Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination by YuuZu

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: The Fateful Night
Chapter 3: Just Like A Game
Chapter 4: Elysia Avery
Chapter 5: Poor Spirit Beast
Chapter 6: Guardian Angel
Chapter 7: Journey To The West
Chapter 8: Tigers Den To Devils Lair
Chapter 9: Sylvias Story
Chapter 10: The Devil Emperor Came Over
Chapter 11: The Goddess Of Light
Chapter 12: The Path She Would Take
Chapter 13: Provision For A Disciple
Chapter 14: Sylvias Punishment
Chapter 15: Two Spirit Beasts Fighting Each Other
Chapter 16: First Battle Experience
Chapter 17: A Bit Too Much
Chapter 18: The Decision She Will Take With Confidence
Chapter 19: Spirit Bonding
Chapter 20: A Battle Between Gods?
Chapter 21: Tigress From The Start
Chapter 22: Fly At The Speed Of Light
Chapter 23: Tiger Paw Forest
Chapter 24: Calming The Winged Tiger
Chapter 25: Vanessas Farewell
Chapter 26: Ragdoll Cat
Chapter 27: Go Hitchhiking Into The City
Chapter 28: Starlight Apparel
Chapter 29: Gift From Rosa
Chapter 30: Enrollment At The Academy (1)
Chapter 31: Enrollment At The Academy (2)
Chapter 32: Challenge Her Fear
Chapter 33: Square Angel Restaurant
Chapter 34: A Little Fuss
Chapter 35: Enjoy The Lunch
Chapter 36: Crimson Wave
Chapter 37: More Shopping
Chapter 38: Womens Clothing
Chapter 39: Lingerie
Chapter 40: Troublemaker Back Off
Chapter 41: Holy Library
Chapter 42: Enough Knowledge For Today
Chapter 43: Another Emperor Class Being
Chapter 44: Opening Ceremony (1)
Chapter 45: Opening Ceremony (2)
Chapter 46: Dorm Room
Chapter 47: Dormmate
Chapter 48: The Principal
Chapter 49: Afternoon Class (1)
Chapter 50: Afternoon Class (2)
Chapter 51: Afternoon Class (3)
Chapter 52: Afternoon Class (4)
Chapter 53: Hypmond
Chapter 54: Interrogated
Chapter 55: Buy A Space Bag
Chapter 56: Afraid Of Lightning
Chapter 57: Magic Class (1)
Chapter 58: Magic Class (2)
Chapter 59: Magic Class (3)
Chapter 60: For The Sake Of The Reward
Chapter 61: Explosion
Chapter 62: Serenas Warning
Chapter 63: Feelings Of Loss
Chapter 64: Suspect
Chapter 65: Small Tour
Chapter 66: The Path Of A Real Man
Chapter 67: Treated To A Meal
Chapter 68: Luveeda
Chapter 69: Bust Size
Chapter 70: Warming Up
Chapter 71: The Way Of The Sword
Chapter 72: I Challenge You
Chapter 73: Win In A Row
Chapter 74: Humiliated For The First Time
Chapter 75: Challenging The Instructor
Chapter 76: Entitled To The Reward
Chapter 77: Serenas Thoughts
Chapter 78: Rosies Threat
Chapter 79: Celestia
Chapter 80: Crescent Moon
Chapter 81: Claim A Resource Pack
Chapter 82: New Determination
Chapter 83: Unpack The Package
Chapter 84: Deacon Class
Chapter 85: Grade 5 Affinity
Chapter 86: Feeling Of Inferiority
Chapter 87: Private Residence In A Special Area
Chapter 88: Healing Magic
Chapter 89: Bitter Facts Of Healing Magic
Chapter 90: Alexander The Great
Chapter 91: Western Kingdoms Problems
Chapter 92: Sparring In Swordsmanship
Chapter 93: Home Visit
Chapter 94: Raylee Help
Chapter 95: They Want To Know
Chapter 96: Another Coincidence Meeting
Chapter 97: Hard Slap
Chapter 98: The Overly Guarded Girl
Chapter 99: Adventure Together
Chapter 100: Research On Life Energy
Chapter 101: Mama Tiger
Chapter 102: Mutual Exchange
Chapter 103: Hypnotic Suggestion
Chapter 104: Unexpected Encounter By The Lake
Chapter 105: Intense Stomach Aches
Chapter 106: Sylvia Managed To Do Her Little Revenge
Chapter 107: Precious Treasure
Chapter 108: Invitation To Adventure
Chapter 109: Beginning Of Adventurous Life
Chapter 110: City Near The Regions Border
Chapter 111: Highmight Guild
Chapter 112: Special Messaging Tool
Chapter 113: Divulged Identity
Chapter 114: End In Peace
Chapter 115: Ancient Book
Chapter 116: Quite A Long Night
Chapter 117: Make Pizza
Chapter 118: Business Ideas
Chapter 119: Magazine Model
Chapter 120: Shadow Teachers
Chapter 121: Comforted Soul
Chapter 122: Didnt Participate
Chapter 123: Hand Grip
Chapter 124: Want To Protect
Chapter 125: Lucky Star
Chapter 126: Contract Signing
Chapter 127: Rosas Kindness Retribution
Chapter 128: Ran Away Because Of The Appointment
Chapter 129: Back Empty-Handed
Chapter 130: Sudden Quest Invitation
Chapter 131: Joins The Temporary Party
Chapter 132: Spirit Beast Become Adventurer
Chapter 133: Guild Membership Card (1)
Chapter 134: Guild Membership Card (2)
Chapter 135: Guild Membership Card (3)
Chapter 136: Guild Membership Card (4)
Chapter 137: Ethereal Miracle
Chapter 138: Tight Short Pants
Chapter 139: First Quest Journey
Chapter 140: Arrived At Leurbost Village
Chapter 141: Ashen Fairymoss
Chapter 142: Division Of Tasks
Chapter 143: Battle In The Cave
Chapter 144: Quest Target Secured
Chapter 145: Dont Question The Bonus
Chapter 146: Sugar Friend?
Chapter 147: Weekend Vacation
Chapter 148: The Chosen One?
Chapter 149: At The End Of The Dark Alley
Chapter 150: Little Thingy
Chapter 151: You Poor Girl
Chapter 152: Greatly Sought After
Chapter 153: Startup Capital Funds
Chapter 154: Startup Planning (1)
Chapter 155: Startup Planning (2)
Chapter 156: Night Chat
Chapter 157: Identity Crisis?
Chapter 158: Midnight Practice
Chapter 159: Role Swap
Chapter 160: Woke Up But Flanked
Chapter 161: His Greatest Regret
Chapter 162: Goddess Of Blessings Arrival
Chapter 163: Two For One And One For Two
Chapter 164: Unexpected Turn Of Event
Chapter 165: The Little, Puny Goddess
Chapter 166: Goddisciple
Chapter 167: Firefly
Chapter 168: Talisman
Chapter 169: Hang Out Together
Chapter 170: Elena Cant Leave Her Alone
Chapter 171: A Little Party
Chapter 172: Thanks For Today
Chapter 173: Elenas Lesson In The Bathroom
