Mr CEO Spoil Me 100 Percent by The Courtesans Smile

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Old And Ugly Now
Chapter 3: I'M Finally Going To Marry Xi Mubai
Chapter 4: A Motherless Child
Chapter 5: She'S Here To Make A Police Report!
Chapter 6: Her Life Is No Longer In Fate'S Hands
Chapter 7: My Memory Has Returned
Chapter 8: A Return To Form
Chapter 9: The Rejected Alimony
Chapter 10: A Respectful Knock On The Door
Chapter 11: Cheque For One Hundred Million
Chapter 12: He Didn'T Want To Owe Her Anything
Chapter 13: An Extraordinary Sister
Chapter 14: Who Are You And What Have You Done To My Sister?
Chapter 15: Burning Desire
Chapter 16: No Question That She Can'T Solve
Chapter 17: It Was… Xi Mubai
Chapter 18: More Formidable Than He Thought
Chapter 19: We Can'T Live Here Anymore
Chapter 20: Not An Easy One To Cross
Chapter 21: Where To Find 300000 Rmb?
Chapter 22: A Truly Fruitful Night
Chapter 23: A Black Horse
Chapter 24: Daddy Is Very Happy Today
Chapter 25: To Visit Xia Xinghe
Chapter 26: A Heartfelt Disdain
Chapter 27: A Charity
Chapter 28: The Giant Change In Xia Xinghe
Chapter 29: Now We'Re Even
Chapter 30: Don'T Deserve To Be Xi Lin'S Mother
Chapter 31: The Man That She Did Not Want
Chapter 32: Left Her Behind
Chapter 33: Looking Down On Xia Xinghe
Chapter 34: Hacked Into Her Computer
Chapter 35: End Of Hospital Arc - Sis, You'Re Quite Scary Yourself
Chapter 36: A House That She Set Her Sights On
Chapter 37: Back To Collect What You Owe Me
Chapter 38: Throw This Old Hag Out
Chapter 39: Here Is Your Proof
Chapter 40: The Name Is Xia Xinghe
Chapter 41: You Have Too Many Sins
Chapter 42: End Of Xia Mansion Arc - Out She Went
Chapter 43: Xi Mubai Was There
Chapter 44: He Still Cares About You
Chapter 45: About Our Son
Chapter 46: Moving In?
Chapter 47: Have To Start Working On Herself
Chapter 48: The Xi Empire'S Ip Address
Chapter 49: Scouted By Xi Mubai
Chapter 50: Xia Zhi Was Targeted
Chapter 51: Biggest Mistake Of Your Life!
Chapter 52: Not Qualified To Even Hold Your Shoes
Chapter 53: You'Re Paying For This
Chapter 54: Mysterious Virus
Chapter 55: Revenge, Coming Soon
Chapter 56: No One But Me
Chapter 57: She Had The Qualification To Be Arrogant
Chapter 58: Listen Up World, Xia Xinghe Is Back!
Chapter 59: End Of Virus Arc - Already Invited Xia Xinghe
Chapter 60: Xi Lin'S Birthday Party
Chapter 61: A Pit Of Vipers
Chapter 62: Xia Xinghe, You Have To Come
Chapter 63: Xi Lin'S Disappearance
Chapter 64: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Chapter 65: His Mother… Xia Xinghe
Chapter 66: Breathtaking
Chapter 67: A Family Of Three
Chapter 68: The Real Lady Of The House
Chapter 69: Chu Tianxin, Who?
Chapter 70: The Only Man In My Eyes
Chapter 71: Lin Lin'S Vote Of Confidence
Chapter 72: I'Ll Show Her!
Chapter 73: Xia Xinghe Is A Murderer!
Chapter 74: Ruin Xia Xinghe With One Move
Chapter 75: The Video Won'T Lie
Chapter 76: How Will She Prove Her Innocence?
Chapter 77: Xi Mubai Is Helping Xia Xinghe
Chapter 78: That Was How She Fell!
Chapter 79: She Isn'T Pregnant
Chapter 80: Acting
Chapter 81: Beautiful Beyond Compare (End Of Birthday Party Arc)
Chapter 82: A Brief Window Of Peace
Chapter 83: The Real Creator
Chapter 84: The Crazy Woman
Chapter 85: An Angel
Chapter 86: I Need You To Help Me Kill Someone
Chapter 87: A Giant Decision
Chapter 88: Advantages (End Of The Real Creator Arc)
Chapter 89: Not Beat, But Demolish!
Chapter 90: The Line Between Confidence And Overconfidence
Chapter 91: Beyond Human
Chapter 92: Hello, Readers
Chapter 93: Charging You For Libel
Chapter 94: Separated
Chapter 95: Fallen Into Chui Ming'S Hands
Chapter 96: Yes, I'M Begging You!
Chapter 97: On Your Knees
Chapter 98: Get Xia Xinghe Out Of There
Chapter 99: We Meet Again
Chapter 100: Kneel? Never!
Chapter 101: A Person Of Importance
Chapter 102: Freedom
Chapter 103: I'Ll Show You Cocky!
Chapter 104: X Pc Manager
Chapter 105: Et
Chapter 106: He'S Better Than My Sister?
Chapter 107: Sudden Appearance
Chapter 108: Emotions
Chapter 109: An Official War With Chui Corps
Chapter 110: She Is 001!
Chapter 111: Fallen Into His Sight
Chapter 112: Impossible!
Chapter 113: The Most Beautiful Thing In The World
Chapter 114: A Disgusting, Meaningless Trick
Chapter 115: You Lost!
Chapter 116: You Are Not My Equal
Chapter 117: Who Dares To Disrupt The Peace?
Chapter 118: First Place Is X Pc Manager
Chapter 119: Ruin Chui Corps With A Bet!
Chapter 120: You Have To Go Alone
Chapter 121: Xi Mubai'S Ex-Wife
Chapter 122: Get To Know Her Again
Chapter 123: The Brain Circuit Of A Genius
Chapter 124: Deal With Chui Ming For Her (End Of Hacker Competition Arc)
Chapter 125: All Thanks To You!
Chapter 126: We'Re All Toast
Chapter 127: Kill Xia Xinghe Tonight
Chapter 128: Planning A Murder
Chapter 129: Genius Xia, Please Speak English
Chapter 130: Nightfall
Chapter 131: You Are The One Who Hit Me
Chapter 132: Fallen Into Xia Xinghe'S Hands
Chapter 133: His Daughter Is...
