Zhan Yue by Shi Luo Ye

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Lin Buyi
Chapter 3: Failed
Chapter 4: Wind Cloud Platform
Chapter 5: First Time Appearing
Chapter 6: I Want To Try Him
Chapter 7: Perfect Quest
Chapter 8: Long Yilan
Chapter 9: White Cloak
Chapter 10: First Again
Chapter 11: Spirit World Patroller
Chapter 12: Invincible Hunter'S Edge
Chapter 13: Breaking Dawn
Chapter 14: White Cloak Shocks The World
Chapter 15: Huge Gains
Chapter 16: Mother Hunter'S Edge
Chapter 17: Green Forest Armor
Chapter 18: I Like Work
Chapter 19: Activating It All The Way
Chapter 20: Necromancer
Chapter 21: Apprehension
Chapter 22: King Of The Gnoll!
Chapter 23: Legend Of The Dog God
Chapter 24: Dragon Alliance
Chapter 25: Owner Of The Blood Pool
Chapter 26: Target Of Extinction
Chapter 27: Snakebone Blade
Chapter 28: Stepping Into A Trap
Chapter 29: Taking Revenge
Chapter 30: Rise Up Once More
Chapter 31: Lightning Rider Assassin
Chapter 32: Super Army Gather
Chapter 33: What Quality, Just So-So
Chapter 34: Lin Xi
Chapter 35: Reported
Chapter 36: 100 Year Soul Refining Flower
Chapter 37: Pure Ocean Suppressing Stone
Chapter 38: Training Ground
Chapter 39: Forming Soul
Chapter 40: Precious Disciple
Chapter 41: Brand New
Chapter 42: Beastrider
Chapter 43: Level 35 Rare Boss
Chapter 44: Top In Server
Chapter 45: Wine And Poems
Chapter 46: Saying Something Fierce
Chapter 47: Three Times Stats
Chapter 48: Exiled One
Chapter 49: Terrifying Defence
Chapter 50: Dying Breaths
Chapter 51: Old Mountain
Chapter 52: No Exception
Chapter 53: Jerk'S Freedom
Chapter 54: Inscriber Job Change
Chapter 55: Minister Of Justice
Chapter 56: Blood Grievance Necklace
Chapter 57: 4 Ocean 8 Wasteland Map
Chapter 58: Phenomenon Appearing
Chapter 59: Inscriber Grade Weapon
Chapter 60: Unspeakable Fate
Chapter 61: Swear To Not Return
Chapter 62: Element'S Challenge
Chapter 63: Mars River
Chapter 64: She Is Here
Chapter 65: Snow Moon
Chapter 66: Quest
Chapter 67: Mysterious Core Data
Chapter 68: Combo Quickness
Chapter 69: Entering The Leaderboard
Chapter 70: Essence
Chapter 71: Separated By Water
Chapter 72: Third
Chapter 73: Ancient Secret Technique
Chapter 74: Hidden Shadow Forest
Chapter 75: Sincere Coorperation
Chapter 76: Dragon Formation
Chapter 77: Meeting My Match
Chapter 78: Added Conditions
Chapter 79: Shen Feng
Chapter 80: Inscriber Job Change Quest
Chapter 81: Record Down All The Names
Chapter 82: Fighting Breaking Dawn
Chapter 83: Enemies Forever
Chapter 84: Willing To Follow Senior Brother
Chapter 85: Third Elder
Chapter 86: King'S Request
Chapter 87: Reborn
Chapter 88: Proper Deal
Chapter 89: Getting Worse And Worse
Chapter 90: Best Leveling Location
Chapter 91: Successive Kills
Chapter 92: Young Chief, So Amazing
Chapter 93: Artifact Upgrade
Chapter 94: Treasure Descends
Chapter 95: Golden Lion Feather
Chapter 96: Stone Demon Armor
Chapter 97: Uneven Battle
Chapter 98: Blood Curse Talisman
Chapter 99: You Are A Demon
Chapter 100: Lin Mu
Chapter 101: Super System
Chapter 102: Start To Do Business
Chapter 103: What Do You Need
Chapter 104: Decision To Kill
Chapter 105: Dark Shadow Jump
Chapter 106: Absolute Strength
Chapter 107: Cooperation
Chapter 108: Fighting Elements
Chapter 109: A Huge Deal
Chapter 110: Really Sour
Chapter 111: We Want Hotpot
