Unexpected Second Chance at Love by Abeehiltz

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 I’M So Sorry..
Chapter 3 Why..
Chapter 4 Goodbye
Chapter 5 First Encounter..
Chapter 6 1503
Chapter 7 White
Chapter 8 Lu Corps
Chapter 9 I’M Most Relaxed Like This!
Chapter 10 Have No Fiancé
Chapter 11 Han Yue Ling’S Farewell Party
Chapter 12 Must Be The Alcohol
Chapter 13 Be Good Part 1
Chapter 14 Be Good Part 2
Chapter 15 Who Is This Man?
Chapter 16 Guilty Pleasure
Chapter 17 Your Worst Nightmare
Chapter 18 Your Worst Nightmare Part 2
Chapter 19 Slam The Door
Chapter 20 All I See Is Air
Chapter 21 She’S Shy.
Chapter 22 Who’S Glaring At Me?
Chapter 23 Her Plan Was Completely Ruined
Chapter 24 Faith
Chapter 25 A Gratitude Gif
Chapter 26 De L’Amour
Chapter 27 Enjoy It While You Can
Chapter 28 Thank You
Chapter 29 Lu Family
Chapter 30 What Kind Of Mother Was She?
Chapter 31 His Real Granddaughter
Chapter 32 This Noble One
Chapter 33 Also Her Faul
Chapter 34 I Live Here
Chapter 35 Imbecile
Chapter 36 Bmw X5M
Chapter 37 An Qing
Chapter 38 Buy A Mop
Chapter 39 He Was Pissed
Chapter 40 Sanitize
Chapter 41 I Want This Dress
Chapter 42 Narrow Day
Chapter 43 Sister Ji
Chapter 44 1,200,000 Yuan
Chapter 45 Evil Spirits
Chapter 46 Innocent Ears
Chapter 47 Three Years
Chapter 48 Important Visitor
Chapter 49 Three Years Ago
Chapter 50 Necklace
Chapter 51 You Are A Grown Man
Chapter 52 I Need To Take This Call
Chapter 53 Return One Thousand Fold
Chapter 54 I’Ll Be Going Home
Chapter 55 What A Beauty
Chapter 56 Dinner
Chapter 57 Kind Of Late
Chapter 58 His Plan Worked Again
Chapter 59 I Just Did
Chapter 60 Well Proportioned And Perfect
Chapter 61 I Want To See You
Chapter 62 Is He Leaving?
Chapter 63 Take Responsibility
Chapter 64 Like A Concubine
Chapter 65 Good Gracious
Chapter 66 Unlike The First Time
Chapter 67 Friends With Benefit?
Chapter 68 Everything
Chapter 69 Big Shots
Chapter 70 We Are Dating
Chapter 71 Make Myself At Home
Chapter 72 It Is Still A Cage
Chapter 73 What Is This?
Chapter 74 Dress Like What?
Chapter 75 Are You The Boss Here?
Chapter 76 Entered The Wrong Lair
Chapter 77 Eat Her Delicious Cooking
Chapter 78 Stuck In Traffic
Chapter 79 What Time It Is?
Chapter 80 Am I Running A Cold?
Chapter 81 How Was Work?
Chapter 82 Do You Hate This?
Chapter 83 Breathe Silly
Chapter 84 Shameless?
Chapter 85 Going Overtime
Chapter 86 First Time He Saw Her
Chapter 87 Live A Normal Life
Chapter 88 Take Care Of Her
Chapter 89 Overwork Yourself
Chapter 90 Far From You
Chapter 91 Liu Shan, The Grea
Chapter 92 Do You Have A Pass?
Chapter 93 Do Not Let Her Wai
Chapter 94 I’Ll Take I
Chapter 95 Even Look At You
Chapter 96 Don’T Even Know Her
Chapter 97 I’Ll Be In Your Care
Chapter 98 You Have A Baby?
Chapter 99 Hurry Up, Peasant!
Chapter 100 I’Ve Been Tricked!!
Chapter 101 Very Very Jealous
Chapter 102 She Lock The Door
Chapter 103 I Want To Shower Too
Chapter 104 I Only Want You
Chapter 105 I’Ll Give You A Bonus
Chapter 106 Thinking About You
Chapter 107 Doting And Love
Chapter 108 So Good
Chapter 109 Never Get The Chance
Chapter 110 What About Me?
Chapter 111 Yea, Yea
Chapter 112 I Am Still Here
Chapter 113 Do You Like It?
Chapter 114 Let Me Go
Chapter 115 Entire Nigh
Chapter 116 Take Off Your Shir
Chapter 117 Busted
Chapter 118 If You Don’T Mind
Chapter 119 I’Ll Take Care Of This
Chapter 120 Let’S Go
Chapter 121 No One Did Anything
Chapter 122 Want To Know What They Said?
Chapter 123 Wait For My Signal
Chapter 124 Bastard!
Chapter 125 I Swear On My Life
Chapter 126 We Have Company
Chapter 127 Captain, Over Here!
Chapter 128 You Are—!
Chapter 129 Abandoned
Chapter 130 Come To Collec
Chapter 131 Save Me
Chapter 132 Assemble The Troop
Chapter 133 Took An Oath
Chapter 134 What Do You Plan To Do?
Chapter 135 Wanted To See I
Chapter 136 Washing My Hands
Chapter 137 Delicious
