The Righteous Player(s)

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Falling Into A Nightmare
Chapter 3: Behold My Righteous Backstab
Chapter 4: Resurrected
Chapter 5: Changes
Chapter 6: Broken Mirror
Chapter 7: Nullifying The Curse
Chapter 8: Ritual: The Tongue In The Mirror
Chapter 9: What'S Your Goal? Bro
Chapter 10: The Upright Last Hit
Chapter 11: Visceral Attack (Magic)
Chapter 12: Book Of Divine Transporter
Chapter 13: Klaus, You Are Inhumane
Chapter 14: Tailing
Chapter 15: Desperate Jon
Chapter 16: Life Or Death
Chapter 17: Should I Only Spare One?
Chapter 18: Are You Happy, Friend?
Chapter 19: Silver Sire'S Priest
Chapter 20: Compassionate Father
Chapter 21: Salvatore Blacktower
Chapter 22: Energy Falteration School
Chapter 23: I'M Firm & Steady
Chapter 24: Revenge
Chapter 25: Thank You
Chapter 26: Can I Have A Refund?
Chapter 27: I'M So Happy
Chapter 28: Closed Beta Started
Chapter 29: This Creep Is So Miserable
Chapter 30: It Turns Out To Be Acquaintances…
Chapter 31: Sea Of ​​Fire
Chapter 32: Activate The Forum
Chapter 33: The Cunning Annan
Chapter 34: Don'T Give Up
Chapter 35: Can I Catch Up With My Other Plans?
Chapter 36: Is There Anything You Can Bring Into The Game?
Chapter 37: Getting Prepared To Advance
Chapter 38: Advancement Ritual
Chapter 39: Nightmare: Gallery
Chapter 40: Second Loop
Chapter 41: Gallery: Elle Morrison
Chapter 42: Freezing Water Port In The Past
Chapter 43: Elle'S Diary
Chapter 44: The Powerful Annan Is Too Cautious
Chapter 45: Ritual: Communicate The Venerated Skeleton
Chapter 46: I'M Just An Ordinary Person
Chapter 48: Steady Player Annan
Chapter 49: Annan'S Curse Binding
Chapter 47: God-Bestowed Paint
Chapter 50: Acquire Profession: Wizard
Chapter 51: Secret Keeper
Chapter 52: Old News Forty-Five Years Ago
Chapter 53: March 4, 1458
Chapter 54: Make Money To Support Your Faction, Players!
Chapter 55: Dangerous Letter Delivery Mission
Chapter 56: Dr. Gerald
Chapter 57: The Venerated Skeleton'S Bone Blood Trigger
Chapter 58: F2A
Chapter 59: Go To Roseburg
Chapter 60: Killing Intent From Three Parties
Chapter 61: Bishop Daryl
Chapter 62: Mr. Planner'S Analysis
Chapter 63: Fanatic'S Plan
Chapter 64: There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of
Chapter 65: Killing Intent Line
Chapter 66: Overcoming The Declaration
Chapter 67: [Change Target]
Chapter 68: Duped Gerald
Chapter 69: Exclusive Excuse To Reap Experience
Chapter 70: It & Its Last Unbending Will
Chapter 71: Parallel Comprehension
Chapter 72: A Nightmare Is Born
Chapter 73: Viscount Barber’S Response
Chapter 74: That’S Exaggerating
Chapter 75: How Can You Sway Yourself Like That?
Chapter 76: The Intricacies In Annan’S Means
Chapter 77: Justin’S Curse
Chapter 78: Alvin’S Ritual
Chapter 79: He Is Such A Kind Person
Chapter 80: Pressuring Step By Step
Chapter 81: Friend, Have You Heard Of Rotten Man?
Chapter 82: Annan’S Art Of Assassination
Chapter 83: Speak No Evil
Chapter 84: Fearless Annan
Chapter 85: The Hunter’S Prisoner
Chapter 86: The Disaster Of Roseburg, Mission Completed!
Chapter 87: Getting Ready To Enter Dungeon Instance!
Chapter 88: Book Of Divine Transporter’S Second Page
Chapter 89: Am I Really A Kind Person?
Chapter 90: It Is What It Is
Chapter 91: One Is Judge By His Looks
Chapter 92: The Art Of Manipulating The Mind
Chapter 93: Frontier Adventure Group Dispatched!
Chapter 94: Bullet Text Protection…Failed!
Chapter 95: Brother Hammer & The Diary Fragment
Chapter 96: Secret Passage
Chapter 97: Basement
Chapter 98: Angelo
Chapter 99: Route To The True Ending
Chapter 100: What Are You Looking At?
Chapter 101: Sprouted Bone