Chapter 112: Nine Fallen Birds
Chapter 113: Scum
Chapter 114: Why Should I Head Out
Chapter 115: Sealed God Tower
Chapter 116: Feel The Excitement
Chapter 117: I Lost
Chapter 118: 5 Purple Equipment
Chapter 119: Double Inscriptions
Chapter 120: Wiping Out Eternal Night
Chapter 121: King Yue Tomb
Chapter 122: Morals
Chapter 123: Awkward Matter
Chapter 124: Long River Fallen Moon
Chapter 125: King Yue Hall
Chapter 126: Killing Pendant
Chapter 127: Third Combo
Chapter 128: Frostfang
Chapter 129: Orange Puppet
Chapter 130: Orange Night And White Bird
Chapter 131: Pardon
Chapter 132: Yan Buhui
Chapter 133: Man And Sword As One
Chapter 134: Luoyan Mountain Battlefiled
Chapter 135: Orange Night Can Be Upgraded
Chapter 136: On The Leaderboard
Chapter 137: Me, July Wildfire
Chapter 138: Battle Of Flame Bamboo Ridge
Chapter 139: Downstairs Little Black
Chapter 140: As Expected From You
Chapter 141: Baby You Really Look Good
Chapter 142: Right General Bai Jian
Chapter 143: Last Minute Overtake
Chapter 144: Cant You Just Order Properly
Chapter 145: Taste My Orange Night
Chapter 146: Heartbroken Ghost
Chapter 147: Spirit Crane Bone
Chapter 148: Successfully Comprehended
Chapter 149: Trying To Monopolise
Chapter 150: Orange Grade Five Puppet
Chapter 151: Blood Emperor Of Terror
Chapter 152: Invincible Blood Emperor
Chapter 153: Competitor Appear
Chapter 154: Destroyed
Chapter 155: Revenge Plan
Chapter 156: Skill Chain
Chapter 157: 10 Years Lifespan
Chapter 158: Your Name
Chapter 159: Meeting Lin Xi For The First Time
Chapter 160: Joining With You
Chapter 161: Redwood Giant Ape
Chapter 162: Despair Murloc
Chapter 163: Heaven Sword Umbrella
Chapter 164: Lance Deep Ocean Shield
Chapter 165: Don'T Flirt With Ruyi Flirt With Me
Chapter 166: Not Forgeting Initial Intentions
Chapter 167: Protector Of Steel
Chapter 168: End Of First Battle
Chapter 169: Silently Putting In Effort
Chapter 170: Door Locker
Chapter 171: Burning Batle
Chapter 172: Sleeping Evil Spirit
Chapter 173: White Bird'S Growth
Chapter 174: Cangfeng'S Spirit
Chapter 175: Bold Decision
Chapter 176: Hellfire Minions
Chapter 177: Meeting The King For The First Time
Chapter 178: Autumn Moon Cold River
Chapter 179: Cloud Piercing Arrow
Chapter 180: Are You Serious
Chapter 181: Windchasing Cape
Chapter 182: Targeting
Chapter 183: Courage
Chapter 184: Ancient Wood Hall
Chapter 185: Blood Cultivator
Chapter 186: Face Gale
Chapter 187: Paladin'S Pity
Chapter 188: Three Carries Of With You
Chapter 189: Life Is Tough
Chapter 190: Darkness Demon Vine
Chapter 191: Top Helmet
Chapter 192: Item For Item
Chapter 193: Skyflame Ink
Chapter 194: Wind Is A Little Big
Chapter 195: Half Beast Half Man Elite
Chapter 196: Increased Price
Chapter 197: Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 198: Unparalleled Shattering
Chapter 199: Both Handsome And Righteous
Chapter 200: Shen Mingxuan I Will Take Your Life
Chapter 201: Fued Is Not Over
Chapter 202: Nearly Frightened To Death
Chapter 203: Paladin'S Echo
Chapter 204: Total Suppression
Chapter 205: Border
Chapter 206: Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 207: Fighting The Sword Saint
Chapter 208: Top Of The 5 Locations
Chapter 209: Magical Artifact- Bloodthirst Banner
Chapter 210: New Fighting System Idea
Chapter 211: Lin Cheng
Chapter 212: Showing Strength
