Release That Witch by Er Mu

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 The Witch Named Anna (Part I)
Chapter 3 The Witch Named Anna (Part Ii)
Chapter 4 Flame
Chapter 5 Reasons
Chapter 6 Training (Part I)
Chapter 7 Training (Part Ii)
Chapter 8 Months Of The Demons (Part 1)
Chapter 9 Months Of The Demons (Part 2)
Chapter 10 The Stonemason
Chapter 11 Third Princess
Chapter 12 Firing
Chapter 13 City Wall
Chapter 14 Ability
Chapter 15 Flattering Oneself
Chapter 16 Future Route
Chapter 17 Ambassador (Part 1)
Chapter 18 Ambassador (Part 2)
Chapter 19 Lessons
Chapter 20 Nightingale
Chapter 21 What Do You Actually Desire
Chapter 22 Declaration
Chapter 23 New Source Of Power
Chapter 24 Development Plan
Chapter 25 Militia
Chapter 26 The Lessons Learnt From History
Chapter 27 A Friendly Banter
Chapter 28 Fierce Scar
Chapter 29 Fury
Chapter 30 Out Of The Fog
Chapter 31 “Our Friend”
Chapter 32 Knight
Chapter 33 Gunpowder
Chapter 34 Trial Explosion
Chapter 35 Home
Chapter 36 Negotiation
Chapter 37 Family History
Chapter 38 The Era Of Hot Weapons
Chapter 39 The Winter Is Coming
Chapter 40 Letter
Chapter 41 The Appearing Of The First Demonic Beasts
Chapter 42 Accidents
Chapter 43 Be Strong
Chapter 44 Hidden Answers
Chapter 45 Conspiracy (Part 1)
Chapter 46 Conspiracy (Part 2)
Chapter 47 Market Circulation
Chapter 48 Assembly
Chapter 49 Mixed Species
Chapter 50 Wall Of Flames
Chapter 51 Her Majesty The Queen
Chapter 52 Heart Of Fire
Chapter 53 Heart Of Fire (Part 2)
Chapter 54 Bad News
Chapter 55 A Once In Thousand Years Opportunity
Chapter 56 Between The Mountains
Chapter 57 Cara The Snake Witch / 蛇魔哈卡拉
Chapter 58 Escape
Chapter 59 Explorer
Chapter 60 Arrangements
Chapter 61 Return
Chapter 62 Oath
Chapter 63 Old Story
Chapter 64 Curiosity
Chapter 65 Ominous Sign
Chapter 66 (Battle Of Hermes Part 1)
Chapter 67 Battle Of Hermes (Part 2)
Chapter 68 Funeral
Chapter 69 Cannon System
Chapter 70 Spy (Part 1)
Chapter 71 Spy (Part 2)
Chapter 72 Holding Court As A King
Chapter 73 Artillery Test
Chapter 74 Shipbuilding Project
Chapter 75 Holy Mountain (Part 1)
Chapter 76 Holy Mountain (Part 2)
Chapter 77 Holy Mountain (Part 3)
Chapter 78 Accompany
Chapter 79 Answers
Chapter 80 Artillery
Chapter 81 Artillery Training
Chapter 82 Little Town’S First Voyage
Chapter 83 The Northern Coachman
Chapter 84 The Truth Behind Hermes
Chapter 85 Thorny Road
Chapter 86 The Choice Of The Witches
Chapter 87 Winter Twilight (Part 1)
Chapter 88 Winter Twilight (Part 2)
Chapter 89 Victory Celebration (Part 1)
Chapter 90 Victory Celebration (Part 2)
Chapter 91 Heart Prison
Chapter 92 Army Rearrangement
Chapter 93 Army Framework
Chapter 94 Destruction Doesn’T Need A Reason
Chapter 95 Meeting
Chapter 96: Leaf
Chapter 97 New Witches, New Abilities (Part 1)
Chapter 98 New Witches, New Abilities (Part 2)
Chapter 99 Night Talk
Chapter 100 The Ancient Book And The Traces It Gives (Part 1)
Chapter 101 The Ancient Book And The Traces It Gives (Part 2)
Chapter 102 The Honeysuckle And The Elk Families (Part 1)
Chapter 103 The Honeysuckle And The Elk Families (Part 2)
Chapter 104 Planning And Entertainment
Chapter 105 Army Marching Song
Chapter 106 It’S Not The Same For Him
Chapter 107 Asking For His Intention
Chapter 108 Echo (Part 1)
Chapter 109 Echo (Part 2)
Chapter 110 Battle Of Eagle City (Part 1)
Chapter 111 Battle Of Eagle City (Part 2)
Chapter 112 Battle Of Eagle City (Part 3)
Chapter 113 Warning
Chapter 114 Thunder
Chapter 115 War For Border Town (Part 1)
Chapter 116 War For Border Town (Part 2)
Chapter 117 Chase (Part 1)
Chapter 118 Chase (Part 2)
Chapter 119 Ransom (Part 1)
Chapter 120 Ransom (Part 2)
Chapter 121 Looting
Chapter 122 Father And Son
Chapter 123 The Invitation Of The Church
Chapter 124 Return To Border Town
Chapter 125 Municipal Development
Chapter 126 Wheat Transformation
Chapter 127 Wendy
Chapter 128 Pill Test
Chapter 129 The Evening Course Starts Again
Chapter 130 Evolution
Chapter 131 The Manifestation Of Magic
Chapter 132 The Knight Of The Elk Family (Part 1)
Chapter 133 The Knight Of The Elk Family (Part 2)
Chapter 134 Morning Light
Chapter 135 To Start With The Basics
Chapter 136 The Dilemma
Chapter 137 Secret Meeting
Chapter 138 Establishment Of The Ministry Of Agriculture
Chapter 139 The Devil’S Power
Chapter 140 Seeds
Chapter 141 Kisses
Chapter 142 Mine Cart
Chapter 143 Migrants
Chapter 144 True Thoughts
Chapter 145 Searching For Traces, Finding The Cause (Part 1)
Chapter 146 Searching For Traces, Finding The Cause (Part 2)
Chapter 147 Missionary Mission
Chapter 148 The Merchant From King’S City (Part 1)
Chapter 149 Merchant From King’S City (Part 2)
Chapter 150 Stone Tower
Chapter 151 Negotiations (Part 1)
Chapter 152 Negotiations (Part 2)
Chapter 153 Alchemy (Part 1)
Chapter 154 Alchemy (Part 2)
Chapter 155 Visitor
Chapter 156 Putting The Picture Together
Chapter 157 Ashes (Part 1)
Chapter 158 Ashes (Part 2)
Chapter 159 The Most Powerful Persuasion
Chapter 160 Confrontation
Chapter 161 Alchemy And Chemistry
Chapter 162 Firearm Practice
Chapter 163 Maggie The Witch
Chapter 164 Highly Concentrated Acid
Chapter 165 Chase
Chapter 166 On The Eve Of The Decisive Battle
Chapter 167 Victory
Chapter 168 Recall
Chapter 169 Farewell
Chapter 170 The Gift Of Revenge (Part 1)
Chapter 171 The Gift Of Revenge (Part 2)
Chapter 172 New Drama
Chapter 173 Irene’S Wish
Chapter 174 Industrial Park
Chapter 175 Hot Air Balloon Tour
Chapter 176 The Answer At The Bottom Of One’S Heart
Chapter 177 The Will Of The Church
Chapter 178 The Mysterous Secret Temple
Chapter 179 Conversion Ritual
Chapter 180 Population Statistics
Chapter 181 Soraya’S Paintings
Chapter 182 Shaft Furnaces
Chapter 183 The Township Construction Plan
Chapter 184 Self
Chapter 185 The Star Of The Theater (Part 1)
Chapter 186 The Star Of The Theater (Part 2)
Chapter 187 New Business Organization
Chapter 188 “On With The Show!”
Chapter 189 Stars And Flowers
Chapter 190 Victory And Defeat
Chapter 191 The New King’S Bared Teeth
Chapter 192 Under The Curtain Of The Night
Chapter 193 Castle Bathroom
Chapter 194 Lily
Chapter 195 Answer
Chapter 196 The Calamity Of The Church
Chapter 197 Preparing For The Enemy
Chapter 198 The Sudden Opening
Chapter 199 Chaos Of War
Chapter 200 Hunters And Prey
Chapter 201 Back To The Stronghold
Chapter 202 The Road To Development
Chapter 203 Home
Chapter 204 Tilly Wimbledon
Chapter 205 Microscopes
Chapter 206 “Insect Swarm”
Chapter 207 Mothers And Replicates
Chapter 208 “I’M Truly A Fool”
Chapter 209 Convenience Market
Chapter 210 Go Or Stay
Chapter 211 Light Industry
Chapter 212 Caravan And New Information
Chapter 213 The Paddler Blueprint
Chapter 214 The Travel To King’S City
Chapter 215 Skeleton Fingers
Chapter 216 Demonic Plague
Chapter 217 The Cause Of The Disease
Chapter 218 Lucia
Chapter 219 Older Sister, Younger Sister
Chapter 220 Decomposition And Restoration
Chapter 221 Rescue Plan
Chapter 222 The Long Awaited Victory!
Chapter 223 Premeditation
Chapter 224 Launching The Rescue Plan
Chapter 225 The Avengers
Chapter 226 Inner City Operation
Chapter 227 The Whistleblower
Chapter 228 Faceless Person
Chapter 229 On The Eve Of The Day Of Return
