Vampire’s Slice Of Life by SocialHippo

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 New Life (1)
Chapter 3 New Life (2)
Chapter 4 Walk
Chapter 5 Too Young
Chapter 6 Movie
Chapter 7 Training
Chapter 8 Feeding Session
Chapter 9 Insignia
Chapter 10 Heartfelt Talk
Chapter 11 City Of Evernight And Witches
Chapter 12 Shopping
Chapter 13 The World
Chapter 14 The World (2)
Chapter 15 Moon
Chapter 16 Three Years
Chapter 17 Wings
Chapter 18 Wings (2)
Chapter 19 Bath
Chapter 20 Bath (2)
Chapter 21 Backstory
Chapter 22 Talk
Chapter 23 Thirteen
Chapter 24 Preperations
Chapter 25 The Day Before Awakening
Chapter 26 Magic Core
Chapter 27 All Elemental Affinity
Chapter 28 Puberty
Chapter 29 Thin Skinned
Chapter 30 Shameless
Chapter 31 Chickening Out
Chapter 32 Time Spells**
Chapter 33 Innocent**
Chapter 34 Queen’S District
Chapter 35 Royal Servants
Chapter 36 To Not Get Bored
Chapter 37 Witches Panic
Chapter 38 Royal Banquet
Chapter 39 Royal Banquet (2)
Chapter 40 Royal Banquet (3)
Chapter 41 Dennis And Cecilia
Chapter 42 End Of Banquet
Chapter 43 Alex Paladin
Chapter 44 Becoming Shameless
Chapter 45 Deal
Chapter 46 Crazy Vampires**
Chapter 47 Vacation**
Chapter 48 Registering At A Guild
Chapter 49 Occupation: Mage
Chapter 50 Exploring The D Class Dungeon
Chapter 51 Purple Night Wolf
Chapter 52 Ren
Chapter 53 Reviving The Purple Night Wolves
Chapter 54 Many Stuff From Earth Are Available
Chapter 55 Night With Lucy
Chapter 56 Night With Lucy (2)**
Chapter 57 Night With Lucy (3)**
Chapter 58 Ren Is What?
Chapter 59 What Stupid Pride?
Chapter 60 Conference Call
Chapter 61 Ladies Reunite
Chapter 62 You Did What?!
Chapter 63 What I Want To Do
Chapter 64 Magical Beasts And Plants
Chapter 65 What A Fool
Chapter 66 Super Reflexes But...
Chapter 67 Archery Master
Chapter 68 Supreme Ranks Meet
Chapter 69 Supreme Ranks Meet (2)
Chapter 70 Emergency Meeting In Academy
Chapter 71 Pig Brain
Chapter 72 Fun With Family**
Chapter 73 Breakthrough**
Chapter 74 Abalax World Academy
Chapter 75 Start Of The Entrance Exam
Chapter 76 Entrance Test
Chapter 77 Entrance Test (2)
Chapter 78 Entrance Test (3)
Chapter 79 Entrance Test (4)
Chapter 80 Combat Test Tournament
Chapter 81 Combat Test Tournament Begins
Chapter 82 Combat Test Tournament (3)
Chapter 83 Combat Test Tournament (4)
Chapter 84 Combat Test Tournament (5)
Chapter 85 Combat Test Tournament (6)
Chapter 86 Hero Syndrome
Chapter 87 End Of Entrance Exam
Chapter 88 Reward
Chapter 89 Reward (2)**
Chapter 90 Scelestus**
Chapter 91 The Executor
Chapter 92 Try Not To Embarass The Family
Chapter 93 Mission Triggered
Chapter 94 Academy Gates Open
Chapter 95 Opening Ceremony
Chapter 96 The Question
Chapter 97 Teacher Arya
Chapter 98 Lith Vs Ralph
Chapter 99 Do You Think I’Ll Let You Roam Free?
Chapter 100 Intelligence Tests Are Boring
Chapter 101 Vampire Wings
Chapter 102 Thanks, Eric.
Chapter 103 Arya Vs Eric
Chapter 104 Kiss Goodbye To Your Job
Chapter 105 Have You Warm My Bed
Chapter 106 Arya Fired
Chapter 107 Wrong You Ask?
Chapter 108 Palace Isn’T The Only Thing That’Ll Be Destroyed
Chapter 109 Make Use Of Connections
Chapter 110 It’S So Taxing
Chapter 111 Are You Trying To Cosplay?
Chapter 112 Capture The Flag
Chapter 113 Capture The Flag (2)
Chapter 114 Capture The Flag (3)
Chapter 115 Capture The Flag (4)
Chapter 116 Capture The Flag (5)
Chapter 117 Capture The Flag (6)
Chapter 118 Capture The Flag (7)
Chapter 119 Teacher Tricked Me
Chapter 120 Are You Going To Limit Yourself With Just Us Two?
Chapter 121 No Problems Even If You Make A Harem
Chapter 122 No Problems With A Harem!?
Chapter 123 Do You Actually Know How To Cook, Mom?
Chapter 124 I Wish I Was The Food