Chapter 213: Demonic Blade Heaven Swallowing
Chapter 214: Flames Of Karma
Chapter 215: I Wanted To Scold Him Loudly
Chapter 216: Spiritual Confusion Music
Chapter 217: He Is Not Really Strong
Chapter 218: Blood Giant Armor
Chapter 219: Lucky
Chapter 220: Upgrade Unique Grade Boss
Chapter 221: Returning The Exact Same Words
Chapter 222: Selling For One Dollar
Chapter 223: Mundane Slaughterer
Chapter 224: I Will Bury You
Chapter 225: Spirit Swallowing Hole Battle
Chapter 226: Heaven Hound
Chapter 227: First Master Servant Quest
Chapter 228: Celestial Emperor Xiao Chen
Chapter 229: Purgatory Demon Realm
Chapter 230: Unappraised Equipment
Chapter 231: Leveling Quickly
Chapter 232: Desert Giant
Chapter 233: Fleeing
Chapter 234: Orange Necklace
Chapter 235: Invincible God Eye
Chapter 236: Stop Flirting
Chapter 237: Are My Shoes Nice?
Chapter 238: Lunar Eclipse
Chapter 239: Solo Challenging Breaking Dawn
Chapter 240: Invincible Combination
Chapter 241: Cloud Reaching Stone
Chapter 242: 1鹿3胖
Chapter 243: White Bird, Upgrade
Chapter 244: Definitely Insta Kill
Chapter 245: Perfect Merge
Chapter 246: Enemies Meet Again
Chapter 247: Wind Cloud Palm, Unparalleled
Chapter 248: Wanting To Live
Chapter 249: Evil Spirit Upgrade
Chapter 250: Demon Slaying
Chapter 251: Lucky Gains
Chapter 252: Flames
Chapter 253: Queen Leg Cloth
Chapter 254: Hidden Dragon Scroll
Chapter 255: All Skilled People
Chapter 256: Genius Dying
Chapter 257: Do You Want To Build A Snowman
Chapter 258: Sparks Of Love
Chapter 259: Blissful Hit
Chapter 260: Explorer'S Shield
Chapter 261: Ancient Snow Whale
Chapter 262: Mind Restraint
Chapter 263: Silver Ocean Sword
Chapter 264: Dragon Race In Hiding
Chapter 265: Are You Calling Me
Chapter 266: Doing What I Want
Chapter 267: Ghost Blade
Chapter 268: Hot Temper
Chapter 269: 战平
Chapter 270: Mysteries Of Nature
Chapter 271: Flame Bird
Chapter 272: I Will Raise You
Chapter 273: Tony Appear
Chapter 274: 7 Star Half Attack Growth
Chapter 275: Targeted
Chapter 276: Ambushing Lin Xi
Chapter 277: Exposed
Chapter 278: Rather It Was You
Chapter 279: Finding A Job
Chapter 280: Flame Tortoise Armor
Chapter 281: Ignorant Captain Lu
Chapter 282: Deep Ocean Queen Prawn
Chapter 283: Shangshan Ruoshui
Chapter 284: How Bold Is A Person
Chapter 285: Blood Sparring Ground
Chapter 286: Luckiest Person
Chapter 287: Blade Storm
Chapter 288: Moving Army Bug
Chapter 289: Moving Towards Death
Chapter 290: Top Ten On The Leaderboards
Chapter 291: Flame Ant Queen
Chapter 292: Invisible Soul Swallowing
Chapter 293: Wind Explosion Arrow
Chapter 294: Huge Bet
Chapter 295: Demon Blade Swallowing Heaven
Chapter 296: Finished In 1 Second
Chapter 297: Flame Demon Home
Chapter 298: Flame Heaven Rider
Chapter 299: Spreading Like Flames
Chapter 300: Fleeing
Chapter 301: Ignorant
Chapter 302: Darkness Dragon Tooth
Chapter 303: Spiritual Ruin Destroyed
Chapter 304: Ice Blade Boomerang
Chapter 305: Grandfather Fanchen
Chapter 306: Brother Seven
Chapter 307: Blood Arrow
Chapter 308: Wind Chasing Stab
Chapter 309: Blood Drinking Blade
Chapter 310: Wooden Dummy
Chapter 311: Legacy Grade First Kill
Chapter 312: Invincible City Return
Chapter 313: Thousand Mile Moon Foal
Chapter 314: Spirit Meridian Golden Land
Chapter 315: Unbelievable
Chapter 316: God Hall Disciple
Chapter 317: Rich Family