Chapter 102: There Is Always One Truth!
Chapter 103: Dawn’S Arrival
Chapter 104: The Strategy Of Retreating To Advance Later
Chapter 105: Nightmare: White Tower
Chapter 106: Claire And Kim
Chapter 107: Maria Austere-Winter
Chapter 108: Michelangelo’S Last Words
Chapter 109: Traitor
Chapter 110: Two Directions
Chapter 111: First Blood
Chapter 112: Prediction & Perception
Chapter 113: The Sure-Fire Way
Chapter 114: The Disappeared Statue
Chapter 115: Second Death
Chapter 116: Your Name
Chapter 117: Ritual To Become A God
Chapter 118: Dungeon Nightmare: White Tower Clear!
Chapter 119: Dungeon Instance Scoring
Chapter 120: Bishop Daryl’S Invitation
Chapter 121: Bishop’S Duty
Chapter 122: Successful Probed For More Clues
Chapter 123: This Feels Awesome
Chapter 124: Become A Priest
Chapter 125: Salvatore’S Curse
Chapter 126: Innate Talent
Chapter 127: Old House
Chapter 128: Mirror
Chapter 129: Reflection
Chapter 130: Salvatore’S Determination
Chapter 131: Affection Rate Store
Chapter 132: I Actually Can Buy An Invitation Code!
Chapter 133: The Second Dungeon Run
Chapter 134: Gallery: Feast For The Hungry
Chapter 135: Hungry Ghost Door
Chapter 136: Black Frame
Chapter 137: Sin
Chapter 138: Hourglass Corridor
Chapter 139: Racing
Chapter 140: Dual-Slot Mode. What A Comedy!
Chapter 141: The Alive Gallery
Chapter 142: “Don’T Look Back”
Chapter 143: Time Reversal Corridor
Chapter 144: Time & Mirror
Chapter 145: Time Stopper Eye’S Gramophone
Chapter 146: The Venerated Skeleton’S Piercing Rifling
Chapter 147: Be Considerate Of Each Other
Chapter 148: Joseph Buckel
Chapter 149: The Venerated Skeleton! What A Trash!
Chapter 150: Truthful Lies
Chapter 151: Occult Bond Envoy
Chapter 152: Pathetic
Chapter 153: Learning The Lesson To Be Content
Chapter 154: Have You Been Listening To It The Whole Time?!
Chapter 155: Understanding The Foreign Language Is Important
Chapter 156: The Venerated Skeleton’S Strategic Arrangement
Chapter 157: Earning Your Favorability Instead
Chapter 159: The Diary That Appeared On The First Level
Chapter 158: Bread Daryl… Oops, Respectable Grandpa Daryl
Chapter 160: Hungry My Ass
Chapter 161: Troubles On Amos Morrison
Chapter 162: Swordsman Advancement: Silver Knight
Chapter 163: A Spendthrift Knight
Chapter 164: You All Have To Pay!
Chapter 165: Five Man Team!
Chapter 166: Nightmare: Witch Hunt
Chapter 167: Why Did You Provoke Him?
Chapter 168: Do You Think What You Think Is True?
Chapter 169: Are You From A Gymnastics Team?
Chapter 170: Just Die, Thank You!
Chapter 171: Killing You? No Sweat!
Chapter 172: You Can Do That?
Chapter 174: Swordmaster
Chapter 175: Treasure Diamond Island Guard Knight
Chapter 176: Save Point
Chapter 177: Rotten Man’S Ritual
Chapter 178: King Of The Immortal
Chapter 179: My Name Is David
Chapter 180: Benjamin’S Password
Chapter 181: The Final Work “David!”
Chapter 182: The Feigned Death Ploy
Chapter 184: Grant Me The Bug For A Significant Advantage!
Chapter 185: Chaos Spell: Denial Of Life
Chapter 186: Elixir
Chapter 187: Sage’S Stone
Chapter 188: A Hardworking Person But Without Talent
Chapter 189: Magic Mirror
Chapter 190: Kafni Noah
Chapter 191: His Royal Highness Albert
Chapter 192: Everything Has A Weakness
Chapter 193: Depressed Albert
Chapter 194: New Main Mission
Chapter 195: Kafni’S Advanced Profession
Chapter 196: Foundational Power
Chapter 197: Old Hatred
Chapter 198: The Roars Beneath The Skin
Chapter 199: Ritual: Heart That Roars If Untouched
Chapter 200: Leer
Chapter 201: Madam, Times Have Changed
Chapter 202: Shadow Locks & Bane
Chapter 203: I’M Great At Defeating Dummy Target
Chapter 204: Dumbfounded? I Can Respawn!