Chapter 134: Time To Take Care Of The Mother And Daughter
Chapter 135: Catfight
Chapter 136: He Has Sold You Out
Chapter 137: It'S Over!
Chapter 138: The Devil
Chapter 139: A Piece Of Advice
Chapter 140: Money Transfer
Chapter 141: Old Scores
Chapter 142: The Power Of Hatred
Chapter 143: Selfless Xi Mubai
Chapter 144: Just Next Door
Chapter 145: Desire To Protect
Chapter 146: You Are The Mother Of Our Son
Chapter 147: Value Her
Chapter 148: The Truth
Chapter 149: Crazy (End Of Fall Of The Trio Arc)
Chapter 150: Lin Lin'S Death!
Chapter 151: Reincarnation?
Chapter 152: I Want My Son'S Custody
Chapter 153: Because You Didn'T Love Me
Chapter 154: The Loss And Gain
Chapter 155: Closer To My Son
Chapter 156: Xia Xinghe Is Coming Over Tomorrow
Chapter 157: Unflattering Comparison
Chapter 158: Want To See Her Grandson? Impossible!
Chapter 159: Grand Expose
Chapter 160: Toss Her Out
Chapter 161: Breeding Machine For Your Xi Family
Chapter 162: What Did They Do To You?
Chapter 163: Having Fun Behind My Back
Chapter 164: Fair Speech
Chapter 165: I Didn'T Betray You!
Chapter 166: On The Chopping Block
Chapter 167: Get Out Of My Way
Chapter 168: Dumped!
Chapter 169: The Lady In The Painting
Chapter 170: Regarding Our Engagement
Chapter 171: You'Re Doing This Because Of Her?
Chapter 172: She Was My Wife
Chapter 173: Care About Her
Chapter 174: Uneven Contract
Chapter 175: Apology Not Accepted
Chapter 176: Fondness Towards Her (End Of The Engagement Arc)
Chapter 177: She Didn'T Care About Him
Chapter 178: To The Old Family Mansion
Chapter 179: We'Re Here To See Lin Lin
Chapter 180: Can'T Go Through Him
Chapter 181: Marry Me
Chapter 182: Have Her Detained
Chapter 183: A Hail Mary
Chapter 184: Sorry For Being Late
Chapter 185: Only You
Chapter 186: A Few More Words
Chapter 187: Caress Her Head
Chapter 188: An Early Surprise (End Of Patriarch Arc)
Chapter 189: Simple And Direct
Chapter 190: Stolen Information
Chapter 191: Your Name Has Been Removed
Chapter 192: I'M The Boss Here
Chapter 193: Trouble Brewing
Chapter 194: Challenge Accepted!
Chapter 195: Me Or Her
Chapter 196: Not So Simple
Chapter 197: The Rigorous Competition
Chapter 198: A Lesson In Humility
Chapter 199: All At Once
Chapter 200: An Ugly Death!
Chapter 201: This Is My Answer
Chapter 202: Xinghe Must Be Cheating
Chapter 203: A Shameless Woman
Chapter 204: I Surrender
Chapter 205: Get Out, The Three Of You! (End Of Lab Arc)
Chapter 206: First Day Of Work
Chapter 207: This Is For You
Chapter 208: Are You Guys Getting Back Together?
Chapter 209: Didn'T She Remarry?
Chapter 210: Project Galaxy
Chapter 211: Kindred Spirit
Chapter 212: A Summons From Old Madam Xi
Chapter 213: Outshone Her
Chapter 214: Unflattering Personality
Chapter 215: Ruobing Has Finished The Design
Chapter 216: A Meaningful Smile
Chapter 217: Don'T Hit My Face!
Chapter 218: Someone Like Us
Chapter 219: I'M Outside Your House
Chapter 220: No Contact
Chapter 221: Not At All Interested In Him
Chapter 222: I Just Want To Hug You
Chapter 223: Given To Xia Xinghe
Chapter 224: Stop Targeting Her!
Chapter 225: I Will Kill You
Chapter 226: The Chilling Smirk
Chapter 227: Success Within Reach
Chapter 228: You Are A Lowlife, A Thieving Lowlife
Chapter 229: Leader Yun, We Did It
Chapter 230: Success Is Hers
Chapter 231: Yun Ruobing'S Vanity
Chapter 232: The Enhancement Is Complete!
Chapter 233: Xia Xinghe Is Finally Here
Chapter 234: She Stole My Design!
Chapter 235: My Capability Is The Best Proof
Chapter 236: The Original Design
Chapter 237: Use Ruobing'S Product
Chapter 238: Fate On The Line
Chapter 239: Your Plan? What Plan?
Chapter 240: A Scream
Chapter 241: Explosion!
Chapter 242: Burning Shame
Chapter 243: A Will That Would Not Bend
Chapter 244: He Loves Her!
Chapter 245: No Longer A Xi
Chapter 246: Death Incoming
Chapter 247: No One Will Stand In The Way Of Your Marriage
Chapter 248: Leaving This Place (End Of The Artificial Limb Arc)
Chapter 249: Hello, Miss Xia
Chapter 250: Kidnapped
Chapter 251: Two Hungry Wolfhounds
Chapter 252: Feral
Chapter 253: To Destroy The Whole World
Chapter 254: Today Is Her Last!
Chapter 255: She Must Remove This Threat
Chapter 256: Surprised I'M Not Dead?
Chapter 257: The First Present
Chapter 258: Fight Fire With Fire
Chapter 259: Mubai Wanted To Kill Them
Chapter 260: The Second Present
Chapter 261: The Third Present
Chapter 262: The Whole Chu Family
Chapter 263: Hundreds Of Humiliating Slaps
Chapter 264: I'M Staying
Chapter 265: The Fourth Present
Chapter 266: Losing Consciousness (End Of Chu Family Arc)
Chapter 267: Young Mistress, You'Re Finally Awake
Chapter 268: A Stranger'S Face
Chapter 269: She Is Still Alive
Chapter 270: Taken Away By The Xi Family
Chapter 271: Such A Failure In Life!
Chapter 272: Name Your Conditions For A Divorce
Chapter 273: A Conspiracy And A Dream
Chapter 274: Something To Do With Project Galaxy
Chapter 275: Make Xi Mubai Believe She Is Xia Xinghe
Chapter 276: Who Are You?
