Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library by Flammable Wood

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Chapter 40
Chapter 41 - Becoming A Healer Today
Chapter 42 - Uneasiness
Chapter 43 - When The Sword Appears, All The Immortals Bow At The Sight
Chapter 44 - Diversion, Stolen Home
Chapter 45 - Epiphany, The Great Sect
Chapter 46 - Inner Demons
Chapter 47 - Anyone Who Crosses This Line Will Be Killed Without Mercy
Chapter 48 - I Am A God
Chapter 49 - : I Warned You, Those Who Crossed The Line Would Die
Chapter 50 - Butterfly Effect
Chapter 51 - I Really Don’T Want To Be A Leader
Chapter 52 - Targeted
Chapter 53 - Old Ye, You Poisonous Milk
Chapter 54 - Ning Yuhen’S Secret
Chapter 55 - Star Beast Bloodline
Chapter 56 - Beast God Sect
Chapter 57 - Trampling On Freedom. What Kind Of Justice Is That?
Chapter 58 - The Final Healing Cultivation Technique
Chapter 59 - His Name Was Zhang San, And He Was Known As… The Manic Outlaw
Chapter 60 - Head Of Righteousness
Chapter 61 - Priest? No, Please Call Me Lord Resurrection Coin
Chapter 62 - Heroes Should Not Be Forgotten
Chapter 63 - Luring A Snake Out Of Its Hole? No, You’Re Luring A Dragon!
Chapter 64 - A Little Over The Top
Chapter 65 - Power Is Never Greater Than Strength
Chapter 66 - The Relationship Between Body Movement And Body-Refining
Chapter 67 - Two Sects
Chapter 68 - A Starry Sky To Light Up Your Death
Chapter 69 - Wishing For World Peace
Chapter 70 - The Final Movement Technique
Chapter 71 - The Great Nine Provinces Will Be Victorious
Chapter 72 - The Divine Intent Technique
Chapter 73 - Warning! Warning! High Energy Ahead!
Chapter 74 - I Won’T Stand For It
Chapter 75 - New Target, Body-Refining Technique
Chapter 76 - Just Copying Homework. It’S Not Like I’Ll Get Pregnant
Chapter 77 - There Was A Divine Grandmaster In Jianghai City!
Chapter 78 - Advancement To Xiantian Fifth Grade
Chapter 79 - Seven Stars In A Row
Chapter 80 - You Don’T Have Any Morals
Chapter 81 - A Real Man Takes More Than Five Seconds
Chapter 82 - Exorcism
Chapter 83 - Martial Intent Upgrade, Guaranteed Xiantian Sixth Grade
Chapter 84 - Buddha Or Ghost?
Chapter 85 - To Be A Ghost, One Must Have Foresight
Chapter 86 - The Last Body-Refining Technique
Chapter 87 - Synthesized Indestructable Diamond Divine Art
Chapter 88 - What Dignity Does A Foodie Need?
Chapter 89 - That’S My Blind Date. No, That’S My Blind Date
Chapter 90 - Higher Floors Of The Library
Chapter 91 - The Silver Fox Bloodline Activated
Chapter 92 - The Silver Fox Clan
Chapter 93 - Could It Be That The Supervisor Was Not A Human?
Chapter 94 - Ning Yuhen’S Decision
Chapter 95 - There Was No Limit To Synthesis
Chapter 96 - Ghost Saber
Chapter 97 - Righteousness! The Martial Way Of The World! Look Up To The Nine Provinces!
Chapter 98 - The Collection Of Refining Techniques
Chapter 99 - Godly Craftsmanship
Chapter 100 - The Black Market
Chapter 101 - Black Scales
Chapter 102 - A Small Family With A Small Home
Chapter 103 - The Big One Comes After The Small One
Chapter 104 - Mysterious Expert!
Chapter 105 - Can You Get A Different Snake To Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes?
Chapter 106 - Imperial Armor
Chapter 107 - The Battle Between Two Divine Sects!
Chapter 108 - The Skill Of This Blade Is Beyond The Reach Of Any Man!
Chapter 109 - Am I About To Be Exposed?
Chapter 110 - Am I Still Human?
Chapter 111 - A Set Of Armor That Caused A Bloodbath
Chapter 112 - Even If It Was Very Strong, One Had To Be More Cautious
Chapter 113 - Complete Alchemy Techniques
Chapter 114 - Advancement To Xiantian Sixth Grade
Chapter 115 - The Nature Of The Conflict Between Humans And Star Beasts
Chapter 116 - The Madness Of The Rich
Chapter 117 - It’S Big
Chapter 118 - A Bad Premonition
Chapter 119 - Why Have You Only Just Arrived?
Chapter 120 - A Bloodbath Caused By Ignorance Of Spring And Autumn 一 Ye Xiao Save Me
Chapter 121 - Unyielding Huan Liuli
Chapter 122 - Completed Another Small Goal
Chapter 123 - Where Did The Cat Go?
Chapter 124 - Master, If You Don’T Come Over Now, I’M Going To Become The Boss
Chapter 125 - The Day The Seven Stars Alignment Descended
Chapter 126 - The Current Genius Of The Human Race
Chapter 127 - The Earth-Shattering Celestial Dipper Array!
Chapter 128 - Are You Afraid? No, I’M Very Excited.
Chapter 129 - The Divine Sect’S Ambitions
Chapter 130 - Advancement To Xiantian Seventh Grade, Divine Grandmaster!
Chapter 131 - King El Had Descended!
Chapter 132 - I’Ve Been Waiting For You For A Long Time, Life
Chapter 133 - King El Panicked
Chapter 134 - Dying At Your Hands Is Not An Injustice
Chapter 135 - Sheep. They Were Full Of Treasures And A Must-Have To Become Rich
Chapter 136 - : Library Reform
Chapter 137 - Score Control, A Piece Of Cake
Chapter 138 - The Legend Of The Emperor
Chapter 139 - The True Purpose Of Jianghai City’S Expansion
Chapter 140 - New Prey
Chapter 141 - A Sudden Change
Chapter 142 - That Old Man Was Really Ugly
Chapter 143 - Dinner Tonight
Chapter 144 - Senior Saber-Sword Immortal, Just How Strong Are You?
Chapter 145 - The Final Basic Palm Technique
Chapter 146 - Synthesis, New Imperial Technique! Tathagata Divine Palm!
Chapter 147 - The Nine Provinces, A True Powerhouse!
Chapter 148 - The Battle Of A Thousand Years!
Chapter 149 - Cast A Long Line And Catch A Big Fish!
Chapter 150 - Friend, I Want You To Help Me With My Cultivation
Chapter 151 - Advancing, Xiantian Eighth Grade.
Chapter 152 - Leave Of Absence For A Few Days
Chapter 153 - The City Of The Fallen Phoenix
Chapter 154 - The Human Heart Is Sinister, So It’S Best To Be On Guard
Chapter 155 - The Descent Of A True God?
Chapter 156 - : Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 157 - While The Hunt Was In Progress
Chapter 158 - This Child Is The Best In The World!
Chapter 159 - Armament-Refining Convention
Chapter 160 - The Imperial Technique, The Earth-Burrowing Technique
Chapter 161 - : A Bolt From The Blue
Chapter 162 - A Hundred Tournaments Have Been Overshadowed By This Object
Chapter 163 - A Great Sage Of The Buddha’S School, Using His Body To Quell A Demon
Chapter 164 - The Great Nirvana’S Fist
Chapter 165 - The Two Divine Sects Had Gathered
Chapter 166 - Jianghai City’S Moment Of Glory
Chapter 167 - A Little Red Flower For Each Person
Chapter 168 - One Flower, One Sword. The Whole World Was Shocked!
Chapter 169 - No Mention Of The Saber-Sword Immortal
Chapter 170 - : This Battle Is Enough To Seal The Deal
Chapter 171 - Divine-Level Star Beast Farm
Chapter 172 - Beast God Sect
Chapter 173 - The Indian Buddhist
Chapter 174 - The Breeding And Maintenance Of The Divine-Level Star Beasts
Chapter 175 - Map Composition
Chapter 176 - Hunter? No, You’Re Just Prey.
Chapter 177 - This World Might Just Be A Starting Point
Chapter 178 - Dharma Scripture
Chapter 179 - The Best Way To Solve A Problem Is To Nip It At The Source
Chapter 180 - The Emperor’S Bloodline!