Chapter 125 Do You Think Of Yourself As Some God?
Chapter 126 Factors Affecting Resurrection
Chapter 127 Can’T Give Punishment
Chapter 128 Red Hands
Chapter 129 Red Hands (2)
Chapter 130 Surfing The Internet
Chapter 131 Your Shamelessness Knows No Bounds Like Me
Chapter 132 You May Have Skipped Too Many Steps Here
Chapter 133 Are You Asking Me Out On A Date?
Chapter 134 I Think, I Can Do Well.
Chapter 135 Yeah We Believe You, Dennis.
Chapter 136 Teacher, Carry Me Please.
Chapter 137 You’Re A Shotacon?
Chapter 138 Dinner With Arya
Chapter 139 Cuddling
Chapter 140 Last Step
Chapter 141 I Have To Capture That Guy
Chapter 142 Liam Makes A Move
Chapter 143 I Hope My Money Wasn’T Wasted
Chapter 144 Lith Joins Scelestus
Chapter 145 Visit To Scelestus
Chapter 146 Visit To Scelestus (2)
Chapter 147 First Assassination Mission
Chapter 148 First Assassination Mission (2)
Chapter 149 The Early Bird Gets The Worm First
Chapter 150 I Thought He Died
Chapter 151 Crap, I Messed Up.
Chapter 152 A Potential Harem Member?
Chapter 153 Going After Relz
Chapter 154 Aren’T You A Man?
Chapter 155 Torturing Liam (1) [R-18]
Chapter 156 Torturing Liam (2) [R-18]
Chapter 157 Torturing Liam (3) [R-18]
Chapter 158 I Forgot, Dear.
Chapter 159 Can See Anything And Everything
Chapter 160 Getting Eaten
Chapter 161 Protective Spell On Magic Core
Chapter 162 Unique Abilities
Chapter 163 I’Ve Got Two So I’Ll Take Two
Chapter 164 Few Hours Before Classes**
Chapter 165 Few Hours Before Classes(2)**
Chapter 166 Few Hours Before Classes (3)**
Chapter 167 Few Hours Before Classes(4)**
Chapter 168 Are You Never Tired Of Speaking Nonsense?
Chapter 169 Liam’S Recovery
Chapter 170 Time To Roll... Or Maybe Not?
Chapter 171 It Doesn’T Matter Who I Am
Chapter 172 Mr. Flower Plucker
Chapter 173 Pinnacle Of Sc*Ms
Chapter 174 Game Of Chess
Chapter 175 Game Of Chess(2)
Chapter 176 Ducky’S Treats
Chapter 177 Do You Wish To See Your Fate?
Chapter 178 Capturing Liam
Chapter 179 Capturing Liam(2)
Chapter 180 Liam Captured
Chapter 181 There’S A Tournament Again?
Chapter 182 Teacher, Have You Slept With Someone Before?
Chapter 183 Liam’S Disappearance
Chapter 184 You Don’T Even Know The Culprit?
Chapter 185 Lith And Rena Vs Ralph And Dennis
Chapter 186 Teacher, You Underestimate Me Too Much.
Chapter 187 Shower With Arya*
Chapter 188 Arya’S Past Memories
Chapter 189 Miss Arya, I Want To Date You.
Chapter 190 Call Me Arya
Chapter 191 A Fun Fact
Chapter 192 New Teacher
Chapter 193 Gunther
Chapter 194 Survival Tournament Begins
Chapter 195 Monkey Attack
Chapter 196 Rigged Tournament
Chapter 197 Dumb Cow
Chapter 198 Secret Gesture
Chapter 199 Cow Tempted
Chapter 200 Changes
Chapter 201 Treasure Map
Chapter 202 Firakan
Chapter 203 Cowmpanion
Chapter 204 Safe Zone Shrinks
Chapter 205 Blue Haze
Chapter 206 Need Help?
Chapter 207 Snake Nest
Chapter 208 Ralph In Trouble
Chapter 209 Students In Trouble
Chapter 210 Eliminating Participants
Chapter 211 Stay Carefree
Chapter 212 Fated One
Chapter 213 Fated One (2)
Chapter 214 Inheritance
Chapter 215 Culprit Found
Chapter 216 One Down
Chapter 217 Dream World
Chapter 218 Entering Dream World
Chapter 219 Situation In The Dream World
Chapter 220 Two Down
Chapter 221 Everyone Eliminated
Chapter 222 The Inheritance
Chapter 223 Everyone Passes
Chapter 224 The Culprit
Chapter 225 The Culprit (2)
Chapter 226 Say It To Their Face
Chapter 227 Don’T Doubt Emilia
Chapter 228 Happy First-Years
Chapter 229 Card Game With Emilia
Chapter 230 Card Game With Emilia (2)
Chapter 231 Card Game With Emilia (3)
Chapter 232 Minzoi’S Memorial
Chapter 233 Minzoi’S Memorial (2)
Chapter 234 General Minzoi