Chapter 138 If She Knows
Chapter 139 I Think You Will
Chapter 140 As Your Friend
Chapter 141 The Footage
Chapter 142 Dear Readers !!!!
Chapter 143 A New Trend
Chapter 144 Double Your Salary
Chapter 145 Defying My Order
Chapter 146 Important Person
Chapter 147 Dream Finally Come True
Chapter 148 Sabotage Her Dreams
Chapter 149 It’Ll Be Quick
Chapter 150 Your Pick
Chapter 151 Be Nice To You
Chapter 152 When The Time Comes
Chapter 153 Where’S Your Car?
Chapter 154 Not Interested
Chapter 155 Hallelujah!!
Chapter 156 Let’S Go Home
Chapter 157 Woman To Mingle
Chapter 158 Peace And Quie
Chapter 159 She’S Here Too
Chapter 160 Super Friendly
Chapter 161 Head And Hear
Chapter 162 Fanboy
Chapter 163 Dear Readers!!!!
Chapter 164 One And Only De L’Amour
Chapter 165 Desperate
Chapter 166 So It’S That Boy
Chapter 167 Always Here
Chapter 168 It’S Not What It Looks
Chapter 169 Want And Need
Chapter 170 Young And Handsome
Chapter 171 Cold And Ruthless
Chapter 172 Very Warm
Chapter 173 Lead The Way
Chapter 174 Don’T Worry
Chapter 175 Keep Looking
Chapter 176 She Doesn’T Know
Chapter 177 This Is It?
Chapter 178 From De L’Amour
Chapter 179 Will Not Succeed
Chapter 180 A Fan
Chapter 181 I Won’T Ask
Chapter 182 Hands Are Tied
Chapter 183 Today Is The Day
Chapter 184 Here To See You
Chapter 185 No Longer My Home
Chapter 186 Last Stop
Chapter 187 Tell You Something
Chapter 188 Out Of The Box
Chapter 189 Empty
Chapter 190 Busy Person
Chapter 191 Purple Hyacinth
Chapter 192 It Was His Wife
Chapter 193 Introduce You To Someone
Chapter 194 A Curse
Chapter 195 Forever Love
Chapter 196 Hold Hands
Chapter 197 Just Say I
Chapter 198 Dear Readers!!!
Chapter 199 A Little Weird
Chapter 200 As Beautiful As Diao Chan
Chapter 201 100 Yuan
Chapter 202 Stay Still
Chapter 203 Peace Of Cake
Chapter 204 Such A Pity
Chapter 205 I Do Love Her
Chapter 206 One Condition
Chapter 207 Committed Suicide
Chapter 208 Take Your Time
Chapter 209 Struggles With Reality
Chapter 210 Package
Chapter 211 There’S No Need
Chapter 212 Want You To Too
Chapter 213 We Need To Talk
Chapter 214 Ending Their Relationship
Chapter 215 Very Strict Person
Chapter 216 Enchantress
Chapter 217 Didn’T Satisfy
Chapter 218 Fresh Air
Chapter 219 No One Ever Survives
Chapter 220 The Charming One
Chapter 221 Bunch Of Idiots
Chapter 222 A Big Storm Is Coming
Chapter 223 Who Is Your Boss?
Chapter 224 Because I Can Kill You
Chapter 225 Who Are You?
Chapter 226 High And Mighty
Chapter 227 Tea
Chapter 228 Toast To Your Great Success
Chapter 229 One Big Family
Chapter 230 Leader Of Fate
Chapter 231 Fortunate
Chapter 232 Our
Chapter 233 So Old
Chapter 234 It Is Here
Chapter 235 Good To Me
Chapter 236 Private Property
Chapter 237 Peaceful
Chapter 238 Front Row
Chapter 239 Please Read; Not An Update.
Chapter 240 Show No Mercy At All
Chapter 241 I Know Who You Are
Chapter 242 Three Conditions
Chapter 243 Acciden
Chapter 244 Amituofo
Chapter 245 Looking For Someone
Chapter 246 Useless Disguise
Chapter 247 Vision On Humanity
Chapter 248 Tainted As You
Chapter 249 Cheating On You
Chapter 250 Everything Is Alrigh
Chapter 251 Why
Chapter 252 It’S Too Late Now
Chapter 253 You Look Fine
Chapter 254 Balance
Chapter 255 Dream Woman
Chapter 256 I Am Angry
Chapter 257 About Time
Chapter 258 Decide To Retire
Chapter 259 I Need You To Help
Chapter 260 A Fan Of Yours
Chapter 261 Not Good
Chapter 262 Sorry To Interrup
Chapter 263 Cover Up
Chapter 264 Came At The Wrong Time
Chapter 265 Terminated
Chapter 266 Now Tell Me
Chapter 267 ?Character List?
Chapter 268 Just Simple Neutral
Chapter 269 Are You Selling?
Chapter 270 Give Me A Hand
Chapter 271 Long Day
Chapter 272 The Holy One
Chapter 273 Too Quie
Chapter 274 Following Her Around
Chapter 275 Greatly Rewarded
Chapter 276 Temperature Feels Normal
Chapter 277 Planned It All
Chapter 278 Who Are You?
Chapter 279 My Dearest Apologies To My Readers
