Realms In The Firmament by Fengling Tianxia

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Breaking Parameters
Chapter 3 Scheming A Thousand Years Too Soon
Chapter 4 Willowed Fores
Chapter 5 Luna
Chapter 6 Instant Kill
Chapter 7 Shameless
Chapter 8 Clearing The First World Boss
Chapter 9 Dividing The Loot And An Unexpected Gain
Chapter 10 Cultivating In An Vrmmorpg?
Chapter 11 Narrow Passageways
Chapter 12 Dungeon: Goblin'S Paradise
Chapter 13 Goblin Foreman Rthuja
Chapter 14 Gilidore'S Plea
Chapter 15 Digging One'S Own Grave
Chapter 16 Red Orbs And Reminiscing
Chapter 17 Destroying The Barrier
Chapter 18 Goblin King'S Commander Jruloja
Chapter 19 Prelude To The Unforeseen Even
Chapter 20 An Unforeseen Even
Chapter 21 It'S Only The Beginning
Chapter 22 Returning To Opal Town
Chapter 23 Before Your Journey Of Revenge, Dig Your Own Grave... Or Three
Chapter 24 Onward To Amaharpe
Chapter 25 Learning New Heavenly Laws
Chapter 26 Amaharpe
Chapter 27 The Friend Of Gear
Chapter 28 The Meeting Poin
Chapter 29 Dangerous Mountain Region
Chapter 30 This Mountain Region Is Strange!
Chapter 31 The Valley Of Death Part 1
Chapter 32 The Valley Of Death Part 2
Chapter 33 Reilei
Chapter 34 The Village Of Tears/Information About The Seer
Chapter 35 Lake Of Tears
Chapter 36 Seer Tererestiaa
Chapter 37 Realm Of The Shadahi
Chapter 38 Isn'T This A Little Impossible?
Chapter 39 Palace Of Syxirius, The Unworthy: Commander Ekquilore
Chapter 40 Isn'T This Boss Fight A Little Too Easy?
Chapter 41 Blessing Or Curse? Definitely A Blessing!
Chapter 42 Kill
Chapter 43 I Think I Know Where It Is!
Chapter 44 Anivarity'S Bell
Chapter 45 Returning To Amaharpe Part 1
Chapter 46 Returning To Amaharpe Part 2
Chapter 47 Auction House
Chapter 48 Chaos At The Auction House
Chapter 49 It'S A Start!
Chapter 50 Logging Ou
Chapter 51 Jin... Am I Allowed To Be Happy...?
Chapter 52 Vengeance
Chapter 53 It'S A Demon!
Chapter 54 This Is A Disaster
Chapter 55 Invasion Of Dragon'S Paradise
Chapter 56 What Paradise? This Is Hell!
Chapter 57 Returning To Realm Of Myths And Legends
Chapter 58 Apothecary
Chapter 59 Five Cycles Pill
Chapter 60 Apothecary Iii
Chapter 61 Crossing Paths
Chapter 62 Cross Haven
Chapter 63 The Other Side Of The Gateway
Chapter 64 Sea Palace Graveyard
Chapter 65 Great Kashysh Sea, The Underwater World
Chapter 66 Isolated Water Drople
Chapter 67 Calder, The Seahorse Knigh
Chapter 68 Skill Fusion
Chapter 69 Sapphire Gem
Chapter 70 Memories Of The Sea
Chapter 71 Locating The Moonstone Gem
Chapter 72 Obtaining The Moonstone Gem
Chapter 73 Gravity Pocket, Down The Center Path
Chapter 74 Dreaming Wave Pond
Chapter 75 Memories Of The Sea Ii
Chapter 76 Great Sea Palace Outer Layer
Chapter 77 Vicious Barbados
Chapter 78 An Unexpected Clue!
Chapter 79 Memento Clam
Chapter 80 Who Could Possibly Comprehend The Words Of Zhi?
Chapter 81 The Fierce Guan Yu And The Determined Zi Yi!
Chapter 82 Should I Assist You? "No Need!"
Chapter 83 Headhunter Syndicate
Chapter 84 The Calm Before The Storm Part 1
Chapter 85 The Calm Before The Storm Part 2
Chapter 86 The Calm Before The Storm Part 3
Chapter 87 The Calm Before The Storm Part 4
Chapter 88 Making Preparations
Chapter 89 Zi Yi'S Effor
Chapter 90 Consequences And Rewards
Chapter 91 What We Lack
Chapter 92 Mariposa
Chapter 93 I See You Two Have A Unique Taste
Chapter 94 Zendai Proximus
Chapter 95 The Beginning Of The Storm Part 1
Chapter 96 The Beginning Of The Storm Part 2
Chapter 97 Protectors Of Amaharpe: First Wave
Chapter 98 First Encounter
Chapter 99 Chaotic Dogma Realm
Chapter 100 Earth Devouring Groundbull
Chapter 101 Restriction
Chapter 102 Phenomenon: World Of Shadows And The Temple
Chapter 103 First Death?
Chapter 104 Hidden Secrets Of The Six Doors
Chapter 105 Chaos Fiends
Chapter 106 Struggles
Chapter 107 Source Of Despair
Chapter 108 A New World Is Born From The Egg Of Chaos
Chapter 109 Soul Essence
Chapter 110 Anomalies
Chapter 111 Silverline Entity
Chapter 112 Monster See Monster Do
Chapter 113 Limits Of The Silverline Entity
Chapter 114 Adaptation Cape
Chapter 115 Chaotic Shif
Chapter 116 Gear'S Reques
Chapter 117 The Beginning Of Menerva'S Terrifying Strategy
Chapter 118 You Should Not Be Here, Izroth
Chapter 119 A Cornered Beast Is The Most Dangerous Kind
Chapter 120 Next Course Of Action
Chapter 121 Back To Square One?
Chapter 122 Wounded
Chapter 123 Going To Get Some Answers
Chapter 124 Going Separate Ways
Chapter 125 The Difference Between Both Mortals
Chapter 126 Shifting Earth
Chapter 127 Blood Enemies
Chapter 128 A Lost Child?
Chapter 129 A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 130 Proposal
Chapter 131 Regrouping
Chapter 132 Reaching The Tower
Chapter 133 Endless Pandemonium Tower
Chapter 134 First Trial: Avatars And Returning Shard
Chapter 135 Before The Sixth Wave Began
Chapter 136 Sixth Wave
Chapter 137 In Motion
Chapter 138 Just A Wild Dog
Chapter 139 Casuals Greed
Chapter 140 Warning Sho
Chapter 141 Make A Break For It!
Chapter 142 Provocation
Chapter 143 A Game Of Palm Dancing
Chapter 144 Defying The Second Order
Chapter 145 Up For Grabs? It'S Already Taken!
Chapter 146 Vessel Of The Endless One
Chapter 147 Sage Falls Makes A Move?
Chapter 148 Taking The Bai
Chapter 149 Common Enemy
Chapter 150 Hunger Of The Vessel Of The Endless One
Chapter 151 Right In Front Of Our Eyes
Chapter 152 Everything Is Hopeless In The End
Chapter 153 The Returning Shard
Chapter 154 Completing The First Trial
Chapter 155 Second Trial: Undying Maelstrom
Chapter 156 Hunters Of The Undying Maelstrom
Chapter 157 The Origin Of The Isolation Compass And The Undying Maelstrom
Chapter 158 Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 159 Confrontation In The Undying Maelstrom
Chapter 160 Eyes Of Providence And Collapsing Thunder
Chapter 161 Eighteen Arms Of Wushu
Chapter 162 Project: New Genesis
Chapter 163 The Sleeping Beauty Awakens, Sealed Fates
Chapter 164 The Price Of Completing The Second Trial
Chapter 165 Without Lifting A Single Finger, The Dispirited Aegis And The Simple Final Trial
Chapter 166 Reaching The End Of The Chaotic Dogma Realm
Chapter 167 What Lies At The End, Returning To Amaharpe And A Taste Of Victory!
Chapter 168 Return To The Lake Of Tears, The Troubled Seer
Chapter 169 Protector Of Amaharpe!
Chapter 170 Mariposa'S Invitation
Chapter 171 Negotiation
Chapter 172 Zi Yi'S Unwavering Silver Tongue
Chapter 173 Trust Is Something Earned, Not Given Freely
Chapter 174 Forced Logou
Chapter 175 Set Ablaze And Set Adrif
Chapter 176 Reilei'S Fate
Chapter 177 Insignia
Chapter 178 Breaker'S Hidden Agenda
Chapter 179 Lockdown Of The Dragon Den, Not Alone
Chapter 180 Abnormal Finding In The Dragon Den
Chapter 181 One Finger
Chapter 182 Settling Some Affairs
Chapter 183 The Joy Of A World Born
Chapter 184 Looking At The Bigger Picture
Chapter 185 A Tempting Offer
Chapter 186 The Pact And An Offer That Can'T Be Refused
Chapter 187 Finalizing
Chapter 188 Purchasing The First Property
Chapter 189 Ambushed And Surrounded
Chapter 190 The Mystical Realm Palace
Chapter 191 Unknown Assailan
Chapter 192 Nowhere To Escape In Avalonia'S Arboretum
Chapter 193 I Concede
Chapter 194 I Will Not Be Denied Myself!
Chapter 195 Contest Of Authority
Chapter 196 How Far One Is Willing To Go For Revenge
Chapter 197 Alone
Chapter 198 Reinforcements
Chapter 199 Dark Hecatomb
Chapter 200 Breaking The Dark Hecatomb
Chapter 201 Lead The Way
Chapter 202 Shift In Power
Chapter 203 Fiery Burden