Chapter 235 General Minzoi (2)
Chapter 236 Dark Church’S Symbol
Chapter 237 Ralph’S Mom
Chapter 238 Avelyn Asmodeus
Chapter 239 Muron’S Troubles
Chapter 240 Asking Muron Questions
Chapter 241 Kunlor Forest
Chapter 242 Buying Maps
Chapter 243 Hunting
Chapter 244 Going To The Jingmei Guild
Chapter 245 Guards Called
Chapter 246 Lady Hei
Chapter 247 Threat
Chapter 248 Finance Head Sealed
Chapter 249 Cleaning The Guild
Chapter 250 Muron’S Trouble Solved
Chapter 251 Mu Mu
Chapter 252 Meditating
Chapter 253 You Sure Are Daring
Chapter 254 Lilith And Mayzin Bet
Chapter 255 Cooking With Emilia
Chapter 256 Cooking With Emilia (2)
Chapter 257 Midnight Snack
Chapter 258 Pure Angels
Chapter 259 Hateful Fellow
Chapter 260
Chapter 261 - Ascension?
Chapter 262
Chapter 263 - Astral Plane
Chapter 264 - L Promise
Chapter 265 - Plans For Future
Chapter 266 - Where Are All The Lolis?
Chapter 267 - Too Much Allowance
Chapter 268 Need Approval
Chapter 269 Farewell Abalax World Academy
Chapter 270 Viral Video
Chapter 271 Video Erased
Chapter 272 Cnc Lnterrogation
Chapter 273 Couple Cafe
Chapter 274 - Extra Activities
Chapter 275 - Activities
Chapter 276 - Activities (2)
Chapter 277 - Activities (3)
Chapter 278 - 278 Truth And Dare With Emilia
Chapter 279 - Truth And Dare With Emilia (2)
Chapter 280 Truth And Dare With Emilia (3)
Chapter 281 Ten Million Dollars Teabag
Chapter 282 Sneaking Inside Senzal Clan
Chapter 283 Scandalous Deeds In Senzal Clan
Chapter 284 Ls It Yaoi?
Chapter 285 Shhh, It'S An Important Call
Chapter 286 Video Call With Lucy And Lilith
Chapter 287 Video Call With Lucy And Lilith (2)
Chapter 288 Mama Doesn'T Remember Teaching You These
Chapter 289 Will You Pay The Price?
Chapter 290 Cheap Food Is Crap
Chapter 291 Emotional Cooks
Chapter 292 Members To Assassinate
Chapter 293 Lith Feels A Threat
Chapter 294 Assassinating Senzal Clan Members
Chapter 295 Someone Caused A Change In Events
Chapter 296 Waiting And Being On The Edge
Chapter 297 Learned From Past Mistake
Chapter 298 Meeting The Two Sect Masters
Chapter 299 Visiting The Shadow River Sect
Chapter 300 Alexandra Constantine
Chapter 301 Combat! Combat! Combat!
Chapter 302 Disappointed Alexandra
Chapter 303 Suppression
Chapter 304 35Th Ancient Sword Strike
Chapter 305 What Happens When Two Overthinkers Fight?
Chapter 306 Alexandra Cries
Chapter 307 Alexandra'S Backstory
Chapter 308 Back To The Sect
Chapter 309 Pizza Burnt-Eth
Chapter 310 Cooking Gone Wild? No, It'S Cookingin The Wild
Chapter 311 Faith
Chapter 312 Fateful Encounter
Chapter 313 Darren Meets The Three Supremes
Chapter 314 Arya Ascends
Chapter 315 Yandere Alexandra
Chapter 316 Solution
Chapter 317 Alexandra Has Sisters**
Chapter 318 Arya'S First Time**
Chapter 319 Emilia'S First Time*
Chapter 320 Foraet All Shame*
Chapter 321 Official Conflict With Shadow River Sect
Chapter 322 War Declaration
Chapter 323 Lith Joins The War
Chapter 324 Communication Is Very Important For A Healthy Relationship
Chapter 325 Harem Has Increased
Chapter 326 A Condition Given To Alexandra
Chapter 327 Lith Says The Truth To Emilia And Alexandra
Chapter 328 Two Shameless Beings Meet
Chapter 329 Abstinence From Having Sex
Chapter 330 The Position Of The Continents
Chapter 331 The Founder Of Scelestus
Chapter 332 The Hidden Continent
Chapter 333 Quenching Thirst*
Chapter 334 Quenching Thirst (2)*
Chapter 335 Rank 4
Chapter 336 Rank 5
Chapter 337 Are You An Animal?
Chapter 338 The Tale Of The First Lmmortal
Chapter 339 Rank 6
Chapter 340 Rank 7
Chapter 341 18 Years Old
Chapter 342 History Of The World
Chapter 343 Rank 8
Chapter 344 21 Years Old
Chapter 345 L Am Already An Adult