Chapter 280 Announcemen
Chapter 281 Keep Your Eyes Close
Chapter 282 What Are You Hiding?
Chapter 283 I Want You To Know
Chapter 284 Watch The Lanterns
Chapter 285 Giving It Away
Chapter 286 Love You So Much
Chapter 287 So Intensely
Chapter 288 Hiding
Chapter 289 Someone Is Here
Chapter 290 10 Million
Chapter 291 Best Regards
Chapter 292 Let Her Go
Chapter 293 Right There
Chapter 294 Good Job
Chapter 295 You Owe Me
Chapter 296 In His Eyes
Chapter 297 Never Last Long
Chapter 298 Yearly Meeting
Chapter 299 Only A Few Days
Chapter 300 Lock The Door
Chapter 301 Blood Or No
Chapter 302 No Respec
Chapter 303 Bring Them With You
Chapter 304 Act Freely
Chapter 305 Too Fas
Chapter 306 Explain
Chapter 307 Here For Business
Chapter 308 Up To Her Place
Chapter 309 Red Nigh
Chapter 310 We Have Guests
Chapter 311 P?Ijí
Chapter 312 Záchva
Chapter 313 Poor Bed
Chapter 314 You'Re Paying
Chapter 315 Going To Bathe
Chapter 316 Spring
Chapter 317 Have To Die
Chapter 318 Undying Love
Chapter 319 I Am...
Chapter 320 Save Us
Chapter 321 Isn'T It You?
Chapter 322 Oldest Son
Chapter 323 Free Soul
Chapter 324 Be Obedien
Chapter 325 Should Be Scared
Chapter 326 Have To Redo I
Chapter 327 Oh, Help Us!
Chapter 328 Different Lis
Chapter 329 Ideal Husband
Chapter 330 At Your Command
Chapter 331 Mysterious Model
Chapter 332 Our Full Suppor
Chapter 333 Angel
Chapter 334 His New Mistress
Chapter 335 Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 336 Enjoy The Show
Chapter 337 Snow Enchantmen
Chapter 338 So Scary
Chapter 339 Dress Like This
Chapter 340 Homeless Men
Chapter 341 Elderly Couple
Chapter 342 Where Is He?
Chapter 343 The Last Time
Chapter 344 Burn Alive
Chapter 345 Sneak An Attack
Chapter 346 Snap A Photo
Chapter 347 Opening Model
Chapter 348 No One Can Compare
Chapter 349 Forest Goddess
Chapter 350 Guest Of Honor
Chapter 351 Ruthless
Chapter 352 Mysterious Designer
Chapter 353 A Wise Man
Chapter 354 The Winner Is
Chapter 355 Thank You
Chapter 356 Remind You
Chapter 357 Why Are You Here?
Chapter 358 Amusing
Chapter 359 Chen Yifeng
Chapter 360 Man Up
Chapter 361 Colorful Dishes
Chapter 362 How Long?
Chapter 363 If Only
Chapter 364 Her Belongings
Chapter 365 Over For Dinner
Chapter 366 Many Firsts Ahead
Chapter 367 Not His Sister!
Chapter 368 You Can Look
Chapter 369 Dinner Is Ready
Chapter 370 Greatest News
Chapter 371 Want You To Meet Her
Chapter 372 Made Him Feel Bad
Chapter 373 With A Woman
Chapter 374 Red Chrysanthemums
Chapter 375 Point Ou
Chapter 376 Lovesick
Chapter 377 Long And Happy Life
Chapter 378 Top Of A Mountain
Chapter 379 Granddaughter
Chapter 380 A Hard Time
Chapter 381 Make You A Targe
Chapter 382 Kill You
Chapter 383 Can'T Sit There
Chapter 384 Unforgivable
Chapter 385 His Speech
Chapter 386 Your Friend
Chapter 387 Then Who Else?
Chapter 388 In His Head
Chapter 389 Springtime Memories
Chapter 390 Five Drunken Generals
Chapter 391 Mister General
Chapter 392 Arm And A Leg
Chapter 393 To Your Side
Chapter 394 In My Hands
Chapter 395 Return This To You
Chapter 396 You Have Suffered
Chapter 397 Who Is He?
Chapter 398 Kids These Days
Chapter 399 In The Future
Chapter 400 Taken Care Of
Chapter 401 Made A Deal
Chapter 402 Also There
Chapter 403 You Were Late
Chapter 404 Caught Red Handed
Chapter 405 Midnigh
Chapter 406 Traitors
Chapter 407 Few Mistakes
Chapter 408 Beautiful Day
Chapter 409 Blossom Of Young
Chapter 410 Gold Fis
Chapter 411 Needle Handler
Chapter 412 Your Subordinate
Chapter 413 The Plan
Chapter 414 Something Like Tha
Chapter 415 Adjustments
Chapter 416 Tailor
Chapter 417 Family Car
Chapter 418 Ge Yun Li
Chapter 419 I Got I
Chapter 420 A Loyal Follower
Chapter 421 Sit Here And Wai
Chapter 422 Mr. Muscles
Chapter 423 A Fake
Chapter 424 Ghos
Chapter 425 Be Alone
Chapter 426 Diversion
Chapter 427 Have To Go
Chapter 428 So Scary
