Skyfire Avenue by Tang Jia San Shao

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: The Old Gothic Winery
Chapter 3: Previous Era, New Era
Chapter 4: Romanée-Conti
Chapter 5: Heavenly Treasure
Chapter 6: Letter, Pearl, Hera!
Chapter 7: Leng Lingxi
Chapter 8: Womanly Secrets
Chapter 9: The Four Divine Monarchs
Chapter 10: Red-Haired Chu Cheng
Chapter 11: The Cloudless Storm
Chapter 12: The Clairvoyant
Chapter 13: The Beautiful Bride
Chapter 14: New Bridegroom Richard
Chapter 15: I Am Zeus!
Chapter 16: The Mecha Epoch
Chapter 17: Let Me Be Your Antidote
Chapter 18: A Place Called A Hospital
Chapter 19: Same Clothes, New Person
Chapter 20: You Owe Me
Chapter 21: Tang Mi
Chapter 22: His Story
Chapter 23: The Mercenary King
Chapter 24: He Doesn’T Like Women?
Chapter 25: Bodyguard?
Chapter 26: Sat On By A Pig
Chapter 27: Be A Teacher?
Chapter 28: Skyfire Avenue Council
Chapter 29: Beautician And The Barber
Chapter 30: Another Skyfire Avenue
Chapter 31: Harlequin Silver
Chapter 32: The Sparring Arena
Chapter 33: Never Told A Lie
Chapter 34: The Power Gem
Chapter 35: Mika’S Fire
Chapter 36: You Don’T Get Capital Punishment For Annoying Someone To Death, Right?
Chapter 37: Etiquette Teacher
Chapter 38: The Neu
Chapter 39: The Office
Chapter 40: Mr. Lan
Chapter 41: Before Class
Chapter 42: The First Class
Chapter 43: This Is Aristocracy!
Chapter 44: Telling Tales
Chapter 45: Genuine Nobility
Chapter 46: Dreamnet
Chapter 47: Prometheus
Chapter 48: Whiteboard Nooblet
Chapter 49: Abuse
Chapter 50: Nooblet Vs. The Ace
Chapter 51: Fresh Meat
Chapter 52: Outrage And Oscillation
Chapter 53: Lose Weight!
Chapter 54: The General’S Memoirs
Chapter 55: Little Elf Girl
Chapter 56: Kindness Should Be Preserved
Chapter 57: The Mundus Crystal
Chapter 58: Phantom Of Lightning
Chapter 59: The Moonfiend Empress
Chapter 60: Gravity Manipulation
Chapter 61: Professional Ethics
Chapter 62: Spirit Caller Power Gem
Chapter 63: Shattered Starfields
Chapter 64: Hera?
Chapter 65: The Gourmet’S Boutique
Chapter 66: The Bluefin Tuna
Chapter 67: Gluttonous Feast
Chapter 68: The End?
Chapter 69: The Legend Of The Gods Of Wine
Chapter 70: Possibilities
Chapter 71: Zeus-1
Chapter 72: The Voyage
Chapter 73: Sol Jump
Chapter 74: The Shattered Starfields
Chapter 75: Pirates?
Chapter 76: The Psychic Tide
Chapter 77: Planet Of The Moonfiend
Chapter 78: The Moonfiend Palace
Chapter 79: The Daughter Of Satan
Chapter 80: Class Of The Seven Stars
Chapter 81: The Pontiff’S Castle
Chapter 82: Ascension
Chapter 83 – The Variable
Chapter 84: The Asura Blade-Maiden
Chapter 85: Asura
Chapter 86: The Duel
Chapter 87: The Second Discipline
Chapter 88: Thor Joins The Fray
Chapter 89: Vacuums And Positron Cannons
Chapter 90: Electro-Squall, Thor’S Starfall
Chapter 91: All Accounted, All Is Well
Chapter 92: The Man In Black
Chapter 93: Lan Qing
Chapter 94: The Eastern Alliance Super Soldier
Chapter 95: The Astral Phantom
Chapter 96: Brothers
Chapter 97: Lan Qing, Lan Jue
Chapter 98: Returning To Work
Chapter 99: The Savage Goddess
Chapter 100: Apprentice?
Chapter 101: Bodyguard, Where Are You?
Chapter 102: The Cathedral Of The Holy Spirit
Chapter 103: The Arcane Magnate
Chapter 104: Lili
Chapter 105: The Superstar
Chapter 106: Ma La Tang
Chapter 107: He Returns
Chapter 108: Professor Lan’S Is Back!
Chapter 109: The Secrets Of Style
Chapter 110: Secrets Of The Collar Stays
Chapter 111: Gobi Entertainment
Chapter 112: Pointers
Chapter 113: Poseidon, The Sparring Partner
Chapter 114: The Power Of Poseidon
Chapter 115: Dreamburgh
Chapter 116: The Audacity!
Chapter 117: Fantascia Genetica Decoction
Chapter 118: Consent
Chapter 119: Sorry, Richard
Chapter 120: Teacher Benefits?
Chapter 121: Jin Yan’S Trust
Chapter 122: Lan Jue’S Doubt
Chapter 123: Have Someone Special
Chapter 124: Shui Zhongdie
Chapter 125: Diamonds
Chapter 126: College Exchange Competition?
Chapter 127:Skyfire Necklace
Chapter 128: Roasted Tang Xiao
Chapter 129: The History Of Richard And Zhou Qianlin
Chapter 130: Another Encounter With The Savage Goddess
Chapter 131: Planet Taihua
Chapter 132: Group Leader Tan
Chapter 133: Fantascia Injection
Chapter 134: Some Unknown Danger
Chapter 135: The Violet Creature
Chapter 136: Thor’S Watch
Chapter 137: Peace Of Mind
Chapter 138: Army Of Two
Chapter 139: A Forest Of Lightning!
Chapter 140: Drink Medicine! Break Out!
Chapter 141: Divine Salvation
Chapter 142: The God And The Goliath
Chapter 143: The Cosmagus
Chapter 144: Phylactery Stone
Chapter 145: Treatment
Chapter 146:Gold 3Rd Grade
Chapter 147: I Can Save Him!
Chapter 148: Open Your Core
Chapter 149: The Power Of The Silkworm And The Mystic Raiment
Chapter 150: Hera?
Chapter 151: Aftermath
Chapter 152: Lan Jue’S Uncertainty
Chapter 153: The East’S Sorrow
Chapter 154: Ninth Level Seventh Rank!
Chapter 155: The Benefit Concert
Chapter 156: To Go, Or Not To Go?
Chapter 157: Discipline Awakening?
Chapter 158: Comparing Notes
Chapter 159: Spirit Of Hades