Chapter 346 Inside The Astral World Again
Chapter 347 Red Streaks Appear Again
Chapter 348 Rank 9
Chapter 349 Handsome Lith
Chapter 350 Marriage Preparations
Chapter 351 Marriage Discussion
Chapter 352 Vampire Marriages
Chapter 353 Spending Time With Emilia*
Chapter 354 Spending Time With Emilia (2)*
Chapter 355 Spending Time With Emilia (3)**
Chapter 356 Lilith Teaches Things To Arya Andalexandra**
Chapter 357 Marriage
Chapter 358 Marriage (2)
Chapter 359 Vampire Marriage
Chapter 360 Ldentify Your Bride
Chapter 361 Ldentify Your Bride (2)
Chapter 362 Ldentify Your Bride (3)*
Chapter 363 Final Event
Chapter 364 Lilith Rewards Luna
Chapter 365 Priestess Is Meant To Be Teased
Chapter 366 Luna Wants To Be Punished
Chapter 367 Cleaning Ceremony*
Chapter 368 Cleaning Ceremony (2)*
Chapter 369 Nuptial Chamber Ceremony**
Chapter 370 Lith Takes His Reward**
Chapter 371 Lith Takes His Reward (2)**
Chapter 372 Luna Aets Rewarded**
Chapter 373 Using Luna**
Chapter 374 No Morals*
Chapter 375 Lith Plucks Luna'S Flower**
Chapter 376 Family Seal*
Chapter 377 Family Seal (2)**
Chapter 378 Family Seal (3)**
Chapter 379 Sacred Cleansing Ceremony*
Chapter 380 Ancient Vampire Language*
Chapter 381 A Lewd Circle Is Formed**
Chapter 382 Getting Massaged*
Chapter 383 Getting Massaged (2)**
Chapter 384 Changes In Lith'S Body
Chapter 385 Lucy Has Become Bolder**
Chapter 386 Yuqova Fruit*
Chapter 387 Finally Married!
Chapter 388 Ballroom Turned Into A Hot Spring Bathhouse**
Chapter 389 Yin Yang Virya Sutra
Chapter 390 Back In Redstone City
Chapter 391 Meeting An Elder From The Sect
Chapter 392 Slight Trust Issues
Chapter 393 Layers Of The Sect
Chapter 394 The Adventurers' Motive
Chapter 395 Conflict In The Skct
Chapter 396 Neither A Hero Nor A Villain
Chapter 397 Bad News
Chapter 398 On Call With Old Mates
Chapter 399 Avelyn Is Concerned
Chapter 400 Chat With The Draculas
Chapter 401 Reunion With Ralph And Dennis
Chapter 402 Ten Low-Grade Magic Stones
Chapter 403 Last Chance To Leave
Chapter 404 Stuck In Immigration
Chapter 405 War Begins!
Chapter 406 Delayed Further
Chapter 407 Cleaning The Control Room
Chapter 408 The Ladies Are Watching Their Husband
Chapter 409 The Reason For War
Chapter 410 Near The Senzal Clan Main Area
Chapter 411 Lnvading The Main Area
Chapter 412 People On The Move
Chapter 413 Everything’S Chill
Chapter 414 War Isn’T A Joke
Chapter 415 Anxious Kenzal
Chapter 416 Lntense Battle
Chapter 417 Lith Got Assassinated?
Chapter 418 Ralph Decides To Retreat
Chapter 419 Lith Finds The Assassin
Chapter 420 Ls He Not The Assassin?
Chapter 421 Wan And Ling Move
Chapter 422 Ralph,Dennis, And The Beastkins
Chapter 423 The Real Assassin
Chapter 424 Reaction Of The Ladies
Chapter 425 Scholar’S A Coward
Chapter 426 Absolute Advantage
Chapter 427 Distress Of The Two Clan Heads
Chapter 428 Angry Lith
Chapter 429 Rebelling Against The Cnc
Chapter 430 Putting An End To Things
Chapter 431 Ralph Lost Braincells?
Chapter 432 Kenzal’S Regrets
Chapter 433 Beastkins Seek Help From Lith
Chapter 434 Can’T Lose Anime
Chapter 435 Emergency Meeting In The Cnc
Chapter 436 An Angry Seraphim
Chapter 437 Reforms In The Cnc
Chapter 438 Lucy Doesn’T Like Ms
Chapter 439 Ascension Once Again
Chapter 440 Awakening Of The Mind Sea
Chapter 441 Strange Occurances In The Astral World
Chapter 442 A Dream About God
Chapter 443 One Must Protect Nature But That One Isn’T Lith
Chapter 444 God
Chapter 445 Lmmortal Core
Chapter 446 The Sixth One
Chapter 447 Dropped Into A Pit
Chapter 448 Lith Is... Dying?
Chapter 449 Lith’S Thoughts
Chapter 450 A Link Was Formed
Chapter 451 Regrets And Ambitions
Chapter 452 Ascension
Chapter 453 Tribulation (1/3)
