When I Saw The Returns, I Invested In My Future Wife First by Elite Classroom

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Chapter 41 - 41 Luo Feng Is Both Studious And A Teacher?
Chapter 42 - 42 I Really Cannot Learn Your Way Of Teaching
Chapter 43 - 43 The City'S Number One, Destined Top Scorer Of The College Entrance Examination
Chapter 44 - 44 The Orphanage Is In Danger, A New Path To Wealth
Chapter 45 - 45 Let Darling Teach You How To Open A Milk Tea Shop
Chapter 46 - 46 We Want To Be An Entrepreneur Couple In The Future!
Chapter 47 - 47 Reverse Bargaining, Are You Alright?
Chapter 48 - 48 Drink! Why Don'T You Drink!
Chapter 49 - 49 Can Luo Feng Reappear In The World Of Business?
Chapter 50 - 50 You Promised To Wear It For Me!
Chapter 51 - 51 Sense Of Career Crisis Strikes Again!
Chapter 52 - 52 There'S A Reason For The Public Display Of Affection!
Chapter 53 - 53 Teacher Yu Has Good Potential To Carry Goods
Chapter 54 - 54 I Love Him, So I Can'T Owe Him
Chapter 55 - 55 Classmates Repaying Gratitude, We'Re Going To Make Big Money!
Chapter 56 - 56 Why Don'T We Have A Star Student In Our Class?
Chapter 57 - 57 I Don'T Want To Be Proud, But My Strength Forces Me To Be
Chapter 58 - 58 It'S Finally Someone'S Turn To Give Us Gifts After So Many Years
Chapter 59 - 59 Free Advertisement In The Milk Tea Shop, The Effect Is Great
Chapter 60 - 60 What'S Mine Is Yours, Dear Lady Boss
Chapter 61 - 61 Carefully Selected Gifts, Good Eyesight!
Chapter 62 - 62 It Is The Last Night, What Are Your Dreams?
Chapter 63 - 63 The College Entrance Examination Begins, Ai Tingya Comes To Stay Over
Chapter 64 - 64 Writing So Fast That It Was Scary, The Terrifying Luo Feng
Chapter 65 - 65 The Top Scorer Of The College Entrance Examination Has Been Determined
Chapter 66 - 66 Why Is It You Two Again?
Chapter 67 - 67 They’Ve Long Treated Ai Tingya As Family
Chapter 68 - 68 Prospects For The Future, Open A Company!
Chapter 69 - 69 Ai Tingya Expressed Her Heartache
Chapter 70 - 70 Coincidentally, The Factory Is Not Running Well
Chapter 71 - 71 It Would Not Be Fair If We Do Not Compensate The Working People
Chapter 72 - 72 Good Boss, Is It Too Late To Jump Ship Now?
Chapter 73 - 73 If You Want To Spend, Spend On Higher Quality Goods!
Chapter 74 - 74 What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Doesn'T Spend Money? Please Teach Me.
Chapter 75 - 75 Boss, Please Let Me Follow You Forever!
Chapter 76 - 76 The Results Are Out, Let The Top Scorer'S Mother Speak
Chapter 77 - 77 The First Words Of The Top Scorer Were An Advertisement?
Chapter 78 - 78 I Hope My Mother Will Be Proud
Chapter 79 - 79 The Tug-And-Pull War Between The Recruitment Teachers
Chapter 80 - 80 I Have To Be Fierce In Order To Donate Money!
Chapter 81 - 81 Ai Tingya'S Background
Chapter 82 - 82 Time To Fulfill The Promise
Chapter 83 - 83 Everyone'S Blessing
Chapter 84 - 84 A Lie Told A Thousand Times Would Become The Truth
Chapter 85 - 85 Luo Feng, To Be Observed
Chapter 86 - 86 From Being Scolded To Being Praised, All You Need Is To Gift A Car
Chapter 87 - 87 Must You Wear The Few Catties Of Gold Ornaments Out?
Chapter 88 - 88 Luo Feng, You Are The Pride Of Our Entire Extended Family!
Chapter 89 - 89 Is This A School Advancement Banquet Or An Engagement Party?
Chapter 90 - 90 Arriving At University, The Phone Number The Senior Left Behind
Chapter 91 - 91 You'Re Still The Best After Much Comparison!
Chapter 92 - 92 That Professor'S Strange Attitude
Chapter 93 - 93 I Have To Continue Open Shops Even I Attend University
Chapter 94 - 94 To Have Something Fall Into Your Lap? A Shop That Seeks Rent At A Low Price
Chapter 95 - 95 Ai Zhaojiang'S Humble Way Of Helping
Chapter 96 - 96 Why Is There Another Performance Competition?
Chapter 97 - 97 You Look Too Good In These Clothes. Stay Away From Us
Chapter 98 - 98 Senior Sister Is Looking For A Date, Ah No, Giving Warmth
Chapter 99 - 99 Internal Affairs Reorganization Is Too Difficult For A Man
Chapter 100 - 100 It'S Too Much To Bring A Virtuous Housewife To School!
Chapter 101 - 101 Yang Bo'S Unintentional Mistake Sent Sister-In-Law To The Hot Search!
Chapter 102 - 102 How To Attack Ai Tingya?
Chapter 103 - 103 The Target Of The Poach Declaring Sovereignty!
Chapter 104 - 104 The New Employee Training Plan Begins!
Chapter 105 - 105 It'S Hard Not To Be Popular If They Rely On Ai Tingya
Chapter 106 - 106 You'Ve Always Been So Outstanding, In Every Field
Chapter 107 - 107 An Unprecedented Discussion Caused By A Few Photos
Chapter 108 - 108 The Goddess Uses Your Money To Feed Her Boyfriend!
