Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks by Hen Shi Jiao Qing

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Wait For Fate
Chapter 3: Task-Taker
Chapter 4: Ace Academy
Chapter 5: Transferred To The Wrong World
Chapter 6: The School Doctor
Chapter 7: Throwing Stones
Chapter 8: Prince Leng
Chapter 9: Pink Skeleton
Chapter 10: Purpose Of Leng Ao’S Existence
Chapter 11: Father Lin
Chapter 12: Kicked Out
Chapter 13: Hidden Task Triggered
Chapter 14: You’Re Just An Orphan
Chapter 15: If She Could Cultivate…
Chapter 16: Dangerous Existence
Chapter 17: Attract Bullets Even When Laying In A Trench
Chapter 18: Obtained The Heart Of The Beauty
Chapter 19: Threat
Chapter 20: I’M Just Too Nice
Chapter 21: Effects Of Taekwando Practice
Chapter 22: Strange Scene
Chapter 23: An Amazing Secret
Chapter 24: The School Doctor!?
Chapter 25: Thank You For Yesterday
Chapter 26: Next Time…
Chapter 27: Look At Me, Aren’T I Pitiful?
Chapter 28: I’Ll Look For You Tonight
Chapter 29: Mutual Benefits
Chapter 30: Shooting Range
Chapter 31: Shooting Practice Life
Chapter 32: The Sad Fate Of Cannon Fodder
Chapter 33: Chuuni
Chapter 34: Damned Narcissist
Chapter 35: Superpowers Discussion
Chapter 36: Dog Eat Dog
Chapter 37: I’M Just Too Nice
Chapter 38: Five Rings Skill
Chapter 39: More Shooting Practice
Chapter 40: Heavy Taste
Chapter 41: When Facing A Bomb…
Chapter 42: Pig Teammate
Chapter 43: Reappearance Of Something Familiar
Chapter 44: Aren’T I The One?
Chapter 45: Genius Of All Trades
Chapter 46: Having Shown Their True Selves
Chapter 47: Honor The Little White Flower
Chapter 48: Poor Three-Legged Desk
Chapter 49: Stand The Desk Up For Me
Chapter 51: Stirred Up Fool
Chapter 50: Mutual Affection
Chapter 52: Storage Room Incident
Chapter 53: 3P Ah
Chapter 54: Old Men Have Good Assets
Chapter 55: Truly A Beautiful Picture
Chapter 56: Main Profession
Chapter 57: Genes That Obstruct The Development Of The Human Race
Chapter 58: Hug The Thigh More
Chapter 59: Taking Into Consideration…
Chapter 60: First Task Complete
Chapter 61: Balls-Hurting Question Marks
Chapter 62: Fascination With The Chest
Chapter 63: Princess Jiahui
Chapter 64: Emotion, Causes Calamities
Chapter 65: Lin Jiajia’S After Story (1)
Chapter 66: Lin Jiajia’S After Story (2)
Chapter 67: An Iceberg Of An Imperial Older Brother
Chapter 68: Silent Confrontation With A Lounging Tiger
Chapter 69: Miao Qing
Chapter 70: An Unexpected Effect
Chapter 71: Big Boss’S Younger Sister
Chapter 72: Noble Consort Du And The Empress
Chapter 73: Leave The Imperial Palace?
Chapter 74: Pack Up Everything Without Leaving A Single Article Behind
Chapter 75: Suspected Of Having Facial Nerve Paralysis
Chapter 76: As She So Wished
Chapter 77: Labeled Disloyal
Chapter 78: Biggest Boss
Chapter 79: A Treasured Book?
Chapter 80: Side Effect Of Practicing The Unsurpassable Martial Arts
Chapter 81: Rumors Of A Fatty Princess
Chapter 82: A Princess, Actually Had To Farm
Chapter 83: A Much More Passionate Gaze
Chapter 84: Like Master, Like Pet?
Chapter 85: For The Sake Of Cake
Chapter 86: Encounter At The City Gates
Chapter 87: Tree Peony Vs Cattail Weed
Chapter 88: Li Wen’S Opinion Of Duan Xinghui
Chapter 89: So Much For The Innate Domineering Aura Of A Main Character
Chapter 90: Empress, Part-Time Expert In Abortion And Director Of Family Planning
Chapter 91: Imperial Edict
Chapter 92: Madame Duan
Chapter 93: Terrible Crime Punishable By Death
Chapter 94: The Princess Was No Longer The Same As Before
Chapter 95: Treating Her Princess Residence As A Market
Chapter 96: It Was A Sin To Have A High Status?
Chapter 97: How Can Princess Be So Heartless?
Chapter 98: Accused Of Being Heartless X2
Chapter 99: What Does That Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 100: Play Among Themselves
Chapter 101: Was It Really Alright To Speak To A Princess This Way?
Chapter 102: It Was No Good, No Good
Chapter 103: Goodbye, Harmonious Mother And Daughter-In-Law Relationship
Chapter 104: Sweet Potatoes Harvest
Chapter 105: Jiahui, You’Ve Done Well
Chapter 106: Issue Of The Peace Marriage
Chapter 107: It’S The Second Prince
Chapter 108: Are You A Psycho?
Chapter 109: A Place Where All Surrounding Nations Come To Pay Their Respects!
Chapter 110: Banquet For The North Mongolian Delegation
Chapter 111: This Prince Fell In Love At First Sight
Chapter 112: Appointed As Left Vanguard
Chapter 113: “Freedom Lies In Being Bold.” ― Robert Frost
Chapter 114: Princess Must Come Back Safely
Chapter 115: Fulfill Your Dream Of Creating A Golden Age
Chapter 116: First March
Chapter 117: Became A Dead Zone
Chapter 118: You Guys Aren’T The Border Guards
Chapter 119: First Follower
Chapter 120: The Princess Of Great Yong!
Chapter 121: Become This Prince’S Princess Consort
Chapter 122: Duel – Princess Jiahui Vs He Lianying
Chapter 123: This Flavor Is Delightful
Chapter 124: This Princess Is An Honest Person
Chapter 125: People That Thought Themselves To Be Men
Chapter 126: Perfect Weather For Making Dried Meat
Chapter 127: Ministers Rose To Protest
Chapter 128: Calm Before The Battle
Chapter 129: Princess Jiahui’S Enchanting Demonic Smile
Chapter 130: Promoted To Right Vanguard
Chapter 131: Arrow Gone Awry
Chapter 132: Not Who He Had Wanted To Kill
Chapter 133: Came To Attack Again
Chapter 134: A Scarlet Beauty Mark
Chapter 135: Completed Second Realm
Chapter 136: Landed Straight In The Middle Of A…
Chapter 137: Please Don’T Ask
Chapter 138: Eight-Year-Old Main Male Lead
Chapter 139: The Sad Life Of The Puerperium Period
Chapter 140: Qualifications To Be Naive And Dumb
Chapter 141: Scapegoat Hero
Chapter 142: This Big Sis Even Dares To Kill Humans
Chapter 143: Almost Like You’Ve Fallen For Me
Chapter 144: Must Start Worrying For Her Life
Chapter 145: Xiaobao And Dabao
Chapter 146: It’S Not Like I’M Abalone
Chapter 147: Ha. Ha. …Ha
Chapter 148: Another One Lost To The Mary Sue Halo
Chapter 149: Su Lan
Chapter 150: Let’S Get Some Soft Little Sister Currency
Chapter 151: I’Ll Wait Until You Can Truly Accept Me
Chapter 152: Labeled Malicious
Chapter 153: You Gluttonous Woman!
Chapter 154: Abalone Is A Sin
Chapter 155: At Least I Have A Tomb
Chapter 156: Had Them Practically Memorized
Chapter 157: Got Burned By The System
Chapter 158: Worried Someone Will Steal My Money
Chapter 159: Broke Through The Last Defense Line
Chapter 160: Su Family Situation
Chapter 161: Uncle Isn’T Like Her Ah
Chapter 162: Let Go And Seek A New Life?
Chapter 163: Was There Nothing In This World But Love!?
Chapter 164: If Not Divorce, Then…
Chapter 165: Xiao Yan’S Murder Attempt
Chapter 166: Time To Call The Police
Chapter 167: Because The Cook Hated Her
Chapter 168: Hadn’T Even Started Being Malicious
Chapter 169: Painful Parting As Dramatic As Bai Suzhen’S Imprisonment
Chapter 170: Taste Of First Ever Cooking
Chapter 171: Offered The Position Of The Female Master Of The Xiao Family
Chapter 172: Xiao Yan And Su Meng’S Reunion
Chapter 173: Return Of The Handsome Shoulder Throw
Chapter 174: The Secret Ingredient – A Fistful Of Xxxx
Chapter 175: The Vicious Pigging Out Cycle
Chapter 176: Never Looked For Xiao Yan Again
Chapter 177: Since We Don’T Have Charm…
Chapter 178: Fourth Task World
Chapter 179: Something With A Z, Someone With A P
Chapter 180: Daisy’S First Mission
Chapter 181: Daisy’S Wishes
Chapter 182: An Evolved Variant Zombie!
Chapter 183: Zombies Also Felt…
Chapter 184: Reappearance Of The Sdu!
Chapter 185: Return Of The Ascetic Pervert
Chapter 186: This Isn’T The Time To Be Discussing That
Chapter 187: All Eighteen Ss Special Skills
Chapter 188: Zero Prospects
Chapter 189: Someone As Dumb As You
Chapter 190: Mess With Your Hair Again And I’Ll Kill You
Chapter 191: Three People Left In The Group
Chapter 192: School Doctor Joined The Ranks
Chapter 193: Come Here, Let Me Feel
Chapter 194: Psycho Is Dead
Chapter 195: I’M Not The One That Lost The Gene Essence
Chapter 196: Origin Of Gene Essence
Chapter 197: Another Variant Zombie
Chapter 198: Faster Than My Bullet
Chapter 199: That Happy To Eat My Leftovers?
Chapter 200: You Should Wash Them
Chapter 201: Another Lower Class Person
Chapter 202: The Senior Commander
Chapter 203: Highest Quality, You Know
Chapter 204: I’Ve Already Tolerated You For A Long Time
Chapter 205: Phoenix Had Feelings For The Uncle
Chapter 206: If Only I Could Dissect Some Ability Users
Chapter 207: When The Culprit Is Right Next To You
Chapter 208: Nature Is Calling
Chapter 209: Secret To The Godly Shooting Skills
Chapter 210: Looking For Your Roommate
Chapter 211: What Does That Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 212: You Want To Sleep With Me?
Chapter 213: Return Of Whipping
Chapter 214: When Life Is Hard, And You Become A Zombie
Chapter 215: Had Never Found Him This Attractive Before
Chapter 216: If Only He Would Donate Some Blood
Chapter 217: Life Of A Little White Mouse
Chapter 218: Mouth Spewed Disdain
Chapter 219: I Don’T Want To Talk To You Right Now
Chapter 220: How Did It Feel To Become Superwoman?
Chapter 221: We’Ll Just Go With A Lower Story
Chapter 222: Forced Jump
Chapter 223: Released Back Into The Wild
Chapter 224: Lone Samurai Traveling The World
Chapter 225: This Ma’Am Was Here To Duel With You!
Chapter 226: And He Breathed No More
Chapter 227: Suffer In A Laboratory!
Chapter 228: Leeeffffuuuu
Chapter 229: A Recording Tail
Chapter 230: Deal With Personal Matters Yourself!
Chapter 231: Call The Monsties?
Chapter 232: Committed A Great Sin
Chapter 233: Romanticism Is Different From Realism!
Chapter 234: Helping The Senior Commander
Chapter 235: Can I Establish A Base?
Chapter 236: System No.
Chapter 237: Why Was It 2333!?
Chapter 238: Lady Qi
Chapter 239: Three Parts Fate, Seven Parts Effort
Chapter 240: Please Help Me Escape From Those Men!
Chapter 241: Np-Sex Story World
Chapter 242: Mwuah!
Chapter 243: Apocalypse After Story (1)
Chapter 244: Apocalypse After Story (2)
Chapter 245: If The Father-In-Law Was Around…
Chapter 246: Waiting For The General To Arrive
Chapter 247: Situ Qingyu
Chapter 248: The Situation Got A Little Intense
Chapter 249: Trauma Points +5
Chapter 250: First Kill, Then Rape?
Chapter 251: Born Of A Bitch
Chapter 252: Love Potion Ability – Ooxx
Chapter 253: Crawling Through A Dog Hole Is Nothing
Chapter 254: How Did It Feel To Crawl Through A Dog Hole?
Chapter 255: Steamed Buns Incident
Chapter 256: Pack Up The Buns!
Chapter 257: Luo Junyan – A Good Person!?
Chapter 258: Run With The Troops
Chapter 259: Mwuah~ There Are Guns
Chapter 260: In Life, The General’S Servant; In Death, The General’S Ghost!
Chapter 261: There’S An Idiot Over There
Chapter 262: Because It’S Free
Chapter 263: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Chapter 264: Steamed Buns Prince
Chapter 265: Square-Faced Big Brother
Chapter 266: You Should Be Proud
Chapter 267: Should Wash Your Dirty Soul
Chapter 268: Forever Of Indomitable Spirit
Chapter 269: This Humble Girl’S True Feelings
Chapter 270: Doing A Good Deed
Chapter 271: Opening Doors To New Worlds
Chapter 272: A Grand New World
Chapter 273: The Two-Faced Imperial Merchant
Chapter 274: He Really Died!?
Chapter 275: Temporary Stop While Traveling The World
Chapter 276: Perfect Gentleman That Was Gentle As Jade
Chapter 277: Deep, Unforgettable Heartbreak
Chapter 278: What Does A Personal Maid Do?
Chapter 279: Your Miss Is Talented And Capable
Chapter 280: Being Natural Is Beautiful
Chapter 281: Bright Enough To Blind
Chapter 282: I Understand, I Understand Everything
Chapter 283: May You Soon Be Blessed With A Son!
Chapter 284: Life’S Colors Should Be Bright And Bountiful
Chapter 285: Arrival Of The ‘True Love’
Chapter 286: Cooking Lv. 0 Acquired?
Chapter 287: Who’S Qi Sheng?
Chapter 288: What’S Wrong With Your Eyes?
Chapter 289: Needed Arm & Hammer Washing Powder
