The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script by Yijie Jingfu

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Chapter 111 - I Think You’Re Like A Page 1 Of The Classic Of Mountains And Seas
Chapter 112 - Miracles Do Exist, But They Are Not Us
Chapter 113 - Is Really You, Devil 1
Chapter 114 - The Perfect Combination Of Examination-Oriented Education And Quality Education 1
Chapter 115 - If Only You Could Be A Guest In Chapter 115
Chapter 116 - Was Too Far Away, And It Was Too Expensive! 1
Chapter 117 - Really Wanted To Cause Trouble All The Time
Chapter 118 - After All, This Is My House
Chapter 119 - Go Pack Up Father’S Things
Chapter 120 - The Old Lady Came
Chapter 121 - The Old Lady Was Really Generous
Chapter 122 - There’S Something I’D Like To Confirm With You
Chapter 123 - : I’M Afraid I Won’T Be Able To Keep My Identity As A Partner
Chapter 124 - Was Indeed Worthy Of Being The Eldest Daughter Of The Yan Family
Chapter 125 - If It’S Over, Then It’S Over
Chapter 126 - Was Indeed Worthy Of Being Memorialized In Her Wechat Moments
Chapter 127 - Mr. Zhang, The Money Is Not Enough... 1
Chapter 128 - Inviting Yan Xi To The Gold And Silver Pavilion? 1
Chapter 129 - He Was Hiding From The Missy
Chapter 130 - I Can’T Sign This Class Transfer Application
Chapter 131 - Why Can’T Chapter 131 Help Me? 1
Chapter 132 - Where Did This Woman Come From? 1
Chapter 133 - It Was Only Right To Repay A Debt! 1
Chapter 134 - Why Did She Bring Her Personal Feelings Into The Competition? 1
Chapter 135 - Invited Jin Zhao And The Others To Play At Home
Chapter 136 - He Might As Well Go To The Gold And Silver Pavilion To Check Out The Situation
Chapter 137 - Call Your Classmates As Well
Chapter 138 - Picked A Bracelet That Was Worth Close To A Million Dollars
Chapter 139 - Are We Really Going To Eat At The Gold And Silver Pavilion? 1
Chapter 140 - Got The Wrong Person? 1
Chapter 141 - Of Course, This Was Within A Reasonable Range Of Expenses
Chapter 142 - Did You Do Something Behind The Scenes? 1
Chapter 143 - Don’T Regret It
Chapter 144 - We Also Want To Post It On Our Wechat Moments! 1
Chapter 145 - An Excellent Parent 1
Chapter 146 - I Won’T Break Your Legs
Chapter 147 - Brain Damage
Chapter 148 - Have You Read Too Much? 1
Chapter 149 - Elder Xie Was Already A Successful Person
Chapter 150 - My Father Vomited Blood And Fainted? 1
Chapter 151 - 1 Where Did You Get This Medicine? 1
Chapter 152 - The Heir Of The Yan Group 1
Chapter 153 - Wait For The Yan Corporation’S Revenge
Chapter 154
Chapter 155 - Are You His Fan? 1
Chapter 156 - Why Do You Need A Bicycle
Chapter 157 - Are You Surprised? 1
Chapter 158
Chapter 159 - Riches And Riches In The World 1
Chapter 160 - Was Like A Cheater
Chapter 161 - Was Too Long. He Couldn’T Be Bothered To Look At Chapter 1
Chapter 162 - Do You Want To Know Where Chen Xiangxiang Went
Chapter 163 - Sleeping Happens To Bring A Pillow
Chapter 164 - Mo Fangfei’S Post Was Trending In Search 1
Chapter 165 - Maybe I Was Calling Her An Animal
Chapter 166 - Couldn’T Chapter 166 Clarify The Logic First? 1
Chapter 167 - The Devil’S Curse 1
Chapter 168 - The Collapse Of Womanhood
Chapter 169 - Not Showing Off Always Feels Like A Loss
Chapter 170 - Sorry For Not Speaking Up For You In The First Place
Chapter 171 - Mo Fangfei Apologizes
Chapter 172 - Words Are Not Deer: Insincere 1
Chapter 173 - I Choose Chen Xiangxiang 1
Chapter 174 - Complete The Third Question? 1
Chapter 175 - Something Is Very Wrong With Chen Xiangxiang
Chapter 176 - I Didn’T Win Because Of Luck
Chapter 177 - What Kind Of God Idol Is This! 1
Chapter 178 - Don’T Give Her A Chance To Cause Trouble! 1
Chapter 179 - Why Are You Still Here? 1
Chapter 180 - Did You Get His Autograph For Me
Chapter 181 - Was Really Scheming
Chapter 182 - The Real Top Socialite Of North Bridge 1
Chapter 183 - Of The Program Team Did Not Leak Any Questions