Chapter 318: Spirit Zither Master
Chapter 319: Winds Of Battle Fengxian
Chapter 320: Destroying Old Instruments
Chapter 321: Job Change Success
Chapter 322: Heart Pain
Chapter 323: Starlight Tier Quest
Chapter 324: Battle For Resources
Chapter 325: Huge Win
Chapter 326: Pride
Chapter 327: Rod
Chapter 328: Jumping Point
Chapter 329: Cang Tong
Chapter 330: Learning For Chen Xuan
Chapter 331: Higher Level Authorisation
Chapter 332: Not Saying Half A Sentence
Chapter 333: Armor Breaking Arrow
Chapter 334: First Legendary Grade Pet
Chapter 335: Accumulated Grievances For A Long Time
Chapter 336: Bad Thoughts
Chapter 337: War Descends
Chapter 338: Heading To Dongyang City
Chapter 339: White Shirt Minister
Chapter 340: Probing
Chapter 341: Shocking Conditions
Chapter 342: Kind King Of Darkness
Chapter 343: Battle Of Bright Moon Canyon
Chapter 344: One Person Leaderboards
Chapter 345: I Am A Blood Cloak Elder
Chapter 346: Blood Barbarian Giant
Chapter 347: Let Them Die Quickly
Chapter 348: Heaven Hound'S Suggestion
Chapter 349: Path Of The Sword
Chapter 350: Use My Own Strength
Chapter 351: Darkness Shura
Chapter 352: Killing Feng Gang
Chapter 353: Sword Saint'S Strike
Chapter 354: Also Reported
Chapter 355: Flame Stepping Cloud Boots
Chapter 356: Double Identity
Chapter 357: Second Bloom
Chapter 358: Gravedigger Association
Chapter 359: Braised Fish Rice
Chapter 360: White Tree Spirit
Chapter 361: Countering Enemy
Chapter 362: Ashen White War Helmet
Chapter 363: Poison Refining Technique
Chapter 364: Crane Poison Source
Chapter 365: Fast Person And Fast Words
Chapter 366: With You
Chapter 367: Reducing Arrogance
Chapter 368: Flames State
Chapter 369: Challenging Feng Canghai
Chapter 370: Moonlight Firefly'S Compensation
Chapter 371: Telling The Truth
Chapter 372: Poison Forest
Chapter 373: Proper Guy
Chapter 374: Fighting Feng Canghai
Chapter 375: Thrill Of The Hunt
Chapter 376: Fracturing Canyon
Chapter 377: Intense Jade War Horse
Chapter 378: Main Force Arrives
Chapter 379: Lin Xi'S Speed
Chapter 380: Unbreakable Defence
Chapter 381: Dawn
Chapter 382: Upgrade Sss
Chapter 383: Fracturing Armor
Chapter 384: Lin Xi Protector Captain
Chapter 385: Formless
Chapter 386: Spectre Body
Chapter 387: Breakthrough Progress
Chapter 388: Lin Xi Tears
Chapter 389: To Li River
Chapter 390: Half A Barbecue Fish As Evidence
Chapter 391: Empty
Chapter 392: Rough
Chapter 393: Light Over The Wilderness
Chapter 394: Poison Tactic
Chapter 395: Blood Army
Chapter 396: Carrying The Whole Team
Chapter 397: Another Guild Creation Token
Chapter 398: Sparring
Chapter 399: Defeating The Experts
Chapter 400: Always Cared
Chapter 401: Rich Family
Chapter 402: Gathering Of The Experts
Chapter 403: Iron Demon
Chapter 404: Double Faction Players
Chapter 405: Muntjac Forest
Chapter 406: Taking Over The Map
Chapter 407: Ghost Walker
Chapter 408: Smashing Flowers
Chapter 409: Extreme Speed
Chapter 410: Trap Technique
Chapter 411: Dragon Soul Hall
Chapter 412: Heaven Hound'S Warning
Chapter 413: Hai Xingchen
Chapter 414: Long Xingtian
Chapter 415: Returning Essence Chestplate
Chapter 416: Dealing With Heaven Hound
Chapter 417: Beauty In The Mirror
Chapter 418 - You Are Bad You Are Bad You Are The Worst
Chapter 419: Extreme Dust Mountain Battle
Chapter 420: Ranked 13Th
Chapter 421: Nice People Get Bullied