Chapter 277: Xia Xinghe Is Finally Awake
Chapter 278: Go Make Lunch
Chapter 279: Females Need To Be Gentle
Chapter 280: He Said He Wants To Meet Young Mistress
Chapter 281: Xi Mubai Is Here
Chapter 282: Get In!
Chapter 283: He Believed Her
Chapter 284: I Also Want To See Mommy
Chapter 285: A Party Of Three
Chapter 286: You Will Never Become Me
Chapter 287: Steal A Few Days
Chapter 288: Memory Lineage Technology
Chapter 289: You'Re Still You, I'M Still Me
Chapter 290: Steamrolled By Their Iq
Chapter 291: Last Two Questions For You
Chapter 292: A Black Box
Chapter 293: An Extremely Scary Thought
Chapter 294: One Month Limit
Chapter 295: He Has The Thing As Well
Chapter 296: Assigned Her Ten Bodyguards
Chapter 297: Xi Mubai Values Her So Much
Chapter 298: The Pig Doesn'T Deserve To Be Forgiven
Chapter 299: The Ye Family Doesn'T Deserve Her
Chapter 300: 2,000,000 For A Divorce
Chapter 301: A Shameless Weasel
Chapter 302: Courting Death!
Chapter 303: Overfed
Chapter 304: Sign Here
Chapter 305: Teasing Her In Front Of Him
Chapter 306: The Beginning Of The End
Chapter 307: Punishment
Chapter 308: Shameless To The Max
Chapter 309: Simple And Easy
Chapter 310: Finally Agreed To Meet Him
Chapter 311: A Doomsday Prophesy
Chapter 312: Like A Joke
Chapter 313: Shadows In The Dark
Chapter 314: Looming Danger
Chapter 315: Xinghe'S Memory Is Worth Defending
Chapter 316: Bravery And A Clear Mind
Chapter 317: Stepped On His Tail
Chapter 318: Nightmare
Chapter 319: She Didn'T Beg For Mercy!
Chapter 320: Xia Meng, I Will Remember You
Chapter 321: Xinghe'S Suicide
Chapter 322: Time To Escape
Chapter 323: The Chase
Chapter 324: Finally Found Her
Chapter 325: More Mysterious Than Us Xi
Chapter 326: She Won'T Be Alive For Long
Chapter 327: I Will Remember You Even After You Die
Chapter 328: Feng Family
Chapter 329: Xi Mubai Became A Slave To His Ex-Wife
Chapter 330: Someone Was Here!
Chapter 331: Xia Xinghe Is Coming Back (End Of The Body Swap Arc)
Chapter 332: He Can Be Xinghe'S Private Nurse
Chapter 333: We'Ll Become History!
Chapter 334: The One And Only Xia Xinghe
Chapter 335: His Boiling Blood
Chapter 336: He'S The Feng Family'S Young Master
Chapter 337: Help You With Everything I Have
Chapter 338: Start To Care About Him
Chapter 339: Implicated
Chapter 340: Come After Me? Not So Easy
Chapter 341: Something On His Mind
Chapter 342: Too Surprising
Chapter 343: The Intruders Are Here!
Chapter 344: The Lin From The Capital
Chapter 345: Big Brother Xi
Chapter 346: Pander To Her? Impossible!
Chapter 347: Chase Her Away!
Chapter 348: To Capture Young Master Mubai
Chapter 349: It'S Over For The Xi Family
Chapter 350: I Have Something To Say
Chapter 351: Feng Saohuang, I Advise You To Leave
Chapter 352: Open Your Eyes And Watch Closely
Chapter 353: Get Out Of Our Home!
Chapter 354: Xinghe'S Contribution
Chapter 355: Conquered The Xi Family
Chapter 356: Home
Chapter 357: Your Mother Was Something Else
Chapter 358: Sudden Visit
Chapter 359: Everything The Xi Family Owns
Chapter 360: Sis, Welcome Home
Chapter 361: Sister-In-Law
Chapter 362: His Alone
Chapter 363: The Boss
Chapter 364: Fetching Xinghe With Lin Lin
Chapter 365: Ignored Him Completely
Chapter 366: You Wouldn'T Even Exist Without Me!
Chapter 367: Today'S Date
Chapter 368: Let'S Accommodate Him
Chapter 369: Finally Doing Something Right (End Of The Intermission Arc)
Chapter 370: Sudden Change Of The Appointment
Chapter 371: A Challenge
Chapter 372: Grind The Xi Family Into The Ground!
Chapter 373: Humiliation And Loss!
Chapter 374: We Are The Best
Chapter 375: Spirit Of The Xi Family
Chapter 376: Can You Help Munan?
Chapter 377: A Special Talent
Chapter 378: A Woman?
Chapter 379: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Chapter 380: 10 Rmb In Favor Of Xinghe
Chapter 381: Too Impressive
Chapter 382: Giving Her So Much Preferential Treatment
Chapter 383: Asking Her Out
Chapter 384: A Woman?
Chapter 385: So It'S Her
Chapter 386: Here To Give Orders
Chapter 387: I Will Make Them Submit
Chapter 388: I Will Bear Responsibility
Chapter 389: Trust In Mubai
Chapter 390: But I Don'T Like It
Chapter 391: That'S The Truth
Chapter 392: Godlike
Chapter 393: Most Intelligent Woman
Chapter 394: I'Ve Missed You
Chapter 395: Xinghe Is Too Famous
Chapter 396: Feng Saohuang Is Coming
Chapter 397: Putting On Airs
Chapter 398: Below My Station To Do So
Chapter 399: Watch And Learn
Chapter 400: Magical Hands
Chapter 401: At Least Better Than The World’S Third
Chapter 402: Defeat Him, Defeat Him
Chapter 403: Mission Impossible
Chapter 404: Winner'S Pride
Chapter 405: Made With My Own Two Hands
Chapter 406: Bottom Of The Barrel
Chapter 407: The Official Battle
Chapter 408: Losing Situation
Chapter 409: Commanding A Combat Jet
Chapter 410: Started Hacking
Chapter 411: Xinghe Was More Handsome Than Them
Chapter 412: Burning Blood, Burning Passion
Chapter 413: Plan Completely Ruined
Chapter 414: Bad Luck, Coming Again
Chapter 415: Found Your Name