Chapter 109 - 109 Unable To Withstand The Temptation, An Awkward Chance Encounter
Chapter 110 - 110 Legendary Senior Is In The Shop,Do You Want To Discuss Cooperation?
Chapter 111 - 111 The Price Of Accepting Investments
Chapter 112 - 112 A Mere 10 Million Yuan Is Not Comparable To My Girlfriend'S Smile
Chapter 113 - 113 They Are A Match Made In Heaven!
Chapter 114 - 114 Lying To Her To Sign A Contract, Rewarding Her With Real Estate!
Chapter 115 - 115 You Are Short On Money Even Though You Have Ten Million Yuan?
Chapter 116 - 116 Chapter 116 No Need To Say Any Further, I Want This House!
Chapter 117 - 117 I Just Want To Give You A Home, That'S All
Chapter 118 - 118 Chapter 118 Boss, Why Did You Jump Backwards First?
Chapter 119 - 119 Chapter 119 The Opponent Who Appeared Out Of The Blue!
Chapter 120 - 120 Delighted To Obtain A Skill Card, Employees Are Also Upgraded
Chapter 121 - 121 Sincere Conversation Between Workers
Chapter 122 - 122 Boss, Please Accept Us!
Chapter 123 - 123 They'Re Poaching People, We'Re Poaching People Too!
Chapter 124 - 124 Different Working Atmosphere, Greater Changes
Chapter 125 - 125 Luo Feng! The Enemy That Cannot Be Underestimated!
Chapter 126 - 126 Recognize Each Other, Are You Angry With Me?
Chapter 127 - 127 The Nearer The Hometown, The Scarier It Is, Ai Tingya Is Upset
Chapter 128 - 128 It'S Finally Time To Show Off My Granddaughter!
Chapter 129 - 129 Father'S Past
Chapter 130 - 130 You'Re Finally Willing To Call Me Grandpa!
Chapter 131 - 131 How Should I Deal With The Discount The Enemy Is Giving?
Chapter 132 - 132 Protecting The Image And Launching A Couple Preferential Event
Chapter 133 - 133 Immortal Event, Please Accept My Bow!
Chapter 134 - 134 Believe In The Rumors, The Milk Tea Shop Is Comparable To Magpie Bridge
Chapter 135 - 135 It'S Finally Time To Expand!
Chapter 136 - 136 Unsatisfactory Beginning, None Of Them Came Satisfied
Chapter 137 - 137 Mental Rollercoaster, Is This Company Alright?
Chapter 138 - 138 The General Manager'S Needs Are The First Priority Of The Company!
Chapter 139 - 139 Ai Tingya Expresses That Having Luo Feng Is Enough
Chapter 140 - 140 Poverty Allowance? Teacher, You'Ve Found The Wrong Person
Chapter 141 - 141 There Is Only One Spot, Up For Competition!
Chapter 142 - 142 Admit Defeat And Lost Conviction
Chapter 143 - 143 Luo Feng, Don'T Tell Me You Like Him?
Chapter 144 - 144 Crisis, Does He Not Like Me Anymore?
Chapter 145 - 145 Why Are You Here?
Chapter 146 - 146 The Angel Investor Has Something To Ask!
Chapter 147 - 147 This Is Your Profit Model? Of Course It'S Normal To Make A Loss
Chapter 148 - 148 Changing Direction, Making A Delivery Platform!
Chapter 149 - 149 A Million Is A Million!
Chapter 150 - 150 In Hindsight, Long Time No See Ai Tingya
Chapter 151 - 151 Recognition Of Ai Tingya'S Learning Results
Chapter 152 - 152 Senior, What A Coincidence Meeting You Again
Chapter 153 - 153 All Of This Is Thanks To You, Senior!
Chapter 154 - 154 Don'T Sweat About The Income, Spend Money!
Chapter 155 - 155 Boss, You'Re Really Manly!
Chapter 156 - 156 Xiao Ya, I Will Always Love You, But I Want To Work For My Boss!
Chapter 157 - 157 Next Development, New Restaurant Emergence On The Platform
Chapter 158 - 158 Delivery First Experience, Hotpot In The Dormitory
Chapter 159 - 159 Dinner In The Dormitory, Nothing Would Come Out From Being Reserved
Chapter 160 - 160 Roommate, Are You Still Recruiting Part-Timers?
Chapter 161 - 161 Luo'S Parents Arrived, First Meeting With The In-Laws
Chapter 162 - 162 Marriage Proposal At The Same Time As The Birthday Celebration
Chapter 163 - 163 The Unconfident Zhou Teng Mustered His Courage!
Chapter 164 - 164 What Is The Most Important About Chasing A Girl? Domineering Aura!
Chapter 165 - 165 Sudden Accident At The Crossing
Chapter 166 - 166 Kindness Being Trampled Upon, Blackmail!
Chapter 167 - 167 The Company'S Measures To Support Employees Who Met Unjust Treatment
Chapter 168 - 168 We Must Seek Justice! Writing The Denunciation
Chapter 169 - 169 Publishing News, Noticed By Reporters!
Chapter 170 - 170 Playing Rogue, Let The Professionals Do It!
Chapter 171 - 171 Seeking Death Without A Way Out?
Chapter 172 - 172 We Are Bad People, We Have No Morals
Chapter 173 - 173 Compensation! It Should Have Been Like This!
Chapter 174 - 174 Highlight Of The News, Wouldn’T It Be This Beautiful Face?
Chapter 175 - 175 Fame Widened, A New Busy Period
Chapter 176 - 176 Is A Luxury Car Good Enough As A Birthday Gift?
Chapter 177 - 177 Everything About This Car Is Good, Apart From It Being Too Cheap
Chapter 178 - 178 Mother Luo Is Jealous? Make Up For It Together!
