Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets by Summer Harp

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Chapter 41 - Mechanical Meteorite Armor
Chapter 42 - Egg Capsule Lottery! Golden Flash!
Chapter 43 - : Spirit Stone?
Chapter 44 - Soul Skill Secret Carving! Raging Flame Strike!
Chapter 45 - Wilderness Soul Earth
Chapter 46 - Adaptation! Breakthrough To Hundred-Year Soul Power Cultivation!
Chapter 47 - 50 Fewer Years Of Hard Work
Chapter 48 - : Metal Devouring Art! Great Increase In Strength!
Chapter 49 - Borders
Chapter 50 - Two Competitions, Moving Out!
Chapter 51 - This Kid Will Achieve Greatness In The Future!
Chapter 52 - Rainbow Deer King!
Chapter 53 - Defeating The Nether Forest Snake!
Chapter 54 - Life Supplement? Grass Life Force! Soul Skill Legacy!
Chapter 55 - I Didn’T Expect To Be First Place
Chapter 56 - Flying, Entering The Floating Forest
Chapter 57 - Strange Trees, A Natural Cultivation Place!
Chapter 58 - Key Cause! Tomb Of The Human Expert!
Chapter 59 - Ancient Remnant Soul
Chapter 60 - 0: Soul Strengthening, Flying Lizard
Chapter 61 - Fighting The Flying Lizard
Chapter 62 - Reaping The Soul Calming Fruit!
Chapter 63 - Ghost Disciple
Chapter 64 - Sky God Dragon
Chapter 65 - Entry Level Soul Cultivation, Sudden Change!
Chapter 66 - What Can You Do To Me?
Chapter 67 - You Were Kidding First
Chapter 68 - Monster, Breaking Out, Ancient Soul Device!
Chapter 69 - Illusion Space
Chapter 70 - Inherited Soul Skill, Near Death Eruption
Chapter 71 - Magnetic Sword
Chapter 72 - Such Familiarity
Chapter 73 - Returning To The Borders
Chapter 74 - Returning With Huge Gains
Chapter 75 - News Broadcast, Young Hero
Chapter 76 - Bug Type Hundred-Year Core Soul Skill
Chapter 77 - This Spit Thread Contains 500 Years Of Experience
Chapter 78 - Wang Che, Come Up And Try Too
Chapter 79 - In Terms Of Temperament… He’S Perfect
Chapter 80 - Green—Tiga—Caterpillar
Chapter 81 - Aura Concealment Technique
Chapter 82 - Friendly Human And Pet Relationship
Chapter 83 - Why Is He Different From Us?
Chapter 84 - Development Of The Spit Thread Soul Skill’S Advancement!
Chapter 85 - A Perfect Pass!
Chapter 86 - Working Caterpillar
Chapter 87 - Special Magnetic Sword
Chapter 88 - Trouble
Chapter 89 - Worm Breaking Through The Heavens
Chapter 90 - Enthusiastic Researcher
Chapter 91 - How Could It Be Wrong?
Chapter 92 - The Close Green Caterpillar And Wang Che
Chapter 93 - : Problematic Soul Pet?
Chapter 94 - Additional Reward, Sword Scabbard
Chapter 95 - Money Devourer
Chapter 96 - Divine Sword Lightning Control
Chapter 97 - Thunderstorm Weather, One Technique To Cultivate Two Entities…
Chapter 98 - Drawing Lightning
Chapter 99 - Cultivation Success!
Chapter 100 - Brother Che, Save Me!
Chapter 101 - Unscientific Lightning Strike, Lightning Roaring Tiger
Chapter 102 - Magnetic Sword’S Past, Instant Kill!
Chapter 103 - Time To Awaken The Martial Soul!
Chapter 104 - Myriad Treasures Dao Palace! Intrinsic Dharma Treasure!
Chapter 105 - Graduation Examination!
Chapter 106 - Martial Soul Awakening Assessment!
Chapter 107 - Shake The Entire Federation
Chapter 108 - Perfect Martial Soul Sensation! Shocking The Examiner!
Chapter 109 - Impossible To Grade! An Unexpected Perfect Score!
Chapter 110 - Officially Cultivating The Martial Soul! Hundred Soul Refinement Art!
Chapter 111 - Rejection!
Chapter 112 - Trip To Glory Capital
Chapter 113 - To Speak The Truth, I’M Wang Batian
Chapter 114 - Smooth As Water
Chapter 115 - I Don’T Need A Man To Like Me
Chapter 116 - Sword Skill: Heavenly Lightning Slash!
Chapter 117 - Tempering In A Life-And-Death Battle!
Chapter 118 - Fight, Green Caterpillar! Final Outburst!
Chapter 119 - Inherited Soul Skill, Near Death Eruption
Chapter 120 - Wang Che’S Instinct, Deducing The Void?
Chapter 121 - You’Re Too Strong, I’M Not Worthy Of Becoming Your Soul Pet
Chapter 122 - Official Opening!
Chapter 123 - Transcendent Soul Pet At The Opening Ceremony
Chapter 124 - Show Some Respect To Your Opponent!
Chapter 125 - Well Done!
Chapter 126 - It’S Definitely Not Me! Manipulating The Scores?
Chapter 127 - Cowardly Lizard!
Chapter 128 - Let’S Do This First, Followed By That! We Will Definitely Lose In The End!
Chapter 129 - It’S A Mature Green Caterpillar…
Chapter 130 - That Green Caterpillar Is Acting!
Chapter 131 - I Tied Myself Up?
Chapter 132 - It’S Going To Be Blinding!
Chapter 133 - Predicting Attack?
Chapter 134 - A Crushing Battle! A Green Caterpillar That Won’T Turn Back!
Chapter 135 - Forest Terrain, Mad Demon Flute Martial Soul
Chapter 136 - Tenacious Spit Thread!