Chapter 230 Assassination (Part 1)
Chapter 231 Assassination (Part 2)
Chapter 232 Shadow Islands
Chapter 233 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 234 “Gate”
Chapter 235 A Letter Beyond Expectation
Chapter 236 Chemical Accident
Chapter 237 Invitation
Chapter 238 How Could I Possibly Regret This?
Chapter 239 Midnight Snack
Chapter 240 Award And Honor Ceremony
Chapter 241 Liberation
Chapter 242 New Construction Area
Chapter 243 Establishment Of The Intelligence Organization
Chapter 244 Identity Registration
Chapter 245 Means Of Transportation
Chapter 246 New Gunpowder Program
Chapter 247 Graduation Ceremony
Chapter 248 Sudden Change
Chapter 249 New Clearwater
Chapter 250 End Of Midsummer
Chapter 251 Flying Again
Chapter 252 New Round Of Purchases
Chapter 253 Hot Air Balloon Trade
Chapter 254 Alliance
Chapter 255 Ways To Welcome
Chapter 256 The Prologue To A New Life
Chapter 257 Mystery
Chapter 258 The Witches From Sleeping Island (Part 1)
Chapter 259 The Witches From Sleeping Island (Part 2)
Chapter 260 Perfumed Soap And Wine
Chapter 261 Gifts
Chapter 262 The Bridge Across The Redwater River
Chapter 263 “Ripened Wheat”
Chapter 264 Bumper Harvest
Chapter 265 The Last Enemy
Chapter 266 Making Up Their Mind
Chapter 267 The Fated Ending
Chapter 268 The First Plenary Session (Part 1)
Chapter 269 The First Plenary Session (Part 2)
Chapter 270 High Pressure Air Bottle
Chapter 271 Elements
Chapter 272 North Slope Mine
Chapter 273 God’S Stone Of Retaliation
Chapter 274 Exam
Chapter 275 Lucia And Nightingale
Chapter 276 New Artillery Research And Development
Chapter 277 Theater Conflict
Chapter 278 Combat Plan
Chapter 279 Battle Line Up
Chapter 280 Redwater River Ambush (Part 1)
Chapter 281 Redwater River Ambush (Part 2)
Chapter 282 “Stage”
Chapter 283 Hydrogen Balloon Delivery
Chapter 284 Companion
Chapter 285 Answer
Chapter 286 “Change”
Chapter 287 Preparations For The Soap Factory
Chapter 288 Teacher And Disciple
Chapter 289 West Of The Western Border
Chapter 290 Investigation Plan
Chapter 291 Advance Notice
Chapter 292 Precision Guided Bombs
Chapter 293 The Night Before
Chapter 294 The Devil’S Attack Arrives
Chapter 295 Wings Spreading Out
Chapter 296 Demon
Chapter 297 A Burning Hot Heart
Chapter 298 Dream
Chapter 299 Information And Messenger
Chapter 300 Witch House
Chapter 301 Bomb And Wine
Chapter 302 The Bugle Horn Of The Decisive Battle
Chapter 303 Preparation For The Air Raid
Chapter 304 An Unexpected But Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 305 Chemical Breakthrough
Chapter 306 Inside The Garden
Chapter 307 Death From The Sky
Chapter 308 Fear
Chapter 309 The Exploration Of Knowledge
Chapter 310 The Purified
Chapter 311 War Of Mortals (Part 1)
Chapter 312 War Of Mortals (Part 2)
Chapter 313 The Battle Of The Soul
Chapter 314 Annihilation
Chapter 315 Celebration Feast
Chapter 316 Re-Exploration Of The Stone Tower
Chapter 317 “Ice Coffin”
Chapter 318 Unknown
Chapter 319 Autumn Snow
Chapter 320 “Sleeping Spell”
Chapter 321 The Law Of Border Town
Chapter 322 Western Territory Security Bureau
Chapter 323 Ministry Of Public Security
Chapter 324 Signs Of The Sea
Chapter 325 Arrow Of Light
Chapter 326 Contact
Chapter 327 The Reason
Chapter 328 Formal Talk
Chapter 329 Clarion
Chapter 330 Farewell
Chapter 331 The Key To “Art”
Chapter 332 What One Has Seen And Heard
Chapter 333 The Defense Battle At The New City Wall
Chapter 334: Heart Stopper
Chapter 335: Sudden Changes
Chapter 336 The Worm’S Belly
Chapter 337: Rescue
Chapter 338: Police
Chapter 339: Assassins
Chapter 340: The Reason For The Assessment
Chapter 341: Transport Route
Chapter 342: Countermeasures
Chapter 343: Reestablishing Order
Chapter 344: Past Events (Part 1)
Chapter 345: Bygones (Part 2)
Chapter 346: Bygones (Part 3)
Chapter 347: Confusions
Chapter 348: Mortals And Extraordinaries
Chapter 349: Passing On (Part I)
Chapter 350: Passing On (Part Ii)
Chapter 351: Illusions (Part I)
Chapter 352: Illusion (Part Ii)
Chapter 353: The Quest Society
Chapter 354: The Magic Stone
Chapter 355: Miracles
Chapter 356: 「152!」
Chapter 357: Unfinished-Work
Chapter 358: Invitation
Chapter 359: Different Choices
Chapter 360: Ice
Chapter 361: Expansion
Chapter 362: Predicament
Chapter 363: New Trading Route
Chapter 364: Double Image
Chapter 365: The Journey To The West
Chapter 366: Paper
Chapter 367: The First Step To Building The City
Chapter 368: Filling In The Gaps
Chapter 369: Changes
Chapter 370: Rhythm
Chapter 371: The Heart Of The Forest
Chapter 372: Leisure
Chapter 373: A Clue At The Market
Chapter 374: Returning Home
Chapter 375: Last Wish
Chapter 376: The Castle'S New Facilities
Chapter 377: Under Low Temperatures
Chapter 378: Oxygen And Nitrogen
Chapter 379: Attack
Chapter 380: Flesh And Blood
Chapter 381: Evelyn'S Resolution
Chapter 382: Final Exam
Chapter 383: The Bite
Chapter 384: Sin And Redemption
Chapter 385: Cause And Effect
Chapter 386: A Different Story
Chapter 387: Inheritance
Chapter 388: The Sigil Of God'S Will
Chapter 389: Entrust
Chapter 390: Winter
Chapter 391: The Sigil'S Secret
Chapter 392: Determination
Chapter 393: New Boats Entering The Water
Chapter 394: The Seed Of A Navy
Chapter 395: Deep Down Inside The Winter Forest
Chapter 396: The Fierce Battle
Chapter 397: A Close Study
Chapter 398: Puzzle
Chapter 399: Contact
Chapter 400: Alliance Agreement
Chapter 401: Winter In The Fjords
Chapter 402: Organizational Structure
Chapter 403: Student And Teacher
Chapter 404: The Journey To Magnetoelectricity
Chapter 405: Accompany
Chapter 406: The Limitation Of Magic Power
Chapter 407: Tilly'S Questioning
Chapter 408: The Conundrum
Chapter 409: A Reliable Ally
Chapter 410: Expectations
Chapter 411: The Vow
Chapter 412: Sneaking Into The Fallen Dragon Ridge
Chapter 413: The Incident
Chapter 414: The Conspiracy
Chapter 415: The Fight
Chapter 416: Retreat
Chapter 417: Strike Back
Chapter 418: Finish The Fighting
Chapter 419: Faith
Chapter 420: The Lord'S Response
Chapter 421: The Interrogation
Chapter 422: Public Trial
Chapter 423: The "Connection"
Chapter 424: The Dawn I
Chapter 425: The Utilization Of Energy
Chapter 426: The Shining Starlight
Chapter 427: The Aftermath
Chapter 428: An Exploration Of Magic Power
Chapter 429: Element Separation
Chapter 430: "The Star Of Steel"
Chapter 431: From The Kingdom Of Dawn
Chapter 432: An Encounter
Chapter 433: Unrequited Love
Chapter 434: The Birthday Gift
Chapter 435: Arrested
Chapter 436: The Indeterminable Appointment
Chapter 437: A Silent Farewell
Chapter 438: Electricity And Light
Chapter 439: The Crime Scene
Chapter 440: The Court Trial
Chapter 441: Storm Clouds
Chapter 442: The Approval Of God
Chapter 443: The Conspiracy
Chapter 444: The Intelligence
Chapter 445: Attacks
Chapter 446: Here Comes The Giant Beast
Chapter 447: The Reaper
Chapter 448: A Hail Of Bullets
Chapter 449: The Course Of War
Chapter 450: Old Friends
Chapter 451: Aspirations
Chapter 452: The Unification
Chapter 453: Dealing With The Aftermath
Chapter 454: Pensions And Punishment
Chapter 455: The Second Step Of City Construction
Chapter 456: The Differences
Chapter 457: The Music Of Fantasy