Chapter 205: The Monster Lost Its Cool
Chapter 206: Injecting The Sage’S Stone
Chapter 207: Perfect Teamwork!
Chapter 208: Abolish The Soul Eater
Chapter 209: Rotten Man
Chapter 210: Silver Sire
Chapter 211: Silver Sire Dismiss The Fight
Chapter 212: Rotten Man’S Intervention On His Investment
Chapter 213: Deity’S Curse
Chapter 214: Minimalist Loop
Chapter 215: Truth: The Way To Rise And Change
Chapter 216: I Have Seen This Move Before!
Chapter 217: The Man In The Mirror
Chapter 218: I Always Keep My Words
Chapter 219: The Key Locked In The Safe
Chapter 220: Inscription
Chapter 221: The Demon In The Capital
Chapter 222: Hermetic School
Chapter 223: Eternal Soul
Chapter 224: Albert’S Decision
Chapter 225: The New Update
Chapter 226: Beer Chen
Chapter 227: Longjing Tea Choosing His Profession
Chapter 228: The Pale Princess
Chapter 229: Half-Dead Enchantress
Chapter 230: Nightmare: Reflection
Chapter 231: Water Stains
Chapter 232: The Reverse Hymn
Chapter 233: The Other World
Chapter 234: The Beginning Wish
Chapter 235: Me, Myself And I
Chapter 236: White Guillotine
Chapter 237: Whose Nightmare
Chapter 238: Mobius Ring
Chapter 239: Nightmare: Reflection! Dungeon Cleared!
Chapter 240: The Pale Princess’S Attention
Chapter 241: Lin Erer & Dove
Chapter 242: Lurker
Chapter 243: I Shall Punish You All.Jpg
Chapter 244: Taking Appropriate Revenge
Chapter 245: The Storyline Doesn’T Typically Go Like This!
Chapter 246: Are You Asking To Be Beaten Up?
Chapter 247: I’M A Doctor
Chapter 248: I Love This Npc
Chapter 249: Pale Body
Chapter 250: Ritualist
Chapter 251: I Shall Intervene Personally
Chapter 252: Consecutive Summons
Chapter 253: Eighty! Eighty!
Chapter 254: Don’T Come Near Me
Chapter 255: Behold The Fourth Calamity!
Chapter 256: Spell Evolution
Chapter 257: The Father’S Mission
Chapter 258: It’S So Easy To Please The Players
Chapter 259: Vasily Manning
Chapter 260: Daughter Of The Storm, Maria
Chapter 261: Stay Put, Don’T Wander
Chapter 262: Creating A Regular Team
Chapter 263: The Key Into The Nightmare
Chapter 264: Nightmare: The Great Hunt
Chapter 265: Young Kafni
Chapter 266: The Number Six
Chapter 267: Wyrmrest And The Frost Beasts
Chapter 268: This Is What I’M Here For
Chapter 269: Annan’S Plan
Chapter 270: Information Obtained From The Nightmare
Chapter 271: Frost Eye
Chapter 272: The Basics Of Playing Hitman
Chapter 273: Ferdinand Geraint
Chapter 274: Crow’S Conspiracy
Chapter 275: Quiet
Chapter 276: Feast Of The Great Hunt
Chapter 277: The Three Ways To Clear The Dungeon
Chapter 278: To Fight Ritual With Ritual
Chapter 279: Philip Noah
Chapter 280: Fleeting Opportunity
Chapter 281: Nightmare: The Great Hunt, Cleared!
Chapter 282: Chill Of The Winter Sun
Chapter 283: Waiting For “Memories”
Chapter 284: Light-Concealing Ice Cubes
Chapter 285: Kafni’S Dream
Chapter 286: A Letter From Swamp’S Black Tower
Chapter 287: Student Longjing Tea
Chapter 288: It’S Time To Release The Players
Chapter 289: Elven Ruins
Chapter 290: Delicious Wind Goose’S Elite Squad
Chapter 291: Frostwisperian
Chapter 292: Individualistic Spell Combo
Chapter 293: Caravan Master Tate
Chapter 294: Demon’S Blood
Chapter 295: The Mead Filled With Life
Chapter 296: Don’T Eat The Candy Given By A Stranger
Chapter 297: Clarence
Chapter 298: Prolonging Influence And Making Curse Vessels
Chapter 299: Snippets From The Future
Chapter 300: Annan’S New Kitchen Knife
Chapter 301: Annan’S Perfect Acting
Chapter 302: Delicious Wind Goose
Chapter 303: Neckless Of The Past
Chapter 304: He Was Filled With Determination
Chapter 305: Jude Of The Shaping School
Chapter 306: I’M Done, A Single Shot Within A Split Second. What Can I Say