Chapter 137 - Reverse Attribute Soul Skill! Critical Hit, Super Effective Soul Skill!
Chapter 138 - Spit Thread’S Advancement! Insect Web! The Third Round Begins!
Chapter 139 - Mountain Bamboo Bear!
Chapter 140 - Green Caterpillar Is In Danger?
Chapter 141 - Taking Off The Mechanical Meteorite Armor, Martial Soul Armament!
Chapter 142 - Deliberate Scheme! One Fatal Strike!
Chapter 143 - Rumbling Tail Strike + Fireball = ?
Chapter 144 - Since The Caterpillar Exists, Why Did The
Chapter 145 - A Chance For The Magnetic Sword To Come On Stage?
Chapter 146 - A Rare Opportunity! First Showcase!
Chapter 147 - No, Something Is Wrong With Me
Chapter 148 - Perfect Temperature
Chapter 149 - Sword Shrouding Heaven
Chapter 150 - : Lin Xi’S Trump Card, Extreme Disadvantage?
Chapter 151 - Suppression?
Chapter 152 - Trap? An Instant Reversal! The Final Battle!
Chapter 153 - : If You Can’T Win With Looks, You Can Only Rely On Strength
Chapter 154 - Is That Really A Green Caterpillar?
Chapter 155 - Award Ceremony
Chapter 156 - Eight Huge Rewards
Chapter 157 - Electromagnetic Scabbard
Chapter 158 - Special-Class Egg Capsule! Little Caterpillar’S Luck…
Chapter 159 - One Week
Chapter 160 - Flame Blood Potion, Natural Treasures, Cultivation Begins!
Chapter 161 - Little Caterpillar’S Pill Refinement
Chapter 162 - The First Level Of The Myriad Treasures Dao Palace
Chapter 163 - True Caterpillar Form
Chapter 164 - Life Hand, Second Martial Soul
Chapter 165 - I Really Don’T Understand
Chapter 166 - Tough Issue, Entering The Floating Forest Again!
Chapter 167 - A Lot Of Room For Improvement
Chapter 168 - The Carried Caterpillar
Chapter 169 - Not Bad, Not Rusty
Chapter 170 - Activating The Ancient Soul Beast Encyclopedia?
Chapter 171 - 1: You Can Intimidate Me?
Chapter 172 - The Stupefied Blazing Sun Heavenly King
Chapter 173 - The Awakened Sky God Dragon
Chapter 174 - Inheritance? Test?
Chapter 175 - Powerful Sky God Dragon! Second Near Death Eruption!
Chapter 176 - True Caterpillar Form! Bloodline And Legacy!
Chapter 177 - First Stage True Dragon Form
Chapter 178 - Dream Realm Space, The Late Blazing Sun Heavenly King…
Chapter 179 - Barely
Chapter 180 - I’M A Heavenly King, I’M Very Stunned Too!
Chapter 181 - Azure Dragon Merit Emblem, University Institution
Chapter 182 - Making Food, Stable Growth
Chapter 183 - Trial Of The Soul Illusion
Chapter 184 - Soul Pets’ Combination Soul Skill, Mental Pressure Training!
Chapter 185 - Going To The Trial
Chapter 186 - Time Record, Environmental Adaptation Of The Trial!
Chapter 187 - Look At The Green Caterpillar…
Chapter 188 - Easily Breaking The Record…
Chapter 189 - Ghost-Type Soul Pet, Soul Locking Ghost
Chapter 190 - Lucky Star Little Caterpillar?
Chapter 191 - The Soul King Of The Hall Of Life And Death
Chapter 192 - The Rich Reward For The Fifth Round! End Of The Trial!
Chapter 193 - New Record For Five Rounds
Chapter 194 - Magnetic Sword’S Inherited Soul Skill
Chapter 195 - The Small Caterpillar’S Main Cultivation Technique
Chapter 196 - Enrollment, North River, Forest Capital
Chapter 197 - Little Soul Bean
Chapter 198 - That’S A Little Too Much
Chapter 199 - Unknowingly Completing The Small Test
Chapter 200 - Flying License, School Ceremony
Chapter 201 - Small Caterpillar Loosens The Soil
Chapter 202 - The First Plantation Of The Spiritual Field
Chapter 203 - Gu Shanhe
Chapter 204 - Glazed Green Luan… Hmm, A Green Caterpillar!
Chapter 205 - The Little Caterpillar That Made The Glazed Green Luan Feel Familiar
Chapter 206 - Beaten Up?
Chapter 207 - Relatively Simple
Chapter 208 - Hundred Fragrance Soul Bean
Chapter 209 - Tell Me In Details
Chapter 210 - Shocking The Senior Sister!
Chapter 211 - So High
Chapter 212 - Have More Contact
Chapter 213
Chapter 214 - The Beginning Of Farming
Chapter 215 - Come And Beat Me If You Have The Guts
Chapter 216 - Even More Delicious In The Future
Chapter 217 - Use Of The Force Of Nature
Chapter 218 - Winter Agricultural Meet, Wilderness Activity Lesson
Chapter 219 - Object Control Technique!
Chapter 220 - Melon Poison Frog’S Lotus Leaf
Chapter 221 - Collecting The Poison Treasure
Chapter 222 - Lesson
Chapter 223 - You’Re Telling Me This Is A Normal Collection?
Chapter 224 - An Expert’S Guidance
Chapter 225 - The Evolution Of The Venom Frog
Chapter 226 - You’Re Too Weak, Unworthy Of Knowing My Name
Chapter 227 - Gain, A Chance To Cultivate The Magnetic Sword
Chapter 228 - Processing Seed
Chapter 229 - Swing A Thousand Times Every Day
Chapter 230 - Wang Batian’S Fan
Chapter 231 - Encounter With Senior Sister In The Competition Trial
Chapter 232 - Oh Senior Sister, You’Re Still Here