Chapter 454 Tribulation (2/3)
Chapter 455 Tribulation (3/3)
Chapter 456 Saint Rank
Chapter 457 Time Affiliation And Time Path
Chapter 458 Lith’S Attainment
Chapter 459 A Good Maid Must Be Rewarded,Right?
Chapter 460 A Class Mission
Chapter 461 Lilith In Kimono
Chapter 462 Jealous Wives
Chapter 463 Discussion In The Heavenly Court
Chapter 464 When Did The Humans Become So Mighty?
Chapter 465 Mayzin Stalks Lith
Chapter 466 The Neet Is Supreme Rank
Chapter 467 A Perfect Man For Lucifer
Chapter 468 Mayzin Loves Treasures
Chapter 469 Sad Lilith
Chapter 470 Secret Meeting
Chapter 471 Titles Aren’T Useless
Chapter 472 Finding Out What’S Underneath The Kimono
Chapter 473 Showerina Some Love**
Chapter 474 Sushi Preference**
Chapter 475 Can’T Cultivate
Chapter 476 Arbour’S Days
Chapter 477 Quickie With Wives (1/4)**
Chapter 478 Quickie With Wives (2/4)**
Chapter 479 Quickie With Wives (3/4)**
Chapter 480 Quickie With Wives (4/4)**
Chapter 481 Discussion With Mo (1/2)
Chapter 482 Discussion With Mo (2/2)
Chapter 483 Power Of Black Card (1/2)
Chapter 484 Power Of Black Card (2/2)
Chapter 485 Ruo Zi
Chapter 486 Dennis Studios
Chapter 487 Lith And Lucifer (1/2)
Chapter 488 Lith And Lucifer (2/2)
Chapter 489 Lith And Lucifer Fight
Chapter 490 Lith’S Not A Shota
Chapter 491 Lucifer Doesn’T Mind
Chapter 492 Annoyed Lilith
Chapter 493 Forced On A Date
Chapter 494 L Am Your Aunt
Chapter 495 Lucifer States The Truth
Chapter 496 Lucifer Has No Milk
Chapter 497 Lith Won’T Sleep With Some Strange Woman
Chapter 498 Lith Is Annoyed
Chapter 499 Lith Vs Werewolves (1/3)
Chapter 500 Lith Vs Werewolves (2/3)
Chapter 501 Lith Vs Werewolves (3/3)
Chapter 502 Moral Shackles Break Further
Chapter 503 Slave Lith
Chapter 504 The Many People Into Play
Chapter 505 Who’S Right, Who’S Wrong?
Chapter 506 The Third Path
Chapter 507 All Shackles Broken (1/3) [R-18]
Chapter 508 All Shackles Broken (2/3)
Chapter 509 All Shackles Broken (3/3)
Chapter 510 A Subjective Matter
Chapter 511 A Place To Visit
Chapter 512 Trial In The Astral World
Chapter 513 Not Allowed
Chapter 514 Entering The Trial
Chapter 515 Passing The First Trial
Chapter 516 Final Trial
Chapter 517 In A Cliche Situation
Chapter 518 Not Faltering
Chapter 519 Grand Lust Sovereign
Chapter 520 System
Chapter 521 Cursed Lith
Chapter 522 Emilia’S Solution*
Chapter 523 Treatment Of The Curse
Chapter 524 Factions In The Human Race
Chapter 525 Lith Knows What To Do
Chapter 526 Avatar (1/3)
Chapter 527 Avatar (2/3)
Chapter 528 Avatar (3/3)
Chapter 529 Consciousness Linked
Chapter 530 Neo
Chapter 531 Vampire Sleeping Traditions
Chapter 532 The World Moves Slowly
Chapter 533 Stalemate
Chapter 534 Things Going Wrong
Chapter 535 Emilia In News
Chapter 536 Call Me Mommy!
Chapter 537 Demons Meet (1/2)
Chapter 538 Demons Meet (2/2)
Chapter 539 The Demon Queen’S Message
Chapter 540 Emilia Live
Chapter 541 Arya’S Support
Chapter 542 World Ln An Uproar
Chapter 543 Lith Wakes Up
Chapter 544 Meeting Wives
Chapter 545 Who Are You Talking To, Your Highness?
Chapter 546 What Ls Wrong With My Husband!?
Chapter 547 Can’T Have Fun Now
Chapter 548 Emilia Tortures Lith
Chapter 549 Never Got To Graduate
Chapter 550 Meeting The New Dragon Empress
Chapter 551 Arya’S Castle
Chapter 552 Arya Ls A Monster
Chapter 553 Alexandra’S Hidden Talent
Chapter 554 Arya Wants Lith To Unveil Her Secrets
Chapter 555 Neo’S First Task
Chapter 556 Does She Think ’Ll Be Swayed?
Chapter 557 The Reason Luna Ls Lith’S Maid
Chapter 558 What Are You Hiding, Noman?
Chapter 559 Babies Shouldn’T Stress
Chapter 560 Ruben’S Punishment
Chapter 561 Let’S Make Babies
Chapter 562 Hecate Ls Special
Chapter 563 Neo’S Second Teacher