Chapter 458: The Song Of Resonance
Chapter 459: Snaketooth (Part 1)
Chapter 460: Snaketooth (Part 2)
Chapter 461: Respective Beliefs
Chapter 462: The Determination
Chapter 463: The Elimination Of Bloodyhand Gang
Chapter 464: The Changes
Chapter 465: Inner Peace & Disturbance
Chapter 466: Reappearance
Chapter 467: You'Re Irreplaceable
Chapter 468: The Return
Chapter 469: Don'T Make Her Wait Forever
Chapter 470: The New Warship
Chapter 471: A Reunion
Chapter 472: A Pledge Of Love
Chapter 473: The Third Step Of City Construction
Chapter 474: The Killing Machine
Chapter 475: The Light
Chapter 476: The Victory Day
Chapter 477: Love And Affection
Chapter 478: Witnessing The Establishment Of The New City
Chapter 479: Choice Of Nightingale'S Heart
Chapter 480: The Wedding
Chapter 481: The City Of Neverwinter
Chapter 482: Zero'S Will
Chapter 483: The Distance To God (Part I)
Chapter 484: The Distance To God (Part Ii)
Chapter 485: The Day Of Leaving
Chapter 486: A Call For Help
Chapter 487: The Guarding Shield
Chapter 488: The Breeding Ground For Evil
Chapter 489: Tracking Down The Criminal
Chapter 490: The Real Target
Chapter 491: An Assassination Story
Chapter 492: Reality & Illusion
Chapter 493: The Gem Mine
Chapter 494: New Resources
Chapter 495: On Top Of The Sealine
Chapter 496: Under The Deep Sea
Chapter 497: A Chaotic Departure
Chapter 498: The Roland Gunboat
Chapter 499: Prelude To The Spring Offensive
Chapter 500: Body Of Steel (Part I)
Chapter 501: Body Of Steel (Part Ii)
Chapter 502: Body Of Steel (Part Iii)
Chapter 503: The Battle Of King'S City (Part 1)
Chapter 504: The Battle Of King'S City (Part 2)
Chapter 505: The Battle Of King'S City (Part 3)
Chapter 506: No One Could Escape
Chapter 507: The Wind-Up
Chapter 508: The Game
Chapter 509: To Become A King
Chapter 510: The Flower Of Revenge
Chapter 511: Whispers At Nightfall
Chapter 512: An Old Friend And A New Friend
Chapter 513: "Magic Hand" Yorko
Chapter 514: The "Hypothesis Of The Spirits"
Chapter 515: The Magic Painting
Chapter 516: The Music Of Recovery
Chapter 517: The Real Alchemy
Chapter 518: The New Journey Of Magic Hand
Chapter 519: The Secret Within The Stars
Chapter 520: The Star Of Extinction
Chapter 521: The Star Watcher
Chapter 522: A Drastic Change In The Northern Region
Chapter 523: The Blood Pearl
Chapter 524: A Night Of Bloodshed
Chapter 525: Return To King'S City
Chapter 526: The Alchemist Workshop
Chapter 527: The Ultimate Goal Of Alchemy
Chapter 528: Turning Stone Into Gold
Chapter 529: The Returned Witch
Chapter 530: Lotus' Concerns
Chapter 531: The Romance
Chapter 532: A Tempting Idea
Chapter 533: An Unexpected Incident
Chapter 534: The Value Of Witches
Chapter 535: The Gun Of A Protector
Chapter 536: The Dream (Part I)
Chapter 537: The Dream (Part Ii)
Chapter 538: The Wheel Of Time
Chapter 539: The Melting Ice
Chapter 540: Different Concerns
Chapter 541: The Mists Of Bloodfang Association
Chapter 542: The Wicked Journey
Chapter 543: The Turning Point
Chapter 544: A New Source Of Power
Chapter 545: Battle Rehearsal
Chapter 546: The Mystery Of God'S Stones
Chapter 547: Operation "Melting Point"
Chapter 548: Ensnaring The Demons
Chapter 549: Agatha'S Decision
Chapter 550: The Slaughter
Chapter 551: The Senior Demon
Chapter 552: The Supermagic
Chapter 553: The Trophy
Chapter 554: Reaching The City Of Neverwinter
Chapter 555: The Beginning Of The Negotiation
Chapter 556: The Bottom Line
Chapter 557: Damage Testing
Chapter 558: Beauty
Chapter 559: A Discussion About The System
Chapter 560: Uncovering The Truth
Chapter 561: The Magic Power Of Blood
Chapter 562: The Witnesses
Chapter 563: Joan
Chapter 564: The Ambassador Of The Kingdom Of Graycastle
Chapter 565: A Delay
Chapter 566: A Promise And A Mission
Chapter 567: Explosive Shells
Chapter 568: The Dry Distillation Tower
Chapter 569: Power Threatened
Chapter 570: Edith'S Reasons
Chapter 571: The Duke And Father
Chapter 572: The Song Of Praise
Chapter 573: The Battle Of Fallen Dragon Ridge
Chapter 574: The Expansion Of Education
Chapter 575: Wendy'S Expectation
Chapter 576: Deep Inside The Palace
Chapter 577: The Silent Massacre
Chapter 578: A Life-Or-Death Report
Chapter 579: Two Incoming Letters
Chapter 580: The Tooth Extraction Campaign
Chapter 581: Late Night Talk
Chapter 582: Military Strategy
Chapter 583: Anna'S Secret
Chapter 584: The Estuary
Chapter 585: The Day Of Embarkment
Chapter 586: The Battle Of Redwater City
Chapter 587: A Nameless Victim
Chapter 588: A Knight And You
Chapter 589: The Storm In The Fjords
Chapter 590: The Witches War
Chapter 591: The New Journey
Chapter 592: An Unexpected Change
Chapter 593: The Blackstone Forest
Chapter 594: Shallow Beach And Reunion
Chapter 595: Germination
Chapter 596: Home Of The Free
Chapter 597: Blood And Fang
Chapter 598: The End Of Her Dream
Chapter 599: A Retrospection Of Magic Power
Chapter 600: A Shocking Event
Chapter 601: The Stargazer
Chapter 602: Star Omen
Chapter 603: Prelude To Battle
Chapter 604: Anna'S Determination
Chapter 605: Exchanging Promises
Chapter 606: Father And Daughter
Chapter 607: Lighting The Beacon
Chapter 608: Coldwind Ridge
Chapter 609: Entering The Battlefield
Chapter 610: The Hunter
Chapter 611: Protected
Chapter 612: Battle'S End
Chapter 613: Interrogation
Chapter 614: Agatha'S Prediction
Chapter 615: Wavering Faith
Chapter 616: The Violent Tide Rises
Chapter 617: The Rose Of Coldwind Ridge
Chapter 618: A Posthumous Child
Chapter 619: An Unstoppable Path (Part Ⅰ)
Chapter 620: An Unstoppable Path (Part Ⅱ)
Chapter 621: Sleepless Night
Chapter 622: The Flames Of Thunder
Chapter 623: Battle To The Death
Chapter 624: Devastation
Chapter 625: The Decisive Battle
Chapter 626: Battle Of Fate (I)
Chapter 627: The Intertwined Battle Of Fate (Ii)
Chapter 628: The Intertwined Battle Of Fate (Iii)
Chapter 629: After The Decisive Battle
Chapter 630: The Captive Pure Witch
Chapter 631: Promises Then And Now
Chapter 632: Out Of Deep Sleep
Chapter 633: [Welcome Back]
Chapter 634: Nothing To Fear
Chapter 635: The Apartment Of Souls
Chapter 636: Illusory Reality
Chapter 637: Development Plan
Chapter 638: The Temptation Of The Periodic Table Of Elements
Chapter 639: Isabella
Chapter 640: Dream World Hypotheses
Chapter 641: The Door To The Fragment
Chapter 642: First Exploration
Chapter 643: How To Make A Fortune
Chapter 644: Diplomacy In The New Era
Chapter 645: Farewell And Promise
Chapter 646: Hotpot
Chapter 647: A Confession
Chapter 648: Otto'S Request
Chapter 649: [Black Money]
Chapter 650: A Special Slave
Chapter 651: The Auction
Chapter 652: The Witch And Accident
Chapter 653: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 654: The Compensation Of [Black Money]
Chapter 655: In The Depth Of The Limestone Cave
Chapter 656: The Oracle And The Chosen One
Chapter 657: A Secret Shared By Two Girls
Chapter 658: Dreams And Steel
Chapter 659: Rules Of The Dream World
Chapter 660: Manifestation Of Power
Chapter 661: The Star Cyclone
Chapter 662: The Defensive Line
Chapter 663: The Spectacle
Chapter 664: The Mystery Moon Detective Squad
Chapter 665: Chaos
Chapter 666: The Good And Bad News
Chapter 667: Chaos Drinks