Chapter 233 - The Little Caterpillar’S Strengthening Training, That Mountain
Chapter 234 - Dragon Roar, Choosing Soul Skill
Chapter 235 - Another Month, Going To The Soul Earth
Chapter 236 - Lightning Hyacinth’S Condition
Chapter 237 - Trial Begins!
Chapter 238 - Orbital Magnetic Cannon
Chapter 239 - Nine Birds Pulling Worm
Chapter 240 - Lightning Seed! The Way To Use The Energy Bomb!
Chapter 241 - Worm Faking Dragon’S Might
Chapter 242 - This Is A Giant Dragon?
Chapter 243 - Zheng Shaoyang, Devil-Type And Demon Spirit-Type
Chapter 244 - Second Combat In The True Caterpillar Form!
Chapter 245 - You’Re A King-Ranked Soul Pet
Chapter 246 - Three Lightning Origin Sword Formation! The Condensation Of Fire Soul Essence!
Chapter 247 - Flame Awakening, Mass Evolution?
Chapter 248 - Lightning Crown Root King’S Roots
Chapter 249 - Whose Student Is This?
Chapter 250 - Titan Beast! Flame Dragon!
Chapter 251 - The Little Caterpillar’S Insect Rage Fire Lotus!
Chapter 252 - Magnetic Sword Comprehends The Heavenly Lightning Sword Intent!
Chapter 253 - How About I Teach You A Few Moves?
Chapter 254 - There’S No Harm Without Comparison
Chapter 255 - Battle Highlight
Chapter 256 - Simply Not Possible!
Chapter 257 - The Direction Of The Magnetic Sword'S Modification
Chapter 258 - Sword Wing Modification
Chapter 259 - Heavenly King'S Speech?
Chapter 260 - Spirit Talisman
Chapter 261 - Find Someone To Teach Him A Lesson
Chapter 262 - If He Encountered Me, The Battle Would Have Ended In Ten Moves
Chapter 263 - Initial Modification Of The Magnetic Sword Completed!
Chapter 264 - Lightning Sweeping Army!
Chapter 265 - Can'T Even Compare To A Pet
Chapter 266 - Don'T Dare To Say That I Understand Everything
Chapter 267 - It More Or Less Knows
Chapter 268 - I Don'T Know About This
Chapter 269 - Apprentice Chef, Little Caterpillar
Chapter 270 - Winter Agricultural Festival, Two Kings Competition, Fire Seed Of The Heavenly Gate
Chapter 271 - Delicacy Conference
Chapter 272 - Just Snacking
Chapter 273 - Insect Club
Chapter 274 - Professor Yun'S Eight Treasures Soup
Chapter 275 - Isn'T This How You Drink Wine?
Chapter 276 - Not Much
Chapter 277 - Mental Imaging, King Of Foods Competition
Chapter 278 - The Green Enamel Flower That Won'T Awaken
Chapter 279 - Greedy Duck
Chapter 280 - King Of Foods (Little Caterpillar)
Chapter 281 - Competition
Chapter 282 - Beast Attracting Physique, The Stone Devil King'S Provocation
Chapter 283 - Wang Che'S Sinful Hand
Chapter 284 - Diamond Baboon, Shadow Ghost General
Chapter 285 - Don'T Come Over
Chapter 286 - Defeated In One Move, End Of The Competition
Chapter 287 - End
Chapter 288 - Lightning Drawing Talisman And Spirit Melting Talisman
Chapter 289 - Ice Spirit Ancient Tree
Chapter 290 - True Dragon Form, Obtaining The Fire Seed
Chapter 291 - Fastest Completion
Chapter 292 - Bamboo Bear
Chapter 293 - Lightning Spirit Pill
Chapter 294 - Martial Cultivator, Bamboo Bear
Chapter 295 - Cultivation For Two Months, Increase In Strength
Chapter 296 - Entering The Soul Illusion Again
Chapter 297 - Netherworld Ghost Flame
Chapter 298 - : Capital Divine Fire Token, Bear Treasure'S Test
Chapter 299 - Choosing A Soul Pet
Chapter 300 - Master Is Here!
Chapter 301 - Master, I'Ll Show You Some Tricks!
Chapter 302 - Bear Treasure Is Your Companion Now
Chapter 303 - Chaotic Sea Continent
Chapter 304 - Let Me Try
Chapter 305 - Comprehension
Chapter 306 - What If I Have This?
Chapter 307 - Sneeze
Chapter 308 - Wang Batian Reappears!
Chapter 309 - Essence Soul Possession
Chapter 310 - Mechanical Divine Soldier, Wave Zero
Chapter 311 - Do You Remember The Spatial Meteorite At The Top Of The Cloud Sea?
Chapter 312 - The Wave Great White Shark Without Martial Virtue
Chapter 313 - Flying On Waves In The Sea! Walking On Water!
Chapter 314 - How Did I Win?
Chapter 315 - Deep Sea Ruins
Chapter 316 - Quiet Cultivation For Fifteen Days
Chapter 317 - The Limit Of Level 20! Hundred Refinements Soul Qi!
Chapter 318 - Soul Skill Advancement, Origin Water Essence!
Chapter 319 - Sword Ruins
Chapter 320 - Class Reunion, Flame Wings
Chapter 321 - Bear Treasure'S First Official Battle
Chapter 322 - Heavenly Fate Martial Soul
Chapter 323 - King'S Cup, Modification Materials Obtained
Chapter 324 - Second Level! Magnetic Field!
Chapter 325 - Second Modification, Purple Lightning Blade!
Chapter 326 - Adding Seven More Spirit Talismans! Lightning Hand! Lucky Beast, Cloud Sea Azure Dragon!
Chapter 327 - The Last Continent
Chapter 328 - Leaving Everyone Behind!
Chapter 329 - An Unimaginable Number Of Dragon Scales!
Chapter 330 - Shocking The War Zone, Earth Fire Surging
