Shura’s Wrath by Mars Gravity

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1: Encounter
Chapter 2: Ling Chen, Shui Ruo
Chapter 3: Deal
Chapter 4: Little Sisters With Big Brothers Really Are Blessed
Chapter 5: Mystic Moon
Chapter 6: Ling Tian
Chapter 7: Mystic Moon Opens
Chapter 8: Moon God Bracelet
Chapter 9: Buck-Toothed-Rabbit
Chapter 10: Unscathed
Chapter 11: 2 Star Elite
Chapter 12: The Lost Amethyst Ring
Chapter 13: Wolf’S Cliff
Chapter 14: 3 Star Elite
Chapter 15: The Novice Village’S Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 16: Saving Wang Xiaoming
Chapter 17: Gold Battle Wolf
Chapter 18: Falling Into The Chasm
Chapter 19: The Bottom Of The Chasm
Chapter 20: The Forgotten Cave
Chapter 21: The Luxurious Elite Line-Up
Chapter 22: Hell Spider
Chapter 23: Mind Saber
Chapter 24: Dangerous Warning Sign
Chapter 25: The Behemoth In The Chasm
Chapter 26: Spark Of Hope
Chapter 27: Belief
Chapter 28: The Edge Of Breaking
Chapter 29: Fire Of Rage
Chapter 30: Desperate Situation
Chapter 31: Strike Of Faith
Chapter 32: Rising 4 Levels
Chapter 33: Sand Blade
Chapter 34: Soaring Cloud
Chapter 35: World Famous
Chapter 36: Soul Sacrifice
Chapter 37: Tao Tie
Chapter 38: Black Crescent Moon
Chapter 39: Spirit Devour
Chapter 40: “Heaven”
Chapter 41: Reversal (I)
Chapter 42: Reversal(Ii)
Chapter 43: Lunar Scourge(I)
Chapter 44: Lunar Scourge(Ii)
Chapter 45: Gemini Pearl(I)
Chapter 46: Gemini Pearl(Ii)
Chapter 47: Tao Tie’S Trust
Chapter 48: Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique
Chapter 49: Seductress
Chapter 50: Xiao Qiufeng
Chapter 51: Awe
Chapter 52: 10 Lives 1 Step
Chapter 53: The Trembling Cold Magistrate
Chapter 54: Xiao Qi
Chapter 55: Rising To Lv10
Chapter 56: Shura’S Legend (I)
Chapter 57: Shura’S Legend (Ii)
Chapter 58: Leaving The Novice Village
Chapter 59: Azure Dragon City
Chapter 60: The Shocked Class Trainers
Chapter 61: Fighting Over Ling Tian
Chapter 62: Hall Of Heroic Spirits (I)
Chapter 63: Hall Of Heroic Souls (Ii)
Chapter 64: His Choice (I)
Chapter 65: His Choice (Ii)
Chapter 66: Holy Spirit Beast (I)
Chapter 67: Holy Spirit Beast (Ii)
Chapter 68: Xiao Hui’S Shocking Ability
Chapter 69: Xiao Hui’S Shocking Ability (Ii)
Chapter 70: Soaring Cloud Insta-Kill
Chapter 71: Undead Zephyr Bird
Chapter 72: Revived Zephyr Bird
Chapter 73: Opponent That Cannot Be Beaten
Chapter 74: A Slim Chance Of Surviving
Chapter 75: Sagittarius Orb (I)
Chapter 76: Sagittarius Orb (Ii)
Chapter 77: Killing The Zephyr Bird
Chapter 78: Zephyr Blade
Chapter 79: The Rusted Key
Chapter 80: The Legend Of The Beast Of Luck
Chapter 81: Ling Tian Battle Soul
Chapter 82: Shura Emperor Sword Broken Piece
Chapter 83: War God’S Sword
Chapter 84: The Truth Of The 13223 Drug
Chapter 85: Ruo Ruo Loves Chen
Chapter 86: Looking For Black Flame Grass
Chapter 87: Cloud Trotting Horse
Chapter 88: Red-Eyed Lizard
Chapter 89: Four Corners Star Formation
Chapter 90: Eye Of The Holy Spirit
Chapter 91: Heading To Silent Soul Ridge
Chapter 92: Peace Town
Chapter 93: Lucky Cat
Chapter 94: Handsome Pan
Chapter 95: Mysterious Red Sun Gold
Chapter 96: Ghastly Grounds
Chapter 97: The 3 Undead Lords
Chapter 98: Underworld Door Part 1
Chapter 99: Underworld Door Part 2
Chapter 100: Underworld Merchant Qian Gun Gun
Chapter 101: Xi Ling(Part 1)
Chapter 102: Xi Ling(Part 2)
Chapter 103: Xi Ling(Part 3)
Chapter 104: Xi Ling(Part 4)
Chapter 105: Xi Ling(Part 5)
Chapter 106: Xi Ling(Part 6)
Chapter 107: Xi Ling(Part 7)
Chapter 108: Wrath Of The 9 Suns [Part 1]
Chapter 109: Wrath Of The 9 Suns [Part 2]
Chapter 110: Wrath Of The 9 Suns [Part 3]
Chapter 111: Crimson Spirit (Part 1)
Chapter 112: Crimson Spirit (Part 2)
Chapter 113: Demon Jade Hook
Chapter 114: Ling Chen’S Request
Chapter 115: Once Again Entering The Hall Of Heroic Spirits
Chapter 116: Yun Meng Xin (1)
Chapter 117: Yun Meng Xin (2)
Chapter 118: Yun Meng Xin (3)
Chapter 119: Working Together
Chapter 120: A Small Compensation
Chapter 121: Phantasmal Bladedancer
Chapter 122: Yan Huang Alliance
Chapter 123: Skyfall Dynasty And The Dark Night
Chapter 124: Top 3 Of The Heaven Rankings
Chapter 125: Frozen Hearted Man-Eater
Chapter 126: Frozen Hearted Man-Eater [2]
Chapter 127: Frozen Hearted Man-Eater [3]
Chapter 128: Mu Bing Yao
Chapter 129: Wrath Of The Man Eater
Chapter 130: Might Of Xi Ling (1)
Chapter 131: Might Of Xi Ling (2)
Chapter 132: A Future That Isn’T Bleak
Chapter 133: Xuanyuan Xue Yi
Chapter 134: No Longer Dependent
Chapter 135: The First Millionaire
Chapter 136: Central Auction House
Chapter 137: Levelling To Lv15
Chapter 138: Shui Ruo’S Arrival
Chapter 139: Fairy Priest
Chapter 140: Heart’S Dream’S New Member
Chapter 141: The Four Mega Quests (1)
Chapter 142: The Four Mega Quests (2)
Chapter 143: A Surprise Attack
Chapter 144: Challenging Again
Chapter 145: The Hidden Place In The Forest
Chapter 146: Furious Pineapple
Chapter 147: Forest Of Bones (1)
Chapter 148: Forest Of Bones (2)
Chapter 149: Nine Suns Rebirth
Chapter 150: Ancient Dragon Skeleton
Chapter 151: White Bone Pendant