Chapter 204 Even In This World, The Bark Of A Dog Remains Unchanged
Chapter 205 Blazing Tempris Domain
Chapter 206 Old Faces
Chapter 207 Instilling Fear
Chapter 208 Fire Spiri
Chapter 209 Wager
Chapter 210 Surprise Attack!
Chapter 211 Humiliating Loss
Chapter 212 Blazing Temple
Chapter 213 Paying A Visi
Chapter 214 The Seven Dreams Consortium
Chapter 215 Prove Your Worth! The Ancient Hall Of Tempris
Chapter 216 Challenge Of Fire
Chapter 217 Reward From The Hidden Ques
Chapter 218 Newfound Energy
Chapter 219 Shocking News! The Grand Opening Of The Mystical Realm Palace
Chapter 220 The Top Guilds Scramble! Part 1
Chapter 221 The Top Guilds Scramble! Part 2
Chapter 222 A Wave Unexpected Guests
Chapter 223 Not Interested... But Not Impossible To Meet!
Chapter 224 The Existence Of A Second Pill Emperor?
Chapter 225 Niflheim'S Proposition
Chapter 226 Opening Of The Treasure Chests
Chapter 227 Zi Yi'S Astonishing Discovery
Chapter 228 Revealing The Facts, A Dangerous Location
Chapter 229 Fall Of Sage Falls?, The Unforgiving System
Chapter 230 Resurfacing Memories
Chapter 231 You Should Be Ashamed
Chapter 232 Cleansing The Soul Devourer, Kong Dishi
Chapter 233 Holy Blessings
Chapter 234 The Sixth Member
Chapter 235 Stepping Into The Mist Of The Netherworld
Chapter 236 Creature Of The Netherworld
Chapter 237 Mind Playing Tricks?
Chapter 238 We Welcome You, Now Please Die
Chapter 239 Countdown
Chapter 240 Growing Misfortune
Chapter 241 Invincible In The Roaming Village Of The Netherworld?
Chapter 242 Banish
Chapter 243 Zi Yi'S Genius Or Madness?
Chapter 244 Zhi'S Medallion
Chapter 245 Fearsome Clash Of Two Powers
Chapter 246 A Dark Road Ahead
Chapter 247 Tomb Of Nekrostalmenos, Envoy Of The Netherworld
Chapter 248 Nekrostis, Servant Of The Netherworld Envoy
Chapter 249 Betrayed?
Chapter 250 Hand Of Darkness
Chapter 251 Tied Together And Smooth Sailing
Chapter 252 Trouble At The Mystical Realm Palace, The Bold Sage Falls
Chapter 253 Luna'S Chilling Ailmen
Chapter 254 New Arrivals!
Chapter 255 Some Things You Can'T Touch
Chapter 256 Closing The Portals To The Netherworld Part 1
Chapter 257 Closing The Portals To The Netherworld Part 2
Chapter 258 Closing The Portals To The Netherworld Part 3
Chapter 259 A Divine Blessing For A Daunting Task
Chapter 260 A Race Against Time
Chapter 261 Source Of The Impending Danger
Chapter 262 Severance
Chapter 263 Irredeemable! Obtaining The Lost Page
Chapter 264 It'S Not There!
Chapter 265 No Need For Words
Chapter 266 Slayer'S Two Options, The Prelude To A Massacre
Chapter 267 Carnage, Over The Edge
Chapter 268 A Generous Donation
Chapter 269 Chasing The Wrong Targe
Chapter 270 The Path That Lies Ahead
Chapter 271 It'S So Realistic
Chapter 272 This Is A Summoner?
Chapter 273 The Furious Keeper Of Books
Chapter 274 Rewriting The Fundamental Laws
Chapter 275 Who Is The Real Grand Master Here?
Chapter 276 Knowledge And Benefits
Chapter 277 Doe Of Nine Creations
Chapter 278 Reilei'S Powerful Skill
Chapter 279 Raw Physical Strength
Chapter 280 Farewell
Chapter 281 Power Of Source
Chapter 282 Vice-Leader Of Silver Hawk Merchants Caravan
Chapter 283 Izroth'S Suspicions
Chapter 284 Entering The Tiger'S Mouth
Chapter 285 No Longer An Issue
Chapter 286 Return Of The Shadow
Chapter 287 A Moment To Strike
Chapter 288 Forced Out Of Hiding
Chapter 289 Intentions
Chapter 290 Robinarzin'S Secre
Chapter 291 How Much Would It Cost For A Kingdom To Betray The World?
Chapter 292 All It Took Was One Strike!
Chapter 293 Faceless One
Chapter 294 Collapse Of The Silver Hawk Merchants Caravan
Chapter 295 A Quest That Was Doomed To Fail
Chapter 296 Final Reques
Chapter 297 Forming A New Party
Chapter 298 A Bounty Worth One Billion Gold Coins!
Chapter 299 Let The Hunt Begin!
Chapter 300 Isn'T This System Cheating Me?
Chapter 301 Raising Questions
Chapter 302 Discipline Of The Warpath Blade
Chapter 303 Zephyr, First Sword Of The Warpath Blade
Chapter 304 Conceding The Sky
Chapter 305 Element Fusion: Storm
Chapter 306 Reaching Everpeak
Chapter 307 Trouble At The Gate
Chapter 308 Ying Yue'S Broken Transformation
Chapter 309 Wiseman Of Everpeak
Chapter 310 It'S Only A Question Of When
Chapter 311 So Easy!
Chapter 312 Perfect Timing! Izroth, Let'S Have A Match!
Chapter 313 Izroth Vs Valentine Part 1
Chapter 314 Izroth Vs Valentine Part 2
Chapter 315 Izroth'S Ruthless Side? A Series Of Crushing Defeats!
Chapter 316 Kryxelsia'S Gif
Chapter 317 Declaration
Chapter 318 A New Home, Date Of The Meeting
Chapter 319 Friendly Wager
Chapter 320 Stunning The Two Apothecaries
Chapter 321 Revealing The Truth
Chapter 322 Phantasmal Race
Chapter 323 Sky Palace Of Zushuatri
Chapter 324 Master Of The Sky Palace, Zushuatri
Chapter 325 The Unexpected Visitor Of The Second Selection
Chapter 326 Five Way Imprin
Chapter 327 Underestimated
Chapter 328 It Must Be A Dream!
Chapter 329 One Vs Many
Chapter 330 Call Of The Thunder God, First State: Heavenly Descen
Chapter 331 First Party
Chapter 332 Useless Summoner?
Chapter 333 Did I Do Something Wrong?
Chapter 334 Stepping Forward
Chapter 335 Boundless Sea
Chapter 336 Source Of The Vile Aura
Chapter 337 Forcing Hands
Chapter 338 Swallowed Whole! Roudin'S Chance
Chapter 339 You Moved!
Chapter 340 Domain
Chapter 341 A Feat Thought To Be Impossible
Chapter 342 Appearance Of A Third Party
Chapter 343 On Borrowed Power
Chapter 344 A Gamble For Great Benefits!
Chapter 345 Before It'S Too Late
Chapter 346 The Seven Captains Of Blue Oasis Gather!
Chapter 347 Out The Maw Of The Beas
Chapter 348 The Dysfunctional Party Is Starting To Look Somewhat Like An Actual Party
Chapter 349 The Battle Is Over, A Surprising Action!
Chapter 350 A Looming Threat Of Danger
Chapter 351 Reilei'S Breaking Poin
Chapter 352 Wasn'T This Supposed To Be An Easy Fight?
Chapter 353 The Vicious Xiao Liang, The Predicamen
Chapter 354 Arguing Over Who Gets To Claim His Life
Chapter 355 Kayn Joins The Selection, Izroth'S Curiosity
Chapter 356 Just What Kind Of Person Did We Provoke?
Chapter 357 Wanting To Exchange Pointers
Chapter 358 The Hidden Hand Suppresses
Chapter 359 Kayn'S Interest, A Heartless Woman
Chapter 360 Current Limits
Chapter 361 Not Taking A Single Step
Chapter 362 Art Of Sixteen Quintessential Breaths
Chapter 363 Strength Of The Heavenly Golden Body
Chapter 364 An Act Of That Goes Against Nature Itself
Chapter 365 Temporary Truce, The Corrosive Maelstrom Domain
Chapter 366 The Heavenly Lightning Descends
Chapter 367 Annihilation Of A Peaceful World
Chapter 368 Returning To A Peaceful World, A Pitiful Existence
Chapter 369 Everything Grinding To A Halt, The Mysterious Man Appears!
Chapter 370 The Mysterious Man'S Gift, The Selection Ends!
Chapter 371 Information Regarding The Lustrum Imperial Bout, The Top Ten Announced!
Chapter 372 Golden Lustrum Imperial Token, Exploiting The System
Chapter 373 A Message From Law, Izroth'S Misfortune?
Chapter 374 Apparel Of Insatiable Transcendence
Chapter 375 Speaking Of The Path Of Dragons, Message From A Stranger
Chapter 376 An Invitation From The Headhunter Syndicate
Chapter 377 The Birth Of A Rich Young Master?
Chapter 378 Feeding The Apparel Of Insatiable Transcendence
Chapter 379 The Ghost Shroud General, Visiting Everpeak
Chapter 380 A Distant Opportunity
Chapter 381 The Handsome Genius Born Once In A Lifetime, Gu Chao!
Chapter 382 Forged Effects, Gu Chao'S Goal?
Chapter 383 Talent Attracts Talen
Chapter 384 Curse
Chapter 385 Too Strong! An Unchecked Izroth?
Chapter 386 Netherworld Exchange, The Helping Hand Of An Enemy?