Chapter 331 - Water Divine Power! Heavenly River Origin Water Bead!
Chapter 332 - The Reason Why It Can'T Evolve
Chapter 333 - Can I Touch This Soul Bone?
Chapter 334 - Soul Bone Activation, Mechanical Coordination, Earth Fire Competition
Chapter 335 - Groups Invitation, Competition Begins!
Chapter 336 - Divine Flame Body Tempering Technique, Showing Abilities, Testing The Results
Chapter 337 - Bear Treasure Versus Red Fire Giant Rock Monster
Chapter 338 - Rock Fighting, Going To The Sixth Level
Chapter 339 - Let Me Try!
Chapter 340 - Collecting The Green Flame Earth Core Lotus
Chapter 341 - Divine Flame Giant! Ancient Soul Beast On The Seventh Level!
Chapter 342 - The Power Of The Capital Divine Fire Token! Fire Dragon!
Chapter 343 - Fighting The Divine Flame Giant, The Mysterious Demon Spirit Beast?
Chapter 344 - Greater Mastery Body Tempering, Body Mutation, Bear Treasure'S Mystical Power!
Chapter 345 - Ancient Fiend, Heavenly Balance Order, Total Points!
Chapter 346 - Inherited Soul Skill, Titan True Body, Oracle Phantom Spirit
Chapter 347 - Two Months Later, Bear Treasure'S Evolution Opportunity
Chapter 348 - Ancient Civilization, Oracle Heavenly King
Chapter 349 - Three Soul Bones! Titan True Body! Soul Trial!
Chapter 350 - Bear Treasure'S Evolution, Soul Bone Armament!
Chapter 351 - Heavenly King'S Test, Powerful Enemy, Ice Soul Spirit Bear!
Chapter 352 - Complete Evolution! New Race! Overlord'S Strength And Divine Might!
Chapter 353 - Divine Observation Technique, Special Ability Of The Oracle Phantom Spirit!
Chapter 354 - Priceless Treasure! The Mysterious Heavenly Peak Mountain!
Chapter 355 - Mysterious Egg Inside The Heavenly Peak Mountain?
Chapter 356 - Three Sacred Universe Cleansing, Reappearance Of The Oracle Phantom Spirit
Chapter 357 - : Essence Soul Seal! Firefly Dream Spirit, Legendary Beast From The Remote Antiquity Era!
Chapter 358 - Divine Awakening Stone, Earth Crust Space, Little Caterpillar Shows Off...
Chapter 359 - Sleepwalking Ancient Fiend
Chapter 360 - Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 361 - Heavenly Tribulation Divine Lightning! Magnetic Sword'S Chance To Break Through!
Chapter 362 - Mirage
Chapter 363 - The Power Of A Hundred Thousand-Year Soul Bone!
Chapter 364 - Strength God Metal Stone
Chapter 365 - Power Of Drought Earth And Life Earth
Chapter 366 - : Is There A Possibility...
Chapter 367 - The Guess Of The Oracle Heavenly King
Chapter 368 - I Can'T Even Defeat A Green Caterpillar?
Chapter 369 - Shocking Soul Guiding Skill
Chapter 370 - It'S Always Been By Your Side
Chapter 371 - Prenatal Education, Going To Illusionary Light Island
Chapter 372 - Purity Space
Chapter 373 - Spirit Divine Bead, Super Illusion Dragon
Chapter 374 - Substitute? First Experience Of The Team Competition...
Chapter 375 - Lineup, Shen Mingluan'S Team
Chapter 376 - Then I'Ll Try
Chapter 377 - The Might Of The Dragon'S Roar
Chapter 378 - Instant Kill?
Chapter 379 - Myriad Beast Festival
Chapter 380 - The Burden On You Is Very Important
Chapter 381 - You Have To Perform Well!
Chapter 382 - Myriad Beast Mountain!
Chapter 383 - The Injured Cloud Flame Fox
Chapter 384 - Experienced Old Man And Four University Students
Chapter 385 - Giant Swamp Blood Frog And The Dual Blade Mantis
Chapter 386 - It'S Mainly An Itch To Feel The Taste Of Myriad Lightning
Chapter 387 - Isn'T That Ten Thousand Big Brothers?
Chapter 388 - Sacred Butterfly'S Blessing, Light Of Potential!
Chapter 389 - Worm Thread, Thousand-Year Foundation
Chapter 390 - Soul Devouring Golden Flame
Chapter 391 - Power Of Origin Water, Time Flow Great Sage
Chapter 392 - Shall I Bring You To Play?
Chapter 393 - It'S Too Familiar!
Chapter 394 - What The Hell! This Green Worm Can Really Fly!
Chapter 395 - With Me Around, It'S Hard To Die
Chapter 396 - Immortal Overlord, Ancestral Worm Sacred Power!
Chapter 397 - A Little Ordinary
Chapter 398 - Mythical Martial Soul
Chapter 399 - I Created It Myself, I Shouldn'T Have To Learn It
Chapter 400 - The Thunder Beast That Fell From The Cloud Lightning!
Chapter 401 - Four Great Sages
Chapter 402 - How Was It? How Much Did You Learn?
Chapter 403 - It'S Your Ancestor?
Chapter 404 - You'Re Telling Me This Is A Mechanical Soul Pet?
Chapter 405 - Wang Che Experience Card, Time'S Up!
Chapter 406 - : Sacred Spirit Valley, Martial Soul Resonance!
Chapter 407 - Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix
Chapter 408 - Ten Thousand Beasts Resonance, Ghost Disciple Appears!
Chapter 409 - Eight Desolates Divine Control, Divine Sense Secret Technique
Chapter 410 - Essence Soul Sword, Emperor Azure Dragon'S Soul Will!