Chapter 179 - 179 Luo Feng'S New Crisis, Someone'S Poaching Her!
Chapter 180 - 180 Pursuer? Did You See Our Boss'S Luxury Car?
Chapter 181 - 181 Very Good, Today'S Boss And Lady Boss Are Also Very Loving
Chapter 182 - 182 Another Gift? What Should It Be?
Chapter 183 - 183 Xie Yan'S Father Is Coming!
Chapter 184 - 184 Dictatorial Father, Xie Yan Must Be Obedient!
Chapter 185 - 185 I Believe In Xie Yan'S Ability! What About You, Uncle?
Chapter 186 - 186 Give Up Your Shares And Let'S Partner!
Chapter 187 - 187 Calling Each Other Brothers, Luo Feng'S Seniority
Chapter 188 - 188 New Reward, Black Technology Card!
Chapter 189 - 189 At The Moment Of Death, The Rarely Bold Ai Tingya
Chapter 190 - 190 The Proposal Is Different From What I Thought
Chapter 191 - 191 The So-Called Revision Is The Job Of All The Students
Chapter 192 - 192 It'S Just The Final Examination, I'M Already Preparing For The Next Semester
Chapter 193 - 193 Professor, Aren'T You Too Vicious!
Chapter 194 - 194 There Is An Extra Test If You Submit The Test In Advance? Teacher, Are You Serious?
Chapter 195 - 195 You'Re Very Talented, Will You Consider Changing Your Major?
Chapter 196 - 196 Damn It, Luo Feng Is Showing Off Again!
Chapter 197 - 197 The Unbearable Memory Of The Annual Meeting
Chapter 198 - 198 Don'T Listen To The Boss'S Grand Plans, Eat And Drink What You Should Eat!
Chapter 199 - 199 Employees Can'T Enter Their Annual Meeting?
Chapter 200 - 200 It'S The Boss'S Responsibility To Not Think It Through!
Chapter 201 - 201 Get Back Your Dignity And Give Everyone Practical Rewards!
Chapter 202 - 202 So Much Year-End Bonus, Are You Still Hiring?
Chapter 203 - 203 Loyalty Multiplies! I Want To Sacrifice Myself For The Company!
Chapter 204 - 204 Senior Yan'S Visit, Three Causes Of Failure
Chapter 205 - 205 New News, The Delivery Opponent Is Here!
Chapter 206 - 206 Thank You Senior, You'Re Really A Good Person!
Chapter 207 - 207 Returning Home, Home'S Gone, Father And Mother Run Away!
Chapter 208 - 208 Please Take Me In, Can We Spend The New Year Together?
Chapter 209 - 209 Who Is More Important, Boss Or Best Friend?
Chapter 210 - 210 Afraid Of The Dark And Wants To Sleep With You!
Chapter 211 - 211 Don'T Ignore Me, Okay?
Chapter 212 - 212 The Insensible Xiao Fei Still Hopes To Be Promoted?
Chapter 213 - 213 Nothing Delicious Can Be Compared To Your Boiled Egg
Chapter 214 - 214 The Changed Teacher Yu, Are You Alright?
Chapter 215 - 215 Your Juniors Need You For The Lecture!
Chapter 216 - 216 You Don'T Understand Senior Brother Luo Feng At All!
Chapter 217 - 217 Listen To Senior Brother, Don'T Learn From Me!
Chapter 218 - 218 Silly Children, That'S How Imaginations Are Shattered
Chapter 219 - 219 Powerful Enemy Attack, Luo Feng'S Solutions
Chapter 220 - 220 The Delivery Men Met, Your Benefits Are Not Bad
Chapter 221 - 221 Well, We Have High Salaries And Good Benefits
Chapter 222 - 222 Fighting For Justice! Your Company Is Really Good!
Chapter 223 - 223 We Are Colleagues From Now On!
Chapter 224 - 224 The Boss Of Gather Sift Takeaway Is Not A Kind Person!
Chapter 225 - 225 Boss, Please Allow Me To Apologize Now!
Chapter 226 - 226 Setting Off For Shanghai!
Chapter 227 - 227 Pick Up Lines On The Plane, I'Ll Drop You Off?
Chapter 228 - 228 Hello, Meeting The Director Of The Investment Corporation!
Chapter 229 - 229 Probing By Both Sides, Negotiation On Terms Of Cooperation!
Chapter 230 - 230 Something I Regret Very Much. Do You Know What It Is About?
Chapter 231 - 231 The Business Is Too Big, It Makes Me Regret It!
Chapter 232 - 232 Tacit Understanding, The Carrot And The Stick
Chapter 233 - 233 Connections Are Useful, There Was One At The Door
Chapter 234 - 234 A Talented Junior Who Focused On Entrepreneurship
Chapter 235 - 235 Do You Dare To Not Want The Shares I Gift To You?
Chapter 236 - 236 Do You Have Experience In The Affairs Of Standing In The Family?
Chapter 237 - 237 The Boss Is A Student, Who Is Going To Report Back To School!
Chapter 238 - 238 The Fight For The Local Specialties, New Food!
Chapter 239 - 239 Luo Feng, Save Me!
Chapter 240 - 240 Exemption, I'Ll Go To Shanghai!
Chapter 241 - 241 Application Form, Don'T Be Too Ridiculous!
Chapter 242 - 242 Professor Vincent, You Be The Judge!
Chapter 243 - 243 Can You Achieve The Conditions For The Exemptions?
Chapter 244 - Chapter 244 10 Lines At A Glance, New Pick Up Skill?
Chapter 245 - Chapter 245 Problem! Student, You’Re Too Pitiful!
Chapter 246 - Chapter 246 Shocking The Teachers! Who Can Possibly Teach This Student!
Chapter 247 - Chapter 247 Passed The Assessment, I Really Can’T Bear To Let You Go