Chapter 422: Gravedigger
Chapter 423: Firmly First
Chapter 424: Moving Army Bug
Chapter 425: Retreat
Chapter 426: Strongbowman
Chapter 427: Valen
Chapter 428: Crescent Moon Marquis
Chapter 429: High Speed Cannon To Attack Flies
Chapter 430: God Wind Marquis
Chapter 431: Regarding Su Xiaohan
Chapter 432: Stubborn
Chapter 433: July Wildfire Is Lu Li
Chapter 434: Bonecrusher
Chapter 435: Seven Star Blade
Chapter 436: So Direct
Chapter 437: Flame Gold Stone
Chapter 438: Blood Red Brother Boolin
Chapter 439: Corpse King Ridge
Chapter 440: Goodnight Shen Mingxuan
Chapter 441: Wolf
Chapter 442: Descending Chaos
Chapter 443: Breaking Dawn Can'T Take It Anymore
Chapter 444: Seven Star Chaos
Chapter 445: With You'S Help
Chapter 446: Setting Fire To The Backyard
Chapter 447: Paper Art
Chapter 448: Restricting One Another
Chapter 449: Stargazing Technique
Chapter 450: Start To Get Arrogant
Chapter 451: 10 Spawnpoints
Chapter 452: Mysterious Organisation
Chapter 453: Are You July Wildfire
Chapter 454: Don'T Offend Me
Chapter 455: Lin Xi'S Invitation
Chapter 456: Cold Noodles With Meat
Chapter 457: Exploding Bird
Chapter 458: Chasing Special Effect
Chapter 459: Breaking Dawn Dust Is Crazy
Chapter 460: Fierce Beast
Chapter 461: Self Sacrifice Upper Limit
Chapter 462: Other Me
Chapter 463: Ah Fei'S Sincerity
Chapter 464: Like This Feeling
Chapter 466: Worth It
Chapter 467: Flame Wrapped Boar
Chapter 468: First Altercation
Chapter 469: Other World Beast
Chapter 470: 7Th King
Chapter 471: Dragon Rider
Chapter 472: Snow Deer
Chapter 473: Finding Out The Truth
Chapter 474: How Are You The Guild Leader
Chapter 475: Dragon Cavalry Hall
Chapter 476: 500 Men Battle
Chapter 477: No Healing Battle
Chapter 478: Dragon Soul Legacy
Chapter 479: Legacy Battle
Chapter 480: Battle For Beliefs
Chapter 481: Mixed Leaderboard
Chapter 482: Shadow Hunter
Chapter 483: Dragon Cavalry Hall'S Challenge
Chapter 484: Terrifying
Chapter 485: Final Obstacle
Chapter 486: Gift From His Highness
Chapter 487: Final Attack
Chapter 489: Scamming
Chapter 490: Dragon Mage
Chapter 491: 9 Dragon Resonance
Chapter 492: Fire Monkey Forest
Chapter 493: Board Meeting
Chapter 494: Old Huang
Chapter 495: Bad Defeat
Chapter 496: 24 Hours Meal Ordering
Chapter 497: I Am From Penglai
Chapter 498: Mars Lion
Chapter 499: Starfire Set
Chapter 500: Chaos Source
Chapter 501: Unsettled
Chapter 502: Cold North Province
Chapter 503: Pioneer Cavalry
Chapter 504: Ruyi'S Jump
Chapter 505: Guild Rankings
Chapter 506: Earthdigger
Chapter 507: Forest Guardian Dragonrider
Chapter 508: Apart From Ruyi
Chapter 509: Send You A Pole
Chapter 511: Flame Hell Jail
Chapter 512: 5 Element Energy
Chapter 513: God Dragon Realm
Chapter 514: Spacefront Formation
Chapter 515: 4 Lords
Chapter 516: Fire Demon Witch Skills
Chapter 517: Following The Crowd
Chapter 518: Young Master Shi Paying The Bill
Chapter 519: New Life
Chapter 520: Clash
Chapter 521: Before One Wave Ends
Chapter 522: Another Wave Rises
Chapter 523: Sulfur Flame God Hall
Chapter 524: Door Of Flames
Chapter 525: Water Avoidance Pearl
Chapter 526: Sword One Got Attacked
Chapter 527: Li Yang'S Ambition
Chapter 528: Fighting Li Yang (1)
Chapter 529: Fighting Li Yang (2)
Chapter 530: Meeting Han Yixiao
Chapter 531: Solid Brother
Chapter 532: New Power