Chapter 411 - Essence Soul Awakening, Emperor Azure Dragon'S Divine Might!
Chapter 412 - He Almost Killed Me With A Glance!
Chapter 413 - An Unexpected Situation
Chapter 414 - Can I Introduce Myself?
Chapter 415 - Three Days Later, The Soul Pet Changes...
Chapter 416 - Post-Puberty Little Caterpillar
Chapter 417 - Bear Treasure'S Bone Wings, Eggy'S Luck
Chapter 418 - New Training Program, Fighting The Little Caterpillar
Chapter 419 - Essence Soul Martial Soul Cultivation
Chapter 420 - Primordial Heavenly Technique, Special Soul Ring
Chapter 421 - Bear Treasure Drawing Talismans
Chapter 422 - One Extreme Modification Component?
Chapter 423 - It Seems To Be Losing Control?
Chapter 424 - Soul Talisman... What More Can It Do?
Chapter 425 - Don'T Tell Me This Is Your Plan?
Chapter 426 - Extraordinary King'S Cup, Transcendent Soul Pet Egg
Chapter 427 - Opening Ceremony, Legend Of The East, Glazed Heavenly King
Chapter 428 - Zone One, Mechanical Martial Soul, Instantly Defeated?
Chapter 429 - It'S Fine, Close Combat It Is!
Chapter 430 - Powerless, Trickery!
Chapter 431 - The Old Schemer Of The Divine Capital Academy
Chapter 432 - Atlas Heart, The Limit Of Strength, Bear Treasure'S Opponent?
Chapter 433 - My Strength Is Clearly Stronger Than It?
Chapter 434 - Overlord'S Strength, Bear Treasure'S Suppression!
Chapter 435 - Can You Fly?
Chapter 436 - Evolution! Transcendent Soul Pet! Golden-Winged Wind King Eagle!
Chapter 437 - Ultimate Attack! Reversal! Number One Seed!
Chapter 438 - : Aftermath
Chapter 439 - Mechanical Master, Old Senior?
Chapter 440 - First Team Competition, Dragon Martial Academy!
Chapter 441 - To Win Quickly, We Have To Use It!
Chapter 442 - This Is Its Own Effort!
Chapter 443 - Mechanical Divine Soldier! Peerless Tyrannosaurus!
Chapter 444 - Mysterious Sword! The Disassembled Peerless Tyrannosaurus!
Chapter 445 - Shen Minghai, Rain Demon Whale, Enemy Of The Top 16
Chapter 446 - Solo Group Battle! The Little Caterpillar'S First Battle Of The King'S Cup!
Chapter 447 - My Soul Pet Is Actually Attacking Me?
Chapter 448 - Revealing The Truth, It'S A Former Million-Year Soul Beast!
Chapter 449 - Dragon Martial Academy'S First Team With Four Cores! A Terrifying Lineup Of Giant Dragons!
Chapter 450 - Martial Soul Fusion Skill, The Suppression Of The Four Dragons! Huge Reversal!
Chapter 451 - : The Last Explosive Lightning Ball!
Chapter 452 - Top Four! I Want To Fight You!
Chapter 453 - Four Absolutes Sword Diagram! Sword Dao Genius, Jian Wuhen!
Chapter 454 - Myriad Sword Art! If You Attack Too, I'Ll Admit Defeat!
Chapter 455 - Extreme Torture With Defense Reflect!
Chapter 456 - Fifth Sword? Diversion!
Chapter 457 - Finals! Transcendent Soul Beast, Divine Nether Bird!
Chapter 458 - The Insect Rage Fire Lotus Blossoms Again!
Chapter 459 - Reversal! Power Of Rending Wind! Noble Time Soul Pet!
Chapter 460 - Powerful Time Wheel, Defeating The Little Caterpillar?
Chapter 461 - Evolution! True Dragon Appears!
Chapter 462 - Breaking Out Of The Cocoon And Becoming A Dragon! Shocking The War Zone!
Chapter 463 - The Final Battle Of The Team Competition! One Move To Decide The Winner!
Chapter 464 - Humanoid Martial Soul, Sacred Soul Spear Master! Four Souls Fusion! Final Victory!
Chapter 465 - Egg Capsule Again!
Chapter 466 - Bad Luck? Lucky Beast! The Firefly Dream Spirit'S Ability!
Chapter 467 - The Mysterious Ice Palace Of The Ice Plain! The Origin Of The Transcendent Soul Pet Egg!
Chapter 468 - Cultivation Plan For Seclusion And Farming
Chapter 469 - Exquisite Fruit, Top-Grade Soul Crystal, Mysterious Box!
Chapter 470 - The Key To Shut Up Countless People
Chapter 471 - Three Mechanical Engines! Eastern Conference Hall!
Chapter 472 - Soul Ring Formed By The Emperor Azure Dragon, Is This Enough Evidence?
Chapter 473 - Wang Batian'S Name Shakes The Federation
Chapter 474 - Starry Sky Military Base, Civilization Ruins!
Chapter 475 - I Want Them All!
Chapter 476 - Myriad Sword Engine, Soul Pet Hatching
Chapter 477 - Contract With The Firefly Dream Spirit, Fourth Soul Pet!
Chapter 478 - How Can It Not Try Immortal Cultivation?
Chapter 479 - Hardcore Cultivation Begins, Entering The Thunder Soul Earth Again!
Chapter 480 - Another Humanoid Martial Soul!
Chapter 481 - Soul Beast Battlefield, Starry Ancient Land!
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The former Immortal Ascension Realm Cultivator Wang Che failed to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation, and as a result, his soul transmigrated to a world of the Martial Soul where soul beasts and humans lived together peacefully.