Chapter 290: You’Ve Changed
Chapter 291: You’Ve Changed X2
Chapter 292: Here To Avenge His Little Brother!?
Chapter 293: Without You, I’Ll Die
Chapter 294: Special Ooxx Power
Chapter 295: What Did The Big Brother Hidden Guard Eat?
Chapter 296: What’S Wrong With Xiao Hong?
Chapter 297: The Dignity Of The Female Lead
Chapter 298: ‘You’Re So Dirty’ Expression
Chapter 299: Mu Yanmeng Was A Noble Beauty
Chapter 300: Rapturous Smell Of The Reincarnation Of Grains
Chapter 301: Li Yufei’S Maid
Chapter 302: It’Ll Be Very Exciting This Way
Chapter 303: These Things Must Be Introduced Slowly…
Chapter 304: Not Suitable For Little Kids To Know
Chapter 305: A Pain On The Bum
Chapter 306: A Smooth Stone Is More Comfortable
Chapter 307: My Bird! —Ning Shu’S Internal Cry
Chapter 308: The Freakin’ Scholar Or The Godly Doctor?
Chapter 309: This World Was Just Filled With Darkness And Filth!
Chapter 310: Like The Little Dragon Maiden
Chapter 311: Tell Me To Come Back!
Chapter 312: Most Pitiful Person On Earth
Chapter 313: Beast In Human Skin
Chapter 314: A Weapon Of An Identity
Chapter 315: Must’Ve Been A Difficult Search
Chapter 316: Release A Special Attack!
Chapter 317: Delusional Victim Mentality
Chapter 318: Special Attack Released!
Chapter 319: Mice Run Away Crying
Chapter 320: The World Is As Black As A Crow’S Feathers
Chapter 321: The Village Tyrant And The Village Flower
Chapter 322: Ancient Era **** Books
Chapter 323: Should Put Stuff Into Practice
Chapter 324: Oh So Righteous
Chapter 325: I’M Talking About You!
Chapter 326: Personal Well-Being And Safety
Chapter 327: We’Re Such A Match
Chapter 328: Baffling Logic
Chapter 329: If You Don’T Study, You’Ll Die, Kay?
Chapter 330: I Thought It Was A Thief
Chapter 331: The Male Lead Wouldn’T Die That Easily
Chapter 332: You Marry A Chicken, You Follow The Chicken
Chapter 333: Throwing His Male Dignity On The Ground
Chapter 334: There’S No Need To Feel Grateful
Chapter 335: As Wen Ruhua’S Maternal Family
Chapter 336: This Is The Dowry I Prepared For My Cousin
Chapter 337: Waiting For The ‘Return Of The Bride’
Chapter 338: He Wants To Elope With Me!
Chapter 339: Eggs Can’T Be Placed In The Same Basket
Chapter 340: Getting Rid Of He Xiaohua
Chapter 341: Went Off The Far End
Chapter 342: The Way He Was Meant To Be
Chapter 343: Why Was The Treatment So Different?
Chapter 344: It Must Be Heaven’S Will!
Chapter 345: Poison You To Death
Chapter 346: The Legendary Ten Spice Tendons Weakening Powder
Chapter 347: Please Teach Me How To Fix Toys!
Chapter 348: Really Wanted To Have A Heart-To-Heart
Chapter 349: Very Rich Lifestyle
Chapter 350: You Don’T Meet The Standards
Chapter 351: Humans Lived For Good Food
Chapter 352: Found You A Successor
Chapter 353: Children From Wealthy Families Always Matured Early
Chapter 354: Little Junior Brother
Chapter 355: Life Worse Than Death
Chapter 356: Pick Up Unorthodox Things Quick
Chapter 357: A Man Must Protect Women
Chapter 358: Protecting A Woman
Chapter 359: Would You Eat Dirt-Covered Food?
Chapter 360: Your Breath Smells
Chapter 361: Tom Sue-Ism Is An Illness
Chapter 362: When You Pee-Pee, It Pitter-Patters?
Chapter 363: Doctor And Reserve Harem Member
Chapter 364: Bad Influences
Chapter 365: Incarnation Of Justice
Chapter 366: Do I Look Like A Holy Mother?
Chapter 367: Haven’T You Watched Any Tv Shows?
Chapter 368: Medicine, Needles, More Medicine
Chapter 369: You Can’T Pa-Pa-Pa Anymore
Chapter 370: Why Do You Smell Like Urine?
Chapter 371: The Sect Leader Is Looking For You
Chapter 372: Was She His Mom?
Chapter 373: Ancient Era-Style Uncle Policeman
Chapter 374: How Was She Supposed To Escape Like This!?
Chapter 375: So You Were The Traitor?
Chapter 376: Shameless Licentious Witch
Chapter 377: Natural Ability To Bewitch People
Chapter 378: Come With Me To Xiangguo Temple
Chapter 379: I’M Just This Beautiful
Chapter 380: Alliance Head, Please Save Me!
Chapter 381: Gathering Of The Seven Calabash Brothers?
Chapter 382: Gathering Of The Seven Calabash Brothers
Chapter 383: Beautiful Exit
Chapter 384: I’M Also A Newbie
Chapter 385: Mu Yanmeng’S Blessing
Chapter 386: Heaven Is Fair
Chapter 387: Special Task Evaluation
Chapter 388: Spirit, Spirit…
Chapter 389: Spirit, Spirit, Please Leave!
Chapter 390: Isn’T This Task Relaxing?
Chapter 391: Pig Processing Unit
Chapter 392: A Hallucination?
Chapter 393: The Beauty Has Already Passed Away (1)
Chapter 394: The Beauty Has Already Passed Away (2)
Chapter 395: Every Ghost Story Start With…
Chapter 396: Blood Water
Chapter 397: Little Love Affairs
Chapter 398: Pushed Down The Stairs
Chapter 399: Back To The Dorm…
Chapter 400: Why Not Try It On?
Chapter 401: Even Uglier In Broad Daylight
Chapter 402: Taking A Trip Home
Chapter 403: Zhang Yuyan, Possessed
Chapter 404: The Shaman’S House
Chapter 405: Perhaps The Parents’ Generation
Chapter 406: Soul Pearl
Chapter 407: Longevity Fruit
Chapter 408: Longevity Fruit’S Guardian
Chapter 409: Something Has Happened To Zhang Yuyan
Chapter 410: She Was Being Controlled!
Chapter 411: Folk Remedy
Chapter 412: Bathroom Buddies
Chapter 413: Bitch Fight In The Morning
Chapter 414: Falling Flowerpots
Chapter 415: Exchange Of Gifts
Chapter 416: Ji Qingyuan Stays For A Night
Chapter 417: You Finally Came
Chapter 418: Strangling Ji Qingyuan
Chapter 419: Why Was The Ghost Trying To Kill You?
Chapter 420: What’S So Good About Lin Qianqian?
Chapter 421: Heading Off To Find The Daoist Priest
Chapter 422: Let’S Check Out The Ghosts
Chapter 423: Reappearance Of The Ghost
Chapter 424: Why Doesn’T My Dad Know A Daoist Priest?
Chapter 425: Possessed X2
Chapter 426: Finding A Scapegoat
Chapter 427: Beat Him Up With Me!
Chapter 428: The Ghost Disappeared
Chapter 429: Obviously A Disgusting Otaku
Chapter 430: Daily Dose Of Disgust
Chapter 431: A Little Game
Chapter 432: Method To Choose A Husband
Chapter 433: Lin Qianqian Came Back
Chapter 434: Lin Qianqian’S Inferiority Complex
Chapter 435: Have To Wait Until Yang Energy Is The Greatest
Chapter 436: Ability Of A True Malicious Supporting Female Lead
Chapter 437: Because Of Schadenfreude
Chapter 438: Lin Qianqian, Possessed X???
Chapter 439: Lin Qianqian Flew Off
Chapter 440: Supporting Female Lead Of Another Love Story
Chapter 441: Ghost Admirer
Chapter 442: Ice-Like Man
Chapter 443: My Pearl~~~
Chapter 444: Add Some To Charm
Chapter 445: A Little Milkbun
Chapter 446: A Good Empress
Chapter 447: A Little Fox
Chapter 448: Smash A Pearl For Fun
Chapter 449: Aren’T You Curious About My Wife?
Chapter 450: Like A Country Bumpkin
Chapter 451: Duty
Chapter 452: Finish Hw Before You Play
Chapter 453: Acting Like A Weird Aunty
Chapter 454: Caught In The Mousetrap
Chapter 455: Love Can Transcend Race And Gender
Chapter 456: A Celestial Fox
Chapter 457: A Puppy
Chapter 458: Pointless Inner Palace Gathering
Chapter 459: Time To Visit The Little Fox
Chapter 460: A Visit From Zhao Shi
Chapter 461: Find Him A Study Buddy
Chapter 462: The Empress Has It Hard
Chapter 463: Heavens Ah, Why Make Her A Fox?
Chapter 464: The Second Most Important Figure
Chapter 465: Incident In The Imperial Garden
Chapter 466: To Make A Man Fall Fully
Chapter 467: Pity Party
Chapter 468: The Fever Finally Broke
Chapter 469: Happiness Can Never Be Taken Away
Chapter 470: Huo Qing’S One Visit
Chapter 471: King Wu Of Zhou Opera
Chapter 472: The Fox Came To Join
Chapter 473: Fox Exploits The Tiger’S Might
Chapter 474: Noble Consort Xuan Was Pregnant
Chapter 475: Imperial Father Smiled Just Now
Chapter 476: What About The Other Women In This Inner Palace?
Chapter 477: Your Imperial Highness Must Be Happy
Chapter 478: Love Changes A Person
Chapter 479: A Painful Joy
Chapter 480: Promoted To Imperial Noble Consort
Chapter 481: What Should An Emperor Be Like?
Chapter 482: Passing Off The Responsibility
Chapter 483: Looking For A Daoist Priest
Chapter 484: The Little Fox Was Stabbed!?
Chapter 485: The Emperor’S Absence
Chapter 486: Hiding A Mistress
Chapter 487: Erasing Her Identity
Chapter 488: Participating In The Harvest
Chapter 489: This Is Jin Ling
Chapter 490: You’Re The Only One Fit To Be Our Empress
Chapter 491: Jin Ling’S Personal Design
Chapter 492: The Problem With The Generation Gap
Chapter 493: If We Fail, We Will Die
Chapter 494: A Warning From The Heavens!
Chapter 495: A Demon Bringing Calamity
Chapter 496: A Testimony
Chapter 497: Wasn’T There Only One In The World?V
Chapter 498: Just Like King Zhou
Chapter 499: Since You Want To Die, We’Ll Grant Your Wish!
Chapter 500: Your Imperial Highness, Watch Out!
Chapter 501: Lock Jin Ling Up For Now
Chapter 502: The Imperial Palace Has Been Surrounded!
Chapter 503: Many Thanks Then
Chapter 504: Huo Chengwang Ascended To The Throne
Chapter 505: Imperial Mother, Please Be Happy
Chapter 506: Visiting The Emeritus Emperor’S Residence
Chapter 507: Halo Was Gone
Chapter 508: Chengwang Will Definitely Be A Good Emperor
Chapter 509: A Besiege Task
Chapter 510: There Was A Dangling Lump…
Chapter 511: Cultivation World’S Hedonistic Son
Chapter 512: All The Warmth And Cold In The World
Chapter 513: Pure Hands Were Rotting
Chapter 514: For A Primordial Crystal Mine
Chapter 515: Hey Handsome, Interested?
Chapter 516: Just Like The One-Armed Hero
Chapter 517: Secluded Training Life
Chapter 518: The Engagement Has Been Broken Off
Chapter 519: Man Enough
Chapter 520: Heading To The Dungeon
Chapter 521: All Due To Lack Of Strength
Chapter 522: Big Pervert!
Chapter 523: How Dare You Sneak Attack Me!?
Chapter 524: Trading With Passionate Men
Chapter 525: Help! She’S Trying To Kill Me! Q-Q
Chapter 526: Even Integrity Could Be Abandoned
Chapter 527: Give Me Some Trash!
Chapter 528: Might Of A God Beast
Chapter 529: Meanwhile, Ning Shu Was…
Chapter 530: A Contract With A Piece Of Kelp
Chapter 531: Watching Master Bob In The Water
Chapter 532: Return Of The Unsurpassable Martial Arts!
Chapter 533: Give Us All Some Intelligence
Chapter 534: Return Of The Head-Smasher Ning Shu!
Chapter 535: Ironback Wolves
Chapter 536: Such Alluring Hands
Chapter 537: Of Course, We’Re All Disciples Of Heavenly Law Sect!
Chapter 538: I Have A Lot Of Physical Strength
Chapter 539: Why Not Summon A Dragon?
Chapter 540: The Dungeon’S Palace
Chapter 541: Splitting It Evenly
Chapter 542: Liu Yuanyuan
Chapter 543: Taste This Young Master’S Fist!
Chapter 544: Fated To Be Enemies
Chapter 545: Started Flirting
Chapter 546: A Beast In Human Form
Chapter 547: Snake Palace
Chapter 548: Enormous Black Snake
Chapter 549: The Celestial Residence’S Backlash
Chapter 550: Pda
Chapter 551: Obediently Sacrifice Your Soul
Chapter 552: Can’T Bully A Cpu This Way!
Chapter 553: Perfect Chance To Throw Stones
Chapter 554: Both Beasts In Human Form
Chapter 555: Making A Deal With The Plane
Chapter 556: Obtained The Celestial Residence
Chapter 557: Brainwashing The Elder
Chapter 558: Have Presents
Chapter 559: Conflicted
Chapter 560: The Ordinance Sea
Chapter 561: What Did She Just See!?
Chapter 562: Unexpectedly Strong Martial Arts
Chapter 563: Do You Have The Celestial Residence?
Chapter 564: Usefulness Of Being Known As Trash
Chapter 565: I Swear Upon The Heavens!
Chapter 566: Why The F*Ck Was She Reacting?
Chapter 567: A Visit From Shi Huidi
Chapter 568: Problems With The Primordial Crystal Mine
Chapter 569: Come Back Alive
Chapter 570: An Existence On Par With A Locust
Chapter 571: Blood Refinement School’S Sand City
Chapter 572: Yan Jiao
Chapter 573: Trying To Kill Xie Yu As A Hobby
Chapter 574: Complete Chaos
Chapter 575: Opening The System Marketplace
Chapter 576: Have To Be Well-Rounded
Chapter 577: There’S Furniture!
Chapter 578: Mai Duoer
Chapter 579: A Night With Mo Juefeng
Chapter 580: Chen Xi’S ‘Peaceful’ Fate
Chapter 581: Life Of A Talent Manager
Chapter 582: Pitiful Eq
Chapter 583: Planning Out Qiao Yi’S Curriculum