Chapter 416: You'Re Under Arrest
Chapter 417: Being Good Is Also A Sin
Chapter 418: Paying Her Bail
Chapter 419: Paid Bail
Chapter 420: Wait For Big Brother To Come Back (End Of Military Arc)
Chapter 421: Sleeping Beside Her
Chapter 422: Dreaming
Chapter 423: Take Me With You
Chapter 424: A Constant Part Of Your Future
Chapter 425: Don'T Leave My Sight
Chapter 426: Your Contribution Will Be The Biggest
Chapter 427: Will To Survive!
Chapter 428: Take Their Lives
Chapter 429: Loss Of Humanity
Chapter 430: Death In Xinghe'S Hands
Chapter 431: A Bet
Chapter 432: Impressed By Her Resolution
Chapter 433: Leaving With Them
Chapter 434: Ruined Bodies
Chapter 435: Couldn'T Sense Mubai
Chapter 436: He Is Our Teacher
Chapter 437: Iv Syndicate
Chapter 438: Valiant Women
Chapter 439: General Barron
Chapter 440: Charlie'S Sister
Chapter 441: Pair Of Disgusting Eyes
Chapter 442: Damn Everything, Looking For Change!
Chapter 443: Fulfil Your Dreams
Chapter 444: Exchange One Hundred Million!
Chapter 445: Surprised By Her Generosity
Chapter 446: A Family
Chapter 447: Search
Chapter 448: You Guys Go First, I Will Bring Up The Rear
Chapter 449: Surround Them
Chapter 450: Stunned
Chapter 451: I'M A Poor Shot
Chapter 452: Charlie Is...
Chapter 453: Torture
Chapter 454: Saving Charlie
Chapter 455: Someone Important Is Here
Chapter 456: Something'S Weird
Chapter 457: Cover'S Blown
Chapter 458: Where'S The Woman
Chapter 459: That Eastern Woman
Chapter 460: Let The People Go Now
Chapter 461: Miss Xia Is Waiting
Chapter 462: Determination To Kill Them
Chapter 463: Finally Found Her
Chapter 464: Die Together!
Chapter 465: We Are Probably Saved
Chapter 466: Such A Large Army
Chapter 467: Focus On Him
Chapter 468: Gift The Woman To You
Chapter 469: She'S My Woman
Chapter 470: Teach Them A Lesson
Chapter 471: Face Stinging A Little
Chapter 472: Wrong Move!
Chapter 473: I Was So Worried
Chapter 474: Demolish This Organization Completely
Chapter 475: A Big Investment
Chapter 476: I Would Die Without You
Chapter 477: No Matter How Long
Chapter 478: That'S His Wife?
Chapter 479: Shameless Woman
Chapter 480: Chooses His Wife
Chapter 481: Found The Base'S Coordinates
Chapter 482: Like In Combat
Chapter 483: No Money, No Sex
Chapter 484: Sharing The Same Bed
Chapter 485: Mr. Xi Cheated On Her
Chapter 486: Dating With Marriage In Mind
Chapter 487: Like An Underground Country
Chapter 488: Biggest Bet
Chapter 489: Election
Chapter 490: The Plan Starts
Chapter 491: Such Pain…
Chapter 492: Destroy Everything!
Chapter 493: Edit Your Speech
Chapter 494: Announcing His Surrender
Chapter 495: The Phone'S Vibration
Chapter 496: The End Of Their World
Chapter 497: Stunned The Whole World
Chapter 498: Off To Military Court You Go!
Chapter 499: Xinghe, You'Re The Most Generous
Chapter 500: Burning For A Long Time
Chapter 501: Beyond Human Limit
Chapter 502: Afraid That She'Ll Be Stolen
Chapter 503: Do Like Him
Chapter 504: Was Taken Prisoner
Chapter 505: Tell Us Where Xia Xinghe Is
Chapter 506: I Want The Xi Family To Go Extinct
Chapter 507: Lin Family Is Not Going To Escape Unscathed
Chapter 508: Assassinate Xi Munan
Chapter 509: The Boss
Chapter 510: Court In The Morning
Chapter 511: Morals And Mores
Chapter 512: The Return!
Chapter 513: She Loves To Be Personally Involved In The Revenge
Chapter 514: The Trial
Chapter 515: It'S Xia Xinghe!
Chapter 516: The Culprit Is Feng Saohuang
Chapter 517: Finally, Revenge
Chapter 518: Direct Letter From Country Y'S President
Chapter 519: Great Satisfaction
Chapter 520: Narrow-Minded Xi Mubai (End Of The Foreign Country Arc)
Chapter 521: Only Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 522: Kindness
Chapter 523: Love To Be Slapped By You
Chapter 524: Feng Saohuang Wants To See Her
Chapter 525: One And The Same
Chapter 526: Avoid The Death Penalty
Chapter 527: Dirt On Lin Yun
Chapter 528: Arrest Her Immediately
Chapter 529: We Have The Evidence
Chapter 530: Fear
Chapter 531: Due Punishment
Chapter 532: Calling His Love
Chapter 533: Xi Mubai'S Condition
Chapter 534: A Ray Of Hope
Chapter 535: Send Him To The Depths Of Hell
Chapter 536: Waiting For His Revival
Chapter 537: Search For Xia Meng
Chapter 538: Saving Mubai
Chapter 539: How Can She Fall Before The Enemy Does
Chapter 540: Let Xinghe Handle This
Chapter 541: Choose To Believe Me
Chapter 542: Xinghe Is Unreliable
Chapter 543: Three Guys And One Girl Outside The Door
Chapter 544: Pink Diamond
Chapter 545: Mr. Xi'S Investment'S Return
Chapter 546: The Beginning Of The Revenge
Chapter 547: Protect His Kingdom
Chapter 548: Xi Empire Was Still There
Chapter 549: Still The Best
Chapter 550: Waiting For Bao Hwa
Chapter 551: She'S Betting
Chapter 552: Finally Beat Xi Empire
Chapter 553: Stopping The Competition
Chapter 554: Bao Hwa Is Just The Beginning
Chapter 555: Mommy Also Has To Stay Safe
Chapter 556: A Gift From The Heavens
Chapter 557: Overconfidence
Chapter 558: Jewelry Showcase
Chapter 559: Ou Yang Family