Chapter 248 - Chapter 248 An Invitation From A Powerful Being, Not Going!
Chapter 249 - Chapter 249 Bezos Is Here Personally! Boss, Hurry Up!
Chapter 250 - Chapter 250 Refusing Investment! Teammates Become Opponents!
Chapter 251 - Chapter 251 Why Did You Reject It? It Was As If You Missed 100 Million!
Chapter 252 - Chapter 252 The Subsidies Are Surging! Grab A Bargain
Chapter 253 - Chapter 253 Where Will The Future Of The Company Be If The Employees Resign?
Chapter 254 - Chapter 254 The Life Of Nobodies, To Go Or Stay?
Chapter 255 - Chapter 255 Luo Feng Returns, Relaxed!
Chapter 256 - Chapter 256 Four Hundred Million Yuan, Let’S Play Seriously
Chapter 257 - Chapter 257 Another Round Of Investment, More Additional Investments?
Chapter 258 - Chapter 258 Do You Want To Starve To Death If I Don’T Come?
Chapter 259 - Chapter 259 Holiday Because Of The Female Boss!
Chapter 260 - 260 Looking For A Beautiful Female Secretary?
Chapter 261 - 261 Invitation To The Internet Forum!
Chapter 262 - 262 Newcomers Attend, The Most Good Looking Person!
Chapter 263 - 263 Giving A Speech On The Stage, A Great Opportunity!
Chapter 264 - 264 Bezos’ Counterattack Means Something!
Chapter 265 - 265 Taking Sides, Targeted By Amazon!
Chapter 266 - 266 Admitting Mistake! Counterattack On The Spot!
Chapter 267 - 267 Proposing The Food Delivery Convention, Will You Follow Them?
Chapter 268 - 268 The World Is Too Small, Don’T You Want Preferential Treatment?
Chapter 269 - 269 Mother Luo Calls, So Proud!
Chapter 270 - 270 Back To School, Time To Write A Thesis!
Chapter 271 - 271 Luo Feng, How Can You Have Fallen To This State!
Chapter 272 - 272 A Beautiful Senior Studying In The Path Of An Academic
Chapter 273 - 273 Suspicious Of Life, Shocking Learning Speed!
Chapter 274 - 274 The Senior Who Broke Down In Secret
Chapter 275 - 275 How Bold! Do You Know What You'Re Saying?
Chapter 276 - 276 Hidden Ultimate Technique, Skill Enhancement Card
Chapter 277 - 277 Thesis Completed! Submission!
Chapter 278 - 278 Rejecting Of The Submission, Just A Newcomer'S Writing
Chapter 279 - 279 A Seminar! What Did You See?
Chapter 280 - 280 Elites From Everywhere Gathers!
Chapter 281 - 281 Correcting Mistakes, Your Thesis Is Wrong!
Chapter 282 - 282 Let'S Discuss The Basics Since Everyone Is Here
Chapter 283 - 283 Come To Our School, We Won'T Treat You Badly!
Chapter 284 - 284 National Tv Channel Interview, Can I Not Go?
Chapter 285 - 285 Young Man, Are You Teacher Luo?
Chapter 286 - 286 Reviewing Luo Feng'S Thesis? It'S Killing Me!
Chapter 287 - 287 Are You Serious About Your Reactions?
Chapter 288 - 288 Graduating On The Spot, So Many Certificates?
Chapter 289 - 289 The Documentary Is Viral, Who Is This Person?
Chapter 290 - 290 Bezos’S Methods, Untouchable Person!
Chapter 291 - 291 The World Congress Of The Mathematicians, Everyone'S Anticipation
Chapter 292 - 292 Let'S Get Married Here!
Chapter 293 - 293 Wedding Ceremony, I Will Always Love You
Chapter 294 - 294 What Should I Do If My Son Is Too Enthusiastic?
Chapter 295 - 295 New Industry, Cultivating Internet Celebrity Livestreamers To Sell Goods!
Chapter 296 - 296 Coincidentally Meeting An Acquaintance, Join My Company To Be A Celebrity!
Chapter 297 - 297 Awkward Rejection, It Appears That The Big Boss Was Right Beside Me!
Chapter 298 - 298 Cooperation? You Can Take Your Time To Think About It
Chapter 299 - 299 Yang Tianzhen'S Scammer Company?
Chapter 300 - 300 Name Your Price, Any Price
Chapter 301 - 301 Believe In Yourself, No One Is More Suitable Than You!
Chapter 302 - 302 Your Trainee'S Talent Is Extremely Low
Chapter 303 - 303 New Company, Innovative Artist!
Chapter 304 - 304 President Luo Is Here, Public Display Of Affection (Pda) To A Whole New Level!
Chapter 305 - 305 Guidance In Filming, Training The New Team
Chapter 306 - 306 Newcomer Interview, Please Show Your Specialty
Chapter 307 - 307 I Applied Because Of The Boss!
Chapter 308 - 308 Chasing The Boss Away? Where'S Your Dignity!
Chapter 309 - 309 Damn It, Morris Is Secretly Tricking Me!
Chapter 310 - 310 Can The Trouble Caused Be Calculated With Money?
Chapter 311 - 311 Newcomer Gift Bag, Direct Cash Return?
Chapter 312 - 312 Concern From Your Roommates, Don'T Be Fooled!
Chapter 313 - 313 How Could There Be Such A Good Thing On The Eve Of The Popularity?!
Chapter 314 - 314 The Next Step Of Development, Continue Working Hard!
Chapter 315 - 315 It'S Not Easy To Be A Trainee. Do You Want To Find A Part-Time Job?
Chapter 316 - 316 Determined To Give It A Try First!
Chapter 317 - 317 Spend Boldly, The Company Is Not Short Of Money!