Chapter 584: I Want To Become A Good Actress
Chapter 585: Acting As A Female Beggar
Chapter 586: What Kind Of Acting Was That?
Chapter 587: Allow Her To Do Just That
Chapter 588: The Real World Of Acting?
Chapter 589: Second Audition
Chapter 590: Why Doesn’T She Film It Herself?
Chapter 591: Always At Odds
Chapter 592: And Time To Take Xia Yu To His Audition
Chapter 593: Impulsively Tore A Check To Shreds
Chapter 594: Can Succeed Without Strong Backing
Chapter 595: Night Of The Dinner Party
Chapter 596: In Comparison With Qiao Yi
Chapter 597: A Role No Actress Would Take
Chapter 598: Disparity In Treatment
Chapter 599: Got On The Directors’ Blacklist
Chapter 600: Labelled As A Good Manager
Chapter 601: All She Wanted Was To Act
Chapter 602: A Dog That Wanted A Bone
Chapter 603: Following Up On Qiao Yi’S Album
Chapter 604: Crying Like The World Had Ended
Chapter 605: The Director Will Definitely Keep You On
Chapter 606: Innocent-Looking Vixen
Chapter 607: Fame Built On Insults
Chapter 608: Her Manager Truly Did Treat Her Well
Chapter 609: In The Name Of Giving Her Time To Rest
Chapter 610: How Interesting
Chapter 611: He Seems Interested In You
Chapter 612: They Hooked Up?
Chapter 613: Had Seriously Become A Nanny
Chapter 614: Scorching Possessiveness
Chapter 615: Xia Yi’S Direction?
Chapter 616: Type Of Women Mo Juefeng Likes
Chapter 617: Big Sis Chen, I’Ve Fallen In Love With Him!
Chapter 618: I Didn’T Know That You Had To Take Medicine
Chapter 619: No Different From The Typical Women In The Entertainment Circles
Chapter 620: One More Blow Waiting
Chapter 621: Clear Water Park
Chapter 622: Environment Truly Changed People
Chapter 623: I Have Something To Say
Chapter 624: It’S The Woman’S Job To Take Precautionary Measures
Chapter 625: A Li Douer Or Some Other Douer
Chapter 626: Steep Breakup Fee
Chapter 627: Did I Lose My Child?
Chapter 628: I Lost My Child!
Chapter 629: Life Without Mo Juefeng
Chapter 630: Mo Juefeng’S New Flame
Chapter 631: Got In A Fight With Mo Juefeng’S New Flame
Chapter 632: Red Operation Lights…
Chapter 633: Why Am I Suffering So Much?
Chapter 634: The One Mo Juefeng Loves Now Is Me
Chapter 635: Another Task-Taker
Chapter 636: You’Re Sure Saintly
Chapter 637: Mai Douer Had Been A Mistress!
Chapter 638: Are You Mo Juefeng’S Mistress?
Chapter 639: Even Though I’M An Innocent Party!?
Chapter 640: Once, Her Manager Had Also…
Chapter 641: Awards Ceremony
Chapter 642: Power Of Rage And Hatred
Chapter 643: A Rather Veteran Task-Taker?
Chapter 644: Task Complete
Chapter 645: A Female King Kong
Chapter 646: Take You Along To Act Cool!
Chapter 647: A Divine Maiden
Chapter 648: Cao’S Wishes
Chapter 649: I’M Cao.
Chapter 650: Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Chapter 651: The Second-In-Command, Kai
Chapter 652: The Issue Of The Roasted Meat
Chapter 653: Charming And Gentle Night
Chapter 654: Gathering At The Place Of Worship
Chapter 655: Myriad World Stone
Chapter 656: I Wish To Become The Wu
Chapter 657: How To Communicate With A Stone
Chapter 658: Can’T Communicate With The Divine Stone
Chapter 659: Busy Days
Chapter 660: Wearing A Flower
Chapter 661: Culinary Exposition
Chapter 662: When Your Great Aunt Comes
Chapter 663: Didn’T Kai Say Anything To You?
Chapter 664: Heading Out With Qian Jia
Chapter 665: First Outing
Chapter 666: Pursuing Beauty Is Instinct
Chapter 667: Found Bitter Crystal!
Chapter 668: It’S Not Poisonous?
Chapter 669: Salted Feast
Chapter 670: I Like You Quite A Lot
Chapter 671: Saw It, Killed It
Chapter 672: Stock Up On Food
Chapter 673: Come Get More Next Time
Chapter 674: Most Unique Person In This World
Chapter 675: Falling Out With Qian Jia
Chapter 676: You Go Lick It
Chapter 677: Getting Salt
Chapter 678: She’D Definitely Become Like Wu Song!
Chapter 679: Moving Meat Stash
Chapter 680: Created Pottery
Chapter 681: The Newest Novelty
Chapter 682: The Trade Fair
Chapter 683: Labeled Insensible
Chapter 684: Drive You Out Of The Tribe
Chapter 685: A Chance To Become Wu Song Jr.
Chapter 686: The Power The Divinity Granted
Chapter 687: Why Did The Divinity Send You?
Chapter 688: The Milk Mom Was In Trouble!
Chapter 689: War With The Black Snakes Tribe
Chapter 690: Returned With Someone From The Black Snakes Tribe
Chapter 691: If There Was A 3P…
Chapter 692: A Feast Of Beautiful Men
Chapter 693: At This Time, There Came News
Chapter 694: No Do No Die
Chapter 695: Xie’S Mate Doesn’T Treat Her Well
Chapter 696: Since This Is A Trial…
Chapter 697: The World Trembled
Chapter 698: Lead The Tribe Onwards
Chapter 699: Surrounded By Wolves
Chapter 700: Wasn’T Easy To Be The Chairperson
Chapter 701: Evolution Required Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 702: Head Towards Extinction And A New World
Chapter 703: Stronger Now
Chapter 704: Bestowed By The Divinity
Chapter 705: Bridal-Style
Chapter 706: L-Lady…
Chapter 707: You Look Familiar
Chapter 708: Pray To The Divinity
Chapter 709: The Brilliant Colors Of Life
Chapter 710: Established A Kingdom
Chapter 711: Altruistic Ancestor
Chapter 712: One Point Of Faith
Chapter 713: World Of Holographic Online Games
Chapter 714: Request Help From This Player
Chapter 715: Hero, This Humble Girl…
Chapter 716: Useless Trash
Chapter 717: This Npc Was Crazy
Chapter 718: The Story Prequel
Chapter 719: Adjusted The Position Of Two Characters
Chapter 720: Any Intelligence Pills For Humans?
Chapter 721: This Humble Girl’S Ankle Hurts A Lot
Chapter 722: This Prince Is Awesome
Chapter 723: Accusatory Forum Post
Chapter 724: What A True Npc Should Be
Chapter 725: Ni Pingcen
Chapter 726: Ink Galaxy Beast
Chapter 727: The Game Of Life
Chapter 728: Lost Little Mimi
Chapter 729: That Valley Has A Lot Of Herbs
Chapter 730: The Very First Fraction
Chapter 731: Big Sister, Can You Bring Us Inside?
Chapter 732: Fate Of Not Being Girls
Chapter 733: Dare To Accept My Challenge?
Chapter 734: Impressive Feat Of Hurling Oneself Straight Towards Death
Chapter 735: Nice, Very Nice
Chapter 736: A Life For A Life
Chapter 737: You’Re [Kneel To This Consort], Right?
Chapter 738: Levels-Killing Fiend
Chapter 739: Say Hello To My Pet
Chapter 740: Ohohohoho…
Chapter 741: You Don’T Like Blades?
Chapter 742: [Dis Daddy’S Unrivaled In Handsomeness]
Chapter 743: Twisted Woman
Chapter 744: You Want To F*Ck Code?
Chapter 745: A Case Of Unattainable Love
Chapter 746: I’Ll Make You Regret Things
Chapter 747: Attending To A Crown Prince
Chapter 748: Just Like Shearing Sheep
Chapter 749: Haa, What A Pity
Chapter 750: Couldn’T Find Her Target
Chapter 751: Such Sweet Honey To My Tongue
Chapter 752: Tasks Are Also Judged
Chapter 753: Prince On A White Horse
Chapter 754: I Kindheartedly Took In My Daughter’S Good Friend…
Chapter 755: What’S With Wei Lingxian’S Wish?
Chapter 756: Daughters Were Sweet Little Angels
Chapter 757: An You Is Someone With Great Fortune
Chapter 758: Life Is Seriously Hard When There Are No Guidelines
Chapter 759: Even Crows Knew To Support Their Aging Parents
Chapter 760: Embodiment Of All The Good Things In The World
Chapter 761: I Hope To Become Part Of This Family
Chapter 762: A Pure White Lotus, This Great Buddha
Chapter 763: The Same As Princess Mingzhu
Chapter 764: Such Admirable Love Ah!
Chapter 765: A Woman’S Thoughts Is As Hard To Pinpoint As A Needle In A Haystack
Chapter 766: I Know That I’M In The Wrong, But I Won’T Change
Chapter 767: Send Him Away, Send Him Away!
Chapter 768: This Wasn’T A Matter Of Money!
Chapter 769: Voices From The Shadows
Chapter 770: My Master, My Lord, My God, My Faith!
Chapter 771: I’M Defeated
Chapter 772: Required Allies
Chapter 773: Mingzhu Isn’T A Picky Child
Chapter 774: I Just Want To Kill Myself
Chapter 775: Rescue Princess Mingzhu
Chapter 776: Commit Mariticide
Chapter 777: Once He Starves!
Chapter 778: Love Worthy Of Admiration
Chapter 779: The General’S Residence Will Be Fine
Chapter 780: Kneel Properly, Our Ancestors Are Watching You
Chapter 781: You Hate Princess Mingzhu?
Chapter 782: Like A Moth To Flames
Chapter 783: The Imperial Family’S Majesty
Chapter 784: Truly Charming
Chapter 785: Bribed A Eunuch Again
Chapter 786: She’Ll Be Coming Back
Chapter 787: Don’T Die, You Can’T Die!
Chapter 788: I Couldn’T Control My Feelings
Chapter 789: Mingzhu Is Also Your Mother
Chapter 790: Does Everyone Hate Mistresses A Lot?
Chapter 791: Time Was Like A Butcher Knife
Chapter 792: Needed To Take Medicine
Chapter 793: A White Jade Hairpin
Chapter 794: Couldn’T Really Do It Anymore
Chapter 795: Happier Than A First-Time Father
Chapter 796: Uh, What Happened?
Chapter 797: If A Pretty Boy Like An Yu…
Chapter 798: Will Soon Have A Beautiful Sister-In-Law!
Chapter 799: Marriage Proposal Went Successfully
Chapter 800: We Didn’T Have A Wedding Like This
Chapter 801: The Newlywed Couple
Chapter 802: A Scene From A Painting
Chapter 803: This Family Was Quite Blessed
Chapter 804: Will Not Tolerate Anyone Bullying My Wife
Chapter 805: Perhaps It’S Because You’Re Happy
Chapter 806: Seven Months In
Chapter 807: Could Only Continue To Be ‘In Love’
Chapter 808: Gave Mingzhu A Bit Of Acupuncture
Chapter 809: What Kind Of Person Is That?
Chapter 810: Falling In Love Was Easy But
Chapter 811: The Effect Of Higher Intelligence
Chapter 812: Go Away Already, Goddamn Money
Chapter 813: Overwhelmed By Handsomeness
Chapter 814: If She Didn’T Sleep With An Nuan
Chapter 815: To Sleep Or Not To Sleep
Chapter 816: Tonight, You’Ll Attend To Me
Chapter 817: Too Tired To Love
Chapter 818: You Don’T Love Me
Chapter 819: That Male Prostitute
Chapter 820: Nothing Happened Between Us
Chapter 821: Might Actually Fall In Love With A Woman
Chapter 822: Promise Not To Get Angry
Chapter 823: Go, Hurry And Go Expose It
Chapter 824: Clean Enough To Drink
Chapter 825: The Male Lead’S Lost Eyesight
Chapter 826: You Pervert!
Chapter 827: Such A Bad Person
Chapter 828: I Can’T Leave The Company
Chapter 829: Try My Cooking?
Chapter 830: I’M A Frickin’ Gril
Chapter 831: I’M Making You Mine!
Chapter 832: I’Ll Definitely Pay For The Vase
Chapter 833: Was Actually Pretty Happy
Chapter 834: Is It That Hard To Give Me Your True Heart?
Chapter 835: Selling One’S Body To Repay The Debt
Chapter 836: All Became Fodder
Chapter 837: Let Me Treat You To Dinner
Chapter 838: Felt Like A Huge Third Wheel
Chapter 839: Heart Was Filled With Great Sorrow
Chapter 840: Had Become A Crotch Peeper
Chapter 841: Next Time I’Ll Definitely…
Chapter 842: Break Up The Cp And Be A Matchmaker
Chapter 843: The World Sure Is Small
Chapter 844: You Sold Me To That Man!?
Chapter 845: A Noble And Virtuous Manner
Chapter 846: A Great Disgrace As A Male Lead
Chapter 847: Just Give Me Six Hundred Thousand
Chapter 848: Just Defeated The Evil Dragon
Chapter 849: Would It Kill You To Pay Attention To Me?
Chapter 850: I Won’T Let You Push Me Away Again
Chapter 851: You’Re Truly Beautiful
Chapter 852: Victory Had Been Difficult
Chapter 853: Massacring Single Dogs
Chapter 854: Bring Me Away!
Chapter 855: What Do I Need To Explain?
Chapter 856: So Poor All He Had Left Was Money
Chapter 857: No Sense Of Gratitude
Chapter 858: A Long-Awaited Invitation
Chapter 859: Uninvited Visitor
Chapter 860: Too Much Pda Caused Early Death
Chapter 861: The Zongzheng Family Conflicts
Chapter 862: Eldest Daughter-In-Law Of The Zongzheng Family
Chapter 863: I Can Explain!
Chapter 864: You’Re The Goddess Of War After All
Chapter 865: Intermediate Task-Taker
Chapter 866: Towards Those Three Million Points
Chapter 867: A Poor Young Man And A Wealthy Miss
Chapter 868: Honey-Soaked Life Turned Tragedy
Chapter 869: Zhang Jiasen’S Home
Chapter 870: Going Home
Chapter 871: Zhang Jiasen
Chapter 872: A Born Actor
Chapter 873: Price For Being Willful
Chapter 874: Isn’T The Position Of Ceo Open?
Chapter 875: Shouldn’T Even Dream About It
