Mai Kitsune Waifu by Ram de Night

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Too Small
Chapter 3 Onee-Chan Wa Kitsune Desu
Chapter 4 Become An Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 5 New Abilities
Chapter 6 School Is More Important Than Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 7 Running After The Bus
Chapter 8 A Monster
Chapter 9 I’M Afraid Of Heights
Chapter 10 My Name’S Lei Feng
Chapter 11 You Said What?
Chapter 12 I’Ll See You After School
Chapter 13 Miraculous Eyesight
Chapter 14 You’Re A Super Nice Guy
Chapter 15 Be My Wife
Chapter 16 The First Star Jade
Chapter 17 You’Re So Proactive
Chapter 18 Wanna Woo Her?
Chapter 19 The Question Is Who You Like
Chapter 20 Happiness Came Too Suddenly
Chapter 21 Fight Me If You Got Balls
Chapter 22 Hard To Fathom A Person’S Mind
Chapter 23 No Compassion
Chapter 24 Favorable Impression
Chapter 25 I Want Your Sword
Chapter 26 Kneel Down And Call Me Grandpa
Chapter 27 Uncle Wang Is Nearsighted
Chapter 28 Quickly, Use Your Right Hand!
Chapter 29 Annoying Multiple Choice Question
Chapter 30 The Road Of Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 31 Punishment
Chapter 32 Favorable Impression Level Increased
Chapter 33 Even A Female Immortal Got Caught
Chapter 34 The Long Awaited Technique
Chapter 35 Attack When One Should
Chapter 36 Practice Is So Hard
Chapter 37 Gotta Watch The Road When Running
Chapter 38 Wanna Surpass Me? Go Practice So More!
Chapter 39 You Are My Witness
Chapter 40 Must Be Peaceful And Affectionate
Chapter 41 In The End, Is It Right Or Wrong?
Chapter 42 What A Huge Idiot
Chapter 43 Is Dignity Something That You Can Eat?
Chapter 44 Stupidity Is Contagious
Chapter 45 It Would Be Good To Have Some Supporters
Chapter 46 Slam Dunk
Chapter 47 If You Want Something, You Should Come To Me Hom
Chapter 48 Picking Up A Girl Is Not Easy
Chapter 49 Universe Diagram Of The Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 50 Demonic Power Formation
Chapter 51 It’S A Trap, But I’M Still Going To Jump
Chapter 52 Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra
Chapter 53 Having Fun With Ice Puck
Chapter 54 The Magical Effect Of The Breathing Technique
Chapter 55 Poor Student Does Not Mean Inferior Student
Chapter 56 Friendly Aura
Chapter 57 Indirect Suggestion
Chapter 58 Go To The Cinema
Chapter 59 Get Out Of Here
Chapter 60 My Name Is Liu Yi
Chapter 61 You Are A Scum
Chapter 62 The Road To Riches
Chapter 63 Man Stumped By Hot Spicy Soup
Chapter 64 Spoke Too Much
Chapter 65 Another Trap
Chapter 66 Orthopedic Hospital
Chapter 67 180 Degree Shy Of Heaven
Chapter 68 Go On A Mission
Chapter 69 Give Me A Backrub
Chapter 70 The Red Scarf Hero
Chapter 71 Ghost Baby
Chapter 72 The Skill To Pick Up Girl Can Work Wonders
Chapter 73 Principal’S Invitation
Chapter 74 No!
Chapter 75 A Real Man!
Chapter 76 Not Your Pet
Chapter 77 Can Treat An Illness
Chapter 78 Couples Clothing
Chapter 79 To Take A Look
Chapter 80 Desperate Straits
Chapter 81 The Fastest Way To Make Money
Chapter 82 Little Donkey, Run Fast!
Chapter 83 I Am Not A Vase
Chapter 84 The Zealous Wang An
Chapter 85 With Swords Drawn And Bows Bent
Chapter 86 Freedom Is Priceless
Chapter 87 Flame Civet
Chapter 88 The Haunting Of Evil Ghost
Chapter 89 Great Battle Between Human And Ghost
Chapter 90 Easy To Master
Chapter 91 Wenren Qian
Chapter 92 I Am Your Dad?
Chapter 93 New Mode Of Chatting
Chapter 94 All Are Grandpas
Chapter 95 You Are A Bastard
Chapter 96 Iron Palm
Chapter 97 Porcelain King
Chapter 98 Class Transfer
Chapter 99 Want To Take A Good Look At Him
Chapter 100 Come To The Door
Chapter 101 The Rebellious Murong Die
Chapter 102 You Did That On Purpose
Chapter 103 Cat Mother Wei Yi
Chapter 104 Blocking The Way Will Die
Chapter 105 A Drink Well Earned
Chapter 106 A Good Teaching
Chapter 107 Swimming Class
Chapter 108 Swimsuit Feast
Chapter 109 You Are Actually Not That Bad
Chapter 110 Immortal Fairy Descend To Earth
Chapter 111 Defeat In One Move
Chapter 112 How Could There Be An Immortal
Chapter 113 Tricycle Racing
Chapter 114 Break Your Arms
Chapter 115 I Control My Own Destiny
Chapter 116 I Am Ten Steps To Milk A Man
Chapter 117 We Are Close To Each Other
Chapter 118 Imperial Nightclub
Chapter 119 Knocking At The Door
Chapter 120 I Am Long Yang
Chapter 121 Long Yang’S Transformation
Chapter 122 Flesh Pain
Chapter 123 Playing With Cell Phone
Chapter 124 Promise Me Something
Chapter 125 We Will Get Out
Chapter 126 A Game
Chapter 127 Poison Jasmine
Chapter 128 I Am A Professional
Chapter 129 Ginseng Baby
Chapter 130 Do Not Go With Grandpa
Chapter 131 I Am Hot
Chapter 132 Acknowledge You As Master
Chapter 133 Go To Your Home
Chapter 134 Art Magazine
Chapter 135 Hiding
Chapter 136 Iron Man
Chapter 137 Must Have A Talk
Chapter 138 Are You Sure
Chapter 139 Son In Law’S Qualification
Chapter 140 I Am The Parent
Chapter 141 Wonderful Father And Daughter
Chapter 142 You Take Drugs
Chapter 143 Psyco Killer
Chapter 144 The End
Chapter 145 Thou Shalt Evildoer
Chapter 146 Working Together
Chapter 147 I Decide Your Punishment
Chapter 148 Blocking The Road
Chapter 149 Midterm Is Coming
Chapter 150 D Level Mission
Chapter 151 Strange Thing In Game Arena
Chapter 152 Lonely Life
Chapter 153 If I Win, Call Me My Husband
Chapter 154 Bait
Chapter 155 I Will Make You Satisfied
Chapter 156 Thirteen Aunt
Chapter 157 Two Conditions
Chapter 158 Spirit Animal
Chapter 159 Afraid Of Illness
Chapter 160 It’S You!
Chapter 161 Sudden Sister
Chapter 162 Will Listen To Anything You Say
Chapter 163 Put On The Mask
Chapter 164 Test
Chapter 165 Holographic Simulation
Chapter 166 For The Beautiful Girls
Chapter 167 Hunter’S Skill