Chapter 533: Little White
Chapter 534: Grandmaster Grade Assassin
Chapter 535: Giving All To You
Chapter 536: Little White Dragon
Chapter 537: Forbidden City
Chapter 538: First Battle In Spirit Realm Battlefield
Chapter 539: Never Underestimate Minions
Chapter 540: Trample With You And Capture Lin Xi
Chapter 541: Can'T Be Bitten Through'
Chapter 542: Lin Xi Surrounded
Chapter 543: Winds Of Battle Suggestion
Chapter 544: Self Redemption
Chapter 545: Berserk
Chapter 546: Game World
Chapter 547: Sparring
Chapter 548: Starlight Disintegration
Chapter 549: Saliva Battle
Chapter 550: Let'S Talk
Chapter 551: Heading Out Late At Night
Chapter 552: Full Marks
Chapter 553: Die
Chapter 555: One Person A Second
Chapter 556: Higher Permissions
Chapter 557: Yanshi Bugong'S Shamelessness
Chapter 558: Kill Them All
Chapter 559: I Will Protect Lin Xi'S Dreams
Chapter 560: Geniuses Are All Crazy
Chapter 561: Lin Xi'S Rebirth
Chapter 562: You Look Really Good
Chapter 563: Energy Well
Chapter 564: Demon Forest
Chapter 565: Army System
Chapter 566: Demon Killing Decree
Chapter 567: Obtaining Identity
Chapter 568: So Annoying
Chapter 569: Little Ailan
Chapter 570: Lamp Zombie
Chapter 571: Little Ailan
Chapter 572: Fushen Cape
Chapter 573: Confirmed Scum
Chapter 575: More Details
Chapter 576: Little Devil
Chapter 577: Big Face
Chapter 578: Frost King
Chapter 579: Nine Heavens Thunder Formation
Chapter 580: Fire Demon Witch Fighting Alone
Chapter 581: High Intensity Battle
Chapter 582: Destroyer
Chapter 583: Lan Che
Chapter 584: Skeleton Elf
Chapter 585: Mountain Shifting Formation
Chapter 587: Place To Fight
Chapter 588: Am I Such A Person?
Chapter 589: King Of Darkness Dies
Chapter 591: Source White Dragon
Chapter 592: Dragon Soul Essence
Chapter 593: 2 Essence Merge
Chapter 594: Lin Fengnian Didn'T Die?
Chapter 595: First Cooperation If Lan Che
Chapter 596: Perfect Match
Chapter 597: Sped Up Merger
Chapter 598: First Chaotic Grade Kill
Chapter 599: Innocent Lin Xi
Chapter 600: Who Is Young?
Chapter 601: Emperor'S Request To Meet
Chapter 602: One More White Dragon Sword
Chapter 603: Jack Murphy
Chapter 604: World Collision Theory
Chapter 605: Fighting Old Huang Again
Chapter 606: True Dragon Region
Chapter 607: Silver Dragon Queen
Chapter 608: Rmb Army Descends
Chapter 609: First Grade Quasi General
Chapter 610: Extreme Speeds
Chapter 611: Secret Tracking
Chapter 612: Very Important
Chapter 613: Half Horse Army
Chapter 614: Facing Sword Ocean
Chapter 615: Ponytail Princess
Chapter 616: White Robe Elder
Chapter 617: Shockwave Arrow Explosion
Chapter 618: Iced Beauty
Chapter 619: Summer Ice
Chapter 620: Luoke Yide
Chapter 621: Nothing To Say
Chapter 622: First Kill Rewards
Chapter 623: Shocking Skills
Chapter 624: You Look Noob
Chapter 625: Ah
Chapter 626: Light Cavalry
Chapter 627: More Solutions Than Problems
Chapter 628: Let Me Ride
Chapter 629: Giant Dragon Lands
Chapter 630: Dragonrider Hall'S Game Experience
Chapter 631: Dragon-Type Skill
Chapter 632: Prison Dragon Break
Chapter 633: Transformation Gives Me Courage
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On the opening day of Illusionary Moon, I realised that I had many more items in my inventory as compared to other players. One Shura Secret Codex, an Achievement Manual and also a really mysterious bracelet.