Chapter 876: Flower Vase Ceo
Chapter 877: The Most Noble And Pure Love
Chapter 878: Blank White Sheet
Chapter 879: Secretary Xue
Chapter 880: A House In The Tangchen District
Chapter 881: A Wedding Scam
Chapter 882: As The Ceo…
Chapter 883: Thought It Was Some Scam Call
Chapter 884: I Can Understand That…
Chapter 885: Bad Luck In Encounters
Chapter 886: It’S My House
Chapter 887: In Any Case, The First Child…
Chapter 888: Not In This Profession
Chapter 889: You Don’T Care About Me At All!
Chapter 890: Can Get An Atm
Chapter 891: Should Make Me A Workshop Director
Chapter 892: Thought Of You As One Of Them
Chapter 893: Definitely Dominated The Ranking
Chapter 894: Was Just Getting Water
Chapter 895: Should Still Exercise Moderation
Chapter 896: Wasn’T Easy For Humans To Finally Evolve
Chapter 897: Stealing Classified Business Secrets
Chapter 898: Must Be Swift And Decisive
Chapter 899: This Is What You Wanted
Chapter 900: Shouldn’T Air Family Scandals In Public
Chapter 901: To Those You Hate
Chapter 902: You’Re Being Really Annoying
Chapter 903: Who Would Benefit?
Chapter 904: Aunt Ping’S Been Arrested
Chapter 905: I Never Wanted To Hurt Anyone
Chapter 906: Build A Villa In The Countryside?
Chapter 907: Why Didn’T You Pay The Utility Bills?
Chapter 908: Past Of Poverty
Chapter 909: Might Not Manage The Company Anymore
Chapter 910: Dream Was Coming True
Chapter 911: Why Did You Become A Secretary?
Chapter 912: We’Ll Have A Wonderful Family
Chapter 913: I Want To Give You A Present
Chapter 914: Miao Miaomiao Is Only A Chess Piece
Chapter 915: Just Handing Everything To Him
Chapter 916: Let’S Have A Child Together
Chapter 917: A Love Based On Benefits
Chapter 918: It Was About Time
Chapter 919: Zhang Jiasen Was Back?
Chapter 920: You Have To Help Me!
Chapter 921: Another Zhang Family Ruckus
Chapter 922: Taking Money From One’S Own House
Chapter 923: So Now Hold Up Half The Sky
Chapter 924: Embezzled Near Eight Million
Chapter 925: Don’T Worry, I’Ll Help You
Chapter 926: Watching A Mime
Chapter 927: A Witness Testimony
Chapter 928: I’M Zhang Jiasen’S Mistress
Chapter 929: Lowest Ranking Of Them All
Chapter 930: The Second Trial
Chapter 931: No Longer In-Laws, But Enemies
Chapter 932: I’Ve Matured Now
Chapter 933: If I Say I Love You
Chapter 934: What Level Of F*Cking Hell?
Chapter 935: Death Solved Everything In One Stroke
Chapter 936: This World Was Very Beautiful
Chapter 937: Lifelong Friend
Chapter 938: Fabricated Space
Chapter 939: An Ancient Era City
Chapter 940: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻
Chapter 941: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ X2
Chapter 942: Resisting Had Been A Mistake?
Chapter 943: Training
Chapter 944: Eleven’S Wish
Chapter 945: The Second Trial
Chapter 946: The Simplest Mission
Chapter 947: A Bit Of Luck In Unfortunate Circumstances
Chapter 948: Nothing Special To Look At
Chapter 949: Carved Of Jade And Peerless
Chapter 950: A Meaningful Glance
Chapter 951: Because There Were So Many Mosquitoes
Chapter 952: Wield The Sword And The Four Treasures Of The Study
Chapter 953: Once He Courted Death Enough
Chapter 954: Then You’Re Mine
Chapter 955: Male Lead Had Come Online
Chapter 956: A Quarrelsome, But Loving Couple
Chapter 957: Correct Way To Start A Romance
Chapter 958: Please See My Longing Gaze
Chapter 959: Crushed The Pink Bubbles
Chapter 960: There’S A Flower Thief
Chapter 961: Was The Person, Not The Sword
Chapter 962: Win It All, Or Lost It All
Chapter 963: Waiting For The Book
Chapter 964: Because Miss Shangguan’S Injury Requires Treatment
Chapter 965: Because Legs Went Numb
Chapter 966: Because Not Enough Education
Chapter 967: Why Was She Like That?
Chapter 968: Not A Woman
Chapter 969: A Grand Marriage
Chapter 970: The Entire Country Will Belong To This Daddy!
Chapter 971: Start Of The Struggle For The Throne
Chapter 972: Respect
Chapter 973: Cursed All Eighteen Generations
Chapter 974: A Filial Son
Chapter 975: Actually, We Can Dig A Tunnel
Chapter 976: Actually, Nevermind
Chapter 977: Actually, I Already Dug A Tunnel
Chapter 978: Actually, I’M Here To Rescue You
Chapter 979: Actually, I Need To Return This
Chapter 980: Because No Money
Chapter 981: Wolf Child
Chapter 982: Will Be The Father
Chapter 983: Truly Had A Lot Of Talents
Chapter 984: Starting To Question Life
Chapter 985: You Talk Too Much
Chapter 986: Imperial Love Affair Rumor
Chapter 987: True Love Was Xuan Xiaotian
Chapter 988: Wash, Starch, And Sew
Chapter 989: Must Be A Masochist
Chapter 990: Stay Strong!
Chapter 991: Seriously Weren’T Picky
Chapter 992: Venting Anger
Chapter 993: What’S The Harm?
Chapter 994: Just Take Your Medicine
Chapter 995: Search For The Godly Doctor
Chapter 996: Where Was Shame?
Chapter 997: Still Poor Moral Quality
Chapter 998: Work Consultation Room
Chapter 999: Black Windbreaker
Chapter 1000: Used To Squatting While Peeing
Chapter 1001: Shift In Fate
Chapter 1002: Would It Kill To Dial 110?
Chapter 1003: Meet Me At The Coffee Shop
Chapter 1004: Didn’T Have That Doki-Doki Feeling
Chapter 1005: Cramming Law
Chapter 1006: Visitors With Good Intentions Wouldn’T Come
Chapter 1007: Recruitment Offer
Chapter 1008: Unprecedented Desire For Sleep
Chapter 1009: As Close As Family
Chapter 1010: Demanding Answers
Chapter 1011: Became Someone’S Mistress
Chapter 1012: Rich And Good-Looking
Chapter 1013: Must Resign
Chapter 1014: Give Me Back The Photos!
Chapter 1015: You Like It Violent?
Chapter 1016: Due To Intense Sexual Intercourse
Chapter 1017: Because Of That Demon-Like Man
Chapter 1018: Wish Me Well
Chapter 1019: Regret Not Studying More
Chapter 1020: Government’S Acknowledgement
Chapter 1021: Just Called For Two Rounds Of Ooxx
Chapter 1022: Let Me Introduce You
Chapter 1023: Keep In Touch
Chapter 1024: Big Brother Wenlang, Please Help Me
Chapter 1025: Hard To Finally Obtain Love
Chapter 1026: Trying To Run?
Chapter 1027: Hard To Survive In This Society
Chapter 1028: Sued For Tax Evasion
Chapter 1029: Trying To Kill Her Off?
Chapter 1030: The Higher One Climbed…
Chapter 1031: Has Anyone Ever Told You…
Chapter 1032: You’Re Not Big Brother Wenlang
Chapter 1033: Currently Working Hard On Finding A Girlfriend
Chapter 1034: Bi-Monthly Visit
Chapter 1035: Chu Xiaoran Was A Fat Pig
Chapter 1036: Consequences Of Provoking The Government
Chapter 1037: Avoiding Like Poison
Chapter 1038: Don’T Test My Patience
Chapter 1039: An Illegitimate Child?
Chapter 1040: Wasn’T Me!
Chapter 1041: The Honor Of Being A Plate-Catching Hero
Chapter 1042: Vanish, Vanish, Please Vanish Already!
Chapter 1043: Encounter At The Court Doors Again
Chapter 1044: I’M Just Helping Out
Chapter 1045: You Wouldn’T See Me, So I Had No Choice
Chapter 1046: A Car Crash
Chapter 1047: Out On A Walk At 2Am
Chapter 1048: A Blood Calamity
Chapter 1049: Is Your System Ok?
Chapter 1050: He Had A Gun!?
Chapter 1051: A People’S Hero Flag
Chapter 1052: Going To Be Broken At This Rate
Chapter 1053: Was Clearly A Moron
Chapter 1054: Amah Rock
Chapter 1055: Torture Methods 101
Chapter 1056: Image Of T City
Chapter 1057: End Of Chu Xiaoran’S Prison Sentence
Chapter 1058: Crying For A Funeral?
Chapter 1059: Tea Had Gotten Cold
Chapter 1060: Had To Join The Workforce
Chapter 1061: Addicted To Gambling
Chapter 1062: Supposed To Be A Woman’S Best Time
Chapter 1063: Was It Worth It?
Chapter 1064: It’S All Just A Skin
Chapter 1065: My! So Many Points!
Chapter 1066: Charm Wasn’T Important
Chapter 1067: Your Majesty
Chapter 1068: Sent The Nation To Its Grave
Chapter 1069: A Cute Lil’ Sis
Chapter 1070: The Phoenix Empress
Chapter 1071: Gift Of Immortality Pills
Chapter 1072: Greatest Wish Is To Be A Sponger
Chapter 1073: Should Refrain From Passion
Chapter 1074: Sharing The Same Bed
Chapter 1075: Men Should Be Allowed To Contribute To This Nation
Chapter 1076: A Male Transmigrator?
Chapter 1077: Encountered A Beauty In The Garden
Chapter 1078: The Spotted Bamboo Flute
Chapter 1079: Go Play At The Side
Chapter 1080: You Are Poisoned
Chapter 1081: Die For Your Own Good
Chapter 1082: Already Got This Far
Chapter 1083: Whatever Makes You Happy
Chapter 1084: Suit Up Next Time
Chapter 1085: Keeping Male Mistresses
Chapter 1086: The Second And Third Princes
Chapter 1087: Then Don’T Marry Yuan Jun
Chapter 1088: Visit From The Phoenix Empress
Chapter 1089: Hands To Yourself!
Chapter 1090: Taking Walks
Chapter 1091: Sponsorship Of Mommy Emperor
Chapter 1092: Mu Qing
Chapter 1093: Unbelievably Messy
Chapter 1094: Can We Not Hold Hands!?
Chapter 1095: What Was With The Soup!?
Chapter 1096: Remove The Heir Apparent
Chapter 1097: Bury The Fourth Prince
Chapter 1098: Hey, Wake Up
Chapter 1099: Because Of 2333’S Uselessness
Chapter 1100: What Do You Think?
Chapter 1101: Shouldn’T Abandon Yourself To Despair
Chapter 1102: It’S Just For Fun
Chapter 1103: You’Ve Been Poisoned
Chapter 1104: Should Be More Swift And Decisive
Chapter 1105: Your Sister Is A Very Generous Person
Chapter 1106: A Dragon Robe
Chapter 1107: Warm Caring Mother
Chapter 1108: Dispose Of The Crown Prince!
Chapter 1109: You Failed The Task This Time
Chapter 1110: Like Forging Iron
Chapter 1111: Ning Shu Facepalmed.
Chapter 1112: Shopping With A Purpose
Chapter 1113: Making Tofu?
Chapter 1114: Unpredictable Weather
Chapter 1115: Hero In A Headdress
Chapter 1116: Day Of Selling Tofu
Chapter 1117: Had To Raise Everyone
Chapter 1118: Grandma Fell
Chapter 1119: Improve Quality Of Life
Chapter 1120: There Used To Always Be Honeyed Fruits
Chapter 1121: A Good Young Man With Dreams And Aspirations
Chapter 1122: Your Mom’S About To Die, Come Back
Chapter 1123: A Lifetime Free From Suffering
Chapter 1124: Japanese September 18 Incident
Chapter 1125: Really Was Damp And Cold
Chapter 1126: Doctor, Doctor, Doctor
Chapter 1127: Applying To Become A Doctor
Chapter 1128: Battlefield Doctor Training
Chapter 1129: Then Her Part Was Done
Chapter 1130: It’S Alright, This Is My Job
Chapter 1131: You’Re Really Ugly
Chapter 1132: Going To Get Raped!?
Chapter 1133: Looting People Brought The Most Money
Chapter 1134: Lying In Front Of The Thief
Chapter 1135: Just Kill Him Right Now?
Chapter 1136: Zhu Siyuan:????
Chapter 1137: What About The Child’S Father?
Chapter 1138: I Hear He’S A Rich Young Master
Chapter 1139: Two Silver Dollars
Chapter 1140: Waiting To Help Pack
Chapter 1141: First Day Of School
Chapter 1142: I Am Your Father
Chapter 1143: Call Daddy
Chapter 1144: Can We Live With You?
Chapter 1145: She’S My Sister
Chapter 1146: I’Ll Be Waiting For You!
Chapter 1147: Waiting… The Endless Wait~
Chapter 1148: Nurse Zhu
Chapter 1149: Isn’T There Something You Should Tell Me?
Chapter 1150: Someone Who’S Received The New Education
Chapter 1151: Come Live With Me
Chapter 1152: Have Fun Waiting
Chapter 1153: Send To Boarding School
Chapter 1154: Call Me Uncle
Chapter 1155: Why?
Chapter 1156: Heading To The Battlefield
Chapter 1157: You Were A Military Doctor?
Chapter 1158: Was Reflex
Chapter 1159: Continuing To Work
Chapter 1160: Our Duty Is To Be Ready
Chapter 1161: There’S No Way I’Ll Be With You
Chapter 1162: Gun Anxiety?
Chapter 1163: What A Shameless Woman!
Chapter 1164: A Little Helper
Chapter 1165: Midnight Talk
Chapter 1166: Illicit Matchmakerless Union
Chapter 1167: It’S Clearly Your Brain
Chapter 1168: Assigned To Logistics
Chapter 1169: Letter To Siyuan
Chapter 1170: Did You Eat Shit?
Chapter 1171: Ownership Rights Of The Prescription
Chapter 1172: Too Conventional, Too Vulgar
Chapter 1173: Being Too Much?
Chapter 1174: Not A Heart-To-Heart Chat
Chapter 1175: Another Tragic And Inspiring Love Song
Chapter 1176: Didn’T Go To School Just To…
Chapter 1177: Seemed To Look Down On Him?
Chapter 1178: War Reaped Life
Chapter 1179: Retreat
Chapter 1180: I Am A Battlefield Doctor
Chapter 1181: Have A Way With Words
Chapter 1182: It’S Done.