Chapter 387 Understanding Silence, Together Once Again!
Chapter 388 No One Left Behind, The Unknown First Step
Chapter 389 The Assigning Of Raid Positions
Chapter 390 The One Who Arrived Alone
Chapter 391 Cross Haven'S Trump Card?, Broadcast To The World!
Chapter 392 Five Parts Of Ten
Chapter 393 An Agreement Struck, Entering The True Settlement Of Clearwater!
Chapter 394 Moving Freely About Underwater, The Two Seafolks
Chapter 395 Bloodline Of The Sea Goddess Eotl, Meeting Poin
Chapter 396 The Peaceful Atmosphere Of A Raid?
Chapter 397 Raid Phases
Chapter 398 Faster Than Anticipated
Chapter 399 A Frightening Shot!
Chapter 400 A Little Closer
Chapter 401 Relics Of The Sea Destroyed, The Strongest Damage Dealer In The Raid?
Chapter 402 Into The Outer Layer Of The Great Sea Palace
Chapter 403 Survive!
Chapter 404 The Start Of Phase Two
Chapter 405 No Way Back, A Way Forward!
Chapter 406 Confidence Or Arrogance?
Chapter 407 Practically Free!
Chapter 408 The Mysterious Light And Teardrop Necklace
Chapter 409 Phantasmagoria
Chapter 410 Corporeal Lucidity Moss
Chapter 411 Curing The Phantasmagoria Part 1
Chapter 412 Curing The Phantasmagoria Part 2
Chapter 413 Circumstances
Chapter 414 Sprite Dwellings: Luna And Ooudamu 1/4
Chapter 415 Sprite Dwellings: Luna And Ooudamu 2/4
Chapter 416 Sprite Dwellings: Luna And Ooudamu 3/4
Chapter 417 Sprite Dwellings: Luna And Ooudamu 4/4
Chapter 418 Danger Ahead, A Familiar Flame!
Chapter 419 Luna'S Indomitable Voice Magic
Chapter 420 The Grueling Battle For Survival That Lies Ahead!
Chapter 421 Ooudamu, Queen Of The Water Sprites
Chapter 422 Suppressing The Indomitable Voice Magic! 1/3
Chapter 423 Suppressing The Indomitable Voice Magic! 2/3
Chapter 424 Suppressing The Indomitable Voice Magic! 3/3
Chapter 425 Twin Lasting Epoch Sentinels
Chapter 426 Ooudamu'S Outburst!
Chapter 427 The Raid Group Reunites, True Battle Commences!
Chapter 428 A Blessing Hidden As Misfortune
Chapter 429 First Death! The Terror Of A Hardcore Raid!
Chapter 430 He'S Gone Mad!
Chapter 431 Defeated
Chapter 432 The Cause Of Blue Oasis' Biggest Regret?
Chapter 433 Going Back On One'S Promise?
Chapter 434 Niflheim'S Resolve, Izroth'S Choice
Chapter 435 Left As The Losers? It'S Not Yet Over!
Chapter 436 Big Sis, You'Re Underestimating My Brother Too Much!
Chapter 437 Start The Countdown, 20 Minutes!
Chapter 438 Blitz To The Sprite Dwellings!
Chapter 439 Sleeping Gardenia'S Utility, Wings Of Lightning, And The Worst Kind Of Enemy?
Chapter 440 Under 20 Minutes!
Chapter 441 Colosseum Of The Great Sea Palace
Chapter 442 Clearing The Bikrosh
Chapter 443 Scagmag'S Whale Song, Two Bosses In One Fight?
Chapter 444 Set Your Sights Forward, Heski And Mona!
Chapter 445 Emerging Victorious, An Unexpected Surprise?
Chapter 446 Coughing Up Blood!
Chapter 447 Izroth'S Message And Message Received!
Chapter 448 A Dejected Blue Oasis, The Headhunter Syndicate Calls!
Chapter 449 Meeting The Headhunter Syndicate
Chapter 450 Secret To The Headhunter Syndicate'S Success, Benefits Of The Great Sea Palace Raid!
Chapter 451 To The Fifth Kingdom Pzenium!
Chapter 452 Enemies In The Spirit Cave 1/2
Chapter 453 Enemies In The Spirit Cave 2/2
Chapter 454 Pzenium
Chapter 455 Millennial Veiled Oasis
Chapter 456 A Case Of Mistaken Identity
Chapter 457 Two Conditions Of The Elders
Chapter 458 Origin Of The Trephasia, The Small Hun
Chapter 459 Owner Of The Empress Brooch, Intruder In The Millennial Veiled Oasis!
Chapter 460 Reserving Life In The Oasis!
Chapter 461 Dance Of Fusillades
Chapter 462 A Troublesome Situation Arises, An Abrupt Thunderstorm In The Pzenium Kingdom?
Chapter 463 Two Down, Two To Go!
Chapter 464 Falcinean'S Passage Of The Deser
Chapter 465 Boundless Nullifying Expanse
Chapter 466 A Child Who Can Destroy The World?
Chapter 467 Truth About The Millennial Veiled Oasis
Chapter 468 Awakening Of The Lost Bloodline, Relentless Players
Chapter 469 Confronting The Headhunter Syndicate, A Third Party Appears?
Chapter 470 What'S A Sleeping Gardenia?
Chapter 471 A Troubled Worldly Skies And The Fractured Fireheart Apothecary Society
Chapter 472 4Th Floor Of The Mystical Realm Palace, A Call From Niflheim
Chapter 473 Territory Missions And Subjugations, An Esteemed Guest Arrives!
Chapter 474 Departed Memories?, Izroth'S Shocking Announcement!
Chapter 475 Introductions, An Oppressive Energy Descends In The Mystical Realm Palace!
Chapter 476 The Young Trephasia Awakens
Chapter 477 Temporarily Parting Ways, Sharing The Sss-Ranked Ques
Chapter 478 Competition At The Mystical Realm Palace Part 1/3
Chapter 479 Competition At The Mystical Realm Palace Part 2/3
Chapter 480 Competition At The Mystical Realm Palace Part 3/3
Chapter 481 Some Things Can Be Taught And Some Canno
Chapter 482 Worldly Skies' Demonstration, 98% Failure Rate!
Chapter 483 Advisor Fang Qiu
Chapter 484 Second Young Miss Of The Zi Family
Chapter 485 Something That Goes Against The Heavens Itself?, Fang Qiu“S Struggles
Chapter 486 Zi Family'S Rules Of Succession
Chapter 487 The Path Of Enemies Are Bound To Cross, Jin'S Favor?
Chapter 488 Some Matters Must Be Handled With One'S Own Hands, Fang Qiu Accepts
Chapter 489 Evolved?
Chapter 490 Forming The Soul Avatar Part 1/2
Chapter 491 Forming The Soul Avatar Part 2/2
Chapter 492 Appearance Of The Mysterious Chains, Will Of The World
Chapter 493 Failure Was Never An Option, Empyrean Is Born!
Chapter 494 Soul Avatar: Skybreaker Empyrean, Child Of The Skies!
Chapter 495 Handling The Affairs Of The Mystical Realm Palace
Chapter 496 The Four Branches Of War
Chapter 497 Commander Of The General Support Unit, Seraphina
Chapter 498 Missed Timing, To Xanaharpe!
Chapter 499 The General Support Unit'S Main Base Of Operations
Chapter 500 First War Objective, War Brigade Commander Aurie
Chapter 501 Aurie'S Three Rules, The Marsh Trembles!
Chapter 502 The Immortal Umbra Horde Attacks!
Chapter 503 The Pressured Baron, Malentansium'S Scheme!
Chapter 504 The Three Immortal Umbra Horde Earls' Ambush!
Chapter 505 The Fierce One Armed Commander!
Chapter 506 Disobeying An Order, Izroth Makes His Move!
Chapter 507 Silver-Eyed Cloud Snake'S Venom
Chapter 508 Great Storm Changing The Tides Of Battle, Salokin'S Change Of Heart?
Chapter 509 Accepting The Invitation To The Night King'S Rite
Chapter 510 A Promise Of The Unsanctioned Zone
Chapter 511 Land Of The Skounae, Vostracane City
Chapter 512 Night King'S Rite, Overconfidence Is The Fastest Way To One'S Downfall!
Chapter 513 A City Under Lockdown, A Perfectly Timed Gift From The System
Chapter 514 Into The Heart Of Vostracane, Creeping Troubles
Chapter 515 The Blood Moon And A Manifestation Of Absolute Evil
Chapter 516 Arkogis'S Ordeal, The Secret Realm
Chapter 517 Deadly Pursui
Chapter 518 A City In Ruins
Chapter 519 Aftermath
Chapter 520 Opening The Leaderboard, Face To Face
Chapter 521 Decaying Whisper O' Wisp
Chapter 522 Calculated Sho
Chapter 523 The Suspended Silver Thread
Chapter 524 A Shift In Landscape! The Pink Cloud Of Mysteries
Chapter 525 Dream Domain: All Fiction, One Thousand Tales Of Tragedy! Tale Of The Snow That Falls In Summer
Chapter 526 Tragic Tale Of The Snow That Falls In Summer
Chapter 527 The Town Outside The Palace Walls, Viselo
Chapter 528 Existing Disparity, First Contact?
Chapter 529 Hunter Venare, Friend Or Foe?
Chapter 530 Inside The Palace Walls
Chapter 531 Tale Variation
Chapter 532 Trouble At The Blue Heart Inn
Chapter 533 Wickedness
Chapter 534 Unpleasant Memories, Rest Well
Chapter 535 Worst Case Scenario