Chapter 184 - I Want To Participate In The Spring Festival Charity Gala
Chapter 185 - The Owner Of Chapter 185’S Invitation Was Me
Chapter 186 - No One Is Allowed To Slander Me
Chapter 187 - Why Should The Other Party Benefit
Chapter 188 - Are You Interested In Being My Female Companion? 1
Chapter 189 - Was Truly A Beautiful And Kind Girl
Chapter 190 - The Terror Of Rumors
Chapter 191 - I Like Those Whose Grades Are Better Than Mine
Chapter 192 - After All, He Had No Designs On You
Chapter 193 - A Strong Woman Is Afraid Of Entangling Her Husband
Chapter 194 - I’Ve Already Arranged Everything
Chapter 195 - I Don’T Agree To Open The Safe (For The Sake Of The White Foal’S Imminent Death)1
Chapter 196 - I’M Going To Watch A Joke
Chapter 197 - Something That He Could Hear Without Spending Money? Chapter 1
Chapter 198 - What Else Could She Do Besides Wreaking Havoc? 1
Chapter 199 - Can You Tell What’S Different About Her? 1
Chapter 200 - -Verification Of One Thing 1
Chapter 201 - Was Where You Told The Head Waiter To Fire Me
Chapter 202 - Is This Your Daughter? 1
Chapter 203 - But I Didn’T Slip
Chapter 204 - Yan Yan, It’S Okay, Let Go
Chapter 205 - How Could An Adopted Daughter Be Qualified To Be Brought To Such An Occasion? 1
Chapter 206 - Never Forget To Cheat No Matter Where You Go
Chapter 207 - -Yan Qingcheng Donates 310 Million Yuan
Chapter 208 - Can You Stop Being Ignorant And Incompetent? 1
Chapter 209 - Daddy, Do You Really Love Mommy? 1
Chapter 210 - Will 1
Chapter 211 - I’Ve Already Decided To Retreat
Chapter 212 - Was Huo Ziang’S Illegitimate Fan
Chapter 213 - New Employee Ah Fei 1
Chapter 214 - Was Just A Few Stalks Of Grass. After Plucking It, One Was Plucked
Chapter 215 - Snitching 1
Chapter 216 - Miss, You’Ve Been On The Top Searches
Chapter 217 - Ah Fei Did Not Starve To Death
Chapter 218 - No Wealthy Family Was Willing To Play With The Mu Family
Chapter 219 - Chapter 219“You Are Such A Useless Teammate.”
Chapter 220 - Was It Really Difficult To Admit That Others Were Really Outstanding
Chapter 221 - 1 Captured An Unknown Signal 1
Chapter 222 - Yan Yan Is My Sister! Dear, We’Re Related By Blood! 1
Chapter 223 - Of The Program Team Was Very Likely To Sacrifice These Two People To Heaven
Chapter 224 - Heart-Connecting Grass: Trending Search 1
Chapter 225 - Ownership Should Be Mine
Chapter 226 - Should Be Taken As Mine
Chapter 227 - Do You Have Evidence? 1
Chapter 228 - Cousin, Are You A Pervert?”
Chapter 229 - Is It True? I Don’T Believe It! 1
Chapter 230 - Being An Exquisite Boy Was Not Bad Either
Chapter 231 - Don’T Look Down On Others
Chapter 232 - You Did It On Purpose! 1
Chapter 233 - Daydreaming In The Blue Sky’
Chapter 234 - Top Rumour Is Not A Collapsed House
Chapter 235 - Let Go Of That Brother And Let Me Coax Him! 1
Chapter 236 - Can I Ask You For A Blessing? 1
Chapter 237 - Grandmother Will Be Back Tomorrow
Chapter 238 - Was Definitely Worthy Of Being Pursued By Outstanding People
Chapter 239 - Attending The Birthday Banquet, But Not Eating There
Chapter 240 - Some Things Must Not Be Compromised
Chapter 241 - Who Said I Wanted To Give It To My Great-Aunt
Chapter 242 - Girls Still Had To Rely On Their Parents
Chapter 243 - Grandmother, You’Ve Made A Mistake
Chapter 244 - I’M Not Old And Stupid
Chapter 245 - Had Already Guessed That She Was Going To Be A Demon
Chapter 246 - Men Of The Xi Family Are All Good-For-Nothings
Chapter 247 - Daddy, There’S No Need To Make Such A Big Fuss, Right? 1
Chapter 248 - What A Weirdo, I’Ve Had Enough Of This
Chapter 249 - Hadn’T Even Started Yet, But She Already Felt Like She Had Lost By 1
Chapter 250 - I Have No Intention Of Falling In Love At All
Chapter 251 - I Did That To Retaliate Against You
Chapter 252 - Who Was Chapter 252 Targeting This Time? 1
Chapter 253 - I Urge You To Confess And Be Lenient
Chapter 254 - You Want To Become A Legal Celebrity At Such A Young Age? 1
Chapter 255 - I Will Soon Make You Submit To Me