Chapter 168 Sister, I Want To
Chapter 169 A Cute Pet
Chapter 170 Are You Her Lover?
Chapter 171 A Woman’S Jealousy
Chapter 172 A Woman Who ‘Drive’ An Airplane
Chapter 173 Hello Sister
Chapter 174 Good Night
Chapter 175 That Is My Family Jewel
Chapter 176 Nightmare
Chapter 177 Demolition Team
Chapter 178 To Deal With The Black Dragon Gang
Chapter 179 A Reward
Chapter 180 Bus
Chapter 181 Red Scarf Army
Chapter 182 Not Good Enough
Chapter 183 Price Of Losing The Game
Chapter 184 Red Scarf Army Development Plan
Chapter 185 Social Investigation
Chapter 186 Break Into The Gangster’S Lair
Chapter 187 Join The Red Scarf Army
Chapter 188 Can Be Hot
Chapter 189 Who Is The Boss
Chapter 190 Riyao Corporation
Chapter 191 Ninja
Chapter 192 Underground Base
Chapter 193 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 194 Integrating With The Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 195 Dragon Group
Chapter 196 Will Never Go With You
Chapter 197 Fantastic Pet
Chapter 198 This Is China
Chapter 199 Invitation For Yuan Zhenyue
Chapter 200 Ten Meters Dive
Chapter 201 Mystical System
Chapter 202 Check A Bit Alright
Chapter 203 Lele’S Hidden Illness
Chapter 204 Generous Young Master You
Chapter 205 You Are A Good Person
Chapter 206 Assassination In The Carpark
Chapter 207 – Gravity Training
Chapter 208 Where Are You Bringing Me?
Chapter 209 Accepting Discipline
Chapter 210 Do Not Anger Blood Emperor
Chapter 211 Night Scouting Of God Sect
Chapter 212 Battle Against Ma Yixuan
Chapter 213 Icicle Blastwave
Chapter 214 Savior Showing Up
Chapter 215 Preparation Before The Tournament
Chapter 216 Personally Beatdown
Chapter 217 Come And Lick My Shoe
Chapter 218 Snatch Everything Of His
Chapter 219 I Am A Good Student
Chapter 220 Long Xin
Chapter 221 Confiscating Everything
Chapter 222 Discussing Cooperation
Chapter 223 The Ambition Of The Great God Sect
Chapter 224 Young Master From Nimble Gate
Chapter 225 Explosion
Chapter 226 Where Did This Section Head Come From
Chapter 227 Netherworld Grass
Chapter 228 Curse Of The Great God
Chapter 229 Good Position
Chapter 230 Yuan Zhenyue’S Armour Second Stage
Chapter 231 Did You Used Head & Shoulders?
Chapter 232 Why Don’T You Join Dragon Group
Chapter 233 She Cannot Die
Chapter 234 An Awesome Old Man
Chapter 235 Killing Everyone
Chapter 236 I Can Only Wrong You
Chapter 237 The Treasure Sword From Legends
Chapter 238 Your Little Lover
Chapter 239 Returning To Red Scarf Army
Chapter 240 Special Means Of Transportation
Chapter 241 Feast Of Hongmen
Chapter 242 Counterattack
Chapter 243 Occupying Xin Dong Island
Chapter 244 Changing Clothes Ability
Chapter 245 Murong Die! Just You Wait!!!
Chapter 246 Immortal Qi Treatment Method
Chapter 247 Murong Family Dinner Party
Chapter 248 Second Invitation
Chapter 249 Help Lele To Settle Everything
Chapter 250 Strolling Around The Temple Fair
Chapter 251 Guy Who Keeps Going To The Toilet
Chapter 252 Liu Yi Is Not Simple As Well
Chapter 253 Escaping From A Clamity
Chapter 254 Miss Quickly Run Away!!!
Chapter 255 Shall Not Stop Till Death
Chapter 256 (Who Is Good?)(Who Is Bad?)
Chapter 257 Becoming Enemies
Chapter 258 Merging With Little Black
Chapter 259 Final Technique
Chapter 260 Breaking All Ties
Chapter 261 Seducing The Gu King
Chapter 262 Ox-Head, Horse-Head
Chapter 263 Sent Flying With A Slap
Chapter 264 Ksitigarbha
Chapter 265 If I Am Leaving Then Both Of Us Shall Leave Together
Chapter 266 Open Your Mouth And Speak
Chapter 267 Nightmare
Chapter 268 Mysterious Fifth Floor
Chapter 269 Smash And Rob
Chapter 270 Accepting A Disciple
Chapter 271 Black Dragon Gang’S Protective Umbrella
Chapter 272 I Don’T Sabotage My Own People
Chapter 273 Dragon Palace
Chapter 274 Maritime Weather
Chapter 275 Challenge From Army Blade
Chapter 276 Let’S Play A Game
Chapter 277 Dragon Pearl
Chapter 278 Meteor Falling From Heaven
Chapter 279 Little Dragon Girl Who Is Finding Her Elder Brother
Chapter 280 I Will Help You Adjust
Chapter 281 Send You Back Home
Chapter 282 Concealed Sword Palace
Chapter 283 Isn’T It Truly Love At First Sight?
Chapter 284 This Girl Is Not Ordinary
Chapter 285 Escaping In A Sorry Figure
Chapter 286 Dragon Palace Navy
Chapter 287 Scorpion Spirit
Chapter 288 Yan Qiuhong Who Is As Tough As Iron
Chapter 289 Blood Emperor
Chapter 290 Planting A Heart Devil
Chapter 291 Wait For This Princess For Two Years
Chapter 292 Promise
Chapter 293 Chen Cai’S Goddess
Chapter 294 No Money, No Real Love
Chapter 295 Where Is My Little Bear?
Chapter 296 Who Can Go Over?
Chapter 297 Want To Join?
Chapter 298 Do You Know Who Am I?
Chapter 299 Dragon Group’S Task
Chapter 300 Turning Into A Devil
Chapter 301 Real And Fake, Fake And Real
Chapter 302 Entering Dreams
Chapter 303 Ling Tong’S Decision
Chapter 304 Dragon Sound Temple
Chapter 305 One Year Pact
Chapter 306 Cultivate
Chapter 307 Ma Hua’S Second Disciple
Chapter 308 Asura Realm
Chapter 309 The Skeleton Call Asura
Chapter 310 Die!
Chapter 311 Five Hundred Years
Chapter 311 Finally Coming Out
Chapter 313 The Crowds Sweetheart
Chapter 314 Train To Jing Dou
Chapter 315 Diciple From A Great Sect
Chapter 316 Frost Moon Sword
Chapter 317 Undying Ghost Infant
Chapter 318 Ghost Infant? God?
Chapter 319 Even The Soul Scatters From The Beating
Chapter 320 Passionate Department Head
Chapter 321 Magnanious Senior
Chapter 322 Dormitory Four Brothers
Chapter 323 Ten Great Beauties
Chapter 324 I Am Here! I Am Here!
Chapter 325 Duel Appointment
Chapter 326 It Turn Famous
Chapter 327 Forest
Chapter 328 Japanese Kunoichi Soldier
Chapter 329 Japanese Classmate And The Beautiful Guider
Chapter 330 Yoko Wants A Boyfriend
Chapter 331 Making Friends
Chapter 332 King’S Game