Chapter 429 Clear
Chapter 430 Kid, Get Los
Chapter 431 Call Him
Chapter 432 Finally Move
Chapter 433 Too Late For Regre
Chapter 434 His Own Voice
Chapter 435 Which Hand?
Chapter 436 Smiling To Yourself
Chapter 437 Want To Die
Chapter 438 On My Own
Chapter 439 You Go Firs
Chapter 440 Keep Her Safe
Chapter 441 Stay With Me
Chapter 442 It'S Alrigh
Chapter 443 Need Him Alive
Chapter 444 Lu Boy, Please
Chapter 445 Where Are You Going?!
Chapter 446 Suffered Yet Again
Chapter 447 His Head
Chapter 448 Is Awake
Chapter 449 If Not, Get Los
Chapter 450 Gif
Chapter 451 So Unfair
Chapter 452 I Will Take
Chapter 453 Listen To Me
Chapter 454 Help Him
Chapter 455 You Made Us
Chapter 456 I'Ll Be Back
Chapter 457 The Way Ou
Chapter 458 Leave Him
Chapter 459 Took Me So Long
Chapter 460 Enjoy Her Life
Chapter 461 Past Three Days
Chapter 462 Some Time Alone
Chapter 463 Liu Shan, You Idio
Chapter 464 To Dress Him
Chapter 465 Put Him Over
Chapter 466 One By One
Chapter 467 But I Do!
Chapter 468 Do You Know
Chapter 469 Was Broken
Chapter 470 Ready For Use
Chapter 471 Glory Is My Home
Chapter 472 A Misunderstanding
Chapter 473 You'Re Going To Regret This
Chapter 474 Won'T Kill You
Chapter 475 White Shadow
Chapter 476 I Saw...
Chapter 477 She Is Righ
Chapter 478 It'S You
Chapter 479 It Is Yours
Chapter 480 Look The Par
Chapter 481 A Little Reminder
Chapter 482 Angel Of Death
Chapter 483 Leader Of Fate
Chapter 484 He Still Has Strength
Chapter 485 Hurt Yourself?
Chapter 486 Killing You Is Easy
Chapter 487 Keep Praying
Chapter 488 Make It Quick
Chapter 489 Fate Has In Store
Chapter 490 Capture Yue Ling
Chapter 491 Looking For You
Chapter 492 A Long Way To Go
Chapter 493 Always Be Returned
Chapter 494 Brain Isn'T Working
Chapter 495 Yue-Yue Are You Okay?
Chapter 496 She Is My Friend
Chapter 497 Being Followed
Chapter 498 Ends Here
Chapter 499 Going With Them
Chapter 500 Get Her!
Chapter 501 What Can She Do
Chapter 502 One Hour
Chapter 503 They Took Her
Chapter 504 Smooth And Sof
Chapter 505 Enjoy Her In One Time
Chapter 506 Mistake
Chapter 507 In A Better Place
Chapter 508 Here Right Now
Chapter 509 Skin Her Alive
Chapter 510 A Woman Escaped!
Chapter 511 Find The Woman
Chapter 512 Indeed She Is
Chapter 513 Teach Them A Lession
Chapter 514 Double Kill
Chapter 515 Connected By Soul
Chapter 516 Injected Something
Chapter 517 Teamwork
Chapter 518 Fear Or Anxiety?
Chapter 519 The Great Is Joining
Chapter 520 Acted Without Thinking
Chapter 521 A Decoy
Chapter 522 Fear No
Chapter 523 See For Yourself
Chapter 524 Take The Call
Chapter 525 Be With You
Chapter 526 Everything Was Gone
Chapter 527 What Aout Yourself?
Chapter 528 What Do I Do
Chapter 529 Meant The World
Chapter 530 He Screamed
Chapter 531 Laugh All You Wan
Chapter 532 Heavens Agree
Chapter 533 I Don'T Think So
Chapter 534 Return To Your Side
Chapter 535 In Hell
Chapter 536 Time Is Up
Chapter 537 Made Up My Mind
Chapter 538 Young And Beautiful Girl
Chapter 539 Push Him Away
Chapter 540 You Have To Keep I
Chapter 541 Want To Talk
Chapter 542 Become His Woman
Chapter 543 Make You Stronger
Chapter 544 Give Me Back My Hear
Chapter 545 Why Does It Still Hurt?
Chapter 546 A Champ
Chapter 547 Only I Can Have You
Chapter 548 A Small World
Chapter 549 Harmony
Chapter 550 Best Jeweler
Chapter 551 Forgetting Something
Chapter 552 We'Re Not Friends
Chapter 553 That'S Not It Either
Chapter 554 The Next Talk
Chapter 555 I'Ll Take I
Chapter 556 I Want These
Chapter 557 It Was Fate
Chapter 558 Three Villianesses
Chapter 559 Marrying My Son
Chapter 560 Smooth Talker
Chapter 561 Miserable Life
Chapter 562 With His Wife
Chapter 563 Move In Together
Chapter 564 Putting This On Hold
Chapter 565 Finish The Res
Chapter 566 Wake You Up
Chapter 567 Quite A Run
Chapter 568 I Prepared Breakfas
Chapter 569 Paisley
Chapter 570 Reject My Proposal
Chapter 571 Mark My Words