Chapter 160: Unspoken Cooperation
Chapter 161: Fusion Of The Amazons
Chapter 162: Girly Music
Chapter 163: The Gourmet’S Story
Chapter 164: I Am Just The Gourmet!
Chapter 165: Goddess, Friend
Chapter 166: Still Worse Than Trash?
Chapter 167: The Driver
Chapter 168: Body Check
Chapter 169: Hand-Rolled Noodles
Chapter 170: Big Boobs. No Brain.
Chapter 171: Le Zi Qian
Chapter 172: Switching Seats
Chapter 173: Poseidon’S Sounds Of Nature
Chapter 174: Chu Cheng Goes On Stage
Chapter 175: Shocks And Curtain Calls
Chapter 176: Overburdened Bicycles
Chapter 177: Competition Arrangements
Chapter 178: Last Minute Preparations
Chapter 179: Mecha Skirmishes
Chapter 180: Let The Combat Begin
Chapter 181: Flogging Corpses
Chapter 182: Trainwreck
Chapter 183: Concealment, Assimilation Gems
Chapter 184: A 1% Victory
Chapter 185: Miraculous Victory
Chapter 186: What Wretchedness!
Chapter 187: I’Ve Picked A Master
Chapter 188: Tang Xiao’S Home Turf
Chapter 189: Wisdom And Cunning
Chapter 190: I Beg You To Help Professor Tan
Chapter 191: Miracle? Masterstroke!
Chapter 192: Lei Feng!
Chapter 193: This Is God-Ranked!
Chapter 194: Lei Feng Appears!
Chapter 195: Don’T Move!
Chapter 196: Diffusing Blade
Chapter 197: Biting The Hand That Feeds
Chapter 198: The Old Man Beckons
Chapter 199: Results And Hypotheses
Chapter 200: The Keeper’S Request
Chapter 201: The Journey To Lir
Chapter 202: The Power Of Skyfire?
Chapter 203: Tribute
Chapter 204: I Am Hera!
Chapter 205: Sea Creatures
Chapter 206: Tear Of Neptune
Chapter 207: The Auction
Chapter 208: Living Metal
Chapter 209: Dreams Of Astrum
Chapter 210: Pelagic Pearl
Chapter 211: The Tear Of Neptune
Chapter 212: Bliss Of An Empty Mind
Chapter 213: Research Subject?
Chapter 214:The God-Ranked Battle
Chapter 215: Little Monster
Chapter 216: Stealing In To The Boudoir
Chapter 217: The Pearl’S Defense
Chapter 218: Quite The Adventure
Chapter 219: The Old Fox’S Coercion
Chapter 220: Mysterious Teacher
Chapter 221: The Great Adept Tournament
Chapter 222: Triple Threat
Chapter 223: The Power Of Coeus
Chapter 224: Total Victory
Chapter 225: The Bamboozled Teaching Assistant
Chapter 226: Culinary Edification
Chapter 227: A Wild Guest Instructor Appears!
Chapter 228: Prince Of Devils?
Chapter 229: Blitzkrieg
Chapter 230: Nooblet’S Back
Chapter 231: What Moral Integrity?
Chapter 232: You’Re Lei Feng?
Chapter 233: Private Instruction
Chapter 234: Genius
Chapter 235: Closed Special Training
Chapter 236: The Clairvoyant’S Starry Sky
Chapter 237: I Am!
Chapter 238: Tan Lingyun’S Excitement
Chapter 239: Unhappy Youth
Chapter 240: Three Demon Drillmasters?
Chapter 241: We’Ll Go All Out!
Chapter 242: Spastic Pain
Chapter 243: Boiled And Eaten?
Chapter 244: Boiled Alive
Chapter 245: Afternoon Delight
Chapter 246: Dancing Blades
Chapter 247: Extreme Excitation
Chapter 248: Enter Jin Tao
Chapter 249: Withdrawn
Chapter 250: Candidates
Chapter 251: The Pauper
Chapter 252: The Pharmacist
Chapter 253: The Mystic Maiden
Chapter 254: Give Me A Chance
Chapter 255: The Visit
Chapter 256: Paragon Status
Chapter 257: The Clairvoyant’S Farewell
Chapter 258: Constantine
Chapter 259: Cattail Fan Vs Spear Of Destiny
Chapter 260: Sage Of The Heavenly Way
Chapter 261: Satan And Hades
Chapter 262: Satan’S Rage
Chapter 263: The Power Of The Avenue
Chapter 264: The Karmic Scholar
Chapter 265: Returning To Base
Chapter 266: Keeping Watch Over Brother
Chapter 267: The Same Spirit
Chapter 268: The Poseidon Program
Chapter 269: Hand Cramps
Chapter 270: Prelude
Chapter 271: Host Mo Xiao
Chapter 272: Oppressive Opponents
Chapter 273: Starlord.
Chapter 274: Wheel Of Fortune
Chapter 275: Ingenious Tactics
Chapter 276: Cloaks And Daggers
Chapter 277: Strongest Under Heaven
Chapter 278: Prometheus Erupts
Chapter 279: Thor’S Hammer
Chapter 280: Chang’E’S Domain
Chapter 281: Doppelgangers
Chapter 282: Shrewd And Ruthless Starlord
Chapter 283: Evolution And Retirement
Chapter 284: Fully Simulated Battle
Chapter 285: A Mighty Clash
Chapter 286: Victory!
Chapter 287: Electric Payload
Chapter 288: Starlord’S Finale
Chapter 289: Deimos Is…
Chapter 290: The Clairvoyant’S Confidence
Chapter 291: Everyone Passes
Chapter 292: The Second Stage Of Training
Chapter 293: Plastic Bags
Chapter 294: Redline
Chapter 295: Blood And Iron
Chapter 296: The Brothers Meet
Chapter 297: Wait And See
Chapter 298: Manifest Excellence
Chapter 299: Tang Xiao Breaks Out
Chapter 300: The Man In The Green Mask
Chapter 301: The Old Way
Chapter 302: Wisdom And The Way
Chapter 303: The Right Guess
Chapter 304: The Assessment Challenge
Chapter 305: Terrifying Enemy
Chapter 306: Lan Jue’S Tactics
Chapter 307: Frightening Rapport
Chapter 308: Stalemate
Chapter 309: Black And White
Chapter 310: Victory!
Chapter 311: Lan Qing’S Analysis
Chapter 312: Qianlin’S Discipline
Chapter 313: Light Bulbs
Chapter 314: The Crimson Massacre
Chapter 315: Lord And Lady
Chapter 316: Valiant Clash
Chapter 317: Your Turn!
Chapter 318: Geng Yang’S Crisis