Chapter 307: Soon Arriving Eugene Geraint
Chapter 308: Fear My Name
Chapter 309: Public Nightmare
Chapter 310: Citalopram’S Fetish
Chapter 311: Miss Boffis
Chapter 312: The Pale Princess Is An Ally!
Chapter 313: The Awkward Child
Chapter 314: Boffis’ Mother
Chapter 315: Dove Had Really Turned Into Chocolate
Chapter 316: Chocolate Or Dove?
Chapter 317: Dove’S Jealousy Over Chocolate’S Skill
Chapter 318: Annan On His Self-Directed Act
Chapter 319: Sacred Bones
Chapter 320: People Of Osser
Chapter 321: Austere-Winter & Frostwhisper
Chapter 322: Curse Shaft
Chapter 323: Annan Had Finally Arrived
Chapter 324: Curse-Filled Sewers
Chapter 325: The World’S Blood
Chapter 326: The Graceful Mutters Of The Dreamers
Chapter 327: Sacred Bone Wine Concoction
Chapter 328: Frostwisper’S Eternal Frozen Blood
Chapter 329: Bernardino
Chapter 330: The Person Tearing Up Destiny
Chapter 331: An Advanced Service Attitude
Chapter 332: Silver Sire Church’S Tipping System
Chapter 333: Getting Caught In The End
Chapter 334: Espionage
Chapter 335: Last Gallery
Chapter 336: The Only Answer
Chapter 337: Reenactment Of Betrayal
Chapter 338: She’S Watching, I’M Listening
Chapter 339: Angel’S Left Eye
Chapter 340: Advancement To Silver Rank
Chapter 341: Jiu Er: I’M Going Back To Freezing Water Port!
Chapter 342: My Capability Is Limited
Chapter 343: Delicious Wind Goose’S Special Encounter
Chapter 344: Salvatore’S Determination
Chapter 345: Layers Of Deceit
Chapter 346: The Secret Of Father Flint
Chapter 347: Betrayal Of Humanity
Chapter 348: Stupefied Old Bread Daryl
Chapter 349: I Go Wherever I Want
Chapter 350: Where Did My Money Go?
Chapter 351: Leaving Separately
Chapter 352: The Old Man In Prison
Chapter 353: The Man Of Thousand Faces
Chapter 354: Three-Eyed Crow
Chapter 355: Nolan Geraint
Chapter 356: Counter Checkmate
Chapter 357: The Faceless Poet
Chapter 358: The Very First Secret Keeper
Chapter 359: The Holy Grail Knight
Chapter 360: The Paper Princess
Chapter 361: The Crystallization Of Beauty
Chapter 362: One-Click Factory Reset Annan
Chapter 363: The Former Annan
Chapter 364: The Non-Existent Dice
Chapter 365: I Don’T Think So
Chapter 366: The Brush Of Imaginary
Chapter 367: The Paper Princess’S Leak
Chapter 368: Poison Dust
Chapter 369: The World’S Blood
Chapter 370: Respective Successor
Chapter 371: Gray Swan Safety Insurance Company
Chapter 372: Spiritual Monk’S Instant Death Ability
Chapter 373: The Paper Princess’S Vouch
Chapter 374: Dragon Language Dictionary
Chapter 375: Bait
Chapter 376: Hey! Look At What Your Bait Had Caught You!
Chapter 377: Bell Ringer Oik
Chapter 378: Mr. Ray’S Exorcism Ritual
Chapter 379: Soul Withering Curse
Chapter 380: A Centaur’S Soul
Chapter 381: Jiu Er’S Determination
Chapter 382: The Paper Princess’ Real Name
Chapter 383: The Eight Luminaries And Divine Transporter
Chapter 384: A Deal Between The Two
Chapter 385: Alexander
Chapter 386: Upright Deity
Chapter 387: The Memory Fragments Of Annan’S First Life
Chapter 388: The Silent One’S Ointment & Black Widow
Chapter 389: The Entangled Fate
Chapter 390: [How Many Nicholas Are There?]
Chapter 391: Monster Lord
Chapter 392: The Crescendo
Chapter 393: Philip’S Conspiracy
Chapter 394: Blood Fiend
Chapter 395: Let The Villains Fight Amongst Themselves
Chapter 396: The Battle Between The Old And New Soul Snatch School
Chapter 397: Utilizing Dream As A Cage
Chapter 398: Bernardino As A Child
Chapter 399: Sublime Avatar
Chapter 400: Annan’S Relationship With Salvatore
Chapter 401: The Denizoya In The Past
Chapter 402: The Pretty Self-Conscious Salvatore
Chapter 403: Gather Together In The Capital