Chapter 181 - The Great Harvest
Chapter 182 - The Ambition Of A Divine Weapon
Chapter 183 - Revenge Of The Beast God Alliance
Chapter 184 - When A Divine Weapon Is Released, Ghosts And Gods Are Scared
Chapter 185 - Next Target
Chapter 186 - The Last Finger Technique
Chapter 187 - Infinite Calamity Finger!
Chapter 188 - Divine-Level Star Beast Refining Pills? Wishful Thinking!
Chapter 189 - The Three Divine-Level Star Beasts’ Attack
Chapter 190 - Turning The Tide
Chapter 191 - Desperate Survival
Chapter 192 - He Was Here Again
Chapter 193 - Poultry Should Have The Awareness Of Poultry
Chapter 194 - The Strong Preys On The Weak. You’Re Just A Bee, Yet You Still Want To Cling On Your Dignity?
Chapter 195 - The Indian Buddha Enters Shaolin
Chapter 196 - Steadily Rising
Chapter 197 - Promotion
Chapter 198 - The Birth Of A Treasure
Chapter 199 - The Power Of Using Your Eyes
Chapter 200 - One Fist, One Divine-Level Star Beast, One Saber, Another Divine-Level Star Beast
Chapter 201 - I Look Forward To The Moment When You Shine And Illuminate The Starry Sky
Chapter 202 - Medicinal Pill! A Draw Between Buddhists! Beast God Alliance, Long Tu!
Chapter 203 - Breathtakingly Crushing Prodigy!
Chapter 204 - Advancement! Xiantian Ninth Grade! Peak Of The Divine Sect!
Chapter 205 - Have You Ever Heard Of A Palm Technique That Fell From The Sky?
Chapter 206 - : No More Beast God Alliance
Chapter 207 - City Advancement
Chapter 208 - The Situation Was Grim
Chapter 209 - The Missing Array Masters
Chapter 210 - The Last Claw Technique, The Necessary Conditions To Become A King
Chapter 211 - The Star-Picking Hand. It Held The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars. There Was No Such Person In That World.
Chapter 212 - The Three Great Generals Under The Tiger God
Chapter 213 - All Cooled Down
Chapter 214 - : How Could The Great Samuel Be Made Into Poultry?
Chapter 215 - Saber God’S Obsession
Chapter 216 - A Man Is Only As Good As His Clothes, And A Buddha Is Only As Good As His Gold. With Some Gilding The Value Will Soar.
Chapter 217 - The Descent Of Norfis
Chapter 218 - The Main Body Has Never Met You Before, But I Have A Deep Sense Of Familiarity With You. Punch!
Chapter 219 - Why Are You Here As Well?
Chapter 220 - The Zhong City’S Advancement
Chapter 221 - There Were Always Some Scammers Around The Strong
Chapter 222 - She Was Supposed To Die, But Why Was She Still Alive?
Chapter 223 - Encountering The Tiger Demon
Chapter 224 - Supervisor, I Am Very Strong, Very Strong!
Chapter 225 - Synthesis, Soul-Refining Technique, Undying And Indestructible
Chapter 226 - The Mysterious Elder
Chapter 227 - Xiantian Ninth-Grade Divine Grandmaster, How Different Was That From A Dog?
Chapter 228 - Man Is God!
Chapter 229 - Heroes Cherish Heroes
Chapter 230 - : If You Can’T Kill A King, How Can You Be A King?
Chapter 231 - Disaster
Chapter 232 - Conception Of The King Realm, Halfway To King’S Realm
Chapter 233 - The Most Powerful Ye Xiao
Chapter 234 - Half-King Versus Half-God, The Battle Of Sword Art
Chapter 235 - : Start The Harvest
Chapter 236 - Another Bumper Harvest
Chapter 237 - The Pill Was Completed And The Training Was Over
Chapter 238 - Go To Jianghai City. There Might Be Someone There Who Can Save You
Chapter 239 - The Use Of The Golden Book
Chapter 240 - Opportunities For The King Realm, Heavenly Devil Cliff, Nine Provinces Dragon Vein
Chapter 241 - The Hunting Ground, The Suppression From The Human Race’S Prodigies
Chapter 242 - 20 Divine Grandmasters, 20 Giants
Chapter 243 - Autumn Wind Sweeps The Fallen Leaves
Chapter 244 - 21 Imperial Pills To Advance To The King Realm!
Chapter 245 - From This Moment On, I Am The King
Chapter 246 - The Synthesis Of The Imperial Technique
Chapter 247 - Returning To Jianghai City
Chapter 248 - Farm Well, Make A Fortune And Accelerate Your Cultivation.
Chapter 249 - They Decided To Be Poultry For 10,000 Years.
Chapter 250 - : The Purpose Of The Nine Provinces Alliance
Chapter 251 - In Front Of Him, Even The Divine Sect Was Afraid
Chapter 252 - Heavenly Guangyuan Grand Array
Chapter 253 - Samuel’S Desire
Chapter 254 - Chaotic Battle. This City Was Too Terrifying
Chapter 255 - Quickly Come Into The Cage
Chapter 256 - Escape
Chapter 257 - Introducing The New Breed: Lesser Divine Beast, Number: Two
Chapter 258 - Imperial Technique Synthesis, God-Slaying Technique, Splitting Open The Sky
Chapter 259 - The Man Who Brought About The Miracle
Chapter 260 - He Had Given Too Much
Chapter 261 - Starquake Tiger
Chapter 262 - Dragon Energy, Emperor’S Bloodline, Divine Blood, And Conjectures About The World.
Chapter 263 - When The Farm Was In Progress
Chapter 264 - Blood Breeds
Chapter 265 - The Nine Provinces, Is That A Place One Can Just Go To?
Chapter 266 - Friends From Afar
Chapter 267 - You Eat This Kind Of Big Meal Every Day?
Chapter 268 - : The Appearance Of An Emperor
Chapter 269 - The 21-Year-Old Is In The King Realm? The Legendary Saber-Sword Immortal Was Actually A Librarian?
Chapter 270 - Secret Of The Dragon Veins, The Black Tortoise’S Command
Chapter 271 - The Path To Heaven, The Path Of The Strong, Who Could Contend Against It?
Chapter 272 - Soaring Through The Clouds, The Number One Person In The Nine Provinces
Chapter 273 - : Entering The Dragon Vein, Activating The Divine Blood
Chapter 274 - : The Appearance Of A King, Full Activation Of Divine Blood!
Chapter 275 - The Birth Of A God
Chapter 276 - : On That Day, The Nine Provinces Was Bathed In Divine Light
Chapter 277 - Delivery. Fellow Townsman, Do You Need Your Dragon Energy?
Chapter 278 - : Greed. Advancing To The True God Realm
Chapter 279 - Black Clouds Pressed Down On The City And Wanted To Destroy It
Chapter 280 - A Sword Of Cold Light Opens Up The Nine Heavens, Cutting Down Tigers And Slaying Bats Like Blowing Smoke
Chapter 281 - Starquake Tiger’S Rage
Chapter 282 - I, The Mighty Tiger God, Am The Greatest!
Chapter 283 - The Secret Of The Cultivation Of The Emperor Realm
Chapter 284 - 11 Kings, Descend
Chapter 285 - Human Emperor Realm Inheritance
Chapter 286 - The Legend Of The Nine Provinces, Azure Dragon The Sword Emperor!
Chapter 287 - The Boundary Of The Starry Sky, Farewell To Old Friends.
Chapter 288 - Zhou
Chapter 289 - The Twelve Supreme Divine Beasts, The Human Race’S Death
Chapter 290 - The Blessing Of The Heavenly Judge
Chapter 291 - That Human Is Our Breakthrough Point
Chapter 292 - Great Fortune, Dinner Tonight…
Chapter 293 - The Mysterious Legend Of The Silver Fox Valley
Chapter 294 - Shocked Silver Fox Clan. The Supervisor Was Actually A Genius Martial Arts Expert
Chapter 295 - Emperor Realm Inheritance, Ancient Mystery
Chapter 296 - The Unrivaled Genius Who Shocked Even Zhou Wei, The Chosen One!
Chapter 297 - Obtaining The Divine Blood And Condensing The Dragon Energy!
Chapter 298 - Ning Yuhen Becoming King, Entering The Divine Beast Realm!
Chapter 299 - Purple Clouds From The East, All Souls Worship