Chapter 572 Thinking Of A Place
Chapter 573 She Goes By The Name
Chapter 574 How Is The Situation
Chapter 575 This Place Is Yours
Chapter 576 Like It Is My Las
Chapter 577 Who Is Everyone Else?
Chapter 578 Don'T Worry. I Got This.
Chapter 579 It Will Cost You
Chapter 580 Anything Else?
Chapter 581 Bring Me The Man
Chapter 582 I Am My Boss'S Assistan
Chapter 583 What Happened To Your Face?
Chapter 584 Why I Am Here.
Chapter 585 Climb In My Bed
Chapter 586 Break This Leg
Chapter 587 Who Sent You?
Chapter 588 Boss Is Talking To You
Chapter 589 I Rather Die
Chapter 590 Number One
Chapter 591 You Still Los
Chapter 592 Tonight'S Allowance
Chapter 593 Just Think Of It As
Chapter 594 Get In Your Way
Chapter 595 Weighs Like A Hippo
Chapter 596 First Time Meeting
Chapter 597 Big Shot To Wake Up
Chapter 598 You'Re Not Worthy
Chapter 599 Not So Innocen
Chapter 600 Touches One'S Hear
Chapter 601 Selfish Greed
Chapter 602 Will Never Have
Chapter 603 A Gift In Advance
Chapter 604 It'S Too Loud
Chapter 605 Make Her Proud
Chapter 606 May Buddha Have Mercy
Chapter 607 Call Your Soul Back
Chapter 608 Not Good For Your Health
Chapter 609 Pot Of Gold
Chapter 610 Can Still Save Her
Chapter 611 Unedited Nothing Happened
Chapter 612 Unedited Boy Who Cried Wolf
Chapter 613 Unedited What To Do
Chapter 614 Unedited Liu Shan, Wai
Chapter 615 Unedited Will You Be My Star?
Chapter 616 Contemptible Person
Chapter 617 All The Information
Chapter 618 Be In My Thoughts
Chapter 619 Take You To Him
Chapter 620 School Can Wai
Chapter 621 You Have My Word
Chapter 622 Happy To Hear
Chapter 623 I Saw Him
Chapter 624 Caught One Fish
Chapter 625 Get Back On My Fee
Chapter 626 Newly Appointed Secretary
Chapter 627 Fang Fabrics
Chapter 628 Have A Good Day Sir
Chapter 629 First On My Spring-Cleaning Lis
Chapter 630 Little Information Is Enough
Chapter 631 Truly And Sincerely
Chapter 632 I Must Be James
Chapter 633 Are You Done?
Chapter 634 Why Is He Here?
Chapter 635 Did You Walk Here?
Chapter 636 Why Did You Stop Me?
Chapter 637 Crazy Thoughts In His Mind
Chapter 638 Sleeves Are A Little Too Shor
Chapter 639 Can'T Help But Think About Her
Chapter 640 I Have To Leave
Chapter 641 Going Alone
Chapter 642 Can'T Blow Our Cover
Chapter 643 Only The Three Of Us
Chapter 644 Was A Good Man
Chapter 645 Deal
Chapter 646 I Don'T Get I
Chapter 647 What Is This Feeling?
Chapter 648 Would You Be Angry...
Chapter 649 I Can Stop
Chapter 650 They'Ve Become One
Chapter 651 We Can Try
Chapter 652 A Complete Failure
Chapter 653 Forgot To Lock The Door
Chapter 654 Zhen Is Hungry Again
Chapter 655 First Time Here
Chapter 656 Is Your Name Really...
Chapter 657 Don'T Want Her To Know
Chapter 658 Indeed The Stronges
Chapter 659 I Am Talking To You
Chapter 660 In My Claws
Chapter 661 Company Needs Me
Chapter 662 Where Is Her Assistant?
Chapter 663 Divine Award
Chapter 664 About My Choice
Chapter 665 Mad Reaper
Chapter 666 Fearsome Boss
Chapter 667 'That' Nigh
Chapter 668 Not A Worker Here
Chapter 669 It'S Really Her
Chapter 670 Are You Done, Old Man?
Chapter 671 I Know Who You Are
Chapter 672 Impressed With You All
Chapter 673 Something I Need You To Do
Chapter 674 We Have A Mission
Chapter 675 Would You Like To Have The Honor
Chapter 676 Eat Out For Dinner
Chapter 677 Six Idiots
Chapter 678 Didn'T Even Let Me Join
Chapter 679 Profession Undercover Agents
Chapter 680 Where Are We Going?
Chapter 681 I Bought It For This Momen
Chapter 682 Your Smile Means Everything To Me
Chapter 683 It'S For Our Child
Chapter 684 Ask You Again
Chapter 685 No One Saw Us
Chapter 686 Like There Is No Tomorrow
Chapter 687 And She Said Yes!
Chapter 688 Ask To Confirm This News
Chapter 689 Good Choice
Chapter 690 Buzzkill
Chapter 691 I'M A Free Spiri
Chapter 692 Forward To Seeing You
Chapter 693 Have To Get Going
Chapter 694 Should I Just Go Back?