Chapter 536 Message Received!
Chapter 537 - Izroth'S Tale Variation Part(1/2)
Chapter 538 Izroth'S Tale Variation Part 2/2
Chapter 539 Deceiving The Rules Of The Dream Domain
Chapter 540 Stepping Into The Tiger'S Den?
Chapter 541 Escape From The Main Palace Part 1/2
Chapter 542 Escape From The Main Palace Part 2/2
Chapter 543 The Fragmenting Dreamworld
Chapter 544 A Predictably Unpredictable Nature
Chapter 545 A Race Against Time! The Crumbling Dreamworld Part 1/3
Chapter 546 A Race Against Time! The Crumbling Dreamworld Part 2/3
Chapter 547 A Race Against Time! The Crumbling Dreamworld Part 3/3
Chapter 548 The Fallen King
Chapter 549 Destruction Of The Dreamworld
Chapter 550 Blessing, Curse, And Opportunities
Chapter 551 Absorbing The Essence Of A Great Spiri
Chapter 552 Spirit Awakening
Chapter 553 Supreme Growth, The Storm That Looms Over The Headhunter Syndicate
Chapter 554 Contacted
Chapter 555 Am I A Fool In Your Eyes?, A Surprising Encounter
Chapter 556 Dire Circumstances, Beast Rider
Chapter 557 Sacred Beasts' Meng Jiang, Coming To An Agreemen
Chapter 558 A Big Problem? An Izroth Solution!
Chapter 559 Polkentin'S Failed Chimera Part 1/2
Chapter 560 Polkentin'S Failed Chimera Part 2/2
Chapter 561 Meng Jiang'S Recommendation
Chapter 562 Enemies Often Meet On Narrow Paths
Chapter 563 From Many To One And Soon None!
Chapter 564 - The Canary Sings: Open Notes
Chapter 565 - Goals Aligned
Chapter 566 - The One Who'S Never Known Fear, State Of The Demilitarization Belt
Chapter 567 - Frontlines
Chapter 568 - Sword & Shield Part(1/4)
Chapter 569 - Sword & Shield Part(2/4)
Chapter 570 - Sword & Shield Part(3/4)
Chapter 571 - Sword & Shield Part(4/4)
Chapter 572 - The Golden Training Puppets
Chapter 573 - Niflheim'S Regret And A Wager
Chapter 574 - Izroth'S Test, Niflheim'S Response!
Chapter 575 - Celestial Realm: Origin, Faulty Insignia
Chapter 576 - Izroth'S Gentle Approach
Chapter 577 - A Shift Of Power Within The Demilitarization Belt
Chapter 578 - Izroth'S Reward, High Alert!
Chapter 579 - Captain Yan, Arrival Of Distant Travellers
Chapter 580 - War Brigade General Of The 1St Legion Solomon, A Truth That'S Hard To Swallow
Chapter 581 - To The Conference!
Chapter 582 - Biggest Disaster Of The War?
Chapter 583 - Attack Or Retreat?
Chapter 584 - Aurie'S True Purpose?, A Surprising Guest At The Hilltop
Chapter 585 - True Face
Chapter 586 - Spatial Tempus Magic
Chapter 587 - Primed One: The First
Chapter 588 - Izroth'S Rampage
Chapter 589 - Secret Connection
Chapter 590 - Netherly Swathe
Chapter 591 - Words Of A Coward
Chapter 592 - Seed
Chapter 593 - Minor Realm
Chapter 594 - Lost Generation Part(1/2)
Chapter 595 - Lost Generation Part(2/2)
Chapter 596 - Unmarked Graves
Chapter 597 - Izroth Suffers A Loss
Chapter 598 - Soul Binding Contract
Chapter 599 - Repairing The Tombstone, A Hidden Truth
Chapter 600 - Destroying The Tombstone?
Chapter 601 - Wrong Approach, Reaching Out!
Chapter 602 - Fulfilled Conditions
Chapter 603 - Leaving The Minor Realm, A Casual Family Stroll?
Chapter 604 - Confrontation
Chapter 605 - The Pitiful General
Chapter 606 - Internal Turmoil Part(1/2)
Chapter 607 - Internal Turmoil Part(2/2)
Chapter 608 - Solomon'S Inquiry
Chapter 609 - Awaiting Your Response!
Chapter 610 - Mazi'S Offer
Chapter 611 - The God Of Craft'S Gifts, Walking In The Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 612 - Paths Walked Part(1/4)
Chapter 613 - Paths Walked Part(2/4)
Chapter 614 - Paths Walked Part(3/4)
Chapter 615 - Paths Walked Part(4/4)
Chapter 616 - The Great Escape Part(1/3)
Chapter 617 - The Great Escape Part(2/3)
Chapter 618 - The Great Escape Part(3/3)
Chapter 619 - Uneasy, Meeting Point
Chapter 620 - Blessing Of Natural Talent!
Chapter 621 - Sacred Beasts Returns
Chapter 622 - Some Things Gold Can’T Buy
Chapter 623 - Moonlit Concealing Mantle, Entrance To The Blood Mist Chasm
Chapter 624 - Blood Mist Part(1/3)
Chapter 625 - Blood Mist Part(2/3)
Chapter 626 - Blood Mist Part(3/3)
Chapter 627 - Behind Enemy Lines Part(1/3)
Chapter 628 - Behind Enemy Lines Part(2/3)
Chapter 629 - Behind Enemy Lines Part(3/3)
Chapter 630 - A Good Haul, The Awaited Message
Chapter 631 - An Unexpected Finding
Chapter 632 - Wing Of The Anguished Seraph, Black Dream'S True Identity
Chapter 633 - Heaven'S Law In Motion, First Strike On The Outpost!
Chapter 634 - Centurion Tigran'S Dragon'S Mark
Chapter 635 - Your Sword Can Never Reachapter Me
Chapter 636 - Juggernaut
Chapter 637 - Deadly Curiosity
Chapter 638 - Towering Inferno!
Chapter 639 - A Shocking Outcome!
Chapter 640 - Insatiable
Chapter 641 - A Devastating Blow Against The Headhunter Syndicate! Part(1/2)
Chapter 642 - A Devastating Blow Against The Headhunter Syndicate! Part(2/2)
Chapter 643 - System Bug
Chapter 644 - Uneasy! A Predetermined Path Taken?
Chapter 645 - A Direct Confrontation!
Chapter 646 - Inescapable Grasp, Kowtow!
Chapter 647 - Circ.U.Mstances, Prelude To A Slaughter
Chapter 648 - Controlling The Flow Of Battle, First Move!
Chapter 649 - A Humiliated Vault, Unsatisfied Hatred!
Chapter 650 - The One Called A Demon Child
Chapter 651 - Just Once, Looming Danger!
Chapter 652 - The Commander'S Introduction
Chapter 653 - Izroth'S Request, That Whichapter Lies In Wait
Chapter 654 - The Fate Of Dolos Jestal, Immortal Persona
Chapter 655 - Immortal Persona And Authority
Chapter 656 - An Unforeseen Departure, A Gnawing Intuition
Chapter 657 - You Shouldn'T Make Promises You Can'T Keep, Ya Know?
Chapter 658 - Bloodhound'S Game
Chapter 659 - Promise
Chapter 660 - A Better Life
Chapter 661 - Pointless Struggle, A Ruthless Jin Part(1/2)
Chapter 662 - Pointless Struggle, A Ruthless Jin Part(2/2)
Chapter 663 - The Fierce Fang Qiu?, Severed Control
Chapter 664 - Fang Qiu'S Predicament
Chapter 665 - Sooner Rather Than Later
Chapter 666 - All The Time You Need
Chapter 667 - Jin'S Gift
Chapter 668 - Getting Underway!
Chapter 669 - Monster Stampede! Monster Stampede...?
Chapter 670 - Polkentin'S Failed Kitsune
Chapter 671 - The Top 100 Event Leaderboards! A Familiar Presence?
Chapter 672 - A Great Discovery'S Revealed!
Chapter 673 - No Escape!
Chapter 674 - Trouble At Eastgate, Entrance To The Crusade
Chapter 675 - Introductions, Party Of The First Crusade!
Chapter 676 - Guide
Chapter 677 - Enter! The First Stage Of The Crusade!
Chapter 678 - The Eyes Within The Darkness & Flames
Chapter 679 - Gan Ceann
Chapter 680 - Grand Magic, Too Reckless?
Chapter 681 - Sar
Chapter 682 - A Unanimous Decision, The System'S Gift
Chapter 683 - First Of Its Kind, The Immortal Beast Of Legends!
Chapter 684 - World Class: The Immortal Hydra Part(1/3)
Chapter 685 - World Class: The Immortal Hydra Part(2/3)
Chapter 686 - World Class: The Immortal Hydra Part(3/3)
Chapter 687 - Zakra'S Harmonic Spear Of Causality
Chapter 688 - Fairing Without, Souvenir
Chapter 689 - Unusual Rain
Chapter 690 - The Second Stage Of The Crusade Concludes, Resolve!
Chapter 691 - Lady Of The Everlasting Rain
Chapter 692 - Rules Of The Third Stage?, A Choice To Make
Chapter 693 - Battle Order
Chapter 694 - Tal'Nis
Chapter 695 - Assimilate!
Chapter 696 - A Glimpse At The Peak
Chapter 697 - Friendly Wager
Chapter 698 - Settled, Who Are You?
Chapter 699 - Press The Attack!
Chapter 700 - Intent
Chapter 701 - To Win Without Winning?
Chapter 702 - One Strike To Decide Everything!
Chapter 703 - Backlash, It'S My Loss
Chapter 704 - A Personal Request, Seventh Origin Flames Necklace
Chapter 705 - A Concerned Ancestor
Chapter 706 - A Message Of Warning, Halt!