Chapter 319: The Blademaiden Appears
Chapter 320: Less Than You Deserve
Chapter 321: Ruinous Blow
Chapter 322: Arachnid Class Bastion
Chapter 323: Training Ends
Chapter 324: Blue Mountain
Chapter 325: God Of Wine
Chapter 326: Returning To University
Chapter 327: Military Uncertainty
Chapter 328: You?
Chapter 329: Seeking Help
Chapter 330: The Military Quandary
Chapter 331: Popping Corks
Chapter 332: The Charm Of A Legendary Wine
Chapter 333: Save Me!
Chapter 334: An Unknown Paragon
Chapter 335: Bess And The Clairvoyant
Chapter 336: Disciplines Change
Chapter 337: Summing Up
Chapter 338: What Did You Do To Me?
Chapter 339: Arc Phase Two
Chapter 340: You Are The Father Of My Child
Chapter 341: Departures
Chapter 342: The Two Great Beauties
Chapter 343: Lan Jue’S Lament
Chapter 344: Cosmic Turbulence
Chapter 345: Narrow Escapes
Chapter 346: Can You Handle It, Professor Tan?
Chapter 347: Arriving At The Barrows
Chapter 348: The Barrows
Chapter 349: Confessions
Chapter 350: Sincerely Touching
Chapter 351: Richard’S Domain
Chapter 352: Force!
Chapter 353: Searching Separately
Chapter 354: I Want To Take A Bath
Chapter 355: Lan Jue’S Discovery
Chapter 356: A World Under Water
Chapter 357: Another Paragon!
Chapter 358: Domains Conflict
Chapter 359: A Generation Of Masters
Chapter 360: Wine Tasting
Chapter 361: A God’S Tale
Chapter 362: Fall Of Divinity
Chapter 363: Calamity And Revival
Chapter 364: Arrivals
Chapter 365: The Terrible Cost Of Misunderstanding
Chapter 366: Three Hundred Year-Old Mistake
Chapter 367: The Arrow Of Compassion
Chapter 368: Why Didn’T You Tell Me?
Chapter 369: Eurmania
Chapter 370: The Operation Commences
Chapter 371: Raphael And His Tailor
Chapter 372: Captured! Angel Of Healing
Chapter 373: Without A Trace
Chapter 374: The Archangel Of The Moon, Sariel
Chapter 375: Fusion
Chapter 376: Encyclopaedia Roboris, Martial Articles
Chapter 377: The Fabled Battle
Chapter 378: Jue Di?
Chapter 379: Avoiding Detection
Chapter 380: The Dark Citadel
Chapter 381: Crafty Satan
Chapter 382: Luring The Tiger From The Mountain
Chapter 383: Rescuing Little Yue
Chapter 384: Nine Strikes Of Taiji
Chapter 385: Succeed And Retreat
Chapter 386: The Fifth Amazon
Chapter 387: History Of The Amazons
Chapter 388: Planet Luo, Luo City
Chapter 389: Tournament Rules
Chapter 390: Hua Li And Mo Xiao
Chapter 391: The Psychic Projection Helmet
Chapter 392: Huan Xue And Davis
Chapter 393: The Opening Ceremony
Chapter 394: Big Uncle
Chapter 395: The Competition Begins
Chapter 396: Daddy’S Back!
Chapter 397: Daddy Has To Go
Chapter 398: The Cloaked Lady
Chapter 399: Disgrace And Immolation
Chapter 400: The Nine Taiyin Flares
Chapter 401: An Informative Battle
Chapter 402: Hades’ Hospitality
Chapter 403: How Could You Be So Shameless?
Chapter 404: Zeus Vs. Lina
Chapter 405: Experience Prevails
Chapter 406: Spoiled Goods
Chapter 407: Jun’Er’S Discipline
Chapter 408: The Future Of Skyfire Avenue
Chapter 409: Extreme Focus
Chapter 410: The Four Degrees Of Paragon
Chapter 411: Secret Of The Pontiff’S Citadel
Chapter 412: The Nightclub
Chapter 413: The Dance Battle
Chapter 414: Compensation
Chapter 415: Dance Of The Three Monarchs
Chapter 416: Brother Cheng! Brother Cheng!
Chapter 417: The Dark Mage
Chapter 418: A Monarch’S Bane Is A Woman
Chapter 419: Pressure; The Core’S Catalyst
Chapter 420: Weeding Out The Stragglers
Chapter 421: Chu Cheng’S Tough Break
Chapter 422: Mommy Must Win!
Chapter 423: Hades’ Falchion
Chapter 424: Big Dipper Godblade
Chapter 425: Zeus Vs. The Angel Of The Moon
Chapter 426: Battle Of Attrition
Chapter 427: Th-This…
Chapter 428: Self-Confidence
Chapter 429: Ji Mu, The Wolf King
Chapter 430: Second Metamorphosis, Silvermoon Alpha
Chapter 431: Quarter Finals
Chapter 432: The Group Situation
Chapter 433: Daddy Will Win It!
Chapter 434: The Accountant’S Analysis
Chapter 435: Lightning Is Male And Female?
Chapter 436: Conciliation Of Yin And Yang
Chapter 437: The Quarter-Finals Begin
Chapter 438: Titan’S Power
Chapter 439: Third Metamorphosis Vs. Fiend-Crusher
Chapter 440: The Weakest…?
Chapter 441: Supreme Yang Lightning
Chapter 442: Compress The Core!
Chapter 443: Qian Bian Vs. Jiang Yuan
Chapter 444: Summoning The Malefic Wyrm
Chapter 445: The Blade Of Jun Yongye
Chapter 446: The Alluring Blade
Chapter 447: Cao Shuiqin
Chapter 448: Heartstrings
Chapter 449: Constantine’S Path
Chapter 450: Xiangyuan Shishi
Chapter 451: The First Round Finishes
Chapter 452: Do You Even Know How?
Chapter 453: The Bet
Chapter 454: Caterpillars To Butterflies?
Chapter 455: Battling The Wolf King
Chapter 456: Zeus And Taiji
Chapter 457: Failure Is The Mother Of Success
Chapter 458: Give It All You’Ve Got!
Chapter 459: Godslayer
Chapter 460: Ten Thousand Swords As One!
Chapter 461: Comprehensive Response
Chapter 462: I Must Win!
Chapter 463: The Clash With Titan
Chapter 464: A Good Hand
Chapter 465: What’S This Trash?
Chapter 466: Can We Not?
Chapter 467: Joint Progress