Chapter 318 - 318 First Time Fame Sees Effect, Please Autograph For Me!
Chapter 319 - 319 Pouring Out Grievances, I'Ve Long Disliked Morris!
Chapter 320 - 320 There'S Risk In Jumping Ship, We Need To Think Of A Way
Chapter 321 - 321 Plan Successful, Working As A Live Streamer!
Chapter 322 - 322 Which Product Should I Choose For The First Goods Carrying?
Chapter 323 - 323 The Official Beginning, Successful Impetus
Chapter 324 - 324 At The Critical Moment, The Lady Boss Had To Do It!
Chapter 325 - 325 Quests Completed!
Chapter 326 - 326 Online Carnival, New Fashion Booking!
Chapter 327 - 327 Only 980,000 Yuan?
Chapter 328 - 328 Tang Jin'S Idea, Team Versailles
Chapter 329 - 329 Please Help Me To Inquire, Is Your Company Still Short Of Manpower?
Chapter 330 - 330 Indecisiveness Is Contagious. Rebellion!
Chapter 331 - 331 A Bet On The Ending Of The Program?
Chapter 332 - 332 Sister, Don'T Be Blinded By Love!
Chapter 333 - 333 The Question Is A Little Complicated This Time, Stay
Chapter 334 - 334 Spy? I Trust Everyone!
Chapter 335 - 335 Benson'S New Piece Of News, Star Gathering Party!
Chapter 336 - 336 Fight Bravely, The Company Is Your Backing!
Chapter 337 - 337 I Won, Time To Taste The Fruit Of Victory
Chapter 338 - 338 Public Opinion Fermented, The True Colors Of Scamming The Company
Chapter 339 - 339 There Was Not A Single Speck Of Dirt After Digging Around?!
Chapter 340 - 340 Jumping Over To The New World!
Chapter 341 - 341 An Unexpected Invitation
Chapter 342 - 342 The Advantage Of The Public Opinion Battle, Everyone Is Protecting You!
Chapter 343 - 343 Where'S Your Ambition? Show It!
Chapter 344 - 344 Preparation For The Latest Talent Show Program In The Country!
Chapter 345 - 345 The Secret Of Winning A Bet, Knowing Information Beforehand
Chapter 346 - 346 First Experience On The Red Carpet, Don'T Be Nervous
Chapter 347 - 347 Awkward Party Experience, I'Ll Protect You
Chapter 348 - 348 Live Eating, And With Chairman Xiong
Chapter 349 - 349 Enemies Are Bound To Meet
Chapter 350 - 350 Waiting In Line For Cooperation, You Must Remember!
Chapter 351 - 351 Your Pursuit Is Quite Unique
Chapter 352 - 352 They'Re All Bosses, Why Are They Different?
Chapter 353 - 353 The First Auction, The Worst Moment To Raise The Price
Chapter 354 - 354 You Have To Fight Even If You Don'T Want To, A Deal Price!
Chapter 355 - 355 A White Lie, Grandpa, Don'T Despise It
Chapter 356 - 356 An Impressive Character!
Chapter 357 - 357 A Shocking Performance, Kou Zhiyuan'S Finale Move!
Chapter 358 - 358 Return Gift And New Skill Card!
Chapter 359 - 359 Another Appearance, Keep It For Now
Chapter 360 - 360 The Director Is Watching You, Good Luck
Chapter 361 - 361 So You Did It On Purpose!
Chapter 362 - 362 Busy Signing Work, Take It Down!
Chapter 363 - 363 The Conditions For Finding An Emcee Are So Strict!
Chapter 364 - 364 The Best Candidate, Ai Tingya! Any Objections?
Chapter 365 - 365 The Contestant Is Causing Trouble Before The Livestream?
Chapter 366 - 366 Livestream Life And Competition, Are You All Right?
Chapter 367 - 367 Bad Broadcast Mode, It'S Over
Chapter 368 - 368 Taking The Initiative To Ask For Shares, Deciding To Advance And Retreat Together With The Company!
Chapter 369 - 369 An Unexpected Situation, A Live Streaming Fight?
Chapter 370 - 370 You Have To Listen To Us If You Lose The Bet!
Chapter 371 - 371 Someone Is Creating Trouble, I Can'T Find The Culprit!
Chapter 372 - 372 Nothing Else, I Just Want To Show Off
Chapter 373 - 373 The Boss Has Foresight Indeed!
Chapter 374 - 374 Here The Platform. If You Want To Listen, Come And Train!
Chapter 375 - 375 Helping A Friend With Her Popularity, The Story Behind The Contestants
Chapter 376 - 376 The Broadcast Begins, There Are Many Photos Of The Eye-Catching Contestants
Chapter 377 - 377 Visiting My Wife, Long Time No See
Chapter 378 - 378 A Lure, Invitation From The Director
Chapter 379 - 379 Be Brave, What Did He Do?
Chapter 380 - 380 Fight Until The End, Never Compromise!
Chapter 381 - 381 Leave, I Won'T Forgive You!
Chapter 382 - 382 The New Director Is Up To You!
Chapter 383 - 383 Getting Dirt On The Rivals!
Chapter 384 - 384 I'Ll Be The Director Since There'S No One Else Suitable
Chapter 385 - 385 Lady Boss, Please Persuade The Boss
Chapter 386 - 386 If The Boss Says It'S Fine, It'S Fine!
Chapter 387 - 387 The Popularity Sent By Enemy Companies
Chapter 388 - 388 Successful Second Episode, New Director Acknowledging A Master
Chapter 389 - 389 Kou Zhiyuan And Zachary'S Alliance
Chapter 390 - 390 Deeper Conspiracy, Waiting!
Chapter 391 - 391 Shocking The Mastermind! Luo Feng Is Actually Such A Person?!