Chapter 707 - Joining Forces, Stray Thoughts
Chapter 708 - Natural Fear, Forced State!
Chapter 709 - Flooding, The Orb Of Creations And Sun Fire
Chapter 710 - Xiao Huli, Do Your Best Luna
Chapter 711 - Misjudgment, Returning To Amaharpe
Chapter 712 - Tal'Nis' Gift
Chapter 713 - The Dark Abyssal Cauldron'S New Features, A Series Of Unfortunate Events!
Chapter 714 - Your Misfortune Is Not Your Own!
Chapter 715 - Self Awakening Pill
Chapter 716 - Awakened
Chapter 717 - Siren
Chapter 718 - A Fatal Oversight, A Glaring Clue!
Chapter 719 - A Reason To Target
Chapter 720 - Unreachable, The Hunt Begins!
Chapter 721 - Insurmountable Gap, Appearance Of A Third Party?
Chapter 722 - Fan Guang Codename: Weaver, A Strange New World?
Chapter 723 - Tower
Chapter 724 - Balance Keeper, A Future Glimpse?
Chapter 725 - Silver Spring Tea, Izroth Awakens!
Chapter 726: Days Of Slumber Part(1/2)
Chapter 727: Days Of Slumber Part(2/2)
Chapter 728: This Is Bad
Chapter 729: Target
Chapter 730: Bad Timing, Good Timing?
Chapter 731: Time'S Up
Chapter 732: Descent, Sky Shattering Steps
Chapter 733: Empyrean'S Onslaught
Chapter 734: To The Lawless City Of Dreams, Devil'S Sanctum!
Chapter 735: Twin Fang Inn
Chapter 736: Netherworld Exchange: Moonlit Gambit
Chapter 737: Ring Of The Ancient Colossus, Might
Chapter 738: Empyrean'S Skybreak, Strolling Through The Front Door
Chapter 739: Arrogance Or Stupidity?
Chapter 740: Lowering The Playing Field, Call Of The Siren Tapestry
Chapter 741: Pale Imitation
Chapter 742: Necessary Evil
Chapter 743: Cryptic Oblivion Arts: Reign Of Oblivion, Upper Hand
Chapter 744: Cut Down
Chapter 745: Smiling Demon
Chapter 746: The 54Th Great Duke Of The Underworld, Murmur
Chapter 747: A Terrifying Descent
Chapter 748: Heavenly Lightning Of Extinction
Chapter 749: That Which This Lord Cannot Have Must Be Destroyed!
Chapter 750: Strength Of The Ancient Colossus
Chapter 751: Vicious Combination, A Debt Of Arrogance Paid
Chapter 752: A Shared Fate
Chapter 753: Deep Insight
Chapter 754: Eradication And Arrangement
Chapter 755: A Price To Pay, Two Moves
Chapter 756: A Small World
Chapter 757: Moonlit Dove Garden, A Gathering Of Future Powers
Chapter 758: Zouren'S Intention?
Chapter 759: Secret Realm, Zouren'S Generosity
Chapter 760: Skill Orbs, Are We Going Or Not?!
Chapter 761: Control, Arriving At The Entrance To The Secret Realm
Chapter 762: Secret Realm: Era Of Titans
Chapter 763: Breath Of Gaea
Chapter 764: Wing Of The Ambrosia Tree, Rebellious Son Of Thunder
Chapter 765: Astratis
Chapter 766: Cry Of The Ateleigos!
Chapter 767: Thanasia
Chapter 768: Don'T Go Too Far!
Chapter [Nan]
Chapter 769: Unbending, A Third Party!
Chapter 770: An Unwilling Retreat! Warriors Of Death: Anzeyta, Time Needed
Chapter 771: Surge Of The Thunder King, A Different Kind Of Opponent
Chapter 772: Sinister Spirals, Opening!
Chapter 773: The Eye In The Sky
Chapter 774: Conserving One'S Strength?
Chapter 775: Are You Willing To Hear Me Out?
Chapter 776: A State Of Instability, A Familiar Face
Chapter 777: Hunted, Enemies In All Directions
Chapter 778: Favored Failings
Chapter 779: A Doting Master, Reminisce
Chapter 780: Mountain Of The Blighted
Chapter 781: Blighted, Lurking
Chapter 782: The Lurker
Chapter 783: Hunting The Hunters
Chapter 784: Ilioreas
Chapter 785: Ilioreas' Test
Chapter 786: Hidden Celestial Abode
Chapter 787: Gratitude, Non Divine Blessing
Chapter 788: Sanctuary
Chapter 789: The New Sword Of The Storm
Chapter 790: Day Of Remembrance, The System'S Forceful Hand
Chapter 791: To The Celestial Battlegrounds!
Chapter 792: Kindness, A Cycle Of Despair
Chapter 793: Celestial Battlegrounds
Chapter 794: Dare To Make A Bet With Me?
Chapter 795: I, Izroth, Will Not Think Any Less Of You
Chapter 796: A Strange Following And A Shocking Scene!
Chapter 797: On My Signal
Chapter 798: A Price To Pay
Chapter 799: Worth
Chapter 800: Unbound, Total Control
Chapter 801: The Days Of No Return
Chapter 802: Unknown Motives, Resolve
Chapter 803: An Unbelievable Sight
Chapter 804: Great Lightning Army
Chapter 805: Pocket Dimension Stone, How Much Is Your Life Worth?
Chapter 806: A Man Who Does Not Keep His Word Cannot Be Called A Man
Chapter 807: Reaping Benefits, An Overdue Conversation
Chapter 808: Fourth Heart Of The World, Impact
Chapter 809: Left Eye Of Ourami, The Mandate Of Scrutiny
Chapter 810: Are You Finally Awake?
Chapter 811: Complicated
Chapter 812: A Change Of Plans, The Unstoppable Behemoth!
Chapter 813: Attention Received!
Chapter 814: The Pillars Emerge!
Chapter 815: The Keepers And Mandates Of Ourami
Chapter 816: Taking Advantage!
Chapter 817: A Well Timed Gift, A Given Opportunity
Chapter 818: A Terrifying Blow!
Chapter 819: The Late Stage Of The Legendary Realm, Breaking The Threshold
Chapter 820: Unparalleled
Chapter 821: Break
Chapter 822: The Fourth Heart Of The World Trembles!
Chapter 823: Crash Of The Lightning King
Chapter 824: Ungrateful, A Clash Of Strength!
Chapter 825: The Right Hand Of Ourami
Chapter 826: Your Own Terms, Ourami'S Flaw?
Chapter 827: Cursed Body, Epithets!
Chapter 828: Epithets Of Seizing And Divination
Chapter 829: Dissatisfaction Of One'S Limits, Wrath Of The Behemoth
Chapter 830: Reemergence
Chapter 831: Let'S Try It Your Way!
Chapter 832: Plans Before Absolute Strength Are Meaningless, Plan B!
Chapter 833: A Brief Exchange, A Given Boost!
Chapter 834: Ourami'S Wrath!
Chapter 835: Powerful Reinforcements Arrive!
Chapter 836: By Any Means, An Undefined Sharpness
Chapter 837: More Ways Than One, A Forced Hand
Chapter 838: One Decree, A Disappointment
Chapter 839: Reunion, Unable To Defy
Chapter 840: Relic, The Palace Treasure Room
Chapter 841: The Harvest
Chapter 842: Scattered Flames, Not An Impossibility
Chapter 843: The Final Clash Approaches, A Lack Of Authority!
Chapter 844: A Difference Of Paths, Seizing The Seizing!
Chapter 845: A Bold Claim, Ouramis Desires
Chapter 846: A Day Of Surprises, The First Move!
Chapter 847: The Start Of An Unstoppable Chain Of Events
Chapter 848: Origin Of Obliteration
Chapter 849: Ordinance Of Execution, Existence
Chapter 850: The End Of An Era, Erased
Chapter 851: A Shift In Rankings, Regrouping
Chapter 852: A Falling Secret, Ruthless Sword Intent
Chapter 853: The Secret Realm Trembles, A Hidden Truth Revealed!
Chapter 854: We Are Victorious!
Chapter 855: Ancient History
Chapter 856: A Small Portion Of Gratitude
Chapter 857: Astratis Requests
Chapter 858: Decree Of Absolute Trust
Chapter 859: Astratis Decision
Chapter 860: A Heavy Promise?
Chapter 861: Return To The Mortal Realm
Chapter 862: Do You Know Your Wrongs?
Chapter 863: Known?
Chapter 864: Honorary Saint
Chapter 865: Even If I Have To Move The Heavens
Chapter 866: Visit To The Thousand Blossoms Peak
Chapter 867: Order Of A Thousand Blossoms Holy Maiden, Seina
Chapter 868: Source Of The Chill
Chapter 869 An Unexpected Roadblock
Chapter 870: Forgotten Authority
Chapter 871: Eight Supreme Remedies
Chapter 872: Reminded Of Ones Self, False Hope?
Chapter 873: A Gleeful Yuveil
Chapter 874: Pill Rebirth, Hundred Death Poisoning Pill
Chapter 875: Internal Matters Of The Order, A Last Card To Play
Chapter 876: Matters Of Respect
Chapter 877: Living Poison, Approaching Troubles?
Chapter 878: Visitors Of The Thousand Blossoms Peak
Chapter 879: No Room For Compromise, Close Future Ties?
Chapter 880: A Decisive Holy Maiden!
Chapter 881: A Missing Piece?
Chapter 882: Coming To An Understanding?
Chapter 883: Spirit Of Mana