Chapter 300 - The Emperor Rises From The Clouds, The Seventh Emperor Of The Human Race
Chapter 301 - The Emperor Realm Is So Powerful That Without A Single Thought, Your Aura Is Enough To Shake Heaven And Earth
Chapter 302 - Exterminating Star Beasts With A Snap Of The Fingers, Before Returning To Jianghai City
Chapter 303 - The Azure Dragon Challenge
Chapter 304 - Advancement Battle, Red Flower Reappeared
Chapter 305 - The Black Tortoise Shed Tears. This Was A True Genius, Unparalleled In The World!
Chapter 306 - The Azure Dragon Became The Emperor And The Lu Qingshan Became The King. The Magnificence Of This Sword Attack Shook The Nine Provinces
Chapter 307 - This Person Was Rarely Seen In The World
Chapter 308 - The Beast Calamity Was About To Arrive. The Entire World Was On Alert
Chapter 309 - Twilight Of The Human Race’S Doom
Chapter 310 - The Second Alignment Of The Seven Starsars
Chapter 311 - The Beast Calamity
Chapter 312 - Saber-Sword Immortal, Splitting The Sky With A Single Sword
Chapter 313 - One Day With The Saber-Sword Immortal And Jianghai City Is Unharmed
Chapter 314 - This Is Called A Flower? This Is Called A Small Animal?
Chapter 315 - That Human Was Undefeatable
Chapter 316 - Supreme Divine Beast, Appear!
Chapter 317 - My Full Strength, Is He Just Treating It As A Game?
Chapter 318 - The Mastermind Behind The Star Beasts
Chapter 319 - The Fall Of The Whole World, The Unique Talent Of The Nine Provinces, And The Entry Into The Emperor’S Spirit Stele!
Chapter 320 - Live As An Emperor, Die As A Heroic Spirit, Protect The Nine Provinces
Chapter 321 - The Second God-Slaying Sword Technique, Earth’S Rift
Chapter 322 - One Person To Guard The National Gate. I Am The Guardian Of The Nine Provinces
Chapter 323 - Invincible Stance. With Me Alone, The Nine Provinces’ Mountains And Rivers Are Unharmed
Chapter 324 - The Holy War That Shook The Nine Provinces And Pierced The World!
Chapter 325 - Crushing The Supreme Divine Beasts
Chapter 326 - Kill Every Man Who Comes, A Man Like The God Of War
Chapter 327 - Welcoming The Wind And Washing Away The Dust
Chapter 328 - Bad News In The Starry Sky. The Fall Of The Emperor Realm
Chapter 329 - It Was That Man Who Had Come
Chapter 330 - Star Beast Terminator
Chapter 331 - : Slaughter All The Dogs, And The Human Race Shall Rule
Chapter 332 - With My Life, I Will Fight For The Future Of This Race
Chapter 333 - A Desperate Battle
Chapter 334 - Reorganizing The Star Beast Farm
Chapter 335 - The True Emperor Of The Human World, The Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 336 - : A Duel Between Two Strong Opponents. Who Will Be The Champion?
Chapter 337 - : The End Of The Martial Arts Experts And The Descent Of The God Race
Chapter 338 - Returning To Xuan Yuan, Imparting Knowledge
Chapter 339 - Archaic Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 340 - Time Was Like Water. In The Blink Of An Eye, Two Years Had Passed, And 108 Dragons Had Been Completed
Chapter 341 - The Winged God Clan’S Spy
Chapter 342 - Have You Heard Of The Name?
Chapter 343 - Conspiracy Of The Three Clans, Killing Intent At Night
Chapter 344 - Soul Severing With One Finger. The Three Races Were Terrified
Chapter 345 - Darkness Was Everywhere
Chapter 346 - Ruins Of The Ancestors Of The Human Race
Chapter 347 - The Super-Strong Trial Was Like Walking On Flat Ground
Chapter 348 - : Finally Meeting The Human Ancestor. Ye Xiao Asked Two Questions, The Mystery Of Cultivation? The Secret Of The Treasure?
Chapter 349 - Relics Of The Divine Kingdom, Defying The Heavens And Changing Fate
Chapter 350 - Condense The Divine Blood, Rush To The Peak Of The Physical Body, And Open The Divine Eye
Chapter 351 - : God-Level Alchemy Technique, Luo’S Divine Elixir
Chapter 352 - The Process Of Becoming A God
Chapter 353 - Formation, Pill Refinement And Tribulation
Chapter 354 - Advancement, God Realm Master!
Chapter 355 - Natural Phenomenon, The Most Powerful Divine Appearance Of All Time
Chapter 356 - Take Your Men And Get Lost!
Chapter 357 - Analysis Of The Profound Mysteries Of The Golden Book, Formula For Synthesizing Archaic Masterpiece Techniques
Chapter 358 - Divine Eye’S Power, Divine Eyes That Surpassed Archaic Masterpiece Techniques, The Ancestor Of All Divine Eyes, Primordial Pupil!
Chapter 359 - Labor Is The Most Glorious. Everything Is For The Divine Kingdom’S Treasury
Chapter 360 - The Last God-Level Saber Technique, Synthesis Of The First Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 361 - The First Masterpiece Technique Was Successfully Synthesized!
Chapter 362 - The Great Success Of The Masterpiece Technique, Second Sky Of The God Realm
Chapter 363 - Precision Strike
Chapter 364 - The First Test Of A Masterpiece Technique, Supreme Divinity
Chapter 365 - The First Test Of The Masterpiece Technique. It Was Extremely Powerful
Chapter 366 - Ning Was Shocked. Was It That Genius?
Chapter 367 - Old Venerable Beast
Chapter 368 - The Big Fish Of Misery
Chapter 369 - : This Was The Work Of The Xuan Yuan Clan
Chapter 370 - Advancement, Third Level Of The God Realm
Chapter 371 - The Flames Of War Rise, And It Will Be Extinguished In A Moment
Chapter 372 - The Divine Kingdom’S Treasury Could Not Be Entered. It Would Not Be A Bad Idea To Take The Godly King’S Tomb First
Chapter 373 - He Was Already Ahead Of My Ning Family… An Entire Generation!
Chapter 374 - The Godly King’S Inheritance. His Strength Soared As He Synthesized The Second Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 375 - The Descent Of A Hundred Clans, The Immortal Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 376 - This Road Was Impassable. Ye Xiao Was Ahead
Chapter 377 - Charging Into The Starry Sky
Chapter 378 - He Walked Out From The Starry Sky, Looking Down On All Enemies, Killing Them All
Chapter 379 - The Invincible
Chapter 380 - The Godly King’S Tomb, A Blood Incident Caused By A Bottle Of Divine Water
Chapter 381 - Heavenly Pillar Of Innate Talent
Chapter 382 - Soaring To The Sky. There Was An Unrivaled Heaven’S Favorite In This World?
Chapter 383 - : Great Ambition, Ambition To Swallow The Starry Skies
Chapter 384 - The Divine Water Conference
Chapter 385 - The Battle For The Position Of The Number One Holy Child In Xuan Yuan
Chapter 386 - The Xuan Yuan Clan Could Maintain Their Current Status Quo
Chapter 387 - People Should Do More Good Deeds. This Way, Good Luck Will Come Knocking
Chapter 388 - Can You Bring Me Along?
Chapter 389 - Elder, Stop. You Only Have One Top-Tier Star Beast Left.
Chapter 390 - Could He Be The Saber-Sword Immortal?
Chapter 391 - The Second Godly King’S Tomb
Chapter 392 - New God-Slaying Technique, Superb Divine Poison
Chapter 393 - Why Do I Feel That The Xuan Yuan Clan Isn’T Worthy Of Him?
Chapter 394 - Emptied Another Godly King’S Tomb
Chapter 395 - Another Breakthrough, The Godslayer Realm!