Chapter 560: The Second Hall
Chapter 561: Supposed Peerless Showcase
Chapter 562: A Hole Big Enough To Bury Them
Chapter 563: The Last Arrival
Chapter 564: Face Slapping
Chapter 565: You Want Shock?
Chapter 566: Main Diamond Agent
Chapter 567: Bao Hwa Is Crashing Down!
Chapter 568: Takes No Prisoners
Chapter 569: Successful First Step
Chapter 570: Visit Xi Mubai
Chapter 571: Mechanical Heart
Chapter 572: A Different Frequency
Chapter 573: All Depends On You
Chapter 574: Force Lin Jing Out
Chapter 575: Legendary Xia Xinghe
Chapter 576: Such A Miraculous Item
Chapter 577: Race Against Time
Chapter 578: A Cage To Lock The Heart
Chapter 579: The Sky Was Changing (End Of Jewelry Company Arc)
Chapter 580: I'M Not From The Xi Family
Chapter 581: Strongest Heart In The World
Chapter 582: Lu Qi Is A Good Doctor
Chapter 583: Invited By The President
Chapter 584: Elder Lin
Chapter 585: Confident In Curing Him
Chapter 586: Perfect Chance
Chapter 587: I'Ll Marry You
Chapter 588: Moving Into The President'S House
Chapter 589: I'M Lin Yun
Chapter 590: A Family Of Fools
Chapter 591: So What?
Chapter 592: Mr. Nan Gua
Chapter 593: Rumors
Chapter 594: Madam President Is My Aunt
Chapter 595: Most Powerful Heiress
Chapter 596: She Came For Me First
Chapter 597: No One Can Pull Me Down
Chapter 598: Launch An Attack At Xinghe
Chapter 599: Give Them A Show
Chapter 600: Impossible Design
Chapter 601: Dust!
Chapter 602: The Lin Family Is In Trouble
Chapter 603: Finally Made Their Move
Chapter 604: Force The Lin Family'S Hand
Chapter 605: Miscalculated
Chapter 606: Fend For Herself (End Of The Heart Mini Arc)
Chapter 607: He'S Coming!
Chapter 608: Looking For Xia Xinghe
Chapter 609: Charging Into The President'S House
Chapter 610: Asura From Hell
Chapter 611: Xi Mubai Is Crazy!
Chapter 612: Tong Family
Chapter 613: Stubborn
Chapter 614: He Will Remember This Slight
Chapter 615: I'M Fine…
Chapter 616: Finally Safe
Chapter 617: Shoot Their Own Feet
Chapter 618: Blinding Flashes
Chapter 619: Will Remember It For Now
Chapter 620: Wanton
Chapter 621: Target The Lin Family
Chapter 622: Charging Tong Yan
Chapter 623: Elder Xi Is Coming To City A
Chapter 624: Better Force Her To Come Clean
Chapter 625: Go Big Or Go Home
Chapter 626: Apologize To Xinghe
Chapter 627: Two Can Play That Game
Chapter 628: Not Easily Fooled
Chapter 629: Xinghe Is So Important
Chapter 630: Unaware Of The Situation!
Chapter 631: Used By The Lin Family!
Chapter 632: Time To Counter
Chapter 633: Suppressing The Lin Family
Chapter 634: Hard Days Ahead For The Lin Family
Chapter 635: Loss Of Control
Chapter 636: Meeting Old Madam Lin
Chapter 637: Stolen At Birth
Chapter 638: Benefits No One
Chapter 639: Thankfully I Surrendered To You
Chapter 640: Finally On The Move
Chapter 641: The Engagement
Chapter 642: Shen Ru
Chapter 643: Lost To His Grandchild
Chapter 644: Rush For Death
Chapter 645: Engagement Party
Chapter 646: Don'T Let Go Of My Hand
Chapter 647: You Do Know The Truth
Chapter 648: Elder Lin'S Daughter
Chapter 649: Special Treatment
Chapter 650: Same Birthday
Chapter 651: President… Is Dying
Chapter 652: The Skies Are Changing
Chapter 653: Waited For So Long
Chapter 654: The Lin Family Has To Die Now
Chapter 655: Dna Test
Chapter 656: She Has Seen Through Everything
Chapter 657: Done On Purpose
Chapter 658: None Of You Are Escaping!
Chapter 659: Elder Lin'S Granddaughter
Chapter 660: Iv Syndicate'S Leader
Chapter 661: Revenge Was Finally Theirs
Chapter 662: Their Turn
Chapter 663: Still Many Secrets
Chapter 664: Not Elder Shen'S Daughter
Chapter 665: Need Your Cooperation
Chapter 666: I'M Not Normal
Chapter 667: Not That Different
Chapter 668: No Hurry To Get Married
Chapter 669: Ask Him To Marry
Chapter 670: He Lan Family (End Of Lin Family Arc)
Chapter 671: News About The Second Daughter
Chapter 672: Problematic Family
Chapter 673: Helpless
Chapter 674: Part Of The Shen Family
Chapter 675: Replacement
Chapter 676: Her New Journey
Chapter 677: My Name Is Xia Xinghe
Chapter 678: Unique Name
Chapter 679: He Lan Qi'S Intentions
Chapter 680: Raising Flags
Chapter 681: All The Media
Chapter 682: Accidents
Chapter 683: Lost Patience
Chapter 684: Whipped To A New Height
Chapter 685: I Thought It Was Your Mother
Chapter 686: Orphans
Chapter 687: Not From The Orphanage
Chapter 688: Their Purpose Exposed
Chapter 689: Maybe She'S Your Mother
Chapter 690: 36 Hours
Chapter 691: Blood Relatives
Chapter 692: One And The Same
Chapter 693: The Ugly Side Of The He Lan Family
Chapter 694: Children'S Bodies
Chapter 695: Satellite Surveillance
Chapter 696: The Opening
Chapter 697: Chaos In The He Lan Family
Chapter 698: Leaving Country R
Chapter 699: Rush To The Shen Family
Chapter 700: Who Is The Fake?
Chapter 701: Deserving Faceslap
Chapter 702: Softhearted
Chapter 703: Rivalry
Chapter 704: Reacceptance
Chapter 705: I Need Your Cooperation
Chapter 706: Her Or Tong Yan
Chapter 707: Tong Yan Was Face Slapped