Chapter 174: Dark Magic In The Unnatural Lake
Chapter 175: Emperor Principal
Chapter 176: Short Night Stroll
Chapter 177: Little Thief
Chapter 178: Under Attack
Chapter 179: Kidnapped Like That
Chapter 180: Play Victim (1)
Chapter 181: Play Victim (2)
Chapter 182: Fatherly Sense
Chapter 183: There Is No Hero But A Devil
Chapter 184: Talk About The Reasons
Chapter 185: Order Drinks At The Bar
Chapter 186: Postponed Adventure
Chapter 187: Excuse, Lie, And Thought
Chapter 188: The Devils Departure
Chapter 189: Stained With Blood
Chapter 190: Comfortable Treatment
Chapter 191: Real Knight Class
Chapter 192: Change To Training Uniform
Chapter 193: Please Carry Me
Chapter 194: Evelyns Deed
Chapter 195: Shower Affairs
Chapter 196: Bumped Accidentally
Chapter 197: Fifth Floor Privilege
Chapter 198: A Little Moody
Chapter 199: His Heroic Soul Flared Up
Chapter 200: Guilty As Charged
Chapter 201: Perceived As Intruders
Chapter 202: Regiment That Just Came Back
Chapter 203: Request For Library Privileges
Chapter 204: Imagination Is Power
Chapter 205: Historical Record (1)
Chapter 206: Historical Record (2)
Chapter 207: Hidden Writing
Chapter 208: Nighttime Conversation Before Bed
Chapter 209: Elenas Heavenly Welfare
Chapter 210: Magic Research Class (1)
Chapter 211: Magic Research Class (2)
Chapter 212: Magic Research Class (3)
Chapter 213: Eyewitnes Then Stalkers
Chapter 214: Rosie And Bianca Came To Visit
Chapter 215: Spiciness
Chapter 216: Morning With Sorrow
Chapter 217: First Months Test (1)
Chapter 218: First Months Test (2)
Chapter 219: Hunting In The Forest
Chapter 220: Forest Inside The Energy Dome
Chapter 221: Accursed Monsters
Chapter 222: Hurry And Run
Chapter 223: Caught In The Trap
Chapter 224: The Girl Who Was Left Behind
Chapter 225: Purified Curse Energy
Chapter 226: Things Got Worse
Chapter 227: Revealed And Reinforcements
Chapter 228: Level Farming
Chapter 229: Ruvoid
Chapter 230: By My Power, You Shall Perish!
Chapter 231: Mass Destruction
Chapter 232: She Was Doomed
Chapter 233: Closing Battle (1)
Chapter 234: Closing Battle (2)
Chapter 235: Kaboom Blast Wave
Chapter 236: Dome Barrier Collapsed
Chapter 237: The Guilty Defense
Chapter 238: Evelyns Desperate Grief
Chapter 239: Goddess Descended
Chapter 240: Obliterate It Without Any Remainder
Chapter 241: Shooting Stars
Chapter 242: Question And Answer (1)
Chapter 243: Question And Answer (2)
Chapter 244: Question And Answer (3)
Chapter 245: Make A Pilgrimage
Chapter 246: Personal Level Conversation (1)
Chapter 247: Personal Level Conversation (2)
Chapter 248: Personal Level Conversation (3)
Chapter 249: Subject To A Fine
Chapter 250: Subconscious Mind
Chapter 251: Alishas Wishes
Chapter 252: Dream Or Real?
Chapter 253: After Yesterdays Events
Chapter 254: Invitation To The Imperial Palace
Chapter 255: Status Screen Upgrade
Chapter 256: Visit The Sick
Chapter 257: No Pain, No Gain?
Chapter 258: Kind Advice
Chapter 259: Go To The Palace
Chapter 260: Luncheon In The Throne Hall
Chapter 261: Before Leaving
Chapter 262: Quite A Long Journey
Chapter 263: Fire On The River Bank
Chapter 264: Battered Campers
Chapter 265: That Sulky Ridiculous Alchemist
Chapter 266: First Destination Of The Journey
Chapter 267: Sleep Together In Groups
Chapter 268: Science Knowledge
Chapter 269: Sudden Acceleration Magic
Chapter 270: Arrived At The Reinhard Familys Mansion
Chapter 271: Welcome Back Home
Chapter 272: Misunderstanding Situation
Chapter 273: Train With Saint-Level Experts
Chapter 274: Practice Magic Together
Chapter 275: Science Of Physical Attacks (1)
Chapter 276: Science Of Physical Attacks (2)
Chapter 277: Fiery Thunder
Chapter 278: Extreme Fear Of Lightning And Thunder
Chapter 279: Punching Bag
Chapter 280: Quite A Chilly Night
Chapter 281: Nell Is In Peril (1)
Chapter 282: Nell Is In Peril (2)
Chapter 283: Lovers Quarrel?
Chapter 284: Shining Cocoon
Chapter 285: Evil Gods Plan
Chapter 286: Inauspicious, Ominous Clouds
Chapter 287: Human And Devil Investigative Forces
Chapter 288: Are You Going To Kill Me?
Chapter 289: Golden Light In The Dark Night
Chapter 290: Bickering
Chapter 291: Died With Honor
Chapter 292: Hated By His Own Race
Chapter 293: Two Goddesses Stay Overnight
Chapter 294: Master-Disciple Reunion?
Chapter 295: You Smell Great, It Smells Divine
Chapter 296: Preparation Before Leaving (1)
Chapter 297: Preparation Before Leaving (2)
Chapter 298: Wild Assumptions
Chapter 299: Guests Of Honor
Chapter 300: As You Promised Last Month
Chapter 301: Request For Help
Chapter 302: Two Goddesses Continuation Conversation
Chapter 303: Plan To Go To The Fairy Continent
Chapter 304: Something Happened On The Beast Continent?
Chapter 305: Brainwashing Attempt
Chapter 306: The Runaway Elf
Chapter 307: Ring Of Desire
Chapter 308: Top-Level Meeting (1)
Chapter 309: Top-Level Meeting (2)
Chapter 310: Family Introduction Ceremony (1)
Chapter 311: Family Introduction Ceremony (2)
Chapter 312: Little Banquet (1)
Chapter 313: Little Banquet (2)
Chapter 314: Night Work
Chapter 315: Midnight Horror
Chapter 316: Clear Up Ellas Confusion
Chapter 317: Their Assumptions
Chapter 318: Reassessment At The Stadium
Chapter 319: Reassessment Test (1)
Chapter 320: Reassessment Test (2)
Chapter 321: Reassessment Test (3)
Chapter 322: Its Time To Go
Chapter 323: Intercepted By A Random Young Master
Chapter 324: Blessing Magic
Chapter 325: Arrive At Fairy Continent
Chapter 326: Being Ignored
Chapter 327: Guardian Clans Village
Chapter 328: The Seal Under The Blue Tree
Chapter 329: Entered The Mysterious Domain
Chapter 330: Lifa And Rhea