Chapter 884: Truth Unveiled, The Most Basic Instinct
Chapter 885: A Justified Path!
Chapter 886: Departing The Thousand Blossoms Peak
Chapter 887: An Alternative Path
Chapter 888: A Suitable Gardener?, A Nature Revealed And Eyes Opened
Chapter 889: Two Choices, One Outcome
Chapter 890: A Bounty Claimed, Unknown Intentions
Chapter 891: Haishe'S Request, Arriving At Xanaharpe
Chapter 892: Representative Of The General Support Unit
Chapter 893: Meeting At Cedar'S Nest
Chapter 894: The New Unsanctioned Zone, Land Of Unity
Chapter 895: Friendly Advice
Chapter 896: Representatives Of The War Branches
Chapter 897: A Frog At The Bottom Of A Well Knows Nothing Of The Sea
Chapter 898: A Hand To Play
Chapter 899: Meeting Adjourned!
Chapter 900: First Impression
Chapter 901: The 9Th Division'S Test, Playing The Odds
Chapter 902: Pressured Steps
Chapter 903: The Victor, A Bad Match Up
Chapter 904: The 9Th Division'S New Members
Chapter 905: Reward Bag, A Promise And Goal
Chapter 906: Departure
Chapter 907: Cave Mortem Monsoon
Chapter 908: The Monsoon Death Shades
Chapter 909: Endless Stream Of Enemies, Not Seeing Things
Chapter 910: Monsoon Fiend Of Death, Immortal Ruler Morsanus
Chapter 911: A Reckless Plan
Chapter 912: Detour
Chapter 913: Not By Chance, The Carrot And The Stick
Chapter 914: A Deafening Release
Chapter 915: Hidden Terrors Of The Ferae Jungle
Chapter 916: Sudden Collapse
Chapter 917: Little Assassins
Chapter 918: Out Of Line
Chapter 919: Split Decision, Brewing Troubles
Chapter 920: Prey
Chapter 921: Relentless, Who'S The Hunter And Who'S The Prey!
Chapter 922: Agony, Full Onslaught
Chapter 923: Destination And A Missing Leader
Chapter 924: Assault Groups
Chapter 925: Fleeing
Chapter 926: Divine Flower Of Renewal
Chapter 927: Owner
Chapter 928: Caution And Pride
Chapter 930: Moving Out!
Chapter 931: Starting Point!
Chapter 933: The Ability To Trust
Chapter 934: Mysterious Guard Commander
Chapter 935: Not A Man Without Reason
Chapter 936: Individual Goals, Report
Chapter 937: A Clock In Motion, A Showing Hand
Chapter 938: Ranazera
Chapter 939: Differing Mindsets
Chapter 940: A Gaze Turned To A Much Greater Place
Chapter 941: Miscalculated, Priority
Chapter 942: Political Hostage
Chapter 943: Relic From The Palace Treasure Room, A Full Retreat
Chapter 944: Ranazera'S Offer
Chapter 945: Traces, Arriving At The Tempest & Malentansium Border
Chapter 946: Suppressing The Dark Frost, The Fate Of Power Without Control
Chapter 947: Impenetrable Shield Of Tempest: The Gates Of Aegis
Chapter 948: The War Erased From History
Chapter 949: Cover Blown At The Gate?
Chapter 950: Aurelius Windstorm
Chapter 951: Ranazera'S Doubts, Messenger
Chapter 952: Fooled, Quietly
Chapter 953: Pride Of A Princess, Another Path?
Chapter 954: Molding Earth
Chapter 955: In Pursuit
Chapter 956: Onward Under The Cursed Grounds
Chapter 957: Seal Of Ten Chakrams: Fourth Seal
Chapter 958: Outskirts
Chapter 959: Vague Familiarity
Chapter 960: A Future At Stake, An Unexpected Interest?
Chapter 961: Izroth Vs Aurelius Windstorm
Chapter 962: Windstorm Sword Styles
Chapter 963: Heavy Weighing Thoughts
Chapter 964: A Shifting Blame, Windstorm Ultimate Style
Chapter 965: Great Roc Wing Beat, A Pale Blue Hand
Chapter 966: An Unexpected Guests At The Border
Chapter 967: Indifference
Chapter 968: Trade
Chapter 969: A Full Retreat, Izroth'S Plan
Chapter 970: Void Curtains, Sorkoza'S Test
Chapter 971: A Fair Warning, Similar Paths
Chapter 972: A Vretis Safe Haven?
Chapter 973: ???'S Void Heart
Chapter 974: The Swinging Pendulum
Chapter 975: Skounae
Chapter 976: The Great Rebirth
Chapter 977: Contact
Chapter 978: Wisp Of An Instinct
Chapter 979: The Golden Bridge Strategy, Pulling One Over
Chapter 980: Return
Chapter 981 Trust
Chapter 982 Nightfall Glades, A Decision
Chapter 983 Warriors Of Pzenium
Chapter 984 Setting The Final Stage
Chapter 985 Run-In
Chapter 986 What Question To Ask, Cornered Rats
Chapter 987 Encirclement, Menkar'S Challenge
Chapter 988 Ignored Provocation
Chapter 989 Unnatural Layout, Confirming Thoughts
Chapter 990 A Brief Lesson, Halted Momentum!
Chapter 991 A Surprising Emergence And Engage
Chapter 992 Dark Clouds
Chapter 993 Chaos Ensues
Chapter 994 Great Lightning Rally, A Descending Palm
Chapter 995 Not Against It, Untypical Circumstances
Chapter 996 A Temporary Withdraw
Chapter 997 Erased, Return To The Top
Chapter 998 Ten Thousand Nesting Physique, Scarlet Sand Spiders
Chapter 999 Overwhelmed
Chapter 1000 Destruction Of A Trump Card, Commence The Final Stage!
Chapter 1001 Sea Of Beauty, Field Of Death
Chapter 1002 A Leader'S Presence, Direct Contact
Chapter 1003 A String Of Mounting Problems
Chapter 1004 Final Arrangements
Chapter 1005 Magic Architect
Chapter 1006 Coming To Terms, Imposed Limitation
Chapter 1007 Meeting With The Head Of The Seventh Demon Clan
Chapter 1008 Not Abandoned, Not Forgotten
Chapter 1009 Gift Of The Everlasting Flame
Chapter 1010 Everlasting Flame
Chapter 1011 Kol'Jil And Zel'Kan
Chapter 1012 Signal
Chapter 1013 A Special Quest And Emergency War Objective
Chapter 1014 The True Goal That Lies Ahead
Chapter 1015 Fallen Flames Of The Seventh Demon Clan
Chapter 1016 A Path Cleared, A Giant Hand Of Flames
Chapter 1017 A Surprising Reunion
Chapter 1018 A One-Way Ticket
Chapter 1019 Into The Night Lord'S Crypt
Chapter 1020 Army Of The Night Marchers, Hidden In Darkness
Chapter 1021 Inquisitor Of The Penumbra Circle, Marquis Varokin
Chapter 1022 Explosion? A Bigger Explosion!
Chapter 1023 Reign Of The Shattering Void, Let There Be Light!
Chapter 1024 Testing The Waters, What Separates Them?
Chapter 1025 Depths Of The Night Lord'S Crypt, A Terrifying Energy Emerges!
Chapter 1026 Blighted Feathers Of The Dusk
Chapter 1027 Unsettled Anger, Charge Onward!
Chapter 1028 An Intense Battle Unfolds
Chapter 1029 Duke Zareign
Chapter 1030 Confrontation In The Skies, Heavenly Field
Chapter 1031 Taking The Bait, Blighted Feathers
Chapter 1032 Duke Zareign'S Doubts
Chapter 1033 Izroth'S Onslaught
Chapter 1034 A Mass State Of Confusion
Chapter 1035 Forces In The Distance
Chapter 1036 Event Rewards, The Decoy Duke
Chapter 1037 The Mysterious Corridor
Chapter 1038 Breaking Through The Corridor
Chapter 1039 Chaotic Force, Unforgettable Existence
Chapter 1040 Willingness, True Protectors Of The Night Lord'S Revival?
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Jin, a hardcore gamer who still lives with his mom at the age of 24. He could never hold down a steady job since graduating, his girlfriend since high school dumped him for his best friend and he's constantly getting beat up by a group of local gang members. His dad left him and his mom when he became rich from the lottery and got a new family, one free of debt and burdens as he called it. His mom works 3 jobs to keep everything from falling apart, except for herself slowly. One day on his way home with the very first and new fully immersive VRMMORPG called Realm of Myths and Legends or RML for short, he died from a hit and run car accident. RML was advertised as the worlds first fully immersive VRMMORPG, allowing for players with skill sets in the real world, like sword training, martial arts, archery or reaction time, to benefit in the game itself! Though Jin died and at that moment a soul from another world crossed over into his body and inherited his memories. The man known as Izroth once hailed as the greatest cultivator in the seven realms, soul reincarnates into the modern world year 20xx in the body of Jin.