Chapter 468: Get Back Here!
Chapter 469: Ascension
Chapter 470: Jiang Yuan’S Secret
Chapter 471: Punish And Extinguish Evil, Nine Heavenly Rays!
Chapter 472: The Sword-Spirit Fairy
Chapter 473: The Sweetest Wine In The Universe
Chapter 474: I…
Chapter 475: A God Versus Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 476: Stabilizing Protogenia
Chapter 477: I Abstain!
Chapter 478: Before The Championship
Chapter 479: The Championship Battle!
Chapter 480: The Pervading Blade
Chapter 481: The Aftermath, My Own Yin-Yang
Chapter 482: A Heroic Tale
Chapter 483: The Seventh Fleet
Chapter 484: The Emperor Jewel
Chapter 485: The Blinding Stone
Chapter 486: The Big Send-Off
Chapter 487: Good Enough?
Chapter 488: Four Paragons Meet
Chapter 489: The Cosmagus And The Epochrion
Chapter 490: Absconding
Chapter 491: Joint Statement
Chapter 492: Coming Home
Chapter 493: The Legend Of The Godly Blades
Chapter 494: The Four Banishing Blades
Chapter 495: The Chance Of Harmonious Swords
Chapter 496: Boss!
Chapter 497: Going Home
Chapter 498: Battle!
Chapter 499: Planet Ziluo
Chapter 500: Dad
Chapter 501: Nirvana And Luo Xianni
Chapter 502: Dad’S Getting Old
Chapter 503: A Greeting Gift
Chapter 504: Imparting Knowledge
Chapter 505: I’M Leaving!
Chapter 506: Misunderstanding
Chapter 507: Meeting Mother Again
Chapter 508: The Avenue Will Raise An Army?
Chapter 509: Skyfire Avenue’S Star Division
Chapter 510: Halt! I’M Talking To You!
Chapter 511: I Prefer The Mask
Chapter 512: The Demon Drillmaster Returns!
Chapter 513: The List
Chapter 514: Solving Problems
Chapter 515: Nearby Godblades?
Chapter 516: Gathering Of The Monarchs
Chapter 517: Lan Qing’S Suggestions
Chapter 518: Recognizing A Son
Chapter 519: Too Nasty!
Chapter 520: Live Life Like Luo Xianni!
Chapter 521: Unexpected
Chapter 522: Blocking Daggers
Chapter 523: Antitoxin
Chapter 524: The Last Clairvoyant
Chapter 525: The Link
Chapter 526: Starlight Pendants
Chapter 527: The Clairvoyant’S ‘Flaw’
Chapter 528: Cripple
Chapter 529: Hera
Chapter 530: Qianlin’S Recordings
Chapter 531: The New Paragon List
Chapter 532: The Clockmaker’S Return
Chapter 533: Creating A Division
Chapter 534: Dreamnet Training
Chapter 535: Star Division, Dispatch!
Chapter 536: Godblade Secrets
Chapter 537: Poison Wasp Pirate Clan
Chapter 538: Poison Wasp’S Destruction
Chapter 539: Tempest
Chapter 540: Progenitor?
Chapter 541: Combat
Chapter 542: Tang Xiao And Jin Tao, All Grown Up
Chapter 543: Righteous Protogenia!
Chapter 544: Another Vital Crystal
Chapter 545: Another Fortune
Chapter 546: Uniting With The Banishing Blades
Chapter 547: Thunder Essence
Chapter 548: Thunder Essence Is Absorbed
Chapter 549: Sea Cucumber
Chapter 550: The Joining, Completed
Chapter 551: Lan Qing Wavering
Chapter 552: Chu Family
Chapter 553: Poseidon’S Palace
Chapter 554: The Ceremony
Chapter 555: The Joining Is Complete
Chapter 556: The Destructive Power Of Captus
Chapter 557: Envy Lovers, Not Immortals
Chapter 558: Red Widow’S Iron Curtain
Chapter 559: Scout Lan Jue
Chapter 560: Infiltration
Chapter 561: Moving Out
Chapter 562: Bugle Call
Chapter 563: Sweep And Clear
Chapter 564: Target: Three Planets
Chapter 565: Turning A Planet Into A Photograph?
Chapter 566: Reaching Moonfiend
Chapter 567: Taking The Mines
Chapter 568: Channeling The Empress
Chapter 569: The Perfect Girl
Chapter 570: Another Encounter With Beauty
Chapter 571: I’M Not Your Woman
Chapter 572: A-Mei
Chapter 573: I’Ll Send Her Home
Chapter 574: In Full Swing
Chapter 575: Underworld
Chapter 576: Pitched Fighting
Chapter 577: Crossing Paths
Chapter 578: One Swipe
Chapter 579: Battle In Outer Space
Chapter 580: Is She Even Human?
Chapter 581: Total Control
Chapter 582: Nasty Middle-Aged Man
Chapter 583: The Death Of The Barber
Chapter 584: You Are Food
Chapter 585: The Violet Princess
Chapter 586: The Terrifying Violet Princess
Chapter 587: Retreat
Chapter 588: Transferring Planets!
Chapter 589: Swallowing The Planet
Chapter 590: Did You Birth Him?
Chapter 591: The Beautician’S Sorrow
Chapter 592: Parliament
Chapter 593: Lan Jue’S Suggestion.
Chapter 594: The Return Of Zhou Qianlin
Chapter 595: Ninth Level, Seventh Rank
Chapter 596: Sword Practice
Chapter 597: The Rejected Driver
Chapter 598: Jue Di’S Discomfort
Chapter 599: Lightning Of Yin And Yang
Chapter 600: Taming Dragon Arhat
Chapter 601: The Avenue’S Seven Paragons!
Chapter 602: Persuading The Pauper
Chapter 603: Stingy Men Find No Women
Chapter 604: I’Ll Be The Scout!
Chapter 605: Lan Jue’S Pride
Chapter 606: Go Cultivate!
Chapter 607: Extermination Lightning
Chapter 608: Reaching An Lun
Chapter 609: Where’S That Old Jerk Chi Bupang?
Chapter 610: About To Start
Chapter 611: Jue Di’S Fear
Chapter 612: Lan Qing Ascends To Paragon
Chapter 613: Codifying The Dharma
Chapter 614: Vairocana!
Chapter 615: Commander Of The Eastern Forces
Chapter 616: What Is Lan Jue’S Dharma?
Chapter 617: Together
Chapter 618: I’Ll Never Leave Again