Chapter 152: Skeleton Army
Chapter 153: Burning Fire Array
Chapter 154: Skeleton Castle
Chapter 155: The Eerie Castle
Chapter 156: Half Ghost Girl
Chapter 157: Spirit Sacrifice Contract
Chapter 158: Goodbye Nine Suns (1)
Chapter 159: Goodbye Nine Suns (2)
Chapter 160: Goodbye, Master…
Chapter 161: Undying Will
Chapter 162: The “Rising Back From The Dead” Of The Legends
Chapter 163: Determination
Chapter 164: Official Beginning
Chapter 165: Moonlight Treasure Box
Chapter 166: The First Guild Creation Token
Chapter 167: Moon God Ruins
Chapter 168: Undead Moon God Representative
Chapter 169: Moon Goddess Light Dress
Chapter 170: Moon God Hairpin
Chapter 171: Demon’S Laughter
Chapter 172: Shura (1)
Chapter 173: Shura (2)
Chapter 174: Shura’S Last Wish
Chapter 175: Cancer Orb
Chapter 176: Moon Flare
Chapter 177: Skill Copy Scroll
Chapter 178: The Foreboding Auction (1)
Chapter 179: The Foreboding Auction (2)
Chapter 180: Jadeite Jade
Chapter 181: Winter Of That Year, Hundred Miles Of Ice
Chapter 182: Loulan Queen (1)
Chapter 183: Loulan Queen (2)
Chapter 184: Gold Chain
Chapter 185: 50 Million Deal
Chapter 186: Competition For The Guild Creation Token
Chapter 187: Battle Of The Hundred Millions
Chapter 188: The Final Victor?
Chapter 189: The Utter Humiliation
Chapter 190: Blocking The Way
Chapter 191: Battle Challenge!
Chapter 192: Wild Talk
Chapter 193: Ouroboros
Chapter 194: Impossible To Know The Future
Chapter 195: Once Again Going To The Forest Of Bones
Chapter 196: Slaying The Giant Skeleton
Chapter 197: Slaying The Giant Skeleton (2)
Chapter 198: Leng’Er (1)
Chapter 199: Leng’Er (2)
Chapter 200: Great Ravager
Chapter 201: Leng’Er’S Dolls
Chapter 202: The Obedient Leng’Er
Chapter 203: Completely Filled Plains
Chapter 204: Smacked Away!
Chapter 205: Inviting Self-Humiliation
Chapter 206: Ling Tian Vs The Sword Emperor
Chapter 207: Heaven’S Edge, Butterfly’S Dance (1)
Chapter 208: Heaven’S Edge, Butterfly’S Dance (2)
Chapter 209: You’Ve Lost
Chapter 210: Venting (1)
Chapter 211: Venting (2)
Chapter 212: Nightmarish Light
Chapter 213: The Curtain Falls
Chapter 214: Tian Ya And Dia Wu (1)
Chapter 215: Tian Ya And Dia Wu (2)
Chapter 216: Tian Ya And Dia Wu
Chapter 217: Hard To Look Back
Chapter 218: Today’S Weather Isn’T Too Bad
Chapter 219: Big Brother’S Dessert
Chapter 220: Shui Ruo’S Heart
Chapter 221: Heading To Vermillion Bird City
Chapter 222: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 223: Danger From Above
Chapter 224: Is This Earth?
Chapter 225: Call Me Your Demon Queen Highness
Chapter 226: Taking The Demon Queen Home
Chapter 227: Tian Tian
Chapter 228: Black Night, Su Er (1)
Chapter 229: Black Night, Su Er (2)
Chapter 230: Black Night, Su Er (3)
Chapter 231: Tian Tian’S New Home
Chapter 232: Hello There, Lucky Cat!
Chapter 233: Skill Copy: Lucky Hand!
Chapter 234: Spanking
Chapter 235: Peter Pan!
Chapter 236: The Wrath Of Long Tian Yun’
Chapter 237: The First Guild
Chapter 238: Believe Me
Chapter 239: The Unpredictable Future
Chapter 240: A Decision That Would Affect The Rest Of Tian Tian’S Life
Chapter 241: Breaking Through To Lv20
Chapter 242: Fairy Forest
Chapter 243: Fairy Realm
Chapter 244: Cai’Er
Chapter 245: Ying Xue
Chapter 246: Stealing Away The Little Fairy!
Chapter 247: Sending Cai’Er Home
Chapter 248: The First Day In The Human World
Chapter 249: Cai’Er’S New Friends
Chapter 250: The Reluctant-To-Leave-Cai’Er
Chapter 251: Qing Mu
Chapter 252: A Fairy’S First Wings
Chapter 253: Dew Of Dawn And Dew Of Dusk
Chapter 254: The Fairy Clan’S Secret (1)
Chapter 255: The Fairy Clan’S Secret (2)
Chapter 256: Lunar Sky Prison (1)
Chapter 257: Lunar Sky Prison (2)
Chapter 258: Lunar Sky Prison (3)
Chapter 259: Ninefang
Chapter 260: Xiao Feng Chen (1)
Chapter 261: Xiao Feng Chen (2)
Chapter 262: Xiao Feng Chen (3)
Chapter 263: The Legendary Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses
Chapter 264: Profession Choice
Chapter 265: Evil God’S Mask
Chapter 266: The Overpowered Pisces Orb
Chapter 267: Second Profession: Feng Chen Curse Zanni
Chapter 268: Unexpected Hope!
Chapter 269: Escaping From Lunar Sky Hell
Chapter 270: Evil God’S Mask
Chapter 271: Qi Qi’S Lecture
Chapter 272: Hidden Profession Rankings
Chapter 273: The Demon Queen Who Walked Out Of The Novice Village
Chapter 274: Demon Queen
Chapter 275: Little White, Attack!
Chapter 276: Meng Xin’S Decision
Chapter 277: A Warm Coloured Night Sky
Chapter 278: Tian Tian’S Wish
Chapter 279: Black Flames Xuan Feng
Chapter 280: Suffering A Heavy Loss (1)
Chapter 281: Suffering A Heavy Loss (2)
Chapter 282: Complete And Utter Belief Curse
Chapter 283: Lovey Lovey Curse
Chapter 284: Armoured Cavalry And Heaven’S Net Corps (1)
Chapter 285: Armoured Cavalry And Heaven’S Net Corps (2)
Chapter 286: Armoured Cavalry And Heaven’S Net Corps (3)
Chapter 287: Escaping Safely
Chapter 288: A Pair Of Beauties
Chapter 289: Partnership
Chapter 290: Vermillion Bird City
Chapter 291: Heaven’S Secrets Sect Leader
Chapter 292: Fortune Of Great Calamity
Chapter 293: Once Again Meeting Qian Gun Gun