Chapter 396 - The Third Masterpiece Technique, The Creation Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 397 - The Treasured Artifact Was Born, And 10,000 Swords Knelt Down
Chapter 398 - Huh? The Great Dragon Was Now Called A Treasured Artifact? And Its Existence Was Extremely Precious?
Chapter 399 - Crouching Dragon And Phoenix Fledgling
Chapter 400 - A Challenge. Who Is The Number One Person In Xuan Yuan?
Chapter 401 - : It Was Hard To Guess Their Thoughts And Each Had Their Own Goals
Chapter 402 - The Devil
Chapter 403 - Just Sit Tight And Wait Your Turn
Chapter 404 - The Four Tombs
Chapter 405 - Tears Fall. The Heavens Pity Us. We Have Finally Dug Into The Godly King’S Tomb
Chapter 406 - Star Beasts Wreaking Havoc?
Chapter 407 - The Fourth Archaic Masterpiece Technique, Space Warping Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 408 - A Master From The Primordial Era
Chapter 409 - Parasite
Chapter 410 - One Pill Into The Soul
Chapter 411 - This Person’S Level Of Alchemy Is Enough To Boast About Throughout The Starry Sky
Chapter 412 - May I Serve You, Sir?
Chapter 413 - The Vast Primordial Divine Kingdom Was Actually Just A Drop In The Ocean
Chapter 414 - The New Beginning Of The Venerable Beasts
Chapter 415 - News Of The Primordial Divine Kingdom Being Exposed And The Godly Emperor’S Tomb
Chapter 416 - : Instead Of The Golden Book, Could This Be My Hidden Talent ?
Chapter 417 - The Martial Arts Experts Of The Hundred Clans Upgraded Again
Chapter 418 - It Was Produced By Ye Xiao So It Must Be Of High Quality
Chapter 419 - Ye Xiao, Just How Many More Freakish Tricks Do You Have?
Chapter 420 - The Scheme Of The Hundred Clans Alliance
Chapter 421 - Martial Arts Experts Of The Hundred Clans
Chapter 422 - Fellow Townsman, Open The Door. We Are Here To Give You Salvation
Chapter 423 - I’M Not Saying That They Are Trash. I’M Saying That The Entire Xuan Yuan Clan Is Trash
Chapter 424 - Instant Kill!
Chapter 425 - The High-Spirited Human Team Exploded
Chapter 426 - Ye Xiao, Be A Human Again
Chapter 427 - The Arrival Of The Xuan Yuan Masters. The Dignity Of The High-Ranking God Clan Was Not To Be Violated
Chapter 428 - Divine Kingdom’S Treasury, Open!
Chapter 429 - Supreme Eternal
Chapter 430 - Advancement After Advancement, Ninth Level Of The Godslayer Realm, Lesser Godly King
Chapter 431 - Meeting An Old Friend, An Unrivaled Genius, Unparalleled In History
Chapter 432 - Silly Child, You Should Spend More Time With Him In The Future. It Will Be Beneficial To You
Chapter 433 - Both Of Them Are At The Peak Of The Ninth Level Of The Godslayer Realm.
Chapter 434 - Lesser Godly Kings Of The Immemorial Era. How Terrifying
Chapter 435 - Primordial Godly King, Descend!
Chapter 436 - Even If Their Cultivation Levels Were The Same, They Were Not In The Same Dimension
Chapter 437 - Let The Saber-Sword Immortal’S Blood Stain His Path Of Revenge
Chapter 438 - It Was Time To Put An End To This
Chapter 439 - Could This Guy Be The Main Character Of This World?
Chapter 440 - Geniuses, Are They All So Freakish?
Chapter 441 - Su Chen’S Shock. Ye Xiao Was Not Human At All
Chapter 442 - Su Chen’S Fall
Chapter 443 - Blood Sea Riot. Ye Xiao Was Conferred The Title Of King On The Spot
Chapter 444 - The Name Of The Saber-Sword Immortal
Chapter 445 - Yun Was Shocked. He Was The True Number One Person In Xuan Yuan
Chapter 446 - Saber-Sword Immortal, Who Exactly Are You?
Chapter 447 - He Was Truly A Monster
Chapter 448 - Tomb Of The Godly Emperor!
Chapter 449 - The Coveter Of The Divine Kingdom’S Treasury
Chapter 450 - Seeing The Primordial Divine Kingdom’S Undead Again!
Chapter 451 - The Third Force, The Primordial Divine Kingdom’S Godly Kings
Chapter 452 - What? Ye Xiao Was Already A Godly King?
Chapter 453 - I’M Not Worthy Of Him
Chapter 454 - The Final Verbal Command, Synthesizing A New Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 455 - The Number One Archaic Masterpiece Technique, Minor Destiny Technique!
Chapter 456 - In The Name Of Ye Xiao, One Word; Spring
Chapter 457 - The Arrival Of The High-Ranking Gods
Chapter 458 - Greetings From The High-Ranking God Clan
Chapter 459 - : Silver Dragon King, The Return Of The Godly King
Chapter 460 - Nine Provinces. Not Everyone Could Come To This Place And Behave Atrociously
Chapter 461 - The Terror That Cuts Through The Starry Sky
Chapter 462 - There Must Be A Godly Emperor Here!
Chapter 463 - The Successive Advancement To The Fourth Level Of The Godly King Realm. It Was News Of The Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 464 - Understanding Of The Laws Of Nature
Chapter 465 - Plan Ahead To Resurrect The Old
Chapter 466 - Steal A Divine Array
Chapter 467 - The Footsteps Of Geniuses Were Something That Ordinary People Would Never Be Able To Keep Up With
Chapter 468 - The Long-Term Goal Of A Righteous Path. You Must Remember This
Chapter 469 - He Was Fine When He Came, But He Could Not Return
Chapter 470 - He Was Like Mount Tai, With A Strong Enemy Pressing Down On Them Without Any Change In Expression
Chapter 471 - The Strong And The Strong Unite To Conquer The Nine Provinces
Chapter 472 - The Army Pressed Down, And Ye Xiao Advanced To The Fifth Level Of The Godly King Realm
Chapter 473 - The Xuan Yuan Clan Was In Danger. It Seemed Like It Was Time For Them To Make Their Appearance
Chapter 474 - Anyone Who Dares To Offend The Xuan Yuan Clan, Will Be Killed Without Mercy
Chapter 475 - I Don’T Need A Reason To Kill
Chapter 476 - One Person Slaughters Ten Thousand Enemies. The Godly Kings Are About To Die
Chapter 477 - Surpass The Seventh Level Of The Godly King Realm, And Xuan Yuan’S Name Will Be Established In The Starry Sky
Chapter 478 - Flee With The Wind, Refining The Blood Of 20 Godly Kings
Chapter 479 - The Sacred Beast Comes Out Of Its Cage
Chapter 480 - Silver Dragon King, Peak Sixth Level Of The Godly King Realm
Chapter 481 - You’Re Late. I’Ve Already Dug Through The Divine Kingdom’S Treasury
Chapter 482 - Sacred Beasts (Food And Materials)? And A Whole Bunch Of Them?
Chapter 483 - You Brought This Upon Yourself
Chapter 484 - The Secret Of The Xuan Yuan God Clan
Chapter 485 - There Were So Many Sacred Beasts That Even The Godly Kings Bowed
Chapter 486 - Great Brahma Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 487 - While The Hunt Was Going On
Chapter 488 - Advancement. Seventh Level Godly King Realm. The Arrival Of A High-Level Godly King
Chapter 489 - Ye Xiao’S Plan To Expose The Godly Emperor’S Tomb
Chapter 490 - The Godly Emperor’S Tomb That Everyone Was Looking Forward To, Was Officially Opened
Chapter 491 - Entering The Godly Emperor Tomb Again And Opening The Godly Emperor’S Trial Ground
Chapter 492 - Confirming That Ye Xiao Was A Useless Person
Chapter 493 - Godly Emperor Trial Ground
Chapter 494 - Counterattacking On The Verge Of Death. The Power Of The Archaic Godly Emperors
Chapter 495 - Ninth Level Of The Godly King Realm, Advancement To The Lesser Godly Emperor Realm