Chapter 619: The Might Of Lightning
Chapter 620: Simulated Pulse
Chapter 621: Scout, Hunt
Chapter 622: Teleport Base
Chapter 623: Primordial Lightning
Chapter 624: All-Heaven Lightning
Chapter 625: Deva-Gati
Chapter 626: Prying
Chapter 627: Exposed
Chapter 628: A Change In Fortune
Chapter 629: Not Even The Same Level
Chapter 630: Safe Return
Chapter 631: The Power Of Star Division!
Chapter 632: Do You Want To Torture Me?
Chapter 663: Battle Of The Brothers
Chapter 664: Stronger
Chapter 635: Parliamentary Disagreements
Chapter 636: Good News And Bad News
Chapter 637: Return
Chapter 638: Collateral
Chapter 639: I’M Going Back
Chapter 640: Lucifer’S Terror
Chapter 641: The Appraisal
Chapter 642: A Trap
Chapter 643: Fighting The Astral Phantom
Chapter 644: The Power Of The Astral Phantom
Chapter 645: Buddha’S Revelation
Chapter 646: Fealty Or Death
Chapter 647: I Swear
Chapter 648: The Tragedy Of The Astral Phantom
Chapter 649: Multiple Auctions
Chapter 650: Mysterious Number Three
Chapter 651: Competitive Bidding
Chapter 652: His Majesty Poseidon
Chapter 653: The Final Item
Chapter 654: The Final Auction
Chapter 655: The Auction Ends
Chapter 656: Misfortune Is No Excuse For Evil Deeds
Chapter 657: The Proposal
Chapter 658: Aliens Reemerge!
Chapter 659: Fight To The End
Chapter 660: Fight, Lyr!
Chapter 661: Difficulties
Chapter 662: Skyfire To The Rescue!
Chapter 663: Thunderstruck
Chapter 664: Gratitude
Chapter 665: Violet Reunion
Chapter 666: Jue Di’S Condition
Chapter 667: War Comes!
Chapter 668: Admiral Kang Hui
Chapter 669: Female Officer
Chapter 670: Dazzling Ice Lotus
Chapter 671: Tyrannosaurus-Class Bastion Ship
Chapter 672: Communication
Chapter 673: The Investigation Begins
Chapter 674: He Actually Enslaves You?
Chapter 675: Pride?
Chapter 676: Magnified
Chapter 677: Infiltration
Chapter 677: Infiltration
Chapter 678: Making Their Move
Chapter 679: The Monstrous Prince
Chapter 680: The Cusp
Chapter 681: Failure
Chapter 682: Asteroid Storm
Chapter 683: Moonfiend?
Chapter 684: Ares’ Cleaver
Chapter 685: Heron-Class Bastion
Chapter 686: Crossing Swords
Chapter 687: Defeat And Autotomy
Chapter 688: The Splendor Of Life!
Chapter 689: The Destruction Of Moonfiend
Chapter 690: Retreat
Chapter 691: Death Of A Spider
Chapter 692: The Verdict
Chapter 693: Life And Death
Chapter 694: The Pharmacist Advances!
Chapter 695: Gates Of Slaughter
Chapter 696: Simulated Strategy
Chapter 697: End Of The Expedition
Chapter 698: Ninth Level, Ninth Rank
Chapter 699: The Eight Great Paragons
Chapter 700: Skyfire Council
Chapter 701: Restructuring
Chapter 702: Human Survival Conference
Chapter 703: Arriving
Chapter 704: No Way
Chapter 705: Senior Colonel Or Admiral?
Chapter 706: It’S Him…
Chapter 707: Acquaintances
Chapter 708: The Terminator’S Good Faith
Chapter 709: The Conference
Chapter 710: Lan Jue’S Suggestions
Chapter 711: Don’T Be Na?Ve
Chapter 712: The Trial
Chapter 713: Destructive Protogenia
Chapter 714: Pressure Battle
Chapter 715: Majesty, Beware!
Chapter 716: Harmonious Swords
Chapter 717: The Monarchs Gather
Chapter 718: Poseidon’S Plans For Cooperation
Chapter 718: Poseidon’S Plans For Cooperation
Chapter 719: Forced Marriage
Chapter 719: Forced Marriage
Chapter 720: Lan Jue Vs. Poseidon
Chapter 720: Lan Jue Vs. Poseidon
Chapter 721: Better Than A Paragon
Chapter 721: Better Than A Paragon
Chapter 722: Chu Cheng Advances
Chapter 722: Chu Cheng Advances
Chapter 723: Duty-Bound To Rescue
Chapter 723: Duty-Bound To Rescue
Chapter 724: Teleportation, Ultus!
Chapter 725: To The Rescue
Chapter 726: He’S Not Dead…
Chapter 727: Terminator-Class, Surrounded
Chapter 728: Disaster For Humanity
Chapter 729: Enemy Objectives
Chapter 730: To Create An Alien Realm?
Chapter 731: Preparing For War
Chapter 732: You’Re All Still Young
Chapter 733: Confluence
Chapter 734: Before The Fight
Chapter 735: Battle Plans
Chapter 736: Hmph!
Chapter 737: It Begins
Chapter 738: Landing
Chapter 739: Bladestorm
Chapter 740: Dominating Power
Chapter 741: Shut The Hell Up
Chapter 742: I’Ll Decide What’S Permitted!
Chapter 743: Progenitor
Chapter 744: Space-Time Solidification
Chapter 745: Hit-And-Run
Chapter 746: I Know A Way
Chapter 747: Alien Plot
Chapter 748: Middle Heaven’S Protection
Chapter 749: Big Bang
Chapter 750: Analysis
Chapter 751: We Have To Go
Chapter 752: Changing Course
Chapter 753: The Austins Flee
Chapter 754: Incorporation
Chapter 755: Poseidon’S Surprise
Chapter 756: Of No Use
Chapter 757: Another Journey
Chapter 758: Live Fire Reconnaissance
Chapter 759: Survivors
Chapter 760: Save, Scout
Chapter 761: Extinguishing Vitality.
Chapter 762: Doppelganger
Chapter 763: Separate Action
Chapter 764: Predicted And Unexpected
Chapter 765: Alien Thinking
Chapter 766: Gathering
Chapter 767: Prometheus’ Wisdom
Chapter 768: Lan Qing’S Shop?
Chapter 769: Clever Beasts
Chapter 770: A New Plan
Chapter 771: Three Teams
Chapter 772: Winning The Initial Battle
Chapter 773: Profit At Another’S Expense