Chapter 256 - On The Other Hand, Was The Wu Family Paying Taxes In Accordance With The Law
Chapter 257 - The Main Account Had Been Disabled. They Could Change To A Secondary Account To Practice Chapter 1
Chapter 258 - Young Man, You Have A Bright Future Ahead Of You
Chapter 259 - Was That His Eyelids Were Too Shallow
Chapter 260 - Paternity Test Book 1
Chapter 261 - “Eight Lifetimes Of Bad Luck To Have A Father Like You.”
Chapter 262 - Liang Shanbo And Xie Changze’S Violin Battle
Chapter 263 - . I Didn’T Expect You To Have Another Trick Up Your Sleeve
Chapter 264 - This Is For You
Chapter 265 - As Far As I Know, Your Restaurant Never Gives A Discount Of 1
Chapter 266 - Why Are They Following Us
Chapter 267 - I’M A Little Uncomfortable To See You
Chapter 268 - Treasure Radio 1
Chapter 269 - How Are You Thinking About Going Abroad? 1
Chapter 270 - Insider News, You Are Destined To Be Sacrificed To Heaven 1
Chapter 271 - There Was Still Time To Buy A Plane Ticket
Chapter 272 - I Might As Well Go After Huo Zi'Ang
Chapter 273 - If Possible, I Want Him To Be The Champion
Chapter 274 - Young People’S Style Is Too Exaggerated
Chapter 275 - Was Not Bad. Keep Working Hard! 1
Chapter 276 - This News Is Fake, So I Won’T Thank You
Chapter 277 - Is Your Neck Cramping? 1
Chapter 278 - Why Did The Title Of Chapter 278 Change? 1
Chapter 279 - Is Great, Then You Can Do It
Chapter 280 - Was Really Out Of Control Today
Chapter 281 - Please Just Say That You Were Completely Convinced Of Your Loss
Chapter 282 - Promoting Honor Seemed A Little Inappropriate
Chapter 283 - You Can’T Be So Stingy, Right
Chapter 284 - Who Wouldn’T Want To Hug The Moon? 1
Chapter 285 - Investigating The Cause Of Her Death
Chapter 286 - Forbade You From Coming Over To Save Me The Trouble
Chapter 287 - -Don’T Come Here Anymore
Chapter 288 - This Isn’T My Attendance Schedule
Chapter 289 - The Joys And Sorrows Of Human Beings Were Not Connected
Chapter 290 - I Don’T Want To Help You With This
Chapter 291 - You Really Know The Young Miss Well
Chapter 292 - We Ate Up This Amway
Chapter 293 - Supervising Your Work 1
Chapter 294 - Be Filmed Or Not? If It Can’T Be Filmed, Then Change It To Someone Else
Chapter 295 - Are You Sure She’S Still Your Fiancée? 1
Chapter 296 - Could Give The Brooch To Old Madam Xi
Chapter 297 - This Face Was The Common Property Of All Her Classmates
Chapter 298 - Class President, This Is Too Much Of A Double Standard! 1
Chapter 299 - Did You Walk On My Wall? 1
Chapter 300 - How Could It Be Easy For Him
Chapter 301 - Our Family Seems To Have Been Robbed
Chapter 302 - You Really Weren’T Careful
Chapter 303 - I’M Different From My Cousin
Chapter 304 - Is The Value Of Our Villa So Devalued? 1
Chapter 305 - Was Just A Show Of Courtesy Before Action
Chapter 306 - Then, I’Ll Just Treat It As If I Have Selfish Motives
Chapter 307 - Do You Not Dare To? 1
Chapter 308 - After All, You All Have Different Statuses
Chapter 309 - Even If Your Skills Are Good, Don’T Go Looking For Death
Chapter 310 - I Seem To Have Seen Xie Changzi
Chapter 311 - Was Fourteen The Right Age For Romance? 1
Chapter 312 - Yan Yan, You Don’T Know Men Very Well
Chapter 313 - -Another Competition Between You And Liang Shanbo? 1
Chapter 314 - I Don’T Like Chapter 1
Chapter 315 - I Won’T Go Easy On You
Chapter 316 - Fu Yuhuai’S Mysterious Lover Surfaced
Chapter 317 - Might Be Filled With Regret For Provoking Me
Chapter 318 - Something Was Not Right
Chapter 319 - : Huo Came Out To Die
Chapter 320 - : How Can I Still Be The Granddaughter-In-Law Of The Huo Family
Chapter 321 - See What They Have Up Their Sleeves
Chapter 322 - Don’T Try To Kill Yourself
Chapter 323 - Fans Were Asking For A Beating
Chapter 324 - Feng Xue’S Revelation 1
Chapter 325 - Now, Do I Have The Right To Speak? 1
Chapter 326 - Was Just Self-Defense At Best
Chapter 327 - You Love Yourself The Most