I didn’t know who gave me all these, I also didn’t know what triggered the system bug. The only thing I knew was that this was the beginning!

The world will tremble because of me, the mountains and rivers will awaken for me. 700 million girls will be attracted to me, because I might really be the strongest character in this world!

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Chapter 1: People Call Us 789

Chapter 1: People call us 789

System is rebooting!

Engines running!

System recharge successful!

Transmigration begins!



My mind was totally blank as my body continued to fall. It was as if I were about to be ripped apart. With the world spinning around me, I woke up with a jolt from my dreams.

I had a heavy feeling in my mind as if I had just woken up after experiencing the past. What I had seen moments ago was a giant abyss and many looming shadows looking down from above, but in the blink of an eye, I was back in reality.

“I am finally awake…”

As I lay in my bed, I thought,

I’m really going mad; even the scenes in my dreams are of those of a game… What is going on with me? Did I transmigrate from the game back into reality? No no…

My memories slowly recovered. A night ago, I was getting drunk with my best buddy, Ah Fei. Moreover, was this not Ah Fei’s house?


I was thinking about this when the thick scent of perfume suddenly entered my nose.

“What is going on? Why is there the smell of perfume in the room?”

I sniffed and reached out to brush above my pillow. However, I ended up grabbing a soft, triangular piece of clothing.


All of a sudden, lightning struck me. This was… a woman’s clothing? Rage rose in my chest.Why were there female things in my room?

“Ah Fei!

“Ah Fei, get over here!”

After I shouted twice in anger, a guy pushed the door open and entered. He was rubbing his wet hair, and when he saw me holding the undies in my hand, he smiled naughtily. “A-Ah Li, why are you awake? Ahahaha! I thought that you were going to sleep until the afternoon!”

“This, what is going on?!”

“T-That… That’s…”

His face turned red, then he said angrily, “D*mn! You really aren’t a brother. Did you get so drunk that you forgot about all that happened yesterday? If it weren’t because you got dumped, why would I go to the bar and get drunk with you?”

“En? I was dumped?”

I was totally lost and could not recall anything.

“You forgot about it already?” He walked up and placed his hands around my shoulders. “I am happy that you can walk out from the darkness of your love lost. It seems like yesterday’s drinking was worth it!”

“Stop changing the topic; what is this?” I continued to stare at the thing in my hand.


He laughed awkwardly as usual and said, “Didn’t I bring that Cara girl back last night… You were too drunk so I just did it beside you…”


I threw it at his face. “You really did it right beside me?”

“Anyways, you were too drunk and knew nothing.”


I kicked him out of the room.


Ah Fei’s loud laughter spread out from outside as he said, “Right, Ah Li, don’t forget about the important matters. Illusionary Moon opens at 3pm today. Don’t forget about how we are going to become legends of the world and create an illustrious history, sweeping everyone in our way!”

“Illusionary Moon opens today?!” I exclaimed.

“D*mn, did you turn dumb after sleeping?”

He stared at me. “Wait, do you still remember who Wang Siyu is?”

“Wang Siyu…” I was in deep thought.


He was speechless for a moment. “You just broke up with her a day ago, so why does it seem like you have forgotten all about her? You really are skilled; I am impressed. Hehe!”

I scratched the back of my head. “I don’t know, either. I had a dream after being drunk, and it seems like I have gotten over everything.”

“What dream?”

“I forgot…”

“I am impressed; I am really impressed!”

He grinned. “Anyways, you’ve also been fired so just stay here. With our gaming skills, we will definitely be able to rule the world in Illusionary Moon, won’t we?”


I scoffed. “Look at your gaming skills.Don’t you know your own place? You really should improve your gaming skills. If not, let’s not talk about sweeping the world, for you can’t even sweep a dog’s den…”

“Ahahaha! I look at the big picture! That is one of my better skills…”

He suddenly recalled something and asked, “Right, have you prepared the gaming helmet already? If not, then we have to go downstairs right away to buy one. Ten thousand for one. Right, you used to be the head data analyst of Destiny Corporation; you were earning tens of millions a year, so how did you become poor enough to be here?”

I felt a little embarrassed. “My bank card was frozen by my father; I have nothing to my name now…”

“D*mn, you unfilial child!Hahaha~”

“Scram scram scram! I will go check the helmets out.”



I dragged out a heavy luggage from the bottom of the bed. In it were basically all of my documents. In the corner of the luggage was a helmet which had a mix of gold and red patterns. This was Destiny Corporation’s latest game Illusionary Moon’s specific helmet. It was said to be the most advanced helmet, and I had only managed to get it after begging my sister for a long time.


When Ah Fei saw the helmet, he froze and muttered in disbelief, “That’s… Glory Helmet?! Red and gold interlaced—isn’t that a Glory Helmet? A limited edition! They say it’s designed for the top professional players. In the entire country server, only Li Xiao Yao, Fang Ge Que, Cang Tong, Q-Sword, the top twenty to thirty players have the right to own one.”

“En.”I nodded my head. “This is indeed a Glory Helmet.”

“How do you have it?”

He looked as if he had seen a ghost, touching the helmet like an insane man. He was even about to drool. “D*mn.Although your skills are just so-so… you are far from the level required to have this!”