Chapter 774: 48 Hours
Chapter 775: The Mighty Star Division
Chapter 776: Sparring
Chapter 777: Pleasant Surprises
Chapter 778: Guardian Angel
Chapter 779: Again The Main Guns Brighten
Chapter 780: Circular Attack
Chapter 781: Cosmic Battleground
Chapter 782: Unstoppable
Chapter 783: Commencing
Chapter 784: Infinite Violet
Chapter 785: Ascending To Paragon
Chapter 786: Tribulation Lightning?
Chapter 787: Lan Jue’S Dharma
Chapter 788: Master Of Stars, Supreme Emperor
Chapter 789: 11-Word Title
Chapter 790: Soft Water Bomb
Chapter 791: Defeat
Chapter 792: Confidence, Resolve
Chapter 793: Idiot
Chapter 794: Zhou Qianlin’S Protogenia
Chapter 795: You’Re The Only One In My Heart
Chapter 796: Controlling The Situation
Chapter 797: Guanyin, Queen Of Heaven
Chapter 798: Luo Xianni Of The Infinite
Chapter 799: Salvation, Purification
Chapter 800: Reprocessing
Chapter 801: The Mission Continues
Chapter 802: Sheol
Chapter 803: Harmonious Dispatch!
Chapter 804: Saving Heaven’S Light
Chapter 805: The King Of Devils
Chapter 806: Satan’S Last Words
Chapter 807: Homage To The Stars
Chapter 808: A Domain Of Boundless Starlight
Chapter 809: Death Of The Doppelganger
Chapter 810: Mika’S Decision
Chapter 811: Bracing Domains
Chapter 812: Return, Discuss
Chapter 813: Difficult Situation
Chapter 814: Action
Chapter 815: Establishing An Immortal Realm?
Chapter 816: Europa And The Home Worlds
Chapter 817: Breaking The Lines
Chapter 818: Goddess!
Chapter 819: Do You Dare Acknowledge?
Chapter 820: Hello, Goddess
Chapter 821: Star Division Collision
Chapter 822: Queen Of Heaven Amplification
Chapter 823: The Golden Titan
Chapter 824: Winning Buddha Legacy
Chapter 825: The Battle For The Universe Begins
Chapter 826: Who Is Mightiest?
Chapter 827: Sacrifice?
Chapter 828: The Strongest Drones
Chapter 829: Head-On Conflict
Chapter 830: All-Out
Chapter 831: Transforming Poseidon
Chapter 832: Forced Advancement
Chapter 833: Collapsing Crisis
Chapter 834: Jue Di’S Esteem
Chapter 835: Queen Of Devils
Chapter 836: The Breakthrough Is Complete
Chapter 837: Before The Final Conflict
Chapter 838: Intercepted
Chapter 839: Deadlocked
Chapter 840: Captured
Chapter 841: Risking Life For The Cause
Chapter 842: Expel! Arrow Of Compassion
Chapter 843: Reengage!
Chapter 844: Control
Chapter 845: The Art Of War
Chapter 846: Terminal Ray
Chapter 847: Gaze Of Gold And Fire
Chapter 848: Jue Di The All-Powerful
Chapter 849: Jue Di’S Immortality
Chapter 850: The Alpha Avatar
Chapter 851: Between Life And Death
Chapter 852: Hearts Beat As One
Chapter 853: Execution
Chapter 854: Breaking The Blockade
Chapter 855: The Four Swords Gathered
Chapter 856: Jue Di’S Essence
Chapter 857: Li Ke
Chapter 858: Violet Dominion
Chapter 859: I Understand
Chapter 860: Husband And Wife, Face To Face
Chapter 861: Forget Me
Chapter 862: No Going Back
Chapter 863: Vital Crystal Transmutation
Chapter 864: The Four Banishing Blades
Chapter 865: Daddy… Come!
Chapter 866: Li Ke'S Decision
Chapter 867: Life For A Monarch
Chapter 868: I’M Sorry, Boss
Chapter 869: Sobering Kiss
Chapter 870: Disadvantages
Chapter 871: The Pontiff’S Epiphany!
Chapter 872: Death And The Princess
Chapter 873: Fire With Fire
Chapter 874: Joining With The Sword
Chapter 875: The Terminator’S Undead Sorcery
Chapter 876: Lan Qing Arrives!
Chapter 877: A Radical Reversal
Chapter 878: Synchronicity
Chapter 879: Driving Off The Enemy
Chapter 880: Some Silence
Chapter 881: Cultivation And Strategy
Chapter 882: Striking Out Again
Chapter 883: General Offensive
Chapter 884: Aliens, Defeated?
Chapter 885: Success?
Chapter 886: Revelations
Chapter 887: Insistence Leads To Ruin
Chapter 888: The Ignorance Of Humanity
Chapter 889: Formation
Chapter 890: A Planet’S Transformation, Complete
Chapter 891: Golden Immortal Monarch
Chapter 892: Suppression
Chapter 893: Faith And Fervor!
Chapter 894: Sacrifice
Chapter 895: One Final Photograph
Chapter 896: The Definitive Moment
Chapter 897: Hua Li And Mo Xiao
Chapter 898: Too Little Too Late?
Chapter 899: Turning The Tables
Chapter 900: The Complete Banishing Strategy!
Chapter 901: Shards Of Primordial Spirits
Chapter 902: Preserving Immortal Essence
Chapter 903: The Immortal Realm
The End
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Source: Wuxiaworld
Book Details / Information: Skyfire Avenue is a street that is 2048 meters long. There are 168 stores here, and each of the store owners is an extremely powerful adept. The Avenue does not permit any vehicles or any robots to pass through it, much less mecha. Even the patrolling police must move about on foot. This is because this is a street for pedestrians, a lane for nobles, hidden away within this high technology world. Lan Jue, the greatest of the mercenaries, code-named ‘Zeus’, has secluded himself here in Skyfire Avenue after the death of his wife. The name of his shop is “Zeus’ Jewelry Store”, and here in Skyfire Avenue, he has been given the title, Jewel Master.