Chapter 294: Lava Purgatory
Chapter 295: Giga Inferno Spirit (1)
Chapter 296: Giga Inferno Spirit (2)
Chapter 297: Vermillion Bird’S Phantasm
Chapter 298: Three Conditions
Chapter 299: An Unforgettable Breakfast
Chapter 300: Our Secret
Chapter 301: The Shining Vermillion Bird’S Feather
Chapter 302: Qi Qi’S Heart
Chapter 303: Heavenly Sun Arteries
Chapter 304: Believing In Miracles
Chapter 305: The Avenger From Hell (1)
Chapter 306: The Avenger From Hell (2)
Chapter 307: The Avenger From Hell (3)
Chapter 308: The Avenger From Hell (4)
Chapter 309: The Avenger From Hell (5)
Chapter 310: The Avenger From Hell (6)
Chapter 311: The Avenger From Hell (7)
Chapter 312: The Avenger From Hell (8)
Chapter 313: The Avenger From Hell (9)
Chapter 314: The Awakened 13223 Drug (1)
Chapter 315: The Awakened 13223 Drug (2)
Chapter 316: The Awakened 13223 Drug (3)
Chapter 317: A Dark Night
Chapter 318: Explosion
Chapter 319: Rampage (1)
Chapter 320: Rampage (2)
Chapter 321: Bloodbath (1)
Chapter 322: Bloodbath (2)
Chapter 323: Bloodbath (3)
Chapter 324: Bloodbath (4)
Chapter 325: Bloodbath (5)
Chapter 326: Bloodbath (6)
Chapter 327: Bloodbath (7)
Chapter 328: I Won’T Fall (1)
Chapter 329: I Won’T Fall (2)
Chapter 330: I Won’T Fall (3)
Chapter 331: Dia Wu… Dia Wu… (1)
Chapter 332: Dia Wu… Dia Wu… (2)
Chapter 333: Escaping!
Chapter 334: Explosion
Chapter 335: Do Your Best, Tian Tian (1)
Chapter 336: Do Your Best, Tian Tian (2)
Chapter 337: The Dust Settles
Chapter 338: The Destruction Of Heart’S Dream (1)
Chapter 339: The Destruction Of Heart’S Dream (2)
Chapter 340: Waking Up (1)
Chapter 341: Waking Up (2)
Chapter 342: An Uncertain Future (1)
Chapter 343: An Uncertain Future (2)
Chapter 344: Their Old Home
Chapter 345: The Future, Su Hang
Chapter 346: New Home
Chapter 347: A Voice From Another World (1)
Chapter 348: A Voice From Another World (2)
Chapter 349: The Connected Worlds
Chapter 350: Determination (1)
Chapter 351: Determination (2)
Chapter 352: Determination (3)
Chapter 353: I’M Back
Chapter 354: Farewell (1)
Chapter 355: Farewell (2)
Chapter 356: Devastating Beauty
Chapter 357: Xiao Qi’S Decision
Chapter 358: Heaven’S Secrets Sect Successor (1)
Chapter 359: Heaven’S Secrets Sect Successor (2)
Chapter 360: The Diverging Paths
Chapter 361: Returning To The Fairy Realm
Chapter 362: Absolutely Impossible!
Chapter 363: Forcing His Way In!
Chapter 364: Endless Jade
Chapter 365: Into The Fairy Fountain
Chapter 366: Destroying The Barrier (1)
Chapter 367: Destroying The Barrier (2)
Chapter 368: Destroying The Barrier (3)
Chapter 369: Shura’S Death Domain
Chapter 370: Fairy Fountain Water
Chapter 371: Levelling Begins!
Chapter 372: A Message From Su’Er
Chapter 373: Nameless Ridge (1)
Chapter 374: Nameless Ridge (2)
Chapter 375: Rock Devil King
Chapter 376: Rock Giant
Chapter 377: Mountain Giant!
Chapter 378: Desperate Struggle (1)
Chapter 379: Desperate Struggle (2)
Chapter 380: Elegy Of The Gods, Fury Of The Gods
Chapter 381: Broken Arms And Broken Legs
Chapter 382: Earth God’S Sigh
Chapter 383: The True Mountain Giant
Chapter 384: Twilight Spear
Chapter 385: Gold Token
Chapter 386: The Mysterious Race
Chapter 387: The Dwarf Clan
Chapter 388: The Dwarves’ Home
Chapter 389: Sorrowful Palace
Chapter 390: The Dwarves’ Mysterious God Grade Equipment
Chapter 391: Virgo Orb
Chapter 392: New Skill- Moon Grief!
Chapter 393: Flatbread! The Flatbread Of The Legends!
Chapter 394: 30,000 Flatbread
Chapter 395: Three Requirements (1)
Chapter 396: Three Requirements (2)
Chapter 397: City Creation Token
Chapter 398: I’M Called Yun Meng Xin
Chapter 398.5: Godchild Plan
Chapter 399: Selfish And Stupid!
Chapter 400: The Fairy Clan’S Territory
Chapter 401: H-H-H-Handsome Pan!
Chapter 402: Teleportation Channel
Chapter 403: Leng’Er’S Awakening
Chapter 404: A New Message From Su’Er
Chapter 405: Entering The East Ocean Continent
Chapter 406: Sunrise City
Chapter 407: A Battle Invitation In The East Ocean Continent
Chapter 408: Incredibly Shameless
Chapter 409: Scaredy Cat Curse
Chapter 410: Japan’S Blade Emperor
Chapter 411: I’M A Sheep
Chapter 412: Insta-Kill
Chapter 413: A Hilarious Show
Chapter 414: Wishing To Die
Chapter 415: The Might Of Moon Grief
Chapter 416: Collapse
Chapter 417: Mysterious Passageway
Chapter 418: Evil Black Dragon
Chapter 419: The Orb That Can Tamper With Order- Libra!
Chapter 420: [New Moon]
Chapter 421: Cherry Spirit Girl
Chapter 422: Celestial Cherry Valley: Central District
Chapter 423: Peeping
Chapter 424: Cherry Blossom, Snowy, Gully
Chapter 425: By Force…
Chapter 426: Taking Advantage!
Chapter 427: Even Such A Savage Tactic Doesn’T Work?!
Chapter 428: Harassment (1)
Chapter 429: Harassment (2)
Chapter 430: Girly, Your Grandaddy’S Back!
Chapter 431: Ultimate Boss Skill- Logging Off!
Chapter 432: Ying And Xi Serving In The Bath
Chapter 433: How Could You Get Used To This!
Chapter 434: Dispel The Clouds And See The Sky
Chapter 435: Crisis Of The New City?
Chapter 436: Peerlessly Stunning
Chapter 437: Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor
Chapter 438: Powerful Insta-Kill
Chapter 439: Accepting A Big Gift
Chapter 440: Soulstealing Curse
Chapter 441: A Big Deal!
Chapter 442: The Fun Begins
Chapter 443: The Third Hand
Chapter 444: The Biggest Heist Of The Century
Chapter 445: Counterattack
Chapter 446: Rich!
Chapter 447: Long Tian Yun In The North And Li Zhao Nan In The South
Chapter 448: Li Xiao Xue’S Gift
Chapter 449: [True Lucky Hand]
Chapter 450: Once Again Coming To The Celestial Cherry Valley
Chapter 451: Utter Despair Curse
Chapter 452: Scorpio Orb, Moon Sacrifice
Chapter 453?: The Cherry Blossom God Representative’S Fury
Chapter 454?: Beginning Of The Chaos
Chapter 455: Guild Destroyer (1)
Chapter 456: Guild Destroyer (2)
Chapter 457: Light Of Destruction
Chapter 458: The Trembling Long Tian Yun
Chapter 459: Next: Black Dragon Guild
Chapter 460: Destruction Of The 3 Top Guilds
Chapter 461: A City Full Of Skeleton Soldiers (1)
Chapter 462: A City Full Of Skeleton Soldiers (2)
Chapter 463: Search And Destroy In The Main City
Chapter 464: Leng’Er’S Rage (1)
Chapter 465: Leng’Er’S Rage (2)
Chapter 466: Beating Up The Evil Black Dragon
Chapter 467: The Black Dragon’S Rampage!
Chapter 468: The Might Of The Mysterious God Grade
Chapter 469: Destruction Of The City
Chapter 470: Mysterious God Grade Battle
Chapter 471: Another Crisis
Chapter 472: Obtaining A Goddess As A Mount (1)
Chapter 473: Obtaining A Goddess As A Mount (2)
Chapter 474: Completely Shocking
Chapter 475: A Potential Threat
Chapter 476: Mysterious God Grade Snow Cherry
Chapter 477: Mystic Moon Peak, One Line Sky
Chapter 478: Arriving At The Fairyland Mountain Range
Chapter 479: Feng Chen Sect’S 3 Forbidden Curses
Chapter 480: Bottom Of The Godchild Peak
Chapter 481: The Path To The Summit
Chapter 482: Every Step Akin To Climbing To The Sky (1)
Chapter 483: Every Step Akin To Climbing To The Sky (2)
Chapter 484: Ice Woman
Chapter 485: Mysterious Door (1)
Chapter 486: Mysterious Door (2)
Chapter 487: One Line Sky!
Chapter 488: Snow Cherry Awakens
Chapter 489: Water’S Beloved
Chapter 490: Exposed
Chapter 491: White Tiger’S Heart?
Chapter 492: Returning To Beijing
Chapter 493: Su'Er’S Birthday Banquet
Chapter 494: Chao Xi And Chao Ying’S Stunning Debut
Chapter 495: Princess Su’Er’S Birthday Banquet (1)
Chapter 496: Princess Su’Er’S Birthday Banquet (2)
Chapter 497: I Object!
Chapter 498: A Brave Rejection
Chapter 499: On The Verge Of Disaster
Chapter 500: Who’S Looking To Die?
Chapter 501: Have A Look For Yourself!
Chapter 502: The Famous Xuanyuan Xue Yi
Chapter 503: The Sword That Ended A Lineage
Chapter 504: I Need A Hostage
Chapter 505: Leaving The Su Family’S Residence
Chapter 506: Can That Person Be Me?
Chapter 507: A Promise For A Lifetime
Chapter 508: Many First Times
Chapter 509: A Big Fright
Chapter 510: The Unconscious Tian Tian
Chapter 511: Hazy Memories
Chapter 512: 50 Times Brain Capacity
Chapter 513: The Gu Family’S Amazing Woman, Gu Qing Han
Chapter 514: Gu Qing Han’S Decision
Chapter 515: Li Family’S Xiao Xue
Chapter 516: Think About It Later!
Chapter 517: It’S Fate
Chapter 518: The Rampaging White Tiger
Chapter 519: Thunder God Barrier
Chapter 520: The White Tiger’S Request
Chapter 521: The Fallen White Tiger (1)
Chapter 522: The Fallen White Tiger (2)
Chapter 523: The White Tiger’S Gift: Thunder God’S Bulwark (1)
Chapter 524: The White Tiger’S Gift: Thunder God’S Bulwark (2)
Chapter 525: The Shura Emperor Of The Legends
Chapter 526: Thunder Bulwark, Lightning Attraction
Chapter 527: Taurus Orb
Chapter 528: Li Xiao Xue’S Crazy Desire
Chapter 529: Long Family’S Second Son (1)
Chapter 530: Long Family’S Second Son (2)
Chapter 531: Returning To The Godchild Peak
Chapter 532: A Dangerous Intruder
Chapter 533: The Flame Emperor Who Kicked An Iron Plate
Chapter 534: How Low Is Your Iq?!
Chapter 535: A Dark World
Chapter 536: A Faint Voice
Chapter 537: The Sword Emperor’S Brief Appearance
Chapter 538: Recruitment
Chapter 539: This Trash Is The Flame Emperor?
Chapter 540: Over My Dead Body!
Chapter 541: Man-Made God
Chapter 542: Exposed
Chapter 543: Massacre!
Chapter 544: Decimation
Chapter 545: The Imminent Crisis
Chapter 546: For Her…
Chapter 547: Desperate Straits
Chapter 548: Snow Moon Loulan
Chapter 549: Pure White Maiden
Chapter 550: Shadissika
Chapter 551: 1 Step, 2 Worlds
Chapter 552: Heavy Pressure
Chapter 553: Meng Xin’S Hatred
Chapter 554: A Single Emperor Ravages The Army
Chapter 555: Taking Down The Chief Within An Army
Chapter 556: 5 Sword Emperors
Chapter 557: The Desperate Battle
Chapter 558: Xiao Qi’S Return (1)
Chapter 559: Xiao Qi’S Return (2)
Chapter 560: Fire Purgatory (1)
Chapter 561: Fire Purgatory (2)
Chapter 562: Fire Purgatory (3)
Chapter 562: Dazzling Red Lotus
Chapter 539: The Streaking Event
Chapter 565: The Hyenas Approach
Chapter 566: The Battle Alliance’S Army
Chapter 567: Su’Er’S Return (1)
Chapter 568: Su’Er’S Return (2)
Chapter 569: Heavenly Star Line
Chapter 570: Please Let Me Join You!
Chapter 571: Li Xiao Xue’S Trump Card
Chapter 572: At All Costs!