Chapter 708: I'M Creating An Opportunity For Myself
Chapter 709: Fiance
Chapter 710: Five Seconds…
Chapter 711: Gobble Her Up
Chapter 712: I Must Make Use Of Her
Chapter 713: Kiss Him Actively
Chapter 714: Hong Men Banquet
Chapter 715: Your Knight
Chapter 716: Meant For Each Other
Chapter 717: Go Thank Your Grandfather
Chapter 718: Pointing At Xia Xinghe
Chapter 719: Their Plan
Chapter 720: Angered Elder Shen
Chapter 721: Given To The Dogs
Chapter 722: Undeserving
Chapter 723: Frame Herself
Chapter 724: Disown Xia Xinghe
Chapter 725: Expose Them
Chapter 726: Shen Family'S Bloodline
Chapter 727: No Longer Deserve The Shen Name
Chapter 728: Lose Everything
Chapter 729: Completely Cross Her
Chapter 730: Remember This Threat
Chapter 731: Don'T Bully Her
Chapter 732: Model Out Her Looks
Chapter 733: Grim News
Chapter 734: Exposed
Chapter 735: Took The Bait
Chapter 736: Tracking Expert
Chapter 737: Failed From The Beginning
Chapter 738: No Secret
Chapter 739: He Lan Chang'S Son
Chapter 740: Not His Son
Chapter 741: Don'T Leave Me…
Chapter 742: Sending Them Back
Chapter 743: Country R'S President
Chapter 744: His Thoughts
Chapter 745: Active Attack
Chapter 746: Her Biggest Bet
Chapter 747: Chose Honesty
Chapter 748: Suspicious
Chapter 749: A Dog
Chapter 750: Too Late For Regret
Chapter 751: Save The Man
Chapter 752: Revenge
Chapter 753: Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 754: Arrest He Lan Qi
Chapter 755: Agree To Cooperate
Chapter 756: The Plan
Chapter 757: Everything Will Be Ending Soon (End Of The Country R Arc)
Chapter 758: One Week Period
Chapter 759: Xia Xinghe Came Alone
Chapter 760: My Life
Chapter 761: Take Your Secrets With You To Hell
Chapter 762: I Am Not Him!
Chapter 763: A Dream
Chapter 764: Kill Him And I Will Save You
Chapter 765: Both Go And Die
Chapter 766: He Lan Chang'S Ending
Chapter 767: Settle Everything
Chapter 768: The Rush
Chapter 769: The Beginning Of His Nightmare
Chapter 770: Launch Centre
Chapter 771: Thankful For You
Chapter 772: Take Over The Orphanage
Chapter 773: All The Secrets From The Orphanage
Chapter 774: The Farm
Chapter 775: Such Ruthlessness
Chapter 776: The Last Child
Chapter 777: Necessary Evil
Chapter 778: Absolute Loyalty
Chapter 779: Kill Them
Chapter 780: Dirty My Own Hands
Chapter 781: My Business
Chapter 782: Intelligence Overload
Chapter 783: Contagious Flu
Chapter 784: Bring Manager Huang To Quarantine
Chapter 785: Deal With Certain People
Chapter 786: Close Down The Orphanage
Chapter 787: We Want Your Life
Chapter 788: Revenge
Chapter 789: Deal With You Myself
Chapter 790: Their Hell!
Chapter 791: Fire
Chapter 792: The End Of The He Lan Family
Chapter 793: The World Is Ending
Chapter 794: Make The World The Enemy
Chapter 795: Self-Destruct System
Chapter 796: Torturous Sixty Seconds
Chapter 797: Spaceship
Chapter 798: United Front
Chapter 799: A Few Rectangular Indentations
Chapter 800: Changes!
Chapter 801: My Name Is He Lan Yuan
Chapter 802: Space Fireworks
Chapter 803: The End Of The World
Chapter 804: There Is Still A Chance
Chapter 805: He Lan Family'S Genius
Chapter 806: Busy World
Chapter 807: Her Only Conviction
Chapter 808: No Bravery
Chapter 809: Base Up There
Chapter 810: Resolution
Chapter 811: Out Of This World
Chapter 812: Special Communication Method
Chapter 813: Simulation Robot
Chapter 814: His Hardship
Chapter 815: Central Defence Point
Chapter 816: Please Evacuate Immediately
Chapter 817: Then I Am Sorry
Chapter 818: They Do Not Trust You
Chapter 819: Add In Country Y And Hwa Xia!
Chapter 820: Just The Two Of Us
Chapter 821: Mubai As Her Only Witness
Chapter 822: Cracked
Chapter 823: Historical Moment
Chapter 824: Come At Me
Chapter 825: You Are Xia Xinghe
Chapter 826: Let'S Play A Game
Chapter 827: Xia Xinghe Is Going To Die
Chapter 828: The World Wants Them To Die
Chapter 829: Ensure Their Safety
Chapter 830: Only I Can Deal With He Lan Yuan
Chapter 831: Explosive Anger
Chapter 832: Project Galaxy Vs Project Galaxy
Chapter 833: She Is Still Alive
Chapter 834: Her Showdown With He Lan Yuan
Chapter 835: Just To Kill You
Chapter 836: Explosion
Chapter 837: Crowd
Chapter 838: Rather Be Single
Chapter 839: Her Mother'S Design
Chapter 840: Follow You Everywhere
Chapter 841: He Lan Yuan Has Been Captured
Chapter 842: Only Hope
Chapter 843: Only She Can Go
Chapter 844: Fight For The Last Spot
Chapter 845: Space Adventure (End Of The World Crisis Arc)
Chapter 846: Unlikely Happenstance
Chapter 847: Not Even One Alien
Chapter 848: Entering The Base
Chapter 849: The Fake Environment
Chapter 850: A Caged Existence
Chapter 851: To Meet He Lan Yuan
Chapter 852: Ugly Old Man
Chapter 853: Paralysis
Chapter 854: The Sweetest Food Here
Chapter 855: Rubbish!
Chapter 856: We Want To Return To Earth!
Chapter 857: Let Us Return
Chapter 858: Care About Me So Much
Chapter 859: Feed My Addiction
Chapter 860: Activated The Defence System
Chapter 861: Everyone Will Die If I Don'T Stay
Chapter 862: Waste Not One Second