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Chapter 1: Zeus’ Jewelry Store

Chapter 1: Zeus’ Jewelry Store

A brilliant light was bursting forth from afar.

When it first started, it was nothing more than a simple dot. Slowly, it grew until it became a line. Once the ray of light had begun to fully burst forth, the brilliant light had become so dazzling to behold. It seemed to fill and nourish the entire world, and yet it seemed to destroy the entire world as well.

The universe. Infinite and boundless.

Behind the light, there would always be darkness.

Staring at that boundless light in his field of vision, he laughed.

“Farewell, Hera.”

An enormous shadow appeared behind him. He gracefully retreated, merging into it.

The shadow flashed, and in an instant, it travelled far away.


Skyfire Star. Skyfire City. Skyfire Avenue.

This famous lane didn’t permit any vehicles or any robots to cross it, much less mecha. Even the patrolling police must patrol on foot, the most ancient of methods. That’s because this is a street for pedestrians, a lane for nobles, hidden away within this high technology world.

Fresh yet uniform stones covered this 2048 meter long lane. The buildings on each side of the lane were of completely different types, but every single building had its own unique aspects and history. There was ancient French gothic-style pointed buildings, the sprawling and majestic jade-carved buildings of ancient China, and were even Roman-style buildings.

This street, which seemingly had no high technology present, was set within the most central, most developed area within Skyfire City. Supposedly, here, every single square meter of earth was worth as much as one of the newest, top-tier Michaely [Mai’ke’li] P12-class high atmosphere hovercar.

In the center of Skyfire Avenue, there was a rather unremarkable little store. The reason why it was described as ‘little’ was only because it was little by comparison to the enormous, noble structures surrounding it. The storefront was only seventeen meters wide, and it was designed in accordance with a combination of the luxurious, classical style with the simplistic neo-classical style. The mirror-like deep blue walls, the brilliant display windows, all showed off several dazzling, gleaming jewels. In the middle of the top of the store, four letters, glowing with a sapphire light, formed the name of the store.

Z, E, U, S.

The door was made from some sort of unknown deep blue metal. It didn’t have any decorations, save for an imprint of a jagged lightning bolt.