Chapter 333 I Am Not Immortal Fox Sister
Chapter 334 Dragon’S Nature Body
Chapter 335 Fiancee???
Chapter 336 Liu Yi’S Trouble
Chapter 337 Sending Out Little Black
Chapter 338 Transforming Into A Dragon
Chapter 339 Berserk Oppression Of The Crowd
Chapter 340 Something Bad Has Happened
Chapter 341 Not Recognising One’S Family Member
Chapter 342 Each Leading Their Own Life
Chapter 343 Military Training Is About To Begin
Chapter 344 Public Enemy Who Snatched The Goddess
Chapter 344 If You Are A Man Then Come Over!
Chapter 346 Commencing Military Training
Chapter 347 Unique Way Of Drinking Sprite
Chapter 348 Enemy From Asura Realm
Chapter 349 Tree Demon
Chapter 350 Lance In Hand
Chapter 351 Dog Girl Xiao Mi
Chapter 352 Underground Secret Laboratory
Chapter 353 101 Blind Date Failed
Chapter 354 Ninth Manger
Chapter 355 Tiger Dragon Path
Chapter 356 How About We Exchange For A Bit
Chapter 357 Crippling Star Jade
Chapter 358 Ai Ling’S Headache
Chapter 359 Unique Breakfast
Chapter 360 100,000 To Have A Meal Together
Chapter 361 Club Crisis
Chapter 362 Number One School Flower’S Dance
Chapter 363 Give Me A Show
Chapter 364 Acacia Sect
Chapter 365 Single Elimination Tournment
Chapter 366 What Is Karate
Chapter 367 China’S Prestige
Chapter 368 Take A Trip With Us
Chapter 369 Arrival Of Trial
Chapter 370 Not Willing To Escape Even If Someone Comes And Save Me
Chapter 371 Senior Colonel
Chapter 372 Swallow 1
Chapter 373 Finding People Is Very Troublesome
Chapter 374 Templar Knight
Chapter 375 Getting Back 12 Billion
Chapter 376 Murong Hong’S Weakness
Chapter 377 Classroom
Chapter 378 Liu Yi’S Cloning Technique
Chapter 379 Raising Immortal Palace Hall
Chapter 380 I Am An Immortal’S Disciple
Chapter 381 Exercise Within The Pavillion
Chapter 382 Senior Sister Don’T Ah!!!
Chapter 383 Demonic Sword Technique
Chapter 384 Murong’S Family Crisis
Chapter 385 Planning Strategies
Chapter 386 Scarlet Cloth Guards Coming To Pay Respect
Chapter 387 Russian Hitman
Chapter 388 Wang Lele Is In Trouble
Chapter 389 My Queen
Chapter 390 Ye Hanshuang
Chapter 391 Who Is Abusing Who
Chapter 392 Unable To Hold Back
Chapter 393 Being A Hitman Harms Karma
Chapter 394 Fake Priest
Chapter 395 Planting Demon Seed
Chapter 396 Unifying China’S Underworld
Chapter 397 Disturbance In The Tennis Court
Chapter 398 Monster Silhouette
Chapter 399 Off-Tracked Hell’S Messenger
Chapter 400 Bullying An Endearing Silly Girl
Chapter 401 Poison
Chapter 402 Do Your Job Properly My Servant
Chapter 403 There Is Still Me
Chapter 404 Greatings Sect Head Ling
Chapter 405 Help You Massage
Chapter 406 Beseige
Chapter 407 I Am A Disciple Of Raising Immortal Palace Hall
Chapter 408 Demonic Sword Technique’S Might
Chapter 409 Strenghtening The Taiji Sword
Chapter 410 Dissection Class
Chapter 411 Demon Child Coming Into Being
Chapter 412 The Sealed Off Location
Chapter 413 A Completely New Ma Yixuan
Chapter 414 Fierce Battle In The Rain
Chapter 415 Ao Ri
Chapter 416 Li Biyue’S Past
Chapter 417 Love The Beauty Don’T Love The Rivers And Mountain
Chapter 418 Lucky Star
Chapter 419 Battling An Enormous Snake
Chapter 420 Gu Yu
Chapter 421 A Race Against Time
Chapter 422 Luring The Tiger Out Of It’S Mountain
Chapter 423 I Am The Sect Leader Of Great God Sect
Chapter 424 Dragon Gene
Chapter 425 Finally Breakthrought
Chapter 426 Multiple Choice Question
Chapter 427 Regarding The New Company
Chapter 428 Beginning To Take Shape
Chapter 429 Gods Save Meeeee
Chapter 430 My Maid
Chapter 431 World Dao Gathering
Chapter 432 Wenren Qian Exiting Seclusion
Chapter 433 For Raising Immortal Palace Hall
Chapter 434 Sky Heavy Gate
Chapter 435 Treasure House Here I Come!!!
Chapter 436 Drawing Of An Ugly Woman
Chapter 437 Treat Me As A Guy
Chapter 438 Come! Bring It On!
Chapter 439 You Shall Be My Big Brother!
Chapter 440 Keep Far Away From Her!
Chapter 441 Gao Feng
Chapter 442 Ai Ling’S Request
Chapter 443 Start Of Competition
Chapter 444 Masculine Female
Chapter 445 Top 32 Competition
Chapter 446 Gao Feng’S Might
Chapter 447 Great God Sect’S Movements
Chapter 448 Once Again Got Plotted Against
Chapter 449 Hero’S Gathering
Chapter 450 Demon King? Saiyan?
Chapter 451 Fighting Cat Lady Again
Chapter 452 Water Qilin
Chapter 453 This Place Is A Battlefield
Chapter 454 Destroy Liu Yi
Chapter 455 Spiritual Beast Cursade
Chapter 456 Body Protecting Spiritual Beast
Chapter 457 Gu Yu’S Eruption
Chapter 458 Loser Must Marry Into Wife’S Family
Chapter 459 Stubborn Girl
Chapter 460 Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra
Chapter 461 A Promise Made
Chapter 462 Shocking Change
Chapter 463 Meteorite Descending From The Sky
Chapter 464 You Can Return Back
Chapter 465 My Justice
Chapter 466 Enemy Against The Entire World
Chapter 467 Liu Haisheng Taking Action
Chapter 468 Dragon Summoner
Chapter 469 New Strength
Chapter 470 School Life
Chapter 471 This Time Got Defeated
Chapter 472 Returning Home
Chapter 473 Guangzhou’S Wang Family
Chapter 474 Visiting A Sick Person
Chapter 475 Miraculous Medical Pill
Chapter 476 Golden Dog Poop
Chapter 477 Mix Feeling Returning Home
Chapter 478 The Wang Family
Chapter 479 God Pill Earning Merit Once Again
Chapter 480 Breaking Off Relations Once More
Chapter 481 Human-Shape Angel
Chapter 482 Liu Haisheng’S Ambitions
Chapter 483 Righteous In Heart
Chapter 484 Dog-Head Village
Chapter 485 Getting Drunk
Chapter 486 Dragon Bone
Chapter 487 Holy Tooth Race’S Legend
Chapter 488 Thousand Year Pig-Spirit
Chapter 489 Know That Guest Have Come
Chapter 490 Osmanthus Flower Mountain Here I Come!
Chapter 491 Meeting At The Lotus Pond
Chapter 492 Wedding
Chapter 493 All Of Us Are Idiots
Chapter 494 Say Some Secret