Chapter 404: Old Grandmother’S Words
Chapter 405: Silver Sire In The Garden
Chapter 406: An Immortal Being
Chapter 407: Henry Viii
Chapter 408: The King Who Doesn’T Understand Human
Chapter 409: The Secret Of The Seventh Luminary
Chapter 410: Dream Elixir
Chapter 411: Nightmare: Wolf Kiss
Chapter 412: Werewolf Bella
Chapter 413: We’Re Only The Enemy Of Evil
Chapter 414: The Escape Room Of Death & Fear
Chapter 415: Young Annan & Dmitri
Chapter 416: The Protectors Of Austere-Winter
Chapter 417: Mr Detective’S Fear
Chapter 418: The Untouchable Fire Of Reasoning
Chapter 419: Thoreau Nick
Chapter 420: Nightmare: A Dream Within A Dream
Chapter 421: Annan’S Real Nightmare
Chapter 422: Being Put In A Tight Spot
Chapter 423: Are You Spying On Me, Danton?
Chapter 424: Annan Seizing The Initiative
Chapter 425: Typical Pattern Of The Saw Series
Chapter 426: Humans, How Can You Go Up Without Your Wings?
Chapter 427: I’M Sisyphus
Chapter 428: The Final Trial
Chapter 429: The Madman’S Heart
Chapter 430: Nightmare: Dreams Within A Dream, Clear!
Chapter 431: Advancement: Victory Knight
Chapter 432: Curse: Heart Of Sisyphus
Chapter 433: The Late Salvatore
Chapter 434: Fuzzy Truth
Chapter 435: The Deities Know The Radiance Is Born In The Mirror
Chapter 436: The Swamp’S Black Tower Is Under Attack
Chapter 437: Isaac Flamel
Chapter 438: The Mirror Of Rebellion
Chapter 439: Endless Fire
Chapter 440: Sacred Fire
Chapter 441: So Annan, What’S The Price You’Re Paying?
Chapter 442: Book Of Divine Transporter, Page 3
Chapter 443: You Are Not Allowed To Go
Chapter 444: Never-Sleeping Reflection
Chapter 445: Stern Old Grandmother
Chapter 446: Perfected Chill Of The Winter Sun
Chapter 447: Winter’S Harvest
Chapter 448: I Will Lead The Frontal Assault
Chapter 449: The Players Are Gathering
Chapter 450: Charge With Me!
Chapter 451: No Casualties
Chapter 452: A Well-Organized Cooperation!
Chapter 453: Annan’S Avatar
Chapter 454: Fight
Chapter 455: The Death Of Bernardino
Chapter 456: Book Of Divine Transporter, Page 4
Chapter 457: False Tome
Chapter 458: Going With The Flow
Chapter 459: In Short, Let’S Install The Teleportation Waypoint
Chapter 460: Nigel Elliott
Chapter 461: “Young Genius”
Chapter 462: Let The Hope Passed On
Chapter 463: Light Ants & The Deep Submerged Layer
Chapter 464: Leviathan
Chapter 465: Arriving At Austere-Winter Dukedom
Chapter 466: Storm Tower
Chapter 467: Natta County
Chapter 468: There Are No Taboos After Sunset
Chapter 469: It Is Common Sense To Take All The Missions Coincide With Our Journey
Chapter 470: Let’S Forget About Lockpicking & Barge In Through The Wall
Chapter 471: Tank! You Still Have To Dodge The Instant Death Event
Chapter 472: Spirit Thief
Chapter 473: Overseer Nieusel
Chapter 474: Trade & Plunder
Chapter 475: Ritual: Sniffing The Door Of Secrets
Chapter 476: “The Scammer And The Missionary”
Chapter 477: Because You Are, So You Are Not
Chapter 478: Ike Searing-Fang
Chapter 479: Nightmare: The Wizard Among Us
Chapter 480: Ritual: Unification War
Chapter 481: An Unexpected Beginning
Chapter 482: War Game
Chapter 483: Delicious Wind Goose’S Speech
Chapter 484: The Only Solution
Chapter 485: Nightmare: The Wizard Among Us. Cleared!
Chapter 486: Nefertari’S Overthinking
Chapter 487: The Nefertari That Has Gradually Gone Haywire
Chapter 488: The Stuck Team Is Slacking
Chapter 489: The Life We Chose
Chapter 490: Nieusel In Deep Veneration
Chapter 491: The Current Dmitri
Chapter 492: The Man Betting Against Deity
Chapter 493: “The Prophet School Is A Wily Bunch”
Chapter 494: A Crucial Frost Beast
Chapter 495: Doreen & Her Teacher
Chapter 496: Don’T Trust The Werewolves