Chapter 328 - : Wasn’T Chapter 328 Supposed To Be A Rescue Mission? ! 1
Chapter 329 - Huo Xiao: Severing Ties With The Huo Family
Chapter 330 - Was Supposed To Be Compensated By Mr. Huo
Chapter 331 - Making Friends Out Of Nothing? 1
Chapter 332 - Wasn’T That Enough To Destroy A House? 1
Chapter 333 - Yan Group’S Statement 1
Chapter 334 - Did Not Force You To Acknowledge Chen Xiangxiang As Your Fiancee
Chapter 335 - How Dare He Not Like You? 1
Chapter 336 - Feng Xue Was Torn Apart, And The Yan Group’S Next Draw Was 1
Chapter 337 - Why Can’T Feng Xue Get Away With It? 1
Chapter 338 - One Night Later, Started Group Ridicule Mode 1
Chapter 339 - The College Entrance Examinees Would Be Chopped Up And Fed To The Dogs
Chapter 340 - You Were The One Who Was Originally Engaged To Huo Ziang
Chapter 341 - Young Master Fu Personally Confirmed
Chapter 342 - Great Minds Think Alike.”
Chapter 343 - Suggests That You Return To Your Original Home
Chapter 344 - As Long As You Like It, It’S No Trouble
Chapter 345 - Gratitude
Chapter 346 - You Simply Can’T Afford To Pay 1
Chapter 347 - Little Girl, I Want To Repay You
Chapter 348 - I’M Still Going To Get Married
Chapter 349 - Was Moral Kidnapping
Chapter 350 - She May Be Harboring Evil Intentions
Chapter 351 - They Are Here For Me Today
Chapter 352 - Could It Be That You Know These Two
Chapter 353 - Was Not For Playing House With You
Chapter 354 - Don’T You Feel Guilty
Chapter 355 - If You Dare To Run Today, I’Ll Break Your Legs
Chapter 356 - Temporary Truce 1
Chapter 357 - This Was Simply A Godsend Opportunity
Chapter 358 - Please Get Lost
Chapter 359 - Yan Feilu He Was Really Here To Accompany Her On The Exam
Chapter 360 - -Why Did You Lie To Us
Chapter 361 - A Poor Relative
Chapter 362 - Did You Do It? 1
Chapter 363 - Huo Mingyue: “It’S Me Who Disagrees.”
Chapter 364 - Send A Lawyer’S Letter To Xi Empire
Chapter 365 - Announced His Separation From The Xi Family
Chapter 366 - Students, You Are All Adults! 1
Chapter 367 - Zhu The People Who Betrayed You And Me All Fell Into The Mud
Chapter 368 - : Liang Shanbo: I’M Going Back To China
Chapter 369 - Dahai, Here I Come! 1
Chapter 370 - Then Have You Thought It Through
Chapter 371 - I Want To Spend Money On You Too
Chapter 372 - Was Simply A Mob Dance! 1
Chapter 373 - “Keep Whatever Your Brother Gives You.”
Chapter 374 - I Hope You Know Your Place
Chapter 375 - Was Trending
Chapter 376 - Why Should I Beg You For Mercy? 1
Chapter 377 - Could Now Be Said Clearly
Chapter 378 - Was Probably A Joke
Chapter 379 - Exposing My Relationship With My Brother
Chapter 380 - Had Dropped A Huge Vest
Chapter 381 - Are You F * Cking Kidding Me? 1
Chapter 382 - Top Scorer Of The College Entrance Examination
Chapter 383 - There Was No Need To Make Such A Big Deal Out Of It
Chapter 384 - This Is My Gift To You
Chapter 385 - Take Care Of Yourself
Chapter 386 - Had A Rotten Root
Chapter 387 - I Plan To Let Her Howl For A While Longer
Chapter 388 - It Was Great That The Xi Family Had Gone Bankrupt
Chapter 389 - You Can’T Escape The Blame For Today’S Situation
Chapter 390 - Yan Xi Was A Lunatic
Chapter 391 - Could It Be That None Of This Was True
Chapter 392 - Xi Yan: “Chief Xie May Be In Love!”
Chapter 393 - Was Just Here To Pick Up Some Of My Stuff
Chapter 394 - This Statement Was Unheard Of
Chapter 395 - Mr. Xi Was A Decent Man
Chapter 396 - What Kind Of Curse Did Yan Qingcheng Cast On You
Chapter 397 - Was Protecting Him Just Like That? 1
Chapter 398 - Little Cutie Jin Zhao, Are You Going To Quarrel?”
Chapter 399 - Please Apologize To My Classmates
Chapter 400 - The Yan Family Does Not Welcome You
Chapter 401 - What A Coincidence To Meet You Again
Chapter 402 - Uncle Qi, Did Your Wish Come True? 1
Chapter 403 - This Matter Had To Be Resolved As Soon As Possible
Chapter 404 - Think About How Unpresentable She Is
Chapter 405 - This Was Not A Good Thing
Chapter 406 - The Way To Whitewash