Chapter 495 We Have Return
Chapter 496 5 Phase Spiritual Body
Chapter 497 Ma Yixuan’S Counterattack
Chapter 498 Intercepted Midway
Chapter 499 This Is My Woman
Chapter 500 Ask Me To Stay Behind?
Chapter 501 Confess Then Youngster!
Chapter 502 I Also Know How To Sing Love Songs
Chapter 503 First Time Dating
Chapter 504 Huge Operation For The Date
Chapter 505 Do Not Fight For A Sigh Of Relief
Chapter 506 Brother Erhuo
Chapter 507 Dagger Society
Chapter 508 Want To Gamble
Chapter 509 Big Miss Is Angry
Chapter 510 Are You Going To Agree
Chapter511 Who Is Joking With Who
Chapter512 Heart Devil
Chapter513 The Youngster In The Ward
Chapter514 Humans And Demons Have Separate Paths
Chapter515 Repaying A Debt
Chapter516 Fire Spirit
Chapter517 River Song Is In Trouble
Chapter 518 Curse Him Out
Chapter 519 Penglai Island
Chapter 520 Sea Flipping God Lamp
Chapter 521 1 Fight 3 No Discussion
Chapter 522 Method Of Fighting On The River Bank
Chapter 524 Dragon Sucking Water
Chapter 525 Crossing Calamity? Lightning Tribulation?
Chapter 526 Heaven Realm Expert
Chapter 527 Could It Be Gay Partner?
Chapter 528 Do You Wish To Be An Official My In-Law?
Chapter 529 Forming Clouds And Summoning Rain
Chapter 530 Ascending Dragon Technique
Chapter 531 Yin And Yang
Chapter 532
Chapter 533 Ice-Sports
Chapter 534 Murong Die’S Small Token
Chapter 535 Acting Tyrannical
Chapter 536 Discussion About Working Together
Chapter 537 Let’S Make Health Tonic
Chapter 538 Ma’S Family Sisters
Chapter 539 Both Love And Afraid
Chapter 540 To Come To Light
Chapter 541 Evening Party
Chapter 542 Sorry
Chapter 543 Open The Door For You Guys
Chapter 544 Offend My God’S Prestige
Chapter 545 It Is Your Turn
Chapter 546 Liu Yi’S Choice
Chapter 547 I Am Blood Emperor
Chapter 548 Who Is The Traitor
Chapter 549 I Will Return Back
Chapter 550 Board The Car
Chapter 551 Law Enforcement Official
Chapter 552 Karma Is Clear
Chapter 553 Fu Xi Palace Hall
Chapter 554 What Rhythm?
Chapter 555 Wine Sword Immortal
Chapter 556 Scattering The Void
Chapter 557 - Worthless Scholar
Chapter 558 Relationship Is Not Bad
Chapter 559 Arrival Of The Duke
Chapter 560 Another Expert?
Chapter 561 The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware Of The Oriole
Chapter 562 Who Is The Liar
Chapter 563 Beauty Bing Xue
Chapter 564 Being Angry Because Of A Woman
Chapter 565 Personal Foe
Chapter 566 God Race
Chapter 567 Please Cultivate Alright?
Chapter 568 You Must Be Tang Seng!
Chapter 569 Follow Me To The Human Realm
Chapter 570 Walk From
Chapter 571 Dust Kingdom
Chapter 572 Feeble And Sickly Princess
Chapter 573 Princess Is Afraid
Chapter 574 Creating History
Chapter 575 Great God Is Born
Chapter 576 Ai Ling’S Smar
Chapter 577 Clashing
Chapter 578 Snatch The Golden Body Lah!
Chapter 579 Nine Yin Pendan
Chapter 580 Finally Lured Ou
Chapter 581 Do Not Love The Country, Love Big Brother
Chapter 582 You Are Crazy!
Chapter 583 Demon Emperor Coming Into Being!
Chapter 584 I Am Your Girlfriend
Chapter 585 Can Become A Habit Or No
Chapter 586 Class Reunion
Chapter 587 Bring It On!
Chapter 588 Slavery Of Humans!
Chapter 589 I Am Sword Emperor
Chapter 590 Perverted Technique
Chapter 591 Lord Is Back!
Chapter 592 Rupture!
Chapter 593 Causing Trouble All The Way To The Royal Palace!
Chapter 594 Duel
Chapter 595 Last Question
Chapter 596 Let Me!
Chapter 597 Heaven Realm Exper
Chapter 598 I Want To Establish Raising Immortal Palace Hall
Chapter 599 This Is A Daoist Immortal
Chapter 600 Go, Pikachu
Chapter 601 Final Battle
Chapter 602 Who Dares To Figh
Chapter 603 Only One Can Come Ou
Chapter 604 Warming Up
Chapter 605 Depend On This Blade
Chapter 606 Scram Out Of My Mind
Chapter 607 Nine Yang God Qi
Chapter 608 Exterminating God
Chapter 609 Liu Yi’S Growth
Chapter 610 Wait For Me For A Single Incense Stick Time
Chapter 611 Reincarnate
Chapter 612 Lord Bring Me Away
Chapter 613 Young Lord Is Back
Chapter 614 Meeting Troublesome Matters The Moment He Goes Ou
Chapter 615 3-Star Jades Oppress You Guys
Chapter 616 Since Ancient Times
Chapter 617 You Think You Are Ultraman?
Chapter 618 I Am A Cleaner
Chapter 619 Office
Chapter 620 She Is The Leader?
Chapter 621 Zhou Junqiang Is A Wretched Guy
Chapter 622 I Know Scarlet Cloth Guards
Chapter 623 Go And Take The Assessment Youngster
Chapter 624 Robots General Mobilization
Chapter 625 For China
Chapter 626 Rebellious Missy
Chapter 627 Got Hooked
Chapter 628 Obedient One
Chapter 629 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 630 I’Ll Be Counting On You, Teacher
Chapter 631 Reunion
Chapter 632 The Boundless Scene Is Good
Chapter 633 Kneel And Lick
Chapter 634 Excessive Teasing
Chapter 635 Lousy Quality High Heels
Chapter 636 I Am Going To Cook For You
Chapter 637 Using Body To Eat Hotpo
Chapter 638 Take It Off
Chapter 639 Attend To You While You Bath
Chapter 640 Got Recognized
Chapter 641 Covert Lover
Chapter 642 Yamaguchi Group Big Miss
Chapter 643 Berserk Underworld Girl
Chapter 644 Punishment Time
Chapter 645 Don’T Cry
Chapter 646 Private Tuition
Chapter 647 My Big Miss
Chapter 648 Third Wheel
Chapter 649 Come And Kill Me
Chapter 650 Who Wants To Try
Chapter 651 Heaven-Defying Little Jade
Chapter 652 Drink A Mouthful
Chapter 653 Surging Undercurren
Chapter 654 Ambush
Chapter 655 Who Is The Demon
Chapter 656 Finally Waited You Ou
Chapter 657 Provoked Father-In-Law
Chapter 658 Let’S Figh
Chapter 659 God Of Fire Armor
Chapter 660 Who Are The Assassins
Chapter 661 The Manager’S Photo
Chapter 662 Sole Sec
Chapter 663 God Of Fire Armour Displaying Its Migh
Chapter 664 War Against The Tentacle King
Chapter 665 Sakura Lancer
Chapter 666 Meeting Force With Force
Chapter 667 Don’T Come And Find Trouble For Me