After confirming that he could not cultivate in this world, the depressed Wang Che had no choice but to adapt to this world.


“Caterp… Green Caterpillar, million years evolution!”

“I choose you! Rayquaz… Wait no, Sky Dragon!”

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Can’t Cultivate?


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As Wang Che finally regained consciousness, he felt a sticky sensation on his face.

It was as if he was being covered in something soft and slimy.

Yet for some reason, Wang Che, who had been cultivating by himself for tens of thousands of years, felt comforted by the sensation.

He suddenly froze. Could he be in the legendary Immortal Transformation Pool one enters upon ascending to the Immortal Realm?

Does this mean he could cleanse his mortal body and replace it with an immortal one that was clean and pure, immune to all evil?

‘Have I finally transcended the heavenly tribulation?’

Just as the thought came across his mind, he felt a faint wave of energy surge across his body.

Wang Che immediately opened his eyes and came back to his senses.

The first thing that caught his eye was a green bug next to him about the size of a child’s palm that had been spitting out a white substance on his face.

Upon taking a closer look, he realized that the material on his face was white silk.

However, because the bug had spit too much of it onto Wang Che, the threads had degraded into something that was both thick and sticky.

The little bug looked rather cute, with its unproportionately big head and two glass like eyeballs resting delicately on it.

It had a very short green coloured body as well, with several yellow spots on its abdomen and white bumps near its torso.