Chapter 331: Eliminate The Curse
Chapter 332: Soul Curse
Chapter 333: Lets Make A Deal
Chapter 334: The Truth About Her (1)
Chapter 335: The Truth About Her (2)
Chapter 336: She Gave Her Private Realms Core
Chapter 337: Devil Princesss Faultless Escape
Chapter 338: Dylans Concern
Chapter 339: You Were Bad, But Now Youre Good
Chapter 340: Self-Sacrifice
Chapter 341: The Tree Of Life Fell Apart
Chapter 342: Three Seemingly Opposing Armies
Chapter 343: Resolve The Mess
Chapter 344: Clash Between Divine And Mortals
Chapter 345: The Complacent Dwarves
Chapter 346: Finishing Blow
Chapter 347: Poor Talking Slime
Chapter 348: Another Blue Meteor
Chapter 349: Resting Atop A Steep Cliff
Chapter 350: Rhea Healing Operation
Chapter 351: The New Host
Chapter 352: Replant The Seed
Chapter 353: The Fake Tree Of Life
Chapter 354: Second Name
Chapter 355: Fairy Capital City
Chapter 356: Arrived At Zhadphis Woodland
Chapter 357: Brief Information Gathering
Chapter 358: For The Dew Of Life
Chapter 359: Fluffy Tiny Creature
Chapter 360: Fairy Palace
Chapter 361: Oh, The Irony
Chapter 362: Enlighten The Ignorants
Chapter 363: Bad Omen Arrival
Chapter 364: Colossal Earth Dragon
Chapter 365: Beat Up The Big Boy (1)
Chapter 366: Beat Up The Big Boy (2)
Chapter 367: Rawr Language
Chapter 368: Smol Turtoise
Chapter 369: Elven Natural Abilities
Chapter 370: Change Of Plan
Chapter 371: Magic Backlash
Chapter 372: Cute Baby
Chapter 373: Witch, Hoe?
Chapter 374: City Tour To Downtown Area
Chapter 375: Elven Sacred Tree
Chapter 376: Little Business
Chapter 377: Golden Letter
Chapter 378: The Scolded Daughter
Chapter 379: Honorable Envoy?
Chapter 380: The Strangled Elf
Chapter 381: Beast Continent Turmoil
Chapter 382: Lunch Before Leaving
Chapter 383: Gluttony Trio
Chapter 384: Do You Wish For Revenge?
Chapter 385: Revival Technique!?
Chapter 386: The Truth Behind Revival (1)
Chapter 387: The Truth Behind Revival (2)
Chapter 388: Arrived At Tiger Paw Forest Again
Chapter 389: Spirit Summoning Ritual
Chapter 390: Silly Tiger
Chapter 391: Forgiveness, Wish, And Promise
Chapter 392: Prepare For Trouble
Chapter 393: The Divines Call
Chapter 394: Confrontation (1)
Chapter 395: Confrontation (2)
Chapter 396: Confrontation (3)
Chapter 397: A Battle To Settle Revenge
Chapter 398: Blazing Fire Winged Tiger
Chapter 399: Planning Before Battle
Chapter 400: Doomed To Suffer
Chapter 401: Family Jewel
Chapter 402: Your Future Is Dead
Chapter 403: Battle Outcome
Chapter 404: The Late Beast Emperor
Chapter 405: A Wish To Be Granted
Chapter 406: Seizing The Palace
Chapter 407: Whats Next?
Chapter 408: A Spot With Abundant Good Energy
Chapter 409: The Most Dangerous But Also The Safest
Chapter 410: Despite The Tension In The Holy City
Chapter 411: Soaking In Hot Spring
Chapter 412: Hot Spring Time
Chapter 413: Snow Fox Girl
Chapter 414: Cant Stand The Cold?
Chapter 415: Extreme Ice Cold Ability
Chapter 416: Plan For Yuuki
Chapter 417: Save The World?
Chapter 418: Forbidden Regions
Chapter 419: Fathers Legacy
Chapter 420: Their Farewell
Chapter 421: Evroria City
Chapter 422: The Awaited Arrival?
Chapter 423: Fox Lady
Chapter 424: Snow Fox Clan Whereabouts
Chapter 425: The So Relaxed Fox Empress
Chapter 426: Foster Daughter?
Chapter 427: Recording Tape
Chapter 428: Moving In Your Shadow
Chapter 429: Beasts Human Form
Chapter 430: Ive Seen Enough, Im Satisfied
Chapter 431: Devils In The Holy City (1)
Chapter 432: Devils In The Holy City (2)
Chapter 433: Devils In The Holy City (3)
Chapter 434: The First Devil In The Holy Cathedrals Territory
Chapter 435: Sylvias Confession
Chapter 436: Mend Their Relationship
Chapter 437: Asking For Protection
Chapter 438: Baby Goddess
Chapter 439: Curious Girls
Chapter 440: A Battle On The Holy Bridge
Chapter 441: Divine Reinforcements
Chapter 442: Blind Love Is Truly Scary
Chapter 443: Elysian Pantheon?
Chapter 444: Bridge The Truce
Chapter 445: They Will Come Along
Chapter 446: Souvenir
Chapter 447: Their Carefree Time
Chapter 448: Unusual Gathering
Chapter 449: Temporary Peace Plan
Chapter 450: Immense Beauty And Wonder
Chapter 451: Accusation Of Misunderstanding
Chapter 452: Asked In Wonder
Chapter 453: Hidden Room X
Chapter 454: The Sealed Queen
Chapter 455: Divine Service Isnt Free
Chapter 456: Sending The Evil Spirit Away
Chapter 457: The Compensation
Chapter 458: So Close Yet So Far
Chapter 459: Memory Loss
Chapter 460: Possible Causes
Chapter 461: Unexpected Guests (1)
Chapter 462: Unexpected Guests (2)
Chapter 463: Erase Memories
Chapter 464: Recovery Formation
Chapter 465: Call It A Day
Chapter 466: Purple Dish
Chapter 467: Sleeping Goddess
Chapter 468: Go East
Chapter 469: Uninhabited Island
Chapter 470: The Unknown
Chapter 471: Barbeque Party
Chapter 472: Beach! (1)
Chapter 473: Beach! (2)
Chapter 474: The Fainted Pro
Chapter 475: About Aquatic Race
Chapter 476: Back To The Ocean
Chapter 477: Freeze Everything
Chapter 478: Sea God
Chapter 479: Oceanid Appreciation
Chapter 480: Help For The Contaminated
Chapter 481: For A Tour
Chapter 482: Go Under The Sea
Chapter 483: Level Forty
Chapter 484: Underwater Fishing
Chapter 485: Mermaid
Chapter 486: We Come In Peace
Chapter 487: Lorelei Ready To Help
Chapter 488: Mermaid Territory
Chapter 489: Looking For The Guilty
Chapter 490: Beat Someone Up
Chapter 491: Playful Little Avatar
Chapter 492: Murky Water
Chapter 493: Sea Gods Fury (1)
Chapter 494: Sea Gods Fury (2)
Chapter 495: Back Ashore
Chapter 496: Grilled Fish
Chapter 497: Scary Monster Beneath The Mysterious Island
Chapter 498: Underground Labyrinth
Chapter 499: Weird Hexagrams In The Maze