Chapter 392 - 392 The Truth Is So Close But No One Is Looking Out For It
Chapter 393 - 393 Public Opinion Fermented, Finding The Traitor Is More Important!
Chapter 394 - 394 Scheming, One Person Arranged The Entire Drama!
Chapter 395 - 395 Can You Bear Luo Feng'S Anger?
Chapter 396 - Chapter 396 Bring Out The Secret Weapon, High-Tech Talent!
Chapter 397 - Chapter 397 Waiting For The Best Moment To Catch All Of Them!
Chapter 398 - 398 From Making A Mistake To Apologizing Was Only Half An Hour
Chapter 399 - 399 Clarification, Everyone Will Have Their Retribution
Chapter 400 - 400 A Lifelong Pursuit, About To Be Realized!
Chapter 401 - 401 Life'S Problem, You Must Choose One Or The Other!
Chapter 402 - 402 Going Crazy One Last Time Before Saying Goodbye To A World With Only The Two Of Them!
Chapter 403 - 403 Airport Pickup, Everywhere Is A Debate Ground
Chapter 404 - 404 Go Back To Work! We Will Take Care Of Tingya!
Chapter 405 - 405 Reflect, Boss, What Defects Do I Have?
Chapter 406 - 406 Correcting The Direction And Letting Go Of Those Integrities!
Chapter 407 - 407 Preparations Before The Operation, Absorbing Newbies
Chapter 408 - 408 Luo Feng'S Status In The Family Falls Day By Day
Chapter 409 - 409 The Difficulty Of A Small Actress, Taking An Ungraceful Path
Chapter 410 - 410 Pestering, Don'T Come Over!
Chapter 411 - Chapter 411 I Know You. No One Trusts You More Than Me
Chapter 412 - 412 Hint: Good Benefits, High Remuneration, Those Who Want To Jump Ship Should Hurry Up!
Chapter 413 - 413 The Plan Goes Smoothly, Welcome To Jump Ship
Chapter 414 - 414 Would It Be Convenient To Speak Face To Face With An International Female Star?
Chapter 415 - 415 A Mother'S Nagging, I Only Want You To Be Healthy And Safe
Chapter 416 - 416 Meeting The Miserable Female Star
Chapter 417 - 417 Scarlett Can'T Control Her Emotions And Hasn'T Emerged From Her Character?
Chapter 418 - 418 Sisters! I'M Here To Care About You And Save You!
Chapter 419 - 419 The Misunderstanding Is Resolved, You Can Sign The Contract, There'S Only One Condition!
Chapter 420 - 420 Good News Comes One After Another, The Prepared Gift
Chapter 421 - 421 Luo Feng'S New Plan, It'S Not Too Much To Buy A Hospital, Right?
Chapter 422 - 422 Career And Love, Lei Jin'S Dream Girl!
Chapter 423 - 423 A Career Type Girl Is Really Rare
Chapter 424 - 424 Let The Gentleman Win The Favor After The Brief Meeting
Chapter 425 - 425 Serious Analysis, Bold Hypothesis, Is There Any Possibility Of Development?
Chapter 426 - Chapter 426 Serious Analysis, Lei Jin'S Way Forward!
Chapter 427 - Chapter 427 We'Re All Brothers, There'S No Need To Be Polite
Chapter 428 - Chapter 428 The Appearance Of A Young Seller, 100 Million Yuan, No Bargaining
Chapter 429 - Chapter 429 Please Negotiate In Reverse, Don’T Be Afraid Of Raising The Price Boldly!
Chapter 430 - Chapter 430 Who Can Fulfill My Small Wish To Spend Money?
Chapter 431 - Chapter 431 They Will Find Another Plan
Chapter 432 - Chapter 432 Can We Be Friends? Probably Not...
Chapter 433 - Chapter 433 Tracking Him Down To Return The Money You Have To Accept It!
Chapter 434 - Chapter 434 The Conflicted Father And Son Relationship, There’S Really No Need To Return The Money!
Chapter 435 - Chapter 435 Dad’S Conflicted Thoughts, Hard To Detect
Chapter 436 - Chapter 436 Sharp Observation, Ceo Cheng’S Merits
Chapter 437 - Chapter 437 Resolving Family Conflicts, Pity The Parents’ Hearts
Chapter 438 - Chapter 438 Holding The Doctor And Professor’S Heart, I Have To Give You Full Scientific Research Funds
Chapter 439 - Chapter 439 Moving With Emotion And Reason, Touching Past
Chapter 440 - Chapter 440 Chatting In The Hospital While Waiting, Do You Need An Intermediary?
Chapter 441 - Chapter 441 Their Deep Thoughts, How To Relieve The Medical Stress?
Chapter 442 - Chapter 442 Life Became Different Because Of Them
Chapter 443 - Chapter 443 Asking Song Xue, How Long Is Your Reflex Arc?
Chapter 444 - Chapter 444 Joining A New Discussion, Lei Jin, You Know Quite A Bit
Chapter 445 - Chapter 445 The Company Doesn’T Allow Internal Recordings, You Have To Go To Work Normal!
Chapter 446 - Chapter 446 No Need To Eat Dog Food Anymore, It’S Different Having A Girlfriend
Chapter 447 - Chapter 447 The Doctor Showed Off His New Job During The Early Opening
Chapter 448 - Chapter 448 Housing Prices Rise, The Environment Became Lively!
Chapter 449 - Chapter 449 A Big Test! The Fetus Moved, Mother Suppresses The Entire Situation!
Chapter 450 - Chapter 450 I Will Love You Forever, Forever And Forever
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:


Luo Feng was reborn back in his high school years. From the start, he acquired the Return On Investment System.

[Invest in this coffee shop and you will be able to open many branches in the future. It has an ROI of 100%.]

[Invest in Bitcoins and the price will skyrocket in the future. It has an ROI of 10,000%.]

[Invest in the cute girl who is the deskmate in class and she will become your wife in the future. It has an ROI of infinity.]

Luo Feng decisively chose to invest in his future wife.

Many years later, during a press conference, a reporter asked, “Mr. Luo, your White River Investment Company has surpassed Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, becoming the most famous investment management company. In your opinion, what is the most successful investment you have made in your life?”

Luo Feng looked at his wife fondly as he replied, “Don’t ask me. I just live off my wife.”

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Chapter 1

Love On The Sick Bed, Goddess Sending Warmth?

“Mr. Luo, your tumor has already spread. We discussed at length and are in consensus that only a craniotomy can save your life!”

The doctor in the white coat had a cold expression on his face, his voice was as flat as a low-quality robot. It was as if the item in his hand was a lousy menu instead of an X-ray with bad news.


Luo Feng, who was sitting opposite the doctor, laughed bitterly. “What is the success rate of a craniotomy?”

The doctor adjusted his glasses and extended four fingers.

“40%?” Luo Feng asked.

Nearly 50% success rate?

Luo Feng was a little happy. This seemingly bad news was the best news he had heard recently.

“Four percent.” The doctor replied coldly.

Luo Feng felt like he had fallen into an ice cave the moment he heard that.

What was the difference between four percent and a direct declaration of death! Was there a need for a meeting to discuss this?

The doctor didn’t seem to notice Luo Feng’s expression of despair. “You still have slightly less than half a month if we treat it conservatively.”

Luo Feng could hear the urging in his words. He wouldn’t be of any help to the hospital’s financial gains as someone who was sent here by a caring person.

Moreover, to put it bluntly, treating him would be a waste of medical resources given his condition.

“I’ll do the surgery. If it doesn’t work out, you guys can take the organs that are still useful.” Luo Feng said as he propped himself up with the table and left the treatment room.

The tumor in his brain had almost drained all of his strength. His body was like a broken lantern made of paper. The slender bamboo strips would deform and break with just a tiny external force.