Chapter 695 Back Is Broken
Chapter 696 Please Listen To Me
Chapter 697 Meet Her Predestined Man
Chapter 698 Eat And Drink By Myself
Chapter 699 We Are All Family
Chapter 700 Know Him Longer
Chapter 701 Don'T Ever Call Me Again
Chapter 702 Too Drunk, Go Home
Chapter 703 Whatever You Have
Chapter 704 Do As I Say
Chapter 705 You'Re Free To Go
Chapter 706 Everyone Here
Chapter 707 Warning You Now
Chapter 708 He Wouldn'T Listen
Chapter 709 A Long Way
Chapter 710 Step Foot In This Par
Chapter 711 Don'T Want To Go Home
Chapter 712 A Little Too Much
Chapter 713 You Can Leave
Chapter 714 Never Told Them
Chapter 715 Doing A Favor
Chapter 716 Bird'S Nes
Chapter 717 Everything Is Fine
Chapter 718 Still On Vacation
Chapter 719 See That Other Side Of You
Chapter 720 Did You Even Rest?
Chapter 721 Beautiful Beas
Chapter 722 Mysterious Owner
Chapter 723 Prolonged A New Time Frame
Chapter 724 Must Have Been So Scary
Chapter 725 I Am The Rightful Owner
Chapter 726 To Put Less Worry
Chapter 727 Coincidence To See You
Chapter 728 Heart Of A Woman
Chapter 729 Eat Lunch Only
Chapter 730 The Perfect Place
Chapter 731 You Weren'T There!
Chapter 732 Standing Your Ground
Chapter 733 How About Mine?
Chapter 734 Her Own Person
Chapter 735 Fat Slap Across The Face
Chapter 736 Friend-Zoned
Chapter 737 Quite A Week
Chapter 738 After You Change
Chapter 739 She Wouldn'T Give You
Chapter 740 If You Already Knew
Chapter 741 How Did You Get This?
Chapter 742 Is It Done?
Chapter 743 This Person Is Good
Chapter 744 What Do You Think
Chapter 745 For The Bes
Chapter 746 Aware Of What We Know
Chapter 747 - Not The First Time
Chapter 748 Every Second Of The Day
Chapter 749 Cute Buttocks
Chapter 750 What Should She Do Now?
Chapter 751 Get This Over With
Chapter 752 Take The Lead This Time
Chapter 753 Just One
Chapter 754 Something Happened To Her
Chapter 755 In The Ocean
Chapter 756 Pass By Quickly
Chapter 757 Ages Of Love
Chapter 758 Yang Yang
Chapter 759 Daughter-In-Law Has Run Away
Chapter 760 Not The Dress
Chapter 761 How Can This Be?
Chapter 762 The Young And Old
Chapter 763 Back To Square One
Chapter 764 How Could She Have Forgotten?
Chapter 765 Please Give My Congratulations
Chapter 766 Achoo Club
Chapter 767 Smile Was Too Brigh
Chapter 768 Made Perfect Sense
Chapter 769 Want To Ea
Chapter 770 Save You Both
Chapter 771 Like A Pedophile
Chapter 772 I'M Not A Janitor
Chapter 773 Disgusting Man
Chapter 774 Give Boss A Heads Up
Chapter 775 Can'T Disappoint Them
Chapter 776 Angry With You
Chapter 777 The Tailor At Your Company
Chapter 778 She Had Entered The Pas
Chapter 779 Bring Shame To All
Chapter 780 Parents To Teach You
Chapter 781 Never Say Anything
Chapter 782 Give You Justice
Chapter 783 The Only Friend
Chapter 784 Came To Get You
Chapter 785 It Can Be A Quickie
Chapter 786 - Under Construction
Chapter 787 - Origin Of The Noises
Chapter 788 - Can'T See Anything
Chapter 789 - Your Hair
Chapter 790 - Maybe He Will Show You
Chapter 791 - A Tiny Bunny
Chapter 792 - Don'T Look At Me
Chapter 793 - Too Tired And Fell Asleep
Chapter 794 - Take What You Did To My Grave
Chapter 795 - Award For Best Actor
Chapter 796 - There Were Actually Four
Chapter 797 - Try For The Experience
Chapter 798 - Permission To Drink
Chapter 799 - Arguing With An Old Man
Chapter 800 - Private Island
Chapter 801 - Outside The Premises
Chapter 802 - The Most Important Task
Chapter 803 - The Man'S Good Words
Chapter 804 - Couldn'T Have Been A Ghost
Chapter 805 - A Human Or A Ghost?
Chapter 806 - Won’T Be Needing These
Chapter 807 - Only A Weak Person
Chapter 808 - Kill Him Too
Chapter 809 - Pretty Face
Chapter 810 - Do You See Them?
Chapter 811 - There Was None Left
Chapter 812 - Husband Is Caught By His Wife
Chapter 813 - Did He Want To Join Red Moon?
Chapter 814 - Place That Reeks Of Filth
Chapter 815 - Who Is Your Boss?