Chapter 497: Annan Stuck In His Journey.Jpg
Chapter 498: The Light Hatched In The Heart
Chapter 499: Nightmare: Sporeggar Mill
Chapter 500: Suuankou’S Adventure In The Wonderland
Chapter 501: Breaking The Habitual Thinking Pattern!
Chapter 502: Master Newton, Wake Up!
Chapter 503: Three Names
Chapter 504: Detective Kou-Nan
Chapter 505: Sporeggar Mill
Chapter 506: The Spread Of Light
Chapter 507: Deserving Deaths
Chapter 508: The Passed Down Hope
Chapter 509: I Have Found A Gift For You. How About [Hope]?
Chapter 510: A Parting Gift From The Paper Princess
Chapter 511: What Is Divine Transporter?
Chapter 512: Beyond The Dream World
Chapter 513: [Dye] & [Fear]
Chapter 514: Ivan Austere-Winter
Chapter 515: Betrayed Dmitri
Chapter 516: The Frost Maul Disaster
Chapter 517: I’M Just A Tool
Chapter 518: Rasputin’S Ring
Chapter 519: You May Call Me Ghirlandaio
Chapter 520: Twin Goddess Republican Federation
Chapter 521: Wanting To Be A Hero
Chapter 522: Annan: I Will Do It Myself
Chapter 523: Only One Chance To Overcome The Dungeon
Chapter 524: Only The Spider Is Safe Inside The Web
Chapter 525: A Nightmare Made Of A Living Soul
Chapter 526: She Was Alive
Chapter 527: The Trial Begins, You Madman
Chapter 528: Nightmare: Sporeggar Mill. Cleared!
Chapter 529: I Haven’T Finished Yet. Why Is It Over Already?
Chapter 530: All Of My Deeds Are Righteous
Chapter 531: You Came Just In Time
Chapter 532: She Got It Right Again
Chapter 533: Thief Saint Alfonso
Chapter 534: Suuankou: Omo
Chapter 535: Blood Eater
Chapter 536: Explosion Is Art!
Chapter 537: Two Saints
Chapter 538: The Winter Insurgent, Vladmir
Chapter 539: The Principle Of Wyrmrest
Chapter 540: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 541: Trailer For The New Version
Chapter 542: The Crownless Deity
Chapter 543: Mist Continent, The Second Beta Test Begins!
Chapter 544: Follow Your Heart
Chapter 545: Husky & Thirteenth Fragrance
Chapter 546: Wizard’S Precepts
Chapter 547: Why Did You Create A Female Account?
Chapter 548: Former Ace Duo
Chapter 549: What An Artisan!
Chapter 550: It Isn’T About The Money
Chapter 551: Never Leave Husky Alone At Home
Chapter 552: Seti’S Curse
Chapter 553: Wishes And Choices
Chapter 554: The Intersection Of “Fate”
Chapter 555: Law Of Similarity & Law Of Contamination
Chapter 556: Why Are You So Experienced At This?
Chapter 557: “Did I Kill Myself?”
Chapter 558: Shield Of Unfallen & Professor Gray
Chapter 559: Fate Is The Wheel Of The Divine Transporter
Chapter 560: Exchanging [Three Secrets]
Chapter 561: Annan Austere-Winter’S Admirer
Chapter 562: Nightmare: Phantom Fever
Chapter 563: Frederick And Justice
Chapter 564: Sudden Disappearance
Chapter 565: Misplaced Secret
Chapter 566: The Wise Has No Feelings
Chapter 567: Gap Between Dreams
Chapter 568: “Praise The Name Of The Divine Transporter”
Chapter 569: Who Is Professor Wolf?
Chapter 570: Pope Trisino
Chapter 571: It Feels Quiet Here, Let’S Go
Chapter 572: Is This A Dream, Or Reality?
Chapter 573: Nightmare: Phantom Fever, Cleared!
Chapter 574: The Unfortunate Must Be Dedicated To The Furnace Of Misfortune
Chapter 575: There Is Only One Truth
Chapter 576: “Dream Eater” Trisino Seti
Chapter 577: Anchor
Chapter 578: Tragedy Writer: I Even Watch My Own Show
Chapter 579: Dungeon Instance Analyst
Chapter 580: The Comedian Duo’S Debut
Chapter 581: It’S Me
Chapter 582: Overlapping Dreams
Chapter 583: The Comedic Player
Chapter 584: Tragedy Writer And Comedian
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Annan transmigrated to a new world – the Land of Dense Fog. He had become a rare elite NPC who possessed the player’s system.