Chapter 668: Dispersion Star Astrologer
Chapter 669: Diplomatic Turmoil
Chapter 670: The Sad Ambassador
Chapter 671: A Turbulent Situation
Chapter 672: Hero
Chapter 673: A Sacrifice
Chapter 674: No. 76
Chapter 675: Last Hope
Chapter 676: The Pursuit
Chapter 677: The Promised Reunion
Chapter 678: The New Orders Of The Fjords
Chapter 679: A Generous Return
Chapter 680: The Joint Chamber Of Commerce
Chapter 681: The Preparation Of Sleeping Island
Chapter 682: A Never Lonely Road
Chapter 683: The Desert Plan
Chapter 684: The First Winter Snow
Chapter 685: Overwhelming Disaster
Chapter 686: The Legacy Of Deities
Chapter 687: The Secret Of The Relic
Chapter 688: Arrival At The Western Region
Chapter 689: First Contact
Chapter 690: Witches Vs. Witches
Chapter 691: The Path Into The City
Chapter 692: A New Hope
Chapter 693: The Ideal Place
Chapter 694: "Beams Of Light"
Chapter 695: The Encounter
Chapter 696: Victory Of The Wise
Chapter 697: Meeting Garcia At Night
Chapter 698: Nightingale'S Suspicion
Chapter 699: An Unappeasable Mood
Chapter 700: The First Senior Witch
Chapter 701: A Hundred Years Of Evolution
Chapter 702: Someone Impossible To Meet
Chapter 703: Coming From The Past
Chapter 704: A Cross-Era Talk
Chapter 705: The Hand
Chapter 706: The Formal Meeting, The Before And After Of The Dispute
Chapter 707: The Queen Of Starfall City'S Path
Chapter 708: Testing The Light Beams
Chapter 709: A Different Key
Chapter 710: Elimination And Innovation
Chapter 711: Bare Heart
Chapter 712: Parade Plan
Chapter 713: A Better Performance
Chapter 714: A New Life
Chapter 715: The Feelings Of Combat Witches
Chapter 716: Seeing Annie Again
Chapter 717: Hunting Competition
Chapter 718: Loyalty To Her Belief
Chapter 719: "The New Union"
Chapter 720: The Competition Results And Admission Ceremony
Chapter 721: Artillery Exercise
Chapter 722: Resplendent Blaze
Chapter 723: Power To Shake The Sky
Chapter 724: A Higher Level Of Power
Chapter 725: Bet And Promise
Chapter 726: Tide Of Demonic Beasts
Chapter 727: The Instrument Of Divine Retribution
Chapter 728: A Surprising Communication
Chapter 729: Recasting The Broken Sword
Chapter 730: News From The Mountains
Chapter 731: The First Contact
Chapter 732: An Ideal Beginning
Chapter 733: The Time Before The Past
Chapter 734: The Root Of The Divergence
Chapter 735: Legacy Of The Civilization
Chapter 736: The Giant Paintings And The Divine Will
Chapter 737: The Leader
Chapter 738: Only One Leader
Chapter 739: The Handshake
Chapter 740: A Beautiful Night
Chapter 741: The Art Of Sound Transmission……
Chapter 742: Love From A Distance
Chapter 743: The Desert Mission
Chapter 744: One Who Seeks A Revenge
Chapter 745: Furious Thunder
Chapter 746: A Burning Night
Chapter 747: The Sniper
Chapter 748: A New Osha Clan
Chapter 749: Osha'S Present
Chapter 750: An Unexpected Thunder
Chapter 751: [Devourer] Fran
Chapter 752: Detective Group, Another Strike!
Chapter 753: The Truth Reappears
Chapter 754: The Master Of Worms
Chapter 755: Crisis Management
Chapter 756: Magic Power Tide
Chapter 757: Sharon
Chapter 758: Inherited Belief
Chapter 759: Second Transformation
Chapter 760: Land Of Fire
Chapter 761: Holy Duel
Chapter 762: Music, Rapid Fire, And Strength!
Chapter 763: The Female Lycanthrope
Chapter 764: The Miracle Route
Chapter 765: The Last Battle
Chapter 766: Ashes Against Lorgar!
Chapter 767: Extraordinary Training Method
Chapter 768: Bloodbathed Battle
Chapter 769: Unyielding Will
Chapter 770: Echo And Drow Silvermoon
Chapter 771: Desert Promise
Chapter 772: The Arrival Of The Relics
Chapter 773: The Third Border City
Chapter 774: [Divine Land]
Chapter 775: Hello, World
Chapter 776: Contrary To Common Sense
Chapter 777: Question And Answer
Chapter 778: Commandeering A Meeting
Chapter 779: The King'S Decision
Chapter 780: Edith'S Little Game
Chapter 781: Sand Road, Wolf Heart
Chapter 782: Say Goodbye
Chapter 783: Where I Belong
Chapter 784: Together With Worms
Chapter 785: An Intruder
Chapter 786: The First Dreaming Experience
Chapter 787: Go! To The New World!
Chapter 788: Gourmet Journey
Chapter 789: A Guess On The Soul Transfer
Chapter 790: A New Fallen Evil
Chapter 791: A Coming Crisis In The Dreamland
Chapter 792: The Reason Behind The Decision
Chapter 793: The Ancient Witch'S Discovery
Chapter 794: A Sweet Dream
Chapter 795: A Kind Heart
Chapter 796: First Action Of Pioneering Team
Chapter 797: Body Of Magic
Chapter 798: The Will Of The World
Chapter 799: Changes
Chapter 800: The Revived Harbor
Chapter 801: Endless City
Chapter 802: Ironwhip Discipline
Chapter 803: "Festivity"
Chapter 804: An Accident At The Snow Mountain
Chapter 805: Down The Abyss
Chapter 806: An "Egg"
Chapter 807: Inside The Ruins
Chapter 808: Close Quarter Combat
Chapter 809: The Moment Of Crisis
Chapter 810: A Dilemma
Chapter 811: Battle In The Mist
Chapter 812: Segmentation
Chapter 813: "Monster"
Chapter 814: Impartial Person
Chapter 815: Discoveries And Decisions
Chapter 816: [Deep Sea Demons]
Chapter 817: Meeting Ashes Again
Chapter 818: The Neverwinter Power Rankings
Chapter 819: A Graceful Lady
Chapter 820: The Journey
Chapter 821: A Meeting
Chapter 822: Traitors
Chapter 823: Dark Clouds Over Hermes
Chapter 824: The Symbol Of The Fall
Chapter 825: Dusk Tolls
Chapter 826: Conference Of Agriculture Mobilization Movement
Chapter 827: War Supplies
Chapter 828: Nightingale'S Secret Plan
Chapter 829: Findings At The Snow Mountain
Chapter 830: The Function Of The Mutated Bug
Chapter 831: A Decision With No Regrets
Chapter 832: An Encounter With The King
Chapter 833: An Unexpected Conversation
Chapter 834: Let'S Drink And Celebrate
Chapter 835: Multiple Ways Of Selling Chaos Drinks
Chapter 836: Signs Of Change
Chapter 837: Letter To The Sleeping Island
Chapter 838: A Special Day
Chapter 839: Hero'S Tears
Chapter 840: Black Blood
Chapter 841: The Application Of Blackwater
Chapter 842: Chicken-And-Duck Knight
Chapter 843: The Conduct Of A Loyal Official
Chapter 844: Messages Arriving At The Same Time
Chapter 845: Eye Of The Branch Nest
Chapter 846: Factional Conflicts
Chapter 847: Now Is The Time
Chapter 848: Mission Pure Witch
Chapter 849: The King'S Orders
Chapter 850: A Lone Wolf
Chapter 851: An Invitation From The Neverwinter Exploration Group
Chapter 852: A Like-Minded Friend
Chapter 853: Preparing For The Battle
Chapter 854: An Unexpected Invitation In The Dream World
Chapter 855: Power And Responsibility
Chapter 856: Prism City
Chapter 857: The Nature Of The Erosion
Chapter 858: The Membrane Overlaid
Chapter 859: Two-Pronged Attack
Chapter 860: Their Respective Journeys
Chapter 861: The Redwater Plot
Chapter 862: Obstacles
Chapter 863: A Prelude
Chapter 864: An Announcement
Chapter 865: Mind Reading
Chapter 866: Smashing A Glass
Chapter 867: A Meaningful Smile
Chapter 868: The Black Pearl
Chapter 869: The Eastern Front Offensive
Chapter 870: Siege
Chapter 871: An Extraordinary “Cannon”
Chapter 872: The Last Charge
Chapter 873: Nobles And Prisoners
Chapter 874: Men Of Sin
Chapter 875: Objective History
Chapter 876: Silver City
Chapter 877: The Long-Forgotten Hometown
Chapter 878: Nightingale'S Investigation