""What are all these strange memories flowing into my mind..? I've been to all seven realms and have never seen one like this. Earth is it?""

""M-My cultivation..! It's back to nothing! This body is so weak and spiritual essence here is scarce. But my soul strength is untainted.""

""I'll make right all the wrongs that have been done to you, your revenge shall come.""

""It's called a video game? I'll play it! Since you've given me this body even though it wasn't planned, I'll accomplish your goal of becoming #1.""

""So sects here are called guilds... I'll make the strongest one there is!""

""Ha? World greatest gamer? Don't think you can bully me and not pay the price!""

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Chapter 1 Izroth

The sound of rain constantly hitting the pavement echoed throughout the night.

An average looking young man, with pitch black hair, black eyes, and an average body type was out late at night. Jin was running home in the pouring rain, the forecast hadn't called for rain tonight so he was caught off guard without an umbrella or even a raincoat. "Even though I might catch a cold because of the rain, it'll all be worth it once I finally accomplish my dream. Then, I can finally take care of my mom and have the last laugh to all those who've wronged me" Jin thought to himself while gripping tighter onto the bag containing the new fully immersive VRMMORPG, Realm of Myths and Legends or RML for short.

Beep Beep Vroooooom!

A motorcycle shot past Jin as he was running across the street, though it barely manages to shoot past without crashing into him and kept on going.

Jin was startled for a moment and zoned out after almost becoming a late night news story. He shakes his head a few times snapping himself back into it. "I have to calm down and pay more attention to my surroundings" he said trying to calm himself even though his heart was still racing quite fast. He finally came to the final main road before he would be back within the distance of his home.

Jin stopped at the crosswalk patiently waiting for the crosswalk signal to turn green for him to walk across. He had learned his lesson from the previous incident and would not make the same mistake twice. "I wonder what mom is making for dinner tonight.." Jin thought to himself as the crosswalk signal finally turned green.

"You like my new ride babe? My dad bought it for me imported from out of the country." Wendell said while glancing over at his girlfriend.

"Your dad sure loves you to get you something like this." Genesis giggles before snuggling up to Wendell's arm. She playfully pouts, "Wenny, I saw this really cute purse at the mall yesterday and I just have to have it~" Genesis pushes up closer to Wendell, her peaks rubbing up against his arm in temptation.

"Heh, you're my girl and I take care of my girl. Besides, you know I can't resist you when you make a face like that." Wendell said before leaning into giving her a kiss on the lips.

Just as Genesis was leaning forward to return the kiss, out of the corner of her eye she saw a slight silhouette that looked like a person in the middle of the road. "WENDELL LOOK OUT!" she screamed suddenly which shook Wendell to quickly hit the brake in a panic causing the car to slide and swerve on the wet slippery road.



"What's going on..? Why can't I move..?" Jin thought to himself as he body laid on the cold hard pavement of the road. Suddenly he heard voices that sounded in panic as they stood over him for a bit saying something before rushing back to their car and driving off.

"Eh...? Wait, don't leave me... Please, I feel cold..." Jin felt something warm throughout all that coldness, and that was the blood slowly leaving his body from a wound on his head. His vision started to get more blurry and his consciousness started fading. His eyes began to unhurriedly close.

"Even though I'm still alive they left me... Even though I waited for the crosswalk signal... Am I going to die here...?" Jin wanted to speak but no words left his mouth and his body would not move. The rain downpour seemed to increase and everything turned quiet as though the entire world stopped emitting noise. Jin eyes finally shut, he had died.

Just as Jin died, what seemed like a bolt of lightning struck out from the sky and hit his body. A strange light hovered around his body before finally settling down and losing its brilliant glow.


Izroth, a legendary cultivator from another world who reached the pinnacle of the seven realms suddenly felt a great surge of pain rush throughout his body.

"I... I've succeeded, the Heavenly Immortal Print technique I created has reincarnated me into another body"

Suddenly Izroth felt an incredibly sharp pain in his mind as new memories flowed into it. These memories didn't belong to him, but the body of someone called Jin! "It seems as though it was only partly successful. Originally, I should've reincarnated into a brand new life, but according to the memories of this body it has already been alive for a bit more than two decades."