Chapter 564 Mei Li And Niwa*
Chapter 565 Mei Li And Niwa (2)*
Chapter 566 Curse Lifted*
Chapter 567 Lith Loves Luna*
Chapter 568 A Prince Must Never Falter From His Duties!**
Chapter 569 Qingyue Rivals Luna**
Chapter 570 Agalea, Alea, And Jasmine
Chapter 571 Official Invitation To The Royal Banquet
Chapter 572 Agalea Has Inverted Nipples*
Chapter 573 Agalea Shocked, Alea Rocked!
Chapter 574 Alea Is Intelligent
Chapter 575 Agalea Teaches Alea*
Chapter 576 We Wouldn'T Truly Know Until We Try*
Chapter 577 Everyone Wants To Be Part Of History
Chapter 578 Stressed Lucy
Chapter 579 Who Are We?
Chapter 580 Dennis In Trouble
Chapter 581 Avelyn Hid Things From Ralph
Chapter 582 Gourmet Chips
Chapter 583 Agalea Meets Lucifer
Chapter 584 Lucy Makes Her Appearance
Chapter 585 Lucy'S Snippets All Over The Internet
Chapter 586 Lith Takes Action
Chapter 587 Hecate Involved
Chapter 588 Situation Under Control
Chapter 589 New Hierarchy Of Vampire Society
Chapter 590 Shocking The World
Chapter 591 Two Mothers Roast Their Children
Chapter 592 Aurora Veranz
Chapter 593 Pregnancies Are Exhausting
Chapter 594 Lith Meets His Aunts And Cousin
Chapter 595 Mystic Yin Ice Lotus Physique
Chapter 596 Politics Of The World
Chapter 597 A Good Opportunity
Chapter 598 Getting Accepted Into Elven Administration
Chapter 599 Cecilia And Aurora Are Shocked
Chapter 600 The Two Girls Get Teased
Chapter 601 Banquet Ends
Chapter 602 The Strongest Clan In The World
Chapter 603 Causing Chaos In The Human Continent
Chapter 604 Inside The Elven Castle
Chapter 605 Elven Court
Chapter 606 Lith'S Analysis
Chapter 607 Probability With Alea
Chapter 608 House Of Blanc'S Tavern
Chapter 609 Disrespect To Title
Chapter 610 Scared Solväire
Chapter 611 New Techniques
Chapter 612 The Humans Involve Themselves
Chapter 613 You Should Take A Break, Nephew Lith.
Chapter 614 Lith Shocks Agalea
Chapter 615 Alea'S Dumb Adventures
Chapter 616 Act Like A Queen, Agalea!
Chapter 617 Night Of The Bloodbath
Chapter 618 Return Of Ren
Chapter 619 Fight Breaks Out At Lisbel Square
Chapter 620 Many Barons Arrive In Lisbel Square
Chapter 621 Phases Of Intervention
Chapter 622 Stopping Time In Lisbel Square
Chapter 623 Plans Cancelled (1/2)
Chapter 624 Plans Cancelled (2/2)
Chapter 625 How To Score A Girl
Chapter 626 Suspicious Activities Behind Lilith'S Back
Chapter 627 The Three-Headed Demonic Beast
Chapter 628 Do You Think I Am A Hoe?*
Chapter 629 Lith, No! Don'T Do It!**
Chapter 630 Crap, I Went Too Far!**
Chapter 631 Lucifer'S Theory**
Chapter 632 Hell And Abyss
Chapter 633 Summoning Lucifer
Chapter 634 Double Trouble**
Chapter 635 For Convenience Sake**
Chapter 636 In The Demon Queen'S Clutches**
Chapter 637 Lith Tells His Plans To Lucifer
Chapter 638 Ren'S Mothers (1/2)
Chapter 639 Ren'S Mothers (2/2)
Chapter 640 Seeds Sown!
Chapter 641 The Show Begins
Chapter 642 Human Court In Panic
Chapter 643 The Audacity
Chapter 644 Shameless Humans
Chapter 645 Raizen Razed
Chapter 646 Lith Asks Lucifer For Marriage
Chapter 647 Lith Encounters Lucas
Chapter 648 Lucas'S Frustration
Chapter 649 Cursed City Vermont
Chapter 650 Honeymoon With Emilia (1/3)**
Chapter 651 Honeymoon With Emilia (2/3)**
Chapter 652 Honeymoon With Emilia (3/3)**
Chapter 653 End Of The Honeymoon
Chapter 654 Bella
Chapter 655 Fairies
Chapter 656 Fairy Mythology
Chapter 657 Saving Fairies
Chapter 658 Elven Administration Stabilized
Chapter 659 Bath With Alea (1/2)
Chapter 660 Bath With Alea (2/2)
Chapter 662 The Massage Escalates**
Chapter 663 Lith’S New Ladies
Chapter 664 Agalea Establishes Her Authority*
Chapter 665 Drinking Tea While Getting…
Chapter 666 New Adventure