Chapter 573: Burning Bridges
Chapter 574: Heaven’S Secrets Absolute Formation (1)
Chapter 575: Heaven’S Secrets Absolute Formation (2)
Chapter 576: Heaven’S Secrets Absolute Formation (3)
Chapter 577: 3 Moon Goddesses
Chapter 578: Ling Tian Returns
Chapter 579: Purple Winged Cloud Leopard
Chapter 580: Chilling Crystal Chalcedony
Chapter 581: Meeting Xi Ling Again
Chapter 582: Xiao Hui Evolves
Chapter 583: Ling Tian War God, Feng Chen Sect Sect Leader
Chapter 584: Holy Spirit’S Pearl
Chapter 585: Mysterious God Grade Xi Ling
Chapter 586: Vermillion Bird’S Heart
Chapter 587: Yellow Springs Struggle Formation
Chapter 588: Soldiers At The City Walls
Chapter 589: Shattering The Heavens And Shaking The Earth
Chapter 590: Slaughter (1)
Chapter 591: Slaughter (2)
Chapter 592: Deity Curse!
Chapter 593: Irreconcilable Hatred Curse
Chapter 594: The World Fell Silent
Chapter 595: Long-Awaited Reunion
Chapter 596: The Departed Sword Emperor
Chapter 597: If You’Re Not Dia Wu…
Chapter 598: If…
Chapter 599: Devastating Beauty
Chapter 600: Not The Right Time Or Place
Chapter 601: Ling Tian City!
Chapter 602: ‘Man-Made God’
Chapter 603: A Miracle That Came Silently
Chapter 604: The Worlds Align Silently
Chapter 605: Tian Tian, Sha Sha
Chapter 606: The Shocked Ling Chen
Chapter 607: The Woman Who Wouldn’T Leave
Chapter 608: The Truth
Chapter 609: A Different Night
Chapter 610: It’S Great Being A Man
Chapter 611: Vermillion Bird’ Representative, White Tiger’S Representative
Chapter 612: Meeting Gu Qing Han
Chapter 613: A Shocking Turn Of Events
Chapter 614: Delicious Delicacies
Chapter 615: Emergency Mission
Chapter 616: The Ling Tian City Is Opened
Chapter 617: The Crowded Ling Tian City (1)
Chapter 618: The Crowded Ling Tian City (2)
Chapter 619: A Number That Could Shock People To Death
Chapter 620: Big Sister Is Brilliant!
Chapter 621: Grand Opening
Chapter 622: The Dark Night’S Deathgod
Chapter 623: The Furious Emperor
Chapter 624: The Emperor Visits
Chapter 625: Loudly Cursing
Chapter 626: Lady Of The City
Chapter 627: Measure For Measure
Chapter 628: Guardian Of The Ling Tian City
Chapter 629: The Ling Tian City’S Revenge
Chapter 630: Dia Wu’S Arrival
Chapter 631: Fairy Tree
Chapter 632: Cai’Er Awakens
Chapter 633: A New Companion
Chapter 634: Nature’S Song
Chapter 635: 2 Pieces Of Heaven’S End Grade Equipment
Chapter 636: World Of The Dead
Chapter 637: The Location Of The Underworld Blood Lake
Chapter 638: Heading To The Underworld Royal City
Chapter 639: Underworld Blood Lake (1)
Chapter 640: Underworld Blood Lake (2)
Chapter 641: Path Of Shadows
Chapter 642: Path Of Darkness
Chapter 643: Ice Purgatory
Chapter 644: Killing Heaven’S End
Chapter 645: Lachesis' Tear?
Chapter 646: Killing 3 Heaven’S End
Chapter 647: Massive Benefits
Chapter 648: Underworld Fire
Chapter 649: The War God Who Returned From Hell: Chi Xuan Wu Hen
Chapter 650: Only Option
Chapter 651: War God Vs War God
Chapter 652: The Undefeatable War God
Chapter 653: The Berserk Ling Chen
Chapter 654: Staking It All: Sky-Toppling Dance
Chapter 655: The War God’S Demise
Chapter 656: Dark Samsara (1)
Chapter 657: Dark Samsara (2)
Chapter 658: [Soulkilling Curse]
Chapter 659: Leng’Er’S True Awakening
Chapter 660: An Unprecedented Crisis
Chapter 661: Total Loss
Chapter 662: The Ling Tian City’S 3 Unforgiveable Crimes
Chapter 663: The Underworld King’S Daughter (1)
Chapter 664: The Underworld King’S Daughter (2)
Chapter 665: Being Forced Into A Marriage
Chapter 666: The Princess’ Grand Wedding
Chapter 667: A Night In The Underworld Royal City
Chapter 668: Do Your Best, Son-In-Law!
Chapter 669: Leo, Capricorn (1)
Chapter 670: Leo, Capricorn (2)
Chapter 671: The Forgotten City’S Soldiers Arrive
Chapter 672: Turning The Heavens And Earth Upside Down
Chapter 673: The Mountain Giant’S Fury
Chapter 674: Time Barrier
Chapter 675: Undead Phoenix
Chapter 676: Fire God’S Bulwark
Chapter 677: Saint Destroyer Grade Xi Ling
Chapter 678: Xi Ling’S Tears
Chapter 679: [Underworld Royal Earrings]
Chapter 680: Mysterious God Grade Sword
Chapter 681: The Underworld King’S Promise
Chapter 682: Spare No One!
Chapter 683: The Unstoppable Undead Army
Chapter 684: Sweeping Away All Obstacles
Chapter 685: Killing Intent!
Chapter 686: The Emperor Who Fled
Chapter 687: Ling Chen’S Furious Revenge (1)
Chapter 688: Ling Chen’S Furious Revenge (2)
Chapter 689: Ling Chen’S Furious Revenge (3)
Chapter 690: Burning The Forgotten City
Chapter 691: Forgotten God Representative
Chapter 692: Underworld God Cannon
Chapter 693: 3 Conditions
Chapter 693: Adam And Eve (1)
Chapter 695: Adam And Eve (2)
Chapter 696: Perfectly Resolved
Chapter 697: Ridiculous Situation
Chapter 698: Final Battle
Chapter 699: Temporarily Leaving
Chapter 700: Su’Er’S Premonition
Chapter 701: The Yun Family’S Greed
Chapter 702: 12Am
Chapter 702.5: The Missing Godchild
Chapter 703: Enchanting Moon
Chapter 704: Grievous News
Chapter 705: Nightmare
Chapter 706: Breaking Off Ties (1)
Chapter 707: Breaking Off Ties (2)
Chapter 708: The Su Family’S Despair