Chapter 496 - The Godly Emperor Awakens, The Godly Emperor’S Tomb Closes, And It’S A Desperate Battle
Chapter 497 - The King Of Assassination
Chapter 498 - Peak Of The Godly King Realm, Lesser Godly Emperor
Chapter 499 - 9 Great Terror, The Technique Of A Supreme Godly Emperor
Chapter 500 - The One Who Killed The Emperor
Chapter 501 - One Against Five, Showing The Invincibility Of Those Of The Same Level
Chapter 502 - I See That Mythical Figure On Him
Chapter 503 - Cross-Realm Confrontation, Godly Emperor Battle
Chapter 504 - Transcending Tribulation, Unraveling The True Lightning Masterpiece Technique In The Midst Of Life And Death
Chapter 505 - Advancement To The Godly Emperor Realm! The Heaven’S Chosen One, The Heroic Spirit Of The Immemorial Era Pays His Respects
Chapter 506 - The Xuan Yuan Clan’S Cultivation Overflowed, And Ye Xiao Plundered The Power Of Laws
Chapter 507 - The Four Great God Clans Were Enraged, And The Divine Kingdom’S Treasury Was Exposed
Chapter 508 - The Four Great God Clans Besieged The Nine Provinces’ Divine Kingdom’S Treasury
Chapter 509 - Eight Years Of Sharpening The Sword, Came Into Being And Shocked The World
Chapter 510 - From This Moment On, Branded This Era With The Name Of Ye Xiao
Chapter 511 - One Move, One Godly Emperor. So What If They Joined Forces?
Chapter 512 - A New Chapter
Chapter 513 - Great Migration, Heading To The Xuan Yuan Divine Territory
Chapter 514 - Masterpiece Technique Synthesis, The Threat From The Supreme Eternal
Chapter 515 - The Child Of Fate? The Aura Of The Bloodbath Masterpiece Technique!
Chapter 516 - Glittering Gem Star Valley, Blood Venerable One’S Inheritance
Chapter 517 - In The Blink Of An Eye, Thousands Of Heroes Were Turned Into Smoke
Chapter 518 - The Godly Emperor’S Death, A Mysterious Space Where One Could Enter But Not Retreat
Chapter 519 - Peak First-Level Godly Emperor, Not Worthy For Me To Make A Move
Chapter 520 - Suppression Of Good And Evil, Great Brahma Masterpiece Technique
Chapter 521 - Who Was This Mysterious Martial Arts Prodigy
Chapter 522 - Suppressing The Blood Venerable One, Even The Soul Remnant Of The Supreme Eternal Will Have To Kneel!
Chapter 523 - Threads Of Vexation
Chapter 524 - They Traveled Billions Of Miles To Assist The God Race
Chapter 525 - A Move To Determine The Situation
Chapter 526 - Advancement At The Last Minute
Chapter 527 - There Were 3,000 Dishonest Ways. Killing All The Enemies Was Also A Kind Of Dishonest Ways
Chapter 528 - The Minor Destiny Technique Was Unleashed, Shocking The Four Great God Clans’ Clansmen
Chapter 529 - The Secret History Of Xuan Yuan, The Ancestral Dragon Inheritance
Chapter 530 - The Man Who Created An Era
Chapter 531 - The First Time The Archaic Masterpiece Technique Was Successfully Synthesized
Chapter 532 - The Wayless Wins The Way Of Life, And The Wayless Wields 10,000 Ways Of Life
Chapter 533 - Before The Great Battle Begins, The Assassin Will Go First
Chapter 534 - All The Helpless Choices Were Due To The Powerlesseness Of The People Involved
Chapter 535 - The Competition For Resources In The Great Worlds. The Two Great Worlds Collided
Chapter 536 - It Was Very Likely That The Xuan Yuan Clan Had Concealed Their Strength
Chapter 537 - The Number Of Godly Emperors Doubled, And The Number Of Subordinates Gradually Increased
Chapter 538 - Godly Emperor? That Was Our Teaching Template
Chapter 539 - Godly Emperor Of Xuanhuang Great World, Don’T Come Over
Chapter 540 - Creating... The Strongest God Clan In The Galaxy?
Chapter 541 - Don’T Cry, Rise Up. Remember That We Are Godly Emperors!
Chapter 542 - Ye Xiao’S Gift Was Even Faster Than The Godly Emperor’S Cultivation!
Chapter 543 - Let My Godly Emperors Tear Them Apart
Chapter 544 - The Flames Of War Were About To Rise
Chapter 545 - : The Space-Time Immortal Technique, The Power To Reverse The Universe
Chapter 546 - The Female Supreme Eternal... Was Actually Her?
Chapter 547 - Emperor Feng’S Love Tribulation
Chapter 548 - A Cavalry That Could Crush The Starry Skies
Chapter 549 - The Entire Army Set Off, Spreading Fear Throughout The Starry Sky.
Chapter 550 - The Xuan Yuan God Clan Must Have A Great Sage
Chapter 551 - Advancing Again, The Fifth-Level Godly Emperor Realm
Chapter 552 - When A Person Sits At Home, Courtesy Comes From The Heavens
Chapter 553 - Just How Powerful Was The Xuan Yuan God Clan?
Chapter 554 - The Birth Of An Unparalleled Weapon
Chapter 555 - Complete Immortal Artifact, Sword In Hand, Leaving The Mountain
Chapter 556 - A Cold Sword Light Slashed Through The Nine Heavens, And The Seventh-Level Godly Emperor Turned Into Smoke
Chapter 557 - Find A Phoenix-Perched Parasol Tree And Mend The Great Dragon
Chapter 558 - From Now On, Face The Consequences
Chapter 559 - The Fight Between Good And Evil, Summoning Malfunction!
Chapter 560 - There Was Actually A Big Shot In The Bluebell Divine Territory?
Chapter 561 - The Xuan Yuan God Clan Has A Martial Arts Prodigy, So Why Can’T The Bluebell God Clan Have One Too?
Chapter 562 - I Became The Grand Elder Of The Bluebell God Clan?
Chapter 563 - Prideful Little Phoenix
Chapter 564 - Everyone From The Phoenix Clan Was Arrogant? The Jealousy Of The Phoenix Empress!
Chapter 565 - The Great Success Of The Immortal Artifact And The Great Dragon’S Advancement Into A Living Body
Chapter 566 - The Magnificence Of That Sword Shone Across The Entire Starry Sky
Chapter 567 - Returning To The Xuan Yuan Divine Territory To Resurrect Fallen Martial Arts Masters
Chapter 568 - Advancement To The Sixth-Level Godly Emperor, Synthesizing The Third Immortal Technique
Chapter 569 - The Phoenix Empress Is In Trouble, And The Yanhuang Great World Is In Great Danger
Chapter 570 - As Long As I Am Here, The Yanhuang Great World Will Never Die
Chapter 571 - One Slash Of The Blade Breaks The Galaxy, The Heavens And Earth Are Destroyed, And The Universe Is Reversed
Chapter 572 - The Great War Has Ended And The Great World Has Been Reshuffled
Chapter 573 - Old Friend From Jianghai City
Chapter 574 - God Clan Ranking Conference
Chapter 575 - Coveted By The True Immortal
Chapter 576 - The Man Who Ranked The Supreme Eternals
Chapter 577 - Undercurrents Surging And Powerful Enemies Are Around
Chapter 578 - A Bad Premonition. Ye Xiao Was About To Be Exposed?
Chapter 579 - Identity Exposed, Shocking The Great World
Chapter 580 - Shocking The Starry Skies, The Xuan Yuan God Clan’S Ancestral Dragon?
Chapter 581 - Who Can Contend Against Me When I Can Shoulder The Starry Sky Alone?
Chapter 582 - The Heaven-Defying Rise, Who Will Be The Master Of The Yanhuang Great World?
Chapter 583 - The Battle Of The Peak Of The Gods. He Had Already Surpassed The Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 584 - Despicable People, Kill Them With A Single Sword!
Chapter 585 - Advancement At The Last Minute, The Number One Genius In The Starry Skies!