Chapter 500 - The Sealed Boy
Chapter 501 - This Has Turned Into A Difficult Situation
Chapter 502 - Thank Goodness Youre Safe
Chapter 503 - Improvement And Development
Chapter 504 - Altar On The Deepest Floor
Chapter 505 - Two-Sided Confrontation (1)
Chapter 506 - Two-Sided Confrontation (2)
Chapter 507 - Two-Sided Confrontation (3)
Chapter 508 - Two-Sided Confrontation (4)
Chapter 509 - The Berserk Devil
Chapter 510 - Small Scenario For Her
Chapter 511 - Battle For Revenge (1)
Chapter 512 - Battle For Revenge (2)
Chapter 513 - Final Farewell
Chapter 514 - Back To Maze
Chapter 515 - Mysterious Portal In The Dark Empty Room
Chapter 516 - Impoverished Paper Man
Chapter 517 - Messenger And Will
Chapter 518 - Trouble For Troublemaker (1)
Chapter 519 - Trouble For Troublemaker (2)
Chapter 520 - Trouble For Troublemaker (3)
Chapter 521 - Eaux Sea
Chapter 522 - Pearl And Thunderstorm
Chapter 523 - Freezing Rhythm
Chapter 524 - Purifying Operation
Chapter 525 - Yuukis First Try
Chapter 526 - The Lord Of Myriad Of Divine Laws
Chapter 527 - A Morning Scream
Chapter 528 - Schedule Of The Day
Chapter 529 - Meet The Fox Empress Again
Chapter 530 - Fox Empresss Request
Chapter 531 - Evroria City Tour
Chapter 532 - Hot Issue And Rumor
Chapter 533 - Keep The Troublemaker At Bay
Chapter 534 - Try To Understand
Chapter 535 - Friends And Comrades
Chapter 536 - Did It Really Perish
Chapter 537 - Reveal The Truth
Chapter 538 - Snow Fox Clans Hidden Village (1)
Chapter 539 - Snow Fox Clans Hidden Village (2)
Chapter 540 - Snow Fox Clans Hidden Village (3)
Chapter 541 - Unwanted Child
Chapter 542 - The Conclusion Of Their Story
Chapter 543 - Guests From Neighboring Kingdoms
Chapter 544 - Impromptu Conference
Chapter 545 - Drawing Design
Chapter 546 - Silver-Gold Magic Wand
Chapter 547 - Testing The Magic Wand
Chapter 548 - Representative Of The Two Races
Chapter 549 - Distinguished Guests From Another Continent
Chapter 550 - Diplomatic Relations
Chapter 551 - Some Items To Create
Chapter 552 - Divine Grade Battlesuit
Chapter 553 - Something Wet
Chapter 554 - Elysias Battlesuit
Chapter 555 - Going To War
Chapter 556 - Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter 557 - Wales City
Chapter 558 - Argument And Minor Clash
Chapter 559 - Regarding The War Preparation
Chapter 560 - Dylans Arsenal
Chapter 561 - Adrenaline Test
Chapter 562 - Turbo Jet
Chapter 563 - Inherit The Legacy
Chapter 564 - Spellbound Night Dress
Chapter 565 - Fine Artist
Chapter 566 - A Masterpiece
Chapter 567 - Battle Of Doom (1)
Chapter 568 - Battle Of Doom (2)
Chapter 569 - Battle Of Doom (3)
Chapter 570 - Thrown Back To Earth (1)
Chapter 571 - Thrown Back To Earth (2)
Chapter 572 - Sealed Magic Energy
Chapter 573 - The Earth God
Chapter 574 - First Step
Chapter 575 - Crave For Violence
Chapter 576 - Agent E (1)
Chapter 577 - Agent E (2)
Chapter 578 - The Stranger In A Nutshell
Chapter 579 - New Curious Friend
Chapter 580 - Mortal Angels Curse
Chapter 581 - Golden Touch
Chapter 582 - Dream World Blueprint
Chapter 583 - Fly To Tokyo
Chapter 584 - Rescue In The Arctic
Chapter 585 - I Found You
Chapter 586 - The World After Two Years (1)
Chapter 587 - The World After Two Years (2)
Chapter 588 - The World After Two Years (3)
Chapter 589 - Their Situation (1)
Chapter 590 - Their Situation (2)
Chapter 591 - Past And Tears (1)
Chapter 592 - Past And Tears (2)
Chapter 593 - Past And Tears (3)
Chapter 594 - Have A Little Fun (1)
Chapter 595 - Have A Little Fun (2)
Chapter 596 - Back To Japan
Chapter 597 - Akihabara Trip
Chapter 598 - Cherry Blossom Festival (1)
Chapter 599 - Cherry Blossom Festival (2)
Chapter 600 - Theatrical Music Show
Chapter 601 - Minamoto Clan
Chapter 602 - Under Suspicion (1)
Chapter 603 - Under Suspicion (2)
Chapter 604 - Sylvias Night Chat
Chapter 605 - Ancient Ruins Under The Sea
Chapter 606 - Treasure Hunting (1)
Chapter 607 - Treasure Hunting (2)
Chapter 608 - Agenda In South Korea
Chapter 609 - Translator Agent
Chapter 610 - Inspector Eun-Hee
Chapter 611 - Hire A Detective
Chapter 612 - The Clash In The Quiet Night
Chapter 613 - Punish The Offender Accordingly
Chapter 614 - Karma Is Real
Chapter 615 - Forgive The Past
Chapter 616 - Change Of Plan
Chapter 617 - Short Tour In Seoul
Chapter 618 - Auction Event (1)
Chapter 619 - Auction Event (2)
Chapter 620 - Strangeness
Chapter 621 - Pacific Ocean
Chapter 622 - Military Uniform
Chapter 623 - Seabed Monster
Chapter 624 - Underworld Hound (1)
Chapter 625 - Underworld Hound (2)
Chapter 626 - Underworld Realm
Chapter 627 - Dealing With Their Situation
Chapter 628 - Theyre Approaching
Chapter 629 - Call Of Battle
Chapter 630 - Supernatural Clash (1)
Chapter 631 - Supernatural Clash (2)
Chapter 632 - The Savior
Chapter 633 - What To Do Next (1)
Chapter 634 - What To Do Next (2)
Chapter 635 - Demi God Spirit
Chapter 636 - Holy Night Spirit Bird
Chapter 637 - Abnormality (1)
Chapter 638 - Abnormality (2)
Chapter 639 - Underworld Overlord
Chapter 640 - We Will Return (1)
Chapter 641 - We Will Return (2)
Chapter 642 - Borrow The Dimensional Gate
Chapter 643 - Sylvias Revelation
Chapter 644 - Will You Be Mine?
Chapter 645 - The Gate Is Found
Chapter 646 - Return To Earths Human Realm
Chapter 647: Country Visit
Chapter 648: Banquet Of Schemes And Tricks
Chapter 649: Assassination Attempt
Chapter 650: Behind The Schemes (1)
Chapter 651: Behind The Schemes (2)
Chapter 652: Thunderstorm Archipelago
Chapter 653: Xero'S Whereabouts
Chapter 654: Heretic God Join The Party
Chapter 655: Returned And Kidnapped
Chapter 656: Impromptu Rescue
Chapter 657: Everything Is Fine