Chapter 863: Expanded
Chapter 864: Laughing
Chapter 865: Depart!
Chapter 866: Living Is Your Curse
Chapter 867: Because I Have Ruined You
Chapter 868: Xia Wa'S Daughter
Chapter 869: You'Re The One Who'S Wrong
Chapter 870: Her Design
Chapter 871: Even Xinghe Could Not Understand Her
Chapter 872: Press That Danger Button
Chapter 873: I Really Didn'T...
Chapter 874: It Was Not Hypnosis
Chapter 875: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 876: Love Everything Here
Chapter 877: I Am A Hero
Chapter 878: Their Fill
Chapter 879: Something Big Is Going To Happen
Chapter 880: Cannot Join Us
Chapter 881: Two Square Kilometers
Chapter 882: Wordless And Helpless Sadness
Chapter 883: Because Of Their Capability
Chapter 884: Give Me A Chance To Console You
Chapter 885: I Was Too Naive
Chapter 886: To Ruin Us
Chapter 887: Her Every Word
Chapter 888: We Are Not Dangerous
Chapter 889: Such Small Hope
Chapter 890: Activated Their Desire
Chapter 891: I Will Save You; I Will Give You Freedom
Chapter 892: We Believe In You!
Chapter 893: Returning To Hwa Xia Tonight
Chapter 894: Then Go Take It Yourself
Chapter 895: You Have No Right
Chapter 896: Play This Game
Chapter 897: Love Her More
Chapter 898: Open An Academy
Chapter 899: Young Miss Is Home!
Chapter 900: They Are Like That
Chapter 901: Meeting The President
Chapter 902: Research On Our Own
Chapter 903: Excited The World Of Science
Chapter 904: No Loss, All Gain
Chapter 905: Galaxy Academy
Chapter 906: Trademark
Chapter 907: Academic Olympic
Chapter 908: I Want That Woman'S Life
Chapter 909: Worried About Her
Chapter 910: A Tragedy
Chapter 911: Contamination…
Chapter 912: Interrogate Xia Xinghe
Chapter 913: No Evidence
Chapter 914: Related To This Virus Outbreak
Chapter 915: Strong Xia Xinghe
Chapter 916: Let'S Play
Chapter 917: The Cure
Chapter 918: Collusion
Chapter 919: Xinghe As Ambassador
Chapter 920: Complexities
Chapter 921: Laughing Stock
Chapter 922: Wonderful Answer
Chapter 923: Raise Your Hands
Chapter 924: Won Over The Whole World
Chapter 925: That Drop Of Sweat
Chapter 926: I'Ve Missed You
Chapter 927: Earth Shattering Conspiracy
Chapter 928: Assassinated
Chapter 929: Tong Liang'S Father
Chapter 930: Changes
Chapter 931: Secret
Chapter 932: Meeting The Criminal
Chapter 933: Quarrelling
Chapter 934: Confirm Her Suspicion
Chapter 935: The Doctor Was Hypnotized
Chapter 936: Colluding With He Lan Yuan
Chapter 937: Code One
Chapter 938: Secret
Chapter 939: Find Tong Liang'S Criminal Evidence
Chapter 940: Earning Some Breathing Space
Chapter 941: Her Straight Forward Way
Chapter 942: Her Name On The Candidate Roster
Chapter 943: My Life
Chapter 944: You Are Hiding Something From Me
Chapter 945: You'Re My Trump Card
Chapter 946: Go For Broke
Chapter 947: Tong Liang'S Little Scheme
Chapter 948: Her Personal Charm
Chapter 949: More Stable Than She Is
Chapter 950: She Was A Traitor!
Chapter 951: Elected
Chapter 952: Top Of The World
Chapter 953: You Want Me To Respect You?
Chapter 954: Exposed
Chapter 955: Traitor Traitor
Chapter 956: Impressed By Mubai'S Farsightedness
Chapter 957: Fall Of The Tong Family
Chapter 958: A Contract
Chapter 959: Assaulted By The Whole World
Chapter 960: Counter
Chapter 961: Fight To The Death With Them
Chapter 962: No Benefits For Anyone
Chapter 963: The Biggest Joke In The World
Chapter 964: Devil'S Contract
Chapter 965: Last Meeting
Chapter 966: Xia Wa
Chapter 967: Don'T Need Reason To Betray You
Chapter 968: Fifth Dimension
Chapter 969: Better Die
Chapter 970: Wanted Person
Chapter 971: Your Heart Is Sin
Chapter 972: Ritual Sacrifice
Chapter 973: The Reunion
Chapter 974: God'S Arrangement
Chapter 975: She Is Not Our Child
Chapter 976: Change Your Life
Chapter 977: When You'Re Fifteen
Chapter 978: Entering The Fifth Dimension
Chapter 979: Leaves Of A Chinese Parasol
Chapter 980: Country W, Darlin Town!
Chapter 981: Arriving At Darlin Town
Chapter 982: Lylian
Chapter 983: An Affair
Chapter 984: Historical Meeting
Chapter 985: A Person'S Name
Chapter 986: Looking For Lylian
Chapter 987: Smell Of Blood
Chapter 988: It'S Him!
Chapter 989: Twisted Space
Chapter 990: Is It Over?
Chapter 991: Did Not Change The Past
Chapter 992: The End
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Source: Qidian International
Book Details / Information: A piece of divorce paper sent Xia Xinghe into a state of destitution. However, a car accident later, she transformed into a professional hacker with more money than she could ever spend. All those that have belittled, bullied and laughed at me, please line up, I’ll show you what the meaning of face-slapping is! Wait, wait, wait. That guy over there, the ex-husband that I no longer have any relations with, don’t cut in line. What, you want to help me face-slap these people? “Not only that I will help you face-slap myself!” The wickedly handsome man with billions of dollar in estate raised his own palm to slap his own face without reservation!