Chapter 667 Mermaid Islands
Chapter 668 Alea Knows*
Chapter 669 Alea’S First Time**
Chapter 670 Lucifer Crashes The Coitus**
Chapter 671 Meeting The Owner Of Scelestus
Chapter 672 Arya’S Secret Unveiled**
Chapter 673 Arya’S Care**
Chapter 674 It Wasn’T One Woman**
Chapter 675 Inside The Gate
Chapter 676 Unnecessary Killing
Chapter 677 Evure God Clan
Chapter 678 Lith’S Grandmother
Chapter 679 Sealed World
Chapter 680 Lilith’S Changing Emotions
Chapter 681 Lilith’S Love
Chapter 682 Lith Goes To Sleep
Chapter 683 Lilith’S Ascension
Chapter 684 Infinity
Chapter 685 100-Years-Old
Chapter 686 Burning Fuel**
Chapter 687 A Promise To Bella**
Chapter 688 All The Naughty Things We Did**
Chapter 689 In The Mood To See Scissors**
Chapter 690 Subconscious**
Chapter 691 Changes In The Past 100 Years
Chapter 692 Shocked Jasmine
Chapter 693 Training With Mayzin
Chapter 694 Treasures Are Anchors
Chapter 695 Acting As The Ancient War Dragon
Chapter 696 What Monster Did Lilith Create?
Chapter 697 Reunion With Ralph And Dennis
Chapter 698 Inside The Crimson Gate
Chapter 699 Maze Cleared
Chaptrer 700 The Chosen Ones
Chapter 700 The Chosen Ones
Chapter 701 Working Together
Chapter 702 Providences
Chapter 703 Saving Ren, Ralph, And Dennis
Chapter 704 Dennis Is Unemployed
Chapter 705 Amused By Phones
Chapter 706 The Shining Star
Chapter 707 Sebastian’S Past
Chapter 708 Third Round
Chapter 709 Trespassing Into The Angel Continent
Chapter 710 Justice Court
Chapter 711 Care To Explain Why My Husband Is Here?
Chapter 712 Zadkiel
Chapter 713 Emilia Has Faith In Zadkiel
Chapter 714 Teaching Emilia S&M Play*
Chapter 715 Lilith Doesn’T Know Everything**
Chapter 716 The Sweet Qingyue**
Chapter 717 Lith’S Afraid Of Nobody, Except…**
Chapter 718 Agalea Missed Lith
Chapter 719 Ren Vs Ruben
Chapter 720 Academy’S Independence
Chapter 721 Studio Purple Comes To Public
Chapter 722 Frustrated Lucifer
Chapter 723 The Lust Castle Was Attacked
Chapter 724 Threats From Which Even Gods Aren’T Safe
Chapter 725 Yuwen
Chapter 726 Lith’S Goals And The Minister Of Finance
Chapter 727 The Guests Arrive On The Mermaid Islands
Chapter 728 Dennis Plays Games Like A Bot
Chapter 729 Birthday Celebrations
Chapter 730 The Real Celebrations*
Chapter 731 Bella Finally Gets Laid**
Chapter 732 Losing The Battle, Winning The War**
Chapter 733 Jenga Dares (1/2)**
Chapter 734 Jenga Dares (2/2)**
Chapter 735 Birthday Orgy**
Chapter 736 Back To Training
Chapter 737 Soul Attack
Chapter 738 Attacking Aunt
Chapter 739 Suit Customization
Chapter 740 An Apocalypse Is Coming
Chapter 741 Better To Give A Green Hat Than To Wear One
Chapter 742 Hypocritical Behaviour And Double Standards
Chapter 743 Lilith Gets The Best Seat In The World
Chapter 744 The Universe Wants To Corrupt Lith
Chapter 745 A Coup Against The Ancestor
Chapter 746 Commando Maker
Chapter 747 Why Must The Prince Tease Her Like This!?
Chapter 748 Ignorance Is Bliss!
Chapter 749 Lith Has A Reputation To Save
Chapter 750 Maid Acquired!
Chapter 751 Scamming Some Adventurers
Chapter 752 The Yellow Phantom’S Assessment Of Lith
Chapter 753 The Final Boss Is A Ritual [R-18]
Chapter 754 Keith [R-18]
Chapter 755 The Devil’S Condition
Chapter 756 Keith’S Summoner [R-18]
Chapter 757 The Devil Lith [R-18]
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Total Chapters in book: 757
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Lith is born as the son of the strongest being in the world and after he realizes that, he gives up any hopes for world domination. He decides to lead a slow and lazy life and work just enough to not tarnish his family's reputation. Will he be able to do that though?