Chapter 658: The Traitor Among Us
Chapter 659: Landing The Plane
Chapter 660: Leisure Time Before Ascension (1)
Chapter 661: Leisure Time Before Ascension (2)
Chapter 662: Leisure Time Before Ascension (3)
Chapter 663: Ascension To Heaven Realm
Chapter 664: First Heaven
Chapter 665: Divine Association And Council
Chapter 666: Heretic God Is Triggered
Chapter 667: The Night Before Going To Council
Chapter 668: Council'S Sacred City
Chapter 669: Alashor'S Influence
Chapter 670: He Repented?
Chapter 671: Give A Chance?
Chapter 672: Stay Neutral For Now
Chapter 673: Putting A Spirit Bond
Chapter 674: Come Back To Settle The Inevitable
Chapter 675: The Battle Has Broken Out
Chapter 676: Missing Warmth
Chapter 677: Suffocating Battle (1)
Chapter 678: Suffocating Battle (2)
Chapter 679: Savior Arrived On The Battlefield
Chapter 680: Slain The Skeleton Dragon
Chapter 681: Blood Contract
Chapter 682: The One Who Leaks Secrets
Chapter 683: Tamer
Chapter 684: The Cub'S Hidden Room
Chapter 685: Vanessa'S New Transformation
Chapter 686: Vanessa'S New Transformation
Chapter 687: Back Together
Chapter 688: Undiscovered Sealed Areas
Chapter 689: Elemental Guardian Knights
Chapter 690: Seabed Sealed Area
Chapter 691: Clashes Amidst Fierce Thunderstorm (1)
Chapter 692: Clashes Amidst Fierce Thunderstorm (2)
Chapter 693: Clashes Amidst Fierce Thunderstorm (3)
Chapter 694: Clashes Amidst Fierce Thunderstorm (4)
Chapter 695: Blinding Explosion
Chapter 696: The Girls Chit-Chat
Chapter 697: After Handling The Six Star Sealed Area.
Chapter 698: Dwarven Technology (1)
Chapter 699: Dwarven Technology (2)
Chapter 700: Small Scheme Of Good Relations
Chapter 701: Another Anomaly
Chapter 702: Earth Dragon Shook The Ground (1)
Chapter 703: Earth Dragon Shook The Ground (2)
Chapter 704: Rank Up
Chapter 705: Left None Alive
Chapter 706: Celestial Tree'S Origin
Chapter 707: The Twin Sacred Tree
Chapter 708: Bridge To Divine Support
Chapter 709: Earth After Four Days
Chapter 710: Died And Mutated
Chapter 711: The Contaminated Forest
Chapter 712: Purification Holy Light
Chapter 713: Light Paradise
Chapter 714: Cleaning Up
Chapter 715: Visiting Hea
Chapter 716: Finally Meet
Chapter 717: Ely'S Followers
Chapter 718: Pleasant Chat
Chapter 719: The Lake Spirit
Chapter 720: Quality Rest
Chapter 721: Peaceful Time
Chapter 722: Exciting Event?
Chapter 723: Beast God Entered The Battlefield (1)
Chapter 724: Beast God Entered The Battlefield (2)
Chapter 725: Beast God Entered The Battlefield (3)
Chapter 726: Their Battle Game
Chapter 727: The Battle With Competition
Chapter 728: Can'T Stand Space-Related Stuff
Chapter 729: Punishment Game
Chapter 730: A Formal Diplomatic Visit?
Chapter 731: Spark Of Hate
Chapter 732: Cooling Down The Spark
Chapter 733: New Divine Body
Chapter 734: Tribulation And A Little Boy
Chapter 735: To Become Stronger
Chapter 736: Shooting Practice
Chapter 737: Not So Shy Anymore
Chapter 738: Love And Fear
Chapter 739: Mental Type Monsters
Chapter 740: Failed To Recognize
Chapter 741: Illusory Realm
Chapter 742: Unknown Realm
Chapter 743: Discovered
Chapter 744: Void Empress
Chapter 745: Truth Seeker (1)
Chapter 746: Truth Seeker (2)
Chapter 747: Prove Your Worth
Chapter 748: Anti-Magic Planet
Chapter 749: Prey Or Be Preyed Upon
Chapter 750: Final Boss
Chapter 751: Game Over
Chapter 752: End Of Trial
Chapter 753: Mind Sync
Chapter 754: Invite Someone
Chapter 755: Need The Light
Chapter 756: Elysia'S Shadow
Chapter 757: Grand Meeting (1)
Chapter 758: Grand Meeting (2)
Chapter 759: Grand Meeting (3)
Chapter 760: Six The Fastest, Ten The Longest
Chapter 761: Sunbathe
Chapter 762: Go To Earth (1)
Chapter 763: Go To Earth (2)
Chapter 764: The Chaotic Earth (1)
Chapter 765: The Chaotic Earth (2)
Chapter 766: The Chaotic Earth (3)
Chapter 767: It Started Prematurely
Chapter 768: Talk To Nature (1)
Chapter 769: Talk To Nature (2)
Chapter 770: Not A Hero
Chapter 771: It'S Show Time
Chapter 772: Captured The Wrong Target
Chapter 773: Power Chess Pieces
Chapter 774: First Godly Clash
Chapter 775: Temporary Base
Chapter 776: Alleviate The Pandemic
Chapter 777: The Captured Deity
Chapter 778: Hunters To Be Preyed Upon
Chapter 779: Preparing Materials
Chapter 780: Planned Accident (1)
Chapter 781: Planned Accident (2)
Chapter 782: Hasten The Plan
Chapter 783: Speed Up The Hunt
Chapter 784: Formal Visit
Chapter 785: I Am The Danger
Chapter 786: Save The World?
Chapter 787: Cooperation For World'S Good
Chapter 788: Night Ambush
Chapter 788: The Assassin
Chapter 789: Elimination Begin (1)
Chapter 790: Elimination Begin (2)
791 Elimination Begin (3)
792 Thunder God Gang (1)
793 Thunder God Gang (2)
794 Oops
795 One-Man Army
796 Unexpected Violent Ambush (1)
797 Unexpected Violent Ambush (2)
798 Mutated Demonic Creature
799 The Demon'S Greeting
800 Important Meeting
801 Briefing
802 Second Day Hunt
803 Ancient Immortal God
804 Ancient One As Ally
805 Defeated In Their Game
806 Kidnapped Again?
807 The Blue Djinn
808 A Short Break
809 Taira Clan'S Exorcists
810 Hiding In The Underground Ruins
811 Sphynx Cat'S Hideout
812 Demon Apocalypse
813 Tracking The Formation'S Caster
814 The Demon God'S Scheme (1)
815 The Demon God'S Scheme (2)
816 Calamity Puppet
817 Artificial Angel
818 The Hero Who Serve The Light (1)
819 The Hero Who Serve The Light (2)
820 The Demon Incident'S Aftermath
821 Meet And Mingle
822 Someone'S Desperate Request
823 On The Verge Of Breaking (1)
824 On The Verge Of Breaking (2)
825 Just A Little More
826 Earth Realm'S Ruler
827 Resolve The Last Root
828 Departure For Seoul (1)
829 Departure For Seoul (2)