Chapter 668 Revenge
Chapter 669 72 Transformation Is It?
Chapter 670 She Came Here
Chapter 671 A Man Does Not Rely On Face
Chapter 672 Lost The Way
Chapter 673 Choshunior Susukino
Chapter 674 God Of Earth Armour
Chapter 675 Big Boss Snail
Chapter 676 The Might Of The God Of Earth
Chapter 677 Tui-Na
Chapter 677 Liu Hongxian’S Service Attitude
Chapter 678 Liu Hongxian’S Service Attitude
Chapter 679 Josui
Chapter 680 Seizing Power
Chapter 681 Seizing Power
Chapter 682 Still Got More Moves?
Chapter 683 Descent Of An Angel
Chapter 684 I Am Here To Help You
Chapter 685 Not Convinced Then Bring It On
Chapter 686 Don’T Provoke Fox Immortal
Chapter 687 Fight Between Women
Chapter 688 Picture
Chapter 689 Let’S Soak Together
Chapter 690 Opportune Encounter
Chapter 691 I Am Called Liu Dabo
Chapter 692 Wang Yuzheng’S Song
Chapter 693 I Earn My Own Money For Myself To Spend
Chapter 694 Wang Yuzheng Sending Herself Up
Chapter 695 Room Service
Chapter 696 Are You A Man Or Not!
Chapter 697 Let Marriage Be Done For
Chapter 698 Ultimate Monarch Armour
Chapter 699 Yamato Uni
Chapter 700 Tyrannical Type
Chapter 701 Experimental Field
Chapter 702 Finally Appear
Chapter 703 Should Have Told You Earlier
Chapter 704 God Is Very Scary
Chapter 705 Evolution
Chapter 706 Joining Hands
Chapter 707 Remember I Am From Solo Sec
Chapter 708 What I Love Is Not You
Chapter 709 I Pity You
Chapter 710 God Fire Cleansing World
Chapter 711 Why Am I Inferior To You
Chapter 712 Emperor Of Japan’S Conspiracy
Chapter 713 Race Against Time
Chapter 714 Cheng Yaojin
Chapter 715 Still Love Him?
Chapter 716 Reparation Work
Chapter 717 Cosplay
Chapter 718 Blood Emperor’S Fan Group
Chapter 719 Turning Into Cinderella Within A Nigh
Chapter 720 A Night Before Returning To Liberation
Chapter 721 Bring Me To Experience A Bi
Chapter 722 Maternal Grandfather Nice To Meet You!
Chapter 723 Tear Apart Patrimony
Chapter 724 So It Is Hunter
Chapter 725 Do What That Needs To Be Done
Chapter 726 Days While Living Together
Chapter 727 Strike First And Gain The Upper Hand
Chapter 728 Serve You Right For Doing Something So Stupid
Chapter 729 Little Brother Coming Back
Chapter 730 Meet Again
Chapter 731 Continue The Fight From That Day
Chapter 732 Heaven Dog Roar
Chapter 733 Or Them
Chapter 734 Single Life
Chapter 735 Splendid Breakfas
Chapter 736 Why Did You Guys Come For
Chapter 737 Two Girls Fight Over A Guy?
Chapter 738 Liu Yi’S Army
Chapter 739 Seabed War
Chapter 740 Friends From Far Away Arrived?
Chapter 741 - He Is A Human
Chapter 742 - Be My 2Nd Lady
Chapter 743 - Unable To Endure Any More
Chapter 744 - [2Nd Princess’S Terms]
Chapter 745 - [Dare To Go To The East Sea?]
Chapter 746 - [East Sea Dragon Palace]
Chapter 747 - [Female War]
Chapter 748 - [Fight And Scheme Against Each Other]
Chapter 749 - [Womanland]
Chapter 750 - Yield Me A Few Moves
Chapter 751 - Give Me A Bit Of Surprise
Chapter 752 - [Real Body]
Chapter 753 - Cake That Fell From The Sky
Chapter 754 - [Shameless Gods]
Chapter 755 - [What Routine]
Chapter 756 - Ten Explosions]
Chapter 757 - Title Below
Chapter 758 - Title Below
Chapter 759 - Title Below
Chapter 760 - Title Below
Chapter 761 - Title Below]
Chapter 762 - Title Below]
Chapter 763 - Title Below]
Chapter 764 - [Title Below]
Chapter 765 - [Who Are You]
Chapter 766 - Title Below]
Chapter 767 - Eight Immortals Crossing River]
Chapter 768 - Attacking Small Animal]
Chapter 769 - [Major Work!]
Chapter 770 - It Is Almost Time]
Chapter 771 - What My Woman Says Is Right]
Chapter 772 - Old Man Ice Fog]
Chapter 773 - [Going To Use Ult]
Chapter 774 - Sun Palace Hall Master
Chapter 775 - No Brothers Don’T Go On A Military Expedition Together]
Chapter 776 - Ruyi Sect]
Chapter 777 - Good Show On Screen]
Chapter 778 - Who Wants To Be Number Two?]
Chapter 779 - Test His Heart
Chapter 780 - Thunder God]
Chapter 781 - Title Below
Chapter 782 - Say Go Then Go]
Chapter 783 - Let'S Part Here]
Chapter 784 - Let You Wait For A Long Time]
Chapter 785 - Great God’S Belief
Chapter 786 - Title Below
Chapter 787 - [Scaring People!]
Chapter 788 - Status]
Chapter 789 - It Is Because Of You]
Chapter 790 - Your Punishment ]
Chapter 791 - He Had Appeared
Chapter 792 - Don’T Delay Me From Hearing]
Chapter 793 - Title Below
Chapter 794 - Penglai Island]
Chapter 795 - [I Am Here To Deliver A Letter]
Chapter 796 - Being A Guest
Chapter 797 - He Is A Devil]
Chapter 798 - To Kill You
Chapter 799 - Moon Dream Heart Technique]
Chapter 800 - Absolute Defense]
Chapter 801 - Stepping Over A Thousand Years]
Chapter 802 - [He Is Not A Chess Piece]
Chapter 803 - Fight Over Influence]
Chapter 804 - Kunlun Mountain]
Chapter 805 - I Just Delivering The Letters!]
Chapter 806 - Assassin!]
Chapter 807 - The Heavenly Stems?]
Chapter 808 - Undefeated Emperor Qin
Chapter 809 - Big Day]
Chapter 810 - Let Me Do It]
Chapter 811 - Tame]
Chapter 812 - Human Realm Hotel]
Chapter 813 - I Am Here To Find The Inn]
Chapter 814 - Illegal Immigrant]
Chapter 815 - Still Need To Work!]
Chapter 816 - Want To Take Revenge?]
Chapter 817 - [Martial God Image]
Chapter 818 - This Can Also Be Cultivated]
Chapter 819 - [Daihatsu Casino]
Chapter 820 - Alcohol Capacity Is Bad?]
Chapter 821 - Sea Ghost Emperor]
Chapter 822 - [Title Below]
Chapter 823 - [Title Below]
Chapter 824 - [Title Below]
Chapter 825 - Ox-Head General]
Chapter 826 - What Is His Weak Point]
Chapter 827 - [A Real Man Does Not Boast About His Past Achievements]
Chapter 828 - Not Good To Fight]
Chapter 829 - Wish To Rest ]
Chapter 830 - [Rebel Battle]
Chapter 831 - Good Stuff!]
Chapter 832 - Pilgrim]
Chapter 833 - Captivity]
Chapter 834 - Buddha Obstructs Kill Buddha!]
Chapter 835 - Pigs]