Chapter 407 - Was Like A Scam
Chapter 408 - Where Are You Now? 1
Chapter 409 - Tidying Up
Chapter 410 - This Song Was Written By My Mother More Than Ten Years Ago
Chapter 411 - You’Re So Ugly
Chapter 412 - Of Course, I’Ll Accompany You To The End
Chapter 413 - Was Probably Because Of Her Face? 1
Chapter 414 - Prepare To Be Smacked In The Face
Chapter 415 - Sung Seriously? 1
Chapter 416 - , Why Don’T You Just Remove Your Makeup
Chapter 417 - Chen Xiangxiang’S Downfall
Chapter 418 - “A Gigolo Who Lives Off A Woman.”
Chapter 419 - Psychological Counseling 1
Chapter 420 - Exposing Qi Wu’S Plot In Front Of Yan Yan
Chapter 421 - Might Make You Homeless
Chapter 422
Chapter 423 - I’Ve Never Looked Up To Idiots
Chapter 424 - Who Do You Want To Teach A Lesson To? 1
Chapter 425 - Be Bold! Your Uncle Thinks Highly Of You! 1
Chapter 426 - Yan Yunzhi: The Clown Is Me
Chapter 427 - He Shi Asked Me To Take Care Of You
Chapter 428 - Zhao Qingxuan, Why Don’T We Work Together
Chapter 429 - What If I Said That All These Revelations Were True? 1
Chapter 430 - Sealed The Live Broadcast Room
Chapter 431 - Did Not Conform To Xie Changze’S Aesthetics
Chapter 432 - The Past From Xi Jingxing’S Mouth
Chapter 433 - Was He Taking Advantage Of The Xi Family
Chapter 434 - Xie Junxuan Was The Pervert Who Abused Small Animals
Chapter 435 - Your Whole Family Is A Murderer
Chapter 436 - Anyone Who Hurts Him Will Be My Enemy
Chapter 437 - Would He Dare To Swear That He Had Never Done Those Things Before? 1
Chapter 438 - I Want To Get Engaged To Chang-Ze Xie
Chapter 439 - Perhaps You Will Make A Different Decision
Chapter 440 - Wise And Mighty 1
Chapter 441 - -He Won’T Lie To Me
Chapter 442 - Thank You For Your Recognition And Support
Chapter 443 - Was Never Done
Chapter 444 - You’Re Just Doing Something Superfluous
Chapter 445 - Who Was More Like A Joke
Chapter 446 - Should Have Opened Her Mother’S Safe
Chapter 447 - , Two Paternity Tests 1
Chapter 448 - I’M Not Xi Jingxing’S Daughter
Chapter 449 - : Redo The Paternity Test
Chapter 450 - -Why Have You Not Shown Up For So Many Years
Chapter 451 - Slandering The Old Madam
Chapter 452 - Right, Do You Want To Listen To The Recording? 1
Chapter 453 - I Dare To Use My Reputation And Life To Guarantee 1
Chapter 454 - , Xie Chang, Went Through The Yan Family’S Investigation
Chapter 455 - Cooperation Had Ended
Chapter 456 - I’Ll Help You Fight With The Institute
Chapter 457 - I’M In Research Group 9
Chapter 458 - You Are The Mysterious Successor That The Director Mentioned
Chapter 459 - Who Is Your Boss’S Friend? 1
Chapter 460 - Do You Really Think I’M That Scared? 1
Chapter 461 - - Don’T You Deserve It
Chapter 462 - Was About To Collapse. Be Careful Of Casualties
Chapter 463 - Walls Have Ears 1
Chapter 464 - Can You Help Me Make An Appointment With Your Aunt? 1
Chapter 465 - Is This All You’Ve Got? 1
Chapter 466 - He Shi Was Taken Away By The Police
Chapter 467 - He Shi’S Reputation Was Ruined
Chapter 468 - I Won’T Be Able To Bear The Consequences
Chapter 469 - Was Wrong About Your Parents
Chapter 470 - Why Did She Tamper With The Results Of The Paternity Test? 1
Chapter 471 - Get Me The Helmet
Chapter 472 - Who Was The One Who Cheated? 1
Chapter 473 - The Weather Is Cold. The Yan Family Should Be Bankrupt By Now
Chapter 474 - Are You Crazy? 1
Chapter 475 - Yan Xi, Why Don’T You Just Die
Chapter 476 - Feel That This Scene Was Familiar? 1
Chapter 477 - -Don’T Be In A Hurry To Get Yourself Killed
Chapter 478 - Immediately Went Back To Sort Out The Evidence To Sue Her
Chapter 479 - Yan Xi: Chen Xiangxiang Is Xi Jingxing’S Daughter? 1
Chapter 480 - I Can Help You Break The Firewall On Your Helmet
Chapter 481 - , He Predicted That The System Would Backfire
Chapter 482 - To Be On The Safe Side, Even Yan Xi Should Be Dealt With As Well
Chapter 483 - Wait, Is That Person You
Chapter 484 - Fu Yuhuai’S Favorability Rating Cleared To Zero! 1