After studying it for a while, Wang Che finally grasped the situation.

The bug in front of him was just an ordinary green caterpillar!

If this was indeed the legendary Upper Realm Immortal World, it would only mean that Wang Che had been wasting his efforts and cultivating in vain for the past ten millennia.

He fell silent for a moment.

How could he, someone who had failed to transcend the tribulation, ever reach the Immortal World?

“It’s okay. It’s okay even if I failed.”

After taking a deep breath, he flicked the green bug away with his fingers.

“Ssss!” Without much effort, the bug was flipped upside down, which revealed its pale yellow abdomen.

It kept twisting from side to side but struggled to flip itself around.

Realising that it was futile, the caterpillar turned its head to look at Wang Che in confusion.

“I may have failed the Tribulation Transcendence,” Wang Che suddenly proclaimed, his determined eyes no longer fixated on the green bug, “but I still have tens of thousands of years worth of experience in immortal cultivation. I have also learned countless immortal cultivation techniques and divine powers, stretching from the Qi Refinement realm to the Immortal Ascension realm. I have everything I need.

“I also have knowledge regarding countless different civilizations. Even in an era of thin and barely existent spiritual energy like the one on Earth, I’m still confident in my abilities to cultivate all the way to the Immortal Realm once again.

“I will definitely ascend and break through in this lifetime!”

As he was reaffirming himself, Wang Che started to organise his thoughts.

‘Martial soul? Could this be the world of martial souls? Soul land? Or martial artists? Regardless, I’m familiar with all of them! I’ve been on Earth for more than 1,000 years after all!

‘Soul beast, soul pet? Contract Soul Master? Wait, something doesn’t seem right… it’s okay, I’ll be able to handle it as long as there’s spiritual energy around…’

It suddenly struck him.

Wang Che realized what kind of world this was.

In ancient times, humans here had managed to awaken their martial soul’s power using both heaven and earth as sources of strength.

At the same time, there were many other creatures living in the same world as well.

Nourished by the soul power of the world, these creatures grew innately powerful and lived very long.

They were known as soul beasts.

However, ever since the birth of humanity about 10,000 years ago, this world has been ravaged by endless conflict.

The humans here relied on slaying the soul beasts to obtain soul rings and soul skills that could enhance their martial souls.

Meanwhile, the soul beasts would also slaughter humans in order to mutate and evolve.

As a result, countless battles had broken out between these two species across history.

Wang Che knew this much.

However, everything had changed without warning about three thousand years ago.

After tearing apart the world’s barrier, the Soul Demons and Dark Beasts of the alternate world launched a vicious attack.

Neither humans nor soul beasts were spared as the enemy culled their numbers until barely any remained.

Yet, just as the world’s inhabitants had been on the verge of extinction, the two species came to an understanding and joined forces to create Soul Contracts. Once united, their forces erupted with immense strength!

Rebirth through destruction, and resurrection through nirvana…

Unable to withstand their attacks, the invaders of the alternate world were forced back and the world returned to its former glory.

After that historical battle, a thousand years of development led to the world’s current state.

The level of civilization now was similar to Earth, a planet that Wang Che had once visited before.

However, Contract Soul Masters were the protagonists of this era.

This was the result of the unification between species, where humans would sign life contracts with soul beasts to increase their own lifespan. In addition, these contracts would help them obtain soul rings which they could use to cultivate their own martial souls and make themselves more powerful.

At the same time, soul beasts also benefited from this nurturing, which allowed them to gain the sentience required to achieve their ability to evolve.

Just like that, humans and soul beasts became partners not long after.

“So, this has now become similar to the world of Poké(soul beast)mon? It’s very different from what I had in mind… but it doesn’t matter. I’m an immortal cultivator anyway.”

Wang Che now had a general idea of the kind of world he had found himself in.

He turned to look at the green caterpillar near him. It seemed that he had already signed a soul contract with it not long ago.

Wang Che would begin this life at 18 years old, or in other words, the second semester of high school. According to the world’s laws, anyone aged 18 or above has the ability to sign a life contract with a soul beast.

Furthermore, everybody will automatically be given a soul pet egg by the winter break of their third year in high school. If they were lucky, it could contain a rare soul pet.

However, most of the soul pet eggs given to them would contain only ordinary soul pets.

In the case that the recipients aren’t happy with the eggs allocated to them, they could also purchase one at the soul beast cultivation base, though ordinary families weren’t usually able to afford the high cost.

Upon signing a life contract with the soul pet egg, a portion of its life force will be transferred to the human, which would increase the strength of their martial soul and lifespan.

In return, the human in the contract would give a portion of their own soul energy to their young soul pets.

Then, after hatching from the egg, the soul pets will be able to develop a certain amount of intelligence and sentience.

It was this same process that had awakened the sealed memories of the Immortal Cultivator in Wang Che’s soul earlier, allowing him to understand the world he was in.

After all, only a wisp of his soul had been left behind because of his failure to transcend the tribulation. It had then floated through the universe, devoid of memory for a while before being reborn in some unknown world.

However, everything came back to him now.