Chapter 836 - [Discuss Business]
Chapter 837
Chapter 838 - Just One Condition]
Chapter 839 - White Cloth Sect]
Chapter 840 - Yue Qinger]
Chapter 841 - Changing Into Stone]
Chapter 842 - Toad?]
Chapter 843 - Got Noticed?]
Chapter 844 - Cheating]
Chapter 845 - Lonely Palace Maid]
Chapter 846 - Goddess Coming Into Being]
Chapter 847 - Delaying Tactics]
Chapter 848 - Scary Buddhist Palm]
Chapter 849 - This Monk Is Too Arrogant]
Chapter 850 - Super Powerful!]
Chapter 851 - Damn Toad]
Chapter 852 - Come And Be A Guest]
Chapter 853 - Curse Breaker]
Chapter 854 - Women Fight]
Chapter 855 - Struggling For A Man]
Chapter 856 - There Is No Princess In A Battlefield]
Chapter 857 - [Brother Stonehead Is Mine]
Chapter 858 - Let’S Take Turns]
Chapter 859 - [Say Goodbye]
Chapter 860 - Let’S Go Look For The Protector]
Chapter 861 - [Speak For Sister]
Chapter 862 - [Ruyi Sect]
Chapter 863 - Negotiations?]
Chapter 864 - Return Home To Celebrate Chinese New Year]
Chapter 865 - Title Below]
Chapter 866 - Title Below
Chapter 867 - Soon To Be Daughter-In-Law]
Chapter 868 - New Year’S Eve Dinner]
Chapter 869 - Who Is Then The Girlfriend?]
Chapter 870 - What Is World]
Chapter 871 - Drawn A Small Tortoise]
Chapter 872 - Heaven Above, Earth Below]
Chapter 873 - [Blind Date]
Chapter 874 - Title Below
Chapter 875 - Meet And Greet]
Chapter 876 - Title Below
Chapter 877 - [Fighting Against Angels]
Chapter 878 - Title Below
Chapter 879
Chapter 880 - [No Longer Accompany You To Mess Around]
Chapter 881 - Master Of The Spirit Treasure]
Chapter 882 - Gui Tongtian]
Chapter 883 - Forget About Me]
Chapter 884 - Chapter 884 [Liu Yi’S Weakness]
Chapter 885 - Exchange]
Chapter 886 - Massacre Shrine]
Chapter 887 - [Unrelenting]
Chapter 888 - [Mr Baron]
Chapter 889 - [My Bid]
Chapter 890 - [Hurricane Operation]
Chapter 891 - Want To Eat Mala Soup]
Chapter 892 - Chinese Kungfu]
Chapter 893 - Chinatown]
Chapter 894 - Arsenal]
Chapter 895 - Unequal In The Whole World]
Chapter 896 - [Wish To Cooperate]
Chapter 897 - [Hand It Over]
Chapter 898 - Plunder]
Chapter 899 - Evolution]
Chapter 900 - Soldier’S Honor]
Chapter 901 - Competition?]
Chapter 902 - [Things Are Going Wrong!]
Chapter 903 - Since You Came Then There Is No Need To Leave]
Chapter 904 - The Guy Who Horrify The Angels]
Chapter 905 - [Miracles Appear]
Chapter 906 - Gods Fighting]
Chapter 907 - Send Me Back]
Chapter 908 - Rich Person’S Life]
Chapter 909 - Title Below
Chapter 910 - I Am Ruined
Chapter 911 - Greenhorn
Chapter 912 - Be Your Master Can Or No
Chapter 913 - What Should Us Brothers Do?
Chapter 914 - I Am Here To Expose You One]
Chapter 915 - Liu Yi’S Tiny Confusion
Chapter 916 - Pursue
Chapter 917 - Leave With Me
Chapter 918 - A Piece Of Cake
Chapter 919 - Which, Which Year Is This]
Chapter 920 - Zhao Family’S Mansion]
Chapter 921 - Young Girl
Chapter 922 - Big Sister Had An Accident?
Chapter 923 - [Trial Date]
Chapter 924 - I Am Your Master
Chapter 925 - Second Phase Begin]
Chapter 926 - [My Sect]
Chapter 927 - Who Is Faster
Chapter 928 - Report To Heavenly Court]
Chapter 929 - Shadow]
Chapter 930 - I Wish To Become A Person
Chapter 931 - Date
Chapter 932 - [Buddha Jumps Over The Wall]
Chapter 933 - [Chen Debiao]
Chapter 934 - Creditor
Chapter 935 - Dragon King Of The Four Seas
Chapter 936 - Swords Drawn And Bows Bent
Chapter 937 - Waring The Four Seas!
Chapter 938 - Heaven Dragon Mausoleum]
Chapter 939 - When Classmates Meet, They Become Exceptionally Green With Envy
Chapter 940 - This Is Called Black Ops]
Chapter 941 - Heaven Dragon Mausoleum Is Mine!
Chapter 942 - Go In And Take A Look]
Chapter 943 - [Demi-Dragon Race]
Chapter 944 - Heaven Dragon King’S Treasure
Chapter 945 - [What Is This Final Wish?]
Chapter 946 - [Playing Big]
Chapter 947 - Whose Bloodline?
Chapter 948 - How To Be A Human
Chapter 949 - You Are A Monster]
Chapter 950 - [Recalling Soul]
Chapter 951 - I Wish Not To Be Human
Chapter 952 - Relative Relationship
Chapter 953 - Exposed]
Chapter 954 - In The End, Good And Evil Will Have Their Desert
Chapter 955 - Ancient Sword Sect
Chapter 956 - Sect Storming]
Chapter 957 - [Granny Liu Visits The Grand View Gardens]
Chapter 958 - Who Is Number One]
Chapter 959 - Vile Character Flourishes
Chapter 960 - Defend Our Honor
Chapter 961 - [Taking Advantage Of Seniority]
Chapter 962 - Ghost Monk]
Chapter 963 - [Powerful Enemy Invading One’S Territory]
Chapter 964 - Falling Into Demon Path]
Chapter 965 - Let’S Merge Together]
Chapter 966 - Result Of Merging]
Chapter 967 - Live Or Die Together With All Of You]
Chapter 968 - All Are Comrade-In-Arms]
Chapter 969 - [New Generation’S Love Saint]
Chapter 970 - [Within A Month]
Chapter 971 - Where Is The Savior]
Chapter 972 - This Monk Wants To Save The World]
Chapter 973 - Counterattack]
Chapter 974 - Unable To Help However Much One Would Like To]
Chapter 975 - I Go With You]
Chapter 976 - Support The Two Of You]
Chapter 977 - Acknowledging Relatives]
Chapter 978 - My Daughter?]
Chapter 979 - Who Is This Brother?]
Chapter 980 - Dirt Covering One’S Heart]
Chapter 981 - Finally, We Meet]
Chapter 982 - This Is Trademark]
Chapter 983 - Huge Fight To Capture Pet]
Chapter 984 - [I Am A Warrior]
Chapter 985 - [Big Shark]
Chapter 986 - [Wash Your Butt Clean And Wait For Me To Come!]
Chapter 987 - God Dragon Envoy]
Chapter 988 - Evil Spirit King
Chapter 989 - Become A Buddha On The Spot
Chapter 990 - Must Achieve It
Chapter 991 - Must Achieve It]
Chapter 992 - Come Into Being
Chapter 993 - Donations To The Temple
Chapter 994 - Deity Liu’S Rod
Chapter 995 - Kneel And Lick
Chapter 996 - Fox Demon Meeting Fox Demon
Chapter 997 - Go And Be A Mole]
Chapter 998 - What Is A Local Tyrant]