Chapter 485 - If Anything Happens To Yan Xi, I’Ll Be The First To Bury You With Her! 1
Chapter 486 - Who Told You To Have Bad Eyes And Like Chen Xiangxiang 1
Chapter 487 - Don’T See Each Other Again
Chapter 488 - I Will Never Raise The Price Of A Pig
Chapter 489 - The Old Man Had An Accident! 1
Chapter 490 - Whatever You Want, I Will Give You 1
Chapter 491 - Can You Afford To Give Me Anything I Want? 1
Chapter 492 - Even After Drinking Alcohol, You Still Dare To Go To The Operating Table
Chapter 493 - I Must Make Yan Xi Spit It Out Today
Chapter 494 - Was Not About Doctor Lin. Could It Be That You Were The Chief Surgeon
Chapter 495 - Young Master Xie, Something Has Happened To Miss. . 1
Chapter 496 - A Kind-Hearted Little Girl. Why Was She About To Die? 1
Chapter 497 - She Is Your Daughter! 1
Chapter 498 - Brother, Quickly Pull Your Boss Away! 1
Chapter 499 - I Only Lent Someone To Young Master Huo
Chapter 500 - Her Dream Of Being A Rich Lady Was Completely Shattered
Chapter 501 - I Want To Do A Paternity Test With Qi Wei
Chapter 502 - Yan Yunzhi Will Be Fine. He Will Return Safely
Chapter 503 - Was Probably Harassing Phone Calls
Chapter 504 - Father Was Also Very Pleased
Chapter 505 - F Course, My Son Is On My Side
Chapter 506 - I Don’T Believe That The Yan Family Is A Bad Person
Chapter 507 - Huo Zi'Ang’S Manipulation Of Public Opinion
Chapter 508 - A Welcome Gift For My Brother-In-Law
Chapter 509 - Holy Mother And Father Becomes The Essence
Chapter 510 - We Don’T Need Such “For Your Own Good”1
Chapter 511 - Hurry Up! Don’T Be Ungrateful! 1
Chapter 512 - What Happened To My Daughter That Year
Chapter 513 - Was The Second Master’S Handiwork? 1
Chapter 514 - You Can Do Whatever You Want
Chapter 515 - The Dog Was Disobedient
Chapter 516 - He Went To See Xi Jing
Chapter 517 - Was Where I Called Her Over
Chapter 518 - This Is A Conspiracy. Someone Is Framing Me! 1
Chapter 519 - You Are A Complete Villain
Chapter 520 - Xi Yan, Calm Down! 1
Chapter 521 - Supported Qi Wei’S Belief
Chapter 522 - You Only Have Five Years To Live
Chapter 523 - Xie Chang, Had A Problem. You Can’T Trust Him
Chapter 524 - Are You Worthy Of This Deep Affection
Chapter 525 - Your Love Is Too Cheap
Chapter 526 - Huo Ziang’S Reputation Was Ruined
Chapter 527 - I Want Him To Pay The Price
Chapter 528 - Your Grandmother Accidentally Fell
Chapter 529 - Yan Xi: I’Ll Go With You
Chapter 530 - This Is The Last Warning
Chapter 531 - Xi Jingxing’S Suicide Attempt
Chapter 532 - I Can Sign A Letter Of Understanding For Xi Jingxing
Chapter 533 - Was Such A Generous Child
Chapter 534 - Old And New Grudges Counted As 1
Chapter 535 - Am I Wrong? 1
Chapter 536 - Was A Special Contribution Award For Her
Chapter 537 - Why Don’T You Be The Class Monitor
Chapter 538 - You’Re Going To Be Unlucky Sooner Or Later
Chapter 539 - The One Who Wanted To Mess With Our Family Was He Shi 1
Chapter 540 - Is This How You Make Money Doing Scientific Research
Chapter 541 - Was Very Deceptive
Chapter 542 - Qiao Qian Is Crazy
Chapter 543 - Breaking The Clouds And Seeing The Sun
Chapter 544 - The Behind-The-Scenes Boss Of Sheng Entertainment 1
Chapter 545 - Boss, Wait A Minute, There’S A Thief Inside
Chapter 546 - I Want To Check The Surveillance Cameras! 1
Chapter 547 - You’Re Not Trying To Seduce The Boss Of Shengyu
Chapter 548 - Yan Xi Is The Boss Of Shengyu
Chapter 549 - Proved That Chen Xiangxiang Was Full Of Lies
Chapter 550 - Coincidentally, Our Yan Family Also Has A Company To Inherit
Chapter 551 - Xi Yan Was Taken Away By The Qi Family
Chapter 552 - Young Master, Are You Willing To Inherit The Qi Group? 1
Chapter 553
Chapter 554
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Yan Xi was the eldest young lady of the Yan family, the head of Beiqiao City’s top four aristocratic families. Despite her astonishing talents, she was sick and destined to die young. She was an unattainable dream girl for many.