Chapter 1183: A Trip Back
Chapter 1184: Just Reverse The Flow Of Time
Chapter 1185: Dog Trying To Bite Its Tail
Chapter 1186: I Wasn’T Breathing!
Chapter 1187: A New Life
Chapter 1188: Was Definitely Crazy
Chapter 1189: Conquering An Iceberg
Chapter 1190: I Don’T Like The Color
Chapter 1191: One Month Pregnant
Chapter 1192: How To Annoy Someone Frugal
Chapter 1193: Knock, Knock, Knock…
Chapter 1194: Encountered A Psychopath
Chapter 1195: Why Do You Call Him Uncle?
Chapter 1196: The World Was Seriously Filled With Danger
Chapter 1197: Yinzhen’S Inner Courtyard
Chapter 1198: The Prince Has Medical Skills?
Chapter 1199: Playing Telephone
Chapter 1200: The Prince’S First Child
Chapter 1201: Which 365 Occupations?
Chapter 1202: Visiting The Primary Consort
Chapter 1203: Passing On The Hot Potato
Chapter 1204: Switched Masters
Chapter 1205: An Inspirational Woman
Chapter 1206: A New Career
Chapter 1207: Finally About To Give Birth
Chapter 1208: Helped With The Birth
Chapter 1209: How Could It Be A Girl?
Chapter 1210: Check My Pulse
Chapter 1211: Promoted To Being A Father
Chapter 1212: Nicknames Of ‘Pig’ And ‘Dog’
Chapter 1213: Lady From Seeping Heart Garden
Chapter 1214: Creating Something Is Fun
Chapter 1215: Stomach Discomfort Going Around
Chapter 1216: Ahem, Ahem… Did Some Googling…
Chapter 1217: She Couldn’T Have Died, Right?
Chapter 1218: A Child’S Cries
Chapter 1219: She Sure Likes Eating
Chapter 1220: Blessed With Long Lives
Chapter 1221: Pregnant At The Same Time
Chapter 1222: To Go Or Not To Go?
Chapter 1223: Can I Borrow This Girl?
Chapter 1224: You Have No Choice
Chapter 1225: Which Would Be The Fourth?
Chapter 1226: This Is The Meaning Of Skills
Chapter 1227: Surname Was Niohuru
Chapter 1228: Man Proposes But God Disposes
Chapter 1229: Being A Midwife Again
Chapter 1230: Successful Childbirth
Chapter 1231: Please Look After My Child
Chapter 1232: Worry Like A Mother
Chapter 1233: Suspicious Wet Nurse
Chapter 1234: Never Wanted To Harm The Little Master
Chapter 1235: It Was The Lady From…
Chapter 1236: One Month Old Celebration
Chapter 1237: What Meaning Was There?
Chapter 1238: Checking The Clothing
Chapter 1239: A Proper Return
Chapter 1240: When Can I Leave!? X999
Chapter 1241: What Kind Of Quack Doctor Doesn’T Have Secret Remedies?
Chapter 1242: Ordinance Sea Stone
Chapter 1243: Advanced Task-Taker?
Chapter 1244: Why Do You Want To Know About Him?
Chapter 1245: Oooh, So That’S Soul Power
Chapter 1246: A Surrogate Pregnancy
Chapter 1247: Had Predestined Fate
Chapter 1248: Flirting In The Kitchen
Chapter 1249: Couldn’T Free Up This Spot For Free
Chapter 1250: Trying To Fool A Well-Educated Person!
Chapter 1251: Just Like A Woman Of The Ancient Era
Chapter 1252: No Pain, No Gain
Chapter 1253: Familiarity Breeds Fondness
Chapter 1254: So Skilled At Multi-Tasking
Chapter 1255: Acupuncture Practice
Chapter 1256: Copying, Copied, Copy Again
Chapter 1257: Like A Little Boy
Chapter 1258: The Only Outsider In This Family
Chapter 1259: Born Of Love, Not Resentment
Chapter 1260: A Transnational Collaboration Case
Chapter 1261: Supposed To Be Busy With A Transnational Collaboration Case
Chapter 1262: If Only She Could Share This Torrent
Chapter 1263: Ambitious Goal
Chapter 1264: Did Something Happen With Jing Shaoze
Chapter 1265: Interrupted A Sweet Feeding Session
Chapter 1266: Kill With Concern
Chapter 1267: Sluts Were Seriously Pretentious
Chapter 1268: Why Are You Staring At Me?
Chapter 1269: All For A Grandchild
Chapter 1270: Golden Goose That Could Lay An Egg
Chapter 1271: Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep, Sleep…
Chapter 1272: Like She Had Been Betrayed
Chapter 1273: Slapped By Cold Dog Food
Chapter 1274: Time To Go See What They Were Up To?
Chapter 1275: This Child Must Be Ni Jing’S
Chapter 1276: Jingjing Is Truly A Kind Person
Chapter 1277: No Way Her Son Was Infertile
Chapter 1278: There Were Way More Things Waiting For You
Chapter 1279: Play Good Cop Bad Cop
Chapter 1280: No One Cared About Her Feelings
Chapter 1281: What About The Surrogacy Fee?
Chapter 1282: You’Ll Always Be With Me, Right?
Chapter 1283: But This Was Just The Beginning
Chapter 1284: Can’T Have A Child And Lazy!
Chapter 1285: Issue Of Inheritance
Chapter 1286: I’M Willing To Surrogate
Chapter 1287: One Last Hope
Chapter 1288: Locked Himself Up
Chapter 1289: Conditions For Surrogacy
Chapter 1290: Without A Malicious Foil
Chapter 1291: I Want To Get Divorced
Chapter 1292: The Court Sent A Subpoena
Chapter 1293: See You In Court
Chapter 1294: I Don’T Know You
Chapter 1295: Normal In Our Social Stratum
Chapter 1296: Personal Greetings To All 18 Generations
Chapter 1297: Touch Ning Shu With Sincerity
Chapter 1298: 200 Million Yuan
Chapter 1299: How Could You Do This To Me?
Chapter 1300: A Woman Like You
Chapter 1301: Don’T Worry, I’Ll Wait For You
Chapter 1302: Not That Easy To Take
Chapter 1303: Let’S End This
Chapter 1304: Let’S Get Married
Chapter 1305: Violation Of My Privacy
Chapter 1306: A Heart Transplant?
Chapter 1307: Full Blessings For A Son
Chapter 1308: Give Me The Money
Chapter 1309: Called The Police
Chapter 1310: If She Had Known Earlier…
Chapter 1311: Had Come For Wealth And Glory
Chapter 1312: Now Had The Right To Vote
Chapter 1313: Company Was Changing Hands
Chapter 1314: Matchmaking
Chapter 1315: Can Live Like A Healthy Person
Chapter 1316: She Demanded To Swap Systems!
Chapter 1317: It Was Zhang Jiasen!!
Chapter 1318: If It Weren’T For You…
Chapter 1319: Why Ask Me?
Chapter 1320: Love’S Thread
Chapter 1321: Fighting A Wild Boar
Chapter 1322: Who’D Want To Eat Something Like This?
Chapter 1323: World Of Demons And Cultivators
Chapter 1324: Used By Everyone
Chapter 1325: You Should Be Honored!
Chapter 1326: First Place Will Get A Reward
Chapter 1327: Coercing Me For Rewards
Chapter 1328: Carry Me And I’Ll Tell You
Chapter 1329: I’Ll Take You Under My Wing
Chapter 1330: Wait For Me
Chapter 1331: Maybe It’S Your Misperception
Chapter 1332: Aiy, So Dirty!
Chapter 1333: Who Are You Calling A Pig?
Chapter 1334: My Goal Is The Xuanyang Sword
Chapter 1335: So She Should Thank Him?
Chapter 1336: Master Is Biased
Chapter 1337: It Was The Earth Root Cultivation Manual
Chapter 1338: Here A Treasure, There A Treasure
Chapter 1339: Green Ikemen
Chapter 1340: Would You Like A Drink?
Chapter 1341: I Supposed I Owe You
Chapter 1342: Don’T People Live For Food?
Chapter 1343: You Can’T Beat Me
Chapter 1344: Seemed Gentle In Comparison
Chapter 1345: Offer Up That Man
Chapter 1346: You Couldn’T Be…
Chapter 1347: Kelp, Thank You
Chapter 1348: You Can’T Beat Me
Chapter 1349: I Feel Like I Need A Weapon
Chapter 1350: Not Even The Heavenly Dao Can Help
Chapter 1351: It Took About…
Chapter 1352: A Giant Axe
Chapter 1353: Evil Creature Of The Demon Race!
Chapter 1354: Grown Weary Of The World
Chapter 1355: Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1356: Come At Me!
Chapter 1357: Actually A Divine Artifact!
Chapter 1358: You Have A Disciple Now?
Chapter 1359: Were These Actually Pills?
Chapter 1360: Sun Moon Divine School
Chapter 1361: Reputation Establishing Battle
Chapter 1362: Stark Contrast To Her Violence
Chapter 1363: Then Why Cultivate?
Chapter 1364: Casually Picking Up Treasures
Chapter 1365: Food Is Food
Chapter 1366: Get That Wooden Basin
Chapter 1367: It’S Good To Interact More With Children
Chapter 1368: Good Boy
Chapter 1369: Snatched Someone Else’S Beauty
Chapter 1370: Just Okay
Chapter 1371: Dispute Over A Divine Artifact
Chapter 1372: This Was Power
Chapter 1373: Bunch Of Little Radishes
Chapter 1374: The Heavens Were Fair
Chapter 1375: Make Sure To Catch It
Chapter 1376: Battle With Lord Qing Hua
Chapter 1377: Go Play At The Side
Chapter 1378: Came To Promote Longevity Sect
Chapter 1379: Such Silent Disdain
Chapter 1380: The Better I Can Protect The Sect
Chapter 1381: Failed The Task
Chapter 1382: Jiang Le
Chapter 1383: There’S A Surprise
Chapter 1384: Upgraded Unsurpassable Martial Arts
Chapter 1385: We Can Work Together
Chapter 1386: For My Son, I’M Willing
Chapter 1387: Treated Like A Princess
Chapter 1388: It’S Time For Lunch
Chapter 1389: Leftovers Aren’T Healthy
Chapter 1390: In Any Case, There Are No Leftovers
Chapter 1391: Please Be Understanding
Chapter 1392: Come Grocery Shopping With Me
Chapter 1393: Why Didn’T You Knock?
Chapter 1394: This Is Aunt Li
Chapter 1395: Drink This Small Bottle
Chapter 1396: You Can Start Plucking
Chapter 1397: Division Of Labor Between Husband And Wife
Chapter 1398: He Actually Thanked Her!?
Chapter 1399: You’Re Not The One Cooking
Chapter 1400: The Feeling Of Being Sought After
Chapter 1401: Sleep In The Living Room
Chapter 1402: Hair Was Curled Like Seaweeds
Chapter 1403: Can Have A Nice Talk
Chapter 1404: Memory Truly Gets Worse
Chapter 1405: Like My Own Daughter
Chapter 1406: Cook With Me Later
Chapter 1407: She Went Out
Chapter 1408: She Was Tired From Shopping
Chapter 1409: Fulfill My Responsibilities?
Chapter 1410: You Think You’Re All That?
Chapter 1411: Community Event
Chapter 1412: Like You’Re The Bullied Little Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 1413: Taking Without Asking Is Stealing
Chapter 1414: Do All The Housework For A Month
Chapter 1415: A Little Notebook And Pen
Chapter 1416: That Way The Child Will Also Be Healthy
Chapter 1417: Doing This Out Of Good Intentions
Chapter 1418: We Must Go To The Hospital
Chapter 1419: Can She Have A Baby?
Chapter 1420: People Had To Love Themselves
Chapter 1421: So What Contribution Do You Make?
Chapter 1422: I Was Blind Back Then
Chapter 1423: Why Were All Women This Good At Talking?
Chapter 1424: I’Ll Go With You
Chapter 1425: Social Interaction Into “Sexual Intercourse”
Chapter 1426: My Stomach Hurts
Chapter 1427: Let’S Go To The Hospital
Chapter 1428: A Psychological Reaction
Chapter 1429: Use Of Only Having A Pretty Face?
Chapter 1430: Just Give A Call
Chapter 1431: Photographed Again This Time
Chapter 1432: Must Remain Loyal To Me
Chapter 1433: Caught In The Act
Chapter 1434: I Want A Divorce
Chapter 1435: Do You Have To Divorce?
Chapter 1436: This Is Domestic Violence!
Chapter 1437: I Want To Call The Police
Chapter 1438: No Pain, No Gain
Chapter 1439: Still The Daughter-In-Law Of This Family
Chapter 1440: Whoever Ordered Will Pay
Chapter 1441: Impossible To Even Survive That Long
Chapter 1442: Paying A Visit?
Chapter 1443: That Counted As Tormenting!?
Chapter 1444: My Girl Is Clean
Chapter 1445: So I Helped Her
Chapter 1446: Was Not Following The Script
Chapter 1447: Compensate Me
Chapter 1448: How Parents Felt When Urging Marriage
Chapter 1449: The One Who Was Flirted With
Chapter 1450: Don’T Call Me Mother
Chapter 1451: I Only Acknowledge You
Chapter 1452: Only Wang Bo’S Face Was Clear
Chapter 1453: Yang Ziyi’S Life After She Returned
Chapter 1454: Raise The Child? Forget It.
Chapter 1455: Another Look Of Aloof Contempt
Chapter 1456: So Long That She Really Wanted To…
Chapter 1457: Ended Up Killed By The Phantom King
Chapter 1458: You Really Don’T Understand Love
Chapter 1459: The Food’S All Gone
Chapter 1460: Go Hunt Some Game
Chapter 1461: Scare People Into Giving More Money
Chapter 1462: Like An Untainted Immortal
Chapter 1463: Bleeding Locust Tree
Chapter 1464: (☆_☆) For A Total Of 2 Seconds
Chapter 1465: Five Arts Of Daoism
Chapter 1466: Group Of Rugged Turnip Heads
Chapter 1467: Doesn’T Look Like A Mass Grave
Chapter 1468: You Know How To Use This?
Chapter 1469: Encountered A Ghost Maze
Chapter 1470: Exorcism Level Up
Chapter 1471: Have A Lot Of Pancakes
Chapter 1472: So Difficult To Do Business Nowadays
Chapter 1473: Animalistic Growls
Chapter 1474: Hold Him Down
Chapter 1475: Corpse Oil Smeared On His Body
Chapter 1476: Song Xihan
Chapter 1477: Looking Like A Nutjob
Chapter 1478: Did You Do Anything Out Of Line