Chapter 709: Flying To Su Hang
Chapter 710: Meeting In Real Life
Chapter 711: The Ineffective Fairy Fountain Water
Chapter 712: Ling Chen’S Heart
Chapter 713: Miracle
Chapter 714: Blessing The World
Chapter 715: Sha Sha And Tian Tian’S Promise
Chapter 716: Futuristic Technology
Chapter 717: Long Tian Ya?
Chapter 718: The Delayed Truth
Chapter 719: Grief And Lament
Chapter 720: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 721: Her Name Is Gu Qing Han
Chapter 722: Soulkilling Curse!
Chapter 723: The Loyal Dog Long Tian Yun
Chapter 724: Eternal Hatred To The Long Family
Chapter 725: A Big Scare
Chapter 726: News About A Saint Orb
Chapter 727: Fey Returns
Chapter 728: The Long-Awaited Reunion
Chapter 729: Beg Me
Chapter 730: ‘Sea Cat’
Chapter 731: Catching The Lucky Cat
Chapter 731: The Incredibly Trash Aries Orb (1)
Chapter 733: The Incredibly Trash Aries Orb (2)
Chapter 734: Reaching The Moon God Island
Chapter 735: Entering The Moon God Palace
Chapter 736: Time Domain
Chapter 737: Fey Facing 3 Moon Goddesses
Chapter 738: The Moon God Clan’S Offer
Chapter 739: Final Hope: Ultimate Dimensional Domain
Chapter 740: Fighting 3 Moon God Representatives
Chapter 741: Hiding
Chapter 742: The Exposed Lunar Scourge
Chapter 743: Merciless Heaven’S Jealousy
Chapter 744: Sealed In The Lunar Sky Hell
Chapter 745: Eight-Clawed Corpse Demon, Volcanic Desolation Beast
Chapter 746: The Missing Ling Chen
Chapter 747: Shura (1)
Chapter 748: Shura (2)
Chapter 749: Shura (3)
Chapter 750: Shura (4)
Chapter 751: Shura (5)
Chapter 752: Shura (6)
Chapter 753: Shura (7)
Chapter 754: Shura (8)
Chapter 755: Sacrificial Slaughter
Chapter 756: The Unstoppable Shura
Chapter 757: Lunar Scourge Divine Spear
Chapter 758: Eternal Moon Shadow
Chapter 759: Blood Of The Moon Goddesses (1)
Chapter 760: Blood Of The Moon Goddesses (2)
Chapter 761: A New Clue: 49554
Chapter 762: The Novice Village That Cannot Be Returned To
Chapter 763: Shattered Moon
Chapter 764: Changing ‘Strategies’
Chapter 765: The Approaching International Mock Battles
Chapter 766: The 3 Moon Goddesses’ Counterattack
Chapter 767: The Perfect Counter, Lunar Prison Divine Mirror
Chapter 768: Heart End Cliff, Yama Curse (1)
Chapter 769: Heart End Cliff, Yama Curse (2)
Chapter 770: Yama Looks Down On The World
Chapter 771: Evil Plan
Chapter 772: Returning To The Novice Village
Chapter 773: Night Emperor
Chapter 774: Star God Orb
Chapter 775: A Different Kind Of Shura
Chapter 776: Lunar Scourge Divine Armour
Chapter 777: Demon Emperor’S Soul
Chapter 778: The Unsearchable Sun God Orb
Chapter 779: Omen
Chapter 780: ‘Crazy’ Decision
Chapter 781: Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb
Chapter 782: Descent Of The Demon Beasts
Chapter 783: Chaos In Ling Tian City
Chapter 784: Shura'S Might
Chapter 785: Crisis In The Forgotten Continent
Chapter 786: Demon Emperors Everywhere
Chapter 787: Demon Emperor X 2
Chapter 788: Divine Might, Underworld God Cannon
Chapter 789: Mastermind (1)
Chapter 790: Mastermind (2)
Chapter 791: Mastermind (3)
Chapter 792: Mastermind (4)
Chapter 793: Mastermind (5)
Chapter 794: Truly Dead?
Chapter 795: The Stopped Mystic Moon Plan
Chapter 796: Saviour?
Chapter 797: Birthday (1)
Chapter 798: Birthday (2)
Chapter 799: Birthday (3)
Chapter 800: The Missing Sha Sha
Chapter 801: A Terrifying Intruder
Chapter 802: Qi Yue, Rahu
Chapter 803: The Demon Queen Awakens (1)
Chapter 804: The Demon Queen Awakens (2)
Chapter 805: Godchild (1)
Chapter 806: Godchild (2)
Chapter 807: Godchild (3)
Chapter 808: Godchild (4)
Chapter 809: Godchild (5)
Chapter 810: Godchild (5)
Chapter 811: Godchild (7)
Chapter 812: Extreme Shura’S Death Domain
Chapter 813: Final Trump Card
Chapter 814: Horrible Nightmare
Chapter 815: Descent
Chapter 816: Thunderous Death
Chapter 817: Sea Of Blood
Chapter 818: Massacring Cities
Chapter 819: World Destroying
Chapter 820: Rahu, Wan Chong
Chapter 821: Reunion
Chapter 822: Kin’S Blood
Chapter 823: The Godchild Who Disappeared Again (1)
Chapter 824: The Godchild Who Disappeared Again (2)
Chapter 825: Long Family’S Secret
Chapter 826: Queen Of Xiya
Chapter 827: Quasi-God Weapon: Falling Star
Chapter 828: At The Same Level, No One Can Defeat The Shura!
Chapter 829: Pursuit
Chapter 830: Dark Sun God Domain
Chapter 831: A Strike Of Dignity
Chapter 832: The Unkillable Qi Xing
Chapter 833: Extreme Dark Sun God Domain
Chapter 834: God-Killing Moon
Chapter 835: ‘Lachesis’
Chapter 836: The Truth
Chapter 837: Variant Moon God Mirror
Chapter 838: Sha Sha’S Worries
Chapter 839: Defying Fate
Chapter 840: Perfect Lie
Chapter 841: Turning Back Time
Chapter 842: A Return Like A Dream
Chapter 843: Ye Yue?
Chapter 844: Godly Soul Awakens?
Chapter 845: Too Careless
Chapter 846: Status
Chapter 847: I Want One Too!
Chapter 848: Rashu’S Soul
Chapter 849: Perfect Coincidence
Chapter 850: Perfect Moon
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Total Chapters in book: 853
Estimated words: 1757686 (not accurate)
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Alternative Titles:

SW, Võng Du Chi Thiên Khiển Tu La, Wang You Zhi Tian Qian Xiu Luo, 网游之天谴修罗

Source: Gravity Tales
Book Details / Information: Summary Version 1:

The mysterious boy Ling Chen is saved by a little girl as he lay on the street dying. Years later, he strikes a deal to save this savior-turned sister and enters the virtual world. In a future Earth where advanced warfare has forced nations to settle issues virtually or else suffer the consequences, Ling Chen bursts into the scene and goes from unknown to legend. Yet all is not as it seems, for Ling Chen has a dark past, and there is a greater mystery at hand behind this virtual world.

Summary Version 2:

To save his terminally ill little sister, Ling Chen enters the newly released virtual game world and joins a small gaming studio comprising entirely of women. From now on walking upon his path towards the pinnacle. An ancient, evil item almost forgotten by history, the “Lunar Scourge” helps forge his unsurpassable legend, and causes him to unknowingly step upon a path that is destined to be punished by the heavens, the way of the shura.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************


China city suburbs, noon.

This is a normal street in what could not be a more regular civilian area, the burning sun baking the ground along with the countless pedestrians,, causing the passing-by pedestrians to occasionally complain about or curse at the uncomfortable weather. The area couldn’t be considered calm, but it wouldn’t be as lively and flourishing as the center of the city.

At the side of the street, a still body lay on the ground. The intense sun like fire, yet he wore a body of black body wrap, under the intense sun you didn’t need to think to know that the pure black face cloth was incredibly hot. Not to mention the ground was already baked to the point that people don’t even dare to touch it. Black clothes such as his, the ground the way it is, just the thought of how they feel sticking to the skin can induce fear. Yet this person, has already been lying there for one day and one night.

“Why is this person still here?”

“Probably dead already.”

The gaze of pedestrians only stopped on him for a brief moment before quickly leaving. The majority of people living here belonged to the lower cast of society, rushing about busily every day for their livelihood. In this society where human nature is cold, kindness for them is a cheap thing. At the same time, in this era, a person how has collapsed on the street must not be helped, this unwittingly had already become a cold consensus.

“Quick mom, look, there’s a person? Is he sick?” A little boy with his hand held by his mom points his finger at the man on the ground and says.

“Don’t get close to him, do not forget what mama said before, people who have collapsed on the ground, a lot of them is because they have contracted ‘Isrock’ and thus been abandoned, you must never get close or else you will get infected. Come, let’s get a bit further away.”

“Ahh!” the little boy gave a cry, his face revealing a scared look, taking his mother’s hand on his own and running towards a further area, even afraid to just give the man another look.

Even a boy that is just six, seven years old knows the dreadfulness of “Isrock”.

“Isrock”, is a terminal illness that can cause the human body’s immune system and life force to slowly deteriorate. The only way way to contract the disease is from another “Isrock” carrier. Its nature is similar to “AIDS” that was once common in the 20th and 21st centuries, but is a lot more scarier than “AIDS”. At the moment, after contracting Isrock the world’s longest survivor only lived for five years.

