late to this exam!” Leo begged her in a desperate voice.

After a moment of silence, Miss Camille finally spoke in a low voice, “You… Are you really Leo…?”

“Of course, I am Leo! Who else would I be? I know my eye is a little swollen right now, but I swear that I am Leo!” Leo shouted, and he began worrying if he had been beaten so badly that his face became disfigured and unrecognizable.

After another moment of silence, Miss Camille spoke in a grim voice, “Follow me!”

And without waiting for Leo’s response, Miss Camille began dragging him away.

“W-Wait! Where are you taking me?! This isn’t the way to my classroom! What about my exam?!” Leo continued to try to break free from Miss Camille, but her grasp remained on his collar, almost as though they were glued together.

“There is no exam today,” she responded.

“Huh? How is that possible? I would never make such a mistake. Don’t tell me that I actually slept through the exam and I had skipped a day?!”

However, Miss Camille did not respond to him, and she continued dragging him until they reached the infirmary.

After locking the door, she said, “Stand still.”

And without further explanation, she started stripping him.

“Miss Camille?!” Leo was baffled by the bizarre situation.

After stripping him to his underwear, Miss Camille would spend the next few minutes silently staring at his body, even circling around him.

It was incredibly awkward for Leo, but he trusted Miss Camille, so he patiently waited until she was finished.

“You have the same body structure as Leo, you look like Leo, and you even sound like Leo…” Miss Camille muttered to herself with a puzzled look on her face.

“Because I am Leo!” He said with a confused frown.

“No, you’re not Leo. You can’t be.” Miss Camille shook her head.

“What are you talking about?”

“You may have the same body structure as Leo, but your body is ‘ordinary’. The Leo I knew had a much more refined and robust figure. You may look like him, but you don’t give off the same feeling as him. You may sound like him, but you don’t speak like him at all.” Miss Camille said.

“Last but not least… Leo is dead. He died three months ago.”

Leo’s eyes widened with surprise after hearing Miss Camille’s last sentence, but after a moment of silence, he started laughing.

“Ah, I get it. This must be a prank. What a surprise, Miss Camille. I never thought you were the type to make jokes.”

However, Miss Camille’s face remained completely serious.

Seeing this, Leo stopped laughing and said, “Seriously, Miss Camille, what’s wrong with you today? Did you drink before coming to work?”

“Who are you? No, what are you? Why do you look and sound exactly like Leo?” Miss Camille narrowed her eyes at him, emitting a slightly dangerous aura.

Leo swallowed nervously, but he had no response, as he didn’t know what to say.

“Tell me about yourself.” Miss Camille suddenly said.


“Tell. Me. About. Yourself. Speak to me as though this is our first meeting,” she clarified.

Leo sighed. He couldn’t understand why Miss Camille was acting like this, but he nodded his head regardless.

“My name is Leo, and I am currently 18 years old. I skipped a few grades cause I’m just that smart. My birthday is on the first day of the first month. My hobby is reading. I enjoy fiction and mystery the most. I like sweet and spicy food but dislike sour food. I was accepted into this university— Four Seasons University— after scoring a perfect score on the exam. I… I don’t have any friends in this university even after an entire year here, and I am often bullied because of that— and because I am from a common family.”

“There. What else do you want me to say that you don’t already know?”

“Do you remember our first encounter with each other?” Miss Camille suddenly asked.

“Of course. We met when I had to get treated for an injury from a fight with Adam and his group of dumb monkeys.”


Miss Camille would once again silently stare at him with a pondering look on her face.

A few moments later, she spoke, “First of all, this place is not the Four Seasons University. It’s called the Four Witches Academy. Second, you— Leo has plenty of friends in this place, and nobody would dare to bully him.”

“Uhh…” Leo held a dumbfounded face at this moment as he tried to comprehend the situation.

“This confirms that you’re not Leo… At least not the Leo I know. However, you are still Leo… probably. There’s only one reasonable explanation to this phenomenon… You, Leo from another world, had somehow traversed to this world— a world where ‘Leo’ no longer exists.”

Leo’s jaw dropped after hearing Miss Camille’s ‘reasonable’ explanation.

‘Miss Camille… She has turned crazy!’ Leo cried inwardly.

“I know you must think I am crazy, but allow me to show you the truth…”

Miss Camille suddenly lifted her arm and placed her palms directly in front of Leo’s face.

“Her hand… It’s glowing?” Leo mumbled in a dazed voice.

The next moment, Miss Camille spoke in a low voice, “Heal.”

Leo could immediately feel a warm sensation spreading throughout his face, and the pain in his left eye started to disappear.

A few moments later, Miss Camille lowered her hand and said to him, “Go take a look in the mirror.”

Leo didn’t ask any questions and went to stand in front of the mirror by the sink, and to his absolute surprise, his left eye that should’ve been swollen had, by some miracle, completely healed!

Leo caressed his face in disbelief.

“W-What just happened? How did you do that?” He turned to look at Miss Camille with a shocked face.

In a calm voice, Miss Camille responded, “Judging by your response, I can assume that ‘magic’ does not exist in your world, which makes things easier.”

“Magic?” Leo looked at her with wide eyes.

“Yes. Magic.” Miss Camille repeated, and she created a glowing orb of light that floated above her palm.

“C-Can I touch it?” Leo asked in a nervous yet excited voice.


Leo began poking the orb of light at first, then he tried to grab it, but it would go through his hand like it was an illusion. However, he could feel a warm sensation coming from the light.

After taking a long moment to accept his situation, Leo asked, “How did I end up in this world? Can you send me back?”

“You’re quick to adapt, which is good.”

“Anyways, I don’t know how you came to this world, but since your world doesn’t have magic, it’s safe to assume that someone in this world had summoned you here for whatever reason. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to send you back to your own world.”

“Then do you know who can send me back?”

“I do not. Although there are people who are capable of using teleportation magic, I am not aware of anyone that is powerful enough to teleport through dimensions.”

Leo rubbed his eyes in a stressed manner, and he sighed, “What am I supposed to do now?”

“You can just live here until you figure a way back home,” she said in a nonchalant voice.

“But I am supposed to be dead in this world, right? Won’t that cause some sort of complications? I don’t know anything about magic, but I have seen enough movies to know what’s possible.”

Miss Camille pondered for a minute before speaking, “Leo’s corpse was never recovered, so we can say that you’d managed to survive. And this is not a movie. Leave everything to me. I’ll figure something out.”

Having no choice but to rely on her, Leo nodded, “Thank you, Miss Camille.”

“By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, how’s your relationship with the previous Leo? I was practically best friends with the Miss Camille of my world— though she probably wouldn’t admit it.”

She responded after a moment of silence, “The Leo I knew was a handful. He would take up most of my time because he is always injured from fighting, but because of the time we spent with each other, we became quite close. But we were not friends. I was more of a mentor to him than anything.”

“A mentor, huh? I guess you’re just like the Miss Camille I know, then. I’m really glad that’s the case.” Leo showed her a bright smile.

Miss Camille stared at his smile with a dazed face.

Sometime later, she said to him, “Anyways, if you want to survive this world, then you’ll need to learn about it first.”

Leo nodded with a serious look on his face, completely oblivious to the cruel world that he’d just arrived in.


Total Chapters in book: 245
Estimated words: 344765 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1724(@200wpm)___ 1379(@250wpm)___ 1149(@300wpm)