Chapter 1479: Why Do I Look So Ugly?
Chapter 1480: Was Mischievous And Harmless
Chapter 1481: Can’T Lie This Blatantly
Chapter 1482: Willing To Pay Any Price
Chapter 1483: Overdrafting Her Vital Energy
Chapter 1484: Pasting Talismans
Chapter 1485: And The Person Looked…
Chapter 1486: Meddling In My Personal Life
Chapter 1487: Where Did Feng Yin Go?
Chapter 1488: Even If They Die, They Have No Regrets
Chapter 1489: The Dance Of The Great Gods
Chapter 1490: Worst Luck In This Life
Chapter 1491: Am I Going To Die?
Chapter 1492: Phantom King Core
Chapter 1493: Inexplicable Phantom Energy
Chapter 1494: T-There’S A Phantom King Core…
Chapter 1495: Need To Be Alive To Take The Money
Chapter 1496: Because Of Lust
Chapter 1497: Screaming Little Prince
Chapter 1498: Possessed By A Lesser Spirit
Chapter 1499: Might Be True Lovers
Chapter 1500: I Want To Sleep With You
Chapter 1501: Is This Still A Modern Plane!?
Chapter 1502: Opportunity To Weaken Feng Yin
Chapter 1503: Now A Ghost Magnet
Chapter 1504: Failed To Exterminate Him
Chapter 1505: Do You Still Accept Disciples?
Chapter 1506: Who Would Believe It?
Chapter 1507: See Ghosts In The Daytime
Chapter 1508: Position Of Sect Master
Chapter 1509: Should Have Directly Killed Her
Chapter 1510: A Thousand Years Of Waiting
Chapter 1511: Those Of South Mt. Mao
Chapter 1512: Like A Domineering Ceo And His Delicate Little Wife
Chapter 1513: Potential Side Effects
Chapter 1514: What Business Is It Of Yours?
Chapter 1515: A Master Teacher Produces A Superior Disciple
Chapter 1516: About To Go Up In Smoke
Chapter 1517: In A Bind
Chapter 1518: Give Me The Pearl!
Chapter 1519: ‘Cheat’ In Caps
Chapter 1520: Dig Out The Phantom King Core!
Chapter 1521: Wrote A Suicide Note
Chapter 1522: How Did You Make The Body Decompose?
Chapter 1523: He Wants To Marry Me
Chapter 1524: Helping Him Eliminate His Calamities
Chapter 1525: Have High Hopes For You
Chapter 1526: Serves Him Right
Chapter 1527: Up To The Gods
Chapter 1528: Some Good News
Chapter 1529: Sect Master Tao Qin
Chapter 1530: A Revengeful And Desperate Love Story
Chapter 1531: They. Ended. Up. Together!
Chapter 1532: Life Became A Trainwreck
Chapter 1533: An Idiot Mary Sue
Chapter 1534: Brothers Fighting Over A Girl!
Chapter 1535: Crime To Seduce A Child
Chapter 1536: I Want To Experience College Life
Chapter 1537: Break Your Three Legs
Chapter 1538: Would Money Fall From The Sky?
Chapter 1539: Same-Sex Repulsion Was So Illogical
Chapter 1540: Maybe Someone Wants Me Dead
Chapter 1541: Buy A Few More Pairs, Just In Case
Chapter 1542: Abroad For Further Study
Chapter 1543: Wandered Into The Wrong Room By Mistake
Chapter 1544: Foreign Culture Is Awful
Chapter 1545: Mom Doesn’T Love Me Anymore
Chapter 1546: Please Respect My Wishes
Chapter 1547: My Bigshot Husband
Chapter 1548: Scumbag Was So Pretentious
Chapter 1549: Isn’T Adjusting To School Life
Chapter 1550: It Also Smells Good
Chapter 1551: I Do Love You
Chapter 1552: Sinan Is Much Stronger
Chapter 1553: Fortunately, She Was Not Her Daughter
Chapter 1554: First Birthday Present
Chapter 1555: A Birthday Surprise
Chapter 1556: Xi Mucheng Must Die
Chapter 1557: You Are The Princess
Chapter 1558: Have To Be Obedient
Chapter 1559: Whatever Makes You Happy
Chapter 1560: Remedy With A Bit Of A Magic Touch
Chapter 1561: Meat Shield
Chapter 1562: Golden Eggs Were In Trouble
Chapter 1563: Like Boss, Like Secretary
Chapter 1564: Late Stages Of Stockholm Syndrome
Chapter 1565: Emotional Abuse Won’T Solve Things
Chapter 1566: A Wolf That Can’T Be Tamed
Chapter 1567: Drawing Talismans
Chapter 1568: Save The Chicken Soup
Chapter 1569: Really Went Through A Lot Of Trouble
Chapter 1570: Was The Old Man’S Son?
Chapter 1571: Xi Mucheng, That Damned Bastard
Chapter 1572: Hit By A Chess Piece
Chapter 1573: Was She Really In Love With Her Uncle?
Chapter 1574: Desperate Need To Vent
Chapter 1575: Had Already Accepted His Fate
Chapter 1576: Your Grandfather Was In A Car Accident
Chapter 1577: You Can Go If You Want
Chapter 1578: A Rich Family’S Dirty Deed?
Chapter 1579: Carried Two Lives On His Back
Chapter 1580: It Was A Lot Of Fun
Chapter 1581: Was A Little Hard To Get Into A University
Chapter 1582: Didn’T Bother To Be Polite
Chapter 1583: A Will Was In Order
Chapter 1584: Surrogate A Child
Chapter 1585: How’S Dad?
Chapter 1586: The Chairman Is Dead?
Chapter 1587: They’Ll Bring The Company Boundless Returns
Chapter 1588: Fairness Concealed Three Ugly…
Chapter 1589: Lots Of Fish And Meat
Chapter 1590: Down The Road Of Dying Alone
Chapter 1591: Was Hollowed Out
Chapter 1592: Also A Woman
Chapter 1593: Had Vanished From The Surface Of The World
Chapter 1594: Missing
Chapter 1595: Definitely Xi Mucheng’S Doing
Chapter 1596: I Don’T Have Any Regrets. You…
Chapter 1597: Donate To A Charity
Chapter 1598: Who Are You?
Chapter 1599: His Body Still Desired Her?
Chapter 1600: You Left Without Even Saying Goodbye
Chapter 1601: We’Ll Have A Funeral
Chapter 1602: This Was The Power Of Love?
Chapter 1603: I Don’T Want To Live Without My Uncle
Chapter 1604: Her True Destiny
Chapter 1605: The Master Of This Family
Chapter 1606: Don’T Be A Stupid People Pleaser
Chapter 1607: Afterstory Of Shi Lina
Chapter 1608: Impossible To Wake
Chapter 1609: The Number Is Fixed
Chapter 1610: Beauty, Come Cry In My Arms!
Chapter 1611: Will You Accept My Confession?
Chapter 1612: Reborn In A Parallel World
Chapter 1613: As He Pleased In This World
Chapter 1614: Written By Ghostwriters
Chapter 1615: Just Making A Report
Chapter 1616: Luck Is Also A Type Of Strength
Chapter 1617: Why Did You Fight Him?
Chapter 1618: Don’T Read Into It Too Much
Chapter 1619: Disappeared Without A Trace
Chapter 1620: These People Were Ingrates
Chapter 1621: What Proof Do You Have?
Chapter 1622: The Lyricist Is Yang Yuhui?
Chapter 1623: Who’S Yang Yuhui?
Chapter 1624: Wrote A Song For Fang Menghan
Chapter 1625: He Doesn’T Even Count As An Ex
Chapter 1626: Dating Someone On The Internet?
Chapter 1627: Pile Of ‘Unreasonably Making Trouble’
Chapter 1628: Was A Talented Person
Chapter 1629: This Glory Should Have Been His
Chapter 1630: Had She Lost Chen Jianan’S Boyfriend?
Chapter 1631: You Look Pretty Tired
Chapter 1632: Couldn’T Ruin This Beautiful Face
Chapter 1633: Pearls Before Swine
Chapter 1634: So Hard To Please!
Chapter 1635: Money Had To Be Earned Together
Chapter 1636: They Really Were In Love
Chapter 1637: First Time Acting In A Show
Chapter 1638: Finish The Task Quickly And Beat It
Chapter 1639: Did You Use My Laptop?
Chapter 1640: Mutual Love Between A Human And A Demon
?Chapter 1641: Too Frickin’ Hard To Guess
Chapter 1642: Anything Unusual About Chen Jianan?
Chapter 1643: Yang Yuhui Had Become Suspicious
Chapter 1644: How Dare They Try To Touch Her?
Chapter 1645: Yang Yuhui Was Different
Chapter 1646: Expression Full Of Pity And Amusement
Chapter 1647: Simply Putting On A Front
Chapter 1648: Nothing More Important Than His Career
Chapter 1649: Smelled Just Like A Man
Chapter 1650: Gone To Do Bad Things
Chapter 1651: Yang Yuhui Had Been Robbed
Chapter 1652: Had A Small Stroke
Chapter 1653: Unwilling To Break Up With Yang Yuhui
Chapter 1654: Could She Take Some?
Chapter 1655: More Than Happy To Meticulously Care For Yang Yuhui
Chapter 1656: We’Re Being Followed
Chapter 1657: Why Did He Always Feel So Helpless?
Chapter 1658: Was He Really Fine After All?
Chapter 1659: Had Become Used To Relying On The System
Chapter 1660: I Know A Daoist Priest
?Chapter 1661: My Taoism Skills Are Too Shallow
Chapter 1662: Wealth Is A Mere Worldly Possession
Chapter 1663: Swindled Away His Money
Chapter 1664: Being In Love Was A Feeling
Chapter 1665: It’S So Fragrant
Chapter 1666: One Foot Already In The Grave
Chapter 1667: Could Still Achieve Success
Chapter 1668: Why Isn’T It Mine?
Chapter 1669: Task Results
Chapter 1670: Women Were Petty
?Chapter 1671: Unprecedentedly Magnificent Wedding
Chapter 1672: Didn’T Want Her Happiness To Dissipate
Chapter 1673: Had Once Been So Beautiful
Chapter 1674: Seriously Quite The Ride
Chapter 1675: An Advanced Plane Task
Chapter 1676: Nice Number
Chapter 1677: Just Worry About Yourself
Chapter 1678: Infinite Loop Of Death Games
Chapter 1679: Pan Chen
Chapter 1680: Wait Until I Dissect It
Chapter 1681: Everyone Was A Suspect
Chapter 1682: Was Her Iq Too Low?
Chapter 1683: Dead In The Latrine
Chapter 1684: Carried In The Smell Of Feces
Chapter 1685: Are You Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 1686: The Biggest Suspect Was Dead
Chapter 1687: Constructing A World?
Chapter 1688: Yellow Rosewood
Chapter 1689: Dear Uncle, Help!!
Chapter 1690: I Can’T See, I Can’T Feel
Chapter 1691: The Strong Ruled
Chapter 1692: My Handsome And Beautiful True Appearance!
Chapter 1693: Someone Must Have Cleaned It Up
Chapter 1694: Where Were These Two?
Chapter 1695: I Didn’T Kill Them. I Didn’T Kill Them…
Chapter 1696: Every One Of You Carries Evil
Chapter 1697: Contribute More Money To Her Wedding Gift
Chapter 1698: You’Re Not Dead
Chapter 1699: Wasn’T A Qualified Autopsy Technician
Chapter 1700: Why Did You Run Into The Pigsty?
Chapter 1701: Red Rope
Chapter 1702: A Body Was Missing?
Chapter 1703: Wanted To Tell You How I Feel Before I Die
Chapter 1704: A Shadow Flashed Past
Chapter 1705: A Kind Of Spirit Stone
Chapter 1706: My Pendant Is Missing
Chapter 1707: Suddenly Became So Proactive
Chapter 1708: Go Out For A Stroll
Chapter 1709: An Unending White Expanse
Chapter 1710: Be More Like A Man
?Chapter 1711: Ended Up Right Where They Started
Chapter 1712: Switched Skins
Chapter 1713: Please Forgive Me
Chapter 1714: You Killed My Xiao Lan!
Chapter 1715: Do You Smell Blood?
Chapter 1716: You Be Careful
Chapter 1717: Escape Karmic Sins
Chapter 1718: Be Good And Come Here
Chapter 1719: We Can Talk
Chapter 1720: The Passage Of Reincarnation
Chapter 1721: Their Eight Characters Seriously Clashed
Chapter 1722: Only One Free Question Left
Chapter 1723: I Don’T Even Know Why
Chapter 1724: A Real Green Tea Bitch
Chapter 1725: Thought You Two Went Off To Play
Chapter 1726: Foisted Off To Be Li Gouzi’S Wife
Chapter 1727: To Marry A Wife Was To Marry Virtue
Chapter 1728: Having Beauty Was A Calamity
Chapter 1729: Felt Uncomfortable With Chen Ermei’S Existence
Chapter 1730: People Could Actually Be This Shameless
Chapter 1731: If You Like Pimping So Much…
Chapter 1732: I’Ll Make Sure You Never Walk Again
Chapter 1733: Why Did Fang Yong Help Chen Ermei?
Chapter 1734: These Days Were Very Hard
Chapter 1735: Look For Herbs
Chapter 1736: The Protagonist’S Strong Luck
Chapter 1737: Just To Keep Him Quiet
Chapter 1738: Ning Shu Felt Like A Criminal
Chapter 1739: This Distribution Is Unfair
Chapter 1740: The Small-Minded Attitude Of A Concubine
Chapter 1741: Food Was In Short Supply
Chapter 1742: Fates Had Been Vastly Different
Chapter 1743: It’S My Treat
Chapter 1744: Went To Li Gouzi’S House
Chapter 1745: You Can’T Abandon Me
Chapter 1746: What About Her Blissful And Happy Life With Fang Yong?
Chapter 1747: My Foot Hurts So Much
Chapter 1748: It’S That Loafer Li Gouzi
Chapter 1749: You Had An Affair With Me
Chapter 1750: Why Was Her Second Life Like This
Chapter 1751: The Heavens Were So Unfair
Chapter 1752: He’D Definitely Be Delighted
Chapter 1753: Don’T Let This End In Mutual Destruction
Chapter 1754: I Want To Join The Army
Chapter 1755: Time To Pay Your Grain Tax
Chapter 1756: Agreement Between The Two Families
Chapter 1757: She Thought That She Had Plenty Of Money
Chapter 1758: Didn’T Know How To Cherish People
Chapter 1759: Lucky Restaurant
Chapter 1760: I Am Your Boss’S Husband
Chapter 1761: Don’T Allow Him To Enter The Restaurant In The Future
Chapter 1762: This Trash Actually Claimed To Be Her Husband
Chapter 1763: Not Worth It To Be Angry With A Dead Man