830 Black Magic'S Victims
831 Hong Clan Is Saved
832 The Day Before The Heavenly Battle (1)
833 The Day Before The Heavenly Battle (2)
834 The Day Before The Heavenly Battle (3)
835 Messed Up The Order Of Things
836 Chance To Meet The Guardian Of Dream
837 Recovery Before Ascension (1)
838 Recovery Before Ascension (2)
839 Recovery Before Ascension (3)
840 The Ancient Ones
841 Superbomb
842 Heavenly Ascension
843 Ultimate Living Weapon
844 Heavenly Battlefield (1)
845 Heavenly Battlefield (2)
846 P-Cannon
847 Inviolable Grand Plan
848 Light Within Darkness
849 The Heaven'S Sky Shattered
850 The Fate Goddess
851 Heavenly Meeting
852 Heaven'S Boundary Reparation Experiment
853 Patching Heaven'S Sky
854 Goddesses' Leisure Time
855 Banquet And Birthday Party
856 Erina'S Birthday Party
857 Meaningful Gift
858 Get The Job Done In A Day
859 Young Generation Gathering Event
860 Meet And Greet
861 The Jealous Lady (1)
862 The Jealous Lady (2)
863 Information Gathering
864 Mission Completed Smoothly
865 Back From The Mission
866 Realization And Acknowledgment
867 Before The Grand Concert
868 Tokyo Grand Theatre
869 The Song For Her Dear Friend
870 Prior To The Pacific Ocean
871 The Meeting Over The Pacific Ocean
872 Oppressive Pressure
873 I'M A Human!
874 We Mistook Him
875 Prepare Everything Before Sunrise
876 Swimming Pool And Barbecue
877 Lite Version Trial
878 Feel Like A Failure
879 It'S Time To Return
880 Welcome Back To Vrelenia
881 First Mission Shortly After Returning
882 Technology Collaboration
883 Malicious Omen
884 The Clone
885 Fake Vs Real (1)
886 Fake Vs Real (2)
887 Emergency Spirit Surgery
888 Healing Elysia'S Spirit Body (1)
889 Healing Elysia'S Spirit Body (2)
890 Rebellion Groups
891 The Rebel By The Lake
892 No Redemption
893 Divine Trap Scheme
894 Lost Contact (1)
895 Lost Contact (2)
896 Holy Knight'S Skeleton
897 Forbidden Underground City
898 The Black Magma Dragon
899 The Clash Between Ancient Dragons
900 Dragon Crater Of Magma Wrath
901 Divine Rune Of Destruction Insignia
902 Wished To Know Everything About Them
903 Entrust Your Life To Us
904 Seven Chakra Spots
905 The Hidden Truth About Their Past
906 Everyone'S Spirit Bonds
907 Sealed Their Fate
908 Avrora Forest Invasion
909 The Captured Puppet
910 Turn Enemy Into Ally
911 Unexpected Encounter In The Cuttexus City
912 Tomb Raiders (1)
913 Tomb Raiders (2)
914 Goddess-Level Doll
915 Beware Of The Clones
916 Visiting The Reinhard Clan
917 Renouncing The Throne
918 Breaching The Deal
919 Fusion (1)
920 Fusion (2)
921 Fox Empress Dilemma
922 Spirit Bond Power Boost
923 Appoint The Next Ruler
924 Please Don'T Throw Me Away
925 Fungus Buster
926 The Abducted Mermaid
927 Smart Move
928 The Witch Of Depravity
929 Servant Invitation
930 Rare Merfolk Unique Ability
931 New Junior Sister
932 Dating Bait
933 Guardian Knights
934 Lure The Ruvoid Avatar Out
935 For My Master'S Cause
936 Friend'S House Visit
937 Evelyn'S Pursuer
938 An Impending Disaster
939 Little Ninja Thief
940 Unknown Empress?
941 Time Chamber
942 The Mysteries Hidden Within Us
943 Sea Of Memories
944 Training, Trial, And Turmoil
945 The Artificial World Tree
946 Three Days Of Onslaught (1)
947 Three Days Of Onslaught (2)
948 Three Days Of Onslaught (3)
949 Three Days Of Onslaught (4)
950 Four Years Of Seclusion
951 The Great Truth Seeker
952 Handle The Ruvoid Avatars
953 To Determine Future Action
954 Everyone Gathered For The Broadcast
955 The Saintesses And World Peace
956 Excuse And Misunderstanding
957 Blueprints Of Welfare
958 Oath Ceremony
959 Doll One'S Request
960 The New Beginning
961 Sedition And Enlightenment
962 Within The Divine Angel Trial
963 Healing Head Pats
964 Mini Boss Floor
965 Sleep In Meditation
966 Defeated By A Doppelganger
967 The Key To Victory
968 Ely Plushie
969 All Set
970 Ariel'S Recovery Plan
971 Beat Them Up
972 Enlightened Undead
973 Vitality Herbs Hunt
974 Monsters Above Monsters
975 Eternal Winter Continents
976 Encounter Between Ancient Dragons
977 Ancient Dragon As Guide
978 Eternal Blizzard
979 The Unknown That Sought Her Presence
980 Primo Gem
981 Toast To New Members
982 Do You Miss Me?
983 No Meddling
984 The Things Left Unattended
985 Spaceship Cannons
986 Beat The Disobedient Dog
987 Sky Library
988 Beast Tattoos And Dreamland
989 Foresight Dream
990 Fly To The Moon
991 Moon Temple
992 Exchange Of Three
993 Simulated Battle Against Lesser Ruvoid God
994 Celestia'S Sword Spirit
995 Celestia'S Tribulation
996 To Settle Everything
997 Unprecedented Event
998 Clear Things Up
999 Gifts For Everyone
1000 Meet Expectations
1001 Another God'S Remnant Soul
1002 Divine Legacy
1003 Heavenly Ice
1004 Treating Obsession
1005 No Touch
1006 Domain Expansion
1007 Subjugation Expedition
1008 Devil Empress
1009 Elite Dragon Knights?
1010 They Make Up
1012 Fairy Misunderstanding
1013 No Longer Need His Protection
1014 The Last Quick Patrol
1015 God'S Old Friends
1016 The Doomsday Arrives
1017 Engaged In Battle
1018 Clouds Of Darkness
1019 Shadow Titan
1020 Caused A Stir
1021 Reclaim One'S Dignity And Confidence
1022 I'Ll Protect You
1023 Praise To The Goddess
1024 Outer Space Battle
1025 The Battle Has Just Begun
1026 This Isn'T Even My Final Form
1027 You'Re Not The Only One
1028 Final Phase
1029 The Battle Against Time
1030 Resolving Disaster With Greater Calamity
1031 Every End Has A New Beginning
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Ali Avery was a successful young man adored by everyone. But things were not as they were shown to the life. Shunned and betrayed by his peers... He was hiding among happy facades.