She had a dream one day and dreamt that she was in a novel. In the novel, her father adopted a girl named Chen Xiangxiang who looked just like her to alleviate his pain of losing his wife, and soon his daughter.

The girl was as docile as a deer and spending time with her was very therapeutic, which made her all the more lovable. This girl became her substitute, and after a series of heart-wrenching incidents, everyone —ranging from her father and her brother to her fiance and her friends— doted on this girl.

Meanwhile, Yan Xi fought against the girl in every aspect, and she eventually became the evil second female lead. In the end, she was despised and hated by everyone. After having sulfuric acid splashed onto her face and ended up disfigured, she jumped from a building and fell to her death. After her death, she left a large inheritance which was inherited by the girl.

Yan Xi, who used to not care about dying because she regretted not being able to save her mother, did not want to die anymore.

She destroyed her dream girl script and decided to stay away from the lunatics around her. At the same time, she decided to live her life well with the intent of stopping anyone who lays their eyes on her assets while she reveals her hidden identities, one by one, and destroys the trash she encounters.

During the process, she happened to protect a good-looking young man who was cold and upright. Turns out, he's a big boss with many hidden identities too?

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Sick and Weak Dream Girl


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Atlas Studios

The heavy rain in the middle of the night was accompanied by the howling of the wind, shattering the silence of the night.

Early the next morning, the rain stopped. The dew on the leaves outside the window along with the morning sun, indicated that the weather was going to be great.

Yan Xi stood on the balcony, looking alarmed. The wind in the early spring was still chilly, yet she was only wearing a thin hospital gown.

When the nurse who was in charge of taking care of her pushed the door open and saw this scene, she was instantly a little nervous. “Miss Yan, hurry and come back in. You won’t want to catch a cold.”

After persuading Yan Xi to get back into her room, the nurse passed the medicine on the tray over. Yan Xi didn’t even look at it and directly swallowed them all without even frowning.

The nurse looked at the red spots all over her face. The red spots were due to the adverse drug reaction she had from consuming new drugs. Not only was she having a rash, but her joints were also hurting violently.

During the three years that Yan Xi had been hospitalized, she had constantly suffered from fevers, infections, decreased vision, and severe headaches. However, despite the pain she had suffered, the young lady refused to cry out in pain, not even once. She was so strong that it made one’s heart ache for her.

The nurse was very worried. “Mr. Xi said that he’ll be picking you up in the morning. You must take care of yourself for the next few days.”

After being sick for three years, Yan Xi’s health had improved in all aspects, so she was finally able to be discharged.

Yan Xi thanked the nurse politely, but her expression was calm.

She knew that the nurse was happy for her, but she wasn’t sure if today was a day that was worth being happy for.

Yan Xi waited until the afternoon before the nurse informed her that her father, Xi Jingxing, had gotten into a car accident on the way to the hospital and was unable to come fetch her.

When the nurse said this, there was a hint of hesitance on her face as she felt that Yan Xi was definitely very disappointed. She even took the initiative to comfort Yan Xi, saying that Xi Jingxing would definitely come the next day.

Yan Xi thought for a moment, before saying, “Can I discharge myself from the hospital? I’m already an adult.”

In fact, after today, she would already be 18 years old.

The nurse was stunned for a moment. Even so, she didn’t dare to agree immediately. “I’ll help you ask the doctor.”

After she left, Yan Xi called a number she hadn’t called in a long time. “Uncle, I want to go home. Can you arrange for someone to pick me up?”

There was a flurry of sounds on the other end of the phone, followed by Yan Yunzhi’s ecstatic voice. “Sure, of course!”

Even though Yan Yunzhi wasn’t in China, the Yan family’s car arrived at the hospital half an hour later.

Yan Xi sat in the car and looked at the scenery outside the window with a dazed expression.

In the three years she had been hospitalized, this was the first time she had left the hospital and returned to the noisy and lively outside world. It was as if every breath in the air carried the scent of freedom.

She couldn’t help but think of the dream she had last night. The weightless feeling of falling from a building in her dream seemed as though it was real, making her hug herself irresistibly.