Chapter 586 - When The Empress Makes A Decision, Anyone Who Moves Against Ye Xiao Is An Enemy!
Chapter 587 - Ranking Fourth In The Entire Starry Sky, Ye Xiao
Chapter 588 - The Protective Phoenix Empress, If You Touch Him, You Will Be Making An Enemy Out Of My Clan
Chapter 589 - The Man Everyone In The Starry Sky Envied
Chapter 590 - Mysterious Godly Emperor, Bai Linglong
Chapter 591 - The Origin Of The Xuan Yuan God Clan’S Bloodline
Chapter 592 - The Pure Xuan Yuan Bloodline
Chapter 593 - He Was An Existence That Even True Immortals Yearned For
Chapter 594 - Advancement To The Ninth-Level Godly Emperor, Synthesis Of The Final Masterpiece Techniques
Chapter 595 - Ye Xiao’S Nameless Anger, Wanting To Beat Someone Up
Chapter 596 - Even If I’M Half-Crippled, I’M Still A Sacred Existence That You Cannot Violate!
Chapter 597 - Recovering From Defeat, Rekindling From Ashes! The Strong Will Never Yield!
Chapter 598 - The Blade Cuts Through The Flesh, The Heart Cuts Through The Soul! No One Can Beat The Immortal Artifact In My Hand!
Chapter 599 - Being Killed By Ye Xiao Was Also A Stroke Of Good Fortune!
Chapter 600 - First Be His Slave For A Hundred Years, Then Turn Around And Sing Again
Chapter 601 - The Alluring Fragrance Of Power!
Chapter 602 - Did She Really Like Me?
Chapter 603 - : The Major Destiny Technique, The Life Changing Technique!
Chapter 604 - Ancestral Dragon Inheritance, Major Destiny Technique
Chapter 605 - Advancing To The Supreme Eternal Realm? No, I Need To Do More.
Chapter 606 - The Phoenix Empress Transcends The Immortal Tribulation. I Admit That I’Ve Fallen In Love With You.
Chapter 607 - Although He Wasn’T A Supreme Eternal, He Could Kill Two Supreme Eternals In An Instant
Chapter 608 - Interrogation. We Are Professionals
Chapter 609 - The Mastermind Behind The Scenes, A True Immortal
Chapter 610 - It Was Impolite Not To Return The Favor
Chapter 611 - Blade Master Ling Ming’S Revenge And The Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 612 - Pure True Immortal Blood Exposed. It Came From The Greed Of True Immortal
Chapter 613 - The Ordinary World Bounty Hunt, Supreme Eternals Appearing One After Another
Chapter 614 - Mysterious Passage Connecting The Ordinary World And The Immortal World
Chapter 615 - Be Prepared When You Come Because There Will Be No Going Back
Chapter 616 - One Slash, One Kill. One Thought To Become A Supreme Eternal
Chapter 617 - One More Step To The Top, The True Immortal Lightning Tribulation, Planning For The True Immortal Realm
Chapter 618 - The Blade Master Came Out Of Seclusion, Causing The Entire World To Tremble
Chapter 619 - Crazy. This Was Really Crazy. A Place Where Supreme Eternals Were Like Dogs
Chapter 620 - Ye Xiao'S Name Was Greater Than The Heavens
Chapter 621 - The Blade Master Ling Ming’S Rage. It Was Never Too Late For A Gentleman To Take Revenge
Chapter 622 - The Dragon Emperor’S Envy. Ye Xiao, Do You Still Lack People Here?
Chapter 623 - What Illegal Things Did Zhang San Do In The Immortal World? The Immortal World Was Full Of Information
Chapter 624 - Second Clone, Go!
Chapter 625 - Infiltrate. We Mean Business
Chapter 626 - The Ultimate Master. All The Stars In The Sky Are For You
Chapter 627 - Advancing To The Mystic Immortal Realm. The Golden Book Was Triggered And Ready To Synthesize
Chapter 628 - High-End Hunters Often Disguised Themselves As Hunters
Chapter 629 - Dishes, Immortal Beast-Level Dishes
Chapter 630 - Thanking Old Friends For Sending Over Cultivation Resources
Chapter 631 - A Genius That Was No Weaker Than Zhang San
Chapter 632 - The Bandits
Chapter 633 - The Beginning Of Lu Fengwu’S Nightmare
Chapter 634 - : This World Has Gone Mad. The Weak Hunting The Strong
Chapter 635 - A Crushing Defeat.
Chapter 636 - The Bravest Would Die From Overeating, And The Timid Would Die From Starvation
Chapter 637 - Waiting For Luck To Fall Into One’S Lap. Who Controls The Outcomes?
Chapter 638 - Pierce Through The Horizon And Dig Out The Natural Treasures
Chapter 639 - A Major Event. The Immortal World Was Shocked, And The Big Shots Gathered
Chapter 640 - The Barrier Between The Two Worlds Was Broken, And The Power Of Laws Was In Disorder
Chapter 641 - The First Battle Of The Immortal World, Destroying The Cloud Lake Immortal Sect
Chapter 642 - Those Who Mess With My Xuan Yuan God Clan Shall Be Killed Without Mercy
Chapter 643 - You’Ve Seen Great Waves, But You Capsized So Miserably.
Chapter 644 - The Secrets Of The Immortal World!
Chapter 645 - Have You Ever Heard Of A Mystical Immortal Technique?
Chapter 646 - The Holy Son Of The Ling Xiao Immortal Sect
Chapter 647 - The Whole Family Had To Be Dealt With
Chapter 648 - I Once Thought That I Was Invincible Among Those Of The Same Level, Until I Met Him
Chapter 649 - Two Sons And Their Father Reunited. Did Ye Xiao Give Too Much?
Chapter 650 - This Immortal Technique Is Unrivalled
Chapter 651 - Exalted Immortal, I Wish To Work For You
Chapter 652 - You’Re The One Who Hit My Son?
Chapter 653 - Demonic Sects Wreak Havoc And Bring Calamity To The Ordinary World
Chapter 654 - When The Sky Demon Attacked, The Grand Elder Came Out Of Closed-Door
Chapter 655 - The Power Of The Yin-Yang Immortal Technique, The Desire To Expand Endlessly
Chapter 656 - There Was Actually A Hidden Prodigy Of The Xuan Yuan God Clan
Chapter 657 - Ye Xiao’S Terror, Just What Level Was It At?
Chapter 658 - This Prodigy'S Strength Isn’T Inferior To Mine
Chapter 659 - That Person Was Truly A God
Chapter 660 - Charging Towards The Great Immortal Realm
Chapter 661 - The Yin-Yang Immortal Technique Displayed Its Might, And All The Immortals Joined Forces.
Chapter 662 - The Turning Point In The History Of The First Great War Between Good And Evil
Chapter 663 - That Familiar Figure
Chapter 664
Chapter 665 - Beyond The Three Miscreants, There Was A Fourth One In The Immortal World
Chapter 666 - You Think I’M On The First Level? I’M Actually On The Fifth Level!
Chapter 667 - Having A Change Of Heart
Chapter 668 - The Xuan Yuan Divine Territory, The Forbidden Area For Gods And Demons
Chapter 669 - Where Was The Ordinary World? That Was The Forbidden Land Of The Strong!
Chapter 670 - The Birth Of The Sacred Weapon
Chapter 671 - The Might Of A Single Sword Pierced Through The Galaxy
Chapter 672 - Creating A Third-Level Great Immortal
Chapter 673 - With Everyone’S Support There Would Be Double The Cultivation
Chapter 674 - There Is A Path To Heaven, But You Can’T Walk It
Chapter 675 - Come Out, Elder Guo!
Chapter 676 - Space-Time Barrier Repaired, High-Level Immortals Descending
Chapter 677 - The Moment A Soul Entered
Chapter 678 - Three Obstacles For The Son-In-Law To Visit
Chapter 679 - This Son-In-Law Is Better Than Expected
Chapter 680 - My Master Can'T Be Fooled That Easily
Chapter 681 - Mixing Immortal Herbs, The Foundation Of The Sacred Pill
Chapter 682 - The Demonic Sect'S Killer