Chapter 879: Excuse For Betrayal
Chapter 880: Destitute
Chapter 881: A Hundred Times Yes
Chapter 882: The Return Of The King
Chapter 883: A New Generation Of Officials
Chapter 884: The Impact Of War
Chapter 885: The Unlucky Tradesman
Chapter 886: Weapons And Arts
Chapter 887: Bomber Action
Chapter 888: Heavenly Divine Retribution
Chapter 889: A Key Person
Chapter 890: Your Holiness... Isabella
Chapter 891: The Cloister'S Bitterness
Chapter 892: Appreciated
Chapter 893: Fate Passes On
Chapter 894: Worthy To Save The World
Chapter 895: Reflections Of The Past
Chapter 896: Dust-Laden Secrets
Chapter 897: Jungle Fiesta
Chapter 898: Dark Tide
Chapter 899: The Witches From Afar (Part I)
Chapter 900: The Witches From Afar (Part Ii)
Chapter 901: The Witches From Afar (Part Iii)
Chapter 902: An Ominous Sign
Chapter 903: "The Demons Are Coming"
Chapter 904: Battle Alert (First Half)
Chapter 905: Battle Alert (Second Half)
Chapter 906: Unveiling The Mystery (Part Ⅰ)
Chapter 907: Unveiling The Mystery (Part Ⅱ)
Chapter 908: A Bloody Road
Chapter 909: A Problem In Dreamland (Part I)
Chapter 910: A Problem In Dreamland (Part Ii)
Chapter 911: The Gleaming Star Of Doom
Chapter 912: Chapter 912 An Idealist (I)
Chapter 913: An Idealist (Ii)
Chapter 914: Anna'S Prediction
Chapter 915: To The End Of The World
Chapter 916: A Second Trip To The Ruin
Chapter 917: Ashes' Plan
Chapter 918: The Only Definite Thing
Chapter 919: Repay The Great Chief'S Kindness
Chapter 920: The War Plan
Chapter 921: The Locomotive Era (Part Ⅰ)
Chapter 922: The Locomotive Era (Part Ⅱ)
Chapter 923: A Deliberate Provocation
Chapter 924: An Old Trick Of The Demons
Chapter 925: The Air Defense System
Chapter 926: Quitting Math For Dummies
Chapter 927: Air Defense Battle At The Border (Part I)
Chapter 928: Air Defense Battle At The Border (Part Ii)
Chapter 929: Air Defense Battle At The Border (Part Iii)
Chapter 930: A Letter From The City Hall
Chapter 931: Your Name
Chapter 932: Someone Impossible To Meet
Chapter 933: The King'S Orders
Chapter 934: Rise Of The Glowing City
Chapter 935: A Glimpse Of Hope In The Dark
Chapter 936: Close Combat
Chapter 937: A Stinger
Chapter 938: The First Shot
Chapter 939: Andrea The Marksman
Chapter 940: Fading Past
Chapter 941: Baring His Soul
Chapter 942: Only A Mortal
Chapter 943: The Spread Blackflame
Chapter 944: The New Witch Group Part I
Chapter 945: The New Witch Group Part Ii
Chapter 946: The Payment Problem
Chapter 947: Return Of The Eastern Front Army
Chapter 948: Unexpected Punishment
Chapter 949: The Future Of Witches
Chapter 950: The Art Of Persuasion
Chapter 951: Red And White (Part 1)
Chapter 952: Red And White (Part 2)
Chapter 953: The Invited Explorer
Chapter 954: New Great Wheel
Chapter 955: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 956: Thunder And Lightning
Chapter 957: A Challenge From Mystery Moon
Chapter 958: A Heartbreaking Friendship
Chapter 959: Witnessing History
Chapter 960: New Enemies Spotted
Chapter 961: Two Plans
Chapter 962: The Invisible Supply Line
Chapter 963: The Ultimate Form Of A Gun
Chapter 964: Birth
Chapter 965: Secret In The Forest
Chapter 966: Operation Summit
Chapter 967: The Dreamland Book
Chapter 968: A Piece Of The Mystery Unravels
Chapter 969: Into The Abyss
Chapter 970: Demon City
Chapter 971: A Frightful Experience In A Demon'S Memory
Chapter 972: Going To War
Chapter 973: Combat Beyond Visible Range (Part Ⅰ)
Chapter 974: Combat Beyond Visible Range (Part Ⅱ)
Chapter 975: A Night In The Wild
Chapter 976: The Way To Transcendence
Chapter 977: Gliding Wings
Chapter 978: Flight
Chapter 979: Another Kind Of Genius
Chapter 980: Ordinary People
Chapter 981: Unexpected Start
Chapter 982: Unplanned War
Chapter 983: A Fierce Attack
Chapter 984: A Furious Roar
Chapter 985: The Shadow Of The Dragon
Chapter 986: Fiery Red Lotus
Chapter 987: A Duel
Chapter 988: The First Victory On The Plain
Chapter 989: After The War
Chapter 990: Behind The Soul
Chapter 991: Burdened By Destiny
Chapter 992: Future Direction
Chapter 993: Soul Interrogation (Part Ⅰ)
Chapter 994: Soul Interrogation (Part Ⅱ)
Chapter 995: Soul Interrogation (Part Ⅲ)
Chapter 996: Fight With Pain
Chapter 997: Suppression
Chapter 998: A Real Strong Power
Chapter 999: Witness The Glory
Chapter 1000: Sisters
Chapter 1001: Unusual Stone Fragment
Chapter 1002: A Race Against Time
Chapter 1003: New Progress
Chapter 1004: The World In Her Eyes
Chapter 1005: A Letter From The Desert
Chapter 1006: A "Magic Movie"
Chapter 1007: The Sigil Of Recording
Chapter 1008: The Wolf Princess
Chapter 1009: Commitment
Chapter 1010: A Legitimate Heir
Chapter 1011: Making A Big Splash
Chapter 1012: Olivia
Chapter 1013: The Future Of The Northern Region
Chapter 1014: The Day Of Adulthood
Chapter 1015: Soaring Through The Skies (Part I)
Chapter 1016: Soaring Through The Skies (Part Ii)
Chapter 1017: Derivative Skill
Chapter 1018: Spread Of News
Chapter 1019: The Secrets Of The Witches
Chapter 1020: Release Day
Chapter 1021: Graycastle Weekly
Chapter 1022: Divergence
Chapter 1023: Divergent
Chapter 1024: The Dispute Over Ideas (I)
Chapter 1025: The Dispute Over Ideas (Ii)
Chapter 1026: Staging Of A New Play
Chapter 1027: An Absurd Viewing Experience (Part I)
Chapter 1028: An Unusual Theatre Experience (Ii)
Chapter 1029: A Person Back Home
Chapter 1030: The Coronation Ceremony
Chapter 1031: The King Of Graycastle (I)
Chapter 1032: The King Of Graycastle (Ii)
Chapter 1033: The King Of Graycastle (Iii)
Chapter 1034: Subtle Hints At The Ceremony
Chapter 1035: An Obscure And Wonderful Night
Chapter 1036: Regime Of The New Kingdom
Chapter 1037: Massacre On The Snow-Covered Plains
Chapter 1038: Enemies From The Abyss
Chapter 1039: Decisions On Incoming Letters
Chapter 1040: Victor'S Plan
Chapter 1041: A Strange Wound
Chapter 1042: The Magic Curse
Chapter 1043: A New Challenge
Chapter 1044: An Unsteady Mind
Chapter 1045: A Black River On The Plain
Chapter 1046: A New Recruitment Notice
Chapter 1047: Tests
Chapter 1048: The Surprising Presiding Officer
Chapter 1049: The Princess'S Reward
Chapter 1050: A Difficult Puzzle
Chapter 1051: Azima'S Discovery
Chapter 1052: Protective Measures
Chapter 1053: The Source Of Light
Chapter 1054: Sacrificial Ground
Chapter 1055: Shocking Scene
Chapter 1056: The Captive
Chapter 1057: An Ancient Treasure
Chapter 1058: No More Regret
Chapter 1059: Puzzle And Battles
Chapter 1060: Bidding Farewell
Chapter 1061: Sport Event
Chapter 1062: Wildflame'S Information
Chapter 1063: The Game Began!
Chapter 1064: Ten Years Of Persistence
Chapter 1065: The Champion
Chapter 1066: The Prewar Speech
Chapter 1067: The Person Pursuing Miracles
Chapter 1068: A Torch Run
Chapter 1069: In The Name Of The Aerial Knight
Chapter 1070: The Glider (I)
Chapter 1071: The Glider (Ii)
Chapter 1072: Underground Breeding Farm
Chapter 1073: Gelled Fuel
Chapter 1074: An Unexpected Letter
Chapter 1075: A Young Heart
Chapter 1076: The Power Of “Worms"
Chapter 1077: The Front On The Fertile Land
Chapter 1078: Gunshots On The Plains
Chapter 1079: The Demons' Intentions
Chapter 1080: A New Station
Chapter 1081: A Quiet Night
Chapter 1082: A Battle In The Darkness