Chapter 816 - Busy Getting Distracted
Chapter 817 - Gave Their Plan Out To The Enemy
Chapter 818 - It’S Just Something We Do
Chapter 819 - Liu Ye
Chapter 820 - Have Everything Under Control
Chapter 821 - Shouldn’T Do This Here
Chapter 822 - Madly And Desperately
Chapter 823 - It Was Just A Note
Chapter 824 - Exists Only For You
Chapter 825 - Oh No
Chapter 826 - Caught Red-Handed
Chapter 827 - Must Own Up To It
Chapter 828 - Mother
Chapter 829 - A Guest
Chapter 830 - Catching Up To Them
Chapter 831 - Jiang Shengyi
Chapter 832 - Ready To Go
Chapter 833 - Am I Dependable?
Chapter 834 - Investigate The Situation
Chapter 835 - Forgive Her And Understand
Chapter 836 - The People In This Room
Chapter 837 - In Their Rightful Place
Chapter 838 - Lost To Greed
Chapter 839 - Finally Here
Chapter 840 - Her People
Chapter 841 - Tell Her After
Chapter 842 - Only A Rookie
Chapter 843 - She Is My Boss
Chapter 844 - Is It Something Dangerous?
Chapter 845 - Damsel In Distress
Chapter 846 - Chen Xincheng
Chapter 847 - Have To Go
Chapter 848 - Don’T Be Afraid
Chapter 849 - Unforgivable
Chapter 850 - Every Child Deserves A Home
Chapter 851 - Need To Thank The Most
Chapter 852 - Variegated Tulips
Chapter 853 - Lady Boss Is In Trouble
Chapter 854 - Their Relationship
Chapter 855 - Misinterpretation
Chapter 856 - [Bonus ]They Weren'T Too Happy
Chapter 857 - This Evil Lady Must Be...
Chapter 858 - Being A Nice Person
Chapter 859 - Used To Think Like That Woman
Chapter 860 - Finally Reunited
Chapter 861 - Feelings Inside Her Faded
Chapter 862 - It'S Only Temporary
Chapter 863 - A Small Gift
Chapter 864 - Want To Go Home
Chapter 865 - [Bonus ] Wake You All Up
Chapter 866 - A New Task
Chapter 867 - Shouldn’T Be Selfish
Chapter 868 - Still In Imperial
Chapter 869 - Brains
Chapter 870 - Everyone Can Be Afraid
Chapter 871 - A Bit More Time
Chapter 872 - Cousin
Chapter 873 - Unbelievable
Chapter 874 - Jianan’S Story
Chapter 875 - Won’T Be Safe
Chapter 876 - Not Close Enough
Chapter 877 - Fate Is Broken
Chapter 878 - Watch Over Them
Chapter 879 - Pure Happiness
Chapter 880 - Live Your Life
Chapter 881 - Your Life Matters Too
Chapter 882 - Waited Long Enough
Chapter 883 - Need To Work Harder
Chapter 884 - Appointment To Have Lunch
Chapter 885 - To Discuss The Acquired Goods
Chapter 886 - Ji Jingxu’S School Life
Chapter 887 - Get An Autograph
Chapter 888 - Don’T Ever Fight Back
Chapter 889 - Can’T Go Today
Chapter 890 - Only A Matter Of Time
Chapter 891 - Responsibility For Kissing
Chapter 892 - Leave Early Too
Chapter 893 - Changed Vehicles
Chapter 894 - One Of The Many Surprises
Chapter 895 - Met The Qualifications
Chapter 896 - Plan Isn'T Going As Smoothly
Chapter 897: It’S Perfect Here
Chapter 898: Camera Shy
Chapter 899: Naturally Strong Built
Chapter 900: Edward
Chapter 901: Manager Lou’S Son
Chapter 902: No More Secrets
Chapter 903: Deteriorating By The Day
Chapter 904: …In Imperial
Chapter 905: Care Less About What Others Thinks
Chapter 906: Work Together Without Further Issues
Chapter 907: To Where They Are Staying
Chapter 908: Always Welcome
909 Too Late To Take Back What He Had Said
910 Had To Go Somewhere
911 Call Off The Wedding
912 Apprentice
913 What Did My Precious Ever Do To You?
914 A Man Came Here
915 He Really Meant Peace And Quiet
916 Fate Has Returned
917 I Need Your Help
918 Really An Idiot
919 Genuinely Grateful
920 Change Of Schedule
921 A Thumbs-Up
922 Grand Entrance
923 His Name Is Lin Hui
924 Pseudonym
925 Amazed By Your Skills
926 Removed From The School
927 Your Grandfather Will Handle It From Here.
928 Not Make This Hard On Anyone
929 My Precious Grandson
930 Someone Eager
931 She Will Only Put Up A Wall Again
932 Zhang Tech
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Han Yue Ling, a peerless beauty with a great personality, but she carries a lot of secrets.