Chapter 999 - Entice The Enemy Deeper]
Chapter 1000 - Poor Religion]
Chapter 1001 - Solo Sect’S Headquarters]
Chapter 1002
Chapter 1003 - Hasn’T Change]
Chapter 1004 - For Reward]
Chapter 1005 - Emerges Again]
Chapter 1006 - 12 Golden Men]
Chapter 1007 - Heart Problems Need To Be Treated With Heart Medicine.]
Chapter 1008 - Grasp The Opportunity]
Chapter 1009 - Change All Of Them]
Chapter 1010 - Be My Housewife]
Chapter 1011 - You Come And Act
Chapter 1012 - Fighting On Top Of Ice]
Chapter 1013 - [Midnight Visitor]
Chapter 1014 - Fighting Bravely All Night]
Chapter 1015 - Two Shores]
Chapter 1016 - Flying To Jingdu]
Chapter 1017 - Hijacked?]
Chapter 1018 - Tu Tu Tu]
Chapter 1019 - Heaven Punishment]
Chapter 1020 - Something Went Wrong?
Chapter 1021 - Ancient Painting
Chapter 1022 - Woman From The Legend]
Chapter 1023 - Let’S Gamble This Once]
Chapter 1024 - I’M Wu Meiniang]
Chapter 1025 - [Run Him Down]
Chapter 1026 - [A Daoist Priest]
Chapter 1027 - [Mistake In Concocting Pills]
Chapter 1028 - Homicidal Maniac]
Chapter 1029 - I Want To Bathe]
Chapter 1030 - Abuse Of Power]
Chapter 1031 - Become Sworn Brothers]
Chapter 1032 - [You Are Not Following Me?]
Chapter 1033 - Come And Ride Me]
Chapter 1034 - Expert Taking Action]
Chapter 1035 - Where Did She Run Off To!]
Chapter 1036 - Radiation Sword?]
Chapter 1037 - Strange Sword]
Chapter 1038 - What A Good Breakup!]
Chapter 1039 - [What Are Cultivators]
Chapter 1040 - Manpower]
Chapter 1041 - Can Only Do So]
Chapter 1042 - Your Territory, You Decide]
Chapter 1043 - Temporary Lovers]
Chapter 1044 - [Final Attack]
Chapter 1045 - Undying Soldiers]
Chapter 1046 - Bring It On Then]
Chapter 1047 - Follow Me Up To Heaven]
Chapter 1048 - Complain To Superior]
Chapter 1049 - Come, Lie Down On Your Stomach]
Chapter 1050 - [Demon Emperor Is In Trouble]
Chapter 1051 - [Realm Crosser]
Chapter 1052 - [Saving People Is Important]
Chapter 1053 - [Use You To Refine A Pill]
Chapter 1054 - Demon Emperor’S Butt Cannot Be Hit]
Chapter 1055 - Time To Descend To The Mortal World]
Chapter 1056 - Time To Descend To The Mortal World]
Chapter 1057 - Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch]
Chapter 1058 - Look Forward To Them Any Time]
Chapter 1059 - Heavenly Dan]
Chapter 1060 - Nine Sun]
Chapter 1061 - Heavenly Court Attacking]
Chapter 1062 - Too Big Already!]
Chapter 1063 - 36 Tian Gang Swords]
Chapter 1064 - [Threaten]
Chapter 1065 - Trial Him]
Chapter 1066 - [Sudden Kiss]
Chapter 1067 - [Flower Of The Heavenly Court]
Chapter 1068 - [Trial God Dragon]
Chapter 1069 - [Matter Of Life And Death]
Chapter 1070 - Precisely Powerful]
Chapter 1071 - Admit Defeat]
Chapter 1072 - [Fighting Against Erlang Shen]
Chapter 1073 - [Erlang True Monarch]
Chapter 1074 - [Still Have To Rely On A Woman]
Chapter 1075 - [Return Back To Massacre Shrine]
Chapter 1076 - Frequent Visitor Dropping In]
Chapter 1077 - [Still Want To Make Movie]
Chapter 1079 - [Taiji]
Chapter 1080 - [Passionate Producer]
Chapter 1081 - [He Lied To Me]
Chapter 1082 - [Deity General Battalion]
Chapter 1083 - 36 Sky Immortal Imprisonment Formation]
Chapter 1084 - [Immortal Realm]
Chapter 1085 - [Sacred Ceremony]
Chapter 1086 - [Yang Family Law Enforcement Squadron]
Chapter 1087 - You Come And Proclaim Yourself Emperor]
Chapter 1088 - [Let Me Pay For The Damages]
Chapter 1089 - [Luo Family’S Meridian Breaking Finger]
Chapter 1090 - [Imprisonment]
Chapter 1091 - [Came To Challenge]
Chapter 1092 - [Young Master Liu]
Chapter 1093 - [A Person Is More Inferior Than A Dog]
Chapter 1094 - [Coming Up To The Door]
Chapter 1095 - [Immediately Escape]
Chapter 1096 - Fleeing]
Chapter 1097 - [Jade Water Beast]
Chapter 1098 - [Encounter Once Again]
Chapter 1099 - [Going Out To Sea]
Chapter 1100 - [Xumi Ocean Devil]
Chapter 1101 - [Go Ashore]
Chapter 1102 - [Don’T Go Up]
Chapter 1103 - [Wait For You To Marry Me]
Chapter 1104
Chapter 1105 - [Drop In To Fight]
Chapter 1106 - [Fleeing In A Wretched Figure]
Chapter 1107
Chapter 1108 - Snatching Room
Chapter 1109 - [Big Miss]
Chapter 1110 - [Squeezing Into Quilt]
Chapter 1111 - [Woman Who Is Going To Become The Vanguard]
Chapter 1112 - Duty Of The Male Servant
Chapter 1113 - [Shaman General]
Chapter 1114 - Pray For Yourself]
Chapter 1115 - [You’Re A Man Right]
Chapter 1116 - Riding A Horse Is Also A Problem]
Chapter 1117 - Nine-Winged Centipede]
Chapter 1118 - Immortal Prohibited Path]
Chapter 1119 - I Am Part Of Shaman Race?]
Chapter 1120 - So You Are Here]
Chapter 1121 - [Definitely Following You]
Chapter 1122 - [Officers And Men Paying A Visit]
Chapter 1123 - What Can You Do]
Chapter 1124 - [Lord Erlang]
Chapter 1125 - [Nine Turn Immortal Pill]
Chapter 1126 - Scram In]
Chapter 1127 - Plume Peacock]
​Chapter 1128 - [Title Below]
Chapter 1129 - Sima Rou
Chapter 1130
Chapter 1131
Chapter 1132
Chapter 1133 - They Started Fighting
Chapter 1134 - Leaving The Pass
Chapter 1135 - To Marry Or Not To Marry
Chapter 1136
Chapter 1137 - Reunion
Chapter 1138 - Conquest Of The Heavenly Court
Chapter 1139
Chapter 1140 - I Am The Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 1141 - Discussing Achievements And Rewards
Chapter 1142
Chapter 1143 - The Legendary Kingdom
Chapter 1144 - The Young Master Of The Su Family
Chapter 1145 - Lele Competing For Favor
Chapter 1146
Chapter 1147 - What Did They Do?
Chapter 1148 - The Flute Player
Chapter 1149 - Infectious Disease
Chapter 1150 - The Ocean Queen
Chapter 1151 - The Imperial Weapon
Chapter 1152 - Annihilation
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Ongoing, Romance, School Life, Xianxia Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: My Fox Immortal Wife, My Fox Spirit Wife, 我的狐仙老婆,