Chapter 1764: It Was Time To Go Eat Something
Chapter 1765: Everything Was The Fault Of Others
Chapter 1766: Congratulations
Chapter 1767: Its Death Must Be Valuable
Chapter 1768: My Chen Family Can’T Afford Such A Debt
Chapter 1769: Time To Reap The Harvest
Chapter 1770: I Was Turned Into This By A Poisonous Woman
Chapter 1771: She Gave Me Money So That I Would Sleep With Her
Chapter 1772: Is There Any Evidence?
Chapter 1773: Bai Yiqiao Had Miscarried
Chapter 1774: They Wanted His Tiger Skin
Chapter 1775: The Child Has Been Lost
Chapter 1776: Could Not Be Touched By Cold Things
Chapter 1777: The Courtyard Was Quiet
Chapter 1778: Her Efforts Were Not Rewarded
Chapter 1779: Do You Want To Practice It?
Chapter 1780: She Would Be Sure To Pay These People Back
Chapter 1781: Just Seizing An Opportunity
Chapter 1782: Do We Really Have To Join The Rebel Army?
Chapter 1783: We Have Enough Leverage
Chapter 1784: Arrange A Place For Them To Live
Chapter 1785: What A Coincidence
Chapter 1786: Then, I’Ll Be Frank
Chapter 1787: Why Was It So Difficult To Change One’S Life?
Chapter 1788: Can Women Also Go To The Battlefield?
Chapter 1789: We Must Seize The Momentum
Chapter 1790: If You Had Told Me This Earlier…
Chapter 1791: Thank You For Saving Me
Chapter 1792: Should I Declare Myself The Emperor?
Chapter 1793: Fang Yong Had Been Too Eager For Quick Success
Chapter 1661: My Taoism Skills Are Too Shallow
Chapter 1668: Why Isnt It Mine?
Chapter 1671: Unprecedentedly Magnificent Wedding
Chapter 1794: A Single Spark Can Start A Wildfire
Chapter 1798: The Yan Dynasty!
Chapter 1799: Your Status Is Different Now
Chapter 1800: Bai Yiqiao
Chapter 1801: No Matter What, I Love Fang Yong
Chapter 1802: She Should Also Be The Owner Of This House
Chapter 1803: Thank You
Chapter 1804: What Exactly Do The Halos Do?
Chapter 1805: Good Women Are Easy To Find
Chapter 1806: Betrayal
Chapter 1807: Someone Wanted To Talk To Her
Chapter 1808: Wow, That’S Amazing!
Chapter 1809: The Air Must Be Very Fresh
Chapter 1810: Wait Until I’M In The Mood
Chapter 1811: Out Of The ‘Goodness Of Her Heart’
Chapter 1812: Ying Su
Chapter 1813: Are You Possessed?
Chapter 1814: You’Re Hogging My Body
Chapter 1815: I Will Help You Live
Chapter 1816: It Was Just A Few Steps To The Kitchen
Chapter 1817: Had Experience Transcending Souls
Chapter 1818: Change Wasn’T Something That Could Be Brought About Easily
Chapter 1819: Such Different Lives
Chapter 1820: Power Of The Kingly Aura
Chapter 1821: The Feng Family Isn’T Treating Me Well
Chapter 1822: Was Just Working For A Living
Chapter 1823: Have No Interest In Him
Chapter 1824: Just Didn’T Want To Marry Feng Qingqian
Chapter 1825: Making The First Move
Chapter 1826: Why Don’T You Rest In Peace?
Chapter 1827: Fine, I’Ll Accept
Chapter 1828: Biting The Hand That Was Feeding Her
Chapter 1829: Intermittent Mania
Chapter 1830: Love Will Always Find A Way
Chapter 1831: My Money Will Be Your Money Too
Chapter 1832: Dropped To A Kneel
Chapter 1833: Breaking Off The Engagement
Chapter 1834: Very Mixed Feelings
Chapter 1835: Shortcomings Now Became Strong Points
Chapter 1836: How Can It Be Called Generosity?
Chapter 1837: Changed Personalities Every Few Minutes
Chapter 1838: Messenger Of Justice
Chapter 1839: Resources Were Snatched By The Strong?
Chapter 1840: A Letter
Chapter 1841: I Think We Should Talk
Chapter 1842: Changed Like The Weather
Chapter 1843: Well Then, Let’S Die Together
Chapter 1844: You Still Having Flareups?
Chapter 1845: A Return Note
Chapter 1846: Who The Hell Admired Feng Chang!?
Chapter 1847: Stop, Or We Will Both Die
Chapter 1848: We Can Cooperate And Earn Lots Of Money
Chapter 1849: The Child Of Heaven Was Here
Chapter 1850: Shame To Lose Your Integrity At This Age
Chapter 1851: Just Came To Check On Miss
Chapter 1852: Now It Was Her Fault?
Chapter 1853: Injuries Take 100 Days To Heal
Chapter 1854: What A Schemer
Chapter 1855: The Assassin’S Cold And Lonely Heart
Chapter 1856: Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Chapter 1857: What Kind Of World Would It Be?
Chapter 1858: Gift-Givings
Chapter 1859: Can You Guys Treat Me?
Chapter 1860: Silently Filled In A Love Story
Chapter ? 1861: Postpartum Depression
Chapter 1862: Must Always Be “On-Call”
Chapter 1863: I Don’T Have Any Wishes
Chapter 1864: Emotional Abuse
Chapter 1865: Indifferent, Selfish Demons
Chapter 1866: Just Because She Was Not A Boy?
Chapter 1867: You Can Have A Second Child
Chapter 1868: When I Gave Birth…
Chapter 1869: I Also Regret Marrying You
Chapter 1870: I’M Sorry, I Couldn’T Control Myself
Chapter 1871: Don’T Feign Madness
Chapter 1872: You’Re Surprisingly Clear-Headed Now
Chapter 1873: The Woman’S Role
Chapter 1874: Afraid That My Husband Will Divorce Me
Chapter 1875: Tie Her Up
Chapter 1876: I’M Sad, So Sad
Chapter 1877: Cold-Blooded Utilitarians
Chapter 1878: Marriage Isn’T Like Child’S Play
Chapter 1879: If You Come Over, I’Ll Jump
Chapter 1880: Quick, Come And Drag Me Back
Chapter 1881: You Won’T Divorce Me?
Chapter 1882: Wait A Little Longer
Chapter 1883: Because You Are Not A Good Wife
Chapter 1884: Why Haven’T You Come Back Yet?
Chapter 1885: Everyone Lives Like This
Chapter 1886: I Wish You Well
Chapter 1887: Now Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 1888: Stockholm Syndrome
Chapter 1889: Go Get Jinwei Back
Chapter 1890: Maybe He’Ll Be Back Later
Chapter 1891: Who Are You Going To Divorce?
Chapter 1892: Let My Beloved Wash It
Chapter 1893: How Much Do You Want?
Chapter 1894: This Kid Is Your Family’S Blood
Chapter 1895: One Hundred Fifty Thousand Yuan
Chapter 1896: If You Pay, I’Ll Deliver
Chapter 1897: Don’T Treat Women As Fools
Chapter 1898: I Heard That You Got Divorced
Chapter 1899: Fate Was A Circle
Chapter 1900: Baby, We’Re Leaving Now
Chapter ? 1901: A Fresh Start
Chapter 1902: These Things Were Only Temporary
Chapter 1903: Must Have Taken His Money And Ran
Chapter 1904: It’S Your Fault
Chapter 1905: Not Every Woman Lived The Life That Everyone Else Had To Live
Chapter 1906: Secured An Internship
Chapter 1907: The System
Chapter 1908: Life’S Not Easy For Anyone
Chapter 1909: Slow Steady Progress
Chapter 1910: A Place To Call Home
Chapter ? 1911: Your Sister Is Back
Chapter 1912: Stay At Home?
Chapter 1913: I Don’T Want The Others
Chapter 1914: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
Chapter 1915: Just A Woman Who Doesn’T Know Restraint
Chapter 1916: She Actually Videotaped Me Again
Chapter 1917: Let’S Get Together Again
Chapter 1918: Everyone’S Hearts Are Made Out Of Flesh And Blood
Chapter 1919: A Giant Baby That Never Got Weaned
Chapter 1920: Halo Of Lady Law
Chapter 1921: Become An Advanced Task-Taker
Chapter 1922: Suns, Moons, Stars
Chapter 1923: Three Handsome Boys
Chapter 1924: Why Did An F4 Always Exist In Schools Like This?
Chapter 1925: Yi Xiaodong
Chapter 1926: Interesting, Interesting…
Chapter 1927: Tastes Pretty Good
Chapter 1928: Surrounded By Shit
Chapter 1929: The Confidence Of The Rich
Chapter 1930: You Shouldn’T Underestimate Anyone
?Chapter 1931: All Of Min Corporation’S Food Was Fried In Corpse Oil
Chapter 1932: Rescuing The Hostage Is The Top Priority
Chapter 1933: He Couldn’T Just Whip The Corpse, Could He?
Chapter 1934: You Can Still Pass
Chapter 1935: I Have Bad Moral Character?
Chapter 1936: Became An Advanced Task-Taker
Chapter 1937: Visit Some Shops
Chapter 1938: Can Sell Items Back To The System Marketplace
Chapter 1939: Consort Xian
Chapter 1940: What Do You Want This Empress To Do?
?Chapter 1941: The Task Of Attending To His Majesty For The Night
Chapter 1942: Pay Your Respects To The Empress
Chapter 1943: Why Was There Suddenly A Punishment For Failure?
Chapter 1944: Suppress The Empress’ Arrogance
Chapter 1945: Dragon’S Pearl?
Chapter 1946: The Perfect Woman In The Eyes Of Men
Chapter 1947: Like A Fairy That Had Descended To Earth
Chapter 1948: This Subject Is Merely A Lowly Attendant
Chapter 1949: Such Great Tea
Chapter 1950: Learn Proper Etiquette
?Chapter 1951: Had Exposed Her Ambitions Prematurely
Chapter 1952: If You Lead The Wolf To Expel The Tiger…
Chapter 1953: Ascending To The Position Of Emperor Herself
Chapter 1954: Here To See How You Are Doing
Chapter 1955: Needle Punishment
Chapter 1956: Betray The Empress?
Chapter 1957: Surrounded By Enemies
Chapter 1958: If You Fail Again, You’Ll Be Cut Into Pieces
Chapter 1959: You Don’T Need To Dress So Formally
Chapter 1960: If Two People Share An Eternal Love Then…
?Chapter 1961: Save The Emperor!
Chapter 1962: Why Not Just Pull The Person Away?
Chapter 1963: Some Kind Of Sorcery?
Chapter 1964: I Don’T Blame You
Chapter 1965: Can You Really Tolerate Other Women Sharing Your Husband?
Chapter 1966: Don’T, Don’T Leave
Chapter 1967: Whether You Send It Or We Send It Is The Same
Chapter 1968: Outright Fainted
Chapter 1969: This Attendant Is Like A Roach
Chapter 1970: One Day, She’D Be The Head Of The Harem
Chapter 1971: She Saved The Emperor, Did You?
Chapter 1972: Such Beauty Was Hard To Find
Chapter 1973: Your Majesty, …
Chapter 1974: This Has Never Happened Before
Chapter 1975: It Wasn’T Like She Broke A Leg
Chapter 1976: Keep A Low Profile For The Time Being
Chapter 1977: Rather Than Dragging Out Such An Ignoble Existence
Chapter 1978: Your Majesty’S Family Affairs Are The Affairs Of The Nation
Chapter 1979: They Were Giving It Their Best Shot Too
Chapter 1980: Did You Conspire With That Dancer?
?Chapter 1981: Wrongly Accused
Chapter 1982: Perhaps Noble Lady Zhou Truly Did Have An Elixir
Chapter 1983: Who Was She Talking To?
Chapter 1984: Reveal Your Secrets And You’Ll Suffer Less
Chapter 1985: The Favored Concubine System…
Chapter 1986: Investigate All The Women In The Inner Palace
Chapter 1987: Walking Right Into A Trap
Chapter 1988: We Have Executed Noble Lady Zhou
Chapter 1989: Was Like Being In The Sauna
Chapter 1990: What The Hell Are You?
?Chapter 1991: Fulfilled The Empress, Fu Wanhui’S Wish
Chapter 1992: This Was An Outright Robbery
Chapter 1993: This Is Your Congratulations Gift
Chapter 1994: A Soul Attack Manual
Chapter 1995: I’M A Summoner
Chapter 1996: A Love Letter
Chapter 1997: So Many Friends…
Chapter 1998: Just Let Me Cry
Chapter 1999: I Like The Person Who Sent The Love Letter
Chapter 2000: Yue Shuangshuang’S Family Conditions
?Chapter 2001: I Want To Become A Summoner
Chapter 2002: Is That Decoration?
Chapter 2003: The Most Potential
Chapter 2004: How Could A Blade Of Grass Jump Over A Ledge?
Chapter 2005: Nothing Was Impossible
Chapter 2006: A Good Saddle Suited A Good Horse
Chapter 2007: The Strong’S Strength Did Not Come Out Of Thin Air
Chapter 2008: To Use Them As Cannon Fodder
Chapter 2009: Where Are You Going?
Chapter 2010: Fifty Gold Coins
?Chapter 2011: No Choice But To Keep Moving Forward
Chapter 2012: Time To Run
Chapter 2013: Best Place To Hide Is In Plain Sight
Chapter 2014: Jade Waters Ice Pond
Chapter 2015: Spiritual Essence Crystals
Chapter 2016: This Is A Summoner’S Ability
Chapter 2017: I Want To Become Your Disciple
Chapter 2018: Didn’T Know What To Do~~
Chapter 2019: One Of Its Kind
Chapter 2020: Cute Stupidity
?Chapter 2021: Can’T Eat This Stuff
Chapter 2022: Harvest This Time Was Pretty Good
Chapter 2023: Now Strong Enough To Support The Family
Chapter 2024: Concocting Wisdom Pills
Chapter 2025: As Long As You Are Strong
Chapter 2026: Are You Willing To Join The Yue Clan?
Chapter 2027: Just Take It
Chapter 2028: She’S Just Jealous Of You
Chapter 2029: Becoming Stronger Together…
Chapter 2030: The Questions Asked By Top Students
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Chapter 2380
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Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Martial Arts, Ongoing, Sci-fi, Supernatural Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks, 快穿之炮灰女配逆袭记,