After entering the 30th century, humans suffered from Mother Nature’s revenge. To fight for the increasingly limited resources, terrible battles constantly erupted, the smokes of war rose from all corners of the world. By the nuclear and magnetic pollution left behind after the battles, the “Isrock” disease was born. After people with naturally weak immune systems live in these polluted environments for a long time, it is easy for their bodies to develop the “Isrock” virus. The appearance of the “Isrock” virus also meant that this life was nearing its end.

Even more terrifying is the contagiousness of the “Isrock: virus. It can spread through any bodily fluid…including blood, saliva, even sweat…therefore, whenever a person contracts the “Isrock” virus, their family can only choose to mercilessly abandon them. Because no amount of money or effort is enough to save their life, keeping them on the other hand could cause even more people to become infected…

“Isrock” is like a horrifying demon causing people to avoid it only afraid that they are too slow. While it, has been considered Heaven’s punishment towards humanity’s cruel battles. Because without the nuclear and magnetic pollution left behind by the battles, the “Isrock” virus would not have been born. Thus, under the criticism and cries of the world’s citizens, the “Hundred Year Armistice Convention” known by the whole world was signed by each country. And the battleground to solve international disputes, under the terms of the “Convention”, moved towards the second world that humans had already become deeply dependent upon, the virtual reality game world.

Using the win or loss of battles in the game world to settle issues, this method was approved and accepted by the majority of people in the world. After the “Hundred Year Armistice Convention” was signed, the advances in virtual world games had also reached an unprecedented pinnacle. Each country would also pour in large amounts of financial resources and painstaking effort on the topic of training the gaming world’s top players.

After the “Hundred Year Armistice Convention”, following the decrease in nuclear and magnetic pollution, carriers of “Isrock” became less, but the horrifying shadow it left humanity would never dissipate.

And so, this black clothed man lying on the side of the road, who people naturally assumed was one of the poor abandoned people who had the “Isrock” virus, not a single person dared to get close.


“Big brother! Big Brother, hurry and wake up, you’ll get a horrible burn lying on the ground like that. Big brother…””

In front of the man, there was little girl wearing a light yellow dress, she only looked about ten, with a pair of eyes as beautiful as the stars and a young face as intricate as a clay doll. Any who saw her would subconsciously stop, wondering in amazement if they were looking at an angel who accidentally appeared on earth.

The little girl held a cold drink of which small portion had been drank in one hand, her other hand throwing away her parasol, lightly shaking the non-moving male, her star like eyes filled with worry and anxiety, calling out with a soft, tender voice.

Maybe it’s because the man was only lightly knocked out, or maybe he was never unconscious to begin with, under the call of the girls not too loud voice, the man’s body slightly moved a bit, and slowly, incredibly difficultly lifted his head up, revealing a pale man’s face, this is a teenager who looks no older than 16,17 years of age, messy hair, lips completely cracked, more so his entire face was scary pale. He opened his eyes slightly, clouded eyes meeting a pair of pure, crystal like eyes.

Such pretty…eyes…

“Thank goodness thank goodness, you’re finally awake!” the girl gave a sigh of relief, and then happily laughed. The teenage male looked at her pure, flawless smile through his hazy eyesight, startled for a moment. Before today, he had experienced too much cold stares and indifference, and had long ago become accustomed to it, he found it a little hard to believe that on this world there still existed such a pair of pure, clean eyes.

“Big brother, are you sick?” Can you stand up? It’s very hot lying on the ground like that…ah, no problem, my dad and mom are about to be here. They’ll help big brother, oh right, my dad is a doctor here, he’ll definitely make big brother better again.” The little girl held up her parasol, covering her upper body, using a soft, pleasant voice asking and comforting him.

The man moved his chapped lips, his throat as if burned by fire. He tried for a long time, but only managed to say one word…


“Water…” The girl blinked her eyes and then placed the slightly drunken cold drink at his lips: “I don’t have water… will this do? It’s very cooling, and very sweet.”

The little girl carefully placed the straw in his mouth, the teen used all his energy, taking a long drink, instantly, a mass of cold liquid like a clear spring filled his mouth. After it slowly flowed down his throat, flowing into what seemed as a dead body. At that moment, he finally felt the existence of his own body, his vision also became clearer. He tightly bit the straw that brought him back from the line of death. His eyes, staring at the girl who was at the same time looking at him, not willing to leave.

“Is it tasty? If it tastes good then drink the rest of it hehe, if you want to drink more, I can have papa and mama buy it again later.” Seeing him trying hard to suck the straw, the girl’s thin brows arched into two crescent moons, revealing a super kawaii to the max smile. This smile was also heavily imprinted in his heart… he knew, this life, it would be impossible to forget this moment, and especially this girl.

Uniform footsteps came from behind, the girl turned around immediately, proceeding to wave her hands and started shouting: “Papa, Mama, I’m here, there’s a big brother here who’s collapsed.”

The one who came are a husband and wife not yet in their middle ages, regular clothes highlighting that their family was not wealthy. When they saw the girl and the man lying on the ground beside her, both of them had the living daylights scarred out of them.

“Ruo Ruo (若若), hurry up and get away from him!” The girl’s mother ran towards her terrified, hastily carrying the girl to the side. With a soft cry, the cold drink in the girl’s hand slipped, cooling liquid splashing across the ground.

“Nn…Mama, why did you carry me aside, big brother is thirsty, he really wants to drink water…mama, papa, can you guys save him please? Papa, you’re a great doctor, you’ll definitely save him right? “The girl struggled slightly in her mother’s embrace, her eyes revealing her worry as she looked at the teenage boy,

“Don’t worry, he does not have ‘Isrock’.”

The girl’s father is a doctor, usually he interacts with a lot of “Isrock” patients, after looking at the teen a couple times, and he knew that he did not contract Isrock. Only after listening to his words did the mother feel relieved. She crouched down, showing an apologetic smile towards the teen: “Child, sorry, at the time I was too worried about Ruo Ruo (若若) which is why… what’s your name? Why are you here?”

The teen’s lips moved, after a while, he difficultly let out a voice: “My…name…”

What is my name right now… I don’t know.

Because. I already decided to forget my past name… I really wish I can forget forever.


Total Chapters in book: 853
Estimated words: 1757686 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 8788(@200wpm)___ 7031(@250wpm)___ 5859(@300wpm)