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Alternative Titles:

My Fox Immortal Wife, My Fox Spirit Wife, 我的狐仙老婆

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Humanoid beast? Ahem…. Humanoid beast….

Because a female immortal sealed a mischievous and sly fox spirit into his right hand, ordinary senior high school student Liu Yi henceforth began his extraordinary journey as a immortal practitioner.

The fox spirit said:

“The prettiest girls in the class, the daughters of rich families, the evil female cult members, the beautiful women in the world of immortals? All these beauties are no longer a dream!

Come, become an immortal and even a diaosi could counterattack!

Come, become an immortal and kill all of the tall, rich and handsome!

Come, become an immortal and capture all the beauties!”

“Liu Yi, I said to capture all the beauties; not to capture me! Hey! Stop!”

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 Help Me

Chapter 1 - Help Me

Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James, Proofread by Dtim and Achamel

“Dare bother my girlfriend again and I’ll beat you to death!”

Liu Yi was standing at the bus stop, he began to recall of what that grade ‘hooligan’ boss’s footman said to him after school as he grabbed his collar and threatened him. As he thought of it, he started having the chills.

At the same time there was a fiery feeling of pain on his face. He really wanted to find a beauty and smash his face into her bosom.

Why is life so unfair?!

What’s wrong with me liking Ma Yixuan?! I rarely even manage to talk to her! Did you really need to threaten me and slap my face?!

Liu Yi touched his face. He looked at his thin and weak body and sighed.

Sigh! If only I had the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger. No hooligan boss would dare mess with me then.

Liu Yi then thought of Ma Yixuan’s beautiful face and her exquisite body and sighed.

Most of the girls in his grade ignore him. Even the internet girls paid no attention to him!

Diaosi! Am I doomed to be a diaosi all my life and live a lonely life?!

Oh dear Heaven! Please give me, Liu Yi, a girl!

Unfortunately the Heavens appeared not to answer Liu Yi’s call. Instead of a girl, a bus came whistling through. It nearly ran into Liu Yi, scaring him so much that he stepped back two steps hurriedly.

“Little rascal, are you trying to die?!”

As the bus door opens, what came forth was the bus driver shouting at Liu Yi.

And at this period of time, there were a lot of people taking public transportation. Before the bus was even able to pull up to the bus stop, a group of people had already swarmed the bus door, blocking it completely.

Liu Yi saw that the bus was currently packed full. However, because his stomach was rumbling with hunger, he could only join the others in cramming into the bus.

“Little rascal, stop trying to cram into the bus!”

An old granny bravely crammed herself into the bus as if she wasn’t a granny at all. Liu Yi was pushed against the side and stepped on someone’s foot.

“Fucking shit! Brat, you trying to die?!”

Liu Yi stepped on a big baldy. That baldy immediately started cursing at him, scaring Liu Yi so much that he trembled in fear and immediately began trying to follow the stream of people up the bus.

Really! Why so fierce?! It’s just a bald head! My school’s guidance director had a sea-within-the-earth hairdo that looked even more fierce than you!

[TL: sea-within-the-earth hairdo:]

Liu Yi started having delusions again. He began to imagine the scene of him fighting valiantly against the big baldy, beating him till he begged for forgiveness on the ground, and finally kicking him out of the bus.

Tsk tsk, that’s what a man should do!

However, after he looked at his arm that had no meat at all and then looked at the baldy’s shit-lump like muscles, Liu Yi finally decided to give up.

“Get the fuck out of the way! Else I’ll beat your fucking ass!”

That bald man started squeezing through the crowd. The bus was already packed full with people. With the baldy squeezing through the crowd, the interior of the bus was like a bomb that’s about to blow up. Many people wanted to complain but when they saw the fiend-like baldy, they dare not utter a single word.

Nowadays, who would dare to cause trouble?

That baldy quickly walked next to a young woman.

Liu Yi’s eyes also followed the baldy.

Suddenly, his breathing sped up.

My gawd! Is this girl some sort of celebrity?!

Too-too-too-toooo beautiful!

At that split second, even Liu Yi’s eyes popped out.

This woman was glistering with beauty. Her lips were red, her teeth were white, and her figure was both seductive and voluptuous.

This kind of girl, her appearance should have been limited to only the television. How did she manage to come out to the reality?!

Even the prettiest girl in class, Murong Die, could not compare to her beauty.

Her long wavy hair reached all the way down her abundant buttocks.

Because of the fact that it’s summertime, she was wearing a white T-shirt. Her chest looked very plentiful. The clothes covering her chest were wide open. It was as if there was a pair of plump apples inside.

On the lower half of her body was a pair of booty short jeans wrapping around her abundant buttocks.

Although her buttocks were tightly wrapped by her jeans, her two slender legs were completely revealed, attracting the attention of all of the men on the bus.

This kind of beauty, it was something that Liu Yi could only fantasize in his dreams!

That baldy obviously also noticed the beauty. He squeezed his way through to her, his hand immediately swinging all over the place and, as if coincidence, landed on the beauty’s abundant buttocks.

The beauty immediately turned around. She wanted to move away however the amount of people surrounding them was too great. Crammed inside the bus, there was nowhere for her to run.

Her black pupils, without any better option, could only move to the people around her, requesting them for help.

Soon, her sight landed on Liu Yi who was closest to her. Liu Yi was immediately startled.

Those eyes, oh how helpless they are, oh how pitiful they are!

Help me…..

From her lips, it was as if she spat out those two words!


Total Chapters in book: 1152
Estimated words: 2549265 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 12746(@200wpm)___ 10197(@250wpm)___ 8498(@300wpm)