Chapter 1083: A Black Apparition
Chapter 1084: In Battle Fumes
Chapter 1085: Attack And Defense
Chapter 1086: A Sharp Confrontation
Chapter 1087: Loss And Victory
Chapter 1088: Just A Beginning
Chapter 1089: The Deity Of Gods
Chapter 1090: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1091: Hopeless Love
Chapter 1092: An Arrest Warrant
Chapter 1093: To The New World
Chapter 1094: A Power Of Attorney
Chapter 1095: An Account Of The Past
Chapter 1096: His Expertise
Chapter 1097: Friend And Old Acquaintance
Chapter 1098: The Guardian
Chapter 1099: I Like You And Everybody
Chapter 1100: Afternoon Tea In The Forest
Chapter 1101: The Controller Of The Forest
Chapter 1102: The Demons' Blade (I)
Chapter 1103: The Demons' Blade (Ii)
Chapter 1104: The Demons' Blade (Iii)
Chapter 1105: Leaf'S Heart
Chapter 1106: A Universal Strategy
Chapter 1107: Yes! Rpg
Chapter 1108: More Than Enough
Chapter 1109: The Past
Chapter 1110: A Complete Version Of The God'S Punishment Warriors
Chapter 1111: Until Death Do Us Part
Chapter 1112: The Truth
Chapter 1113: A Third Wheel
Chapter 1114: A Return
Chapter 1115: An Epochal Missle Test
Chapter 1116: An Underground Laboratory
Chapter 1117: The Light Of The Cursed
Chapter 1118: Experiment Records
Chapter 1119: A Real Researcher
Chapter 1120: A Cape City
Chapter 1121: The Most Genius Invention
Chapter 1122: To The Sea
Chapter 1123: Underground Coffins
Chapter 1124: A Lair
Chapter 1125: An Exit
Chapter 1126: The Status Of The War
Chapter 1127: Preparation For The Final Battle
Chapter 1128: The "Unicorn"
Chapter 1129: "The Mysterious Stone"
Chapter 1130: A Presumption
Chapter 1131: The Third Academy
Chapter 1132: The Effect Of The Reward
Chapter 1133: Shadow Tides
Chapter 1134: Plunge Into The Sea
Chapter 1135: A Drastic Change
Chapter 1136: Sea And Sky
Chapter 1137: The Banished Senior Demon
Chapter 1138: Interception
Chapter 1139: Celine'S Request
Chapter 1140: Dream World'S "Illegal Immigrants"
Chapter 1141: Trust And Misunderstanding
Chapter 1142: Different Roads Lead To The Same Castle
Chapter 1143: The Difference Between Martialists
Chapter 1144: A Stronger Person
Chapter 1145: A Deal And A Strange Phenomenon
Chapter 1146: In The Name Of Rose
Chapter 1147: A Picture Underneath The Sand
Chapter 1148: Camilla'S Return
Chapter 1149: A Challenger Under The Sky
Chapter 1150: The Ambush Plan (I)
Chapter 1151: The Ambush Plan (Ii)
Chapter 1152: Persuasion
Chapter 1153: A Real Monster
Chapter 1154: A Repeated Fate
Chapter 1155: The Battle Of Taquila (I)
Chapter 1156: The Battle Of Taquila (Ii)
Chapter 1157: The Battle Of Taquila (Iii)
Chapter 1158: The Defeat
Chapter 1159: The Ambush
Chapter 1160: A Trap
Chapter 1161: A Slim Hope
Chapter 1162: The Last Struggle
Chapter 1163: Transcendent
Chapter 1164: A Destiny Without A Choice
Chapter 1165: The Eye Of A Storm
Chapter 1166: The Victor
Chapter 1167: Woe
Chapter 1168: Recovery
Chapter 1169: A Parliament Of Holy See
Chapter 1170: A Shocking Statement
Chapter 1171: The Double Plan
Chapter 1172: A New Population Policy
Chapter 1173: I Want All Of Them
Chapter 1174: A Permanent Currency Solution
Chapter 1175: Ursrook'S Letter
Chapter 1176: A [Flaw]
Chapter 1177: Before The Storm
Chapter 1178: Being A Grown-Up
Chapter 1179: Tri-Tank Magic Power Unit
Chapter 1180: Rose Café
Chapter 1181: The Best Team Combination
Chapter 1182: Infiltration
Chapter 1183: Sacrifice
Chapter 1184: Corruption
Chapter 1185: A Warning Of Destruction
Chapter 1186: Reconstructing The Final Battle
Chapter 1187: The So-Called Upgrade
Chapter 1188: Post-War Analysis
Chapter 1189: The Radiation Project
Chapter 1190: " An Important Task"
Chapter 1191: Rare Element
Chapter 1192: A Wind Chaser
Chapter 1193: A Wind Chaser (Ii)
Chapter 1194: The Only Request
Chapter 1195: Things I Want To Do
Chapter 1196: The Reason To Fly
Chapter 1197: The Torch Of The Civilization
Chapter 1198: A Foreigner
Chapter 1199: The Commotion In The Kingdom Of Wolfheart
Chapter 1200: The Will Of The King Of Graycastle
Chapter 1201: Proof
Chapter 1202: A Thunderous War
Chapter 1203: A Black Present
Chapter 1204: The Ridge Of The Continent
Chapter 1205: A Dangerous Signal
Chapter 1206: Just A Breath Away
Chapter 1207: A New Idea
Chapter 1208: Van'Er'S Gun
Chapter 1209: Testing Result
Chapter 1210: A Cube-Powered Vehicle
Chapter 1211: A Farming Tractor
Chapter 1212: Rainbow Stone
Chapter 1213: The Beginning Of An Enterprise
Chapter 1214: The Second Magic Movie
Chapter 1215: The Reoccurence Of The Legend
Chapter 1216: A Chain Reaction
Chapter 1217: The Doomsday (I)
Chapter 1218: Doomsday (Ii)
Chapter 1219: The Investigation Of The Abnormal Phenomenon
Chapter 1220: The Origin Of The Story
Chapter 1221: The Non-Existing Bloody Moon
Chapter 1222: The Promise Of The Divine Will
Chapter 1223: Lan
Chapter 1224: The Remedy
Chapter 1225: The Remedy (Ii)
Chapter 1226: The Prison Of The Heart
Chapter 1227: The Fall Of Prism City
Chapter 1228 - God'S Emnity
Chapter 1229 - The Red Mist
Chapter 1230 - An Emergency Meeting
Chapter 1231 - Hope
Chapter 1232 - Brother
Chapter 1233 - Being Trapped
Chapter 1234 - A Strange World
Chapter 1235 - The Cloud School
Chapter 1236 - Striking Similarities
Chapter 1237 - Observation
Chapter 1238 - An Army Of One Person
Chapter 1239 - Two Options
Chapter 1240 - The Witches' War
Chapter 1241 - God'S Eye
Chapter 1242 - Departure From The Northernmost Port
Chapter 1243 - Rescue
Chapter 1244 - Change Over Time
Chapter 1245 - The Great Immigration
Chapter 1246 - The Ship To The South
Chapter 1247 - The Heart Of A Knight
Chapter 1248 - The Use Of The Core
Chapter 1249 - Civilization
Chapter 1250 - Anna'S Plan
Chapter 1251 - Partner
Chapter 1252 - The Design Bureau Of Graycastle
Chapter 1253 - Things Of A Wrong Age
Chapter 1254 - A Currency Reform
Chapter 1255 - Graycastle "Yuan"
Chapter 1256 - Reception And The New Plan
Chapter 1257 - A National Machine
Chapter 1258 - Air Combat Maneuver
Chapter 1259 - A Battle In The Air
Chapter 1260 - Passion
Chapter 1261 - A City Beyond Understanding
Chapter 1262 - A Conflict In The New City
Chapter 1263 - Future Work
Chapter 1264 - Persuasion
Chapter 1265 - The Witches' Life
Chapter 1266 - The Past
Chapter 1267 - The Invitation
Chapter 1268 - Party
Chapter 1269 - The Eye Of Time
Chapter 1270 - A Battle At The Front
Chapter 1271 - The Fiery Sky
Chapter 1272 - Beneath The Flames
Chapter 1273 - The Demons' Guile
Chapter 1274 - Ambition
Chapter 1275 - The Pharmaceutical Industry In Neverwinter
Chapter 1276 - An Overlooked Ability
Chapter 1277 - Out Of Darkness
Chapter 1278 - A Historical Moment
Chapter 1279 - Conspiracy
Chapter 1280 - Disguise
Chapter 1281 - A Deadlock
Chapter 1282 - The Battle Is To The Strong
Chapter 1283 - The Source Of Information
Chapter 1284 - Infiltration
Chapter 1285 - Five Pairs Of Road Wheels
Chapter 1286 - The Other World
Chapter 1287 - Uneasiness
Chapter 1288 - Intertwined Fate
Chapter 1289 - The Origin Of The World
Chapter 1290 - Achievement
Chapter 1291 - Reunion
Chapter 1292 - A Person In Need And A Person Who Needs
Chapter 1293 - An Uncertain Future
Chapter 1294 - An Isolated Island
Chapter 1295 - Guardian