Welcome to a world of magic where different races reside, resurrection is possible and so is reincarnation.


[Warning: There is incest and Yuri. Readers discretion is advised.]

A/N: All sorts of genres of hanime are involved except the extremely dark ones.

No NTR or yaoi.

FFM/FFFM, etc, will be there.

Mc doesn't get his women stolen or c*cked by any man or women. Therefore there's no NTR.

This is a light read.


If you want to support me and have character illustrations, you can do so via PayPal or Patreon.

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Chapter 1 Reincarnation?




Hmm? What is going on? What are these noises? Why is it so dark? Wasn’t I supposed to be dead? Well whatever, it’s not like I can do anything thinking of these things anyway. I try to feel the darkness around me but I suddenly feel something warm and liquidy pouring into me. I can feel it, my throat, my mouth, it’s moving. Phew, I think I have my body intact. I try to open my eyes and suddenly in the vast expanse of darkness I finally feel some traces of light around. Oh it’s too blinding, ah fuck it’s too blinding.

I close my eyes and this time I try to open it slowly and the the scene which I saw made me bewildered.

Never in my virgin life of nineteen years have I ever seen such a heavenly scene. In front of me was a very beautiful lady, in her early 30s probably. She had silver silky hair, purple eyes like the most beautiful amethyst, a beautiful face devoid of any blemishes and one which would make any and everyone kill each other to just have a look at. I’ve never seen many women in real life except for on the internet but I can for sure say that this one is the most beautiful and prettiest among all. Anyway, that’s not the problem at hand, the problem is that, that lady is looking at me very lovingly and with warmth in her eyes.

“%#!&” she said with a smile.

Oh well I don’t understand what she is saying but the next thing she did made me somehow understand.


I panicked a little but oh well I eventually calmed down. Who won’t, considering you are getting so much warmth and comfort and not to mention milk!

I see, so, I was on a plane to go back to my home country, after completing my studies in a foreign country and there was a certain turbulence and the flight started shaking violently, people were screaming everywhere and well of course, I too was panicking and the next thing I heard was an explosion and there was sudden darkness around me. Just like that, the next thing I know I’ve reincarnated.

This beautiful lady is for sure my mother, if not then I am fucked. Considering the loving gaze she’s been giving me, she for sure is my mother. Yes she is and you cannot deny otherwise. Please don’t. I don’t want more troubles. I already died once. I should stop overthinking and do what I need to. Drink milk from these beautiful nipples. I am a baby afterall.

In the country of Nightingale.

Inside a majestic dark castle, in a well lit room, very contrasting to the outside dark and gloomy atmosphere. A silver haired, purple eyed lady that appeared to be in her early 30s was sitting on a big bed with a small infant in her arms to whom she was breastfeeding. She was looking lovingly at the child she just gave birth to, she didn’t understand why the child didn’t make any noise or why he didn’t cry at all after he was born but after feeling his heartbeat and his eyelids fluttering she understood that he was healthy.

“Congratulations madam!” A maid said.

“Congratulations mom! Can I hold my brother?” A beautiful lady with the same features as the one holding the child said. She too had the same silver hair, purple eyes and her face was sculpted with no imperfections and appeared to be in her early 20s. If she hadn’t stated that the lady infront of her was her mom then everyone would’ve mistaken her for being her sister.

“No dear, right now he is very weak. You can hold him after a few days okay?” The lady said smiling. Her smile was very warm and her gaze very gentle.

“Fine.” Said the lady in her 20s sulking.

“Now, now dear, mother is tired and your brother needs to be fed too. Can you come back later please?” The lady said in a gentle tone.

“Okay.” The lady in her 20s said in a neutral tone and left along with the maid.

“You must be hungry right, my baby? Don’t worry mother is here for you and she’ll always love and protect you.” The lady said in a much more gentler way than before and in a much more loving way and low voice as if even the slightest thing could hurt the baby in her arms.

The baby opened his eyes and looked at her and she too smiled at him after noticing his gaze and lowered him and opened her robes for him to breastfeed.

Time passed. A few days later.

The lady in her 20s came back into the room.

“Mom, now can I hold him?” She asked in a pleading tone and a puppy face.

“Here, dear, but be gentle okay?” The lady said in a concerned voice.

“Okay, okay, but give him to me now.”

The lady hands over her baby to her and looks at her in a concerned way and gets ready to make her move in case anything happens.

Hmm? What’s happening again? I felt something weird. I open my eyes and once again I feel shocked. How did my mother get younger wtf? And how did her breast reduce in size? I started making noises after I saw her but alas, what was heard was a baby’s crying or that’s what my mother thought because I felt someone grabing me and I once again look and find the familiar face of my mother. Oh she’s here. So who was the one who was just holding me? I try to move my face to look again but I cannot. It’s a child’s body which is only a few days old, it makes sense I guess.

“Mom why did you take him back?” The lady in her 20s said.

“He was crying dear. I think he found himself with someone not familiar to him and started crying.” She said in a gentle way, her previous concerns all gone.

“Hmph! You just don’t wanna be separated from him, don’t give me excuses.”

“Oh oops, seems like I got caught” she said jokingly and extended her hand gesturing for the lady in her 20s to come sit beside her.

The lady in her 20s came and side beside her, now looking at her little brother directly and much more clearly than before.

“Wow! He looks so much like you mom.”

“Don’t you look like me too?”

“Well I am your daughter so it makes sense.”



“Anyway, I’ve decided on his name.”

“Oh tell me, tell me, tell me quick mother.”

“Calm down. His name is going to be Lith. Lith Evure.”


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