Chapter 683 - Paradise For Foodies, Entering The Third-Level Great Immortal Realm
Chapter 684 - Crossing Realms To Kill An Imperial Immortal
Chapter 685 - The Era Had Changed. A Great Immortal Was Chasing After An Imperial Immortal
Chapter 686 - Slaying The Imperial Immortal, Shocking The Immortal World
Chapter 687 - The Sacred Pill Appeared, Causing A Storm To Rise Once More
Chapter 688 - The Completion Of The Pill, The State Of Great Harmony Between Heaven And Earth
Chapter 689 - The Sacred Pill Unleashed Its Might, Attaining The Strength Of A Imperial Immortal With One Pill
Chapter 690 - From This Moment On, I Am An Imperial Immortal!
Chapter 691 - How Long Has It Been, And You’Re Already An Imperial Immortal?
Chapter 692 - Feng Nishang Ascends And Becomes An Imperial Immortal
Chapter 693 - When All The Clan Members Ascend, The Xuan Yuan God Clan Will Swallow The Immortal World
Chapter 694 - Fusing The Four Great Immortal Techniques Into The Xuan Yuan Bloodline
Chapter 695 - Advancement To The Peak Second-Level Imperial Immortal
Chapter 696 - Ye Xiao Was Definitely Having An Ranslation
Chapter 697 - The Arrival Of The Demonic Sect
Chapter 698 - This God Clan Was Full Of Big Shots?
Chapter 699 - I Sent Myself To The Enemy’S Headquarters?
Chapter 700 - Anger From The Demonic Sect’S Holy Son
Chapter 701 - Don’T Come Over!
Chapter 702 - The Imperial Demon Has No Power Here
Chapter 703 - Taking Advantage Of The Storm, Ye Xiao’S Path Of Advancement
Chapter 704 - Advancing To The Third-Level Imperial Immortal Realm, Sharpening His Sword Every Ten Years. He Was Going To Become Famous Today
Chapter 705 - Delaying Tactics, Killing An Imperial Demon With A Single Move
Chapter 706 - One Against Five, The Birth Of A Legend!
Chapter 707 - The Shock Of The Sacred Art And The Number One Immortal Technique, The Crushing Stance
Chapter 708 - Fusing The Clones
Chapter 709 - Entering The Peak Of The Third-Level Imperial Immortal Realm And Forcefully Killing The Four Prodigies
Chapter 710 - The Arrival Of The Sacred Sovereign. What Was There To Be Afraid Of?
Chapter 711 - The Pure True Immortal Blood Was Exposed, Shocking The Entire World
Chapter 712 - One Battle To Determine Victory Or Defeat
Chapter 713 - The Battle At The End, A New Legend
Chapter 714 - Zhang San’S Whereabouts, The Necessary Condition To Advance To The Sacred Sovereign Realm
Chapter 715 - Refining A Sacred Weapon-Grade Statue
Chapter 716 - The Birth Of A Child, A Proud Daughter Of The Heavens, Shocking Both Ancient And Modern Times
Chapter 717 - His Daughter Named Xinyi, The Future Sacred Sovereign
Chapter 718 - : The Undesirable Sea, Zhang San’S Whereabouts
Chapter 719 - Poisonous Dragon Pirate Gang
Chapter 720 - The Man Who Will Become The Pirate King
Chapter 721 - The Man Who Made The Archaic Sacred Sovereign Jealous.
Chapter 722 - This Sacred Sovereign Was Too Narcissistic
Chapter 723 - Anyone Who Offends My Xuan Yuan Immortal Sect Will Be Killed No Matter How Far They Are
Chapter 724 - The Lord! There Was A Lord Expert On Lingyun Island!
Chapter 725 - : King Slayer Assembly!
Chapter 726 - Prayer From Zhang San
Chapter 727 - The One Who Can Kill Me Has Yet To Be Born!
Chapter 728 - High Intelligence
Chapter 729 - Advancement, Sacred Sovereign Realm
Chapter 730 - Ancestral Dragon Ruins
Chapter 731 - The Legend Of The God Of Creation
Chapter 732 - He Became Even Stronger
Chapter 733 - He Was Even Stronger!
Chapter 734 - Breaking The Array!
Chapter 735 - Overcome All Hurdles To Achieve Success
Chapter 736 - You Are Like The Stars, And I Am Like The Sun
Chapter 737 - Who Said That There Was No Other Powerhouses In The Xuan Yuan Immortal Sect
Chapter 738 - Re-Cultivating The Array And Mass-Casting The Guardians
Chapter 739 - Opening Three Apertures Consecutively
Chapter 740 - Sacred Lock Ruins, Archaic Treasure
Chapter 741 - The Name Of Lord Shang
Chapter 742 - Beheading The Sacred Sovereign In The Ruins
Chapter 743 - Plan From The Immemorial Era
Chapter 744 - Archaic And Modern Showdown
Chapter 745 - You Are The Number One Cultivator Since The Ancient Times
Chapter 746 - I Was Serious When It Came To Trump Cards
Chapter 747 - A Lesser Celestial Sovereign. How Could He Be Familiar With It?
Chapter 748 - The Sacred Sovereign With Ten Apertures, The Unsolved Case In The Starry Sky
Chapter 749 - The Destined Person
Chapter 750 - Archaic Enemies, Mysterious Organization
Chapter 751 - The Secret To Becoming A Celestial Sovereign
Chapter 752 - Ambition To Become A Celestial Sovereign
Chapter 753 - Hunting Sacred Sovereigns And Advancing Once Again
Chapter 754 - The Fierce Tiger Coming Out Of Its Cage, Sacred Sovereign With 12 Apertures!
Chapter 755 - The Gifts Of Advancement Was A Two-Way Street, Reincarnation Of The Sacred Sovereigns
Chapter 757 - The Battle Of Instant Defeat
Chapter 758 - Gaze From Another Universe
Chapter 759 - New Prey
Chapter 760 - Traitors Will Never Obtain Glory
Chapter 761 - The Opportunity To Advance To A Celestial Sovereign
Chapter 762 - You Reap What You Sow
Chapter 763 - Take Another Five Sacred Sovereigns
Chapter 764 - Entering The Myriad Realms
Chapter 765 - Void Alliance
Chapter 766 - Spirit Nether City
Chapter 767 - Each With Their Own Ulterior Motives
Chapter 768 - I’Ll Be The One Behind The Scenes
Chapter 769 - The Messier The Better
Chapter 770 - The Tyranny Of The Lord!
Chapter 771 - A Big Harvest
Chapter 772 - The Chance To Make A Fortune
Chapter 773 - The Final Showdown Between The Two Alliances
Chapter 774 - The Furious God
Chapter 775 - When The Strongest Falls
Chapter 776 - Entering The Arena
Chapter 777 - The Supreme Sovereign
Chapter 778 - Do You Think There’S No One Behind Me?
Chapter 779 - They Have To Stay
Chapter 780 - The Supreme Sovereign'S Curse
Chapter 781 - Mysterious Ruins
Chapter 782 - The Only Thing That Could Defeat Carelessness Was Carefulness
Chapter 783 - Powerful Enemies Have Arrived
Chapter 784 - The Moment Of Crisis
Chapter 785 - Exiting Seclusion
Chapter 786 - One Sword Slash Was Enough
Chapter 787 - So Strong That It Caused Even The Supreme Sovereign To Despair
Chapter 788 - World Destruction Cavalry
Chapter 789 - : An Alliance
Chapter 790 - If You Can’T Beat Them, Join Them
Chapter 791 - The First Mission Of The Alliance
Chapter 792 - The Truth
Chapter 793 - Being A Scoundrel To The End
Chapter 794 - Gathering Forces
Chapter 795 - Gradually Becoming Stronger
Chapter 796 - The Start Of The Plan
Chapter 797 - A Pig-Headed Opponent
Chapter 798 - Exposed
Chapter 799 - Head-To-Head Competition
Chapter 800 - Humans, If They Did Not Erupt In Adversity, Would Die In Adversity
Chapter 801: The Grand Finale, The God Of Creation
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Book Details / Information: Transmigrating to a parallel universe, Ye Xiao's spiritual and martial arts skills were awakened. He became a librarian in the martial arts library and awakened the Golden Book Divine Soul.