“Don’t forget my identity. I was once Destiny Corporation’s head data analyst. Would it be hard to get a Glory Helmet using personal relations?”

He raised his thumb. “You really are good at bragging; I nearly thought that you were the son of Destiny Corporation’s big boss!”

“How would you know that I wasn’t? Hahaha~”

“Scram! His surname is Ouyang, while yours is Lu. You can wish that is the case, but forget about it! Hahaha~”

“Scram, you ****!”

“You are cursing again! When did my grandmother offend you…”

He laughed out loud and thengotserious. “Since you already havea helmet, we are ready, and since your bank account is frozen, stay in my house and be my little brother. I will feed you well in Illusionary Moon. Our legendary combination will definitely create a legend!”


… Who knows who’s gonna be the little brother!”

“Let’s go down to eat; the restaurant’s sour vegetable fish isn’t half bad. The waitress is also beautiful.”

“Wait a bit. Let me wash up first, then we can head out!”


Ah Fei turned around and left.

Looking at his back, I could not help but laugh. When I was at my lowest point, I actually had such a good brother taking me in. It seemedthat my life was not so bad.

Ah Fei was a local in Suzhou and his name was Shi Shangfei.

His name did come from somewhere. Legend had it that, the night before his mother gave birth to him, she dreamed of a golden-colored roc. His grandmother felt that he would rise up in the sky and help bring glory to the Shi family, so she gave him the name Shi Shangfei. However, the classmates mostly called him Fly. Because of that, they often ended up fighting.

Ah Fei was a player. How much of a player was he? So much that, when I was downstairs buying cup noodles, I would be able to meet several girls whom he had relationships with. So much that, in the short few kilometers to his office, his phone could automatically connect to dozens of Wi-Fi.

He was a player, but as a brother, he was top-notch.



Ah Fei and I each took a side of the living room and wore the game helmet. We waited for the launch of the game at three. The moment I put on the Glory Helmet, there was a


, and a golden flash of light appeared in front of my eyes. What I saw was a vast land with numerous golden-armor-wearing cavalry galloping forward. They gathered on the high ground.

The first-person camera suddenly panned down, and there were instantly a number of Undead Soldiers below. There were corrupted Cowhead Men holding battleaxes, Undead Beings with their mouths wide open, and even a Necromancer holding a staff. The ground shook and numerous Undead Soldiers rose from the ground, surging toward the human army like a flood.

The scenes suddenly changed. A full moon hung in the night sky and gave off a really devilish aura.

In my ears, I heard the opening female voice…

“When the silver moon rose, the elements awakened. The power of magic descended on the land and the living beings prospered. In the end, humans, barbarians, dragons, elves, and ocean waves appeared. Five thousand years ago, the kings of the five races signed the legendary Fanshu Contract in the human city of Fanshu, and it was known as the Five Race Alliance Treaty.

“Many years later, the Gate of Flames in the north of the continent was forcefully opened. The strong undead army swept the north, destroying a total of six empires made up of humans, elves, and barbarians. The five races were driven to the south. When the silver moon rose again, humans started their study of magic and martial arts. From then on, light and darkness, good and evil, began a long battle.”

Moonlight scattered and rain pelted down, forming two large words that stated, ‘Illusionary Moon’. Shortly after, the server countdown timer appeared in front of me.


I took a deep breath. As the head dataanalyst-cum-developer of Destiny Corporation, I should be unable to enter the game, but it was different this time. I was out of a job and could officially be an official player, joining this game which was said to be running on a new engine, one that grew from the core dataset of the last game, Destiny.


The voice of someone familiar spread into my ears.

“Ah Li, when you enter the game, with your comprehension ability, you will definitely be an expert. This is something I am sure of!Hahaha~”

This was Han Yixiao’s voice.

I suddenly felt melancholic. Han Yixiao, Ah Fei, and I graduated from the same high school. We played games together when we were young. My ID was July Flame, Ah Fei August End, andHan Yixiao September Vest. The three of us gamed together and people called us ‘789’. We were quite famous when we were ingame.

Unfortunately, all of this had passed.

I looked at the Illusionary Moon picture in the distance and sucked in a deep breath.

“Old Han, I will definitely find the truth and look for you. Don’t worry!”


Time passed second by second, and we got closer to the start of the servers.

One had to say, Ah Fei and I had rushed to set everything up. Most of the other teams had built relevant workshops, while we had made this decision just half a month ago. However, although it was rushed, I was still confident in my ability. I did not doubt that I would be able to sweep the world in this game.


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