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Three Years After The Divorce

Chapter 1: Three Years after the Divorce


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

"Sorry, but we don't hire women over 30 here," the restaurant manager told Xia Xinghe impatiently as he shooed her away.

As Xinghe walked away listlessly, she overheard the manager mumble under his breath, "Who would want to patronize my business if I have an old and ugly waitress?"

Xinghe frowned slightly. She had half a mind to turn around and tell the manager she was only 25!

However, she stopped herself when she saw her reflection in the window beside her.

Her face had lost its youthfulness and the twinkle that once decorated her eyes had long since dimmed.

Emaciated frame, dry hair, wrinkled face and outdated apparel had added at least 10 years to her appearance.

She realized she had grown into an old woman in the past few years…

Even though she was really only 25!

Xinghe smiled bitterly as hardships from the last few years swamped her mind. As she dragged her tired body away from the spot, she noticed a car pull up behind her.

The arrival of an expensive Maybach wasn't lost on the restaurant manager.

"CEO Xi, welcome, welcome!" the manager said obsequiously. Xinghe abruptly stopped in her tracks.

"Mubai, can you accompany me to go clothes shopping after this? Today's the new arrival date for the Chanel counter." Chu Tianxin said demurely as they descended from the car. Her hands were proprietarily wrapped around Xi Mubai's arm.

Mubai glanced at her and answered with a succinct "En!"

The one syllable froze Xinghe to the ground!

Before she could stop herself, her head slowly turned…

And her eyes fell on Mubai's handsome face!

It had to be him…

Xinghe couldn't have predicted this was how they were going to meet after their divorce 3 years ago.

She was so haggard, so down on her lucks.

He was still his collected self, high above the ranks of commoners.

Tianxin beside him was also as elegant and dignified as she was 3 years ago.

The two of them did eventually end up together.

Then again, with her out of the picture, was it really any surprise?

"Xia Xinghe?" Mubai said when he saw her. Disbelief was plainly written in his eyes.

Tianxin's expression changed slightly and gasped, "Oh my god, is that really you, Xia Xinghe? What happened to you?"

Xinghe snapped out of her daze. She quickly turned her head away, muttering, "You got the wrong person!"

Hastily, she turned to escape.

There was no way she was going to face the two of them today. No woman would be willing to face her rich ex-husband and her gorgeous ex-love rival in such an abject state.

Especially not after the two of them had gotten together!

The winner-and-loser comparison was simply too obvious.

Mubai caught up to the escaping Xinghe, yelling, "Xia Xinghe, stop right there!"

The moment his hand grabbed her arm, she screamed as if pricked by pins, "Let me go! I'm not Xia Xinghe, I'm really not!"

She was completely focused on her struggles to get away from Mubai, so she didn't notice that a car was speeding down the road. Finally, she struggled free and raced across the road.

"Xinghe, be careful!" Mubai yelled, but it was already too late. The car slammed into Xinghe.

Xinghe landed headfirst and was instantly knocked out.

She descended into a long dream…


Total Chapters in book: 992
Estimated words: 690757 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3454(@200wpm)___ 2763(@250wpm)___ 2303(@300wpm)