Upon seeing that there were skills to collect divine souls, Ye Xiao cultivated in them. When he maxes out the skill, he can even synthesize them into a higher-level skill.

Seven basic blade skills can be synthesized to the Emperor Level Skill- Blade Dominance

Nine basic sword skills can be synthesized to the Emperor Level Skill- Heaven Cleaving Sword

Ten basic fist strokes can be synthesized to the Emperor Level Skill- Fist of Destruction

Ye Xiao cultivated and grew, upholding the principle of not leaving before he became invincible.

Many years later, the Star Beasts arrived and the human race was threatened. Tens of millions of people found themselves helpless, unable to defeat the beasts.

A sword shot across the sky and he emerged from the gleaming light of the blade.

"Those who threaten humans shall be eliminated!"

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Awakening of the Divine Soul


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

“From today onward, you will be in charge of Area A on the third floor.”

The clerk mechanically threw Ye Xiao a work permit which marked the beginning of working in this new life.

Ye Xiao thanked him and turned around to make his way to the third floor. As the clerk watched him leave, he shook his head slightly.

“What a pity. The young man is extremely handsome, but his divine soul has yet to awaken. Such a waste.”

Ye Xiao had not heard the clerk’s words. At that moment, he was receiving the memories of his current body.

Ten minutes ago, he had died from a serious illness. In the blink of an eye, he had transmigrated to a parallel world.

The civilization of that world was similar to that of his previous one. The only difference was that the current one was a world of martial arts.

The revival of martial arts had caused humans to mainly focus on cultivation. Through cultivation, regular people could become immortals like in the novels he read in his past life. Their lifespan would extend and they could fly through the vast sky.

However, the prerequisite for achieving great success in cultivation was to awaken something called the divine soul.

Obviously, the Ye Xiao in that world had yet to awaken his divine soul. He could only practice some mediocre martial arts and was destined to become a laborer.

What a piece of trash!

However, Ye Xiao soon felt relieved.

He could not gain any great achievements in the martial arts path, which also meant that he would not face any great danger.

In his previous life, Ye Xiao, who had been tormented by illness and pain, desperately wanted to live.

Living was more important than anything else.

The library he will work at provided food and accommodation. Moreover, the monthly salary was 3,500 yuan and the entire library was air-conditioned 24 hours a day. There was also a nice fragrance in the air.

“Is this Area A?”

Ye Xiao was rather satisfied with his job.

Every city had its own martial arts library which recorded many cultivation techniques developed by martial artists in detail for the younger generation to borrow.

The cultivation techniques at the bottom level were relatively low-grade, so they could be borrowed and read at will.

The top level’s high-quality cultivation techniques were guarded by elite martial artists, thus ordinary people were not permitted to enter.

The area that Ye Xiao managed contained basic cultivation techniques. There were plenty of them on the first and second levels so naturally, very few people ventured to the third level which allowed him lots of free time.

However, at that moment, a sharp pain pulsed in his mind, and a book that emitted a faint golden light appeared.

Ye Xiao could not help but be startled. Through the memories of his previous self, he quickly understood what that was.

“I’ve awakened my divine soul?”

The awakening was quite timely.

However, Ye Xiao was not overly excited.

Having already lived for a lifetime, he had long since learned that everything came with a catch.

Martial arts did not require much to be of good use. As long as one could protect themselves一that would suffice.

There were many martial artists in that world. He was not invincible. If he were to be a martial artist, he would surely die.

Since he had nothing to do, Ye Xiao studied the mechanisms of his divine soul. By communicating with his divine soul in his mind, he easily understood the details behind it.

“By viewing cultivation techniques and then storing them in the divine soul’s Golden Book, then the Golden Book will cultivate them itself. There is no limit to the number of techniques that can be stored. If you cultivate the same type of cultivation techniques, you can synthesize a higher grade of that cultivation technique and continue to cultivate it. However, you cannot re-record cultivation techniques derived from the same basic cultivation technique.”

“It seems to be very powerful.”

His divine soul could cultivate itself. He only needed to read a cultivation technique once and the subsequent problems will be solved. It was very suitable for a laid-back individual like Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao also understood that the cultivation techniques from the same basic cultivation technique could not be recorded.

Many cultivation techniques were actually variations derived from a basic cultivation technique. Some unscrupulous martial artists with enough talent could buy a basic cultivation technique and earn a high copyright fee from the cultivation techniques that were derived from it. It was very similar to the pirated and plagiarized cultivation techniques in his previous life.

After understanding the foundation of his divine soul, Ye Xiao immediately began to search for cultivation techniques from the bookshelf.

His reading was fast and his comprehension abilities were strong. In addition, cultivation techniques were unlike thick novels. Instead, some cultivation techniques only consisted of a few pages within pamphlets.

As morning turned to noon, he had read a total of 25 cultivation techniques!

Unfortunately… Only four cultivation techniques were recorded into his divine soul’s Golden Book which were two saber techniques, one sword technique, and one strike manual.

The other 21 books were all plagiarized.

In actuality, those four books were also plagiarized versions. However, the Golden Book would give priority to the first cultivation technique derived from a basic cultivation technique of the same type and extract the basic cultivation technique from within them.

Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little helpless. Those people were too shameless.

Then, he looked at the Golden Book. There were four pages filled with cultivation techniques. Moreover, there was a cultivation progress bar at the bottom that was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. That lightened up his mood.

He could even feel that the cultivation in his body was slowly increasing.

“Not bad. From the looks of it, I should be able to advance to a second-grade martial artist very soon.”

The ranks of martial artists were divided into Houtian and Xiantian.

The Houtian realm was divided into one to nine grades.

The Xiantian realm was also divided into one to nine grades.

However, those within the Houtian realm would be known as martial artists. As for those in the Xiantian realm, they were called grandmaster, great grandmaster, and divine grandmaster according to their advancement every three grades in the realm.

It was said that reaching the grandmaster rank was already quite amazing!

In the city where Ye Xiao was located, there were more than 100,000 new graduates from each batch of martial arts academy, and among those people, it was considered normal for ten of them to step into the Xiantian realm after cultivating for decades or even close to a hundred years.

Thus, the grandmaster rank could be said to be held by one in ten thousand martial artists.

Thus, there was no need to mention how difficult it was to cultivate to the upper ranks.

Then, the clock struck 12 o’clock. Ye Xiao stretched and ended his reading.

It was time for lunch.

The food in the canteen was not bad. After all, the library was also a municipal office. There was also a subsidy for meals. A bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup was only worth five yuan. It was extremely cheap!

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“Looks like I’ll be having some good meals from now onward.”

He ordered a meal and sat in a corner to savor it while quietly listening to the conversations of his colleagues. That way, he was able to get to know more about the situation around him.

At a table not far away, a few male colleagues were picking at their food as they grumbled.

“D*mn, the work in the library is really not meant for humans. I’ve been assigned to the logistics department and have been carrying books for the entire morning. I’m so tired that I can’t even straighten my back.”

“That’s not too bad. At least you can still have a break. I’m in a much worse situation than you. I stood guard at the door and was not given a single break一I had to hold my pee for half a day.”

“Sigh! Stop complaining. It’s just our luck since we haven’t awakened our divine souls. After practicing for more than ten years, we’re still first-grade martial artists.

“We can only wait and see if we can advance to the second grade after practicing for a few more years.

“After that, we still have a chance of joining the army or a hiring company.

“When the time comes, we’ll definitely be able to obtain a soul condensing pill. There’s still hope for us to awaken our divine soul.”

“What are you thinking about? Even after training for more than ten years, you’re still a first-grade martial artist. It’s hard to say if you’ll even be able to advance to the second grade in this lifetime. Even if you do, you’ll be at least thirty years old. You’d be just an old dog. Which company would want you? You’d better work hard if you’ve got dreams like that.”

Ye Xiao sighed inwardly. It seemed like in the world of martial arts, it was even harder to make a name for yourself than in his previous life.

He reckoned that if he wanted to cultivate to become a grandmaster, it would take quite a few years.

Forget it. As a good-for-nothing, laying low would do.

Just as that thought appeared in his mind, a pop sound emitted from within his body. In an instant, Ye Xiao felt that his strength had exponentially increased.

That caused Ye Xiao’s hand, which was holding up vegetables to his mouth, to involuntarily pause.

He…. Advanced?


Total Chapters in book: 800
Estimated words: 1807714 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 9039(@200wpm)___ 7231(@250wpm)___ 6026(@300wpm)