"What are all these strange memories flowing into my mind..? I've been to all seven realms and have never seen one like this. Earth is it?"

Izroth could endure the pain from the memories overflowing into his mind, after all, he has lived for thousands of years so a couple of decades is but a drop of water in the ocean to him. But he discovered something interesting from these memories, apparently, he was not in any of the seven realms! This was shocking, one had to know that with his cultivation level there was no place he could not go and did not know of in the seven realms!

"Never heard of it before..." Izroth was absorbing the fragmented memories from Jin and organizing them. Due to the strength of his soul, he could remember all the things Jin had ever seen or done. Even the things Jin couldn't recall himself like the day of his own birth, Izroth could clearly remember as though he was actually there.

"I can sort through the rest of this later, but for now... I should probably do something about my current state" Izroth was laying on the cold hard pavement as Jin had been when he died. If he didn't do something to salvage the situation soon, he might die as soon as he reincarnated into another body! How tragic would that be!

"M-My cultivation..! It's back to nothing! This body is so weak and spiritual essence here is scarce. But my soul strength is untainted."

Izroth completely calmed his mind and concentrated on the state of his body and surroundings. "The spiritual essence of this world is incredibly weak, I can't circulate enough to cultivate the Boundless Emperor Void Perfection technique..." Izroth was in a bit of a pinch. He could not cultivate the heavenly law in this world because of the lack of spiritual essence, but that was the only thing that could save him right now!

"Hold on a second... There is something else I could use, and since it requires the strength of my soul, I should be able to cultivate using it. The Heavenly Golden Body physique!"

Since a physique didn't require a massive amount of spiritual essence like a heavenly law did and mostly required a firm heart and soul, one could cultivate it even with a miniscule amount of spiritual essence.

Izroth began to do the basic breathing technique, even though it was difficult with his body in its current state, he had to do it in order to survive. Spiritual essence began to slowly flow into Izroth's body, stopping the bleeding from his head and returning some warmth to his body.

"I can currently cultivate to the first stage of the Heavenly Golden Body physique, but with it, I should be able to survive a minor wound like this" Izroth had plenty of times lost an arm or two fighting legendary beasts so a small wound like this was within his tolerance range.

After a few minutes, Izroth finally had enough strength to stand to his feet. Though he still felt a bit disoriented, at least now he could walk and no longer be at death's door.

As he was organizing his memories he observed Jin's last moments in this world and a cold look formed in his eyes. The people who ran over Jin was his ex-best friend and ex-girlfriend of all people! They had clearly seen it was him yet still abandoned him and left him for dead. They had actually succeeded in killing Jin and did not bother to check if he was alive or call for help!

"Even though I've inherited your body, I've also inherited your memories from your soul. So you could say that we're the same person now. I always repay kindness tenfold and contempt a thousandfold."

"I'll make right all the wrongs that have been done to you, your revenge shall come." Izroth was getting ready to walk away but something felt missing. He looked around and on the ground not too far from him was a plastic bag, the same one Jin was holding on to even at the moment of his death and didn't let go. Izroth didn't notice it before because he was focusing on cultivating his physique and released it, but for some reason, in the very depths of his soul a voice was crying out for him to not leave it behind.

Izroth walks over to the plastic bag and picks it up looking inside. In the bag was a box with a headpiece inside and a metallic-like card with some symbols inscribed on it as well as RML written in the top left-hand corner.

"Player ID card...?" a lot of things in this world was new and strange to Izroth but he had seen many strange things in the seven realms during his travels so he could adapt to new things. Even so, he was still shocked by some of the memories he absorbed and how this world had many things that did not exist here and was only seen as fantasies and legends.

Izroth held onto the plastic bag with the gaming equipment inside and began to walk towards home according to the memories of Jin. As he was walking he felt as though an overwhelming excitement and worry was taking over. This excitement came from the depths of his soul, as though a small lingering piece of Jin was still remaining and had regrets so couldn't depart.

"It's called a video game? I'll play it! Since you've given me this body even though it wasn't planned, I'll accomplish your goal of becoming #1."

Though the remnant of Jin's soul dissipated a bit, just a small piece still remained as though it was waiting for something, after all, Jin's soul had fused with Izroth so he knew what kind of person he was. If he made a promise, he kept it without failure.

"Don't worry about your mother either, as long I remain in this world no harm shall come to her."

Izroth never had parents in the world he was from as he started out just a poor orphan and had a lucky encounter that started him on the path of cultivation. But he could tell by how strongly Jin's soul was holding on because of his mother, that he loved her with all his heart.

Finally, the last piece of Jin's soul dissipated and fully integrated itself into Izroth's soul. Now Izroth was completely Jin.

Izroth arrived home opening the door and walking inside, then lightly kicking off his shoes and setting them to the side. His footsteps were silent as though his feet weren't even touching the floor as he walked. He eventually arrived in his room before heading off to take a bath.

After rinsing all the filth off his body, Izroth finally got into the bath. A relaxing feeling passed throughout his entire body as he closed his eyes and began to cultivate the Heavenly Golden Body physique. Although it was slow due to the lack of spiritual essence in this world, it would still be enough to greatly strengthen this currently weak body.

"Although this bath is quite small, the convenience of it is nice." Izroth finally had the time to completely relax and organize all of his thoughts.

"Realm of Myths and Legends... RML... I have never played one of these video games before, but according to the original owner of this body, it should be an interesting experience."

After finishing his shower, he was heading to his room when he heard the door down the hall open up and a woman exited from the room. That woman looked middle-aged, and even though she looked worn out and aged before her time, her natural beauty couldn't be fully hidden. She had long silky black hair that reached down to her lower back, fair skin, big beautiful emerald eyes and a thin figure that still hid some curves. You could tell that when she was younger, it would not be an exaggeration to compare her to a fairy.

That woman was Jin's mother, Reilei. Izroth heart ached to look at this woman who was supposed to be full of life and happiness but was reduced to such a state from the built-up stress and work. Even though she did not give birth to Izroth, now that Jin soul was absorbed into his own, he felt the emotional attachment of a real mother from this woman.

A gentle smile appeared on Reilei's face as she saw "Jin", but suddenly she frowned and hurried over towards him with a look of worry in her eyes. The mark on Jin's forehead may have closed but it still didn't heal all the way and he looked a little pale from the earlier loss of blood.

"Does it hurt? Did those gangsters do this to you?" her voice sounded as gentle and refreshing as an autumn breeze.

Izroth felt his heart stabbing with pain as he shook his head, "I just fell down because of the wet rain is all, there's no reason to worry mother." He smiled at her as to wash away that feeling of worry she had.

That gentle smile returned to Reilei's face as she lightly touched Jin on the cheek, "You will never stop worrying me will you?" she lightly shook her head letting out a small sigh of relief.

"I have to head to work now, I left dinner in the fridge so all you have to do is warm it up in the microwave. Try not to stay up too late okay? I want you to focus on your dreams, but I also want you to focus on your health." Reilei said as she walked towards the front door.

Izroth nodded in response, "...Thank you..." those words managed to escape Izroth's mouth just as his mother's hand touched the doorknob.

Reilei turned around and smiled at Izroth full of joy, "I believe in you and your dream. So don't worry about anything else and just focus on your dream, I will always believe in you, Jin." a sweet smile formed on her face before she finally left off to work.

Izroth was a bit speechless for a moment. In his world, he had met many women, but most were always scheming behind the scenes or were after certain benefits. To meet such a selfless woman who would give everything for a person she loved, was incredibly rare even in all the seven realms!

This made Izroth even more determined than before to accomplish the goals that Jin left behind, he was beginning to not just see them as just doing Jin a favor, but as something, he himself wanted to accomplish. After all, he was the number one cultivator in his world, so he would strive to become number one in something within this world, and that was video games! Specifically, RML!

"The game servers go live in another 12 hours... I should cultivate until then and try to solidify my Heavenly Golden Body physique and improve upon it."

Izroth went into his room and sat cross-legged on his bed cultivating, waiting until RML finally goes live. He had this feeling in the pit of his stomach, it was a feeling of excitement for the unknown. No matter what world he is in, he has always enjoyed the unknown the most.

"From now on I am Jin, my goals are simple. I must succeed in RML, take care of my mother and get my revenge against those who have wronged me! I must become number one!"

An oppressive aura surrounded Izroth as an unshakable determination filled his eyes.

So begins, the journey of Izroth from another world of cultivation, to become the greatest gamer in the Realm of Myths and Legends; the greatest gamer in the world.

12 hours later...

Beep... Beep... Beep... System booted! Fully Immersing... Running scan... Player ID recognized as an authorized player. Please insert your character name.


Welcome Izroth, to Realm of Myths and Legends!


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