Everything changed for him on one fateful night when he awoke in a dangerous new world with a completely different body, and his guardian angel was also there to accompany him.

A world where the impossible was possible while the imaginations were the reality of the dreamer.

'Am I a Goddess? I'm just a little different.'

'My imagination can become real magic, but isn't this energy point a bit too much?'

Stranded in the new environment, new life, new strength, and new possibilities... How would he/she survive?

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Dark Past

Chapter 1: Dark Past

Ali Avery was a talented young man who managed to realize his ideals by becoming a successful businessman. He built his career from very scratch. His efforts, which became a significant result of his hard work, made his family proud and happy.

From all sides of the spotlight seen by many people, no one knew or cared about Ali's dark past when he was young.

Young Ali didn't know when it started and why they did it, but his peers began to isolate and move away from him. At that time, young Ali's naive mind did not take the situation seriously and only thought he had just made a mistake and needed to correct it.

He just apologized if he did anything wrong to his peers and began to help with social activities that made him highly regarded by the teachers and the parents.

The situation got even worse with time. Young Al began to get rough treatment even from the older people in his family. Their emotions became less stable, and they could quickly become angry for specific economic reasons. It was not uncommon to treat young Ali with harsh treatment with an excuse as a proper discipline.

His opinions were often ignored and left with harsh words like "you're just a kid, what do you know!" and much more verbal abuse that came after that.

That treatment made him feel inferior, and he began to be afraid of many things. The situation worsened by spreading in many directions... Words like 'Ali, you better keep quiet!' and 'you're annoying, just go away!' were often thrown at him.

'I just want to help.' 'What did I do wrong?' Young Ali began to sink into the sea of ??self-blame.

Several months passed with that treatment, and young Ali didn't even have friends at the time. He just buried everything he felt deep in his heart, unable to express it and could only suffer silently.