However, he had the heart of a player.

I like to stir up matters, and unbridled. But, I’m a kind player. The ally of justice who is favored by this world.

I’m on a main mission. As the righteous player, I’m following my destiny to eradicate you, the evil NPC!

Dear player, I’d recommend you to stop running away. The mission is completed. I’m the righteous NPC now to punish you, the evil players…

In the long dark night, the crimson moon hangs high in the sky.

Hoarse whisper patrols the streets. The brass steam engine is emitting blood mist.

Your brain is in ecstasy; your eyes are enchanted.

With cracked skins, it sprouts new flesh.

In the gray mists, shirek cries come from the flesh wall that consumes thousands of corpses…

“Stop crying, our players don’t bite. They just want to play with you.”

The Solitary Schemer, Number 1 Player, Land of Dense Fog’s Savior, Leader of 13 Saints, Friend of 12 Upright Deity, Pioneer King, “The Righteous One,” Gatekeeper of Forth Disaster, Crownless Deity, the great Annan advised kindly.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Annan

Chapter 1: Annan

[52 : 34 : 59 until the closed beta commences.]

A line of glimmering words quietly hovered in front of Annan; each alphabet was ablaze with bright red flames like candle lights.

His body seemed to have fallen apart; his spirit was exhausted. He was in a state where a person with severe motion sickness was tied to the seat, and was forced to endure a two hours drive. After vomiting the stuff in his stomach, he was in a daze. Even lying on the beach, he had the illusion of walking on the ground with his feet.

Annan didn’t want to move, think, or talk. He could only lie quietly on the beach, watching the last few digits dropping as if time was gradually lost…

After he woke up, thirty-two minutes had passed.

*After all, he had been counting.*

He finally felt a little thirsty.

Annan clutched the aching back of his head and slowly got up from the ground.

His profession was a game planner for a popular mobile game. Indeed, it was the profession where the risk factor for himself and his family was quite high.

Just now, he was too bored and clicked on an app of “Mist Continent Closed Beta” that was installed on his phone unbeknownst to him.

With this name, he thought that this was probably a copycat to the popular mobile games. He opened it with the lens of his profession.

But the moment he clicked on it, he suddenly felt that someone attacked the back of his head with a brick. He fainted as soon as his eyes went dark.

“What a novel way of transmigration…”

Annan took a deep breath in exhaustion; he couldn’t help but sit on the ground and cough.

He recovered slightly from his poor state after a while. Right now, he could barely support his weak body as if there was no skeleton. He slowly got up from the beach.

He lowered his head to look at his slender fingers and the luxurious, but muddy and bloody blouse.

This looks like the clothes of a nobleman… Did I encounter a shipwreck previously?

Annan took a deep breath and glanced back.

He clearly saw the endless black sea behind him, the dilapidated sailing ship stranded on the shore, and the dark red sunset hanging high on the seashore with three luxurious golden runes spinning on it.

Annan was speechless.

Although he was psychologically prepared for the fact that he was transmigrated into another world, it was the first time he saw this gorgeous sunset that seemed to be a special effect with no cost. He was shocked for a moment.

His first reaction was a resolute idea:

——Miss Game Artist, give us a sunset like this too.

Then, Annan reacted with hindsight.

It appears that I don’t have to work overtime anymore…

After traveling to another world, I have already bid farewell to my game planning career.

I can only be sad as a young nobleman: eating, drinking and having fun every day. I will be enjoying this decadent and boring life.

What a tragedy!

Worse still, Annan did not inherit the memory of this body at all. The first moment he opened his eyes was to see this shipwreck scene.

He was like a player who skipped all the beginning CGs without a game guide.

He was weak, helpless, and confused.

Who am I? Where am I? What am I going to do?

Annan sighed and patted his face, making himself a little more sober.

He felt something vaguely wrong.

Although he was not the average joe, why was he not nervous after something tragic had happened?

Neither fear nor panic, Annan had no negative emotions in his heart. He was calm like a social animal living a peaceful life.

This was still unlike the mental state that a social animal should have, nor should it be the emotion of someone transmigrated to a new world. Needless to say, the sun with this special effect kind of hinted that the world was a chaotic one.

In this case, I should be nervous and flustered, or that is how it supposedly should be…


The moment Annan realized this, he suddenly felt as if he had been hit hard on the back of his head. With a moment being at a daze, a large amount of data began to surged from all directions, and finally formed an attribute window:

Annan. Human. Male.