At that moment, the door suddenly swung open as a tall, middle-aged man with a weathered expression walked in.

When he saw the green caterpillar that had been flipped backwards, the man frowned slightly and said, “Little Che, I know that your soul pet turned out to be the most useless… ordinary… green caterpillar, which must have made you quite unhappy and dissatisfied. Regardless, that’s not an excuse to treat your soul pet like this.

“Furthermore, you still haven’t awakened your martial soul yet. If you properly nurture this green caterpillar and strengthen your previous life contract, it’ll make your innate soul’s aptitude even stronger.

“And if you awaken your martial soul, you can also become a Contract Soul Master in the future.

“However, if you treat your soul pet like you do now, you won’t be able to get stronger even after you graduate from your third year of high school. Your martial soul awakening won’t go too well either…

“The first ordinary Contract Soul Masters back in ancient times all gained the title of Heavenly Kings. Take the Jade Dragon Heavenly King for example. Back then, his first soul pet was a koi fish, which was regarded as purely ornamental. However, when he became a Heavenly King later on, the koi evolved into a powerful dragon-type soul pet, the White Jade Dragon!

“There’s still six more months until graduation, so you’ll have to work hard…”

The middle-aged man’s voice grew noticeably softer. Perhaps he felt that his example just now had been a little far-fetched.

He knew he couldn’t compare his son to that.

Moreover, the koi had only managed to evolve into a White Jade Dragon due to certain unique factors.

The conditions had been extremely harsh and required countless materials, but most importantly, it also took a huge toll on the soul contractor’s martial soul.

Nevertheless, it had been possible.

As for this green caterpillar…

“Sigh, forget it. It’s your father’s fault for being useless,” The middle-aged man said, full of remorse. “Sorry for not having the money to buy you a better soul pet egg.”

When he heard this, Wang Che thought about it for a moment and replied, “It’s okay. Actually, the green caterpillar isn’t too bad.”

Feeling confused, the middle-aged man paused and looked at Wang Che suspiciously.

After studying his face for a moment, the man fell silent for a few seconds before nodding. “Very good. I’m glad that you think so.”

He continued, “There’s still half a month until school reopens. You might start to see your classmates having their own young soul pets, but don’t compare yourself to them. Treat them just as you would normally, understand?”

Wang Che nodded while thinking to himself, ‘I’ll start cultivating tonight. I don’t care if I’m a Contract Soul Master or not.’

If it wasn’t for his good natured personality, he wouldn’t even have replied to this middle-aged man, who was supposedly his father in this world.

Among the Immortal Cultivation Civilization, especially when it came to ascension-level immortals like Wang Che, most of them were old monsters who had forgotten all about the mortal world after having lived for tens of thousands of years.

Though they weren’t exactly emotionless, they didn’t experience the same feelings that humans did either.

However, Wang Che was different. He had cultivated for tens of thousands of years and liked traveling the universe and observing their civilizations. It would often bring him great joy to immerse himself into different civilizations and to experience their myriads of emotions.

He longed to comprehend the different Great Dao of each world.

Unfortunately, just when he had managed to touch the Great Dao, he fell back down into cosmic heavenly tribulation.

Meanwhile, when Wang Jianguo saw Wang Che looking so calm, he felt pleased but also worried at the same time.

Still, knowing that it was useless to say anything more now, he left the room.

Before long, night came and blanketed the sky in darkness.

As Wang Che looked at the countless stars outside through the window, he began to feel increasingly calm.

Instead of cultivating, he decided to use the 18 years worth of memories in his mind to try and gain an understanding of this world.

He could feel that there was an abundance of soul force in this world.

This meant that the energy here was definitely very powerful, and that this wasn’t just any regular world.

Then, he calmed down and focused his thoughts, preparing to cultivate.

At the same time, the green caterpillar kept trying to crawl over beside Wang Che, but was pushed away repeatedly.

He wanted to cultivate now.

‘I can begin now.’

Wang Che’s mind was as calm as stagnant water in a well. He was now in the perfect state.


The green caterpillar suddenly squirmed its way to Wang Che, using its head to nudge against his thigh.

Its large eyes looked at Wang Che longingly.

“Go away, go away. I don’t have time to deal with you now.” Wang Che knew what the green caterpillar wanted.

It was a newborn child after all. Due to the life contract, it probably had already developed intelligence and wanted to play.

After being rejected by its own Soul Contract Master, the green caterpillar silently retreated with small steps.

After crawling away, it looked at Wang Che from afar, while relaxing its initially upright body. The caterpillar then turned over, revealing its pale yellow belly as it looked at the ceiling helplessly.

Without much regard for his soul pet, Wang Che got back to cultivation.

In his mind, he picked out the best Qi refining method.

He began to cultivate. It didn’t take him much effort to begin, as he was already very familiar with the process.


Several hours later.

The sky started to brighten, bringing about a new, beautiful day.

Wang Che suddenly opened his eyes and collapsed onto the ground. He could only stare at the ceiling with despair.

After a night of attempting cultivation, he finally understood something.

In this world, one could not cultivate!



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