Luo Feng held onto the anti-fall handrail and slowly walked back to his ward.

He lay back on the bed and spat out the air in his lungs in pain.

He knew that he should contact his family to see them one last time and eat whatever he wanted according to the protocol, even though the doctor did not remind him just now.

Unfortunately, he had no family.

His parents had passed away early. Two relatives who wanted to inherit all his money since he had no offspring did come. However, they hid far away as if they were avoiding a plague when they heard that he was sick with nothing left.

Xing Miaomiao was the first name listed in his communication record.

She was Luo Feng’s ex-girlfriend. The two of them started dating in high school and got into the same university together. They have never separated even after their internship, so they were an enviable couple.

Xing Miaomiao was promoted from his girlfriend to his fiancée when they got engaged one year ago.

However, the irony was that Xing Miaomiao had never appeared again ever since Luo Feng discovered the brain tumor. She even canceled the wedding ceremony that was already on the agenda and drew a clear line with Luo Feng.

Luo Feng’s classmates were the ones who told him the news. However, it was very difficult for him to question Xing Miaomiao face to face with his weak body. He had to let it go even though he was unwilling.

Luo Feng thought about it and realized that there was no one he wanted to see.

He stared blankly at a certain stain on the ceiling. The silent room was terrifyingly quiet. The sound of the horn outside the window was like countless sharp arrows, hitting Luo Feng’s ear, the bull’s eye, revolving repeatedly in his brain after piercing through it.

“Urgh!” Luo Feng covered his mouth and felt his stomach churning. There was nothing in his stomach for him to throw up, only the sour stench rushing into his throat, burning his tongue.

Luo Feng hurriedly tried to grab the cup on the bedside table. However, he was unable to reach it.

Suddenly, Luo Feng felt the cup hit the back of his hand. He grabbed it and gulped the water in it down. He started coughing again before he could even relax.

“Cough cough cough!” Luo Feng curled up into a ball in pain.

Right at this moment, a hand covered Luo Feng’s back, gently helping him breathe.

Luo Feng raised his head in surprise and saw a beautiful woman in an apricot-colored suit standing in front of him. The woman was elegant and magnanimous. She looked like she just walked out of a high-end show when looking at her up close.

“Thank you.” Luo Feng used his hand to cover his sorry state.

The beautiful woman was like the sun in the sky. Anyone would avoid her light and feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Luo Feng lowered his head to avoid the beauty’s gaze. He had a feeling that this person would leave very soon. Perhaps she was here visiting a family member and came over to help him out because he was pitiful.

To his surprise, the beauty did not leave. She, instead, sat down by his bed.

The folds of the suit skirt followed her curves, her long legs elegantly gathered together, and her small leather bag covered the edge of the skirt. Luo Feng felt like the beauty was observing him!

“Wow! That person seems to be the youngest female CEO of Goldman Sachs Investment Corporation. I’ve seen her on television!”

“She’s so beautiful. She looks even better in person than on TV!”

“God is so unfair. How can someone be so good-looking and capable at the same time!”

At some point, a few nurses had gathered at the door of the ward. Their whispers answered some of Luo Feng’s doubts.

Wasn’t Goldman Sachs the most popular investment company in the news? It had only been listed for four years and had a market value of more than 10 billion yuan. Its scope spanned finance, real estate, tourism, film and television, and many other industries.

If Tencent was the paraquat in the industry, then Goldman Sachs would be the industry’s blood transfusion pack. It would do whatever it wanted and prosper.

Why would the CEO of such a great company come to such a place?

Luo Feng looked at the beauty’s face and found it familiar.

The beauty pursed her red lips and said. “Luo Feng, how are you feeling? I heard from the doctor that you’ve decided to undergo surgery?”

Luo Feng nodded. “Yes, but who are you?”

The beauty was stunned for a moment. “I’m Ai Tingya. Don’t you remember?”

Ai Tingya?

This name sounds familiar, but Luo Feng’s limited brain capacity did not allow him to search through his past memories.

“High school, boiled eggs. Do you remember now?” Ai Tingya smiled and reminded him.

It was Luo Feng’s turn to be surprised.

When he was in high school, his mother would cook him a boiled egg every day to complete his nutritional intake. He did not like to eat it, so he gave it to a yellow-faced and muscular girl in his class.

He did not have a deep impression of this girl. He only remembered that her hair was dry like straw. She was always in her school uniform even though the other girls in his class dressed up. She was dry and thin, like a baguette in a pocket.

Her inconspicuous appearance led no one but her teacher to remember her for her excellent results.

Luo Feng then looked at the voluptuous beauty in front of him and thought to himself. “Is this because of the nutritions in a boiled egg, or is it because of a second puberty? She has turned into such a beauty!”

“What are you doing here?” Luo Feng asked anxiously.

What goes around comes around. He was the one who was like the baguette in a hospital gown. There was nothing sadder than seeing an old classmate with a successful career again while he was lingering on his sick bed.

Luo Feng shrank back into himself to avoid giving Ai Tingya his illness thinking about this.

Ai Tingya sensed his resistance and stopped leaning closer to him. She pretended to be calm and replied. “Of course I’m here to see you. The period when we were deskmates might have been ordinary to you but it is unforgettable to me!”


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