Nobody would feel completely unaffected after dreaming about being framed by their loved ones and dying after being forced to jump off a building, right?

In the past week, Yan Xi had already dreamt of the same dream countless times and had jumped off a building in her dreams countless times.

In her dream, the world she was in was a novel where the protagonist, who was a substitute of the supporting character, turned the tables on the supporting character and headed towards a blissful life.

In that dream, she was the sickly and weak Dream Girl, who was also the vicious supporting character.

The protagonist of the novel, Chen Xiangxiang, was a village girl who came from a poor mountain district. Because of their similar looks, she was adopted by Yan Xi’s father, Xi Jingxing, and became her substitute.

There were a number of men with exemplary qualities that had crushes on Yan Xi. As they were unable to win over Yan Xi’s heart, they used Chen Xiangxiang while having heart-wrenching relationships with her. Gradually, they were attracted by how gentle and kind-hearted she was, as well as how she was constantly striving to be better. Upon much realization, they sent Chen Xiangxiang straight to the pinnacle of her life and made her popular all over the country.

In contrast, Yan Xi, the stunning Eldest Miss, had the tables turned on her as the ugly side of her was exposed and she completely fell from grace.

In the end, her face was even ruined as a result of her former admirer’s scheme, and she directly jumped off a building from the 28th floor.

The plot was horrible, and Yan Xi didn’t believe it for a moment.

But Xi Jingxing’s absence today was like a hard slap to her face.

She couldn’t wait passively for Xi Jingxing to pick her up like she did in her dreams, so she contacted Yan Yunzhi.

She wanted to go home and see for herself what exactly was going on.

Three hours later, the car arrived at a mansion.

The courtyard of the mansion was specially decorated, and it looked very festive.

Yan Xi was silent for a moment before going forward to put her finger on the fingerprint password lock at the courtyard door. However, the voice prompt of the lock said that her fingerprint wasn’t registered.

Yan Xi took a look at the fingerprint password lock. It was indeed the one she had modified back then. Its performance could be said to be top-notch, so it definitely wouldn’t have a program malfunction.

She tried to enter the password, but it was also wrong.

At the same time, in a three-story mansion…

With a red wine glass in his hand, Huo Ziang leaned against the balcony on the second floor and looked coldly at the sneaky figure downstairs.

He waved his hand and called a servant over. “Go send that woman downstairs away and warn her that this isn’t a place that she can come.”

His expression was poor, and even Fu Yuhai, who had followed behind him, was a little startled.

He instructed the servant softly, “She’s probably a female companion of some insensible person. Just get her to leave. Don’t make things too difficult for her.”

After the servant left, he turned around and looked at Huo Ziang with a smile. “Alright, Young Master Huo, don’t be angry anymore. I know you care a lot for Xiangxiang and don’t want those lowly people to be at her birthday banquet…”

Yan Xi lowered her eyes and pondered for a moment. She then took out a special key from her small bag and opened the door forcefully.

Fortunately, she had made an additional key back then and had always carried it with her. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t even be able to enter her own house today.

When the servant rushed over, they happened to see Yan Xi walk across the courtyard and straight to the door.

The servant hurriedly berated, “Who are you? Who let you in? Get out of here!”

The servant then quickly walked to Yan Xi’s side and reminded her softly, “Miss, don’t you know what occasion it is today?! Don’t make those young masters angry. Hurry up and leave…”

Yan Xi ignored her and instead looked at the wall of flowers in the courtyard. On the wall were the words, ‘Happy Birthday’, so it was obviously a birthday celebration.

In the middle of the flowers was a big ‘Xiang’ word.

“Who is the banquet today held for?” she asked the servant.

The servant said, “Who else? It’s for Miss Xiangxiang, of course! Wait, why am I telling you this…”

Yan Xi stared at the ‘Xiang’ word for a moment before turning around and walking towards the door.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open, and a man with a slick back pompadour walked out from inside. Seeing the situation, he frowned and complained, “Why are all these random people allowed to come in?”

Yan Xi’s voice was indifferent. “This is my house.”

I don’t know this person at all. I’m the one who should be asking why he’s here.

The man with the slick back pompadour was about to say something when he suddenly saw Yan Xi’s face.

Although she was wearing a mask, her exposed forehead was smooth and plump. She had willow leaf-shaped eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes. Her eyelashes were long and as black and thick as a crow’s feathers, which complemented her eyes to seem as black as ink.

She’s unbelievably beautiful.

The man with the slick back pompadour kept feeling she looked very familiar, and it was as if he had seen her somewhere before. But when his gaze landed on Yan Xi’s face, he couldn’t help becoming interested in the part of her face that was covered by the mask.

He lifted his hand, wanting to take off her mask. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to wear a mask in someone else’s house…”


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