She loved a man for 10 years, but on the day of her wedding, fate decided to play a cruel joke on her and take the man away.

Three years later, she decides to move away.

She stumbles upon Lu Tian, the ruthless and cold CEO of Lu Corps. Thinking it was just an accident, she stumbles upon him again and again.

Before she knew it, the man is already living with her!

Is this an unexpected second chance at love? Will she be able to love again?

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Chapter 1 Please...

Thunder roared as grey clouds cover the sky. Rain makes it way onto the grounds of City Z, Korea.

People running to find shelter while the streets were busy with traffic.

The sound of an ambulance siren wails as it makes its way to the emergency entrance of City Hospital and stops.

The doors of the ambulance were push open with great force as two paramedics jump out. Nurses and doctors were already waiting to help to the patient on the stretcher.

"We have a male patient in critical condition from a car accident. His pulse is extremely weak." Cries one of the paramedic.

Laying on the stretcher was a man wearing a black tuxedo. His handsome face and body was covered blood.

"We cannot stall here. Bring him to the Operating Room!" Shouts one of the doctors to the nurses.

Each person given their own task as they rush at full speed to the operating Room.

After the quick disappearance of the doctors and nurses, a man with a short side parted hair descends from the ambulance.

Despite the white bandages on his head and arm, he was still a handsome man in his twenties.

Yet, his eyes at this moment were spiritless as if he was in a horrible nightmare.

He follows after doctors and nurses into the OR, but unfortunately, he was stopped outside the operation room.

The nurse that stopped the man asks, "Excuse me sir, did you come in with the patient just now?"

The man did not answer. After a few calls from the nurse did he comeback from his trance. He looks at the nurse and spoke in a choked and hoarse voice, "Will he be okay?"

"I'm not sure, but as of right now, the doctors and nurses are helping him. Please go to the front and fill out some paperwork for the patient." Ushered the nurse.

Just when the man was about to turn around, the doors to the operation room opens and the same doctor from earlier steps out of the operating room followed by the nurses.

Seeing how quick they were, the man frown and a deep dreaded feeling arose in him. He quickens his pace to the doctor, "Doctor, how is my brother?"

The doctor looks at the man with a sorrowful expression, "Are you his family?"

"Yes, he is my brother. What is it?" The man was eager to know.

The doctor let out a long sigh as he shook his head. "I'm sincerely sorry. We were not able to save him. His heart stopped the moment we entered the operating room. We had tried our best to bring him back. I hope—."

Hearing what he feared the most, the man grabbed the doctors collar coat and roared. "Lies!! I don't believe you!! You're a doctor, how can you not save him!!"

Due to the man's sudden attack, the doctor was shocked and scared while the nurses try to pull the man away from the doctor.

"We are truly sorry for this. His heart was too weak, the impact he received from the accident cause his heart to stop. I hope you can inform your family."


The man falls to the floor, he felt as if someone had ruthlessness dug his heart out. His vision blur as he clench his fists tightly.

"Please save him..."

The man looks up at the doctor, streaks of tears slowly slides down his cheeks.

"My hyung... today is my hyung's wedding. Please save him... please...."


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