Chapter 1296 - A Visitor From The Sky
Chapter 1297 - Arrive At The Front!
Chapter 1298 - The Arrival Of The Demonic Months
Chapter 1299 - A Swift Attack
Chapter 1300 - A Ferocious Fight
Chapter 1301 - A Battle In The Snow
Chapter 1302 - Perspicacity
Chapter 1303 - Hints And Clues
Chapter 1304 - Hints And Clues (Ii)
Chapter 1305 - Lurking
Chapter 1306 - The Bloodstained Message
Chapter 1307 - Flaw
Chapter 1308 - The Great Evacuation Of Archduke Island
Chapter 1309 - Thunder
Chapter 1310 - Trapped Beast
Chapter 1311 - Loss
Chapter 1312 - Countermeasure
Chapter 1313 - The Information Age
Chapter 1314 - Dilemma
Chapter 1315 - First Direct Contact
Chapter 1316 - History
Chapter 1317 - Battle Of The Legacies
Chapter 1318 - A Fifty-Fifty Decision
Chapter 1319 - Free Will
Chapter 1320 - High-Energy Experiment (Part 1)
Chapter 1321 - High-Energy Experiment (Part 2)
Chapter 1322 - The Light That Breaks The Darkness
Chapter 1323 - Flaw
Chapter 1324 - New Dream
Chapter 1325 - Territory
Chapter 1326 - Request
Chapter 1327 - Scroll'S New Clothes
Chapter 1328 - The Human Legacy
Chapter 1329 - The Grand War Begins
Chapter 1330 - Battle Of Wills
Chapter 1331 - The One That Vanished
Chapter 1332 - The Cause Of All Mankind
Chapter 1333 - The 'Battlefield' At The Rear
Chapter 1334 - The Only Compensation
Chapter 1335 - Morale Boosting Song
Chapter 1336 - Starting The Counterattack
Chapter 1337 - Road Transportation Line
Chapter 1338 - Attack From Multiple Fronts
Chapter 1339 - Furious Flames Of Counterattack
Chapter 1340 - Hunters At The Rear
Chapter 1341 - Pride
Chapter 1342 - Unceasing Advantage
Chapter 1343 - The Grand Lord'S Decision
Chapter 1344 - Fate’S Decision
Chapter 1345 - Forced Redemption
Chapter 1346 - Tilly'S Letter
Chapter 1347 - Producing The Silent Message
Chapter 1348 - Coma
Chapter 1349 - Time
Chapter 1350 - A Newcomer
Chapter 1351 - Crushed
Chapter 1352 - I Will Protect You
Chapter 1353 - Enemy Of The World
Chapter 1354 - "You Have To Work Slightly Harder"
Chapter 1355 - The Second Scene
Chapter 1356 - "Creator'S Promise"
Chapter 1357 - Combined Rescue
Chapter 1358 - The Creator'S Proof
Chapter 1359 - Convincing
Chapter 1360 - Convincing (2)
Chapter 1361 - A Change Of Mind
Chapter 1362 - Reversal
Chapter 1363 - A Long Time Ago
Chapter 1364 - Cooperation
Chapter 1365 - The New Design Bureau
Chapter 1366 - A Fork In The Story
Chapter 1367 - The Essence To Upgrade
Chapter 1368 - Going Hand In Hand
Chapter 1369 - Overlord Of The Sky
Chapter 1370 - Returning Home
Chapter 1371 - The Structure Of The World
Chapter 1372 - Torturer
Chapter 1373 - Smell Of Blood
Chapter 1374 - Worthiness Of The Strong
Chapter 1375 - One Strike
Chapter 1376 - Witnessing A Miracle
Chapter 1377 - The Converging Crisis
Chapter 1378 - Rewards And Punishments
Chapter 1379 - Special Goods
Chapter 1380 - Wings Of The Phoenix
Chapter 1381 - Extreme Racing
Chapter 1382 - What One Sees
Chapter 1383 - Sending A Message Over A Thousand Kilometers
Chapter 1384 - Taking A Step Forward
Chapter 1385 - Establishing A Basic Agreement
Chapter 1386 - The Breakthrough Point
Chapter 1387 - Wireless Transmission
Chapter 1388 - Conflict
Chapter 1389 - Mystical Secrets
Chapter 1390 - Right Thing To Do
Chapter 1391 - Obstructing The Miracle
Chapter 1392 - Coordinated Combat
Chapter 1393 - Trump Card
Chapter 1394 - The Stars Amongst The Mountains
Chapter 1395 - Close Proximity Interception
Chapter 1396 - Silent Disaster
Chapter 1397 - The Bloody Battle In The Mountains (1)
Chapter 1398 - The Bloody Battle In The Mountains (2)
Chapter 1399 - The Bloody Battle In The Mountains (3)
Chapter 1400 - One'S Conduct
Chapter 1401 - The Bottomless Land
Chapter 1402 - Cradle
Chapter 1403 - A New Battlefield
Chapter 1404 - Undetected Capabilities
Chapter 1405 - Plan Ii: From The Sky
Chapter 1406 - A Night In The Kingdom Of Dawn
Chapter 1407 - Setting Out
Chapter 1408 - Different People
Chapter 1409 - Bomb (I)
Chapter 1410 - Bomb (Ii)
Chapter 1411 - An Unexpected Package
Chapter 1412 - The Third Act
Chapter 1413 - Beyond The Western Region
Chapter 1414 - Useless Person
Chapter 1415 - The Unexpected Attackers
Chapter 1416 - Trapped In A Dangerous Situation
Chapter 1417 - Not Too Bad
Chapter 1418 - The Fused King
Chapter 1419 - Dual Identity
Chapter 1420 - A New Extraordinary
Chapter 1421 - Return
Chapter 1422 - Plan B
Chapter 1423 - Probe
Chapter 1424 - Valkries’S Speculation
Chapter 1425 - Close Your Eyes
Chapter 1426 - Converging
Chapter 1427 - Going Or Staying
Chapter 1428 - Criteria For Balance
Chapter 1429 - Surpassing The Limit
Chapter 1430 - The Irrecoverable Situation
Chapter 1431 - Born For War
Chapter 1432 - Hunter-Killer Fire Control
Chapter 1433 - The Three Big Wigs Of The Western Front
Chapter 1434 - Gambling On Fate
Chapter 1435 - Capturing The Deity Of Gods
Chapter 1436 - Super Ego
Chapter 1437 - Silver Lining
Chapter 1438 - Not Alone
Chapter 1439 - The Last Of The Three Chiefs
Chapter 1440 - Respective Responsibilities
Chapter 1441 - Consensus
Chapter 1442 - A Powerful Current
Chapter 1443 - Eleanor
Chapter 1444 - The Riddles Of The Consciousness
Chapter 1445 - The Island That Will Never Fall
Chapter 1446: Skycarrier
Chapter 1447 - The Unfulfilled Promise
Chapter 1448 - The Black Giant Bird
Chapter 1449 - Journey Together
Chapter 1450 - Taquila Street Battle
Chapter 1451 - The Secret To Having Good Aim
Chapter 1452 - The Deviating Sky-Sea Realm
Chapter 1453 - Shadow Of Blackstone Region
Chapter 1454 - Take Off
Chapter 1455 - Pioneer
Chapter 1456 - A Future With You
Chapter 1457 - The First Battle Of The Floating Island!
Chapter 1458 - A Defense Line Held Single-Handedly
Chapter 1459 - The Complete Form Of The Skycruiser
Chapter 1460 - Under The Mask
Chapter 1461 - Before Dawn
Chapter 1462 - Night Of Endless Toss And Turns
Chapter 1463 - High Altitude Drop
Chapter 1464 - Daybreak
Chapter 1465 - Battle Of Struggles
Chapter 1466 - Chaos
Chapter 1467 - Different Fates
Chapter 1468 - Ignition
Chapter 1469 - The Fall Of A City
Chapter 1470 - Fracturing
Chapter 1471 - Blood-Colored Dawn
Chapter 1472 - Celebration And The Unforeseen
Chapter 1473 - Quarantine
Chapter 1474 - Representative
Chapter 1475 - Change In Sky City
Chapter 1476 - Reaching Straight To The Core
Chapter 1477 - The Final Deadline
Chapter 1478 - The Lights Soon Extinguish
Chapter 1479 - A Marvel
Chapter 1480 - Bugle Horn For The End Of War
Chapter 1481 - Landing On The Island For Battle Begins
Chapter 1482 - Pincer Attack From The Air And Ground
Chapter 1483 - An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 1484 - Revelation
Chapter 1485 - "Jump"
Chapter 1486 - Project Door
Chapter 1487 - The Omniscient Custodian
Chapter 1488 - Origins
Chapter 1489 - Once Again, Battle Of Souls
Chapter 1490 - Fighting God
Chapter 1491 - The Meaning Of Existing
Chapter 1492 - The Final Outcome
Chapter 1493 - Origins
Chapter 1494 - Destination
Chapter 1495 - Different Paths
Chapter 1496 - The Moment For Reunion
Chapter 1497 - An Entirely Different Scenery
Chapter 1498(End) - A Brand New Road
Chapter 1499
Chapter 1500
Chapter 1501
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Alternative Titles:

RTW, 放开那个女巫

Source: volarenovels
Book Details / Information: Cheng Yan transmigrated only to end up in a medieval Europe like world, becoming Roland, a Royal Prince. But this world doesn’t seem to be the same as his former world, despite some similarities. Witches are real and they actually can use magic?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his siblings. Will he be able to win, even though the king already declared him to be a hopeless case and with the worst starting situation? With his knowledge of modern technologies and the help of the witches, who are known as devils’ servants and are hunted by the the Holy Church, he might have a fighting chance.

Now, let his journey begin.

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Chapter 1 From Today Onwards, I Am A Royal Prince

Chapter 1: Becoming a Prince





Cheng Yan felt as if someone was calling him.

"Your Highness, wake up…"

He turned his head away, but the sounds he had heard did not disappear, instead they became even louder. Then, he felt someone gently tug on his sleeve.

"Your Highness, my Royal Prince!"

Cheng Yan opened his eyes immediately. He did not see any of the things he had grown familiar with—the screen was gone, the desk was gone, and so too, was the wall which he had plastered with Post-its. They were replaced by a strange scene—rows of small brick houses, a round public square that was crowded with people, and a door-shaped gallows that was erected in the middle of the public square. He was seated on an elevated platform from across the square. The chair he sat on was not his usual soft swivel chair, but instead, a cold and hard iron chair. Sitting alongside him was a group of people whose gazes were fixated upon him. Among them were a few young women who were dressed as medieval ladies like what he had seen in Western movies, and they were busy giggling among themselves.

"Where on Earth is this? Wasn’t I working urgently on my blueprints?" Cheng Yan’s mind was vacant, perhaps caused by three consecutive days of working overtime that had pushed him to the limit mentally and physically. All he could remember was when he finally broke down, his heartbeat began to palpitate unsteadily, and he wanted nothing but to lie on the office table for a brief rest…

"Your Highness, please announce your verdict soon."

The speaker was the person that had quietly tugged on his sleeve. His face was old, seemingly in his fifties or sixties, and he wore a white robe. At first glance, had a little resemblance to Gandalf, from The Lord of the Rings.

"Am I dreaming?" Cheng Yan thought as he licked his dry lips. "Verdict, what verdict?"

He soon knew. The people in the public square were all looking in the direction of the gallows, while waving their fists and yelling as loud as they could. Some even threw stones at the gallows.

Cheng Yan had only ever seen such an ancient instrument of death in movies. The gallows of two pillars extending upwards about four meters from a raised base. The top ends of the two pillars were connected by a crossbeam, which was embedded with rusty metal rings for a thick yellow hemp rope to travel through. One end of the rope was tied to the frame of the gallows, and the other end was tied around the felon’s neck.

In this strange dream, he discovered that his eyesight was extraordinarily good. He would usually require glasses to read the words on a computer screen, but now, he could clearly see every detail of the gallows, which was fifty meters away, without his glasses.

The felon was hooded and her hands were tied behind her back. Her shabby gray garment was akin to a piece of rag. Her body was so emaciated that her ankles—the only part of her body which was exposed—seemed like they could be broken by pinching them. It was her faintly bulging chest which gave away that she was a female. She shivered terribly in the cold wind, yet she was observably trying hard to maintain her straight posture.

"Alright then," Cheng Yan thought to himself, "exactly what crime did this woman commit that so many people are waiting with indignation for her to be executed?"

As he pondered, memories suddenly came flooding back to him, and the answer to his question abruptly appeared in front of him. Cheng Yan’s memories appeared, almost as if they’d suddenly been turned on and he realized the cause of the situation, and the answer to his question, at almost the same time.

She was a ’witch’.

Witches had degenerated after falling to the temptation of the Devil and are now the incarnation of impurity.

"Your Highness?" ‘Gandalf’ urged cautiously.

Cheng Yan glanced at the old man. Ohhh, actually, he’s called Barov and not Gandalf. He’s the Assistant Minister of Finance, and was sent here to assist me with government affairs.

As for myself, I’m the Fourth Prince of the Kingdom of Graycastle, named Roland, and I’m in charge of this place called Border Town. It was residents who caught and arrested the witch, and immediately brought her to the police station—no, it was the court of justice. The warrant to execute the witch would typically have been issued by the local lord or bishop, which, in this case, would mean me.

His memory answered every question he had indiscriminately. It was as though this bout of memories was derived from his personal experiences, rather than knowledge he had gained from his extensive reading. This confused him. A dream can never be as detailed as this, therefore is this not a dream? Could it be that I have travelled back in time to the dark ages of medieval Europe and became Roland? Have I transformed from an ignoble draftsman to a dignified prince?

Albeit this piece of territory seems barren and backward, and I’ve never seen the name ‘Kingdom of Graycastle’ in any history book.

Well, what should I do next?

I shall leave aside the question of how something scientifically impossible like time travel happened. Right now, I need to end this circus. Before civilization, it was common to assign the blame for disasters and misfortune to these pitiful witches, but Cheng Yan could not accept that they had to be executed as well to satisfy the dark desires of the audience.

He snatched the formal written orders from Barov’s hands, tossed them on the ground, stretched his arms and said languidly, "I’m tired. The judgement shall be postponed to another day. Court’s dismissed!"

Cheng Yan did not act recklessly or without thought. Instead, this was in accordance with his memory’s detailed recollection of the way that the prince behaved, and all he did was reenacting their willful manner. The Fourth Prince, Roland, was indeed this screwed up and abominable, and did whatever he wanted. Certainly, it was impossible for a twenty-something unruly prince to be well-cultivated.

The members of the noble who sat with him seemed unsurprised, but a tall man wearing a suit of armor stood up and argued. "Your Highness, this isn’t a joke! All witches should be put to death immediately upon being identified, or else, what can we do if other witches attempt to save her? The Church will get involved if they know of this."

"Carter Lannis. This handsome man is my Chief Knight." Cheng Yan frowned and replied, "Why? Are you scared?" His voice, which was full of blatant mockery, sounded natural. "How could a man, whose arms were thicker than a normal person’s body, be worried about witches breaking into our prison? Does he really think that witches are the mouthpiece of the Devil?" "Won’t it be better to catch a few more witches?"

As Carter remained silent, Cheng Yan signaled to his personal guards and left. Carter pondered for a moment before he decided to catchup with the guards and walked beside Prince Roland. The other nobles stood up and paid their respects to the prince, but Cheng Yan could see the disdain and contempt in their eyes.

Back in the keep, which was considered to be the castle in the south of Border Town, he ordered his guards to deny entry to the anxious Assistant Minister so that he himself could finally catch a brief respite.

As a person who had usually spent 90 percent of his time sitting in front of a computer, he had outdone himself by speaking in front of such an audience. Using his newly-gained memories, Cheng Yan located his bedroom, and then sat on the bed for a long rest which allowed his heartbeat to regain normalcy. At the moment, the most important matter was to clarify his situation. "Why is the prince not residing comfortably in King’s City, but instead sent to this desolate land?"

The answer popped up spontaneously and left him a bit flabbergasted.

Roland Wimbledon was sent here to contend for the throne.

It all started when the King of Graycastle, Wimbledon III, quizzically proclaimed, "The heirship of this kingdom will not be based on age, but instead, the capability to govern." He then dispatched his grown-up sons and daughters to govern different territories, and after five years, he would decide his successor based on their level of governance.

Although the ideas of meritocracy and gender equality sounded progressive and futuristic, it was difficult to implement in reality. Who could guarantee that each of the five children faced the same initial conditions? After all, this was not a real-time strategy game. According to his new knowledge, the Second Prince was given a much better territory than Border Town. In fact, among the five of them, none had a place as bad as Border Town, and thus he had a huge disadvantage.

Furthermore, he wondered how the level of governance would be assessed. By population? Military power? Economic standing? Wimbledon III did not mentioned his criteria, nor did he put the slightest restriction on their methods of competition. In case someone secretly assassinated the other candidates, what would he do? Would the queen stand by and watch as her children kill one another? "Wait…" He carefully recalled another memory. "That’s right, another piece of bad news is that the Queen died five years ago."

Cheng Yan sighed. This was obviously a barbaric and dark time during the feudal era. The way that people wanted to kill witches recklessly was enough to give him a few hints. Yet, even if he did not attain heirship, he would forever be a blood prince of Graycastle, and would be the Lord of a Realm for as long as he lived.

Furthermore… so what if I become the king? There isn’t Internet or other comforts of modern civilization. Like the locals, the only fun thing I’ve to do is burning witches. And living in a city where shit is excreted and dumped anywhere and everywhere, won’t I eventually die of the Black Death?

Cheng Yan suppressed his chaotic thoughts and walked up to his bedroom mirror. The man looking back at him in the mirror had light gray hair, which was the royal family’s most distinctive feature. Although his facial features were regular, his face lacked a proper shape and seemed devoid of royal disposition. His pale face gave away his lack of physical exercise. He recalled from his new memories that he did not indulge much in wine or women. He did have several sexual relationships while in King’s City, and all of them were consensual. He had never forced anyone into an affair with him.

He also discovered a probable reason for his time travel. Because of his company’s urgency to make progress on a project, his boss had arranged consecutive nights of overtime work for him that caused him to die of exhaustion. The victims of such a case were usually coders, mechanical engineers, and programmers.

"Forget it, no matter what, at least I got the equivalent of an extra life, and therefore I really shouldn’t complain too much." He began to wise up to the fact that he would probably adjust to this life in the days to come, but that for now, the most important mission was to act well as the Prince Roland and not let anyone find out. Or else, they may believe that the Devil had possessed the real Prince Roland, and immediately burnt him at the stake. "So, most importantly, live well. " Cheng Yan took a deep breath, and whispered towards the mirror, "From now on, I’m Roland."


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