Elite Rare (Gold), Challenge Rating 3

Title: None

Rank: None

Health: 55%

Erosion: 3%

Attributes: Strength 7, Agility 8, Constitution 6, Perception 11, Will 12

Shared Experience: 20

Unique Trait: Heart of Winter [Reverse Inscription]

Profession Overview-

Swordsman LV3: [Bodyguard Swordsmanship LV4], [Disarm LV1], [Frost Sword LV1]

This is the system?

Annan was instantly delighted.

With that said, he entered this world through a mobile game. It would not make sense if he did not acquire a game system.

Except that the Elite Rare (Gold) which looked a bit disturbing.

After a brief glance, Annan, based on professional intuition, immediately focused his attention on the “unique trait” row.

As expected, the other words disappeared immediately. This line of words was enlarged to the center of the field of vision. A detailed explanation appeared below.

Heart of Winter (Gold, Talent)

Original effect (obsolete): You will not feel all positive emotions; the damage you receive with the “frost” element is permanently reduced by 50%; you can only be killed by the damage with the “frost” element (this entire line has a strikethrough)

Special: Equipped [Reverse Inscription] (cannot be removed or destroyed)

Current Effect: You will not feel all negative emotions; the “frost” element damage you receive is permanently amplified by 20%; you will not be killed by the damage with the “frost” element.

“I see.”

Annan went into deep thoughts.

This talent was probably the reason for his calm and composed manner.

“Anyway, let’s investigate this place first.”

Annan took a deep breath and looked at the sailing ship.

The sun would be going down soon. The time left for him to investigate was probably not much, but at least he could spend the night on the ship.

His body only had half hp [1] remaining. He still felt an apparent discomfort. He might catch a cold with how chilly the approaching night would be.

Besides, if he was a swordsman, there should be at least a sword on this ship, right?

With a sword equipped, he would feel more confident in his heart.

I wonder what my body looks like…

He dragged his still tired body and walked slowly to the beach. When he approached the wrecked ship, he bowed his head with a disturb heart and started to look at the reflection from the black sea:

He appeared at the age of twelve or thirteen years old; his skin was fair and smooth, approaching the hue of those who were pale and sick. He had the thin shoulders, collarbones and slender waist that fitted the characteristic of a teenager. He had a choppy haircut at shoulder-length, black in color.

But what attracted Annan’s attention most was the pair of icy blue pupils that were so clear and clean. It seemingly put chills at the onlooker’s heart.

What a surprise! I’m pretty cute.

“But no matter how cute I am, I am still a little hungry…”

Annan exclaimed. He stepped on the rope ladder with difficulty and climbed onto the ship.

He looked at the deck carefully.

It wasn’t a small ship. In terms of the sailing ship configuration, it was somewhat similar to the 15th century’s Carrack [2]. It had multiple masts – the main mast was hung with a large square sail; the fore and middle masts were equipped with several square sails; the rear mast was hung with a triangular sail.

But, all of its sails were either burnt or tattered. The pattern on them was indiscernible.

On the wooden deck, there were no scorch marks or bullet marks. The mast wasn’t broken either. Something was not right.

Suddenly, Annan’s pupils shrunk a little.

He saw a dead body.

It was a young man with tan curly hair. He leaned down close to the rope ladder, staring straight ahead. He was holding a broken-edged sword tightly in his right hand, two nails were broken and soaked in blood, but he did not let go of this sword until he died.

His chest was soaked with blood that had dried up and turned dark brown. However, the weapon used to kill him was nowhere to be found.

“This is unlike a shipwreck.”

Annan sneered.

In the face of such a dangerous thing, the corners of his mouth could not help but raise slightly. Perhaps, it was the trait of this body that he could not feel any panic or fear at all, only a strong sense of excitement gradually filled his heart.

There was no evidence that the person who killed the crew and burnt the sails had left the ship. But, Annan had nowhere to go.

I need a weapon.

Even if it’s just a broken sword.

The idea in Annan’s mind became clearer.

He stretched out his hand without hesitation, trying to forcefully break the finger of the crew member. Although the deceased was young, he had firm grasp, but it wasn’t too challenging for Annan.

But, when Annan touched the sword, he was stunned.

A line of data flow suddenly appeared before his eyes:

[Unpurified Nightmare Fragment detected]

[Connection to Nightmare Fragment is established]

[Rank requirement(s): Bronze rank and below]

[Profession requirement(s): swordsman]

[Special requirement(s): Unable to cast spells]

[The requirements are met. Falling into a nightmare after ten seconds: 10, 9…]

[1] Health Point.


Translator notes: Since the story is game-like, I will be using game terms here and there.


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