Until he got a friend who often came to the park and accidentally met him, they often played together. The two boys became best friends afterward. Young Ali thought the friendship between him and his playmate was quite close, so he began to talk about himself about what he had gone through.

The outcome was not what he expected. His best friend also avoided him with the excuse, 'I don't want to get involved with you anymore'. Young Ali's mental condition became worse afterward due to his best friend's betrayal, who began to join in bullying himself with other people.

Bullying really turned out to be excessive when he had moved up to a higher level of education. Now, he often received some physical abuse for the reasons he didn't even know.

However, when the physical abuse news reached the teachers' and parents' ears, they only considered it a joke of children in general and did not take the situation seriously. No one knew, young Ali's mental state was getting worse and had caused a deep trauma.

'I didn't do anything wrong. I did my best. What makes me deserve this treatment?' Young Ali started to question himself. He was devastated, and nobody cared. He reached, and no one was there.

Over time, young Ali became more aware of himself and paid more attention to his environment.

He had become more fond of being alone than in a crowd, quiet as his consolation, and a remote place as his sanctuary. He unconsciously built a very high self-awareness towards himself and the environment around him.

When young Ali entered junior high school, he began to resist the abusive treatment of his peers. The sharp gaze he gave to the people who wanted to bully him managed to shrink their evil intentions.

The bullying still happened several times because the numbers were not small. They also did not hesitate to cause injuries to young Ali's body. He was threatened not to tell anyone if he didn't want things like that to continue.

Some compassionate responses were only offered to him without really helping him from those who knew the incident's ins and outs. Young Ali knew that no one would help him, but he also realized he was utterly alone.

Young Ali knew it couldn't go on anymore, so he started to fight back when the bullying incident came to him again, regardless of what happened to him.

The incident took a big turn, but young Ali emerged as a victim. However, he was feared as a thug or a hoodlum. He who had no friends ended up losing the opportunity to make any friends.

Everything improved after young Ali entered senior high school in another city. Although he was quiet and more likely to be an introvert, he made many acquaintances due to his firm, straightforward, and reliable character.

The events he experienced in the past made him afraid of friendship, and he only considered them as just acquaintances.

Time was a helpful medicine for young Ali. He began his career as an entrepreneur immediately after graduating from senior high school in the overseas land.

The business he was doing sped up so fast, but it did not last long. His trusted person, who had the highest power after himself, betrayed him and took all company assets from him.

Ali realized it all too late, and he could only mourn his bitter fate after everything had crumbled.

His confidant's response when he asked about why she chose to betray after all the trust he gave was limited to 'The world is cruel, so you have to get used to not trusting anyone. You are still too naive in this kind of field, Ali'.

Deep trauma and dark memories came back to haunt Ali even after a long time in the deep burial after suppressed by him after all this time.

He returned to his hometown with invisible sorrow and wounds. There was a desire to end his life immediately and be free from this cruel world. However, a strong urge to keep trying came afterward, given that he had survived several severe accidents at a young age.

Four times he was hit by a vehicle that did not comply with traffic regulations. His body was thrown off due to the heavy impact. Strangely, the whole incident did not cause pain and injury. Whether it was an external or internal wound when taken to the medical room for examination.

Ali realized something that was not real but felt real, his guardian angel was still with him and always protected him by his side.

Faith and determination arose when he realized he was not destined to always be slumped in life. He started his career from scratch again.

He participated in particular competitions with prizes, and he managed to win them to be used as venture capital money. It was also used to expand his connections with many parties.

Heartless leaders, cruel bosses, and selfish clients often evoked intense reactions because of his deep trauma.

Ali once again struggled against his fear and suppressed his body's intense reaction. His body and heart became so cold, it felt like a painful squeeze. He was trembling with the trauma of his fear.

His hard work and perseverance once again produced sweet fruit. He became a businessman in his hometown who took care of various fields. He had been considered a winner in life by living comfortably in a beautiful house, cars lined up neatly in the garage, and his profession, which was highly valued in society.

At the peak of his career, his father and mother lived with him... Also, his cousin lived with him right after she became an orphan.

In the world, only his little family he could care about. Other things might change him, but he started and ended with his family. Acquaintances only came and left at their convenience while coworkers only used each other for their personal benefit... But, only his little family remained with him even though they had their own shortcomings.

"Linda... Breakfast is ready, let's eat then go to school!" Ali called his cousin from the dining room. She was engrossed in watching a children's cartoon on the television in the living room.

"Yay! Brother Ali is the best! I love you!" His cousin immediately turned off the television and joined Ali in the dining room.

Linda Esmeralda was a cheerful girl full of flowers and stars. She was in junior high school, Linda was finally able to move forward from the sadness of an orphan over the death of her parents.

"Yeah, yeah... You just love my cooking." Ali didn't seem to care.

He had been cooking for quite a while for himself and forged his cooking skills to an advanced level. Ali also often became a chef with his mother or went to cook alternately for their little improved family.

"Hehe... How is that possible. Oh yeah. Where are uncle and auntie?" Linda asked before eating her breakfast.

"They've gone to their shop, you lazy girl. See what time it is?" Ali pointed to the clock on the wall. It showed half-past seven.

"Mfm... They are... Mmm... I see... Nyam... Diligent." Linda praised while chewing her food.

"Don't talk while you eat. Well, even though I told my parents not to open the shop and let me support them, but they still refused."

Ali's father and mother refused his request because the shop they had opened for a long time had several permanent workers. Their workers would have economic difficulties if they were laid off. Besides, his parents did not have the heart to close the shop and retire because of the frequent old customers.

Because in his youth Ali grew solely from the shop income. He only let his parents open their shop even though they did not receive much profit, given the intense competition in this global era.

After Linda finished her breakfast, she went straight to her room to shower and change into her school uniform. Then, she returned to the living room, and Ali was already waiting for her.

"Alright, let's go. I'll take you to school before going to my office." Ali invited Linda, he put on neat clothes and was about to go to his office. Dropping his cousin to school was like a routine for him.

"Un! Let's go!" Linda excitedly left with Ali.

Ali really enjoyed this warm and modest life. He still had deep trauma and intense bodily reactions due to his dark past experiences. Still, he was able to entirely hide that fear perfectly deep in his heart.

Little did he know, this was only the beginning of his story that would become more profound and the end of this brief warmth.


Total Chapters in book: 1031
Estimated words: 1835293 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 9176(@200wpm)___ 7341(@250wpm)___ 6118(@300wpm)