Total Chapters in book: 2364
Estimated words: 1953552 (not accurate)
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Page No. 2364
Page No. 2363
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Alternative Titles:

Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks, 快穿之炮灰女配逆袭记

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for pitiful cannon fodder. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles, encountered all kinds of ‘you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for no reason’ people. She encountered all sorts of white lotus flowers, green tea b*tches, scheming b*tches, by the batch.

Does any true beauty still exist in the world!? bellowed Ning Shoe angrily. You annoying tr*sh! I’m just here to counterattack, please don’t get in the way of me completing my task. Transmigration main character, reincarnation main character. There’s only a lazy task-taker, no undestroyable main character halo. Ning Shu had no choice but to painfully gather moral integrity in each of the worlds.

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Chapter 1: It Was Finally Over

Chapter 1: It was Finally Over

Ning Shu stood next to the hospital bed. A doctor wearing a white coat walked through her to save the girl on the bed.

Ning Shu looked at the girl on the bed. Her face was pale white and she no longer had any hair on her head. She didn’t even have eyebrows anymore. She simply lay quietly on the bed.

People looked really funny without eyebrows.

Ning Shu never expected to be worried over eyebrows at this point in time. It seemed that death wasn’t that scary or painful after all. Right now Ning Shu didn’t feel any pain.

That’s correct. Ning Shu was dead. She was standing at the side looking at her own body. She tried to re-enter her body. Even though it was a body that had been tormented by illness to the point that it was a mess, she still wanted to live.

This light and fluttery feeling made Ning Shu feel very unsettled.

At this time, the door to the room opened. A married couple rushed in. Running over, they hugged Ning Shu’s body and cried. Following behind them were two men. These were Ning Shu’s older brothers.

Ning Shu reached out, wanting to hug her mom, but in the end her hand passed through her body.

“Mom, don’t be so sad.


is finally free, she’s gone to a different world.” Ning Shu’s eldest brother supported Ning Shu’s mom.

>Meimei means younger sister. It can be used both for people that are blood-related to you, and people that are not.

Ning Shu watched them like a spectator. She has been freed. She has lived in the hospital ever since she was fifteen. Every week she had to go through chemotherapy two times. That bone-penetrating pain has already accompanied her for over ten years.

From the very start, her family was already in despair and showered her with heartache-accompanied love. However, as time passed, they visited the hospital less and less. It was to the point that they became numb to the fact that she was ill.

Ning Shu didn’t blame them. On the contrary, she felt fortunate that she was born in such a prosperous family and was able to receive treatment. She was satisfied with having lived ten years, even if it was on a hospital bed. It was just that life contained too many regrets.

A smile blossomed on Ning Shu’s face. She was very grateful to her family.

Thank you.

Ning Shu’s soul grew lighter and lighter, until it finally started floating on its own to some unknown place.

Suddenly, Ning Shu heard a sound. A cool and emotionless voice came from within her soul.

“The soul meets the requirement, locking on to system space.”

Immediately following that, Ning Shu felt something cold flow into her soul. Even though she was in this state, she could feel an ice-cold energy explode in her soul.

Under the attack of this power, Ning Shu lost consciousness.

Before she fell unconscious, her last thought was, hopefully this doesn’t mean that she can’t reincarnate.

After an unknown period of time, Ning Shu finally woke up again. She felt very tired and her soul felt heavy. Fatigue of the soul caused people to have a drained and also very panicked feeling.

Ning Shu rubbed her head. It was purely a reflex, but unexpectedly when she touched her head, it felt like she was rubbing cotton.

Ning Shu felt both pleasantly surprised and terrified, completely confused as to what was going on. Her soul actually changed into this texture. She didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. However, at the very least it wouldn’t be easy for her soul to dissipate like this.

After calming down, Ning Shu started looking around. It was completely white without a single item in sight. There was no sound, no trace of life. It was deathly still, without a thing. It was too quiet, eerily quiet.


Total Chapters in book: 2364
Estimated words: 1953552 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 9768(@200wpm)___ 7814(@250wpm)___ 6512(@300wpm)