Zeus, the King of the Gods in ancient Greece, the controller of the power of lightning.

Thus, this store was also named Zeus’ Jewelry Store.

The insides of the store was a world of sapphire blue. Sapphire blue carpets, sapphire blue velvet covering the walls…even the bottoms of the jewelry display cabinets were sapphire.

Behind the front desk of Zeus’ Jewelry Store were two young ladies. They wore identical, low-cut white gowns. They were very beautiful, but in different ways.

One was tall and slender, with eyebrows high like mountains, a face like a rose, her fine black hair trailing over her shoulders. Whether from up close or from afar, she looked like a clear, beautiful painting, and she had a rather classical feel to her.

The other was endearing and lovable, with neat, short, light blue hair. The low-cut dress revealed her spectacular ‘mountain range’, but the look in her deep blue eyes changed constantly. She appeared…a bit weird.

“Boss, I want to eat ice cream.” The short-haired girl called out coquettishly, her voice so sweet that it could kill a man from a sugar overdose.

A lazy voice rang out. “Are you going to eat mine, or am I going to eat yours?”

The voice came from behind the front desk. So there was actually a third person in the shop as well. He looked to be in his twenties, and was seated on a leather swivel chair. His hands clasped behind his head, he leaned there comfortably. He had short black hair, a black shirt, black pants, and a white vest with the diagram of an ancient Greek temple on it.

“Either works.” The short haired girl giggled.

“Ke’er, stop messing around.” The long-haired girl said somewhat resignedly.

The youngster sat up straight, his movements smooth and graceful. Although his hair was a mess and his face had some unshaved stubble on it, he didn’t give the impression of being disheveled at all.

His eyes were very bright, but he had a rather languid cast to his lips. Every single movement he made, however, was very graceful and pleasing to behold. At a glance, one could tell that he was someone who had received the finest lessons in noble etiquette for many years, and thus had gained these habits.

From within his breast pocket, he withdrew a silver pocket watch, which was covered with many small, yet exquisite gemstones which formed a beautiful diagram of a starry sky.

“It’s about time. I’m going to freshen up a bit, then I’ll go out to have a drink. Xiu Xiu, Ke’er, it’s about time for you two to head back as well.”

The long-haired girl, Xiu Xiu, laughed very gently as she looked at him. “Boss, you go do what you need to do. The store has us.”

The youngster smiled warmly. “Xiu Xiu is always so well-behaved.”

The short-haired girl instantly pursed her lips, and the youngster had to add, “Um, Ke’er is very well-behaved as well.”

“Dingdingding.” A sound like silver chimes rang out, and the door to the shop was pushed open. A woman walked in from outside.

Upon seeing this woman, the youngster’s eyes shone even brighter.

This was a very beautiful woman. Her makeup was a bit heavy, and it was hard to tell what her age was. She was 1.7 meters tall, had a slender body, and on her feet she wore a pair of extremely extravagant, custom-made silver and crystal heels from VanCleef & Arpels, which perfectly showed off her slender, straight calves. A white pleated skirt which extended below the knees. A white mini-dress. Long hair coifed on her head. She looked extremely tidy.

The color of her eyes was very special. They were a jade green color, the color of an emerald. If one looked closely, one might find that they could ensnare your very soul.

After walking into the store, her feet paused for a moment as she swept the display cabinets with her gaze.

Xiu Xiu went to welcome her, smiling as she spoke. “Welcome to Zeus. Can I help you with something?”

The woman didn’t look at her, her gaze instead falling on the youngster. “I want to buy a royal blue star sapphire necklace that is at least fifty carats in size or larger. Do you have it?”

The youngster walked over from behind the front desk. Smiling, he said, “Of course. Xiu Xiu, lead this lady to the VIP room.”

Xiu Xiu made a gesture of invitation towards the woman, while on the other side, Ke’er had already opened the door to the VIP room, covered in genuine fur that was deep blue in color.

The VIP room wasn’t large, only ten square meters or so in size. It also had blue carpets and blue walls, while at the same time, it had a row of six blue security cabinets lining against the walls.

Aside from these, the VIP room also had a table and three chairs. One chair was towards the inside, while the other two were outside.

This was the place where the real deals were made. The most top-class jewels would never be put out on display on the cabinets outside.

The youngster invited the woman to sit, and she sat down on one of the two chairs on the outside of the table.

Xiu Xiu poured a cup of warm water and gave it to the youngster, who then placed it directly in front of the woman. For the owner to personally deliver refreshments was naturally more meaningful than an employee. A small detail, but then, it was often the small details that determined success or failure.

Xiu Xiu quietly shut the door to the VIP room, not making a sound. The store had an unspoken rule. So long as the boss was present, he would personally handle all of the guests who were led to the VIP room.

The youngster walked to the woman’s side, delivering the cup of water to her. “Please, have some water.”

The woman accepted the cup of water, but then raised her head and looked at him. “Zeus!”

The youngster’s face still had that graceful, indolent smile on it. “You mistake me for someone else. My name is Lan Jue, not Zeus. Or perhaps, you are calling out the name of my shop?”

The woman didn’t seem to have heard him, as she stared at him with her scorching gaze. “Zeus, I want to ask you to do something for me.”

The smile on Lan Jue’s face vanished, and he took the cup of water back from the woman’s hand.

The cup of water lit up, and the clear water within it suddenly transformed into blue, the blue of countless tiny little thunderbolts.

Lan Jue looked calmly at her. The woman’s body shook slightly, as though she had been affected by some sort paralyzing force. She didn’t move at all.

After fully draining the cup of electric water in one gulp, Lan Jue pushed open the door to the VIP room and walked out.

“She isn’t here to buy things. Please escort her out. I’m going to go get a drink.”


Total Chapters in book: 912
Estimated words: 1616358 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 8082(@200wpm)___ 6465(@250wpm)___ 5388(@300wpm)